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Just a note, which may help? Ask for Arch Angel Michael, to protect you, and the rooms you’re in also your book from Negativity, while you read your book, each time you read it? (Please include protection, for front, back and sides of house plus the rooms adjacent to the ones you are in) The reading will be more enjoyable. No negativity and the words going over your head…etc…

Introduction I lived in a haunted house for 25 years, until God came on board and helped me clear the situation. He told me why my house was haunted and where the evil spirits had come from. You work out God and his Guardian Angels and all those Psychics for yourself through my life story? My Spiritual Courtship with an Entertainer, will it ever happen? How I tried to pull off a Steam Engine for cars and gain a Music contract? This is a book for Psychics who want an insight on how clairvoyance turns out in the end. God and Elvis are my teachers and I wish to lead people to their Guardian Angels and God through my life story and works. May you learn something from my book or be inspired to listen to your own Guardian Angels using your sixth sense.

Hello Terrina and Woody, Merry Christmas, it has been so long since we met, but Noel and I don't feel like going out much. Our car is having problems, not its device though; hopefully, we can sort it out. They say that money is short and our deadline is the 27th of December. It will be all over, if we do not prove anything, but by their recent letters, I don't think they will walk away. Anyhow, I am sure we will find the money we need. 2

I got a reading and it looks as though my musicians are coming forward within 18 months. And in 2-3 years, I will have a contract in the music industry. Since the past few years, I have been putting everything for the success of my musicians, music, and lyrics in a dream state and have been asking for it to be brought out during the day. So, I believe, my musicians should be busy creating different tunes. I am hoping to use my Clairvoyant Teaching skills with my music, like the lyrics I have given you. So here's wishing the both of you a Merry Christmas and a great future. Get yourself over here in a pair of speedos and lay across the bonnet of my car. The boys need some sort of encouragement as they think the car is useless and that I am a crazy psychic. The boys get out of bed after 12 noon, after which they just laze around making all sorts of excuses why they can't work on the car. They will go to work in February as that is when the factories open. We think this car will take ages to repair as there is not much left to do with it. It is hard being "Charmaine, The Great"; writing letters every day while nobody cares to write back! When are we going to make some beautiful music together? Didn't you see the photographers clicking their cameras every time I walked out the bathroom and down the center aisle? Don't you know a star when you see one?

Woody, David, and Craig, Get your speedos on and promote my car to my boys. My teacher said when the car is up and running but is not quite there; my man will be their also my music‌. Some say that the car will take 18 months’ time to be fit for use. Well, if that is so, then I am going for a holiday where I can get room service and pizzas. I will return after 18 months and hopefully, and then the car will be repaired. So get your speedos out and promote the car as I am getting worn out trying to be Charmaine, The Great, trying to pull everything off with no help from anyone


Dear Woody and Trina, In the upcoming months, we should have the media on our tail, depending on what everyone thinks because we want to get the car ready for manufacture before they come. Yes, you guessed it right, we need to get that song about the car going. We, also, need a list of songs for our repretwa. I feel the songs will be a lot like ‘a little bit of petrol and a whole lot of steam, go out there and have my say’. Also, some of the songs that we dream up, we should try and get people to sing them too. So, in other words, time is running out for us to get our repretwa going. When the car hits the market, so will the song, so get ready Haven't you had enough of singing to old battlesticks? Isn't it about time you are paid well and have some great crowd to cheer you on? Susan. The car ran fully on water, doing 60 km/h on the road. It needs the mixture to be made right to give it more power. Susan.

It is only the beginning funky town, mona mona, tumbling down, like a prayer. I will survive. She works hard for the money Donna summer, hot stuff Donna summer, I am so excited Donna summer, on the inside prisoner, the worst thing I’d never do, Grease. waterloo. That's the way a woman feels, Tina arena. Heart of glass, Blonde. On top of the world, and my other great tracks, e.g. little bit of petrol and a whole lot of steam, Billy, don’t be a hero, the little sticky beak of D'arcy road on credit tease me etc. I sense people are starting to become very interested in spirituality so why don't we show them the way? Susan P.s: my children think I am boring, so why don't you help me make it interesting. I wish everything would soon pull off so I can do something about it. Well, you got the whole picture, haven't you? If I can get the stick in the mud to go, I will see you both on Wednesday. 4

Make sure you have no stress and eat well. I might amuse you for the evening, Charmaine. Do you realize I could be the biggest star in history and you just kick back and take your sweet time? Charmaine - The New Age Messiah Somebody is looking at the car on Friday and is looking to invest 49 million dollars into the project. We had a lot of trouble with the computer that was made for the car for the fuel usage, they say it is worth 700 thousand but I think it was absolutely useless. We also had to wait months for it. Instead, my boys made a similar one in less than 2 hours which cost us next to nothing and runs perfectly well. They still have some more work to do with the computer, but they did it Susan While today’s test drive, the car drove 5 times further than a normal car does and ran well too. Hello David, Woody, and Craig, I suppose you are starting to think that I am quite boring. Well, why don't you do something about it and save me from myself? We sell our story; my band goes out there as the new age messiahs. In humor, we sing about our misfortunes and have a go at a few people. I am usually very accurate at picking what people do for a living and what they dream of doing so if we do short readings, this should bring them in like droves. I did a very good story on Woman's Day, telling them that my car will pull off and that I will receive a music contract. I also told them that Elvis is my Guide. If I get that contract when the car is up and running, which I am positive, will happen. Then with the Woman's Day article and others alike, it will create a lot of buzz. We can be a band of humorous misfits. Also, we can make our friendship into a book and hopefully make it into a movie One day, I am also going to have my guides sing through me and perform meditation music as that is where Elvis's interest lies. I, also, have an advertising business which was a scam but it did draw business. I used to receive numerous emails and a hand full of cheques daily. Though I need a little help in making it legal, as it is quite a brain teaser, I am sure with all the publicity that I will receive


in times to come; it will become a huge success. I plan on sending some money from the profits to a charity, to help the starving and R.S.P.C.A. The cost for businesses to advertise their leaflets is about $10 per thousand, which is incredibly cheap and people pay $30 - $60 per year to join. They say it may be illegal because it is like a pyramid but, I might be able to get around that. Seeing Woody, tonight, I might get angry for a change. At the moment, however, I am finding it hard to drink due to my medication. I hope you like my ideas. My guides have been pushing my career and showing me the path to success for the past fifteen years now. I hope I can make it work

Hello Gorgeous Well, the car is not successful at the moment; I think we are not making enough heat to turn the water into Hydrogen. Noel swears that last time we were successful it cost him $30 to go to Rockhampton and back. The device has come to a halt at the moment because we do not seem to be able to save much fuel. We have an investor talking to us tomorrow, he may give the boys wages and a workshop. We might be doing the car on a stand and monitoring everything. The boys have changed the device to what Noel had originally, but this was to make it safer. It is better not so much a backyard job. The Quest papers are doing a story on me again; I'm hoping to get some work from it, Readings and Teachings. I earned this month $560 and paid out for advertising $660. I can't believe how lousy it is and I would have thought a lot of people would be interested in learning Clairvoyance. It's not the money I'm charging because no matter what it is they always find an excuse for making it next week, and so forth. Keeps me busy anyway. See you sometime?

Hello, Well, what a fascinating year it has been? By the way, in recent times has Jamie or 4BH contacted you? I told them about myself and what I plan to do in the future and I thought they could have a go at you? 4bh may? Since my sons tore down their building. Anyway once this car is up and running I will prove myself and every press and magazine will be here. I'm supposed to prove clairvoyance. Last night, unusually as it’s been quite quiet, as for the last couple of years, my Guide came forth and said in about 1 year to 2 years I will be in every magazine and newspaper and I saw a long line up of cars coming to see me at one of my centers. 6

We have the biggest contracts coming; they seem very interested but will let us know by the end of September. It is worth 48 million. The boys were not very satisfied with the last device we had. I and Noel feel that we may need more work to be done on it, the device works but the boys are coming up with no go and we had a horrible car. Anyway, the backers haven't given up and I think we will all have a good contract, also wages. I am looking for a suitable male at the moment. There are heaps of guys on the but none of them seem interested. I think it's my guides keeping them away, I’m not that ugly. Long-term relationship coming up by the end of this year, have no idea where he's coming from. But it's about time. I've been on my own for twenty years. Life can be cruel but I guess everything has worked out for the best. Well, look after yourselves and keep laughing. Laughing every day may end up making you rich. Charmaine and the three wise men David, Craig, Woody Charmaine, one day when you come round don't forget the gifts and incense.

All messiahs must have charities. Yes, you said it, happy home mailer. Fair Trading said it would be impossible to get the number of people I need to make it successful. And I need to use advertising material to make it legal. With the car up and running and hopefully if I get a music career the people will be no problem Charities are also good for tax time. Due to the car, music, game, book, and movie, I think happy home mailer will sort out the high tax problem and of course, all messiahs should have charities. I need a group of people to help organize the setup of the business. Of course, we can charge about $60 per person for 18 months or so subscription. Remember, the happy home mailers are a business that the disabled and poor pensioners that cannot hold down a job can do and also the destitute mothers. And of course, God’s work is always "cash in hand". I was thinking about awards night for my success I will be making a big speech thanking my dog who's supported me throughout the years. My kids think I’m nuts. My guides think you need to sit back unwind and listen to some good music and tune in to what lies in front of you, you are too busy. Not focused enough. You are my only hope since recently my good pen pal (Dave) gave up on me. But have you noticed that I never give up? See you sometime. 7

I’ll let you know when we get the 48 million. Should be within the next few weeks. Sue, the New Age Messiah My sensational big ad is next week on the south side, and I'm waiting for the T.V. crew to come around. Well, I'll give them a story and a half. Well, have a good day; will let you know when we get that million dollar contract. Our backer, Mr. Sai is very interested in our project but the board members decided on another project. Mr. Sai said he is still very interested in our project and will see us in 3 weeks’ time. To our future benefit Charmaine. The New Age Messiah How many fans does my guide Elvis have? How many fans are waiting for the new age messiah? Add that all up and what do you get? Teacher of Teachers I'm teaching the three wise men. New Age Messiah is a great teacher. Charge a thousand dollars for a reading. Everything I've worked for is coming true. Don't they make a fool of you? Many people have asked me and I'm sure many more have questioned, why do I back that car? The answer is quite simple really if I don't pull off that car I don't get a partner. You see no matter how hard I try nobody seems interested, take for instance I have contacted 65 men, no one is interested Now excuse me Mr. Woody, but it's not me, nothing is wrong with my profile. Maybe you could give me a few hints where I'm going wrong? I know if I tell my guides to let me have some fun, all I will get is a 2-minute wonder and lights out. So, my friend, that's why the car will succeed because I have no choice in the matter. Now here’s another good one for you. My guides have told me to charge $1000 for my readings. 8

Do you remember when I gave you a coaster and it said, "If you like living on the edge, give me a call.” Well, it's never short of dramas here. I completely lost my mind shortly after giving up my smokes? I have had no sleep all week. I have been attacked by all different sorts of the dark side every half hour, one sitting on top of me, others just attacking me with fear and one, last night lifted my feet off my bed, there was so much energy. I was told last night I would have a beautiful sleep, well, I did but I was on the spiritual plane all dressed up with my Teacher Robyn and I kept waking up all night long. Then at four this morning, I got attacked by a real beauty, couldn’t seem to get rid of that one. Where are my disciples when I need them? There’s a mattress on my floor if you feel like being a warrior and protecting me? Sai, the backer has not got in touch with us lately but we have another investor that seems interested. My ex is going to rehabilitation to get off his addiction to drinks, drugs, and cigarettes. He has not long to live unless he does this and he's really trying to do what he can for my boys too, so I'm glad. I told him he may pass out behind the wheel and that will be fatal. About time somebody gave him the wakeup call He said he keeps getting dizzy spells and passing out, so in two weeks off he's going I hope he goes otherwise he won’t last long, he's very sick. Taking my granddaughter to singing, acting and dancing lessons. Soon she'll be a real star. See you. Hope you sleep well at night. Sue, My medium teacher has only weeks or months to live? Her body is allergic to everything. Her Teacher is Nostradamus. She has written a book which will, in time, be looked upon as the New Age Bible. Without her, I would have thought I was crazy because nobody can tell me what I pick up except her. She laid out my whole life and is a great teacher of life. Hi Susan, Noel, Robert, and Mark, I received good news a short time ago when I received an e-mail from the lock-man Norman in regards to funding and he advised me that the R & D funds of US $2m or AU $3m has been approved in principle. He said he has put down on paper his proposal which we will 9

have to meet to discuss once we know if the deal is as we expect. It looks as though he has followed along the lines we offered to Mr. Sai and if this is the case it should be okay. He is talking to a manufacturer in Vanuatu which is not much different to doing it in China. I will keep you up to speed once I know what is going to happen. Allan arrived back home last night at midnight and with him here we should be able to meet soon, especially as the funds will be available sometime in December 2006, ready for a startup in January 2007. At this point in time, it is still too early to say if everything is going to work out but it looks good enough. The final discussions will show up any hidden agenda if there is any, which I do not expect to happen. He has put it together fairly quickly and it does appear to be quite good but we all know how things can change overnight and quite quickly at times. I hope Noel, Robert, and Mark can work through the Aqua-Tane system and agree on how to proceed as it is going to be part of the project one way or another. Thanking you. Kind regards. Edgar. To My Fearless Spiritual Leader You will be enlightened to know that Noel and I will be coming to see you on Wednesday. Maybe you would like to enjoy hearing the dynamic strong tones of Noel on stage such as ‘Bad Habits’ or ‘New York, New York’. Look out! He looks dressed to kill. Ha, Ha. He's looking for the sheet music on bad habits but does it very well at karaoke. My sleeping habits are fantastic, nice to have a good sleep for a change. To our future benefit, Susan, and Noel Hello Woody and Trina, It’s me again, just thought I would write to let you know how proud I am of Noel. He has really pulled himself together. Noel has had several cleaning jobs for the past two years and does most of my housework. He's taking pride in himself and now is off to karaoke.

We have been through so much with our health and still continued to face our dreams and have faith throughout to pull everything off like I have been trying to explain to you. We are an inspiration to people and will, in turn, help others find the correct path and make their dreams come true too. 10

My Guide spoke to me in my sleep and said Noel, will be doing readings soon, I could also hear myself laugh because of the way he handles people (bad actually) but also he was very caring with some people and really pulled off a good reading. His way…… I don't know when this will be but I look forward to seeing him climb a new level and it will be good for him. More money too and believe me we aren't cheap. I'm charging $150 and I'm worth it. Nobody complains; people I teach are so grateful, I love my work. Crisco Hampers coming this year, I wish to share it with family but also with my future husband and friends but I guess I have to be patient. So have a Merry Christmas and may all that is good come to us all, one day. Love, Sue. Just bought theatre lounge suite recliners and barbecue set for my buddies when they come over. I got aliens to come over to fix my teacher up; hopefully, she will stay around. No spooks last night, either, lost interest, or everything that's being done is working for me. See you. Charmaine Teacher of Teachers Help! I didn’t get a wink of sleep last night. I woke up at 9.30 pm and my bedroom and garden were so forbidden and terrible energies. I know how to fight them but don't know how to keep them away and I've had enough Maybe you could help keep them away? My teacher did say when prince charming comes along he'll knock them dead but I'm no longer young as I used to be and have had enough. I use Sandalwood but that doesn’t seem to be doing the job and they seem to be getting really vicious and very hateful. So, if you could be so kind to help me I would appreciate it. Kind regards.


Yes, now, since I’m worth $150 for just under an hour’s work I thought I would share my views with you on the great debate of smokes and what it does and doesn’t do to you. Have you had a good look at that gangrene foot? Well, basically it’s all to do with Karma. I'm told spiritually that person is or was, in the past, a child molester. Some People of that kind…. If you have good morals and basic Christian beliefs, in other words, you always live by your good morals and do not do harm to another, you should live a long life. Now, my friends, I have no bad karma and have good Christen beliefs. I smoke one after the other for twenty years and all I have is phlegm. I can swim 40 laps of the pool every day and as far as I know, I will live a very long life and will not die of smokes. I feel I will die of a heart attack but that is basically the stress I was put through when I was younger. Not the smokes. Now you can take my $150 free service or leave it, but that is what I have looked into and that’s how I feel. So, be a good boy and light up. By the way, I'm looking at buying a pink sports car and a registration plate that says it all, won't tell you what it is, otherwise, you might get jealous and steal it off me. Six Sense is Lost, Get It Back And find the ghost who loves you the most. God gives me the reason to live. Face your dreams. The Guardians are your host, bring back that sixth sense. That's where you will find God the most. Fly like the Wind written by Charmaine. So you’re down and forgot your reasons to live God can lift you up And help you face your dreams So fly like the wind Reach out to God for he is near And never forget who loves you the most He could really crack you up That Invisible Ghost Fly like the Wind 12

Fly, Fly, Fly like the Wind God gives me reason to live Chorus Remove all doubts And fly like the wind Fly, Fly, Fly like the Wind God (Aliza) told me to charge $250 for a reading. This should be interesting. Charmaine, Teacher of Teachers. Well, one bright spark said I should stop what I'm doing to stop them being attracted to me. My Teacher may get well. Also, she's got the alternation to leave her husband as he does not believe in spiritually. Last night, I got no sleep once again. God's doing the Teachings today so my clients better come running Charmaine.

What Does This Mean? I am being shown a solitaire diamond ring and a man on crutches and his head bandaged knocking on my door. Charmaine. I would like you to know that my readings are now $250 and I'm advertising on Radio next year. I probably will be working on the radio if I prove myself. I'm going to advertise on 4BH and 4BC. I've been told readings should come from the heart; well, my heart is overflowing with love Got a Karaoke machine, I'm now going to start learning all my songs I think next year is going to be bright. No more hormone problems due to my medication as the doctor told me. Six years of constant ill health, since they changed my medication. 13

I've had no problem for about 4 months. No wonder my readings are starting to take off for me. And all the bad demons are gone. Noel is a great warrior too. For the first time in 15 years, I haven't been disturbed at night. My Guides say I have a ten-foot board above my house saying ‘Charmaine - The Great, the New Age Messiah’. And my name is everywhere. Must mean something, I'm finally on top. The man I saw at Carindale Golf club was another Entertainer David B was watching us from across the room and was getting ready to walk over to us when we walked out. What's going on? Two David B’s Noel thinks David B is gorgeous. I walked out…..wrong person….not my type Within a week or two I will be advertising on radio 4bc and 4bh 6-9am and 3-6pm. If I'm still advertising a month later, I'm raking it in. Otherwise, the radio station will be hunting me down for payment. Have a great year, Susan. I thought I was going to have a relationship with someone who's had a really tough time in a past relationship but that's probably my humor and wishful thinking. Love your pictures. I tried to get the moving Elvis on my website, not really good with computers. Been waiting a week for my son to help me download Karaoke. Merry Christmas, Trina, and Woody Be a Hero, On Credit, Little Sticky Beak of D'arcy Rd, Fly like the Wind, Tease me Etc. The Three Wise Men If you’re having a holiday; have a good one, see you soon. P.s. bought a black Nissan 300 ZX sports car. It is what I've always wanted. See you. Charmaine 14

The New Age Messiah Teacher of Teachers Well, what an interesting start to the year, now that after 15 years David told me to leave. Some say Dave likes me and that I should go with the flow, some say he doesn’t know I exist (but spiritually he’s always there and it keeps me going strong each day). Better to have a fantasy then nothing, but we really did have a lot of fun. I just wasted my money. Oh, by the way, I shouldn’t really concentrate too much on the car and it might bring in a small income, in the end, didn’t tell her it's a car that runs on water. I've decided to listen to my Guides if nothing comes from it well I've had more faith than most and I've really put every effort into making everything happen. All the calls I've made I really have no direction at all, I always end up listening to myself. I don't think people are really meant to read each other but listen to themselves. Don't bother with the 1900 calls they are just useless. The music, I am interested in singing, apart, from the ones I sent, is Music by Barbra Streisand. And Barry Gibb. Of course, David B will be Barry Gibb. Also, Whitney’s Music, and Andrew’ Lloyd Webber. I plan to make us stand out like nobody else in the industry. Of course, in time, there will be a book of my life story and the M and M songs e.g. Little Bit of Petrol and a Whole Lot of Steam, Billy Don't Be a Hero To Susan I've been thinking about sharing the secret with you on a number of occasions but you seemed quite content with your readings and spiritual guidance so I've never mentioned it until now. Since re-learning The Secret, my life and wealth have blossomed and will continue to as long as I keep positive and focused. Sometimes we see things and pass a comment like (I already know that). But sometimes we need to continue seeing things in order to progress. I use The Secret as a true guide to success. Success is whatever you want it to be. Check out my webpage gig guides and find out where I'm working. Pick a date and email me which show you will be coming to so I can bring with me The Secret. 15

Woody Happy Home Mailers Key ring distribution service. What a joke Hello, Tomorrow will be the last reading I ever get off anyone. Some said I would have a relationship in July, then November, now I hear I got a serious relationship in March and last night I heard nothing serious until a year away. Some say you’re smiling, others say you couldn’t open a can of beans for me musically. Well, let’s see if it's worth getting a reading. I feel that I should only listen to my Teacher Robyn and myself. I've never really got what I'm looking for in a reading elsewhere.

My reading that I got yesterday said 1. The Happy Home Mailer will not take off, she could not see anything 2. My relationship with Dave is over 3. The car will never make any money In 2-4 weeks, I will let you know if the Happy Home Mailer is a success or not. Teacher of Teachers, Charmaine Will see you and more about your secret 7 February East Leagues Club Susan. Hi Susan, You sound confused and angry which only brings confusion and angriness in your life. You need to feel positive and hopeful for things to develop. If you have a DVD player then I have The Secret for YOU. 16

Woody I believe I will be very well known and respected in time for my life's work. And remember spiritually everything is centered on this car succeeding. I hear in July or August an Investor will come along that is very promising, at the moment. We got to beware; I have my warriors watching over me at the moment with investors who are thinking of taking us lightly. And they said when I am successful they will produce my husband. I think the main problem with Clairvoyance is that people only look at the present, what is happening and not down the track. I owe my future to my Teacher, Robyn, otherwise, I would be so messed up cause nobody else has told me and elaborated on what I see. Find all about the car and of course the millions of dollars you will be making if you take me on musically. She cost by credit card $25 for ten minutes or $2.75 per minute. 1800 732 337 credit card or 1900 999 168 Heidi Be a Smart little Devil. Let me know if you do and what she says.

My Readings Heidi pin if ring on 1900 is 00003 One Reader Heidi said David would take me more seriously and will listen to what I say. Also, he is very much worth going for. The Bartering reading yesterday said David is coming forward.


Well, David as far as I'm concerned is the only handsome man I know at the moment. He walked passed me as soon as I met him. I think he's adorable and always will.

Can you see where my Teacher of Teachers is taking me with my book, life story and proving clairvoyance? We can see our dreams in our lifetime. Don’t stop your smoking. By Charmaine

Song style by Toni Childs Stop your Fussing We can see our dreams in our lifetime, we can see our dreams in our lifetime, and we can see our dreams We can feel our dreams in our lifetime So don’t you look so sad when you got a smoke in hand It takes away all your fears And makes you feel really good too So don’t stop your smoking boy don’t stop your smoking Because it makes you feel real fine Yes it makes you feel real fine don’t stop your smoking boy don’t stop your smoking Because it makes you feel real fine Yes it makes you feel real fine We can see our dream in our lifetime, we can see our dreams in our lifetime, we can see our dreams in our lifetime, we can see our dreams in our lifetime, and we can see our dreams in our lifetime So don’t stop your smoking boy don’t stop your smoking Because it really makes you feel fine Yes it makes you feel real fine Release all your fears And your self-doubt too Believe in God And face your dreams too Cause God is close at hand And he will show you the promise land 18

And the Angels too So don’t stop your smoking boy Don’t stop your smoking Because it really makes you feel fine so don’t stop your smoking boy, don’t stop your smoking Because it makes you feel real fine Yes it makes you feel real fine Negativity is what makes you ill and how you treat others Call the Angels and ask God inside Conversations with God You are allowed one abortion, but if you have more you will be barren the next life. Elvis was a ladies’ man but now he is on his own and no woman is interested in him, he must learn his lesson and be on his own. They say my teacher Robyn, who passed away? A little while ago, she told me in a trance, her teacher was Nostradamus.

She walked away from what God placed upon her, for a man, now she says she will only get dogs. My ex, a drug addict and alcoholic, he's somewhat responsible for my mental illness because he never appreciated his children and woman. He will not have a woman when he passes away. Look out for the southern star and whynnumharald, doggy fun time, in the next few weeks. The New Age Messiah here Watch out for my website, I'm going to add the focus board and "The Secret" CD to my lessons. Joe, my girl-friend said, I will be going to another level with my medium ship. So, you know what I am learning I've been looking at a place that horrible people go to if they do wrong. I saw dirty horrible monsters, rape and bash a person and when I was half asleep I saw a person burnt alive with no mercy. So, they do end up cop-pin it. 19

No better way to teach someone than dishing it back, so hopefully next life they will have more compassion and not do it to another. I've had one of those monsters come to my room when I was using the wee gee board. He was trying to rape me; smelly, dirty, horrible. Now I don't use the wee gee board. Some people are masters of it but I only draw in bad. Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Woody from the Three Wise Men. We proudly present – Charmaine - The Great, The New Age Messiah. Well, times have changed and people change, I always feel much honored on Mother’s day and think of all my children. Noel ….. Some things have changed, after all those years walking in the hot dry desert, the nice honest gentleman I knew has decided to join the rest of us and rip everyone off, and it's always "not me" when things go wrong. But some things remain the same like he only washes every few weeks and sleeps in the same clothes day in and out for days before changing. Due to modern times, he's come across a new way of washing undies, in the toilet flush bowl, unfortunately, the flush bowl plays up after a while, and you find yourself removing the undies. I, of course, during my primary school days always enjoyed playing The Virgin Mary every year in the school plays. I quite fondly think of her on Mother’s Day. Charmaine.

Woody….. Looks as though your car has had its day. Try trading post for a good buy it won't turn over. The engine is going, don't be put off… you will get a really good buy. I see a baby seat in the back. Could be a new car, probably silver or white like the other. Goodbye. Go cheap don't settle for anything else you will get what you want and it won't leave you broke.


Can be mountain hiking, outdoor venturing away in a plane Taking holiday and I see what could be something like Stradbroke and camping like a hotel. You make too much noise. Everyone will be there and barbecues fish galore. You’re going to have meditation music, and everyone will clap their hands with glee. There's a telephone call from the Manager he's stiff with options, go for broke, put it straight then sit back and watch the phone ring, gold rings on fingers, he won't call for a while but when he does you will be laughing. I also see your van. Tell the manager straight then you will get what you want and I see property or land. Straight and honest or you won't get far. The taxi is waiting, got to go feed those dogs. They love you but have a poor appetite at the moment, need a cuddle. Goldfish in a bowl make them laugh. Denmark Hong Kong jewelry wants some cheap buys. Want to have Gold chains go overseas or the airport sale you won't get a bargain here. There is a ruby gold and sapphire engagement ring that means so much to someone but they can't afford it. Tell them to take a short trip away and buy what they need, they will have fun too. You can't keep your hands off someone; the cooking pot is boiling over, new venture. Has earring on a person that looks happy, and very persuasive. The cooking pot is great, otherwise it would be rotten, if didn't listen, because romance is going nowhere, and needs a spark. It isn’t made overnight. But by Christmas, the boredom will go and a lot of merriment and talk will come. You will be very happy romantically. The dogs smell, wash them and their teeth. You aren’t attentive as you used to be, they know and are gritting their teeth; they hear the bedroom noise and grumble to themselves, this is not right. Look for glory, things will change. A New beginning, I see happy metaphorically. Easter train to catch you won't be sitting by yourself humming, someone else is joining your band, don't tell them to let them guess? You know what I mean the instruments aren’t right just yet, get the bedroom going, and then the music will play right. You are too busy with gardening. Need a rake and a few flowers, you’re all tied up in knots, the gardening is good but you really need to sit back and take in the outdoors otherwise your 21

appearance and health will suffer. You’re all tied up in knots which were mentioned earlier in the year.

Readings are for Woody - June 2007, By Charmaine For your entertainment only, Make Known Readings are from the Spirit World and no place else, and the Guardian Angels speak in Medifores. You’re not looking at the true substance of the picture presented. There’s no tooth being pulled out for you. A laborer is what you are. Look up to the stars and there is God waiting, for all if it presents itself in a story form, commonsense will show the way soon, and everything will fall in place, lots of laughs and merriment. Spin the bottle, see which way it falls, lots of laughs. Dress up, you demand respect and you won't get it in the fast lane. Drink that soup slowly and gargle then spit it out. The pudding you tasted wasn't good It was bad, sit back and have a good laugh because a neglichey is coming your way. With a better cooking pot, it won't take all night but the stew is every man's dream. Don’t be put off what is said it's to sort your mind out as you’re a bit frazzled. The dancing arena is getting better; better play melodies that are slow because somebody will be making love on the dance floor. Yes, it's my Birthday 7. 7. 07, I believe it is a very heavenly number Well, I've looked into cleaning business; the money I made was not making me ecstatic. So I'm planning to go into a Dog Wash Business with James. Cost 32,000 for two trailers and a fully booked ongoing business. Surprise, surprise, since Noel’s credit is so good, and mine is bad, I will be getting a loan from him. Noel is also getting a Dog Wash Business. Noels credit is so good, because I have been paying all the bills, all these years……. Looks like Wedding Bells for me around Christmas, wonder who it is. My son, Robert is expecting his first child this Christmas, so that has put my camping trip on hold for a while. Mark, my son has a lung operation soon. It will be a very painful procedure. He's already had one operation, and was asking God to end it all.


My Teacher, Robyn, comes around at night and gives me readings. She says people will stand up in about 4-5 years and the price of smokes will be reduced. The car will turn heads in about 4 years; Noel will probably not be on the scene. Now if you don't call me soon? night.

someone else will be calling out my name in the heat of the

I realize you have certain issues you have to finalize and I'm willing to be patient but I do think it's about time you came forward. I'm getting on my feet, Noel with "the outstanding credit" is helping me get a loan for a dog wash business, I will hire someone to do the work. I'm planning on getting two trailers from James and they think they will fully book me with work. I can't hold down a job, but I can run a business. Time is short, wrinkles are starting to appear, get your act together, NOW, or go away forever. If it gets to this stage, I will have to ask my Guide again. The boys worked on it for six or more months but we struggled with funds and they could not get it to run. When Noel turns up at a business meeting he wears the same clothes he had on all week and slept in. If it wasn't for me telling him to change and have a shower, he must be the dirtiest, smelliest person in Brisbane; he itches head, all the times, with a ruler, because it’s filthy. I am a Clairvoyant Medium Teacher; my destiny is to back this car. My Guides chose a man that no one would take on, who has no morals or respect for himself or others, thus making me prove myself as a Medium and sharing it with others. These are the suits that my boys wear to business meetings. I bought them, Noel couldn't care what they look like, and saint Vinnie’s is good enough for him. I did once spend 300 hundred dollars on a suit for Noel; never got a Thank you, and he only wore it once. I have never liked or trusted Noel and to be honest he took full advantage of me, monetarily for twenty years, mostly to feather his own pocket. The only money he's put towards his car is the $700 he won at Keno. I'm the one who paid for the car parts, legal fees etc. Also, backers who came along and robbed us, but I don't blame them.


Noel Smith's contract signed by Justice of Peace Noel is to do the following and complete all tasks, otherwise, his contract with the fuel saving device will be canceled. 1. Shower with soap every day 2. Shave every morning 3. Brush his teeth every morning 4. Wear deodorant 5. Wash hair twice a week 6. Work on the car and device 7. Start work when the boys, Robert and Mark start and finish when they finish 8. When supervising, make coffee 9. Noel is never required at business meetings with investors 10. Make sure you know step by step what the boys, Robert and Mark, are doing 11. Wear new clean clothes every day Signed Justice of Peace All of the above he's never done and wonders why his mouth has ulcers (It’s because he doesn't clean his false teeth). David Did you know in my days I had a lot of well to do men after me and I hope you don't mind me saying, I saw a twinkle in your eye once or twice? Maybe now you too think I don't fit your profile, doesn't worry me. In fact, 91 men on, think I don't fit their profile. Don’t worry me; you men don't know what you want. And to add a little savory to the dish, I'm not attracted to most men. They don't care what they look like and have no self-respect. Society needs to work on the men big time, not just all women.

Did Trina, once sing "Onward Christian Soldiers" My Guides said if I lost my marbles and become over religious like I do, then they will get you to sing "On Ward Christian Soldiers". No, I am not mad.


It's my Guides who are insane. My Teachers should be back on board sometime next year, hopefully, so look out. I got to share it with someone, otherwise, I can't think straight.

Hello Woody, I hope you don't mind helping me but I haven't a clue where I'm going or what I'm doing when it comes to my music equipment. Maybe I need a system for professional use or just for home. It depends if the music band can take karaoke CD's and change the keys. I need a karaoke CD with key changes and the words. Don't know whether to buy the $250 player or the $600 player. As far as my intelligence goes they do the same. But with your professional knowledge, you might know what is best for me. I would really appreciate a bit of input. Do you think the karaoke CD's will be good enough for professional use? Or I download my songs from the computer and use something to get it in my key? I don't know what to use. Also, I need music sheets, Elvis and I would love to know the websites and how do we get the songs in the key. What do you think is the best, karaoke CD or to go by computer? The karaoke CD's are $7 for each song with words and a person singing as well. Thanks Woody I'm so Excited Donna Summer Fly too high Grass in Bottle It's a Heartache Why do you do it, Tony? Childs Material Girl - Madonna Let me see you dance - Leo Sayer Never, Never, Never - Shirley Songs from the Guilty Album - Barbra and Barry Funky Town Top of the World Black Velvet You were meant for me It’s just the beginning You may be right - Billy Joel Locomotion - Kylie Leeroy brown, Love is a battlefield, Total control. Charmaine is a well-known Clairvoyant Medium Teacher, known fondly by her friends and family. Charmaine is a Teacher of Teachers and believes that she will have a recording


contract one day and will be greatly recognized as a very Spiritual Medium. Below are some of her classic songs which she wishes to singEverybody have fun tonight…….. Show no mercy Dragon She works hard for the money Donna Summer Hot Stuff Donna Summer Don't cry for me Argentina fast track (Madonna) That's the way a woman feels - Tina Arena 130 men from rsvp have told me to get lost. I've been on rsvp for one year and I haven't been to the coffee shop once. Does it have anything to do with being the Virgin Mary in the past lifetime, “Boy I know how she feels".

Dave I had a dream that you were in a telephone box and mum answered the phone, then you handed her something. And a diamond ring was mentioned and you seemed bewildered. You were then sitting with me on a bench and you were in chains and your wife was sitting between us. You also were looking at my neck and I thought it was my bruises, but you complimented me on my earrings. My mum was then continuously brushing back my hair, smiling and handed me what you had given her and it was a driver’s license. Mum then drove off and drove over your chains and you said "that hurt".

My Teacher, Robyn My guides have been acting as though she's gone, but I saw her the other day walking with a walking trolley. After making her out to be a very great person for years, and on the other hand treating her so badly, I guess it's time to forget about her.


Attached is my photos displayed on I have written that I am interested in being an entertainer and I write songs. I go to karaoke sometimes. I'm looking for someone who is interested in music, has a good dressing sense and understands a bit about clairvoyance. My children are grown up and I have my own business and work out at the gym regularly. I lied about my weight but that's all. You know what they are looking for; a 20-year-old calendar girl. Nothing wrong with me. Just shows how stupid people really are. Haven't been to the coffee shop once They give me standing ovations as I walk down the corridor from the toilet to my seat. I get attention from them all night. I believe my guides keep them at bay. But it's like someone hugely famous has walked through the door. Now, do you remember that I said "when the car is up and running, but not quite there, my man will be there as well as my music", well, I'm up to something. Stay tuned. I was going to get into a dog franchise business, but they tried to make out for 30,000. They don’t even get you the clientele. Really all you are paying for is a trailer. They also have a cleaning business for 30,000, but like I said you have to get your own clientele. You’re paying for the trailer only. I ask? How much a mop and a bucket really cost? Well, I can do it all myself without their assistance. . Keep in mind I can get a trailer for $1200, but advertising will cost me too much. I have now got my own Domestic Cleaning Business. I get cleaners to clean people’s houses. I get paid $10 per job per week. My phone rings all day. Glad I'm now busy because I was going insane with boredom. Remember, stay tuned. I'm classified as disabled, so of course, I can’t clean houses. I like my recliner too much and like myself too much to get on my all fours and start scrubbing. Thank you.


Woody, What do I do, I've got a whole lot of houses booked to be cleaned, but no cleaners? Well, thank you very much for offering to sleep on the couch every night? Watching over me so I get a good sleep at night and stay protected from the bad guys. You may now notice that my sleep patterns are getting in order. For the first time in years, I am able to get 8 hours of sleep. All thanks to my Spiritual German Sheppard, aren’t I lucky? His name is Gregg and he wears a Batman cape when he's on duty. No, The New Age Messiah does not find love exciting in the back of a toilet block or the back seat of a car. I am what the world has been waiting for, for centuries - The New Age Messiah. I've been chasing you in order to be in your band for 6 years. What’s the matter? Are you waiting for something better to come along? Web up and running # I'm still waiting for The Three Wise Men to bring me my presents. The New Age Messiah Now advertising in the Southeast and the Southern star, local paper next Wednesday. From Monday will get you going again.

BL and Edgar have spent all their retirement money on Noel. They are never mentioned by Noel, “Too bad he has to go back to work, that's business”, says Noel, couldn’t care Noel has not even looked at my website. I've asked for all the information on the device to be placed on my boys spiritually. And I believe they have been getting ready for this for years. We will eventually pull this off. David, a song for you; She's a Lady by Tom Jones Why can I always pick up what somebody does for a living and see my path so clearly? I've been chasing to join your band for 6 years or more. Do you think I'm going to make you look bad?


I have spent thousands, on Noel Device over the past twenty years. Noel just gave me $400 to put towards the web which I put together. Which makes it about $1500 that Noel has spent on his device all up in twenty years. BL has had to go back to work after spending all his retirement money on Noel. Noel only spent 1 or 2 minutes checking the car, a couple times over a six month period. No wonder the boys couldn't do it; also we were short of funds which made it very difficult.

As you know I have my own cleaning business. I spend a couple of hundred dollars each week in advertising. Getting good cleaners is not easy at all, plenty of houses needing cleaning, but no decent cleaners. I got a call from a guy named John, he said he was desperate for work and would really love to work for me. He kept asking me to give him work and said he wouldn’t let me down. Because he was so nice, I decided to give him work. So for two whole weeks, I gave him every job that I got. Then just after the second week, he called to say he's got another job and won't be working for me anymore. A woman called me the next day really abusing me and saying John should have turned up, to clean her place and she has got photographers coming that day to take pictures and her place is filthy. I also got a Real Estate offering me plenty of move-out jobs. John just walked in and out and planned to take the money and run. I got another girl to clean the place and she said he didn’t do anything, it was dirty. I offered her $75 and said you don't have to put the full 3 hours in, just do a good job and I will give you plenty of those sorts of work. Like I said, I spend a couple of hundred dollars every week in advertising and I lost all the work I gained in those two weeks because John let them down. I won't hire a man again instead I'm going to concentrate on single mothers. I am getting nowhere with my clairvoyance, I can hardly pay for my advertising, my doggy walking business is not very good and I think my cleaning business will be a very long hard road to make it successful. I don't think these are the true work I can do to help me get on my feet.

Prayers Can you show me in my dream state and bring it out during the day, a business of my own that I can truly be successful at, and put me on my feet? 29

Can you show me everything about that business I need to know and how to make myself successful in my dream state and bring it out during the day? Also, all those connected to that business, that will help make me successful, can you get them ready for me and get me ready for them and put us together now, please? Thank you, God. You wait and see what God comes up with, Mr. Woody. I've got a feeling it's a beauty. It’s a great idea, with a laugh too, but I love her story and will promote her. Woody from God (Aliza) Good idea if you write an article too, not much to say at the moment, but once things get going, you will get a hoot out of it and will say just about anything to get the attention. People will laugh at you and you will laugh back, then they will take you seriously, and you will laugh again and the merriment goes round and round. People say you’re evil, but really you’re quite sweet and we love the little boy with his train tracks. Go to the beach and relax, good is coming. Fans are coming and so is income. Buy a black Mercedes or white, who cares it’s yours. And a ring on a finger that is proud. The legs are swollen, been doing too much walking, buy a chair, you got sore veins, standing too much. You love your job, but the legs could do with a rest, so could your wife, of all the complaints. Need a massage late at night, buy a foot rubs too, broken skin, tight shoes should buy better ones. The land is yours; don’t care what anybody else says. You bought it, it’s yours. Do it the hard way and tell them. No money in it for them. Get a better car too, one that's talked about, Mercedes, black or white, who cares. See you. The Messiah Readings by Charmaine, 1.11.07, Readings are for Woody, for his entertainment only. Readings are from the spirit world only; Guardian Angels do speak in Medifore, in case you don’t get it. Well, laughing your head off all day, what are you up to? Arranging toy trains on a track want them all around the room, what a good boy, love your train tracks don’t you? The dog would love to chew them into pieces. Buy one steam engine for Christmas, it will go round and round in your living room 30

and light up, maybe a whistle? The steam engine is the go. The dog needs training as he doesn’t like your steam engine. May chew it for fun. A sock in its mouth for a day might stop him. Your socks stink. Haven’t been washing them have you, too lazy and couldn’t care? Brush your teeth and get ready, romance around the corner, she will get her act together, and buy you a nice present. Buy her one, even though you don’t want to, an expensive ring will do but you've got no money. Well buy something else, spoil her. The train track will go missing if you don’t watch it, remove it from sight when she walks in and admires her; otherwise, you are going to cop it. The train needs oil, squeals. Buy her a watch or an expensive ring, she will love you and cherish the thought. No news of the car, the magazine will tell truth and people will come, one that will offer the world to see a dream come true, especially spirit world. Will buy her the world if she could pull it off. Stop being lazy, put your shoes on and get to work, stop sitting back and letting someone else do the work. Get out your tools and start drumming, otherwise, you will lose everything Man, you look good on top of that mountain, and thanking the Lord, gossip is all around, and you’re really proud, the puppies think you’re great too. They can't stand you at the moment, you’re too hot and heavy, quite sickening. Breakfast for two, no more, get out your work and start drumming. That's all I got to say to you.

Arrange some flowers in the bedroom and put some perfume around the place. Someone important is staying for the night. God bless you and good night. Dave If I knew it was her calling, I would have answered the phone, straight away. I know a good thing when it comes my way. Blisters on your toes, trying too hard to please another. When the time is right, you’ll know it, but you don't, should have answered the phone, knew where you stand, then say goodbye and laugh. Readings by Charmaine, by Elvis for Woody for his entertainment only. 3.11. Tons of work to do, get up for a change and do some house cleaning. The work is ok, but you’re not really doing what you have really wanted to do all your life. All you have to do is


ask and it will be given in note form. Not promotional stuff, that's how it is. You’re given it, do it, trust your instincts and go with the flow. Many rows in one head, lots of fame, by following the footsteps of another, be a proud man for a change. The limelight is on “Wait until I get my hands on her”. Be warned I mean what I say No, the sky is the limit for her; I've made my mind up. Actually years ago, when I was watching her sing a Jimmy Barnes Song, I knew it was love, just what I want. Too bad she's someone else’s. I've done my job; I've had my share of losing the battle, now it's on. Readings by Charmaine, By Elvis. Readings are for David for his entertainment only. November 3, 2007. What's for dinner, mate, can I come over? The meals are great, hot gravy over roast spuds, I love it! What’s coming next, vegetable in a stew? Aren’t you well looked after? Well, I see clearly, and I know you are miserable as hell. Change yourself; dignified, honorable men don’t swear all the time. Go out to dinner with someone nice. Has a lot to say and will make you a proud man. The telephone keeps ringing, someone important is ringing you, but you didn’t answer. You know very well it was her and passed it on to your wife. Haven’t got the guts to speak? Bedroom kisses aren’t much, are they?

Readings by Charmaine, by Elvis for Craig Readings are for Craig’s entertainment only. November 3, 2007. You deserve a break mate; all that hard work has done you justice. The bedroom an't keen on you. But we see you working hard to improve yourself. We are very proud of you, and going to make you a man of honor. Congratulations mate, all is in order, you have done well. The cookies are about to be uncovered, and wedding bells are set. No wasting time getting to the altar, that's what I like to see. No ring on the finger but all is set, well good for you. The mountain is high but you will get there in no time. The press is hot on the heels and coming. You are performing at your best, and the rewards are there. No mention of someone you should mention. Think it’s all gossip and fun. Have another look in your stargazer, it says so much. You know it's true, and it's knocking at your door. The food is on the table and 32

everyone is laughing, including you. Best friends forever in this game. You know what? I want to get married. Can I promote myself and someone else does the job? This is the way it's going to have to be; no ring on the finger but all is set, good for you. Mean what I say. No, the sky is the limit for her; I've made my mind up. Actually years ago, when I was watching her sing‌ Now back to you, my dear, You have been reading me for the past fifteen years, when are you going to write your book. You have hardly ever spoken to me, yet the interest is there. Should be very interesting? As long as you don't take drugs, otherwise you will not see the truth. May God be with you. White Light yourself, use sandalwood and ask God to place everything of the book in your dream state and bring it out during the day. Ask him to show you everything you need to put in the book to make it successful. Good Luck Did you bet on the Melbourne Cup? Hoping to come in with that big win? You aren't going to win any lottery. All have been given to you in a lottery, all you have to do is ask. Wait until all is up and running, will be too late. Pass the message on. Well, what a night I had two nights ago! I was fighting demons in my sleep and woke up with my hands in a cross position and the Guides and myself chanting "God be with you" I said, "What just went on?" they said, “you have just cleared the way for your man and yourself". I have not had, not one bit of trouble for two nights, and I don't think my dog, Gregg is here either. When Noel passes over Noel will get hard labor, bake beans and vegetables and live in the poor house. If a parent kidnaps a child from the other, and that person misses out on seeing their children grow up. That person will have no family in Heaven. God said to me, when they have done well, I ask what you really want for yourself in the next life. I find if I make them very attractive, they usually get everything they want and spoil what they get and don't appreciate it. Tony wanted looks and never appreciated a woman and Noel got given inventions but it turned sour. So it's an eye for an eye, once they have lived their life if they have not done the right thing. So next time God asks you what do you really want, think about it carefully.


Better is the person with not much money who earns their fame and someone who has to work hard on their appearance. They are the ones who are most humble and appreciate what they have and have respect for others that are less fortunate than themselves. Thank you God for your wise comments, I will keep my cleaning business.

What's in store for you in Heaven? Eye for an Eye Ronald, a Train Robber, is now a beggar on the streets I listen to my ex that is staying with me under the house coughing his lungs out, which he thinks is due to the number of bongs and cigarettes he's had over his lifetime. Not really. It's the way he has lived his life that is haunting him. And basically, it’s because he walked away from his family and let them starve. It's mostly his fault I have a mental illness and didn’t care to help us, instead just walked away and laughed. In Heaven, all he will get is baked beans and vegetables and hard labor work. Upstairs and life after he will bear no children, and in Heaven will know what it's like to be lonely and have no relationships with women at all because he had no respect for women this lifetime nor family commitments. He will know what it's like to go hungry like his children did. Noel could have been a great man this lifetime, and loved and admired, this lifetime and after. God gave him the knowledge of inventions because he has been a good man, in the past lives. Noel uses everybody he ever comes in contact with to do with this device; he had no real intentions of making a dream come true. He just feathered his pockets. Down, out and broke Also, I notice that wearing jewelry can be quite appealing to the opposite sex. Even wearing a ring or bracelet can be quite nice. Well, I've just bought some Gold rings and Bracelets. I was wondering if I placed my hand on R.S.V.P dating service on the web, with my hand covered in rings and bangles may be I would get a few hits on my site. 135 men told me to get lost with my picture of my face gracing their screen, maybe my hand, loaded with gems might appeal to them? Now, I would like to pass something by you. God our father is the creator, right? He created the world, right? So if he helped you build your business, you would think he is the Best one to talk to and of course, you would not get better help than from him, our creator.


Well God, The Creator, is now my Guide and helping me with my business. God says, charge $200 for your readings, and to charge $800 to people who want to get messages from loved ones. I am advertised all over Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast and all over Sydney. I have not had one call for two weeks. God does tell me that within a week business will boom. Is God, our Creator, really a businessman? Some people are good at one thing but lousy at another. Maybe God just doesn’t come up to scratch in business. I will let you know. God says …… A newsletter is a mail, a commercial will get people talking, and people will ring and say “what’s this”. You have no idea, do you? Well, you will soon, a lot of hard work has been done for one to exploit themselves and the money is good, so it’s good, in fact somebody will walk away from their degree and will never look back, everybody is laughing including him who walked away from a degree, he got spoiled rotten because somebody listened. As soon as you walk in the door mouths will drop and they will listen very carefully. The clock is ticking and everything dawns on them and they take somebody seriously, for once. For all concerned, there will be no talkback, only kisses, best wishes. The penny will drop and the one with the degree will choose another career that is more profitable so will the other, I gave them these degrees to make them prove themselves. We will see who the stupid one now is. Yes, they will walk away from everything. Very inspired. Somebody wants to know if you have "the book". If you don't you will get in trouble. It tells so much and people will listen especially loved ones. Have you got "The Book”? David Well, I'm tired of talking to you, make sure you listen next time and buy another ring if you don't. I'm putting you right up there if you listen; I will give you everything your heart desires, just listen to me. Yes, I am coming onboard soon I will be like a mother. I will help you in business and make you both stand out amongst men. Don’t sit by the phone and wait for it to ring, want another number on the pad, will work something out, and maybe tomorrow. She doesn't listen to others she has no other but the best on board because she had faith and listened, every step of the way, that's why when confronted she always laughed. Saw right through the picture. You should do the same, and then you wouldn’t be so angry, and forget that website is useless


Now somebody wants to talk to you more superior to myself, he's had a hard look at you and wants to share a few things -go ahead, father. Buy a new set of jeans that fit properly. You signed a contract long ago, wasn’t what you wanted. Sit back and think about it. You knew long ago that something else was coming and didn’t listen; you did well but shouldn’t have lied all the way through it. Buy another set of jeans. The tooth fairy is coming to town. The town is full of laughter so much talk and the radio. You are talking quite seriously you are getting noted as a serious entertainer and wearing a jacket that is proud, better than the old one more prestigious. You really let yourself go. The record deal is coming soon, the car may not be up and running but people are running all around you and making the path, you will be known soon. Watch your step a businessman will approach you wearing jeans, you think he's got nothing to offer, wait and see, not far off, better leave that alone for now, but the jeans are on, and the tooth fairy is coming. You’re working on another project, better than before, more doe in it for you, think twice, time is not right, and the computer is good but it needs wiring. Sit back for a while, your attitude is disgusting, you are not ready, you will realize soon why. The telephone will ring soon and you will be better off, no messages, but good, why no messages because of your bad attitude. Buy a mug that says “I should care". Buy another "can't wait, see you soon" then the picture will fall into place. You’re buying something special, you know what it is, buy two; one for yourself. The website will look great. The deal is all over the place, get the drift. The partnership went sour, but perfume in the air. Buy another, sounds great, doesn't it? Should be proud stood in there for so long, you should be proud so should she, only jealous, your pride was hurt too cause nobody to count on only lies and murderous deeds, let it go. A more formal occasion coming up, does that answer your question? Monopoly is a good game, somebody is on a get rich scheme, will make laugher to see it grow, will happen so everybody will be happy, and pregnancy showing, a booming career, not yours but you will be proud. Hard earned money will be spent on oneself and a gorgeous gown that presents itself. I've worked hard all my life why do you have it so good, she had faith and didn’t spoil it.


The computer will need repairs, watch your step, guard it very carefully, or some things may go missing and you will be very sorry for a long time. All your hard work and others put in to play will go astray. The knock on the door, somebody superior in uniform maybe will tell you off to do with a car, something to do with tiers, not your fault, but they are money hungry and want you to cough up. All so the petrol, lid left off, so you aren't going anywhere, tonight. Left with no gear to go out, and exploit yourself, no money either, making excuses everywhere, why you can't turn up to occasions. Be warned No money in the pot if you don't listen. Spark leads go missing, the engine won't turn. Don't spoil the brew by going around there, she'll throw the kettle in your face and have a good laugh. The spell isn’t working, been thrown back, couldn’t have done better myself, to do with sellers guide. Buy another, she thought you’ll lose but you brought another and outdid yourself didn’t you? Saved lots of does, and exploited you afterward. The money is good now, no naughty deeds spoiling the brew, so much has been done wrong with anti-Christ, that it has had an effect on you and your livelihood. Not your fault, nobody's to blame really but shouldn’t have happened, it's a shame really. So many good deeds g one wrong, weren’t thinking correctly, should have been a good accession and merriment instead it turned sour for all concerned and cost a lot of money. You know what we’re talking about, really every one benefited, and nobody's to blame, that's how we will leave it, but if it happens again, the tooth will come out and hit hard. Dave My one and only prayer is that someday you’ll care, my hopes my dreams come true, my one and only you. No one will ever know how much I love you. My one and only prayer is that someday you’ll care for me. But “it’s only make believe”. Buy that ring from your father in Heaven. Readings are by Charmaine for David, The King of Kings. Readings are for David’s entertainment only and Readings come from the Spirit World.


Tell me a story, and I will laugh. Look at yourself, what a man, no dignity or respect for oneself. About time you walked out that door, congratulations, well-done boy The telephone keeps ringing none stop especially quarter past six in the morning. Did it make you laugh, no it didn’t, and somebody slapped you across the face? Warning: watch your step, cuckoo flying over cuckoo's nest, plenty of deeds done to one another, not funny. Watch the computer, may laps time, nobody getting the attention that's why.

This is what I got from a Reading from a Psychic….. Go to your room. No vibes here mate. My legs are crossed. !!!!! You say "do I really want a love that will break my heart more than any man? Go to your room. Sorry mate, but that's not the way to a woman's heart. You think you’re a great Psychic. Go to your room “That doesn’t get me excited”, I say “Go to your room”, the Psychic says The bed's a mess It’s not the right dress “Go to your room” There is no connection only direction Sorry about the erection But that is not my direction


Charmaine - The Great was a sensation. They have been plugging me all day. We'll be on air 6 pm tonight, Thursday 22 Nov. Check my web - It's getting more and more exciting. I will be going to Tripple M Radio Station tomorrow at 3 pm Thursday to do a reading on Michael Hutchins for his anniversary I think it will be a pre-recording. Go to your room, says the Psychic Don't tell me to go to my room I want love, not what you call rapture? Go to your room; is that what you call love? Sit back and think? You think you’re a great psychic? But you don't know anything. Future letters will be from Virgin Charmaine

Woody Well, what a time I'm having? Did you listen to Tripple M last night at six o'clock? Readings by Charmaine from Michael Hutchins I wasn't sure if I could do it, but I did. He wouldn’t do it for many people. And I believe that's the only one he wants to do? Well, have I got gossip for you? God is now willing to do personal Readings for $7000 but of course, he's not going to read for everyone. And believe me because of my health I turn away more than I make. I turned away 2 clients Monday - $450. Some people God will now read, maybe because they are so negative, he can't stand negativity or for whatever reason. I wouldn’t be surprised if it lands me in court because God wouldn’t give them a Reading. Usually when I make changes or do something different the first lot of clients is useless. Let's see what happens. Old Crow takes God to Court


I've also used a whole kilo of salt in every corner, window seal and door of my house and two oil burners of Sandalwood. I'm well and truly on my feet now and able to do something about this and help Robyn and her son too. When I was half asleep, they said that my dog, Boss, will one day be The Messiah for Animals and showed a picture of a man about 18 years old. He is the Messiah for Animals. I sing and talk to my dog every day; he knows so many words that I really have lost count with what I have taught him over the years. All the time I'm expanding words and teaching him. He's so intelligent, we all love him very much and would be lost without him, and it wouldn’t be the same without him. My dog often looks at me asking me to tell him what's going on. And I tell him with the words he knows. I just received a Telepathic Message which I believe was from Robyn my Teachers, Mother. "Took you long enough, so I've been found out". You have a lot to look forward to but I'm going to make it very difficult for you. God says it's her, but I'm always very careful about what I pick up. If it's true this could be partly why Robyn turned away from her Guides and destiny and is slowly dying. Also, her son seems to have a lot of dark side around him too. She also said, "Watch out for my car as my brakes may fail". All that is connected to me should be very wary of this woman. Her Mother, does not want my Teacher Robyn to succeed as she wanted her for the dark side and will not stop until she destroys everything connected to her dreams and destiny.

Hello Woody I am learning the Piano and would like to buy a Keyboard. Bear with me but I hardly know what I’m talking about. I want a Keyboard that has the music background. Maybe I would need what they call a memory card or a laptop. How much do you think it will cost me for a second-hand Keyboard that has what I need and would I need something extra for the accompanying music? I may pay you $100, sometime next year just to search something out of the Trading Post for me, I will pick it up. I just need you to pick it out and get a good buy. Don't have a clue what I'm looking for but it shouldn’t be something too technical. Ask her out, buy her lunch. But buy another bra, you will be better off. The bra fits much better, very snugly. Watch your temper in the next few months, so much dishonesty around the both of you. She writes tales and they are good and honest. You both deserve one another.


She writes tales that are honest and wholesome. Buy a new car, not for her but for you. Go outdoors more, go bush. Buy her lunch first and see where it goes, very nice girl, likes you heap. But you better beware of strangers that will tell fibs. Be open and honest. Buy her lunch, then take her out somewhere nice with the scenery. She will jump into your lap then. Don't be so quick although she really likes you. The table is fit for five in time but only just you and her at the moment. Buy her lunch and some pocket money to do her hair, can't afford much, got a family life. Write a Novel, a book won't get far at first but in time it will. “What did you Say at the end of it?" Your laugh all the way to the bank in the end and so easy to do. Write it and it will sell. Virgin Mary is sitting tight see what comes next. Write the Novel. Will come back to you in a very good way. Bye for now, tired. Somebody has not exercised in a while, no point. Don't blame her, send that last note couldn’t care anyway, but will. Will make you laugh. His dinner jacket will be spoiled if take much longer. Play games will do a world of good. Woody…… Buy a wig and sit at the dinner table. She loves you, very nice lady. You’ll be swearing your head off for a while if you don't take my advice. Your Father. Make me proud. Always. Romance is blooming but not for you, if you take too long it will be taken up elsewhere? The dogs are sniffing, very sly but are sniffing and will come round soon. P and O cruse coming up soon, a lot of hate mail, but you will have such a good time, and cheap. Buy another watch. Better off and smiling all the way to the bank in some respects. Merry Christmas, Woody. Readings by Charmaine 22nd December 2007 for Woody’s entertainment only. Before you eat that ice cream cone and say what a good Boy am I, we thought we would give you another Reading. Tell me some lies, tell me a story. You were right all along, she doesn't know what she is talking about, and you do. Write another tale and put her straight. She does see straight you’re only full of lies. Write another tale and put them straight. She's not some creature, only caring and she will put you straight very soon.


Kettles boiling over, but not for you, keep your pants on, not much to say on that one. Jug boiling but no one there. By the way, your Jeans look good, why not buy and sell, wouldn't do you any hard, buy a new wig, change the world, perhaps more, time will tell, but the wig needs changing. Buy a bus ticket at Harvey Norman, new sell, furniture, antique, buy it> Stolen Item, and be wary, I see a TV, Watch Out. Buy now give back later. Arguments in the back room be sneaky, walk out Change is coming and new undergarments do a change, make you laugh. The Laundry need sorting out, nobody home, Write a new book and change the script, be better off, no love there. Dog loves you don't let them go, they will cry, hot temper No Good. The Piano and Guitar need work, hands-free, ego upsetting, can't work. Change the script and help out, then will play beautiful music. Needs a change of scenery. Domestic bliss afterward God is looking at you, and you have shit your pants, good boy do it again, next time he'll rub your face in it. Let you off this time but not next time, he will rub your face in it, twice over, you know what I mean. Spoil the brew twice will cost you more dearly than last time. And I mean that, so watch yourself, be sure you know what you are doing or it will cost you severely. No tissues are given out for you. Now the tide has changed why not we have some fun, buy a new wig. Merry Christmas, Woody Love from Sue and family I hope Crisco came to your place this year? Readings by Charmaine for Woody for his Entertainment only. On the 19th of December, 2007 You must trust yourself, Woody? You are a man on a mission, can't quite see straight, can you? Once bitten twice shy. The tax department is looking at you, sorry but you will have to cuff up.


Why not pay them in bits and pieces, next time don't tell them the truth, get cash in hand jobs, your be laughing, don't pay when you have to cuff up. Goldfish in a bowl feels weird doesn’t it; lose your temper once more and you will pay in dividends leaving everything behind in a hurry. You won't like it nor will the other person. Keep your temper to yourself, otherwise lose out. Better bite your lip. Readings by Charmaine, for Woody, January, 4th 2008 Readings are for Wood’s Entertainment Only One man one woman, that's how it shall be from now. You’re going nowhere mate without her by your side. Lots of blooms on the horizon. You need escaping at the moment, get away somewhere, stop swearing your head off, be nice to her a change will do you both good. Lots of gossip on the horizon a baby bouncy boy healthy and strong. Bring him home with you and keep him by God's side. Message in the wings about that one. It will be a healthy strong baby boy by the year-end. What a man what a Women a lot to look forward too. Go out of town and spend some money, a lot of it , it will be good for the both of you, a big spending spree, lots of doe, and for-offing at the mouth, got tooth decay, needs urgent attention or you will lose them, buy another denture cream that is not doing the trick. Get another quick, he's a real dickhead, don't know what he's talking about. Only jealous of you and your partner. Go forward, change your boss. Don't know what I'm talking about you will soon. Baby bonus coming soon. Lots of nappies. The toothbrush looks terrible, tooth decay, go somewhere else, not doing the trick. The other will cost less and more attention, needs more clientele. Will do the job at half the cost if you add up. Buy another cream. Good Luck Boy. P.s. You could say something, you clown. I just had a very powerful dream. We had a very strict interview with the Air Force.


While waiting for the interview I opened a book which had the map of Australia and an airplane Then I watched a cartoon on TV which was about a girl who got a music contract and I saw her tombstone which said 50 but remembered at 60 I saw the airplanes and the Play Barracks where the Air Force hang out They were very serious people and totally checked me out. And they were very dignified Gentlemen like Air Force. So much time gone by, Guardian Angels Laugh No man, you’re getting no glory once someone has told their story No music career, only laughter, and merriment A stolen career that could have been so near? What a smell? Rum, what a smell you sold your heart, so someone could tell BO is that what they call it? Woof whistles, not a sound. Come get me? Toothpaste on Lay by No Romance!!!!!! The car's hot and heavy but someone isn’t ready. Tinker of coins That’s all they will get And send people in debt. Rub it in, go tell the story? Of someone Spiritual Who will get no glory, too many people used? Run baby run 44

Will I get you soon?

Dave, I've driven a hundred miles just to see you smile. And the land between us. It is all the worthwhile just to see you smile.

Rape me, please? You’re so good looking you are so fine. When will you be mine? Perky tits, gorgeous smile I’d like to walk down the aisle? Man you make me sick with your ego always laughing and driving me wild. Naked I'd go out of my mind. Driving miles to see those hips in action. On the dance floor And your suggestive smile. Shake those tits, move those hips. Don’t you know you’re driving me wild, stick that chest out. Rub your leg against mine. As we dance all through the night. Since it's Noels Money and he's doing it himself, it might pull off. I'm not putting any money in it myself as I feel I've put enough in and really I feel I was used.


I think Noel, now likes to have money and wants to make this car work. And I feel he's getting a conscious now that he's getting older. Put your pants on. The Music has begun. Virgin Charmaine. My Guardian Angels have been singing Rod’s song all week. Does it mean that the Virgin Mary is about to lose her virginity? "Relax my virgin child, let your ambitions run wild" 'The secret is about to unfold, upstairs before the night to old, cause tonight’s the night" I really like playing that song on my Keyboard; I'm learning to play all his old songs and Billy’s Songs. Anyway how have you been, long time no see? Susan. Gods Techniques for the Bad Deeds I no longer use Sandalwood for the Negative Guides as they really no longer pester me and it does not really seem to keep the dark ones away. God now tells me what to do. He said have Angels on top of your house singing and have the Bible with the 10 Commandments with my Signature at the bottom too. I also call upon a Warrior to send anything that wishes to attack me. Send them through the White light or to ground or put them on an airplane, spin it around and send it far away. I also have my Spiritual Dog, Gregg on guard all night. And I make sure they give him his favor and a meal each time he comes over. God also said anything that annoys me to spiritually squash it like a tomato, and send it off to the dump and put a cover on it. After years of attacks, I now have a peaceful night’s sleep. My flower needs to know? Are you hearing my music in your sleep yet or during the day? What's going on there? Also, Noel for the first time is getting a loan to pay for the device and he's going to do it himself since he did not appreciate the last help he was given.


More Techniques My Guides tell me that I am going to live longer than the average person and that I am going to look very young for my age in later life. So I decided like every time when I get told something I pray for it. Father, People close to my career, loved ones, animals and I, can we have healing by you, Aliens and Guardian Angels to heal us of all illnesses and diseases and to help extend our lives so we enjoy the fruits that we bear? Those under 35, can they grow no older than 35 in bodily functions, organs and outside appearance and made more attractive to the eye? Those over 35, can they grow younger to 35 in bodily function, organs and outside appearance and be made more attractive to the eye? Can my animals, those under six years of age in human life grow no older than six years in human life in bodily function, organs and outside appearance, and those over six years of age grow younger to six years of age in human age, in bodily function, organs and outside appearance? Father, can you extend all of our lives, so we can enjoy the fruits that we bear? And also can you heal our minds and hearts of the past and present pain and suffering and fill our hearts and minds with love, joy, and happiness? Can you also encourage all of us to have happy, positive and healthy minds?

Well, I just got a reading from Trene, The Celebrity Psychic. She tells me we (David and I) are so suited and have personalities that complement each other but it's such a pity you cannot see this. She says you take me for granted and that I am not in your thoughts or mind. You would like to marry someone but are too immature to see what is in front of you. You are waiting for a sign, but see none, and you will be alone. She also says I will meet someone in 3 months and fall in love, someone just like you. She said it will take time, slow progress but it is a good relationship. Well, you bastard.


I'll see you on the Oprah Winfrey Show. I intend to spill my guts. Well, Woody lets now see what happens? Maybe marriage? Or doom for all? Before the gravy starts dribbling from my lips, to do with my cleaning business I thought I would let you know that I am totally out of pocket. The greedy bastards wanted $1000 off me a week for advertising. I have a $5000 bill for advertising for the past few weeks and $1000 in my bank. Yes, the phone rang none stop, but people were just browsing. Plus all the mobile calls I had to do to set everything up. My phone bill was $450 a month because everyone thinks I should ring them on their mobile. All not lost, I'm going to really have to get off my butt and do hair dressing. I will be finished with my course in 2 years. I've run out of ideas for any other business, and I like to work from home.

The Queen's Bedroom Check out my new bedroom suite at the forty winks bedroom store in Capalaba Qld, Capalaba, Metropolitan The four poster bed, page four I think "Lady Jennifer" I believe I may be getting the whole lot for well under half price. He just wants to clear his floor and well, I couldn’t resist. I'm sure Whiskey, Boss, and Burby (my cat) will just love my new bedroom. See you soon on the Oprah Show, David. Look your best, and something in a small box would be nice for sentiment reasons of course otherwise leave it at home. Your book and movie will sell. The car, well, it will happen someone is coming forward not in the too distant future that will have the funds and believe in you. He will spend big and will not listen to others. Oprah will help and so will others to get this off the ground and you will make history. So many backers willing to help once the story has been told. The other backers have gone, too greedy. One man stands alone, no favorable will get nothing. Took it all for granted and has empty pockets will never get another present form me, he used so many people, one especially, I will get him back. 48

Bosoms are back in but not for one, couldn't feed her, no not black magic, only what one deserves for not listening. Maybe next time will make headway. Well, I'm going now; somebody's hungry. Will keep in touch. Bye, for now. Your Father. Aliza. Well Mate, Are we having some kind of personal crises because my letters are not getting through? Like to give you a Reading today. So this first letter is called - Testing Testing. Buy present for her and it's not on the Internet. Oprah will see to this and of course, she will meet her man, it's destined to happen. She never could be so much happier. No, she will not die an early life, life will take hold and she will live again for a long time. If she listens she will know, but doesn’t, her mum keeps telling her in her sleep and softly talks to her. But she just shakes her head in alarm bells, thinks she hearing things or losing the plot. I will kick her ass one day and make her listen. Then mother and daughter will hit a new level of understanding and better for all round. No divorce this time and she knows it. Work, do you like that song, what a figure, wait and see what you get down the track, much better than the one on video, I will make this one stand out and it's not just the bust, but the ass too, no more medication, and lows, it will all go away, so will the stomach. No more problems, or heartache. Reading on Tony, my ex So someone is looking at Sue seriously for the first time in his life and wants her back. No way mate you’re the biggest loser of all, so selfish and inconsiderate inside, you took all for granted and stole every bit of happiness you could, you deserve no one and will get no one. I couldn't understand why you took her on, was it lust, no it wasn't you wanted someone to show off to your mate's, never cared, well I will show you what love is, you never learn otherwise. The book is closed on you only cruel and hatred mail for the rest of your life, you deserve it, you prick I hope someone really teaches you a lesson, and your father couldn't be more pleased, he's seen the damage you've done and you’re Ancestors. Wait for it, it’s coming. Now you know where you stand. No those As-shes were not appreciated with Beer …looked on with disgust… And I will remember you well when the time comes. Your prayers have been heard; each one and I celebrate them all with awe.


Someone wants a child but not from you, would you listen, No you wouldn't. The greatest celebration of mankind but you would walk off. So goodbye to it, I wish you would listen and understand and stand on your own two feet. The time has come people are bored with their lifestyle, newsletter everywhere, people are talking and it's all over the radio. Get your gear ready cause people are coming forward from the spotlight and mean well, wear your tight black pants, looks very sexy otherwise you will miss the plot. She likes you but you need to dress better for the occasion, she will upstart you. No message yet but it's in the wings, Oprah. She knows where you are coming from and wishes to tell all. You’re all going over by plane, tickets paid for in full, and the first call. Don't say anything to each other on the plane but on the set, go for it. It will make the history books and Oprah very rich her ratings will skyrocket, it won’t be a casual date either, your books will be all over on Internet worldwide and will sell. Get ready. That book has not much more to go just tidy it up. By golly your looking good but your waist is tight, been to the gym lately, no you haven't, she hasn't either, been sick and no car but things will change and so will her bosoms smaller and firmer. Watch out, the heat is on with your pair, new bras, and stockings and a pile of doe. Entertainment house, buy the bay and one for Grandma who sits alone at the moment, no it didn't work out, too selfish on one part, just took and took, no tears thou. She better wake up soon. I have a Boring job set in and no pay, such a demanding job, but bills have not been paid, I will make everyone pay for this, the advertisers and get lost, greedy bastards, and others will cuff up in time. I have no patience for them. When the learning lessons are over then they will be good people. You are looking at a gorgeous girl that has gone adrift. Short-lived income, she messed with someone head and has to pay for it, won't be kind. When you are a Medium you should live by the book for the best interest of all, if you don't listen, hell goes loose, and so will others fall behind because they just don't listen, think they know better. Jim Carrey for instance, a great entertainer, did he listen to me "No" say goodbye to him soon, people are getting bored, I told him, though he knew better, "Why Don't people listen, and trust in me?"


Michael Jackson, poor guy, loves me to death, won't listen if he did he wouldn't be in this shit. He did try to do the right thing, but life has been very hard, with his childhood and all. He got the best outcome, and I wish him well, we will talk later, and he knows what I mean. He's the best in the business and has always been. Will be good later down the track, he will meet a girl and fall in love as promised, no messing around, only love for good, then he can think straight, I love him to death. Father. You see I understand where people come from does not make a wrong right, but deep down he is a very good man and a hard worker, I love him. So kick ass Michael, you’re a great Teacher also, I rather be alone than put up with that, loves her animals, keeps her satisfied so do her Angels, try doing the same? You would be much happier. Of course, the game is fun but what you get isn’t. Well enough said of that, you’re wet your pants this time with laughter, she was right you know, couldn't have picked a better partner to marry and he means it too, but you are too lazy to come forward. He will, one day without hesitation. Your clothes are dirty, wash them or get out of the house, poor diet, lack of hygiene, seen it all before my friend, lack of appetite. Go sporting, buy some software. Buy a book, read something, simple things in life are the best, but no sex, only in your dreams but that can be frustrating and bring on the tears and loneliness. I've tried it myself before the book was written; I only cried and learned my lesson, better to leave it alone. Yes, I do read catalogs and good literatures buy the book and cry your eyes out with laughter. I will marry her too, if it wasn't for you, no movie like mine it's the best and will make people laugh. Book 3 starting soon, only a short one but it's a Bible, couldn't resist giving it to her, she has learned so much and been so eager to learn, yes I am giving her the Bible. It will teach others how to behave, and people will listen. So people are talking about you pair in the Media Spot Light, get your shoes on and walk the tightrope, people will laugh and cry, you’re such a performer and well she’s, well you know? Gorgeous, tell you later, but in your dreams you see her, and she's always smiling.


To Mr. David “Sweet Darling their ant no getting over me”? Please excuse me but I'm on top of the highest mountain in the world, darn proud of myself. I listen to God and his Angels all the way and I couldn't be prouder of myself. The New Age Bible will arrive at the Redlands R.S.L by Thursday. Virgin Charmaine She's a Lady, Tom Jones Your Personal Reading, by Charmaine, for David’s Entertainment only. 13. 4. 08 Watch your mouth you bastard, watch your health, you slip up this time it's all downhill for you and all concerned. Well hello, it's me again, your father, don't you hate that a negative letter, it is for your own good you know, makes you wake up. A few blows coming your way, not from me but between the sheets. Should put that off until later, you silly boy. You know what you’re getting yourself in to, so why do you? Yes, their casual dates, but how boring, don't say it isn’t, you know damn well you aren’t getting anything out of it. Asshole. She likes you, you know but has more what it takes than you, been there done that so empty and horrible the sheets stunk. Everything was coming together for her soul mate, music everything, then one day out of the blue - a Rolls Royce turns up at the door and a man looking as though he had spent his life in a mental Institution. Long scraggly hair and old jeans, it was Elvis. Elvis had no money and wanted to stay with Susan in the housing commission house and get to know one another. One day we contacted the press and Elvis told the story how he had fallen in love with the most beautiful girl in the world and wishes to bring the spirit world out in the open. And spent all those years traveling by Astra Travel to teach Susan everything she needed to know, until time. His photo looking like he just got out of the nut house was on every front newspaper. We contacted David and put a band together. 52

Because we were so famous and of course Elvis wanted to make a point we went on stage like old hillbillies, quiet little hillbilly dances with our music, voices sounding like shit, but who cares, we're back and we made it. My dream wish, I had done it, Elvis! I stopped making payments, December just gone, it's now April and he has not made one payment. I love my furniture, especially my red theatre recliners; I will be very upset if I lose them. My Guides and God tell me not to worry, all will be fine. Let's see what happens? Will Elvis make a comeback? Elvis changed his appearance and let his hair grow really long and straggly, and hid from the outside world, having no girl-friends or company for many years. Ever since his death, he learned how to Astra Travel. He connected with a young school girl and watched her grow up. He knew that one day this girl could change history. As soon as the young girl was ready to learn her spiritual journey, he started talking to her telepathically every day for many years teaching her the music industry and helping her with her journey. The Woman, Susan, had a very hard life, shit husband, two children and being very ill with Schizophrenias, mentally and bodily ill. Susan chased a Musician for 16 years believing they had a music career together and a future and their story will be told. I know David is secretly smitten and Woody is grinning ear to ear and ready to make heaps of doe? I know you love me. Even though I never have had one decent reading from anyone telling me so, I know that on your mobiles or computer a bell goes off to tell you that yes yet again I have sent you another letter and that you can't wait to read my letter and run to the computer. One would think that David and Woody are heartless bastards and don't give a damn. I tell everyone that David loves me and that the invention works. They think poor Schizophrenic Sue wasted her life. Yes, I get that from everyone. I have never had friends or family stand by me, and no decent readings.


Now listen here, write to Oprah and tell her your story. I think we have one more year to wait. And forgive me if I'm wrong but I think David is very sick and been in a hospital. Get well. Justice be served. For a whole year, my Guides nagged me not to pay for my $20,000 loan. I got through Noel to pay for my furniture. I do feel somewhat guilty, but I have given that man so much and he just took with no return or thank you. Joe said,,,,, She also said I see you on the computer with your Teacher beside you really proud, and you’re writing your Spiritual works and I see it at all The New Age Stores. David and Woody, I got a phone call from my friend Joe this Morning. She gave me a short reading. She said I see you driving a White car and it's really fast.

1. Two hours later Karmen turns up at my door with a White Ford Lazer to give me for nothing, plus six months rego. 2. I sent my Spiritual works to David, The New Age Bible last week and it was full of my Teacher, Robyn’s Spiritual Works. Joe did not know this. I'm Joe’s Teacher and she has made me proud today. She also mentioned Oprah a couple of months before I thought of her, and she said, she has diamonds on every finger and she holds my hand and won't let me go. About time somebody told me something! By the way, between you and me, she also said David thinks I'm an amazing lady! He's not well at the moment and he's getting over his wife. Hello, Well, I have a nice white Ford Lazer given to me by my Friend Karmen, she also put six months rego on it. Could you please delete what I said about Karmen not having her head screwed on in my book a few years ago. Would be very much appreciated.


Fall in love all over again, or just walk out the door. Make sure you wear those really tight hot black pants. God the businessman said I now can go back and advertise my Cleaning Business. Four weeks ago he told me it was not worth advertising and to close down. God the businessman now tells me I can go back to advertising, but concentrate on the regular cleans, as I was getting all bond cleans and they do not pay the bills at the end of the day because they are one offs. Plus, I'm not advertising on the Northside as I got hardly any work from there. From $1000 a week advertising I now pay $350. Looks as though I now can pay for my four poster bed and my jewelry. As this is important because my flower needs watering. We'll get you going again!!!

P.S. from 10-11 am Noel sometimes does his chores. He pays $65 a month for fox tell for a TV in his room and lies in bed with covers over him with no sound from the TV. Please excuse me when I have no respect for him because his brain can't work, he doesn't use his brain what so ever, cause he just lies in bed, staring into space. Just the way he wishes to live his life. Could do gardening or decorate his bedroom which he has lived in for twenty years with not one touch of paint. And his room is filthy and smells. God's path may not suit everybody; he picked the biggest loser for me to back and spend all my money on and live with. Not many would do it. Would you Woody, and then called at the end of the day a slut

Dear David, I use to think you were hot. Lately, when I look at you, your hair looks not as well-groomed as normal, as it always used to be spot on. And you did not look as good looking as you used to. Maybe this is due to the fact that I need glasses. E.g. When I went to the Optometrist without glasses her carpet looked dirty with glasses her carpet looked clean. Now maybe you will scrub up much better if I wore glasses, so I do


apologize if from my side of things you looked like crap, but maybe next time when I see you, and I'm wearing my glasses. Robert also drives a Holden with a special Holden number plate, worth a fortune. They think I'm off the rails and have no idea what I'm up to, but one day they will see the full picture. And will be scratching their heads in wonder. Noel's Daily Schedule Remember all times, are on the dot 6 am - Get out of bed and have coffee and cigarette 6:45 am - Feed the cats 7 am - Bacon and egg done in the microwave 8:15 am - Back to bed 12 pm - Banana sandwich; back to bed 3.30 pm - Subway Special; back to bed 6 pm - Time to go to sleep Well excuse me for saying so but I woke up feeling quite horny at 5 am in the morning. God said, "Would you like to have sex with Elvis?" I said "Yes" but I said "it's a bit dangerous because of the dark side.� He said, "Don't worry, I'm your Guide and I will protect you." I felt a really strong sensation, sexually for about one minute Elvis apologized and said he had been at the pub all day. My Fortnightly Prayer Every two weeks I pray for my family and people that need my help, especially their career and relationships takes about half an hour for everyone. I've now added to my list the mother and children that were thrown away in a dungeon and raped for 24 years by their father. I am so horrified, that man is a complete beast. Hasn't got long to go till he meets his doom, he deserves everything he gets. I also help a young man that killed his father at 3 years of age because his father taught him to use a gun. He spent all his life in a detention center. I see my sons, especially how God has molded them especially for the car.


They are both mechanically mined, Robert is an Apprentice Mechanic and Mark does Mechanics at a Refinery, making heaps. Listen here David, with the tight black pants, and Woody, if you’re looking for an extra income that pays $200 - $400 an hour, in and out. Would marriage celebrant be the way to go? The course in the Local Paper goes for two days on the weekend and costs $800 or half price for home study. You could also put a pretty archway with flower pots in your garden and make $200 from your house. Just an idea. You get the License in September. So hurry or you will have to wait until next September. Now, that I'm wearing glasses which represents, intelligence. Well, I'm not amused. All work no play. God, I thought you like me to stay home in my recliner with smoke in one hand and coffee in the other and listening to 4Bh "That’s right," God Said, "But the Department of Justice is good for you and pays well?" Well, 12 am last night I worked it all out, God wants me to do Readings for the Department of Justice and charge an ongoing wage of $3000 a week. God said I can charge whatever I like, they don't care. It's not coming out of their pockets is it, and I am the best! Hey, Fat So I lost 8 kilo's in 3 Weeks. No, I have not been to the gym. The secret: no red meat, no big dinners at night time, meat and veggies. Secret to keep me full: lots of crumbed fish, bananas at breakfast, lunch crackers with tomato and cheese and maybe ginger. Banana for snack. Maybe, fish for lunch instead of crackers. Today for breakfast I'm having a bowl of vegetables in curry sauce. Well, I've just had tomatoes, cheese, onion and four cloves of garlic toasted sandwich. Also, a banana or 2 and dinner if hungry, crackers and tomatoes and ginger. I've lost 8 kilos in a matter of weeks. The secret: eat little meat, no big meals at night like all the fatties have. I take iron tablets, all the Bs, and vitamins for my skin and hair. Well, God, the businessman told me to write to the Justice Department. I applied for a job, looks good, pays about $1500 a week. Children that are abused. I felt I would be good at my job, and Joe my Friend said that I will be walking over people's graves and I will save a baby’s life that is repeatedly beaten up. 57

Well, I like the job, but, I kept saying to God, I don't fancy working 9- 5, Monday to Friday, I will have no life, and what about my afternoon naps? I like the money and the job, but I like to stay at home and be with my family. God said we can work it out, so you can work the hours you want. I said are you sure you want me to work for the Department of Justice and he said "Yes". Barstered, Mr. Cheap, watering down the milk again. I always know because my coffee tastes terrible. Hasn’t had a shower or changed clothes for months. He does a driving job, one hour a day for a woman. She wants him to go to Karaoke with her. I think hard times will hit and she might fancy Noel. Remember it hasn't been washed for months and I really don't think he knows how to clean it, being honest. Noel would not think of having a shower before he went home with a woman. Yea! I can’t stand him, but I had to, for the car, maybe my boys will pull it off. And I will not give Noel a cent. I believe he used everybody and he took every cent he could from me for years and spent the money on booze, not the invention. Never even owned tools. I would keep buying tools and he would leave them everywhere and lose them. Or I would buy tools and he would hock them for booze. Well, I hope you’re all well, and I hope my dreams are finally coming true. I’m getting worn out from trying. Been a long time. Well, see you gorgeous Virgin Charmaine. Without my glasses, everything looks dirty and grimy that includes you. I also use Warriors surrounding my house and bedroom and Angels singing with the Ten Commandments in front of them with God's Signature. Hopefully, this is the end of it. By the way, you can tell David I greatly admire my Mother in Law. She made her future husband wait for 5 years; all he got was a peck on the cheek. Rang a really good Psychic for a change Somebody is turning up very soon, she said it's like next week and he is very spiritual, dark hair, dark eyes, and beautiful skin. And I'm moving by the water. My music is nearly in hand. And I'm going to America soon, probably "Oprah Winfrey" and seeing my family. And there’s a teenager and a younger one, connected to my male.


My Guides said that my cat Burby, his Guides had left him because of all his complaining about his food. 3 days later I had to have him put down. His kidneys were like small peas and he was starving to death because he could not eat. The day after I was half asleep and I felt a cat purring and rubbing against my face. I have a dog called Whiskey, a Maltese, gives the best cuddles at bedtime, I adore him, and I’ve now decided to call him "Boob Boo". If after twenty years it hasn't killed me, well it's well and truly taking a long time. It's a joke to give up my smokes for a longer life. Another twenty years, I'll be on the old age pension and probably look forward to meeting Elvis. Ass holes. Woody….. Now listen here, the reason you are bald is that your lovely wife does not want anyone else to look at you. You know this is true. I find most men unattractive and when you had a full head of hair I thought you were nice and I gave you my calling card, remember “If you like living on the edge give me a call?" Now I want to be surrounded by my music by very well dressed men and very handsome men too. A majority of men don't give a shit what they look like and think placing their dick on the platter is all they need to do. This is one of the main reasons I am Virgin Charmaine. Now another note, I have had the Negative and Dark Side, seriously on my back for 16 years, one also put me in hospital. I found out, it's because of my ex-being an alcoholic and drug addict. I cannot have anyone stay over my place, they would “bolt without packing their bags”. I'm now lighting a candle in my bedroom asking all Negativity and dark side to be gone from my house and walking around clockwise around every room with Sandalwood Sticks. For my Book! How much more do they want? The Government is raking in Billions of dollars with GST on everything - smokes, alcohol. They made 12 million last year just on red light cameras and are going to increase that. They now want to charge for parents to see their children play sports at school. They are just plain greedy, where does all the money go? They reckon they put up the smokes and alcohol for our own health, bull shit!


I have been smoking about 70 to 80 a day for over twenty years. Chest X-rays clear, the doctor asked me to do some breath tests, he told me to get out of there, because I well and truly passed very well on my tests. The secret: positive mind and good karma. Negative mind, hate their life and job, shit relationships and Karma falling back on you the way you treat others give you Cancer. The bastards are scraping for every cent they can get. They've got too greedy and wasted far too much money. People are probably committing suicide or close to it because they can't handle their life and smokes helped calm them down, and get through it. Why don't animals talk, because you would have betrayed their trust and really hurt them and use them for your own profit? They are there to love. Not many people really know how to love their Animals, and I am disappointed. Your home too precious aye, keep them outside in the cold rain, I am so disappointed. They love you and you treat them like that. They are innocent Children who need to be loved and cared for. Shame on all of you. I never doubted you loved them but the way you treated them kicking them outside etc. I am ashamed. Nobody loved her animals more than Susan. Open your house and let them in, if they treat you like shit at first, you deserved it. I will rape the people who hurt my children. They are God's Gift and should be nurtured and cared for. Little children, I love them and so should you. I give honor to Boss who can communicate fluently in good English. He deserves honor and will be blessed in Haven. What a chap! So is Burby, very intelligent but always complained. His nose is out of joint at the moment, wants’ to be feed on time, his Guides are Teaching him a lesson he was too spoilt. Make him remember the good old days how well he was treated. Could not have had it better. The meals are coming, but not on time. Alien Animals that can talk, highly intelligent. Goodbye to the old days anyone who mistreats animals again will be hung up and whipped. Boss is the Messiah for Animals and so is the Aliens. Put them on the high up mountain, and remember them. Aliza They make money out of stories. They think they know what they are doing but they don't, scams, Teachers coming forward that know shit. Teachers that say they are from God. "No, they aren’t. They will lead you astray. Check the Psychic Federation, they are getting their act together and we land on these people. Be quick many are coming forward. Psychic Federation needs to pull up their socks, too many cons. 60

People should be giving merits and certificates to do their work. So many cons and rip-offs. I'm a Teacher I will teach you. Goodbye baby, I'm tired, need to mow the lawn next week looks a mess. I'm getting ready for my big day. A huge wedding, in fact, it's my wedding too cause I will be there surrounded by loved ones. Good on you, girls. Write the Bible and it will change peoples’ lives over time and the world will be blessed. Aliens from long ago, Egypt. Will come forward from a land forgotten. We know them well but nothing is said. They are hot to trot to come forward. They will make you laugh. Great Teachers, love a smoke and a drink and create mischief. I love them, Great Teachers, Not long; they will come by a big plain and land. Governors will come forward and rob them they will get their own back and make people laugh. Isn’t the Justice Department great? If you tread on my toes with these Teachers of old, I will smack your bottom till it hurts. They are here to help you. Don't use them and put them to work. No, they will not work in factories. In Government Buildings wearing uniforms. Don't disgrace yourself or I will come down hard on you. Keep that bedroom clean otherwise he will walk away, long way to go. Bedroom’s clean, everything in order he will stay. The furniture looks good, it will stay. Antique furniture looks good by the fireplace. Keep warm. The tax man doesn’t know what she's up to, I do and I'm proud. You'll all too gutless to come forward and tell the truth. "Give the smokes up" Well damn you, you fucking idiots, what a mess you have created for me to clean up. I will never forget to get the mess you have created for your own wealth and self-esteem. I've created a monster, all you do is take from the people and don't give back. A President is coming forward and wipes all you out. He is a man of God, pretends he's shy to get in the good books but he's not. I love him dearly; will path the path to Gold. No longer will people work long hours. Churches closed down. Only one, mine. People will mutter he's spoilt, but he deserved it. I will never forget him. The new president is good; you can count on him for changes. Elvis will be around at that time and will hand him a book, will change the world, a new president will be formed and people will listen, no more working long hours, busting your guts for lithely nothing and I mean nothing, some of you can't even afford a coffee.


The ratepayers will walk away, no one wants a home and everyone is getting fired. Good on you, claim you’re sick. The bastards took off you for so long stick it up them. We want the President who will fix up the world he is coming. The New Order, Ladies, and Gentlemen, Welcome Jesus Christ to the Table, the New Order is here and Great People will come forward. The seas are overflowing with fish, great tide, new people. Watch people who will desert you. Stubborn to Learn. When her back aches and she has had enough and Teachers approach her, she will not look back and will be a great actress as well. Thinks she's dying, no way, I love her too dearly. She must be taught a lesson then she will literally laugh all the way to the bank. She knows this in time but can't believe it. Too shy. Great Presents coming and a large cheque from someone who knows better, then Teachers will be on board. What a laugh. Have fun love and give that mop away. You deserve a break and I am right there, I will make you so happy with tears running down your cheeks with laughter, and a new man who will not desert you and never will. When we make a comedian of you he will come forward. Maybe 18 months’ time after divorce procedures has taken place. He was too greedy and arrogant. Will not pay to go back to him he will only take you for granted. Put the wedding ring in the bin. That house you got is nice, but I'm getting you a better one with a big bow around it. It's your present from me for always being on time for work and always faithful to the Justice Department. You always keep your work, made promises and kept them, now it's your turn to reap the rewards. I will send you around the bend a few times, kick in the ass, but it's for your own good. My Mothers, ex boy-friend… Alan, no good, pretends he likes you but will only use you, he will never find love again, not on this plain. Deserves him right. He used you. Mother of God is coming forward from long ago. The sheets are clean, the arrangement of flowers, the money and their egos are flying. Bedroom is a mess, please go away I'm tired, so many night duties; worn out. A Reading by Charmaine for the People, by Aliza, God For Peoples’ Entertainment Only. 21st June 2008 Why not ask the question, who am I? Do you know me, of course, you do, and I’m in your dreams. Not everyone knows me because they do not listen or care. I'm by myself for years, nobody wanted to know me. I 62

stood my ground and said, "Well you come to me". Nobody rejected me when I stood there and laughed. "About time, jolly good, I said to myself?" Why not ask the question again? "Do you know me"? Well, I'm there, and you should know me when you walk through the White Light I greet you with a big bear hug, some get told off, but I always make them laugh. Some get sent to the dungeon, for a time, until they have learned their lesson, some have beast set on them for their wrongdoings. You are my Children and must be taught a lesson. I love it when my children laugh and learn their lesson. Be good boys and girls and you will laugh all the way to the bank, and I mean that. But first you must listen or you will get nowhere, how can I help you if you don't listen. The dumb cleaner we all fondly know is so stupid, she could have been a great Oprah Singer, could have had any man she wanted too. (My Mother)

Dear Michael Jackson, How are you? It's the New Age Messiah Here I was wondering if you could teach an old friend of mine, Noel some magical moves on the dance floor e.g. when you clutch your balls and make those faces and the way you kick your legs in the air. And don't forget those hee, hee sounds you make. I believe my friend who probably never has or never will read any of my books, will make it into the music industry because of his good works, this lifetime. If he does get the contract, it would be very nice if you could teach him some of your fine tricks to help him along his way. Kind Regards Charmaine The New Age Messiah Hey good looking? What about a Reading? Gays are beautiful. Yes, you are normal. Come out of the closet and shine. Go for the Entertainment Industry or waiters or hair fashion and makeup. Gays are the most beautiful people in the world and it's about time you showed them. 63

Hey Scum Bag Thanks for the most positive Reading I have ever been given?????? Given much thought to my Happy Home Mailer? Remember I am The New Age Messiah. We must have a mailing system that uses charities as well. I believe Oprah will be interested in us towards the end of the year. Remember, like Elvis says "All you have to do is ask? Your book also "All you have to do is ask?� Bye for now. Charmaine, the New Age Messiah; Teacher of Teachers. I felt the dark ones come in my room again; they said they wanted to talk to me. I sat up in my bed spiritually as I can quite easily get out of my body half awake. A woman said if you give us your credit card details I will leave you alone, and then I saw a picture of a horrible looking man in his 40's or 50's, and then went back to my body. How about a Reading for my Birthday? Or better still a bouquet of flowers? Monday 7th July Happy Home Mailer You have to receive something for your money. I thought of using Advertising Material e.g. McDonald's pay $10 per thousand and that is what goes to charity. People pay $30 - $60 to join for 18 months or less. The Happy Home Mailer gets $30 and we get $30 out of the $60. We will also need a computer set up with area postcodes etc. for our mutual benefit. The New Age Messiah - Charmaine By the way? You have to give something in return for their money, to make it legal. I tried giving out key rings. Did you look at my Happy Home Mailer Web? Well, I was too honest but in time The New Age Messiah will be a sellout and make people laugh. Why should you take me seriously? 1. Book 2. Movie 64

3. Music Career 4. Inventions (Note Plural) 5. The Inventors (A Game) 6. Happy Home Mailer Satanic Protection, “Help” I was in the doctor’s surgery when a spirit told me that some police are investigating some satanic happenings and asked me to protect them. I've been putting around them Wolves to guard them and Warriors and asking that if anything is placed on them by them to be thrown back on them. I've had a Warning tonight by them, "to keep out of it, or there will be trouble". The radio has funny waves too and an airy feeling in my house. Well, it couldn’t be much worse than what I've already gone through, could it? Could you and Woody help protect me and my family please and these people if you want to, maybe I can do it on my own, I'm just not sure how much shit I'm going to go through. Apparently, these police have their lives in danger. Also, an actor who looks a bit like Hugh, God says he's Satanic too and wants me to get rid of him. Didn’t get much sleep last night, kept being aware of the Radio giving me insults and eerie feeling in the air. Then in my sleep, I am fighting the evil forces. So I feel like shit. Also with my wedding celibacy, because I did not say all clients were receiving a pamphlet from Relationships And the married couple is making a statement to their friends, loved ones and society, I didn’t say society. Also, they asked what my knowledge of Relationship Support services is. I said I will tell them to contact Relationships Australia. No, they wanted to know days available, costs, addresses and phone number. They asked me to send in my paperwork again. And wait another 3 months. Also, they want a reference from 3 people saying the above, and done exactly how they want it outlined. What friend would do that for me? It would take them about 2 hours to figure everything out to make sure it is correct. It really is stupid. They also want to know if I’ve done charities and I also, or my references I told them I would love the work and it wouldn’t be like work to me, I just love weddings. The red tape is ridiculous. Heaven is on your side, buy the book and learn something. By Christmas, you will have it on the shelf. Telling stories everywhere how it all began. And people will talk, good book. 65

From the beginning to the end of time, your love it, goes to the way you think too. Yes, that is how it started. Kristina will be so proud. The turkey is in the oven with Roast spuds buety a new cookbook and chucks the old one out. Need rest, can't you cook for a change, do you good she needs a break. New Job too. Go to the hairdressers and look throe a catalog. And clothes then you will get an idea; it's coming your way. We thought Wedding was good but it's not you. More favorable later on, when you get more done. New job coming, look out for it. Woody your wife…. Stuff that jobs you’re filing nails all day little pay. I pick up something medical, keeps your mind off your problems and computer. Now you’re switched on and you can do Reading from home. Only work part-time, cause you got other work. Switchboard work, good idea for a Medical team. Even Naturopath Team look into it, you're into health foods always looking things up. Give the team golden glow I think or something like that a go they have Naturopaths on the phone. Something like that it's not for a Pharmacy but desk work. Over the phone good idea. You will be financially depended soon. Charmaine. Evil VS Good God is my Guide and he has asked me to close down a lot of Satanic Centres, maybe all of them in time. This is because I am untouchable and at that level the other musician has not seen straight from the beginning, he will pay in the end. No more strings attached. Say goodbye. Couldn’t have told him why he just said no. Well, his wish has come true, nothing blank cheque. You saw it from the begging, nut case makes good with a star attached. The story will bring tears to people eyes and love and laughter. It will make people wake up including the religious mongrels. Elvis is a Team member and people will talk. Save the book, and Thank you for your help Noel stinks and will no longer be in the picture, the boys have to do it, and they will, very soon. Won't take long until it is up and running. The brochure did it and newspaper clippings so much to say and they like the Idea. New Age Messiah, its right up their alley. So much talk behind it. It will sell. Make a mint. Should check out The New Age Bible, if all goes well, well I don't think I need to tell you how much that will make.


The tooth fairy is coming your way so get ready, poor you been down for so long. Sex life suffered, never mind. Buy a new book coming your way soon, will let you know. You will find it very knowledgeable. Elvis loves it too, it's by Kristina, and will sell like hotcakes in time and a movie and stories. So much to say so much talk, it will happen. Write your book what you pick up and the gossip, people will talk behind your back because of it but don't care, they think you were cheating, not really, it sold the story. The pension people are doing it. They’re hitting the booze; lots of it. Good for you. Mine is going to a bed, poor me, but it will be worked of Feb, March all paid for bar-be-cue galore then. The television has a commercial; you’re in it, promoting a new venue. You’re a Star, wear your best shirt. Many will call for referrals. Medication don’t stop taking it, you will be fixed up soon. No more bad news. The medication is good. Stuff this I'm not taking it, you will pay for it dearly with your life. Remember that Elvis in your garden, you’re doing some work or renovations buy a brick fence keep the dogs in it's hot outside and they want to run around. Buy the Roo food they would really appreciate it and the chicken mince from pet wise. That’s not bad either. You really do skimp on their meals they need better, more nutrition. She asked and got the best, the animals love her for it, and cooked fish for the cat and separate tin food. They get the best and so cheap, look out for it, in your store now. Woolworths and Pet Wise. You two timer thought you got caught out, no naughty business going on but you went astray, the business will turn over because of it, new income, buy a new suit, she's coming with dresses galore. Get your teeth into it. She will buy you something special a brand new Cd Elvis will write the song's so don't knock it, it will bring tears to your eyes, not love songs but comedy and laughter and sorrow, your love it. People will talk about it and the Media. They’re coming next year or two, very soon. Readings for Woody and Trina, December 2008. Readings are for Woody and Trina's Entertainment Only Watch the news you’re in it, no funeral, only laughter, got it checked. Say goodbye to the old stuff. You’re a lucky boy. Turn the page bad news turned good. Look for the forecast bad weather, the heat is on thou, newspaper photos they say you are a hypocrite, shouldn’t have said what you did, it will hit you in the face soon. Goodbye to barbecues.


The taxpayers want you, good news follows bad news. New work for you both. You’re going on a holiday soon the both of you. You horny devil, take the dogs too, it's by the beach, they will love it. New caravan by the beach won't need much just sunscreen and hat. The beach looks beautiful. A Waiter, poof, tell you off, his teeth are showing, he couldn’t speak properly that night, likes you but couldn’t see straight. Smile back and it is all over. He will ask you out soon on a professional talk, he got work lined up for you both if you listen. Lots of work. Would you have backed him and put every cent into him for 25 years? I think not It's going to be a very funny movie, just what you expect God would want somebody to do and do it in the end. Yes, I look like a prostitute and have no respect for anybody, family friends etc. But I'll come good. So Craig better get his boogie shoes on. A backer may come in February; I know this one is meant to be? I hate goatees and fat bottom jeans love black sexy tight pants and gorgeous shirt. And love dance songs and take those old records off the shelf, in sexy short shorts, white shirt, and loose tie. And long socks. Hopefully, by Christmas Day the Virgin Mary will become a Woman. There's a song about that you know. God Says God says Craig S is slowly getting the picture. Does he know what The New Age Messiah is going to do to the dirty scum bag, Noel? Well, I've lost 2 stone being on Weight Watchers, once a day and tomatoes, cheese and onion crackers with lots of pepper. I've decided a better way to go is have one cracker every say 2 hours or 3. Also, I've been having lots of grapes for energy. If they knew the truth behind why I put on 50 kilos they would hang their head in shame. It also had a lot to do with the dark side wanting me to give up my smokes, so I would totally lose it and take an overdose. Took seven years to fix my health and mind up. Having a laugh this morning. Smooth and take. Shove it up their ass. Than Smooth and Groove, which you call yourselves….? More Spiritual work…. Those over 30 years of age can you make them younger in body function mind and organs to 30 years of age and make them more attractive to the eye and help extend their lives and mine for those who want to live longer and those you permit. Thank you. 68

Those connected to my career, people i look after, family members, loved ones, my animals, and myself. If anyone has put and spiritual ware fare on any one of us, like harm full seeds, witch craft, voodoo, black magic, anything satanic on our homes and possessions, and our business, our minds, and spiritual works, our advertising can you lift it off as many times as to see clear, and send it to the Universe as healing , and deal with those that sent it can you make them pay for their crimes and those that are affected or would have been can they receive compensation for the crime committed. Father, can you send Guardian Angels, Aliens and Warriors and you God, all over the world to heal people that need healing, protect people that need protecting and help people that need help. Also, God by the end of February I should get a root? More Techniques for the Shower After I have spent 3 to 4 minutes doing my Cleansing Techniques and the Golden shower of rain technique to get me ready for my clients and White Lighted all of the people I look after, my family and myself. I ask God for those connected to my career, people I look after, family members loved ones, my animals and I to have a golden cross in front of all of us and to see the truth that is coming towards us and around us. Could God heal our hearts and minds of the pain and suffering from the past and present and help encourage our hearts and minds to be positive and happy. Can God the Angels or Aliens give each one of us to what we need healings and heal us of all diseases and illnesses. Can you show and teach the doctors that will be successful for each illness and disease, in their dream state and bring it out during the day how to cure people of these illnesses? Those people that can help these people get their degrees, the investors and people that need help. Can you get them ready for the doctors get the doctors ready for them and put them together now, please? And Can you show the investors in their dream state and bring it out during the day what they are getting for their money. 69

And also pray as before outlined for your Career paths and people you want to help. I do this every fortnight Don't forget to White Light all your advertisements and business cards 2 times a day. Also, place love on them and a magnet to draw the people. And make sure nobody has placed anything negative on your advertisements and business. I place a see-through web on my advertisements twice a day and make sure anything negative will be bounced back on to the one who sent it. More Shower Prayers After I have done the Cleansing and White lighted everyone. (3 -4 minutes) Then I ask once a day for the Healings and Protection for everyone. Then Father those that are connected to my Career, Those I look after, family, loved ones, My Animals, and Myself. Those suffering Depression or negativity, can you lift off their Negativity off their whole being soul, body, Mind, Inner Child, Spirit and Aura and their Head. Send all the Negativity, gunk and depression to the Universe as Healing and connect those who need it to the Universe and give them Positive, happy and invigorating energies, to help them through the day. And can you send, My boy’s, Mum, My father, Keith, Joan and David, Woody and myself good Guardian Angels to help them think Positive and happy thoughts and to help them see clearly what lies around them and in front of them and anyone else that you think needs help? (Name's example only). I always talk to my animals, teaching them one word after another, until we can have a total communication. I sometimes think he knows more than I know. I told him, Boss you stay with Mummy, not like Lilly (who died) you stay with mommy. Boss is The Messiah, for Dogs and Pussy Cats and Animals. You are The Messiah He walked up to me and was so happy. I know he knows when I said Stay with Mummy he knew what I was talking about. I also told him he will be on TV and we've got a Pool with Water coming. Water with Boob Boo and ball. Now I have to open the back door of the car to let him out, he won't climb over. 70

I say "Ok your Highness" I'm sure he laughed? He's now going to Doggy School in his Sleep to get the Bad Spirits I've told Boss, also the Guides told me to send him because he feels he needs to do more. By the way, if you keep your dogs outside, you won't be allowed in their home when the time comes. People really are so selfish. Ego, is coming back? My Father of my Children will be back on the scene as soon, as my man steps forward. He's going to see who I choose, and I'm expected to give up my destiny Then he's going to just dump me and walk off and probably in a mess and destitute (financial trouble) Just to see who I would choose He did that when I have engaged 20 years ago to Paul. If it wasn't for God and my Guides and David coming on the scene, I think I would have died. He left such a mess and financial trouble that it took over a year to get my bills up to scratch. We lived on Potatoes for a while; my son got a very badly infected finger, that he can show you the scars because too many Potatoes in the diet were not good. Boss, The New Age Messiah, for Animals Boss is getting reading to go to the other side, as he is 16 or more years old. I was told he feels he can do more for me on the other side. Your Father in Heaven" Aliza. The Demon's Last Hour If the whole world gathers together at the same time in Prayer for 10 minutes and Prays that all the Demon’s, Negative Guides and all the Spirits from the dark side, be dismembered and put on a dumpster and cover it. They will be gone forever. Noel's Schizophrenia God say's Noel left his body years ago and is quite happily sitting on the Spiritual Plane. He no longer wanted to be here and walked away from the Invention and everyone. What we see is just an empty shell. God say's Mine is Hereditary. Well I'm going to bed now, Boss keep's looking at me and pacing To and fro to the bedroom Good Night I'm out of Smokes Help me if you can, I'm feeling down, and I'll really appreciate it if you could come around. The Song's that Matter After the Cleansing of the World can play the Radio Somewhere will find a better way of living by Barbra Streisand I have a Dream AbbA I'm loving Angels Instead Robbie.


God is crying with sadness, for what pain has been caused by the Dark Side and with Joy to the day it comes to an end. "I have tears, running down my face, now that it has finally come to an end and will remember this day for Ever, Thank You, Susan, for taking the time to write this book and caring. The book has now come to a close The Rich will get Richer and the Poor will get Richer. Goodwill to all Men and those that Listen I will be by your side always And I am the New Age Messiah The one who saves your ass and everyone else’s See you in an hour? Be a good Sport. Pick up the Phone Holiday Gold 50's In case you didn’t get the Number the first time 07 3843 Hard up and Desperate If you’re coming over my phone number is 07 3843 xxx bring the Holiday, Gold 50's with you Let's Celebrate If you’re up this hour, can you come around now and bring me some smokes and Celebrate with me. I smoke Holiday, Gold 50's Help, it's 4.30 am I'm drunk and celebrating and I've run out of smokes Got to call Mum at 6.30 a.m. and she's going to Bitch and carry on. I've had no Readings all week Mum, would not lend me the Money for my Smokes. She doesn't remember and doesn't realize that from the withdrawals and stress, I will lose my mind, put on another 50 Kilo's and never recover or die Never mind my son came to the rescue, my family are so dumb And I mean that Not one thing I have ever told them to have they taken note or listened too. I phoned Mum Left a message at 5 am on her answering Machine, bound to cop a load of shit Do you know she offered me 10,000 to give up my smokes? Thanks for the call? I'll remember you in my Prayers? David "Poor is the man who relies on the permission of another " Madonna. Fuck the Incense Bring around my smokes Come on mate be reasonable it's a long day ahead and my Mother is a real Anti Smoker You can't do this to me. Nastrodarmous is now my Teacher Just keeps on getting better, doesn't it? 72

My Endeavour Prize Home I've been speaking to Noel, as he sits on the Spirit Plane. He said "Yes I did use you" "And I might as well be dead. I said," I am the New Age Messiah, and you could have been a great man Too?" He said “that’s why I walked away, I might as well be dead He said he never had a Woman in his life, I said you are too dirty and selfish, you wanted me, yet you took every cent you could from my children and me, for 25 years. He said he will pay me back I said I want _ Endeavour Prize Home A caravan and a flash car and a four-wheel drive and a Granny flat with the Home and a boat. Then maybe he won't go to Hell He knows he will be in the History books as a real scum bag and Didn’t want to stick around for that. That's why he left. Nastrodarmous and Elvis and God are supposed to be My Guides. I unknowingly have set out to prove the morals of people and Clairvoyance. All I have said in the past could have happened. I believe David may have been on drugs or something and could not see the true picture???? I may have finished my book and that's it for me. I have been used by everyone that has come into my life. Noel is sitting on the Spirit Plane because he didn’t want to do the invention anymore and he used every one. He didn’t want to stay. They say Dave is now on the Spirit Plane. My Teacher told me my future and walked away for a man. I have no respect from my family or anyone. And if I meet a friend they only use me or have no morals. If you haven't got The New Age Bible it's by my safe or I will send it to you I believe my job is done, it's up to use's God wanted me to be The New Age Messiah. Everything I have done is for him, I listened to all the way. But of course they blinded me from the truth, so I would get my job done. Sorry Woody, but what can I say, this is what I got out of Clairvoyance. I hope you are keeping my book? Lord Knows what's going on? I haven't got copies, it's all about faith? Thank you for your reply, Very much appreciated. Cause sometimes I really scratch my head and wonder what I am hearing. Maybe you could elaborate. I will see you at The East Leagues Club on Wednesday this week. Have a good one, by the way, I've lost 2 stone see You Sue. 73

About time somebody explained, what the fuck I am hearing? Cause it just gets better and better. The Book I've left the book in your hands I had a great time, first in years, Thank you Woody The Messiah. Is Elvis going to be a God? Elvis is going to soon lead a single life and from what I gather study for the next 19 years, to have his own Universe. They say I will have my own Animal Kingdom too. I think Elvis is going to create our own little Gremmies. They will be so adorable and naughty too. God has said I can have my own Animal Kingdom because I had so much faith and proved Clairvoyance to the world etc. I think Elvis is going to make it for me? Chris Angel I've written a short Letter. Telling him that the New Age Messiah needs to be able to do amazing tricks and levitate. See if he contacts me? He say's God is his Master so we will see. I'm going to tell Robert my Son, the 3rd 5 year Mechanic, when he wakes up. O yea, what else mum? So you’re going to walk on water are you? I watched your tape. Success An eye-opener and disgusting what the American Government have done, and that is more than likely true. My Son, Robert the third year Mechanic found it very interesting. The one who speaks to me says he is the Creator. And those that please him and have learned their lessons learned on the other side how to have their own Universe. Apparently, Elvis will be learning soon to have his own Animal World. And if I bring out Clairvoyance I can have my own Animal Kingdom too. That's what they say?? I hope you have kept my Letters cause if I make it they may sell very well, and it will teach people. ??? Taking all my work and because God punished them they took all my work this week. I took them to Spiritual court, by taking a ticket and waiting for them to speak to me They said they have bound all their tools so they cannot work ever again and cannot attack me All these years, all the money I have been spending on Advertising, and somebody greedy takes my work, it took all this time to figure it out. I never rip people off, I've turned so many away it's not funny or amusing. 74

I use to think there was no work available or my Guides were stopping me from getting too much work. Why did I lose my work for all these years? Well, I have Advertisements all over Brisbane and hardly any work comes to me. This has been going on for many years, maybe 8 or more? I thought my Guides had taken my work off me due to health reasons. God told me last week that somebody had been stealing my work. I told God to send what they place on my back on them and make them pay for their crimes. He said they will no longer receive any work, you will get it instead. Well, a lot of people of Robert, My Son's friends came around. For 4 day's we all put up with a lot of Negative Guides, we were going nuts and I had a hard time getting rid of them. Well 4 days later the Negative Guides had gone but now it has been over a week and not one phone call for work. I say what's going on? God say's I don't know ++++++++++++++++++++++-I said is it because Robert and his family have moved in? He said maybe This morning I was told somebody had been stealing my work for many years as they thought I was not doing my work properly and That's why I don't want to learn these things cause you attack people and don't really realize what pain you action has caused and you are probably wrong in your assumption. I've got so many Psychic Attacks from people, including when I just got out of the hospital and suicidal. People were attacking me. I did nothing to anyone. Satan and Me. I believe this is what happened I walked into a hotel with a band playing by myself. I decided to have a dance. All of a sudden the band stopped playing and stared at me and so did all the people in the pub. I tell you I was innocent and did nothing spiritually to attract this kind of attention. God tells me this person on stage got so jealous that he placed a "Satan Seed" in my head. When I gave up my smokes for 3 day's I lost my mind and kept hearing I was Satan and took an overdose. God said everything has been thrown at that man and that he committed Suicide and has been sent down to live a very hard life. I've heard it quite a few times over the years and was told some more last night. So I think that's what happened. The Guides handled it, I have done nothing to him, just been told, what happened. Well, Joe said “it’s a lady you use to work for, she has dark hair and you’re working in front of a computer. I worked for a lady 8 years ago+. She was getting lonely men to ring up and pretend she was interested in them. And they would dial a lot of numbers so they would not know it was a 1900 number. 75

I said I don't want to do that kind of work because I believe it goes against you and it's not for me, but I will do something in the Clairvoyant lines. I believe she lost a Relationship because of the work she did, Karma, and will not find a decent man for a long time. I soon left because I wasn't getting any work. I believe soon after her business crashed and she blamed me. I would not do her in I believe it will happen accordingly without my help. What comes round goes round, you get away with nothing. I spoke to Karmen Spiritually to sort her out, and she did, as Karmen can really throw her weight. Apparently, she knocked her out spiritually and put her right. That was Saturday, Sunday 4 call's all wanting free bee's, one after the other, At least I got call's which probably means, I'm back on demand. So that is why I have had hardly any work for years. Also, I have not had a really good laugh with my Guides for 8 years. Maybe, its cause of her too. I will see. ? Eight years ago, everyone took a slice and I've really paid dearly. And I'm innocent of everything. David Of course, I took no notice and went to see him again, as usual, the first hour he would tell me to fuck off, then the before you know it he would be sitting on my lap and kissing me on the cheek and chasing me to the loo. 9 Years ago I was sitting in my bedroom, minding my own business when I got a glimpse of a man flying above my bed. I thought maybe he was from the dark side; I didn’t know what to think and got a bit shaken by it. I told my Guides to blast him with White Light, I didn’t know what else to do. I suppose my Guides got rid of him. Well for 3 days and nights, I got Psychic Attacks about every hour. You guessed it, people really are shit Joe My Savoir Well, I got a reading from Joe. I said "Who's been Stealing My work; I've had hardly any work for over eight years since I got sick and absolutely no work this week. I know somebody is doing this. And since last week God took action, it's even more obvious. Some Teachers do not want their Students to become like themselves. It's like everybody that has ever come my way that should help me, wants to help me. I get told all the time that I got a Relationship coming and Marriage, but maybe it's not on the Earth Plane. How am I supposed to do what I got to do if another part of me has gone? They tell me finish my book and pay off all my lay by's so I can leave everything to your children. Elvis finally gets his way? 76

Well, I was on the Spiritual Plane, half asleep when Elvis seduced me, well it was interesting, but because I'm half conscious and half aware of what's going on. He makes out he's having sex with me. I wasn’t stupid, I knew it wasn't for real. Well, seconds go by and it's over, and I said "I'm going to have to talk to your wife" Well, it was on again, and seconds later over. The Old Elvis does it again. David Attacked Me? Yea, that's right, little old me doing no wrong actually while lying in bed at night, I got a lot of sensation around my body and the words "I'm not interested, and piss off” Where's Charmaine? I've been hearing for the past eight years, that another part of me has left when I got sick and went on the Spirit Plane and is with Elvis. David is never in my sleep romantically, only Elvis. I Listen to 4 BH music all day to keep me sane and cannot watch TV, also I have closed all the outside world around me down. For the past 8 years. I don't think I have it in me to sing like I did before I became sick. I may be finishing this book then going. I asked Chris Angel to help me, but I'm told he really does not want to have somebody else learn his tricks, even though he has books out. I told him I am on my way to becoming the Messiah, but I don't think he wants’ me to achieve his skills. God told me to put Golden Shields for protection around me Head to Toe and around my businesses then nobody will touch me. In my prayers, I asked God to protect me, but I believe I need to know what to ask for instead of just asking. Golden Shields. I'm now getting good at speaking to people spiritually. I decided to talk to a Monster who lived next to my Aunty, who use to starve his dogs so they would be good guard dogs, beat them and put cigarette burns on them. My Aunty would sometimes find dead puppies thrown over her fence. I called him over spiritually and said, "Now that you're coming to the end of your life, due to your age, I just thought I would tell you what you have got to look forward too. God says you’re going to starve every day and be beaten to a pulp every day, and I'm not surprised if the dogs are waiting for him on the Spirit Plane. I asked God to put him on the Golden Cross, so he can look at himself and to throw the book at him. "God said he would be delighted. My friend Joe recon’s, it's going to get nice and cozy with Chris Angel and Myself? I don't think he's got enough doe for the Invention, but I believe he's got contacts, plus The New Age Messiah, needs to learn how to Levitate, and a few mind-blowing tricks. Well, I'm not amused by my Teacher, who I admire for her Teaching’s, never taught me how to protect myself, of all things.


I can't go out there not knowing how to protect myself. Look at what has happened the past 9 Years. Woody, I don't know if this was from David's Wife or David I feel what my Teacher and Guides tell me is a load of shit. 18 years waiting for David without a word from him, And backing the biggest bum out for 25 years And, waiting for my music career. I've done my part and will end it here. I'm sorry if I have been a nascence, but I am a good Medium and did what I was told to do. Now I hang up the cloak. Can't keep going this way I have received many text messages to my phone from you, as you thought you were texting David. I have also read the email's you have sent to David. Prior to my managing David, I spent 22 years nursing and know when someone needs psychiatric intervention. You don't realize that you have a sickness that can be treated by medical professionals. The things you are saying and stating in your emails, texts etc. are not of normal behavior. It is not your fault that you have a medical condition and a chemical imbalance in your brain but you do need to go and see a doctor for a referral to a specialist. It is very distressing for David's wife and family to have to put up with your email's as David has a young family and I don't think you want to cause them upset. Please for your own sake and the sake of those that care about you, go and seek professional counseling and medical help. There are a number of medications that can help you and you will be able to live a normal life and not one of the delusions. The email's you send are offending to David as well as his family. David is a well-known and respected entertainer and so is Woody Dean, who you also email. Please stop and think about your actions and what it is doing to other people. The people around you, your family and friends will support you and probably have tried to get you to help. If you are taking medication, then you need to be re-evaluated by your doctor. David has not warranted your constant bombardment of ridiculous emails to him. I handle all of David's email's and phone messages Hey good looking for hair? How's your love life? Got a Reading today, Romance within 2 months and of a business nature. Won't write to you anymore if you don't want me to. I've been a very good Medium, and my results stink Love is in the air and I thought I would let you know and a backer of the Invention, September. Need a good strong man to speak on my behalf. I have sought help and have increased my Medication, double fold and I'm seeking to counsel twice a week. They say that having somebody to write to is good Therapy. 78

Have you heard me sing in the shower, that's when I'm at my best, also with my cute little dances? They think my coughing when I laugh is due to the amount I smoke's I have, but it really is a Stress Cough, from all the pain I've been through I will bring smoking back into fashion Nothing wrong with smokes. The Bathtub Test During a visit to the mental asylum, I asked the Director how you determine whether or not a patient should be institutionalized "Well," said the Director, "we fill up a bathtub, and then we offer a teaspoon, a teacup and a bucket to the patient and ask him or her to empty the bathtub. "Oh, I understand," I said. "A normal person would use the bucket because it's bigger than the spoon or the teacup." I asked my pharmacist, why my gums have shrunk? He said probably you are using a too harsh brush and brushing too hard. I said is it because they are dirty, smokes? He said probably not. He said brush softly with a soft brush and floss I've lost 12 kilo's since I last saw you Due to the cost of smokes, I've been living on Mum's style Pumpkin soup It has lots of fiber and no fat, but you have to watch that you don't make it too strong otherwise it can cause problems. Request: You think you are a movie Star? By the way, did you like the tape, I once gave you? A duet with Noel and Myself. ? I'm no longer a Medium, Also my face need's oils. Using Aromatherapy I got this out of a book. Face Oil Jojoba and Rosehip Oil 50 50 of each Daily Hair Conditioner, leave in 2 drops of Rosemary oil, 2 drops of Lavender oil and 2 drops of Jojoba Oil. Shampoo Cap full of Castle Soap, 2 drops of Rosemary oil, 2 drops of Lavender oil, 2 drops of Lemon tea oil Rinse out with water then add 2 drops of Rosemary oil, a capful of Vinegar Rinse out. Add daily leave-in conditioner when hair is dry. My boys are of this World and think I'm completely crazy They do not believe in the Invention And as we May have a promising backer, they still have not given the Invention one thought. 79

Everything that I have told them up to now, none of it has happened yet. I will hand over no money, but if this backer does come to be real or there is another one this year as I have previously said. These boys have no incentive. They need to have their eyes open and see that some of what I have said is true. Now for many years, I have tried to grow my hair long, and my face and hair was always dry. I realize it probably not my medication that makes my hair and face completely dry but the water I use, with so many chemicals. So now I have six buckets of water out the back to catch the water and I also use spring water. Somebody is going to go to your bank and try to withdraw some cash, they will get caught. He is not who he says he is? A commando is going to give you a call I want to congratulate the both of you for bringing this to me, (web) I've seen in my sleep 1 year ago the Army Barracks and a Government Building. Taken into an office and watching TV with my music and life story on it, while I was waiting for the interview. I think the Australian Army is going to take me on? And I've been told something about Easter. I wrote 3 letters to the Australian Army 1 week ago. I heard A Commando was going to call me the night before I thought of calling them My flower? My flower needs to prove its worthiness and intelligence? It also needs watering and fertilizing and played sweet music Elvis said, soon Groceries will be a lot cheaper and Smokes, Everything is going down in price, and Government is giving back to the people what they have taken for so long. I'm told that Boob Boo would commit suicide if I died. They play awful games with me; I try to figure out what they are telling me. Also, Elvis say's a backer is on his way, been burnt before, has not a lot to spend, but will, he will "Bow" to me. Well, have a nice day By the way, without saying too much, to condemn me. The dentist is really only out for every cent they can get, flossing is really the way to go, seeing the dentist all the time, is really feeding their pocket, and it probably ware's down your teeth anyway with too much cleaning. My Dentist said, for me to go every 3 months God, say's bullshit, "Just give them a good clean and use a soft brush and be gentle with them. And floss. If you want too. This world is so money oriented, and so full of Bullshit to sell something Do you realize? That the spring water you buy, really is, just purified water, in most cases. One man gets his water off his roof of his house, in the mountains, and call's it something like Heavenly Water, and sell's it to the Restaurants for $30, for one bottle, he's doing Well God will get them 80

Don't be surprised when God is finished with them that you see a photo of one of the AntiSmoking Lobbies with a Smoke in his mouth. Couldn’t take the stress, aye, you bastard? Aliza said if they do put the smokes up in price to hang in there because he's got Angels everywhere, lobbying to get the price cut down. Readings by Elvis Elvis said in Heaven, not everyone lives’ God's way of life. Most people settle for basically the first person that comes along. And not try to earn what God has to give them. "They are all idiots, I have been there and I would prefer to stay on my own and earn somebody who truly loves me and deserves me. And of course, everything will be rewarded in time including my Career. Elvis has got himself a Boob Boo, for cuddles at bedtime. He says there is a law in Heaven, if you thought your house was too good for your pet, you will not be allowed a pet in Heaven. Robyn applied to adopt a pet in Heaven and was told, Flat "NO" Cause her house meant more to her than her pet, Dog. Her Dog was kept outside and she was told, he was lonely, bored and cold “No, you can't have a pet, you don't deserve one." Don't know if Elvis was implying that I'm passing over soon, sometimes I wonder. The Pension barely pay's my bills. Haven't had a decent meal for 10 years, lost the ability to cook as well, no incentive. I haven't had a Reading for weeks and I don't think I will have enough money to pay for my smokes next week, let alone buy food, can't pay the Telephone bill, so I will no longer get work etc. I won't send another depressing letter, but I think I am writing a book and maybe one-day people will learn from it I'm coming home I've done my time, now I need to know what is Mine. If you receive this letter saying soon I will be FREE, then you'll know what to do if you still want me. God, Karma, and Smokes? Well God and The New Age Messiah and rest of the World are not happy, indeed with the Anti-Smoking lobby. Do you know they want to put the price up another 50%? Well, God (Aliza) is going to throw the book at these Anti-smoking Lobbies and the crucifix, and all the Karma that they have created on to them. They will have everything they enjoy taken from them, plus the pain they have caused people. I asked God (Aliza) could those people also end up eating what I eat. Just for the Record, God (Aliza) asked me to marry him. He's mentioned many times over the years that he intends courting me. 81

And I will have my Animal Kingdom that's when we will probably get together. He says he's made my taste for Men similar to what he looks like and his personality. That's why I am Virgin Charmaine, the men here just don't cut it. And a majority are ugly and take no pride in themselves. Should have been a lesbian, but I can't do the "Deed" I know too much Many showers can't afford toilet paper. Mum brings me over split Pea soup, every day, made me sick, and can’t eat any more of it, now I'm back on to Mum's Style Pumpkin Soup. Haven't had my Medication for two days, haven't got $5. I've been told I've got a boyfriend coming around May, I wonder what planet he is ON? My New Age Bible is with my computer man, Allen at the Moment, can't find $40 to pay him. He's had it for a few months. You've got my Music, and the rest is in my file cabinet. Excuse this letter but my Guides are singing, "Baby, you want to go home, all good girls want to go home" and this is my book? If they put up smokes anymore, I just don't think I will be able to survive. Don't forget about "The Inventors” Game, in my file cabinet, Mark is to do that one. Also, I have done a lot of Spiritual work for those concerned with the "Happy Home Mailer” One Charity is for Animals, so no animal is mistreated or put down. I've been putting all my work into those concerned in their dream State and it will be brought out during the day. All work is in my cabinet. Robyn, now I believe is passed over; she has her work in her safe. Her work was from Nastrodarmous. Who is now my Teacher? I sent a book to David, don't know if he took notice or not, etc. Sorry, Woody, I'm just doing what I'm told to do, encase. Robert only has to do a little research on other Invention's, they will do well, if they listen. Mark also has a doggy game. Robyn said the Game; I think "The Inventors" will sell worldwide. Mark has a great personality and humor, that's the way it will be, he'll know what to do. The Animals are well fed, I brought Tinka, 2 bags of frozen fish from Franklins, which I cook in the microwave. And the dog's Roo Mince "paws" which I Microwave too and Meaty lamb chunks. Got enough smokes for one week, hope I at least get one Reading. Can't advertise Next year, didn’t pay the bill. So lord knows what am I to do? The Advertising is way more than I make. For all the places I advertise. I've never been able to pay Yellow Pages, just don't make any money. 4Bh charged me $10 000 for two months ad’s got 2 calls and only one paid. 82

You would think if they are going to charge so much that there would at least be some guaranteed response. How many have been ripped off. My book to David should help pay back 4 BH for my Son tearing down their Tower. By people taking note and switching to their Station. I think the Boy's knew spiritually why I fell sick and retaliated to 4 BH. It was a terrible thing to see what their Mother went through. The Government is also to blame for me being called Virgin Charmaine. If I have a boyfriend move in, he has to support me and pay all my bills. And what with two kids. So even if I did find someone, he would not stay. Who in their right mind can support me, let alone my Children then? The Government is so selfish a lot of Psychics don't care if they are giving you a wrong Reading, they claim they are a 100% when they are probably wrong. Psychic lines keep you on as long as possible and are forced to Read, nonstop every day, regardless if they are right or not as long as they keep the client happy I have turned many away, more than I do, over the last 10 years. Cause of my Hormones etc, and you cannot read every one. Many put wall's up cause they do not want to pass over the Cash, and are afraid of getting ripped off, so I can't read them. Also, lack of energy's because they are too depressed or they have not eaten anything. I often hear I've never found anyone who couldn’t read me before. Probably because I am for real. Very few Psychics’ will turn a client away. That's money walking out of the door "The Deed" Just letting you know, God does not do "The Deed" He likes to look after his health Got Paid today, got my Medication, a dozen can's of bake beans and tins of Tuna, for a sandwich and grapes and banana’s That's it I want some proceeds from my Happy Home Mailer, Leaflets to go to Animal protection. These children need my help How selfish the Government is, keep the animals for 2 day's then put them down. It's like an animal's life mean’s nothing. They don't have a chance when they get there. The Government takes money left right and center of the People, why not give a bit more to the Poor Animals, that God gave us God really should take the Animals from us, but there are some who really make up for it and love their animals as their own children, and this is how it should be The Phone Call? If you ring a Psychic any time, write down what they say, and put it in a book We will see if they are worth the 5.45 per minute they charge. My Teacher put forward Rules and Guidelines to the Psychic federation, but they dismissed it. 83

So many lousy Psychics’. Nothing governing it And a Majority of Psychic's do not really listen to what their Guides Tell them. And are not on God's path And they wonder why they have not gone far in life. My Animals I went shopping today because I got paid and I feel so pleased that I have made up for what they have been lacking. Tinka did not like Boob Boo when he arrived, so now Boob Boo chases her out the door every time she comes in. I get up at 4 am to go to the toilet and to do my Spiritual Work and Prayer. When I'm in the toilet, Tinka rushes in to say hello. She's gone without her usual meals lately, and I know this morning that she came in to Thank Me. And The Pig eats everything in sight. I gave her two pieces of cooked fish, boneless, from Frank lens, she doesn't like coles fish, barramundi, and in the other dish, two different kinds of fish in food. In another bowl fish biscuits and in another water. All Gone. I think it is disgusting how everyone is dumping off their Animals because they are having hard times or just want to go on a holiday. They never loved their animals and are downright selfish, and don't deserve any animal. I find a majority of people are just selfish and think of themselves. And most people don't like or love themselves. Well if you did the right thing in life and had good morals then maybe you would have some self-respect, and love for yourself. No matter how poor I am my Animals mean the world to me and I would not discard them for my own selfish means if it wasn’t for child protection and Law, you would probably treat your children the same. I don't have any friends, I find people so mean and selfish I have to find 3 good friends, which I don't have, to do the references. They say your GP can do it or someone like that, but they are not stupid and going to write that out to their strict Guidelines and spend hours doing it, for nothing, it’s basically giving them what they want to hear, a load of bullshit. I still haven't got my references because I can't find anyone who will do it for me. I've already done the course and passed They also, when I get my certificate want us to do 5 or 8-hour courses once a year. Maybe, makeup or whatever? Quite capable of being a Marriage Celebrant, but my only flaw is I don't have friends that are willing to put themselves out for me. Lord help those that are new in Town The Law and People If there was no decent Law for Children, this is how they would probably be treated.


I Read on the web that a Man sold his 8 year old Daughter to a 47 year old man, because he needed the money. Meanwhile, the Mother has divorced her Husband and is fighting to get custody of her Daughter. By Law, an 8 year old is Legal to Marry, and the Mother can't do anything. I hear spiritually "You are now a Woman" And that she is bleeding internally. I am doing protection for that girl at the moment sending Warriors To protect her and getting Angels around her to try and get the Mother to win Custody. An 8 year old girl has to be a sex slave to a dirty 47 year old man. And it's ok by their Law. Marriage Certificate. I'm still trying to get my Marriage Certificate as a Celebrant. Bull Shit, they want 3 references from non-relatives and set out exactly how they want it. I've already sent it in twice and told it's not good enough God's Law? I walked into a Night Club, 10 years ago, and not seeking attention. When I walked on to the dance floor the whole place stopped including the band and stared at me. Not totally sure but I think one of the band members put a "Satan" Seed in my head. When I gave up my smokes for 3 days, I totally lost my mind in one night and I believe that is when the Seed came to full fruition. I took an overdose and still today have yet to recover. I believe I had the Music Industry coming towards me then, and a Husband and soon a Child "Charlie" who I have named 15 years ago. I have lost all that. I have been told now 10 years later that the man who put a Seed in my Head of "Satan" has now committed suicide. I was told this in the Evening and Later that night in the Early Morning I could hear a lot of Wind in my Bedroom like it was high up in the clouds. They told me that man had to face his greatest fears and jump out of a plane 30 000 feet high with his hands tied behind his back. I heard his Guides make him say “I will never touch Drugs or Alcohol again. And before he touched the ground I heard him beg me for forgiveness. This is how God Teaches people on the other side. I'm waiting for the money Noel owes me for all the money he took off me, for 25 years. My Father of my Children will have to pay, for his Children and the way he treated me which led to me getting Schizophrenia. I've been told, he will never be allowed a Woman for a few lifetimes. God will give him Schizophrenia and a Load of Children to care for. No Maintenance, No Washing Machine, No Car. Too sick to work And the Brat’s keep coming


I think he will also be too afraid to use his dick, so he will be sexually frustrated and no Women in sight. Every time he has sex "Say", a baby will be at his doorstep He will go to a Doctor, and he will tell him he's got Schizophrenia, basically from Karma and the entire drug's he's taken this lifetime. So he's got a lot to look forward to when he passes over. I think his family on the Other Side will be suing him for ruining the Family Name. He will not look attractive at all, when he sees what Drugs and Alcohol have done to his body spiritually. I believe he will soon get Cancer of the Liver, I think I was told. People who have beaten their Animals, well the Animal is waiting for them on the other side. Have a Good Day Psychic’s that do not do Cleansing Techniques, for themselves, friends and loved ones, will have a horde of demons a Negative Guides all round their family member's, etc. making them very sick and depressive, may be suicidal. They are responsible for this too. Some people that have committed Murder or similar may have to surrender themselves to Crocodile's or Sharks. Just walk in freely and be eaten. And in some cases, if a couple are both guilty of a crime, God may say "you loved it so much, you can eat it� Molester's and rapist are continuously for years raped by horrible, dirty smelly monsters, and maybe burned alive at the end, when they have learned their lesson. Then sent back to a very hard life. Sorry if this is not nice to read. But we all wonder what happens to people on the other side when they have committed such a crime. Is there a God that cares "Yes" Ronald is the train robber is now a beggar in the streets. For many lifetimes, he will have nothing and has to repay his debt. Warning some viewers may find this offensive, and be put off, for life. If you do not want to know the truth we suggest you do switch off First of all, we all know that a woman gets her Periods for 5 days or so. But did you know that a woman has hormones, 2 weeks later when she lays the egg? This leaves a slimy gel, for a few days, because of the egg. A bit like egg white. Sorry but men really should know I would have been better off with a woman, all these years because she would have looked after me, and Centrelink would have ignored the Relationship, but sorry "NO". My Last Word? I forgot to say, that my ex also has to pay for having all the demons and Negative Guides all around his family members, because of his drug addiction and alcohol.


People that have these kinds of addictions are very negative, because of their addiction and because of all demons and Negative Guides around them, and this affects every one that comes into contact with him. Hairdressing from home, yea that’s the way, got my A B N I believe my book is finished, that's why I'm now getting off my ASS. See My life and spiritual works by Susan Let this book take you on a wonderful journey with your Guardian Angels. This book will need to be Read Many times to get the different aspects of it. Suggestion, read daily, the day's note's, about 5 pages, then sit on it with your Guides for the Day. With your Guardian Angels, you will be laughing your head off for hours. And as you progress as a Medium as the years go by you will get even more insight on some issues, isn't that right David and Woody. Well, I'm still here? Cut down my smokes to 15 per day that’s the way Smokes on Credit will be a sellout Going to do a Hairdressing Course. Start in 2 weeks, for 18 months or less. Mum's going to help pay for the course. Absolutely no work as a Medium, advertised everywhere but No calls Can we have in every room of the house for those that need protection, Guardian Angels singing with the Ten Commandments in front of them and God's Signature at the bottom? And for those that need protection can we have The Golden Star of God in every room of the house. Also, any one that has been attacked by the Dark Side, or Negative Guides. in the last 24 hours can you. Cut their heads off and put them in a Dumpster and cover the Dumpster. Or put them on a Plane, spinning around and around, going through the black hole, never to return. Or can you send them to Ground? I also ask for the above when being attacked by Demons. You have to ask for all three because one may not be right for one Demon but may be right for another. All the Child Molesters in the World, I've asked God to Cut their dick off and put a Chastity Belt on them. I also ask twice a day for Warriors to Protect the Children that are being molested. I'm doing this for one particular person at the moment that is in the Media. I'm also sending Guardian Angels around that person to help try and get her Daughter back.


And asking God to show her and teach her in her Dream State and bring it out during the day, how she can get her Daughter back, and all those that can help her get her Daughter back, get them ready for No more sleepless nights. I've been nightly protecting myself now for over six months and it's nice and peaceful now. I think they got the picture. I say for, the people connected to my career, loved ones, family, and friends and I can we have protection from the dark side and Negative Guides. Can we have Wolves in the front Garden, Back Garden and under the house and where we are sleeping and also where ever else we need protection. Must the smokes GO? Well, this is how it all happened. My Teacher once said I have to give up my Smokes for my Music? She said this, five or more years earlier. Five years later The Spirit World kept nagging me to give up my smokes. I went to a Healing Hall and more than 3 times my Smokes fell out of my hand and on the floor, and somebody said: "I think you are being told something?” Everybody left right and center, including David, were having a go at me about my Smokes. The last straw came when my Scientology friend came round, as usual trying to change me. I said "Ok I will give up my Smokes" I do remember, my Guides saying if I give up it might make me sick and I could lose David, for a while. I thought I might just hear a few voices and that would be it. On the 3 rd night, I was totally laughing my head off with my Guides, they were trying to tell me I was the Virgin Mary and I was seducing Elvis, couldn’t laugh harder. All of a sudden, the laughing stopped and I started looking at all the people that had put me down and didn’t want to know me and those that had used me. Then the TV started giving me messages and my cat talking to me, He said: "I don't need to go anywhere, else since I got you” I lost my mind that night and took an overdose. I will get you the A B N’s you need? And don't forget that Good Boy's get Music Contracts Too Will David Marry Me Next Year? Well, I looked at the Yellow Pages, at an add that cost me about $1000 and looked at a color add next to it that cost's around $5000, I realized who was getting all the work So now with my Wedding's and with Clairvoyance, I'm going out in a big way. Business Card Size, Color, with my smiling face Mum helped pay my old debt with Yellow Pages, instead of hairdressing.


I reckon my Guides set the ball rolling with her from $12.000, for Hairdressing to $3000 with my Clairvoyance ads. Otherwise, she would not have coughed up My Guides send me Mad. I called the Hairdressing salon for the tenth time to sign up, they never called me back They were too busy to call me, and never returned the call By the way got a call yesterday, a man offering me a Special Phone Number that everyone can remember. I called such a place last year and they wanted 100.000 or a million dollars. Can’t remember. This guy that called yesterday said I can have the service for $25 wk. Late October, revenue should be coming in from my ads. And maybe we will have Ala Steak? God say's we have another Stimulus package coming? Should pay off my bed and Crystals. No more Razors Let's just see if this works? I have so far for the past month, they say it will take four months spiritually been getting my Guides doing it step by step Spiritually with them using Wax Strip to remove unwanted hair and asking God after to use Cream to remove it forever. After a month now instead of me doing it with them, all I have to do is ask. Well, let's see?? 6 am, going back to bed now, did my work Boob Boo is waiting for me. The all mighty would like a Word with You? If you want to take it easy and have more money in your pocket why not work for me (God, Aliza) Looked at Hairdressing but I don't think that is for me, and really I got quite messed up over it. Romance coming mid-May maybe a Business venture with it. October an Investor and I shouldn’t take the first one that comes along. Should go for walks, but I'm not up to it. Getting more gifts spiritually. He said he doesn't always listen to his Guides, maybe I shouldn’t either. He said The Entertainment Industry, and people, are getting ready for me and everything will be there when it's my time. Request For David, Pretty Lover by Lionel. Boob Boo is still not toilet trained And thinks my bedroom is a great place for his poop. But he's great for cuddles. Somebody may be around in Mid-May, hope he doesn't mind Bake Beans on Toast and listening to 4 BH


I was in a bad mood yesterday, I realized it was because I changed channels with my Radio Station… The Beauty Tips were given to me by Mum, The Author is Kevin Farrow, called “Skin Deep" All sorts of Natural Remedies. My Long Hair, I use Rosemary Hip, Jojoba, and Lavender oils for my Hair as a daily conditioner; leave in a couple of drops each. I find I now have to wash my hair less frequently. With the Leave of creams, I had to wash it twice a week. Lavender is also good for keeping away Negative guides. Bet Boob Boo loves the smell, at cuddle time. Rosemary Hip and Jojoba are also good for face Moisturizer. My Reading by Peter, In Stones Corner Well, this is what he said? Cost $50 David is sick of my bombardment of letters and I should not write anymore, and he's not interested. David just wants to be left alone. Doing a course soon Now listen here, God and I are sick of selfish people. People make bookings with me, and don't turn up and haven't even the decency to phone. A lady was supposed to come last night, Sat, 6 p.m., now if I had arrangements I would have canceled them to do the Readings. Now, they don't know that God will make them cough up spiritually $600 for not turning up on Week-days and Week-ends and Holidays $1250 Now, you may say "Well that fixes your monetary problems" but I am yet to see the money. I'm down to my last tin of Baked Beans. Another one booked for Next Sunday, I guess that will be another cool $1250. Am I still waiting to cark it? I smoke one after the other, for over 25 years. I have no registry problems, healthy as apart from exercise. If they are so poisonous, for you why aren’t I dead yet. Well maybe in 20 years’ time, the way my life is, I'll be long gone I believe Cancer is due to Negative minds and bad Karma. They say, the man who threw his four children over a bridge, youngest 4 months, to hurt his wife, will have to run behind a train until he is dead. And whatever else they are going to do to him. What about Food and Entertainment Am I supposed to be a whore and let someone else pay? And how the hell do I buy a car or get it fixed if it breaks down? 90

And you can add another $40 fortnightly when I get a Loan from Centre link to pay for my Registration I guess I'm lucky enough to have The Salvation Army for Clothes. Plain Rice and Oyster sauce if spare for Dinner for a fortnight. I bought some food last fortnight, Cat, Dog Food, Toilet paper, Milk , Coffee, Toiletries, and of course Bake Beans Now because I brought food, my bank was overdrawn by $180, this fortnight cause of overdrawn fees of $250, I will be living on Rice and Oyster Sauce if spare. Can't pay the Telephone anymore, relying on Robert to get some work to pay it, can't pay the Electricity which is due. I already pay $60 per fortnight. And I can't pay the Gas. If I get a Date in a couple of weeks. We will look really good, no Gas for the Stove, Bake Beans with Bread (Cold) and sitting in the dark He'll have to come around, no Telephone The Animals are living on Biscuits. I tell my Children to work for themselves and charge something like $50 an hour ABN And it can't worth buying a home, Suicidal You're never be able to take a day off work again and always be stressed and broke Who need's Jenny Craig, when you got The Government? Fortnightly pay $500 Disability Rent $120 Electricity $80 Car Insurance 14 Funeral Insurance 20 Lawn 35 Internet, Web 10 Castle Hampers 25 Telephone 100 Gas 20 Fuel 20 Total $444.00 I would have had Buckley’s chance the Father of my Children helping.


I've spent the past ten years in my Recliner listening to 4 BH, going nowhere. I have no money to go anywhere or fuel. The years bringing up my children have robbed me of any chance of having any more cause of what it took out of me having no money and the stress. I'm still reoperating from it all. If it wasn't for my Readings and my Angels I would not be here today and my children would have really been dragged up with little money, we could only afford one meal a day. My Readings helped us get through it all. Jenny Craig part 2 Now, you may say get a Job If I got a Job I would have to pay Up to $500 a month for Medication If I landed myself a Real-life Hero and turned myself into a whore, he would have to pay all my bill's including my Medication of $500 All the pain I would go through trying to hold down a job, in and out of losing it, it comes down to the pay and by time, taxes are paid etc, I'm worse off and it just isn't worth it. Don't forget Child Centres too when my Children were small and the Rent going up as well, due to income, No wonder Mothers stay at home and young kid's falling pregnant cause it just isn’t worth working. The pay is too lousy Going really big in the Yellow pages in October. I have to work night and day for about 3 to 4 month's to pay for the add, for Weddings and clairvoyance. I can't advertise anywhere else if I don't pay for this advertisement The Pension don't pay for my Smokes, Electric, food etc. So I wonder what life leads too. Maybe your Mum will like my Aromatherapy for hair and face. Enjoy Reading my book? I just heard that The Top Australian Government Office is going to contact me. I heard it as soon as I woke up. What about my book? And the Song, by Johnny Farham Should I bag The Government when they are in the end putting the people first and hoping to bring peace to The World, thou people using their six senses? To The Government What about Me, by Johnny Now, I do appreciate the money that is given to me, without it I would have probably been a Whore to support my children. Noel He said he's on the Spirit Plane and there everyone has lice, also he said he was with a Woman and has "The Clap" As far as he's concerned he's dead and buried. He said he used people because he didn’t know how to love as he has never received love as a child.


He said to me last night that people don't sleep on the Spirit plane and they zoom around everywhere, and that the place is very dirty and not nice. Every one ware's the same clothes every day, no showers, no money. He said to me in the early hours, the sun is shining outside, He asked God to show him the light so he can go home. I believe he went through the light. Also before he left he said Burby who died last year has not washed since he passed over and looks terrible. I told Burby to let me go, no need to be so miscible on The Spirit Plain. I believe he went thru the light. I don't know if I have a music contract anymore, With my other half going “me”. And finding it so hard to motivate myself and I can't sing a note, so bogged down with life. I asked God to cut my cord last night. Maybe he did. No real good Readers around and no real input from my Guides I confused to what is in store for me from now. Look's as thou that man that did Spiritual Ware fare took everything away from me. Mother's Day today, I'm waiting for my Goodies. How many men have told me they wouldn’t waste their money going to a Hairdresser, which is about $10 and cut their hair themselves? Whilst a Women, wouldn’t dream of cutting her own hair and pay's a few hundred every month. To Elvis Angel by Cliff Suppose to have a Relationship any day, wonder who it is? From Confusious. The Other Me? I've been told for the past ten years now that when I got sick ten years ago another part of me left and is with Elvis? That's probably why as well I have not much work and I find it hard to get out and about. I think I am meant to write this book then I've done my job. Noël Visits me, he's a dead walking corpse. Well, like I said it's Mid May Goran asked for my Business Card? His band The Mustangs chased me about 9 years ago The Weaker Link. I had my Hormones on the 9th and 10th if you didn’t notice and the other on the 30th. God gives us these pains, plus makes Women STARVE themselves, and most Women have to struggle and raise their Children to own their own without support from their spouse because he say's we are the “Weaker Link ". But he is going to make us stand up and be stronger than man. 93

Not only that if two people are working the Women is usually the one who cook's dinner, looks after the Children and cleans the house while the man is watching TV, not only that she has to look Gorgeous. Why not turn Lesbian, we would be better off. Well, best wishes to Trina and yourself. I will close the book from now, bye P.S check my life on my Web Might close the web. See what happens or tell it how it is? Help me out, Woody? Woody, I haven't fluffed my Duck in over Twenty Years Tell me where it is concerned with David to do I "Keep my Engine Running” Or do” I get a whole new head gasket" My Guides have kept me waiting all these years, I've been told to rack off but I don't know if that is coming from his wife or not. I think he still thinks that I spent all of Noel's pension money, and he and I spent cozy nights together, smelling his BO Maybe you could be so kind as to give me some insight. This has gone on long enough? Your Pal Charmaine. Dear David, But what mystifies me is that they say I will be doing Hairdressing in a few years and that there will be a night course. So I don't know what's going to happen, regarding my work. Goran said he was going to call me? but it's been over a week. But something is their cause I was bugged for some time to go and see him, and I think it has to do with my Music or Relationship, don't quite know? Well, I hope you are taking note that if I pull off that car, these letters may be used for a movie or book. So keep that in mind Sorry if I have been a nonsense, Woody I am one of the true Medium's, and nothing has worked out. Including the Readings from my Teacher and other Mediums. I will close the book, and revise what I'm going to do for the rest of my life. Hopefully, you have learned something from this. That's why I wrote to you I'm supposed to bring the truth out about clairvoyance, well it doesn't look bright for anyone to take on. I've never given a Reading when I'm sick and have diligently done my Spiritual work and prayers. I truly don't know what is in store for me from now, even the Government have stuffed me up. Now listen here, you better be keeping my book, as I am going to famous as all fuck? Well, if David isn’t interested, I've got somebody coming when I get the Invention going and an Investor is coming about October. 94

Warning If David isn’t interested he's missed out on a Music contract and Interests in a movie etc. I am not allowed somebody until I have accomplished everything otherwise my man would send me to the Fish Board, which would eventually give me Cancer and I would not have the time to focus on my Businesses, they would not have been done, like The Inventors, game and Happy Home Mailers and of course my BOOK Had an Angel or Alien come around last night, hands hot ass. They said they got rid of breast cancer some time ago and they are getting rid of a Heart Attack which is coming forward and Bowel Cancer. All due to the Relationship with the father of my Children. When he passes over he will be charged with Murder or Manslaughter, plus all the pain he has called his family with all the Demons and Negative Guides, due to his drugs and Alcohol, addictions. I'm placing a humongous add in the Yellow pages under Clairvoyance and Marriage Celebrants, check out the Photo? I don't know if I will make enough money in the year to pay for the ad, but God and my Guides have told me to do it and I will be happy. My Dream Shortly after I'm getting into the back of a car with the Investors and Robert my eldest is driving it, it drove really well and then we made a turn and drove quickly home to the garage where my Husband was waiting for me. A Point I would like to make is that I am always eating on the Spirit Plane cause I am always starving myself like most women do. Well, I got news for you, it will be the men starving themselves in Heaven and they will probably be the ones holding the babies while we go and do what we want to do. Example, my ex with 5 children, and no washing machine or car. I don't think condoms will work for him somehow? Your time has come, Mr. Laws Now the same time I was looking at the man who killed his Children by throwing them over the bridge to hurt his wife. I was also showed pictures of my ex when he passes over. They showed me, them taking his eye out and making him eat it, for cheating on me And because he thinks’ a Woman that Swallows, is a better root, well, they made him drink a whole cup of it. Also one of my friends upstairs, Tommy kicked him between the legs. And they said he had to die a few deaths for all the pain he has caused and one of them was hanging himself and apologizing for all the pain he has caused. He said, "He was so messed up" Tell David, "I don't Need a Job ", "I'm writing a book" My Dream


I had a dream that I was sitting in the back of a car eating a sandwich with my Teacher, Robyn. I was concerned if I will be able to pay for my advertising. I saw the car drive along for a while, which represented, income, then it turned a corner and drove really fast until it speeded up to a swimming pool This probably means I will do well? God wants’ a Woman to be career minded, but it sure makes it hard for them. I see so many breakups when a Woman has her Periods. I tell them to take Iron Tablets; this sort’s a lot of the problems out. I was 102 Kilo's Last year, now 90 Kilos, 17 to go Something isn’t right fella by Charmaine Sung by a Rapper Something isn’t right, That I know I'm talking about when you go real low low low Something isn’t right I think fella you should know In the good old days, I would eat very little, Maybe a hamburger and that's all for the day. And work out at the Gym once or twice a day. They call that Attractive, where a Woman works out every day and hardly eats. Since I became sick I would eat two small meals a day. I am overweight. Now because the Entertainment says that Anorexic look is attractive? I am having one small meal a day, (Baked Beans on Toast or Tuna Sandwich) and little bites, eg. Olives or just a small pick of food and that's it. And working out at the Gym when I'm well. With my bones sticking out, I might be able to get my confidence back and wear those clothes that I love, and the Media won't call me "The Fat Messiah” I had my thingy me gigs Yesterday, and was a mess, went to the RSL and met a nice lady, she's going to take me places. 9 days’ time I have my hormones, depressed for about 2 to 3 days. Can't go to the Gym on these days and Buckley’s chance of ever holding a full-time job. I'm too depressed and sick. No wonder women are so bitchy. They have to hold down a Job, and look after their family and cope with all the Hormones that go on. Good luck coming your way, down the track with your health, put your lucky shoes on and start dancing to the rhythm blues, you’re doing your music and feeling good about yourself, about autumn. Very lucky indeed and feeling great. Easter, presents galore especially from your wife, good luck in that area, remember that, things a bit downstream at the moment and what with the spells, your ding dong needs working.


Taxman coming around, buy him a new bra and fuck off, I'm not working for you anymore, Work from home Part-time, you’re good at it. You need the break, good money coming your way Let somebody weight on you for a change and watch for the showers Tap left on and so much noise will upset the dogs. Leave a bone out by the door and they won't complain or a biscuit their favorite kind. The mouse needs attending too, haven't written for a while, somebody calling you, with insight. Need to know basis. Congratulation is in order. Baby bonus, new begging, friendship and long lasting love. About May next year to autumn, spring in the air for a couple. About autumn, Marriage. See what happens. Engagement plans and Roast Beef on Pig. Love nest, blooming, make it Easter. Computer playing up Bye. My Teachers Karma Because of it she is dead and he has two children to raise by himself, He hasn't got much coming his way, probably always be on his own, struggling. They say that somebody feels like spilling the beans and taking me to the pub? Well, I'm waiting? Blue blue, blummin shoes aha, something tells me you will be working on that song soon? Well, why else did he so love those shoes? He wanted a cheap Lay Woody, Now you have problems don’t you, Spiritual ware fare coming your way, Looks like she's laughing her head off, but you send it back in a nice way? First of all, your ding dong hasn't been doing the trick lately, staying up too late. And a band around it. Your house has a perimeter around it stopping people coming in and work is slowing down, phone line cut off Your belt a little tight around the waist, a long extension on that too, Now you’re losing weight. Your ding dong needs a little work, go to bed early or you will be sorry. Warning, staying up too late, part of the spell? I thought I had no living being on my own for 25 years, but they say Mum unknowingly, probably made the choice in her sleep, stayed on her own all these years and looked after me to make sure I succeed. If she had a man, he would not have let her help me. One came along last year, the first in many and he wanted her money and the first thing he said to me, we love you but we have no money to give. I don't get much money from Mum, here and their but she's always there to help me. I wouldn’t be able to have these big Advertisements going in the Yellow Pages if she had not of finalized my last Payments. I just hope I can pay these ones. 97

God say's cause she kept her legs crossed to help me, he's going to give her everything, including fame, love and Youth and of course Money. Basically to keep God's respect and Love and to earn everything you ever dreamed of in life, you have to be by yourself and have no money and no life, just have a good look at yourself and concentrate on what is in store for you. My Teachers ex, would not except her Spirituality, including Nostradamus and all that was laid in front of her, Well now God wants’ to make up for what I went thru having children to a complete Ass Hole and left in the gutter, for many years I have my Tubes tied and don't know if I could ever go through it again, but my Grand Children ease what I went through and put a smile on my face. Raising the Children is like a blur, I can't remember much God wants to make it up to me I think my ex-cheated on me with a string of Women, trying to prove he was a Man with his mates, including when I was Pregnant. Yellow pages, June 2009 44 years My Angelic Healing Got another Healing last night, this was a bit like a Demon attack with a lot of wind a noise but instead of fear and energies placed on me, it was sexual energies. I worked out when it was nearly finished that I was not being attacked. I turned around Spiritually and saw a Women like Mary Pop pins in a black dress and umbrella fly out the window saying she's going to see somebody else. Lord knows why she was wearing a black lace dress. My dogs never bark when I'm attacked, don't know why they even carry on sleeping. But I hear loud and clear when Noel comes over spiritually and they bark at him. I don't know if Noel is dead or alive, maybe he is just totally out of his body. Anyway, he's got 9 years jail they tell me and a couple of Poofs coming around soon. I lost 3-4 Kilos in 2 weeks Last year I LOST 10 kilos in about 3 months, or less, I had one Weight Watchers Meal in the morning and later about 3 pm, 5 Crackers, Tomatoes, and Cheese, or Tuna. I can't afford Weight Watchers now, so I'm having, Baked Beans on Toast, or Tuna, Toasted Sandwich for Late Breakfast and little snaky Poos for the day, like 2 slices of cheese, or Grapes, a couple of bananas or whatever I can pinch out of the fridge from left over’s from my son, as long as you have a couple of little snacks that aren't too fatty. I went to the Gym about 4 time’s average and have lost 3 to 4 Kilos. Keep in mind for most of the day I am in my recliner or in bed. My life is so grand. I drink lots of coffee with sugar, apparently, my Guides say Sugar is burned up too quickly in energy to put on weight unless you have huge amounts like coke. I have coffee after coffee all day and lose weight.


Apparently, David is not well either something about Ulcers or digestive problem; he'll be diagnosed in a couple of days nothing serious. So, Woody, you were in my sleep all last night, just visiting, must have liked your Reading. P.s. Want to lose weight and keep it off? Forget about the main Meals, that's why everyone is overweight. Good Breakfast and lots of small snacks, that's the go. And guess what, no dishes Your Choice David? You had to be a big shot Last night So much fun to be around You had to be in the hot spotlight all your friends were so knocked out you had to be a big shot Last night You had to have the last word last night, woo woo Well, you made your choice Between a Housing Commission and owning your own place are you happy? Did you really get your money worth? Was it worth breaking your back over? Listen next time Backers coming very soon I'm also told my Husband and I will have our own Church connected to our house, and of course a band. We will be very successful. When the car is up and running and not quite their Husband will be there so will my Music. October may be the date? And my big Advertisement is out in October, this might attract the Backer. ? Check it out in the Yellow Pages Clairvoyance also Celebrants Cheers David, should you decide to accept this mission? You are to retrieve my book from the Trash Can You are to produce the book to Mum with a Ring and ask my Mum if I can Marry, you and tell her everything. Then you are to go to my Son's and do the same. Mum's No 07 xx xxxx My Eldest Son, Robert, The Mechanic xxx xxx Lives with me My Son, Mark, xxxxxx Are you to give me dignity and Respect back from my Family? Sue. Through God, I've been fine ing everybody who stood me up, for Readings. I've had not one call since and I'm living on Bake Beans. So I asked God to give them their money back, maybe now I will get a call. Now, Listen Here, I need help with my Happy Home Mailer, David and you can help me get it together when the car pulls off. So this is something for you are to think about. It's made for anyone to do and never stops, so there will have to be a renewal from the people, every 18 months or so. I've got it all planned just need help and with the computer etc. 99

The Animal Protection welfare is where the money goes to from the Leaflets. And cure illnesses. A New way to distribute Advertising Material that everyone benefits. And the Advertisers will get their leaflets distributed very cheaply so everyone benefits. Of course, there is a nice pie for you both in that? Earn your Keep Your 45 % Bossey gives me Healings and sleeps a lot But when it comes to cuddles we all get a lot My Animals love me they sleep in my bed too I give them kisses all day through I love my Animals they are smart too I teach them to talk And give them cuddles too. I love my Bossey, Boob boo, and Tinka without them, there would only be a silent Wimper give them cuddles and Teach them too I love my Animals and you will love them too. He's mighty and strong He sits on the back porch and gets Tinka all day long Watch out Say's Bossey I love my Tinka to bits but when he gets barking I just got to get her Tits I can talk, I can speak but I don't like it When Boob Boo is on Heat Tinka loves her dinner Loves mummy Too Loves her cuddles for breakfast too Watch out for Boob Boo he's barking a lot He's getting the man the man in the dark

Australian Army was in my sleep again I’m going to write to the Main Man this time. Also, Alan, a man Mum was going to Marry 40 years ago is in my dreams a lot and around me for the past few years I think he has come from England to here and will be with Mum soon? I've been told by a Psychic that he is living on the Gold Coast. ? I think God has put them together, he say's Mum gave up so much to help make my dreams come true, well now she's going to get it all back in a very big way Also sad to say Michael Jackson has died of a Heart Attack I'm saddened by that, he was a great Entertainer. And his poor Children, who I'm sure, loved him to bits. Are the psychics going down? Well ain't we all sick of being ripped off by Psychics and what about those that innocently give other Psychics, Psychic attacks Well God has asked me to get rid of all the Psychics that rip people off. God say's in 3-4 years there will basically only be me advertising in the Yellow Pages. I was attacked all last night; one Psychic put a seed in my head for a drug overdose. 100

I've had no work for over 10 years due to Psychics attacking me. I have not had one call for about 3 months; I found out by a Psychic that it was a man with a crooked leg. He was my last client. I gave him a 45 minute Reading for $100, should have been $150. He took my work away. I spoke to him spiritually last night and he apologized and said he was not too well at the time and couldn’t think straight. Michael could have brought the Spirit World out in the open if he was more screwed on. They thought he was not grounded enough. Debbie my friend came around last night, as usual; I knew it was her because I had a strong desire for a beer. She does all the maintenance for me like mow my lawn, so it doesn’t grow, let me work and keep my house in order, and whatever. She's really happy and laughing every day. She wishes she did not die and said my Happy Home Mailer would have made her rich and she should have done Readings but the booze would have stopped her. Anyway, her life was so terrible, because she had no money because of the smokes and beer, and no home, her life was terrible, I don't think she really could wait for The Happy Home Mailer. God said last night he quite likes her, which he doesn’t say too many people, she had great character, but in the wrong way. Now she's cheeky as ever and in the right sense. Do you remember the Time, when we first met, do you remember the Time? Have you been a Naughty boy? I've been told you have been looking over some hot photos and having fun with them, and you got caught? Did you know Michael was in line to be The New Age Messiah, but due to not being grounded and going off the bandwagon, so to speak, they decided not too? Anyway, I've got the Job, so tough Luck. Expecting Michael to come around soon? Dear David I would like to see you with the full makeup on. Eyeliner, black eyeshadow, blusher if needed. Go on I dare you, It just might turn me on? Or Off I've been checking out Michael and his makeup, he looks hot I don't care what the Media say; they just got the worse of worse photos of him. I reckon in his videos he looks really good. Elvis look-alike may be needed to conduct Weddings, so don't throw your outfit out. I've been told MY Husband and I will have our own Church in our house and conduct Weddings and have a band and entertainment. A Fashion Statement for Men Those wishing to join The New Age Messiah's band, their requirements are to wear Makeup. E.g. eyeliner and black eyeshadow. 101

Don't forget the Black Leather Pants. This means David, Woody, and Craig, will look so hot and get so much attention, say's God I was told a couple of weeks ago by a Psychic that Freddie from Queen is around me. Well, now I know it's true because he sings to me every time he's around. They say he is my Teacher as well? Waiting for Michael to show up, let’s see if he has any input Noel's Holiday in Hell, I believe Noel spent nine days in Hell, not nine years. I was told he had a couple of poofs come round while he was there to service him and he had to have oral sex with a Woman with her menstrual. He came round to see me last night, he told me about the Oral Sex. I asked him to go, cause his energy's affect my work. Later that night I heard him being tortured and he was told to cut off his head, himself, and that he was now going to live as a Women as a prostitute and he would take drugs because he couldn’t stand himself. So I think that is the end of Noel, or I've been hearing what's going to happen to him? But I could hear his voice very well, etc. Well, I woke up about 3 am, because my room went all silent. Guess who it was, Michael Jackson He is putting Music together for me and is my Protector. He is also going to help you three with your Make Up My Friend with schizophrenia and Bipolar I gave my Friend my Clairvoyants Manual, I believe she will really do something with her Teachings and can earn some money on the side which will earn her a nice boyfriend, probably keep her out of hospital, and she will probably lose a lot of weight and not sleep so much out of complete depression and boredom, cause of loneliness and no money. One so-called boyfriend said he had been nicked. She had to go thru a Miscarriage, and he could not care. This is the type of men she get's I've been having music from 4 BH sang to me, music I know, but don't usually quite listen too. Also for the past two day's somebody has been attacking me with bad dood's , trying to do me in? Well, I have been a good girl? I'm teaching a friend for free. She suffers Bipolar and whatever else. She sleeps half the day; got no money, just a dollar in her purse once the bills have been paid. No decent boyfriend, cause she's too sick and too poor. And no fuel in the car to go anywhere if she could, so that's why she is sick, in and out of the hospital and no boyfriend and overweight. She's already a bit spiritual and very respectful when it comes to God.


Herbal Life, everyone wants to lose weight and it ONGOING which means income keeps coming in Done by phone and the Internet and of course, you have to advertise as it is your own business. People say they are making thousands a week, Remember my last scam, well this is another and I bet it does bring in the money? They tell me you will be taking it easy, maybe this is an Idea for you I will keep you posted in the upcoming weeks. By the way, you know some people that could do with that extra help in losing weight and could do with a bigger wallet. But really it’s done thru Advertising. Not thru friends. God says Yellow Pages and On-Line, Quest Papers won't work, he's going to get me involved with some sporting magazines that will really bring in the money. Maybe this will get me Laid? Sue check below for recording. Not only will I be the Most Wealthiest Women of all time, because I had faith and listened. My Husband will have the best sex life he has ever had. Not only that I am to be The New Age Messiah So I was worth waiting for all these years. But if he wants his doozy to get fulfillment, he's going to have to heal me. I'm sick with PMS and Hormones for 2 weeks out of four. I can't do my music career, etc. Also, I believe he's a Lawyer; well he's bloody going to need to be? Make sure you check out my Advertisement in The Yellow Pages in October, for Clairvoyance and Wedding Celibacy. As you will clearly notice, I am The Fuckin Star Also, I think I will make it big with Herbal Life. As you may notice I am zoned on making big money. e.g. The New Age Bible (Let’s face it, how many will buy the book when it comes out and The New Age Messiah is exposed? It might be a bigger seller than the Old One. At least it shows the way to Riches and Happiness. I have to prove it. I also think my Husband is coming forward within a few months and The Backers for The Invention will be arriving soon. I'm still seeing The Australian Army in my Seep. By George, I think we got it? I'm on my way to losing 5 kilos or more every 3 weeks. It has made my Readings by far better, more energy Made my body lighter, as I always feel Heavy and tired (Check Me out?) And majority of people make 5 grand in the first two months and go on in 4 years to make 50 grand a month My sinuses have cleared up 90 % as I usually sit with a bag of used tissues next to me. Think about it if you are sick of being broke and want to make some big money It is done by the phone and Internet. By placing ads in the paper, No leaving home Listen to Recordings Sue. 103

Well, isn’t the nightlife going to be exciting for you? You better start Reading the New Age Bible, because it will be you facing the Demon's at night whilst I sleep. Also, you better not be negative because you will be facing The Negative guides during the day. Best of Luck, it's all in my book A Psychic said I can make good money if I preserver. I will have to get my Husband to help me? I like my afternoon naps? It's all for you Love? I ran out of stock, today and the withdrawals from the Herb life have made me very ill ~ Mentally and physically My guides have been singing the same song all week as I think Guns and Roses. Hard to hold a candle when you stuck out in the rain. To a point I got mad. Now I know. Noel's New Life? Did Noel speak to me last night? He said he was on the Spirit Plane. He said he was a crazy full not to pull of The Invention. And that he has to walk around with his feet tied and has to beg for food. Also, he has a lot of girls interested in him, but he's not interested. Herbal life I've lost 5 cm of the waist in 1 week and gained 1 Kilo. Your purchase land by the bay, you will be neighbors with streets named after your self's The tax man can't touch you A BN the lawyer is going that way too. Smokes and Groceries going down in price. Have a nice day Charmaine P.S your dog's foot is sore Poor thing. I've been hearing the same song all day all night all week by Gun's and Roses, I think It’s about a couple getting married and then she dies. A Psychic told me I've got good news from that and a Relationship is coming. Well, I certainly know how to get attention from the reporters. A boring story to a sob story to get their attention I think they will go out their way to do a story for me. Listen and you won't go wrong. God say's he couldn't have done better himself. I don't have to buy the food to sell it. Cost me $200 a fortnight And I was sick the day I did not take it, so that worried me. The lady says I might have been detoxing. Medication won't help you unless you balance your income, too much stress. Your Misses won't do anything to balance things out and improvement, will do later stage when things are better, she is too bogged down too., 104

The Swimming Pool needs attention, don't worry about it, and put fish in it. Saves the day in the end because the pond will attract people when you sell. They will say "Look at this, what a great Idea. So make it into a fish pond. Yes, you’re selling but more upmarket, not less. The Fish will sell the House, with Lily's on it. Create it, it will be hot property. People will love to swim with the fish, not a good idea, but they will , and dive off it too. Well, that's the people coming. Poor Fish They think a great Whale is in their making the commotion. The Lawyer is in a straight jacket but will be free soon, finances strained. The pocket a bit hit. She looks good, cash in hand everywhere. 3 people will come to buy a car, each leaving a deposit, well it pays the bills bit by bit. If you want a good price for your house put a High fence around it, got a dog coming. They love the house and pond and want Garage for the car, everything they want. Sit by the sea and contemplate, suicide is not the right way to go, Sing in the Shower and have a laugh is. I know you've been singing I can hear you and have a good go at it too, your Guides are laughing and holding the cash up in front of you. The Telephone ringing, the Bosses annoyed, you have been turning up, too tired. Work from Home, do what Sue is doing, it will make you laugh, especially when there are Gossip and a lot of clicks on your website, people will buy and you will be millionaires in no time. If you don't do it you will be surprised at how much income one makes, just an ad in the paper and talk on phone Do It? The Tea will boost your Libo and the Protein Shakes will give you energy, where you don't have it. When she says “MY Teacher is Nostradamus" They Listen, with Herb life. Your pet has done damage to its foot, tea tree oil, that's all required, maybe a splinter. Finances. Your free Willy, Cash Converters won't do. Sale some things an old Radiator or something, you will get buy. Buy that Fridge you have been wanting to buy with the money. Look at a business that reaps in rewards and easy to do. Your Readings aren't the best, you know that, no energy. Talk to a lawyer, he see's straight and is Laughing, you get on good terms. The lawyer got the answer you seek, You’re Reading with Herb life, 22nd August 2009 Herb life, for a better quality of living Readings by Charmaine, for Woody, For his Entertainment Only. I've been picking up you are begging me for a Reading The Town is all talk, all show no action, not now. You’re moving, and everyone is talking. The Show Man, with a lot to say. Mouth's drop "What", “Is he for Real" 105

Sailors are knocking on the door they want a piece of the action, like Cher. Look out they are coming, with everybody on board, including look-alike Cher, with a new body. Doesn’t she look great, and really fit's in those Jeans, and that tit's what a knock out? Well, the Sailors have gone home, and everyone is happy. TV on it is all talk and bragging. "What the Fuck" people are saying, well it's true, she's here, at long last. Good on you for listening. Now about you, you lost your temper last night didn’t you, couldn’t screw the top on the lid properly. Well, look at this way, you have a long way to go, and many mouths will drop, this is only a short spell, good will come. Got a reading about my Teacher Robyn, She does a lot of Healings and is working in the Mass Temples and she will be doing a lot of rescue work helping people that crossed over. She is very proud of me and of course my book Noel apparently is doing it hard, my Guides say he's got 9 years jail. Well hope this helps you all Do the Protection in the morning and night, and don't forget to ask for protection for your family and loved ones, and name them. After a while, God won't expect you to name all of them, just say my friends, family and loved ones. You got to key it in at first. Love my Get Rich Schemes aye? Her life is no joke Call now if you want a rewarding career? I'm telling all my clients about it, and it looks as though everyone that believes in it will make really good money. Enough to quit their job? Ps. protect your animals too, I have a feeling my Dogs have been attacked too, but I'm smarter than the average Bear Charmaine. Warning for David. ? My Guides told me I have a very bad Spiritual attack coming and it could make me very ill for some time, in other words this person wants me dead. I phoned Miriah my favorite Psychic. She told me the attack is more on my new man that is coming from a very jealous person, she's been attacking him for a long time and he needs to know how to protect himself as he does not do this. Well, since my last attack, putting on 5 dress sizes, I learned my lesson. Ask God to put Golden Shields head to foot around you and mirrors around you also head to foot. Anything that is sent to you, Voodoo, Black Magic, Witch Craft Seed's that are harmful and thing Satanic and Spiritual Ware Fare of any kind can it bounce of the Shields and mirrors and be sent to Heaven to deal with, and can the person sending the attack pay for their crimes and can I receive Compensation for the attack. 106

Also, all that is connected to me My Business, All those connected to my Music, my Web sites, My Advertisements, My Phone lines, My Computer, My Car, My bedroom, and anything else you can think of name it, and do the same as above, Can I have Golden Shields sounding these things and what is connected to me and Mirrors all around it too, Any Attacks can it be sent to Heaven, and anything placed on me and what is connected to me, can it be lifted off and sent to Universe as Healing as many times as to see clear The bed took me 2 years to pay off and the Crystals took 1 year to pay off, and I had to sell my black sports car, to finalize the payments. Bet you’re Jealous? Letter for David, NO 2 I've been told by my Guides to do my job properly. Also when you ask God to lift off what has been placed on you, and whoever, asked for it to be lifted off your, body soul, mind, and spirit and inner child and whole being. And sent for Heaven to deal with and ask for the person who sent it to pay for their crimes and that you or whoever wants compensation There you go? My favorite Psychic who does tell me things not just go along with what you tell them. Scrap the others Hard to find a decent psychic Miriah available Saturdays after 5 pm 3.30 pm Pin 00111 1902 990022 Or Credit, 1800 732 337 2.20 P.m. Got a Reading from her tonight, she was on the ball Where's Tarzan? My four Poster bed has just arrived I also have picked up my Crystals. Because I have so many projects, I do not have enough energy to draw all them in. So I have a huge Yellow Citroen to do it for me Also a 15 Kilogram, Clear Quartz, to help channel all the business Idea's and help me with my Readings. Also a Large Rose Quartz and a Large Amethyst. My Guides want me to have the same in every room. So I hope this year will be a big year. Guess you like a lot of Rod been Hearing it for years Woke up this morning to Up and you're down in and you’re out. You change your mind like a girl, changes clothes. See you at the altar, ass hole Noels dinners For about a year I made Noel pay his way. I think he had a feeling he was going to Hell, that's why he pulled his weight around the house and paid his way. 107

I told him he can also buy the animals food. Noel would buy a 49 cent tin of dog food and cat food. I told him there was nothing in it and all it was jelly. He insisted that it was good food and showed me all the Vitamins labeled on the tin. Well for 9 years while Noel is in Jail, he will be living off 49 cent tin of cat and dog food. He’s lucky some that really do wrong have to eat their shit, for the whole time they are there. Like Hitler etc. Noel was so cheap, that they are going to make him learn his lesson I get a lot of messages from Noel and see a lot of pictures. See him thinking things over how he took me for everything he could etc. and hear him talk to me. He must be right out of his body Debbie is either totally blasted out of her body, but more likely is on the other side. I had her over this evening; she was in tears with laughter, as I told her my 20-year problems. And I just couldn’t expect people to buy me free Jug's because I'm a disabled Pensioner, cause I'm either Satan or The Messiah One way my guilt couldn’t handle it and the other wouldn’t look good if I made it to the top. Debbie was never shy asking for a Jug or more, she made me laugh, but was embarrassing. Dirty, fuckin, had flea ridden One Night Stand? Well, you got what you deserved, didn’t you? Dirty fuckin flea-ridden, one night stand Have no Idea of her hygiene or where she's been? Caught something didn’t you? Make sure you take oral medication too. Don't you know the Demon's our out to get us? I just waltzed into the MP"s office Looking like a Truckies wife, no makeup or shoes Hi, I'm Charmaine My Teachers are Elvis and Nostradamus I want you to back my Steam Engine for Car's In return, I will bring out Clairvoyance which will bring good to all And lead people to God in a normal fashion. Here's my website I called them back and they said they tried my web site, but it was not on as I had not paid my bill Well within the hour it was up, and I'm yet to here? Called Miriah, my favorite Psychic. She told me I'm having another child around me soon, probably Melisa’s. And it will be Hundini God said to me "it's the man himself” She recon's that Noel is not dead yet, but is out of his body a lot. And has not long to go MY Doctor was frank with me, and said I need a good man Tell him he owes it to his Country to give me a call as The New Age Messiah is totally no good without him I'm in bed two weeks out of the month. It's killing me being alone I'm actually very sick at these times. 108

Is that her? I'm walking into the State MP's office and Local MP, tomorrow With my Make up on, hair brushed and shoes on and showered, with my Elvis Bag and My New Age Bible and my Lyrics David's getting quite friendly in my dreams. 1. We were in the altogether is the shower room and he was asking a few girls to leave the room 2. I went to answer the door and a man was there. I said "Who's there," He said "Ronald McDonald" and handed me a whopper. Then David walked in with suitcases and said what we are going to do with these kids. I said if you called 20 years ago there would have been 10 more. Wanna Lose Weight Fast? Feel you can't get out of bed to go to those gig's Hate your Job? Want to make a few thousand a month, with just a few hours a week ? Well, I have the answer for you? My Health a Nutritional based diet, Not only do you lose those kilos but you can actually jump out of bed and go to those gigs with a song in your stride. Not only that wouldn’t a few thousand a month, help you for doing basically nothing? All done by phone and internet, they don't even get to check you out TIPS: I've just rung ALL the local paper's telling them I am looking for business in their area and would they do a story or go 50% 50% I also rang Sunday Mail and the Courier Mail Las Vegas Here I come Free Advertising? Tell Shit Ass? I've been going to a few doctors over the years, asking why I suffer PMS and a week later, sick in bed for a few days. We thought it was Hormones. Tell Dave? Will I see him in a few weeks? And I never want to see him in Jeans again and a goatee I've stopped fantasizing about him I thought he was every Woman's Fantasy, Once They say he's got a present for me? Look out for my spread in the Yellow Pages for Clairvoyance and Weddings. Also don't forget about Herb life. The Three Wise Men and Virgin Charmaine are going to do very well once the press hits Also, I've also got my Secretary lined up, I'm not stupid. I've got one paper wanting to do a half story and half paid to add.


$2.000 FOR A FULL PAGE AND COLOUR. I’m WORKING ON PAYING THE ADD OFF $150 A WEEK? 3 MONTH'S. God still says he's buying me a home and car. Brought some tickets in the Endeavour prize home. Have they hinted I will win one? Rang around a few Psychic's, they say I have a lot of money coming in and I'm getting a home in about November. I'll have to ring Miriah, today, Saturday and see what she thinks See you. I knew I wanted to marry you, and I always know when it is meant to be or the outcome I knew I would have to wait, time was not right because I had two children and so poor, even though I didn’t look it. What's the good of having a Relationship if you can't go out and always struggling and I had two small boys? I like to pay for myself when I go out and have pride. I have spent the past twenty years trying to be able to stand on my two feet so I would be good enough for you and one of them was I had to pull that car off and get my music organized. I never knew it would take twenty years Also the pain I endured with my boy's father which caused my illness. I wanted God to bring me, my man, as I never wanted to suffer the pain I suffered or be put down and miserable again. I don't know if I am actually the Messiah, maybe it is to ease my pain/ The point is I want you to put me on the highest mountain and always treat me right and respect me. I could never find another man I respect more and adore more even if I tried, they are so far in-between. I hope to hear from you soon Love Sue, Boss and Boob boo. Child Protection I've been up late every night for the past two weeks protecting small children from being molested and Murdered. I've been sending Warriors to protect them and Guardian Angels to help them ease the pain and to help them get help. Children have even been sent to me to be sent through the light. One young girl was just lying on the Beach, "Like young girls do" and was abducted and raped and murdered. These children are forbidden fruit, how can men do this to little children and how can a father hurt his own child. I've asked God to cut the dick off Child Molesters or a Chastity belt for all Child Molesters around the world and to throw the book at them. I walked into the RSL and saw the most handsome, well-dressed guy I have seen in over 10 years, the only one besides my ex.


Very rarely do I find a guy I am attracted to. There have only been two men in my life and I have met that I have been attracted to. I saw you on the dance floor, dressed to the hilts, laughing and with the loveliest Personality, I have ever come to see and meet. Crazy, self-riotous Christians Book / Movie These books have probably saved my life from Crazy Christian's who think I am the up raising Satan Also, they will be made into a Movie. (Which is a movie) I hope you are sitting at the computer every day putting it into book form and correcting all the spelling mistakes. I rang the State MP, yesterday on Voice Mail and said "Nostradamus is my Teacher so is Elvis, I contacted you 4 weeks ago and gave you my New Age Bible, which is a Clairvoyants Manual and my Music by Elvis. Check out my Web, www. the new age, I want the Government to back my Steam Engine for Car's which is a Hydrogen car and I will prove the six sense can work for people and also make this place a better world and lead people to God. Everything is there my music and The New Age Bible, please check it out? I've got a feeling the State MP is going to do something, also remember when the car is up and running but not quite their my man will be there and so will my music. Also a lot of Psychic's have been predicting October for Relationships and a backer for the Invention. Also in my dream state, David has been getting fresh and there are signs that he is coming forward. Robert his Wife and Child will need a house to live in and work on the Invention, Maybe in Wakerley also a Garage to work in for the Invention, and hold all his keen body parts for cars etc. and furniture. I may be looking for accommodation too with my Son, as I believe soon I will be off the pension and out of my Housing Home due to a Relationship that I have been courting for 20 years. We will also need Wages for myself as there is Legal cost also I have Music to organize, books to put together, and there is also another Idea's like "The Inventors" a game about my Journey with the Invention. Happy Home Mailer, an Advertising Distribution that will help everybody including the poor, Charities and Animals. I am looking at my Dog "Boss" being The New Age Messiah for Animals. Robert will need wages to support his family and so will Mark. There is a whole package that you can look into investing in which will help everybody and Australia. Please think seriously in Investing me with my projects, and I hope to hear from you soon Regards Charmaine Hello, how are you? 111

I have not heard from you yet, although I feel very positive at the moment. I have a Steam Engine for cars that I want the Government to invest in. I'm no ordinary person, Nostradamus, and Elvis and God are my Teachers. I envisage to bring out the six senses to people and prove six sense and Guardian Angels and God are for real. The Invention would cost may be under $20.000 give or take, plus a very the reliable car. And there are of course Testings, and Legal costs and Major Manufacturing. My Son's Robert and Mark will be the ones working on the Invention. Robert is mad about cars and is six months away from finishing his apprenticeship which he needs to find or by finishing this Invention may be theirs is a loophole that he can get his degree. Do the right thing, Woody? As soon as you get The Yellow Pages, check out my ad let me know what you think. Is it big and bold enough? Will it get me a dinner date? If so how soon? Ps. do you think I will be able to pay for the ad? Robert finally said "Yes" He says he's been watching documentaries and the Internet, how to put Hydrogen Cars together. He knows all about it and can do it with no problem. He told me out of the blue. Boss, has been kicked out of my four poster bed and on to a very expensive bed on the floor. I think to show his disapproval, he's started to roll around the dirt outside and get himself as dirty as he can. He always uses to be clean Remember he is The New Age Messiah, for Animals, and he knows it and is more than ready for stardom I'm quite sure the Government is coming forward, and everything is centered around October? Buying a Home David And struggling forever to keep up the maintenance, and repairs of a home. Or would you like to pay $100 a week rent, depending on your wage, and how much you want to tell them And of course, all repairs and maintenance took care of. My house is Air-conditioned thou out, and that includes the Bedrooms I have a Four Poster bed, with White lace curtains. 4 Red Theatre Lounge sweat, recliners. A Marble and wood dining table coming, to seat 8 People. An outdoor Setting, big enough for all the Grand Children and parties. Lights outdoors for the parties. Karaoke set up and sound system to blow your mind away and ears. And if you want we can have an up ground pool, that's your doing Afternoon naps galore and sit on your ass for years writing your books and concentrating on your music. 112

No longer troubled with debts and working your ass off. My house is having an upgrade at the moment, painting the walls and putting new wooden floors down. Mark and Robert will be doing this in the next upcoming weeks. So it will be ready for your inspection? Oddly enough my dogs don't budge or bark when I get attacked. I tried everything, and it didn’t work, I then asked for an Elephant to help me, who is my Parent, Guardian. A lot of noise was in my room, what with the Elephant and the Demon. After a few minutes, I was spiritually pushed off my bed, when I turned around I saw my Son Robert lying on my bed with a cold beer in his hand. I think he helped get rid of the Demon too, spiritually while he is asleep The other night I woke up spiritually and saw a grey-black cat fly across the room and hiss, I think it was Burby who died a year ago, and now he's protecting me. The Demon that got killed by the Elephant, I could hear him screaming. They told him he's going to pay for all the innocent people he has hurt, they torched him and told him he's going to burn at the steak and pour gasoline all over him. Let's face it, what do you really want? Now listen here, big shot Do you want to carry on paying over $500 to pay off a house a week? Work your ASS off 6-7 days a week to pay for it and have no money left over at the end of the week to go out. Not to mention no afternoon naps I must admit my energies are better and I do not feel so heavy, but nothing else has changed. God wants’ me to keep on it so we will see what happens My Supervisor wants’ me to pay for advertising. I said I will pay $300 a month to have a spin-off on the Radio and TV advertisements and I will also put a few hundred on Leads. She said, "And"? I said at this present I'm not putting much more in. She did say I can use some free advertising with Yellow pages and Google also I can gradually increase my spending up to $1500 a month With spending $1500 a month I should get my money back. With my weight loss, she did suggest I buy some more Herb's. A $25 or more a bottle. I mean how much more I have to spend. I know I do feel better as I'm not one to cook. They say this is better than food as with food you do not get all your daily requirements. So Herb life, processed food is better than food? I have one small meal a day and two shakes. I've even increased my protein. Maybe when my cook comes along, God may have other Idea's, unless he thinks’ I will do well with this, we will see? Got badly attacked last night Also when I started, I thought I would give this a shot. 113

But as you go from one page of exercise that you have to complete, you find you have to pay more and more money out to start out. Then when you have completed the exercises you find out that they would like you to spend $1500 a month or more on Advertising, of course, you build it up. My Supervisor suggested I eat a lot of Green Leafy Vegetables and cut out everything else that is too many calories. Well, of course, I will lose weight if I am just living on Soya Milkshakes twice a day, and a small bowl of Green Leafy Vegetables. This work is targeted at people who want an income but it cost's a fortune to get it up and running and you don't find out how much you have to spend until you have gone through all the exercises, and you must buy their products. As you know I am a Poor Pensioner I'm flat out paying for my food, and they want me to Spend More Herb life Work from home opportunity? Well I've been on Herb life for 9 weeks, also taking Formula 5 for fluid retention and weight Loss, Their amazing Tea for Weight loss at $65 I've even increased one spoonful of Protein Powder. I also took their Tablets for PMS that did not work. One of my animals did not like Noel, they said he was cheap, stunk and used me and counted every penny. He said he really hated my ex and said he was a really selfish horrible man, who only thought of himself. He said I was only a Kitten when he threw me across the room from the bed into the wall with such force. I might go over, right now and shit and piss all over his face while he is asleep. I will make you proud. He's just left to do just that I did a Reading. A message from a loved one said she is watching documentaries on TV and said the Aliens will arrive soon in Switzerland after we become New Age. And of course, Elvis will be there Herbalife 2 ON my Pension I am spending $65 every 2-3 weeks on The Amazing Herbal Tea $150 ever 7 days or more on Shakes and Multivitamins $25 On Formula 5 fluid retention, every 2 weeks $25 on Tang Kuei Plus for PMS They want me to spend more for Weight loss but I haven't got it at the moment. And they say "Well how much do you spend on food a week, this is food and better. Noel's Mother approached him and said out of all my Children you are the one who brought us the most Shame on our family. You picked a Mentally Ill Women with Children and used


her and she's not the only one. And all those people you used. Noel was by himself Crying feeling sorry for himself "He says was just getting by". Dave has been in Hospital, with Stomach Ulcers. That's pretty serious I still believe the Government is coming forward. It is October, What are you waiting for? By the way, I've got my entire Doctor's Certificates. Just in case someone thinks I've been around the traps? Talks with Burby, my cat Burby died a year ago He was sitting on my lap today, saying he loved his home and wishes he was still here. He will always stay with me until God finds him another home. Burby said all the Animal Kingdom know of me and are waiting for me to come out into the open and save them and to give more respect to animals. And Everybody in Heaven is waiting for me too. A School buddy who I hang around for years started to go to church. I went to see her before I had my Reverse Break down and Schizophrenia. She didn’t want to know me. I presume because I had two children out of Wedlock, and probably because I wasn’t a Virgin. She didn’t even shave her arms or legs because she presumed God wanted her that way. I believe she has died of Cancer because of all the people she put down. She turned against all her friends and everybody who wasn't with the Church. She has now been judged the way she judged people. My Neighbor who is dead or dying soon will not be allowed in the Church she has been kicked out. She went to church for years and really caused me a lot of problems. She is not allowed medical help as she never cared for the poor and has to work in a fish factory because God says "She smells". Is Noel getting a Bank Loan? Edgar who passed away earlier this year Blasted Noel for using him and taking all his life savings. He wants’ Noel to get a Bank Loan to pay him back and he said "What are you going to do about Sue, you better pay her back too" "You didn’t give stiff Shit, it was our money you were wasting while you just sat in your bed all day watching TV letting the poor boy's do all the work, not even caring how they went about it. Noel is going to work He has to do Tree Lopping A very small percentage of his wage will go to living expenses the rest to pay back his loan I think his loan is over 300 years No sick days off allowed Woody, They are playing games with you, hide and seek, babysitting all day and not really watching the time, they couldn’t care less, changing nappies won't last long and they will be talking to you, quite broadly as a matter of fact they are bored and need play time. Buy a brush and 115

comb your hair it is time to talk. You will get what you want out of them to do with your car, they are financially burdened, bake beans isn’t just sit there anymore, take it easy on them. You will get everything you want you just had to wait, be kind to them, they got Kids remember, very hard struck. They will help you out Magnet on fridge VET go to a store and buy Antiseptic Tea tree oil, fixes most things You've wasted far too much money Pet wise will help you, won't cost much and you will be laughing. The problem is you like most people don't have time to think and work things out. The Doctor is making excuses for your health. Too stressed just relax. By Christmas, you will be financially set with money to spend and your health will improve. Goodbye and Good luck Enjoy your spending spree, I see new Speedo's, what a package, wow look out You’re playing some music, what a song? Sounds good, doesn't it. Play it like you mean it and you will be froffing at the mouth with pride. Your Animals need attention, you haven't given them attention for a while, and your feet stink The dog need's a cuddle. Taxpayer won't like you, your taking instead of giving, good boy. About time the lawyer thinks twice but he will. Too much money go out and not much comes in, the Government have taken far too much for too long. Weight Watchers, take lemon juice with Water and a teaspoon of sugar or honey, you will lose weight. The Medication is stuffing you up, too, get rid of the shit with the lemon. No arguments on the dance floor, a clean cut shaven man coming forward, near October or sooner or later, not far away, plenty of Bar-be-cue's and parties, wear your party hat, we are going to have fun, Christmas time. Everyone is full of laughter come Christmas, dreams have come true, and they all see the picture. Long waited for, buy a new suit for the occasion and look dashing, don't forget the eyeliner will make everybody grinning, when they look at you, take pride in yourself. The bus is waiting cup of tea time? Wait a moment did you have a question? Yes go for it, but look side way's first then speak your mind. My Guides told me to contact him, now that I have it all together. Poor is the man who listens to others I would be a cleaner if I listened to my family and so-called friend's Maybe the Government comes in at a later date, who knows But I have been told October for everything, even the dates are hard to predict, a lot of psychics have said October, so does God? Marriage in March? Readings by Charmaine 19th of October 2009 116

Readings are for Woody, for his Entertainment Only Maybe your wrong maybe your right? You think giving up smokes is a good thing, and all the stress thinking about it, don't you know you will make yourself sicker, not to mention all the stress associated with trying to give them up and the added stress with nothing to relax you. Money is an issue, the ABN is a good start, you won't listen will you, buy a burger and sit down and think about it. One step at a time boy, the time is ticking. King of England? Not saying too much but I think in time The King of England, has a lot to answer too? And I think The Burning Bush, will be a top seller. Charmaine The New Age Messiah and the ABN'ers I have just written to the previous person inquiring about the Device. I sent him my book and music MY Teacher, Why she didn’t help me more with Spiritual ware fare and why she married someone who didn’t want any part of her Spiritual work and sent her to clean for a living. I am now shutting all the Psychic's down who do not do their work properly and rip people off also all around the world cutting pedophiles dicks off and putting a chastity belt on them so that they no longer, the Children are molested also I'm doing this to the rapist. I think they have targeted Satanist. I had a very dooming dream where my son Robert as a little boy was very scared and darkness around my house. I hope I am and my family and animals are protected. So I have basically been a one-man band in everything I have done. I have never had anyone stand by me And I have waited for 25 years for people to come forward with my music and for a Relationship and the car. Talk about faith my eyesight is going and soon I will be walking with a walking stick. I guess God wants me to prove how much faith I have. Let's see when the goods come. And I'm to put my book out there, I don't think I will ever truly understand my Teacher and why things went the way they did. I thought we would have a great path together now she's dead. Makes me ill. It wasn't until a few months later that everything she said would shift down and I would recall and learn. She also handed me my Cleansing Techniques on a scrap piece of paper. Lucky I took seriously. I had a lot of Negative Guides around me, having a go at her and I believe my Guides were having a go at her too. e.g. Looking at the time? And insulting her. 117

I would for years after seeing her always have the best of thoughts of her and put her way up on a pedestal. I thought this was coming from my Guides too. Whenever I tried to go round and see her, I would be spiritually attacked and when I telephoned her I would be attacked by Negativity and feel very ill. She knew I had a lot of demons after me. And knowing Elvis was my Guide and that I would have every man and his dog try to pull me down and stop me never taught me how to protect myself or get rid of the Demon's The last I really saw her was when she had two men in mind and asked me which one she should marry? My Guides wouldn’t offer to help her, nor would they ever give her a decent Reading. Still, to day 25 years later I put Robyn on a Pedestal but I can't help feeling ill every time I think of her. I'm to put a book out there which I have made her into a Nostradamus, but, I feel ill and wonder why she didn’t want to I waited all year for October, and that's what I got, what about flowers and dinner? I have been using a soft brush to clean my teeth. And brush them softer. Never been better, I don't even get food in my teeth anymore. Never been to a dentist. Only once He wanted me to see him every 3 months and said my teeth are on the way out What Bull Shit My Advertisement is out. No call's as yet But I'm The Star My Teacher, Robyn I was told by my Teacher, Robyn that my Spiritual Teacher was Elvis, and she told me while she was in a trance that her Teacher was Nostradamus. I would go to her once a week only paying $5 each time and really that was all I had. She would be giving me my Teachings but it was as if she wasn’t aiming it at me to learn and everything would just go over my head. Mid Night Oil Peter I keep hearing him in my sleep and in the morning Peter music also he is in my dreams. So I wrote to him on Facebook, didn’t I with an ABN comes a Daily Prayer For protection from those you don’t want to harass you Tell God who you don't want to harass you and to keep them away Asking in the Morning in the Shower is a good place. I hear your teeth have never been better? I sit on the Veranda now every day, exercising my eyes I wonder if this will cure my eyesight and I will not need glasses anymore. I have a short vision from sitting in my living for the past 10 years. My Ex, Tony, I've been picking up on him like Noel Passing over and getting his ass kicked, for not supporting his Children and being the shit he is. 118

Hope said, he's going off the Rails and it doesn't look far off. He'll probably hit the piss too much at Christmas. My Reading by Hope 1300 850 296 $2.45 credit in 15 minutes 1902 221 596 $2.97 min pin 04438 Well, you’re not dying? Nothing you can't fix If you looked after yourself better you would improve. I've got Dinner in about 2 weeks if I remember. What she said. Hopes a good reader Since my Teacher passed away I now have two Readers that I contact. For twenty years I only got shit Readers She said with Peter she feels the Investor is somewhat connected to him, more like the Government. She said Mid December for an Investor. Start early next year. I think she said the 12th.Dec. Woody, Put away those life policies Well, you know how it is to be sick don't you mate. Remember how I got 5 funeral Plans for my Children and thought that Elvis was calling me. Well I'm still here I've been to Hell and back for the past ten years I'm not going anywhere and nor are you We have Beautiful Music to make together. And if you buy a soft brush and brush your teeth gently, we both won't have a glass with are false teeth in it beside our beds. Hope you now can see straight. Hopes Time Table Mon - Tues 8 pm to 2 am Those guilty of those crimes, pay for their crimes and can the people who are affected or would have been affected be compensated. I also have Warriors standing by to catch any ware fare and do as I asked above. The Elephant did a great Job keeping all the demons away, it's been very quiet until God let me know how much danger I was IN Boob Boo and Bossey, now are brave enough to bark at the demons. So I well and truly know when a demon is attacking me. Clairvoyants Manual by Nostradamus and Elvis Everything a Psychic needs to know Written by Charmaine $275.00 eBay Due to increase in price soon, so buy now? Clairvoyants Manual by Nostradamus and Elvis Everything a Psychic needs to know 119

$200 eBay (Do you think I will get many sells?) Am I a Naughty Girl? I've been cutting all the dicks off and putting a chastity belt on all the pedophiles and Rapists all over the World. Whether God has done this or not, I don’t know? And I think God has been concentrating a lot on the Satanic Rings. I did my usual protection. An Elephant protecting me and Wolves and Guardian Angels singing within every room with the Ten Commandments in front of them and God's signature at the bottom. Also The Golden Star of God in every room. Well, this did not work? God was letting me know how much danger I was in too. One demon after the other came. He was warning me to keep my protection up I'm also closing all Psychics down that rip off people and do not do their work properly. I even use snakes in my house now to keep them away. What they say Government Investor (Grant) He said you have no money to go halfway with us, you cannot afford the Patent You have no Prototype You have no proof that this Invention works? But we do have a Grant that you may be illegible for next year. But I need to speak to the Technical person and he's got to prove to me that he can make it work Robert will not talk to him. That's why Nostradamus and Elvis and God are my Teachers. The Assistant State Manager of Aus industries wants’ to talk to Robert about the Technical side of things. He says he may have a grant for us that starts in January Robert refuses to talk to him. I have written to Kym I got his number from Peter Office Also I have applied for a Government Grant. Please come forward. I'm begging you. Come forward? Come forward, please? Now, listen here, I've gone as far as I can go? The Investors are just about at my doorstep How the hell, am I going to convince them if Robert will not talk to them and no way will he do the invention either? Please with you Disco Jocks, come Forward Including Dave I've gone as far as I can go The Bastard doesn’t believe in me. It's up to you New York, New York We both know they are at my doorstep? Haven't you read it? Why bloody not. You think you’re that great do you Well send the book back, you prick I’ll teach you a lesson 120

The books from Nostradamus, The New Age Bible and you can't be bothered to read it. Well, it's going to cost you Shame on you The books worth a fortune. Can’t see it happening. Well we will show you Cleanse your body, soul, mind, spirit, inner child, you really are slack, no wonder you can't read shit. Bye for now I'm pissed off, say's God May your dick go limp with pride, you prick. That’s my bloody, book, say's God. My phone No 21.11.09 All by myself? Have you been looking into my Legal Scam? The Happy Home Mailer Money coming in left right and center for this one. Now, look here mate. If you want to get laid, I suggest you get your act going and work on the bloody car, or your dick is going to go limp. No cash, down and out Of course, you will be spoilt. Get an ABN and have time to do some work on the car, A Joint effort by all. The backer is on his way. May cough up more doe than you realize, by September it's on, got cash to burn. The Government is looking embarrassed, did not return email, and got told off, by somebody, an apology in order soon. Didn't know when the appropriate time was to say something will call soon with cash in hand. Please, surrender Darling, come off it mate what are you waiting for. The cash and car are there. Get out your hate mail list they won't be laughing for long. You got your hands tied at the moment, some legal’s, say goodbye to the witch. New income soon. New music, how great you sound. The tables have turned around you are finally getting noticed, wetting your pants with delight. I told you so that music would work. Get a CD together “From my loved one, for Keeps" Buy a book, on how to be successful, Readings come from the Spirit World and no place else Woody Hello, my friend, you've got the music blasting, haven't you, good work. By the way, it works out better when you are happy. No romance at the moment, why NOT? Don't worry about it, she is happy, and so are the dogs, Look at the label on your shirts, they’re not bad either, Virgin Charmaine, would be very impressed, she's not looking at you yet, but will be, wow what a change in appearance.


You really look good Put those razor blades away didn’t you; you know really why don't you? Don't let it put you off her Time is right you will look good, better than most. The book looks good, doesn't it? Get it on lay-by what you are after. Sell it later and make big bucks, it's to do with your car, a bull bar, not exactly what you expect but it will sell, you know what I mean It’s in the brochure; you know it will sell quickly by Christmas, extra money in the pocket. No divorce courts for you Your health will improve by Charismas you’re on the up and up. Buy some cologne to impress somebody, watch her grin ear to ear. You’re fooling around with your car too much. Let it go. Buy another; you’re wasting your time. Money will come in soon "Something isn’t quite right, fella?" Not quite your cup of tea aye? Well, your be singing it in pubs and on labels, everyone will want it In the Magazines, talked about everywhere, Cosmopolitan, too. You look gorgeous, with purely White Teeth, Got something to say about that haven't you Been ripped off aye, So is everybody. The press will put it right. Now back to that song. You will be an instant song. You look a bit like that man in let's go, party Barbie, with cheek. Make it sound like that. Make people laugh. You make a name for yourself. The police are watching you; maybe you can't afford the rego, or drunk driving or smoking. Be care full they will get you for everything. Do nothing wrong until February. They are watching you. You will lose your license. Up shits creek then ant you. Bye PS The dogs on heat and smiling at you, kick him up the ass. God says he will be looking at me with hope in his eyes by Christmas. Not one call for Suzanne's Weddings and I'm getting about one call a week for Readings. Never looked better. I think I will get those cheap smokes just encase. I go right up to the wall without my smokes, and get Robert running around everywhere to find me the money to get some if I run out, or else the cops it It's the only thing that keeps me from going under and of course 4 BH and my coffees, that's it. My life has been that way for 10 years. They say I will be able to pay for my Advertisements, it won't be from the work I get, more likely when the Invention pulls off, and at least it gives me some hope for this year, something to do. God say's now hit them with the Price? The New Age Bible by Nostradamus eBay $120.00 122

(Make sure all your friends and family buy one, Remember you Only get what you pay for, if you are thinking of emailing one to a friend or family, Remember they will be truly blessed if they paid me directly for one) Price may change, so get in early Well, I went to the Colmslie Hotel about six months ago. Cost me $9 for one drink. Couldn’t afford another one so caught Taxi and went home. By the way, feeling really great a guy says to me, "You’re an old scrap from way back, aren’t you" You can't smoke at these venues and you cannot afford a drink and even a Taxi, so what's the point of going out. The Government has taken every bit an enjoyment away from the people. Time to give it back I say? Mum went to Coorparoo Leagues Club, Friday. 5 People there. Had dinner, went home. What the Psychic's say? Well, I couldn’t speak to Mariah, but I did speak to Ella or? Stella. She said a business man coming that will help with finances. Which will carry on to 2011 Relationship second part of the next year 2010 Is God going to set Robert right up? He's going to work on Asbestos’s, in this heat, in a nice head to foot white suit. If a Relationship comes along, The Government expects him to support me financially or I get a job. Working would be too stressful for me and too hard and no way can a man support me, let alone himself. God has had me cornered with no choice but to pull this car off and become The New Age Messiah. He wants me to prove what can be done with faith and help from Guardian Angels and God using Clairvoyance. If this car does not pull off, I hope God makes my life short. I told Mellissa to give Robert, tickles and talk him into doing the car. Hopefully, I can give him an incentive for getting wages. If it wasn't for Robert and Mellissa helping me out I would be living on baked beans, can't even afford to get my hair done, let alone pay off my Advertisements online. I've told God This Is It, now or never? I've been on my own for over 25 years, no money to have a Relationship, to go out with. And how the hell am I supposed to expect a long-term Relationship, when he has no money to support me or even money to go out. Can't pay for my Yellow Pages Advertisement, only getting one job a week and online just pays for itself. 2011, I will not be able to Advertise anywhere. No money for smokes, food, no life It has to happen now, I can't go on. 123

Well, it's been a month and Kym has not contacted me yet. Probably, away on Business. Well, I thought I would Email the man himself PeterGarette, I think we are going to become great friends? I wonder if he would like to sing "Something isn’t quite right, fella I feel better now? I changed my Radio Station for 3 days. Some songs were good, but a majority was boring, did nothing for me, and didn’t make my heart sing. The 3rd night when I went to bed, I was getting panic attacks. I changed back to my Station 4 BH, and feel a lot better now. You can't beat their music. And that's all I got to occupy my day and give me company. Thanks to 4 BH I feel fine now. If I don't pull this car off, I will spend the rest of my life in poverty and on my own for the rest of my life. I'm 10 or more kilos less than my photos I've been on my own for over 20 years as I'm a true Medium My story and photos are on my web I'm writing to Robbie Williams, asking him over for Dinner? and he's coming to Australia His girlfriend and he may not be getting on too well. Just encase David isn’t interested? Well, I've been told, I look gorgeous and have lost weight. Ever since my Doctor, told me, I get sick every two weeks due to cycle changes, is because I've been on my own so long and need a Relationship, I think my body has fixed itself up since it knows the problem and I am feeling really good and losing weight. The past three months I've had hardly any of the symptoms. Let you know when I hear from Peter Garette I feel very hopeful; something is going to come out of this? Both Robert and Mark can't be bothered to look at my music that I have been composing for the past twenty years. Never mind that Elvis is my Teacher I had to force them to look at my web site that had been up for a few years. They both sneered and snickered at my website. And they both have no intentions of working on the Invention. They say it can't be done Not to mention it's a mechanics dream to pull off an Invention, and Robert is close to being a qualified mechanic. My Mother is too prim and proper to appreciate my Music. And has no Understanding of anything that I do. They haven't even really paid any attention to the greatest seller of all time "The New Age Bible" My son's Girl-friend makes sure the salon is totally empty so I don't embarrass her 124

And she doesn't like me speaking about anything Spiritual, it's too crazy My brother who is a nutty Christian, I brought to him especially, to read my book, he ignored it and didn’t look at it And his better half read it and picked out the faults. And my family says I can't sing. My Guides say the Demon's basically come from my ex because he is a druggie and Alcoholic. So they are around him, but because I was close to him or sometimes he thinks of me, they attack me I'm sure his family is affected too and that does not help with them being negative. They must have a horde of Negative Guides around them too, as well as Demons. Keisha, a well-known Psychic on Radio and TV, We smiled at each other when I left She said "I need a drink” I turned around and smiled at her as she stood on her veranda. All the way home from the Mountains, I laughed my head off, and weeks following that. Lord knows how I got home that day? I just listened to what The Guides told me I didn’t have a clue where I was? And, was in for a jolly laugh all the way home. I was severely attacked, last night! I'm usually attacked every night, but this was one of the bad ones. When the Demon came in my bedroom, it made a whirlwind noise, And attacking my Lungs and chest, making my chest expand and hard to breathe. I quickly said to "send it back where it came from" nothing happened, and then I said "send it to White light or ground or send a Warrior to fight it off with a whip" The Demon soon went I was told to put the Warrior up on the wall, and hand him a bottle of whiskey "Good Job done" "The demon is now dead" The Demons are playing mind games with me and attacking me, every few minutes. I have no choice but to sit up till morning. Did that yesterday and woke up at eight a.m. Not amused. For the past two nights, I have been hearing little children call me "Mum" and I have been sending them thru the Light. Disturbing Attacked at Twenty Years old? I thought I had the dark side attacking me, or possessed. I got a leaflet, from a pastor, to send them to hell. I was standing in my lounge room reading it out loud. But every word got funnier and funnier. And when I finished, I would here "One more time” And laugh my head off and do it again full of laughter. After a while, I saw my white curtain blow open and was knocked off my feet Obviously what the pastor gave me didn’t work? Or made them angry? And unknown to me it was my Guides entertaining me, as well as being attacked by Evil Spirts Another time, around that time I went to see Keisha. A Clairvoyant. 125

In Tambourine Mountains I did not hear one thing she said, as I was in a trance. Basically, because I was suicidal. She did not want to charge me, but I paid anyway…Not having a clue what was told to me, or if anything was said, in that time spent their? Phone bill The pension does not pay my phone bill anymore. I've had absolutely no work. Made about fifty dollars three weeks ago. The phone may be cut off if Robert cannot pay it. My Guides got me to Advertise on EBay, for my book, and Readings. They reckon I will be "milking it" They want four hundred and fifty dollars in a month I'm really getting washed up If I only have to live on the pension after next year, I am finished. I Will have no phone, no money for smokes, can't afford to get my hair done, nothing. Looks very grim. It's all in their hands. Suppose to be moving, and getting married and a backer of the car. A lot of success. So let’s see? Otherwise, it's over for me, as far as I see? Right on the edge Am I expecting a phone call? Is that the reason I have had absolutely no sleep at night for the past couple of nights. The Rent goes up a couple of hundred dollars a week when you are working Sorry, I forgot to mention that. A Prostitute Since I can't hold down a job, David will have to totally support me and my bills. Thank yourself lucky, my Children are grown up Also since you are working you have to pay for my Medication $250 a month Unless you want to be my career and have an ABN so let's have a look My Bills or your bills $585 living expenses a fortnight $250 Medication a month $150 a week smokes $100 Take me out once a week Clothes, Vet bills and house and car Maintenance etc. Please give me a Call David, I will make it worth your while Elvis says I’ve got "Magical Lips". And we would have our own Animal Kingdom? Sorry lust gets in the way of my thinking + The Careers plan Sitting, at Center links desk. With my adoring husband to be. Holding my head up on the desk and explaining the situation.


I'm going to tell them how I tried giving my smokes up and lost my mind and health and took an overdose because I thought I was Satan I listen to the Spirit World and they tell me I am The New Age Messiah. I'm going to lead people to their Guardian Angels and God. Elvis and Nostradamus are my Guardian Angels. Elvis wants to marry me when I cross over and we are going to have our own Animal Kingdom At the moment David and I are meant to be together and he is going to help me become "The New Age Messiah" He also fight's off the Demon's and bad Spirits that fight me at night, and try to kill me He is a great protector and Warrior!!!!!!! By the way? Waiting for my phone call or Email that all the Psychics are telling me about? Is it going to be a very long night? God, let me be attacked because he wants me up working on my book A Demon kept attacking my breathing and saying the same words over again to annoy me and wake me up I have a sneaky suspicion that I may be able to go back to bed now? Since they are coming from my Ex, I decided to send all Demon's and Negativity from him to a large swimming pool that was swirling, from them to drown. I saw thousands go of it. I then sent them to White Light or ground and ask God to have them let go of their loved ones and their loved ones let go of them and to make sure they let go of their problems that might be keeping them here. I wanted to make sure they went where they should go, to God for him to deal with. I then did the same for my family, friends, loved ones, animals, etc. didn’t see any there, but I reckon I have cleaned everything up Had a beautiful sleep last night And I heard God say this morning, "I bring Peace upon this land" Two nights ago I heard a man tell his Child to get into the bathtub, must have been about 3 years old. I heard terrible screaming. I asked God to send a warrior to protect this child, but that did not work, so I ask God to make that person have a Heart Attack or Stroke and to cut off his dick? That seems to do it I also did the same as above; I wanted to make sure he went to Hell. They made him wank himself as he burnt to death. I will be sitting in my chair day in and out, with no money to go anywhere and eventually, no car and no Telephone. Can’t afford my Air-conditioner on.


I will have very little money to spend on food. Hopefully $100 a fortnight, and don't forget I have two dogs and a cat. I will have to go out and do House Cleaning. But my body is too sick and working will probably eventually give me cancer or something like that, but I have no choice. Will God keep his promise and help me? What is in store for Suzi Will Fame and Fortune, rescue her Will her Prince finally save the day Stay tuned, for more. Hopefully, I'm done? I have had no sleep all week; God was not protecting me from the Demons. I finally worked out why? He wants’ me to get rid of them once and for all. At first, I was looking at different ways of killing them e.g. make the ground hot and put a rope around their necks, or electrocute them. Because a person is crippled or mentally ill does not mean they were a Serial Killer or Child Molester in a Past Life Time. And God has got it in for them A person may be in a Wheel Chair, because they wanted to have a good look at themselves this lifetime, and appreciate the simple things or have compassion for others. Or it might be an old War injury. I got my Mental Illness from being an Indian in the past life and accidentally falling off a cliff and hurting my head. The bad Relationship with my Ex brought my illness forward. A Person should have compassion and understanding for the crippled and sick, and not Judge them. God should be the Judge, not you, otherwise, you will be judged and it might be you who is the crippled next lifetime? 2011, if God does not come through? I will no longer have the Phone on No more Crisco, so there will be no Christmas dinner or presents to Give Electronic Smokes If my car breaks down, I have no money to repair it Let alone no money to buy another car. No money for clothes or to go out anywhere Is that what Noel's wife has got for a Wedding ring or was it at a second-hand store. Noel with his crazy mind thought he would give me a ring, maybe it was supposed to be a Wedding ring? He spent half a day cutting up a piece of metal tubing and filing it. And gave it to me as a ring to wear. Bet he would recycle condoms if he had to wear them. More than likely the girl would pay for them. The New Age Bible (The Story) Comes to an end When David, call’s me? Aye, where’s my Reading, you Mug? Give Light to the Poor and Lonely? And, Merry Christmas to you too, you fucking Bastard. Do I get laid for New Year? 128

Never Judge a person No Smoking, and can't afford to drink and pay for a Taxi, is why the pubs are going down. They are no longer fun, can't drink, can't smoke, average entertainment Better off staying home that’s what I did 4Bh. A Story on Noel I would like the Media to do a Story on Noel, how he saves money e.g. Making his own Wedding Rings, by cutting a piece of copper tubing up and filing it. Using a dozen pen tops, put to get her with his cigarette at the end of it Vegetable Oil, in a car Motor 1/4 cup of beer, filled with water and ice cubes and a dozen teaspoons of sugar. Save time, wash undies in the toilet bowl Ask him if he thinks recycling condoms is a good way to save money, in these hard economic times. Smoking Tea Leaves or even the leaves in the backyard. Cutting your own hair, and using soap as a cleanser for hair etc. Watering down milk Recycling, some body’s toothbrush. Burby gets cuddles I was lying in bed overcome with emotion watching myself stand on stage as The Messiah and the stadium was jam-packed. Burby came over to me from where he was and meowed I knew it was burby and called him, he started to walk up and down my bed and nudge my face. I was then able to see him and touch him and give him a kiss. This lasted about a minute until the bloody phone rang at 6 am and I lost sight and could not touch him anymore. He looked really healthy and is a beautiful cat. It's the first time I could really touch him and see him. Coorparoo Leagues Club They had a hand full of Old Pensioners there for New Year's Eve and were thinking of closing at 11 p.m. They also only had two people for entertainment singing. I think my Smokes earned me Nostradamus and Elvis. Cause I can kick back and listen all day with the help of my Smokes, Coffee, and music. Woody How often do you two bloody argue? I hear it at least every week. No good mate Remember what bad Karma did to you? Ye of little faith So, you think I can't sing? Have faith, little Bear? They reckon their nigh ties were 50% to 70% off. Sell at over $300 each 129

I went to Myers and saw a nice Satin Nigh tie for $65 that was cheap compared to the others. Well, I got a nice Nightie for $13 from Best and Less. I went around to all the stores, after Christmas, They claim their clothes are on special 50% off excreta, What Horse Shit. They are going broke and cannot afford to discount their clothing or items. I did not see one bargain. I spent over $100 for an outfit for my Grand Daughter for dancing, Just a top, skirt, and pants plus sunnies and necklace. Saw a great outfit at Best and Less for $20 I never thought I would say this _ But I am now a Best and Less Girl @ Over 70 Smokes a day, for Twenty Years Chest x-ray, All Clear. Monogram, All Clear Breath Test, Told to get out of the office. Positive Mind and Happy, and No bad Karma The Cheapest, fuckin Knickers, I've ever bought Ten years ago, I usually spend about fifteen dollars on a pair of Knickers with a bra to match. They last me for quite a few years and look nice. Well, I needed some cotton undies, for certain reasons In these economic times, you cannot afford, fifteen dollar undies. I am now a Best and Less girl. I got my undies for $1.99 each. Happy New Year By the way, David, Could you sing "Silver Lady" by David Soul. And sing it with feeling P.S. I hope my spelling mistakes don't keep you up too late Woody. Your wife likes you to go to bed early The Movie I promise you when my Movie is released Woody and David will look very impressive. I will, I promise you spend extra attention on Mc Sweeney Hairdo to bring out his true Character. (Ass Hole!) My Book "The New Age Bible, the Story" Will more than likely be the book my Movie is based upon So put it together, I've given you the Computer man to save a lot of frustration Works, Every Time When I go to bed sometimes, I get little panic attacks or I toss and turn. And I also wake up several times during the night, having a hard time sleeping. Every time I turn the Air conditioner on to 20, I am asleep seconds fast and sleep like a baby for hours. The room doesn't even have to be uncomfortably hot, just a very cold room sends me to sleep very fast. I also have an overhead fan on too. May cost a few dollars to have, but sure beats the stress of tossing and turning, and no sleep This has been Charmaine 130

Reporting to you from her News Desk. Who needs a Hobby? Well, I haven't got a calculator, but I believe I have been writing to you for nearly 10 years. Average 5 letters a day, by 7 days x 52 weeks in a year by 10 years. Now you have to fix up all the spelling mistakes on every letter. One Woman took work off me for over 5 years because she thought, I had dobbed her into the police. Well now that I am completely protecting myself, I have found out what is going on. I should get my work back this year? The Satanist are sending a serial Killer my way He won't get anywhere near me. And will be stopped. Aren't people really horrible to each other? I have really no food or can make my payments because of people like this, who take it upon their self’s to steal somebody’s business. Don't buy those Air conditioners that sit outside, on your window sill, they are fake For the past ten Years, every Bastard that is a Psychic has robbed me, and one tried to kill me. I've done absolutely nothing to these people; just genially spoke to them once or twice. We live in a very evil world. Everybody is out for themselves and don't care what they do to one another, and even what God will eventually do to them for the things they have done to people. Boob Boo, now over 18 months old finally got the picture to do Poo Poo's outside? He sleeps on my bed and when I get up we both rush down the corridor to do our thing, it's like a game, and He’s so cute Meanwhile, my bedroom stinks and I cannot afford the carpet cleaner at the moment I also have to spend $200 for Flea Treatments for six months. If I don't get work we are really in trouble, as I have no money over from my pension to pay for these things. I have not had one call for over a week. I'm sure I've been hexed, there's no other explanation for it? Gail, my friend who suffers Bipolar and Diabetes. Is so poor, she's thinking of giving up her smokes, because she can't afford to feed herself. Which will end up making her very mentally sick and in and out of Hospital, as that is all she has got for herself. She has no life because she can't even afford the petrol to go out. She lives on Spaghetti on Toast. And sleeps all day, because there is really nothing for her to do and the Phone is her only friend. Her Dog got severely beaten up by strangers while she was in the hospital. The dog was Bleeding from both ends and vomiting.


All she could do was hold her dog in her arms in bed and hope he pulls through. Luckily he did. She had no money to take him to the Vet. And, no car because Stranger's stole her car, and burnt it to the ground. Luckily she paid $500 a year for Insurance. Hasn’t even got the $500 excess. She has no choice but to pay for insurance, cause there is no way she can come up with a single cent to buy another car, and would probably take many years of saving to get a cheap car. The pension gives you no money for things like Cars or furniture, just what you need to survive. I'm teaching her to become a Medium, so she can have extra money for Smokes and buy a car when she needs one and has decent food. I think her Mother paid for her last car. More on "The Deed" My Guides reckon that people can get Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease from "The Deed" on a Woman Not to mention Colds and flues, run down and Sinus us. And, whatever else? I Guess you could say, we've got a man back from all the Shit they have put us through. If it wasn't for Mum Mum gave me $500 for Christmas, not to mention she is always buying things for me. She spends all her money on me. I spent the money on just getting buy when I ran out of money, and thank God "Mum" Boob Boo got a skin Infection from flea's and because his hair was long and mattered it really distressed him. He doesn’t even want to sleep in my bed because he's ashamed. I got him groomed, that cost me $55 and the vet cost $105 When The Aliens come They also say Arnold Swazenengeer will be going too and World Leaders who have been good. They don't what happened to the Jesus happen to me and my family. So I will be leaving everything behind. They also talked about Child Molesters, I wasn't sure what they were talking about, but it was about justice. I don't know as yet about the car "Invention" Investors are supposed to come forward. If they don't Oh well People just have no faith Even Psychic's. We will have to see what comes forward Peter Garratt is not interested, not his field and now I am waiting for Kim, innovations Minister. I sent him copies 3 months ago, they lost them, and so I've sent it again. "Long Wait", for reply". God say’s, say goodbye to this Shit Hole? I had a dream where I was talking to Aliens 132

I was taken away with them and I met a man that was my partner there. An Entertainer and very much admired. They also talked about somebody that tried to kill me and throw all sorts of things at me and that's another reason why I have no work They say soon I will be leaving this world as well as all who are connected to me and going to another World. My animals will be going too ………. Statement Susan declares that she is of sound mind when she wrote her will 22.1.10 If anyone help's Woody it's up to him to divide the money accordingly. A new begging? When I go away to the other World, I will join up with World Leaders and when I return in time I will come back as President and sort this World out. Woody, you are left with my Music, My Books, and My Story You will go out in the Entertainment Industry and do your thing. And hopefully one day I will see you again. I will not look like "The Anti-Christ" when I return. God is going to make a big statement. There is also a book that David has "My Story" God say's I will be leaving anytime, within 2 years? So we will see, won't we? Robyn my Teacher could have had all this if she listened, it saddens me. Noel could have had all this too, but he just used everyone he ever came across, including mentally ill Women to get free food, board and whatever else he could get. If Aunty Joan, Debbie, Rene. Keith and Mum are left here If there is enough money, they can get one million.5 each, upon Woody's discretion As I want some money left for myself. Mum can get a few million. If I have Millions upon Millions, let mum have as much as she wants. I want money when I return from Outer Space After all, costs come out. Woody gets 50% and I get 50% for Music, The New Age Bible "The Story" 50-50% for Woody and me Inventors’ Game Mark 50% me 50% after costs taken out And your services. David’s Book "The New Age Bible" "The Story" David gets 45%, I get 55% The Invention I get 45% Robert get 30%, Mark gets 20%, Edgar and BL get 5% between themselves. There's also money that have to go to Animal welfare that can come out of The Happy Home Mailer and maybe in other areas to save Taxes. 22.1.1 My Will Take 8% off of my percentage for The Invention which leaves me 37% and gives it to Keith for the work and money he put into the Invention. 133

This is part of my last will and Testament Woody is in charge of all my Businesses and the handily of my will and money which each of my benefices receives. Joan receives 1.5 million and so does everyone else. Mum gets whatever she needs and wants. Just remember to leave me a good sum of money too. Otherwise, you’re copping it. Divide it accordingly to money I have and what's fair just leave me some. The above is just an example which could still even apply. Give my father Charles 1.5 million too, if I can afford it? My will You just may need these letters And what if I have no smokes etc. and go off the deep end and then I end up being worth an absolute fortune. They’re telling me something Don't let my family handle legal. Too stress full and really they don't think clearly. As long as we are all well off and I am too at the end of the day The New Age Bible could be worth Billions in the end, who knows Robert and Mark (Will) Just use your discretion, I can trust you and so can God or burn in Hell Ha Ha If Invention or Game does not take off Give whatever money to Robert and Mark from whatever I make. Just make sure I have plenty for myself when I return Other members of family, can have more for e.g. if I'm worth a Billion. Don't need to keep all that. Just use your discretion You scratch my back I scratch yours they said I had a lot of work to do? I wonder what they really are up too, who knows But all is set encase something happens to me? My money is for all of my family to use as long as I have a healthy balance to live on for the rest of my life and beyond. 50 million up. The Protection booklet is to be placed at the back inserted in the back of a slide and also sold separately. The money for the booklet sold separately go to no other than me. Of course, if you need money Woody to set up my business, the money for these expenses is yours to use out of my funds. 22.1.10 Susan When I have a Healthy bank balance e.g. 50 Million my Grand Children are to be looked after the same as the rest of my family 1.5 million each. And, increased as my money increase. So far my Grand Children are Tiley and Jade (sisters) Pase and whatever Grand Children I may have in the future. Just handle my money and give them money. If I have sufficient money e.g. 50 million up 134

Try to keep 50 million up in my bank for me hopefully in The Hundred Millions. Susan Carrier 22.1.10. My Will Paul When my money for e.g. reach about 60 million, Paul B, in England, is to receive 1.5 million. And, is to be topped up accordingly to everyone else as my money increase. Just use your discretion. My Will Making it more Legal Susan Carrier 22.1.10. My will If my money are 50 million up, e.g. Mellisa B is to receive 1.5 million dollars Susan Carrier 22.1.10. My ad has been out since October and it is now February. I've only had two enquires, but no work. So much for being busy Also, they all say (Psychics) I will be able to pay back the money owing for Clairvoyance and Weddings $28.000 and also have a fair bit over. Buckley's chance I’m earning just enough to buy my smokes let alone anything else Spoke to Kevin Rudd, Spiritually. They say the car will be up and running very soon I'm sure the Government are coming forward. See you soon Unless, I'm taken away by Aliens? Who need's Woody? I think my Guides has given up, or whatever, really how many years should I let go by? Did it ever occur to you? May that clairvoyance is fucking full of shit? The book, 45% each. Elvis, indeed? Kym, innovations Minister Could not get anywhere with the Secretary? Phoned a few times after waiting 4 months to finally work out they are not receiving my books and music. So I posted them Should have received them by today or tomorrow. What did the Psychics say? I see lots of Weddings around you" "That's right I'm a Wedding Celebrant" "Well I see lots of Weddings. I'm no fruitcake? RSVP They probably want a twenty-year-old model. I never thought I was that unattractive? There were times I thought I was absolutely Georgiou’s. 135

No man wants’ me And what I do get, isn’t much I clicked on one guy, though he was nice, but wasn’t surprised when I got a "get lost, reply". Am I that Fucking Ugly. I did what you said and showed a bit a cleavage, but that still doesn't work? Over a hundred guys, and haven't been to the coffee shop, once. Attached is my photo's I think if Kym does not come forward that is the end of clairvoyance I don't want to wait all my life in faith and get nothing back. I might start looking for someone now. . Dear Dave, A spell was put on Robyn and me, which apparently she could not get rid of That is partly, why she walked away from everything. Robyn and God have been speaking to me all night. Those responsible will die an early death If Kym does not take the Invention on, maybe my book that I have given you will make people stand up and demand it. That is what Robyn said years ago, "People will stand up and demand it" If you haven't got abode Reader, you probably haven’t received my music and New Age Bible. You need heavy protection. I went thru Hell to stand by her, my teacher….I could see thru the shit I will be writing my own Cleansing Techniques and Affirmations for Readings. Patrick Swayze was talking to me in my sleep. We were doing an Acting Role He would walk thru the door after looking for me for some time and say "Where you been" I would say "I needed to be on my own, and had lots of coffees" He then in his sexy dancing body measures the wall and says you are here, to a girl and she is way up here. Which I think represented my Teacher and myself. Also as usual Georgiou’s Elvis, I was sitting on a chair while he was comfortably laying down, reading a book with rose-colored glasses. Extended my Advertising for Weddings and Clairvoyance, to True Local and Google. True Local $285 a month each and Google $100 a month each How the Fuck am I supposed to do it? Yellow pages came up with Jack shit and say it is not their fault that I got no work and are suing me for the money $28.000.People obviously don't look at the Yellow Pages anymore. I'm also online $170 a month. I have not had one call for a month from either and one call from yellow pages six weeks ago. They have no right to charge what they do. All of them


I was going to the doctors. Sometimes I feel like this when I lack iron but that wasn't it this time. I went to bed like I've been in an out all week, and I said to my Guides "How can I fix this?" They said "Have a banana?" I thought that was ridiculous. They then said “have some fruit" and in an hour you will feel better" I had a glass of veg Juice and an Orange. Laid down for a few minutes, now I feel like Tarzan's wife, not falling into my chair but actually lifted out of it, with vigor and energy. I've been sick all week; this could be the reason why I get really sick, for years. My Ads I'm very happy living on Split Pea soup with stock and water I have plenty of Newspaper put aside. Instead of toilet paper‌. Well, I bet you are wondering, what Kym is going to say I called today, and they said he has looked at my proposal and I should hear in about two weeks. I asked God, and he said Kym is going to think favorable about my proposal and gave me a shiver. Wheatear that takes me on or not I don't know, but I think I am heading in the right direction. Get it right mate, your fuckin Ugly? Got another reply from a guy from R.S.V.P He doesn't think it will work out between us. In other words, I'm fuckin Ugly. Any Day the Senator will call? Have you done my music? I will be walking in to see you with confirmation from The Senator In hand? I want you at my house, with the music entertaining us. Then we are going to have a party. I suggest you come by cab. This is one day worth celebrating. Sage The Spell Caster, Said My Teacher who is stuck on the Spirit Plane, because she is afraid to pass through the Light, did an awful lot of damage to me. She felt I was a threat. Another words she did not want to follow the path I was on and keep her man and security. Sage is lifting all the binding and spells put on me from a lot of people over the years and going to put a protection around me that will last all this lifetime, so nobody can stop me from doing what I want to achieve. She's charging $700 to do everything. It will take her a month of work. David, If the feeling is right? When I get that contract, I'm going to walk right up to you on stage and ask you to Marry Me For a little encouragement, could I have your beautiful smile and sing "Silver Lady" by David Soul. If I don't hear it I won't ask? When the car is up and running and not quite there, your man will be there and so will your music? 137

"So will you Marry, The New Age Messiah?" To love, and to hold from this day forward? I will be busy soon especially since all the hexes have been taken off me, and I feel a lot lighter and happier now. Getting out of my Recliner was always a hassle also leaving my house Been going down the club every night for the past two weeks, and now I am thinking of walking their every night so I get my Georgiou’s figure back And going to the pool, to get a tan and work out. Getting on top, use to seem like hard work, especially these last ten years, but I think that's going to change? Letter from Kim Thanks, but no thanks. I was talking to Charmaine W, last night telepathically. Asking her, to give my work back. Nostradamus also asked her and she scoffed at it. She said I'll put Satan around you ten years ago and if you don't leave me alone I will do it again. Well, she did, but I got rid of it. God said she is no longer a Medium but a Psychic and he is charging her with 2 counts of Manslaughter and for stealing my work I think David is in tune with me some day's and is writing everything down. Well, we will be able to take her to court. Give Sage a Call and get her to do protection as well, which she says is at a Higher Level and last's a lifetime. I'm getting my whole family done as well as my Animals. People are Evil I know my boys will be attacked for everything relies on them. My son Robert set up my Music equipment. I'm going to get a Karaoke machine as soon as I get some money in. First I'm going to learn all of Whitney’s Music and revamp of my old material. Haven't sung since I got sick. The Karaoke also has backup singers which I need for Whitney Look out Neighbors "Where do broken Hearts Go? Do you have PDF software So I can send my Music and The New Version of The New Age Bible Nostradamus wants to come back on board with fresh new work and a book He's now officially my Guide as well as the new material. Elvis is coming on Board soon with work And I'm waiting for Michael Jackson Dave I couldn’t have made it without the friendship I have had. And I know Sandy took a lot on Spirituality sometimes it does not seem fair but more than likely it all works out in the end. And of course, Hot Stuff has my book I gave him. And a Movie It will be a laugh. 138

David's Ex-Wife, I think has a little book that she got and has been sending everything into a big rage to David and Myself. I also got a call last week one for Clairvoyance and one for Weddings. Which I think was from David’s ex-wife…. The Vibes were bad as I knew she was in a bad mood. Clairvoyance call and Weddings call, both said "I sounded as though I had too many Vodkas" To be honest, they are the only calls I got, now I think about it? I've only just learned my Protection and got Sage helping me, so thank God for that, or I would probably be dead. My protection only goes to a certain Level, as far as I know, and to do with what I have so far learned, it's not in my specialty field, as yet. David’s ex-wife, I will help her with the Business when the Steam Engine is up and running If she excepts my help I don’t want to read her, but that's what I have been told if it’s right. A Thank you, Note I believe David and his, now EX wife and myself all benefited from our Spiritual Friendship I would have probably died years ago, and it helped me rare my children and of course, I would no way be where I am today I think David for many years has wanted to walk away from his marriage and the Spiritual Friendship we had helped him with his marriage and goals, not to mention self-esteem David and his ex-wife will both have it come back to them for the help they have given If the Steam Engine comes thru, I might even help Sandy set up in Business, and I believe she needs a car. Wheatear or not David comes my way. Somebody is sending me Negative Energies, "Wonder who that is? Tony my Ex is passing over soon My Teaching Course is very much needed and appreciated, and there are fresh new energies around my work. She recon's that I allow people to attack me, but 99% of the time I did nothing to these people and did not even know they could do the things they did to me. And quite surprised to hear that these people have attacked me The Only person, I'm not surprised at attacking me is David's Ex-Wife. I feel what the Spirit's dished out was not quite fair, even though all benefited from it. Recon's Salt Rocks keep negative energies away. Well, my house is laced with Salt and I still get the Demons now and again. I've had to learn to fight them and protection Techniques. She wasn't bad, she was right about the fresh energies. Relationship, I've nearly given up So you've got a Backer, in mind for me? David’s ex-wife’s, future Husband 139

I may be wrong, but I feel if she did Hairdressing he may be in that field. You need advice you got it. It's night time so I hope I am reading right. All quiet so I think it is safe. A Teacher of the craft will help you, so many attacks you can't believe it, I told you so and you didn’t listen. The waistband will expand and more no business for years. Don't take it for granted what you got now because soon you will have absolutely nothing and a bad reputation. Sucks don't it, well you have been warned. A Magician is going to show you some tricks, how to save money. Spend big; you've got some spending sprees coming up. And hot dinner dates if you want them, but they are not really what you want. So, many bad people. Your Guides will keep you on the straight and narrow. You won't date for years. Sending Music and Book soon. I had a Reading from Stella, from Absolute soul Secrets. Got a Loving Relationship coming up, could be later in the year, as there are new fresh energies around me Well your idiot if you don't The time is right you will know what to do, nothing wrong with now and want your music soar. No problem with the person you got in mind, got huge talent across the border Don't tell her off, just go, works better for you, in the end, No picture in the horizon, you have had enough Look in the books and give one a call for chats, communication, and long-lasting friendship. You end up having a jolly good laugh, go on spoil yourself. Stop wanking the donkey and stay on your own for a while maybe 3 years, do you a world of good. Girls will come running, but keep them at bay, you don't need that shit. Wanking the donkey won't do either. Makes you unstable. Go the Christian way, I will find you love within 5 years, more or less, if you keep your pants on It rains it pours I know, but you will learn your lesson, and lots of treasures coming your way. Your book will sell and other trinkets, keep them safe or they will be destroyed so will her partner. Be wary. The demons come and go A Horror house on show Yea, My Teacher did a bad, bad thing The Greatest Teacher in the World As Beautiful as Snow Left me for somebody, I didn’t even know I'll keep her in my Heart As The Greatest Teacher, I'll ever know Why she did this to me, I'll never know. Readings for Woody, by Charmaine Readings are for Woody's Entertainment Only Readings come from the Spirit World and no place else March 11.2010 140

Watch your weight mate, it's Plum biting, the doctor has not ordered that. Too many rows on the home front. You can't put a foot right, can you? You know what the doctor would say, don't you? Well, I have a very nasty cough when I laugh, I believe it happened when I got sick 10 years ago. My Guides said put sugar in you smokes and it will go away. Well, I'm going to buy Chocolate Tobacco, and that should do the trick. I've got a feeling my Laughing Teachers are back. They must have been bounded too. They want me to get rid of my cough first It’s Amazing and quite pisses me off that it took them 10 years to tell me what is wrong with me. With my work, I am really financially ruined unless I find another name to use. At the moment I'm starting to feel there is no work in Clairvoyance and Weddings at all. Hasn’t a clue how I am going to survive. ? It’s been long enough. Two men are coming forward, can't afford to go out, they will buy her things and dresses, they want her looking good. They don't care she got no money. Can't afford anything, they see the big picture and want to be part of it and they really like her "She makes me Laugh" Sorry love, but we've given up" You could have been so proud foolish pride. We’ve given up. A Lawyer is coming forward soon, can't afford to take her out, what has happened, has he got over his grief or is he playing games. You dick head, it's too late now, should have made your mind up years ago. Put your straight jacket on and go back to prison you may see straight. The dinner jacket costs a fortune, didn't it. Could have been different. Two men coming forward, do you want to be the one who loses out? We will see. Buy a diamond earring, Woody, looks as though you got doe, people will hire you February should have been the time, why wait any longer. The story has been told, and you bloody Idiot you have the Investor all around you Show him the work, he will take you on instantly. Buy you a Gold Watch too, because you are never on time. Well, I don't like my Guides mood, see you. Readings for Woody's Entertainment Only Readings are from The Spirit World and no place else. Watch your weight, its plum biting, you haven't looked this great for years, what happened. Got Legal did you. What hell you have been thru Oh well a new Horizon now, and girls galore, if you want that, but they are only shit anyway. Don't sit by the fireplace go out and meet them, should do the trick for you, and you will learn about people, so many hang-ups and insecurities.


Should have lunch with somebody special, but your waiting for news on The Horizon. There will be gossip soon, Warning be ready or you will look like a fool in Media eyes, you should be ready, don't get caught out. Music galore springing from you, your head spins sometimes. Watch your weight. You may be losing too much. Or gaining. The dog needs a wash, take them out, buy a biscuit and make it up to them. They're on your side really. Elvis is sitting next to you in The Studio. Sometimes he speaks about a girl a love nest, it can't you he's speaking about. This girl he loves and is waiting for her. He wants you to tell the Media. He has a Kingdom for her. Brand new start in time. Won't be long until things change. The man she wants don't care couldn’t be bothered he will be sorry, and spitting chips. Better be warned than not. See you soon Sue Readings are by Charmaine on March 20010 You’re good looking enough to eat aren’t you And you’re looking into the dictionary and doing all your work, good boy The Picture looks different, doesn't it? Why not go for a bite to eat? Woe the girl, you might be disappointed at first. You must try a little more, who do you think you are? What a laugh, what you get you won't be disappointed. 5 years is that what you get or is it months. Well, I don't know? Somebody is scratching their head. Be a good boy and buy something nice. What you got is nice but something nicer, and brings your dog with you for cuddles. What a turn on, well you got your dog at the end of the day. Buy something nice you may get away with Murder. Two timing git, well it isn’t that way somebody will be froffing at the mouth soon, too late, lost interest. Goodbye, shit ass hole. Too many bites to eat for that person, and the drug store can look out, been buying too much and should know better, lost everything couldn’t see straight, he was warned many times and just laughed. The Warning is there but it is too late, things have changed and feelings. Knock on the door, salesman, buy it lunch and change your hair color to suit. What the Salesman wants the Salesman gets. Work boring but looking up, Google will change lives and be independent and laughing all the way to the bank, about time. Be warned, many warnings of attacks, because of change. Bottle of Champagne, Goes down well with the company. Leave the dog at home, stay for the night. A Dress to kill with all hanging loose. Buy a guitar and tape it, won't be long until the Media come and you can tell your story. A love nest for life if you want it. ? Butter would melt in your mouth when the Media come. What drugs cost you. Somebody will learn their lesson in time. Goodbye, I say. 142

The book will sell, with Nostradamus at the back, he's talking to her now, and the book will be extended. The book will be hot property with Gold miners, people that want to make it rich, with a simple prayer and faith. It won't happen for those that don't believe. I wait for your call. Remember Me? If you like living on "The Edge" Give me a call? I owed Electricity $700 six weeks ago and have not had a dime to pay them since, and I'm supposed to pay them $150 a fortnight to keep the payments up. Telephone I owe over $400 for two months, they want $250 by Friday. My bank is overdrawn because I do not receive enough money to pay all my bills, have no money for food or Smokes. I may have to get a border in if all fails not my fault, the Government asks for it. Haven't paid for my Funeral cover this month, so I hope nothing happens to me Wait; is that Elvis, singing to me? By the way Rego due next month Now that I have done my Cleansing Techniques, I'm going to give you another reading, What the Fuck? You are another dick head playing games, the time is right to look at the clock, the temperature is right, go for it Eating out for lunch is fun and cigarettes galore, Chocolate Cigarettes is good for a cough, clears the Throat, and won't you sound better, especially Witney high notes. Well, I went for the one who shakes his booty on the dance floor. I thought I would talk to him spiritually. This is how I think it started. What I believe the Guides said? "There’s a Disabled Pensioner, who likes you?” And the whole time it went that way. "She doesn't cook, she doesn't clean” Etc. Etc. Sits in her recliner all day, picking her nose, listening to music, bored shitless. No wonder he didn’t want to look at me. And saw me drinking water, well that said it all So I'm still Virgin Charmaine. It's do or die Google wants $300 on Monday, In fact, they want $300 every week Friday I had one booked for $100 she cancelled. Cancelled Had one today for $100, she put a wall up because she did not want to part with her money, even though we started at $200 and I let her have a reading for $100 Taped too and posted. Got two booked for Monday at $200 each, supposed to call Sunday to confirm the booking, for Monday they have not called. Yellow Pages online $1500 from last October fetched in $700 NO, they haven't got their money and they aren’t going to get it True Local want $288 a month, been Advertising for over two months, haven't got one call. Google wants $300 a week, been Advertising since last Thursday, got one call, but they have not confirmed their 143

Booking so I guess they are not coming. It's Monday and they want their $300 for the week . Elvis and our Night Together. I was awake, and knew Elvis was in my room I was pulled out of my body The next thing I knew, well you can guess? Yes, he does do "The Deed" My Income for the Year Yellow Pages $28.000 Ad fetched in $600 for the year. For Readings. Two Inquires for Weddings but no bookings Dear David Well, how well does Elvis do "The Deed" Well, he had me screaming, Too bad you missed out I may be ready for Marriage soon Starting a course up at The PCYC at Carindale Having a Whole page in the Local Papers may be each month. I will find out by Monday Google asked for $300 a week, $40 worth of clicks per day. The salesman reckoned I would for $40 a day clicks get 15-20 sales a week. Well, I advertised for 3 days at $160 I did not get one call, and on the second day, I got 5 clicks at $2 + a click but no call. Google charges $40 a day for $40 worth of clicks but I only did just over $10 worth, and they keep the rest, too bad they say I said to God "I'm Finished, tried everything, I don't know if I can stick around living like this, I will constantly going downhill and out of my mind. I said can you help me. Well, he did. Dear David "The Deed" I felt in the mood and Called Elvis. The next thing, I was snapped out of my body and kept rolling, until I went off the bed. I ended under the bed then at the side of the bed. I was in a zipped up suit, I could hardly breathe or move because I was so turned on. Elvis Reached for the Zipper, I could hardly move. Or breathe. The next thing, he was at it, I was screaming I also visualized a man in a car, really enjoying a meal By the way, he is really skinny now, and gorgeous, the last I heard was him groan Then I was back in bed. Sleep Tight Sue Bye for now, Frustrated and lonely, Not for long, year I hear you calling A bit of a moonlight walk? See you Going to be Famous, Mate. 144

Written to Woman's Day, Courier Mail and Sunday Mail Not to mention I am Available for psychic courses Also Steam Engine Invest. I may have slept my way to The Top and get an Investor. Good on Elvis, he did it for his Country. ? You're used date is over, start dating and spend big on yourself the lipstick is ugly but it will keep you occupied. And you’re book; the story will go well, other words you can think straight. Buy a book and read it. Astra Travel, in the 3 rd. Dimension, where the Animals are. You will be going their soon By the way, you've got your own kingdom as well with somebody that you love and adore. Won't happen overnight, but you have earned it A playmate for life in the 3rd dimension. So we will be Neighbors. And won't they be naughty little characters Read your Bible, and learn from it. A Good Teacher coming who will show you the way. Woody Eat Grapes, your lose the kilos, Grapes , High Fiber and the kilos will drop, no protein it makes you sick in the stomach, lay off it for a while especially a steak, really makes you weak and chops. And greasy Onions and pumpkin. Well, it made you sick. The fiber-like Mus lie is to clean out your stomach and Grapes to give you energy as you are weak. Grapes all day carry them with you and eat them in the car. Knock Knock who is there? It's Jesus Christ, I am a woman now, no I have not been preaching to everyone, I have been healing people and the poor and I have star dome coming my way, I will make the history books, don't you worry 80 years of age looking so attractive and long hair. Always promoting herself. She'll look 69 instead of 80 and get younger . God has turned the clock back. Before you know it a teenager. And God is smiling; she taught the World a lesson. It's in The New Age Bible if you have it which I think you have. Those under 30 grow no older than 30 body soul mind spirit, inner child etc. look it up you will look like a teenager too, The world awaits. Those over 30, grow younger to 30 in body soul mind spirit, inner child etc. Whole being. And make me more attractive to the eye Bun in the oven, not for you, you are too crazy to have children. But you will in time. Later in life. Do your work, and it will work out for you "The Deed" say so much if you read between the lines, and the Media are hot on the Trail. Elle and Dolly Parton Richard Burton you name it will be around soon. Somebody wants to cash in hand Jobs, not small jobs but a huge amount. 145

Join her, expand the cash. All her friends will be there and they will be laughing. Join her when you are ready. You don't have to work for long. And sell you books everywhere you go, including the Psychic Course. People will buy it and it no time you will be famous and living off a Yacht. Well keep safe, Remember your protection, you will need it. Good times at hand, and lots of beer, you won't be broke for long. Suspenders on, Good Night, he's waiting for me, The Angels are Going to take me away for a little moonlight walk with Elvis. He's promoting me to star dome, and loves it He's her good night girl and lots of fun. They will be rewarded in the end. A love nest that will last an eternity. And a home for animals in the 3rd Dimension. A bit like the Gremlins but Naughtier, it will make them laugh the animals are adorable and made to be a little crazy and naughty cause that’s how they love them. Woody…… Good looking aren’t you, you grew it all back, forget about the beard, none of the girls really like it. You may think it suits you but they are really dirty and girls admire you but not that attracted because of the beard. Ask them they won't tell you the truth. You'll still hot but people always lie. Your teeth look a hell of a lot better, what have you done? Stopped seeing that dentist, you’re looking after them yourself, better off mate, they only rip you off, and to be quite honest they do more damage, scrapping them all the time. They know this but don't care, as long as they got their house, lifestyle, and girl, they don't care. Buy your dog some pigs ears or bone, their bit bored, Daddy been in the shed a bit more lately, doing his own thing. You need some advice, go for lunch with the latest flame, she will be good for you, maybe some candlelight dinners if you’re up to it? If it's right maybe. Long-term goals may be boring, but they are worth it. Stick in there you will be right. She's got a lot to learn first, and who is the cheerleader? You are, she knows this. Buy her lunch and pay for the Meal, won't be much, but it says it all. Speeding ticket, be care full, and depressed, can't think straight, put a chastity belt on or do something about it. You really need good advice. Think straight and go out with a few lunches with a girl you like and make business plans There is somebody you know who is well to do, you only need to get the car going and people will come running. He is a very nice man so is the wife and he will see the FULL PICTURE. And "The Deed" will sell him straight away; he will see it for what it is. Readings by Charmaine, Readings are for Woody And for his Entertainment Only. Readings are from the Spirit world and no Place else. 146

27th March 2010 One Woman, one Man aye, took years off your life, didn’t it? You will meet her soon, at a formal gathering. A Wedding of the sort. Small, petite, but very beautiful You won't marry her straight away because she has other commitments, e.g. children or hubby that has gone adrift. Do some hard work ABN ain't you shy, well it will be soon, you’re going to sit back and relax. The book will sell soon, maybe six to eighteen months, it depends on when it comes round. Your backyard shed looks good, keep everything on file their, she doesn’t go there and never will, that’s your private place. I want to be surrounded by Gay's I love and adore them and I feel their time has come to shine. Nobody is perfect. It’s all part of our learning process and where we are in life. People that are gay have not quite finished their cycle or some born in the wrong body; it's all part of our learning and self-acceptance. It’s a journey we have all been through in the past to make us what we are. Animals are gay too and born in the wrong body, check your garden out sometimes. A bit going on out there you know. Cover your kid's eyes up, make them laugh, it's all normal you know. You know what the preachers do when they get upstairs Most of them laugh their heads off all day and annoyed at themselves at how they went about it, how they judged others, negative and boring And I must say BORING The most boring book that was ever out. "Not Boring" Fuckin wake up you preachers are the biggest bores out and hypocrites and so negative and most of you don't keep your faith. It just feels good to be up their putting everyone down and looking at their faults. The Demon's love you Make me the Best Seller that has ever been and Music Artist and you have won my Respect and there will probably be a tear for the people. And God cause I've made him so happy And I know he is wiping away the tears with joy too. Satan does not exist; it is a group of low lives that rule this world. In time I will set you free. It's in The New Age Bible. But you must learn your lessons first. Don't watch those movies anymore, they scared the living shit out of me and I was haunted every day of my life and sent insane, because of the demons and Negative Guides and a past love. Those Satanic movies are so untrue. Don't listen to them The Old Bible you can chuck out It's only depriving people of a life and so depressive and negative. 147

Buy a new one. People only go to Hell for a short while until they have learned their lesson. It's not for eternity Including the Demons, but they have a long time to go until they learn to respect God, themselves and others. People are meant to be selfish bastards at first until they have learned all the good lessons that Karma brings, and a stint in Hell before being sent back. We've all been to hell, including me it’s part of our learning to make us what we are. Gay people have no right to be put down. Let the Media expose them, to what beautiful people they really are I will never return again. I think you are all a load of selfish idiots, and only think of your self’s. God knows this, and he doesn’t blame me. Goodbye to all of you once < I', finished hopefully this world will be a better place. God wants me to come back someday and rule this world thou Government. Well, I want my Animal Kingdom. And God usually has his way. No longer will I be poor and constantly be put down. So many low lives around me. I will govern the world one day and change things for the better, going to The Alien World first, to learn New Order. The passage is clear I will meet a man I desire and suitable to spend my life with. Be good to him or else. I expect The Media to always respect me, and the people too. I will lead you thou to The Government. God has always been good to me, and I will do what he has set out for me. You better change or this has all been a wasted effort. And I really have not enjoyed my life. I'm happier asleep with my Angels than awake. Readings by Jesus, the first and the last Listen to all you cunts, last time I was here you put a steak thou my heart and side. "I won't be back again," I said. Well, I'm here to do it again God healed my wounds and made me laugh every day now I'm back. Don't put me on that steak again, or hell will fall upon each and every one of you including the Animals, the dear sods. But I love them, each one and every one Man is evil and Selfish, I haven't got much time for them But I am doing this for God, for I love him to pieces and swear by The Bible. Too drugged fucked, excuse the French! The Media will hound on this constantly. He has lost a lot because of this Let him learn his lesson Could have been the handsome prince, that was never forgotten I will write another book later 148

Now let’s see what is in the arena Have you learned your lessons, haven't you? Been a good boy all you’re live. Your looks have gone astray that's why you’re not in The Testament. Buy a manual and look after yourself. Buy her lunch, and join in with the club and if you want sparks may hit You have to earn respect. You know if you join the club it will start from their and won't you be hitting the Big Time Go for lunch See you tomorrow "When the car is up and running and not quite there So will be your man and your music “by Robyn. Hopefully, that still sits. You got the backer you got The Music you got everything So how about it? Readings by Charmaine, Readings are for Woody Readings are for Woody’s Entertainment Only Readings are from The Spirit World 27.3.10 What The fuck is going on? Now you know the truth, don't you? He isn’t coming forward Never knew the truth could never see right? He's not stupid, and has been sticking around for me, and what's to come? Its 330 a.m. I know you're glued to the computer? Ha Ha Is that why your wife got upset at you never going to bed early? I meant to sit up all night and write to you when you've got home from work. Got a Reading 10 am tomorrow, hope I can do it, or she gives me trouble. The one yesterday did I said he's gay, You are having financial problem and this is having havoc with your relationship. He will take off for a cruise and when he gets back it will be all lovey-dovey. I said you will be lying in your bed, by yourself, thanking God that he has gone away, for a while. And that your finances will be fixed up when he returns. He said he is having financial problems at the moment but could not relate to what I said. And walk off 5 minute Reading. I'm unpaid Do you know the Taro's back to front? Karmen says she's not living in Brisbane and cannot make it To the course at the P.c. y.c. hurry up, and make up your mind Advertisers will call me during the week; I got to know what to do Also The Media will be hot to trot about "The Deed" plus they've got my website, it says it all 149

Call me for Lunch, as soon as possible Name your price Do you think $2400 is enough for a course? Maybe we could extend it and charge more? Get you ABN out And my house is cheap and Air-conditioned Since you haven’t got a place And Boob Boo needs a friend so does boss And Boss is waiting for the limelight A couple of years ago I told Boss "You are The New Age Messiah, for Animals and you are going to be on TV" His eyes were in shock and big and saucers. The next day he insisted that I open the back door of the car instead of him jumping over. Fuck em It’s 10 am and my client has not turned up I went to bed at 5 am so I would not be tired dragged myself out of bed early Got dressed, cleaned house had something to eat for energies did my Spiritual work Got everybody to disappear Did not even have the decency to phone me to cancel appointment People are so selfish, I even told her to call me if she wasn't going to turn up People don't care how much it cost Businesses when they don't turn up because they could have booked somebody else Also, the length of trouble they go through to get ready for their client. Apparently, I did a hell of a lot of Walking in my past lifetime So please excuse me if, I can't even walk down to the shop anymore I hope you understand? Many will join; put your name on the paper. The press won't last long The joke going around the room, about Elvis? He walks around the room with pride, do you? He means well when he says this. Bar-be-cue galore, for her Happy Easter Reading on April 2010 Readings are for Woody’s Entertainment Only Readings are by Charmaine You must learn your lesson first mate, Got kicked out the door last night mate. Like a pussycat who needed to do a piss Won't cost you much to ask somebody out what’s her name? That's right. Well, I think you need a real kick in the ass. Watch your diet man, too much porridge, your shitting yourself. You’re a Genius in bed, but it just isn’t happening the perfume is awful. Count your calories or you lose out, too many bad tempers Get rich scheme coming your way, somebody self-employed, newspaper article. Now, back to business Am I going to be The Next Jesus Christ? Right? Well, I should have the biggest and the best Spiritual Centre out. 150

I want all my Friends to join me, as I know they are with me for a special reason, we are meant to help one another. I'm going to call my Psychic Centre "The Club" All my friends of Jesus "Virgin Charmaine" The Media "Woman's Day" will call very soon, please do not take much longer to get in touch. I will teach "The New Age Bible" and how to channel I also need someone to Teach Taro and whatever other services you may have that people will be interested in. I also need someone to do Meditation I'm hoping this will be ongoing. Not sure how I can attract the people yet on an ongoing basis. You never know "Woman's Dayâ&#x20AC;? might regularly do a story on me? My Teacher did say, "When the Invention is up and running, the press will come pounding on the door. And the people will stand up and demand this Invention be on the market." They are sick on the fuel prices and being ripped off by the Government and likes, who say they are trying to put a fuel saving device on the road. They don't want to admit that they are the ones at fault for not bring in enough traffic, just like all the others. And they even put your account on the credit file if you can't pay, even though you have thousands of dollars on credit for an add and you only made a couple of hundred "It's not their fault" "it's YOU". They say? Sweet Darling, there isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t no getting over me The flower is starting to smell beautiful Went to the right person this time If that doesn't work by the end of the week, I will take drastic measures. All thanks to Herbalife Fancy suggestions, over dinner? Some nasty business I learned in The Asylum, way back. The one with "The Golden Heart" Woody That's YOU I love you like a good friend and see right thru to your heart, I always have. Soon everyone with The Holy Spirit will disappear. And I believe I will be with Elvis and my animals are coming too I think it has to do with The Aliens? And I think Woody has an amazing Music contract coming, so get ready. When everyone disappears, you have the explanation and the books. Get them off my computer, the final works of the New Age Bible, Music and Protection from the dark side Charmaine W, also has a lot of explaining to do, and I believe she will be taken to court. ? Now, they say I received 84% more traffic when I advertised for $40 a day worth of clicks. Actually putting it into perspective, I received only 5 clicks for one day. 84% sounds good doesn't it on their side. They also charge me $40 for the day and it was only $10 worth of clicks, they keep the money. 151

Also my Website according to them is the reason I am not getting any calls "It deters from the professional image" They should be put in the bin, to ashes and set alight. The demons are going to get you, their time is up and they will go on a rampage, and make themselves known, Use the Protection book, everybody will need it. New Order is coming, a fresh new world, and the end of all bad. Bags packed, it will be soon, had enough of being alone and can't feed herself or pay bills, and the end has come. The Telephone switched off, car Rego due, can't pay $150 a fortnight Electricity, $200 a month phone. From $450 a fortnight. No wonder she gave her friend 1.5 million dollars once everyone has got their share. Their lives have been so miserable because they cannot afford to live, or feed themselves etc. Let this be a lesson to The Government. You Greedy Bastards, the end have come to you as well; people will stand up for their rights. You took every penny off the people and make the poor and sick suffer. No more, you've got what's coming, riots everywhere and burnt down houses, of parliament. No longer will you exist. And The Queen can nick herself for all I am concerned. That lady has a lot to answer to and The King. Goodbye sods Somebody is getting married soon, so I have to go shopping, Stick it up you assess everybody, she finally won him and nobody listened. Beginning of the New Order From Nostradamus. This is the end of the book, must I say I've had a good laugh, at all the mistakes people make and the good tidings. You shouldn’t of letting me down girl, it was all there for you "The New Age Bible" it could have been in your name, instead you tried to destroy everything in its path. Good luck to your future endeavors. You won't get much where you are, poverty and no boyfriend, for years. You stay up late at night and wonder why you walked away. I know. Money, the root of all evil. It wasn't your fault, I guess you could not take what was dished out. You even tried to stop a song being pushed out, so much guilt. Well, it should be said, so people learn. The dogs are going, the pussycat staying, good food coming its way; they will right the wrong and get that car running. Mouths will drop soon, nobody around to nag, all the good people gone. Why not read your book it will teach you everything you need to know, with laughter too. Good book, every body’s destiny will come true, as long as you listen and protect your self’s. Life for a short time will be hell, so many spells, put on one another. Well, they are going to hell, they have been told. 152

No more spells laid, or you will pay dearly. You'll get your work back, should go to jail for what one has done, that's up to you, it was a lifetime work and for the people. Gods work. (The New Age Bible, the story) Will be the black sheep for a very long time, won't look pretty when the time comes, will look ugly, big crime. Will lose weight then gain it in a big way. You won't look back. Will be ugly in the end. Big price to pay. The time has come to say fairs fair to pay the rent Now to pay our share? I'm still here "Trina, the Aliens are coming, listen to what I'm telling you, The Aliens are coming" Thanks for being a good friend and the kind of nut I like Sue My bags are packed May it be a long night? The doctor is looking at you, poor health, it will come right. Girl next door image, coming your way. She will make headlines with her image. So poor and broke, can't afford to feed herself, let alone insurance and health cover, can't afford medicine. (Smokes) She will lose her mind and drift away, far away. She knew and didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to be part of it Well, the time has come and God has stepped in and The Angels, and Aliens. Will be part of this life no more. Two weeks from now, you will hear no more, it's over and a new life. The Angels are coming, so is God and The Aliens. Smokes galore, where she is and so cheap. They cost basically nothing to buy, and that's the way it should be, it keeps people stable. More tobacco the better, everyone is in the mood for dance and cheer. Healthy mind healthy attitude. The love Joint. Going overseas soon somebody making a will and getting married. Overseas trip will be good. It will be very cold. Going to England, to celebrate a reunion. Had a lot to do with prayer, she is very happy now and very devoted to him. Cost her a fortune losing him, mental health, but he is back with her. Best wishes for her will be there in spirit. And boy have I been busy keeping all the demons away from her, shook my bedroom at night, but it was worth it to see her smile. Now you know the truth, why so much was destroyed, with love, not the intent. You couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t see right could you now it is all destroyed We told you time and time again, now it is all in the bin Go to the Estate agent and get it all back, you will do Not much to say on that department, very disappointed. 153

The person in question will pay for many lifetimes may be an eternity. Destroying somebody’s life work and the importance of it all, for the people. Will be a great price to pay. The time is ticking, sitting by one’s self, wondering what’s going on. The Truth about clairvoyance that it is all full of riddles, it will be written plain and simple soon. By February all will be plain and nobody will judge, like now. The Forbidden fruit tasted good, but it lacks courage of seeing the truth, now one must pay and dearly, Questions will be asked time and time again, did no wrong so why. Can't explain, couldn’t see right. You know why to tell them. The baby is on hand February, goosebumps all over. The car is riding high, Mother not around, go elsewhere, and won’t be back for a long time, another lifetime. The poetry is good but sad. You have no right to judge either, will see the truth soon, at least you don't take anything. I got a Relationship coming very soon I've got two men approaching me soon The Aliens have been bringing me work And I am now just getting all my bills paid I hope the Aliens keep bringing me work I'm fucked otherwise. Yes, all is finally clear Don't know who I am marrying soon Don't know if I'm Living or Dying Will it be David, or will it be Elvis? Clear Readings by Charmaine Readings are for Woody Readings are for Woody’s Entertainment Only Readings are by Aliza and no place else Learnt your lesson mate? Making some body’s life miserable by casting spells isn’t the way to go Now he is happy and you are happy I suppose everything is hunky dory. Well it isn’t, fix up what you have done Never do anything like that again to anybody otherwise the crime will fit the bill and more You are always moody because of the crimes you have committed in the past. Lift it off and repay them, in five years your moods will go away. And a man who loves you dearly. Otherwise, cop it sweat. I am a Teacher of Teachers, now you've learned your lesson Bye Hugs and Kisses. I was a threat to her because we were supposed to be best friends and joined at the hip She walked away, and cast spells everywhere to stop me from being successful. I think she even did things to Dave so he would not see right and stay with his wife. She stayed on the Spirit plane for about a year afraid of the consequences of her actions 154

She got the Cane and whatever else. She has no family and the community snub her. She has no money, no car, and sleeps on the floor She will never have a man and all she will ever be is a cleaner. She even did things to my Mum, so she would always have a go at me. Since my Teacher died the spell has been lifted, and I've never seen her so happy, I know she laugh's to herself every day at home. She died an early death because she tried to destroy my life and destiny. My life would have been for nothing. No man, No money, No future So when you cast spells, remember eventually you too will pay for the crime Sorry, this has to be the way it is between my Teacher and me, I really thought the world of her. Learn your lessons and never do Evil spells on one another or you will suffer too. God sent her, she will marry you, first glance, that's the way it will be. Marriage in the arena, for everyone. Christmas you will know. She's beautiful and full of teeth. You won't lose yours, keep brushing them and give the dentist a miss, he only used you and said a few white lies to keep you The dog misses you, Telephone him once a week if you know what I mean. He will hear you. Needs a hearing aid at first but will soon pick up on it. Cheesed off at you, but knows why, buy him dinner spiritually, knows you care and a pat on the head. Will laugh at the meals. They are so good Mash potatoes and bangers, it means something the waitress is coming forward now or soon My Teacher My Teacher wanted security and the one with the most will do Pull your pants down to everyone that thinks you’re a fool. Show them the brown eye. The car is coming thru. Wedding bells, on the horizon. She’s a tiny bit nervous, can't stand herself sitting in that chair all day. So many demons, watching her. Where is lunch or bar-be-cue.? You should show up at her door soon with a bottle of wine. And a friend, a neighbor of sorts, keen as punch. Write a letter first and organize it Say you’re bringing a friend. She'll be fixing her hair all day long and painting toenails. Organize it now! Patience running out. Like the ship that passed by, very disappointed. Well, the ship did stop and anchor. We have been giving you scenarios of what could be. Now lay down and cough Good tidings for you, next year more beautiful than the sunset. By Christmas you will know about it, and she's got kids but they are older, and you are The mechanic , and they are keen as punch, so is the Women You will marry her 155

Readings by Charmaine Readings are for Woody’s Entertainment Only Readings come from the Spirit World and no place else. 18th April 2010 You know you did wrong, Going out with that girl last night made you laugh didn’t it Well done. At least you sorted yourself out goodbye to shit Loosen your tie a bit, you’re a bit stiff under the collar The waitress had you in mind right from the begging. Been begging you to take her out for a long time you got a growth, looks like shit Want a new beginning to buy a hat that suits you, and watch that beard, looks like shit and dirty. The waitress loves you anyway; you’re a puppy in her eyes, adorable. The toast is full of yummy toppings, butter, and good for you, keep eating at least twice a day, you will lose weight and Tuna on bread. Good on you Tea time, slow down when you eat. $150 Food, Dog, and Cat food, Smokes, Petrol etc. Foxtel $30 Telephone, $200 ft., Rego, websites, Gas, Car Maintenance Lawn mowed, Entertainment I think fucking not David, on Pension Day, I would like to take you for Dinner at Hungry Jacks You can Order any Meal you so desire? The Electricity is being cut off, tomorrow so we will have a romantic meal by candlelight. Can we go in your car, as my car has run out of Rego If you like Thriller Movies, You’re bound to be Entertained all night at my place. One minute they are talking about David the Next they are talking about you If David is not interested, and I think I have waited long enough, it will be good to see you. Maybe The Aliens are coming? God wants me to keep my funeral cover Lord knows why? Also, so many people want me dead. For such trivial things. Isn’t that right Woody? By the way, how's your health these days Have you been taken to the cleaners too. And David, have you been snowed over too Beats me why people can be so murderous when things aren’t going their way. $150 Racq, Funeral Insurances, Bright Stars $28 ft Crisco $40, car / dog fines. $20 ft $150 Electricity ft Melisa will be getting a part-time job on a computer, she wants’ to help me but has her doubts 156

But best intentions in mind Lots of money in about 12 months around me The Gentleman coming forward will have a lot to do with my books and the Invention Got sick of waiting for David and went out and found me somebody else, who is a lifetime partner. Is a star born? Well, Hot stuff is going to Advertise in New Idea. Getting a Loan from Cash Converters on Monday to pay for the ad. I think this is the go And I'm going to charge $150 for 30 minutes. I think I will do really well. Now that my Health is good. Now getting to basics, who the fuck is approaching me. Is it you or David? And my Guides have made sure I have my Funeral Insurance in place. People will come, Make sure my boy's know about protection, please if you can. I've had so much done to me, for such trivial things. Can't afford to print the books, so I will send them maybe tomorrow, Hopefully this is the last copy Cheers Woody What the Psychic's say? Heath problems, wish card, Depression, Death 2. A Gentleman coming within 2 month's Dark hair and green eyes. Lifelong partner and soul mate. My Dream…… We were in a car, under my driveway, and I said: "Goodbye" to all this shit. I asked them not to forget about Mum and Boob Boo as I don't think they will live without me. We drove in their space Vehicle to Mums and there were my boys at mums, they were about 5 years old. Robert was interested in how the space vehicle worked. We then took off in the car to someplace. I asked a Psychic what my Alien dream Meant. She said “Health problems, Depression, Wish Card, and Death. Hope you can take big files. Will be sending my Protection book and The New Age Bible, within a couple of days, I think this is the finished product. Elvis getting fresh Somehow I think New Idea is not going to bring in the money. And it makes me wonder why Elvis is taking an interest in me. Elvis Takes Charmaine's Virginity????? Keep updating The Protection but it does not save changes. Will get back to you on that one. Elvis’s new Job. 157

They say Elvis is a Janitor at a School, to give him ground. He cleans toilets. I said to him â&#x20AC;&#x153;I see, so I suppose you are interested in me because you are hoping for early retirement. I don't believe he has been with anyone since he passed over. And has spent years having a good look at himself. And wants a partner that God will grant him. I think he has Lily and Burby, my animals that passed over the last few years. My Dream "The Aliens" I had a dream that an Alien and a Robert were in my bedroom and had come to take me away. Since my book, The New Age Bible, Is not sold cheaply A certain amount can go to Charity (my book was given free.) My books are to be given free to countries that canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t afford to feed themselves and those people that are on the streets. When The Six Sense and God are fully exposed In case I am not around in the body, woody can foresee how much is given to the poor, as I cannot totally foresee at this present time. I was also paying for a permanent Protection spell. SAGE the Psychic But really I have to do my own protection as this does not seem to be any good or she did nothing. She wanted $700 for work that took very little time. Of course, I woke up and have not paid her Alisa taught me what to do! By the way, Elvis keep seducing me, on the Spirit Plane and in my room I've also been connected on The Spirit Plane for the past ten years, to Robbie and Elle Macpherson I was talking spiritually to Robbie, I think he hears me Somebody is coming forward soon, I also hear it could be Robbie those songs he sing's Jesus and Loving Angels instead, mean something Robbie said on the Spirit Plane in my sleep, that he heard a tape recording of how I felt about him. He got real Romantic. I hope The Aliens come in a big way. Yesterday I was looking at my Funeral Insurance. Today I am singing love songs to Robbie Who knows what The Fuck my Guides are on about? The Big Rip Off? A Psychic called Sage wanted $700 to lift off spells put on me and binding Also permanent Protection. Two months later my Guides are teaching me how to do it 1. For bounding and Binding Step into The Golden Star of God for protection


Take the Binding strip from the Top and unwind down to your feet, and keep whitening it as you go along Visualize this. Care full, slowly if it's been there a long time. Takes a few seconds 2. If any hexes or spells are put on you Step into The Golden Star of God for Protection Ask every question you can think Anything placed on their Advertisements, their Hair doo (David s new photo) down below, their mind, their clothes, their car etc. If "Yes" Place a Golden Star of God around it and ask God to lift it off and send it to the Universe for Healing, as many times as to see clear, as it may have been placed more than once…..? Michael Jackson the split personality He is having professional help at the moment to get rid of the younger female that has haunted him for years He believes it came to fruition from a bad Relationship. Don't forget about The New Age Messiah's Flush and Go Sold at all Department and Retail outlets? Thank you, Woody I know you have just completed What will be known as "The World’s Greatest Scam" and it will be legal The World will laugh with us, and everyone will benefit Readings by Charmaine Readings are for Woody Readings are for Woody Entertainment Only Look what you have done; only a Telephone call away. Go on I dare you You've got a smirk on your face, naughty boy Go to the Movies, Drive-In, and “Got a lot of talking to do" The bar-be-cue is set outside and everybody is grinning and gearing up for a party. Been a long time since somebody new came along. The bar-be-cue is set, so give her a call That's your Reading Sue Michael Jackson Michael had two personalities. He did not know about the boys until years later when people started talking about it. By the way, are you still going out with "The Waitress, Woody? Will be sending books for, David, Woody, and Craig. Sending them to a Publisher, Monday. I told the Publisher "I have Clairvoyants Manual, which in time will be The New Age Bible, My Teachers are Nostradamus, Elvis, and God." 159

He wanted me to Email it to him so he could get it straight away. But I said I will post it. David, if you are really serious about me I suggest you drive up to a four-lane road, maybe the Gateway Arial, and start to build a bridge. Don't worry help will soon come. Just between you and me? Craig, in time, will be using a lot of eyeliner, and he will get the attention he is after. Time to come out of the closet Craig? Woody Eat lunch; more calories might work for you especially chicken (meat) sexually will get you more motivated. Your hungry all day because you don't eat, buy lunch out. No money worries you will get by Go to Hungry Jacks now and again, will give you what you need for the MIDNIGHT HOUR Flagship won't quite make it otherwise, got the hint What happened, to the Investor you have? The New Age Messiah David, Tips for Building Bridge on a four-lane road. Plenty of White Zinc on the nose and plenty on the lips Wear an Australian Hat with wooden corks Have your tool bag around your waist And go for it. Then you can sit back and take it easy for the rest of your life? On the Pension? You look stupid in that suit go buy another, browns blues blacks boring as all fuck look like a penguin. A Tooth fairy brought you a pie and forgot to take the stone out. Sue them for every penny they have got. In other words somebody took you for a ride regarding a car, finances poor, make them pay for every penny and we are not talking about Red River, your own devices. Took you for a ride, window screen, buy a rubber that suits. They washed their hands of you as soon as they walked away. "Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not getting a penny Ha Ha" Well, get them back with a lawsuit. You friend in mind will fix them won't cost you much at all Pool coming because of it with a fence, maybe brick, nice one Bogan villa's all around. Bouncy child on Trampoline your grandson of sorts, Will love the music, Teach him, will love you for it , other wards lead the way, bright child, wants to be in the limelight, and his Guides are in the limelight, they want you to know that he's not just anybody, will hit broadway. I think we are talking about my Grand Son Pase. Get your TV fixed, your be on it soon, smash hit You will be adjusting your TV set because you won't believe what everybody is talking about, they actually believe it. Naughty but nice gear, having trouble aye?


Been beaten up too much. September, it takes off with no worries, be a good boy and don't worry, it's only temporary. Gold Rush, suspenders, money coming in from sources, it’s a solid fixture. Did a good job. The Government isn’t smiling thou, too bad, you will get away with it, with a smile. Loving adoring dog by your side. Give him a bone, watch the time to by. Postage in the mail will sell big, High Market price. First, one that comes along will take it up, he won't be looking at it seriously thou but, by golly, it's a good book and guaranteed to sell. And her Teachers, well we will see what happens. Moving out of that house soon into a new one. The backer went away, you did not tell him straight, should have told him the whole story. Never mind, he will be back soon on a business trip. Show web site and blow your horn, go for it boy, tell him the whole works The Gay communities are laughing, Gays everywhere it has been legalized and everyone is getting married, mostly from what came from that book and people’s views. Will save lives too. Moving house soon, buy another one down the road with a pool, less expensive. With Entertainment, the dog will be happy. Got a feeling you will be giving a bride away soon, won't be long till she is married. God's view on Scientology People "You would go around the moon and back then confront God, you would be evil as all fuck" You would spend your whole life learning and all your life earnings and learn very little. If you did learn it, you would be a very cold person”,” The Devil" Readings by Charmaine 29. 5. 10 Readings are for Woody’s Entertainment Only. You think you're just it doesn't you with that short haircut, looks quite distinguished, and the girls love you. Put that wig back on mate or you will lose it all. A girl is looking at you straight now, with giggles, she likes your hair. Buy a wig quickly or she will go away. By the way, buy a bush. Get Busy. News flash, a girl is smiling buy her something to remember, the time is right, buy that ring. Scientology Lisa “You've been used, Darling" Tom Cruise God says "You are suffocating because of it, you are going down" "It's taken everything you got" You’re boring John Travoulter, God says "You will lose everything because of it, it will splash back on you! Well, A Psychic told me that my book still needs a little attention and that I will have a High profile person get my book out there. I thought maybe The High Profile person was Dave. (Don't tell him, big head) 161

Well, I watched Hey it's Saturday and John was on a famous Psychic…. He had to guess what name was on top of his head. Go on Guess, whose name was on top of his head? Well it was Elvis. Unbelievable 2am as usual my Guides woke me up and told me to write to him. I feel my book it not totally finished yet, I will send it to him as soon as I'm finished. You’re a bit slack on checking for Spiritual warfare, I've been clearing them for you Will John put himself on the line and denounce "The New Age Messiah is here? Thank you, Mr. President, channeled by Aliza (God) Well, you know who's been in a nursing home Lately, Charmaine. Why because she can't afford her smokes, and your bloody ridiculous taxes left right and center, nobody can afford to spend a single cent on themselves. She can't sleep because that is the one thing she loves to clear the noises in her head and clear the strain of life She has to go to the toilet every hour or half, with a panic attack as she awakes. Her nose makes noises when she goes to sleep She has anxiety as soon as she lays down and has breathing problems. Also, would you believe she now has blood pressure problems that are high enough for a stroke or Heart attack? Does Charmaine lose her Virginity on her Birthday 7 July? Or will it be some body’s special treat on the 17th of June? The Dog has been kicked out of the bed. (Four posters) Just You and Me and Boob Boo smell I'll lace myself with alcohol and perfume so it won't be noticed and what about the lace stockings I'm sure the smell won't be noticed once I've to grab you by the neck and tossed you on to the bed. You’re in for it mate, no bars hold Dear Hungry Jacks, by Aliza (God) I want to thank you for bringing happiness to the people. Even the poor can afford your meals And believe me, it is the poor that eat at your diners they can't afford much else. And what if all you have is under $5 and no food in the cupboard, Good old Hungry Jacks comes thru I had a server shot of pain in my right thigh; I think my Guides did the binding to my legs to make them thinner? Also, they won't let me sleep. I love my sleep; it stops me going over the edge. They will only let me sleep 3 pm to 7 pm and 5 am to 9am if I am lucky. Tonight I got no sleep. Don't know what the fuck is going on?


Feel good, but I may be in the nut house on my Birthday if all don't go well? Been having terrible sleeping problems for lord knows how long. And panic attacks when I try to go to bed because I'm fed up. Maybe my Guides are sorting me out and giving me lots of energies and healings. I do feel better thou not going to bed every 5 hours. Not so on the edge. So we will see. Fancy that can't go to bed until 5 am, don't know how I'm doing it? I'm quite surprised. Hey, it's Virgin Charmaine, Fucking Birthday on the 7th of July. And also the Seventh is a really Holy number too, But it doesn't mean I will be These are my final copy, just sent it to John. The Government If you are on a pension and use Solar Heating, the cost you save is regarded as "INCOME" Bastards I pay now $200 a fortnight for Electricity out of a $550 Pension a fortnight. Only use Air con in summer. And they want the money I save, I'd rather put some food on the table. Virgin Charmaine’s Birthday Party All welcome, Kicks off 5 pm Wed, 7th Bring the Music If you want to impress me Will be just family. Are the aliens coming? I was lying in bed, the next thing I knew I was flying thru space, with stars and spaceships around me. Then I saw a Mobile Phone The Taxman is after you, you owe a lot of bills. If I was you I would build a bridge across the Gateway, real quick, or you will never be out of debt and I mean that. You will have to cough up so much doe, that really mate it wasn't worth it. Go and buy a guitar and sing for a while. Centrelink wants you back. Sit on it and play games all day long. September, bar-be-cues galore. And a girl with fashion The Star is an uprising. Sent a letter to The Doctor about her Night with Elvis, he shook his head and laughed. "That's just what I like to hear" He will look at her seriously neck time she walks in and remove her from those tablets Boss is waiting for the big day, he isn’t shy, he knows what’s going on and is very proud of his mum, and walks with pride He will celebrate her Birthday with her by eating a bone The Tax Man after you too. Put a bandage on your head and walk into Centrelink. You will laugh all the way to the bank 163

And ABN If you don't you will have any doe. Live with Mum for a while and take some time off Sit by the bay for a while Watch your medication, you aren’t taking enough, should be stabilized. Your pet poodle needs attention; buy a biscuit the one he loves. Buy a book and sit and read it. Won't cost you much. The Taxman really wants’ your ass Go to Centrelink, all bills will be paid, and your Mum is Laughing See You September or sooner, pay your bills then you can come around and have fun. Don't pay to be honest, so broke, well you won't be any longer. And suspenders coming soon, that's worth staying home. Bye Sue Readings are for David’s Entertainment Only You Bull shit all the way to the bank, don't you? Trying to win that lady over, just to get her in bed. Well, your get what you want. Shell scream at you next time she sees you and tell you off She's got another man in the site who takes her more seriously. You should be ashamed of your self She can see right thru you Mr. Bullshit Nice outfit, you look good Well she see it as a trap that isn't worth walking in to, Mr. Bullshit so you thought you would express yourself with a Card. Send a CD and write on the back “To the Messiah, good luck on your Birthday, see you soon" What a boring Birthday, nobody really cares They are only really turning up because they have too. Buy a book and send it to her, you know the one, it's in manuscript. That will shut them up for a while The think she lives in fairyland and is not quite all upstairs. So basically they couldn’t give a shit about her birthday. The dogs do, they love her, and see what's going on Need a tire for your car, buy second hand, you won't be using that car much more, more likely sitting at home and relaxing. And laughing The Happy Home Mailer will keep you amused. Try making it into a game and see who wins it's about who can boast the most. Who gets the most cash? It won't be you it will be somebody else, but all will be put in proper order, can't see the paperwork. Just explain it, A few coffees and will see the picture and you will be reimbursed. With delight and a giggle “I see now how stupid of me" In other words you will always get your fair share with delight. You did a good job and everybody is laughing including the Tax Payers.


Boss is so proud, his picture is everywhere, and everyone is holding it up and praising him and his owner. Is that what I got and laugh? The money will come in left right and center, maybe put it in a Key Ring for keepsake. He will be loved and adored by all And make sure Charities go to RSPCA so no animal is put down or homeless and without food. And we will look into other charities as well, maybe medical and The Poor. Reading are by Charmaine. 6 the of July 2010 Reading is for Woody D And Readings are for Woody’s Entertainment Only Buy a CD and send in the one in your room, if you don't you will be disappointed, so many rows at home, so many games, couldn’t care, and they think he's just after her doe, cause everything comes at once Watch your spending sprees, a girl coming that you will have to pay, it might be that one, don't spend too big, a bottle of champagne that’s all. You will write a letter and explain all at a later date, but so much shit has been poured over someone, the boy's don't care and the Mum cries all the time. “She is so sick" Send the CD "The Messiah, Happy Birthday, catch up with you soon" There’s a movie you will watch and you see yourself in it, have a good laugh (I think) Buy the movie and show somebody some time, and the kids will love it, now that they can see straight. Maybe it's about Noel, the bum. Be patient and understanding or you won't win the girl, Steam Engine coming, write a book, nearly finished and he comes Buy a bra cause your tits are sagging, poor health they with be put back in proper order, mostly due to your diet. You need more beef, but not fatty makes you sick. Take time off work and travel for a short while, Got a Wedding to go to, Steam Engine falling apart but it is back together and everybody is celebrating. Buy a tie for the occasion and boast. Tie suits you, very unusual it says it all David, you’ve been having real big fat ugly cows with no teeth ask you out haven't you? Well, let’s help you see clear - If you don't marry me,? That's all you will ever attract, Big Fat, Ugly Cows With no teeth Readings are by Charmaine 6th July 2010 Readings are for Woody and his Entertainment Only Go for her mate, she's a really nice girl Wear something appealing. The maroon shit won’t do, sleeves look shit You need to show your arms, something sleeveless and low neck you know the one it’s your closet. And sing her a song Humphrey Bear, the one you chose for her. 165

She won't stay around but she's good in bed and will make you laugh. If you don't wear that shirt, you won't get anywhere, she is really fussy. She likes you, but you’re not quite what she fancies. Wear that shirt. The Reader said Dave is Keen, but he's waiting to clear up past issues and I have had mine to deal with too. Took me 25 years. So what's this with the waitress, you playing games as usual? Sometimes I put my own good thoughts in hand Not quite sure what I read for you Unless I cannot read properly thru Computer. Bit of a Mystery? But this is a good way to figure out Clairvoyance and bring it to the public. So keep my letters. Yea, by the way, had a great Birthday, sitting in my Recliner listening to 4 BH all by myself all day Robert and Melisa brought me a KETTLE, I was so excited still waiting for Mark to pop round? I call them “DUTY" calls But I know I will see him at Christmas I'm probably the first person he thinks of when he wakes up on Christmas Day The goods have been getting better and better with "Chriscos" Help See you Miss ABN of Australia Well, I couldn’t get to sleep all night, then out of the blue, I hear "It's Woody , I'm on the Spiritual Plane laughing my head off all day," I also thought you were dead ? I rang for a Reading at 1 am in the morning, well mate this is what they said. You are much drained and are busy helping a lot of people. And you have not done much to my Music, Happy Home Mailer or The Book, you should write. Maybe you are too sick, lord knows what I pick up But If you got a decent Reading you would find out that I will eventually pull that car off and get a Music Contract. That's why they keep mentioning go the ABN way, because you are to drained and have not got the time Do you really want to work your ass off, to pay off your house and have nothing left over? Or take it easy and face your dreams. I may have to go elsewhere if you eventually find you had no time. You've really missed out, you will have to make a choice The ABN way is the way to go, are you really want it to happen for you I just heard "Hey Fat So, Woody says you got Bull Shit coming out of your Ass" Where that come from? My Clients 166

The fourth person came. They were too depressed and no energy for me to be able to read them The fifth person called and they couldn’t even afford $100 for a Reading or $70 So really my day was a complete waste of time More than likely, it was because it was my Birthday and the Spirits wanted to downpour it. As usual Mum, I am all she thinks about, gave me a large sum of money to help pay off my Crystals for my Bedroom And of course, I got one for David a Red Jasper. When he is lying flat out on the floor and cannot go another round. Well, we have The Red Jasper, to get him going again. Also, a got an Orange carnelian to help him as well The Psychic if you relate to anything she said is Mel the Phone No is 1800 333 007 $44.50 for 10 minutes. She also said that you will end up making excuses to help me with my work and I will find somebody else. I just think it’s a wakeup call? Well, let's sort out the good, bad and the Ugly? My Clients I said don’t you relate to anything I've said. She said "NO" I said well I will just charge you $50 But she refused to pay and said she could not relate to anything I said. The second person came in, a Male. I said you have an 18-year-old young man coming to see you soon. It's like father and Son and you have not seen him for some time. You will be working on a car together and going on fishing trips and outdoors, getting to know one another. I saw the dumb look again. I said don't you relate to anything I have said. He said "NO" I haven't seen my Son for some Years. He does not have a license and we would not be working on my car because it is a new one. Well, that was the end of that one when it came to the Third Reading. I said you are all putting Walls up so I can't Read you and you all really don't want a Reading. I spent about 3 hours of my time cleaning the house, doing my Spiritual work. Putting incense thru out the house and getting dressed up. Then I'm treated like that. The Scent of Real Women Worn, Unwashed, Knickers for Sale Send a postal Cheque of $100 with reply address to PO Box Cannon Hill. Yes, would you believe on my Birthday I got a call, which was a recommendation that 3 people from The Gold Coast, wanted to see me for a Reading? $120 each for an hour. I was rapped. I offered them to watch Foxtel, they can smoke their and half coffee. Make themselves at home while they waited. 167

The first lady I said. You’re going to meet a man about Christmas The Relationship could take a long time to fully blossom because you both have commitments. It could take 3 Months or 3 years I said you’re going to get a pay increase at work or extra money you may be noted for your services. Also, your car is going to have a water leak and will blow the engine which will cost you a fortune. I looked at her face, and it had a dumb look, and just letting me waffle on and not pay me Now listen here, Stud I have a Personal Trainer 5 times a week Not only am I beautiful but smart. He costs the same as seeing one Trainer for half an hour, only once, I’m getting five times the amount for the same price. Now listen here in 2 to 3 months times, I will be looking terrific, and it will be SHOWDOWN You BETTER BE READY? What do you take me for? An Idiot? I sometimes wonder? I'm going to the Clem Jones Centre, prefer the outdoor pool and it's much cheaper than Fitness First Fitness First charge $35 - $70 for half an hour Clem Jones under $20 for half an hour plus their fees for the Gym is cheaper. Maybe you should go there and see me laying by the pool, all bronzed and Tits. I visualized a Truckload of Knickers coming my way, But unfortunately, they would not do the Advertisement So should we "Kiss and say Goodbye?" Or should I ask you to Marry Me I think I'll go make the bed, you need a good work out Good on you mate, it doesn't pay to work does it. All those hours behind the wheel, working your ass off and poor as fuck at the end of the week. You're no better off just sitting on your ass and getting pissed every day and having a good laugh with your Guides Darling, there isn’t no pleasing you (Song) You had me where you wanted me and you went and blew it You only had to say the word and you know I would do it Now you can go and do what you want to do you went ahead and made a fool of me with you there isn’t no loving Oh, Darling, their isn’t no pleasing you 4 BH Another dream I was being taken aboard the ship, and there were a few people there. I passed my house and saw my babies in front of a car engine; they were about 2 years old and 3. I gave them the bottle and changed nappy then left them with my brother and said goodbye then went aboard the ship. 168

I also looked at land that when everybody is dead the land will belong to the Queen and will be worth about $20 The next dream, I had got off the ship and Elvis took me by the hand. I said "Twenty years a bit of a joke isn’t it" I then saw him behind me with what looked like Priscilla Presley then when I had another look it was an old woman. Elvis then led me to a bar, and said" I want you to listen closely" My ex-was ringing somebody, he wanted to talk about how much it cost for personal items like shaving cream. I heard a women answer which sounded like the local pub, and all I heard was that she has a son and not much-made sense, I thought she was on drugs. I then Stumbled across David being cheered on by people. It was like he was so fat that a trailer had to carry him outside I then saw fat women in a chair, being wheeled out and I thought “do I have to marry her" Instead of giving her flowers, I gave her an umbrella. So your just a no good Bum? *Just sitting around getting pissed every day *Hardly working *put on so much weight that you can't fit into your Jeans *And just watching TV all day Really as my friend Joe put it, you really are a "Real loser at the moment” A Demon in my room Tried cutting his head off, but nothing worked, I the said the Lord’s Prayer and he went away. This person has approached me a few times, trying to get friendly. Yuck I've heard of a few people who have sex with this kind of people. They are the ugliest people you could ever come across, and pedophiles and Murders And you know what the girls don't care, as long as they get off on it. Worse than having sex with your dog Which I don't by the way "Dave" Still, haven't forgiven you mate, If you want to get with me, better make it fast Take your medication And you better not get too fat Are the aliens coming? At 7.30 am I was lying in my bed, and I felt I was being attacked with fear and energies, tried everything but could not get rid of it. The next thing I was on the Spirit Plane and an Alien, Human-like was talking to me. She said the World is going to be blown up in about 3 weeks’ time I was to go with them and leave everybody behind. They also showed me that I had no negativity by showing me a graph 758 169

My friend , Debbie, who I think could not live because she could not afford her Cigarettes and Alcohol Addition is now gearing up for Michael B. After all the awful men she has met, she can't believe her luck. I think she will get into Comedy Acting. She's going to my house sing "I just haven't met you yet?" She was talking to me in my sleep and making me laugh, She said, "What did you do, yesterday?" I said "I can't remember" I forget what she said, but it made me laugh. She's going to Rehab at the moment. Great Ass and Tit's, "Fuck that,' says Elvis. I'm jealous because of Elvis and been with some of the most beautiful Women in the World. And many years go by before I find a guy I am attracted too. Elvis said he is through with that," it is really boring with a girl if there is no spark or commentary, I would rather be on my own, I really couldn't be bothered at the moment, quite happy on my ownâ&#x20AC;? I was lying in bed about 2 weeks ago, and easily as I can do I went on the Spirit plane in my bed and saw a really old and I mean old man with skin peeling off him and grey baldy hair that was flakey, rubbing me over and trying to kiss me. I tried the Burger with the Works, tried sending him off to the middle of the Ocean. I also ask that my Guides put a bandage on my feet and or legs and a coolant also give them a message. (This helps greatly and within a few minutes it usually goes away) By the way, later I figured out what Debbie was trying to tell me God said she is going to have a family. Don't know what she is going to do for work yet, but I know when she first crossed over she was Washing Cars, as she is not allowed the Pension because of the Suicide. But God forgave her, due to the unbearable Circumstances. (The Government Taxes). Got a Headache? Ask God to lift the Gunk and Heaven, off your Aura, Head, and Mind, And send it to the Universe as Healing Sometimes a Headache is caused by too much heavy gunk on your Aura Head and Mind So, Woody and Dave, you suffer fidgety feet from sitting in that bloody car day and night. Well if you moved in with Mum, Woody you would be laughing your head off all day? And I believe Dave, has now joined the Alete Bums and hits the piss all day, and laugh his head off all day, so he might get fidgety feet because he's on his ass all day laughing and having fun all day? Got a Product or Scam to sell? Are you sick of paying a fortune for Advertising and have the feeling of being ripped off? Well, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not alone Check Becanada under Google Free Advertising World Wide Becanada and others like it, you send off thousands of free ads 170

Worldwide each time you click "Go" There are so many sites with this software that you really would have to spend a few days to go through it all Sometimes it takes 1 hour or less to send 2000 free ads out and there are other sites and you can send up to 15 different Advertisements each time. Burn Bush Burn, will make millions over and over again He's going to jail We’ll see you, Charmaine Cookies need Cleaning each time you send your Advertisements off (Becanada) I get my Son to do it every week don’t take long It slows the computer down. Also, use the Pop-up Killer after you have placed ADS You can then go about your business while your computer is sending of Thousands of Advertisements. I send off 15 multiple ads of one ADD and about 3 Adds of the one is cleared. Still Learning. Elvis is the most popular one and eagerly accepted by Classifieds. By the Way I got Currency for countries for free, on Google and Telephone Area Codes from Becanada Woody Love has struck you all over the globe now that you are on your own. Buy a book mate you are better off. One will take your home; the other will bitch till the cows come home. Don't invest in it at the moment. They are TRASH The media wants you in the spotlight An old spinster sitting at home wants you to write a book, exactly how it is. Write it. You've got an expensive taste, haven't you? That will buy it and more. The TV needs adjusting and you can’t be bothered changing the channels, you really aren't listening, are you. Buy a book and sit down and read. Do you good. The meals are good aren’t they? Especially mums and no washing up Get the broom out and sweep the house you lazy bastard or she will kick you out. You got a good thing but no need having the table laid as well, and make your bed your room is a mess, have some pride, you're shocking. And your socks stink Put the laundry out and dust the furniture, make yourself useful. Your mum has had enough and works hard. I think you better take the hint mate if you know what is good for you The caterer is coming round soon, but it won't be nice The Book must be done before the Aliens come around and the CD put together, hurry up We are depending on you, so is the aching flower Readings by Charmaine, 24th August 2010, Readings are for Woodys Entertainment only Knock, Knock who's there? Its Elvis making promises, you are reaching for Gold. The climate looks good doesn’t it ABN"s all over the place 171

Well, you finally did it didn't you. You saw straight through those Bastards. Ripping you off left right and center. If she goes to jail for what she say's don't worry about it because it's about the PEOPLE and there will be a real riot , people won't stand for it they have had enough and she speaks out for the people, Hope you understand, which I think you do Your playmate has gone, been blown out the door with a kertsey. Light a Cigar and sit back and take it easy. The Bible is good, isn't it? Make a fortune. The dick head has gone away, thinks’ can do better, why not write a book about it, and good seller make everyone laugh The pot is stewing, it's on heat, and everyone is moaning. Buy a guitar and hand it to him The CD was good that should change the tune, always brings back memories. Tell him to get that CD out and play it back. He’s a recording artist should put it together, will sell like hotcakes in time especially 4 BH. New House Lots of car space Music Studio Hairdressing saloon area for Sally Psychic room's for The ABN'ers Maybe separate Housing for the boys, Granny flat etc. or upstairs And downstairs. All on the dole paying off a Mansion. Are you paying Attention? I need your home address, lost it? Maybe you have moved? Got an update parcel to send you, if you want it? By the way for 5 weeks I have been sending out about 4000 free advertisements thru Becanada, on the internet, and I have not got one job, only two inquiries. Now I'm relying on free advertising I can only get a house worth about 560,000 That just buys an average house, plus $400 every quarter for rates. I expect about a Million Dollar House No wonder people are handing their keys to the bank. They can stick that good and proper I'm keeping my Air Conditioned, Housing, Thank you, Very Much I'm not going to tell you how much I pay in Rent encase it might incriminate me You’re all load of dick heads Buying a Mansion? $200 per couple a week x 4 couples = $800 a week Woody D, David B, Robert and Mellisa, and Mark and Sally + M Lots of lands and a dame, plus swimming pool + Entertainment Area + Air Conditioned work shed for Invention All about ME the New Age Messiah, Awaits X Factor 172

I also spoke to Kyle and Guy at 3 am spiritually. See where this gets me? It's not what you can do for Australia? But what Australia can do for you? How much of my $800 a week buying a house goes on Taxes, probably most of it? Stick it up your Ass!! I'm just going to have a little nap, it's 1.30 pm, then I think I will toddle off down to the pool and then wait for dinner which Melisa is kindly cooking for me I'm hoping to get fit and an all over bronzed Tan. Buying a House, What a Joke

My Beloved Teacher said?........ "You will go first to a place with your music, The man will be arrogant and won't take you too seriously; he will give you a contract which is more money in their pocket. Go to the second one This one is a bit nervous and will give you a percentage, and will come to your home. Your Husband will be there too at the signing of contracts. I think the people, I was going to see was The Idol Show, he's arrogant May be they will come to my HOME and offer a better deal, next time round The New Age Messiah Awaits The X Factor? X-Factor Bill Board Brisbane Go to Google x Factor Brisbane and look for bill board I may be up in 1 day or 2 Please respond as soon as you can and let me know what the situation is. Stops the itch Baby OIL Good too for BALD Heads. Why do I look so young? I use BABY OIL for face and hair (to make it longer, moisturizer,) and body Also for my Leather Furniture (comes up better than Mr. Sheen) and for my Wooden Furniture Cost about $3.00 a bottle and lasts ages. That's why I look so "YOUNG," Fuck the other products. 173

I'm ready, are you? Get Ready I called my Psychic "Psychic Sue" She says I've got the x-factor coming up and probably another one. I will also be the Top 6 I might do the Smokes on Credit, for a laugh and I need other material I suggest you get your Psychics together and look into it and amongst this, my man comes in, not far off either A Girl around me, probably Grandchild, it will be a surprise For 3 days my Guides talk spiritually to Guy and Kyle of the X Factor. Also, Guy has been sitting in my living room spiritually and last night I had a dream of the competition and the bus came to pick me up Get to it mate Call youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re Psychics? I sent an email to a few billboards on the x-factor, maybe they will contact me or I'm going to The Next Shows. I want my material ready. I'm going to the next X Factor, probably middle of next year. I will brush up on all my songs I learned 10 years ago, also some Whitney, Shirley, "Never, Never, Never" etc. The Press will be at your door soon, so be ready, unless I see you sooner ? You, Me X Factor? Tease Me, Something ain't quite a right fella? Smokes on Credit Stickybeak of D'arcy Rd Little bit of Petrol and a whole lot of steam, But, she's so good looking -(Dressed in the racing outfits, with a wide black and white hat.)And a long smoke I will need a duo on some of them, want to join me? Susan Publish my book, if you want to I set out to prove Clairvoyance, and I did Please Respond? What is the website for downloading music that you use? And what do I use to get the music in my key 174

How much do these things cost? If you can see your way clear and respond to my Email that would be very much appreciated. ? Plan Attack If I get enough Readings. From now on, I'm going to have a Personal Trainer, 5 times a week. Singing Lessons Once a week Keyboard Lessons once a fortnight Guitar Lessons once a fortnight I have had enough I can't go on I don't know what kind of life I have in front of me, Probably not much But I'm not carrying on like this anymore Maybe I will go out and try and try to find somebody that's suitable. What with the Government the way they are, I have no chance of meeting somebody I have to go to work or they have to support me I can't work full time, No man can afford to support me so this is the end of the line Even RSVP .com don't work Well, I've got nothing better else to do about time I got Laid? From The Virgin Princess I've backed Noel for 25 years, to be told he has no intention of pulling off the car and never did My Teacher, Robyn, had no faith David, waited for 20 years, probably doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t care? Tried 25 years for my Music Career, I'm now too old and fat. Woody 10 years, There has never been a man I'm attracted to all my life except Dave. I don't think my Guides will ever let me find somebody or there just isn't anybody? 175

I'm not going to work out 5 days a week at the Gym. Which is my Guides fault in the first place for making me give up my Smokes, and gaining 5 dress sizes? I'm not going to go to singing lessons and work my ass off for what to be told I'm too OLD I'm sick of being poor because I have placed every spare cent I have on these ideas and nothing has happened. And how The Fuck am I supposed to pull that Steam Engine off And my boy's refuse to do it, let alone being able to get a backer This is the end of my book I hear somebody is sick of "The Fat Jokes" Have you put on weight, David? I hear the dick shriveled in size if you put on much weight Is that TRUE? The Gist of Clairvoyance Clairvoyance is to give you moral support in hard times and help Guide you to face your Dreams. Guardian Angels cannot tell you the future, only help you And genially they can tell you what is going on or what the person is thinking But I don't think they can see into the future only Guide you I'm getting LAID tomorrow See You I Give Up I've done everything to prove Clairvoyance. I think they just tell you what you want to here? I've done everything all by myself with nobody morally supporting me. Just laughing at me and think I'm a big joke and a real dick head I don't blame them, because they don't understand but I've done my best on my own Where's this backer supposed to come from How the hell am I supposed to convince him to fund the money needed? And really I need a lot of training and support to be any good in the music arena I've written my books, maybe they are all in the trash can?


I'm giving up, and going to find a Relationship for myself. If I wait for my Guides it might be another 10 or 20 years or never? I did my best From The Virgin Princess Every Man’s Dream? Size 20 E Bra Their even trying to make people pay to drive their cars to the Beach. The beach has no maintenance and is made by nature. And another bite, most people are overweight because they are sick and the medication they take. It’s the life we lead and pressure. Not because of FAT foods You are fuckin assholes. Is it now or never? I told Mum, I cannot pursue my Dreams anymore, I'm getting too old, no moral support And it's too hard to find the money. I can't do it anymore. Well Santa came around, she gave me a sum of money and told me to have my own Business or follow my music I feel I'm too old and cannot try anymore? If nobody is going to morally support me and help me on my way, I give up Mostly because of my age and I have broken my back with trying all these years. Last time a few years ago, my Angels showed me the door in my sleep And said “you have a choice to stay or be with Elvis “I walked thru the door They thought I wouldn’t I walked thru that door and up the stairs. The life I have led is absolute bull shit I don't think there will be anybody in my life and I'm left to sit in my recliner with 4 BH day and night until I die If you have no money the night life is really boring And I have nobody to go out with or share my life with I have no desire to leave the house 177

It's just another chair to go to and sit by myself. If the smokes go up more, and my son leaves home I will have no food Probably live on baked beans and mashed potatoes. That's about all I can afford The Government are INDIAN GIVERS Give with one hand and take with the other. It's 10 pm and I'm waiting to hear if they are going to call me tonight in the chat line. Keep an ear out? Called you, but I know you are playing hard to get, I'm not stupid; can read you like a book It's 9 pm and I'm still in my recliner, listening to 4 BH Canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t you have it in your heart, to rescue me? This is the last song, I will sing for you, you come looking for the light on It won't be their But I love you Heavenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Door Yesterday and all night in my sleep, I was crying I can't live this life all the bull shit dreams any more I ask God in my sleep, if I could leave this world He showed me the door and I walked thru it My Nanny spoke to me and said she has been living on The Spirit Plane ever since she passed over and found out Elvis is my Guide. She now feels her job is done She said she has saved me many times from taking an overdose, because my life was so unbearable, and David saved me too. She said they are all coming for you now and my Job is done Nanny said she will be with Grandad, always. And my Doctor will take me off my pills soon, and that is one of the reasons I have no will to live. The pills do one thing but undo another part of me. I sit in my recliner all day, can't do anything else, too sick and no will. She said "Elvis loves me. I feel everything is done now and I can go now." "Thank you, Nanny." 4 BC Radio


I rang 4 BC this evening at 9 pm I told them Elvis, Nostradamus and God were my Teachers and that I am a Clairvoyant Medium Teacher I will pull off a Steam Engine and hopefully get a music contract. I told them 9 times out of ten I can tell what a person does for a living without a clue from them And gave them my Web Site. Are they going to check my web and call me back? Jayde, my Grand Daughter, who is now 7 has Patrick Swayze as her Guide And my Third Grand Child, who is not born yet, will be Houdini reincarnated. MY Nanny My Nanny passed away when I was about 12 years of age, I am now 45 years old I went to bed last night at 11 pm. Tossing and Turning, I said to God "Who is keeping me awake" I know when I can't sleep my Guides are keeping me awake. I said is there somebody here keeping me awake? And God Said "Yes," I said " How do I get rid of them because the "Burger with the works didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t work and everything else" God said "Give them Breakfast" So I asked if they could have Spaghetti, bacon, and eggs, I asked if they would like chips but they said 'They are watching their girlie figure. Pleased with that I then tried to get to sleep but couldn't. Pissed off, I got up, and said well "What is the reason," They said " Send this person thou the Light" "She said â&#x20AC;&#x153;Remember Me" I then went to bed as God said I can sleep now Psychic Sue, Said an Investor for the Car will more than likely hear about me from Radio or a show on TV which will be about February or March and he is a very good man. People will remember me from the TV show and I will knock their socks off. And to wear Red David is still talking to his x and takes one step forward then one back. If it's not him there will be another man around Christmas to February. And a very good Relationship. There will be a few men around me at the time.


My Doctor will wean me off my Medication when my Relationship comes along. He may keep me in a very small dosage. The doctor will read my book when he needs to fill in time and will appreciate my book. Moving to somewhere near NSW with my man and she thinks my son may move there too. Lots of fame next year. Cost $15 My Grand Children Pase my little joy is going to have a strong music career and one of The Bee Gees is his Guide After seeking a few doctors, who said nothing they could find. One said "What you need is a man that is why you are sick" Well at the same time if you check the records I brought my Crystals. I have had no problem since no depression on both cycles in between and the main one and no sickness. Don't even know when I'm getting my periods, I have no symptoms, and after one day they are nearly gone. I think it is due to The Rose Quartz and The Amethyst. I'm also getting more Crystals tomorrow for my bedroom, the same as before, but I'm also getting an Orange Carelian and Red Jasper to help David "When he's lying flat on the Floor, after loving me all he can", the Red Jasper and Carelian will help him "love me a little bit more", as Remember I am Disabled. Psychic Sue Credit Card 1800 732 337 Or 1902 990022 Pin 00111 Elvis says they are only joking about The x Factor, he said let them come to you, If that is right May be I think, early next year, things will be happening. But, "it won't happen, overnight, but it will happen" Psychics say next year? We will have to see So my friend, why is Elvis pissed off. Is The Red Jasper working? 180

My Crystals For about ten years as I have said previously, I was sick every two weeks for a few days with my cycle changes, not to mention mood swings and depression to go with it. What do you think I should do? Elvis "Your taste is shit mate, but I do admire you, if you don't get your shit together, I will have to look around. We haven't got much time, and I am disappointed. Get going mate or you will miss out. The mini skirt doesn't really do the trick nowadays, does it? Wash your hands mate and do the dishes. I'm coming round soon and kicking ASS, late at night too. You too, will not be able to sleep; I will be sitting on your bed smiling. Do you get the picture? Elvis is pissed off would you know why woody? Hardly get any sleep anymore, I think my Guides are keeping me awake certain hours until about 1 am, and then I suffer anxiety attacks and get no sleep at all. Tonight, I stopped breathing several times, too afraid to take my Anxiety tablets to help me sleep, too dangerous. Been very hard, me living on my own, and such a boring life. Elvis is here every day with my singing and I'm getting Tuition in November to sing Whitney Songs. I wish more guys looked like him. Is Adam Lambert


Because I would, love to take him home you too could use his makeup tips he's gorgeous I had a dream of Peter Garette holding a music sheet and in front of band equipment. Also, I've contacted today tonight and current affair about 1. Wedding Celebrant,

ripped off courses

2. Well, things don't look good All somebody does all day is have SEX and watch TV I might send love letters elsewhere? But on the other, they do have "The Book" Cigarettes do you no harm. Karma does and negativity. Coffee is not allowed in Heaven as they say it gives Heart Disease. 181

Debb, is fame coming my way? I sent a letter to Debb and told her Elvis, Nostradamus and God were my Teachers and I want direction from them. Is this the way to get to BROADWAY? I may get a Reading from Jenny her friend, in January or sooner. They say to get a Reading from Debb is a five-year waiting list. Now, this might be worth getting a Reading from Jenny. Just look at Google for the update? On Debbâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s website. Adam Lambert, "If I had you" He is the reason I have Foxtel 99% of the time they ignore my letters (My Electronic Smokes) They sent my smokes to the wrong country and said when they are returned by Australia Post I will receive my money back They usually don't write back, and I've waited for two years. Pretty bad HELP My flower has not had a good WATERING for over 25 years. I think it's going to die Gods, Health Tips One glass of Orange Juice or Grapefruit, Will burn the fat off, that I will be slim in six months, of course with moderate eating habits. Calcium will reduce menstrual flow. Sugar, moderately is good for you, for your mind and energy. I said to God "What foods do I need to eat, to be the most powerful Medium in the world." He said "You would be a diabetic" in other words lots of sugar and I mean lots. "Energy" He usually makes them face a death that is their worst fear, or I send them to White Light or Ground if "The Burger with the Works don't work" I use to have a whole horde of Negative Guides telling me my problems all day. Now I don't hear one, negative word, otherwise, they cop it. Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s put "Hungry Jacks on the Map and give them the respect they need. Hungry Jacks will you sponsor my MOVIE? 182

Be Canada, Free Classified Advertising I've sent thousands of free Advertisements on the net, every week for about 8 weeks Did not do one Reading or sell one book I don't think people look at these Advertisements. Smart Smoker Remember when I ordered my Smart Smoker Cigarettes Well I'm still waiting for my money back, 2 years later.

My Client for Pet Minding He brought the tin food because it was for special $1.10, and while he was away on HOLIDAY. I had to give his dog the same in food and flavor for 7 days People are so cheap and selfish when it comes to their animals and they act as though they love them Hungry Jacks, Menu Little Devils, chicken Nuggets with sauce Angel Delight burgers Burger with the Works Leave that mini skirt alone Elvis Negative Guides and Demons I usually treat the Negative Guides the same as the Demons "Burger with the Works" Or I ask God "What shall I do with it" I give Tinka 1 piece of frozen Whiting, (sold in 1-kilo packet, home brand Woolworths, micro waved in the oven for 80 seconds A big bowl of Biscuits from a Pet store, to eat all day About a cup of cats milk (not one drop left) And a Large bowl of water 183

My cat loves me and she is so healthy and cuddly I give Boob Boo and Boss my dogs Paws, Roo meat, $12.00 for 3 kilos Woolworths or Coles A tray of meat cuts, good enough for us at Woolworth $5 Raw Chicken Legs, $4 kilo, sometime necks $3 a kilo The loafs they sell $6 for 3 days’ worth And sometimes liver and kidney and heart. Plus all day they have a big bowl of biscuits, different flavor each day. I hate people that give their dogs the same biscuits and food, every day to live on, so selfish and mean. But I’m recently told that it is better for their digestive if you kept to the same biscuits? I don't buy tin food, its rubbish Jelly and gravy and the meat probably isn’t meat or it's just plain cheap rubbish. By the Bay Dogs need a day out too, and their owner could perhaps fish or have a barbecue with their family and their pet without worrying about other pets or harm. The council could charge maybe $10 for their trouble and to keep the area clean. Just a thought? Dogs need a day out too I went to a ladies house, I was looking after her old cat She loved her cat but I feel she was starving her cat She gave it half a packet of cat food in those little sachets. About 2 to 3 small bite-size pieces of meat and gravy A small bowl of biscuits and a very small bowl of milk and a small bowl of water. Her cat was very skinny, probably because of age, but I really feel it was not getting enough food. All my Cats that I have had, have been very big and cuddly even at old age, but not over fat, just right. My dogs are inside animals, they only like to go out the back when they have a shit I could not be so cruel and keep them locked up out the back, lonely and cold and bored. Also, they sleep in my room with a really comfortable bed and a Fuckin Blanket when it’s cold, even in summer they like a light sheet like we do


Also, could the Government may have beaches e.g. (Fisherman’s Island) and (The Colmslie Beach) Brisbane. Have area's that are for their dogs and owners to go for a swim and play without a collar I can't take my dogs because they like to bully other dogs, so I can't have them off their leach. Also, we need a sealed-off area where each owner can take their pet by themselves. Maybe the council could take 1 .5 hr bookings for these areas Dave Bring back the black pants? You look as though you can go for hours, in them or can't you fit in them now, mate. Ha Ha January 19, 2010 in Casting Call by Cameron HAVE YOU GOT THE TALENT TO BE AUSTRALIA’S NEXT SUPERSTAR? Australia’s favorite entertainment program, Australia’s Got Talent, is back bigger and even better in 2010. Auditions are underway for this exciting series. With the incredible international success of the UK’s Susan Boyle, and at home our own Mark Vincent, the winner of this series will have the world at their feet. Solo acts, group performances, comedians, dance troupes; our doors are open to anyone who feels they have a special talent. Here are the details of our open auditions SYDNEY Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th February 2010 the Tea House Royal Randwick Race Course off Alison Rd Randwick NSW 2031 So I'm afraid I will have to do this all by myself like I have all these years and show those Bastards. Elvis, Nostradamus, and God are my Guides and Teachers. I've had not one person stand by me Well I will show them 185

You better get the Happy Home Mailer ready and be ready for the press My opening line HI, I'm Charmaine I am a Medium Elvis, Nostradamus, and God are my Guides and Teachers I will prove Clairvoyance and lead people to their Guardian Angels and God My website is Stick it up your ASS One psychic recommended wearing red? And said I will be in two competitions and will get a lot of fame from it Don't know if I will win but I will be the last six. Psychic Sue said that and so did another psychic, a few actually. God Help Me? I'm going to my Personal Trainer, who has been avoiding my calls over the past couple of months. Maybe because he doesn’t want to train me for $100 a week for five days Well I will have to pop a few fifty’s in front of him to encourage him, Thank s to Mum Tuition starts in one week, I will be touching upon some dance Numbers and Whitney Houston I told my Daughter in law, between doors, near the toilet, that I am going on Australia’s Got Talent in February, and she said "Oh Yea" and walked back to her bedroom and closed the door, End of That conversation My boys think I can't sing and I am mentally ill Do they come home, love? I think once I am really out there, there will be no sleeping at night it will be full on. Have to have warriors and security everywhere we go to because a lot of the Demons will try to cause trouble thru people And so many madmen out there, and nuts that take their religion to the extreme. And they are everywhere you look around, you’re bound to find some religious nut. I should be a fuckin stand-up comedian that’s the only place I will get attention If I told my friends what’s going on, they would ask me if I am taking my medication.


I will be going by myself and doing it all by myself. The smoke-free zone will piss me off, but my voice will be in good nick. Good old mum doesn’t believe in clairvoyance, "no future in it" But she's given me the money, to help me get there "Buy a business, do with it what you want I don't care as long as you are happy, that’s all I care about" Will go shopping in a few months and buy a gorgeous outfit. Women’s bones sticking out It’s not fair that to get anywhere in the Entertainment industry or anywhere, women have to be so skinny that their bones are practically sticking out I've been to the Gym twice this week. Beetroot face and could hardly breathe out of breath, I looked as though I was going to pass out The first day my Gum Trainer at the end of the session showed me to a room where I could lay down recuperate. Also, I am in and out of the Recliner all day getting my Coffee’s and going to the toilet, Do you know how difficult that has become now? I practically fall on to the toilet; will probably eventually break the toilet seat. The mighty Warrior does not get any sleep at night I did try to crack on to Adam Spiritually But I don't think he will like what goes on in my room at night? I guess I will have to be satisfied with David I went to bed at 8 o’clock as I usually don't get much sleep at night I woke up at 10 pm in my bed on the Spirit Plane I could feel the Negativity in my room and outside I was holding a dish in my hands as I was laying down and sonically said: "Come and get your dinner, you know you want it?” I then asked God to Give the Burger with the works and to make sure I asked for him to cut off their heads and their balls, and put them on a dumpster and cover the dumpster to all


Demons and Negativity out the back and front and all the rooms in my house and my bedroom. I felt the Negativity in my room and heard a lot of rustling outside and then it was gone I had a beautiful sleep all night I'm now attacking them all night till I go to bed asking God to do’em" The Burger with the works” for out the back and front and every room in the house including my room and Mellissa’s room, also the side of the house Let’s see how well I sleep tonight Will show them who's boss. Dear Adam Lambert, Are you old enough, Are you old enough Are you old enough ooh ooh Are you old enough? The father of My Children Also neglect of his Children. His family on his side have also suffered, mentally etc. I have not been able to have a Relationship with a man because of this If someone did come along, more likely he would have run out of the house before his bags were packed “Fuck the Bag's, I'm out of here” The Messiah's Health Drink for breakfast 1 Cup of whole Oaks Cover with Skim Milk 1 Banana Teaspoon of honey Put in blender Very nice Grow old naturally makes you look younger Dear Dave, I hope you will love my wrinkles in a few years’ time, I think facelifts do not do justice, They look like your face has been hit with an iron board and so faulty. No Botox for fatter lips and no eyebrow lifts. I think I will look beautiful naturally


Hasn’t done anything great for my family, which I will not name. They look much better once the facial has gone back to normal and the lines appear, looks better and naturally. Where do The Demons come from? God says being the Messiah, has nothing to do with the Demons attacking me every night. They come from my x, the father of my Children because he is a drug addict and an Alcoholic. When Tony passes over he will be charged with Murder, because of my Schizophrenia, and was due to the way he treated me and The Negative Guides and Demons. Dave, May see you at the Redcliffe on 13 or Sherwood 14th If I can get a chaperone, Unless you can unbind those binds you have, and see clear. Wear something sexier, Hate you in Jeans "Does my bum look fat in this” "Yes it sure does" Whose that Tart? Don't think I miss a thing From what I gather she is a bit young for you are you going thru a middle age crisis mate Also, she seemed a bit vacant, looking out into the distance, she didn’t seem quite captured what was on stage. Well two can play at that game I think I will take my endeavors elsewhere and give that nice man a call grr grrrrrrrrrrrrr "In the midnight hour babe, she cries more, more, more" Ha Ha Beenleigh Hotel, Thursday Do I really have to pull that car off and get a music contract, to have anyone decent in my life? It's too cruel and too much to expect. I have really tried; it's taken too long I'm winded. I need hot dinners, a friend, and laughs Do you want me or not I feel like lying down and going to sleep forever. I hate waking up 189

I can't do this anymore and my life has been too much to bear. Don't wait for that contract, because I really don't think I can make it without you What sends me Crazy? Black tight pants Singlet under and an open shirt with sleeves rolled up to let your hair grow a bit. Too short. Like you had it when we were young, you were Georgiou’s My chaperon is moving away in 3 weeks to Mt Isa, so I may not get to see you, everyone else not like me who is well Educated "Works" for nothing in return. Can't you see it fit to call me? I'll show you the way, one more time? 07 3843 xxxx Honestly, I can't go on? I've tried most of my life Going to the Gym twice a day and starving myself and learning my music only to have the carpet taken under me cause everybody told me to give up my smokes, even the spirit world, they really went out their way. I can't go to the Gym every day, do my music and turn up at the Australia’s Got Talent. All by myself. I don't think I got it in me anymore to do? I have no moral support from anyone Only a Georgiou’s man that I have been trying to win his heart since the first day we met I can't do it anymore If you don't call, I might throw it all away I really mean it; I haven't even got it in me to sing anymore. I haven't sung for 10 years, I can't I can't even dance I've had the carpet pulled from me, and I can't climb that mountain alone, any more Mellissa going to Mt Isa Friday. Make sure you turn up soon I need the moral support. To our mutual benefit. Charmaine The New Age Messiah 190

Be a good boy or you will cop it P<S the Wealthy businessman that I may go out with for a few coffees? May help me with business down the track. Maybe a good friend. I will think it over. I might get another Reading on him and think about it. He's a decent guy and thinks I'm a brilliant psychic. Nice looking too, but love it takes a lot for me to be able to get it up. If that (EVER) comes to the case I will probably have to try him out at Karaoke. I don't know what is so fuckin wrong with me I am so fussy. I'm going to ask one of my clients out He has a lot of respect for me as a Clairvoyant He's also good looking and a Wealthy Business Man I will see where it leads Too good to let go really nice guy Not sitting at home anymore. Bye Remember I have spent most of 10 years in bed or in my recliner. I have to rest for a few hours when I come home. I did Cardio on Wednesday and it put me in bed all day I haven't done any Readings for over 2 weeks, they are not bringing them to me and I can't do them. Well I got a Reading David is unsure if my lifestyle suits his but before I go to my Australians got Talent he will call me. Before Christmas. She also said he will take me there and be in the Audience quite proud taking photos It will lead to something in ballet I will not get a contract from that one but it will lead to one down the track. Anyway, I'm not ready to go working full time in the Music Arena yet. I want to have a bit of money and be wooed I've been on my own basically since my boys were in nappies. I want to be with David and have fun Also, an apartment with one bedroom in England for a holiday I will do well at the Australiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Got Talent The Gym is good for me they cater to all people's Needs and requirements


I hope you are keeping a little book; this will turn in to a Blockbuster Movie. David in his tight black pants, wooing the audience. Don't know if I'm going yet, but you better look Georgiouâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and really shake that booty. He's got the money to invest, Good Christian Morals and a nice man, and he thinks I'm just brilliant. I have really impressed him with his business ideas I will take him to The Coffee Shop, Tuesday or Wednesday may be, we will see. God says he would like me to speak to him about The Invention. Could you sing "Angel" for me never kissed and Angel, can I kiss one tonight. That will do the trick, for now You know he's my future husband? Fuckin gorgeous Well did I have a horrible weekend it all started on Friday when I had the shits and vomiting Then I went into the deep depression until now. I started to think David used me and thought I was a Whore I have winged my puss off for 24 hrs straight. With no sleep And I don't fancy working my fucking ass off at the Gym and doing my music without support. My Gym instructor is pushing me far too hard. See you soon When the invention is up and running and not quite their my man will be there so will be your music Am I waiting for your call? My $25 Bucks worth I was so down in the dumps over the weekend and spent $25 talking to Miriah for 10 minutes. Now I am so fuckin happy Went to the Gym like it is no body's business. Talking to Ashley the Businessman this week And Music Tuition starting tomorrow, 1 hr each week. Miriah 1800 732 337 Credit Card $25 / 10 minutes.


1902 990022 pins 00111. Ashley, the Business Man I'm going to speak to Ashley, early this week about my proposal, I might make a friend of him and get him to come to one of your shows this week 14th. David, I'm so lonely and hot, tonight? Do you like it like that? I had a dream about a Schizophrenic that I know who basically wanks himself in front of a mirror all day and has no other ambition. A complete waste of life an idiot. I saw him in my dream walking along handcuffed with the Army walking behind him. As he was crying, he was told he is going away for a very long time. Beware of the midnight hour, you never know what you might wake up to Hope you are fully aware "Do you like it like that?” Ashley, Interested in Invention proposal I think early next year all will be on board and he has contacts to do with Media, also people dealing with Steam Engines and High Tec Computers See told you so I don't know about Elvis’s Energies, but he gets tired quickly, maybe because it’s been a long time. I think Elvis and I will have to have a "Little talk" Maybe I should concentrate on "The Red Jasper” for him too. Only the lonely Remember when I got depressed on the weekend and sick. Cycle changes, PMS made me sick. I haven't been to the gym all week, feeling very tired. Well, not enough energy to do a grueling workout. Will put me to bed. I have to pay for my days off, $20 a day. I'm a bit cheesed off. Tell, David, he owes it to God, his country and me to give me a call, so I no longer have this problem.


My Doctor said he feels the reason I am sick every two weeks is that I need a man. Tuesday, 14th 6.30 -10.30 My Girl-friend said she will go? Now the shirt better not be over 20 years old if you really want to impress me? Can't find chaperon Girl-friend got other engagements And Mellissa went to Mt Isa. Getting to Know Elvis, better Well, I spent my second night with Elvis. I don't know who was training who? He was training me or I was training him. I've got the Demons under control now. When I go to bed I have an Angel in my room saying "father can you do everything pleases, or Burger with the works for a single Demon" It's very quiet now, I also ask for "Everything Pleaseâ&#x20AC;? a couple of hours before I go to bed every 20 minutes or so, to clear my house and outside. Anyway, while Elvis and I were having fun. I had to have Warriors posted at each side of my bed and keep White Lighting myself, Cancelling Gym Not enough attention coming my way, Besides that, I was sick in bed for two days and stupid in the head because I feel unwell. I have to pay for the Personal Trainer when I don't turn up Since this happens every two weeks for a few days I can't afford to throw my money away Why should I keep fucking trying, I try so hard, but only make small steps. Waiting to hear from Ashley, about his decision of Investing in the Invention The Australia's Got Talent is on the First week on February, I think I will be a little under the weather and don't fancy waiting for hours to get in their also spending the night on the hard concrete floor under the stars. Unless I get the attention I deserve, I don't think I can do it? You obviously have some deep seated issues? She's young enough to be your Daughter. Ha ha? I see she likes her food


Well, if that the way it is fine The Doctor told you to stop smoking, tell him 'To Get Fucked” They don't know what they are talking about. The ice cream man is coming buy some lollies you are run down, need sugar, or you will fall in a pit, won’t put on weight it is nervous energy, you need your sugar, and that is what is wrong with the pair of you. Not much else to say, Have a good day Dave, so you’re Fucking Lazy? I hear that when you are not well, you stare into space with a smile on your face or you’re laughing your head off all day. Also, all you do all day is play with your keyboard, listen to your Albums and sing your songs. You don't do much else you really are lazy Wouldn’t have it any other way Waiting for my cook to come along, I'll do the dishes Or will get Pizza You haven't been doing your work mate, watching too much TV. Do your cleansing Do "Everything" for house and garden, a few times before bed and "Burger with the works "when attacked. The sink is full of dishes, get the mop out someone is coming around Buy a house that is cheap, the one you hear about, you will be laughing. Dick head showing up at your door in the middle of the night, screaming at you You have not paid up, shortchanged, they want to buy a car and have expenses You haven't been working. No understanding. Give them a business card and close the door. The screaming will go away soon. Vitamin E on the face or A will get rid of the itch on the face, nasty scarring. It will leave you burnt soon if you don't look after it. Been working on the car that's where it came from. You are sensitive to oil. Vitamin E will help. Your face will be a mess otherwise.


Want to lose weight. Spaghetti in a tin on Toast 3 times a week Carbohydrates, low calorie and cheap. Make sure you eat what you need the rest of the days. Weight Watchers is just paster and it is about $5.50 per meal. Spaghetti in tin for about $1.40 is just as good Very embarrassing. Gail is very sick, needs an apology, no understanding, well she will be fronting your door soon wanting some money, if one does not do protection, so all be warned, they are out to kill you. Everybody knows this, and I am serious, don't get slack on your protection or you will all be dead and buried. Protect everyone concerned, protect each other. Then there will be no failure if one is slack one day or sick. The Radio is speaking, they like the book and speaking about it quite readily on the Radio. It will sell to the highest bidder. The Story will be told and made into a Movie that everyone will see, including The Nuns. They will walk out the door soon and find freedom. It will change Christianity. And people beliefs. Watch your weight you’re putting on a few kilos. Haven't done your rounds in the bedroom lately, Good boy. You really shouldn’t think with your "dick” mate, you will never succeed. Square eyes watch TV too much with the smile on face, watching the clock. Mow the lawn and get the scissors out, inspection time, November December January turning heads, everyone's head is spinning. The backer is there, so is Dave The cook is not far away. You need a lamp in your bedroom, the spooks are coming. Readings by Charmaine, Readings are for Woody, for his Entertainment only On 21st November 2010 Readings are by God (Aliza) Shit head get moving or you will lose out The press is coming, about February; you are really going to shit your pants when they come. You probably do well, but be warned. They are coming


The press has a different opinion of you when they arrive; you are all flustered and embarrassed. Couldn’t keep your hands off her could you, well you will pay. Gym Instructor For about two months I called Jeff the Gym Instructor twice a week leaving a message that I wanted training 5 times a week I eventually went in and waved the money in front of him I paid $100 up front, for each week. But I found I was continuously sick for the 4 weeks, and could only manage to go 3 times a week, or less, and the last week once. He kept the money, each time. I left a message and said since I am continuously sick which is not my fault, can I pay as I go? Will I try and make it as many times as I can? He never replied my call The Good Old Doctors I use to fancy myself looking like Elle Macpherson ? If you come up to scratch you may like to play my role in my Movie But after a few trips to The Nut House and a Few Pills and PMS, you May look like I do in the end, an old hag So you must be willing to put on and least 30 Kilo's then, in the end, lose it, for your music and Man Are you willing? Rob Lowe You may have been training all your life for this Movie The drunk, total piss head and one who pull Billies one after the other and talks and talks to everyone. The Man who can pull more cones and drink more than anyone else. So good looking every women’s dream. Yes that's you Thinks a Women is only good for the bedroom and Kitchen. “Flea-ridden filthy Moles" as he calls them. I heard spiritually you haven't been getting much work over the years. You said to somebody spiritually, “I’ve been updating my skills" "Well I'm not camera shy" "Yea mate, I know you’re not camera shy" but you can't act?” This Saturday or Sunday 27, 28th Nov


My son say's "No" to Invention I told My Son that I have an Investor that looks as though he is very interested in Investing in The Steam Engine I said you will get Wages and a Work Shed, plus a new Car He said "Sorry, No" Elle Letter 2 I want Elle's inner soul to shine and her Beautiful smile I also want peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s heart to break when she cries And for her to Knock My Husbands Socks off on The Dance Floor Go Elle. Get Ready I will need a link on my web page for The Happy Home Mailer and get my books Ready for The Publisher. I will be spiritually connected to the Judges Also, have good looking Warriors all around me Not to Mention Elvis, Nostradamus and God, standing next to me As long as I get my PMS under control I can't see why I don't make it ? I'm singing: One Moment in time" I told you "When the Invention is up and running and not quite their my man will be there and so will my music" Maybe now is the time The Investor is on his way and maybe my music, we will see? Australia's Got Talent I think BOOB BOO has finally got the message to do POO POO"S outside "What a good boy" Are you doing my music, something told me the other NIGHT that you were not. Well, the Investor will be here soon and that should get you motivated. When the car is up and running, look out, everybody will be there and that includes the Media and a contract. Australiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Got Talent


Not going, been washed out this month and not quite ready been sick this week. Not enough notice. Hopefully, I will go to the one in February and make myself known? Chemist more helpful with my PMS apparently you don't need a script. Taken a vitamin with herbs. Hopefully, this will sort it out. I really need somebody to hold my hand and drive me there. Is there anybody out there that would be willing? Lots of people called for a Reading yesterday, lost $450.00 Two of them I did not have any energies and the third I think he wanted to hear what he wanted to hear so I ended the Reading and didn’t charge him, don't think he would have paid anyway. I'm with my Music, Teacher 1 and a half hours a week, so now I don't have time to get bored. Hope my Neighbors don't mind? Are bones sticking out? Now I know David and woody like women’s Bones Sticking out rather than a belly that hangs over? I'm on a diet of just Spaghetti out of a tin for breakfast and steak and verges at 4 pm. hopefully, that might work I'm now getting 1 and a half hours Tuition with my Music Teacher a week Learning Witney, Tina Arena "That's the way a Women Feels" and Torn this week Can Dave sing for me a song that’s about a man who was Stupid for somebody, laid their heart out on the floor and WALKED AWAY I like that song Lawn mowing has gone up 3 times in price overnight, they claim it is due to the increase in petrol My lawn used to cost 25 to 35 now it is $80 Please Explain I told my son it's a good Business for him, more worthwhile. Beenleigh RSL 11 am - 2 pm Ready to be impressed? Bruno Mars, Grenade What a beautiful face he has 199

I can't help being swept away by him and his music Dave can you sing, Grenade I might make it worth your wild Yes, I'm getting my Fox tells money worth. Been practicing "That's the way a Women feels" been singing it most of the day. Takes ages to learn a song doesn't it? When I was going to Australia’s Got Talent my voice broke up the day before and I had a saw throat on the day. Obviously not meant to go. Also, my Teacher and I are still getting the song perfect. What a Day? So they double booked you and had to go home Hope you got paid? Well I had an accident on the way Side of my car smashed in Not my fault Then went to get quotes when I got home and sitting at a turn of a car hit me behind and another hit him Right offs my car is fine So didn’t you want to see me I should have stayed in bed? Tried Vitex for PMS but it gave me a sore throat, can’t sing with it. The Bush Essences I'm also going to get "Creative “good for Creativity and singing voice. Witch Craft, "You Bastard" Well, God does not want me to claim for the two accidents I had on the same day with my car. He said somebody intervened, not naming names. God said he will get me a really nice car. By the way, could somebody on these animal shows, teach Boo Boo to do his Poo Poo's outside. My bedroom stinks again Miriah said I will be doing some kind of Art. Well I haven't got an artist streak but maybe I will paint some walls 200

Got that big expensive Dining Table coming? Someone in the Spirit World was nagging me to Study Naturopath. I asked God he said," if I did it he would be very proud of me, but "NO" Just ordered Solar Power My bill is over $600 a quarter I only use the Air conditioner in the summer. My bill has always been high even before I got the Air-conditioner. By paying the Solar Power off, and by reducing the Electricity usage, it really pays for itself Miriah did say I would get a job in a coffee shop, to help pay for my Naturopath cause, But it is a better job than Cleaning Maybe she saw a club for singing Cause without The ABN, thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no way I will be working in a coffee shop. Well I'm busy with energy and feeling great I took Bush Flower Essences "Women Essences" for my Mood swings to do with my cycle. Also a Multivitamin Called. Natureâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own Balance lift for energy and vitality and stamina Well not far off I have a very loving Relationship coming and we will be so absorbed into one another and lots of travel She said he has a good singing voice. I said should I study to become a Naturopath She said you are a healer and it will be very good for you I said I have an Invention, and music coming my way is it worthwhile doing the course She said the Invention will probably take up to 3 years, so you probably won't need to study but you need something to make you look good I said my clairvoyance and Music She said my man will help me with my work. A naturopath or whatever it is? She said "The Ship is coming in" Which I think is the Investor, and my man is on his way Travel and very busy I am getting on top of my PMS, just give it a little more time My Daughter in law is going to have another child soon, she reckons it is a boy and blonde hair, 201

I will really fuss over this child and spoil him. Rob and Melisa moving to Mt Isa won’t be back for quite some time. If they are going away, how the Fuck am I going to get them to work on the car? If you want the truth about my Artistry ask Miss Kirkgard of Balmoral High I think I was the worse she ever came across I did nothing, but daydream and had no interest at all in Art Classes Nor did I have any attributes in sowing as one Woman took my sewing needles, looked up at the ceiling, did the work and handed them back. I was no better off than before. I have no interest what so ever in Art or sewing. Made an attempt once and made a bag out of a cheap pillowcase. My Teacher was so proud that I actually made an attempt to do something She said are you going to use your bag I said "Yes, as a shoe polish bag" “You wouldn’t catch me dead with that stupid bag.” Swaying beach, summers day, sitting on the patio watching the sea. Your love your accommodation didn’t cost you much either, only a few million and it's yours for paying attention and a Rolls Royce. Never poor again. Well done love, it was well worth the wait. You can have anything you want. In the past you always tried to please people, you always tried to do your best that is why I have given you this gift. Your understanding of people and generosity when people are poor and helpless. You have always been there for them. You will live a very long life and your dreams will come true, including musically. Write songs and play them. When the time is right they will all be put together. None of us are ready yet I think use would just laugh and walk off, Need to smile for a year or two, all of you. I know this is what you all want deep down. Don’t worry about your age and hang in their A lot of work has been done for you both you will live a long happy life Nothing is too big for you both keep sane and have a good day lots of laughter and fun You're worth it. Aliza


Buy some clothes and look after your appearance, for God’s sake man get your act together. She’s coming along soon and you look terrible. She won't walk away, but you are in an awful shape. Get drunk with some fellas and have a party. Too sick to drink aye. Buy a dryer, keep your clothes clean Cheer up man, things will be ok. My turn now Aliza The ding-dong isn’t working, but mate you aren’t missing much The book will be published and all gear to go, there will be nothing stopping you You think you got it made now and a White House. Beautiful lady she is blonde and wants to marry you When the time is right you will She's nothing but a loser at the moment, but you make her smile and her daydreams are filled. She will do anything for You. Watch her grow. Will pretend things are fine but they are not Hold her hand thru it and you will be rewarded. She doesn't know it doesn't work? Tease the hell out of her when you feel right. Beautiful lady. God's gift to you A couple of years away and you will be fine back to your old self and up to mischief in the bedroom. Past Mistakes boy, learn from them. 12th December 2010 The Taxi is there but you have not hopped in, what you are waiting for You should be burning up the High way into some body’s driveway. The Kept up too hot aye, buy another suit and you will feel better. The dress you wear looks beautiful but it's got no stamina in the bedroom. Wait a while things might change. But it's not around the corner about a year or two. They are saying About time you changed your mind, do the dishes yourself. The table is set for one, two is a crowd. Get stoned and have a party, new crowd coming it that will make you laugh


Music playing and hot to trot on the dance floor. About time you made up for some past mistakes, Too much of a hurry to get to the altar. Been burnt once should have learned. When the time is right you will meet somebody more beautiful than the last one, and more beautiful than the one before that. Your dreams will come true in the bedroom too. I think she is blonde, redhead sometimes. Will meet you eye to eye soon. Very domesticated at the moment, not your ideal women. When you meet don't discard her, keep the attraction going. Maybe a while but it is worth the wait. God didn’t want me to send the first Reading, now I know, he wanted to talk to you, that's why I had my Warrior standing by me, making sure there was no interference Don't like giving Readings in the Evening Hopefully all that has come to an end Think over what I take You can also take "Creative" for the voice. And smoke all you like? Ha Ha Ha Ian the founder of Australian Bush Flower Essences. Also has remedies for Psychic attacks, meditation, and low sex drive getting over bad Relationships Low self-esteem. "Calm and Clear" for those that can't relax. Their phone no is 02 9450 1388 Get a Pamphlet sent out and get the multi I get. Readings by Charmaine Readings are for Woody Readings are for Woody’s Entertainment only I have to find a dim wit on the pension so he can live with me The Government won't allow it any other way. Plus when he moves in we lose $100 off our pension No chance to make the Relationship work you’re sick for a start and financially stricken. Check that the women’s essence is ok for men or you can find something similar Talk to them on the phone, they will advise you 02 94501388 204

Woody, the Bush Flower essence is for mood swings etc. and the Multivitamin I take is for extra energy and it's specially made for energy. It’s 3 am and I'm on top of the world feeling great. The Bush Essence makes you feel happy, wide awake and I have energy Lots of it. I hope it stays this way My body feels great as usually I feel so heavy and everything is a bother and hard to do Will keep you informed Hope my Reading cheered you up I don't want to go to bed I'm going to buy these vitamins for Gail She has Bipolar and Schizophrenia Very sick lady always in and out of hospital And she doesn't have a dime to her name to buy vitamins I'm teaching her to do Readings Buying her Tarot Cards too, just to make her look good And a Necklace full of crystals, for money yellow citrine, Amethyst, and clear Quartz I wear mine all the time. Then she will be able to keep sane, because she enjoys doing readings and it gives her something to look forward to, for the day. And she can afford her smokes and decent food And she will earn a decent man and be able to go out with him she has no money to go out or even fuel. Hasn’t even got the fuel to drive to my place 25 minutes away. All she can afford to eat is Chicken Hearts $2.50 for a dozen can’t afford vegetables I'd been long ago dead if it wasn't for Clairvoyance and my Guides, I would be so poor and have nothing to live for Dear Mr. Prime minister Now that God and his Angels are here Can the poor keep the revenue they make from their Readings and keep their pension? Especially when they have a Relationship


You must realize that these sick people are so poor and because they are so poor they are not getting better in health only worse. And like all of us, they need love. Once Advertising is paid for, we only make $100 to $200 a week, sometimes nothing. Hopefully, in time this will improve, with peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s awareness, but there will be a lot of competition out there, so everybody gets their share We also help a person follow their dreams and get off the pension in time, but they need the resources to do it So to a new begging, hopefully, we can help each other and "make a better place for you and me" Tang De Australia Films Pty Ltd Email 73 First Ave Marsden Qld 4132 Fax 07 32008258 Mob 0402058912 Get the Jesus Table that sits the disciples too. Advertisement I got my gorgeous Table and marble bench from Tang De Australia Films Pty Ltd 73 First Ave Marsden, Qld 4132 Email They are really cheap and from China Really beautiful Tables And they also sell exquisite leather lounge sweats which are really large and in beautiful colors. I paid about $3000 for my table and eight chairs plus a marble bench or hutch, whatever you call them Make sure everybody is protected I don't believe in Everything that The Angels get us to do, but that's the way it is to work out the best for everybody, in the long run, Some people won't except it and turn into a Serial Killer instead. Where I buy all my Crystal the Rock Shop 193 Adelaide St City Brisbane 07 3221 0981 Ian 206

Red Jasper In the midnight hour babe, she wants more, more, more Rose Quartz for love and to make you more confident and take your loneliness away Yellow Citroen, to help with career and bring money in Amethyst, to make you more spiritual and give you healing Clear Quartz, to help you channel and clear energies Charge them in the sun for a full day once a month Ask God to bless them and tell them what you want them to do, each month. And wash them Should I be DEAD? I Smoke around 75 Smokes a day why aren't I DEAD? Is The Government full of SHIT? Boo Boo has been a good boy, all week He even went to toilet outside at midnight, which surprised me I think it's all because I now have a Warrior Protecting us from the Demons and Harm. Poor boy, he must have been so scared of them. And he doesn't like the rain, so I got a tray of littler for him Boob Boo after all is a Good Boy? Don't know if I was a bit bored and down but felt a bit out of sorts for one week. That was probably my cycle changes PMS But wait, let’s give it a chance. I will give it a few months and see what happens God reckons he's a bit of a con man and not all he says works I was going to buy Creative and Meditation, but God said it won’t work for me. But maybe it works for others. I'm trying The Women’s Essence for my PMS, so see how this goes. Don't know about the surge of energy that night, but I do feel good taking the Vitamin as well. And I really am always happy unless I’m sick. See what next week brings aye. 75 Smokes up In 24 hrs I've Smoked 75 clouds of smoke or more and I've just bought another packet, Still going Strong Slept most of the Day too. 207

By the way, been speaking to David Spiritually, he says he may send me a Christmas card with his Email attached. Also, he loves my hair, "Can be deceiving Mate?" Warrick Interested in The Invention told me to send him a letter via Facebook, so I did Robbie Williams I’ve been on the Spiritual plane for many years with Robbie, even today when I was sleeping I've told him to call me, but at the moment he's too involved with his wife. Ian, May be interested in publishing my books. He also said I could try dog washes for dog’s fleas and an Essence that makes your partner very attracted to you I might try them. Especially The Love potion and dog wash. I had a beautiful feeling all over my body last night and so much energy, must have smoked 90 cigarettes I think the Bush Flower Remedies give you good Breathe smell & taste. Some reason I don't taste like an ashtray. Bush Flower Essense, letter 2 I don't know if it is The Essense or Vitamins I am taking but my sinuses have really died down I usually sit with a toilet roll next to me For the past two weeks, I've had hardly a problem. Maybe it's a change in season, don't know for sure. My feat feels unusually good, no problem at all. I hope I always feel this good from now on, so much energy and feel really on top. Bush Flower Essence. Well, I have only had fidgety feat once or twice in two weeks since taking it, usually, I have it every night 1 pm Robert and family walk out with presents to stay at someone else’s house. And for Christmas Day their spending it at Mellisa's families house. So I will be spending Christmas in my home by myself. 208

My children for years have had no time for me and no respect for me I will no longer put away for Christmas and presents, I feel they really don't care for me They won't even do any chores for me I always have to pay someone to do things Well that's my Christmas Bush Flower Essence Gives me Burning feat when I go to bed, but during the evening I don't get the fidgety feat. Lots of energy from The Vitamins as well Been speaking to a lot of people telepathically, including 4 BC I was told they want me to work with them and they have some commercials, they want me to do for them? They may even help publish my books Also, a lot was said about Charmaine W. Is she finished as far as I know? Bush Flower Essence, very Telepathic I've been speaking to David, Warrick, Robbie and Bush Flower Essence founder Ian. Well, I was not sitting listening to my favorite station today Robert was a bit hung over so Christmas Dinner with Family was canceled, But Naomi came over, my Friend and we had a few drinky poos and then we went over Mums for dinner. Christmas Day, I will probably have a couple of drinks and relax. Merry Christmas P.s. Whatever I am taking has given me burnie feat and fidgety feat every night, and I feel a little crook with PMS and a little down Let's see what happens in two weeks you might get another suicidal note or my remedies have fixed it. I Guess I will be spending Christmas listening to 4 BH by myself. I spent about $1000 over the whole year on Crisco for food and drink and spent thousands on Presents 209

Really I spend half my Pension each fortnight so we could have a good Christmas Robert woke up this morning two hours before the bar-be-cue and said the Bar-be-cue is at a friendâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s place, and he couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be bothered With setting it up and cooking. Also, he said it might rain Bar-be-cue at 1pm By the way, go see Charmaine W, and keep a log book of all the Psychics you see and what they say. Like I said previously I will be the only one standing in The Yellow Pages No Morals, Bad Karma, Stressed and ripping everyone off and they don't do Cleansing Techniques That's why they are shit I believe Charmaine works for The Dark Side. Too many spells. And Negativity. Happy New Year Dave This is not a Reading, just what I remember the Guides saying to somebody. (YOU) And remember what I have previously written to you over the year. Becanada Becanada is a software you can use to advertise for free So far I have tried with my Readings and books Not a call Now I'm trying with a little harmless scam I found which anyone can do and make money from Also, Online Mechanics $25 for 20 minutes by phone, call Robert. Maybe I can keep him home I sent 4500 Ads out for Robert last night. If this doesn't work the software is useless I was laying down in my Air-conditioned bedroom, dozing, when I noticed my Guides were giving somebody a Reading, I believe it was Desperate Woody? Pack your bags, go to Mum's A Beautiful lady coming soon that you will court spiritually for about 5 years? She will heal you overnight. 210

I'm not allowed anyone in my life until the key in the car turns. Dave can call me when the Contract is sealed but no romance until The "Key Turns" God wants me to do this for him and has his hand On me, he also wants this to help others and make a statement to others, especially those on Welfare. When you are 80 years old you will look much younger and have young girls hanging off you. Be prepared for a very long life, and I mean long. For the good of all do your protection mate Love Aliza and Sue. The Psychics say For Years they have been given me Dates when Dave is coming. Well Christmas has passed once again They Said Naturopath would be a good occupation for me as I was looking into it. But I don't think they were really looking into it, just agreeing with me, otherwise, they would have seen that I have other endeavors. They all say I will go to two Talent Shows and Dave will be at one of them taking photos. Unless this is in the future, Dave is not here and I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t go to The shows, it's not meant to be and I was sick on the day. My Guides say I will not be going to the shows as such, let them come to me. So we will see. I think they just tell you what you want to here. My Car I believe Karmen wants her car back because she feels I did not do what she wanted me to do In other words she gave it to me hoping I would do something for her? Well without or with the car, I have been looking after her for years. I do cleansing Techniques for her if God allows it, also I have lifted a lot of spells off her and binding and bounding. I believe my car is going to the TIP soon because she wants it back. 211

God say's I got a car coming, but I say "Yea, thanks, but how? Dave, Don't destroy yourself over it, too much greed in this world and hatred. I will buy you a house, a mansion. Go get your hair done, not too short, shows your age and give her a call You are moving in soon. Talk over lunch and go to the center link. Not where you want to be, but you will be pissed happy every day laughing your head off. Money can't good but at times it comes in and you can celebrate so many schemes. You know the tricks of the trade, show her and there will be more income for both. The car will hit rock bottom if you don't call her. The Children are very selfish at the moment, all they think about is themselves, couldn’t care less about their mother, or how she feels. Has to pay for everything if she wants it done. Their love for her stinks. When the car pulls off they will think twice about their behavior and give back to her, probably in Christmas Presents but at the moment they couldn’t care less, she’s off the tree a nut, a baggage of shit and have no doe, no time for her at all. I would write them off if I was you but she won’t, she'll buy them something instead of love. They really couldn’t care, the presents are wasted. Anyway, clean behind the stove, odd jobs than when you feel better to give her a call, the waiting. The fridge is empty but not at D'arcy Rd, Crisco came, and booze also waiting. I want you here before the Table arrives, in February. And a good cook too, Makes mean toasted sandwiches, but they not really good for you and too fatty. Buy her lunch and talk. Readings by Charmaine Reading is for David For his Entertainment only 1.1.11 Readings are by Aliza (God) Watch your weight you are turning heads. Christmas is over, move in with her. Go buy a cake and eat it. Go to Centrelink and pull the plug, you’re sick as a dog and can no longer hold down a job you are too messed up I want to see you here by April. Get Ready 212

I thought by waiting for the car was the best option but I want to take care of your needs first, not mine Go buy a house what shit, I didn’t say buy a house, but you didn’t listen, broke now. Buy another down the track (Cash) I will pay for it, and it always will be yours. The girl needed help and you were the pawn. But what you got back was a lot too, and now I'm going to make you a star and give everything back, including the girl you love. Pretty Lover by Lineal Richie Woody Thanks for your call, Nice to hear you are having a good Christmas and happy and great to hear from you at last Call Dave now, and get him to call me He has been given a message from the Devine that he can call me? Then I go ahead and spoil it all and “say something like I love you” Go wake mum up, in the middle of the night, and get some Petrol Money The booze is waiting for you Call now Free Booze and Sandwiches Come and Get it Be desperate, call now? I will be up all night Want to hit the piss I'll even cook you a Toasted Cheese Sand which as I know you got no food? 07 38xx xxxx God "Warning she's hot to trot?" I could hear a lot of spells being cast This person is trying to cover everything they can, to get us The protection that I sent should cover everything


Don't forget smokes food money medication and God your Warriors and your spiritual Teachers. Your car/ bike, and All Businesses connected to us etc. And don't forget Boob Boo Woody this is a short Reading for you Once you have sorted your love life out, I feel you will no longer be yourself and could very well lose your mind. Centrelink has a lot to offer for the mentally ill. Usually, a person with a mental illness is on the pension for a lifetime, but don't let that deter you Also, Dave, I know love, you havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t been yourself for years, and really struggling to stay on top Just letting you both know once you are both admitted to hospital it takes about one week until the medication starts to take effect. And you're usually in the hospital for up to 8 weeks. I wish you both a lot of luck and success in your endeavors. Be good to yourself and get help I had about 3 Demons sent to me attacking me severely with energy I sent them back to where they came from or give them the "Burger with the Works" Also, I had two Psychic Attacks, one after the other I sent that back to where it came from. And I could hear somebody chanting spells one after the other all night. And I believe my Warrior was put into a cupboard so she could not protect me. What happens next? Robert and Mellisa, are moving to Mt Isa Robert will be working at the Mines He is also buying a house there. I hear at 9 am sharp, Dave was at Centrelink I hear he was not quite himself, and even proposed to the lady over the counter And he told everybody how lucky he felt having The Virgin Mary in the Past life, in love with him. Rock Hudson has been in my sleep many times talking to me and also smiling at me


Many times I heard the word "Dead" in my sleep And Rock Hudson also said that to me in my sleep "DEAD" I just ask God to lift it off and send it to The Universe as Healing. Quite simple really You should check if anything has been done to your Spiritual Teachers or Warriors when somebody is attacking you, even God if he is your Teacher. Last Night I went to be at 1 am very tired I could not sleep. Then Elvis came forward and we kissed after about a minute I woke up And bloody couldn’t get back to sleep that pisses me off, and frustrated The 9 this due to being "Doom's Day" I've been taking my Bush Remedies, also Muti Vitamins, plus Vitamin B6, plus Vitamin B's Plus Now if you get a seriously suicidal letter in the next few days, you know none of it worked Readings by Charmaine Readings are for Woody’s Entertainment Only 7.1.11 Your Jealous of her you know she is good, Watch your weight, you are under stress Cop that she says, won't do mate, can't get me? The pet store is open, go buy a friend. You put up the walls it is your fault Did not play the game right Go home and laugh, he is coming Romeo and Juliette, he will make you laugh LISTEN, MATE? Listen, Mate, before you jump up and down about Elvis? What's this I hear about you and Doris Day? What’s fare is fare mate? You can't just have your cake and eat it, you know? And Elvis, as you must realize by now, lasts longer than most men, so I'm sure Doris goes the distance too 215

So thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no need to be Jealous The 9th Woke up shitty energies, but ok Took my Vitamins and went back to bed, had a Reading today, but could not do it, other than that, I feel good, So Far and Happy My Night with Elvis I was asleep, and dreaming I was sitting in a chair. Somebody was behind me and had their arms around me, I knew who it was I was told to get rid of The Demons, So I kept repeating "Burger with the works" and "White Light and Ground" There was a lot of Lighting outside and Thunder, each time I said it Congratulations Time to give up Smokes? No, I don't think so, That will only make you anxious and depressed and make the situation a lot worse. You got Cancer because of your last lover. You gave her all you could. And this is what you got? I'm surprised that I haven't got Cancer from what I have been through But Dave and my Guardian Angels saved me. Been contacting Warrick Capper, by Facebook He was in my sleep all night last night Sitting in a car waiting for me to get ready to go out. And there was a computer next to him in the car, and he hurt his hand. Maybe it was too hot. And they talk about how he had a really outstanding bedroom. I do see us sitting down for dinner and talking. See what happens. Check your balls mate Or at least get a checkup I hear the Warning very clear


If you get it early you will be ok "Yea because I'm writing a book, say's Charmaine "The Greatâ&#x20AC;? I heard Warrick, Spiritually "What Kind of an Idiot is trying to make of me?â&#x20AC;? I feel better now, it was a bit hot for a while down there. I would not advise you try mineral Turps and black pepper. How much clearer can I be? Don't use Mineral Turps and Ground Pepper, for a hair remover. Who is your Teacher, Woody? Elvis, of Course Smokes Doe's better than harm just like sucking on mama's tit And takes your anxiety away and stress. The perfect Healer. So stop crying, listen to God and your Angels and have a good Puff, maybe with a drink too. Who's John? Well, I hear he is your music Guide David, and I believe Elvis is somewhere their too Well you have aren't them, haven't you You went against your family, Friends and your wife to help me and you listened to what you were told Robbie Been Speaking to Robbie Spiritually Apparently he married the wrong Clairvoyant And is walking out the door Might be hearing from him soon Looks as tho maybe nobody did what they were supposed to do. Fame does not come to those who sit on their backside. I'm rather disappointed after all I've spent all my life on faith and nobody did what was set out for them 217

Well God will make it up to me somehow Good luck Charmaine Well I still got the itch Dave for your book?

Charmaine W,

go get her?

I hear she has or will do a lousy Reading for Woody "She's so Jealous of you" "Yea Right” Says Woody "And her Business stinks" Check yourself A spell was put on Robyn and me, which apparently she could not get rid of? That is partly, why she walked away from everything. Robyn and God have been speaking to me all night. Those responsible will die an early death If Kym does not take the Invention on, maybe my book that I have given you will make people stand up and demand it? That is what Robyn said years ago, "People will stand up and demand it" If you haven't got abode Reader, you probably haven’t received my music and New Age Bible. You need heavy protection. I went thru Hell to stand by her, I could see thru the shit I will be writing my own Cleansing Techniques and Affirmations for Readings. Patrick Swayze was talking to me in my sleep. We were doing an Acting Role He would walk thru the door after looking for me for some time and say "Where you been?" I would say "I needed to be on my own, and had lots of coffees" He then in his sexy dancing body measures the wall and says you are here, to a girl and she is way up here. Which I think represented my Teacher and myself. Also as usual Georgiou’s Elvis, and I was sitting on a chair while he was comfortably laying down, reading a book with rose-colored glasses. Hold the Press


Robyn and my Guides do not want Robyn's family to receive any income from The New Age Bible. We believe it is due to them why Robyn could not see me for who I am and walked away? Even though I tried to tell Robyn many times, she either couldn’t do anything or didn’t listen? Extended my Advertising for Weddings and Clairvoyance to True Local and Google. True Local $285 a month each and Google $100 a month each How the Fuck am I supposed to do it? Yellow pages came up with Jack shit and say it is not their fault that I got no work and are suing me for the money $28.000.People obviously don't look at the Yellow Pages anymore. I'm also online $170 a month. I have not had one call for a month from either and one call from yellow pages six weeks ago. They have no right to charge what they do. All of them Cleansing Techniques by God Now that Nostradamus has got the boot The old Cleansing Techniques are no good I was going to the doctors. Sometimes I feel like this when I lack iron but that wasn't it this time. I went to bed like I've been in an out all week, and I said to my Guides "How can I fix this?" They said, "Have a banana?" I thought that was ridiculous. They then said “have some fruit" and in an hour you will feel better" I had a glass of veg Juice and an Orange. Laid down for a few minutes, now I feel like Tarzan's wife, not falling into my chair but actually lifted out of it, with vigor and energy. I've been sick all week; this could be the reason why I get regularly sick, for years. My Ads I'm very happy living on Split Pea soup with stock and water I have plenty of Newspaper put aside. Well, I bet you are wondering, what Kym is going to say I called today, and they said he has looked at my proposal and I should hear in about two weeks.


I asked God, and he said Kym is going to think favorable about my proposal and gave me a shiver. Wheatear that takes me on or not I don't know? But I think I am heading in the right direction. Peter needs Jesus to save him at the moment, doesn’t he? Ready for Presentation Day Due to taking Herb life, I have had Thrush now for one year. I have tried the Creams, costing me now hundreds of dollars and the Tablet, twice at $20 each. Both have not worked. Well, I looked up on Google. I'm now using Tea Tree oil in the infected area. Taking lots of Garlic. I make Toasted cheese and lots of Garlic sandwiches. ? But I would not get too close or you could get Parkinson or Hunting sons Disease And whatever else it has going for it. P.s Could Dave have it in his Heart to let me know his True Intentions before Robbie Calls? So I know what due course of action to take? Noel, the Changed Man? Noel is regularly in my sleep and talks to me sometimes during the day Noel has his dark long groomed hair and looks about 35 years old He's up to mischief in my sleep, and shows me he's willing to have a job and pay his bills. Also, he has shown me he does his share of cleaning duties in the house. And we played hide and seek on the Spiritual Plane. Noel apologized and said he did not realize he used me and how selfish he was. Is he willing to pay me back at about $1000 per month? I suppose that’s where all the Demons are going, and believe me it isn’t nice. Now that Hell has been cleared I am now clearing up the World of Demons and Negative Guides They are now Homes to the empty Hell God said a Majority of Demons had reformed and learned their lessons and were sent to a new life and a small majority never learned their lessons and were disposed of for good. 220

As I know if, we no longer in this World have Demons or Negative Guides That is at this moment, but in time say 1000 years there will be more for Hell. God said soon he will be getting rid of the Pedophiles, Molesters and Serial Killers Totally cleaning up this world. "He sees him coming," says Psychic So now what are you going to do? So now what are you going to do? If you take your time you might miss out on climbing the tall trees? He's calling me any day, and I'm no idiot So what will it be the boy? No Robbie is not coming forward, nor is Jimmy Barnes, maybe at a later Date They are comfortable with what they have and what they are doing My living room is black, probably because you have a few people attacking you because they are Jealous? Debbra, a Psychic, gave me a No of a Musician who may help me, he has a recording Studio as well I should start hunting for new Musicians The Gates of Hell All week I have been up all night clearing out all the Demons in Hell There is no longer any Demons in Hell I would go thru a long tunnel of a black forest in what seemed to be a train and repeat, “Burger with the works”, “The Rose”, and “Everything”. My Guides told me I will not be able to go to sleep for several hours as the gates are open. Well in the early hours I went to bed, I found myself falling down a black tunnel caked with black soot, luckily I was rescued and back in my bed It was quite scary Probably many of them will work for God in their next life and so forth till they have earned their place in this world. Readings by Debra W

30.1.11 Cost 1 hr $200 221

Debra did advise me that people past over were more her Specialty. Woody is too busy doing his own thing to help me with my music. David is not coming forward I should not write to David or Woody anymore I should look at internet Dating and find my own man I should find an Investor myself for the Invention Government may look at it in quite a few years’ time I am writing about 3 books and there will be more. My energies are all over the World I live like a Hermit My father has really awful energies which are sickening My Mother comes across as an old Women which she usually doesn’t see. I will be attending shows for Clairvoyance and there are some weekends away I am probably helping Robbie Spiritually I will be so happy; it would really make my year. My God, Woody, you look absolutely Georgiou’s? Grow your hair back, and wear eyeliner With a black shirt or a flamboyant white shirt with those loose sleeves and showing off your hairy chest Also an expensive Gold chain around the neck With sexy black pants. I may even ask you out if Dave doesn't hurry You want to know how to keep that woman chasing you for years that you are spiritually connected too, I bet that will do it Tony on speed After I got out of Hospital from a total breakdown, ten years ago and all the Spiritual warfare that had been done to me and giving up my smokes. I sent away from a clipping in the paper, to have my own business From home stuffing envelopes, just send $30.00 I sent the money and was rewarded with a letter telling me to place an Advertisement in the paper and do the same. That was my own Business


I sat for a while and thought I had been conned? Later in bed, it dawned on me, why don't you do the same? Well I did, three weeks later or so I had huge boxes of mail and loads of cheques. Tony my x soon heard of this and came round to help Good that he did, because I was so sick, I couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t even have the strength to brush my hair. I think my boys were helping me at the time, but they were not too interested. I laid in my armchair and watched Tony go to work He worked all day and night stuffing envelopes and on the weekends he worked on the car, mowed the lawn, fixed the garden up, and cleaned the house. I laughed my head off, on the veranda, because he was working for me night and day, because he was on Speed, etc. I went to a Pyramid scheme Pyramid Schemes When I was in my early twenties I went to a Pyramid Scheme, it cost about $200 Well it was a great social advent, and food and drink (Alcohol) I had a ball, not to mention I met a very attractive guy called Jack adabation Just before the nut house Anyway, I did not make any money but a lot of people did and it was a great social advent. Probably didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t make money because it was closed down, also I don't know many people, but if huge crowds gathered we all or most would have made money. Of course, somebody has to lose out, but it is fun Gambling is Legal because The Government keep TABS on it but these schemes are not Well I loved the adventure it was fun and a great way to meet people Take a look at Adam Lamberts Hair in "If I can't have you"? I think he has a small hair peace at the back which seems to be beaded and it's all swooped back Not to mention the makeup and The Clothes, and that suggestive look He's the New Age Guy Why do you think I get Foxtel? All the good-looking men and women are on it 223

Send me a photo of you wearing eyeliner with a dressy shirt And if Craig, is into it, one of him too Why not a photo of the whole three of you, wearing makeup Remember Michael may help you? Go on make my day? If you want some extra tips to look on Google at Adam Lambert The song "If I can't have you" something like that, He looks Georgiouâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and knows how to put suggestion across. All three of you get on the piss and have a dress up and take a photo. Please The Invention I believe Easter is the time when it all comes together I think Ashley is interested He is busy talking to a lot of people that have a lot of Ideas for this Invention and so does Ashley But I do need support to get the boys to work on the Invention Otherwise, it will not happen Mellisa is going to live in Mt Isa on the 20th of February, and Robert is looking at buying a house there and working at the mines. They are also going to hire a huge semi to deliver their furniture, etc. So what now? Unless the likes of Robbie come forward I have not got a chance? Dave our first Dinner Date Dress and look like Adam Lambert like he does in "If I only had you" And seduce me over dinner? See where it gets you? Might I laugh or take you seriously? And have photos of the 3 Wise Men with their make up on? Go on make my day or year Dave Do your hair like Adam Lambert in "If I can't have you" And wear makeup Send me the photo 224

And put the photo's in the book Dave, Poor is the Man who relies on The Permission of Another? If you want me in BED why not be a man about it and call me? Your five minutes is up? Valentine’s Day That’s probably what I'm getting on Valentine’s Day, My table is arriving next week, where are you? Digital Radio Have you heard the ads? Saying you be BLOWN AWAY by the Quality and Sound? Well mate, I feel ripped off I feel like calling them and telling them, I notice no difference. I have a Digital Radio, cost me $300 I'm afraid music is music and I notice no difference from my Stereo. The con artist aye, everybody believes the bull shit when they try to sell something. Elvis in the Mid-Night Hour You're glad to know Elvis is improving in The Romantic Stakes. I find that being demanding in bed is helping the situation. He uses more energies and lasts a little longer I have Warriors on each side of my bed at the four Posts for protection and keep White Lighting myself; just to make sure nothing nasty happens. Sage in The Bedroom, may help, but I have never found them any good, I used Sandalwood, made no difference, but it keeps The Negative Guides Away. The Government I had a Dream that The Government brought me a very large posh house. Are they going to be my backers? I do feel Easter everything is on board? When I wrote to The Smokers Colum, I left my web site I think they are having a serious look at it You better be ready mate, I think everything is now heading our way?


We are with The Gods beyond the Third Dimension Elvis was with The Gods as a Child, Michael was also with the Gods and now I have joined them I just got my Medal and a Higher Level of Guides. (The Gods) Michael is now in Heaven with The Gods and God has given him everything he lost from having a Split Personality. Elvis and Michael spent most of their past lives, just sitting around listening to their Guides and serving God that is why they became the people they are. Elvis just said to me Michael B. eats a lot of pasta and eggs, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s good for his sex life and energy I said "You cheeky bugger, well you better go and eat lots of pasta and eggs. Elvis and Michael are here at the moment Janet Jackson has been suicidal for some time and Michael asked me to help her, he now says she is doing fine, hope she stays that way. My Guides say I will be getting active soon, I hope so And God says to have faith, I will bring you, your Smokes and food and help you pay your bills I said my fate is in your hands because I hardly receive any work And I no longer have money for Smokes and food, this could be the end of me. ? Tin food in the cupboard, not good, go buy Chicken and Roast potatoes and have a good feed, and think things over? Your friends have made suggestions in the past and you did not listen, they will help you and stand by you, all times, remember that When the heat in on. Old wounds take time to heal, but that is your past. The toaster is hot, butter the bread, taste good, doesn't it? other words don't worry about your weight, you will burn it off in the middle of the night, you will be slim as again, and love yourself, you will burn it off and look healthy, you have ulcers too, too much butter on the keep up. In other words you have not been living the life you should. The weight will go away I promise you, no need to watch your diet. You are not meant to be overweight, it's just the life you are living. Hot coffee in the morning and read the paper, you know it's true, you did not listen did you, you heard the calling signs but could not be bothered, may not happen? Well, it's just around the corner and everybody is laughing including you. 226

Well, there are a lot of songs left, boogie ones I want you to do them for me and your heart is in it too. Make people laugh that is what it is all about And some gay ones in it too, to help the gay community Kylie will be right by your side on Oscar night Thank you for taking your time in listening and being yourself, we love your brother and may or your pain and suffering go away and be happy at long last Yes I did bring The Comedian to you, your friend Aliza (God) Time to come out of the closet, Craig? Beauty Tips: Wear a little eyeliner, You won't be lonely for long Also two sprays of Women's Essence which I only take once a day, it also helps with my fidgety feat, but twice a day it makes my feet at night really ache and hurt badly. Well 1 hr later, I'm not ill which I usually am for 2 or 3 days and no depression So whatever I am doing is right? I had a picture of that man who owns Women's Essence throwing my book across the room when he read what I Went thru, two weeks ago, I may have just been putting my point across, I was not really depressed SO Ha Ha got you I think I have overridden my problem, and I usually cannot do readings on these days, well I did one today to Craig. Readings by Charmaine, 14th February 2011 Readings are for Craig, For his Entertainment Only Look, mate, you know it, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re GAY AS Look in the mirror and be honest with your self She really does not do the trick does she, and never really did. The Dog loves you but wishes you would be honest and open about it? 227

Love soon on the horizon, a comedian, who does live performances. You’re like him at first glance. She will go away and understand, it was not really meant to be from the start. Couldn’t see straight, but it is your life, let bygones be bygones. Cat litter out dog fed, go fishing, You won't be alone long. Black leather pants, your first attraction, and the gold chain, what a hunk. Won't be an all-night ovation but you like each other, and then comes the Comedian. That will last a long time, and a nice home and animals the fish are fed too You love animals don't you, they love you too. Put the garbage out you lazy bugger and clean your shoes, you've been sitting around moping waiting for Christmas to come, she's walking out the door soon, say Hallalulla Come on Dave, be a Man About it? Tell Centrelink that you are going to move in with me, and pay all the Bills. I can't hold down a job, because, I'm not stupid, but you can, or two jobs? But then again, you could lose your mind and get Centrelink to pay all the bills and help me get the show on the road. And you know what SEXUAL ENERGIES do to bring in work I'll make it worth your while, From Luscious Lips Cost of Smokes I pay a cool $200 a week for Smokes MY pension is a medley $500 a fortnight, with Rent Paid. You work out how I survive, because boy I don't know how I do it, and I hardly get any work God must be doing something? Sure with him here that will generate a lot of work for me, and he can teach me the fine Art of Advertising or where to get work Of all the Men I could have picked, I picked my Ideal man who is a disability too. See I'm not short of a quid upstairs. And he's a happy man and a lot of fun not to mention Geaourgous. Everything I want By the way, I'm told I'm getting Married soon, but don't tell him that Cause "They Say, it scares him” haha The Messiah's, "I can't afford to eat, diet 228

3 Eggs 1 Average Tomato 1 Onion 2 Toast Optional Salt Pepper, chopped garlic, and Tomato Sauce Chop onion and Tomatoes, and Garlic Place in pan Put the Bread in the Toaster Add 3 eggs When cooked serve it all on the Toast with salt and pepper and Tomato Sauce. Cost may be under a $1 How The Fuck, am I doing it? Looking at the WHOLE Picture I make about $100 Average. But my Smokes cost $200 A week and I get from Centrelink $500 a fortnight, with Rent Paid Government Happy Home Mailer, don't you dare touch it? It is for the poor and the poor can do their Readings and keep the pension A Bomb will hit you otherwise and all your family members I will stick by these people all ways they will not be touched, they are my people speaking out. Go buy some food for the poor, increase the pension $1000 a week for each person to the economics of now 2011 I will buy you back your land that they took, aboriginal and people alike (crown) you see they are so greedy Stop wasting money, the Astronauts are coming, that can go to the poor You wear your uniforms but you really ain't proud men because you take every penny of the people. Where does it end guys? War will stop, the world will never go away if you fix pollution and stop quarreling, which you will. And the Invention will fix this. Climate and pollution up, and plenty of rain full for the crops You will become rich, you greedy bastards, you just think of your own hip pocket. Time has come and people will stand up Go ahead and make my Day? Aliza (God) Run around the tree Naked, chanting if you really care about me and want to give me work The Spirit World and Neighbors will be so happy they will reward me with work. 229

Got a job today, pays for a weekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s supply of Smokes, Need another for food Then they want $330 by tomorrow or next week for Advertising Might get someone to move in, but that's between us and not The Ass Holes who take every penny they can off the poor. When's David moving in, we will be so happy every day, and I know he loves his piss, I will have to learn how to drink again. "Send the book off to the publishers now, Hurry up Dave The book has come to a close I want the Government to receive this and they will, they will laugh. They know it's true. Well I've told them what I think, and a bomb is coming their way Dave sit back and enjoy what is coming in, See you soon Send the books to the Publishers I'll fix those cunts Aliza You fuckin Ass Holes, I'm waiting for your call? You are going to make me "The New Age Messiah, And pay back all the people and give them their smokes and dignity back. You're also going to let the disabled have a small income and keep their Pension when a Relationship appears. Aliza (God) You shit heads, I've had enough of you, give the people back their dignity and respect. You have taken every penny off this poor girl and everyone else, I am so ashamed, Where's God, I am here, and I have had a gut full What you represent is shit, and I mean shit, you are so greedy and wrapped up in your selfâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. Astronauts, is that where your money is? outta space and false trials, forget about it they are coming to you You need a life jacket on cause they are going to tell you what they think of you, with no bars hold. You stink and I really mean that Labour, you got guts, I know what you are in for, and you really try hard to explain to the people. Get going and give the people it back I will stick by you if you do the right thing The Messiah will put money in your pocket and fix the world system up I have been told for years the Government are going to take on my Steam Engine for Cars and The New Age Messiah Project to fix this country up If you call me each day in the morning, I will for sure be in Top Form. I am worth looking into I'm sorry I have PMS but is also to teach people Psychics are not always in tune and try to get away with it Nostradamus, Elvis and God are my Teachers because I have good Karma and I don't rip people off You will be delighted with my Readings To be at my best, it's best, if you asked me daily, I know this may not be possible but there is nothing I can do about the situation 230

I am one of the best Readers you will ever come across I am to really bring Clairvoyance out in the open and lead people to their Guardian Angels and God in a big way, that’s why Elvis is my Teacher I'm supposed to get a Music Contract because of this. My web the new age Kind Regards Charmaine God is full of Negativity We may do The Invention when we return or whatever happens. This is all considering The Steam Engine Takes off and my books and music If I'm gone you may have to sing my music If we do go away by Aliens I see Robert working on a Transport Machine that uses energies to sap you from one place to another That's what they have shown me over the years, I will be finishing off my New Age Bible, tonight, just touch ups, It's on my computer for you to take to Publishers "Yes, I am fucked in the head?" but I'm a Medium what do you expect? You heard it first, here? The Aliens are taking me and my family away maybe this Evening They say it's not really safe to be here, and they are concerned about my welfare, Smokes I phoned the Hospital, and they were quite harsh, I explained about my smokes and what happened to me last time, and they said the chemist has many options available, this is a Mental Health Hospital, we don't cater for that sort of thing. I'm spending over $400 a fortnight, that’s my whole pension and getting no work I've come to the end. If I go, (either way) I sent you my will, The New Age Bible, is to be in soft leather pink, A4 size and may be sold at $300 The New Age Bible by (God) is on my computer, NOT NOSTRADAMUS Also, you and Dave have The New Age Bible, The Story. You have my music, and it's on my computer I may be back in about 5 years, I don't think it will be forever, or if I'm in a coffin it's forever Send my books to the Publishers; God can be the last message I am no longer advertising for work, I do not make my money back. So I feel my books will save the day Also if the publisher is interested I have The New Age Bible (A Clairvoyants Manual channeled by God) and Protection book I can Email them to you unless you have other ideas Yours Truly Sue Young Children in the Night I wake up in The Night and hear Children Crying because they are being molested or physically abused or wife’s having arguments and about to be knocked about 231

It's not for nice for me to hear and the poor Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cries, I can't believe how men could be such Monsters and these Children are so young. I straight away send Warriors around the person for protection and Send Guardian Angels around to help calm the situation, and get them out of The Situation. Also if it's a Pedi file, I asked God to cut their Dick off and give them a Heart Attack or Stroke, if he's willing? I've gone to The Spirit Plane sometimes at Night where the Children are that I have saved They are all gathered safely in a room at night together Garry the Gay Possum Woke me up about 12 am, screaming at me and telling me off, My Guides told me I had not done my Protection I did my protection And heard from outside, Gary say "Dick Head" Because of this book and my help and The Guardian Angels. Darkness will fall on the land if this book is stopped; this is my work for the people. Charmaine is up day and night for filling this dream to help people and she will not be stopped by any accounts. Work for me and you will go far, I promise you this. All bad will fall to their knees and become Angels. The time has come, redemption is mine. You are my Children and I care, enough is enough and the Gays stand up for your rights. Your Child rearing days have begun, how dare they say not so, you deserve a family and marry even if the child is not totally of your own doing, they have the resources, and well done to the people that have done so, they will be proud men e.g. Elton will be a very proud father. Well done. Old, Crazy, but a good man. Your hair will grow back with this youngster he will make you so proud and young. Another Musician He will go far, another rocker. And proud of his Dad no matter what. Come Work for me, I will show you the path My Reading by Emerald 2.3.2011 PH 1800732337 $25 I asked her about Advertising with the plasma tv's in Health clubs and doing the Mystery Shopper She said she sees me doing both and a lot of money coming in. Two men coming forward one younger and a serious one in May Met an attractive younger Man in Toyland Carindale, CHECKED HIM OUT FOR A FEW LONG SECONDS, NICE EYES, he looked amused. Got a beard which is unusual for me. To all The Disabled, love God, Aliza Come work for me all my Children, I will get you out of That Prison you are so trapped in, mentally and wheel bound I will give you books and music and all sorts of things, considering your capabilities and interests. 232

I love you dearly, because you are wheel bound or disabled mentally does not mean you are less than anyone else. I have given you lessons to learn, to look in your self’s so you will become better people. We have all been there including me in my past lives. I wish you the best and I am concerned with your health and state of mind, the Government take so much and give so little. Now is the time to stand up for yourself. This book is written for YOU"S Shows you care about The Community and give it back Government; stop wasting all that money on your own endeavors for prosperity, in your own pockets. I will make these people rich and stand on their own two feet, you just watch, many talented people will step forth in wheelchairs I Dream of Robbie I dreamt that we were seeing each other and that I was hanging around a group of Prostitutes. Robbie was very keen on me and because I was not with The Prostitutes’, he was looking for The Ring Now I'm The Marrying Type Had a dream where I was getting into an arranged Marriage. And all the family were close knit. I was cleaning their house, and they set up a marriage with a really nice looking guy I then told them about my Clairvoyance and music and they were willing to help me, and they were spiritual as well. My Marriage Proposal? I dream’t all night of being on a cruise ship with friends, they said the cruise ship was on its way to San Francisco. Someone let the cat out of the bag and said David Barry was playing at a venue in San Francisco. Next thing I was there, a Funeral car pulled up in front of me with flowers all over it, it was a Wedding car Musicians on stage sang a song with a story to it David’s Mother standing at the front very nervous I saw a Dream where Superman asked Loris to Marry Him I also saw a very muscular man show me his shorts at how much weight he had lost I was also sitting in my cabin on a Cruise Ship waiting for a man to walk in, in a suit and carrying Flowers in one hand and a ring in the other. What does this mean? I remembered that my Guides said when I feel like that, to have a banana Well I bought some Orange Juice and Mum gave me some Vitamin c and Juice I need Vitamin C and Potassium Now I have to Have Vitamin C, Potassium, Vitamins B, Vitamin B6, Iron, Multi Vitamins, and Women's Essence My pension does not cover this Lucky I have one or two Readings a week and just keep on board. 233

It cost me about $100 a month for these Vitamins. Nothing the Doctor can do My Medication robs me of these Vitamins. I've put up with it for years and just waking up to what is wrong with me, I was so sick overall, that I never noticed the Patten, basically I was sick every day. For twenty or more years. By the way, I am so lonely and Horney, any suggestions? Do you like my Books; hope your "dancing on the Ceiling," because they are worth a fortune. Yellow pages will not get me Yellow pages taking me to court, next month I went to my doctor and got a letter didn’t I I am too sick and didn’t know what I was doing when I signed the papers I made $900 in a year and a half, and nothing from my Weddings. I haven't done one Wedding, Google didn’t even get me one call and I Was paying about $20.00 a day for clicks. They want Yellow Pages $30.000 I said I should place a billboard at my front of my house and charge $10.000 or more Too bad if they get no clients, I did my job and placed the billboard. That's basically how they put it to me (Yellow Pages and Google) We placed the Advertisement, we did our job. Yea$30.000, for nothing Have you gone to the Publisher yet? I have children that need feeding? Wee Gee Boards The Spirits you contact are from the pits of Hell, “Demon’s” They will try to kill you and destroy everything in your path for many years. Anyone selling them should be closed down and put to shame. Reasons why you can’t do Readings? *The person may think you are shit and don’t want a Reading *The person has traveled for an hour or more, makes it difficult because they are still in the car, spiritually. Ask God to bring them to their body *They may be too depressed that day, so there are no energies *You may have your menstrual, this makes it hard sometimes *If you are unhappy you could read all their problems, never read if you are unhappy Don’t do Readings under the influence could attract the dark side. Reasons why you can’t do Readings? *The person may think you are shit and don’t want a Reading *The person has traveled for an hour or more, makes it difficult because they are still in the car, spiritually. Ask God to bring them to their body *They may be too depressed that day, so there are no energies *You may have your menstrual, this makes it hard sometimes *If you are unhappy you could read all their problems, never read if you are unhappy *They have been cleaning the house, shopping or mowing the lawn, their energies are scattered 234

*They have, including you, have not eaten anything, you should always eat before a Readings, to ground you and give you energies, as that's what we rely upon * You or they are tired, there are no energies. Listen Dickhead, you better not settle for a lump sum for the books from The Publishers I want commission and good commission or go elsewhere!!!! And I think the books should sell for a High Price Virgin Princess David, A Request? Mandy With feeling I could never live that life again it’s like one big blur Pity I gave up my smokes at the time. I was not totally prepared or warned. I was in love. I think my Guides set me up giving up my smokes so maybe I would clear Karma and people will have some kind of understanding, especially the Bible Bashers, and the Government, taking the smokes off people Something they don't normally do, but the good for all. You’re not bad looking are you and have a very kind face. Just a thought but, Woody, if I was with you I would probably been too busy to pick up your Prostate Cancer. And I would have got your house ?? I had no money to offer them, not even to buy a cake. We could only afford one meal a day, I was relieved my son went to his friends so he had a decent meal, I do not go out every night. Clairvoyance saved my life, many times over Shit hit the fan when I lost my mind after giving up my smokes My children basically starved, there was not enough food and Electricity etc. was too high to cope. I lost my mind and I lost my sons respect because I had no money for food without my readings, we were doomed. I tried hard to buy clothes for the boys, but "Mr. Tick" wanted the latest trends I just couldn’t do it I have healed through my Grand Children, My Children are just a Blurr, I couldn’t cope with the monetary stress, no boyfriend and sick I've lived a fantasy world, all these years to get through it all I'm not a selfish person, I try to give my children all I have, The only thing I spent on myself before I did Readings was my smokes Half insane and lonely, Heart Broken and poor Can't you see what you are doing to the people? Mum bought my last two cars 235

On the Pension I don't have a cent over for furniture, let alone a car, luckily I am able to bring a few dollars in. I'm not putting all my eggs in the basket, I'm now considering saving up for a few years for a car, my car will not last long. My son's once had to sleep on the floor until, Mum came along for some beds for them Their father would not help out. I had about $10 over a fortnight until I started doing Readings. There is no money to buy furniture or a car with the pension Had no work for the week, bored as can be, I ended up taking Anxiety pills to sleep So, Mr. President, my Readings give me something to look forward to and to do with my time. It keeps me out of Hospital. I also can afford to spend $5 at the RSL with Mum every Sunday having fish and chips No, Mr. President the Pension does not pay for this, more than likely Mum would have to pay. I also buy a coke, thanks to my Readings. So God bless you, Thank you for your time, Mr. President. To The Government My Son until he matured was a bed wetter, I was too sick to work it out with the monetary stress, also I did not have enough money to buy bed pants for wetting for my son I only had about $10.00 over to spend once the bills were paid Even if I did find pads suitable for my son, I did not have the money to buy them Of course, we went through beds, My son's had to go without a bed for a while because I just had no money to buy one, Mum ended up coming forward to buy a bed. I did not get my hair colored at the time, didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have the money, and I only smoked when I really lost my mind, to help me cope. I've been on my own since my youngest Son was 1 and a half. I have no money to go out with a man to dinner or holidays. Also, you expect him to monetary pay all my bills So, Mr. President, you have forced me to be The Biggest Star in History, or be on my own for the rest of my life. My youngest son use to go over his friends each weekend and stay there I said in about a year to Eighteen Months, the Government are going to give an incentive to make people buy homes But if you really read the fine print and all the details, the Government are taking way more than what they are giving. You will be so poor it's not funny Mr. President / the Fish and Chips I know this might annoy you, Mr. President, But I was so Fuckin Hungry, Mr. President, that I had two plates of Fish and chips with Salad. $5 a meal and brought a coke Too bad I may be seen as ripping The Government off, I was Hungry 236

So what do I do Mr. President? Go by your methods and Starve, lose my mind and die, what would you prefer. Mr. President Stick this up your ASS I made two hundred dollars today I went and brought food for my dogs and Smako's also fish for my cat, and milk I also brought plenty of fruit and Vegetables, because my body cannot cope without them I also brought Vitamins and brought food for my Possums "Gary the Gay Possum" My Next Reading will pay for the Telephone and I have to put some money away for a car. I need about $100 a month for Vitamins or I'm one Bitch and sick in bed for days So don't deprive me of the money I earn You are Indian Givers, give with one hand and take with the other. I have no choice but to bring money in or starve, be in bed every day, or more than likely die. People are overweight because of the life they live and the stress, not because of The Fat Foods. The poor rely on these foods cause like hungry Jacks it's all they can afford and it's a decent meal for their money. Sometimes 2 for one. Keep trying Mr. President, people are going to wake up to you and think for themselves Have your laugh in the meantime, but people are waking up and not being a herd of sheep. Mr. President off to the Doctors we go Since the Father of my Children always had my car, to get drunk and bombed out of his head at his friends place every day and night I would only get the car when he walked off, and left with Rego, and brakes to fix etc. then he would come back. I had to take my Son to the Doctors a couple of times a week, due to ear infections, flus and boils, he was always sick I would have to push two prams, and over my shoulder nappies and bottles. I did not have money to buy a double pram, I would have to push two prams to the train station I never, ever had a double pram, even after he left. And nappies, well I couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t afford disposables. When my x took off he also took the washing machine that I was paying off, to sell to buy more drugs and booze I had to do the washing by hand. Mr. President I've told people about you? They want to know, If they should buy a Home or Not? I've told them the Government has taken every spare cent that they can off people that it would be insane to buy a house they are better of where they are , Renting. Give the people a Pension Rise $1000 a fortnight for a single pensioner or more. Stop wasting money on Astronauts etc. and you will have the money. Encourage pubs to spend big on entertainment, that way you get some money back don't you, everyone is getting pissed and laid.


The Angels will educate people on drugs, so if that's one of your excuses for alcohol, well that's covered. Make it easier for a youngster to get his or her car license, You made it so hard for them and taking every penny you can off them in fines, you are laughing. How can a Teenager afford Driving Lessons and a Car and The License? If they have a job, they are taken for a ride and paid pittance you’re even making money out of the young generation My boys are 27 years old and are still paying fines for driving unlicensed and UN Registered from 17 years of age. They had no money and needed a car, and how elsewhere they to get a job. Gail’s Son, who was fostered out. They gave him a flat to live In (Housing) he has $40.00 from his dole to pay for food etc. when rent is paid. He has no socks, no food, Got caught for driving Unregistered and no license. He had no money for Rego and License and nobody would hire him until he was 18 He needs to see his girlfriend and find a job. Catch the train; you catch the train, you Bastard. He didn't even have money for train fare. He was suicidal when they caught him unregistered and unlicensed It's been too hard for him to bear. Gail has no food lives on chicken Hearts for dinner, gives what she can to her son, but she goes hungry too. Gail suffers Bipolar and Schizophrenia. She's very overweight because she has no food. You try to claim Tax on fat foods Life sucks. How much have you made on Christianity, too greedy to show them the truth. You are the reason people are so sick. Mr. President, Smokes Tax Free. Since you have had your day with the Smokes, to pay back the countries debt. We want our Smokes returned and Tax Free. I bet that would really hurt you wouldn’t it You have your hand in every pocket, you possibly can Well now the people are going to stand up to The Government, you have got so greedy, that it is disgusting and immoral. People work all week, every day, all year and have nothing to show for it, and nothing at the end of the week to spend on themselves You've broken Relationships and made people suicidal worldwide by pinching their pockets and taking their only way to survive is their smokes to help them cope You deserve what you get from The People. To be honest, it does not pay to work People are like herds of animals and follow one another and listen to opinions of others. Well not for long, people are going to use their own brains and about time Give Alcohol back to the people too 238

A normal teenager, gets drunk and laid at 16 what were you like at sixteen, got laid and drunk And that's being honest, it's normal Give us free Taxi service 24 hrs. So we can go to the pubs and get pissed You make enough on The Poker machines, give it back. Time to give back Mr. President May God and his Angels be with you. The New Age Messiah is here Ha La Lu You I am "The One" I am the New Age Messiah and I am Here And so is God (Aliza) and his Angels Vote1 for a change is the World, peace and Happiness Give back The Pension Mr. President, you have people working all their lives, paying a High price to live and paying their way and High Taxes We all thought the Old Age Pension was a way The Government was giving back to the people for working hard all their lives and paying their Taxes Now they have to save for their own retirement You force the young and old to get work as soon as possible, or you take their pension off them Gailâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s son is too young to get a job and you are taking his dole off him He can't get a job until he is 18. He only has $40.00 over a fortnight once Rent is paid from his dole. And now you are going to take his dole from him. How is he to live and pay his Rent? He can't even afford a car. You even force them to take any job on, the first one that comes to them, No wonder people are getting Cancer and dying young We also work far too many hours, in heaven, they only work 4 hrs. a day You work that out That's why people are getting Cancer and sick, overweight and so many on medications. Time to Celebrate Open the pubs to the 16-year-olds God and his Angels will teach them to love their bodies, mind, respect others and themselves and love God within Also, the schools can teach correct behavior with Alcohol and limits. People have to take charge of themselves and Respect themselves and others, you should not take the Alcohol of people because of some that lose their way, we all should have the right to get pissed, make love to someone we love, dance and have a bloody good time We deserve it With "The Free Taxi's" everyone can afford to go to the pub and get pissed, so in return the venue can afford more security And we want our smokes back. You fuckin Hypocrites, I bet your smoking where nobody can see you, in the toilets, or in your house with the drapes drawn


If everybody paid say $10.00 at a RSL may be we could get some real decent Entertainment, and I mean decent Entertainment to be honest the gays know how to Entertain, better than we do Where's the glamour and something worth watching and listening too Vote 1 Go get The Free Taxi that The Government is going to provide, ass holes Go Get Pissed and Laid with someone you love I am here and so is God and his Angels Vote for change, peace and happiness the time has come The Angels will give you peace, love and make you laugh your head off all day long Embrace them will love We only bring happiness and love, no matter who you are or where you've been, we are not judgmental Your Mrs. could not care less then, but now she is steaming carrots. Buy a shirt and give her a call. Buy a Refrigerator that is the trap, not her You gutless wonder. Buy a suit that will cost too much and hit the town I await your call, even if it is a 2 am, I sleep with the phone next to me in case you call any way I’m up all hours Sleep during the day because I can't stand sitting in my chair listening to the Radio all day, can't take it some days At night I push myself to stay up or I get anxiety or panic attacks. All because I can't take being on my own And The P M S is probably part of that too. Elvis is waiting, hot and ready, I'm not going to put up with this lousy life much longer. 20 years, my Guides won’t bring anything decent towards my direction, and most men just haven't got it 20 years, get moving I heard last night they want money for the books Let me remind you, My Teachers are Nostradamus, Elvis, and God They should be begging us This is the book they have been waiting for The biggest seller of all time, it will outdo the old one Look out Boob Boo has been doing Poo Poo's on David’s side in the bedroom He knows, but there is nothing I can do I've even put a tray in the bedroom; he just looks at me lovingly. David, You’re lucky, I didn’t kill you last night? I'm making the BED I'm doing the Dishes I having a shower And you better be here in an hour 240

David call me now 1.30 am 07 xx xxxx Readings for David, 6th April, 2011 Reading are by Charmaine For David’s Entertainment Only For heaven’s sake man wake up, she is waiting for you What Trap, is that what you call it, "Trap" Well give it a try you might like it. No money aye, buy a refrigerator, spend a bit on yourself, then sit, back and think, got no money aye Then buy something else Are you Man or Mouse, making all sorts of excuses up, Can't get it up, aye, buy a magazine that looks familiar Got the tape recorder, listen to the tape, that brightens your spirits doesn't it, the one with the music, you get the humor and the message being put across, "get in my car", yea that’s the one, you really liked that tape didn’t you Easy find Guide Yea, mate it only costs $12 a week Of course what he said and what I heard were two different stories if you know what I mean, which I think you do Well listen to this 1189 people have looked at my coupons $20 off Half an Hour Reading $100 off Teachings and $50 off manual, not price stipulated Well not one person has printed a coupon Yes they get the people, but like most people they have nothing better else to do than browse, and people take advantage of this e.g. google etc. In four weeks or more I have had not one call David, a Women isn't supposed to keep her Virginity forever? Readings by Charmaine Readings are for David s Entertainment Only 7th April 2011 What now, got no clothes, boy you bore me, you brought some last week? Not good enough aye. Get on that bloody bike, you dick head it's 2 am, I'm waiting for your call Enormous potential in the bedroom Look at that magazine, ain't she beautiful, like "Honey" See if that suits you? How to build your own Curer For your Tobacco Sardines are a good fertilizer and they have a lot of nitrogen, they thrive on it Polystyrene ordered off the Internet Want the size of about a bit bigger than single cupboard about six to eight feet high $59.00 a sheet 241

Rods going across the top to hang leaves A Humidifier that takes about 12 liters of water with a hose at the back so you don't need to empty it Cost somewhere $400 And an oil heater to 30f / 54.5c about $20.00 Takes about 4 to five months to grow and 4 to 5 weeks in the curer Happy Smoking My Plantation Well, I've planted 2 rows about six feet long maybe each row will give me 30 plants? Now drying the tobacco takes about 4 weeks So I need about 2 months’ supply to keep up my demand Each Tobacco leave give about 1 to 3 clouds of smoke I smoke 60 a day that’s 3360 clouds of smoke every 8 weeks I need about 1660 Leaves I need about 8 rows of Tobacco Leaves that give about 30 plants I will have to get Bunning’s to deliver the potty mix because I did my back in last week carrying one load up the stairs They say each plant should give you 100 grams of Tobacco So my two rows I got, probably will do it for me for two months’ supply I will do one or two more rows just to make sure, I'm keeping up with my demand I guess I got a bit carried away last night with my calculations that’s a relief because I was going to use the whole backyard. Don't know what the hole in the bottom of the curer is for, they didn’t say, but you got to have one at the top too Probably to let out moisture One Plant 100 grams of Tobacco It depends how big the leaves are and what sort of plant you have, I can't see mine doing 100 grams per plant, but we will see Also they say Vienna plants are the best, or something like that. I might order some this week, run out of mine Maybe the leaves are bigger. I've planted my plants partly in the shade They are very easy to grow and I found they grow in most soils. Mine is pretty shit, and I just sprinkled potty mix on top, that will do Growing your own Tobacco is LEGAL As far as the internet says. Water every day They said she will not pay me, so I showed her to the door She admitted she has financial Problems and that is why she was here to see me But my Guides said "You’re wasting my time, Goodbye" The Guides say that's the way it is going to be from now, they have had enough


I was told when she rang, I was wasting my Time with her and when i sat down with her, they refused. Nobody has any money and they take their Reading and run or say NO No that's not right before I open my mouth really stupid one turned up the other day Couldn’t relate to anything I said and when I questioned her I found I was correct. For example, I told her she will be working for the Government, child Protection, Legal Clerical work and paid handsomely. She said she does not do clerical and can't see it I asked her and she said she works for Welfare She then asked about her Grandfather I said “You wouldn’t believe it but he's got a job for a lifetime," She said no, that's not correct, he's dead The whole reading went like this, and she refused to pay me Listen Mate, My Plantation needs Watering and I'm not talking about my Tobacco The Beautiful Flower, that holds love so dearly in your hands? Listen Mate, I got Children to feed? Where's The Publisher For the Greatest Medium, The World has ever known My will Encase The Aliens are coming? Make sure Animal Shelters get a good cut too Susan Carrier Robbie My web is I have been backing a Steam Engine for 25 years, I am going to prove Clairvoyance and Lead People to their Angels and God. My Guides are Elvis, Nostradamus, and God. In turn, I will get a Music Contract, also I have written "The New Age Bible" which is a Clairvoyants Manual Channeled by God. By the way Robbie I think you went to a Psychic and they said you are going to marry a Georgiou’s Clairvoyant. I think you married the wrong one And She’s a Business Women? Check my web and click on to "Steam Engine Charmaine is my Spiritual name My Night out with Elvis Elvis Grabbed me by the waist and we went flying through the sky Elvis took me to a Clairvoyant, and I mentioned that I had not been getting many Readings for many years and that spells had been put on me The clairvoyant told me what to do and the spells were lifted Elvis then took me to his vault and showed me all the Gold he had And he met up with a few Businessmen, saying "I'm back, and you thought I was dead" Elvis told me to forget about David, as I had him, and that he had met up with David letting him know he was in town We then stopped off for Fringe Benefits No, I'm not Reading YOU MY Guides refused to do a Reading to day Robbie was up all night, reading my emails, with me I finally gave him a Reading at 8 am 243

He instantly wrote back "are you crazy?" When I mentioned he was having marriage problems, and that she was not attracted to him? The Reading was a little negative with the problems he's having, but maybe it was the way the Guides talk they do come across crazy Don’t fancy sleeping with an old man. And totally beaten up, and used by date is over. I'm giving up hope of ever finding someone and having a life. All I do is sit in my chair all day and listen to music, no Money no friend, nothing @ I'm even sleeping with "Dead People" cause that’s all I got in my life. I'm just not attracted to the average man, I don't Think I will ever meet anyone. And what with The Government restrictions I'm glad when my day is done? I'm setting out to prove Clairvoyancy and lead people to their Angels and God The letters I write to you are The Story, to success. The Clairvoyants Manual is channeled by God, If you don't listen, you may be the one who loses, in the end, Anyway I think Thanks for being there for me anyway guys, I would have gone to Hell and back many times without you’s. I'm fine, but I cannot afford my smokes or food, I don't know how much longer this can go on ,, before it gets really serious. Their going grey, And their sagging Can't even see it with the belly Haven't seen it for years The dentist said 'He don't know how much longer my teeth have left." Glasses, add another look What you’re waiting for boy, it only gets better? The End is coming? No Readings for two weeks, Smoking Dumpsters No food left, ran out of tomatoes and cheese Toasted Sandwiches, cause that’s all I can afford Got no money for milk and bread No dog and cat food. Lawn overgrown Happy Easter. Did he rise on Easter David, 20 years ago, I thought you were absolutely Georgiou’s what am I going to end up getting? A fat bald headed man that can't even walk to the shop? I've totally lost my looks too; going to the letterbox is an effort. What has God done, and got in for us? 244

He promises he will give it all back to us. Good old Mum, came to the rescue She gave me money for smokes and bread and milk And shouting me out for fish and chips. Thought it was doomsday It would be if it wasn't for MUM When I woke up from a Nap, I heard Mum Screaming terrified, my name. It was a Warning to make sure I have my smokes or else, that's it for me My Guides are still positive with Robbie I think I will have two men to choose from You think your good mate, don't you? Well now competition has stepped in We will see, won't we? Somehow, I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t think I will need the Red Jasper,? Take it as a Man, in Hell I'm told in Hell some have to dress up with corsets and suspenders They also have to shave underarms, legs, and bikini line They have to take it like a man about twice a day. They also get whipped and beaten up regularly, Lord Help those that are Child Molesters etc. I'm told that Noel will get a boyfriend soon and he looks really beautiful. You know the old saying; youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re more famous when you are dead. Whatever happens, I hope somebody, or Robbie takes on the Invention, and my books and music. I don't know for sure which way God is going to go. Give me a Reading?, What do you think of Robbie? Go on be a devil By the way got P M S feeling on top of the World I finally worked it all out? David, Apology, I'm sorry I got carried away yesterday When I said "I haven't seen it for years, I was exaggerating" Not that bad really My Vitamins B's and B6 plus Multi and Iron have made me lose a lot of weight over the months Any way how are you going with yours, Apart from losing interest? Seen it lately? How to get rid of PMS Vitamin ''B's and B6 for depression Glass of water will get rid of the ill filling Orange Juice when you have your periods and just after could help if you feel sick, and heavy after. Got p.m.s. felt really sick, just had a glass of water, now I'm fine 245

The Plantation will grow, it is taking its time. The seeds haven't generated yet and one is losing hope. They will grow love, don't be disappointed. I think everyone should follow such lead. Yes, it is illegal, you got to get permission from the Tobacco companies and the Tax office. Fuckin idiots. Anyway, the police don't know what they are looking for and couldn't care, it's not our business and turns a blind eye. They have had enough too, and feel like real ass holes. It breaks their heart sometimes, with what they have to do, it's not fair. I apologize to all. You're out there to do a job and have no choice. I apologize, better wages and incentives coming for you soon and more respect. Thank you, guys. I don't think you are pigs, you are men. See you Dave Aliza I know you are up late Reading my Emails See This CALL NOW Xxx xxxx It worked last time They should bring back the Waltz, ballroom dancing, Women love it and so do men and it is so easy, so do young children. It will come back soon, you watch my words Now God gave you a gift to sing and have a good time, take a break mate and go outdoors or do comical Readings, you will get a laugh out of it and well paid. Get on stage and do Readings it will stop your boredom, make it comical, people will come running and sell your books, their one coming soon about Susan She writes a novel similar to yours day to day experiences put them into a book, you will make people cheer The watch it ticking and not much to say, other than she loves you, hope to see you soon, don't wait for Robbie, David Robbie is married and will do the right thing, he's just looking for extra activities and respects her. The Invention will be pulled off soon, but it needs a story to go with it. Get it ready for the show. Your be on TV soon and laughing, the books will sell, bright lights on See you God Aliza PS Take your B"S you have menstrual. And multi, you will soon be fixed. The remedies are good but they are mostly meant for women (Women Essence) it may give you more stamina in the bedroom And calm you down, try it? If you get achy feet with it try it just two sprays in the morning, twice a day may be too much. But it will take your moods away and calm you down, a good remedy for all. Maybe taking the Calm one. Sells in The Warehouse Chemist Discount store. e.g. cannon hill. The pubs with more beer. Taxi driven cars with discounts for drinkers, about time, the pubs will be full and full of cheer. About time Government. And people won't kick the habit. I won't let them they need their Cigarettes. The Government will put them back on the shelves.


They just need to fix their debt first. Give it 18 months to 2 years things will change heads for the better. Cigarettes will slowly go down in price, and they will say "it's your choice?” Writing to people, without them writing back? Many people will follow such a way, a good way to communicate and self-help and learning. I will help you Give a Reading now and again and that person will be Checking that computer night and day and you will make that person laugh. Maybe Oprah.? Readings by Charmaine, Easter 2011 Are readings for David’s Entertainment Only? Wish you were here; you haven't got the stamina for the BEDROOM, have you. Well get it right mate and put your thinking cap on. Do the dishes, something around the house, you’re sitting around bored. I know it's hard mate, you've committed suicide once or twice mentally Get a fix ion book, it will get you out of your rut The Telephone is nearby, one quick call and you will be over their See what Robbie is doing?, I know but you may have to wait a while he's got other commitments even though the commitment is strong. By her, a book then call? you will be in a better mood. Go out for dinner you will change your opinion of her and it will be all lust. By the way, have you got a stranger standing at your door at night? Afraid they may come by and take some things. They've lost interest now, found somebody else. It won't last but it is good for her. She’ll write a new book soon and it will be nice. In other words, she is happy and forgiven. This little trick did her good. She was a mess. You think those dancers are dickheads don't you doing the same as each other and not in time. Things will change in time and people will start rocking. They’re really a bit disappointed when they go Home. Not really exciting and doing the same thing, doesn’t really do it. I'm not wearing suspenders if you come round here with that shirt on. Get that Spunk back Humour will soon follow. MY Son, writing Letters EVERY DAY? Mark, Sue’s Son, will do the same and will get an acting role from it, or something in that area He will insult him and give him riddles and Readings. This will make them both laugh. Her son has such a beautiful personality and disposition. He will get what he wants The Mechanic will have to wait for a while, to get over his grief from the past, not his childhood but before that. That's why he can't communicate and to his mother. I'm so proud of him and his hurt will heal, very soon in fact. When Robbie and you walk thru that door. 247

He will laugh till the cows come home, and all will be forgiven. He will be a new son and always joking. I will give them both everything they want, they have made me proud. Theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re the best sons a mother could have. They will never leave her side now. And so much fun around the table and out. A really nice family. Get them into music. Girls will come running they are both good looking. The younger one will take the piss out of his job and will always laugh. Buy them a ring and say this is to your new life. Like the old that got lost. Her son will see it and cry like a baby. a new life for all. And the promise and be sealed and told for all. Get off your fuckin, ass David, and hit the Hot Spot Lights I will find you somebody to write too. This will make you laugh and you will find out so much about Yourself. Keep copies on the computer. But I think this person will see straight away what you are up to and about. You will Be on a few talk shows then you will meet, Maybe Oprah. your see or Doctor oz Your find their email address by accident and will keep them Amused for years. Maybe a call now and again, but not much? Robbie I've been speaking to Robbie, nearly every day, singing him my songs and giving him Readings (Spiritually?) He asks me question about certain things, I can hear him well I know it's him because when I gave him a Reading for the first time on Facebook, I had to heal myself, the energies were not good. Then when I gave him a Reading Spiritually I got the same energies Again making me unwell. I said are you on drugs or medication and he said he's taking Asthma Medication and got the flu and run down, not well at the moment But things seem to of got better Stick up your Ass, Woody By the way, David Your haircut, looks like shit, Too short what the fuck have you done to it? You use to take so much Pride And those photo's on the Web, shit get another one you are showing your age and stress. You use to be such a spunk And dressed to The T's head to toe, the best-dressed man in the business. You can cream my cakes any time Get it back and give me a call. And a 20 year old shirt, what the fuck Anyway I heard in my room over and over again "Kill Me" I tried the Works Burger and getting a Warrior to get rid of the person but that did not work I asked God what do I do? He said to send him to a hotel with Breakfast So I ordered, Sausages, Scrambled eggs, Tomatoes, and spaghetti, With Orange Juice and coffee. I also asked that he stay there for seven days with Lunch and dinner and have foods that are his favorite. 248

I've also sent a friend his way, and sent him off to a strip club Also I have asked for a swimming pool and gym. The poor bugger just needed a holiday? He just came around and thank me, and is very happy, and now off to The Strip Club. Look now what she has done? the Demons have gone away, Poor you, don't know what to do, Her Reading was good wasn't it, it upset you Well, now you’re seeing straight. One quick call and you woke up to your self See you tomorrow. I'm not wasting time anymore, Lookout It's now or never, chum Readings by Charmaine, 30th April 2011 Saturday Readings are for David's Entertainment Only Not much happening ay, haven't read that good book aye Haven't done much. Well, read The Bible, so full of shit, just like you Reasonable, income coming in, buy a book and read it and the time will fly What’s good, new coming she say's? Somebody is buying her a car, won't be from her Mum, somebody is coming forward with a brand new car, Watch your weight mate, Cause you are going to be so jealous Time to look elsewhere, I presume. Well, you haven't done anything, have you? Good books on the other end of so we will see what happens. I might buy her another book , you have taken too long. Bye mate Kill Me? Been attacked by Demons really bad tonight Must have something really good coming my way? Sending Spirits on a Holiday Yes it’s ok for God to say send him to a Hotel with Bed and Breakfast I also gave him lunch and dinner, a Hotel with a pool and Gym Plus booze at the strip club Not only that, I sent him there for Seven Day's I have just been informed that I will be paying for his Vacation; well the money has to come from somewhere. So it will be taken out of the money I have stored in Heaven But God said he will return the kind gesture, Patric Swayze Missing Teeth. Patrick Swayze, in my dreams, showed me he was a Teacher and that he was helping to fight the Demons for myself and Jade and Thiley.


Because the Grand Mother is an Alcoholic and both Grandmother and Mum take drugs, those Children are surrounded by Negative Guides and Demons I also do my work to help keep them away. And it also doesn’t help since they have such a great future ahead of them if they wish to follow it. The demons will do anything to stop them Patrick smiled at me and had missing Teeth this means he is a poor man, but happy, He will get wages for Teaching Thiley and of course what Thiley ends up making, he does too. He said he is paid a wage and paid very well. Patrick Swayze, came around last night He has done his stunt as "The Pretty boy" in jail He says it was because he did some spells, but he also did a lot of work for God, so he did not do long He say's my Teacher, has about 12 years to do and is in Solitary Confinement because she won't do her bikini line or put out. Patrick is going to help my Grand Daughter Jade with Acting and dancing He said also Elvis has his hand on her Sister Thiley, because she has so much good Karma, a really beautiful girl MY Father, DAD ……. I said,” I don't want to see you what you did was a selfish thing.” I have not heard from him or her since then I got an Email from my Half-sisters saying he passed away 5 years ago A couple of weeks later, my Dad was speaking to me spiritually I said: "where have you been?" He said, "I thought you didn’t want to know me?" I said "I was just mad at you," I said, "where are you?" He said "IN Hell" "I'm being bashed and raped every day I asked God, " how long he had left?, and God said "12 years," I asked if his time could be lessened for good behavior?" God said "yes, 6 years” I said to Dad "you only have 6 years left; look towards the future, time will go?" He said, “I wanted you, kids, I had no choice, your Mother would have taken off to England and I would never have got to see you grow up, so in any case, I lose. It's not fair. I lived for my children." I said to God, “can you take this into consideration?" God said, "Yes, you are now a free man” Dad went "Whoopee" He came over, and I asked God to give him his favorite meal, bottle of booze and smokes So it was a good ending for all. Happy Mother’s Day


To all, you Fuckin Idiot's that think my 70 a day smoking habit has contributed to my bad Sinus Problem, well I may have found the reason why Three nights ago I realized that if I am going to haunted Houses Spiritually getting rid of all the Demons, why can't I do it for my own home? So I asked for â&#x20AC;&#x153;Burger with the Works, The Rose and Everything" I went spiritually in every room in the house, in the gardens where they are and under the house repeating this. I also heard the train like sound above my head, like when I cleaned "Hell Out" Well, my nose, head, and chest have never felt so clear, the energies are my body feels fantastic, and the energies in my house are beautiful And Boob boo has been making extra attempts to do his Poo Poo's outside. My Sinus has never felt so much better, I'm like a new me. They always said it was Negativity and what has been dished out to me. Well I got rid of the Demons for the past 2 to 3 days and I feel Absolutely wonderful I will see over the next few days how my sinus and wellbeing is, but Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve never felt so great, and my body, is like a new me. My chest feels so clear too, talk about a new body My Dad I have not seen or heard from my Dad since I was 3 He took off with us, when Mum Separated from him and it took her 18 months to find us, then she sent us off to England. I'm taking Boob Boo to the Vets for Grooming before he gets sick I have for 2 weeks been living on Dumpsters, for Smokes I'm now going to buy one week of Smokes $150.00 and keep the next week for Dumpsters. The Dog is sick, Bossey I have no money to take him to the Vets His head and jaw are shaking and he's got a cold nose. Get Paid Thursday $500 $150.00 to pay Electricity Fortnightly $110 and the rest for Funeral Insurance and Car Insurance $200 for Smokes $70.00 Dog and Cat Food 80.00 For Advertising for two weeks $500 Total Now I've got to get the Lawn Mowed $50.00 or more fortnightly I've got to buy food for myself And I've also got to come up with some money for my website updates Boob Boo needs grooming, Petrol for the Car Telephone due in two weeks $130.00 a month And I have to pay each month $100.00 to get my hair done. Also got to find money for my Medications and Vitamins for schizophrenia, blood pressure, and P M S David, Message from Aliza 251

"Your Standards are too High?" that's why you are so poor My Poor Man's Budget I have had no calls for work for about 3 weeks. A couple came, they just took their reading and ran, they made an excuse and the end of a 45 minute Reading that they believed their partner wasn't coming back. The Real Reason, they are going thru Bankruptcy with no work and wanted to keep their money I'm getting a lot of this now, where people are taking their Reading and running. Mum has been buying me food for the past 3 weeks , giving me $40 for dog food and shouting me out at the RSL, $5 fish and chips and Salad. Thank You, Mum, for all the times you have brought me food when I had none, and gave me money when I needed it You have also brought me a few cars over the years MY Pension does not give me money to save for a Car And the times when you came all the way over to bring me a cooked Meal when I could not cook for myself and really had no food Where would we be without our Mums? Well, Mum, when my Dreams come true, hopefully, I can help make your Dreams come true and pay you back for what you have done for me Thank You, Mum Lots of love Sue Thank You, Karmen, My Friend. Karmen, you saw I had NO Car, and no Money And you gave me your car for $1 I have had the car for about 3 years, now and all it has needed was brakes and a battery I have no money to repair the car when it breaks down My Pension does not pay for car Maintenance Thank you, Karmen, for being so Generous You've saved many Tears and Hardship I would have to walk everywhere, and catch trains or busses, I am too sick for that, So, Dave, you cast spells on me, cause you could not see straight Your Famous Words â&#x20AC;&#x153;That will Teach YOU?" Well you really have paid for your crime, haven't you? Make sure you never cast a spell again I've got to choose between Robbie and you Who's more worthy God will let me know, in due time Mum, God has not overlooked what you have done for me and the good life you have led He also knows you have been on your own, most of your life when I am successful; God is going to bring you a Man that is everything you want I think he is a Holly wood Producer; he may be connected to my Movie I've only heard it slightly, but I know God has something Special for you Also, you will be 100 years old, full of energy, laughter, and looking young As 252

No, it is not your Bloody "Sperlina" God has rewarded you in ways that you don't realize, for being who you are, and your past lives. He also wants you to get into Opera, maybe you will do this here, also on The Other Side, where fame and fortune awaits you Thank You, Mum Robbie He likes my music, and on Credit might be a really fun one to do, also it fits in with whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s going on at the moment They say he married the wrong Clairvoyant and that his new bride does not appreciate the life he has given her and they are always rowing She's very bored and does nothing all day but whine Things are not going too good on the Home Front He's coming here to buy a house on The Sunshine Coast and is going to take me out I'm so excited. I guess David wasn't very interested after all, and they have brought me somebody else What I hear from the other Psychics is pretty good they say I have a choice between two men Wish me luck, and he's gorgeous Been writing to Robbie He says he is in a Recording Studio for a week or so but is coming to see me to take me to dinner and have a talk and he wants to live in Australia Well, I'm going shopping Is it going to be a Hard Day's Night? Gail Regularly sits for hours sweating it out on the toilet with tears in her eyes, and even falling asleep on The Toilet All because she cannot afford fruit and Vegetables. Spirits have been coming to my room at night I ask God, and he says to give them a cookbook, So now so I can go to sleep, I will have to have an Angel standing by with Names that God has written giving them recipe books away or Jumpers. Rather than disturbing me I asked him if it's any more than that I want to know, because he might be giving houses away And that's my money if you know what I mean? I might be living on the streets when I go home? So I'm sorting out my Karma, All they want is cookbooks Ha Ha (What a Joke) And they will not let me sleep until they get it


Government VS Tobacco Companies By the way, don't forget to make sure The Tobacco Companies have enough money to fight The Government when you pray. Tobacco Giants Take on Government I could not be happier, and everyone else too I think the Government will walk away and cigarettes will be half the price. I'm praying to God that The Tobacco Companies win. I've asked God to place in their dream state and bring it out during the day, Teach and show, People (Tobacco Company) facing the Governments in the courts what to say and do to win the court case And get the Government ready for them and bring them towards the Tobacco companies and get the Tobacco companies ready for them and bring them towards the Government and put them together now please, and can you make a fool of the Government if you’re willing. They kept me awake all night until they got what they wanted Just because I helped a Gentleman a couple of weeks ago by giving him a holiday because he had no reason to live and wanted to end it all, Spirits have been lining up all night hoping I will give them a holiday, or probably buy them a house They didn’t care if I got no sleep, they were just in it for what they can and kept persisting until I was fully awake to sort them out, then I would go asleep and another one would come I guess God wanted to point out how selfish people were. I've fined all of them, they can bring me a certain amount of work that God has in mind The ones I gave the Cookbooks to gave them back to me, they apologized and said they realized they were "biting off more than they can chew, and got the message" I had a good talk with Bossey about the Bad Boys, he knew what I was talking about. And I told him to say "Works Burger" I think he will end up saying it to himself when he sees them Boob Boo wants me to walk outside at night with him when he goes to the toilet, I also reward him with a Smako, And Boss goes outside too with him to protect him. Good on Boss aye, he knows. I've basically got rid of most of them, it just the odd one that flies’s by. But the dogs don't like them, and Boob Boo is afraid of them. They must really have a go at him, and he can see and hear them very well Boss seems to of caught on and wants me to walk out with him too. He stands at the door with his head turned, looking at me Woody Male band, a group of you's You might even be on a TV show, you’re going to come up with some new music, the band will join in and this is where the show comes from, it will be good music You might even buy another home with the money The songs won't make record, but holly wood soon, buy a


leather jacket and glasses and a bike, that's the kind of scene, e.g. Queen, Freddie M. A Theatre show like Greece, you may be the lead So much good is coming to you Feb. onwards I think Grease Lighting hitting Broadway, and you are the STAR Animals in it too, you will have to take them on tour canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t leave them on their own the band won't mind September, there is no mention of divorce but your eyes are red, been put down so much and you have dreams and she won't let you Feb moving onwards on the Road and goodbye to old habits You need rat poisoning in you kictc hen somebody is getting in and stealing your food and the dogs know this Buy a can of baked beans and take everything out in other words there is nothing to eat It's a young man from St Vinnes, he breaks in and steals your food, spends all the money on Dope, Cigs God wants you to leave "The Bible" Clairvoyants Manual and a Tin of Baked Beans and a note for the Thief If I pick up this I will send you an Updated Manual And a Demon Protection book updated Tony my Ex I don't have one good song for him, he only brought me misery and a Mental Illness and left me in the gutter with two children We could only afford about 1 meal a day I could never go through raising children again in poverty and lonely Your second Reading June 2011 Readings by Charmaine, Readings are for Woody's Entertainment Only Look what has happened to you? Don't you look smart? The tall girl in a white dress has done the trick for you Look upstairs more and you will see the true picture theirs a picture on the wall, get rid of it, no good, always moaning The real truth is in the pudding is coming soon won't be long, then you can smile Never stood by you in your dreams, not good mate, you would only fail with her in all things Not just your talent but other things and your self-esteem Roadshow soon, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re going on tour, joining a band, hot rods, then you will be free The band will put you straight or else, then you will go The band is heading your way, My Rotten Past, Two songs that remind me of that Drug Addict and Alcoholic are Invisible, by Alison Moraette and Right Here waiting for you by Richard marks Tony would go out most nights proving his manhood letting his pals know he could have any women he wanted And I was just the cook and cleaner, we never ever really had a conversation together 255

He always sat around a table drinking and banging away with his friends, I felt so left out and invisible. I waited seven years for him to come back; I walked away from an engagement by a really nice guy who I knew for 18 mths Tony was only here for about 2 months, he emptied my savings $3.000 and I nearly lost my home and car, and had to live off St Vinnies etc. for about a year to pay for food so I could catch up on bills Boob Boo does his Poo Poo's outside since going to Mum's for a Holiday, He has not done one Poo in her house or mine in 3 weeks Why because "The Genius" has now got rid of all The Demons I've written to Rob Lowe, Elle Macpherson, and Lisa My ex, I think pop round spiritually last night, they say he took an overdose He's either passed over or asking for my help it’s always confusing They say he's been sent back down, where there will be no Cigarettes no drugs and no booze Just heard that my EX has 3 months to live, He has Tumours on his liver, from past work Look at the drugs and drink didn’t do it, after all, He does not want his children to know and I don't think he wants to see them, as when Mark his son called six months ago, he said "He had no sons" Robbie has been in my face, real chronic this week wondering what the outcome will be Tony, the children’s father Is now spending the last days in a hospital. I visited him, yesterday to say goodbye 3 am I awoke to be asked to send him thru the white Light He's been talking to me on and off all day and says he's going to take a tour around Elvis And he came to say to me “I didn’t want to marry you as well, in fact, I couldn’t stand you” He may be sitting in hospital waiting to go but part of Him has passed over? He got tumors in his liver from chemical from work. Tony Passed away 1 am on The 9th Friday The boys came from MT Isa and saw him early in the week Last night Tony came around to see me I put my two cents in He said I am "The Most Wanted Women in History" He also said he will have to hang himself for 1 week and be sent back down for another life. While the boys are here we are having a garage sale Getting rid of everything under the house, which by the way, as usual, is disgusting We can't even give the bits and pieces for FREE I do not think Robert is going back to Mt Isa, it's not really in him But he is doing paperwork to fulfill his Mechanics apprenticeship That is all I ask of him, then he can work for himself whenever he wants to Gail my friend is listening to me and is doing her Cleansing Techniques and getting ready to do Readings and earn her man which is coming in really soon. August. I am proud of her 256

Had my PMS, only felt sick in the stomach and needed a couple of glasses of water, for one day, brilliant aye. That was on The 6th of July, Sometimes can make me sick for 3 or more days and very depressed. Got away with it this time Maybe the Vitamins are starting to work. Gail also listened to me and takes The vitamins too Tony's Funeral today, I don't think I will be going, the family makes me feel unwell, the Children feel the same, but they may go? I also don't want to see the coffin, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll have to increase My medication. Tony went to court, about being sent back down, He is allowed to stay, they say his Mother was to blame for his drug and Alcohol abuse And what he did past lifetime ago. He is willing to pay for Child Support by trying to get clientele for me. One of them may be standing Naked at a Service Station where my Advertisements are being shown. Tony has no money or place to stay; everyone including his father has closed the door on him. So I let him stay here, and my Grandmother on the other side brought him food. Baked Beans with Toast or Scrambled eggs. She said she felt like giving him "One Bean" on toast. But considering we could have had a really good life together if it wasn't for his drugs and booze, and he is likable, she helped out. Tony is trying to get me work, to pay off his child support I had him sleeping here for a few days because all doors where closed to him where he is He's very happy, and say's now he can see straight. No longer is he on drugs and booze, but he's probably got his smokes. They have no problem with smokes there, they are a healer, and they sell them very cheap He's at a bar-be-cue at the moment, trying to get some work, so I hear. And he says he's starving as he has no money The Government will not give him the dole because he abused himself. Hard enough trying to supply the Animals food If I don't get any work they will just have to put up with dry food. Karmen, boasted 5 years ago that she was making over 12 thousand a month The Psychic line which I called for extra work which I don't think my Guides want me to do, Is overfilling with work they can't keep up with the demand They said they will call me in a month Absolute soul secrets, but with my PMS and the spells that have been done to me etc. I don't think I will get it. I'm supposed to be The Greatest Medium that ever lived, yet I have absolutely no work and I don't think any Psychic line wants to take me on I even called The Psychic line that I have regularly contacted, even given them a Reading last year, and contacted them the other day, He has not rung me back. 257

I somehow out of my $500 pension paying $200 a fortnight for Meltida service Station. Advertisements, They refuse to stop payments and I have not got one call Going to call the Bank soon and stick it up their ASS, but I am overdrawn by $50 and can't put a stop to the withdrawal because I can't pay $15 to put a stop to it If they take the money out I will have no Smoke money Also, I was on The Spiritual Plane in my sleep with Jimmy Barnes He was the bus driver and I was sitting at the back, smoking away He was Reading off me the whole drive I went up to him and asked him when my next stop is, He gave me a cuddle We then ended up at a small gathering where he had a band set up and free booze, and of course, everyone could smoke there He walked up to me and asked about "Noel" and The Steam Engine And I also told him about my music. Does this mean he's read my blog on Facebook?? Well, he was interested and sporting a bare chest, very impressive but I doubt if he really looks that good with a bare chest. Brown and fit. Tonyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life? What with no Trade, no home, no money, no pension So in other words you will be living on the streets and penny less Also if you are shot down which is more the case, you will have all the Demons and Negative Guides around You all your life from what you created last lifetime. Plus God will more than likely make you look ugly and a dickhead to suit what you are and you may have Health problems to match because you did not give a damn about your Health previously Have a nice life Happy Birthday (2) Not only that, if under certain circumstances you are allowed to stay upstairs If you were under drugs or Alcohol while learning your trade - You have to do it all over again And not many people will want to hire you Plus you get no pension and no money from God So good luck, and Happy Birthday Tony's Bedtime Blue's I kicked Tony out of The Bedroom since I was being attacked all night by Demons He then went into the spare room and put up with my Son Attacking him spiritually, as that is his bed I found his energies were making me depressed, because I have not one good memory of our times together ECT, and I have been very hurt So my Guides have sent him to my Brothers, as he has a spare room But he will probably be moved from their 258

None of Tony's family or friends on the other side will take him on and he can't get a job, has no money and no pension, plus if he does Carpentry Again, he has to start from scratch and do his Apprenticeship Again, since he was under the influence throughout his whole career and Apprenticeship Plus all the work he did for people while on Earth, he has to pay them back for his work. Happy Birthday (3) So if you are permitted to stay upstairs, Good luck if you are hoping for a friend or family member to look after you, after all the Negativity you have put on them due to your drug or alcohol abuse He say’s “at least I'm not fat” Elvis, "The Janitor" Yes mate, he cleans toilets, not a woman in sight, has not had a blowjob in years. The twilight zone with me is probably all he's got going for him And he's working his ass off day and night to make me a huge success "The biggest Star in History" so God will give it all back to him Otherwise, he's cleaning Toilets for eternity, and nothing else to live for? Drugs are what gave him this life. And whatever else? Dave, It's a courter past one, And I'm a little drunk and need you now Does Tony look for work? They find out he was an Alcoholic and druggie Then they find out he also did not pay Child Support Bang Goes the Door The Animal Welfare is also after him for mental abuse, etc. God say’s He says he will give my youth back the book is maybe all I have left. If Dave comes forward when I have my prize home, I hope I don't have to walk away from my family They have not got much time for me as it is I don't really blame them, but they want to know nothing about it Never even looked at my music, Want to know nothing Why am I now having nights with Elvis Is it because we have nothing else going for ourselves And this may go on for many years? If I don't pull off that car and my Music, Elvis and I might as well "Marry" Each other it is all we got? Where's Dave in this Picture Doris Day? She may be a few years away? Is that all we really got going for ourselves? Companion Ship is all you may get in the end Dave Too Old. And Fucked 259

Elvis has not had Women since his first Birthday, sitting alone watching TV and cleaning Toilets. Don't go to the Gym and basically don't care anymore Someone Jealous, I wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t mention? Especially one person who is so jealous and I have not done anything to deserve this as in Spiritual Law Sits at home, Thursday, Fridays, and Saturdays gets drunk, all night sending off spells I know this cause I have to sit up with them This has been going on for about 10 years? That's why nothing I do, will bring in an income, and nothing has worked out for me I believe this person will get Cancer, We were going to let it slip by, but how much damage has to be done till this person is satisfied, and how many more years is it going to go on?. Warning Put book to hard drive, and in a safe, and a disk somewhere safe too Make copies, It's The New Age Bible, Get the drift, my life's work Somehow I think nobody is going to come forward God is Talking about giving me a prize home, in a year or two And Karmens, Inheritance Nothing will work for me I may have a house etc coming my way early next year or sooner too. In a few years, I can try to pull off that car again and my music, and hopefully, Dave can come forward Somebody who has been casting spells for years and has wiped me totally off the map will be diagnosed with Cancer in a couple of months, they will be gone within 12 months. Then when the energies have cleared, I can promote myself again Elvis wanted to dust my cob Webs Last night, but it dawned on us that all we got is each other, and thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all we have in life unless things change Neither of us could get it "up" And he has been working so hard on his energies. Elvis sat with me all night, and I think he's going to be with me a lot for company and also try and work out how to pull all this off if we can? Too Many Spells, Pay your way, Tony? Well, one has now been booted off to my Son's house, Mark God say's he still has to pay Accommodation, say $80 a week to have a bed Plus my Grandmother expects him to get me some work for the food she gives him.


Well mate, the Scrambled eggs on Toast, are going to stop soon, as you have not been getting me work apparently there is a Jealous Rage going on about Elvis Soon once he has been booted out of every house, he will have nowhere to live. Plus God expects him to pay Accommodation He can do this by helping the person Nobody gets a free ride mate, anymore. Elvis moves in, with ring on finger I have to forget about Clairvoyance for the next few years, By the way, he is improving, But needs to work on his energies, before start screaming I enjoy his company anyway Woody, My Email box has totally changed I hope you are receiving my Emails I could be writing for years and you aren't receiving them I think you are But my box has changed and I'm not sure Elvis Some may say, I'm Mad, or lucky, taking Elvis on But let's face it, there is no Man out their attractive enough for me With dress sense, good looks and charm And one who will not put me down and destroy me Plus I am not going to walk away from Gods divine purpose In the end, it will all work out for me God says if or whatever if I don't pull it all off I will have a prize home and a man of choice, and my youth. I may already have a home, car, and business coming my way God does reward you in a big way if you listen. And Dave will be laughing his Tits off with Doris It's the Best God can do for now Elvis He's a janitor because of his drug abuse, God took everything away. There may be a story to tell about this, A Girl? Elvis, says your one of a Hell of a Tease, but Sorry, God willing he can’t? Kylie, all he can do is watch; God will not give him the energies, so he looks down at his shoes and goes home a poor man? Is Elvis, Just a Sperm Bank? Am I going to be Pregnant by Christmas? Yea, mate how much more am I to go along with? I've got my tubes tied for those skeptics And I've told God, my life is shit, and you’re going to make it shitter My Teacher did say, "She saw me standing outside a mansion with a daughter by my side and my man Is that what could have happened, or is that to be? Well, what’s Elvis doing now? He's a Janitor, cleaning toilets, 261

And lives in a crummy flat staring outside the window or Tv Hasn't had a Head Job or nothing since he passed over, not a woman in sight, He's now moved in with me, each other is all we got in this shit world. But if he gets me to pull off my Invention and music he will give him everything Casino in The city I believe I went to The Casino in The City, Spiritually. Had they a Satanic Church in there? I just cleaned it up It's been there about a year or two so I'm told Burger with the works, The Rose, and Everything Repeated until cleared The Whole of Tinsel Town is Laughing I've written to, Kylie, Robbie, Jimmy, Janet, Rob, and Ellle Kylie, the Tease, and Elvis the Janitor If it's the Casino in the city, and you lost the job Your be getting it back I have so many showers because of the work I do Elvis says he's never known someone so clean I get so much shit placed on me, energy wise Elvis, now Manly talks to me instead of my Guides And he says Oct to Dec, everything is coming for me? The Satanic, Church in the Casino Was in the Heart of the Building I stood spiritually at the Stairs in the foyer, all darkened, and with the wind blowing all around me with all the seats etc. in the Church, then it cleared and it became light again. It took about ten minutes repeating what I had to do. Bossâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s next life and Boob Boo's Because Boss is so intelligent and understands a lot of words, He will be a Police Dog I explained to him, "Next lifetime when you are a "Lilly" you will be getting The Bad Boy's, bossey is very Clever. Good boy's getting The Bad Boy's I also told him he's staying with Mummy because he is The New Age Messiah for Animals and Doggies. I think he understood most of what I was saying Boob Boo, because of his name, which I take the piss out of all day and make him laugh, Will be the cutest loveable dog in town. You really need to buy a bra that fits that girl; she really does whinge a bit much But she's coming to her senses now, With High Heals on and look sensational you got what you wanted. Well worth the wait, cookie jar out Jimmy Barnes coming forward, Elle in lead Who knows you might be celebrities soon Cookie jar opening up Goodbye Alisa 262

Beef Burgers galore if you want to keep up with her God's going to make a point to you, Woody Sick of driving mate? Say’s Alisa Well, mate, The Casino is going to call you every night of the week I will make it up to you mate, I know you have had enough of driving The Casino is all you will have, the others will be wiped out Good on you mate Go to the local shops and buy a burger you deserve it Good beef to get those energies flowing Not just the bedroom, you animal you? Mick Jagger wants to walk the splendid grass, sorry mate but there’s no "in" In other words word is getting out. The Angels are all around Kylie and she's smiling ear to ear, so funny She was set up and knows’ it. We’ll see you full moon a surprise in hand a child and it ain't yours What shit The Bible really isn't worth reading Makes me laugh and sorry But I will take the piss out of it See you, Alisa Readings by Charmaine Readings are for Woody’s Entertainment Only Readings on the 17th of August, 2011 Readings are from the Spirit world You sit there so proud don't you in front of your computer You've made a point to that girl next to you and you stand proud She is finally listening, about time What about the cash, she says? Well bloody wait, it doesn't happen overnight, it’s coming and the house too You really should have moved in with mum but you sorted your shit out Congratulations The hair needs doing; nobody is paying. New business that will set the record straight And you be out every night, celebrating and having a good time The Business will boom overnight, She ain't got the money but will have Ashley is coming forward for a Reading and will stay for a while and pays well He always does. She’s Highly Respected as a Medium. The dogs need attention, go walking and they will forgive you for barging in and taking over. The little one can stay home, a bit naughty, and will cause stress e.g. run off. Thinks it’s funny, well it ain't Vouchers for belly, it will ruin you, lose your reputation, better leave that alone Somebody ain't thinking right, you will see, they got the gift but no talent, sorry Sit alone and meditate, then pick up the phone you will get full picture soon Doris is a lucky girl isn’t she, David?


Well she won't be around for a while, she is your new Guide, who will challenge you, in the bedroom states too but that is later on when your gift is full-blown Out of the Media, gone with the wind and grown wings she will not take "NO" for an answer, another Charmaine You're so pissed off at first and laughing She stands her ground And looks 35 years old Not only is that he going to expose the truth about Mediumship and people and God But Guess what,? He wants to Marry Me? Yes, I am taking my medication Readings for David 17th of August, 2011 Readings are by Charmaine For David’s Entertainment Only You’re not only looking good You’re blasting with self-esteem The book looks good doesn’t it Well get your shirt off and get ready Get the old you back, and nobody will tell you what to do The shoes are shiny and the black leather pants on Go for it, Buy Cheap belts, because that is your new thing Throw them out to the audience. Women will scream, Only to the chosen ones thou Black studded ones, you can find them cheap, look around (overflow) Knickers next coming your way, if you don't watch out? The bar-be-cue is set, no demons outside Cookie Jar opening up, say goodbye to the old you Since Elvis has been loyal to God all these years Working as a Janitor, Celebrant, and working his ass off trying to pull off my Music and Invention God said "You can quit your Job as Janitor, move in with Sue and I will give you The Pension" The Great Spiritual Man, Jimmy Barnes What's his story? “Please write your own blogs on your timetable, JB” Maybe Lisa, Would like to Help he Father out, The Janitor? Who needs Medication at the moment, for energies? I'm Loving Angels Instead Yes He sings about it Even sings about Jesus Yet he blocked me off of Facebook 264

I have Elvis as my Guide, Nostradamus, Gods my Guide, Even have Michael around me Can I get a Contract "NO" Can I get laid "NO?" Don't even get clients for Readings. Has Elvis been living in Switzerland? All these years Woody Now YOU, what have I got for you Heritance, Millions, someone will come forward and give you everything, so you can put your feet up. I have made them rich, so they can give it to you They have a Business, a Super Market, he will die of a Heart Attack, not being true to oneself, always lying, and to his misses not straight down the line, always Missing the point can never get a straight answer. Well, he's leaving it all to you. Do me a favor go change his tire of something, just make yourself known, a phone call or even a drink or two? I will drive him mad, and you will get it all No, you’re not using him. I’ve asked him to give it all to you, just make yourself known He has a deli of some sort with can foods and dog food and milk and bread. Got the picture, it’s yours Maybe 18 months or less. Well, I'm shutting down; I do not think I can do anymore. Everything is done. I'll have to wait until they come forward the Media Store the book, in a very safe place Meanwhile, I will give you everything Love Alisa Elvis, get's the Pension Mid-Aug, 2011 Readings by Charmaine Readings are for Woody For his Entertainment Only Readings are from The Spirit world Bless YOU You're nervous and reckless, can't see straight you got the picture, haven't you? Nobody cares, could stand naked and they wouldn’t see such fools Go out for dinner or lunch, and think it out? The Janitor has been by himself all these years, not many make it past that point, he will keep going till the end, and I hope you will too You will look so young if you are clean shaven, muscular, and well groomed, the hair will grow longer and thick I will give it all back Wait till the end, eventually, this is the last resort, the media will come forward Here she sits on her yacht, bronzed and tan, and so young, there is Boss too


Should be an old maid, but there they are, still trying to pull that bloody car off and her music. Got a prize Home, and money to burn ď&#x201A;ˇ I will give it all back, stand by me I'm showing what people are really about This is a book to Teach People Now I will give you everything, and you can just sit back on your Yacht and wait for them to come running You thought you were good looking, always looking in the mirrors By God, you should see what I am going to do with you You will be a knockout, nobody could question it either. Thank YOU, David. See you in about 2 to 3 months Kamen may or may not come forward, but I think she will. I cannot make promises, it's up to people. Love Aisa Have a party mate. You have done your job, and being rewarded. Elvis, packed your bags, you got a girl coming, Thank you, and The Pension is not all I am giving you, you will be so happy, you wait, and see? . You Fuckin Twisted Fuck, you can't see straight can you? Your hair is growing short and youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re growing a beard Moaning your puss off all day long I got a house coming and a prize home very soon be obedient to God and you will have everything Go buy the lotto; you have some winnings coming so you don't have anything to offer. That's right son go buy the lotto with numbers Use your favorite numbers, and get them drawn every week, I think Sat I will buy you a house and money to spend Yes you all have something coming Elvis will not stay long, he's got a girl-friend coming, and it was just a joke to make people laugh. But they did not take her seriously instead slammed the phone down Two months or three, you will be set, if time willing Antique furniture coming your way, you will see it in the doorway and think this is nice, it is yours, Just mention how nice it is, and it will be given it will be your prized possession Doris will be your Guide No, you will not be on your own long When you here of winnings, and you got yours, or it's coming that's when to make your approach, with book in hand You will have your winnings first 2 to 3 months if correct, and then come forward I want to thank you for being so Patient Kylie, He's a janitor because of his drug abuse, God took everything away. There may be a story to tell about this, A Girl? 266

well, what’s Kylie up to, in the wee wee hours Elvis, say's your one hell of a Tease, but God willing he can't All he can do is watch, and look down at his feet, and go home, a poor man. God will not give him the energies needed for the task Kylie Kylie, all he can do is watch, God will not give him the energies, so he looks down at his shoes and goes home a poor ma Kylie So Kylie, are you going to sing "Tease Me" with Robbie, looking like Elvis If what I said is true? you are Famous As Mid-August 2011 Readings are for David Readings are by Charmaine for David's Entertainment Only Readings are by The Spirit World Michael says to me, Their Mother would cherish her children. The family does not appreciate that the children because they were paid for. A favor for Michael from the grave Michael is with the "Gods" he was very high up spiritually and has been acquitted of all child offenses. He has a split Personality, which was a young girl. Michael is innocent Susan posted to Robbie A guy I have been chasing for twenty years, Spiritually, An Entertainer, now has Doris Day as his partner and Guide, she is now about 84, meanwhile lucky me I have Elvis The reason I have been on my own so long is that I am on disability, if he moved in, he would have to support me, and God willing he can't. So I've been chasing an Entertainer for twenty years and we are still not together, now I have Elvis. I must pull off The Steam Engine and my music before I can have a man. Mostly because I have no money to go out not even ten dollars Elvis has gone to The Drugstore to buy tablets for his energies. Sorry ladies he’s mine He say's in Heaven, I thought I would have it made, This is paradise, and it sucks. Say's Elvis the Janitor .I asked God to give him the food he needs, a bottle of drink and two week supply of SMOKES, Yes ass holes Smokes I asked anything else he said he would like some clothes for upcoming events, So I gave him that too God say's since I wrote "The New Age Bible" there is no limit to how much money I have in Heaven Well, Elvis ' The Janitor "a Kept man See More 2 seconds ago •Like Unlike • David when I'm worth Millions and live in my Mansion No doubt you will turn up at my door 267

The "Book" may save you getting two black eyes and thrown out on the street, by my son's I haven't got a clue how you are going to get around it. Maybe stand there with your winning lotto ticket in hand and bank statement The book and a huge ring, with a smile before you get knocked out Elvis, is he using me for FREE board and SEX? Elvis the Janitor, has been sued? He is now in the process of moving in me with me He said all he has was, Bread and Butter Your closest buddies are those boy's, teach them, and make them proud Really, mate, do you want to get your head blown off Strict diet will not do, you are depressed. Hot dinner date will change that Got no doe O well, there will be some work, you get by At least the boys will not be so hard on you And what a spin out you both win a fortune they will never look back Christmas, January I promise David and Woody Start getting The Endeavour Prize Home. Brochures I think God has a Granny Flat in mind too for mum one of those prize homes is all mine Plus Car David, If my Son, slams the door on your face, As you stand in your Suit with a bunch of Roses, in front of my Mansion Just slide your Bank Statement under the door with the winning Ticket Then if he eventually opens the door, It would not be a bad idea to show him youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re "Car" The Endeavour Prize home They are going to have a promotion on, everyone wants it. Master Bedrooms everywhere, Water fountain with bubbles Acer of land and motorbikes. It's a dream House and gives away car, convertible. She will win it The Gold Lotto is yours to keep, many honeymoons And dinners. You no longer have to work. The scheme I got going is short term but it will bring plenty of doe in for Sue and keep her occupied until Christmas You will have a Studio set up and do your own recordings of your own Music. Don't expect them to come running, people are greedy and will not give you much


When you’re on Millionaires road and the press come running and The Book is out there and Media hot to trot then your music will take off I wouldn’t be in a hurry mate Have a laugh and spoil yourself on me don’t wait until Christmas Dave Last chance mate, before you get your head blown off The winning ticket will be in the mail soon, Christmas time, big promotion and convertible. Millionaires row and cash a car and giveaways Two puppies coming they are orphans, take them in good for security and the boys will go mountain bike trailing in the park nearby Readings by Charmaine Readings are for Woody and David For their Entertainment Only Readings are by The Spirit World What a Glorious Day we are having? got smashed aye, it said everything you wanted to hear didn’t it ? You don't have to go all the way mate, and wait, make a call now if you want to and go out for dinner There will be some money on the weekend, I promise you The lotto will come soon, a bit late than you might get your head ripped off Better to come forward now, propose later on when you have the winning ticket I have a hunch that the next ticket you buy will be the winning one, so it won't be long The House is similar e.g. Susan's, with ample parking and Angels side to side of wall out front Seagulls, and plenty of room for the whole family, Including separate lounge rooms and kitchen Get the weekend shopper, the Buyers Guide and see what car you want to buy sporty Green? Convertible or red September’s issue of the Endeavour is too cheap I want them to really lavish out so you will have to wait until Dec, Is that you standing at the door in a suit, with flowers in hand Outside my million dollar mansion Don't forget to show "The Bank Statement” and "SMILE David, As the boys have you by the throat, ready to throw you out on to the streets Remember to tell them I am the most Beautiful Women in The World I am also soon to be The New Age Messiah God told you to wait until the car pulls off because that was when the timing was right Also, I had to Finish my book "The New Age Bible, the story" But God said since I have won my multimillion dollar home, the timing seems right; you can ask me out now Yea, Shame on you Woody, you fuckin bore 269

What Did it take you Half an hour to find your suit and try it on? And walk out the door? The biggest day of your life David After you pass "The Security" I suggest you invite the boy's and me to dinner To fill them in what has been going on for the past twenty years YOUR PAYING AND THE TAXI FARE My Son's if you get to this point,? Will probably order LOBSTER and The BEST WINE IN THE HOUSE Even little Pase, my Grandson gets LOBSTER, and a SEAFOOD PLATTER "This better be good,” They say A Woman has CLASS Most Women would not be seen wearing the same dress as someone else And would not be seen wearing the same dress twice But it seems Billions of Men like to wear the same clothes as everyone else to every occasion You fuckin Bores, No Taste, No Creativity, and fuckin cheap on your self’s A lot of men won't even spend money on a haircut and cut it themselves. "Sorry love, but I just can't get it "UP" Sorry Mate, but you do nothing for me Look at that wedding Video, of Guns and Roses He does not walk down the aisle in a boring penguin suit That Billions walk down in, NO Creativity At least Guns and Roses put some thought into what he was wearing You "MEN" Fuckin Shit me off, Virgin Charmaine Yet, you expect us all to be models, Makes me sick. We, as Women, Want a fair go We are sick of you men who don't care what you look like Start putting some care and creativity in your appearance Spend some money on your self’s. Eyeliner for some could do wonders Splash out on a great hairstyle We are starved of good-looking men But Women, Georgiou’s Women, everywhere you look Really, men, you are not worth it. It saddens me that a women Starves, herself, works out at the Gym Spends thousands on Clothes. Spends all day looking in the mirror And goes home with an Ugly dood And most of you men are Ugly. Not only that she cares for the Kids, Cares for the House, Holds down a Job and looks Glamorous any given time. 270

For what a pig-headed Ugly dood, sitting there reading the paper as he waits for dinner. Checking Robbie site The new look, is for a skinny girl, standing in bra, and undies, And pulling her undies down the sides so they will not go further Where did this come from? Even Lady Ga Ga does it in “You were born this way" What's next? Been watching some Videos’ The men skinny, and white Not even any musicales on them and flat chest ted God say's a long time ago, he use to look like Tim Flynn in "I got you." But he says his appearance has changed a lot over the years. Yes, mate, I use to look like him, says Aliza Aliza says he does not wear makeup, but he sure does like putting on a show, and he ai n't Gay John It's been about 2 weeks since I wrote to John, Australia's best-known Psychic Why has he not contacted "The New Age Messiah?" With views of publishing "The New Age Bible?” Women should be given a choice to work or not No wonder we are such Bitches. And so much responsibilities too. I hope through my book people will understand what a women go thou every 2 week. Life is too hard on us Elle She's kicked me off face book Elvis’s Reward Well, would you know it? As soon as God told him to pack his bags, he was gone God has given him a House A Car A Boat And money to spend Elvis plans to travel the world And hopefully on his travels, he will meet his women, but he does say he will still pop in and see me And all my Guides have been rewarded for their hard work Nostradamus, Robyns Teacher, is at the moment standing before God a poor man We will have to wait and see what the outcome is? Susan, could you please refrain from writing your personal blog posts on this wall. - Team JB Karmen, I spoke to Karmen, And she said she had Skin Cancer 271

I told her my Guides said 'Cervical Cancer" So she's going to get it checked. Elvis and I To be honest, we both felt so ripped on in life, That fighter of us could get it up Cheeky Elvis is at the moment singing "Sex Bomb, Sex Bomb, you are my Sex Bomb." Meanwhile God says he's going to give me an Endeavour prize Home in December And the man I have been courting spiritually for 20 Years are going to win "The Lotto" Then he should call me. A Model A Model is a Woman, who has her bones sticking out, who barely eats anything? So much pressure is on Women to look thin that the majority of Women today stave themselves to look thin as these models, who do not eat. We are taught to eat all our food groups, but really that is shit because if we did, we would be very overweight For a Woman to have a so-called "Models" figure she would be lucky to eat one small meal a day I know because I have been there. Society is FUCKED People are getting obese, not because of what they eat, but because the Medications they are on, people are far too much overworked, underpaid, and because of this they a depressed and sick and overweight because of it. And Society expects far too much of one person, too unrealistic. Mostly the Governments fault and society Compensation owing, can't come fast enough, so many bills had to be paid, and out of pocket, you said you would have the last laugh, you did, now you’re broke, and it will stay that way The delivery man will come and lose his step and fall all the way down the stairs, The railing was lost too. That's the sign to call Don't worry about that person, they owed you a favour and it is coming Watch for the delivery person with the short wavy hair and a cheeky grin " Here's your Pizza, what’s left of it He’ll give you a discount, it's still got cheese on top of it so take it. He'll be laughing all the way home, thought it was so funny, and he is gay They will have a great night together, funny what makes people happy Or maybe, somebody rewarded him, sitting in the seat beside him Well that's the end of the Reading By the way, Security Men will be out in force at Christmas, So it's all up to you when you decide to call Regards Alisa and Charmaine Thank you, Woody Can't afford a Reading, anyway I am the one who really tells the story better than they do The numbers are there but have not been drawn yet Mat you got to pay for the ticket, buy one, next Thursday, you will be celebrating or sooner I would buy a ticket if I were you, Watching the clock it is so slow, comes Saturday, Wow what excitement, you won Brand new car everything you want, 272

Go spend big lavish out, buy a suit, and forget about the tie, Casual gets you the dates, not stuffy can't breathe. Investment into property soon, of course, you will lease it out Great Tenants coming, they will spend big on the place too, and landscape Couldn’t ask for a better home for people to live in By the water too, cost a mint, but it was worth it, in case it didn’t work out Gold Lotto first then Endeavour, by Christmas, you will both have it made The maid is coming and spacious house, Rent Free, for some who can't pay That's probably all of you’s, well the maids coming, so cough up Boob Boo loves the bed so don't kick him out, cost little to be friendly Wait for the one with the motorbikes and car, villa housework is tied up so many people calling, why because somebody cleared the energies up, there is no more bad Karma. Having trouble pissing, David? You really did not pass this test well, did you? David, have you still got all your Teeth? The Pizza Man Yes He will fall all the way down the stairs, Have a beer Ready for him (cold) _ I hear you have a very long driveway, with steps all the way down? You crawl cunt David, With your Lotto Winnings, Go for an Aids Test What with all the Demon's around, you are lucky this time David CHEAP Yes, 4 BH is my Station Caribbean Queen Billy Ocean I want to kiss you all over David, sing it with feeling as my Teacher says I changed my Station from 4BH to another I'm afraid after a couple of weeks; I had to return nobody beats 4BH They sing to my Heart. Sorry David, But I am looking for a Virgin Sorry but you do not meet my Standards I've been paying for Advertising for about 10 years, and have not made my money back on any of them Is it due to SPELLS? Do you think I will win that house in November or Dec? Well, they may be right this time Let’s see if our winnings come first????? "This Better Be Good Mate?" Say's, Son "She's The Virgin Mary” tries to explain David 273

Endeavors 60th Anniversary November. NO pool, it is on The Sunshine Coast, and by Bushland Well it's close to December? The car you buy with your cash I've had chronic sinus for years I put the fan on the Air conditioner, and I have no more sinus It's from all the traffic outside. Not The smokes, you dick heads. When Elvis was told he could move in and live with me, I had the on slaught of Larangiutus, and was blowing my nose, etc. Something shocking Elivs Said, “What with the extra benefits, of five minutes,” He said, “In paradise, I thought I would have it made, but this really sucks." Meltida Service Station at Wacol called me what a nice man, for a change I told him I could not afford to advertise anymore, and he was so nice about it He wanted $100 a week, and I did not get one call over two months or so I am no longer going to pay for Advertising I've got my name out there with FREE listings, and for about a week, I’ve been getting one call a day Haven't been able to do them because of Laryngitis, Give them something to look at That includes you too. Woody Buy a flowing shirt that shoes the chest off Good news for those on The Pension If you win a prize home or get Inheritance that is not classified as income You can live in a million dollar mansion, and your pension will not be touched But if you get money, and put it into your bank then that money is taken into consideration but the house you live in is not asset tested So, David, you and me can live quite comfortably in our Million Dollar Mansion and still get the Disability Pension But do not put any money into the Bank, otherwise, this is looked at I Rang Centerlink this Morning Going to buy my Ticket for The Endeavour prize home, the first of next month You are also allowed to win up to $60.000 Booga Free Days Well now I can breathe easy Australia has ripped you off. Buy a car, elsewhere, their more expensive than the one you got and cheaper, tax, they don't take everything Yes, we are in for more taxes when the book is out everybody will scream blue murder, then you will leave country. They have no right to your money Go to America signed contract wafting there for you


Sue's mother will stay then follow, A Heartthrob is there waiting for her, A Hollywood movie producer, will sweep her off her feet in no time. She's been on her own for about 50 years; no man really comes up to scratch. We’ll see you soon Charmaine and Aliza. By the way, if you got an animal it' starving, what have you been doing mate, the animal is hungry, Go to the butchers and buy some meat, a good healthy bone, it’s so hungry mate, Maybe it has worms, all I know is its starving. And let it sleep in your bed, you need a cuddle. Worried about the sheets aye? Well, it needs a cuddle just like you and will feel so special and kiss you all over. "It's cold, come on getting in bed, " will love you for it, bye. Casino If you spend on your Wardrobe, They will keep you longer I’m so sick to death of people not listening and taken it out on the innocent She will have to pay, sorry Brass ring on finger September mid-March to April Gold and you’ll keep this one Go to the supermarket and buy some fruit and Vegetables, you lack in iron calcium, etc. You need a good balanced diet, so sick of hearing about your problems, go to the dentist too, need a big filling hole in your mouth from swearing. Did you buy the ticket, yes you did, and look at the girl is coming, not long now? Get your hair done and stylish not cut too short looks disdainful and old, shows your age The dentist felt sorry for you and pulled another tooth out; you will be ripped off So be very careful, only get done what you need. If they say it needs this, don't get it done. Watch them and you only need one filling not two Map of Australia, you’re traveling soon in a Caravan, going abroad in a matter of two which is probably 2 years Sell your car then go abroad you will not need it Everybody is leaving this country, saying goodbye to it. They got so greedy; everybody is laughing at them. They tried to hit back but were stopped by the people and press. Say goodbye to them and go abroad, Let them have your money Listen to your Guides mate; they will not steer you wrong, even though it seems It.? NO lotto coming for you, but what you have coming is bigger than that, and I think you already know, don't you with a smile on your face, good boy The car is so flash but it needs fixing and the tires or something Get it check now because you’re soon not going to have some money The Radiator needs flushing timing chain, all those sorts of things and gets year rego, insurance, etc, now you know what I mean, get everything paid for. Conversations in the bathroom are so funny, about time you listened, yes it is her, she makes you laugh so much, dirty talk in the mirror, looking at those big tits and belly Well that will soon go, the belly 275

Now you think you are going to help out the poor Look at what she has done to you You have not had revenue for years and sick All because of her, and you are going to spoil her, think about it mate, it wasn't your entire fault, and she should have listened would have won the lotto too. Well say goodbye to her Mistakes are made and should be learned. Should have been really teased by a male by now, but did so much wrong that I took it away (Aliza) Sorry but she took everything away that I had given you both including the car and music The Telephone is not ringing, why? Put it back on the hook Somebody has done something so you will not get work, they are mad at you and thrown everything at you You will not get any work for a while Go to your Teacher and talk to her/him You need to do some studies of clearing energies. This is a bad situation Reading the Bible is no good, you need to go to your old Teacher Not quite app at this moment, so the book is not finished, but will soon be, about 0ct That's the last straw, more teaching to follow but that's extra. You get what you paid for, know what I mean? Red Tape to do with a House, Don’t pay it, walk out, good Riddens I told you long ago to walk out Your buy another down the track, about 2 years if I'm correct, to do with inheritance Go live with your Mother Bags packed on the week-end, good boy, about time you listened You always got to learn the hard way, “NO we will get by" "Well shit has hit the fan." By the way, they are in the wrong you ain't You’re always such a good boy, heart in the right place always, good boy I am not a citizen, because I pick up that the Government after being here for nearly 40 years will deport me. I will have to look at it when I have some money, but things may be different according to Aliza 92 year old Women, with all her family here, get’s deported Man not paying train ticket gets deported. It’s a disgusting way to treat people. I asked God, what can Woody do as a gimmick? He said "Take off your smelly socks and throw it at them He then said buy sachets of perfume from Avon and gave it to the clientele Woody Avon Well, you get a discount, and you can see if your family and friends want to get anything Just an Idea Send me a catalog each month. I love perfume p.s. The Only way I could get Credit Card facility is being an Herbal life Representative, no bank would give me the facility to use Credit Cards. So I have that to use for my Business 276

Think wise. Think out of the square you are in, being an Avon Representative, also means you get them by the box full cheap. They don't care how many sell you make. Government tries to take manâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s winnings Because he is not an Australian Citizen, the Government are trying to take his Lotto Winnings Aliza is disgusted; these people are given that money for a reason I will not have that kind of behavior say, Aliza I'm sorry this happens to people, but when he's in Heaven, he will get it all back, what he deserves. But suicide is not the answer; nobody is rewarded for suicide. Sexy Warriors, to bring attention to you? Do the same, when you are on stage, but some well-built Warriors too. They can't see them, but they can't help watching you thinking how great you are, and sexy Boss on Guard I got a short Reading off Gail, my Friend; she said â&#x20AC;?Warning Warning, keep your place locked up Boss is really distressed and has been trying to tell you." Well I watched Boss, and he was unsettled, he kept barking to himself and checking out the back and front. I asked for Warriors to protect my car and house and possessions myself and the Animals Boss was then settled. And the Warrior told Boss, "Everything is alright now" Boss knows somebody is watching this house I picked up it is a neighbor up the road, they want a VCR, the disappointing thing about it, is he does have money to buy one, if he wanted too. There has also been several break INS next door over the years; I wonder if he is the same person. Avon If you are serious in using the sachets from Avon I think the only way you can get them cheap and by the box full is being a Representative For those that are Stupid You got to ask for Warriors for protection, every day, and if needed at night, at night too And tell them what to do as if they are bloody dumb and stupid, In other words protect my car, my house my possessions my animals, under the house and possessions. Just a Tip I was selling a black Sports car, unregistered, and I wanted as much as I could get for it, so I asked for sexy Warriors. Don't forget to take your complaint to Aliza, and ask for compensation and for them to pay for their crime Please do not sink so low and do the same


You could also take your complaint to The Council, Take a Ticket, and when they approach you Spiritually, tell them your complaint, And you also want compensation and to take them to court and make them pay for their crime. The Reason you have been given so much from God is that you do not do such things and you have been a good Boy for many lifetimes, and of course, you listen. Be a good boy Woody Make sure you are surrounded by attractive women when you see that girl you have been seeing spiritually for some time. Remember she is wearing a White Dress, from what I can remember. She will make you happy and well. Are you parting company for a while? And a lot of spells coming your way itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a shame mate the way people react Go to God for your complaints and make them pay for their crime Don't lose everything you have gained by casting spells yourself. Bake Beans on Toast or Eggs on Toast, That is all she can afford Robbie can't even afford to pay his Admin Staff. All my friends are Poor? From what I heard last night Elle is on The Dole, has not enough for food. So is Rob Lowe, on The Dole, Robbie has no money, And Jimmy Barnes is Broke Where did their money go Let me guess TAX? Yes, the Avon perfume testers will bring the women in Also, women are attracted to other Women, So surround yourself with Attractive Women Spiritually when on stage Especially when on Stage But Warning if you are trying to attract a Women that is no good for you Well, I think you can guess what your pin-up girl will look like. My Reading by Miriah sep 2011 1800732337 Credit Card 10min$25.00 or 1902990022 pins 00111 I have a man coming forward by next full moon which is about Sep 25th, 2011 I will be run off my feet with work and will feel so drained, I will need a holiday after that and go to a Resort with a Friend, could be male She said â&#x20AC;&#x153;I see you sitting with a Daughter watching the screen and your numbers come up My son will be coming home at Christmas Woody Your Spiritual Girl-friend 278

Every time you see her, walk by and place a perfume Sachet on her Table She will feel so special I'm starting to write to my Friends on Facebook again Gone to other avenues to write to them since most blocked me off Maybe I am winning them over again Yes Elle is on the Dole she has one meal a day They did not answer their Emails, and nobody answered the phone By what I was picking up and gathering what other Psychics said that I would have a lot of work come my way "run off my feet" I went ahead and got a Loan from Centrelink and paid them $250.00 Plus I was going to get a website done up But my server said they could not do this as they would be shut down as it's "spam." Still waiting to hear from them, but they were quickly taking the money Adblast the I paid $250.00 For an Email Blasting system that I cannot use And they are taking out $250.00 every 5 months. They do not do outgoing calls, and they have their phone No everywhere on their web page, many No by the way, and none of them answer. They do not do 3rd party Email blasting, in other words they will not send the Emails out for me, which they seem to say they do in their Advertisement Also, they do not offer refunds So I bought one Million Email Addresses, and I can't use them as I need very expensive software, and I would more than likely be shut down from complaints on Spam So "up their bum." I'm taking it to "Fair Trading" to get my money back God as far as I can conceive told me to go for this Idea Now he say's wait and see what happens?? Ad Blast the I asked God if this would be a good Business, From what I gathered he told me, I would be inundated with work I tried phoning this company and sending them Emails, quite a few times Now I have a new Time Keeper After having a very long day sitting in my chair, as usual, and no afternoon nap cause (He) wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t let me I went to bed at 9 pm, I stayed awake until 12 pm then he let me go to sleep I only had a short nap until 2 am and stayed up until 4 am Then I was allowed to sleep until 9 am. This is still fucked So I told the Time Keeper so I said 12 am is fucked, who goes to bed at 12 am? I said right 10 .45; I should go to sleep Wake up at 9 am And two hours nap at 2 pm So I have five hours on, a nap, then five or six hours till bed 279

I think he is happy with this arrangement. ?? Otherwise, I will put my complaint in God is The Word Well 2 weeks later after my last Email and 4 weeks later after my first inquiry got back in touch with me Wait to see what spills out of his mouth before you say anything. Might put a smile on your face if you read between the lines. Yes he has Schizophrenia, but he is speaking to you personally Stand there and listen. It will make you happy. He's speaking to you The Time Keepers Ever noticed that you have to go to bed at a certain time and you always wake up at the right time, every time Well it became so noticeable that I have timekeepers I found out that the one I use to have has now left I got a timekeeper who kept stricked to the clock I was allowed to go to bed at say 10.30 but after talking to Elvis, and doing some spiritual work, like (Clearing) getting rid of Demons, at places, I found I was not getting to sleep until after one Then My Time Keeper would wake me up on the clock at 3 am to do some Spiritual work E.g., write to Robbie etc. 5 am I would get to bed and at 8 am, The Time Keeper would wake me up February. Brand new packaging, Health warning shit, and cheaper smokes by July Everyone is happy and celebrating. By June or July, it should happen for you's Then out comes the Song. The biggest seller of all Time. Well, stick that up your Asses The song will be such a hit that it will speak for itself. Good on you Jimmy and Robbie, you put that together so well, and made me so proud. What a hit sensation. Those Bastards got it coming. David, Was she good mate, didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t last long, what was wrong? Couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get it up? NO, that was not the problem. Did Doris Day, upset you, I thought Doris would make you happy; well I can't please everyone. If you read between the lines which you usually do it was leading up to something. You dick head. Elvis is a proud man he has been paid off No mate was not much happening. They both could not get it. Up. And blowing her nose all day The car, they can stick it up their bum, it can wait a few years until the boys are good and ready, may be years away. Well, we've all tried and failed. Well, when it is out it will be there, Better late than never. 280

A tall man with glasses is looking at you; He says he has a message from God Somebody is winging their puss off because it doesn't have a "POOL." Well, we will fix that, the yard has plenty of room for a pool, and with the extra cash, you can buy one. With ladders and everything for the children and animals. They will love it Pool coming soon I promise Don't sit up at night mate worrying about your bills and that blonde hair bitch, getting it every night ? Your bills will be paid, in lottery sum Jimmy Barnes ain't able to come forward he's all tied up so is his neck he burnt it or somewhat Can't make excuses mate you did not listen. Well, he will soon with lottery ticket in hand and brand spank in new home. Even Elle will listen; she ain't got a penny to her name mate, not a penny. It's all pizzazz; she can't really feed herself and her children, let alone meet the payments. Robbie is laughing his head off in November; he sees the Full picture, especially "The Janitor." He thinks it's so funny, well crime doesn’t pay Witches of East Wick, Burning candles, one will win, Who will it be? The Government has lost bloody Bastards. Smokes etc. Needs to go out and got no money, never has had money, never will, Until you came along, now she's thinking of beauty lines fashion outlet, garage maybe then it will lead to something more She's buying things and selling them. That's the way to go. Her Business will get bigger and bigger, soon outlets will want to know her, Markets first, then keep going from there. She's got no money mate, needs to do something. Fashion is the go, especial y kids clothing and hats and swimwear for toddlers. Have a small chat with her and mention this. Like hell I will then she will go for it, and there will be no stopping her, Just mention it. "Fashion for children, big market. Lead singer went quiet, no work, well he bloody doesn't want to work that's why sick of it. Can't blame him, don't pay well mate does it and all that travelling. Wants to sit a home with a nice girl. Eggs on stove, sorry mate got to go No sorry only kidding, you’re sitting on the edge of your seat, ain't you? Monday morning key in your numbers, by November you will be rich Warning don't buy; I can't help you Tony’s Father, past over, I said she is Studying to be a Pharmacist, and works close by to where you live I said you would go in there and complain about your aches and pains and you will smile at each other You will regularly go by and buy the paper or jog by and wave 281

It will not happen until she has finished her studies. full headers printable view You’re Reading September 18th, 20`11 Readings by Charmaine Reading is for Woody and David Readings are for Woody and David's Entertainment Only Readings are from The Spirit World Look whose beautiful, what a smile, and carefree and fancy-free I told you long ago mate, go for it, freedom So many Gorgeous girls out there to play with, better than what you had Little lady in the firing line, tricksters playing games, protect her and everything else, especially income Tony Your father will get accommodation for you in about March; it is now September And your Father is going to offer you an Apprenticeship, but you must not take a day off and work hard. Otherwise you are out, and the same goes with the Accommodation, must work and pay your way, or you’re out I said the Law enforcement Team are on your side, and God has softened up with you The Relationship you had with your Mother drove you to take drugs; you are not all to blame. When you have finished your Apprenticeship in about 2 years, you will then go on to be a Builder and Study at night. When you have furnished you’re Apprenticeship, and your Business is set up, God will bring you a Women. Two Women are around you at the Moment; they are very disdainful, exdrug addicts, no respect for God and what comes from their mouths is not nice, better leave that one alone God did think of making you spend the rest of your life on your own, but he has to understand of where you Came from, and has softened on you, he will bring you, someone. I asked his father Graheme if he would like a Reading and where were his Women He said he was not interested in having a Woman David, Stranger in the wings, who will fall pregnant and take all your winnings. She is a widow Saw it coming. Lots of Demons around that one She'll have your baby and take everything, good on you mate Dishes in the sink and laundry to do, better than going home with them The one who talks too much will drive you crazy, such a bitch, him, him, him all the time We’ll see what she does to you, always complaining. One will write a book, best seller too You've got it coming mate, for not keeping your pants on She waited for you for twenty years. You can't even wait with your pants on for a couple I told you I would give you the Lotto, and I meant it now buy the ticket. Otherwise you lose everything Idiot 282

Aliza Tony and his father came around tonight, my departed ex Tony was a bit down, can't eat, no home, no money, no job I gave him a Reading. I said people are trying to teach you a lesson David, Cheaper than cheap, Trash 20th September 2011 Readings by Chrmaine Readings are for David Readings are for David s Entertainment Only Readings are from The Spirit World Well now, been sowing your wild Oaks, have we? Seriously mate you could do better, The ice cream in her mouth didn’t really melt did it, and the short mini skirt showed everything, didn’t look nice did it where you were sitting, quite vulgar, actually cause she’s been with so many men You can't sit still when they talk to you they are so boring, You almost fell asleep didn’t you over the coffee table And made an excuse to go to bed, rather than talk to her. What a long boring night that was. The lipstick on the collar told the story, you stained your pants too, and she was shit Go home mate and pack your bags you ain't ready for romance. Government says they are poor, but really they are stinking rich they just put it in places they shouldn’t. Should be better Health Care for all. Working or not. I'm sorry. Got a plane to catch going abroad, overseas, talent show their and costumes, you will be so famous and the Gays, well they have never had it so well. Yes You will Be celebrating with the Gays; their time has come to shine, no more discriminating. See you soon Sue love Aliza and Sue P.S don't take me out for Chinese; it makes me so dehydrated. I will be no good Keeping my exercises up as usual, like to be tight and Muscle controlled. Do your exercises at home mate, by yourself, Makes you have more respect for yourself. So you’re Thirsty from Eating Chinese food? The Seasoning like Soya Sauce, makes you feel very uncomfortable and Thirsty (dehydrated) God said drink Orange Juice, (Now I feel better) Of cause, she is yours later on Not many Mediums get this, only those who wish to go beyond the realms (Gods) And you have been chosen too. Now got The Lotto, good boy, give it a fortnight or three would be in then, it's up to The Spirit Guides when your number come in


She really wasn't that bad mate, but really you need to clean your act up. Gods don't act like that, and you’re not getting anywhere in the fast lane. It will be over soon. Got the winning ticket, something to Celebrate, don’t call Mum don’t call your Friends call Sue, let her feel the excitement Make her your first call PLEASE Then MUM Yes mate the way to love is money, I'm sorry but what you earn and do for a living has a lot to do with your future partner and happiness and respect. I'm sorry Sing that "Gold Digger” songs if it makes you happy Congratulations on getting your Teeth done, it really hurt did it, better off on The Pension, cost you a mint didn’t make it. Tooth pulled out soon decaying will cost you another grand. Don't pay to work does it mate, never can get ahead. I'm sorry, but that's the way it is The books, music, and Movie will reach everyone. That's all I ask. Craig, what have you done? Jack shit but you have some music coming your way. Disco music Bee Gees sort of So get ready. Readings by Charmaine Readings are for David Readings are for David’s Entertainment Only Readings are from The Spirit World September 21 St, 2011 David, are you keeping your Pants on? Now you’re keeping them on, you can see straight now, can't you? Don't mean to be mean David but Elvis is Susan's Spiritual Husband and will always be You will have your time, makes a closer connection, your be happy Now don't stir all kinds of shit up because of it. That's the way it is when you are Spiritual You have a wife as well as a Spiritual Wife for deeper Spiritual development, so be kind Your Daughter David has Acting coming her way with Sean Connery. We are after the fuller figure type girl; she will be his Pin Up We will teach those Bastards a lesson. She's a good Healthy girl, and we are going to make an example of her So enjoy your cream cheesecake. Cause it’s you we Want No more stick frail women who don't even have energy at night, that girl will knock any bloke dead. Jaydes in a commercial and singing and it will take off for her, Nappies and children, kind of add with rapper, one is a film about a dog, final shooting soon all will celebrate Pase he's a Genius waiting for Star Dome another Justin Beaver but more to offer, he will be a stunner Billy Idol, character. And will love it. Watch the girls Scream. Leather pants, sunnies and a grin that is naughty ass. Well, time has come, and I will make Stars of you all. David and Woody know their Destiny 284

No, you will not be traveling around countries like the POPE More or less in the Studios with your Music. And of course your books and Movie. That is good enough I know you want to sit back and enjoy life, so it will not be too hectic just a few appearances here and there Your Mum has got the winning Streak too David; she's going to have some nice dresses and cosmetics come to her as a prize draw. Look for a Catalogue that offers a Wardrobe, and spending money, Holiday? It will cost her a bit to enter, but what she has come, is well worth it About February, Wardrobe and Lotto March for both of them If I'm right. September your Lotto comes in and November the house Keith my brother gets Jack shit as he is so demoralizing in thought, but if he uses his brains I have a lot to give him He is going to have to earn it. Never tried much in life. Well, he's got big winnings coming his way, in a Motor Bike and Trailer, I want him to get into Stunts with Motor Bikes etc. There he will find fame if he wants it and girls galore if he wants it And a Marriage that will last forever, cause that is what he wants The Grand Children each have fame of their own, In Modelling Acting, music, etc. Why not write a book, Oh, you've done that good boy, It will pay off. Very poor at first cause it has not taken off and you haven't sowed your seed, but be patient The Telephone ringing for Mellisa what a psychic, she read so many books, and got a thrill out of it. New books are coming watch out. They will tune in with each other, and there will be a lot of love their and laughs. Good times for them both And the bedroom Spiritual sex. So kick ass if you don't learn. Love Aliza Readings by Charmaine Readings are for Woody and David Readings are for Woody and David's Entertainment Only Readings are from The Spirit World 22nd September 2011 Now look what is happening, everyone is in The Winners Cycle Sue's Mother is going to win The Lotto. She is going to use her wits and choose the Winning Numbers I will make her think Every body's Birth Dates Take her a while to figure it all out, but she will have a list of Numbers I'm sick of hearing â&#x20AC;&#x153;I don't know, I don't know ?" Two inventions up your sleeve Mark. A scooter that goes and goes runs on steam. You come across it in books 285

Lots of fun for kid’s Animal treats you look at dog biscuits and thinks they are disdainful and come up with your own brand. Won’t be hard, but every dog wants one. It's in tribute for boss; I think he's passed over by then, I'm not sure he might want to stay, Yes mate he can live to 100 if he wants to, it's up to him and lots of commercials, which I'm relying on you to take him, and dog films He loves you, your his mentor and friend misses you badly, you were never around, but he never forgot you. Commercials galore for him. He's The New Age Messiah for Animals and will be treated as such. Chinese meals with flavor, Robert is going to become a cook, his own segments. On wine and dine dishes. His wife will spoil him rotten, loves to be Entertained watching him on TV Yes you will always be together. I've made up for your past, where you were really treated like shit and beaten up, I’ve given it all back. Not your fault your hard to get along with and don't express yourself. You had a hard life and been hurt. Mark molested, but we won't go into that, your treasured like an Angel, because of your thought patterns and zest for life. That's why I have given it all to you. Mark has steered away because he can't stand her, but he will be in the big picture soon, with lots of presents to offer her So guilty and proud of her, he will listen in a big time this time, e.g., write to someone, who never writes back, and get everything he wants for it A really big contract is coming your way in the Movie Industry, a bit like Elvis, What a show off; He will think it is so funny He knows he's good looking but not in that way. Well you've got it coming boy, another Elvis, What a pin-up boy Yes you will take the piss out of it that is your make up but it will be good for you, make you laugh And girls, look out so many stunners, but I think they are eating now and their skirts lowered, in other words they are ladies. Robert, Ladies Man 007 your be about 45 years old, but what a ladies’ Man, every woman will want you. Action pack thriller, Yes your Mother is still around, watching her own film, which will be out shortly Mark if you don't take this role up, you get your ass kicked from town to town later on, you know what I mean Have a great laugh mate. It’s coming 35 years old, or 38 depends on the movie industry. Drawn 4th November I got 5 Tickets Readings by Charmaine Readings are for Woody and David’s Entertainment Only Readings are from The Sprit World 22nd September, 2011 Well now what is in store for Robert and Mark, Susan's Sons? 286

Great Mate, Really Great, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re going to be Stars Invention first Robert, the Gearbox needs fixing on the first car you get, but it will lead from their I have taught you everything you need to know, including your dream State. You often sit on the Plane with me and your Guides and often visit your Mum What a good boy. I thought this just is not on, so I took my complaint to God He got the sack too. My Time Keeper now lets me get to bed at 11.30 pm or 12 pm and sleep until 9 am And I'm allowed to sleep for a few hours in the afternoon if I want to Apparently, she has had a Mental Illness and knew; sleep is sometimes all we got to save our sanity. No money, no petrol, can't watch TV or read a book. Life just sucks, and usually, we are on our own most of our lives, Sleep brings us peace. This is the correct address Old prize home out at the moment, by Monday, should have it. Will God, put his Money where his Mouth is? I hear some Peacock or Rooster don't like us being more than FRIENDS Not bed Time Yet? When I feel Suicidal and sick cause I can't go to bed, and I am sick of the time going slow I turn on The Air conditioner, which makes the energies lighter Have a cool shower and put something light on Pump up 4 BH of course and have my coffees and smokes Plus I may write to Woody which really passes the time. And when I find it hard to sleep, the good old Air conditioner puts me to sleep straight away And the radio in the background 4 BH My Second Time Keeper Well, I went to bed at 10.30, hoping that would be alright with my time Keeper I was kept awake all night; I found out I had a Message coming to me It didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t come till 5 am in the morning And the same thing happened a few days later. My time clock was so messed up, and I felt so sick Maybe he will be the one for me? They have always said, I would have two to choose from. ? Says the spinster How come Robbie has been on The Spirit Plane with me regularly, for years, talking to me and recently it has turned to the next level, (more than interested) David, on the other hand, has been in my sleep about twice over twenty years May be David walked away years ago, and the Guides are letting the book unfold like they did with my Teacher, Robyn 287

Who Knows? Elvis and I are FRIENDS He has not been around for a while because we are FRIENDS What are they going to say next? When I do not win my Prize Home David has probably never given a shit about me, and I've waited 20 years, legs crossed. Robbie is coming forward in my dreams, but does he thinks I'm a few quid short too? Showdown mate 4thofNovember I said I was to prove Clairvoyance, for good or bad? Hope David and you have my books If the smokes go up anymore, I'm out of here, I'm not going to live thou losing my mind and gaining another 50 kilos or more? I will never find someone to share my life with, and really life has nothing left for me. I think I have heard it all. Don’t you? I've been on The Spirit Plane about twice in twenty years, with David not even really that. Robbie, all the time, over ten years or more, and now he is showing some real interest. I better win my prize home, say Virgin Charmaine I've written a heartfelt letter to Robbie on Facebook Where are these people’s heads? And we have to have a lot of Vitamins to keep us out of bed and keep our head screwed on They don't even seem to want to recognise that too. The Medication robs us of our Vitamins in a big way. Especially for women. With pms we are screwed. This I know I'm not sitting in my recliner listening to 4 BH all day with, no money, no life, hardly any food, and no one to share my life with, and no smokes to top it off. Smokes are the only way I cope What does God have in store for me next, or has it come to an end? The Government gets any Greedier; I don't think I will be able to take any more of this life. Men, I'm not attracted to the average guy, There is really no place to go unless you have a partner and money I have no money, and The Government will not let me have anyone in my life, even if I did have a chance with a very nice guy They tell women she should eat all the five groups, but yet, most women have to starve themselves to look slim like people expect them to look. To have a flat stomach, you could probably have one egg on Toast a day, and that’s all. Plus work out. Eat the five food groups, who are they kidding? Ask these models who are honest which most ain't cause of their career They hardly eat and work out, Expectations are ridiculous The Stupid doctors, think Gail should go on a diet. They don't seem to realize that the lack of food, medication, and illness have put on the weight 288

They've been trying to tell me to go on a diet too. The fuckin dick heads. If I lose it and gain another 50 kilos or more, they Will probably put it down to having too many Pizzas and cream donuts. Fat Tax Not because they have too many burgers. Which the Government hide behind and try to blame. Where's my Time Keeper I've been doing nothing but sleep all day I can't sit in my recliner any more My Periods may be due, their late. ? Or I have just had enough Is Elvis waiting for me, or is that just shit, I've heard it all. The Stupid Health Authorities They say we should do 20 minutes a day work out Where does a person have The Fuckin time when they hold down a full-time job? They only have time to cook dinner, small talk with their loved ones and bed If they had to go to the Gym too, there would be no spare time even to sit down and watch TV You Greedy Bastards. You got your hand in everything you possibly can And buying a house ain't worth it, that’s your plan to keep everyone working all their lives And a majority of that is TAX I think a majority of the well-known Entertainers’ are poor living on a Budget Why cause the Tax man and everything else that has to go out If people really came out and told their story, we would all be shocked. Why are they all sitting on FACEBOOK, all day and night, the most boring website out to hear, how great they are all day It's because it's the only way they can sell their CD's and pay the bills, they are hardly making anything they are poor. Tax and everyone else has to be paid. Breaking News, Elle For your Entertainment Only Elle, to keep her super slim body, probably from what I hear, has one egg a day with a piece of Toast, and that’s all for the day. And she does a strenuous work out to keep that slim body every day. She, from what I can hear can only afford Bake Beans or egg on Toast anyway Breaking news is that Elle the super slim Body has recently put on weight She cannot afford her diet Tablets. Elle, from me to you, you are lucky you can afford Bake Beans on The Pension, let alone hoping to pay for your diet pills too. As for me, I can't afford Bake Beans or Toilet paper, Brought $70.00 worth of food out of my pension and I'm over withdrawn by $160.00


His libo has gone down in the bedroom stakes. Can only last 5 minutes, He's too afraid to approach her again. Long lasting love their In the meantime “You keep your Pants On" The lucky draw will be soon. Can't afford the car expenses can you, leave the car at home and catch train. By this we mean. Catch the Train to work, you poor bugger Most Venues are near the train and push your little trolley behind you You’re safe on petrol in a big way. Think about it mate, and look out for all the Train Stations nearby. You will be safe a fortune. Same with you woody, catch the Train. Housing Commissions are putting up their Rent, Can’t meet the payments. Can't afford food. Goodbye world. Well, I will bring the goods. New home and a menu to fit a king Please be patient. What do you think of the book, anyway? Has a lot to offer So do the right thing, and the books will sell very handsomely? Love Alisa Readings by Charmaine Readings are for David and Woody Entertainment Only Readings are by The Spirit World Only. No news I'm afraid, other than your digging ditches for the both of you Can't see straight aye Think I'm full of shit aye Well buy that lotto ticket, We will see who is full of shit Got mine, see you at the mansion, won’t belong Ticket drawn first week of November The train lost your ticket aye You fool, look after it better next time could have been worth a fortune The babysitter is watching you; You have been flirting. Well what is Elvis doing at night, He has had the flu, all those drugs he took, and he’s always getting sick What Sue needs a healthy strong man, so he's taking supplements’ Woody What do you recon? If Dave ain't interested, are you? And how about retirement? I'll think of something Or Dumb getting Smart du Would you Marry Me Then? If Clairvoyance is Shit, and my book becomes a Top Seller? By the way, Alisa has a way of saying "Stick it up your ASS." If that's what he is saying? In The Reading. Time Keeper on Holiday? Well, as you know I was up till 4.40 am the other night, and didn’t get up until 3 pm the next day I then went to bed at 7 pm and got up at 12 pm the next day It is now 1.30 pm, and I'm thinking of going back to bed?


If there’s anyone that feels I should not go back to bed now, Please step forth or forever hold your peace. I'm out of smokes coffee and milk, don't get paid until next Thursday, and what with being $160.00 over I will eat no more than one egg a day on one piece of toast with no butter I will take slimming pills And work out every day at the Gym I will be the girl that every guy dreams of, and every girl wants to be like I’ll wait for you immediate call?? You want a fantasy sex life; I’ll give you fantasy with a capital “F Woody, Would you like a Hot Dinner Date in 4 weeks The now Sane Susan I'm letting loose in a few weeks, already got my feelers out there And I'm getting seriously on the Dating sites. I've well and truly had enough of 4 BH and being told shit I've done my best My Dream of David Well, I got married didn’t I? He had two children, and I had two children. The next day David walks thru the door And I feel really bad, and I give him a huge cuddle and kiss And I think to myself "I must be mad, why did I marry that guy?” David is sitting there happily eating something and smiles at me And I make a pig of myself too; it runs down my face, so I have to wash my face. I have also found that when I keep being given things, I do not appreciate it as much as when I have paid for it myself. For Example, the books I gave away if they paid for them, I bet they would have learned it inside out Coorparoo RSL Brisbane Australia I'm starting to go to The Coorparoo RSL, every day now If you take in consideration how much it costs in food and costs, it pays to go to The RSL Plus Entertainment most nights and they bring the meals to you. for$10 I can get a big Juicy Steak, large chips and salad, and nice gravy Or I can have Barramundi fish, with large chips and salad Stealing 2 When you are thinking of stealing something, Remember Your Guides are watching you Their Relatives and Family on the other side are watching you And God knows all about it 291

So you think, nobody knows? Well, they do, and they are going to get you Stealing Yes, you may get a thrill out of Stealing, but at the end of the day, do you really appreciate what you have stolen? In most cases, you will not use it, or not appreciate it. Karma also gets you too, e.g., Cancer. Tony was with me all night, on the spirit plane He told me how he would like to have two children and tells me he no longer takes drugs or alcohol He's very affectionate towards me He had a picture of pin-up girls and threw them in the bin My garlic bread was in the toilet bowl, in other words, I can't afford it. at the RSL And Tony walks with me and has fun with me on The Spirit Plane And when I wake up, he's still here. He asked the dolly birds if he could borrow their motorbike, they were interested in him, and he took off with me on the bike. Dear David, I know you have waited years to get "That Car" that I was going to give you And "That Bracelet" I was going to give you, And lord know what else I was going to buy you But Mate, you’re getting Jack Shit this time around So maybe you will have more respect for me, work harder in the bedroom, and the relationship will last longer. Did David walk away because he still thinks I’m a Commodore Mattress?” I think by Christmas all will be revealed. ? My Dream with Robbie I went to see Robbie, front row, wearing just my underwear Robbie was all smiles, He asked me to have a bar-be-cue with him after and complained that he had been working for 16 hrs. Noel was there, and I asked if he could come too? I said if I break down on the way home I will have to hook my way home; he liked that Second Dream I got into Robbie's concert for free. And Robbie was all smiles to see me. Seems to be more than just interest. ? Tony, On The Spirit Plane He said this would probably be one of our last night’s together I now have a very active sex life, Thank you. I have Elvis coming around and giving me his best, 5 minutes 292

I have Robbie, getting cuddly and kissing Me, until my Son, Robert came with a baseball bat and hit him over the head. In other words he was bagging him and taking him home, for me And I have my ex with me nearly every night, and he's getting fresh too How Come? How come Robbie is always in my sleep, and is now getting more than friendly And David may be 4 times in 20 years in my sleep. They say I have 2 men to choose from? This fortnights Budget $520.00 $150.00 for Elect $70 Insurances etc $ 85.00 For Gas 15.00 Medication 10.00 sandwich 50.00 food, paws for the dogs, eggs, juice, milk, and Tapes $140.00 Smokes 1 weeks supply, 2nd-week dumpsters $ 60.00 Smokes and milk I feel so humble. Next fortnight is the same, but I got $120.00 for Telephone Had no Readings all week Just need one Reading, and I got food. And hopefully Petrol I have no money to go out; I have nothing to offer anyone They can't even move in with me, otherwise, they are paying all the bills. Without my dreams, I would have left this world long ago. What's in my Fridge? Well I got milk, eggs, Porridge. And of course, coffee. And juice. No money for bread this fortnight And 3 daysâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; worth of food for the dog's Paws. The cat got frozen fish; I bought a couple of weeks ago for when I run out. The dogs got Fleas And Boob Boo has a bad sore on his bum because of it they went without flea Treatment for 4 months Lucky I just got the Treatments in time Otherwise, I would be up for a vet bill. My bedroom stinks of shit, now it's getting warmer, and I got PMS, Don't know when I can get the Carpet Cleaner in; Maybe next year or after Last fortnight I got slugged with $40.00 worth of over withdrawn fees, from The Bank. Cause I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have enough money in the bank $10.00 per over withdraw all, lucky it was not $40.00 for each one which they usually charge. Plus the companies added their bit on top because I'm late paying My web site charged $25.00 extra because I was late when it should be $9 The Gas added $10.00 extra 293

My credit Card facility adds another $27.00 because I'm late And it goes on Don't they understand that when a person cannot meet their bills, It means they are poor and have no money. So they just charge you more. Even if I did not smoke, and put it on food I would still be in my recliner with no money no man, going out of my mind I guess unless what God tells me is true, I will be on my own for the rest of my life. Just sitting in my recliner waiting for bedtime? Woody, Blind as a bat that day, Fuckin shocking, should be disgraced. Your ding dong ain't working cause of what he gave you. The doctor you see is good, but he was blasted that day, well we all have our faults. He'll change the medication Wipe your nose you snotty kid, buy a football and join the children. There is a scout group I would like you to join for the weekends. You love kids, haven't got any Join a scout group, and you will be fulfilled. The perfume is delightful. I told you that would do the trick, She is only jealous that's why she yells, but it is years away mate, and you need each other. Watch the spells when the time comes. Hopefully she has learned her lesson, and will be rewarded because of it, like a contract. We will see. Good Fortune, lies ahead? Maybe I will die from Boo Boo's Shit? The fumes. My Furniture, clothes, and Car Are obviously from my Readings and Mum Because there's no money left over for these things, even to get your hair done. A rapper will speak to you, witchcraft, stay away, I think he is black, or that’s a symbol He dabbles into so many things he shouldn’t. You're meet him in about 18 months. You’ll both think he is great; watch the tables turn When he doesn't get his way; he will wipe you out. Too many demons’ around one can't think straight. Say goodbye to Sue, they say. Well, you know what is right. Won't they say a lot when you win that big lotto? It's coming. And you won't be short of a few million quid. I expect a pool, and land so do you and activities for the animals. They've earned it to; they are always praying and so is the little one. They love their mum. The dogs have brought many clients, and woof when they come, they are so proud of themselves. They know she has no food and works hard to get it. Sometimes they put their input into the reading. They listen, very earnestly, and feel rewarded when she brings the food home and cuddles them. 294

The Tape recorder is broken, you fool, couldn’t see straight. Buy another book, you dickhead. The tablets you are taking are no good for you; see the Doctor, quick He could not see right when he gave you that medication; it has something to do with your ding dong; it’s not wagging its tail. Tell him off Tonight I have been awake all night, Got up at 3 am as usual, till 5 or 6 am, then back to bed till 10 or 11 am Maybe they will let me sleep then. Yes, every hour is counted, that's why I have to get up at 3 am, so I can sleep in till 10 or 11 am. Nobody calls me for work until 11 am, and blow if I'm Getting up early and just sitting in my chair. David's and Woody's Reading 14.10.2011 Readings are by Charmaine Readings are for Woody and David's Entertainment Only Readings are from The Spirit World Look at you grow, what a life, what a beginning, Put that book away and go outdoors. Readers digest really ain't you On the counter is a Spiritual book, go to the Publisher, once you have won your lotto The book will sell like hotcakes. The way to freedom. Guy Sabastian has taken notes, sorry he's not up to calling, but he's out there spreading the word, and looking at the web site very seriously. Loving Angels instead, is flat broke, can't even afford a cheeseburger. So to speak. If I could buy him one I would. Say’s, Aliza. I stayed in bed half awake, and I felt the energies of something coming into my room It attacked me with a lot of energies. I left my bed for a while, and went to my bed after 5 minutes of being attacked, and nothing I did got rid of it. Later God said, it was a past friend, and I owed him money, he wanted a truck. So I told God to give him his truck. He will not bother me again Then half an hour later, I saw a Horse pass by my bedroom window. The Horseman handed me a bundle of letters and said Somebody passed away I then handed it to my mother in law, and she took them and said she was going to have a bath Later on, more energy on me didn’t know if it was good or bad, Then I felt little paws, walking over my bed, it was Bourbon, my cat who passed away a little while ago All this went on in the night, but would you know it, My Time Keeper does not keep this in consideration and still woke me up after eight hours. 295

My Reading My boys have had enough of working; they have made their money and coming home by Christmas Robbie is intrigued by me but scared to come forth; maybe next year His Relationship with his wife is stale. A friend is going to Apologise; they were a bit Negative, I think that is Gail. The slack Ass A person will overstay their welcome. Work will be very busy soon; she picked up local work. If I'm moving next year, it will be more likely cause of a Relationship A Publisher coming my way soon? and my music , maybe next year?. Adblast The Well, they sent my add out, last Friday It is now Wednesday night, and I am $250.00 poorer Not one call Over 200.000 ads sent out. All I got in the fridge is porridge and milk Luckily Mum shouts me a meal at The Coorparoo RSL a couple of times a week. My Reading I will win a home, don't know if Dave will win anything but that does not mean "NO." Robbie will take on a couple of my songs, may be January, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know about Kylie My son loves cars and wishes to buy a home loves the family life. May come back home but wants to have his own space. I should not smoke during pregnancy or drink. I've had a very hard life and done a lot of good work, so it is coming back to me. Elvis VS Pregnancy Test? What would Dave, my Boy's and Mum, say if I told them I was Pregnant to Elvis And I do have a Million Dollar Mansion on the way, So God does provide I guess I would have to get a DNA Test from The Presley Family Just to make sure I was with Elvis because as you know, I can't see him, even tho I do my protection properly. And What with David winning the Lotto, so he is compensated My Reading Musically in about 3 years, I will be behind the scenes then my health will improve, and I will want to be in front of the stage. Going back 10 years, a lot of pain, don't look back, and she feels I have just got over what I went thru 10 years ago. She feels it is very promising that I will be moving in a House in 1 weeksâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; time? She sees me standing in front of a house. If I have seen the house and wanted it, I will get it? 296

My Reading by Negita (Lisa) Absolute Soul Secrets 02 66536023 2nd November 2011 Credit Card $36.00 15 minutes I asked Negita if I was pregnant, she said She see's Hormonal changes and a shift in the womb and an embryo She said I feel it is a boy and later you will have a girl, as I see two unless it is twins Dave will be shocked but will be a good father The child will be premmie, (small) but a very strong child and a delight to everyone including my Mum who is negative at the start. The child has all fingers and all toes etc. My Reading by Holly 3. November 2011 1800 732 337 Credit Card $37.00 15 minutes Holly said sorry to say; I do not feel you are pregnant. Have you been depressed? I said I've just gone thru PMS. She said I feel you are just a bit off at the moment; see your GP maybe he has some medication for you I do not feel you are going thru Menopause; you have missed your period for a couple of months. A Relationship in January, very loving and will change my whole life. The relationship will last a very long time and will lift me to a new level. Including spiritually and I will start to get well and feel a new me. I will lose weight cause I feel I want to do something about it, and you felt for some time there was no real reason to do it, it was not worth it. She feels I will have a child with this person who is coming in about January. My books are very good, people will be very interested in the stories and will be a top seller, there are other books as well, people will be interested. She feels the book will be finished in 2012 And by the way, I am doing a great job. The next 5 years are really great, and the next 10 are great too. Letter to Previous Backers Peter Sanders or simular Gold Wealth Select Technologies limited Hello, I had an invention with you in 1994 with Noel Smith the device was not successful due to both parties, But the Inventor was not promising either We were on The Stock Market with Red River the Inventor was Noel Smith


I would like both parties to make up for the past and keep an open mind to what I have to offer Maybe you will not come forward straight away, but my books And music will be out soon, and maybe we can shake hands and Make it happen. Noel Smith is no longer involved; he was only really after his own Personal gain My boys who have years of Mechanical experience will be The Inventors My web has my story; maybe we could make good out of this And the Betterment for the people Kind Regards Susan Carrier (Charmaine) All Smoked Out I was up all night sending my songs off to Robbie, and writing a letter to Gold Wealth Select Technology. I posted the letter, and my books etc. at 9 am this morning I went to bed 10.30 am exhausted, and all smoked out and coffee out My voice is shocking Anyway I hear “I’m going to give it to you tonight" Elvis Well, I must have done something good? I even sent my music, books, and letters to Edgar, our past investor He's received them and read my Web Site I think he's laughing his head off all day and saying "I went to Church all my life" "and she's the Messiah?" I think everything has just sunk in. Or it will be soon? And maybe he got a good Reading that told it all? "You Needed Me" Ann Murray My Song to God (Alisa) My Lawn Mower Man cannot come until next week. I had a client at 4pm Over Smoked and being up all night, I did not fancy going all out for my client, and I had a feeling I was wasting my time. And usually, I am right. I just wore shorts and a top and a cardigan over that. I did not get dressed up as I have had my fair share of people that waste my time and I felt this lady was another one I opened the door, The lady looked all over my living room and snubbed it disapprovingly Maybe it should have been smelling of disinfectant. But really it was in order She walked to my Reading room and said “I got to go in my car and get my mobile She never came back God and my Guides are very pissed off at her. She probably wanted to go to a palace The Guides say she deserves to clean her house all day, the Bitch 298

I usually spend about 2 hrs getting everything right for my client, glad I didn’t They say she would have even walked out on my Reading, Even if I was dressed up and the place "Just So." Bitches that think nothing more than keeping up appearances and Bleach. I'm not pregnant, got them today!!!!!! Even Alisa gets a bit cranky at that time too. YourReading5thNovember, 2011 Readings are for Woody and David Readings are by charmaine and for your Entertainment Only Readings are from The Spirit World One notch in the cupboard, you did it again, went out and cut loose. Well, mate two can play that game. You've lost your millions mate Goodbye Alisa. Dave You got a CD, has not been played, cunt, why not? Got scratch? You don't want to go in a paddy wagon, is that why? Well that's why she didn’t buy your CD Now you know what it feels like Ha Ha Sick mate Sick Play the CD it lifts your Spirits. Lotto may be June July. I do not know? But keep buying the tickets, I will keep you informed. June or July seems a good time and the House March, we will see. February the book may be finished can't tell Gold Wealth Select Technology are laughing, they read the book, can't see straight at the moment, but they will, maybe March or earlier, we will see As you can see, I can't Fuckin tell dates, only give you an estimate. India, to learn about the poor, on tour, good luck. They will pay you back You are going to help the poor foundation, good on you Dave. A big banner to feeds the poor. I will help you and Cancer Foundation, I wonder why? The poor girl should not have done what she did, even if she didn't see straight. I will forgive her, and give everything back, including a Man that she adores and set the record straight. No, she ain’t dying. I will heal her. It’s payback for Karma, but I will set the record straight and heal her. The book sold didn’t it? Good price too, top seller, then the market comes in, the home How embarrassing, the home could not come sooner the authorities came around, things were not spot on, and they wanted her to move out Couldn’t blame them but they did not see the point of 299

View, everybody is hanging on to every cent anyway they forgave her, with a warning. Son's home, ain't paying rent and they come around I will see that that does not happen Then the home, with beautiful views, and mountains of landscape, motorbikes, by the bay Yes, it's worth a fortune. The tickets will sell many; it’s the best they have ever had. Cause it's for my precious and Angels outside. It is hers? Maybe March. Kids are coming home. First, they will not want to go back, too stinking hot, and they got a car to work on. Everything set up under the house. I don't want to go back The mower needs fixing, and nobody got any money Well, I've been warned and I will fix that problem, so nobody comes around The neighbors are so nosesey, well I will send the police around. There are dope and seeds in the house, they will have to pay up. Karma mate, fuckin ass holes, and the seeds plenty of them, I’ll make them pay. Do some Readings Mate, for people you know, will lift your self-Esteem. Go buy a book, Spiritual, and return it, they are so full of shit, Black stuff. You can see by the way they write it. Use the Bible, best book you have been given. Poka, Taxi's coming, See you Alisa Readings for David and Woody, 12th November 2011 Readings are by Charmaine Readings are for Woody and David's Entertainment Only Readings are from The Spirit World Not now I mean later, what do you take me for? I mean late February or August, You rotten bunch, you always want now! Yea I said December, well it may be later Look at your Calender; it says March or April, Not now. Now you’re a twisted fuck ain't you You always want now? That is the problem with you's March or April there may be one Telephone ringing, employee, wants you back, gold coast or something Big return, boost in money, they want you back permanently, especially the India and Cancer thing Tickets and lotto, want you to spin the wheel, Ha Ha David and The Spinning Wheels, is back Yea mate, they don't want your talent, they want you to Sell tickets, permanently for a good cause too. Buy a ticket yourself you might win, but that's probably not allowed, but I see a bottle of drink. A telephone call, self-employed, new fridge, and a canister on top full of food. They are coming, must have changed your website or done something to it I suggest that you get Pixi Photo's done, look much Better, they want your handsome face back their not that old done by one. 300

I will be looking to see if you have done something about it and took the selicea, for your hair, my God mate. Car needs fixing, tire, burn it, you need a better car, look in the Trading Post, good buy there, a trailer to match, The one you got now is no good, for long runs. The petrol gauge is out too, put it in the bin. Cash Converters back in got no money. February good time, everyone is calling. June or July, August, "Stick it up your Ass," “I’m a free man, Lotto of cause, You will come first division Tony on Guard He has to keep The Demons away at night and protect my house at night also when I go out during the day. He has also been asked to mow my lawn regularly, so it does not grow. David and woody's Reading 13th November 2011 Readings are by Charmaine Readings are for your Entertainment Only Readings are by The Spirit World No problem, they say, what’s new I can't stand this anymore Bore Dome has struck. Sit and think, give her a call; I can't Well play the fiddle, that doesn't interest me either Buy fox tell, got no money, I’m broke as can be, write a song? Can’t think of anything? Go buy the lotto, can’t see anything in it for me Well; I don't know? Go to the beach, watch the sunset, buy a book, Read the paper Other wards I got nothing to say Bye Reading thru David Got a better Reading now Ready through Woody….. Long-term goals, better watch your diet, Are you on drugs or something Woody, couldn’t read thru you, maybe you got smashed, I don't know? Dick head, you have been warned. You were at a friend’s party during the day and dinner. Might be spare ribs or something like that. On the bar-be-cue Write a letter soon, just say two words of encouragement, go on I dare you, just two words I can't get it up, ain't one of them. Be a Rooster. Take your pills. The Doctor ordered you out of their office; you were not paying attention. Go and apologise to them, you have to see them again. This time is nice. You thought they were doing you in Big musically guy put you straight didn’t he Good Meals, look on the bright side mate, you need a break and good meals may get Pizza and football. I'll see you soon Sue Alisa. Tony, got The Sack Tony took one day off of work, so his Father fired him He's not straight in the head and suffers depression etc. 301

God offered him to work for me My Guard wants to leave so Tony is taking over She thinks your dick is small, but don't worry about that. Your dick is small at the moment Press Release Gold Wealth Select Technology is coming forward in February or March, soon anyway The car is racing up the high way, may take two years, Slack cunt can't get out of bed, but it will get done won’t cost the company much. They are also willing to pay wages. Not much but it's better than nothing. Will keep the son happy, bit of pocket money, to spend on himself. Moving Feb soon to August. I'll show those cunts what she is worth. Never had faith always laughed at her, I will show them Ruth is her name. Sitting on a Gold Mine, can't see it. Money say's everything, not the work leading up to it. Feels like an idiot in the end, and will be told so every day. Demons will be gone then so she will be happy, extra protection, she is lucky. Lose weight mate and get fit. The tire around your waist is not flattering and the double chin Too many pizzas's and take aways, don’t feel like cooking, no wife to cook for you Cook Chicken and throw the spuds in and pumpkin. Be a genius at cooking Chicken. Just throw it in Caught speeding and on a breathalyzer, been drinking wine and heavily intoxicated by measures on the bike, Sometime early next year. You will lose your license for one year. Goodbye to Susan "Sorry, in hand" You want your money back too, tell him straight. Or you will take it to court. He'll give you, your money back, Bad Solicitor, too many drugs mate, he's on Morphine. or something, he's not good, couldn’t care less about people, Just wants his fix, and I'm not joking Cannabis or something Can't stand being straight. Think God owes him, Well I'm no fool Heart Ache when he passes over, he has to pay everybody back That's what happens when you work under The Influence. Clock ticking, Woody, Girl = Friend walk out on you, you were Not behaving, well she will be back with a red rose, and say sorry. You got the Sack from your last job didn’t you, too cheeky, well he was going to fire you anyway, wants to pay cheaper wages, so don't worry about it. The last person you had working for you a trainer, didn’t like you and walked off Well, you are going to rehire her, and business will boom. Has no dress sense, needs to lift the skirt and lower the blouse, Let the Teacher show the way Get some nice little dresses. The same, with a Hat, it will go a long way, you know what I mean Bring back The tobacco, Smoke, like a chimney; it won't hurt you Bye to The Government they are the loosers. Cheap as, cheap, they are Your Reading 302

15th November, 2011 Reading are by Charmaine Readings are for Woody and David Readings are for Woody and David's Entertainment Only Readings are by The Spirit World Don't touch that dial you can't read properly can you, well we will switch over to David, Hold ON? Too much happening at work, that's why I can't read through you You are really depressed ain't you flat broke too I told you to move into Mums, too late now. The table is set for a few people, invite them around for dinner and play cards This will change your Tempo The solicitor thought you were wrong, but you were right David I know what was going to mate? Last time I saw you, about a year or two ago. You kept your Evening (Show) clothes in the car and wore the same outfit all week, even all month or two. You really did not give a fuck, did you? Now listen here mate, I went all out to see you and expected to see a Handsome Man Instead, I saw a man in an outfit that he probably wore every day for a month or so and twenty years old I was told a lot of Aliens were in my backyard, clearing Noel's energies, and he's left a lot of trails hoping he could come back. They also cleared the energies of The Demons, and they made clearings as they say I am moving soon An Alien came into my room and said â&#x20AC;&#x153;is there anything you want? I said "money and love." The Aliens also put a lot of lights all over my Bedroom, like Christmas. Later that evening < I got a lot of energies around me, then a man put his arms around me and was kissing me all over. I couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t think how to attack him, but eventually, he went away. They put blockages in my mind so you cannot think what to say, to ask to get rid of them. Tony, was in my room last night The Guides told me how he fantasized about his ex when he was with me and how he ran off to her when we had a row, and I went home to Brisbane. They also reminded me that Tony's parent's house is not going to be partly left to my boy's when the Mother passes away because my boys would not butter up to him, when all he dished out was Negative shit. Tony can't take the way he lived his life and feels he totally wasted his life, and the life he could have had with me and his boy's. And he's even told his friends that the Boy's are not his He has a lot to face up to now? A Treatment for Cancer 303

Cigarettes: Help you cope with stress, and calm you Cancer is due to Negativity and Karma. e.g., You hate your wife, you hate your boss and job, and you hate yourself. You've ripped a lot of people off, Broken heart, past pain, etc. 385 MY Dream Tony was crying and saying to me, "This is my last day" I saw a bag full of money, which my Mother had given me I did not like to spend it as it was not mine But said you get your pension tomorrow, how about I spend $300 and I have your account details so I can Reimburse mum. He was happy with that. So I was to spend the money going out to dinner When I woke up, Tony said, to be honest, I would have been happier with Heroin or Speed with the money. God has also tested his Ex, she would not spare a cent for him and recons he's a lousy lay. She just sleeps with anyone to prove that she is the best lay on the coast and don't care if they got a girlfriend or married, Its just a trophy to her. I've missed being very sick this fortnight, Could it be because I have been getting a lot of "Sun" Vitamin "D." I think Robbie will be very impressed with my suntan I've been working out swimming and getting on The Treadmill My Stomach hangs, and it has handlebars, but I think it's got handlebars cause I'm losing weight in my stomach, What do you think? Tony's last day, I kept waking up every hour with different dreams of Tony, with him Crying and saying I'm going to die after Tonight One dream, he was crying and said this is my last night My Guides said would you like to give him one of your photos I thought about it and would like to, but the photo's I have is all I have to keep my pride If I was not streetwise and Mum's help I would have no car and no bed, no furniture, no fridge, no Air conditioner, etc. And no recliner. or TV Why am I awake? Because I AM BEING ATTACKED by a Psychic She has not learned her lesson has she God will protect me in time, so I am not up all night. It only comes back to them, like I predicted she would get Cancer, and God is willing to forgive her and heal her, but it appears she has not learned her lesson or listened. She is not what we call a Psychic or Medium. Otherwise she would not do this A Mediums life is not like normal people, We should listen and go with the flow even if it seems unfair or crazy because it all works out in the end for everybody. 304

We help each other, and that's what it is all about A person's Wages $800 wage $200 TAX $150 Smokes $150 Food $ 40 Petrol $250 Rent or more Electric plus insurances and other bills I'd rather sit on my bum by the pool, Thank you What if? What if, My Air Conditioner needs fixing? What if? I need a new Refrigerator, Washing Machine, or Microwave, vacuum, etc. What if? I need my car fixed or a new Car. Or new Tiers How do I pay for Rego How do I pay for my RACQ Road Break down Service How do I pay for my Insurance for Funeral and Car Insurance? How do I pay to get my Hair done each month? How do I buy clothes? How do I pay for my pets when they get sick and Flea Treatments etc. What if? Do I get a Traffic fine? None of these are covered in my Pension And a lot of men do not pay Maintenance for their Children The lack in care for a Fathers Children, I believe is because the Mother does most of the care, and he is never at home but at work. So no bond is really set on the children. Cause he hardly seesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; them And Week _Ends, fixing the Car or mowing the lawn and the Mother, Cleaning House, and shopping They have no time for each other or their children during the week; its dinner watches a bit of TV and bed. No communication and no time. We work too long hours and too many expectations placed on the Mother; she's better off on her own if the Relationship with the Father doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t work out. That's why the Guardian Angels, set up Spiritual Courtships for people like us, where we see a person for years from a distance, to help us through life. Mine has now been 20 years. I do not know if I will ever have anyone in my life, and I am a Grand Mother and feeling it. Give 20 years I'm gone. I have nothing to offer, but watch TV And like most families, we have Child Care to pay for I soon worked out by the time The Rent Goes up, costs of Child Care; it wasn't worth going to work, I was worse off and could not manage my Rent. Then get this, if your partner makes good money you lose your concession for your Medical Expenses. You have to pay for your Medicines which are $350 a month for me etc. Plus pay to see the doctor regularly for checkups and Breast Screening and Pap smears etc. 305

I find most men if the Children are not theirs they only pay their half in Expenses, and the Mother of the Children has to support the children her self This Means Child Care, Losing her Concessions, and Family Benefits. I found I had to live on my own when I had Children; I was so poor. And even worse in a Relationship They say (the Government) the man helps with the costs of the Children, but I have not met many that do. And what about School and University. They tell me that RSPCA are going to call, with some Tickets for a car And Guess what? I'm going to win You would never have guessed it, would you Check out Boys town, has more to offer Looking at Draw end of month or the following, God did mention Car and Angels out the front Parklands and Beach You’re Reading, 3rdDec, 2011 Readings by Charmaine Readings are for Woody and David's, Entertainment Only Readings are from the Spirit World No news goodbye, So much from David, Now from Woody poor diet, all you have been eating is cheese on Toast, for Breakfast, lunch and Tea, And Beer at night. One more year and all sorted out, buy a book, for now, December good time thou Want to boost your Metabolism, Take a load of Vitamins as Sue does, the weight is dropping off, and she is eating better and better, and it's coming off. The Vitamins and eating well have increased her Metabolism. Foot got an itch, go see a Doctor, your health is really bad, the foot is going to turn ugly, and you will be walking with a limp. Poor diet is the cause and stress. It’s coming out in sores, and your face too blotchy. Watching Star's at night, you’ll get a laugh at this one, everybody is watching "The Stars at night" including Sue's son's You'll see. Elvis, the Love God? Once my Story is out, Women will be over the World calling him "Elvis, the Love God" Food on table, at last, you have been eating well, been putting on weight mate, well you will lose it when you get the shovel out in Nov or Feb, March it is all gone. December big changes, Divorce happening all over the place, chuck the ring in the bin. Big paper clip with your face on it, Watch out for that story, they are trying to destroy you, beware


of stranger too, Only Jealous, Media will not take much notice thou because of the good done, so don't worry about it. Feb, March win the lotto, House in full view now, coming shortly Dog is catching cold, Sue’s in the pool all day, so happy Boob Boo too, He wants’ to catch the ball, and bar-be- cue's every day, by the sea, and a swimming pool with deck. Cleaner coming soon, won’t cost much you are worth Millions Readings are for Woody and David's Entertainment Only, Readings are by The Spirit World Woody You lousy creep, wash your hands and do the dishes, have you been casting spells or thinking of it? Don't do it, not worth it, The Marriage is over, It will sort itself out, In the meantime be a good boy, and take it to "The Council" and I will sort it out too. Don't play that game; you will lose in the end in a big way, that’s not the way to play the game. One year, job has changed and a new man, get your Clothes ready your suit; you are going places. Job placement, hard to find, they will not find another you, your band, they’ve earned their keep thou, always stood by you, CD coming out soon by Christmas, buy another it stinks, You had Laryngitis or something, it really was not quite right, listen to it and you will know what I mean. Recording contract down the track Get some things on Lay by, you are going out for dinner soon, That's why you are sick, somebody playing games, Throw it back, if you like and take it to "The Council." Elvis, I'm late, again? I was due for my periods on The 6th, and have had no symptoms which I get even if I miss a period Could it be the good old Sun Shine and Vitamin "D?" By the way, Elvis has shyed off lately I suppose he finds me too demanding? The Old Bible A Majority of Government Heads, know the True way to God is thru New Age, (clairvoyance) But I believe they had a hand in The Old Bible, to reform people, plus they would not tell the truth as it is a big making money Business. The Bible that is now the old one, is not the True Bible written by God. The Bible restricts too many people's life’s, and brings the worse out in people (Judgmental) Keeping your legs crossed, until marriage People are meant to express their love for one another, and they might find the big day very disappointing, And the Big 5 minutes a Women gets, maybe all she knows Should shop before you buy. 307

The Old Bible keeps you away from your Angels and God as it has a go at Clairvoyance. They say only Jesus could talk to his Angels and God and get rid of Demons. Anyone else is from The Devil. Gay's are harshly judged by The Bible The Dole Should be Available for everyone, like it uses to be. With God's help, they will get help too, to follow their dreams, if they wish. Entertainers, Authors, Actors, Inventors, etc. Women should have a Choice if they want to work or not With their Cycles, too much is placed on them, That's why they are so bitchy If a Women Works better conditions should be made for Child Care The Disabled should be able to keep their pension, even when they have a working spouse, we are not Prostitutes. And people on Pensions should be able to bring in extra Income without affecting their pension. E.g., Readings. And a Man should learn to care for his Children, work in the Kitchen and house Clean Not to mention, take more note of his appearance and personality. Shorter working hours, better pay. A Man should stay home with his children if he wants too Or lesser hours and better pay. Gay Marriage, Legal A Child should be smacked when they have done wrong Bring back the cane at schools And whippings for Murders and Pedi files Countries that hate Women, and cover them head to toe, in shame, should be put in their place, this should not be allowed by any country Feed the poor countries, forget about the space expeditions where you spend Billions, etc. where you waste money and feed the poor. Spend more on the Homeless and sick Animals Free Medical care for all, and Animals. Animal Cruelty, Jailed and Whipped. Treat Animals, Dogs and cats, like your Children, let them in the house, Feed them quality food, tin food shit, let them in the pool, you selfish Bastards, Give a child a dog to sleep with, will comfort them at Night. No Animal should be mistreated, or put down. Get the Government to put more money into Animal Welfare. They put pittance. Compulsory for Child Support. People who do not pay child support should be shamed and forced to pay. Maybe even whipped. A person should not get half of everything a person has got because they lived with them for six months or more 308

In Heaven, they have to pay it back, plus compensation, And looked on as High paid Prostitutes, and god will not find them a loving spouse. A person should leave with what they have put into the Marriage. A Women should have the house or decent Accommodation until the Children are grown up, then the house divided up to who deserves what? Cheap Smokes, Cheap Alcohol Lower the Age Limit Students going to University or studying courses should have their Studies paid by The Government. Abortion Legal, You Tax us on our Wages, and Taxes on everything we purchase. Even food. About 75% of our wage goes to TAX or more. A person should not have to work all their life for their home; I bet most of it is TAX and you make us pay for parking Are you going to make us pay Goods and Services Tax Every time we have SEX? I bet you would if you could. You even tried every time we flush the loo A Person should not be fined because they cannot meet their payments The Youth should have more help getting their license. Free, Driving Lessons and Tests. Better pays for The Youth's, they are taken Advantage of and ripped off, no wonder they don't want to work People should not be forced to run all day at work and pushed to their limit working as fast as they can, e.g., production line. We are all told every day, work faster. No wonder we have Nervous Breakdowns and Cancer. Marriage should be as long as it lasts, a union between two does not always mean to last foreverâ&#x20AC;Ś.. Give every man and Women, and on Welfare, give back what you have taken from us? Give Man and Women on Welfare, a House or flat or Unit Or those who don't want to buy a home. When you consider the Taxes the Government is saving on the Housing these premises don't cost much A right to work if you want to or don't want to And give everyone housing, based on their income. You owe it to Man Kind, for taking every penny you can for centuries or more. Men on Foxtell, Video Clips They, some of them look as they need a good scrub, Their hair looks mousy, oily and dirty Their Beard looks a mess And they look as though they just got out of Bed, And their hair needs a good style and cut And by the way a color would not go astray They dress as though they are mowing the lawn. Imagine if a Women looked like this, 309

not to mention bushy hair growing out of her nostrils and a bushy one eyebrow Why not, don't even pluck the hair on your chin, go natural Given the Dog a Bone “ACDC "How Much is that Doggy in the window." Doggy music that some dogs can understand. If their owner teachers them. What about Water Parks, with slides, that we can take our dogs on lease. And have food and bar-be-cues there. And Parklands with pools or Beaches that we can take our dogs for a swim They are really left out of the picture. I can see my dog now going down the water slide, happy as, with a swimmers hat on, ready for action You owe it to the dogs too. Fancy walking around with bag in hand to pick up their poo The poo turns to dirt anyway. You really do go too far. People can also use this slide, but watch its kept, so the dogs don't get lost And I'm sure the owners would love to watch their dog have fun or go down the slide with them Special clothing and hats on hire or for sale for doggies And special treats, bones and meals sold and plenty of Drinking fountains Doggies that run free And know where to find their owners Can have a special tag that tells the parklands people it also has a number on it, that the owner must be aware of Doggies lost without, having their owners with them, have a tag so the Park Lands people can call the owners. Go on Wet and Wild, Bossey, The New Age Messiah, for Animals Fun Park Long Water Slides, and Swimming pools and games Bar-be-cues, food outlets And food outlets for dogs And Music "Who let the dogs out.' The Messiah’s Dinner Fry Mushrooms, Tomatoes, and Garlic add mixed Herbs salt and pepper Boil Potatoes, sweet potatoes, zucchini, sweat Peas, baby corn, etc. Then when cooked add Heinz Beg’n Chunky And EAT Make a lot, so you don't have to cook later Another suggestion, 2 Eggs Boiled or 1 minute in Microwave with Toast, even add Tomatoes and Garlic on Toast if you like You can get Eggs some places for $2 so no excuse Roberts, Cooking Show? 310

I would like to see Robert Make "The Messiah's Stew" Big'n Fuckin Chunky Made the way I do 5 minutes to prepare, throw it all together, Add Big'n Fuckin Chunky, no need to warm up, veggies will warm the sauce. All done The Messiah's Breakfast Greek Yogurt, Rolled Oaks, and a Can of mixed fruit with cherries Or Vanilla Yogurt with Walnuts or pecans The Messiah's Dinner Steak or Sausages with Heaps of Garlic and Mixed Herbs, salt and pepper Fry with it two chopped Tomatoes for one person, Mushrooms, Red Capsicum and add baby corn and sprouts if you like, with Lots of Garlic, mixed herbs and salt and pepper. Blue tooth Advertising Will send out 4000 Advertisements in 1 hour to every one mobile phone to Stadiums and Shopping Centres So all I have to do is drive up to a Shopping Centre or football Stadium, e.g., Woolloongabba. Park in the car park and press a button to send the Advertisements off, and drive off. It takes an hour to do one shopping centre. They will also put an Advertisement together for you. You plug it into your lighter in the car. How's you teeth Woody Still going to the dentist, every month I'm going to floss mine now Two at front a little bit wobbly, but good, Hope I don't lose them? I will look awful I think it's from brushing too hard. Being sick you get heavy handed. The Messiah's Stew It took me a whole, 15 minutes to make, plus I took the rubbish down and put out the bins Made with yummy Meat Balls. From Big'n Chunkey, of course. When I'm hungry, I have to eat now, and when I have to go to the toilet, I have to go NOW I have been keeping the bedroom and bathroom doors closed Every time I get out of bed, I take him to the door and close it He runs like mad, to go outside and waits for me to say "Poo Poos" He's a funny fellow; they are just like young children not a poo poo anywhere in sight for 2 or 3 weeks since I started. P.S. Been suicidal, depressed and in bed forcing myself to sleep Now my stomach is bloated, and I'm drinking lots of water, can't drink enough We shouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to hold down a job and all the responsibilities we have no wonder there are so many divorces, and women are so uptight and Bitchy Women should not have to work


I've been suicidal all day, and depressed Got a swollen stomach and very thirsty, Nothing else yet. Blue Tooth Advertising Cost $1400 (one off cost) Got a centrelink Loan….? "She's simply Awesome" sing that song dave Woody, I know you have sore and aching feet after work But please make sure you wash the socks? Keep up with your Hungry Jacks Burgers, love Got to keep your misses happy? David’s Mother Has she felt like committing Suicide, Many times? Until she was told about Compression Socks (Travel Socks?) God's Ideal Women Plump, eats well and does nothing all day but listens to her Guides and the Radio all day and night. He does not want Women that work hard all day, but one who laughs a lot and Crazy sense of Humour God, I think looks like Neil Flynn when he was younger, and God was younger God is dating someone at the moment, but it's not the moving in stage. He says she has a crazy sense of Humour like me. David, Yes The back room is ready for you Blue Tooth is arriving tomorrow; you can borrow it? Yes I do have something to offer And The Room is Air conditioned, painted PINK, to keep you happy? Had a long dream about, you Woody, We were all singing in the band It's not what you do for your country but what your country does for you Got The Back Room Ready Talking to my Teacher, Robyn today, apparently she never could see straight and put x's all over my work, and that is one of the main Reasons I have had no work for over ten years. Waiting for it to clear, and a boyfriend should help too God has forgiven her, and she is not allowed to work as a Medium, instead, she does Cleaning She is thinking of having her own Cleaning Business. And maybe School for people like Noel, that haven’t got a clue. Did a Reading Today It brought me Dog Food, Ravioli, Tuna, Tomatoes, and bread. And $30 spent on Tops The Dogs only had biscuits to eat, and I had nothing, So Thank You, God, for being so generous It's either work 40 or more hours a week and have no money See your spouse at bedtime for about an hour, and go out to a real cheap Restaurant once a fortnight 312

or Sit at home and have no money Sleep in every day, make love when you want to, Have bar-be-cues when you can afford Go to the pool, get an all over tan. And make a little cash to help cover bills, food, and spending You can only sit at home if your spouse can do the same, or you will be spending the rest of your life on your own, listening to the Radio. The pensioners have it made in a way, but the Indian givers, give with one hand and take with the other. You want the pension, your spouse is basically taken away from you, and you have to be by yourself. Unless he too is on the receiving end. Then you are even poorer, cause the Govt. take $100 out of your pension cause you are living together Dave, really does owe it to his Country? If not for his country, then for himself, to call me. Even if I had money I would not go out NO boyfriend, and you can't smoke at these venues or drink, cause your driving, I find the bands really just boring, so what's the point I would have to go to these Venues and just sit there by myself, drinking coke and not talking to anyone Just plain boring If I had smoke with my coke, well maybe I would venture out now and again and see a band. But really I have no place to go Mum says there are lots of places to go But when youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re on your own and little money, There is really not much out there for you Go to Wynnum Beach, and just sit there by yourself. It's all really just one chair to the nest. And they try to make that smoke free too. So what are we supposed to do? I closed the doors years ago and drawled the blinds, Just sat in my recliner and listened to the Radio, I gave up. Sorry Mate But I've lost it in the bust, I'm not holding the Ranks as Ma Ma, anymore I lost a dress size, 16 10 years ago from size 10 to size 22 when Dave Shit himself. Is it due to eating really well and lots of Vitamins? I'm eating every 3 hours, due to these Vitamins Feel like a real pig, but I've lost weight The scales don't show it, but the dress size has dropped. 10 years ago at size 22, I was over 100 kilo's, now size 16, I'm just under 100 Kilo's Stay tuned. Been sick today Ben in bed till 7 pm Heavy and tired and grumpy My Christmas and New Years I went to Mum's for Christmas dinner 313

But I have spent the Celebrations at home, listening to the Radio Blue tooth Advertising So I will open a Post Office Box in The Shopping Centre, and let it sit in their sending the ads out all day And pick it up at night and charge it. Even they did not think of that Thank s to 4 BH Beautiful Easy Listening Music, I figured it all out My diet, I've been eating small meals during the day, but a good meal's in the morning eggs on Toast, or Yogurt for Breakfast, now I'm eating a tin of Ravioli by Big and chunky And I have a sandwich of Tuna or just a tin of Savoury Tuna during the day Can't be bothered to cook, but sometimes I will have a steak or sausages for dinner with Tomatoes and Mushrooms. About once a week at the moment. The Vitamins make me very hungry, if hungry I just grab a tin of tuna Then they said: You have to sit in a Cafeteria, and it will send out Advertisements to those walking past at 30 meters Also, Post Office Boxes no good, well if it only does 30 meters I would not bother. Now, they say I need 4 networks; I think that is Blue Tooths to do the job, I want 500 meters. But I don't think that is the case either as one only does 30 meters. In any case I doubt too if it will even get like you said 250 people in 15 minutes walking past the cafe. Probably (1) Person It really ain't worth it Glad I did not pay 1400 up front you probably would not have given me my money back Well, I got my Blue Tooth, today And I was informed that I would have to sit in a cafe for about an hour every day sending my ads out Coffee every day adds up, and smoke free environment, plus I'll soon get pissed off sitting in my car or cafe for a couple of hours each day David The clothes, the emasculate Hair do's, right down to the diamond earring to shiny shoes You went to England every six months just to keep the vibe ongoing You brought the best of everything, the car, the trailer, the best music equipment, right down to the portfolio (Photos) I would not be surprised if you even looked thru a catalog and found the best house in the whole catalogue to put up on your website You as far as I am concerned you are All SHOW? You have spent all these years paying your Credit Card payments off That's why you could not take me out, did not have a dime to your name 314

When I walked away, it all fell apart, including the crowd YOU ARE ALL SHOW All because Elvis is my Guide, and because of the Show put on, you I am now the Greatest Medium in The World, The New Age Messiah Well mate, I'm doing better than you, I've got butter for my Toast, and lots of toothpaste I'm living on Bake Beans and Egg on Toast You should pop round for dinner Just dodge the millions of fruit flies, I can't afford fly spray Get paid Thursday, but got no money left for food, And my Car need s an alternator, I think, Unless I get some work, my car will just sit in the driveway I suggest if you got a few dollars, you go to "Best and Less" for your jocks That's where I get my Panties Dave, Well mate you worked all week and got no butter I don't work, and at least I have butter and toothpaste Can you pop over when you do and bring a can of fly spray? I can't afford to buy it, bring it with you And we will have eggs on Toast, with butter. You are all show Dave (2) It's good to hear you have an imaginary Friend I got one too He's the only friend I have in this world We both have no money to take on one another, so we keep each other as imaginary friends By the way you are so funny Dave, So you work all week You look at your fridge, and it is empty, haven't even got butter for your Toast Your smile is dimming, can't afford toothpaste And you can't even afford a pair of decent jocks Tried to give up your Smokes but, can’t, you will end up in the nut house if you did, can't cope. Well , I went to The Shopping Centre with Blue Tooth over my shoulder With my Advertisements I went to the Shops and asked if they could plug it in, and just that, and I will pay them $40 a month for just having it plugged in Somebody complained and security asked me to leave Well, I know where I stand with that one ~~~~~~ Anyway I was there for 1 hr, and it reached 84 people, but nobody downloaded the Advertisement that was for only 1 advertisement at that time as I had two advertisements, going…… Now taking an interest in Australia Day at Southbank, Stay tuned? The Publishers 315

He asked what was in the books and I told him He said, “I’m sorry, but that's not the kind of books we normally take on?” I said “So you don't want the New Age Bible? And Elvis, Nostradamus, and God are my Teachers. He said, "NO, like I said it's not what we normally take on” He did not want to look at my web. But God said, that’s ok what comes round goes round they are getting what they deserve. So let’s see what life holds for Elvis in the next few days or weeks? God likes to play his games with him And he seems to always come running home to me. My Dad comes round, he has been paying a big way for running off with his children, but he feels, either way, he would have lost out cause both women would have took off with the children and he would never have seen them. He spent 2 years in Poofter Land and then when he got out he had to spend a few months’ in jail for receiving money for unpaid work He is really pissed off with life, he says he died of Kidney failure, and that upsets him too cause he had no money to pay for hospital bills So really his life that was dished out was unfair and shit to him Anyway God said he's going to make a "Rock Star" out of him At the moment he's mowing lawns and does not get paid until he's finished the Job, that's the rules. Well, Elvis’s 9 year romance with his Teacher Aid, Lover is on the rocks She has moved out Elvis is not good enough; she wants better than a janitor She thinks he should go to night school that’s when I come in? He moved back in with me Of course, God is up to his old tricks, and there are no energies for the Moon Light splendor Elvis is sitting with me all day drinking ale, with tears rolling down his face "Life is shit” Well, In walks my Grandmother, she has a Publisher for my New Age Bible in Heaven, and it is selling like hot cakes, every bastard wants one We think Elvis should have taken The New Age Bible to the Publishers, but that is how God wanted it. David Well, it's you the 5-minute wonder Not Elvis, And always the night before I'm due for my monthlies Well, if that what turns you on mate? You don't waste time, do you? Get the job done and it's over I've missed my periods this month I think but still got the horrible symptoms. 316

Felt a lot better when I took my vitamins, lift me up to another level and put the Air con on High to give me energies and lift the crawling effect off. And Heaviness. Has Elvis been taking the Credit? Well, Mate, I think you need to take some supplements to keep you going? Has somebody been having naughty thoughts of me? Well, in reality, he better do better, 10 minutes isn’t enough Dogs can talk too Dogs bark because they are telling you something, Romance, or beware, etc. Every little or big bark means something I have tuned into my Guides and my Dog and know he is telling me thing that is going on My Dog Psychically is aware of everything that is happening even miles away I also give my Dog very good food, and this is what has made him what he is today, and Boob Boo is joining the ranks too I also spiritually sent the Animals to a School to learn how to speak, I also talk to them, even tho I think they know how to speak from birth. They know everything that I say and what goes on. They are also Telepathic and always listening Good luck Dave, God will let you know when you and he are ready? You were not ready before to get rid of that seed too dangerous would have cost you, your life. David, I’m sorry my web made you lose it? My Teacher has done this to the both of us She's put you in hospital, all these years, and put a "Satan” Seed in your head as she did me And got me or us to give up our smokes so we would lose it She is the reason too, why we have lost all our work. We were supposed to be together ten years ago with a Daughter and made it in the music industry Etc She took all that away from us She was the best but the worst /Teacher you could find Take Warning, when God removes that "Satan “Seed, every psychopathic killer will be after you for a while You must go and stay at a safe place as quickly as possible when you know? Get warriors to kill them and redirect them elsewhere, get the police ready for them and towards them and get them ready for the police and them towards the police Even if they go into the nut house get the patients to kill them and ask that they be dismissed of all charges Also take care of house, have warriors wolfs, police sirens and ask for police to patrol it spiritually, Never cast a spell again promise me David David, God said to me the other day, If there was a person to change his nappies, it would be you You are a good father and man


David when the spells or seeds are being removed, for a week or maybe more you will be in a lot of I suggest you go into hiding and lay low, and do not work. Every cunt will be after you Also, good idea to get rid of all the Demons out their that want to destroy you, do this by Saying, “Burger with the works”, Rose, and Everything Keep chanting it until you think the job is done This just covers everything in one word Use this for Haunted Houses too Burger with the works Different ways of dying that’s befitting to God, in my book Rose and Everything Crosses on all the windows, doors, etc, mice, everywhere, Holy Ghost in-house Golden Star of God in-house wolves and worriers after them P.S watch if anyone follows you home from now on I know what; s going on David don’t cry anymore, what has been done to you, has been done to me also No wonder we are: Virgins" we would have got Aids otherwise; every cunt has it in for us We have been chosen out of all the people that ever lived, to do this work for him We are the most beautiful, people that ever lived God Bless you David, and Woody P.S. I love you Every time you get a Negative thought, say "Burger with the works" Jail or Read out loud the lord’s prayer a few times, or “your way “ father They will soon all go away and Demons as well Also, Send Warriors out to kill, or put in hospital, those that are out to do harm to you Ask a couple of times a day whilst this is going on And draw the police to them for each individual person the way I do// get them ready for them ECT You could even get them killed in hospital, but asked that the Murder gets off the crime You have to ask for everything, whatever and whatever you ask will be given just use your imagination I think I have taught you enough, Good luck, Sue plain Sue just plain Sue Boob Boo and Boss said all they ask. Is for a hot cooked chook, when you come around for the work they have done They love you and are waiting for you Listen to them, they will be on guard and tell you whats going on, they are your Best Friends and Tinka to Boob Boo and Boss, your protectors I understand you do not have a dog, too fuckin poor Boob Boo and Boss love you and have been waiting for you for years, and now they are calling you to come 318

home, yes they are calling out to you Every time you hear a bark spiritually, that’s Boss and Boob Boo telling you something : The Cunts are coming" or whatever Whatever way you look at it, it was all God's plan to bring this all out in the open I'm sorry you have waited 21 Years but we have done God's work which will change the lives of people for the Good You will be rewarded in Heaven and hear on Earth Maybe we have a Steam Engine for cars to pull off, and maybe you are going to win the lotto and me the prize home, and all our family’s, like God, said a few years ago Apparently, my Teacher is now a Prostitute And she has handed to me all her Teachings, So that's what the last business was about My Guides in my sleep said I had 10 years to live That either means everything will take off for me and a new life or "Elvis” here I come? They say, my Teacher "The Devils Daughter”? She did not like her Doctor for some reason, so she closed his practice down I've asked God to tell me the things she has done so I can fix what has been done The Guides say she has hurt a lot of people. And has judged people where she should not judge them I asked God to throw the book at her to what she deserved, and I also had protection around me that if anything is sent my way it goes back to the person that sent it God said she is going to lose her shop and everything and made to sit on the dole with no money and have a serious look at herself. I pray at home One Psychic Medium, on platform, who I think is called Gladis, she always licking her chops, looks quite vulgar Well she asked for my Business card when I just got started My Teacher said she put a spell on me for a “cooker" I went to a Spiritual hall, to do Meditation, One person gave me a Psychic Attack, whilst we were in Meditation I do not go to Spiritual Churches because everybody is attacking one another and casting spells on one another The finish of my book will be when David calls, which I think is anytime. The Shop Keeper I woke up seeing a dark haunting face; it was the shopkeeper where I always pass by She stands in front of her shop and always reads me, also she reads everyone else that walks by I heard by my Guides that she is going to attack me 2 hours later about 2 am in the morning I get told that she heard I am on the Pension and have Solar and Air Con She felt this was not right and decided to take this away from me. More than likely my home too. 319

She said spiritually that she thought I should work like everybody else I also heard she felt I did not read myself correctly, so I should not do Readings and she closed me down from my work I think I also felt a "Seed" go into my head Apparently, she reads people that walk by and Judges them and sends spells to them that people that she feels do not do right in society. I think because I was not interested in The Ugly Prick, that he put a spell on my Crystal ball, and whatever else he did? Probably made sure no man would come near me etc. ? Got to watch these Psychics Was going to ask the Electrician out, but I think I will be patient. And have faith@ Another two people after to kill me tonight. Got the Sularmies to kill them Woody, you have time to put my music together, But it does not mean I'm going out there with it, It is for people to take note of down the track 10, 20 years from now Names are to be changed in the book, including mine; God will give me another name. The Invention is finished with People can stick it up their bum, and envisage what Could have been, if I were not so sick, and so many spells. Somebody close to my Teacher, who I will not name, is a real serious Rapist and kills and torture’s in the worst way. Will go out there in about 1 year or so, and start fulfilling his dreams He will also target my family and me Joe told me all about this and so do my Guides and God. Joe once again, saved me and my family, as I don't always get told everything, they give the info to Joe I sent "The Sularmies" after him So once again she has saved many lives. He would have also had a torture chamber. Real sick Remember, I ask God to take care of these situations, and he will not act upon it if I'm not reading correctly. Still getting a lot of sick people after me m Muslims and nutty Christians and psychopaths who want to kill me in the worst way. I just send "The Sularmies" after them. No wonder they have come on board to help me. Woody, I'm going to Facebook, Advertising soon. I want you and all your mates to "like" me I’ve even asked Delta Goodmen and Robbie By the way, Elvis’s energies are improving 320

My Teacher shut me down, as she thought I stole her book when actually I was getting a Publisher for her books. And Karmen has stolen whatever work she can get from me for over 12 years. That's why I have never had any work Karmen has been stopped from getting any more work from me And I have asked her spiritually to pay me back with a car and maybe a home I feel Karman has "Cancer" because of Karma. So she could get a home and Insurance and leave it in my name Karmen is very pissed off that she is not getting any more work. She has sent me loads of "Spells" My Marriage, my car, you name it. Boss and Boob Boo listen to music all day and night, and I have heard Boss sing to himself. He was singing about how he stinks, fleabag and keep off the sofa, don't want the dirty fleabag on it. Something like that, it was very funny "Yes," they know how we think I heard today "Stop your Fussin" by Toni Childs, such a beautiful song brought Tears to my eyes, which I think was from God (Alisa) Of course, it will be a huge hit as "Don't stop your Smokin" So get to it, Woody? "Do you feel the Love, Woody, and David? I send you Healings when I'm up to it, at the moment about 10 am in the morning My boys are so good to me My boys have been sending me money all year 007â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s pin-up girl Every Billboard and front cover of a magazine I want a picture of "Gowin" in a mini skirt bending over I want the world to see her "Ass" Saying "That's The Ass we wantâ&#x20AC;? I think "Oscar" my Fish wants to get involved too, "Bit boring in his fish Tank" I feel sorry for him, so hopefully he can give me music too; make him a very happy fishy, singing to himself all day. And of course one day he may get a huge tank with all the props. Boss and BoobBoo, and Tinka compose music I asked to reward the Warriors that have been protecting me at night A Warrior came into my bedroom and said he could not believe what God had given him. A pool, Spa, Food, Drinks, Smokes, TV lounge Area, Bedrooms, Kids play area, music, Booze end of the week, EVER THING In my backyard. He said he thought he would be just sitting around every night playing cards or something He said I ripped a lot of people off last lifetime, and smashed a car and never paid for it, I can't understand why God has given us all this I have debts to pay back from my last lifetime; I have no money and no food. 321

God said "You 3 men have worked for me more than most men for all these lifetimes So I want to give back what you have given me, I want you to take a break from life and just sit back and have fun. I told Housing that my House was haunted, and for the past 25 years I have been repeatedly attacked every night They said that was not a good enough excuse for Moving to another home. Suffering PMS yesterday morning and feeling very ill, I went back to bed, I found several times of waking up that I was climbing out of my body Once I walked into the living room with the radio on, and heard "Get back to your body" So I did. Then I climbed out again and walked to outside, I looked outside at my bedroom window from the outside and saw a lot of black energies coming from my bedroom leading outside. I tried to clear the energies and then found myself back in my bed again. MY client I explained in real detail the Relationship he had and the women he was going to meet. He then said “I can't see that happening” Paid me $20 and left. Other wards he found out everything he needed to know. A man called me, for a Reading. I said my Readings go for 45 minutes at a cost of $150 He said he would think about it? I called the next day and said he can have a Reading for $100 He said he's been to psychics but nothing of which they said come true I phoned him back again on his voice mail, and said, If he's not happy within the first 10 minutes, then he can pay me $20 and go He agreed I told him about his business, which will pull off in time for him, and suggested he trade his car in within 3 years, as it will cost him every penny. 10 minutes was up and I said, would you like to proceed. I asked him 3 to 4 times, He said he wanted to find out about his Relationship. I said do you want me to proceed, he said "Go On" I told him about his Relationship, Half an hour later, he said he could not see it, Paid me $20 and left, David, Message from Alisa So you’re standing there, in front of Susan's Mansion, looking like a Million dollars and a half. The Door opens, and standing there is Susan's Security boy's, Watch the Black eye? As the door slams, on your gorgeous smiling face, 322

I would slip your Bank Statement under or thru the door, Otherwise, you will never lose your virginity. And your heaven expensive dinner date, explaining everything to the family Even the Grandson, wants’ a good explanation if you Get the drift. He's ordering Lobster. With the trimmings. Don't forget the best wine in the House. You get the bill Just ring the doorbell, place the Bank Statement, under the door, and hide behind the bushes, When you see the door open, and they (the security Men) pick up the statement, In 10 minutes, you can knock on the door with your suit and flowers. And smile Might save a black eye? Elvis has been away for a couple of Months Well he sure made up for it last night Anyway, in my sleep, we were sitting close together, Hugging one another, and he said "Did you like my flowers?" indicating that they were left in the fridge, dying. I said "They are my Trophies" and he laughed He wasn't talking about "The Flowers" He’s talking about the rondayfoo we had. My Dreams Tony grabbed me by the waist and we were flying through the air, we stopped at the neighbor's house, and Tony Said “Cunts own these homes, you got to be a cunt to own it” I was in the back of my mind thinking of how bad Tony use to treat me. We were walking down a path in the middle of the houses, when I stopped and Tony kept walking I then woke up Later that night, I was in a train going through a dark forest, where all the demons live, I went through it for about 5 minutes Repeating “Burger with the works, Rose, and Everything. I was clearing it. My Guides told me not to go to sleep, but I was very tired, I soon found myself falling down a black soot tunnel, and I could hardly breathe and my lungs were filled with soot. I was then rescued, from the tunnel and woke up in my bed. I had to stay awake for a few hours while the clearing was being done. Noel passed away about 2 weeks ago, from cancer, he now lives on a very small pension, in a caravan with no electricity, because he can’t afford electricity. He has to pay everybody back that he owes money too. In the middle of the night I felt a Metal hand on my leg and hand and it said "Robot" I was happy then and said, "Why are you here?" He said we are programming you" He said" you have a car and everything coming, we are programming you" I also felt a light pain in my groin, and he said "No more Periods" 323

Last night, I thought I should clean the house up for my client I spent an hour and a half cleaning up, the dishes, taking down the rubbish, cleaning living room etc. Then this morning, I did my spiritual work, had some The thing to eat, light my incense, put the dogs outside. You name it, I did everything to make my client happy I told "George" There’s a lady coming forward who loves him, but he must dazzle himself up. or he will lose her. I also said I see you in a raincoat and hat in the pissing rain holding a pole. Doing construction or something like that. I said where you are there is no work I also told him how the Entertainment World are all Psychics, and that’s where they get their gift from. And that he should ask his Guardian Angels to come on board I said cause he has good Karma, God has given him something like e.g. Ken Done Paintings, little boats, or something, something really easy and bullshit, that he will make a mint from an absolute fortune. I told him I would like to be his Teacher and help him make it happen. I then said cause you have been working hard all week, you energies, are shit, sorry but I can't read anymore. I will only charge you $30. He handed me a $50 bill and I had no change, actually no money. He said he would go and get change. He never came back I would ring my Teacher, now and again and tell her everything I was up to 25 years later God comes on Board and tells me everything she has done to me over the years. e.g. I lived in Australia's worst Haunted House, Demons attacking me every night for 25 years, with nobody to help me. Also 12 years ago I went to a Spiritual church and dropped my cigarettes, 3 times, they said that meant something, I also had the Spirit world telling me to give up, and all my family, friends including the Entertainer that I have waited for 25 years, was having a go at me to give up my smokes. Well, I did for 3 days, I lost my mind thought I was "Satan" and took an overdose. Size ten to size 22 overnight, and 12 years later never have recovered. A few years ago I found out from God that my Teacher was so jealous of me and tried to do everything to stop me from being successful, Including not teaching me about "Spells and Protection" Telling me Elvis was my Guide and leaving me wide open, also sent the Demons to me, closed my Teachings down, and no matter how big I advertised, Radio $30.000 advertisement in Yellow Pages, I would get no work. She also got me to give up my smokes knowing I would lose my mind and put a "Seed" in my head of "Satan. God removed "The Seed' last August, this brought Rapists and Killers to my door Feb 2014 I had fidgety feat for two nights and kept awake till about 3 am The First night they said I have a music contract coming, Justin Beaver a Famous Entertainer Is going to offer me a Music Contract The next night I was kept awake with fidgety feet. “You have a phone call coming, say my Guides; Justin Beaver is giving you a call?” At 12 am I got a call from Woody 324

He said for some unusual reason, he had me in the back of his mind all night and could visualize me in front of the audience, smiling and looking very sexy Woody wanted to come over I said I was not into one night stands, and I still was dealing with my feelings for David And maybe he was Justin, going to offer me a Music contract. ? My Guides say Dave will be calling me soon and he may be doing the Ceremony for Australian Citizen in March, where I will be and ask me out David was on TV Australian Day, singing at the Government House for Australian Day Ceremony, where I should have been. Maybe he will be doing it in March too. How I saved over $2000 at the Vets, my Dog Boss who is an old dog was coughing up blood, gone off his food, and had a dirty bum which was probably diarrhea, The Vet said he has a lot of things wrong with him, first he has a rotten tooth as his gum is pink, and this may have serious problems with his stomach, could be cancer and maybe he’s got heart disease or problems with the lungs etc. His arm which had abscesses, may be a tumor as it’s taken some time to heal. Well, the bad breath was due to coughing up blood so was the pink gums. A Denture stick will fix that, and since taken antibiotics is happy stopped coughing up blood and eating his food. His arm has not healed to him always leaning on it, but it is fine 95% healed. I don't think there is a tumor. His problem was that Toads were getting into his water. I feel this is what was making him very ill. The Vet thought he has "Cancer" and Tumors all over the place and rotten Teeth. She wanted 1000 just for the stomach tests and x-rays. Then there was 500 for tooth extraction and what about the x-rays for his arm another 500 bucks. I just used my brains and saved over 2000 Dollars. My Dogs now happy and fine. All he needed was antibiotics. Watch those Toads. Please pass this on to some poor bugger that needs to save on Vet bills. He’s also has a bit appetite, so there is nothing wrong with his teeth, which could have cost me $500 and took their word for it. I waited one year, with the Indian People for Advertising. I’m still not fully up and running, I think mainly due to I had 3 ads going and one phone No, One phone no for all 3 caused problems. I thought I got a really cheap deal? 1200 for 3 Advertisements, Nationwide. Froma Centre link loan… It will take another 2 years or more if I am ever nationwide. And I say if I am ever nationwide. And I also paid about 250 for each listing 3 of them to be protected from hackers. Not to mention Protection for my Web sites too. They, at last, offered me Advertising from India by Google, for 6.50 per click. They made out I got a good deal, but when I used my Brains ----I said no thanks as Australia is doing it for 2.77 per click. I get one call a fortnight from the Local listing that the Indian People offered me, I will be lucky to make my money back I paid for Advertising. So I’ve gone to Google in Australia and paying 20.00 a day, 2.77 per click. I figure I should at least get one job a day, at 100 dollars, per Reading. 325

Maybe I am getting ready to stand on my own two feet and support myself. And have a Relationship I’ve been clearing the energies, on my House, Garden, website, etc by sending all the energies to The nearest Beach. Or swimming pool. I do this for 3 times a day, maybe for a month or when it is all cleared, then I should bring in work. They wanted me to get 6 Salt Lamps, to clear the energies, one for each room and I can get them at 65 dollars each, that’s about 400 dollars. Then they told me I can clear the energies myself, by sending all the energies, to a Pool or Beach. Saved myself 400 dollars. Well, I am certainly “The marrying Type?” The Indian people have now after a year got me listed with three local listings. And they are going to handle my Google Top of Page Advertising, which I have been trying to get from the beginning. They say I had to do The Local listing first. Well, now I am up and running. Google Australia wanted $2.77 per click that’s about $600.00 per month and about 7 clicks a day When 7 clicks are up I am no longer advertised for the day The Indian People have offered me to be advertised for 17 clicks a day, that’s 500 clicks a month for $400.00 That’s $0.75 per click Australia Google want $2.77 per click and sometimes they go over $5 per click. I took up there offer, and I have Guaranteed, if I am not listed within a week I can get 50% of my money back and be Advertised for a year for FREE Well, this is a new start to my book. I wrote to David for a number of years, only to be told not to write anymore, and I was crazy Woody then asked me to write to him. After about ten years later writing to him every day, without him writing back. My Angels told me to phone him, and ask him has he read my book. I find, he closed down his Email address and has not been Reading my Letters that I sent him, about 5 pages a day for years. Well, now is the time for my book to be compiled as The New Age Bible, The Story. I’ve written to Woody, on Facebook, and asked him to contact David, telling him I want to marry him, and would he be at the City Hall, when I do my Australian Citizenship Ceremony. Also is he interested in editing my books, The Invention, my music and my Happy Home mailer? I had to be on my own all these years, otherwise, I would not have accomplished what I have done But they have brought me these people to keep me on my path and to help me and come forward when the time is right. 326

The Indian people, free of cost, help set me up my Word pad to do my book. They do a lot for me, without asking for money, to help me. And call me every day. I’m told that the Neighbor at the back of me, on top of a hill, sits on his veranda with binoculars and watches me thru the bathroom and satisfies himself. He also thinks he can take what he wants. My Warriors are very alarmed and are guarding my house. They may dispose of him, but they are giving him the benefit of the doubt Well after telling Woody, on Facebook that I wanted to Marry David, and I was not interested in one night stands, he completely deleted me off of Facebook 9th March 2014 Bossey Died Boss had blood coming from his poo’s and a couple of times in a couple of weeks he was coughing up blood. I gave him a meal last week and found him laying down on the ground being sick From then onwards for two days and nights, every 20 minutes or so he would be violently sick. I had him laying on the ground the first day, and thought I should put my Dog down, He got up quickly and turned around and looked at me I think he said “Don’t you dare” The Guardian Angels also said he wants to be The Messiah for Animals and has a good chance surviving this and his abscesses’ on his arm will heal by Christmas Well, we sat in the garden for two nights, with no sleep, He was constantly being sick. Came Sunday 12 pm he stopped being sick and went inside the house about 6 pm He seemed to hold down his water too. But when we went to bed at 11.30 at night he got up, walked outside, laid down and quickly died. I think he had a heart attack He is very Telepathic with me, and say’s thru out the whole time for a couple of days, he kept thinking to himself that he was dying, This is what they say led to his death, He kept his mind right he would have survived. It was a risk Boss was willing to take Soon after he passed over, Elvis his new Master gave him a Hot Chook dinner, with no bones, as cooked bones kill them, and I think with gravy. Then took him to the Beach. He was so happy, and had a great time Noel, says he taking Boss, to The Gold coast Beach, Tomorrow, Friday. Apparently Boss is not one for “Walks” He loves the Beach. He now watches the Video clips on Fox tell and wants to watch the Discovery Channel. A new gift God has given him He’s totally entertained by the Video Clips. And Television Elvis is The Master and Teacher of all my Animal s on the other side, Lily, my little Dog, and Bourbon my cat, plus now Boss. Elvis is teaching them Music. They are going to channel The Music to me in time. I have now found my animals know all my business, know the English languish and very Telepathic with me. Boss worried about my finances, and the life I led and The Demons and this is what gave him what I believe stomach ulcers. 327

My Teacher, I think has been constantly trying to kill me with Human combustion, by putting a towel around my head or body. I just ask God to lift it off and send it to the universe as healing. As it was sent. I woke up one night with a wind goes around my head and what I believe were flames coming from my head. She has also put constantly a spell on me for the Demons to attack me When I know they are around, I just ask God to lift off the spell off my House and myself and send it to The Universe as Healing. They quickly go then. I have also been looking for people that have their homes or businesses haunted. And been clearing their homes and businesses including my home, by lifting off the Energies and sending it to the nearest pool or Beach. I have to do this several times a day, maybe for a month or more. I also have to empty the pool when it is dirty, spiritually, and send the energies to the nearest beach I l leave it up to God and the Guardian Angels. I think God sent Evil Spirits to my Teachers house to beat her up and rape her. They say they only do this to real Evil people, who deserve it I’ve been told she committed suicide or it means she is going to leave me alone. If she committed suicide, she’s a fool, NO Nostradamus; she’s got “Hell” waiting for her. They say she was not the “Full quid” Woody wanted a night with me, was not willing to take me out anywhere Considering I have not had sex for about 30 years, and I have been waiting for Dave, I could not go ahead with his offer. Woody completely took me off of Facebook; I can’t even get his Facebook Page up on my computer, totally wiped off this planet, for me to see. My guides still have hope for him eventually coming forward and doing my Music and everything that I have asked him to do for me. So we will see? Boss, my Dog who passed away a week and a half ago, sings to me every day “All of me, loves all of you” He still sits around the house and goes’ in the car with me. By the way, he loves the gym pool. I wonder how many of the owner’s dogs that passed away go to the Gym, etc. with them? They now can go where ever, they like even shopping I got Australia Google to Advertise, and The Indian people have taken a year so far, and I’m not up and running. No sooner than I’m advertised, I started feeling funny a few nights later, my Guides said: “Go for a Drive, somebody is trying to kill you?” I walked down the stairs of my house, with Boob Boo, to go in the car, and felt very weak and sick. I drove 15 kilometers away to Wynnum beach feeling quite sick and odd. I think another psychic was trying to kill me.


I kept lifting off the spell and sent it back to the person who sent it and asked God to make it stick to them, in other words, they cannot lift it off. 10 minutes at Wynnum Beach, I was told, “She is now dead, you can go home” I was fine with that. Just because somebody had read my website, or I was a competitor, A Psychic was trying to kill me. Well some good news, Google in Indian are going to give me my money back that I paid for Advertising and are going to advertise me for FREE. Hopefully, it will be top of the page too, and indefinite advertising. So maybe God did come thru for me. I’m trying to get Ad words too, for free, indefinitely. This could be worth $10.00 per click on to my website if I get top of the page. I got the Guardian Angels on to it, and God. I’m also doing clerical work for The Indians, and we are sorting out the Legal’s at the moment, so I don’t get into any trouble if a client is not happy or they do not satisfy their clients, E.g. take the money and run The Indians are going to do all my maintenance on my computer. For free, and call me part of their family. I have been dealing with them for 1 year now. The work I do for them can pay for my book The New Age Bible, The Story. April 2014 Well, Apparently, Norman, is living under my house? And now from what I hear, Elvis is moving in too? Tony my Ex, who had the spare room, is moving out of the spare room, and going under the house So Elvis can have the spare room. Since I am worth Zillions in Heaven, I asked for God to give them what they need, under Gods Disgression. E.g. Lighting and they want their own showers. And from what I hear they want their own toilet too. 1. They are all drugged fucked, Homeless, Hero’s And they are working for me? Google Ad words Australia I Paid $77.00 for the first week $177.00 second week and 3 rd week $150 I made about $500 Total That’s $100 profit for 3 weeks. I’ve paused my campaign One lady called “Claire” called twice in two days and spent twenty-five minutes each time with me I charged her a hundred dollars for both the Readings. She paid through pay pal and refused to pay and wanted her money back. So the story is I made nothing for 3 weeks advertising with Google. Not to mention I am in local listing too. As well as top of the page. Ad words. Also, I’m told my Teacher is now living in an Aquarium in a shop as a “Fish” Letter sent to David 329

And by the way, you get 50% of proceeds from book Sorry forgot to mention that My journey in life is to bring the Spirit World out in the open and lead people to their Guardian Angels and God I have a Steam Engine for cars to pull off myself and Music. I wrote a book to you and woody You both asked me to writes to yours, so I turned it into a book The first to you, is basically about my Teacher and what I thought of her.? And of course what my guides had in mine with you? I was interested in Woody, to help me with Business side of things. He asked me to write to him and I waited for 12 years for him to do my Music etc. Well, he did not read my letters and has no intentions of doing my Music. The books with Woody get into the more spiritual aspect, and also what my Teacher did to me. It's about my Journey. And what Psychics says to me and my Guardian Angels, and how things pan out. I've been writing this for about 20 years. If you could find it in your heart to retrieve those letters, sent to you I would appreciate it. And put them on word pad or something. Or book form. People then can work out the Guardian Angels for themselves and God through my story Susan May they make a movie of the books? Me, and you, and your black tight Jeans. Also how I tried to pull a Steam Engine off and backed a complete bum, also pull my Music off Also, living in a Haunted House for 25 years, nobody willing to help me, including Jason M, and Spiritual Churches. My Dealings with Robbie. What Psychics say to me, and my Guardian Angels and how things turn out? Also, everything that goes on spiritually. I've been on my own all the years, waiting for what my Guides tell me to happen People can work out for themselves if its worth a journey to follow. I will give you 45 % as I need 5% legally. Susan Business Ideas and dinner? I'm going back to my days as a Pest controller. And have written my books as my Guides wanted me too. And my House is no longer â&#x20AC;&#x153;Haunted" I've got everything to offer now How about "Dinner"? David Is that Justin, calling? Well, I had fidgety feat for two nights, 330

Kept awake till early hours "Somebody is calling you, going to offer you music contract" The next night the same, "Justin is calling you, and going to offer you a Music Contract?" Woody, He calls at 12 am. He could see me in the audience all night, smiling at him and looking very "Sexy" this was unusual, but he thought this must mean something, and he would like to make his way round to my Place. 12 am "The Virgin Mary does not take on "One night stands" after being on her own most of her life. I said I was still sorting my feelings out for "Some One” not sure where that was going, and I don't take on "One night stands" He wiped me off Facebook completely. Keep in mind I have offered this man my Music, My books (The New Age Bible, The Story) Happy Home mailer, a new way of advertising that helps charities, and R>S>P>C>A and puts money in everyone's pockets. And whatever else. The books, I'm thinking of selling online at 5 pages a day 6 days a week, for YEARS TO COME At $5 a week. And they say Elvis is my Teacher and I'm supposed to have Michael on board too. Well, you never know, people may be interested. It could be a Block Buster and made into a Movie Wait and see what they do to Noel, Stinky bum. And “Hot Pants” on stage. I hope you have written your side of the story. People will find it very funny. Cheers Susan I feel my Teacher probably did a lot of nasty work on you's so check it out? God came on board a couple of years ago and told me, I was also UN protected from "Spells” my work stolen from everyone, and Demon's and Negative Guides attacking me day and night. My boy's also suffered a lot of depression. Because of the circumstances in this house. One has to take medication for it. Not one decent good looking guy has come my way, in all these years. I don't even look nothing there. And had nothing to offer. A week or so after Bossy died, I was sitting spiritually in a Haunted House on the bed in the House clearing it. Bossy was right next to me on the Bed, so was his new Mate a female Brown Staffy I feel the Female Staffy had a hard life and likes to come and stay over here with Bossey I had a Carpenter do some Maintenance in the House, and I think bossy totally kept him Entertained. I was lying on my bed and thought to ask where Tony was, as now Elvis has the spare room He said he was on the floor next to my bed, as my bed was full of Animals. I could feel a lion wrapped all around me and I Spiritually lifted up my covers and let a Purring Smokey Grey cat under the covers. My Bed was full of Animals; I even woke up a few times feeling an animal on my chest and hard to breathe. 331

They said they were protecting me from people who were Jealous of The Indian People and wanted to do harm I think the Animals sent him to Jail. They say The Housing is going to give me a House better than this. The one I have. The Guardian Angels have spiritually directed them to my file. And of Course on the file which they (can, but can’t see) it say’s occupants: Elvis, Norman, Tony and my Children may be coming home, and there is, of course, David and his Daughter, or what may come my way They say their even may be a pool at the back Bossey has always wanted a Pool They say they will also move my Solar and Air con and belongings for FREE My Guardian Angels want me out of this House as it is “doomed” I will never make an income from this house, the energies will be bad for years to come in this house, And of course, it will attract a lot of negative people too. Kylie Kylie was in my sleep all night I saw a boil sore on her arm and felt she had Cancer. She wanted a Reading from me I said let me do my Spiritual Work as I do my work properly and this is serious. She smiled and nodded at her friends and then I woke up. She spiritually asked me what will happen to her. Did I ask God? He said there are Dinosaurs waiting for her and she was going to NO Mans Land, she will also be raped. Do not commit suicide otherwise, it will be worst for you She asked if I could help Did God say go to Spiritual Court? I went back to sleep and was with Kylie again. I woke up, thinking maybe Spiritual Court was not the answer, and maybe I could help more? I said to God, “What will happen if she goes to Spiritual court.” God said “Case Dismissed” “Thrown out of court” And he also said she got Cancer from choosing her Career before her love life and being on her own most of her life. He said her Cancer was not due to Karma. I hear Ricky is looking for a Mother for his children I offered my services on his Facebook I went to bed and was having trouble sleeping, thinking of how hard my boy’s had it when they were younger, with hardly any food and money. I felt terrible. I then spiritually felt Ricky kneel by my bed and take my hand and kiss it. I asked a psychic by Phone, cost $39 for 15 minutes 332

Who will come forward first Robbie or David? She said Robbie will come forward long before David, and that Robbie really likes me but he has other endeavors to sort out first. God said, Light a Pink Candle and David may come forward within two months. I was told the other day, A Psychic Read my Web site and was furious with Rage as she was so jealous. Throughout the day I kept picking it up and waiting for her to throw something at me I was told she put something like “Satan” on my web, closed my Business down and put Satan around me God they as I asked lifted everything off and sent it back to her and made it “Stick” She even tried Human Combustion I was told later that evening she fails in the bathroom and hit her head and died. This was from Karma and the Negative energies she sent out Her family was on to it and wanted to know spiritually what I did. I said I just asked that was sent to me, sent back to the person who sent it I then felt the whole family got together and was trying to kill me, with Human combustion etc. I asked God if he could handle it. He said he made their gas stove blow up and burn their house down with them in it. Julia Roberts, Pretty Women I had a vision of Julia Roberts walking down the hall, of my House in the dark She had the perfect face and look of someone who lives in a Haunted House and Killers after her. I think she will play the part well. Plus she’s pretty What do the Psychics Say? Liz $2.98 per minute 03 5266 1164 No3 By August 2014, this year, I am moving House. 3 bedroom house and I have a man coming, he has a Guitar in front of him, dark hair, blue eyes and a wicked grin. The Relationship is long-term I’m better off going to The Australia’s Got Talent than The Voice, to do with my age, also I will have some success, and I will be touring about August this year. She also says Goran will contact me within a week, with Business ideas, He’s an Entertainer that I have been trying to work with over the years. My Friend, Niomi, Said I am moving house and it is in a village, \Also I have a Man coming may be within two months, with a dark shirt, brown hair. He will be also working on Mechanics of a car, Part-time. And my boys will be coming home within 12 months?


I’m also told my Teacher has been Astra Traveling to my House to see what I am up to, and she no longer wishes to do me harm. ? I think it may be in a village, Where I cannot do my Music, cause of complaints, and everybody knows my business And no parking or storage for my Son’s/ Ect. So I asked the Guardian Angels and God. To take my file off their desk, if that is what they have to offer me. A Man has been coming at night, twice in a row By Astra Travel, It’s a bit like a Demons entering the room, a lot of noise and energies. I was attacking him, then realized it was someone visiting me They say he’s from The Psychic Federation and well known, come to check me out? I’ve asked him to clear the energies off my web, and my house. He stayed the whole night looking at a TV with my life story and clearing energies. God says I can stay in this House if that’s all the Government has to offer me, and he will get people to clear the energies of my House. He said he may have it done within 2 months. Maybe this was one of my lessons. ? Went to the Cooparro RSL, Goran, was their I handed him my Business Card, and gave him my websites, with my Music on it. He was also singing an Elvis Song and looked at me, and I waved my Business Card at him Ricky Martian. I’ve written twice to Ricky on Facebook. I’ve offered my services as a “Mother” for his children? Also, I have a lot to offer with my Music etc, and he’s absolutely Georgiou’s. I saw him all night when I closed my eyes on the Spirit Plane and danced and flirted with each other. I’ve even seen Kylie channeling me I think I was also on The Spirit Plane with one of his boys. And telling him to be careful when he bends over the window plane, after losing his drawing. I said, “Take a Peek?” He shook his head “No” then took a Peek. I said next time you must think? I asked a male Guardian Angel standing next to us at the window drawing, I asked, does Dave want to kill me? He said “No” The little boy then gave a little, cry when I said I have to go as I wanted breaky. But I think he understood. I was lying in bed and told that Demons are attached to the car, under the House. I started doing my clearings and found I was doing my House, including my websites, my names, everything I heard and saw a big tidal wave go through the house. I then saw a fox looking creature at the window which I was told was a demon and had a few other disturbances, of demons


God then said “As you asked everything has been cleansed. There is nothing placed on your Web sites, your names, your home. Everything is cleansed including your cars. Everything. He said, no need to change your name, that is only for people with insecurities, everything is good now. You should be able to advertise soon with no trouble. I was attacked at night, which I believe was my Teacher. I was told “Wake up, you are being attacked” I was so tired and had one eye open when I felt my whole face go paralyzed. I only had one eye open and the other half closed. I climbed out of my body spiritually and went to the side of my bed, sending it back to where it came from. I think I may have died, or been really shook up, if I had not of kept, one of my eyes open and kept awake. I spent the next day, checking everything connected to me and my family, of all spells etc and lifted it all off and sent it back to where it came from. There was a load of shit, on all of us. I was told to get dressed up and go to the Salvation Army, an hour later than I usually go. When I walked in, I saw my Teacher at one of the tables. She looked like shit, with her hair wet or greasy and pulled back and a huge stomach. I walked out the door. I wrote a letter to Chris Sebastion and asked for his help and told him on Facebook what was going on. I saw a lady channeling me, with a book in front of her, and picked up “Ask for her Guides and Teachers to go against her and make her pay for her crimes” I heard at night a lot of crying, as if “I can’t take any more” It’s been quiet all week. Google India Their Angels, of Google India, have said the reason why people are having so much trouble advertising with them, is because they have been closed down by Witch Craft. I’ve been asked to clear the space once a month for Evil Spirits, and to lift off spells. They said they will get an expert to make sure I’m right at the top, of the page. The People who work at Google India, also sit around and talk all day and do no work. The Witch Craft and everything else that goes on may have something to do with this too. This is what Google India may have been waiting for, me to help their Business. God says in about five years they may be worth a fortune. Kamen Karmen turned up at my doorstep She has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia, but will not accept it After an hour talking to her, and a couple of phone calls, I decided to tell her, that I thought she was UN well. She wanted a Reading about her boyfriend, but I said I would need a photo of him or somebody else to read thru, cause I did not feel she was in a good state to read thru I woke up that night feeling somebody was attacking me e.g. they had drawn something on the ground and was dancing and chanting. 335

I heard a lot of wind around me. I later closed my eyes and saw Karmen putting her hands around my head, maybe to send me insane. I then asked her Teachers to reprimand her. I’ve heard nothing since yesterday Readings by Doreen 2x$30 for 10 minutes each 03 53686692 Doreen say’s David is interested in no Women and it will be a very long time before he is ever leaning towards that direction David is not Telepathic with me, he does not hear me. Robbie is too busy to do my Music, and I’m told to go to somebody local A new man coming in the middle of the year. Fun and a long-term Relationship Tony only pops in now and again, he is too busy Arron (Elvis) has gone elsewhere, maybe later down the Track. I get my music from my Grandparents. Or somebody in the family. Arron and Tony do not live with me. The Invention needs a lot of work done to it. My book needs Editing and to take my time, somebody should be interested in publishing it. My Music is a long way off from making it happen. Give us back our Smokes, You Bastards? From 13 years of age till about 22 when I lost my mind with schizophrenia, due to a real stressful Relationship. I use to smoke Cigarettes only on the weekends when I went out for drinks. When the Children came along I would only smoke now and again. Not until I completely lost my mind did I take up the habit. Well, listen to this? I was having trouble with my Electronic Smokes, it was not charging enough, may be needed a new charger. Anyway whilst waiting for it to charge, I bought a pack of tailor-made. I no sooner had a drag that I got into a hot sweat and vomited. A week later I had problems with my charger again to do with my Electronic Smokes, it came to me, maybe I was sick because I had them on an empty stomach? Well I had a few tailormade, and got into a real hot sweat, and felt sick The conclusion, I reckon the Government has put something in our Smokes to deter us and make smokes look bad for their benefit. (Money)

Ricky Martain Well, Mr. Hot Stuff has been visiting me in my sleep after I wrote to him on Facebook, and is very affectionate,


I’ve been writing to him for a few weeks now, and see him a lot when I close my eyes. I think he Astra-traveled here for the past two days and was sitting with my Guides, Elvis and my Ex Tony and having a well of a time, and observing me in my P jays, all day and hair uncombed, with nothing to offer but “My aching soul” The Psychic Sue, Reiki Master Recons he’s going to come forward. And so do my Guides. The Real God spoke to me I was told at 9 pm 30th of June, 2014, that I could go to bed early, as they wanted to talk to me? I had fidgety Feat until 2 am I went through everything lifting spells; to finding out if anyone was after me? Tried everything but they still would not stop playing with my feet, and this really upset me. 2 am The Real God came on board “Good Evening” I said who have I been listening to? Then if you are God, He said “What you call, “The Pope” He said David was a Bastard, and everything that was told to me was true, I had no choice but to lead this life after what he had done, He was a real selfish Bastard. And Woody is a Real Idiot. Both drugged fucked. My Teacher went against me because she was not the chosen one, and I am The Messiah, The One. I asked why have I done up my place, spent all my life doing it up when I have to leave it. He said to show what kind of person you are. He said I will get work in about 12 month’s time He said you are 12 years too early. For me, to take you, you are the true followers But I now have to look at it. He asked me if I would like to go now, and I said this place is too dangerous for myself and my family, and there is nothing here for me, no work, no love, nothing He said “It will take about 12 months until I have rounded everyone up, but he may be taking me a lot sooner, and the rest later. The Indian people are good people, Alex has served God many lifetimes, and he has given him The New Age Bible, The Story, to distribute and receive the commission from. Andrew and Alex have never wanted to rip people off. Ricky comes over most night when he can get away from the children and talks to Tony and Elvis. Apparently, if I leave soon Elvis is my Husband or if I stay, Ricky will come forward. I have been busy all week getting ready to build a gazebo near my bar be cue area in the backyard. Could be a waste of time and money as I will never make an income, from it or use it. Depending on what God has in mind. Wally and The Gaitors I was told there is a brilliant band at the Carina Leagues club. So I decided to go have dinner there, only $9 for a really big nice meal


I was wearing black slacks with colorful flowers all over them, and a Green top with flowers on it. I saw the band member, Wally and asked him if he was part of the band, and handed him my business card with my details and website on it I went home after my dinner but was told to go back and check out the band. The Band Member, Wally walked over to me, and we had a good conversation until I asked him if he smoked? And showed him my Electronic Smoke. He then ended the conversation and walked away I never heard from him. I paid $250 for Magnetic Business Cards to be made up from Vista Print, which may cost $1200 elsewhere and about $200 for them to be distributed, to 2000 homes. I never got one call ( Me To dinael 20 Jun Make sure you read my web, and then you know what I am capable of? I get music from the Spirit World and have Inventions, (A Steam Engine, for cars) and I have been learning to be a Teacher for 25 years. My Music comes from Elvis. I also have God as my Teacher and Guide I told you a Business partner was going elsewhere, as she wanted a larger income, I did say fashion boutique, but I don't know if the was a metaphor, or not, Also a young teenager is going to take your car for a joy ride, it may not come back. I see you taking you’re shopping out of your car, and leaving your keys in the car. Psychic Stores, to sell The New Age Bible, and The Story Also my Teachings I went to 5 New Age Stores from Brisbane to Cleveland. They all took one look at me and said “No” One store in Camp Hill had my book for one week but said it’s not the kind of thing they deal with. I have one store thou, from a client who is willing to sell my products in their Health Store. In Sydney, I think? Ricky Visits me nearly every day, and talks to Tony and Elvis. He seems very keen to come around as often as he can. Tony and Elvis are looking for somewhere else to live, as they say, the rooms will be taken up soon, and Tony is on the jealous side. David


They asked David, “how many spells he had placed on me, to get me to chase him all these years and wait for him for 25 years “ He said “5” They said, “you will never have a Woman for the rest of your life, and you had no intentions of taken her on?” “You’re also going to jail?” The Guides said a few hours later, “Well, you would have been in and out the mental hospital, Got Cancer, and been very suicidal. You would never have met anybody, and your not attracted to many men,’ “There for David, you are forgiven, and you have saved Charmaine's life, and made her what she is today, “ All night long in my sleep, one dream after the other, I had a dream of me in Hospital, having a Heart Operation My Guides and God said they want me to do nothing, as I’m going home? I contacted the Housing a year ago but I felt the time was not right for getting the right house I've been told for the past year by every Psychic I spoke to that I was moving soon Most say Oct this year I called the Housing today, after having a dream of having no work in this house and being flooded by calls when I move, and the place where I moved in my dream had water around it I'm also having a welfare place help me move. Letter to David I got a Centre link loan Elvis or whoever, wanted Blinds in the spare bedroom, as the light shined in their in the early hours of the morning I think my EX Tony, The Father of my Children who passed away a year ago, is living in there and maybe Elvis and him "hold hands"? As they both have nowhere to live? Both drugged fucked idiots. So I spend about $350 on blinds a few month ago what a fuckin waste of money since I'm moving 02 8417 2983 $36.00 each for 20 minutes Well about 4 Psychics or so, said I was moving to a safe house, and a beautiful house near the water. They said this without me asking them. They have also said Dave is coming forward in late October this year 2014. Now I called two other Psychics and now they say January. I’ve been hearing two to three months away, each time I call for the past 25 years. I called Housing, I am not on their list to move, and all they have is a one bedroom unit to offer me. The Solar Panels, they say will cost me about two and a half thousand dollars to move to another House, which last year they said was five hundred dollars, and they now say new laws in place where I’m not allowed to move my Solar Panels they have to stay when I move. The Air-cons will cost me a couple of thousand or more to move. I don’t have it. Not to mention for the past 25 years I have put all my money into this place. Carpet in bedroom, Blinds, Paint on walls. Just brought Chandlers into the living room and dining room. I told my Sons they will have to come from Mt Isa to Brisbane to help me move, especially their things. This caused an enormous amount of stress on their part. Not to mention the amount of money it will cost them and they have to take time off work, which they cannot do. My Son said if I do this again, he might disown me? 339

I think the Psychic was saying I’m moving to a beautiful, safe house in October was because I bought a book on Angels, and I’m working with them to clear everything and get my work back after 15 years of no work. I think this has done what I needed to do. I’ve decided I will only listen to my Guides from now on and not be misguided by these Psychics. One Psychic who was not reading right < I think for the day, was telling me David was the one who put demons on to me and spells and did all this to me and used me. And my Teacher was a beautiful lady who would do no harm. And The Psychic said he would sort David out. Once and for all?. He said my Man was coming in about January next year and his name was “Mike” Along lasting relationship Dark hair and green eyes. Lots of love there. I asked him to check with another Psychic, his Teachers as I felt he was not reading correctly. I don’t think any harm was done. I talk to David every day for the past 25 years Telepathically, I don’t know if he hears me or not or if it is him actually talking back to me. ? The Man who I spoke to tell, me David was the issue, His name was “Liam” As soon as I heard this, I thought his name means something? I think he was having marital issues and was reading the opposite, and that he is one of the good Psychics. I checked on Google for Liam and it means “Protector” Well, I can see what they mean by his name. I talked to Liam, Telepathically, and found out that he found out he was not reading right and closed down for a couple of days. I was also told he will help me with my work and protection from my Teacher and clearing of the Demons. I also told him my website. www.the new age He said forgive me if I don’t contact you cause of my Guides but I will spiritually pay you back for the reading and help you. There was a reason for your call, to help each other. Also before I made the call God said he would pay for this one? I saw in my sleep all night a Lion, which I think represent Liam. ? By the way, Charmaine means a Crazy beautiful lady that men would line up for and in the Arts world. I have not been attacked for two weeks, not a thing so I don’t know what’s going on? Maybe God and The Angels, did their work? Meanwhile, I rang one Psychic a lady, Yesterday. I asked something about what is causing me not to be able to do my Readings. She said she could see in her crystal ball, a cigarette with smoke coming from it. I told her my Cigarette was the reason why I lost my work due to giving it up for 3 days and totally losing it. She tried to say my smoking was the reason why. I told her I suffered Schizophrenia. She then started telling me my condition was not spiritual but medical, and I should seek medical help. I said this has been going on for 15 years and it’s not medical. She just took the fact that I suffered schizophrenia and went on her own tangent. I then said am I moving?. She said “NO” your house is a beautiful safe house. I think she just said that because she thought I was medically ILL? She also said my Teacher was a beautiful soul and nobody was attacking me she said my Man is coming around next year, and he is a neighbor of some sorts? 340

I told her 5 am in the morning, Telepathically that she should not put her own thoughts in to play as this is where she fucks up and said the whole reading was based on I suffer schizophrenia and she went on her own tangent because of this. She said she would spiritually give me my money back. I also noted many times she said: “Ok my dear.” Which was pissing me off. I told her the Guides were getting rid of her client’s probably because she put her own thoughts in to play with the readings I have had no sleep for seven days, not allowed going to sleep until 4 pm, get a little sleep then get up at 5 am to take my medication, all the while with fidgety feet. I asked my Guides why they were doing this they said: “David is thinking of calling me?” After several nights of constantly having fidgety feet, no sleep, and no phone call from David, I was starting to get mad; they said it was coming from God, not them. I then realized this morning maybe it is a spell that has been done over several times. I lifted it off ten times then asked for it to be lifted off 100 trillion times, maybe this will do? I also thought about David, maybe a spell was done to make me wait for David all these years, and maybe for rose-colored glasses, maybe the invention was a spell, maybe Elvis is a spell, and also may be a spell for the psychics to tell me what I wanted to hear? May be I picked up the opposite of everything? And heard what I wanted to hear? May be David heard the opposite or the worse in me? When he read me on stage? Who knows? But I have had to make sure everything is lifted off. Hopefully, in a few days I should be able to see clearly, and maybe I have got my work back. Will I have to just wait and see? I also realized maybe a spell was done on me 15 years ago or so, so I was unable to do readings and would not get decent clients. So I’ve lifted off that too several times. I thought I had no energy or I was getting bad clients, or it was due to my illness, why I could not do Readings. So I lifted all of them off about 11 times and then said 100 trillion times too. I have for a few years been getting rid every night of Rapists and killers after me, I believe there is a spell on me and my websites and advertisements. What makes me mad is the Guardian Angels and God don’t tell you when a spell has been done to you, and just let you live your life this way and waste your life away? I had a Demon attack me, God wants me now to face them instead of just lying there and taking it. I spiritually sat up and saw a man, firing a laser from his hand, maybe it was a radiation gun or something. I asked God what I do. And he said “Kiss him on the hand” I did and he disappeared. I had a dream I was in heaven. I was with Elvis romantically. Also, I saw Noel he was in a bathtub, fruity as can be and had really good food which he was feeding his animals, unlike the cheap food he would have given them. I was in a room filling the loft with water for the air-con. Also towards the end of the dream mum and my boys were with me, and we were on a train in the clouds heading back home. I told them I am in heaven and I’m fine, but I will return.


The Conclusion to the Indians It’s been about 2 years since I paid $1200 to be listed on Google, Nationwide. I never got Nationwide, and lucky to be up on Google at all. The Indians did try, but Google India has a lousy reputation. I went banking with The Indians, using my bank account. They took the clients money and ran. I had a little money in the bank and it cost $1200 out of my own pocket to pay the clients back. Recently I asked The Indians to help me. No mention was made of the money they cost me I asked them to do a flyer for me. The ones they already did cost me $75 each, I thought that was alright. But because I wanted a full page they wanted to charge me $350 All they had to do was get on clip art and cut and paste a few pictures, and the wording I had already done. Much easier than the small flyers they did for me for $75 I’ve decided to do it myself. And have told them I don’t want their services. I also asked for a database to keep all my clients and to notify me when a client is due to pay their yearly fees, for a business I want to get off the ground “Happy Home Mailer” It would cost me about $1500 for the database and I would need about $600 for a website as they said I would need the database connected to my website in case my computer crashed. I decided to shop around. I think I can get a data base that would do the work I wanted for about $20 a month or may be less. And I could probably use a backup incase my computer crashed of a $10 USD Stick I also asked of them to print me some flyers, they said they can do this for $150, a thousand they may even go down to $75 when business goes well. I got on Google and called office works. I can get a thousand black and white done for $40 a thousand. I was lying in bed when I felt a presence, I tied the usual things to get rid of it, and then I asked God what I do. He said “Tickle it “I was then picked up and flown in the sky to a house in the neighborhood, that I knew had bad spirits, I was tickling the being as he was carrying me in the sky. We came to a house in the neighborhood that I knew of through a friend back then, that the house had bad spirits. I then realized as I settled down by the house it was “Boss” my Dog who passed away earlier this year. I went in the living room did my thing then I went into the bathroom and noticed a lot of negativity, and cleared that room. ‘Burger with the Works, The Rose and Everything “I then traveled on to other places Last night I was in bed half asleep when I was getting fidgety feet. I said what’s the matter? My Guides said somebody is channeling you” I said are they “Good or bad?” They want to send a spell to make you Possessed by Evil spirits. Quite alarmed, I asked God to lift any spell and send it to Ground or the Universe as Healing, and for Warriors all around my bed. I went to sleep and had a dream where I was in bed and all around me were evil spirits trying to possess me. And my dog, Boss was there too. I was out of bed and was trying to get my dog boob boo, as I felt he was in danger. As when they possess me I might harm him. I then woke up. I went back to sleep and I was picked up, by God as there was an evil presence around, I was sped through the sky very fast to escape; I even had to stop as it was so fast I was going in the sky that I could not breathe. I then landed on a road and saw God speaking through the sun in the sky. He said “sorry but I will be gone for a while”, and then the sun was covered 342

by a black cloud. I then asked God to give the man responsible a stroke or Heart attack or get The Salamries to kill him. That was the end of that, They say he will die on the other side a “Thousand deaths and get 10 years Jail, of horror. I have been buying some books each night I call upon Arch Angel Michael, Arch Angel Demetri, and Arch Angel Sandalphon to clear all the energies in my House, Garden, My Businesses, and my Web sites and Advertisements, Also to clear all the Negative clients that have been coming my way. I also asked for them to make whoever has been sending me and others spells and Demons on to us to make them pay for their crimes and make sure they never send a spell again. And also to put them in a wheelchair or make them a vegetable, and take away their income, car home, everything that they have done to me and others or tried. Also I asked twice a day for all the spells that have been sent to people and myself and family and animals plus are businesses homes cars, our hopes and dreams etc to be lifted off or resent back to the person and make it “Stick” It’s been quiet for a while, so the book on Arch Angels must have done the trick I also ask Arch Michaels’ to protect my family and my self, twice a day from Demons and Negative Guides. I also have Arch Angel Ganesha she’s going to bring me a lot of work when everything clears, may take a while, but they say I will be flat out with work soon? I call upon them every day. I’ve also asked for Arch Angel Shianna to bring in my Man as soon as the time is right, as well as asked for other people close to me. Not to mention Arch Angel Demetri, to keep away the Housing commission for kicking me out of my Home and Center link. The book cost $17 but has really paid off for me. I also got a book on Animal Guides, and have found Animals in my sleep; I look up the meaning in my book when I get a sign. I also saw a Kookaburra outside my bedroom window on my umbrella, for my dining set. He was telling me to stay calm and go to The Beach. I ask each night if any spells have been put on anything, e.g. my home, fridge, TV, car, my webs and advertisements, anything to make Dave depressed, anything around our bodies or feat, our hopes and dreams and name them. Any Demons put on us or our homes, I ask for every person individually, and clear it. The person who has been sending the spells for Demons has also placed them on my boys and my Mum. So each night I do a quick check. It’s been quiet for a week or more. ? I have to check everything and think of everything, regularly. I have not mentioned the person doing the spells, which each time they say is My Teacher, but to make sure I just say The Person who keeps sending all the Demons and spells to myself and family. To make sure it’s done properly. Happy Home Mailer" Letter send to David I now have more respect for myself and my Business Remember it is legal and I do supply the Advertising material It’s now gone from $30 to $130 God and the Arch Angels told me to put the price up Been sending the Arch Angels to help my Son at work as he needs good pay and an easier job as he has lung problems etc 343

Haunted Houses on the Internet and Demons worldwide I got on the internet to find Haunted Houses. Going for real cheap? I decided that they still after being cleared would not be nice to live in, even a Mansion for a $1, I decided to clear all the Haunted Houses on The Internet. And I also cleared a lot of Demons Worldwide. I found myself awake most of the nights, fighting off attacks. I heard a whirring noise, and pressure around my head, like bussing, and just fought them off by doing my usual work Happy Home Mailer I have now got my Happy Home Mailer up and running, and considering I will be paying Taxes and Wages, not to mention my Rent will increase, also I will lose my Pension and I would probably have to pay for Medication and Doctors fees. The amount I was charging to receive the Information and Advertising material went up for $30 to $45, so it’s worth doing the business, and I’m not just working to feed and house myself. I am using my books, Clairvoyants Manual and my Story for the Advertising Leaflets, also my Reiki Master, For the Leaflets. This Business is Legal due to I am giving something in return for their money, and that is the Advertising Leaflets. In about three weeks I would have put my book together, so I will just be waiting for David’s part, that I sent him, and hopefully, he has done his story too, only time will tell? I’m cutting and pasting my letters into a book form. Reiki Healings I’ve been to two Reiki Healing Practitioners, both I felt nothing at all, and Healing myself I felt nothing at all as well. Personally, I am still learning, but I do not think you receive a healing unless you get something from it? So I would say most practitioners rip their clients off. I do receive distant Healings from people and The Guardian Angels. These are very powerful, and often make my legs heavy and lifeless. When I get a healing on my chest, I find it hard to breathe, and I have had healings on my head, with a lot of electrical bussing all around my head This has been from Robots and Angels, and I think Dave has given me a few healings too? This is when I know I’ve received a Healing They do say it’s a Natural Healing, and you don’t have to feel anything. I think that’s shit The Arch Angels I send around day and in the Evening, Healings to my Son who has really bad lungs. I send around Arch Angels Raphael, and Altahe. I also ask for The Robots and Guardian Angels to help, also Aliens and any Specialist that Astra Travel. For Healings. I’m also getting Arch Angel Michael, Sandalphon, and Arch Angel Demetri and Arch Angel Cherubim, to sort out the person who has been sending me all the Spells and Demons to myself and family. I have to tell them what I want to be done, I’ve basically named everything that person has done to myself and family and have it done back to them, including losing income and health e.g. Bells Palsy You name it I have sent everything back, including everything that has been done to anyone she or he may have attacked over the years. I’ll make sure that person never casts a spell again. I also use 344

them to clear the Negative energies in my home, business and Garden. I’m also using Arch Angel Sandalphon, Michael, and Demetri, to clear all the negative energies, also for protection. I’m sending Arch Angel Jago for Entertainment to everyone, and I name each person and Arch Angel Shianna to bring my man forward also to help other people and family that I know need someone. And Ganesha and Arch Angel, Idalina for my Business, and to get of any obstacles in my business. Arch Angels Gwendolyn has got me buying books on Animal Guides and Crystals, and wants me to buy more crystals. Large Amethyst and Citrine. Gwendolyn for help with psychic abilities. Arch Angel, Zadkiel, I call upon when I’m doing my Spiritual work, e.g. prayers. I will call upon Arch Angels Uriel and Sofia when I need them to help with my Music. Raguel, when I get pissed off with my Guardian Angels. And Gabriel when I want help with not falling pregnant or the other way round. I’m also using Demetri to keep away Housing from kicking me out of my home, and fair trading given my hard time and Centrelink and Taxation. As long as I do no harm they will help me. And I also call upon Arch Angels, Hanael, and Zenia for people who need friends, Galen to help with my Teachings and Inventions. And Jarek to help me with my work. Finishing tasks. There are lots more Arch Angels that you can work with, but at the moment I’m using these ones. I tell them what I want to be done once or twice a day. Happy Home Mailer, God says he’s got some other Ideas for my Business, to make it long term, and maybe to sell my music? By 18 months he will tell Me.? \ Letter sent to David I was talking to my Guides, and they said to check on the web for houses or Mansions that are Haunted, and going cheap? I decided there were no cheap Haunted Houses Anyway they would probably be awful to live in, this one is bad enough Anyway, I decided to clear all the Haunted Houses on the internet. And God got me to clear the Demons Worldwide. I had a few issues during the night, but I had Arch Angel Michael protecting me, “Susan 007” For your wife, the down and out? Attachments of the Happy Home Mailer Since, if you are working, you lose your Pension, The Rent Increases, Taxation, You have to pay a fortune for Medications and Doctors, Wages for those that need help? , and Advertising. The amount was from $30 and now is $45 to cover costs. It is worth $130 but so many ass holes that can't see straight, they would complain everything may increase due to having a job, but at least you can get a decent fuck as The Government doesn't let you have a Relationship Otherwise he can pay all the bills. Joseph, the Greek God Susan 007 Joseph's Happy Home Mailer My Animals Boss and Lila, now have pups, and Boss say’s she’s a bit distressed at losing her pups Elvis came into my room as he is their career, and said I am thinking of keeping all the pups?


Lila did not have a good life and would like to keep all four of her pups, and since The Government, pay for all their medical bills and food, I have no problem with it, is that alright with you? They are all now in my bedroom with me during the day and night, I’ve always wanted to take on a lot of animals, and it makes my animals, Boss and Lila very happy. I found out who has been telling me repeatedly all day when I have nothing to live for “that I have a call coming” It really pissed me off, as I got no calls, and had no work and no money and nothing to do all day, but sit by the phone. The culprit was Boss. He even tells me he went to school while he was living, and learned the time and how to count to one hundred. My Cat, Tinker who is getting on, may have her siblings that want to move, in too, and Bourbon my cat that passed away, has found a soul mate. Maybe he will have his siblings move in too. Boob Boo, who is very spoilt, is basically in my bed all day with me, getting tummy rubs and kisses, but for the past few weeks, he’s been mostly sleeping under my four-poster bed. He wants to rule The Roost and is being very cheeky to Boss. They have never really got on, as Boob Boo wants to be the Boss of the Household. His Guides tell him off when he is cheeky to Boss my Dog and makes him sleep under the bed. Noel The so-called Inventor? Noel passed away about one year ago. He’s been living in a small caravan on the other side, with no electricity in a car park. The Guardian Angels asked him to get a small mowing job to pay for a course in Healings, so he could give me healing every night, as I needed it. He grumbled, but eventually put an advertisement in the paper and got work. He spent the money on a TV Next, I knew it, he was sent to jail for 5 years or more for all the people he has used with this invention A few weeks ago, he was with a Guard or something from Hell standing at the beach. Noel felt kind towards this person. He asked Noel what your Relationship with “Sue”? He said “She worshipped the Ground he walked on. The man grabbed him by the head and put his head under water, till he had to breathe, Now, what was your Relationship with this Woman?” Noel said, “It was a Business Relationship” My Time Keepers Boss my Dog, was my timekeeper for a couple of days but thought he would make fun of it, and keep waking me up all night and not letting me sleep during the day either. I found out Bourbon my cat passed over a few years ago is my Time Keeper for sleep, and boy he does a great job to my satisfaction, but she left the reins for Boss for a couple of days, and Boss thought he would make fun of it. Boss got a big laugh out of making me mad. 346

So now I know who is in charge of my sleep, and why sometimes I am having trouble with my Time Keepers because it’s probably Boob Boo or Boss. Mums Time-Keepers is the Birds, as she does not wish to have animals, she does feed the birds thou, without realizing they look after her too. Ghosts and Demons I got my Indian people to place a listing on Google, for Haunted Houses for Sale, Cheap and Haunted Houses, for Clearing? I got attacked all night, by Ghosts that were floating and in a white form, different from the Demons that I see in black suits. I punched the Ghosts in the face, and he tried to put his hand on my chest, to put Negative energies, on it. After fighting him off, he left. But I had Demons and Ghosts all night. I did put “The Lord’s Prayer” up on every wall in the house, and in the back garden, this may have kept some of them away, but I don’t think it really did the job. I also got on eBay and bought a dozen Cruz fixes, and put three on the head of my bed, one under the house, and on every wall of the house, including back and front of my entrances. Well, The Indian people took my listing from Google and all was quiet last night. I was afraid they would make my family suicidal, so I took the listing off for them The Ghosts were also warning me through the Radio I was asleep and all of a sudden the whole room went pitch black, and I felt a lot of fear in the room I asked God to save me and Boob Boo and protect us. I then saw a beacon of light come through the bedroom window. I then got out of bed in my sleep and went to the window; there was a light in the back of the yard. Then a man walked up and said can we park the bus here? We’ve broken down The man said we are here to help you? I told him what was going on, and he said:” can I be honest with you?” I said “Yes,” He said, “You are Satan?” I said, “That’s what my Teacher did to me?” I then woke up and thought somebody had Astra Travelled to my room, and he said “we are going to help you” I then thought of the dozen crucifixes that I bought and maybe they were talking about the place I bought the crosses from. I then emailed them a letter and told them what’s going on. Buying Haunted Houses for $1 I was told by God that I could buy really cheap Haunted Houses, and clear them up, and buy one each for my family. It may take one year to twelve years to clear, depending on the work I do and how long it takes?


I went to one house and it had a white Ghost in it, in the opening of the garage, I went back to my bed where he attacked me. I said Arch Angel Michael can you protect me? He said to say “The Lord’s Prayer” The Ghost looked at me in surprise and then laid down and I believe he was dead. The Lord’s Prayer I also with the Lord’s Prayer, ask the Guardian Angels to sing out the Lord’s Prayer, day and night, where I have them posted on the walls. I ask this once a day and at night Bosses Burial Ground I woke up in the night and heard a rustling of leaves, in the backyard. I was told Boss is making his own Sacred Burial ground. He loved this house and me and wanted to be buried here. Letter to David 18th December 2015 Whats the great Rush? Happy Home Mailer Advertised in November for 4 weeks, $230 a week for 7 papers So far I got (3) checks at $45 each O’well, it is Christmas God says it will more than pay for itself? Are you drying out? Sending lots of Angels, MY Teacher still trying to "Bump" me off Got a book on Arch Angels, $17 that will fix her I think you've done a Lawyers course, Well I think that's going to be very handy Also, we've got the Invention not to mention “The new age Bible" and "The Story" Forgive me if I'm full of shit, but maybe in time, I've got some serious ass to kick upstairs? My boys and Mum aren't interested, in Psychics, I wonder why? Letter sent to David 19th December 2014Am I in the right frame of mind? Elvis lives in the spare room I bought blinds $350 in the spare room, for his delicate eyes, so the sun doesn't shine on him when he's in bed I also got my portable Air Con installed properly, with the water hose going through the floorboards, and the air vent out the window called Hire a Hubby cost $75 Also on eBay bought clothes rack with two racks for his clothes, as we do not have a wardrobe in that room $50.00 including postage. With the price. I'm told that Elvis got technicians to make sure the shower works for him and made sure the Air Con works for him Elvis wanted Air Con and clothes rack, so he got what he wanted. Unless Tony wants to hold hands with Elvis, he has to sleep on my bed. I spent a couple of nights in the spare room with Elvis, looking over what needed doing. 348

There was enough light from outside, so I did not need the light on in the room Tony came into the room, and said: "I'm willing to pay $200 a quarter for Electricity for my room, NO way am I sleeping in the dark, in that room â&#x20AC;? So that sorted him out with the electricity Also Tony (Passed over) bought himself a car. He has no license as all his life he was a drunk driver, and now he is not allowed a license for a few years. Well Tony went ahead and bought a car God said, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Be careful boy or you might lose your Pension?" So now the car is just sitting there. Tony has to rush down to the car when I go out, and when I go to the RSL for dinner he has to gobble his food down quickly as I eat and run, like no body's business. Boss, who passed over in March, even gets a meal at the RSL paid for by God (Alisa) So they all hop into the car when I go to the RSL I think Tony phones through his order at the shops, and pick it up at the front entrance when I go down to the shops. Otherwise, he's got to walk to the shops. He's going out of his mind with bore dome, as he's stuck with me in the house, but when he gets his license, he will be going to The Gold Coast and visiting all his friends. Including chinchilla. 2nd letter to David, today The New Age Bible, The Story continues Boob Boo takes his tablets I gave Boob Boo his worm tablets and flea tablets last night He spat them both out; I had to shove it down his throat. Afterwards, Boob Boo just laid still and went to sleep I felt so guilty and wondered if something serious was wrong with Boob Boo and he was so still and went to sleep straight afterward. Maybe because we did not have our afternoon naps as usual? Anyway I went to bed early as I felt guilty for boob boo for being so rough on him I apologized to him in bed and gave him a cuddle. Boob Boo said to me he was madder at himself than anything for not taking his tablets. An hour later, I gave him his tablet, and he took them no trouble. Boob Boo told his Mum, telepathically, and she said he was a "Good Boy" He also said "she brought me an expensive flea collar too" His Mum said at least you don't starve, your mum loves you Boob Boo told her I could have got gang raped, And she said, "all you can do is tell her when somebody is coming, that's all you can do?" "She needs you" Merry Christmas 2014 Last Christmas, I gave you my Heart But the very next day you gave it away 349

This year, I’ll save all my tears And give it to someone special I would like to give you a Mansion for FREE. God says he's going to give me a Mansion for a Wedding Present Is this how he's going to give it to me? A Haunted House? God said two years ago or more My man will turn up at my door (MY Mansion) in a suit and tie and a bunch of flowers My boys will answer the door, and either punches him out or slam the door on his face Because I've waited so long and they don't understand They will let him through the door after showing his bank balance, under the door, cause God says he going to win "The lotto"? He will have to invite us all to dinner, and explain himself. Of course, my sons are going to choose the best wine in the house, and drown it down and my Grandson, Pase, 6 years, of course, will choose lobster for dinner And you’re paying Also, ask for plants, ferns, maybe roses too or flowers In every room of the house and business Don't forget to ask for them to be watered each day? The white sage and lavender you just ask for, to be placed everywhere Encase you don't know? You don't have to leave the comforts of your recliner First, before you begin to ask Arch Angel Michael to protect you As you astral travel or whatever or just think of the place Ask for "Burger with the works" "The Rose" and "Everything" For the haunted house Do this repeatedly until all cleared. Burger with the works means (different ways of handling them) Hang them, and send them to a dumpster and cover the dumpster, Put a tire around them and send them in the ocean, with pepper in their eyes Squash them like tomatoes, and send them to a dumpster and cover the dumpster. Send them to jail The Rose Mice going through the place, Lift off the roof, and the Golden Star of God shines through the place. A shark patrolling the house and garden and under house Golden crosses on the windows and door And Angels singing the Lord’s Prayer Everything the above


If you are attacked ask for Archangel Michael, to kill them and protect you and also "Burger with the works or your way (Gods) or put them around a tire and send them out to the ocean with pepper in their eyes. Or to jail One of them will work. Or maybe just the Lord’s Prayer I have the Lord’s Prayer above my bed and a wooden cross, Maybe it works I don't know? And I ask the Angels to sing the Lord’s Prayer in my house and garden all night and day May you make a fortune? You know how to advertise on Google for free, so do it? I may own the whole street $1 The Messiah I go to the Carina Leagues club 5.30 ish for dinner 7.50 For lunch $9.95 dinner I don't cook anymore I totally enjoyed my dinner, and complimented the waitress Did you enjoy your dinner? My Mum told Housing commission she had dirt of land on Mackey Island NO water, and no electricity and swampland Waste of money but mum wants to own something and to pass it on to her children She told them and they gave her the notice to leave the house She sorted things out, like saying she no longer had the land and gave it away So they let her stay The moral of the story? Don't tell them; otherwise, you’re moving into a rotten haunted house with sick energies They don't care Mum Mums 77yrs old they wanted her to sleep in a sleeping bag, on the ground Cause that's all it was Things to know? If you feel a heavy tired feeling, or depressed, negative thoughts, suicidal, or an eerie fear feeling, The house is not ready for You’re being attacked Make sure you check regularly with your family and children the mental frame of mind and make sure nothing is in their room at night e.g. eerie fear feeling Especially when you are doing haunted houses, clearing them and when you move into one. It may not be quite ready and need more work you never know NO pain no gain White Sage in the room I use a mister, eBay cheap $32 I think 5-liter water. 351

Or oil burner. I get the white sage $4.95 or less on eBay if you can't get it Keeps some of them out Also get the Angels to sing The Lord’s Prayer repeatedly all night and maybe day, have to ask each time Archangel, Michael to protect the people you name and their home, garden, and bedroom Ask each night and during the day if needed. Make sure you check everything which I think you are doing encase my Teacher has put a spell on it check when you go to bed if that’s the right time. Including the songs you sing, your hair, smokes music industry, waistline feat hands car, tires rego brakes, advertising media I now use one word to lift everything off, since I've been looking into everything and asking everything to be removed, for some time now I only say one word and it’s done I get Arch Angel Michael, Demetri and Sandalphin to do it for me Tony's Garden Care, and Maintenance Does your Electricity chew a lot of power, ask Tony to slow it down Make your tires last longer, your breaks your engine Sick of mowing your lawn, Ask Tony to use a hormone nongrowth for the lawn, It lasts so he says four months, cost about twenty dollars. Yes he does have to buy and pay for these things Get him to put a tablet in your fuel; to make it go further, only cost him a few dollars And offer something to come out of your bank account when you can afford it to pay for materials and his services. He does owe me one, big time, so remember that” See if it works, I ask him, so I'll see in time if it does anything Please Remember, Tony who is my ex passed over, May have to catch the bus. It could take him hours to get there And sweat and tears Plus he may need to catch a Taxi after the bus ride, or have a very long walk? But then again? You could ask somebody passed over with a car To pick him up and drive him home "You dumb cunt,” says Tony One of my last letters says fifteen years ago I told you how I was going to get Noel back and get him to get a bank loan and get what I could from it For twenty-five years, Noel has been living off me Scott free He would not even buy his own razors, not to mention spend money on his hair or deodorant or shampoos or even change his clothes or wash them I had to pay when we went out also buy him meals and drinks 352

Sometimes when I went to see you, I had to buy him a bottle of drink to make him go He got fee board, food, electricity, telephone, a car, free rego Never paid for fuel, as he said he just came for the ride, even tho we went everywhere together. I had to pay him when he did maintenance to the car or whatever which was lousy I even had to pay him when he looked after my children when I worked I don't know where his pension went, but I think he had bottles stacked under his bed or God giveth God taketh Noel would go for years without a shower or even change his clothes or wash them I assume his ass was caked with shit and paper Not to mention his dick was filthy and smelt Nobody in their right mind would have sex with him Yes he was married once, a Jehovah witness, wanted him back Beats me why? He never paid child support, never saw his kids, and probably never did anything for them or supports them I guess she did not mind the BO I doubt if he even knew how to clean his own dick As you may know? I was awake all night, But I have a sneaky suspicion that I was being attacked If this is the case? God says he’s protecting my family, but teaching me I will keep you informed Don't forget to protect your clientele, neighbors, and clubs Don't protect work, you'll get no work AS far as I know, The Ghosts get sent through the light (Handcuffed, by the warriors) And sent to court to be charged for their crimes and to pay for their crimes Then there Burger with the works Send them to jail Hang them and then put them on a dumpster and cover the dumpster Chop their head off then send them to the dumpster Put a tire around them and send them off to sea with pepper in their eyes Squash them like tomatoes I think the ghosts don't like the Lord’s Prayer as well I think from the haunted houses may come to a lot of ghosts You will have to work it out, pain in ass Ask Arch Michael what to do to get rid of it He will mention something of the above Well, don’t forget to give your friend picking up Tony, The fuel money Otherwise, they won't do it, and you're wondering why? Really mate, are you "up" with it all now? The New Age Messiah That's not the only thing that will be "up" soon The Teacher Put all these letters in your book 353

I got some Indians call me wanted to get me on Google for $ 1200 nationwide for 3 listings. I waited 18 months and did not get listed I was getting the postcards from Google, but dismissed it not thinking right So no postcards were given with pin, no listing I then 18 months later got another Indian call me, He said I can get you listed, and get the money from Google It’s taken two years since then and I'm listed once, local The other listings they say, no one was clicking on to them, so they went off screen Anyway I've got that being listed still And since I've only just got my work back, after 15 years, it doesn't worry me the time it has taken The Indians asked if they could use my credit facility as they have no banking in their country for them I asked God and he said you will do well from them Well I had to pay $1200 in chargebacks because they took the money and ran Anyway, they have offered to do my book for free, cut and paste every bloody letter, I have sent over 20 years they got about 500 pages left. And Give me lifetime free Google (local) Quitting drinking? Do what Tony did when he passed over, and what his friend who is still alive did? Drink Diet Coke Tony’s friend: Drank the normal coke and put a load of weight on He then went on to "Diet Coke" and lost a load of weight So that might answer your question there Also find out the phone no of Woolworths, Coles, and IGA stores Find out what the "go” is for the coke Aldi sell it at $12 99 for about 20 or so, but they are small cans Best to check around The $4.99 cheap ones at Aldi put you to sleep I don't touch them Don't worry were get you “up" again I mean going again Wash your mouth out with salt water, say 2 times a day and bar carb soda is good for germs and a whitening $2.50 box The Angels say Pearl toothpaste is good too, rather than the cheaper ones So use all of above And maybe use a Straw, to help your teeth, so they don't rot I use Himalayan salt, better quality and healing $7 I guess you already know? I use Electronic Smokes with nicotine 5 times cheaper and no with drawls 354

I get them on Skype 7 pm till 3 am 6 days I use The Tornado Tank, so you don't have to keep filling it up all day Also, I use two universal plugs and two chargers, As I smoke heavily and sometimes the battery can't keep up with me Or the battery is used up and need another and I'm without a smoke until It charges. I also tell my clients for Readings too and give them a pamphlet sent from totally wicked Hopefully, because of this they will come back to me But really I find I get no respect for my honesty and help They basically treat me like shit For 15 years I had to let clients go as their energies were shit, or I could not do them They just dust off their feet and slam the door And go to somebody else that will rip them off Not many Psychics are honest I have in my book what the Psychics have told me They just go along with what you have told them Some come up with good things, but the majority I am not impressed I'm no longer ringing a Psychic; I find I get what I need from God and my Angels Yes You are Pregnant, says one psychic It has all its finger and toes and is a beautiful healthy baby I was being teased by Elvis, We did go on the spiritual plane together, Really it ant worth mentioning but made me happy Lasted a few seconds if you understand And Elvis has been teasing me in my room Well that is past and I've given up on that Anyway, God was saying that I am pregnant and going to have a magical baby E.g. Virgin Mary can't figure the appropriate name Well that's what I got from that Psychic Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all in my book all their names, phone no and charge per minute plus the reading Written over 15 years, still waiting for it all to happen Want to keep your teeth? Change your brush every month say end of month Pearl toothpaste Bicarbonate soda Salt mouthwash I buy Himalayan and put it in a large sax a salt container Straw for your coke I get my straws a bag full for $1 at Woolworthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cheap brand They are hiding somewhere on the shelf 355

This is what I gather Your Mum lives in Mt Gravatt, maybe housing You can't afford the Rent in you Gold Coast Home And you sometimes stay with Mum You are semi-retired and on the pension You hate your job Your marriage and job caused you to drink You have certain "issues" because of your drink You've been on your own since your marriage You took one girl home, and afterward could not find your way home You were that disappointed And you’re in "LOVE” with a fantasy girl that is everything you have ever wanted. Your wife took you for everything and says you were after every mini skirt, which is not true. You father thought I was a whore, and you’re wasting your life But I think he has turned around now I think you have a dog, as Boob Boo is waiting for a friend or you'll have one soon I think a little one is coming from somewhere. A Girl You suffer depression but are genuinely a very nice happy guy Also, I think you were a Carpenter until you discovered your talents You may buy your Mum a house first somewhere around $1 You’re going to win the "Lotto" so "to speak" and have a lot of money I don't think you had a sexual relationship with your wife, although cause of insecurities which range from you being in the limelight etc, she did you wrong You’re sick of the Gym You don't cook or clean You certainly don't want any more children I got attacked as usual But they were not the usual Demons that I get I did all my protection as usual before I went to bed Arch Angel Michael protection The Lord’s Prayer And Golden Star of God and Golden Shields around everything And my White Sage He approached me in my bed, dressed in a scruffy woolen long coat And tried to get into bed with me I said the Lord’s Prayer as this works for them, and he turned away and went through the wall, outside. I then had my feet facing the window, and the window opened and I was being sucked through the window. I asked for Arch Angel Michael to help me 356

I then ask God what I should do. And he said "Mince him like meat" So I said "mince him like meat" I also tried sending him through the light handcuffed and sent to spiritual court to be tried for his crimes, and for him to pay for his crimes. I also tried sending him to ground or jail He was then gone, and I was back in my bed. That was the only one that attacked me last night, as I usually have one after the other, and especially that I am advertising for Haunted Houses and Ghost Houses for sale and Demon protection. I've got myself, listed on Google for Demon Protection and Haunted Houses and Ghosts Houses for sale I have had no sleep for 2 days, Attacked all night God say's my family are protected but he is toughening me up He says soon they will leave me alone Climbed out of my body with one and bashed him all over the walls And another had a rats head, and was holding a pillow, He wanted to suffocate me I asked God what to do He said â&#x20AC;&#x153;to slit his throat," and that was the end of that and of course put him in a dumpster and cover the dumpster. I hear you've chickened out, chicken shit I may charge $100.000 to clear a Haunted House and may buy a mansion for $1 If you are having trouble with my teacher And don't want to name everything and go through everything that she might have put something on I ask Arch Angel Michael, morning and night "Swoosh" This makes sure everything she sends out to anybody, gets sent straight back And also anything she has ever sent in the past thirty years or so, to anyone innocent, gets lifted off and Resent back I do this every day, and I also ask that whatever word she has used to cover everything to be squashed, so she has to go through everything singularly to lift it off. Also, Arch Angel Michael said to send her a bomb under her house and a bomb at her, every day. Well, since I have been putting everything into the Golden Star of God and Golden Shields around everything. Everything has been quiet, no negative Guides either. One or two pests come in as normal, but I think the worst is over. I hear if I am correct my Teacher put the same spell on you, Haunted House. Well now is payback. So you could not get a root either, even if you tried, aye? She's going to Jail 357

I also get Arch Angel Cherubim and Arch Angel Ophanim To make sure she pays for her crimes and will be sent to jail I've also asked that people around her that she talks too, take notes of what she says she done to people, and they come forward when the time is right Also, I've asked that when I do my protection and lift off spells that they are included too, the people that are going to dob her in as they probably haven't got a clue how to protect themselves from her. I hope she gets the lethal injection because I will never be rid of her I'll be waiting for her when she passes over to make sure she goes through the light and go es to Spiritual court and gets charged for her crimes, and pays for them Rather than hang around the spirit plane. And knowing her she would probably kick somebody out of their house, and live in it herself like some spirits do. Real selfish bitch Make sure you have lifted off the spell if it is on you or your house But she seems to place it on the person, sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s done it to my Sons too, they don't know, but they have a really bad day, I've had to look after them too, and mum Don't forget to clear the negative energies, in the house, this could take 6 to 12 months, I don't know, but that is one reason you have no money and no work Arch Angel Michale Sandalphon and Demetri to clear all the negative energies, in the home, business, Garden, under house, Car and a Tidal wave of salt to go through everything White sage and Lavender around windows and doors and around bed, and on floor of car And don't forget to water the plants. God's Animals God placed in my House as a gift 30 to 40 animals including a bear to keep me happy and to protect the house and those in it. I was flying in the Spirit Plane to what I believe was Centrelink and a couple of small dogs were on my back They are on a different plane than Tony and Elvis, but they are God's cherished Animals I may be doing a lot of Astra Travel now, I can easily climb out of my body, especially when I'm being attacked, I now bulldoze them. And way they have been taken me through the spirit plane, for a flight. We flew through the sky and went to a place which I believe was "Centrelink" As I told Tony MY EX that night to apply to "Centrelink to get his Piano, Guitar and singing lessons paid for. He did and got it. He was very suicidal all week, as he has no car, and believes he has nothing but the clothes on his back I told him God has given you everything. Your living in my house and don't have to provide for anything, and you get your pension every week


Why don't you while youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re waiting for your license to learn to become a Music Teacher, and when you get your license learn acting Also, there is a music place just around the corner, they probably have music lesson for him alike at night and I think they do So he is a very happy Vegemite. My father who passed away about 8 years ago, is visiting me, He's only here for a few days then is flying back to America to be with his other daughters. Where he lives with them He did not come sooner as he is scared stiff of my house, and he did not get a wink of sleep last night One eye opened He asked me to have the light on in the living room, but that was not enough Elvis said he could sleep with him Chicken Shit They must have really filled him in what goes on here, I think he's watched too many 666 movies. Elvis and Tony are going to The Police Station tomorrow And putting in a complaint about my Teacher She will wonder why they always pick on her When I told Tony that really God had given him everything through me, even given me back to him as a friend, including a pension and Air Con, you name it Tony felt like a dick head and said I did not look at it that way God then came forward and said "Tony I've been waiting for you to wake up to yourself, I've really given you everything, now go out there and live out your dreams through music and acting, you don't have to wait for anything" God gave him Prawns and Garlic Bread, to cheer him up And Even if he could have a real woman in his life, he is not ready, he would not appreciate her, when he has learned his lessons he will bring him, somebody "Just sit back and have a good look at yourself and want you to want in life, that's what I want you to do,â&#x20AC;? said Alisa You don't scare me. For 25 years I would lie in bed and take it, They The Demons would attack me with fear and certain energies Well, this one time they were attacking me with fear and energy I climbed out of my body and was sitting on the floor The Demon, looking normal and casually dressed, had a Radar gun pointing at me, which may be radiation or something, but that is what they have been attacking me with all these years, the radar was black and was firing out in long and straight, like a dark light but solid looking. My Guides told me to kiss him on the hand, I reached for his hand and tried to kiss it, he disappeared and I went back to my bed, to sleep


Another time I was clearing a Haunted House; I left my body and went to the house, and found a white Ghost form standing at the entrance in the 2 Car Garage, I then ran around the side of the house, then found myself back in bed The Ghost was there and was biting on my arm; it was like he had no teeth I called Arch Angel Michael and he said, say the Lord’s Prayer. As I started the Ghost looked straight at me surprised, Then Laid down on the floor, and died. I then went back to sleep This time a very podgy Demon in a black and white penguin suit was in my bedroom I climbed out of my body and grabbed him by the head and went spinning all around the room, slamming him into all the walls and cupboards, He then bent over, maybe unconscious then disappeared. I then went back to bed to sleep Are you giving up drinking for New Years? Spend the whole day, all week, at the Gym In the spa, swimming, and sauna, And do a light workout, you'll feel more positive Spend hours at the canteen have a coffee and Read the paper Do walking on the Treadmill and watch the video’s and The Women gong past Drink plenty of Diet Coke with a Straw, Phone all the places for cheap coke, Aldi now sell them cheap by the 30's for about $15 I will be sending you lots of Angels for healings and Entertainment A Dead Rat in my Knickers and frogs In my Sleep of course Frogs: Take a Breather Rat: A Investment is about to pay off Why were they in my Panties? I really did not feel too good finding them in my underwear that I was wearing To do or Die, is the Question? I was told about 7 pm last night, I think that my Teacher was going to be Raped and Murdered. I heard the whole scenario, She offered him money and said, “that's all I got" And he said "You had no intentions of paying for the meal, did you? I'm sick of you whores, using us men for a meal ticket" "I paid for dinner, and I've come to get what I paid for?" She spent the whole night complaining and telling him about me He saw all the way through it The Evil'ist Teacher that God Created I had trouble trying to sleep all night and realized my Teacher had placed negative scenarios in my sleep and make me wake up every 5 minutes, I lifted it all off about 9 am the next morning and sent it back to her 360

I do "Swoosh", to put a barrier up and send everything she lifts off back to her including everything she sends out, but I think my Teachers are letting me know what she is doing to me I also have Michael and Elvis dealing with her now, maybe that is where the Rapist and killer came from. Michael said, “this cannot keep going on, we are going to end this situation for good." I said to Michael and Elvis, "you do know how to protect yourself, don't you? And he said "we would not be at the Top if we did not? We know how to deal with these kinds of people” Anyway back to the story at about 1 am I hear "I'm coming to get you" I was told she was on her way over to kill me I closed all the doors and watched from the living room window to see if she was outside. I Got the Police Ready for her and her ready for the police and drawled them together. I also put a Golden Cross in front of the police, and the Doctors, and the Judge and Jury which I will do a couple of times a day, so they see the truth in her I was told she was picked up by the police and raved on and on about me She is now in a Psychiatric center and may be charged with criminally insane Sorry mate, but this is part of my Teachings, I really can't believe all this, and I just go with the flow you know what I mean? The Negative Scenario When my Teacher, has done a spell on me hopefully it is a spell? I hear you chased me because you thought I was a whore, because of Noel and you had a thing about Women who use men, and you were disgusted. You also saw the opposite or negative because you took drugs and were an alcoholic Also, you have been with every woman in town or your bi and got AIDS that way You’re coming my way, and you have "AIDS" If you don't mind could you bring the Health Practitioner Papers with you, if you ask me for dinner? And I'll bring mine Really I feel we both have not been with anyone since we were young, but I really don't know what is up or down. Maybe God is teaching me to be one hell of a Teacher, maybe for when I get out there in the open. My Teacher may not have a clue what is going on? Maybe you don't read my letters and don't even think about me, hardly ever. ? I don't know, I got no decent Psychic or family support to help me understand what the go is? I really just go with the flow, Maybe this is all a load of crap and Teaching me to past time I don't know? Maybe I am spinning out on my Medication, Maybe the men in white will come and rescue Me.? Criminally insane? I've only got you Do you read my letters I don't know? Anyway I'll put these letters since Nov and to Woody and put them in book form Insane and I know it? 361

Nice to see you in my room David…… While I was having an afternoon nap at 5 pm Still got your dark wavy hair I noticed, don't change it if you get the drift, Can't stand grey old men Thought you could not get it UP? Thought it was a Demon so I did not proceed much further, as I could not see who it was Could have been fatal attraction You were smoking tailor-made. In my room, last night Isn’t it about time you called And smoked like a chimney for a small fraction of the cost Get them on skype 7 pm to 3 am 6 days Do yourself a favor; they will help you cope with your stress Arch Angel Shianna has certainly been working for me, hasn’t she? I think my Teacher is gone; I have not had any spells of late. And maybe now you can come forward, Don't believe what the Government is saying about smokes The Indians smoked them as a "Peace Pipe" These ones from totally wicked have water vapor and Nicotine Not harmful at all, satisfying and no with drawls Do yourself a favor It would cost me over $300 or more to smoke a week I smoke all day and it cost me about $40 Give or take this includes postage I smoke the larger one like a Niko pen "Tornado Tank" So I don't have to keep filling it up every half hour Also, I have two Universal plugs, at dick smith or k mart, And two chargers, cause the batteries don't get enough time to charge And if your battery has a used date, you’re out of batteries until the new one charges Takes 2 weeks for the order to arrive As for the Happy Home mailer, I think that is for a later date Remember God is a Teacher, so he just let me waste my money and gain later on Thanks, Alisa from Poor Pensioner Only costs this poor pensioner $1000 for advertising and $350 for a copy machine. O 'yes, you’ll have loads of checks coming in, it will more than pay for itself" "Sure" You say you were married for the second time, I hope the midnight hour was all you expected it to be, and you’re handing her the divorce papers this week. Can't fantasize anymore I was in a relationship over 25 years ago for one year. He was a lovely guy, we never argued, but he did nothing to make himself attractive to me. I could not do it anymore. And I've been on my own all these years Never will take a Relationship on anymore unless the whole package is there. 362

I think most people are in that sort of Relationship because they just don't want to be on their own and they want security. What they can get from the person vice versa If things don't work out I think you learned a lesson from that Relationship like I did Joseph the Virgin Monk The end of my Teacher I hear everything came back on her, as God promised When she passed over she was hung up and whipped and put in a coffin alive, full of Cock Roaches. I have seen people in black too; carry the coffin and Cockroaches coming from it The totally fuck able me I lost one dress size Having Diet coke instead of Coffee Also, the Indians, tried to scam money out of me saying Andrew was in hospital and needed money I would say they have got no work over Christmas and need food and booze They say they got $500 from one person I wished them "Merry Christmas” And they thanked me for their Prayers, in other words, I told them to "Get Fucked" The Up's and downs of "Diet Coke" Well I lost 6 kilo's Looking brilliant in my sexy shorts Lately, I have felt negativity towards my coke and I wondered why MY Guides said in 18 months I will be in hospital with kidney failure I called upon the "Mermaids" who are making you and I look incredible? And I asked her to help me with a drink that is low calories that I will enjoy I will keep you informed? David Jade, “I watched a good movie last night. Dirty Dancing” I don't see my Grandchild that often and I have not told her, her Guide is Patrick Swayze, Even tho I want too That was the first thing that came from her mouth when I saw her If all goes to plan? Noels Teacher was Estein. Charmaine's Teacher Elvis, God Robyn’s Teacher Nostradamus Mark, Youngest Son, Elvis Marks Child, Jade Patrick Swayze Roberts Teacher, oldest son, Exstein David’s, Guide John L.? 363

Roberts child < Pase, Bee Gees, the next Billy Idol Woody deans (was) Elvis Mark< My Son Elvis and Arnold S Get Jess to ring a Psychic If she is any good? She will tell you about my Teacher and my Music career and my Man Depends if this is what God wants at the moment? If God wants this you will get a good Psychic Gods a hard Teacher Karmen? Now that my Teacher seems to not be attacking me anymore, or for the time being. I have Karmen attacking me I believe Karmen for the past 20 years has been stealing my work and putting my energies on her That is a reason why I have had no work all these years, no matter how big I advertise. I imagined a wall a between her and me. To stop her stealing the energies, No sooner had I done that I was being attacked. With Negative Scenarios with what was happening in my life, my Car, my advertising. Even you, Dave. Trying to make me put on weight. I've gone through everything that the Guides told me she had put spells on and sent it back to her, I also asked that everything she has ever sent her whole life to innocent people to be lifted off and resent to her. Also a bomb under her and at her, and if she lifts off the spells to be resent to her and anything she sends out to be resent to her. I don't know if they did all the above, but I did ask? Arch Angel Michael says to hold off at the moment, maybe after a few days of sending everything back, she may leave me alone. She left me all these years with no money to pay for food, to buy a car, nothing to live on. And now she's attacking me because she has been found out and still wants to steal my energies. I've come to realize just how selfish people can be through being a businesswoman and a Psychic. I said to God I want compensation and payment into my bank account, now please every time she attacks Me.? God said â&#x20AC;&#x153;I will give you $10.000 every time she attacks you, in 2015 worth money? She also has to pay back all the money she has made because of me and compensation as well when she passes over. In other words, she worked for nothing all those years, because she has to give all the money she made to me, plus compensation. I Think the Medication is kicking in? The Indians (Andrew) 364

Made me pay for virus protection, on my 3 websites, and on my 3 Google listings $250 I think for each one? I paid $650 for virus protection on my computer, whether they did it or not I don't know, but I'm supposed to have lifetime protection? They asked me to do banking for them and ran off with $1200 I've got them to do my book Remember I sat at the computer writing to Woody from 2007 to 2014 He's got to cut a paste every letter I sent to Woody and do spell checks and put the book in order in book form I was going to get him to do it for free since he's been a bad boy, and he knows it, but out of good will I offered $300 Also, I've got him to sit for a couple of hours, getting me on as many sites as possible for bookstores, to sell my books online. I've also got him to do Google listings for Haunted Houses for sale and clearings. More Google listings for Psychic as my advertisement that I paid 1200 for does not stay up there forever, I'm always reminding him to put a listing up there. Indian Google says if nobody clicks on to my site, the listing is removed, so it's an ongoing problem. I think you should at least offer him $300 to do my book I sent you, maybe offer him at first $100? His Boss wrote to me a couple of weeks ago, saying Andrew had got hit by a car at the petrol pump, besides his bike, and that Andrew was in the hospital, and needed money urgently to pay for medical expenses. I told him he's a scammer, He later wrote back and said that a kind person paid $500, and thanked me for my prayers, I said "Merry Christmas" "NO Susan, NO Christmasâ&#x20AC;? My New Advertising 2 sim cards $2 each And I'm going to get two cheap mobiles from "Cash Converters" probe $10 or more. Actually, it cost me $90 And I got one spare phone, landline MY phone I keep to myself, in case you call? I really should have married "Elvis" We would have been surprised by a baby girl "Charlie" My Teacher took care of that? I ask you, Andrew "What's a backup file? Thanks, Andrew, I'll do that The Mermaids have answered In reference to substitute to Diet Coke? Woolworths Select 365

75cents 1.25 liters Blood orange Mineral water Or lemon Diet My Acting Career Hi Susan/Charmaine - What can I say. Scared if I say the wrong thing you'll put a curse on me :-). Incidentally, I'm going to send your details to my Ex-wife as she is right into exactly what you do and has had many" experiences" and incidents of a "power" herself. The reality of yourself in this business. Even though you are obviously a "showman" or should that be "show person" that means nothing on the professional side of this business. It’s all about "who you know" and what you've done. With your lack of industry experience, you could only be considered for Extras work. You haven’t had any professional experience and your look and size are very common but there are a lot of ladies similar to you that have a lot of experience. They got that over years of working on student film projects or community theatre. I took on a lady last year similar to you but she did have a lot of professional experience when young there just weren’t many roles for her. She only got one audition and missed out on the job. It was playing an unconscious victim on the way to the hospital. Not much acting experience required there but obviously, someone else looked deader than her. There is money that needs to be spent to set up and I feel it may be a long wait for something suitable for you if at all. If you really want to give it a try you would need an Ecaster web profile and a photographic portfolio. This would total $475 so you have to think is the money invested worth a chance at "stardom". I would certainly submit you for anything that suited your look. One of my guys has a really rugged look which isn’t suitable for many jobs but he’s recently picked a role of a Zombie and a featured role in Pirates of the Caribbean as he looks like a half-dead pirate. Perfect casting :-) but without me wouldn’t have got the chance. Sorry for the dogs - it’s not an area we get into. Unless he is a genuine talking dog that can fly an airplane. These sorts of jobs for animals are taken from industry trainers that spend months training the dogs for particular tricks and no one else gets a look in - unless he can fly his plane to the studio. I'll support any decision you make and be sure to put you up for suitable jobs when they come up. Let me know what you want to do. Cheers Barry Barry Roscarel Manager Nebula Agencies (WHERE STARS ARE MADE) My Reading Cynthia Pearce 3 minutes free She says David is in waiting, and he has a few money issues and a Relationship to sort out. He has not worked out how to tell her he’s moving on He should call me in March, next month 2015 A Publisher will take on my books but they want to see how much I really want to get it out there 366

As for my Invention, there are things that have to be done first Will Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s will be done? Or is he full of shit? I've had a couple of people come around to look at my air conditioner, They say it will cost a few thousand to fix, and more than likely ant worth Fixing I called a Technician today, and she told me the same, I said, "Well I'll still pay $135 for someone to come around and look at it And hopefully, fix it? God, Arch Angel Demetri, and The Guardian Angels say it won't be much to fix And will last me three to eight years By the way, I'm going for the Dark Pink for the cover of my book Will send them when finished. It took him a whole year to cut and paste my story 2007 to 20014 He says "My sincere apologies, to the Lady" I would like you to know. More than likely the Demons attacking me every night Over and over again with fear and energies is what caused me to have hormone problems every ten days and be in bed sick for a few day. For many years I got rid of the Demons recently, God's help, and he told me about the "Spells" Well, now I'm going through Menopause, and have hold flushes and cold chills all day long It's very hot at the moment where I sit, David, and beads of sweat on my four head I really do need my Air = Conditioner Yes, behind your back, I've been chasing "Ricky Martian" May the best man win My Haunted House? God re con's I will get a really good Haunted House in about September, October I may sell it and live off the income Then the others that follow, well we will see? No good living in a Mansion, on the pension with no money Make my money first. Has Andrew, found "God?" Or does he have a real guilty conscious Spent a whole night, and a mean a whole night, till next morning 10 am talking to Robbie, on the internet, I think he likes me? And Channels me? Ricky may have popped in too. The Greatest Book of all times. I would be sitting at my desk at school, typing and my Typing Teacher, Mrs. Child's Would walk past me, and I would hear 367

She is going to write the greatest book that has ever been written, it will make the History books. This is the Book And My Art Teacher knew very well I was not in the room at those sessions. I would gaze in the distance, with a smile on my face, unaware of everything For 3 years at High School I was in her class, but absent. Look at the work he's done for me, still in the process, with the cover, also did my story, cut and paste, every letter to woody And he's going to have my books downloaded on my web all for $400 And do the work that I previously paid for God has his ways How good were Arch Angel Demetri and God? Well I need a new Air con At first, he said an Electrical Storm put it out of whack? Then later, he said sorry it's gone, probably gas leak Well, what can I say? What are the Psychics paying for your Business? I'm on one of the Psychic lines, I realized that to be at the top of the Page, you had to Bid for a top line space. Looking at what the top line Psychics are bidding is as follows $850.00 for your call and a few were paying $350.00 and a lot over $100.00 My measly $10.00 that I bided will never get a top line spot, Actually, I'm about 300 people down the line So, my friend, I don't think I will make any Money working on a Psychic line And I'm certainly not going to take advantage of people and expect them to pay Over a thousand dollars for a Reading David, Haunted Houses, Especially for you Why? Because you really in all your life have done no wrong Very few people can say that So the Business is a family Business, and nobody else can do it, Because their present and past Karma, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Stinks" Demetri, says I will out of my House, living in a mansion on the Gold Coast, By September. And we are to buy the one I'm in, do it up and sell it at a ham some price The Housing will sell it for a dirt cheap price. They say even Mum and my boys will switch on and do Haunted Houses too


Hopefully, my boy's are coming home, in September, and will sit on their Asses and Laugh their heads off all day, because that's what I want for them Elvis says the home I am getting in September, is a Governor's house, and he's wiped his hands on it. Then nobody including "The Christians" can argue, I am The Messiah or not So God giving me my Teacher has made me into a star in the end and given me all the tools I need to make it Elvis says we don't have to sing for a living, just write down the music and give it to Musicians to put together. Patrick Swazey is talking to Jade any day Getting her ready for star dome I gave her a small briefing on it last year That should be enough for her to know when he shows up God wants me to take a lot of animals on board One of my clients has a cat that has to go because the bitch of a neighbor doesn't want it Elvis wants me to take it on board. He says I will have no financial worries Boss should have still been with me, but He was negative when he was ill and thought this was the end for him, so it was the end, But he has a mate for life with him and a family of pups, not to mention a "Bravery award" He goes to the Carina Leagues club with me for Dinner, in the car. Animals are catered for that has passed over, and are with their owners. God foots the bill Demetri says my Teacher, will never see the light of day. She has been reincarnated with a family that doesn't want her and is locked into an institution for the mentally ill for life. She is grossly overweight, and will never know love. "She's too busy?â&#x20AC;? Just informed 4 BH to get ready for the "Big Wave" coming their way "The New Age Messiah, and the Story all their love songs are in The New Age Bible, The Story Two weeks after payment and nothing more? I paid Andrew $400, $300 to cut and paste every dam letter I sent to woody over the 7 or more years, and a $100 to do about 3 covers to my books, Get me listed on bookstores online, and to do some pay pal and updates on my webs, plus put a page on one web on to another. And work he has not completed over the two years. I paid $400 when he finished my book, which for a couple of weeks he worked on it every day. Well, two weeks have gone by, and nothing He said to me, could I tell his Boss if he calls that the money was from another client and not me, I picked it up from the Western Union and paid it for him. His Boss does not believe him and kept the money Andrew reckons every day that he's doing work for me, but two weeks have gone by and all I have seen is one cover that he did for my book, and he did that two weeks agoâ&#x20AC;Ś. 369

"I can't get it up?" What happened to the gorgeous guy I chased 25 years ago He was so handsome, that his rooms were jam-packed Your photos on your web do not do justice Go get some studio photos You look more handsome than those photo's they are shit And don't have your hair so short Have it like you did 25 years ago Then we will talk I will put Andrewsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s info on my web For anyone who wants his work Remember pay when the work is done, and you should get it done a few years quicker Maybe within a week I don't want his boss to get any money, he's into ripping people off too much I'll give Andrew a break if he tries And I loved the way you dressed, 25 years ago Go to the Studio Even your shoes were shiny, not a hair out of place You were stunning When I walked in the Wynnum RSL and stopped dead in my tracks And spun around and stared at you, It was not from what I picked up, all I could hear was woof whistles You were the most handsome man that I have laid my eyes on for many a year Alisa said, Your Mum has given all her money to her children, and your brother Even I, Sue was a pedophile and a ruthless Monster, once, How else do we learn our lessons and have forgiveness and compassion? Even Demons change their ways, I do not let my Children perish because of their crimes, How else are we to learn from our mistakes, and have understanding and compassion? Yes, your brother can do Haunted Houses Mum the cow? About 10 years ago, or more, Mum was always ratty and tired I think she cannot digest Meat, and this made her what she is She swears that taken "Sperlina" was the magic that changed her whole life Last night I realized that Mum has totally changed over the years She is always happy and laughing, nothing bothers her, even when you insult her She just laughs it off. And at 74 years she goes on the treadmill and works out at the gym. Mows her lawn every week and cleans the house like she's got nothing better else to do but keep a clinically clean house I've just ordered some "Sperlina" 370

I think I found what I need â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Greatest food source in the Worldâ&#x20AC;?, So they say? Whole Sale, Cheap Sperlina (That Mum gets) Zobilgreens PO Box 533 Golden Beach Qld 4551 (07) 543 97790 Outside Australia (617) Psychic lines, make it big with my money I charged $3.00 per minute Paid $39.00 to be top of the list for each call Got 2 calls Made $15.00 Cost me $104 So I'm no longer working there, unless you are ripping everybody off, and charging $20.00 a minute, you don't make any money 16 March 2015-03-16 "The thief in the night, nobody knows the time or hour?" God reckons in 6 to 8 weeks, he taking us all away We have a big party to attend and fireworks, where we will be welcomed by the people Look, mate, I do take my Medication, and this is "God's Word" The New Age Messiah See you on the other side, for a big night out Better look gorgeous Just waiting for Andrew to do the finishing touches to The New Age Bible, the Story He had to cut and paste I think about 2500 pages or so "Up yours Woody" What was that song, you sang Woody? When I stood on the dance floor last week, and said a brief "Hello"? I believe, it went something like this "If you don't know me by now, you will never, never know me?" I paid Andrew for the new age Bible, the story and his boss is threatening to close my websites, down and make me pay for all the charge backs, that he took the money and ran, but I've already paid for all of them, that's why Andrew was so good in doing my books plus other things I get my pension and $150 from my son to help me, which includes money to pay for life insurance, $500.000, as we both think I'm worth it. ? 371

That money including the money my boys give me, I do not have any money to buy food, and I got Registration due this week Maybe I will get a Haunted House to pay for my Rego. The electric y, I got behind in as my Solar was not working, and they stopped taking payments out of my account, and I received at the end of term a huge bill. I have to pay $200 a fortnight Electricity and $50 a fortnight phone, That takes half my pension, I've also got Dental insurance, funeral insurance, Car Insurance, R.S.P.C.A , $30, Chris co $30 So I spend my days and nights in bed got any other idea's let me know? I got 4 Readings today, but the Guides did not want to do it, as they did not come with the right intentions for a Reading. They would not have paid me; all ganged up on me, the idiots. I've only just started getting ready to do Haunted Houses, and Evil Spirits, as you know? Well Mum found an article in her post box, from "Coffee News" Saying they lived in a Haunted House with noises of Spirits in the House And they did not know who to turn to for help? I wrote to "Coffee New" and said I would like to get in touch with them? God said its worth $10.000 I also had a light bulb switch on and wrote to New Idea, Woman's Days and The Quest Newspapers I also had a Lady come a few days ago that had Demons in her house, destroying her Relationship, and everything else. I told her it would cost $500 so we are yet to see? So they are coming? Is the thief coming? My will, If no family members left, I want my money to go to the poor animals, R>S>P>C>A Why some Haunted Houses cost more than others? I had Demons and Spirits attacking me every night and Negative Spirits making me ill and telling me my problems 24 /7 God said, "Because they did not live in your house, it is worth $500 to clear But a House that has them live in it; will take much longer, to clear the negative energies, The Demons may be gone, but it takes maybe six months or years to clear the negative energies. So $10.000, to do them properly I got 2 Haunted Houses today The person had their home plus their Business, plus their Brothers house I charged 10.000 per person plus did their business They are, also interested in my books and course, So that's 21.000 27 years on 372

I can now take Paul back, I realized there was love there, and a good relationship, even tho there was no real chemistry, basically because I never got over Tony and the pain I went through. It’s taken me all this time to get rid of the pain I went through with Tony, the pain has gone but I am still dealing with what I went through in the Relationship and the love I had for him. Tony is in my sleep most nights. And he lives with me, even though he has passed over. Paul is regularly in my sleep, I don’t know if he is passed over as I have not seen him in 27 years, or he visits me spiritually. I’ve found Peace, and self-acceptance, No longer trying to be something I not, like going to the Gym and holding down a job, and always keeping up with appearances, with a Relationship. And with the Demons gone and Negativity. I’ve found peace. And acceptance. Paul would not have accepted my Spirituality and losing it with my smokes, and The Demons in the House. Now that my lessons are over, maybe somebody now will come alo ng? I was lying in bed, in fact, been there all day and all night, what else was there to do? Elvis came into my room and made a picture suggestion, of him getting me against a wall. And said "Wanna Fuck?" I said that's a cheap way to put it? He said "Do you want sex? I said that's cheap too? He said, "you wanna make out?" I said, “I’ll think of that one?" Then he said, "Would you like to get down to business?" I said "Yea, that's more like it” He showed me a black and white room with all sorts of stars, and then I saw a planet and sperm flying towards the planet. Then I came back to my body Between you and me? I don't know who I will be with soon, Elvis or you? God's deter mend in saying that I am dying soon I even saw people carrying a coffin down the side of my house. And they keep showing me the "White Light" Has Woody or you? Been receiving over the years, gifts from Elvis? And have a whole collection, from presents? Jesus the "Con Man" Did you know "Noel" was Jesus in a Past lifetime? And came back and ripped every cunt off he could? No wonder he never showered, I don't think he showered back then either? All those long hot walks in the desert, must have finally got to him? Karmen I found out through God that Karmen had been stealing my energies, and my work for over 15 years, what with my Teacher and her also other Psychics , doing the same, that is why I 373

made no income no matter how much I advertised, plus not to mention I live in a “Haunted House” I put an elephant between me and her with mirrors pointing towards her to stop her from stealing my energies. No sooner had I done that, I was getting spells on you name it everything, including my animals, and family also my car and also placed on my car back window, “kill me” Murderers and rapists also on my son’s. She has also placed a spell on my house for another “Haunted House” If God had not come on board I would well and truly be dead now from these Psychics. I just ask God to send everything she has ever sent to people, to lift it off and resend it back to her. And give her fidgety feat, while she has to lift everything off. I think God also; his decision gave her a Haunted House, as payment? I also ask God to throw a bomb at her hand under her and cloudy weather over her work and her. And I get the Arch Angels, to make her pay for her crimes. Arch Angel Cherubim and Arch Angel, Ophanim. I got Andrew to do some work on my web, including my books and a booklet with Robbie. I contacted the Radio Stations, Woman’s Day, local papers, and that’s life, Magazine. They are all interested in doing a story on Robbie and my “Haunted House” By the way, the new Andrew, only charged me, and I offered him more? than he was going to charge me $350 in the year 2015 times, to do the Haunted House page, also my books on the 2 websites I have, and Robbie booklet, spelling checks on my books, Also I am paying him $75 now and $75 in 6 months to send out 5 pages of my story, 5 times a week for a year or so. To Mum and David. He also only charged me $300 to cut and paste my story. And $100 to do covers on 3 books. I listened to God and my Angels, and I got a really good deal. Andrews, my man My Reiki Master Says I have a choice between two men, David and Robbie. Also, I am moving by the end of the year, into a house that will be a tax right off? And one of my sons is going to have a child. I will have no more financial worries, it’s all coming? Only the best will do for me I was with intimate, I must say, with Robbie 2 nights ago, and Ricky Last night Not bad aye? In my sleep of course Who are The Evil Ones?" Every night, I wake up with my Angels telling me somebody is driving like a madman to my house to kill me, because of what they read on my website and think I am the Evil Monster that God ever created, and I am their dream come true? Because God is going to give them the Real Royal treatment when they pass over. Not so my friend 374

I send Warriors out when I have a killer after me I ask God to give them a stroke or Heart attack, or whatever is Gods will? Or Send the Sularmies after them? Or direct them to the police and direct the police to them And if they pass over for a Warrior to handcuff them, read them their "rights" Then send them through the white light to Spiritual Court and get them charged for their crimes, and throw the book at them if that is God’s will I pick it up quite, strongly? Andrew is in Jail Never mind God is on his side? He says he's a good boy and will keep his snotty nose clean. God will help him, and by time I am in the Media he will be out of jail in time for work coming his way Did a check on you for spells?; you certainly do your work don't you? Sometimes I don't know if you are a real "Cunt" or the "Good guy" Negative scenarios sent my way, by Karmen we will be rich with Haunted Houses, so many Psychics out there destroying each other And they are not given the gift to clear homes only lifting off the spell. The Movie through Facebook Contacted Elle, Julia Roberts, Rob Lowe, Robbie Kylie Rob as the Laid down drunk and drug addict that thought he could have any women that he wanted? And Julia or Elle to play my part. All done through Facebook not bad either, and I'm thinking of going on U tube to show Australia's Most Haunted House, and Elvis’s Bedroom the now "Janitor" Things you should not say to your ex "Is it in yet?” My Sleep Angel, from “Hell” I slept all day until 4 pm and did not go to bed until 12 .30 am. I found my sleep Angel was not going to let me go to sleep? I said, “I’ve been good, I’ve been up since 4 pm? She would not let me sleep until about 2 am or after, then woke me up at 4 am for my medication. She then at 5 am told me to go wash my hair as I was not tired, so I did I went to bed at 7 am, and was woken up with fidgety feat at about 8 am I said this is not good enough, I went to bed at 7 am and you expect me to get up a little less than an hour. And I have such a boring day to look forward to and nobody calls me until about 11 am. I expect to sleep until 11 am. She persisted. And I said I’m taken this matter to higher ground, so I called Arch Angel Raquel


And told her my complaint. The sleep Angel said she is going to take me to “Court” Arch Angel Raquel and the court hearing said she had taken her work too far and was unfair, the sleep Angel got mad and punched me in the face. She was fired from her Job I knew I had a new Angel on Board because they have no idea what I need. If it was not for my sleep, I would regularly be in a hospital. I have a few Sleep Angels watch over me, and I know when a new one is on board, they have no idea. I was attacked last night by a whole family in a Haunted House, I was laying on a bed in a Spiritual room and the man had his hand on my chest gave me negative energies. I tried attacking him with God’s love and the Golden Light then having his head cut off and put in a dumpster, I was then returned back to my body. They even had a 10-year-old child. Who was in a loose beige shirt that looked a bit big on him? And he was a good-looking blonde headed boy, neat and clean in appearance. After the attack, he said he was concerned for his child. I said that house does not belong to you. He said he will move out Monday before the people call me to cleanse it. He said “We can be friends’ and you give people like us hope” I said, “Make sure you are out, by the time I come along?” I told him everybody does wrong, and your child is paying for crimes too, but I said keep your nose clean and you will end up being forgiven. He said he will. He may move to a factory. He said the house was “Marked” that’s why he moved in. Or someone else would have taken it. During the attack, I could see a lot of Golden light in front of me, from God, I also asked God to kill them, but God had compassion for them. And the Ghost and I left things at good terms. The choice is yours. Would you like to sit on the pension and have afternoon naps and wander off to the Leagues club every afternoon for dinner? Plus take in casual work? or would you like to send me off to work? I've contacted the RSPCA for volunteer work and paid Need something to do, and this would be rewarding. You can't beat it You can get lunch at the Leagues club for $7.50 or dinner for $9.95 Roast dinner, mash, veggies, chips, pumpkin, Roast Potato, Crackling, Apple Sauce I love my meals, can’t scoff it down fast enough A few weeks ago, I scoffed it down so fast, that I chocked, on the meat, and had to go get help. You can't cook a meal for that price, and not to mention the Gas or Electricity. Then there's music if you wish to wine and dine and talk cheap I have not been going to the leagues club for the past week as I have to pay Andrew for his wonderful work, and it's worth every penny. 376

Thousands of dollars works have been done on my site, and it only cost me a few hundred. Anyway, I've been living on those canned Tuna Fish and at night have it with microwave egg and toast. I've lost a couple of kilos The Moral of the Story I don't cook, clean, wash, iron, mow the lawn, I certainly don't hold down a job, and I do not iron fresh undies. Your photos are shit, you better look the way you did 25 years ago, and dressed the same way and hair, and otherwise, the door will be slammed shut. And you can keep your fresh undies. Dave You want the girls screaming at you and RSL's to be nonstop calling you? Go back to how you dressed, your hair also How you looked 25 years ago And bring back that happy personality You're being booked out and a star Leagues club meals with my Children I found it too much, raising my children and cooking and cleaning etc, not to mention if you are working I would have loved to of gone to the clubs each evening and given my children a real decent dinner. And sat at the table and talked and listened to music. But $9.95 per person is a bit much How about Family prices, so people could always afford to eat at these clubs with their families. Every night. It pays for myself, but any more than two people, it is well over costs and what you can afford. Also by the way? Don't forget about the Diamond Earring It goes with the whole look "David is calling?" I had trouble with Karmen again, I picked up she was bored and had no money and decided to send me a whole lot of spells, including Human Combustion for the legs, stomach, lungs, and Heart and head. Not to mention put on my car for people to "Kill Me" She also put spells so David would have no money when he calls me?. I had to go through everything, even my perfumes. She even targets the dogs, e.g. worms, or getting run over or the Dog Pound. I felt Karmen had stopped sending me spells, but my Guides kept giving me fidgety feet and said "David is calling" I said "OKâ&#x20AC;? but they persisted with agitating my feet and not letting me sleep. I have not had sleep for 3 days or so, because of my Sleep Angel giving me a hard time, Karmen and now "David is calling?" About 6.30 am in the morning I went to the toilet. They finally told me, Elves had put the spell on me. "David is calling" 377

I said "Well lift it off please,” They said "they can't" I said, "Well remove it then?" And they did By the way, the Sleep Angel was still in my room last night and was giving me a hard time, she wanted an apology. I talked to God to sort it out. And he told her to pack her bags she was fired, and I did not need to apologize. He said she will not work as a Sleep Angel again. After 7 am I had a very nice sleep. Karmen has been attacking me about 2 to 3 times each night, including 3 am in the morning. I have to spend, half asleep about an hour removing all the spells, on my whole family. Human combustion, Haunted Houses, their jobs, everything. I think last night she realized that it was not me attacking her but her Teacher. Six weeks later when she passes over she will be treated like a serial killer, as she has done so much harm to people, including trying to kill my whole family. She stole my energies and work for 20 years, I stopped her from doing that, and this is what I get and my family. I went to the Leagues club last night to watch the band and have coffee. As usual, I did not see one attractive guy, only gorgeous women. When I went to bed, I was kept awake all night with fidgety feet. I was told “David is Calling” which usually meant, I had spells put on me or somebody was after to kill me. I cleared all the spells from my whole family and found there was nothing, but I was forced to do it. They still carried on “David is calling’ They told me Karmen was thinking of stealing all my home furniture, so I asked for her to be redirected. This went on for about 7 hours, and the Angel was still not happy. I called Arch Angel Raguel. She gave her a warning and said she was unfair, she still persisted, so Arch Raguel came back and fired her. They told me because I did not find any man attractive, that she took offense to this. They say she was not much to look at and basically took any man on in her lifetime, and looked for security instead of love. I’ve fired quite a few lately. They say they are unjudgmental, but they a The list that Karmen has done? Combustion, on our Lungs, Heart, Stomachs, Liver Kidneys, down below, Pancreas, Our legs. The Animals and family members too, Demons placed on our homes, cars, and us Spells put on our eyes, noses, ears, and throat. Spells put on my air con, solar, fridge washing machine, computer, piano, guitar, my music lessons, My Teachers, and Guides and Warriors. My mirrors, my Pictures on me on the wall.


The engine of my car, coo lent, carburetor, petrol, brakes, and tires. Rego, Insurance. The body of the car, People crashing into me and me is crashing into them, The Police coming after me. Centrelink, Taxation, Housing. My clothes perfume, my wallets and money and that I would not have any money when Dave calls me and that he would have no money too. Stopping Dave from coming forward, or having any money I had to check our hair, our products. My bed, any water or negative energies. My Books and each one. My websites Not only did I have to go through everything singularly < I had to do each one of my family and animals singularly too. It took over an hour each time, even half asleep and suicidal. Karmen: For the first week, about two months ago, I just send the spells back to her. Gave up after a week, I felt she always wanted to be the winner in a fight and would never give up. I just send the spells to the Universe as Healing. I just asked for everybody that I usually do, and my animals and myself, now And singularly lift off everything. Only takes a few minutes. I was quite suicidal when I found I had to go through all my family and lift everything off singularly. Took a couple of hours. God said last night that he will protect everyone, and send it back to her I'm still up every night and get no sleep, maybe an hour and a half during the day, that's all. Because Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m not allowed to sleep when spells are being sent, too dangerous. So now God is taking care of it all. He's sending it all back to her until she gives up. He's hoping she will kill herself or land in the hospital. Bringing the spirit world out in the open Is a good thing because you have your Guardian Angels to talk to and God Also if you listen to them you could make your dreams come true, in career and find true love. But I believe a Majority of Psychics misuse their gift and place spells upon one another. When The Spirit World is out in the open, for some time I don't think the world will be a nice place to live in. I have never really had a decent nightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sleep, since becoming a medium 25 years ago, there is always somebody attacking me including Spirits. For example, somebody Astral Travelled to my house, I saw him hovering above my bed. Horrified I asked for him to be thrown the white light at him. Now, I don't think that would have done any good, my Guides must have got rid of him. It was just after I had come home from the Leagues, Club, I think I picked him up from there. Anyway he attacked me psychically with energies, around my head and making it hard for me to breathe every hour night and day for a whole week 379

I don't think this world will be a very nice place until people learn their lessons, and that could take quite some time? Sorry about the Paragraphs being sent more than once, and the spellings I did pay Andrew $100 to edit the book This is what I got for my money So as I send you the five letters each day from The New Age Bible I edit them as I receive them So the book is not finished, I am doing the book 5 pages a day plus the 2nd edition which I am doing as I go Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hard to find, good cheap labor these days? By the way, it cost $150 to send these letters to you and Mum, Every day for over a year, five pages a day I'm paying $75 in six monthsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; time Anyway, he does help me He will make me famous My Guides made me do it I've had to spend $1200 on Vertical Blinds in the living room and dining room doorways I don't want them But they said we are taken the money from you if you don't? So for the past few months, I have been paying them off Don't know why I have got these stupid vertical blinds? The Answer to the Vertical Blinds? I got from a Centre link loan My Guides insisted that I get the Vertical Blinds, even tho I did not want too. Within 10 minutes of the technician coming, He told me he was an inventor for Steam Engines, Lawn Mowers etc. He was getting goose bumps all over him I gave him my website and Newspaper clippings. I am so impressed with my Verticals that I am getting another loan and getting them done in the dining room Apollo Blinds Brisbane I wrote to Tony Abbott, Liberal President, On Facebook. My House was a Satanic Church And at the back to the left, is a Tomb, of the priest. My Son Mark is to be the next Elvis Also, he may go to University, and go for Prime Minister Karmen is still attacking me; I have God protecting me, so no trouble And God is fighting her for me. He handles my battles from now. If I had left this house, God would have got me to move into a house, with mass Murders. This house is for my Teachings, and soon it is going to be "Holy Ground" I believe next door is Spiritual, and they are sent to clear the grounds also and protect me. 380

There house no is 612 mine is 610 and the other side 608 You work it out My Guides told me, David had committed Suicide He put a rope around his neck and drove off They told him because he used me and destroyed my life, because of all the spells he did to me to get me to chase him, he has a lot of explaining to do to the press I think David was in my room, and I had "Satan" all around me, making me feel suicidal. The next day they leveled with me and said David had crossed on to a new path, which may mean he's going to call me soon. They also got me talking to Ricky Maritain. They said he was keen on me, and wanted to take me out on a boat for dinner, he will call in a weekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time when he gets some time off Ricky said Robbie will take too long to come forward and has marital problems to sort out. God promised me, he will give me no more Metaphors, like the one of David. I got upset at him and said it was unnecessary. They said they are thinking of changing the way they use to do things and be more up front. They used metaphors, and never told you, what had been done to you because God wanted them to listen and have more faith. The Satanic Priests Tomb I asked God to cover his Tomb with salt, and his coffin and turn his body to ashes. I asked for the Tomb and coffin to be filled with Salt Water, and Sea Weed. Also, The New Age Bible in a Plastic Covering to be placed down there. And Golden Crosses. Also, a Radio, playing Music, as our Music is from the Angels. I also asked for Gods ray of light to shine in the Tomb and Coffin And of course, I asked for any curses placed on the Tomb, to be lifted off and sent to the Universe as Healing And I asked the entire congregation connected to this church, for their heads to be cut off and to be handcuffed and sent through the white light, and sent to Spiritual court to be charged for their crimes. The Salt Water should in time also destroy the Tomb, all together. And I asked for that. Sue All I could find here on our maps the land was vacant in 1951. In 1960 they were starting to form the roads in the estate and by 1964 the houses were being built. It does not show any record of a cemetery or church on the site. I will look up my Mothers house, and then give you a phone call to see if you have received the emails. The 1951, 1960 and 1964 aerial photos are attached Robert Noffke Team Member, Brisbane City Archives | Library Services Brisbane Lifestyle| BRISBANE CITY COUNCIL 381

Skyline Business Centre | Unit 15/107 - 123 Muriel Ave MOOROOKA 4105 Phone: +61-7-34031711 | Fax: 07 34031710 Email: My Dream 15.5 2015 I was out of my body, from bed, and Boss my Dog was with me I picked him up, emotional and gave him a kiss, cuddle and a good scratch I then thought since I am out of my body, I might fly over and see David I flew through the bars of my window, and asked to go to see David? We flew down the road and came to where David was, with his dirty feet, were sleeping in an upright box, with a lot of other homeless men sleeping in an upright position in a box David seemed to be taking this quite well. My Aunty was there Rene and paid for David's loggings I said, "You can come and live with me?" We then left the place, and looked for the car, I then remembered that I flew over, So Dave and I then took flight, we then ended up, on a Motorbike and flew over a Bridge, over the waters laughing a way. My Second Dream May 15th, 2015 I felt somebody was after me to kill me, so I ran under my house to hide, When I felt it was clear, I ran off I was then in a Hospital bed asleep and some men came and tossed me out the top window with another person? I flew right over the road to a building and landed on top of the building with not a scratch on me The other person which I think was dead landed on the ground I then ran over to see my boys at the house, and they came running out of the house from the fridge, with trays of meat, which was a gift each time something like this happened. They had no worries about this, and saw it as a good fortune, for us, and I got looked after and received lots of food. I said, "Put that food back donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t cash your chickens, yet?" Just to mention A Man I think called Mark or Richard, who is a Music talk host for many years, was in the Hospital room, checking the scene out when I was tossed out the window. And when I traveled out of my window to see David, it was only just a few streets away. And I have a life insurance of $500.00 that may be why my boys are running out with their meat trays, each time somebody try's to kill me I am in the process of getting a shop at Cannon Hill, Safe City, and Shopping Centre At the old Juice bar, right by the entrance and opposite Woolworths I told them I want it for 382

$200 a week rent, they wanted $320 1 month’s grace of Rent from Trading No Guarantor And they pay for the signage of the shop My Reading 21st May 2015 $2.00 per minute, $38.00 David is quite sad and emotional; He should call me in about 6 weeks He will be very affectionate towards me? David would be quite happy to move into my House, but down the track, if we want too, we could move? My house has no bad energies, nothing wrong with it The shop will take 2 months to bring in clientele, and in the meantime, I will just break even with the Rent. And to be patient as clients will come and I will be very happy Somebody is getting married soon, and somebody is going to have a baby My Reiki Master Says the Reason I have no work is due to this house, I will be moving soon, and she picks that up strongly David is calling me soon Somebody is having a baby I need somewhere to work to bring in clientele What my Guides Wanted? They were hoping I would get the store opposite, Dollar Tree, by the escalators, at Cannon Hill shopping Centre, Safe City. But it has just been taken They are hoping David will retire And do Healings in the shop with me I feel guilty getting the shop to do the Sin age for me, as my Guides have other plans down the track, but they said the shop next to me may be leaving soon? I will know within a week, if I get this shop, then I will start organizing everything Yesterday, I had dreams of all my friends and family coming over, to say fair well, as I had not long to live, and I was seeing Rats. I believe this meant career changes. Anyway last night, I was told David could have Aids, and wanted to kill me and had no intentions ever of taken me on. Robbie is going on stage like “The Devil” his Guides were trying to tell him this is how the world will see us both My Nan on the other side has been trying to tell me on and off over the past couple of years, just what might come my way if I proceed with what God had in mind for me. I’m now finishing the book, closing my websites, down and my Facebook. Goodbye cruel world Hello, Satan is my Guide and Teacher, and I am "The Devil" I have done more crimes than anyone in this world" 383

This person said to me spiritually? I said "well you keep to your own and I will keep to mine" As I was sleeping, I tried to wake up and found my eyes shut tight closed I was then in a dark room with lamps on the walls, this was The Devils Lair. I asked God to protect me and was taken back to my body I tried to sleep later and found I was in a room similar to mine and the Devil was climbing over my bed and under. I asked God to fill him with God’s love and surround him with God’s love and fill him with white light and surround him with white light and asked for Gods protection He was then gone. Tony has had twins, every time he has sex, he will be given children, due to the fact, that he never looked after his own when he was alive. Tony lives with me and we share the same bed, and we laugh a lot at each other, but I can't help being pleased with the outcome. He thought I sat on my ass all day and did nothing, and The Government handouts were really good. Well, now he can feel what I went through. And never have sex, afraid of having children, everything I went through he will suffer, I think he's even going to get schizophrenia. Karmen Without me asking him, God has been protecting me from Karmen, and with me asking if it’s his will to attack Karmen back, and teach her a lesson so she sends no more attacks. Well, I got a call telepathically, three times saying this is The P.A. Hospital, and could you please stop sending your attacks. I asked God to stop attacking her, and he said he will? I was then told, that Karmen has decided as soon as she leaves hospital, that she is going to "Kill me" I then asked God to "Kill her" if that was all right by him or redirect her. God said she died of a Heart Attack. I got a telepathic call from The P.A. Hospital, saying "Don't tell me, God, did this?" Well, a few days later, I am woken from my nap saying I am under attack I think she went to bed and did not attack me except my Animals had Combustion to their organs. I told my sleep Angel to "piss off?" I had good afternoons sleep until 10 pm and was awake until about 8 am the next morning. I found that I had aching elbows, which were from my sleep Angel, she would not let me sleep, and I eventually got about 20 minutes sleep and was woken up with fidgety feet. I complained but got up, as I had things to do that day, like shopping. I went shopping, and then at about 5 pm decided to have another nap, I found it hard to sleep, my sleep Angel giving me a hard time, I got another 20 minutes sleep in total and woke up at about 6.30 pm. I was tired and pissed off. 384

I said â&#x20AC;&#x153;I always know when a new sleep Angel is on board, you can just piss off and go get another job" after arguing she said "she will go" I had another sleep Angel come on board, and said she was a "cow and she's gone" It's 1 am and I am still up writing my book. And wary of attacks. Andrew one of my sleep Angels, lets me get as much sleep as I want and does not give me a hard time. Some of these sleep Angels keep to the book and have no idea what a person needs and they are so selfish and mean. "I'm loving Angels instead, and they let their wings unfold with love," What shit And they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t judge, what Shit, who wrote that book? Those Psychics messed me up? No, I am not working in a shop, if lucky getting one client a day, And I mean if lucky, plus my Guides want me at home and I feel sick when I leave home Also, I am not changing my name. Charmaine is given to me by God for my Spirituality and Music and Susan is down to earth kind of girl, the girl next door as I see it, who works in an office. As mum would like, or hairdressing. Dave is supposed to be coming forward; well they've said that every time I rang for the past 25 years. And Haunted Houses in June or July. Also, they say I am moving house, what shit? I would be desolate, without this house, I could not afford to live anywhere else, this is my security. I pick it up "Strongly" that you are moving, Well, we will see? I sometimes wonder if the Guides are full of shit and just teaching me and everybody is quite innocent of these deeds. Karmen could be quite innocent? Lucky I don't know how to do "Spells" Next, they are telling me "Karmen is the face of Evil" Satan has walked away from his thrown, and so has The Devil? I talked to them spiritually about 35 years, ago, I could have got killed, but he decided to let me go I talked to him again, a few days ago, about walking away from that life, And working alongside God? I told him his work was done, and God needed to make the work balanced. And that he had done his work Satan said he was sick and tired of the life he led and would like to work along God, to bring the best in the world I also contacted Trevour Baynon (Candy Man) He has a smoke empire, and of course, loves bikini-clad girls all around him 385

He lives on the Gold Coast. I asked him if he was interested in my Smokes on Credit, Song. "Something isn't quite right, fella," Top of Form Bottom of Form song And my Invention Not to mention The New Age Bible's Hello Dave I believe I have been talking to you telepathically I sorry to hear you thought you were "Satan" too and you’re not well at the moment? We have both been down the same path Also Haunted Houses And killers after us You were as far as I know "Joseph the Virgin Monk" I was "Virgin Mary" And Noel “Jesus” who came back and ripped everybody off. I think he thought he was "Satan" too that’s why I got him to pay his way and clean the house towards the end. Listen you did head when I sent you on your Facebook totally wicked Electronic Smokes from the UK that was not my sense of humor I was trying to help you with your smokes I wanted to put their logo on my web, but you can see why I did not, It would not have gone down well with the devil as there logo Been writing to Ricky Martin, told him my life story and asked him to put it into a booklet for me. Also, I asked him to play "You" in the movie Julia Roberts or Elle as me And Rob Lowe as Tony, the father of my Children Don't know who will play Noel, Yet, but bet it will be a laugh? I even asked Ricky Martin for dinner, So you better hurry up and come forward I don't know where I'm coming or going Anyway, the smokes 5 times cheaper and just as good as a Tailor Made It's my Birthday 7th July 2015 My 50th What are you going to do about it? Elvis came in tonight and said he's going to entertain me all day on my Birthday. Must mean something By the way, all 3 of us had "Satan” put around us as we have to be sacrificial lambs, And also sort all those "Bible Bashing Christians" out All 3 of us should have known better 386

One minute we are The Messiahs, Then the Virgin Mary's, and also Satan We should all be locked up. Thinking of giving up your Smokes Don't, you will totally lose it Like I did 15 years, ago And I have never recovered Lost my music contract, took an overdose, everything Go on the Electronic Smokes Better for your health, and tones times cheaper You donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t ask, you don't get? Why hasn't Tony done the lawn? Because I have not been asking him I've got God to pay my Grand Mother and Grand Dad, living on the Gold Coast, deceased, by the way And Tony $100 a week, for petrol, out of God's money, as he offered, and I don't have money to pay them. To get me Haunted Houses, and also to see "The Candy Man" They get $2000 commission for each $10.000 Haunted house they get, So God told me to charge them $12.000, to cover costs. I've also got Tony to go to housing to get extensions put on my House, for my boys and Grand Children Also, I hear Bunnings, may be opening a Spiritual Centre, so I got Tony on to that too I'm also getting Angels to go and talk to Robbie and Ricky Martin Move over Dave, they are coming through. The Virgin Mary Awaits The Moral of the Story?" "If you don't ask, you don't get?" I got to ask Tony, Grand Dad and Nanny every day to go out and get me Haunted Houses etc, And I got to make sure regularly that Tony does my lawn? Also, I got to ask God every week to pay them $100 for Petrol, and make sure they get their commissions placed in their bank account for them to spend Get it right, Mate "Why haven't I received my bloody book, for the past week?" "Because Sometimes Andrew's internet is not working" God told me that Andrew is going to get some software or something that will get me advertised on every computer, I also hear, Facebook Facebook was actually lousy a rip-off But we will see what God was talking about in time I'm getting the Angels on to that too Arch Angel, Ganesha, and Demetri, Idalina


My boy's Dogs are cold, so every night I'm sending Angels over to give them a warm coat, and lift it off when they don’t need it. And I have a new stray cat, Eats all its milk and food like there will be a no tomorrow. Haven't had a glance of the cat, but we know each other I heard it calling out to me from my bedroom; I knew it was desperate and hungry, so I leave food out each night Mum not intelligent enough for the book, but in time she will be, don't know where I'm coming from "Fantasyland?" Travers Baynon "The Candy Man Check his Facebook I think the press, might get on to this? Mr. Jealous, who thinks I am up to no good And just using you? I had a dream; you were in a pool and were trying to hurt my toenails You then came out of the water and gave me a cuddle I said I may be seeing The Candy Man, “You been going out,” And you said, “what were you wearing?” I had some joke about my brown suit when I was 21 and really had nothing great to do You were jealous I then woke up with fidgety feet, telling me you had sent "Spells" on me Naughty Boy When I asked you to marry me, I meant it Cheer up, love 30th June 2015 They say Tony Abbot may be coming today? The Prime Minister On the weekend they made me buy lots of cakes, for energy Something I have never done God came around today; He said he is personally going to give them a Reading. Don't forget my Birthday on the 7th Satan lives next door, was he really the bad boy they all say he was? Forgive me if I have another puff And Noel was Jesus I think it’s about time the Christians woke up to themselves, don’t you? And you are Joseph the Virgin Monk And I am The Virgin of all Virgins Quest Papers, Haunted Houses I have had enough of spending money on advertisements, and paying big bucks, and not getting my money back, and no clients. God and the Guardian Angels, said put an advertisement in the Quest for about 2 months, and hopefully, they will do a "Story" on you 388

This will bring a few Haunted Houses your way and more than you bargained for? So I have They said I will get no calls from the Advertisement but they should do a "Story" on me and this will pay off in dividends. Cost me $150, all I have to offer this world? For one weekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s worth of Advertising Who's coming to the dinner party? Is Tony Abbot, The Candy Man? Maybe Tony Abbot will follow? Full of cakes, but no sleep, not good? Well God's got me writing to you You may think I've only got 4 to 5 years to live. Yes, that is true, But you are going to save my life, once again and again You got rid of all my Cancers throughout my body, just from being there, now youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re going to help me stick around for my next venture. Tony caused my Cancers. And don't forget giving up my Smokes, and thinking I was "Satan" for years, with that "seed" in my head and the Evil Spirits telling me so, also the negative energies they put on me night after night for 25 years. I'm lucky to have lived this. Thank You, David Don't cost much to help somebody, spiritually, does it? And make them happy My sleep Angels in trouble They would not let me sleep for my 50th Birthday They got me up early in the morning with panic attacks, So I was pretty ill half the day Today they woke me up at 8.30 am with a Panic attack Keep in mind I sent notices, through Arch Angel Racheal, Anyone that gives me Panic attacks will be sued and docked of Pay and fired. So I did that to this one, as they have received their notices and know? I still got a Panic feeling 15 minutes later, and found another Angel wanted me to give that Angel her job back, They were trying to tell me in cold winter to take my jumper off with the fan on to keep me calm. I got a Warrior to escort them out of the house, and Arch Angel Rachael to sue them and dock them for pay. I was very suicidal one time, and wanted to sleep my life through, I refused to get out of bed They gave me panic attacks. I also had a snoring sleep disorder, and of course not long before was in hospital from thinking I was "Satan" 389

I did not have any sleep for about a week, what with a loud snore when I nodded off and panic attacks. I sat in my chair trying to sleep with no top on in winter. I could not wear clothes My Sleep Angels did that to me I am in process of "Suing them" The poor just get poorer Well I spent $150, last fortnight on Advertising, for Haunted Houses All I had in this world Except for my fresh lavender panties? They ain't even buying that, are they? Anyway, back to what I was saying Grand Dad came around last night and said, "I've got a haunted house in Wynnum for you from the Quest Papers," He said, “he wanted just $100.” I said, "that is your fuel money?" He said, "I just want $100?" I said "You are just a poor pensioner" He said "He has everything he could want, living on the Gold Coast at a family friend’s house" I said I will give you $2000? He said "Thanks, Sue" I ask God every day to give my family that help me "Wings to fly" So Grand Dad flew over. So out of pure faith, I have paid about $170 on advertising this week Next fortnight I have to pay for the liquid for my smokes, which will last me about five months or so. So I'm sick of being poor God say's soon I will tell the Readings to shove it as I'm "too busy" "I'm doing Haunted Houses" And Mum will be so proud of me And my Bible bashing brother will be so jealous Probably thinks I should do it for free? And starve? Well, so should he work for "free?" And starve too My Bible bashing brother, awaits David? And you'll never be able to wipe away that grin from his face, once he listens and his Angels are on board? The first thing I think they will do is make him laugh his head off, for weeks, at how a big hypocrite he is to his faith > They all are 390

What God say's about the Bible Bashers? All they preach about is how everybody is a "Sinner" and if they don't save their soul they are going to hell And the mark of the devil 666 Every night I have to protect myself from these "Nutters" I am just what they are looking for Not by Gods Choice They wanted a "Virgin" So God gave them a "Virgin" The dick heads I'm afraid of no ghost I sit in the dark, with just the computer light You'll be amazed at how much money you save on electricity I do have the light in my bedroom thou, Where the action happens I usually pay about $700 electricity I got the Electricity board to put my hot water on "Low Peak" And now my bill was $240 Keep in mind I have hardly use the air con too Satan, who lives next door? Popped around for a chat? He said â&#x20AC;&#x153;I will have a lot of work about October I asked him "when did he turn around?" He said "when you moved in" 25 or more years ago. He said I could have killed you, but I did not And I was sick of that life. You brought me hope and for the people Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s put you in the picture. Shall we? I spent $170 this week and last fortnight $150 on advertising I did not get one call, and I don't expect to get one call But God and the Guardian Angels, and my Crystal ball Say I've got work coming? Are they waiting for the local paper to do a story on me? I did call them and I got a flat "NO" Maybe you got to pay before you get anything Keep in mind they told me to get vertical blinds, if I don't they will deduct the money from me, and guess who came forward but an inventor, for fuel saving. The first sign I've seen in all these years that I actually got something from what they said. That's right mate, You would smoke too, Heavily 391

If Satan lived next door to you And you lived in a Haunted House No money, No job, No friends, no Boyfriend, no Life Just me and Boob Boo By the way, Boob Boo is being a good boy and facing the cold and doing his poo outside, even tho he has the flu What a good boy My trip to the Doctors, My Doctor always makes me feel nervous I went to another doctor last week, and he said my blood pressure was normal He said don't take your blood pressure tablets and come back in a few days I went back; He did about six readings, The first one said I think 157 Then it just kept going down till it read 115 Which is very good I don't think I ever needed blood pressure tablets; my doctors just put me on edge. Got to go back in a week, to try again Just how good are these tests? How many people are on these tablets and shouldn't be My Dream I saw my brother, drop from the ceiling about 6 rats, which ran into my bedroom I also went under the house and it was laced with rats A rat also wanted to date me The Meaning of rats, "An investment or project is about to pay off" My other Dream of Ricky My Son Robert was playing with his ball and was teary-eyed when he hurt his eye with the ball. Ricky Martin popped in and was staying in the spare bedroom I went to have a pee, and while I was having a pee, asked God if Ricky was interested in me. He said "No' And I was thinking of asking God to help me in that situation Just who is Satan My Teachings For 15 years, I thought I was Satan, now I hear David thinks he's Satan, God tells me Satan lives next door? Isn't it about time we had forgiveness for all The Bible harps on about Satan, but that was Thousands of years ago, People change, and really do we know what Satan was guilty of? Leave the poor man alone, why should he pay for his crimes for eternity.


The Bible is the worst book that was ever written, It is not Gods book, The Bible is cursed by God, that's why everybody who reads it gets sick and goes overboard with the teachings, It is the Devils book. It makes monsters out of people that preach it, turns families against each other, and mankind killing one another. The worst book ever was written David throws that book and its Teachings in the bin. David and I hear we are Satan because we have to harden up, so nobody can ever pull us down, and have forgiveness for all, including the Demons and whoever Satan is. If there is a Satan? We have to face the whole world and the Christians, to bring out the truth. That why God has given us these Teachings "Satan" By the way, The Guardian Angels get paid for their services, by God To some, it is just a Job For example, Arch Angel Raphael would not do any more healings until God gave him a pay raise. And lots of Guardian Angels have given me a hard time giving me fidgety feet, for hours until I fired them because they were jealous of me. So Robbie your song about "I'm loving Angels instead," is somewhat true, but to some, it is just a job, and we are all human. My Guides have all walked away. Boob boo, got the flu a week and a half ago, he had a bad chest cold, after a week I think it went, but he never got better only worse, He died, Monday 27th July 2015. The Vet said he had a Tumour. Looks like The Candy Man is interested in me, and is in progress of getting rid of the Women in his life, and is going to help me with my endeavors Ricky Martin seems very interested too, and as far as I know has been astral traveling over here quite frequently. God says pick Ricky Martin, but the Candy Man quite interests me too? Tony has Twins in his endeavors. Last night he tried sleeping under the house. But came up and said the place gives him the spooks, and the Demons has rituals their regularly. Apparently, there is a guardsman under the house buried, where my bed is, and a graveyard of a satanic priest in the left-hand corner of my garden. This house is on Satanic Grounds. The Guardian Angels have been giving me fidgety feat, from 12 am in the morning until about 3 to 5 am all week. They all want me to give them the sack. Or more wages. Last night God said they had all walked away, not one left. So as far as I know, God is looking after me? Otherwise, see you on the other side. Maybe it's a metaphor that everything is coming my way and a new life for me? 393

My Guides, Shame on them For weeks my Guides have kept me awake for many hours at night until morning with fidgety feet, and giving me anxiety and Panics. I called them a bunch of "Ass Holes" Because of the way they treated me, So they carried on treating me the same way, leaving me with anxiety, once again. I said to God to reprimand them He called them "Shit arses" And said not one of them was fit to be my Guides, except a couple of them. He gave them one month leave of absence, to think about the way they treat me. God is going to look after me. They say David is going to call me in March or April, the next year 2016 My Guides My Guides have been keeping me up at night after 12 am, sometimes till later than 3 am I just nod off then they wake me up about 2.30 am to take my medication. I go to bed about 5 am and they wake me up every hour. I get out of bed and return to bed about 11 am and they give me anxiety because I went to bed. Making me sick all day, and panic-stricken about going to bed I want to get a blood pressure test, which I am going to the chemist for as I have anxiety when I go to the doctors, but because my dog died a week ago and I'm up every night with fidgety feat and suffering stress with it. I don't think my blood pressure test is giving me a fair reading. I may not need medication, but the stress I'm under every night and no sleep plus anxiety during the day; I will not get a decent reading. Can you guess what it is? Nearly every night for years, I get fidgety feat to tell me that a Spell has been placed upon me or somebody is out to kill me, or a thief is in the area They don't tell me what the situation is? I have to go through every spell imaginable to find out what has been done to me, and name every scenario until I get it right? They give me pain full fidgety feat until all the spells are gone and I have fixed everything that is going on. Like a said, they don't tell me what the situation is, I have to go through everything to find out what it is, and this can take many hours. Also with working out the spells, for hours, every night I would have to think of everything imaginable that a person would place upon me, under a lot of stress and sore feet. Plus killers after me. "Whatever you do, don't put Boss downâ&#x20AC;? sayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s my Guides Boss at times could hardly get himself to stand up, due to arthritis in his legs. He also had an arm explode, and this did not heal. The Vet said it could be cancer. 394

I was told by Psychics and my Guides. It was not Cancer. I don't know if Boss had rat poison or maybe stomach ulcers, but he had blood and runny poo and was dry reaching for three days and nights. He went for about 10 hours without being sick, and I thought we had made it, but he got out of bed at 10 pm that night, and walked out into the rain and laid down and I believe he had a heart attack. Maybe he would have made it? Or he had to have hard lessons before he passed over, I don't know? They say if he was not so negative when he was sick, he would have pulled through and still be with me today. Who's painfully bending my toes? I woke up to a pain in my toes, Some Spirit, which I thought was a Demon, was bending my toes I asked God "What should I do" He said "Kill it" So I asked for "Burger with the works," or send it through the white light or ground" That did not work I asked God "What do I do now?" He said "Stab it in the Heart" I asked my Warriors to stab it in the Heart. And that still did not work I then heard, "If I kill you, will I be glorified or persecuted" He said Karmen had sent him to kill me, and that has done nothing wrong and that's not what he does. I then said "well send it back to her, what she deserves" I heard a few hours in the night say, "I want you to tell me, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re sorry" I asked God to send it through the light and to get a Warrior to handcuff her, and read her, her rights and what she's charged for, and send her through the White Light to Spiritual court where she will be charged for her crimes, to what God thinks she deserves? I really think that is a Metaphor, and that Karmen has walked away from attacking myself and my family. By the way, I'm doing a great job editing my book Up to page 120 A LOT OF WORK HAS BEEN GOING ON, BELIEVE ME? Take a week or so then < I've done the ones I have sent you May take six months to do the whole book I took on a stray cat. I fed it for about two to three weeks, Then it walked up to me and affectionately and sat on my lap. 395

The next day "Moonie" walked right into the house and climbed up on my lap Moonie follows me around all day, getting up and down from my lap, and goes to bed when I go to bed. I gave Moonie a huge cuddle last night, and kisses, Five minutes later Moonie got up, and went outside and vomited, then went back to bed. That's what people do to their animals. I know last night see another cat, exactly the same as Moonie, black and white, wanting food. They just abandon their cats and did not care. I've left food out for the other cat. I lost 6 kilos in 8 weeks, I took worming Tablets I've even eaten like a pig, huge meals at the Leagues club and Cakes And porridge for breakfast and 2 Mandarin's during the day My Advertisement in the Quest Papers Shed Kilos 1 Natural Tablet I lost 15 kilos in 18 weeks I would have Porridge with sultanas for brekkie Mandarins for lunch and a huge Roast at night with Apple Crumble and custard and I lost weight from my recliner. Tablets sent with money order of $50 with a return envelope Ms., PO Box one natural tablet that really does work One easy natural tablet, something that Doctors have overlooked for centuries I will send them a box of combination They think my weight loss "Sucks" I was told by Quest I had to get a number to allow me to advertise, to say that my product is approved. From the Australian self-medication Industry They will not allow me There goes my way to freedom But it worked for me My Guides say, "Karmen is coming around today?" I was awake all night for several nights with Karmen sending Human Combustion to all my family and me, also spells and Haunted Houses etc. Sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been doing this for several months, day and night. I was told she is coming around today to suss out the situation I told her as soon as I saw her "You have been stealing my energies and all my work for all these years" She said, "I am your friend, and why would I do that since I gave you my car" I said "that was a way to let you in, to steal my work" She said she was not a witch and did not do spells" I said "Yes, you do" 396

She said she came around to help me with my work on that Psychic site, I said “it’s a big rip off" Said "Goodbye", and closed the door David in my sleep I was in a place where David and his friends were in a room drinking One of his friends said "There she is, she’s average. I scoffed at that. David then walked up to me smiling with a drink in hand and said "Thanks for the Emails, and by the way thanks for checking out my new photos?" Which I had, and laughed. By the way, David has astral traveled to my bedroom about 3 to 4 times in the last year, Pleased to see me but I could tell he was depressed. He tried to have sex with me, but it did not happen And I took note that he was smoking tailor-made, out of sheer keeping it together. I took note because I have told him a few times about the Electronic Smokes, and no wonder he has no money and suffering hardships. "Stop chasing "Stars?" I was talking spiritually to "The Candy Man" He seems quite interested in me and wants to move on from the two girls he is with at the moment and wants somebody serious I told him I liked his ego and we had a lot in common Later that night I noticed negative scenarios in my sleep. Early hours in the morning I spoke spiritually to David And he said, "Stop chasing Stars?" David reckons he will call me in about March 2016, next year. Robbie and the Candy Man I have had a dream for about 3 nights in a row, that I got concert tickets in the mail to see Robbie Also, I had a Dream that I was at a teller machine excepting a call from The Candy Man for a Reading and he gave me lots of papers with Questions? Thu the teller machine Winston, Moonie, is my cat’s name Went to the Vet clinic to find out if Moonie was a boy or girl, and if he had been desexed? I found out he had been desexed, and that he had a chip The Vet phoned the owners and found out during the day he spent it with them, and that they had an animal with a very bad temper that's why Moonie found somewhere else to spend "cozy" nights with. So he was not abandoned then. “Charmaine the Great” Now new looks, for safety reasons NO cunt wants the messiah? 397

They were playing your song when I walk in I saw a Good looking Asian guy in a band called swizzle, he caught my eye and I caught his. I went home, Then my Guides and God told me to hand him my website and a leaflet on the Electronic Smokes. So I went back His band is called Swizzle The song was a famous one you and your wife sang as you both were parading around the room hand in hand. Kissy Kissy Tonyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Payment for his sins Like I told you, every time Tony has sex, he will have babies at his doorstep He already has Twins. Well, I'm told he has gone to Jail for his crimes, Could it be Manslaughter? He did not pay Maintenance for his children and ruined my life, plus other lives due to the Negativity he placed around them from his drugs and alcohol I'm told he got 9 years but may be out in 2 if a good boy. The Children have gone in foster care. I'm doing a booklet for "The Candy Man" Travers Beynon Just like the one for Robbie Readings for Travers Beynon, "The Candy Man" by Charmaine I will be getting Andrew to make sure Robbie and The Candy Man receive my books That includes my Life Story, the Clairvoyants Manual, and Protection from the Dark Side. When my life Story is finally edited in about 3 to 4 weeks, I will be sending you too, David my life story in book form and my Clairvoyants Manuals. I had a good talk with Mark today, my Son, his girlfriend wants to go on the X-factor. I think he finally got the message, that she will not make it unless she is a Psychic and has music to offer, also knows how to protect herself from other Psychics. Has Karmen been dealt with? She is either dead or in the nut house or left me alone? I've been getting "Hot" spots in my stomach, legs, and arms From Human Combustion I asked God to deal with this, as my family and pets were affected as well. For two days I have had no spells or hot spots But now it seems my Teacher, is attacking me with Jealous thoughts, and I was awake for 48 hrs or more, encase she placed "Spells" upon me. Watched the "Peter Allen" movie, made me cry, a really beautiful story. Did not hear a word from "Swizzle" or something like that. Even though I said my Guide was Elvis and gave him my music and info on my web.


My Guides and God told me to give him my Smokes brochure and ask him if he would help me. Maybe he is making a point, about "Psychics" Even "Wikity Wack" took interest, but never called. Joe, my friend, says my Teacher, has Cancer? I woke up the other night, with spooks in my bed attacking me, They had little round faces, and little eyes, and one with a small round mouth, and blew negative air in my face. I ask God to cut his head off and send him to the dumpster, and he was gone I also have to do a clearing of spells twice a day, mostly at night. I think when they told me Karmen was dying that something must have happened to her? I think she broke her leg. Moonie, my Cat, I found out through my Vet, that Moonie has not been back to visit his owners for ages. Moonie is gone during the day, so I think he has somebody else wrapped Around his (paws) fingers. When Moonie was first coming to me, and I was leaving food outside for him. I would wake up and feel at cat rubbing against my face and purring. I also got a vision of kittens, black and white, only a few weeks old. The other night just after the spook left, I was half asleep and half out of my body and found kittens in my bed, I could actually pat and kiss them, for a few seconds, till I was brought back to my own body. I was in and out my body a few times that night patting the kittens. The Animals we have Astra Travels to see their offspring, even when past over they still keep in contact with their babies. Andrew, the great, is going on Holidays 17th - 26th October 2015 I can't handle it anymore Up to 900 pages Got 1200, then I've done up to 2014 And the ones I've sent you up to now, another 175 Might send you the whole book edited, up to now? Also doing a booklet for "The Candy Man" Cost about $100, check it out? Real cheap smokes My son told me of a really cheap electronic smoke place I was paying $20 a bottle of 30 ml tobacco liquid Well you can get it from this place 30 ml for $4 a bottle My son was attracted to the "Coffee" liquid The End of the Book? Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve come to realize that I am at the End of the Book? And I have nearly finished editing it 399

Elvis got on Bended Knee and asked me if I would accept the “Ring” I smiled at him, and said “It depends” He said “I will keep it for later” Joe, my friend, says a Publisher is coming within a month or so. A Mother and a Grand Mother, who are publishers and has money She reckons that I will marry the Candy Man? Unless that is one of the scenarios. Karmen out of the picture, for good? Joe say’s, she is being pelted with nuts from my tree, and has a horde of green frogs after her. She is going literally mad, can't sleep and blames me for the loss of her boyfriend, and everything else that has come her way. I let it slide for months all the spells she has placed upon my family and me. And found this still did not get rid of her. So I asked God and my Warriors (The Sularmies) to deal with her, and every spell that she has sent to be sent back to her, or to the universe as healing. Under Gods discretion. Joe says she may slash her wrists by the end of the month She is one of the worst Psychics that God created. The other side for Karmen? I will make sure she has sent thou the light to Spiritual court and have warriors waiting for her, to make sure she is charged with her crimes. Instead of her hanging around the Spirit Plane causing more havoc I've seen visions of her, having two warriors grab her and place her hand in boiling fat, for placing Human Combustion on people. And telling her to climb into a small suitcase, with two warriors carrying it and throwing it into a swimming pool. So she can go to her next life. October 27, 2015 Just sent a note to Woody and found a site where I can write to Oprah. Andrew should be back on board tomorrow God tells me to send the book to you in March. But God always changes his mind I think you better write to Oprah and state your case? See you all on the airplane? Don't forget the Holden with "Speedo's God is protecting me now. I no longer have to sit up all night, encase somebody sends me "Spells" as it can be dangerous if you are sleeping So God is now protecting me and dealing with those that send me "Spells" Now they will get no "Sleep" As God is dealing with them. Free at Last 29th October 2015400

God say's "Somebody coming around, on the weekend, sent by you? Is it Oprah? And somebody like Beyonce is going to teach me how to dress and look? And I got to send xxx healings as her tits are hanging out, she's not thinking right. I had a drink tonight I was told by Andrew, I have not got 50 pages left but 450, to edit. Plus the ones I have sent you My Guides are making it very hard for me now, as I'm nearly finished. I may hit the piss each time I edit it. Please excuse the curves. And the dark stress rings under the eyes. Karmen sleeps during the day, as I gather, so I have no choice but to be up all night. Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s God doing about this? Well, I don't have to lift off spells anymore, but God is keeping me awake when I'm attacked. He says in time he will completely protect me from these people, but due to me not having much to live for and always wanting to stay in bed. He would rather, Just lift the spells at the moment. And wants to Teach People He says he will throw everything back on them and drive them insane, the people that attack me. And I will have no worries And God is putting the "Golden Star of God" in every haunted house, car and grounds that I have done, and my house, until all cleared, every hour He says Dave is coming and I want you to start earning some money, and you can't the way the house is at the moment. Karmen goes to bed at 6 am and often wakes up several times during the day with Psychic phone calls, I believe. Unless she has problems going to the loo. I have been awake for about 3 days, Up all night until 6 am then woken up either because Karmen had got up, or I got a call for a Reading which I could not do, as she had too many negative energies, and I had had no sleep. Said she would come back the next day, but they never do. The other day I had had enough and wanted from 8 pm to go to bed, and just laid there until 1 am, I rolled over to go to sleep. My Angels gave me a Panic attack and made me very sick, not until 6 am I could go to bed, but I still did not get any sleep during the day, I had about 2 hours sleep, and that settled my Panic attacks. My Guides kept the panic attacks up until 4 am. Tony has been told He already has two twins on the other side, from a one night stand. He now wants to find a babysitter, and go hit the town again. He thinks he can outsmart God if he is careful. No mate, Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s got a whole brood of children coming his way. From not facing responsibilities. On the other side, it is the Men that get the "ball and chain to the Kitchen sink" He also has demons attacking him night and day, due to what he placed upon his family etc. 401

From the drugs and Alcohol, he took. I can go to bed now 5.30 am Good Morning P>S> I don't think he has a washing machine? Why should he, He sold mind for drugs Two small babies. And still paying it off. No mate, he has no washing machine On the Pension, poor as all fuck Does Tony have a Pram, for the Twins? "I think not?" says Susan While Tony had my car, I had to take my children to the doctors, several times a week With two separate, prams with a bracket in between which kept coming loose. I had no money to buy a twin pram Tony spent about $20 all up on the children. So with all the nappies and bottles I had to push up and down hills two prams, and Tony would go to his friends in my car and "Get High" and come home early hours of the morning I’ve discovered in the last few months my Teacher and Karmen Spiritually in my Reading room, all day and night. I felt spiritually pushing them out, they only came back in, and the Warriors could not stand around all day, so I got my Animals, and Spiritual Animals to keep them out. This seems to work. This is another reason why I get bad clients and they don’t want to pay me All my Guides have been fired There is only my main Guide and God God will now be doing the Readings for me, and I will be charging $150 My Guides wanted me to have no money when you called? Getting me to spend all my money on presents etc. And for 20 years they have been turning away all my clients I give them about a 15 minute Reading and that's all They are all Jealous of me. They have all been fired Has Centrelink been watching me? Checking my bank statements, and hanging around outside? Well they got nothing off me, I earn no more than I'm allowed, and nobody came to my door and nothing on my bank statements $0.02 This is where Karmen comes into it, I believe she dobbed me in? Well, it’s all been thrown back on her, by God, and now they are looking at her? I've been told she is going to commit suicide soon? Well, that is probably why? And I hear she has been kicked off her Psychic line, and I'm sure the Taxman would be very interested in her? So it has all come back on her? 402

And God has been attacking her night and day, I have not sent one spell or sent it back on her, myself, and I don't know how to do spells and don't wish to know So Long Karmen, don't think your be happier on the other side, you got it coming, for all the crimes you have committed against people, and so has my Teacher? My main Guide who has been with me from the beginning of time, tell me Penguin Publishers will be very interested in me? NO more being poor? Couldn't you get it â&#x20AC;&#x153;up", no longer? Have you just left your 2nd wife? I got negative scenarios, in my sleep and during the day And, whatever else? But God is handling that? He just let me know what was going on with me picking up the opposite. And Woody put Messages on his Facebook for my books The "POT" must be stirring, about time too? Cream by Prince New hairstyle, like those two brown heads with long hair Makes me look "Younger" David, tell woody to ask God, for my Music? And it will be given? Maybe Robbie is going to do it for me? Or he's the one giving me the contract? I have not heard the Music myself; maybe it is a surprise for me? Second edition 30th November 2015 Since all my Guides and sleep Angels have been fired God is my Main Guide, plus Tamara, and Bourbon my cat. Bourbon is the one who monitors my sleep and warns me of any trouble. Bourbon was singing to me with a brilliant voice, over and over again, the song from One Direction, Baby you're perfect. Bourbon said the only reason he sticks around in this hell hole is because of Tinka, jokingly. He said Tinka killed a few people last lifetime, that's why she got given this Hell hole to live in. Tinka is my Ginger and white cat, found by my son, riding on his bike, years ago by the roadside, in a tree as a kitten. Noel who passed away a couple of years ago had stomach problems when alive, he was allergic to wheat, and I believe he had ulcers too? Well, he still has that problem on the other side. Only now, it is taking his life. Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s going to the hospital tonight where he will be there for a few days, then be reincarnated. The person he is going too is a Lesbian couple, with tattoos all over her face and body. She may abort the child, if so then Noel is going to Hell, For all his crimes.


Or maybe the Mother will hand over the child to her parents. Noel will be a gay female. Noel says he had a gambling addiction, that’s where all his money went. Noel will be born in the Beenleigh to Gold Coast area. Noel may even have Schizophrenia because he used people with a mental illness. Noel says in an about twenty years, he may track me down and will know me? God says my house and neighborhood will now make money He says no matter what I do, it will make money for me The house will be the opposite of what it was, including the neighborhood as they were affected, too. He advises me not to leave this house, or maybe give it to my sons. As I told you, I thought I had a Satanic, Tomb in the left corner of my back garden and a Satanic, Guardsmen under the house, under my bed, After talking to The Candy Man, which he wants me to talk to him every weekend, by the way, spiritually. Well, I was told it is not Satanic, they have been here from the beginning, guarding my house. If it wasn't for them my boys and I would have been wiped out long ago. Boss's mother said to him before he passed away, "I know you have waited a long time to be The New Age Messiah, for animals, I want you to know I am so proud of you" Moonie said to me a few nights ago, "You are my bunny the one I would die for" as I was on the Spiritual plane with him, on my bed, and he was kissing me on the lips, as he usually does. The Candy Man, my books Travers Thanks for the message. When I get some free time I'll have a look. David, Check Facebook "Travers There are a few of them From friends posts, a letter from xxx, from me A big write up Is Karmen still sending Evil Spirits? I could hear a lot of noise in the living room as I lay in my bed. It was like a lot of rack from the radio. I was laying in my bed with my hands laying above me I thought I would move my arms, and found I could not. I then climbed out of my bed, spiritually, and found a blonde punk rocker, about 30 of looks sitting above me and hands on my breasts. I tried to do "Burger with the works" but that did not work and send him to the light or ground and cut his head off and put him in a dumpster and cover the dumper. That did not work so while I was punching into him I said the "Lord’s prayer”, two times, then he laid down and died. I think he had a heart attack. If Karmen is not dead she will be soon, God said she got her Electricity bill and that was the end of that Not many spells have been sent my way in the past couple of days, so maybe she is dead? Joe says she is now looking like a wolf. Maybe when she passes over she will be a Wolf on the Spirit Plane. She is no longer allowed to walk the earthly plane. Does Karmen come from bad Karma from the past? 404

Joe my friend, says, she thinks her ex, from the past life was ending his relationship with Karmen, and he found me. I looked like a model and had a real baby face. I was a dancer in a show. It was real love between us and lasted forever, even when we passed over. Her ex, was even very good looking then, she says more so than David? She, Karmen seeks revenge, this lifetime. Tony says she looks horrible 30th November 2015 Since all my Guides and sleep Angels have been fired God is my Main Guide, plus Tamara, and Bourbon my cat. Bourbon is the one who monitors my sleep and warns me of any trouble. Bourbon was singing to me with a brilliant voice, over and over again, the song from One Direction, Baby you're perfect. Bourbon said the only reason he sticks around in this hell hole is that of Tinka, jokingly. He said Tinka killed a few people last lifetime, that's why she got given this Hell hole to live in. Noel who passed away a couple of years ago had stomach problems when alive, he was allergic to wheat, and I believe he had ulcers too? Well, he still has that problem on the other side. Only now, it is taking his life. Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s going to the hospital tonight where he will be there for a few days, then be reincarnated. The person he is going too is a Lesbian couple, with tattoos all over her face and body. She may abort the child, if so then Noel is going to Hell, For all his crimes. Or maybe the Mother will hand over the child to her parents. Noel will be a gay female. Noel says he had a gambling addiction, thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s where all his money went. Noel will be born in the Beenleigh to Gold Coast area. Noel says in an about twenty years, he may track me down and will know of me? God says my house and neighborhood will now make money He says no matter what I do, it will make money for me The house will be the opposite of what it was, including the neighborhood as they were affected, too. He advises me not to leave this house, or maybe give it to my sons. As I told you, I thought I had a Satanic, Tomb in the left corner of my back garden and a Satanic, Guardsmen under the house under my bed, After talking to The Candy Man, which he wants me to talk to him every weekend, by the way, spiritually. Well, I was told it is not Satanic, they have been here from the beginning, guarding my house. If it wasn't for them my boys and I would have been wiped out long ago. Boss's mother said to him before he passed away, "I know you have waited a long time to be The New Age Messiah, for animals, I want you to know I am so proud of you" Moonie said to me a few nights ago, "You are my bunny the one I would die for" The Candy Man, my books Travers Beynon Thanks for the message. When I get some free time I'll have a look. 8th December 2015 Dave, Instead of true love, you chose money 405

There was nothing I would not do for you I've pulled this Steam Engine off and my Music, also books for the past 25 years, out of my love for you. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all I had to live for. All you had to do was help me, and help achieve this dream I was very sick because I felt I had to give up my Smokes for my Music career, and you I lost it all. I guess in your eyes I was not good enough for you, and you did not love me back the way I loved you. Now you are not good enough You may end up spending nights with your booze buddies instead of coming home. You both have nothing in common, and I think she is boring, so is your sex life. You got what you deserved for not listening, and choosing money over love. I had everything to offer and love, We could have done it together. God tried and so did the Guardian Angels; we could not have tried more. The End to a new beginning...



A Motherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Tale! I was born in a family home in the UK, one of three triplets, one had died. My father had his own shoe business in the family home. My parents had four children. With one sister three years older and a brother four years older, my twin and I were the youngest of all. In 1939, the Second World War broke out. My family was evacuated, everyone, all around. By 1939, we were all evacuated in three different homes. My parents used to come and visit us. They would carry a torch as there were no street lights in those days, nighttime used to be pitch dark! I was very scared of the dark! In the home that we were staying after evacuation, the father of the house would go out with a rifle where the bombs were overhead. Our foster parents were very strict. We had strict rules when we were eating, none of us was allowed to take our eyes off our plates; we had to eat every crumb, as you know the food was on ration. My father was self-employed but, during the war, he had to work for an employer which did not really suit him well. On the other hand, my mother had to work in a factory where she had to make bullets. When the war was over, we went back to our family home. The house-shop front of my fatherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s shoe repair business had been bombed. After the war my father was never the same, he suffered mentally which is why my mother had to go to work to support us all. My twin and I used to go to school, just a walking distance, whereas my brother and sister went on a bicycle to school. When I was 15 years of age I left school, I was a Sales Clerk in a Department Store. When 20, my twin sister and her Husband, an engineer migrated to the USA. They planned on staying there for 2 years. Within a year after they migrated, I decided to join them there too. I was on the cruise ship, the Queen Elizabeth. I was on the ship for 5 days and 5 nights. 408

It was a lovely cruise, lovely food - 3 meals a day, and there was entertainment every night. We docked in New York City and we lived in Yonkers for about a year. Then my sister and her husband decided to return to the UK. I wanted to stay in the USA as I really loved how modern and up to date the country was, we had all the modern conveniences. I was 21 and jobs were easy to get, I used to just knock on doors. I got a job as a cashier and a hostess at a 5-star hotel. I would serve coffee. At Cinderella, it was interesting; you would meet all kinds of people. “Step on the Scales, oh you have not lost any weight. Well, go to the toilet, oh you’ve lost a kilo!” and they would smile. And then we would put them on massage tables like buttons. The Cinderella job was in Queens New York. Then, I left Cinderella and got a bookkeeping job; never done bookkeeping in my life. I thought that was the only way to learn but after a while I found it to be a bit boring - just sitting and sitting and the money was not that good. Forty-hour a week, forty dollars a week. So from Queens, I would get on the Subway and go to Manhattan to do waitressing jobs. I had some very good jobs and they paid well. I would just knock on the doors, as I would say when you are young the jobs were dime a dozen, and the tips were outstanding. I met many people and movie stars. Then, in Manhattan I went to a dance, that’s where I met my husband, Charles. We married a few years later, I was very immature back then. We got married in New Jersey. His parents were living in Fort Worth Texas; they decided to meet us in New Jersey. Of course, they talked us into living in Fort Worth Texas so we stayed with them for a while; they were good people at the time. Charles’s dad was a lieutenant in the Army, at that time he was in Vietnam. Charles, while we were married, would move from one state to another - north, south, east, west, you name it. Moving so much he never kept a job. He was in sales and had the gift of the gab; in his shiny shoes and shiny suit.


We had two children, Susan and Keith. I got so tired of moving constantly. We never had any money. The only way we would get money was when Charles would call his mother and ask her to send us money. I told his mother that she should not send him money, he will never keep a job. One day he said “Come on, we will move again. If you don’t come, I will take the children with me”. He was driving the Ute, I had no license. I had no money as I was financially depending on him as I had two young children. Then his mother came to visit us. They knew I was not happy in the marriage as I was tired of moving all the time. I decided to file for a divorce and when the papers were served, they stopped talking to me. They knew I would get custody of the children. So, Charles and his mother decided to run off with my children. It took me 18 months to find them. In those 18 months, I hired different lawyers, one in New York, one in Fort Worth Texas, and then finally one in Alabama. I was very lucky at that time as I worked as a waitress and that paid very good money. It paid for all the detectives and lawyers from one state to the next. After 18 months, out of the blue, I decided to call Charles’s grandparents to find out where my two children were. The grandmother told me to tell no one and she gave me the box number of Alabama. So, I got a flight to Alabama. When I got to the airport I had no transport. I wanted to make some enquires, I needed a lawyer, I saw a man in a white collar and I approached him. I said, “Do you know of any lawyers around here?” He said “Yes, just around the corner of the airport”, and I thanked him. The following day, I had all my papers and made an appointment with the lawyer. The first thing he said was “How much money do you have?’ I said ‘How much money do you need?” He said “Well, five hundred dollars upfront” And I said, “Well, they may not be there.” Anyway, the lawyer took me on and I stayed in a motel just around the corner of the airport. When I was at the motel, there were several knocks on the door, I was too scared to go to the door and it was obvious that my husband knew I did not know how to drive, so they knew where I was staying.


The next morning, I told my lawyer about the knocks on the door. My lawyer and his wife then decided to give me accommodation in their home, a lovely home; I really appreciated that. The following day we went to the Church, it was so nice, I felt so good. I had no money left. In the meantime my lawyer hired a deputy sheriff, he picked me up and we drove to the house in Alabama. When we approached the house I saw my dog and said to the deputy, “There’s my dog, the children are inside”. The same time the deputy showed up and he got scared. He got into the car and he drove off and I got scared and nervous. I said if ‘You run off it gives them time to run off” so the deputy sheriff called another deputy, so there were two cars. We drove up to the house again, the deputy told me to keep my head down in the back seat, I did. Five minutes later Charles and his mother and the two children came out from the front door, I sat in the car; the deputy brought over the two children, Susan and Keith, they were so happy to see me. From then on we were going through a custody battle. None of us had custody of the children. So my lawyer told me the children had to go into a detention home until the court case came up, the court case was in Alabama. The Judge decided to postpone the court case. I was running out of money. The deputy said, “Why don’t you and the two kids jump on the bus and just disappear?” So I decided to do that, I knew it was not the right thing to do. We spent forty hours on the bus from Alabama to New York City. In New York City it was winter time, it was freezing cold, and we walked the New York City Streets. I was carrying Keith and Susan was at my side. And then I saw the Y.M.C.A, so I walked in there, and told them my circumstances. I said, “No way am I going back to Alabama.” So the receptionist called my lawyer. He said, “Help her, she needs help.” The receptionist got a passport for me and my children. I was not ready to go to the UK. I had memories of the pre-war, and growing up when life was tough! So I went to Dallas where I could guarantee work. I got my old job back in Dallas


where I could work lunches. It was good because I had to get babysitting for the children for two to three hours and on weekends I would work at the Steak House. My older sister decided to come and visit me in Dallas, she was living in Australia. I was working at the club making good money and she supervised the two children. She could only stay for a short while so she decided to take my children for a visit to the UK and stay with my other twin sister in the UK. Then it was time for my older sister to return to Australia. A few months later, my sister looking after my children in the UK, said it was about time that I returned to the UK. I arrived in England, it was wonderful to see my children again and they were doing well. I got a job straight away. The children were going to school. A few years later my sister in Australia said: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Why donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t you and the two children come to Australia?â&#x20AC;? The children and I arrived in Bulimba, Australia in 1977. I stayed with my sister and her husband for a while then got my own place, a unit. I also got a job as a cook, at a nursing home, I was the head cook.






Where the evil spirits had come from  
Where the evil spirits had come from  

I lived in a haunted house for 25 years, until God came on board and helped me clear the situation. He told me why my house was haunted