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SCD STAFF Jonty Wydell

Tour Manager & Writer

Matt Parker

Membership Manager & Writer

Riad Ariane Photographer

Tim Crawford Videographer

Welcome to issue 24 of Supercar Driver, a unique publication, written by the owners, for the owners. The longest day of the year has been and gone and we’ve put on over fifty events so far this year, some of which you will read about in the pages to come. The team are flat out planning and running events for our growing community and 2017 is the first year expanding our calendar of driving tours with French Riviera, Scotland and Isle of Man under our belts so far and more in the works. We’re adding to the SCD team too – it’s all go!

Adam Thorby

Director & Co-Founder

CONTRIBUTORS Tim Hanlon Writer

Dave Baker Writer

Oli Webb

Resident Racing Driver

Editor’s Note: As a car enthusiast, I love the diversity that SCD brings. The variety of eclectic and interesting machinery at every event always keeps things exciting. This in turn means each event provides some great photo opportunities that we can publish as a memento. Add to this your ownership experience, beautiful showpiece garages and our very own dealer drives, the SCD community packs our magazine to the hilt with great content which we hope you enjoy. We’re proud of our charitable events here at the SCD towers. Perhaps our greatest achievement to date is on show in this very magazine – a collaboration with yourselves and a number of automotive organisations which allowed us to bring The Supercar Experience to the shoppers of Meadowhall in Sheffield. We are overjoyed to have raised more than £22,000 on the day for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice! So much so, we are looking to repeat the event again next year and we hope you can join us again too. Until next time, happy motoring and thanks for your continued support.

Neil Duckmanton Designer

Paul Owen Luke Earnshaw Designer






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Evolution or Revolution? David Baker drives the new Aventador S to find out how some subtle improvements have transformed Lamborghini’s V12 flagship. Written by: David Baker


Since the Aventador was launched at the Geneva motor show in February 2011, Lamborghini have subsequently released a Roadster version, the hardcore SV and a few special editions, but this new Aventador S is the first time the car has had a mid-life refresh. No doubt the Roadster, special edition and SV variants will follow suit. Riad and I arrived at Lamborghini Leicester to be greeted by a Rosso Mars Aventador S, sitting pride of place outside the showroom. This particular car was very highly specified to a retail price just south if £350k with pretty much every carbon fibre option ticked, plus some choice items including transparent engine bonnet, park assist with rear camera and telemetry system to name but afew. Standard equipment includes ceramic brakes and front lift. After a warm welcome from Sales Manager Paul, a quick coffee and some paperwork, I was handed the keys to the

£350k Lambo. “Take as long as you like and enjoy”, Paul said as we loaded the car with a large amount of camera kit (who says Lamborghinis aren’t practical?) Enjoy? I think I will, thank you! I should point out I have driven an original Aventador, but that was some time ago back in 2012 when that car was first launched in the UK. With a 6.5 litre, naturally aspirated V12, the Aventador pushed out 690bhp; this S raises that figure to 730bhp, making it the most powerful car I’ve ever driven, but I tried to forget that and relax. Doors glide vertically in classic Lambo style, I dropped into the leather seat and slid my head under the low roofline. I lifted the little red cover to reveal the starter button and pressed it to bring the V12 to life. It fired up with a loud bark before settling down into a not insignificant rumble. Aside from the

‘virtual cockpit’ dials, the interior will be very familiar to any original Aventador owner. Visibility up front is surprisingly good for such a low and wide car and the rear view over that huge V12 through the optional clear engine cover was a nice sight too. I started the car in Strada mode with manual gear selection, leaving Sport and Corsa for later. The forth option, Ego (actually meaning individual), can be customised to your preferences. After a casual first into second and into third, I switched to Sport mode, gave it some and I was held back in the seat – wow, this is a quick car! Before long, we are on country lanes. Still in Sport mode, the suspension was surprisingly compliant on the bumps and dips, more so than I remember the original Aventador. I tried Corsa and all hell broke loose in terms of drama, noise and response – it was a hell of a rush. This is a truly special car.


We stopped in the sunshine for Riad to get the shots he needed and, at this point, I tried to gather my thoughts so far. Firstly, that paintwork gleaming in the sun. Red is not normally associated with Lamborghini but it really works, making all the exterior details stand out. The new front and rear bumpers give the car a more aggressive look, who would have thought that was needed over the already menacing standard car? The way the car behaves on smaller roads is vastly improved upon over the older car and, although it’s a big car, on the move it isn’t intimidating at all. In fact, it seemed to shrink around us throughout the day. My other main thought was on the exhaust; you don’t buy a Lamborghini to be discreet and this new system pops and bangs like its Huracan baby brother, much to our delight. Static photos complete, it was time for the motion shots, requiring me to drive up and down and the same stretch of road past Riad on the roadside. This involved doing many three point turns on a B road, “not easy”, I hear you say, “easy”, I say! This is because the S has a secret to its nimbleness – four-wheel steering. Three degrees at low speed is enough to effectively reduce the wheelbase by 500mm, making the Aventador S a much easier car to handle in those tight spots. Photos finished, we headed back to Lamborghini Leicester. We had one more go in Corsa mode, laughing out loud at the occasion that is driving the Aventador S. To sum up this short experience with the Aventador S, it really feels like a revolution compared to the standard Aventador and I strongly recommend anyone with the necessary funds to go and try one, but be warned, it may turn out to be an expensive experience.


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Supercar Driver Magazine Issue 24  

The Supercar owners' magazine. A unique publication focusing on real-life ownership experiences. Regular features include key Supercar Drive...

Supercar Driver Magazine Issue 24  

The Supercar owners' magazine. A unique publication focusing on real-life ownership experiences. Regular features include key Supercar Drive...