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How do we make sure that new lab users comply with the given instructions? Whenever someone new starts using a lab, make sure they are  carefully instructed in environmentally sound behaviour  and safety regulations. Lab managers should be dilligent about monitoring use and providing feedback when an individual's procedures require alteration.

How do we know what equipment to focus on? Have students help with a  general inventory of energy consumption  by using the numerous manual or wireless metering solutions that are already available.

How do we know which chemicals can be discarded?  Have researchers and lab personnel label the chemicals they use. Products claimed after a couple of weeks (or whenever everybody has been given sufficient time to label them) can then be discarded.

How do we get students, lab personnel, and researchers to turn off equipment not in use? Drawing  attention to the overall energy consumption  of a given apparatus can prove an important point of departure. This can be done either by simply stating its annual energy cost or by displaying graphs of energy consumption on a computer/tablet in the lab or communal spaces (see Case 9).



IARU - Green Guide for Universities – pathways towards sustainability  

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