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The Seymour Kunis Media Core provides facilities for multimedia research including security, forensics, biometrics, steganography and steganalysis, immersive displays and virtual and augmented reality. Special features of the lab include:



An overhead grid for hanging lights and cables


A rear-projection video wall designed to test humancomputer interaction


An open floor plan with highly reconfigurable spaces for experiments


A green screen


Room for multiple student groups to set up experiments for testing


Electrical outlets in the floor, walls and ceiling


Binghamton University • BINGHAMTON RESEARCH • Winter 2014

Not many people have this kind of space,” says Scott Craver, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering. “It’s halfway between a research lab and a movie studio. There’s a lot we can do here.

Binghamton University / Research Magazine / Winter 2014  

In this issue of Binghamton Research, you’ll see how Binghamton University faculty members are capitalizing on Big Data’s potential to impro...

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