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The main reason why the Cramps early got a cult band status, as soon as they began touring & released their first recordings, is that they entirely symbolize REAL r’n’r. According to Lux & Ivy, r’n’r music means antique or swamp blues, sparkling ballads, classy doo wop, wild r’n’b, primitive rockabilly, rough surf, raw 60’s garage or haunted exotica... EVERYTHING in r’n’r does the groundwork for the Cramps own world: wild live shows, sexy records sleeves, hot rods, pin-ups, 50’s horror, sci-fi & juvenile delinquents movies & comics... Their whole life is a sincere tribute to the Pionners: local radio broadcastings DJs, legendary record companies & forgotten artists. “Cramped!” is a sincere tribute to this life.



FROM L.A.WITH LOVE A.B.E.001 A: Rubbed off B: Is Elvis Dead? (interview with Rodney Bingenheimer, KROQ radio, Los Angeles, USA, 1986) AMSTERDAM 1990 March 9th 1990 live at Jaap Edenhal, Amsterdam, Holland Lim.ed of 50 clear & 50 black vinyl copies (?) A: Tear It Up B: What’s Inside A Girl?, Psychotic Reaction

BLOW JOB NON PROFIT PRODUCTIONS NPP 012 April 10th 1986, live at Gota Lejon, Stockholm, Sweden A: Do The Clam, Love Me B: Blue Moon Baby, Cornfed Dames

BLIND VISION I.R.S.TIBLE rds BLIND 1 October 1982 demo session with Terry Graham (Gun Club drummer) A: Thee Most Exalted Potentate Of Love, 5 Years Ahead Of My Time B: Sinner, Call Of The Wighat

DANCE OF THE CANNIBALS OF SEX FAMOUS LUX January 1977 live at Max’s Kansas City, NYC, USA Original: brown cardboard sleeve 1st reed: black cardboard sleeve & black paper sleeve 2d reed: red, yellow paper sleeve & white label or green, red paper sleeve & pink label First 300 copies num 3d reed (LUX 102): white, black folded paper sleeve & black, white labels or green, black folded paper sleeve & red, black labels or yellow, black folded paper sleeve & purple, white labels A: Hurricane Fighter Plane B: I’m Cramped

HEAVEN CAN WAIT WARDANCE rds WDR 2 May 5th 1982, live at Astor Park, Seattle, USA lim. ed of 200 copies A: Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White B: 5 Years Ahead Of My Time

HOUSTON 1997 November 7th 1997 live at Numbers, Houston, USA Lim. num. ed of 5O clear & 50 black vinyl copies A: Garbageman B: Cramp Stomp


LEAVES NO UGLY STUBBLE CR-OX 2 (7“x2) Demo singles with Myriam Linna on drums The Cramps named as “The Slots” on the vinyl label Lim. LOTC (Legion of the Cramped) fan club ed of 700 copies One ed with one single only, lim. num. fan club ed of 100 copies A: Don’t Eat Stuff Off The Sidewalk, Teenage Werewolf B: Sunglasses After Dark, Love Me C: Domino, What’s Behind The Mask? D: I Can’t Hardly Stand It, TV Set

LIVE E.P. S2 1000 Live rec. 1980 Original: plain sleeve + handscreened Cramps “dancing letters logo” + insert (back photo of Gravest Hits) & white label. Lim. num. ed of 500 black & 500 white vinyl copies 1st reed: white cardboard sleeve with black & white glued paper band & black or white vinyl (lim. num. ed of 500 copies each) + black & white insert (back photo of Gravest Hits) & black label

2d reed: white cardboard sleeve with yellow & black glued paper band & clear vinyl (lim. num. ed of 500 copies, (always with number 501?) + black & yellow insert (back photo of Gravest Hits) & white label Other ed: blue, red, yellow vinyl colors? & some copies with a photo sleeve? A: Human Fly, Caveman B: Sunglasses After Dark

LONESOME TOWN SCATTERBRAINCHILD rds 006 Live rec. lim. num. ed of 500 orange & 500 red vinyl copies A: Lonesome Town B: Womanneed

ROCK THIS DUMP EHOY 7 ZAP! rds February 28th 1990, live rec. of the Radio Broadcast of Brixton Academy, London, England Lim. ed of 500 copies The Cramps named as “The Garbagemen” on the vinyl label A: Muleskinner Blues, Journey To The Center Of A Girl B: All Women Are Bad, Drug Train

SMELL OF SAN DIEGO TC 01 June 25th 1984 , live at San Diego, USA Lim. ed of 475 black & 475 red vinyl copies A: Domino, Gorehound B: Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill!, Garbageman

SOMETIMES GOOD GUYS DON’T WEAR WHITE May 20th 1982, live at Astor Park, Seattle, USA Green & black (reed) vinyl copies A: Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White B: 5 Years Ahead Of My Time

THE CRAMPS SUB POP EP 5 Lim. num. ed of 500 copies A: Teenage Werewolf, Sunglasses After Dark B: What’s Behind The Mask?, I’m Cramped

VENUE 1980 LIVE PAN-VOX PV-1619 April 4th 1980, live at the Venue, London, England The Cramps named as “The Savages” on the vinyl label A: Drug Train, Under The Wires B: Garbageman, Louie Louie

A VICIOUS CYCLE SCATTERBRAINCHILD rds SR-001 March 16th 1986, live at the Hammersmith Odeon, London, England Lim. ed of 500 blue & 500 red vinyl copies A: Heartbreak Hotel B: Do The Clam

SUNGLASSES LIVE YOUNG LIONS CONSPIRACY Live rec. A: Sunglasses After Dark B: Human Fly, Caveman


VOODOO IDOLS HOT SPOT rds Poster sleeve lim. ed of 500 (?) red & 500 (?) black (reed) vinyl copies A: Human Fly, Love Me B: Voodoo Idol

WHAT COLOUR PANTIES ARE YOU WEARING? AND HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN WEARING THEM CRA 001 July 23rd or November 8th 1991, live at Fryshuset, Stockholm, Sweden A: I Wanna Get In Your Pants B: Muleskinner Blues, Aloha From Hell

YOU’LL NEVER CHANGE ME PMS rds 51 10 50 May 19th 1984, live at the Peppermint Lounge, NYC, USA Lim. num. ed of 300 copies A: You’ll Never Change Me B: Bacon Fat Same sleeve drawing as Exorcism Night & Hot Club

Romain Marsault (family tree) Winshluss (cover) Moolinex Imius Syd Dolby Nicolas Moog & Matthias Lehmann Pakito Bolino Mattt Konture Oudin Ojjo & Janus Ojjo Vincent Wagnair Bingo Laure Del Pino & Olivier Josso


Syd Dolby (artwork) Bingo (additional artwork) Vincent Wagnair (typography) Patrick Bainée (help & support) Hors Cadre Impressions Imprimerie 34

1st book of “Limbo” collection, “Cramped” has been printed at Trace and Hors Cadre Impressions in Concots and Villefranche de Rouergue. Winshluss cover printed in silk-screen by Hors Cadre Impressions. Imprimerie Trace : / Hors Cadre Impressions : Registration of copyright : September 2013.

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