The State of Healthcare: From Challenges to Opportunities

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In April 2014, at the BMJ IHI International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare, we launched our guide to Person-Centred Care: Co-Creating a Healthcare Sector for the Future. That guide analyzes the benefits of putting the patient at the center and promoting co-creation between the different stakeholders of health systems. Since then, we have traveled around the world disseminating the publication in different cultural settings and discussing the state of healthcare with experts and influential stakeholders in each region we visited. We presented knowledge and insights from the publication at 10 healthcare conferences in 10 different regions across four continents. On top of these events, we conducted roundtables to discuss the work ahead with key participants in China, Europe, and the USA in order to uncover the barriers to and the opportunities for co-creating more sustainable healthcare systems. Furthermore, we have engaged people online, creating a network of health experts to share opinions, frustrations and solutions with each other in order to scale and spread opportunities. The ambition of our journey is twofold. On one hand, we wish to give an overview of the challenges that global healthcare systems face and how these issues determine the quality of care that these systems produce. One the other hand, we want to highlight the good news, which is that many of the healthcare solutions we need already exist today. There are people, initiatives and organizations all over the planet that are currently developing innovative ways of solving problems faced by healthcare systems. With this publication we hope to inspire the process of change by highlighting and promoting co-creation within healthcare systems around the world. Equipped with a thorough understanding of the current state of the world’s healthcare systems and the challenges they face, this publication moves us closer to realizing the healthcare innovations of tomorrow. There is still a long way to go before global healthcare systems are truly economically, socially and environmentally sustainable, and before they are able to co-create healthy, happy and independent lives. We believe that in order to succeed we must make the journey a co-created effort that reaches across sectors and fields and includes stakeholders from all parts of the healthcare system. Regardless of whether you participate in the healthcare system as a patient, professional, policy maker, researcher or provider, we hope that this publication will inspire you and that we can join together on a journey towards safer, smarter and more sustainable healthcare systems.



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