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Council tax

• Cllrs Wendy Mathys & Simon Wales speak to local residents whose council tax bills have been frozen for the last four years - real help for Sutton residents with the cost of living.


ib Dem led Sutton Council has delivered the successful Safer Sutton Partnership helping to cut crime across the borough.

Working to cut crime

Running the council, they have frozen council tax for the last 4 years, a real help for local people with the cost of living right now. Lib Dem led Sutton has expanded primary schools to meet increased demand, delivering new classrooms, on times and on budget.

More school places

• Cllrs Heather Honour & Richard Clffton at Devonshire Primary school, just one of the primary schools in Sutton where new classrooms have been build on time and on budget.

The innovative partnership has seen the council and the police working together. So successful has it been that many other areas are now looking to Sutton for lessons on cutting crime.

CCTV & Parks Police

Sutton’s Lib Dem council has delivered better opportunities for young people. Sutton has some of the best schools in London, while more apprenticeships have contributed to the 27% fall in youth unemployment in Sutton this year. The Lib Dems remain committed to fighting to save A&E and maternity services at St Helier.

Cutting unemployment

• Since 2012 3,060 new apprentices have started in Sutton. Both locally and nationally the Lib Dems have championed apprenticeships which has helped cut youth unemployment.

A safer Sutton Conservatives put safer Sutton at risk The cuts to local policing teams by London’s Conservative Mayor has put a safer Sutton at risk.

• Sutton council leader Cllr Ruth Dombey and her team have been working with the police to help make Sutton one of the safest places to live anywhere in London.

• Local ward based policing teams, like the one in Worcester Park (above), the use of CCTV and the Lib Dem led Sutton council’s investment in a dedicated Parks Police have all helped cut crime.

Conservative plans mean less focus on wards and locally set ward priorities. Lib Dem led Sutton council is working with local Safer Neighbourhood teams to make sure local people’s concerns remain a police priority.

Bishops Printers, Ltd Walton Road,Portsmouth, PO6 1TR. Published & promoted by Sutton Liberal Democrats at 234 Gander Green Lane, Cheam, SM3 9QF.

Building a fairer Sutton

utton Liberal Democrats have made building a fairer Sutton a priority.


Building a stronger greener ecconomy - see over

Building a stronger greener economy


sector. The Opportunity Sutton project is creating jobs locally.

At the council the Lib Dems are balancing the budget, saving millions in ‘back office’ costs whilst protecting frontline services and the local voluntary

The Lib Dem led council is supporting parks, cycling, walking and public transport. It is delivering the Hackbridge sustainable suburb keeping Sutton as a leader in building a greener economy.

he Liberal Democrats are building a stronger, greener economy for everybody in Sutton.

Supporting volunteers

Saving Thameslink

Opportunity Sutton

• A successful campaign has preserved Sutton’s direct “Thameslink” rail link to King’s Cross and Crossrail at Farringdon when that opens shortly. The Lib Dems are fighting to improve transport links locally.

Protecting green spaces

•Sutton's Lib Dem Council has launched the ‘Opportunity Sutton’ initiative. This is helping to attract business and development to the borough, helping create jobs, building new homes for local people and investing in £X.Xmn our local high streets.

• Lib Dem run Sutton has long supported its vibrant voluntary sector, seeing them as key partners to listen to different groups’ needs and helping to boost volunteering. The council has supported refurbishing community facilities like the Benhilton Scout Hut (pictured above) and is setting up a volunteer hub.

New community facilities New leisure centre

Sutton Life Centre

Our libraries

t f o e r s c t U s e ck W e Ch • The Lib Dems have maintained funds to protect green spaces, investing in our parks and nature reserves. Lib Dem councillors have got stuck in helping with bulb planting and litter picks together with local residents.

• The multi million pound refurbishment of the Westcroft Leisure Centre in Carshalton is a boost for sport and health in the borough. This major investment is making sure local residents have access to the best possible leisure facilities.

• Stonecot Liberal Democrat Cllrs Miguel Javelot and Adrian Davey at the Sutton Life Centre. The Life Centre houses a new library, climbing wall and cutting edge educational facilities. New library venues, like the Life Centre, are boosting library use.

• Whilst many Conservative and Labour run councils have been closing libraries, no library has been closed in Lib Dem run Sutton. Rather four new replacement libraries have opened since 2000, most recently in Carshalton.

Keep Sutton moving forward with the Lib Dems Sutton’s Liberal Democrat council is delivering for local people.

put this progress at risk.

In 2014 when we go to the polls, back a Lib Dem team who are The Liberal Democrats have delivered a balanced budget, protecting vital frontline delivering a fairer safer Sutton with a stronger greener economy. services, whilst council tax has been frozen for the last four years. The ‘Opportunity Sutton’ initiative is helping to create jobs, investing in restoring and developing our local high streets and building more local homes. It is the Liberal Democrats who have put apprenticeships at the top of the agenda in government, helping to cut youth unemployment here in Sutton.

• Across Sutton Lib Dems are working hard for our area.

The Liberal Democrats are moving Sutton forward. Lets make sure we don’t

Can’t win Lab 10%

Con 36%

Lib Dem 46%

• In 2014 it’s a clear choice. A Lib Dem run council that can keep delivering for local people or going backwards with the Conservatives. Labour have won no council seats in an election in Sutton since 2002 and are out of the race. • How Sutton voted in 2010.

Sutton Council Annual Report