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Service Manual Part 1: For S.I.T./SUPERBA Knitting Machine Products sold under the Brand Names SUPERBA, SINGER, WHITE, PHILDAR. This service manual covers the following: • Yarn Guide/Tension Unit • Motor Drive • Knitting Retainer Accessory • Plastic Bed 9mm Gauge Hobby Knitting Machines Models SB100, S7, D7, S9. • 4 Colour Yarn Changer • Basic Parts/Repair for most Double Bed Model Knitting Machines models including Light Scanning and Pressure Pad models. • Note: see Service Manual Parts 2 & 3 for additional detailed repair, parts and service information.

©SUPERBA SAS. Used with Permission.

Service Manual Part 1: For Double Bed Knitting Machines SUPERBA, SINGER, WHITE & PHILDAR.  

Part 1 service manual for knitting machine products made in France by S.I.T./Groupe SUPERBA. This service manual covers the Yarn Tension Uni...

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