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Create a portfolio of easy-to-access tools. This can include certifications (workplace, labs, events), games, presentations, posters, a library of videos, etc. Establish the ‘brand’ and a set of identity guidelines so that all materials are consistent and coordinated. Different people require different messaging, so be dynamic in your outreach approach. Focus your communication so as not to dilute the message. Business managers are often champions, as they link systems and the bottom-line in ways that lend themselves well to sustainability policies. Hire students to support the work, which provides an affordable workforce and offers a learning experience. Don't reinvent the wheel. When you have a project idea, look to see what other universities are doing to gain inspiration.



IARU - Green Guide for Universities – pathways towards sustainability  

Green Guide for Universities – IARU pathways towards sustainability developed by 10 leading international universities and the think-tank Su...

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