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What are the benefits of an integrated design process? An integrated design process (IDP) involves a holistic approach to high performance building design and construction. It relies upon every member of the project team sharing a vision of sustainability, and working collaboratively to implement sustainability goals.  This process enables the team to optimise systems, reduce operating and maintenance costs, and minimise the need for incremental capital .

How can we make sure we get the most out of our initial investment? Following up with and  informing building occupants how to use the building optimally is fundamental to ensuring that you are maximising the initial investment.

Is it worth investing in a certification scheme that is only valid for three years? Even though assessments of existing buildings by some certifications can be expensive and only valid for three years, the investment is still worth it.  The short validity of the assessment is beneficial in that it ensures constant upkeep of a building’s high performance , and external parties know that the assessment is up to date.



IARU - Green Guide for Universities – pathways towards sustainability  

Green Guide for Universities – IARU pathways towards sustainability developed by 10 leading international universities and the think-tank Su...

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