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An Enchanted Evening Inaugural Fundraising Gala Sheraton Dover Hotel November 14, 2008

Who We Are Child HELP Foundation is a nonprofit charitable

community organization created to promote Extended Health care, Special Education and Social programs to enhance the quality of Life, develop and fulfill the Potential of Children with disabilities. The Foundation is dedicated to providing humanitarian support for children through financial grants to qualified notfor-profit organizations that serve them in Kent County.

The Gala Committee The Honorable and Mrs. Carleton Carey Honorary Chairpersons Mel and Peni Warren Co-Chairs

Kathy Walther Donna Josefowski Teresa Emmons Jan Crumpley DeeAnn Wicks Rob Fox Peggy Johnson

Welcome Message

Dear Friends,

This evening we gather to support a new frontier for the Child HELP Foundation which was renamed with its new mission on July 10, 2007. Established by Dr. Basilio N. Bautista, the Foundation helps children who are physically and mentally challenged. The financial goal from this evening’s event is to double the Endowment proceeds managed by the Delaware Community Foundation allowing for grants to nonprofit organizations serving children in Kent County with disabilities. The Child HELP Foundation also partners with Variety – The Children’s Charity, VSA Arts of Delaware, Best Buddies Delaware and other organizations to carry out the mission. This past September, The Biggs Museum of American Art, in partnership with the Child HELP Foundation & VSA Arts of Delaware successfully presented Young at Art which showcased artwork created by children with special needs and opened the eyes of the attendees to the incredible potential that exists for these children when exposed to the arts. Tonight is an opportunity to unwind and enjoy a fantastic evening of food, fellowship, and philanthropy with great music and a silent auction to support a cause that will truly make a difference to the children of Kent County. Please remain involved in the future of the Child HELP Foundation, enjoy this wonderful evening, and thanks for the generous support of all supporters and volunteers. Sincerely,

Mel and Peni Warren Event Chairpersons




Board of Directors Basilio N. Bautista, M.D. President Donald Parks, Ed.D. VP, Community Relations Marguerite Johnson, Ed.D. VP, Operations Teresa Emmons Secretary Robert L. Fox, CPA Treasurer Donna Josefowski Executive Director Blanche Carey Jan Crumpley Janet Kidd Avelina Kramedas Kevin Loftus Marlene Samuel Janet Trout Kathy Walther Melville F. Warren, Jr. Peni Warren Deann Wicks Advisory Board Lamberto Arellano, M.D. Frank Fantini Richard Quinn, D.D.S. George Bailey Gail Fink-Lewis Trish Rodriguez Thomas Barnett, M.D. D. Wayne Holden Sen. John C. Still, III Meghan Evans Marianne Jarrell Sherman Townsend James E. Liguori, Esq. 4

Child HELP Foundation

President’s Message Friends and Supporters of Child HELP Foundation: On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Child HELP Foundation, I would like to thank you all for joining us in this evening’s event. Your attendance demonstrates your support for the Foundation’s worthy cause, that of helping children with disabilities in Kent County. The Foundation may only be one year old but it has already started to make a difference in the lives of some children with disabilities in our community. In January of this year, it sponsored children in Dover High School at the Special Olympics bowling tournament at the Rodney Village Brunswick Bowling Center. The joy and the excitement that I saw in their faces, and their expression of gratitude that someone cared and believed in them is more than enough compensation for all the hard work that we, in the Board have done to put the Foundation on its feet. In helping these children, we have become more motivated and more passionate to work harder for them. In September, for the first time in our community, in cooperation with the Biggs Museum and VSA Arts of Delaware, Child HELP co-sponsored an art exhibition of the works of children in the special education program of W.B. Simpson Elementary School at the Biggs Museum. The proceeds of tonight’s fundraising event will go to the Foundation’s Endowment Fund at the Delaware Community Foundation and the proceeds from these investments will be given as grants to other non-profit organizations that serve children with disabilities in Kent County. Our mission is not impossible at all. We have passionate, dedicated and tireless members of the Gala Committee whose efforts made this event possible. Equally important is the unselfish support of members of our community who have made not only monetary contributions but have given their precious time, talent and efforts for the success of this event. With all sincerity, I give you all my profound gratitude. In my heart, you are all philanthropists, good Samaritans. As a plastic surgeon in training and in active practice I have spent countless hours working with children with disabilities, and they have secured a special place in my heart. I cannot forget and will not forget them. It is the memory of those children that provides me the inspiration to help other children who live in the like difficult world. The Child HELP Foundation is indeed fortunate to have people who recognize the plight of these children, and are willing to lend their helping hand in pursuit of its mission. To all of you who in one way or another have touched the lives of these children, on their behalf, I give my profound gratitude, sincere admiration and utmost respect. Basilio N. Bautista, M.D. President


Child HELP Foundation The Child HELP Foundation acknowledges with profound gratitude the individuals and families who have established legacies within the Child HELP Endowment Fund at the Delaware Community Foundation and all the supporters and contributors, who have donated in the form of cash and in kind, from November 2007 through November 2008. Child HELP Foundation Endowment Fund established at the Delaware Community Foundation:

BENEFACTORS Drs. Basilio and Amelia Bautista Bautista Family Child HELP Foundation Fund CHF Legacy Society Dr. Jason and Kathy Walther Walther Family Child HELP Foundation Fund Frank and Marianne Jarrell-Agnes CHF Legacy Society SPONSORS Avelina Kramedas Gregory Kramedas Child HELP Foundation Memorial Fund Colonial Rotary Club of Dover Robert and Marlene Samuel/ Avenue Medical

Janet Trout Dr. Donald and Mrs. Barbara Parks Mel and Peni Warren Robert and Lynne Sadusky/Mold Masters, Inc.

PATRONS The Honorable and Mrs. Carleton E. Carey Davis and Denise Woods Sherman and Elaine Townsend Edward and Dr. Gertrude Findley-Christian Bayhealth Medical Center Dr. and Mrs. Lamberto Arellano Lee and Teresa Emmons/Dance Conservatory DeeAnn Wicks Richard and Kay Wood Bailey

Senator John Still, III Sheraton Dover Hotel Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kidd, III Harry and Karen Willis Marion Klein Tonda Parks/Kent County American Heart Association Robert and Christine Fox/BBQ Grill Harry Orth/Southern Printing and Publishing Company Dr. Richard and Patricia Quinn Dr. Arthur and Colleen Ann Gilbert


Child HELP Foundation PATRONS (continued) Mr. George and Dr. Marguerite Johnson Donald and Delores Blakey C.M. Baker Photography Michael and Diane Frebert/Dover Litho Dr. Virgil and Dulce Reyes Larry and Donna Josefowski Dr. Ronald & Kathleen Kahn Anna Isip Kevin and Tina Sander-Loftus Kelly and Jan Crumpley/Sir Speedy Ed and Gail Fink-Lewis Steve and Lisa Grossman Ulrich Ernst & Therese Weyerman Derrick and Stephanie Christiano Joseph Chippie/First National Bank of Wyoming James and Ronica Teagle Mr. and Mrs. Earl Abbott Wild Quail Country Club Mr. Moazzam & Dr. Nasreen Khan Maple Dale Country Club DONORS Senator Thomas Carper Ronnie and Theresa Lloyd/Delwood Trailer Sales Maria Bautista Joseph & Kathy Falasco/Falasco Masonry, Inc. Ana Bautista Joseph and Gracelyn Jackiewicz Margaret Law/The Personal Chef, LLC Chris & Rebecca Raubacher/Raubacher Gallery Dr. Amelia Boyd Ami Leaming/Forney’s Faye Adcox/Southern Living at Home Mr. and Mrs. William Hare/A&H Uniforms, Inc. First National Bank of Wyoming Box Outlet Wilmington Trust Co. Vision Center, Ltd. Frank Fantini Gold’s Gym Denis McGlynn/Dover Downs Wellness Connection The Grand Opera House Little Strings Orchestra Kimmel Center, Inc. Tamra Baurys William and Jennifer Hickox/Racing Limos of Dover Chris Asay Dr. Stephanie Steckel/Orthodontics on Silver Lake, PA Schwartz Center for the Arts Bath Savers, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Salters Pfister Insurance Thomas and Bernadette Kolakowski Advantech, Inc. Jonathan and Joan Stewart Ralph and Patty Naturale Paul and Robin Engstenberg John T. Borden, CLU/State Farm Insurance Drs. Mark and Edwina Granada Mr. and Mrs. Walther Williams, III Larry and Nancy Steele Dr. and Mrs. Michael Mattern Price Honda Diane Draper-McGuire Irving and Phyllis Levitt Drs. V. J. & Angelina Jaurigue Janella Newman Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Barnett Noble Eagle Family Restaurant Mrs. Joan Heckman



s President of the Colonial Rotary Club I would like to take the chance to say how important it is to support organizations like the Child HELP Foundation. During the past forty plus years as an educator not many have understood the importance of working with under-servedpopulations such as those with Autism. My nephew is the same age as my 36 year old daughter. His father and mother have given their life supporting their son who is a model student in Fresno California. He has achieved greatness and has been recognized by a state organization that provided a job, career and many opportunities to advance his education. Twice he was selected to travel to Hawaii to provide testimony for the importance of working with those with autism. His father Charles Parks passed away in an industrial accident and now his mother and brother continue to guide Chuckie so that eventually he will be able to take care of himself if anything should happen to his mother Sallie. The Colonial Rotary Club is proud to support the Child HELP Foundation. The Foundation will be establishing a scholarship in the name of the Colonial Rotary Club through the Delaware Community Foundation. The $2,500 will be matched and increased to $5,000. Dr. Donald A. Parks President of the Colonial Rotary Club


Colonial Rotary Club of Dover Proudly Supports

Child HELP Foundation and its Worthy Cause

(PICTURE HERE - waiting for it to come - Jan)

Dr. Donald Parks, President of Colonial Rotary Club presents a $2,500 check to Dr. Basil N. Bautista and Mel Warren, President and Board Member of the CHF, respectively



Dr. & Mrs. Jason Walther wish the Child HELP Foundation

every success on its first “Enchanted Evening” Gala. 11

With Heartfelt Congratulations and

Best Wishes to Drs. Basil and Amy Bautista and the

Board of Directors of

Child HELP Foundation from

Frank Agnes Marianne Jarrell-Agnes Owner/President Magnolia, Delaware 12


We Proudly Support Child HELP Foundation and its Noble Cause

Gregory Kramedas

Child HELP Foundation

Memorial Fund

In Loving Memory of Greg Kramedas Mrs. Avelina Kramedas and Family 14

Program 5:30p.m. Cocktails . . . . . . . . . . Cash Bar 7:00 p.m. Welcome . . . . . . Mel & Peni Warren Chairpersons Acknowledgement . . . . Basil N. Bautista, M.D. President Special Presentation . . . . . . . . James Brooks Invocation . . . . . . . . . Donald Parks, Ed.D. VP, Community Relations 7:30 p.m. Dinner

Dance • Auction • Dance Music By

Rhythm Doctors

plus John Coury and Angela Alper


We proudly support the Child HELP Foundation!

Our best wishes to the Child HELP Foundation

In Loving Memory of Roy Klein Marion Klein and Family 16


Compliments of Janet Trout

Compliments of

General Pest Control, Inc. Protecting you and your property (302) 734-5757 Bob Sadusky Jr. President Compliments of Mold Masters, Inc.

Controlling moisture in your home to eliminate insects, dust mites, mold and mildew

Call us today for your free consultation about how we can begin protecting you and your family.

(302) 222-0642 Bob Sadusky Jr. President 18


Compliments of Peni Warren

Merrill Lynch proudly supports

Child HELP Foundation 20


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Supporting Child HELP Foundation



Child HELP Foundation Silent Auction RULES

1. OPENING BIDS - Silent Auction begins at 5:30 p.m. Items in Categories 1 - 4 will close at 8:30 p.m.; Items in Categories 5 – 7 will close at 9:00 p.m. 2. PROCEDURE - Items for the silent auction have bid sheets attached or affixed nearby. Bidders must write their bid numbers and bid amounts in dollars on the first available line of the bid sheet. Each new bid must equal or exceed the minimum increase amount stated on the bid sheet to qualify as a valid bid. 3. VALUE - Values set on goods and services are donor estimates and are not guaranteed by Child Help Foundation. 4. EXPIRATION - All goods and services must be used within the time period restricted by donor on certificate, unless there is no restriction, in which case the certificates are valid for a period of year from the date of the Auction, November 14, 2008. 5. RESTRICTIONS - All items are sold “AS IS.” Products and/or services may have restrictions or qualifications which may affect value, application of use thereof to the bidder. Purchasers are bound by restrictions specified by donor. Terms are not negotiable. Items such as vacation and weekend packages are not transferable.

Please read specifications and limitations carefully before purchase. 6. WINNING BIDS - The closing bid circled by an auction official after the table closes constitutes the winning bid. In the event of a dispute, the auction official shall act as the final authority and shall determine the winning bidder. This decision is final. Auction officials solely retain the right to disqualify and/or nullify a bid. 7. PAYMENT - Payment by winning bidder will be accepted only at the close of the Auction. Local checks or Major Credit cards (Master Card, Visa, or Discover) will be accepted for purchases. All items must be paid IN FULL auction night. 8. TAKING YOUR ITEMS - All auction items must be removed from the premises by 10:30 p.m. November 14, 2008. 9. ALL SALES FINAL - Goods and Services purchased at auction may not be exchanged altered or returned for refund to the Child Help Foundation or donor, except where specified. The Auction Committee reserves the right to establish an Addendum.

HOME Item#


My Notes

101. Italian Cruet & Dipping Set________________________________________________ 102. Capri Coffee & Dessert Set with Stand________________________________________ 103. Crystal Candle Holder Set (Ruby)_ ___________________________________________ 104. Crystal Candle Holder Set (Sapphire) _________________________________________ 105. Duncan Chapel Designs Blue Hen “Goat Island”_________________________________ 106. Ceramic Christmas Village_ ________________________________________________ 107. Cooking Recipe Card Set (4)_______________________________________________ 108. Fitz & Floyd Christmas Tray and Snack Plates____________________________________ 109. Spectra 5” Black/White TV with AM/FM Radio_ _________________________________ 110. Sonicare toothbrush_____________________________________________________


Child HELP Foundation Silent Auction continued

111. World War II Aircraft & Book collector’s set_____________________________________ 112. Peggy Karr Oval 18” Glass Serving Tray_ ______________________________________ 113. Fitz & Floyd Holiday Solstice Platter & Large Bowl Set_____________________________ 114. 7 piece Martini Set______________________________________________________ 115. Wrought iron holder with red, green, & gold candles______________________________ 116. Festive glass ice bucket with 8 matching goblets_________________________________ 117. Bulova porcelain mantle clock______________________________________________ 118. Set of Italian leather picture frames__________________________________________ 119. Paper Party Goods Assortment – “Baby Shower”_________________________________ 120. Paper Party Goods Assortment – “All Occasion”_ ________________________________ 121. Grandeur Noel Hand Painted Nativity Set______________________________________ 122. Pair of Murano Crystal Multi Colored Christmas Candles____________________________ 123. Murano Crystal Red Ball Christmas Tree_______________________________________ 124. Murano Crystal Green Ball Christmas Tree_____________________________________ 125. Italian Ceramic Nativity Set with Crèche_______________________________________ 126. Hand Painted Vase by Gail Pittman__________________________________________ 127. Brass Reindeer_________________________________________________________ 128. Conair Fabric Streamer___________________________________________________ 129. “History of the Capitol” book – autographed by Sen. Carper________________________ 130. “Serving up Style” Large Decorative Serving Platter_______________________________ SERVICES 201. 4 Rounds of Golf with cart ________________________________________________ 202. $100 off Racing Limos Service______________________________________________ 203. 2 Rounds of Golf for 4 with cart_____________________________________________ 204. One week pass for Gold’s Gym for 2 months____________________________________ 205. One week pass for Gold’s Gym for 2 months____________________________________ 206. One week pass for Gold’s Gym for 2 months____________________________________ 207. One week pass for Gold’s Gym for 1 month_ ___________________________________ 208. Three month’s membership at Gold’s Gym with burgundy and grey workout shirts________________________________________ 209. One hour massage with Christopher Asay______________________________________ 210. One hour massage with Christopher Asay______________________________________ 211. One hour massage with Wellness Connection___________________________________ 212. One U-Cut Christmas tree _ _______________________________________________ 213. Wachovia Championship Golf package________________________________________ 214. Two Oil Changes by Price Honda ____________________________________________ 215. Compact Dehumidifier, Installed_____________________________________________ 216. Aerial Photography of Your Home with 15 x 20 print______________________________ DINING & ENTERTAINMENT 301. Two General Admission Reservations to the 23rd Annual Kent County Heart Ball with an invitation for the Chairman’s Reception. Reserved seat at the Breast Cancer Coalition 6th Annual Go Red for Women’s Lunch is also included._ ____________________________ 302. Competition style pulled pork & chicken BBQ for 50 people. Includes rolls, baked beans, cole slaw, plates, and plastic ware.______________________


Child HELP Foundation Silent Auction continued

303. Gift Certificate for two complimentary tickets to select Grand Opera House performances.__ 304. Overnight stay at the Sheraton Dover Hotel – includes breakfast and dinner for two at Chops Restaurant._ ____________________________________________________ 305. One nights’ stay at the Dover Downs Hotel & Casino_____________________________ 306. $50 Gift Certificate from 33 West_ _________________________________________ 307. $20 Gift Card from Noble Eagle Restaurant_ __________________________________ 308. Romantic Dinner for Two - 5 course dinner prepared on premises by Personal Chef ___________________________________________________________________ 309. 2 Complimentary Tickets to “Bela Fleck & the Flecktones – “Jingle All the Way” Show_____ 310. (2) Adult, (2) Children tickets to Nutcracker Tea and Performance with 1st edition book of Roberto Inocenti’s illustration for ET Hoffman’s Nutcracker also Read ALOUD – Delaware Pin, Read ALOUD mugs, & small Nutcracker______________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 311. Two tickets for “Scrooge” at the Capitol Theater and a print of the theater_____________ ___________________________________________________________________ 312. 2 Philadelphia Flyers Tickets (Row 6 behind goal) and a Preferred Parking Pass Philadelphia vs. New York Rangers on Sunday, April 12, 2009._ ______________________________ 313. Little Strings, Inc. 40 minutes strings ensemble or duet (based on availability)___________________________________________________ Children 401. DVD Game (Ages 8+); “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader”_______________________ 402. Baby Scrapbooking Assortment with basket_ __________________________________ 403. Hannah Montana Paper Party Goods Assortment_ ______________________________ 404. Fantastic 4 Paper Party Goods Assortment_ ___________________________________ 405. Clifford the Dog Paper Party Goods Assortment_________________________________ 406. Tutoring Certificate – 3 – 3 hour tutoring sessions (Kindergarten – 6th grade) at Kent County Library by Tamara Bourys, teacher_____________________________________ 407. Premier Wood Scrabble Crossword Game_____________________________________ 408. Micro Digital Camera_ __________________________________________________ 409. Citizen AM/FM Stereo portable player_ ______________________________________ 410. Citizen AM/FM Stereo portable player_ ______________________________________ 411. Stuffed Animal - 4’ Monkey_______________________________________________ 412. Stuffed Animal - 4’ Winnie the Pooh_________________________________________ 413. Stuffed Animal - 2’ Stuffed Horse___________________________________________ 414. Stuffed Animal – Zoe_ __________________________________________________ 415. Stuffed Animal – Winnie the Pooh__________________________________________ ART 501. “Skaters Paradise” an original oil painting____________________________________ 502. “Rainbow Falls” a framed photo by R. Samuel_ ________________________________ 503. Print of the Capitol Theater by Frank Deputy___________________________________ 504. Framed Print of Woodburn by Donald Parks_ __________________________________ 505. Original Walnut Wall Sculpture “Interface” by Henry Krysiak________________________ 506. 40” x 36” Turquoise Oil on Canvas and Silk_ __________________________________ 507. Limited Edition Pope John Paul II Commemorative gold coin_ ______________________ 508. 1996 Vatican City Silver Uncirculated Commemorative Coin________________________


Child HELP Foundation Silent Auction continued

509. Wood Inlay of “The Last Supper”___________________________________________ 510. An oil painting – “Tower” by Lya Fernandez___________________________________ 511. Oil -“Shells” by Lya Fernandez_____________________________________________ 512. Late Summer Pastoral, an original oil by Earl Abbott, Sr.___________________________ 513. “Waiting by the Sea”, an abstract watercolor by H. Dahl__________________________ 514. “Mothers aren’t Always Cute, an abstract watercolor by H. Dahl_____________________ 515. Mexican Boy & Girl (pair) by Ruiz___________________________________________ 516. African Theme (pair) Trio-Warrior___________________________________________ 517. Metal Etching of Lion ___________________________________________________ 518. Metal Etching of Tiger___________________________________________________ 519. Framed Tapestry from Ecuador_____________________________________________ 520. “Some are Slow to Anger” by H. Dahl_ ______________________________________ 521. Spanish Village Scenes (pair) by Ruiz_ _______________________________________ 522. Framed Papyrus Egyptian Art I_____________________________________________ 523. Framed Papyrus Egyptian Art II_____________________________________________ 524. Piece of Pottery_ ______________________________________________________ 525. “Tranquility”, Lithograph of Original Watercolor_ _______________________________ 526. “Overfalls”__________________________________________________________ 527. “Woodburn” _________________________________________________________ 528. “Boats of Donegal”, Lithograph____________________________________________ 529. “Flow Blue,” Lithograph_________________________________________________ 530. The Gatherers”, original oil painting by Ralph Naturale___________________________ 531. “Affondarmi” by Iva Fernandez_ ___________________________________________ 532. “Stack of Hats” pastel drawing by Linda Chatfield_ _____________________________ Vacations 601. 1 week stay at 5 bedroom villa at Royal Palms, Jamaica___________________________ 602. 1 week stay for 4 at Club Regina, Mexico_____________________________________ 603. 1 week stay for 6 at Sheraton Vistana Resorts, Orlando, Florida_ ____________________ 604. 1 week stay in 3 bedroom, 2 bath condo, Ocean City, Maryland_____________________ Clothing & Jewelry 701. Lace evening top with bag, belt, lipstick case, & fan_ ____________________________ 702. Victoria’s Secret boudoir set______________________________________________ 703. Amber beaded Necklace_________________________________________________ 704. 24” Freshwater pearl and dyed shell turquoise necklace_ _________________________ 705. Freshwater pearl and amber shell necklace____________________________________ 706. Subversive “Target” bracelet & earring set_ ___________________________________ 707. Multi-colored beaded necklace & earring set___________________________________ 708. Black pearl necklace & earring set__________________________________________ 709. Raubacher Gallery T-shirt & hoodie set_______________________________________ 710. Fine Silver & Bead Jewelry________________________________________________ 711. Gucci unisex style, black frames. Lenses can be upgraded to Rx at cost of bidder._ _______ 712. Diamond Cluster Ring___________________________________________________ 713. Ruby Ring_ __________________________________________________________ 714. Gift Certificate for $75.00 to the Dance Collection_ _____________________________


Dr. Basil N. Bautista’s Enhanced CD Give a gift of music for any occasion.

This collector’s CD edition was produced for charitable purposes. Net proceeds will be donated to the Child HELP Foundation. For a donation to CHF of at least $25.00, gifts of a CD will be shipped free to the donor.

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