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After Canton Fall 2010

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Building Our Future


In the foreground, the Grasse River Housing Suites are on schedule for student occupancy to begin in August 2011. The new athletic center, pictured in the background, has already generated a lot of buzz throughout the North Country and will be a hot spot when it opens in Spring 2011. See more photos on page 8 and 9.

Blasting All-Time Records… Again q The unprecedented growth of SUNY Canton has reached record levels with the College setting new all-time highs in enrollment and applications this year. more on page 2

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Join Your Friends at Reunion 2011 Inspired by an incredibly successful 2006 Hockey Reunion with over 200 in attendance, the College’s Alumni and Development Offices are now planning a blow-out, all-athlete, all-fans, all-sports reunion mega event for next summer. “I couldn’t be more excited about coming back for Reunion 2011!” said Terry Martin, who served as a hockey, women’s soccer, and lacrosse coach, men’s athletic director, and faculty member during his tenure at the College. “It’s hard to put into words how great it will be to see how players have progressed professionally, have the chance to meet their families, and see so many friends and supporters come back. It’s a fantastic time to get all the coaches and athletes back on campus to celebrate the new state-ofthe-art athletic facilities. I’ll spend the winter contacting my colleagues and athletes to make sure they’re coming! Will you join us at the Reunion?”


President Clinton Lauds SUNY Canton u ing class. “I’m honored to be able to send this special message to the 2010 graduates, the first ever generation of students who studied at the American University of Bosnia and Herzegovina to receive an American diploma. This remarkable achievement is something that you can be proud of. I congratulate the founders of this university and their partners at the State University of New York for this profoundly important initiative.” Twenty students earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from SUNY Canton and a degree from their home university. Many of them United States Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand speaks came to campus in with SUNY Canton President Joseph L. Kennedy at the summer of 2009 a meeting with community leaders in Ogdensburg. to take classes and Gillibrand was recently re-elected to office. (Photo experience Americourtesy of Watertown Daily Times Staff Photographer can culture, while Jason Hunter).

Former President Bill Clinton commended SUNY Canton’s collaborative efforts in providing international students with the opportunity to earn dual degrees. The College graduated its first class from the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH) in May, and Clinton recorded a video to commemorate the event. “As all of you surely know, Bosnia and Herzegovina is dear to my heart,” said Clinton to the 2010 AUBiH graduat-

q Gillibrand Speaks with Kennedy

the classes throughout the year were available via online and live video conferencing. President Kennedy and toplevel college staff attended AUBiH’s first commencement ceremony to recognize the College’s most recent alumni. SUNY Canton has articulation agreements allowing dual degrees with a half-dozen universities overseas and several colleges in the United States. The College is the first within the SUNY system to link with Lomonosov Moscow State University in Russia. Most recently, College officials began creating a dual-degree program with the American University in the Emirates.

Blasting All-Time Records… Again (continued from cover) q The College enrolled 3,686 students this fall, including 941 firsttime, full-time students and 241 new full-time transfer students. In 2008, the College had 3,056 enrollments and 3,343 in 2009. The 2010 enrollment figure reflects a second straight year of more than 10 percent growth. “We’re consistently growing in all the right areas,” said President Joseph L. Kennedy. “We continually increase our selectivity in order to strategically grow our College’s student population while adding new career-driven four-year programs. The College is a completely different place from when I first came here.


More students are making SUNY Canton their first choice when starting and continuing their higher education.” The College has grown 73 percent in the past 10 years, up from 2,126 students in 2000, and it’s nearly doubled in size since enrolling 1,880 students in 1970.

SUNY Canton also broke a 33-year-old record for the most applications in the school’s history with more than 5,500 applicants this year. The previous record was set in 1977 when 5,331 students applied. The College has increased applications nearly 20 percent for four consecutive years, up 77 percent overall from 2006. Several key developments have led to the College’s explosive growth including new degree programs in sports management, civil and environmental technology, and electrical technology, extensive offerings in online courses, and the growth of international programs.

After Canton

Fay Day at Convocation


status after teaching nursing for more than three decades. She received the SUNY Canton Distinguished Faculty Award in 1995, the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1996, and the Chancellor’s Recognition Award for Outstanding Service to SUNY and the people of the North Country in 1998. Linda was not the only During her tenure, she Fay to be recognized at served on many committhe 2010 Honors Contees, wrote grants, and vocation. Her husband, developed seven courses Daniel G. Fay, a profesfor the Bachelor of Scisor in the School of Busience nursing program ness and Liberal Arts at implemented last year. the College, was honored At the request of colwhen students dedicated leagues, students, and the 2010 yearbook, the Paysonian, to him for his alumni, the Linda Lahey generosity, outstanding service, and contribuFay Nursing Award was tions he’s made to the College and community established in 2003. It recfor more than 42 years. ognizes annually a senior

Distinguished Professor Emerita of Nursing Linda L. Fay was recognized for her years of extraordinary dedication and service when the 2010 Honors Convocation was named in her honor. Fay began her career at the College in 1972 and was granted emeritus

graduate who best embodies the saying, “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted,” which represents some of Fay’s personal mantras and beliefs.

q Campus Hails the Chief!

When Binghamton University President Lois B. DeFleur retired earlier this year, SUNY Canton’s Joseph L. Kennedy became the longest-serving President in the entire SUNY system. SUNY Canton has gone through a remarkable transformation during Kennedy’s 17-year tenure, including record enrollments, the addition of bachelor’s degrees, four-year athletics, online courses and majors, new buildings, remarkable renovations, and so much more. The campus community recently surprised Dr. Kennedy with a celebration to commemorate his new status

After Canton

as SUNY’s most experienced president. Students, faculty, staff, and North Country residents gathered with balloons, ice cream, and cake on the Roselle Academic Plaza in front of the

Miller Campus Center. “When I was about five years old, little did I know that a man coming to SUNY Canton would have such an important impact on my education,” joked Jennifer P. Bernadotte, the college’s student body president, during the celebration. “As a first-grader, little did I know that President Kennedy was fighting for the existence of this College.” Among his many achievements, Dr. Kennedy has brought about physical change to campus, including the Newell Veterinary Technology Center, the Miller Campus Center, the new athletic facility, and the new dorms. Many renovations

have also taken place, including Southworth Library and most recently Nevaldine Technology Center. SUNY Canton has seen more than 80 percent enrollment growth since Dr. Kennedy took the reins in 1993, when there were just over 2,000 students attending the College. The College has grown from being exclusively a two-year institution to providing nearly 20 bachelor’s degrees in addition to 20 associate degrees and 7 certificates. Other areas of extreme growth include Summer Session and Winterterm, which have seen staggering enrollment growth, as well as SUNY Canton OnLine, which now serves more than 3,000 students a year. International programs have also grown extensively with the College helping students from around the world earn dual degrees at their home institution and SUNY Canton. Dr. Kennedy noted that despite all he’s done, all of his goals have not yet been achieved. “I hope sometime within the next few years we’ll have our first graduate degree.” “It’s been an amazing transformation and an amazing 17 years,” he added. “I look forward to doing this until my wife tells me I can retire.”


t Subaru VP Driving Towards Bachelor’s

Nearly 35 years after graduating from SUNY Canton, Barry Wells ’75 is back to late nights of studying, tests, and papers, except this time it’s in addition to a full-time job and a family, and it’s nowhere near a classroom. At the end of 2009, Wells, who is the Executive Vice President for Parts, Service, and Logistics at Subaru Distributors Corp., thought about how much he and his work would benefit from having a background in law. “Our president went to night school and earned his law degree, and doing something similar seemed to fit with my goals and ultimately where I want to go in my career.

That’s what made me decide to go back to school.” He is one of nearly 3,000 SUNY Canton students taking online courses through SUNY Canton OnLine. Wells is a full-time student taking 4-5 courses a semester since the beginning of 2010 in pursuit of his legal studies degree, which he expects to complete this spring. “I looked at several nationally-recognized online programs around the country, but was unimpressed with how they handled me as a prospective student,” he said. “Then, I saw that SUNY Canton offered the program I was looking for, and that all the classes could be taken online. It was the perfect fit, going back to the place I started.” Wells spends nearly four hours commuting to and from his home in Riverton, N.J., to his office just outside New York City and is at work well before the morning rush hour begins to get a jump start on his 10-hour work day. In addition to his lunch break, commute, and two hours each night at home studying, he takes a little time each morning to

Updating a Dream In 2008, After Canton featured a story about Johmarr Ogletree ’12, who wasn’t sure his dream of attending college was possible after a devastating fire and health problems plagued his family. The successful Corcoran High School senior had saved money to go to college, but instead used his college fund to help his family overcome their challenges. With the help of several people in the Syracuse area, alumnus Kevin Fear ’87, and the College Foundation, SUNY Canton was able to offer Johmarr a $1,000 per year scholarship as part of the Bridge to Success campaign, founded by alumnus R. Peter Heffering ’51. Two years later, Johmarr is now a junior, vice president of student government, and has made an impressive name for himself. “I’m happy at SUNY Canton,” he said. “I have had a great experience here. When I first came to Canton, I realized that in order to fully succeed here I had to begin with being involved on campus.” Saying Johmarr is involved in an understatement. In addition to his leadership role within student government, he is a member of the Sassy Steppers, Afro-Latin Society, and Gospel Choir. He works as a resident assistant and was voted by his peers as 2010 Mr. Canton. He also serves as a member of the college activities board and faculty assembly. “I love to make change and be a part of so many organizations and clubs.” His favorite? “I really enjoy being a part of the step team.


work on assignments and readings to prepare for the next week of classes. Taking classes online has been an adjustment for Wells, but he has enjoyed it immensely. “The professors are great at getting back in touch with me when I have a question or an issue,” he said. “They understand time constraints because of jobs and family, but the classes are no less rigorous than they were when I was in the classroom. It’s a different way of learning, but a wonderful learning experience.” He’s worked closely with advisor Jondavid Delong, assistant professor of business and liberal arts, as well as instructor Carl Disalvatore, an adjunct instructor within the program. “They have been fantastic,” Wells said. Despite a jam-packed daily schedule, Wells is emphatic about spending quality time with wife Suzanne and their two young children, Camille, 7, and Reed, 5. “I make it a point every night and weekend to enjoy a substantial amount of time with them,” he said. “There’s no job or class that will ever be more important than that.”

u It allows me to forget about all of my problems and worries and step them away with different beats.” While attending SUNY Canton, he said the greatest lesson he’s learned so far is how to live life. “Frederick Douglass once said, ‘Without struggle, there is no progress.’ I live by that every day, because with every obstacle I face, I understand there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Things will get better if you make sure they do.” Johmar has switched majors from criminal investigations to business management with plans to graduate in Spring 2012. He plans to then pursue an MBA. “I’m still finding out what I would like to do with my life,” he said. “I know whatever I do, it will benefit and help someone else.”

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Roo Fever Spreading Across Campus


With the scheduled spring opening of a new athletic facility, also known as Roos House, and the addition of men’s golf and volleyball for the 2011-2012 season, there’s a lot of buzz surrounding Roos Athletics. Both soccer teams have enjoyed record turnouts for games. This fall’s Pack the Stands Nights saw hundreds of students and fans flock to the College’s lighted, synthetic turf field for games versus SUNY Potsdam. It’s easy to stay connected with the Roos. Our award-winning website ( features up-to-date scores, game recaps, and other information about the teams.

q 1936 Hoopster Ready for Roos House Seventy-five years after her college basketball career came to an end, 94-year-old Marla Snyder Rawlins ’36 looks forward to returning to campus and shooting the first basketball in the new Convocation, Athletic, and Recreation Center, known as Roos House at the 2011 Reunion. Marla was a basketball player for the College during the 1934-35 season. It was one of many sports she enjoyed during her youth. “As a youngster, I was very sports-minded,” she explained. “With so many brothers, I learned at an early age how to play football, baseball, ski, skate, and swim. Basketball didn’t become part of my life until high school, where I made the varsity team as a freshman.” She remained active in local sports following graduation, organizing a girls’ community basketball team known as the ‘Newberry Bloomer Girls.’ “My father sponsored us and we played all over the North Country,” Marla said. She also began dating T. Lester Rawlins, formerly her college coach, who she eventually

After Canton

married in July 1937. Marla remained in the North Country, raising her three children and working as cook manager at Canton High School. She was a competitive bowler for 32 years, participating in state and national tournaments, and enjoyed playing golf with her husband. After being a part of and watching the growth and popularity of athletics in the North Country for more than nine decades, she looks forward to the impact the College’s new facility will have on the area. “It’s vital for SUNY Canton,” Marla said. “It will be an important addition and asset to the community.”

Alum Honored with Prestigious Urbach Award

Edward S. Mucenski ’68, Potsdam, was recently honored for his leadership and commitment with the 2010 Michael H. Urbach, CPA, Community Builder’s Award. The Award, co-sponsored by the New York State Society of CPAs, honors a Certified Public Accountant in New York State who has exhibited exemplary board leadership in 501(c)3 charities. He is a partner in the firm Pinto, Mucenski, Hooper, VanHouse & Co. Mucenski, who was selected as SUNY Canton’s 2006 Distinguished Citizen, has been involved with the College in a number of capacities which include serving as the auditor for both the SUNY Canton College Association, Inc., and the College Foundation, Inc. He has been a valuable asset in numerous ways. He previously served as the Chair of the Board of Trustees at Mater Dei College and helped make it possible for Mater Dei students to complete their education at SUNY Canton. Mucenski is also well known for his work with St. Joseph’s Rehabilitation Center, the Potsdam Rotary Club, St. Mary’s Church, CantonPotsdam Hospital, and several other community institutions.


q We Are 30,000 Strong! On October 1, 2010, the Canton College Foundation Board of Directors elected Bernard C. Regan as Chair. Bernie is a 1965 graduate from the Electrical Engineering Technology curriculum. After a successful career with UPS, Bernie and his wife, Jane, are now living in Sarasota, Florida.

John and Rose Bartholomew

q Honoring a Son

SUNY Canton stands 30,000 The Bartholomews knew establishing an alumni strong. Every one of our endowment in memory of their son, Jim, alumni and friends count and we Class of 1992, was what he would have want to hear from you! You will see wanted. “It reflects how Jim lived and loved in this issue of After Canton a surlife,” they said. “He would be happy knowing vey insert. I ask you to please take he can continue in perpetuity to help and asa moment and fill out the survey. sist others in the pursuit of their dreams.” We need our alumni to reflect back on their experience at Canton. Your The James D. Bartholomew Endowed memories and how your education has made an impact on your life and career Scholarship, established in 2009, will be are important to us. We need you to help guide the College into our next awarded to an entering student with preference given to a graduate of Massena Cenphase. Your views and opinions will shape the future alumni relations program. tral School, Jim’s high school alma mater, WE WILL LISTEN! Your thoughts, feelings, and suggestions are important or Madrid-Waddington Central School who and will dramatically affect how we do business. Of the 30,000 of us, less than majors in Construction Technology: Manage10 percent participate in some manner with the college. We want to change ment or a related engineering curriculum, that participation rate. We want to improve all areas of alumni involvement from Jim’s interests in college. student recruitment to alumni activities to job placement for both our students The Bartholomews’ relationship with SUNY and alumni. We want SUNY Canton to be a continuing source of pride and a Canton started when the College first opened. resource for all alumni. Our vision is to make SUNY Canton connected to you. Jim’s great-grandfather, grandmother, aunt, Our college has changed dramatically since I graduated in 1965. Now, brother and several cousins attended. His the one-year certificate and two-year associate degrees have corresponding maternal uncle Noel Whitman ’65 was an four-year degree options. Students are seeing the value of getting a four-year instructional support assistant for 34 years degree at SUNY Canton. This has driven other changes on campus—the new in the School of Engineering Technology. His paternal uncle, Charles Goolden, Vice Presiathletic facility and residence hall as well as the renovation in Nevaldine Hall— dent of Administration Emeritus, worked at to mention just a few. SUNY Canton alumni can be very proud of our College the College for 35 years and was a founding and how it has evolved to meet today’s students’ needs. member of the Canton College Foundation. The survey will be on our SUNY Canton Alumni FACEBOOK page as well as In an effort to encourage people to respond, a drawing will be held for participating alumni for gift cards to Wal-Mart, Target, or Best Buy. Great Majors. Great Careers, and James D. Bartholomew EnScozzafava-Dier Endowed Burnham ’46 and Richard dowed Scholarship; Rosie Successful Alumni! That is what SUNY Scholarship; Marilyn and Wil- Randol and John Bartholomew liam Scozzafava Canton is about and why we are asking Thompson-Weatherup Eurto Family Scholarship Walter R. Kingston EnFamily Charitable Foundafor your help. Endowment; Joan Eurto ’82 dowed Scholarship for tion Endowed Scholarship; Thank you and we look forward to Automotive Technology; Dr. Thompson-Weatherup Family Gerlach Family Nursing reading your responses! William Kingston and Dr. Anne Charitable Foundation

Newly Established Endowments and q Their Sponsors


Bernard C. Regan Chair, Board of Directors Canton College Foundation, Inc.


Student Endowment; Lisa Kay ’83, ’06 and David M. Gerlach ’83

The James M. and Charlene Tyler Endowed Scholarship; James M. and Charlene Tyler Guilford White ’68 Endowed Scholarship: Guilford White ’68


Harriet Gushea/Massena Memorial Hospital Nursing Endowed Scholarship; Massena Memorial Hospital Foundation Bobbi Butler Burnham Endowed Scholarship; Bobbi

Margaret D. Sovie Annual Scholarship; Albert Sovie Gilbert, Chadwick, and Christy Investment Club For a complete list of scholarships and endowments, visit:

After Canton

Students Get Into Hot Water A class of solar utilization students in the college’s Alternative and Renewable Energy Systems program have made hot water cheaper and greener recently at the Blanche K. Woodcock Alumni House. They spent part of their class time installing two rooftop heat collectors to learn more about solar thermal systems and their benefits. The students managed the project from start to finish, gaining experience in discussing the benefits of renewable energy as well as technical training in determining material needs, costs, scheduling, and layout. They made two presentations to the College Foundation and facilities personnel to garner support for the project. The roof-mounted collectors utilize solar energy to warm antifreeze, which in turn warms water for showers, cooking, laundry, and other uses throughout the house. Much like conventional hot water heating, the newly installed system stores the water in a tank for later use.


Current and future students in the same class will continue to maintain the system and use it as a learning tool. The system will also be used for research into solar hot water performance in the area. “A solar thermal system is one of the most cost effective ways to reduce fossil fuel energy consumption for residential applications,” said Matthew D. Bullwin-

kel, associate professor of Alternative and Renewable Energy Systems who taught the course. “The students did an excellent job adapting the new technology to the existing structure.” The College’s Canino School of Engineering Technology is involved in solar thermal curriculum training programs through the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.

q Canino Kitchen Unveiled

Ché Terrazas ’08

Adrienne Canino Joel W. Canino ’87

After months of careful planning and hard work, the realization of Joel M. Canino’s vision for the kitchen at the Blanche K. Woodcock Alumni House came to fruition in early October. Alumni, staff, members of the community, and Canino’s family gathered for a dedication of the kitchen and to remember the impact Canino had on the SUNY Canton community. “My father passionately believed in SUNY Canton and what his education enabled him to accomplish in his life,” said his son, Joel W. Canino. “Like all things he wanted for SUNY Canton, he wanted the best for this house, the alumni, and the students. I know he would be so pleased with the wonderful work the committee has done here to complete his vision.”

After Canton

The Blanche K. Woodcock Alumni House welcomes alumni, faculty and staff, parents, guests of the College, prospective students and their families, and members of the community. If you’re interested in booking an overnight stay or hosting an event, please contact the Alumni Office at 315-386-7127 to check availability and make reservations.

Members of the committee included Vice President for Administration Christine Gray, Director of Alumni Affairs Peggy S. Levato, Dine Kennedy, and Blanche K. Woodcock. “We are grateful to Joel Canino for his inspiration and unwavering belief in the Alumni House project,” Woodcock said. “He reminded us to remember where we came from, to be proud of SUNY Canton and its students, and to give back and help others do the same.”


Campus Updates Start making plans to attend Reunion 2011! Be one of the first to experience our new athletic center featuring a field house, basketball courts, fitness center, pool, ice arena, a track and more! Come see the progress of the new apartment-style residence hall, featuring 305 single-occupancy rooms, and see the recent renovations in the Nevaldine Technology Center. Whether your last visit was 5 or 25 years ago, come back and celebrate one of our most exciting years with us!

Athletic Center (Roos House)

Hockey Arena

t Peter M. Reynolds, Norwood, an employee of Gouverneur-based Bill’s Painting, primes the new fitness center. More than 200 local workers have lent a hand (or paintbrush) to the construction of the facility.


Field House

Special thanks to C&S Companies, Syracuse, for providing the aerial photographs in this publication.

After Canton

Grasse River Housing Suites

Groundbreaking Ceremony

Racing for Rooms!

Lounge t Six rafts, representing each of the four dorms, student government, and even faculty/staff, paddled (and waded) across the Grasse River. Students on the winning raft won spots in the new apartment-style residence hall next Fall.

Nevaldine Technology Center In Nevaldine Hall, all of the laboratories have been redesigned. It will become a teaching lab as the heating, air conditioning, and electrical infrastructure have been exposed and incorporated into the design to provide a dynamic learning environment.

After Canton


q Class Notes Thank you to all of the alumni who updated us on their lives for this edition of Class Notes. Please be sure to be included in our next After Canton by e-mailing us at

SOA (1906-1941) Beryl V. (Nipe) Welch ’36, West Falls, celebrated her 95th birthday on August 30, 2010. She is very active with bowling, cards, the Hillcrest Fire Company Women’s Auxiliary, and Bible study.

ATI (1941-1965) Frederick C. Jones ’42, Madison, WI, celebrated his 90th birthday on February 22, 2010. He is in good health.

Raymond W. Stafford ’50, Norfolk, and his wife Peggy celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary on August 15 and still live in the house they built in Norfolk in 1957. Ray retired from ALCOA, Massena Operations, in 1989 after 38 years of service. He keeps active with the Masons and sees Ken Hughes ’50 at some Masonic functions. Early in his retirement, Ray began volunteering for Habitat for Humanity and was honored for ten years of service in 1999. During those years, he worked on recovery teams in the Miami District following Hurricane Andrew. Mary Anne (Davis) Martin ’51, Seminole, Fla., is looking forward to celebrating her 60th class reunion and seeing ‘old’ friends! Oswald V. Blow ’57, Ballston Spa, retired in 1996 from the State Department of Agriculture and Markets. He has lived in Malta for 46 years. He and his wife Dolores keep busy with volunteer work. His daughter is a health inspector while his son is in electronics in Austin, Texas.

Finding Friends in Florida: Class of ’59 Alumni Robert A. Young (left) and Melvin Hertzbach reconnected for a personal 50-year reunion in Florida last year. After some e-mails and phone calls, they arranged to meet at Universal Studios in Orlando and enjoyed catching up and reflecting on how Canton ATC impacted their lives and careers. Both Bob and Mel were members of Alpha Theta Gamma fraternity. Bob was an electrical technology major and went on to become a vice president for ACCO World Corp. Mel studied hotel management and became a senior accountant for Clairol Division of Bristol-Myers. Bob and his wife Carol are retired and live in Parkland, Fla. Mel works part-time. He and his wife Trudy live in Norwalk, Conn., and winter in North Florida. Diane (Farden) Timmons ’58, Fort Covington, and her husband Bob are parents, grandparents, and greatgrandparents. She said, “Whew – time flies when you’re having fun!” Diane (Zatnewski) Herder ’60,

A 40’s Model q


Regina (Higbee) Hammond ’63, Rochester, is a happily retired nurse with four children and five grandchildren. She and her husband Bud spend six months a year away from the cold in Tavarres, Fla. Before retiring, Regina spent seven years working at her dream job with handicapped children. Marcia S. (McGill) Morris ’63, Maiden, N.C., retired after spending 18 years with Sysco Corporation and 15 years with the state of North Carolina’s school food service. Currently, she is serving on (and enjoying!) a Culinary Advisory Board at Caldwell Community College.

p Clarence A. Hansen ’43, Madison, S.D., recently visited his son in Seattle and plans to go back later this year. His son flies a news gathering helicopter for an NBC television station. His other son has a Harley and they’ve enjoyed trips into the mountains and out to the ocean through the Olympic Mountains.

p James E. Deering ’49, Rutland, Vt., was recently honored for 55 years of continual service to the Rutland City Band, the country’s oldest municipalfunded band. He plays the tuba, was band manager for 35 years, and is currently the band historian.

Whitesboro, has been enjoying family, photography, and writing prose-poetry for area newspapers.

ATC (1965-1987)

Peter Hutchinski ’47, Oneida, recently found a photo that brought him back to his years on campus. The basketball and baseball player vividly recalls the great rivalries between the four colleges from Canton and Potsdam. “Our Model T was parked in front of our room on Park Street, and it was stolen,” he says. “It seems Clarkson students drove it to Potsdam and put it on the front porch – with railings—of a fraternity house. Police located it, we retrieved it, and drove it back to Canton.” Do you have memories or photos you’d like to share? Contact the Alumni Association by e-mail at alumni@ or by mail: SUNY Canton Alumni Association, 34 Cornell Drive, Canton, NY 13617.

Michael K. Fitzpatrick ’66, McKinney, Tex., has “re-invigorated” his executive coaching business which is going very well. He has children and grandchildren who live in Lake Tahoe and nearby in Texas.

p Susan B. (Brown) McKenna ’66, Rochester, and her husband recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary by going on a cruise to Alaska. She is currently employed by Xerox

After Canton

Corporation, working as a travel buyer for the Xerox Global Hotel Program. Laura Rozell ’69, Malone, and her husband Tom became grandparents this year and are expecting their third grandchild! Albert Buse ’71, East Granby, Conn., recently sold his catering business after 23 years, but works part time to help keep himself busy in retirement. He said he considers himself lucky, having three grandchildren who all live within 10 miles of his home. “My years at Canton were probably the best and most rewarding years of my life,” he recalls. “I will forever be grateful for the knowledge and wisdom I gained while at Canton. We are still in contact with many of our classmates. I am a ‘Roo’ and proud of it!”

p Mark W. Glynn ’71, Lockport, and his engineering firm, Glynn Geotechnical Engineering, celebrated their 25th anniversary this summer with a “Backyard Benefit” for the Salvation Army and St. John’s Outreach Center. Mark started the company 25 years ago and has never looked back, except to reflect upon the “wonderful years at Canton and all the fantastic stops in between.”

including “Danny Fay’s willingness to hire me at the Hoot Owl; getting the name ‘Hawk’ or ‘Hawk’s Heroes;’ the Canton/St. Lawrence crew at the Hoot Owl and ‘Beef’ Bevilacqua; and the little bit extra distance the professors and instructors were always willing to go for the students. What a great atmosphere to mix work and fun!” Barbara A. (Brown) Clauss ’74, Hamburg, has been employed by the State of New York for the past 28 years, including 15 years as senior secretary to the Supreme Court Justice and the past 13 years as a Court Assistant. She is now Court Clerk in the Erie County Family Court. She has two children. Alan Rubeck ’74, Kent, Wash., has been employed at the Boeing Company in Seattle for 32 years as a mechanical engineer in the facilities department. He has been married for 27 years with two children. He and his wife enjoy traveling throughout the country and all the outdoor activities the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Al still has an old red HACK’R t-shirt and said he hasn’t had a good meatball sub since his last one from Sergi’s. He would love it if they delivered to Seattle! (We’re sure many other alumni share that sentiment, especially pizza rolls!)

Terrance F. Ryan ’73, Buffalo, said, “The North Country is the best!” He has fond memories of the campus,

After Canton

Terrance J. Conway ’76, Plattsburgh, earned his MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and owned his own business for almost 20 years. He has been very active and enjoys hiking, canoeing, and hunting. Valerie A. (Hogben) Diaz ’76, Tampa, Fla., currently lives with her daughter and her husband, Cesar. She is retired from the United States Probation Office. She was a Criminal Justice major and a founding member of Delta Sigma Tau.

p Robert M. Hughes ’75, Wilmington, is currently the co-owner of a TV production company, Carr-Hughes Productions, in Saratoga Springs. He was also the Head of Production for the international television broadcasts of the luge, bobsled, and skeleton competitions at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Deborah A. (Roby) Lindemer ’75, Stowe, Vt., attended Norwich University after her time at Canton and graduated first in her class in 1982. On April 1, she received her master’s degree with a concentration in edu-

years ago and is providing high quality, lower cost, full service funerals to Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties. David A. Bano ’79, Dublin, Ohio, was recently elected president of Nationwide Indemnity, a division of Nationwide Insurance. M. Teresa “Terry” De La Vega ’81, Potsdam, worked as a hospital floor nurse following graduation from Canton, then an office nurse in a private OB/GYN practice in Potsdam. She completed the Adult Nurse Practitioner Program at Community General Hospital in 1987. Currently, she works at Planned Parenthood of Northern New York in Canton. Along the way, Terry became a certified, Kripalu Yoga Instructor. She has taught general yoga classes as well as classes focused on pregnancy, addiction recovery, and other special populations. Terry lives in Potsdam with her husband, Dale Hobson. Their daughter Elena lives in Boston where she manages a busy dental office.

p James M. Duggan ’76, Staten Island, and his wife, Deborah Majid, met up with fellow alumnus Rich Sweda ’76 and his wife on a recent visit to San Francisco. “Rich and I have kept in touch, but this was the first time we had seen each other since graduation 34 years ago!” James and his wife also joined the festivities on campus during Reunion Weekend in June as they traveled back from their honeymoon in Niagara Falls. Theodore F. Cook ’78, Cary, N.C., has a son, Eric, who is a senior at SUNY Canton this year pursuing a degree in Criminal Investigation and is a captain on the hockey team. Ted will be celebrating 29 years of service with IBM, but more importantly 25 years of marriage to his wife Annette this year.

Jerry Winterton ’71, Cary, N.C., a champion wrestler while at Canton, became an assistant coach at North Carolina State in Raleigh, which jumpstarted a 33-year coaching career in the area, including 29 years at Cary High School just outside Raleigh. He retired last season but will stay on to teach and be assistant coach at Cary. David J. Radley ’72, Lacona, an Automotive Technology program graduate, retired from Reymore Chevrolet in July 2008. He and his wife Brenda spend the winter months in Mt. Dora, Fla., and the other months in Lacona. Dave works seasonally for New York State Parks at Westcott Beach in Sackets Harbor. He would like to hear from his automotive teachers from 1972 and Smith Hall residents. His e-mail is

cational psychology and a focus on student retention/success. Her thesis has been selected for a presentation at the Educational Policy Institute’s 2010 International Conference on Student Success in Chicago.

p Ellen A. Beeler ’85, Hermon, worked in SUNY Canton’s IS department for 22 years. Since retirement, her life has changed gears. “I’m now a yoga teacher, offering classes at the Canton Yoga Loft ( org) and at various other locations throughout the North Country. Yoga has helped me become a happier, healthier, and more balanced person in every respect. Teaching yoga has enabled me to humbly share these benefits with others.” Francis B. Bond, Jr. ’85, Macedon, would like to keep in touch with classmates.

p Carmine A. Aliffi ’79, Lynbrook, has owned and managed funeral homes over the last 30 years. They are known for great service and professionalism. He established Aliffi Funeral Service of Ridgewood two

Susan J. (Ditterline) Rizzo, ’86, Harvard, Mass., was recently promoted to Director of electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO) for Perceptive Informatics which is a division of PAREXEL.


A Life of Teaching and Service q

Matthew J. Woodward ’86, Homer, received his master’s degree in social work from Syracuse University in December 2009.

SUNY Canton (1987-Present)

Mortuary Science Advisory Council. He is on the Continuing Education Committee for the New York State Funeral Directors Association. Tanya (Yuker) Hasseler ’94, Port Gibson, and her husband Steven have a new little one, Sienna Charlotte Hasseler, who turned 2 in December 2009. She has one big sister Sophia. Tanya received her degree in tourism management and has a new job as Sales Manager for Steamboat Landing Resort & The Canandaigua Lady. Jeff Lisicki ’98, Gloversville, is a police officer for the Gloversville Police Department for 10 years. He was married in July 2009. He has a daughter, Ashlyn.

Irma Markert, an Ogdensburg native and professor in the SUNY Canton Life Sciences department for 20 years, passed away in September at the age of 83. A recipient of the 197273 Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, she retired from the College in 1990. Irma began her dedicated life of teaching at Mater Dei College and St. Lawrence University. She eventually joined the faculty at SUNY Canton in 1970 and taught biology and microbiology. Another lifelong passion of Irma’s was the Ogdensburg Garden Club. She had recently been recognized for 25 years of service to the organization. Irma participated in numerous beautification projects for Ogdensburg. She and her husband, Norbert, were named Ogdensburg’s Citizens of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce in 1997 in recognition of their outstanding community service. If you’d like to express condolences or share fond memories of Irma, please visit


p Elizabeth A. (Mattice) Bouchard ’87, Ogdensburg, works for St. Lawrence County Public Health and has been a home care nurse for more than 10 years. She is married to fellow Roo, Michael Bouchard ’95 & ’96 (Police Academy) and they have three boys. Elizabeth is working on her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and hopes to finish in the next year. James “Jay” M. Pellegrino, Jr. ’87, Lake Wales, Fla., will be relocating to Maryland to help start a new construction division in the Mid-Atlantic region. “Alumni living in or visiting the area, feel free to look me up!” George A. Weingartner ’91, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, was promoted to Lieutenant in March 2009 and has been with his department for more than 14 years. He supervises the patrol division staffed by 16 officers, 1 School Resource Office, and 5 reserve officers. George also manages two grants, a fleet, equipment, and scheduling for his department which has a total of 30 employees. James L. Akins ’92, Canton, opened Akins Acres Bed and Breakfast, with his wife after retirement. It is located at 1531 County Route 25, Canton. Rande S. Richardson ’92, Watertown, had a second son, Braeden Scott Richardson, born on January 15, 2009. Richard C. Williams ’93, Watkins Glen, earned his health care finance professional certification in December 2009. Chad W. Green ’94 & ’99, Massena, became owner and manager of Donaldson Funeral Home, Inc., in July after working there for nearly 10 years. He is an officer for the St. Lawrence County Funeral Directors Association and is a member of the SUNY Canton

New York State Trooper,” he said.

Daniel S. Hays ’99, Gouverneur, is working at Fort Drum as Electronics Maintenance Technician 2 on a Black Hawk Flight Simulator, Apache Longbow Trainer, and soon CH-47 Chinook. He became the grandfather of a beautiful little girl, Alexis, in October 2009. Timothy J. Lester ’01, Wheat Ridge, Col., is currently working at the University of Colorado at Denver on the medical campus. He does health research on animals with cancer and also supervises seven people. Daniel W. Manor, Jr. ’03, Hannawa Falls, is a New York State Trooper out of the Massena Barracks. He has been a State Trooper since 2008 and was a police officer for the Village of Canton the four years before that. “SUNY Canton is a great college and my education has served me well as a

p Stacia R. Dutton ’04 & ’06, Parishville, has worked as an instructor in the Computer Information Systems Department at SUNY Canton for three years. In January 2009, she was appointed the SUNY Canton Verizon Next Step Program Coordinator. Five months later, she received her Master’s in Organizational Leadership from SUNY Potsdam. In June 2010, her second child, Mallory, was born. Mallory joins big brother, Cainnan. Dale F. Barker, ’04 & ’06, Edwards, has been married since 1988 and has two children. He works at Lewis County General Hospital in Lowville as their Director of Emergency Preparedness. He is also a part-time substitute teacher at Edwards-Knox Central School and teaches CPR to the staff of Jefferson Rehabilitation Center in Watertown. Dale is a 23-year member of the Edwards Volunteer Fire Department and is currently the chief officer. He has been appointed to the St. Lawrence County Emergency Medical

q MarriaGes t James M. Duggan ’76 & Deborah (Majid) Duggan, June 2010 Penny L. (Stacy) Cutter ’85 & Thomas M. Cutter, December 12, 2009 Roswell R. Smith ’98 & Pamela J. (Patterson) Smith, May 15, 2010 Amy L. (Richards) Batten ’00 & Ty R. Batten, September 26, 2009 Jesse L. Clark ’03 & Jennifer L. (Mooney) Clark, September 5, 2009 Jarrod M. Radley ’03 & Staci A. (Vaughn) Radley, August 22, 2009 Michael J. Garvey ’05 & Maria L. (Weston) Garvey ’00, September 18, 2009 Matthew M. Morante ’05 & Tracy

(Tudisco) Morante ’05, June 13, 2009 Anna (Livingston) Hendershot ’06 & Anthony J. Hendershot, October 10, 2009 Dustin M. Matthews ’06 & Karen (Law) Matthews, October 11, 2009 Eric G. Reynolds ’06 & Chelsea J. (White) Reynolds ’07, August 28, 2009 Laurel (Wajda) Tibbits ’08 & Christopher Tibbits, August 8, 2009 Jordan M. Deleel ’09 & Samantha A. Colton, October 10, 2009 Amy M. (Baker) Perkins ’10 & Michael S. Perkins, September 19, 2009 Brooke A. (Thompson) Cameron ’11 & Jacob E. Cameron, December 24, 2009 Kimberly (Matthews) Thivierge ’11 & Christopher Thivierge, November 27, 2009

After Canton

Services Board and the North Country Regional Emergency Medical Services Board.

Potsdam, was named Canton-Potsdam Hospital’s Employee of the Month in April 2010.

Kathleen E. Garenani ’04, Plattsburgh, has been the Director of Development for the Champlain Valley Transportation Museum. She was recently accepted into the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, where she will work on her master’s in public relations. p Seth Foster ’07, El Paso, Tex., received his degree in Criminal Justice. He is a United States Border Patrol Agent and is stationed in El Paso, Texas. Foster is pictured above with the Assistant to the Vice President for Advancement, Anne C. Williams ’78.

p Joshua A. Randall ’04, Tucson, Ariz., was recently promoted to supervisor in the Crime Scene Unit with the Tucson Police Department. He received a master’s degree in criminal justice administration in August 2008. Crysta L. Corbett ’07 and ’08,

Elyse J. Peter ’07, Rochester, attended Nazareth College after earning her SUNY Canton diploma and has begun her internship at Mary Cariola Children’s Center. She got engaged in June to Luke D. Kochmanski ’07, whom she also met at SUNY Canton. She said, “SUNY Canton has been an important part of my life, and I will never forget the college and the memories I made here.”

q In Memory Floyd G. Baker, Friend Ira “Pete” Bullis, Friend Marjorie F. Bushaw, Friend Max A. Coots, Friend Elsie W. Dana, Friend Walter R. Kingston, Friend, Professor George Looney, Friend Alice M. Picher, Friend Isabell Santimaw Perkins, Friend Joyce C. Wilson, Friend Elizabeth Hughes ’36 Polly (Kenny) Radice ’36 Inez R. (Rutherford) Beggs ’37 Richard J. Lobdell ’39 Gerald M. O’Brien ’39 Carle D. Porter ’39 Sidney S. Rexford ’39 Eleanor F. (Scott) Plantenberg ’40 Mary B. Nash ’41 Marcia (Fox) White ’41 Dale T. Smith ’42 Arlene P. (Gilbert) Col-

burn ’44 Shirley M. (Hulbert) Swain ’44 Mary P. VanHyning ’44 Sally A. (Yandeau) Thompson ’46 Robert G. Matice ’47 Ronald Fordham ’48 Margaret Anne “Peggy” (Robertson) Margosian ’48 Byron G. Fisher ’49 Charles E. Gagen ’49 Margaret Pennyfeather ’49 Paul V. Tryon ’49 George W. Grant ’50 Raymond J. Kozlowski ’50 Howard J. Loucks ’51 Raymond J. Murnane ’51 Ronald North ’53 K. Russell “Russ” McDonald ’55 Shirley O’Neil ’55 Robert J. Pitts ’55 William J. Richmond ’55

Ellen S. (Wilson) Davis ’56 Leonard W. Forsythe ’56 Sally A. Frederick ’56 Richard G. Young ’56 Sylvia M. (Crowley) Fishburn ’57 John Pardon ’58 Joel M. Canino ’59 David D. Anderson ’60 David Hedger ’60 Timothy R. Nolan ’60 Harold B. Huntress ’61 Robert J. McCarthy ’61 Richard J. Baildon ’63 Peter E. Pollock ’64 George N. Pierce ’65 Tibor V. Bocskor ’66 W. Allen Cruikshank ’67 William L. Fielding ’67 Carlton E. Morrow ’67 Terry L. Mills ’68 Gary W. Mousaw ’68 James D. “Jim” Robinson ’68 Philip P. Kingston ’69

q Milestone Anniversaries 25th Anniversary Kenneth J. Cook, Jr. ’84 & Nancy L. (White) Cook ’84

After Canton

50th Anniversaries

55th Anniversary

Edward D. ’54 & Barbara Ferguson George E. ’58 & Margaret D. Hall

Dennis C. ’50 & Carol J. Ambrose

Professor King Passes


The founder of the College’s air conditioning engineering technology program has passed. Professor Emeritus Harry E. King ’40 taught at SUNY Canton for 37 years. He remained active with the College as part of the Alumni Board of Directors until passing away in July at the age of 90. “Harry was one of the College’s biggest supporters and advocates for nearly 70 years,” said President Joseph L. Kennedy. “He has affected so many of us in extraordinary ways that his legacy will live on forever. He touched the lives of everyone around him and we are grateful for the impression he left on our community as a student, professor, mentor, and friend.” King, who grew up in Redwood, N.Y., graduated in 1940 from the College with a degree in technical electricity. During the next six years, he worked for the George H. Hyde Plumbing and Contracting Co. in Ogdensburg and married Wilda “Willie” Barton King in 1943. Mrs. King, who also worked for a time at SUNY Canton, predeceased her husband in August 2008 shortly after the couple celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary. Jerome V. LaShomb ’70 He returned to his alma mater in Dorothy E. Fairbairn ’72 1946 and started what was then the Sheila A. (Thompson) heating, ventilation, and air conditionO’Neill ’73 ing program (HVAC). The program Bryan D. Adams ’74 evolved and matured into a wonderfully Joyce E. Rowand ’74 crafted major that prepared students Richard Stevenson ’74 for successful careers in the field for Cindy M. Chaltain ’76 Matthew M. Roche ’78 more than 60 years. Roger P. Skidds ’78 In 2008, alumni, family, and friends Carol C. (Brownell) of King raised over $150,000 to name Hess ’80 the new air conditioning laboratory afBetty J. Hoyt ’87 ter him, honoring his love and passion Renee M. Montpetit ’87 for teaching young people. Jamie Roche ’94 King was honored by SUNY CanDavid G. Rowland ’96 Cheryl C. Cunningham ton several times throughout his life, ’97 including the Distinguished Alumnus Michael D. Gulla ’98 Award in 1979 and the Distinguished Carla B. Trimm ’99 Faculty Award in 1981. Students David E. Keleher ’01 named the 1983 yearbook in his honor Michael Pellegrino’01 following his retirement. Alumni also Paul J. Reed ’02 honored his retirement by establishLynn M. Canning ’03 Jessica L. Cornell ’08 ing ‘The Harry E. King Scholarship’. In Andrew Holynski ’10 2003, the College named the annual Honors Convocation after him. A long-time resident of Canton, Mr. King was also an active member in the 70 Anniversary local community. Among his long list of Irene S. ’38 & William achievements, he served as a volunLeon Face teer board member for United Helpers Nursing Home for 25 years. th


SUNY Canton Receives Military Honor q SUNY Canton was among only 15 percent of colleges, universities, and trade schools throughout the country to be recognized as a 2011 Military Friendly School, announced by G.I. Jobs in August. Director of Lifelong Learning Kathryn M. Del Guidice and Professor of Criminal Investigation Robert L. Edwards, who is a veteran, created a Military Friendly Committee to evaluate the College’s responsiveness to the needs of our military community. The College’s employees and students include veterans, spouses, and children of active duty service members, those in the National Guard and Reserves, and the ‘Wounded Warriors.’ The Committee has created a number of initiatives designed to assist military members in their transition from active duty to college life, including a new Veterans Lounge, an individual in the Admissions Office to work specifically with incoming military students, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Thomas C. Hamberger ’14

training of the College’s counseling staff, and a Veterans’ Day ceremony. A Student Veterans Association has also been established, with students from the Association presenting the colors at the last two commencements, a tradition the College will continue. G.I. Jobs’ list was compiled through exhaustive research starting last April during which they polled more than 7,000 schools nationwide. Criteria for

q Halford Named Distinguished Alumnus John L. Halford, Sr. ’49 was honored at SUNY Canton’s 102nd Commencement Ceremony this past May after being selected as the recipient of the 2010 Distinguished Alumnus Award. Halford and his wife Nelta were the first donors for the College’s new athletic and recreation center, nicknamed Roos House. His donation secured the naming rights to an elevated seating and viewing area overlooking the new rink. Through their pledge, the exclusive area will be forever named the “Halford Alumni Suite.” “John has been an extraordinary supporter of SUNY Canton and his hometown of Gouverneur,” said President Joseph L. Kennedy. “His commitment and dedication to our country and this College makes us proud in so many ways. We are pleased to honor him with this award as a small token of our appreciation for his wonderful and productive involvement with us and his lifetime of exceptional achievements.” The Roos House seating area will be the second location on campus featuring the Halford name. Following a pledge to the College Foundation in 2005, the entry level of the Faculty Office Building was recognized as the Halford Lobby. The Halfords have also created an equipment endowment for the Air Conditioning Technology program which annually sponsors ten students. Through his endowments, Halford strives to help students realize their dreams and create chances where none previously existed. “College is all about opportunities in life,” he said. “I hope that through my scholarships, I can help students see all the possibilities that lay ahead.”


making the list included efforts to recruit and retain military and veteran students, results in recruiting those students, and academic accreditations.

q Veterans Are you a veteran? We want to hear from you! Contact us at or call (315)-386-7102.

SUNY Canton

Veterans Association

q Alumni Events The Villages Gathering January 14, 2011; 3–5 p.m. Taverna Red; 16670 South U.S. Highway 44, Summerfield, FL 34491 Naples Florida Gathering January 21, 2011; 3–5 p.m. Brio Tuscan Grille; 5505 Tamiami Trail, North Naples, FL 34108 hosted by: Terry Martin & Alumni Office Sarasota Gathering January 22, 2011; 3–5 p.m. Holiday Inn Lakewood Ranch; 6231 Lake Osprey Dr., Sarasota, FL 34240 Please RSVP by January 12, 2011: Peggy Levato or 800-811-6727 Interested in hosting an event in your area? Contact the Alumni Office at or 800-811-6727.

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Alumni Business Spotlight


plays, and consumer products. Offices are located in Rochester, NY; London, UK; and Tokyo, Japan. View the Future: Through our devices, we are creating the future of how personal display systems will work and be used, effectively allowing people to ‘view the future’ today through our products. Company Motto:


Paul J. Travers ’81

CEO, President, and Director, Vuzix Corporation


About the business: Vuzix is a leading manufacturer of Video Eyewear, personal display devices that provide users with portable high quality viewing experiences, and is a leading supplier of display products for digital night vision systems, tactical wearable dis-

I started out working for the U.S. government, and moved on from there to Eastman Kodak Co. I began my entrepreneurial endeavors not long after that, creating Forte Technology (eventually sold to Advanced Gravis), Etek Labs (sold to Belkin), and Forte VR, which I brought back in 1997 and started Vuzix.

Alumna Bed and Breakfast q

L-R: Director of Alumni and Development Peggy S. Levato, Lindalee Sawyer ’83, Alumni and Development Associate Kelly C. (Heise) Obermayer ’79, Anthony J. Crupi ’82 and wife Vivian, Lawrence E. Vaughn ’73, Floyd Chandler, Charles Godreau, hostess Joan May Hubbard ’76, Marybeth Chandler, Genelle M. (Hughes) Peebles ’79, Anne H. Boulter ’79, and host Richard Hubbard.

Joan ‘Joni’ May Hubbard ’76 and husband Rick have opened the doors to their home, now known as the 1818 Sackets Harbor House, a luxury bed and breakfast overlooking Lake Ontario. The Hubbards recently hosted a SUNY Canton Alumni Reunion and Reception at their home to benefit the General Brown High School Scholarship.

After Canton

I encourage people to stretch their wings, own the job and get it done. I don’t like to micromanage. This requires really good people around you as they need to be self motivated and driven to the same goals.

Leadership Approach:

Other Schools Attended:

How I got here:

SUNY Canton’s influence:

for me. Going to Canton allowed me to get a bit more grounded at a much better price. I felt well-prepared about being able to hold my own at Clarkson when I got there and it was much less expensive.

Clarkson University, Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering, miscellaneous classes at Rochester Institute of Technology

It was perfect

tThe Hubbards Joana‘Joni’ hosted SUNY CanWhite MayAlumni Hubbard ton Reunion Honors Past ’76 and hus- at their and Reception Professor band Rick have the home to benefit

opened the General Brown High doors to their‘Gil’ School Scholarship in Guilford home, now July. It was a beautiful White ’68, Hogansknown as setting for the alumni and burg, recently estab1818 Sackets friends came together lished a scholarship Harbor House, to remember, endowment to honor a profound influence onremihis a luxury bed-and-breakfast overlooking nisce and reconnect. life, Construction Technology Professor Ross C. LakeHudson Ontario.inspired To viewWhite more to photos and his learn Hudson. continue They have made five of the seven the details of this historical bed education in construction technology as well as and bedrooms homevisit available to breakfast, http://sacketsharborprepared him forin athe successful future career. guests, who can also enjoy a library, White’s career path took him from SUNY Canton parlor, office on and just blocks to Utica College, toveranda Washington, D.C. to work from downtown Sackets Harbor. in labor relations, and back to the Akwesasne-St. The home also features the Alumni Regis Mohawk Reservation in 1983. In the last 30 Room, which displays items to and years, he has been a proponent ofrelating education the higher education institutions that economic growth in the area and has dedicated his in the of of their talenthave and been skills influential to improving the lives quality life in family, including Cornell, Purdue, West his community, bringing high stakes bingo, casino Point, Algaming andDuke otherand realSUNY estateCanton. and business endeavthough proud of her family’s educational ors to the Reservation. White and his family also accomplishments, Joni’s SUNY Can-People’s published a nationally-recognized Native ton display of memorabilia is her newspaper called the People’s Voice. most treasured.


Non-Profit Org. US Postage


Burlington, VT 05401 Permit 19

Alumni/Development Office Canton College Foundation 34 Cornell Drive Canton, New York 13617

join your Teammates & coaches Celebrate Our New Athletic Center

SUNY Canton Alumni Weekend: June 10-12, 2011 Weekend Highlights

• Golf Tournament – Get your foursome together for fun, prizes, and bragging honors • River Bash – Picnic, bonfire, and live entertainment on the Grasse River banks • Team Challenge Games – Play with your teammates once again and take on teams from other years


• Hall of Fame Inductions – Inaugural Induction Ceremony of noted SUNY Canton Alumni • Tours & Games – Come and play at the new athletic facilities or tour the campus to see the new changes. • Half Century Luncheon honoring the Class of 1961

The Alumni Office has created a Facebook group in anticipation of the action-packed weekend! Join your friends, teammates, coaches, and fellow alumni at There is a ‘SUNY Canton’ and a ‘SUNY Canton Alumni’ Facebook page too. Stay in touch!

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After Canton Fall 2010  

SUNY Canton Alumni Association & College Foundation Publication

After Canton Fall 2010  

SUNY Canton Alumni Association & College Foundation Publication