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HURDLES AND SOLUTIONS QUESTIONS FOR BUILDINGS How do we convince senior managers and project managers (or planners and designers) to implement high standards, despite a perception of higher associated costs? The actual costs of green certification schemes are approximately 2% of the overall project costs, yet measures to reduce energy consumption can mean  the initial investment will be repaid four to six times over a period of 20 years .

How can we show that a certification scheme could be beneficial?  Critically assess the outcomes of implementing a certification  and whether or not they guarantee the vital features of the buildings, such as low carbon emissions and low energy usage.

Apart from energy and water efficiency, what other economic benefits can building sustainably provide?  Greater comfort and benefits to health  are perhaps the most important economic effects of building sustainably – as research shows, it raises productivity.



IARU - Green Guide for Universities – pathways towards sustainability  

Green Guide for Universities – IARU pathways towards sustainability developed by 10 leading international universities and the think-tank Su...

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