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A Closer Look Through the newsletters from S-Labs, you will find the latest examples of good practice within green laboratories, which can point you in the direction of deciding which practices you may want to more closely examine in your own lab. These include: •

Running events to profile good practice, discuss key issues, and develop networks.

Developing case studies of best practice and briefing papers on key lab sustainability issues.

Conducting Laboratory Energy Audits – detailed audits help show where the energy in labs is going and identify improvement opportunities.

Implementing a Laboratory Assessment Framework to gauge environmental performance and its associated Environmental Good Practice Guide.

FURTHER READING LITERATURE ‘S-Lab Laboratory Assessment Framework’. Version 1.3, S-Lab, September 2011 ‘S-Lab Environmental Good Practice Guide for Laboratories’. Version 1.0, S-Lab, October 2011 ‘Midnight Oil Phase I Report’. University of Oxford. Environmental Change Institute. December 2010

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