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Friday Fridge Notes March 25, 2011

Announcements Our Spring Gala is fast approaching! Donations have been coming in from our own school community as well as from many local businesses. We really need everyone’s help, so if you haven’t donated anything yet please take a moment to think of something, whether large or small, and contact Brie ( ). Don’t forget to invite your friends and family to the event! Here’s a look at the offerings so far, donated by some of you great Gailer folks! 1 Week Timeshare Anywhere in the World 4 Hours Gardening/Weeding 4 Red Sox Tickets w/VIP Parking 1 Case Lincoln Peak Wine 1 Dozen Mixed Gourmet Brownies 3 Signed Copies of Dog to Dog Communication (authored by one of own!) 1 Handmade Felted Bag A 3-Hour Sailing Trip for 2 13-Piece Wicker Patio Set circa 1950”s 1 Portrait Commission 1 Painting 1 Print Questions? Contact Brie at, or 897-2840

Best of luck to The Gailer MATHCOUNTS team, Galen Fastie, Michael Gyukeri, Andrew Brown and Zach Bechhoefer, who are going to the State Competition tomorrow, March 26th! Go, team, go! Please return your 2011-12 Contracts to the office as soon as possible. Remember that the deadline for applying for financial aide to SSS at NAIS is March 31st. Notification of awards will be sent by April 30th. The Vermont State Scholastic Chess Tournament, open to K-12th grade students, will take place on April 9th in Berlin, Vermont. If you are interested, please contact Diane at . The Champlain College Young Writers’ Conference for high school students will be held May 20th -22nd this year. More information and application forms are available at school.

Important Dates Thursday, March 31st –Deadline for Applying for Financial Aide for the 2011-12 School Year at SSS at NAIS. Saturday, April 9th –The Gailer Gala at Carol’s Hungry Mind from 7-10PM

Appreciations I would like to appreciate: Piper’s amazing dancing on Friday night. –Mujtaba

* McDonald’s. –Genny

* Friends who show up on your doorstep at 1:30 in the morning to ask you to go to McDonald’s with them. –Emily

* Taranland and its capital, Taranopolis. -David

* My wonderful boyfriend, who came over and cooked dinner for me. –Emily

* The chess players who were here Saturday for the tournament. –Diane

* Diane and Monty, for arranging the chess tournament. –Mary

* The seedlings that have germinated. –Jenny

* The NBS Hockey Tournament. Even though they lost, they played really well. –Piper

* All the little flowers coming up at my house. –Taran

* Jenny, for giving us a good book, To Kill a Mockingbird, in DV7/8. -Halle

* The whole Big Ape Company and production of “Everybody Can Dance”. –Piper

* Ainaka, because you’re awesome. –Cal

* Hacky Sack with Jenny. –Robin

* 4 Square. –Galen

* How vicious our game of soccer tag got. –David

* I want to apologize to Andrew, again. –Lonny

* That I finally know my pattern in Tae Kwon Do. –

* Cookies from Ben! –Diane

* Old friends that recognize you after not seeing you for two years. –Emily

* Getting to bed at 9 o’clock. –Piper

* Piper’s boots. –Nate

* Piper, in general! –Emily

* Jenny, for getting bit by the hacky sack bug. –Lonny

* It was snowing this AM, several days after the 1st day of spring! –Genny

* Ice packs for burns. –Emily

* That it doesn’t seem to be snowing anymore. –Galen


Kurt Vonnegut, for coming up with a system of six seasons, lasting two months each, that includes the season of “Locking” before Winter and “Unlocking” before Spring. We are now in the season of Unlocking. -Lonny

* People who have so much time on their hands that they can invent new seasons. – Jessie

* Ben and Elias who said hi to me while biking to school. –David

* The lack of announcements. – Galen. The sun this morning. –Piper

* The power walk. – Mujtaba

* Fractals. _Ben

* The Frisbee I found on the side of the road this morning. –David

* Elias’ outfit. –Mujtaba

* Fuma, fuma, fuma. –David

* Everyone who’s been out sick this week and is now back. – Emily

* Bulbs that sprout out of the ground the day after the snow disappears. –Diane

* Our Spanish party today. –Piper

* Ainaka, for letting us have a Spanish party. –Emily

* The Chinese Calligraphy Master Class, for inviting me to their tea party. –Mujtaba


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