Supermarket Art Magazine #11

Page 24


RESEARCH LIBRARY – Borrow and lend, dive into pages of knowledge. A trove of readings, documents and p r i n t e d m a t t e r. A base where we start from. 22

COMMUNAL WORKING AREA – Gather together to discuss or process administration. This is where we work through institutionally created policies. Let's find funding and other opportunities t o g e t h e r.

PUB – Have a drink, chat with us. Here's where we blend and mingle. DECOMPRESSION SUITE

COMMUNAL WORKING AREA OPEN OFFICE – This is a place for sharing, listening, giving and receiving support. A transparent, mutable space, shifting with the wind. The open office welcomes you.

DECOMPRESSION SUITE – A soft space for relaxation, destressing and letting go. Get c o s y, p u t y o u r f e e t u p , r e s t your head, get some shut-eye.

textur's hypothetical workspace straddles f a n t a s y a n d r e a l i t y. A s b u r e a u c r a t i c p r o c e s s e s — and the spaces in which they unfold — are often rigid, we see this büro as a flexible space that we collectively shape and continually reshape.