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ISSUE 9 2014 Spain €3.95


LOVE AT FIRST BYTE Online dating and the search for love

CREATIVE GENIUS OR MADMAN The enigma that is Karl Lagerfeld


ISSUE 9 2014 Spain €3.95


LOVE AT FIRST BYTE Online dating and the search for love

CREATIVE GENIUS OR MADMAN The enigma that is Karl Lagerfeld

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First Word Happy New Year and welcome to the first of many editions of Sunsearch Magazine that will be published digitally and in print copy throughout 2014. 2013 was a good year for us, readership of the Sunsearch Magazine reached every corner of the globe via an ever expanding online platform and our print edition was sold successfully across Spain and Europe. Boldly stepping in 2014 within this issue we embrace spring, offering tips on the latest beauty must haves the forthcoming fashion trends and what’s hot in the world of watches and jewellery. Nicole de Carle presents her latest lingerie collection and Karl Lagerfeld adds some star quality.

We venture along the Mediterranean to the South of France to wonder at the millionaire’s playground – The Côte d’Azur – We marvel at the splendour of Monte Carlo and star gaze at the prestigious Cannes film festival, and if that’s not enough our regular features, on high performance cars, art and superstars within the equine world still remain. Sunsearch Magazine is the home of luxury! We hope you enjoy reading this issue Yours Stan



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Weekend Breaks and Getaways


Vienna Flight Time: 3hours 15 minutes






ying at the very heart of Europe, Austria’s elegant capital city of Vienna is the perfect destination for romance, sophistication and charm, with its frothy Baroque architecture, glamorous balls, peerless opera performances and strikingly river Danube. Few cities in the world glide so effortlessly between the present and the past like Vienna. Its splendid historical face is easily recognized: grand imperial palaces and bombastic baroque interiors, museums flanking magnificent squares and, above all, the Hofburg – where the Habsburg rulers lived, loved and married into empires. But this historical aspect often makes us forget that Vienna is also one of Europe’s most dynamic urban spaces. Just a stone’s throw from Hofburg, the Museums Quarter houses some of the world’s most provocative contemporary art behind a striking basalt façade. Outside, a courtyard buzzes on summer evenings with throngs of Viennese drinking and chatting. Nearby, restaurants brim with revellers enjoying the pleasures of wine and food, while across the yard a museum café pulsates with beats.

Typical coffee house

Spittelberg Karlskirche

Famed for its art salons and coffee houses, Vienna has for centuries drawn artists, dreamers, and innovators from all corners of the continent to its dazzling intellectual and artistic life. From this hothouse atmosphere emerged revolutionary breakthroughs in psychology, literature, art, and music, which reverberated around Europe and indeed the world leading to Vienna being considered both a “city of music” and a “city of dreams”


The City of Music:

The city of Dreams:

It is not surprising that many great composers were attracted to the city they came, stayed and wrote immortal music. The whole world knows of the Viennese Waltz, the Vienna Philharmonics and the Vienna Boys’ Choir but the Viennese musical tradition has continued for centuries, from one great composer to the next, from Haydn to Mozart, from Mozart to Beethoven, from Beethoven to Schubert and onward far into the twentieth century.

Vienna is also said to be “The City of Dreams” because it was home to the world’s first psycho-analyst - Sigmund Freud. A visit to The Sigmund Freud Museum located in the Alsergrund district is a must.

There are many places associated with famous composers, such as their birthplaces, residences, monuments, tombs and burial sites and, of course, the many places where their music was (and still is) performed: concert halls, the Vienna State Opera, the Volksoper, Theater an der Wien and many other venues.

Founded in 1971, the museum covers the life story of Sigmund Freud’s and the history of psychoanalysis. In 2003 the museum was put in the hands of the newly established Sigmund Freud Foundation, which has since received the entire building as an endowment.

Theater van der Wien




Winding lanes, arcade-lined courtyards, timehonoured palaces: in Vienna, the city centre is especially romantic. In the oldest quarters of the city on the Danube around St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the narrow lanes are paved with cobblestones as they were centuries ago, while a stroll along Schönlaterngasse or Domgasse becomes an encounter with the past. Romantic walks can also be found on Spittelberg, a quarter in the 7th district where beautifully preserved houses from the Biedermeier period remain. Of course, Vienna is particularly romantic in the spring. The chestnut trees blossom in the Prater, 400 types of rose bloom in the Volksgarten, and the fragrance of lilac pervades the cities many other parks. You don’t need to walk in Vienna to enjoy the atmosphere - a ride in a horse-drawn carriage has its very own romantic aspects. On the edge of town, the vineyards in the 19th district and the greenery of the Vienna Woods are particularly idyllic and offer a wonderful view of the city. Then it’s off to a heuriger, one of the typically Viennese wine taverns that have long been places of pilgrimage for (new) lovers. Also atmospheric is a boat ride on the Old Danube, in particular the full moon rides with a glass of Prosecco. The restaurant “La Crêperie” even puts together a variety of picnic baskets for the boat ride. Lovers can also have a picnic basket put together by the Villa Aurora on Wilhelminenberg and seek out a romantic spot with a view of Vienna. At Restaurant Artner in the Hermesvilla, guests can choose from a variety of basket options and then retreat for a cozy picnic in the Lainz Game Reserve. Waltzing romantics will feel right at home at one of the numerous balls, which are held in Vienna not just during Carnival. Romantic dance evenings can also be enjoyed on a (private) waltz dancing course. For many people, a candlelight dinner is the very essence of romance. A candlelight dinner for two is offered by, for example, the Romantic Crystal Dinner in Vienna’s Giant Ferris Wheel. One of the most famous pictures of a couple kissing is also exhibited in Vienna: in the Belvedere, lovers can view Gustav Klimt’s masterpiece “The Kiss” up close and even exchange a quick peck themselves!



Romantic Vienna River Danube


VIENNA OPERA BALL FEBRURAY 27 2014 The Opera Ball, held at Vienna’s magnificent State Opera House, is deemed the epitome of ball culture and a top-calibre social event, attracting celebrities from around the globe. This mega event is fully given over to waltzing bliss at a venue where usually opera stars make their big-time stage appearances. The 186 couples dancing the opening polonaise - ladies dressed in white and men in black - experience their “introduction to Viennese society”. For others, it is an unforgettable evening at this imposing edifice on Vienna’s Ringstrasse boule-vard. Reservations should be made without delay!

VIENNA ICE DREAM JANUARY 23 – MARCH 9, 2014 Vienna is nothing if not romantic, and that fairytale sparkle of possibility and magic comes truly alive in the cold month of January, when the square in front of the city hall is transformed into a vast, gleaming ice rink. At night, coloured lights illuminate the glittering ice and the magnificent Rathaus, and skaters are accompanied by waltz tunes as they sweep and curve and twirl their partners across the frosted square. The ice rink stays open until early March and is a spectacularly romantic way to spend an evening in this beautiful city.,,



I n t ro d u c i n g The New Fragrance




If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to find love then like so many others you may have thought about joining an on-line dating site.

Online dating has gained in popularity in recent times, but it wasn’t always that way. Until several years ago, online or internet dating was often considered taboo when mentioned in social circles. People frowned upon the dating practice of meeting people from the internet, and thought it was only for freaks or those with major social issues.

As times have changed, technology and society have both advanced to a new stage in the dating game. These days online dating is considered much more socially acceptable, people who once considered it only for weirdo’s are booting up their PC’s, creating online dating profiles and contacting other members who may be of interest to them.

Also, people considered it a very dangerous way to meet someone, because you could never be totally sure if the person was who their pictures and descriptions claimed to be. The typical way of meeting people was on your own, while out in bars or clubs, social gatherings or elsewhere, or through college connections, friends and relatives.

Statistics show that the month of January is a huge month for online dating websites, with OkCupid seeing a 30% rise in membership, HowAboutWeseeing 40%, and seeing a rise of 55% on January 2nd alone last year. But what are the Pro’s and Con’s of online dating? Here we take a look...

PRO’S IT SAVES TIME Balancing work and school and a social life is hard enough, and throwing dating into the mix is such a juggling act. Then there’s all those dry periods where there just doesn’t seem to be anyone physically around you who seems like dating material. Online dating is kind of like online shopping: it’s faster, efficient, you can browse whenever you want and all the candidates are in one place – So no more bar and club hopping!

NO MORE BARS One of the best advantages to online dating (or selection) is in the way that potential daters meet each other. You no longer have to worry about looking out of place sitting in a bar all alone unless you really want to. By using online dating services and perusing profiles, you can read about a person, see them in photos and videos, hear their voices and make a judgement based on all of that information. Having this knowledge is far superior to meeting someone in a bar or any other random location for that matter because you know from the start what you’re getting into.

THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER It’s just so much easier and safer to cling to your social circles sometimes, because they get you, but, online, you come across people from different parts of the city and from social demographics that you wouldn’t normally even talk to who most probably have different patterns of going out to you. Using dating services online expands your horizons.

NO MORE FIRST DATES BLUES With the Internet and all of the information it can provide, those socalled “first date jitters” will be a thing of the past. OK, you still may be 18


nervous, but after getting to know a person online or talking to them on the phone, or via Facebook eliminates that dreaded feeling of anxiety.

YOU’RE (MOSTLY) SURE THE OTHER PERSON IS SINGLE It’s just the most frustrating thing ever , you’ve meet someone you really like you’ve spent forever thinking of great things to talk about, you’ve put great effort into your appearance only to find out they’ve actually in a relationship and just like to flirt as “friends!”. Online dating saves you from feeling a fool. OK it’s not a failsafe option but someone would have to be pretty devious to create a profile whilst still in a relationship.

NO MORE GUESSWORK This is the best part of online dating— there’s no more guesswork. Having reviewed your online dating pick you will have seen their profile and you will know what your dating partner looks like – So now there’s no need for clandestine rendezvous in that back street pub with a rose identifying you in your lapel.

CON’S COST While there are some websites that are completely free, most come with some sort of sign-up fee. Otherwise, the no-fee introductory period might be very short, and the “review your matches for free” teaser usually doesn’t come with a free option for contacting those matches. Think carefully about the expense before you dive in. Generally, the overall experience and quality of the site will be better with paid sites. Right now, however, I’m having some level of success with using a completely free site. In the end, if you find the person of your dreams, the fees will seem completely worth it. Moreover, the amount of money you can save by not having to go on endless dates will easily outweigh the money you spend on a dating website.

LACK OF TRANSPARENCY This is my biggest concern regarding Internet dating. People can put whatever they want on their profile (including photos), so until you meet someone in person, you never really know who you’re about to meet. You have to keep your guard up and make people earn your trust. Don’t be naive or assume that all profiles have credible information. There are many lies in online dating that you need to watch out for. Get used to all height/weight/age numbers being tweaked. Also, people love using outdated photos where they look fitter/hotter than they do now. It’s a grey zone, but it’s also just so misleading. Even if they’re not lying, people tend to look better in pictures than in real life. And taller!

AWKWARDNESS The profile was perfect but in person you have no physical attraction, there’s just no spark. The profile and email exchanges you’ve made have been written beautifully but in person you just can’t think of any-

thing to talk about and sit there wishing that the floor would just eat you up. Having time to answer an email enables some people who can write beautifully to express themselves but once in a situation where they need to express themselves there stuck .

IT’S NOT THE SAFEST Your dating mate may be pretty hot but you don’t know this person at all and how do you know what their telling you is the truth anyway. OK so it’s the same in real life too, but in the virtual world you’re way less likely to have mutual connections.

NO SURPRISES On the downside of online dating, you can lose the element of surprise by making use of all of these dating tools. It may seem like something is missing when you find that you already know someone before even meeting in person. If every date is planned and scanned, where is the random surprise aspect that bring strangers together? There’s something romantic about a chance meeting that could turn into a relationship after all.

OTHER PEOPLE MIGHT SEE You’re putting yourself out there for the whole world to potentially see. For those who love privacy, this is a tough hurdle to overcome. Yet, if you try and put up a less than honest picture or bio, you will get less than effective responses from the online community. That said, you might look so hot that you will be inundated with every horny guy or girl on the planet, which is kind of what you want since then you can choose the best.



Experience fantastic taste and stimulating refreshment with all senses Let your spirit free.

Invigorate your senses





Start your Spring Cleaning Early

Be a step ahead and prepare your skin for spring. With Christmas firmly behind us our thoughts now turn to spring, with its subtle change of the season from wind, rain and dampness to that warming glow of the sun on our skin. The months of winter can play havoc with our skin. If you’re not exposing it to freezing outdoor temperatures, you’re sat inside with dry heating or having hot baths and showers in order to keep warm. It’s no wonder our skin struggles when we’re repeatedly exposing it to such a cycle – warm air indoors, frigid air outdoors, warm air indoors… repeat, repeat, repeat. We’re often also guilty of neglecting our skin in winter, crammed as we are under all of those layers, especially as no-one else apart from our nearest and dearest gets to see most of it anyway. But then, before we know it, the warmer weather arrives, it’s spring and we still have dry, scaly, itchy and dull skin. Make sure you’re not caught unawares, desperately trying to buff, shine and scrub your face and body before it can be seen by the outside world. Here we present a few tips to get your skin ready for spring…

Cool Off In the Shower

Give your Skin a drink

Moisturize the Lips

We’re not advocating you take a cold shower in the middle of winter, but hot water really can dramatically damage your skin. Dial it down a few notches and enjoy a warm shower instead. Add moisturizer immediately after your shower to help lock in all that moisture.

A change in seasons, especially from winter to spring, can wreak havoc on your skin. Coming out of dry, cold days into warm and windy ones means your already dry skin is fighting to stay hydrated, leaving you with somewhat cracked and scaly limbs.

Your lips struggle with the harsh winter cold and frost just as much as the rest of your skin does, so don’t forget them as you prepare for spring. The sugar trick can work well for lips too; rub them with a little granulated sugar to give them a home-made exfoliation.

Gently pat your skin down with a towel before adding the cream. Vaseline do many different creams that help to keep your skin soft and supple, though we like the Cocoa Radiant Lotion from Vaseline’s Total Moisture range the best. With its multi-layer formula, the moisture really penetrates the top layer, the core and the deeper layers of your skin helping it to stay silky and nourished and avoid that dreaded dryness.

Ensure you drink plenty of water (8 tall glasses a day at a minimum) and moisturize your body when you hop out of the shower in the morning, and before you go to bed at night.

Follow that up by adding an intensive lip balm or a layer of petroleum jelly. Use the balm several times throughout the day to keep the lips smooth.

Get Rid of Dry Skin Before your skin can emerge fresh, dewy and triumphant, you’re going to have to first scrub off the dry, scaly skin on top. You can find many different exfoliators at the drug store, or you can make your own. The key here is to use ingredients that are a little coarse or abrasive to generate the sloughing motion; you can either use a little baking soda (it helps to effervesce) or add a small amount of sugar to your body wash. The roughness of the sugar will help to exfoliate the skin and rid it of the dryness. Use it regularly (two to three times a week) to give your skin a healthy glow ahead of spring.

Look After Your Hands and Feet It could be said that winter plays havoc on your hands and feet the most; after all, your hands in particular are often exposed to the harsh outside temperature. The best time to rejuvenate your hands and feet ahead of winter is overnight. Exfoliate first in order to remove dry skin before smoothing petroleum jelly over your hands and feet and then putting socks and gloves on to wear as you sleep. You may feel silly going to bed with socks and gloves on, but trust us: your hands and feet will feel incredibly smooth and soft after just one night.

Get a Skin check

Book in a beauty overhaul

Go bronze

Before you head back into days spent lounging under the hot sun, it’s wise to book yourself and your family in for a skin check.

Summer quickly follows Spring (depending on what part of the world you are in) so it’s definitely time to up your grooming and beauty regime.

There’s nothing that signals coming out of winter like a pair of pale pins! ‘Tis the season for skirts, shorts and floaty summer dresses though, so head to your local salon (or supermarket if you’re confident in home beauty regimes) and get a faux glow, thanks to fake tan.

Most places offer these services by bulk billing, but try to book now because the wait list can be quite long. Check everywhere and ensure there are no questions marks around any freckles or moles this summer.

Book in for a wax (eyebrows, legs, underarms), get a manicure and a pedicure and prep those nails to be put on display. Book a hair appointment and try a new colour or style – summer’s a great time to go lighter and shorter. Feel fresh and come December you’ll be ready to take on the world.

It will leave you feeling fresh, bronzed and happy in your shorter hemlines. Now you are a blossoming beauty!

Beat cellulite With the warmer weather comes revealing summer clothes. To get your body and legs into the best shape they can be in time for bikini weather, it’s time to get your limbs in order! Firstly, reduce the appearance of cellulite. How? While there are a number of creams and gels on the market that claim to assist this process, the best place to start is your exercise regime. Up your weekly quota and start each day with dry body brushing in a circular motion over your upper thighs, bottom and legs. SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


Give your make-up a makeover Nearly each and everyone one of us has products in our make-up bags that could make an appearance on the antiques roadshow. That perfect shade of pink lipstick that we just can’t find anywhere, or that old clumpy mascara that may just come in handy in an emergency. Admit it ladies, we are simply kleptomaniacs when it comes to our make-up and throwing it away but this said do you know that harbouring out of date products could seriously damage your health. Here we take a look at the expiration life of our must have products.

Moisturizer Moisturizing lotion is the longest-lasting beauty product in your bathroom! Though some of the ingredients (especially if you go for organic products and moisturizers) won’t be as potent, regular lotion, including products with SPF, is good for up to three years. But again, keep an eye as you lather and if you notice your lotion getting lumpy, smelling funny, or having an odd hue, splurge on a new bottle. If you are heading to the beach and are using strictly SPF, replace your bottle every year so that the ingredients are at their strongest to protect you from a bad burn.

Face Wash Face wash is also a long-lasting beauty product, but if you wash your face twice a day, you will finish yours way before the expiration date of one to two years

Loofah Your loofah’s job is to scrub dead skin cells off of your body. So it goes without saying that while this is a helpful tool, it is one that needs to be replaced quite often. A study done in theJournal of Clinical Microbiology shows that if not replaced, loofahs can harbour many bacterial species, which then leads to skin rashes and breakouts. To prevent this, replace yours every three months. 28


Foundation Liquid foundations and concealers should be replaced every six months. To make your foundation last as long as possible, be sure to store it in a cool area. This is especially vital in the summer, when the heat and humidity can take a toll on the ingredients inside by melting and separating them.

Lip Gloss and Lipstick Lip glosses and lipsticks can last anywhere from 18 months to two years. Keep a watchful eye on your favourite hues if you notice an off smell or taste, toss them in the trash and treat yourself to a new tube! Also be wary of who you let stick their fingers in your favourite pot ‘o gloss. Friends with a cold who swipe your gloss with their fingers have now just made your favourite lip gloss a breeding ground for bacteria.

Blush and Bronzer Powdered blushes and bronzers are good for six to nine months. The key here is to replace your brushes and applicators when you replace your compacts. If you prefer using a nicer set of brushes that you splurged on, you don’t need to toss those, but make sure they get a thorough washing at least every nine months.

Mascara Mascara is one of the most common places for bacteria to live, because of its wet nature. If you use it only for special occasions, you can replace your tube every six months. If you wear it daily, you’ll want to swap yours every three months.

Eye Shadow If you are using a powder eye shadow, you can keep it for up to two years, as long as you replace your brushes. It’s easier for bacteria to grow in cream shadows, so you should switch them out every 12 to 18 months.

Eyeliner For the liquid eyeliner lovers, use the same rule of thumb as replacing your mascara — every three months. Toss eyeliner pencils if they are older than two years. Keeping your eyeliners sharpened will help them stay fresh longer.



Make Up Confidential Sneak preview of collections coming out way this Spring

Old Hollywood Collection 2014 Bobbi Brown introduces Old Hollywood, a brand new collection that celebrates the glamour of iconic American screen sirens. Whether you are gracing the red carpet or not, you can channel the glitz of golden age with this stunning collection of sultry shades and luscious liners. LIMITED EDITION OLD HOLLYWOOD EYE PALETTE

“It’s about what makes you feel glamorous.” Bobbi Brown







The French design house has unveiled its Spring 2014 makeup collection, including cosmetics inspired by a bouquet of roses, peonies and irises. The collection features delicate, sensual and fresh new cosmetics, including some limited editions as well as new colors for some of the brand’s iconic products. The latest addition to the Volupté family, Yves Saint Laurent’s Gloss Volupté -- with its lip-shaped applicator -- is available in four new shades in the new collection (Rose Fusion, Rose Orfèvre, Prune Organdi and Terriblement Fuchsia), just like the Rouge Volupté lipstick (Fuchsia Tourbillon, Rose Neillia, Corail Jalouse, and Rose Asarine). The new collection goes on sale February 17

The Dior Trianon collection is inspired by Versailles and Marie-Antoinette. You can see the inspiration quite strongly in the promotional pictures. Trianon is a very typical spring collection. It contains a lot of pastel shades and the whole collection has this very sweet and girly feel. We see details like bows and remember that pretty bow compact last year? It’s back again! 32






A New Year is a fresh opportunity to break bad habits and start the year as you mean to go on. Our hair is the focus of our attention and after a damaging party season with excessive styling, product build-up and general bad treatment now is the time to focus on clarifying shampoos, nourishing oils and strengthening conditioners. After all, our hair surely deserves a detox too? We all experience a bad hair day but shiny, manageable and healthy hair can be yours if you use the right treatments.



Detox and Complete Recovery Treatment

Caviar CC Cream Complete Correction

Loved by professionals because of its instant results, hairfix Total Detox Complete Recovery in one easy-to-use system. Healthier feeling younger looking hair from the first application.

You may have used CC creams on your skin, but have you tried Alterna’s CC cream for hair? A miracle leave-in product that delivers 10 benefits in 1 easy step, leaving hair perfectly polished.

Simply use once a week in place of your normal shampoo and normal conditioner and the bad hair cycle is broken. Choose between extra volumising for fine hair and extra-moisturising for dry hair.

Provides complete: moisture, shine, smoothness, softness, UV protection, manageability, strength, anti-breakage, heat protection and light hold. Can be used alone or as a foundation for the layering of other styling products.


Invati Exfoliating Shampoo Great hair requires a clean healthy scalp. Refresh your locks and remove the daily build up that can clog pores with this Aveda Invati Exfoliating Shampoo. The innovative organic formula will help to promote growth to leave hair much fuller and feeling of vitality. Formulated with ultra-caring ingredients this Aveda Invati Exfoliating Shampoo has a refreshing formula to awaken your senses, as well as leave your scalp and hair totally renewed.

PUREOLOGY Purify Shampoo

Pureology’s 100 per cent vegan, salt-free Purify Shampoo thoroughly cleans hair whilst completely protecting your colour. Antibacterial ingredients detoxify hair, whilst natural conditioning agents leave it silky-soft and vibrant.




MOROCCANOIL Moroccanoil Treatment

There is a reason that Moroccanoil’s signature Treatment has reached cult beauty status - its versatile Argan oil formula builds strength and adds shine, as well as protecting against environmental damage. The light version is perfect for fine hair. Moroccanoil® Treatment’s versatile, nourishing and residue-free formula can be used as a conditioning, styling and finishing tool. It blends perfectly with other products and even speeds up drying time. This treatment for hair completely transforms and repairs as its formula transports lost proteins for strength; fatty acids, omega-3 oils and vitamins for shine; and antioxidants for protection. It absorbs instantly to fill gaps in hair created by heat, styling and environmental damage.



The Scent of Spring Trend forecasting in perfumery is more or less seasonal like fashion in terms of olfactive notes and compositions. For this spring & summer season’s forecasters have already spoken their wisdom. Forecasters predict we will move away from Middle Eastern notes (such as Oud), and move towards more tropical scents. We will see fragrances with passion fruit, mango, guava, dragon fruit notes. For younger audiences we will find nectarines, peaches, combined with florals such as jasmines and orange blossoms.

Launches like Issey Miyake limited edition for summer is combining pink grapefruit, guava, lichee with aquatic florals for women and pineapple and kiwi with spices for men.

Kenzo’s newest Amour My Love with notes of pink grapefruit, passion fruit, red currant, rose, peonies and white musks.

The fragrance for summer will be inspired by farmers and markets, with lighter and fresher tones with fresh strawberries, delicate roses and slightly delicate gourmand touches. Roses will come with a modern twist, combined with fruits and accents of aldehydes and musk. Strawberries are providing a greener touch in fruity florals.



The common words for perfume this season are:

vibe, vitality & freshness The new Vera Wang Be Jeweled, with pink peonies (the modern rosy touch) combined with passion fruit, pink crystal sugar and musk

Also fruity and gourmand is the newest Lolita Lempicka L’Eau Jolie, with notes of Neshi pear, peach blossom and clouds of musk.

Prada brings one more infusion, this time called L’Eau d’Iris, also combining fresh notes with iris, white musks and woods.

Jo Malone London

The Scent Maverick Founder of one of Britain’s most famous fragrance brands Jo Malone, who went on to sell her eponymous company to Estée Lauder before creating a second line - Jo Loves in 2011 is renowned for pairing unusual ingredients and creating versatile fragrances which can be mixed and blended to create unique scents. Jo Malone’s name has become synonymous with luxury and indulgence.

Daughter of beautician and artist, Jo Malone was always destined for something big. As a child she would make her own perfumes with flowers from the garden and grated Camay soap. Growing up she worked as a florist and gave facials in her kitchen at night. It was only when she met her husband Gary at the age of 19 that their business, featuring her handmade scents and products, took off. She gave her Nutmeg and Ginger Bath Oil as a thank you to her clients and the orders began to flood in. The bath oil was an instant success and demand for Jo’s products became so strong that she and her husband Gary took the leap from kitchen table top and opened their first store in London’s fashionable Chelsea in 1994. Overnight, 154 Walton Street became a destination store for fragrance devotees from around the world, trying to be part of this cult brand. The brand’s signature cream packaging with black edging remains as iconic today. The store was unique, because it recreated the atmosphere of French perfumer’s studio, and quickly became a destination store that put Walton Street firmly on the map. It was in the creation of this store that the core values of the Jo Malone brand were developed - a result of Jo’s passion and inspiration. After five very successful years October 25th 1999, was a landmark occasion for the Jo Malone brand, as Estée Lauder announced the acquisition of the company. Jo remained Chairman, developing products and constantly challenging convention by introducing revolutionary concepts which helped to firmly establish Jo Malone as an innovator within the beauty and lifestyle industry. Jo continued to spearhead the worldwide positioning of the Jo Malone brand until January 2006 when both she and her husband Gary left the business.

In 2008, Jo was honored with an MBE for her services to the beauty industry and in 2010 Jo turned her talents to television presenting making her debut on BBC One in May. The four part series ‘High Street Dreams’ conceptualized by Jo herself, saw her back in the tough world of retail using her business experience and entrepreneurial spirit to help small businesses realize their dreams of trading on the great British high street. The show successfully helped to create six new British Brands.


High Street Dreams was born from my desire to help create new jobs and businesses for the future, which I passionately believe can help to strengthen our struggling economy and breathe hope and new life into British industry. After building my own successful business, I looked around me and felt frustrated that small businesses and entrepreneurs weren’t being encouraged or equipped with information to help them get ahead. Having had 20 years hands-on experience I felt driven to nurture people who had the passion to succeed but lacked in confidence and business acumen.



LOVES... Jo’s passion for fragrance never ceased and when the time was right she began working on a secret project behind the scenes. After much anticipation, in March 20011, Jo revealed that project to be JO LOVES - an innovative new scent, bath, body and candle

collection inspired by the memories and moments in life that she loves. Jo’s new creative approach also encompasses a love of color and the bold red and black branding looks set to create a smart and stylish statement across the globe.

4 2 E L I Z A B E T H S T R E E T, L O N D O N , S W 1 W 9 N Z - W W W. J O L O V E S . C O M


Jo Malone London





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OF EEN U Q UR NEAN AMO E GL DITERRA TVH IP G ME EUID d’Azur 2T 01H 4 TE ôteE C The C OS RST BY for love h I T r F A AT DEthe sea c MAN LOVEdating and L SOL MAD R O e n S Onli eld ENIU agerf IVE aG Karl L T is A t E CR igma th n

a Man of



The e





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you can’t afford not too.

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Oversized anoraks and menswear trenches; oxford collars with quilted or leopard-knit sweatshirts; cropped quilted sweatshirts or tube dress variations; denim jackets with added volume at the back; or parkas with furry collars - everything looked just as fresh now as it did back then, for fashion right now is wallowing and very much enjoying a nostalgic moment in the Nineties. It’s something about its ease and effortless, that grunge-meetssports vibe. It works and it’s a look that still has legs in it right now (though saturation point is probably not far away). Hair was worn loose and perfect without trying - these were the types of girls you see on the street and think how cool they look. And it was very much about the street and street life - as you’d expect from Karan - as a vivid video backdrop of New York kick-started the collection and model of the moment Cara Delevingne stepped on out in a camel and black panelled jacket, assured as she came. Colours matched this underlying confidence with tomato and neon pink making their mark among more sober camels, honey and black throughout and leopard spots taking on each and every size going on jumpers and jumper dresses.



New York: Donna Karan’s elegant PreFall collection proved the designer is still preeminent, consistently producing pieces that real women want to wear season after season. For this outing, she offered items that were uncomplicated, but subtle details, such as handkerchief hemlines, gathering, or sheer effects added just the right amount of visual interest to heighten their appeal. The A-line shape was the dominant silhouette, though cocoon shapes also appeared. A handful of draped items, including some standout jumpsuits, recalled her earlier work. Her late husband, Stephan Weiss’s book of sculptures was displayed at the show, and elements of his work seemed to make their way into the collection. In particular, the pushpull effect created by the mix of fluid pieces with structural items was a link to Weiss’s art, and Karan’s interpretation of the concept was utterly compelling. 48












N ew SpringCollection

FASHION VILLA IN ELVIRIA We invite you to our monthly fashion shows, for more information please contact the store

Opening hours: Mon - Fri 11:00 - 14:00 17:00 - 20:00 Sat 11:00 -14:00 or by appointment. Celebrating our 9th anniversary this February

Winter Sales at 50%

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With the explosive crash of waves on rocks, the Missoni show launched into a meditation on the elements—earth, air, fire, and water. Angela Missoni, was quick to point out that Missoni’s elements were abstract rather than primal. More pop, like a Japanese comic. So the classic Missoni chevron was reinterpreted

as waves or birds, the way you drew waves or birds when you were a kid. The family name was also reconfigured in a black-and-white, semi-African pattern that, laser-cut and applied throughout the womens collection. A subliminal strand of exotica trailed through the collection: as well like a skirt tied like a

sarong, a fitted dress draped like a sari, caftanlike volumes. For Spring Summer 2014 Men, Missoni has introduced a special loom knit fabric that has been made with an exclusive rubbed coated yarn, this is featured in a special partnership with Hancock of Scotland. The season’s

distinct colour palette comes from the radiation textiles and landscapes of the region of West Africa. Of particular reference are the indigo tie dye textiles of Benin, where shades of indigo, ink and midnight blue amalgamate to make the new Missoni Blue. SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


GENTLEMAN ZONE Tips from a Former Professional Personal Shopper. Where to go, what to expect, and how much you’ll spend. BY AARON REESE

A decade or more ago, personal shoppers were almost always perceived as sartorial servants of rich old ladies.

In the last decade, however, men have sought out the expertise of one-on-one professional salespeople because the pressure to look good—on the job, on dates, and on Facebook—is mounting. I should know: I was a personal shopper at Nordstrom and Bonobos. Stats back up my observation. Reuters reported that the global luxury-menswear market is growing twice as fast as womenswear, while more men’s-only online companies like Bonobos and Trunk Club are sprouting up to accommodate this newfound growth. If you’ve never thought about procuring the services of a personal shopping assistant, now’s the time, but there are a few things every guy should know before embarking on a spending spree. Here are answers to the questions I most often get. 58




Should I tip? How much? In most cases, personal shoppers don’t accept tips. The next best thing is referring their services to others.

How often am I expected to come back? Seasonal consultations are the norm. At the very least, you will want to have semi-annual consultations. A good stylist will alert you to trends or new items you may like.

Can I come in with my spouse?

A personal-shopping experience is just that—personal. An additional body should not be present at the appointment. This is perhaps the biggest mistake you can make during the appointment. The third wheel only adds friction.

What does a personal shopper do exactly?

How do I make an appointment? Call or arrange online?

A personal shopper (PS), also known as a stylist in some circles, is the liaison between you and your closet. His job is to make the connection between man and wardrobe easier by identifying trends, gauging fit, and developing overall looks that work for you.

E-commerce retailers like Bonobos are equipped with an online appointment-booking tool, but most stores have an e-mail or a phone contact that customers can find on their sites to inquire about setting up an initial consultation.

The goal is to give the client the proper tools to dress himself (and to help with buying gifts for others, even if that means remembering your loved ones’ birthdays). And let’s be honest: He’s selling clothes, too, and getting either a commission or a bonus based on sales.

What’s the least I should plan on spending? There aren’t any minimum spending restrictions, but I would suggest consulting only when you want to update a complete wardrobe. Sure, some personal shoppers can help with the little things, such as finding the right fit of jeans, but that’s usually left to an on-floor salesperson, not a PS.

Bonobos has a strong online presence, and thanks to the company’s new Guideshop stores, there are brick-and-mortar outlets now too.

More often than not, personal shoppers make a commission. There’s no out-of-pocket fee for the client.

Typically, appointments are 60 to 90 minutes long. A stylist will grill you about your lifestyle, work environment, hobbies, and anything else he or she believes will influence your wardrobe. It takes several questions to paint a picture of what the “new” you should look like.

Online personal shoppers, such as those offered at the Trunk Club, take a “We’ll do it from here” approach. First, you fill out a visual online questionnaire indicating some of your style preferences then you discuss your interests with a live personal shopper via Skype, e-mail, or phone. They’ll bring a few outfits to life on socialmedia platforms like FaceTime or Skype. If you’re updating your casual wardrobe with luxury brands, expect the minimum to start at €1,000; high-end sprees can cost up to €5,000 or more.

How much does a typical session cost—or does the personal sales assistant just get a percentage of the sales?

What’s an appointment like?

What online options do I have, and how do they work?

Key Tips COME TO THE APPOINTMENT PREPARED As a former personal shopper at Nordstrom, I appreciated when a guy was aware of his body type and which colours work for him. This eliminates the guessing game surrounding fit (good to know that you have broad shoulders and short arms, when many fashion designers sew with models in mind who have narrow shoulders and long arms). Note: Sometimes these body-type anomalies aren’t so obvious. For example, it’s hard to tell if a man has especially skinny legs if he’s wearing baggy trousers. Coming to your stylist with this information makes better use of your time together and you’ll understand why certain designers don’t work with your body type. The goal is to forge an ongoing relationship with the stylist. You two may well collaborate on many future outfits and wardrobe updates.

ASK QUESTIONS Your personal stylist is an expert, so fire away. Here are a few questions you should be asking during your appointment. What are the general-care instructions for this product? (You don’t want those new pairs of designer jeans to shrink, right?) What brands works best for my body type? (This helps the stylist choose brands according to fit. Fit is key.) What pieces are suitable for both work and play? (Even very wealthy patrons don’t want to spend money on two separate wardrobes if they can avoid it.)





GENEVA The Fabergé Imperial Collection

is inspired by the jewelled splendour of the Imperial Romanov court, and evokes the rhythms of the Russian seasons, whether literal or metaphorical. Exploring Peter Carl Fabergé’s world in turnof-the-century Russia, with its compelling mix of nostalgia and joy, its revelry in Old Russian traditions, crafts, fable and folklore, this poetic collection also draws on the well defined seasons of the year, each with its own



celebrations and rituals, an ode to the rhythms of nature that shaped the Russian lifestyle, the leisured luxury of country estates, the glittering splendour of winter balls. The jewels, in true Fabergé style, demonstrate an intuitive interplay of rare coloured precious gems, diamonds and pearls with superlative hand artisanship, to capture and reflect the changing light, colours and atmosphere of each season.

Belle Époque elements like garlands, scrolls, ribbons, tassels, crests, crowns and Russian tiaras bestow refined opulence upon this collection of personal possessions and gifts, illuminating the captivating world of Fabergé, linking past, present and future.

ELLA TOURMALINE RING Ella Tourmaline Ring features a cushion-cut indigo tourmaline and round white diamonds set in 18 carat white and rose gold. Other variations: Ella Pink Sapphire Ring features a cushion-cut pink sapphire and round white diamonds set in platinum and 18 carat red gold. Ella Ruby Ring features a cushion-cut ruby and round white diamonds set in platinum and 18 carat red gold.

IMPÉRATRICE POMPON EMERALD An elegant rococo style openwork of white gold scrolls immaculately set throughout with white diamonds, enclosing superb quality emeralds, create a striking contrast of colour and light.

AURORA EMERALD DROP EARRINGS White diamonds, enclosing superb quality emeralds, create a striking contrast of colour and light.

The egg pendant is finished with a luscious, sensual diamond-capped tassle of emerald beads.

These earrings are finished with a sensual drop bead creating an intense colour.

Impératrice Emerald Tassel Pendant features round emeralds, round white diamonds and emerald beads set in 18 carat white gold. The egg pendant is 26mm.

A pair of earrings fit for an Empress. This piece is set in platinum and features round white diamonds and cabochon emerald drops set in platinum.

DEVOTION collection

DEVOTION MULTI-COLOURED EARRINGS A cocktail of colour - emeralds, pink diamonds, purple sapphires and other multi-coloured gems, the stones have been set with such precision that not a hint of gold is visible between them. Gemfields’ Zambian emeralds, round white diamonds, pear shape and round rubies and pear shape and round sapphires set in 18 carat white gold. Other Variations: Devotion Emerald Earrings feature round white diamonds and Gemfields’ Zambian emeralds set in 18 carat white gold.

DEVOTION SPINEL 7.69CTS RING A striking and ornate ring intricately laced with a mesmerized bright red stone which contrasts beautifully against the pure white diamonds. Devotion Spinel 7.69cts Ring features a cushion cut red spinel 7.69 carats and round white diamonds set in platinum.

DEVOTION CABOCHON SAPPHIRE 9.75CTS RING A regal ring. The stunning blue sapphire only adds to emphasis the whiteness of the diamonds creating a stunning ring for an occasion. The Devotion Cabochon Sapphire 9.75cts Ring features an oval cabochon sapphire of 9.75 carats and round white diamonds set in platinum. Other Variations: Cabochon Emerald Ring features a Gemfields’ Zambian cabochon emerald and round white diamonds set in platinum.

The Devotion Collection exemplifies ‘the art of colour’, seamlessly fusing extraordinary coloured gemstones, artistic ingenuity and exceptional craftsmanship. Creative fantasy is paired with technical perfection and a sumptuous colour palette. This collection celebrates special lifetime events, milestones and memorable moments with

inspirational gemstone-set engagement, anniversary and celebratory rings. Fabergé’s vibrant gemstones are chosen for their exquisite colour, cut, clarity and character. The Devotion Collection offers both ornate and sleek designs, catering to both contemporary and classical tastes. 68


The master of reinvention Karl Lagerfeld is the master of reinvention, having repeatedly transformed himself as well as his labels and is distinguished as one of the most acclaimed fashion designers in the world. Known for his bold designs and constant reinvention, he’s been hailed by Vogue magazine as the “unparalleled interpreter of the mood of the moment.” Karl Otto Lagerfelt was born in 1933 to a wealthy German businessman father and Swedish mother in pre-war Germany. He has one older sister, Martha Christiane, who was born in 1931, and an older half-sister - Thea from his father’s first marriage. Lagerfeld’s father, Christian, made his fortune by bringing condensed milk to Germany. Karl and his older sister, Martha, and a halfsister, Thea, thus grew up in a wealthy home. Intellectual activity was encouraged at the Lagerfeld home. His mother, Elizabeth, was an accomplished violin player and talk at the dinner table often included subjects such as religious philosophy. When Hitler rose to power in the 1930s, the Lagerfelds moved to a rural area of northern Germany, where, as Karl would later recount, he was cut off from any knowledge about the Nazis and as his family was Independently wealthy he was mainly shielded from the deprivations of World War II. From an early age, Lagerfeld expressed an interest in design and fashion. As a child he often cut out pictures from fashion magazines. He was also known to be critical of what others wore to school. But it wasn’t until his teen years, after his family had returned to Hamburg, that Legerfeld immersed himself in the world of high fashion. Sensing his future lay elsewhere Lagerfeld made the bold decision to emigrate to Paris at the age of 14, there he studied drawing and history. SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


He’d been there just two years when he submitted a series of sketches and fabric samples to a design competition organized by the secretariat international de la laine (International Wool Association). The coat the young winner designed was produced by Pierre Balmain and at 17 Lagerfeld became the great designer’s assistant. Work placement followed with a full time position with French designer Pierre Balmain, first as a junior assistant, and later as an apprentice. It was a demanding position, and the young designer remained in it for three years before becoming art director for Jean Patou, where he remained for five seemingly calm years. This relative freedom allowed him to deepen his knowledge in subjects that had passionately interested him for years: history, architecture, music and especially eighteenth century French. By the beginning of the 60”s, Karl, had plunged into a career as an independent stylist in France, Italy, England and Germany with Lagerfeld designing collections for Chloe, Fendi (a collaborations that still continues today) and others. Lagerfeld became known in the fashion industry for his innovative, inthe-moment styles. But Lagerfeld also had an appreciation for the past, and he often shopped in flea markets, finding old wedding dresses to deconstruct. By the 1980s, Karl Lagerfeld was a major star in the fashion world. He was a favourite among the press, who loved to chronicle his changing tastes and social life. Lagerfeld kept company with other major stars, including his good friend Andy Warhol. While he’s developed a sort of hired gun reputation for jumping from one label to the next, he’s also put together a track record of success that few designers can match. His midus touch continued at Chanel where he was named Art Director in the early 1980s he did what few thought possible: He returned what was perceived to be a near-dead brand back to life with a revamped popular ready-to-wear line-up, also around that time Lagerfeld launched his own label, which he built around the idea of what he described as “intellectual sexiness.” In 1987 he decided to move behind the lens, with his first press kit, and from this time on Lagerfeld has created his own advertising campaigns. His passion for photography and for books transformed his campaigns into veritable art books (published by Steidl), while continuing photo shoots for prestigious fashion magazines. 72


His constant interest in new experiences led Lagerfeld to illustrate Hans Christian Anderson”s The Emperor”s New Clothes “. He created as well opera costumes for La Scala, the Florence opera house, the Burgtheater of Vienna and for the Salzbourg festival, and the Monte Carlo ballet. The turn of the century saw Lagerfeld adopt a new look, redefining his image. Willpower and self -imposed diet helped him to lose 47 kilograms (103lbs) giving up a style that no longer fitted his personality. He wrote a book THE 3D DIET “(Designer, Doctor, Diet) about his unusual experience. It sold in tens of thousands throughout the world. He said “I think that fashion is the healthiest motivation

for losing weight.” He also revealed that dieting isn’t any fun: “You have to be a real bore like me for it to work.” Karl represents creativity, tradition and challenge, and the fact that he thought of Diesel for this collaboration is a great gift and acknowledgement of our reputation as the prêtà-porter of casual wear.” Lagerfeld designed the costumes for the Carmen sequences in the 2002 film Callas Forever. Over the years, Lagerfeld has developed a reputation for quality tailoring with bold ready-to-wear pieces like cardigan jackets in bright colours. In 2004, he designed some of the outfits for the international music artist

Always controversial. During the 1993 Milan Fashion Week, Anna Wintour of Vogue America, walked because Karl had invited Porn star Moana Pozzi to be a model in the black and white collection for fendi. Madonna, for her Re-Invention tour and collaborated with the international Swedish fashion brand H&M where he offered a limited range of different Lagerfeld clothes in chosen outlets for both women and men. Only two days after having supplied its outlets, H&M announced that almost all the clothes were sold out.

Clothes, a series of nude pictures of models and celebrities. The little black Jacket, a collection of photographs featuring models and celebrities, he also personally photographed Mariah Carey for the cover of V magazine in 2005.

Lagerfeld had expressed some fear that working with lower-end brands will taint his image, although in the past he has worked closely with the hosiery designer Wolford.

In addition to his editorial work for Harper’s Bazaar, Numéro and the Russian and German editions of Vogue, Lagerfeld photographs advertising campaigns for the houses under his direction (Chanel, Fendi and his eponymous line) every season.

In recent years, Lagerfeld, whose work has crossed over into film and photography, he produced Visionaire 23: The Emperor’s New

The designer was also the subject of a French reality series called Signé Chanel in 2005. The show covered the creation of his Fall/Winter

2004–2005 Chanel couture collection airing on the Sundance Channel in the United States during the fall of 2006. In 2008, Lagerfeld created a teddy bear in his likeness produced by Steiff in a limited-edition of 2,500 that sold for $1,500. Lagerfeld has been immortalized in many forms: pins, shirts, dolls, and more. In 2009, Tra Tutti began selling Karl Lagermouse and Karl Lagerfelt, mini Lagerfelds in the form of mice and finger puppets respectively. In 2010 he designed two footwear lines for Italian label Hogan, in 2011 he designed a line of glassware for the Swedish company Orrefors, in clear, black and milky glass, the collection

“Orrefors by Karl Lagerfeld” embodied his minimal clean aesthetic. “What I enjoy most is doing something I’ve never done before,” the designer said of his collection. That same year, he also signed on to create a new clothing collection for Macy’s.

his work as a designer, photographer and filmmaker. “I’m so proud, and so very thankful, but I’m never done,” said Lagerfeld of the honour. “I knew Gordon’s photos before I knew Gordon, and they left such an impression on me as a student in München.

The collaboration was a kind of test to see if he could design clothes to a specific price range range. As you know, I love occasional co-branding,” explained Lagerfeld. “Macy’s is the perfect department store in the US, where everybody can find what they’re looking for without ruining their budget.”

That’s what you want, as an artist. That’s what I hope for.”

On 3rd June 2011 he was awarded the Gordon Parks Foundation Award in recognition of 74


More recently, Karl has turned his hand to film direction. In 2013, he directed the short film Once Upon a Time... in the Cité du Cinéma by Luc Bessonin Saint-Denis with Keira Knightley in the role of Coco Chanel and Clotilde Hesme in the role of his aunt Adrienne Chanel.

Lagerfeld often disguises his work under the pseudonym Kaiser Karl

TOP SHOP KATE MOSS KATE MOSS will launch a new collection for Topshop in April. The supermodel - who designed for the highstreet store between May 2007 and November 2010 - is reportedly already working on the range, which will be sold in 40 countries worldwide and on The offering will comprise 40 pieces, spanning womenswear, accessories and footwear, and - as with previous Topshop collaborations - is expected to be inspired by Moss’s personal wardrobe. The brand’s creative director and Vogue contributing fashion editor, Kate Phelan, and stylist Katy England are also involved in the project. Green and Moss reportedly came up with the idea while on holiday together this summer. It is still unknown whether or not the pairing will be long-lasting. Moss’s first collection for Topshop in May 2007 was met with much fanfare: the supermodel launched the range by posing in the windows of the Oxford Street store, while the clothes themselves became ubiquitous among the under-30s. Highlights included a floral tea dress, which sparked a series of high-street copies, and denim cutoffs, similar to shorts that Moss wore to Glastonbury.

Nicole de Carle Lingerie British luxury lingerie label Nichole De Carle have always been true fashion visionaries in the world of lingerie. The high-end luxury brand blends the worlds of sexiness and sophistication into an elegant assortment of superb designs for their Opal collection. The lingerie house dared to be even more provocative for this season with an art-deco inspired theme filled with racy silhouettes that show off the beautiful shape of a woman and bottling her inner goddess into a couture worthy piece for your lingerie wardrobe.: The Opal Collection has a softer, feminine design aesthetic, with a focus on exquisite laces and refined Luxury hand- finishing. Its

product portfolio is typically more loungewear focused with a more diluted design signature from the other collections. Art-deco design influences were expressed in the crystalline and faceted forms of decorative cubism, which is represented in the shape and design line of the Opal Collection. If you’re looking for stunning, classic pieces that always make you feel beautiful, the Opal collection is a must have for your closet. The collection is available at Nichole De Carle’s official online store.

Beautifully crafted lingerie, made in rare silks and exquisite laces, adorning the female body is a statement in itself – but this year, Nichole de Carle London has overcome all expectations by creating a capsule range of such luxurious pieces in the Opal Collection.



Piaget offers a time for romance Limelight Gala Watch Brilliant, vibrant and seductive; three adjectives perfectly suited to the new icon by Piaget. The Piaget Limelight Gala watch in pink gold and diamonds with a white satin strap showcases the curve of pure femininity. Its round 32 mm case is enhanced by two elegant elongated horns and the voluptuousness of its curves is highlighted on the bezel by a line of graduated round diamonds. Its dial is entirely paved with diamonds and its sensual curves and precious gem-setting reveals a strong personality imbued with stylish chic and glamour.

< G34U9800 - Piaget Rose Ring Its open-worked petals lightly caress the skin as though leaving a precious mark. With light, sinuous interlacing, an exquisitely delicate moving rose in gold and diamonds is sensually depicted An 18K white gold set with 107 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.40 ct).

G34UR500 - Piaget Rose > This romantic ring poetically evokes a tender promise of love. A stylized rosebud inspired by the Yves Piaget rose delicately unfurls its diamond-paved petals, creating the illusion of a real flower. Garden freshness: diamonds twinkle as though bathed in dew. An 18k white gold ring set with 36 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.22 ct).

Piaget Altiplano Cufflinks The pure, elegant lines of the ultra-thin Piaget Altiplano watch are encountered once again in these cufflinks. For major soirĂŠes and other events, all the masculine elegance of an assertive design. < Piaget Altiplano cufflinks in 18K white gold and onyx. Piaget Altiplano cufflinks in 18K rose gold and hematite. >



Piaget Heart Pendant A heart in all its forms. This gold and diamond pendant with its unique curves possess all the extravagance of exceptional love stories. A dazzling jewel whose sensual curves illuminate the neckline. Deliberately VIP, resolutely couture, the Piaget heart casts its light with diamonds that capture all the radiance of passion. Piaget Heart pendant in 18K white gold set with 38 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.35 ct).

Piaget Rose Ring Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s magic in the Garden of Piaget, where a rose reigns supreme. This ring, inspired by the Yves Piaget rose and featuring stylized petals entirely paved with diamonds, takes nature to new heights. It is a precious bloom that succeeds in creating the illusion of a real flower, a diamond beating at its heart. Piaget Rose ring in 18K white gold, set with 112 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 2.38 ct).


N the surface, a city such as Cannes perhaps might not strike you as the place to host the world’s most famous film festival. It’s not a capital city, or even near one. Yes, cinema was invented in France - but that was in Paris, not Cannes. And sure, the weather in Cannes may be nice, but that certainly isn’t a unique selling point. So just how did a reasonably small resort town end up hosting the most prestigious film festival there is?



Like much of the world as we know it today, the Cannes Film Festival exists as an indirect result of the rise of the fascist regimes in Europe during the 1930s. Its roots date back to 1932 when the first competitive international film festival was held in Venice. In those days, the Mostra di Venezia and chiefly its awards - was as much about the national prestige of the participating countries as it was about the films. As the decade marched on, both the official selection and the prize-winners began to noticeably favour the countries of the fascist alliance, particularly Germany and Italy. Matters came to a head though in 1938 when Jean Renoir’s “La Grande Illusion” was overlooked for the festival’s top prize - known back then as

the Coppa Mussolini (“Mussolini Cup”) - despite being the clear favourite amongst both festivalgoers and jury members. Instead, the Coppa was jointly-awarded to a two-part German film called “Olympia”, commissioned by Joseph Goebbels to document Nazi successes at the 1938 Berlin Olympics; and “Luciano Serra, Pilota”, made under the supervision of Il Duce’s own son. When the results were announced, the French were of course outranged and withdrew from the festival. Both the British and American jury members also resigned in protest at the idea that politics and ideology were able to stamp all over artistic appreciation. “La Grande Illusion” - a largely anti-war film - was subsequently banned in Germany and Italy; Goebbels himself labelling it ‘Cinematographic Enemy No.1’.



The nine jurors from the 2013 Cannes Festival make for an impressive line-up: Cristian Mungiu, Lynne Ramsay, Daniel Auteuil, Vidya Balan, jury president Steven Spielberg, Naomi Kawase, Christoph Waltz, Nicole Kidman and Ang Lee

But Venice’s folly turned out to be Cannes’ triumph. Later that same year, a group of critics and filmmakers got together to petition the French Government to underwrite the cost of running an alternative international film festival in France - one where films could be shown and compete without bias or political censorship. Afraid of upsetting Mussolini, the French government was initially lukewarm to the idea, but the powerful lobby group wasn’t going to be easily dissuaded. Headed by Philippe Erlanger (head of Action Artistique Française), Robert Favre Le Bret (who would become the festival’s longest serving president), and Louis Lumière (the co-inventor of cinema), the group put intense pressure on the government, which eventually caved in and gave the event the green light. The Festival International du Film was scheduled to kick-off on 1st September 1939, but the festival only managed its opening night before being closed down following the outbreak of World War II the following day. During the war the festival remained in hiatus, re-

emerging for a second re-opening on 20th September 1946 – And thus The Cannes Film Festival was born Today, Cannes is the most famous of all film festivals and one of the largest media events on the planet. The festival has an annual budget of around e20m, half of which comes from the French Ministry of Culture and Communications (through the Centre National du Cinéma), with the rest from the City of Cannes, various regional authorities, and a large group of corporate sponsors. Each year more than 1,500 films from over 100 countries are submitted to be considered for a very limited number of berths in the official selection this attracts stars and starlets, famous directors, cinematographers, writers and of course the legions of fans. Careers are made and broken during the Cannes Festival, winning a prize means certain success, and directors who fail to make the grade, or producers who fail to get the funding, may disappear without trace.

The annual Awards given out include the following: Palme d’Or - Golden Palm Grand Prix du Festival International du Film - Grand Prize of the Festival (1946-1954) Prix de la mise en scene - Best Director Prix du Jury - Jury Prize La Camera d’Or - Best first film Prix du meilleur scenario - Best Screenplay Prix d’interpretation feminine du Festival de Cannes - Best Actress Prix d’interpretation masculine du Festival de Cannes - Best Actor Prix un certain regard - A Certain Regard Award Prix de la FIPRESCI - International Federation of Film Critics Prize The most prestigious award given out at Cannes is the Palme d’Or (“Golden Palm”) for best film. The Palme D’Or is the logo of the Festival committee. The Internationally selected jury of movie professionals, grants many awards, including the Grand Prix (“Grand Prize”), the second most prestigious award.,,,,,



The 2013 fesitival poster

Each year a new poster is delivered, a new image created and a new message displayed. The posters for the Cannes Film Festival have become something of a comment on the events journey since it began. Since then the event has changed and grown in significance to become one of the film worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most prestigious events with more than 30,000 industry attendees in situ on the French Riviera during festival week.

This year the 67th Cannes Film Festival will be held between the 14th and the 25th of May with New Zealand director, producer and scriptwriter Jane Campion presiding over the Jury. For more information visit:







Connoisseur movements and class

Tradition and elegance, with inspiration that reaches into the origins of Swiss watchmaking. These prestigious timepieces reveal the true extent of their complex crafting through careful superposition’s that show the movement and its continually beating heart. The complications inside the confines of these masterpieces of savoir-faire command admiration. Time is no longer a mere question of hours and minutes. Whether a tourbillon, a perpetual calendar or a moon phase, whether beautiful guilloche or finely sculpted apertures, an open-work or skeletonised movement, craftsmanship adds to the prestige of these exceptional timepieces. On the wrist, they lend the ultimate touch of refinement, worthy of a gentleman of today.

LOUIS MOINET Astrolabe Tourbillon Louis Moinet invites us to look up and explore the sky. Manufactured in a limited series of 12 pieces, its latest creation is inspired by one of mankind’s oldest but least-known astronomical instruments, the astrolabe. Of all the astrolabes, that of Ahmad Ibn al-Sarraj (d. 1329 CE) was certainly the most sophisticated. In homage to its origins, this tourbillon watch comes in a wooden box with a meteorite fragment from the moon, as well as a faithful reproduction of Ahmad Ibn al-Sarraj’s astrolabe, made by Martin Brunold, probably the last craftsman in the world still making this intriguing instrument. Hand-wound tourbillon movement. White gold case. Astrolabeinspired dial. Hours, minutes. Comes in a wooden box with a meteorite fragment from the moon and an authentic astrolabe. Edition limited to 12 pieces. Movement Hand-wound mechanical, exclusive tourbillon, winding mechanism with octopus spring visible through the back, lateral lever escapement, Côtes du Jura motif, blued screws, 21,600 vib/h, 72-hour power-reserve Case 18K white gold, original Louis Moinet design, 59 elements, 47 mm Anti-reflective sapphire crystal Numbered, engraved sapphire back Water-resistant to 30 metres Retail prices: CHF 280,000 / USD 280,000 / €246,000



DA VINDICE GENEVE Tourbillon Baromètre Since its invention in the nineteenth century, the tourbillon has become the symbol of watchmaking’s finest traditions. This was also the century when the first barometers were used in meteorology. Now, for the first time ever, Da Vindice has brought these two scientific feats together in a watch. The aneroid barometer measures atmospheric pressure using a hermetically sealed Vidie capsule, partially emptied of air. An innovative mechanism amplifies the movements caused by variations in pressure so they can be seen on the dial. Mechanical automatic. Hours, minutes, tourbillon, barometer, date, power-reserve indicator Movement Mechanical automatic, 21,600 vib/hour, 42hour power reserve. Case 18k pink gold, 54 mm Watertight crown with raised Da Vindice crest Auto-lock pusher to depressurise the watch Sapphire crystal Water-resistant to 30 metres Retail price: CHF 200,000

DE BETHUNE DB28 Skybridge The immensity of the heavens. A night sky shimmering with a constellation of diamond and white gold stars. A revelation brought to life by the craftsman’s hands. Ancestral expertise and the latest progress combined and taken to their highest level. A recollection of pocket watches in a round case with the crown at 12 o’clock. The ultra-lightness of mirror-polished titanium. Spherical moon phases accentuated by an arrow-shaped bridge that seems to point to infinity. All this is the D828 Skybridge. Hand-wound mechanical movement, DB2105 calibre. Hours, minutes, moon phases. Titanium case with display back. Blued, mirror-polished titanium dial encrusted with stars in white gold and diamonds. Movement Hand-wound mechanical, DB2105 calibre, self-regulating twin barrel, silicon/palladium balance, balance spring with flat terminal curve, triple pare-chute shock-absorbing system, spherical moon-phase indication, silicon escape wheel, hand-finished and hand-decorated, mirror-polished blued steel, 28,800 vib/h, 6-day power reserve Case Grade 5 titanium with display back, 43 mm Titanium bezel, 45 mm Floating lug attachments in grade 5 titanium Retail prices: CHF 98,000 / USD 106,000 / €98,000

Information and images courtesy of

PIERRE DEROCHE TNT Royal Retro Power Reserve Like an exciting relay race, each of the four seconds hands runs a 10-second lap before passing on the baton. But after the first two have completed their legs, the baton mysteriously disappears behind the power reserve indicator, only to reappear for the final two. Whimsical and mischievous, this complex mechanism is a world first. Automatic movement, exclusive Dubois DĂŠpraz calibre. Hours, minutes, retrograde seconds, power-reserve indicator, date. Limited edition of 201 pieces. Movement Mechanical automatic, exclusive Dubois DĂŠpraz calibre, engraved and decorated rotor, 12-pivot central bridge and 4 chamfered, satin-finished seconds bridges, moving retrograde hand indicator, hands affixed with transversal pin, strip-spring return of 4 retrograde seconds hands on gears Case Black PVD-treated titanium container, 47.5 mm Steel bezel, lugs and crown-shield. Anti-reflective sapphire crystal front and back. Water-resistant to 100 metres Retail prices: CHF 21,000 / USD 23,100 / â&#x201A;Ź17,000





Seductive, scintillating and smart

Diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, even fragments of meteorite add a sparkling note to watches for women. Jewels of precision with more than a hint of charm, they have many hidden assets: automatic movement, engraved decorations, picturesque moon phases, inlays of shimmering mother-of-pearl, and delicate floral motifs. A palette of tender colours and gentle curves conjure up feminine softness. These are the ideal companion to be worn day and night, with as many sides as the women who wear them.

LOUIS MOINET Stardance The Earth was formed about 4.55 billion years ago. At the same time, a huge star exploded and caused massive shock waves that transformed the carbon on its surface into diamonds. Only a small number of meteorites contain these. Real fragments of stars, these interstellar diamonds now illuminate the Stardance moon phase against an aventurine night sky. Symbolising day, a sun with a mother-of-pearl backdrop indicates the seconds with its longest ray, a poetic evocation of the immensity of time. Limited edition of 365 pieces. Mechanical automatic movement. Titanium case with white ceramic bezel set with diamonds and sapphire cabochons. Hours, minutes, seconds, moon phase. Mother-of-pearl dial with fragments of the Enstatite EH3 meteorite on the moon phase. Movement Mechanical automatic, designed and manufactured by Louis Moinet and Concepto on the base of an existing calibre, rotor with sun and moon theme, 28,800 vib/h, 42-hour power-reserve Case Grade 5 titanium, polished finish, 35.6 mm White ceramic bezel set with 6 sapphire cabochons and 54 VVS Top Wesselton diamonds Sapphire crystal Engraved back Water-resistant to 50 metres Retail prices: CHF 19,900 / USD 23,500 / €17,500

LONGINES La Grande Classique de Longines 100 Diamonds The beauty of its 100 diamonds makes La Grande Classique de Longines truly bewitching, whether it is worn by a star like Kate Winslet or any woman. Classical elegance, with timeless style. Thanks to the thousand and one spellbinding models the line has offered since its launch in 1992, it has become an absolute “must have”. The secret? An ultra-thin profile that lends itself to every kind of refinement and is always combined with discreet sophistication. At Longines, elegance is an attitude. Quartz movement. Steel case set with 100 diamonds. Hours, minutes. Blue, sun dial with 12 diamond hourmarkers. Flexible steel bracelet with triple folding clasp.

Movement Quartz Case Steel, 29 mm Bezel set with 100 Top Wesselton VVS diamonds Retail price: CHF 5,520



ERNEST BOREL Cocktail Sublimely romantic, the Cocktail exudes an air of mystery with its dancing flower motif gently spiraling on the dial like a kaleidoscope. Orchestrating this fascinating ballet is a mechanical movement beating to the rhythm of infinite time. Diamonds discreetly set on this quintessentially feminine and graceful creation impart a touch of eternity to this poetic dream. Automatic mechanical movement. Hours and minutes indicated by a central rotating motif. Diamond-set dial. Movement Mechanical automatic, 2671 calibre, rhodium-plated finishing, blued screws Case Steel or pink gold plated steel, 31 mm Sapphire crystal and transparent back Water-resistant to 50 metres

Retail prices: CHF 1,295

/ USD 1,565

/ €1,189

FREDERIQUE CONSTANT Art Déco Oval Perfectly oval to hug the curve of the wrist, this new Frederique Constant creation could well be seen as the watch equivalent of the famous little black dress. An allusion to the Art Deco style of the 1920’s, its Arabic numerals display the sweet music of time on a finely-worked mother-of-pearl dial, while the diamonds lend a touch of eternity to this elegant, charmingly retro timepiece. Quartz movement, FC-200 calibre. Hours, minutes. Steel case with diamond-set bezel and lugs. Dial with mother-of-pearl rim and guilloché centre. Metal bracelet. Movement Quartz, FC-200 calibre, battery with 5-year lifespan Case Polished steel, 30 x 25 mm Bezel and lugs set with 78 diamonds Domed sapphire crystal Water-resistant to 30 metres

Retail prices: CHF 2,580 / USD 2,825 / €1,995

GO GOLD: An exclusive capsule collection inspired by the Swedish Olympic outfits

Get the Swedish Olympian look! Go Gold is a limited edition collection designed in collaboration with the Swedish Olympic team to celebrate the Winter Olympics in Sochi! The collection is made up of functional sports garments and casual items that are perfect for layering. Selected pieces from the collection have also been tested by the Swedish Olympic team. Functionality is a priority, and is evident in highly packable, lightweight down jackets, breathable running jackets, and fast-drying

base layers. The collection also includes a women’s reversible down jacket with a rounded silhouette and a sporty down-filled update of the classic pilot jacket for men. There are also accessories such as sneakers, backpacks and sunglasses. “Go Gold is the chance for our customers to get the Olympian look, inspired by the outfits created by H&M in collaboration with the Swedish Olympic team. The pieces are not just functional, they’re fashionable too – the perfect collection for winter sports,” says Ann-Sofie Johansson, Creative Head of Design.

“The athletes of the Swedish Olympic Team are really excited about the H&M outfits for Sochi 2014 – both for their functionality and their style. It’s great to share the Olympic look with fans through the Go Gold collection at H&M Sport, and it was fun to contribute with our input during the design process,” says Swedish swimmer and Olympic medalist Therese Alshammar.

Beckham debuts Bodywear collection for boys

This February, David Beckham has developed a cool yet comfortable Bodywear collection for boys. Stripes are key for the debut collection, just as with David’s men’s range this spring, which will be revealed later this January. Wide stripes appear on long sleeve Henleys, while smaller stripes are on vests, long-johns and trunks. Pieces such as the grey jersey pyjama shorts show the heritage athletic influence, which comes from David’s own love of vintage sportswear. SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE



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Sunsearch Magazine is a premier lifestyle magazine aimed at the modern individual. Now in its second year the magazines continues to go from strength to strength this is because at the heart of Sunsearch Magazine is a desire to provide top quality editorial content.

ISSUE 9 2014 Spain €3.95



Available for sale nationally across Spain and freely distributed across the Costa del So,l this magazine is like no other, our main objective is to showcase not only local advertisers but national and international brands. Within every edition of Sunsearch Magazine we feature the latest from the world of fashion, beauty, health, gourmet & fine dining, art, travel, luxury cars and entertainment. Targeted at the modern design conscious affluent person Sunsearch Magazine is a definitive - go -to - magazine for style savvy modern living. Sunsearch Magazine delivers visual seduction, thought provoking contents and bespoke creative design to cater for every aspect of our readers’ lives.

THE G L THE M AMOUR QU EDIT EEN O F te d’Azu ERRANE AN r LOVE AT FIR Online ST BY dating TE and th e sear ch for CREAT love IV E The en igma th GENIUS O at is K arl Lag R MADM erfeld AN The Cô

DID YOU MISS AN ISSUE? All back issues are available to view online at our site: To view our other titles online visit:


Sunsearch Media Group, Edif. Altair, Office 209, Urb. El Saladillo 150, A7 Km 166, Estepona, 29688 Malaga For more information call + 34 951 127 200 or email





Š Richard Marshall

Côte d’Azur

Playground of the rich & Famous


tretching from the Italian border and the foothills of the Southern Alps along the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea lays the Côte d’Azur the playground of the rich and famous.

Also known as the French Riviera it hosts the glamorous towns and resorts of Nice, Menton, Cannes, Marseille and St Raphael. Their palm fringed beaches lined with luxury hotels, elegant villas, and yacht-filled harbours, punctuate an Azur coastline of rocky coves and fine sandy beaches framed by citrus trees, aloe, bougainvillea, mimosa and pine trees. The Côte d’Azur polarizes opinion like few places in France. To some it remains the most glamorous of all Mediterranean playgrounds with its hotspot St Tropez & Monaco; to others, it’s an overdeveloped victim of its own hype. Yet at its best – in the gaps between the urban sprawl, on the islands, in the remarkable beauty of the hills, the impossibly blue water after which the coast is named and in the special light that drew so many artists to paint there captivates still.



St Tropez As the summer playground of Europe’s youthful rich, St-Tropez is among the most overhyped – and in July and August overcrowded – spots in the Mediterranean. It remains undeniably glamorous, its vast yachts and infamous champagne “spray” parties creating an air of hedonistic excess in high summer. Alas, partaking of its designer charms can seriously dent your budget at any time of the year. The origins of St-Tropez are unremarkable: a fishing village that grew up around a port founded by Marseille’s Greeks, destroyed by Saracens in 739 and finally fortified in the late Middle Ages. Its sole distinction was its inaccessibility: stuck on a small peninsula that never warranted proper roads, reached only by boat till the end of the nineteenth century.

Soon after, bad weather forced the painter Paul Signac to moor in St-Tropez. He promptly decided to build a house there, to which he invited his friends. Matisse was one of the first to accept, with Bonnard, Marquet, Dufy, Dérain, Vlaminck, Seurat and Van Dongen following suit, and by World War I St-Tropez was an established bohemian hangout. The 1930s saw a new influx, of writers as much as painters: Cocteau, Colette and Anaïs Nin, whose journal records “girls riding bare-breasted in the back of open cars”. In 1956, Roger Vadim filmed Brigitte Bardot here in Et Dieu … Créa la Femme; the cult of Tropezian sun, sex and celebrities promptly took off and the place has been groaning under the weight of visitors ever since.

star quality ★★★

Beach Babe The name Brigitte Bardot has become synonymous with Saint Tropez. Bardot is a long term resident and has a house near Les Canoubiers beach. It was through her filming of “And God Created Woman” during the 1950s, that she firmly put Saint Tropez on the world map


The capital of the Riviera and the fifth largest city in France, Nice lives off a glittering reputation. Far too large to be considered simply a beach resort, it has all the advantages and disadvantages of a major city: superb culture, shopping, eating and drinking, but also crime, graffiti and horrendous traffic, all set against a backdrop of blue skies, sparkling sea and sub-tropical greenery kept lush by sprinklers. Popularized by English aristocrats in the eighteenth century, Nice reached its zenith in the belle époque of the late nineteenth century, and has retained its historical styles almost intact: the medieval rabbit warren of Vieux Nice, the Italianate facades of modern

Nice and the rich exuberance of fin-de-siècle residences dating from when the city was Europe’s most fashionable winter retreat. It has mementos from its time as a Roman regional capital, and earlier still, when the Greeks founded the city. The museums are a treat for art lovers, and though its politics are conservative Nice doesn’t feel stuffy; it has a highly visible lesbian and gay community and spirited nightlife. Of late Nice has been smartening up its act with extensive refurbishment of its public spaces and the construction of an ultra-modern tramway. Conservative it may be, but Nice does not rest on its laurels.

star quality ★★★★

David Beckhams Provencal Retreat 75 minute drive from Nice airports lies the secluded Bargemon (pictured above), a quiet commune in the Var area of south-eastern France. It’s here that David and Victoria Beckham bought a £1.4 million (S$2.8 million) property to use as their holiday home back in 2003. The purchase was deemed a bit controversial at the time as it snubbed the glamorous and exclusive lifestyle that came with the footballing culture of the time, with Beckham’s colleagues preferring to live it up in St. Tropez. The purchase showed the couple as a real class act, preferring the authentic countryside to the glitzy atmosphere of the coast however the property still carries some impressive stats, set in 250 acres of woodland, boasting 15 bedrooms with a private swimming pool, chapel and farm.,,



star quality ★★★

Vanessa Paradis Quiet Hide-Away Also in the Var region of Southern France, near the Bay of Cannes, is Le Plan-dela-Tour, a quiet and peaceful commune where Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis set up a part time residence whilst they were married. Whereas the younger Johnny Depp used to clash with the paparazzi in cities like Los Angeles, New York and London, this sleepy French village appealed to an older Depp as a place where he could enjoy an espresso, pick up supplies at the local market and bakery and then stroll home with his children undisturbed by fans and press. The house and estate is rumoured to be worth around £4 million (S$7.97 million) and commands romantic views of the surrounding valleys and hills. Ladies’ favourite Leonardo DiCaprio made headlines in 2013 with his Cannes Festival antics. The actor missed his appearance at the Great Gatsby premiere in Sydney after a “schedule change” but photos at the time showed Leo partying in Cannes’ Gotha nightclub, relaxing on a yacht and surrounded by models at the De Grisogono party at the Eden Roc

Cannes With its immaculate seafront hotels and exclusive beach concessions, glamorous yachts and designer boutiques, Cannes is in many ways the definitive Riviera resort, a place where appearances count, especially during the film festival in May, when the orgy of self-promotion reaches its annual peak. The ugly seafront Palais des Festivals is the heart of the film festival but also hosts conferences, tournaments and trade shows. Despite its glittery image Cannes works surprisingly well as a big seaside resort, with plenty of free, sandy public beaches. You’ll find the non-paying beaches to the west of Le Suquet towards the suburb of La Bocca along the plages du Midi, though there’s also a tiny public section of beach on Plage de la Croisette, just east of the Palais des Festivals. Alternatively, you can explore the old aristocratic suburbs La Croix des Gardes and La Californie, once populated by Russian and British royals. Just offshore, the peaceful Îles de Lérins – Ste-Marguerite and St-Honorat – offer a sublime, easily accessible contrast to the frenetic town, while further out are the towns of Vallauris, with its interesting Picasso connections, and Grasse, famed for its perfume.



© Yvon Maurice



Marseilles The ancient city of Marseille possesses its own earthy magnetism. In recent years Marseille has undergone a renaissance. France’s greatest port has shaken off much of its old reputation for sleaze and danger to attract a wider range of visitors. What they discover is an earthy, vibrant city, where the attractions of a major metropolis meet those of the coast, its hitherto down-at-heel appearance scrubbed up for its stint as European Capital of Culture 2013. Founded by the Greeks some two and a half millennia ago, the most renowned and populated metropolitan area in France after Paris and Lyon has both prospered and been ransacked over the centuries. It has lost its privileges to French kings and foreign armies, recovered its fortunes, suffered plagues, religious bigotry, republican and royalist terror and had its

own Commune and Bastille-storming. It was the march of Marseillaise revolutionaries to Paris in 1792 that gave the Hymn of the Army of the Rhine its name of La Marseillaise, later to become the national anthem. Occupied by the Germans during World War II, it became a notably cosmopolitan place in the post-war years, when returning pieds noirs (European settlers from Algeria) were joined by large communities of Maghreb origin and by migrants from the Comoros archipelago, a former French colony in the Indian Ocean. To the east of Marseille the family resorts of La Ciotat, stRaphael, the sedate Hyères and Roman Fréjus all holding their own in the face of huge media hype often attributed to the Côte d’Azur.

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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie’s French Chateaux Hollywoods Golden Couple Brad Pitt and wife Angelina Jolie purchased a 17thCentury Chateau Miraval, set on a 1,000acre estate in 2009 for £35 million ($69.7 million), close to the attractive town of Aixen-Provence. Situated in a tiny village called Brignoles, the house and grounds were a big project to take on, with the couple developing it into a luxury contemporary mansion complete with hot tubs, spa, steam rooms, gym, improved helicopter landing and large wine cellar. The house has 35 rooms and the estate includes a private vineyard, moat, forest and lake. In 2013 the couple successful realised there first 6,000 bottles of Rose wine.,

Monaco When it comes to Monte Carlo, you will not find a more glamorous place on Earth. In fact, its the second smallest country in the world and Monte Carlo is an independent city state. Famous for its casino and its Formula One race, those that come from Monaco are called Monegasques, but the majority of residents in Monte Carlo weren’t born here, making them Monacoians. Monte Carlo is well known for its tax evasion as well. Viewed from a distance, there’s no mistaking the cluster of towers that is Monaco. Postwar redevelopment rescued the tiny principality from economic decline but elbowed aside much of its previous prettiness – not for nothing was Prince Rainier, who died in 2005, known as the Prince Bâtisseur (“Prince Builder”). This tiny state no bigger than London’s Hyde Park, retains its comic opera independence: it has been in the hands of the autocratic Grimaldi family since the thirteenth century, and in theory would become part of France were the royal line to die out. It is home to six thousand British expats – including Roger Moore and Shirley Bassey – out of a total population of around 36,000. Along with its wealth, Monaco latterly acquired a reputation for wheeler-dealer sleaze. On his accession in 2005, the US-educated Prince Albert II set about trying to get the principality off an OECD list of uncooperative tax havens, declaring he no longer wished Monaco to be known – in the words of Somerset Maugham – as “a sunny place for shady people”. The oldest part of the principality is Monaco-Ville, around the palace on the rocky promontory, with the Fontvieille marina in its western shadow. La Condamine is the old port on the other side of the promontory; the ugly bathing resort of Larvotto extends to the eastern border; and Monte-Carlo is in the middle. One time not to visit is during the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix in May – no viewpoint is accessible without a ticket and prices soar to ridiculous levels.

star quality ★★★

Millionaires Playground

Monaco is a Millionaires Playground with, Novak Djokovic, Jensen Button, Caroline Wozniacki, Sir Roger Moore, Shirley Bassey, Phillip Green & Ringo Starr all residing here









The world’s most luxurious wellness spa After all the excess of Christmas our bodies and minds need a little pick me up. Located in the tranquil Himalayan foothills, close to the mythological cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh, surrounded by graceful Sal forests, overlooking the peaceful Ganga as it meanders into the distance is Ananda the spiritual pathway to the ultimate, discovered through the union of body, mind and soul. Ananda is not just a retreat that will leave you breathless with the enchantment of its surroundings, but assists in redefining lifestyles to include the well-known traditional Indian wellness regimes of Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta combined with best of International Wellness Experiences. It would be impossible to go for a week and not leave feeling on top of the world For more information visit:

Historical Getaway

The world’s eyes will be on Belgium this year for the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. The first soldier to be killed in the fighting died in Liège at dawn on 4 August 1914; the first and the last British soldiers to die were both killed in Mons, near the French border. Brussels is staging a major exhibition, 1914-18: It’s our History!, which opens on 7 February at the city’s Royal Army Museum. There are also scores of other commemorative events all over Flanders, the northern part of Belgium: see for details. Tour operators are running guided trips, too: such as Ramblers Worldwide, which has a Walking the Ypres Salient tour (from £999, including half-board accommodation and Eurostar travel, which includes the Tyne Cot cemetery, near Ypres.,

Glamour in the Northern Hemisphere CELEBRATE YOUR WEDDING, ENGAGEMENT OR EVENT IN LUNNIQ STYLE Luuniq, a competent team of wedding planner and event designer is based in Herrilberg, Zurich, who offer unique and unforgettable engagement / wedding / event packages that can be tailored to your individual wishes and requirements. They cooperate exclusively with carefully chosen, trustworthy partners such as Acasa Catering, Boutique Zoro, Edel & Stark, cheese & chocolate Film SA and Jeffery Berlin Green to ensure top-class service. Luuniq pride themselves on having an exceptional sense of aesthetic, style, and organisational skills to ensure their clients rest assured that all their wishes will be fulfilled Luuniq – unique and luxurious experience. For more information visit:

Iceland is quickly gaining credibility as the “Hollywood of the North” after several blockbusters were shot there, including Oblivion, Prometheus and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Two of this year’s anticipated hits were also shot amid the lava fields and glaciers: Interstellar, Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi movie, and Darren Aronofsky’s Noah. Tick off the locations on a road trip along the spectacular 832-mile “route one” ringroad (from £690pp with The first hotel in the new Stractachain opens in May near Hella in south Iceland, with doubles from £86.Wow Air flies from Gatwick to Reykjavik from £138 return. For a taste of luxury the Ion Hotel in Thingvellir National Park offers a Scandichic boutique feeling set within spectacular surreal landscapes of moss-covered fields, geysers and steaming rivers. Responsibly priced at between €253.00 - €293.00 per night for a deluxe double For more information visit SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


Fine carpets, luxurious fabrics, hand made embroidery, exquisite high quality furniture, mosaics, glassware and accessories and much more... 110


Alexanders´Collection Spain Luxury Home

Hand carved vase holder in solid linden wood with briar olived ash wooden top

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The Meek Mr Osborne And Your Estate By John McCann, Senior Partner, Blevins Franks


he meek shall inherit the earth, • You remain a UK domicile (as many British expatriates do) according to the Bible. In the case of the UK tax authority, the meek Chancellor levies 40% inheritance tax on • You own property or other assets in the UK estates. If you have two or more heirs, it could mean that George Osborne’s office • You or your spouse may return to takes the largest share of your estate unless the UK one day. you plan carefully. The situation is getting worse, with Mr It is charged on your worldwide assets Osborne’s measures expected to drag (unless you are non-UK domiciled on tens of thousands more British families death, in which case it only applies to into the inheritance tax net over the next UK assets). five years. The threshold has been frozen at Inheritance tax is charged at 40%, over £325,000 since 2009, and is scheduled a tax free allowance – the “threshold” or to remain unchanged until April 2018. Around 176,000 estates are expected to “nil rate band” - of £325,000. be affected. British expatriates do not escape this tax nearly as easily as they do most other UK The freeze is having the desired effect – taxes. It will affect you and your heirs if - for the government, that is, with HM

Treasury earning more revenue. On the other hand families are losing out on more of their inheritance. If the threshold had risen with inflation each year, as was the case prior to 2009, it would be £372,000 today. The result is that families are paying an extra £18,800 in tax. The threshold would rise to £415,000 by 2018 if inflation linked. With it being frozen, estates caught in the tax net will pay an extra £36,000 in tax in 2018. Think what your children or grandchildren could do with this money. Take professional advice and plan to protect your family from this tax. The Treasury is expected to earn around £3.3 billion this tax year from inheritance

tax - 14% more than last year, and the third annual increase in a row. With the threshold failing to keep pace with rising house prices, the Treasury is getting an extra windfall. The average house price increased by 5.8% in the year to October 2013 (according to the Nationwide House Price Index). Savills real estate agency expects them to increase 25% by 2018.

In October 2007, when Mr Osborne was still the shadow chancellor, he said a Conservative Government would increase the threshold to £1 million to “take the family home out of inheritance tax”.

Understandably this proved a popular proposal. In response the Labour government allowed the £325,000 allowance to be transferred between spouses, potentially increasing the nil rate band to £650,000 for married couples Accountancy firm Grant Thornton and civil partners. calculates that the number of estates falling into the inheritance tax trap could This £650,000 is still far off £1 million. double within four years as a result. For many people, the family home still 42,000 estates will pay tax in 2016/17, falls into the inheritance net, including compared to 21,000 in 2012/13. overseas properties.

if probate does not come through on time or there are insufficient liquid assets. There are various ways to mitigate inheritance tax for your family and heirs, and save them the headache of having to sort it out. You also need to take Spanish succession tax into account, and understand how the two taxes interact, and plan accordingly. This is a complex area, more so for expatriates, and can be a legislative minefield. Specialist, detailed advice is essential.

Tax rates, scope and reliefs may change. This is much more than the previous peak Inheritance tax should normally be paid Any statements concerning taxation are based upon our understanding of current of 34,000 estates in 2006/07. within six months of death, with interest taxation laws and practices which are being charged after that. Your executors The Treasury defends the freeze, saying may need to borrow capital to pay the bill subject to change. Tax information has been summarised; an individual is advised that less than 4% of estates pay the tax, to seek personalised advice. and that the freeze will help to fund social care. However, many will agree with Matthew Sinclair’s, chief executive of the Taxpayer’s Alliance, sentiments: “Inheritance is a deeply unfair double tax that punishes families simply for having the misfortune of losing a loved one. Not only has Osborne failed to increase the threshold as he promised he would, but he also appears all too willing to drag more people into paying death duties. Rising house prices are compounding the damage done by the chancellor’s broken promises. It’s time he axed this tax altogether.”

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onte Carlo is one of the fourth quarters in Monaco and is situated on a prominent escarpment at the base of the Maritime Alps along the French Riviera. A busy, cosmopolitan city synonymous for its high-end luxury casinos and vibrant nightlife however; the wealth of the city extends far beyond the Place Du Casino as the atmosphere of extravagance can also be seen in its restaurants, bars and luxury boutiques.

For more than seven centuries, the Grimaldi Family has presided over the Principality of Monaco’s destiny. This remarkable longevity is a good illustration of the national unity between the Princes and the people of Monaco. An independent sovereign state, the Principality of Monaco faces the Mediterranean Sea and rubs shoulders with several municipalities in the French “département” of the AlpesMaritimes (from west to east, Cap d’Ail, La Turbie, Beausoleil and Roquebrune-Cap Martin Today Prince Albert II is the reigning monarch of the Principality of Monaco, and head of the Princely House of Grimaldi. He is the son of Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, and the American actress Grace Kelly.

Place du Casino The Place du Casino is the attractive central square located in Monte Carlo Monaco from where some of Monaco’s top tourist attractions can be found including the: Cafe de Paris, Grand Casino, Hotel de Paris & Hotel Metropole. TAG: The world famous Place du Casino is ‘an international byword for the extravagant display and reckless dispersal of wealth’.,,,,,,

The world famous Place du Casino is

‘an international byword for the extravagant display and reckless dispersal of wealth’

Hôtel de Paris

Built in 1864 using the very best materials of the period, the Hôtel de Paris continues to symbolise the fine art of hospitality

Situated in the very heart of Monte-Carlo on the famous Place du Casino, the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo is a real “address” in the world of great French hotels. An extravagant pure-white swan of a building, the Hotel de Paris is arguably the true palace of Monte Carlo. Belle Epoque columns and spires adorn the facade; statuettes of nubile nymphs flank arched doorways and fountains, and a bronze statue of Louis XIV on horseback stands in the lobby, the horse’s knees rubbed shiny by over a century of superstitious gamblers. Built in 1864 with the ambition to offer the best of an era, the Hôtel de Paris continues to symbolize this same excellence in the art of hospitality. Enchantingly situated on the Golden Square of the Place du Casino, with 182 luxurious rooms and suites and stunning salons for top meetings, the Hotel de Paris is heir to the spirit of Palaces.

cuisine of Alain Ducasse and a wine cellar with millions of dollars’ worth of century-old Napoleon brandy and Chateau Margaux 1920. But restaurant aside, the Hotel de Paris is also the best located and most convenient address in town. It’s down the road from the city’s largest spa, Les Thermes Marins, across the street from the Cafe de Paris, and adjoins the Casino of Monte Carlo. While Monte Carlo is no longer as extravagant as it once was its 50’s heyday the jacket and tie have replaced the tuxedo and tourists wander around innocently in shorts this said the Hotel de Paris has not changed a bit. Princess Caroline still throws fêtes here in the aweinspiring ballroom, and you still half expect Churchill to wander by at ten in the morning, a snifter of priceless cognac in hand.

Historically, the Hotel de Paris catered to some of the most demanding guests, Winston Churchill, novelist Colette, and of course, Princesses Grace and Caroline. The doormen are extremely formal and polite, if a touch forbidding in their Lagerfeld-designed outfits. The rooms are nice enough, especially the ones facing the Mediterranean, and all of them have massive marble bathrooms. You can spend an entire day on your bed gazing at the yachts and helicopters below, ordering turbot in hollandaise and caviar while your concierge books you a translator and secretary. But it is the downstairs that is truly spectacular. The cathedral-like lobby drips with gilt and even the men’s restroom is adorned with Louis XV chairs. The restaurant, Le Louis XV, features the three-starred SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


The Monte-Carlo Casino This legendary Casino has been a cornerstone in MonteCarlo success. Its architecture, history and the people who came here to gamble have all played their part in making the Casino de Monte-Carlo a myth in the eyes of the entire world... The Monte Carlo Casino is the natural home of premium gaming. Built in 1863, in honour of Prince Charles III of Monaco its glamorous ocean-side Mediterranean location, is the perfect setting for a premium casino. Located on the Place du Casino it is surrounded by beautiful olive groves and lemon tree orchards against a backdrop of the deep blue sea. The stylish and elegant Casino de Monte-Carlo has always epitomised high-class gaming. The iconic building is a central feature on the route of the Monaco F1 Grand Prix, and also contains a ballet and opera house. The meticulous art-déco architecture has made it a landmark of Monte-Carlo, with an unassailable air of grace and panache, combined with the heady allure of exclusive high-stakes wagering. Casino de Monte-Carlo is inextricably entwined with the history of high-class European gaming entertainment. It is the acknowledged home of the most classic casino games, and of the most elegant and luxurious of all European casinos. This is also where French roulette was first introduced in the 18th century. Casino de Monte-Carlo has become the most revered name in casino mythology. The rooms have been immortalised in films and popular cultural legend. The mere mention of a Monte-Carlo Casino instantly conjures up iconic, tensionfilled showdowns over the baccarat, roulette or poker tables. The suave, audacious style of James Bond in ‘Casino Royale’ is forever associated with its Monte-Carlo setting.



The Monte-Carlo Casino was created to represent all the finest, most glamorous aspects of gaming

Princely Palace Guardian of an ancient tradition, the Palace is located in a unique setting upon the “Rock” of Monaco, and was built on the site of a fortress erected by wealthy Genoese merchants. The Princely Palace of Monaco is one of the oldest monarchical homes in the world that is still in use today. Just as it has been for centuries past the Princely Palace is still the official residence of the Monegasque sovereign and, as such, is the heart of the political and social life of Monaco. Part of the unique beauty of the palace is the blending of styles, part modern Mediterranean palace, part medieval fortress, sharing Italian and French styles as well as others. This all goes back to the palace being originally built as a military fortress, a castle, by the Genoese republic in 1191 before it was taken over by the House of Grimaldi in 1297. Legend has it that in January 1297 François Grimaldi took shelter at the fortress disguised as a monk; once admitted, he and his men captured the castle and took it over as their stronghold. The fortress has over the years had a long, dramatic history defending the territory from attacks by other states, and has been repeatedly bombarded, damaged and restored. Throughout the centuries it has been transformed into one of the most luxurious residences in the style of Louis XIV. Today the splendours of this Palace can be admired by all, such as its Italian-style gallery and its 15th century frescoes; its Louis XVth lounge all in yellow and gold, its blue room, a harmonious blend of glorious blue and gold; its Mazarin room covered with multi-coloured wood-panelling; the

Throne Room, decorated with an impressive Renaissance fireplace; the Palatine Chapel built in the 17th century; St-Mary’s Tower, built from the white stones of nearby La Turbie; the Main Courtyard and its 17th century Carrara marble double staircase. Today, Prince Albert II still maintains his formal residence at the Princely Palace which, in recent years, has become as much a tourist attraction as many other Monegasque landmarks. State rooms are open to the public in the summer months, parts have the appearance of a museum, but the smart changing of the guard the - Carabiniers du Prince – at 11.55am every day reminds all that it is still a monarchical residence.

Apart from its stunning architecture Monte Carlo Monte Carlo is also known for playing host to a variety of international sporting events throughout the year, such as the Monaco Grand Prix, the first stage of the World Rally Championship, the European Poker Tour, the Monaco Yacht Show and a number of world championship boxing matches. Whatever sporting, cultural or leisure activity you are interested in Monte Carlo will surely cater to your tastes.





LIGHTS UP LLADRO’S SIXTIETH BIRTHDAY As part of its sixtieth anniversary celebrations, renowned Spanish porcelain specialist Lladro has launched the Belle de Nuit lighting collection for those wanting to invest in a slice of statement illumination. The new line of ceiling, table top and wall lamps have been designed by the company’s in-house team in Valenica, all hand-crafted and hand-painted. Made in porcelain the pieces come in various formats and colours in tune with the ever changing trends in interiors and home décor. The concept for this new collection is based on the classic crystal chandelier, updating it not only in terms of the material used, but also changing the expressive language. This reinterpretation gives rise to contemporary lamps in different sizes and models which fit in to perfection with all kinds of interior styles, and in which porcelain and colour play an important role. The sensation Lladró lamps transmit in comparison with those made in other materials is the greater sense of warmth. The inviting and comforting effect of porcelain is enhanced in this new collection with the use of porcelain lampshades, known as lithophanes, instead of the usual textile shades. When they are lit, the transparency of the porcelain brings out the designs etched on the surface, creating a subtle lighting with a very evocative effect. However, the most striking feature of the Belle de Nuit collection is the application of the original Lladró palette of colours, surprising us with a wide spectrum that ranges from the sober version in white to a multi-coloured version, as well as pure tones, combinations of colours and gradated tones. With this new line Lladró is taking another step forward, consolidating its range of lighting and décor products. Porcelain lamps which boast the differential values imbued by the artistic qualities of this noble material and the brand’s c reative capacity.




WARMTH & COLOUR With all the warmth of porcelain and a wide range of bright colours the ceiling lamps in the Belle de Nuit collection update the classic chandelieir in a new language Like all Lladro creations, Belle de Nuit lamps are handcrafted at the brands workshops in Valencia ( Spain)

Alexanders´Collection Spain Luxur y Home

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Protecting Species contributes to a thriving, healthy planet.

Saving wildlife is at the core of WWFâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mission. Why? Because animal populations are disappearing at an alarming rate, but even in the face of threats like poaching, habitat loss and overuse of natural resources, WWF works towards creating a better future for wildlife every day. Protecting species also contributes to a thriving, healthy planet for our health and well-being and more importantly our ongoing survival. With this mind we take a look at what WWF achieved last year.

2013 sawâ&#x20AC;Ś 126


60% INCREASE IN TIGER POPULATION IN NEPAL’S TERAI ARC We’ve learned that the small Himalayan country of Nepal has increased it tiger population by more than 60% percent since the last survey in 2009 putting the number of tigers at an estimated 198 with a range between 163 - 235. Nepal was able to definitively confirm that wild tigers were found in 12 of the 14 districts in the Terai Arc Landscape, which is also home to rhinos, elephants and nearly 7 million people. This first-ever joint tiger survey between Nepal and India in the transboundary Terai Arc Landscape began in January and included over 260 trained staff, camera traps covering 1,870 square miles of tiger habitat and 7,699 tiger images. With as few as 3,200 tigers left in the wild there is still more work to be done. Nepal’s results is a major step forwards and a start toward the global goal of doubling wild tiger numbers by 2022 a project known as Tx2.

+100 MORE MOUNTAIN GORILLAS THAN IN 2010 Since the discovery of the mountain gorilla subspecies in 1902, its population has endured years of war, hunting, habitat destruction and disease—threats so severe that it was once thought the species might be extinct by the end of the twentieth century. These critically endangered animals only live in two locations, Bwindi and the Virunga Massif area, which spans parts of Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda and Rwanda. So despite years of civil unrest in these regions, conservation efforts have started bearing fruit, with the gorilla population showing an increase of more than 10% in the last two years. Mountain gorillas live in social groups and the census estimated figures to be 880 with approximately 400 mountain gorillas confirmed to be living in Bwindi and 480 were counted in the Virunga Massif. This census shows a stunning recovery for a species that once faced a real threat of extinction. Mountain gorillas in the wild still face threats ranging from habitat loss to poaching, especially in Congo, where lawlessness in the country’s vast eastern territory has allowed illegal hunters to prosper as mountain gorillas are hunted for their meat in Congo but with thanks to increased conservation awareness and efforts by the Uganda Wildlife Authority it looks like there’s continued hope for survival of this beautiful species.



Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra pledged to start a legislative process to end ivory trade in Thailand – currently the world’s largest unregulated ivory market. Thailand is believed to be the second largest consumer of tusks (behind China), with nearly

5,000 stores, boutiques and kiosks selling ivory to tourists across Thailand. There are about 6,500 elephants in Thailand, of which 2,500 live in the wild. Ivory taken from domesticated elephants can be legally sold in the country but campaign groups and scientific experts say that this law is being used to “launder” ivory taken illegally from Africa and it is estimated that between 50 and 100 African elephants a day are being

killed to meet the demand of Thailand’s thirst for ivory. By ending the Thai ivory trade it will be a step closer curbing the poaching crisis that is leading to the slaughter of tens of thousands of elephants each year.

SAOLA REDISCOVERED The saola—one of the rarest and most threatened mammals on the planet—was photographed in Vietnam for the first time in 15 years by a camera trap set by WWF and the Vietnamese government’s Forest Protection Department. This new image is the first saola sighting in the wild in the 21st century. Often called the Asian unicorn, little is known about the enigmatic saola, as since its discovery in 1992 it has only been witnessed in its natural habitat on four occasions to date. A cousin of cattle but resembling antelope in its appearance, the saola is distinguished by its unusually long horns and white facial markings. Little is still known about the saola’s ecology or behaviour, and the difficulty in detecting the elusive animal has prevented scientists from making a precise population estimate, which is thought to be a few hundred at a maximum and possibly only a few dozen at a minimum. The saola is threatened with extinction primarily due to hunting, which remains common throughout its range. None exist in captivity and this rarely-seen mammal is already critically endangered.

NEW ANIMALS DISCOVERED 2013 was a great year in uncovering nature’s diversity. In a time when all we read about is the impact we humans are having on the natural environment and how are we endangering species it is heart-warming to learn that this wonderful planet still can surprise us with the discovery of over 440 new species most of which are thought to be endemic to the Amazon rainforest. The WWF reports 258 plants, 84 fish, 58 amphibians, 22 reptiles, 18 birds and one mammal. The number of new species found does not reflect the many new insect in invertebrate discoveries.

Here we take a look at three of the cutest ones found.

THE CARNIVOROUS OLINGUITO For the first time in 35 years, a new carnivorous mammal species is discovered in the Americas, looking like a “cross between a house cat and a teddy bear” the newly discovered olinguito is more closely related to the raccoon. Discovered in the cloud forests of Ecuador and weighing about two pounds, shows us that the world is not yet completely explored, with many of its most basic secrets still yet revealed

THE BATURITE PORCUPINE Biologists from the Federal University of Paraíba in Brazil discovered a new species of porcupine that – to the uninitiated – basically just looks like an amazing, pug-nosed, spiky monkey. The newly identified Baturite porcupine is now the seventh known species of prehensile-tailed porcupine, which is native to Central and South America. Living in trees, where they spend their nights collecting leaves and fruit for food they are thus far documented as being nocturnal, solitary, prickly, and slow-moving. Adept climbers their tail operates as a fifth hand for balance in the treetops but unfortunately, they’re incapable of jumping, and have to climb all the way down if they want to venture into a new tree. Better not drop anything!!

PANTHERA BLYTHAE Being extinct is no reason not to make news, which is something a newly discovered species of great predatory cat, which last prowled the Earth 4.4 million years ago, proved this year. The Panthera blythae, discovered in Tibet, easily predates the previous big-cat record holder, which lived in Tanzania 3.7 million years ago. The new beast had a broad forehead that investigators compare to that of a modern snow leopard, but at 50 lbs. (27 kg), it was comparatively small, about the size of a modern clouded leopard. Still, like all big cats, it was clearly built for killing as one of its most noteworthy features was its large teeth, which the investigators noticed were extremely heavily worn. They didn’t get that way on just salads! SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


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St Nicholas Abbey St Nicholas Abbey’s brave battle against a continuous injury onslaught was drawn to a close on Tuesday 14th January as the seven year old was euthanized after suffering a second bout of colic.

The progress of St Nicholas Abbey throughout his long battle had become a permanent fixture amongst the international racing news, and with each passing month the updates on this star son of Montjeu seemed to fluctuate in the level of positivity exuded. Two of the most notable victories of St Nicholas Abbey’s tenure amongst the very best of the international thoroughbreds came at Churchill Downs, where he created

history as Joseph O’Brien powered him to victory in the 2011 Breeders’ Cup Turf, and in the2013 Dubai Sheema Classic at Meydan where he laughed in the face of the strong opposition that the subsequent Japan Cup victor, Gentildonna, provided as he blessed the desert-based venue with sublime performance of authority. However, St Nicholas Abbey’s reputation will live long in the memory for his trio of victories

in the Coronation Cup at Epsom, a race which he made his own after missing a deserved shot in The Derby at Epsom due to injury. A treble of exciting victories, which showed the versatility of the running styles stored in this stunning thoroughbred’s locker, epitomised the qualities of St Nicholas Abbey who battled to regain his place amongst the elite after being all but written off after missing the majority of his Classic season campaign.



Here we take a look at his remarkable story St Nicholas Abbey was bred in Ireland by Barton Bloodstock & the Villiers Syndicate, a group associated with the Coolmore Stud. Born on the 13th April 2007, the pretty bay horse with a white star and stripe and two white feet was sired by Montjeu and dam, Leaping Water was named after a Jacobean plantation house in Barbados. As a yearling, he was consigned by the Oaks Farm Stud to the Tattersalls sales in October 2008 where he was bought for 200,000 guineas by the bloodstock agent Demi O’Byrne on behalf of John Magnier’s Coolmore organisation. Like many Coolmore horses, the details of St Nicholas Abbey’s ownership have altered from race to race: he has been officially “owned” by various combinations and individuals including Derrick Smith, Susan Magnier and Michael Tabor however throughout his career he has been trained solely by Aidan O’Brien at Ballydoyle. St Nicholas Abbey or St Nick as he is often referred to made his first appearance at the Curragh on the 16th August 2009 on heavy ground, his maiden race of one mile was won in emphatic style by four lengths, the following September he was moved up to Group Two class for the Beresford Stakes and started at 2/5 favourite winning again “comfortably” by three quarters of a length from Layali Al Andalus. After his win, O’Brien called the colt “very exciting and one to look forward to”. In October, St Nick was sent to England to contest the Racing Post Trophy at Doncaster. Ridden by Johnny Murtagh, he took the lead a furlong from the finish and accelerated clear to win by three and three quarter lengths from Elusive Pimpernel, it now seemed that racing had a potential successor to the recently retired Sea The Stars. With impressive wins under his belt, St Nick was named European Champion Two-year-old colt at the Cartier Racing Awards, and as the season

Doctor Tom O’Brien described him as “a very, very tough horse” wound down he was officially rated the best twoyear-old in Europe with an “outstanding rating of 124. St Nick made his three-year-old debut in the 2,000 Guineas Stakes at Newmarket on 1st May 2009 and started evens favourite against eighteen opponents. He appeared to be outpaced in the closing stages and finished sixth behind Makfi, Dick Turpin, Canford Cliffs,Xtension and Elusive Pimpernel. After the race O’Brien professed himself to be satisfied with his St Nicholas Abbey’s performance, and explained that the colt had been unsuited by the uneven pace. The 2000 Guineaas was to be his only appearance of the season.

In his first race for eleven months, St Nick started odds-on favourite for the Listed Alleged Stakes over ten furlongs at the Curragh, but finished third to the mare Unaccompanied. At Chester a month later he hit the winning formula again accelerating clear in the closing stages to win the Ormonde Stakes by nine lengths, recording his first victory for eighteen months. Epsom followed in June with the Coronation Cup which he won marginally in the closing stages. His next race saw him finish third to Nathaniel and Workforce in the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes and third again to Sarafina and Hiruno d’Amour in the Prix Foy at Longchamp Racecourse. At the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe at Longchamp in October, St Nick, ridden by his trainer’s son Joseph O’Brien, looked to have broeken his losing streak when he took the lead in the straight but was soon overtaken by Danedream and weakened in the closing stages to finish fifth of the sixteen runners however his luck was to change with his final start of the year, at Churchill Downs for the Breeders’ Cup Turf. Again ridden by Joseph O’Brien St Nick was restrained in the early stages, before being asked to make his challenge in the straight, St Nick obliged and overtook the American colt Brilliant Speed inside the final furlong and quickly drew clear to win by two and a half lengths from Sea Moon. The eighteen-year-old O’Brien, who had been advised on riding the course by Jerry Bailey, became the youngest jockey to win a Breeders Cup race. After an up and down year 2011 saw St Nick retain his rating of 124 in the World Thoroughbred Racehorse Rankings, making him the fourteenth best racehorse in the world and he was placed fourth in the “L” (long distance) category.

Joseph O’Brien and his father, Aidan 134


Now a five year old St Nicks first appearance of the 2012 season was at the Dubai Sheema Classic which saw him finish strongly to take second place, a neck behind Cirrus des Aigles. Returning

Jockey Johnny Murtagh Ridden by Joseph O’Brien, he took the lead in the straight and won from Dunaden, making him the first horse to win three Investec Coronation Cup. July saw the arrival of the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes and St Nick was made the ante-post favourite ahead of Cirrus des Aigles, Trading Leather and Novellist, but on 23rd July, four days before the race, the horse sustained a serious leg injury during exercise at Ballydoyle, which immediately ended his racing career and put his life in danger. The following day, he underwent surgery at Fethard Equine Hospital with the aim of saving him for a stud career and on the 25th July Coolmore announced that the horse was “comfortable”, but remained in intensive care and had “many bridges to cross before he is considered out of danger”.

to Ireland for the Mooresbridge Stakes at the Curragh he continued his runner up placement by finishing second by a length but on 2nd June the spell was broken as he attempted to win his second Coronation Cup. Ridden confidently by O’Brien he was held up at the rear of the field in the early stages before making his challenge in the straight producing a brilliant turn of foot he took the lead going clear of his opponents to win by four and a half lengths from Red Cadeaux and Masked Marvel. For the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes at Ascot on 21st July, he was restrained in last place by O’Brien before finishing strongly to take third place behind Danedream and Nathaniel. The International Stakes at York in August, racing over ten and a half furlongs, saw him suffer his biggest defeat at the hands of the fabulous Frankel by seven lengths and a nose to Farhh to take third place. Further races followed without success in the: Irish Champion Stakes on 8th September where he finished third to Snow Fairy and Nathaniel, the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe where he finished eleventh of the eighteen runners behind Solemia, and the Breeder’s Cup Turf, where unable to repeat his 2011 success, he finished third to Little Mike and Point of Entry.

As in the previous season, St Nick began his six year season in 2013 with a run in the Dubai Sheema Classic he took the lead three furlongs from the finish and held off the challenge of the Japanese filly Gentildonna to win by two and a quarter lengths. After the race Aidan O’Brien admitted that he had always felt that the horse needed to be held up in races and that the decision to change tactics and track the leader had been made by Joseph O’Brien and Derrick Smith. On the1st June he contested the Coronation Cup for the third time - a race he had made his own.

Sadly the following day it was announced that he had suffered a “major setback” after contracting colic which necessitated additional surgery. Making a good recovery over the following week, details were released by Coolmore of the surgical procedure he underwent with the doctor Tom O’Brien describing him as “a very, very tough horse”

At the time of his injury, St Nicholas Abbey was rated the seventh best racehorse in the world and had won nine of his 21 career starts netting almost £5million in prize-money for owners Coolmore.

MONTJEAU (IRE) gr. 1996



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The Herbb Original rug designed by horse-owner Julia Dunn and consists entirely of organic cotton/ bamboo with a naturally coloured British wool braiding has been launched that is buckle-free and slips on. The rug slips on over the horse’s head and can be used as a show rug, travel rug, sweat rug or liner for extra warmth.The rug is available in indigo/white, hunter green/white or red/white For more information visit:

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the natural choice for horses

Throughout history herbs have played an important part in maintaining good health and wellbeing in livestock. As science has developed so has our understanding of the specific benefits that can be derived from individual herbs.

With even greater knowledge the skilled herbalist has been able to optimise these healthy benefits by blending herbs together. The synergies produced through their complex formulation work have helped to produce a wide range of highly effective products

A selection of herbs including Echinacea to help support the horseĂ&#x2020;s natural resistance to infection. Particularly useful for horses at times of stress or recovering from illness.


first foal born in Ireland


he circle of life has never been more poignant than at Coolmore right now. In a week when St Nicholas Abbey lost his fight with colic, Frankel’s first foal entered the world out of the mare Chrysanthemum.

As many of our readers know, here at Sunsearch Magazine know we are extremely fond of the superstar that was Frankel so it is with a happy heart that the first mare tested in foal has produced a colt foal. The colt is also the first foal from Chrysanthemum, a Danehill Dancer mare who is a dual Group 3 winner who was also third in the G1 Pretty Polly Stakes.

Described as an attractive bay colt with a blaze, the foal was born at 8.30pm on Saturday, January 11 at Coolmore Stud in Ireland.

Frankel, who stood last season at Juddmonte Farms for £125,000, covered 133 mares and 126 were confirmed in foal. Juddmonte Farms General Manager Philip Mitchell commented:

From the reports that I have received Frankel’s first foal is everything we could have hoped for. These are very exciting times for everyone who has supported the horse and we much look forward to the rest of his first crop of foals.

Frankel was th e first horse in 60 years to be champion at two, three and four years of age. He retired to stud in 2012 having been unbeaten in 14 races, 10 at Group One.







Caretera Nacional 340, Edif. Guadiaro 6, P.N. Guadiaro, Cadiz, 11311 Tel: +34 956 793 406 email: SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE







The F-TYPE R is the sports car at its most honed, sensuous and exciting The definitive Sports Car Jaguar F-TYPE R Coupé Powerful, agile and distinctive, the F-TYPE is a true Jaguar sports car, engineered for high performance and instantaneously responsive handling. The Coupe R is the latest in a distinguished bloodline with a supercharged engine, lightweight aluminium body construction and advanced driving technologies delivering an experience that is intuitive, instinctive and alive. The F-TYPE Coupé embodies the uncompromised design vision of the stunning Jaguar C-X16 concept sports coupé that debuted at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, its dramatic cabin-rearward stance being defined by three heartlines. The first two heartlines - shared with F-TYPE Convertible - form the muscular front and rear wings, the third heartline being the sweeping Coupé roof profile which provides an unbroken silhouette while emphasising the visual drama of the tapered cabin sitting between powerful rear haunches. Powered by Jaguar’s 5.0-litre supercharged petrol V8 all-aluminium engine in 550PS and 680Nm form, the F-TYPE R Coupé achieves headline figures of 0-60mph in 4.0-seconds with an electronically limited top speed of 186mph, 50-75mph taking a mere 2.4-seconds. CO2 emissions are 259g/km.



The F-TYPE R Coupé represents the pinnacle of Jaguar’s R Performance range - its power, performance and immediacy of response will reward the most enthusiastic of drivers while, most importantly, we’ve engineered the chassis to provide exploitable handling that inspires confidence. It’s precise, and it’s fast…a true driver’s car. Mike Cross, Chief Engineer, Vehicle Integrity, Jaguar

Performance The R Coupé’s supercharged engine delivers not only exhilarating performance but also tremendous efficiency thanks to the technologies incorporated into it, including spray-guided direct injection (SGDI) and dual independent variable cam timing (DIVCT). The highpressure die-cast lightweight aluminium block is stiffened with cast-iron liners and cross-bolted main bearing caps, providing refinement to match its power. The four-valve cylinder heads are constructed from high-grade, bespoke aluminium, between them sitting the Roots-type twin vortex supercharger fed by two intercoolers, which feature their own water-cooling circuit to reduce the temperature of the pressurised air, thereby optimising power and efficiency. The torsional rigidity of the F-TYPE R Coupé’s aluminium structure has ensured the best possible basis for offering the connected feel, agility and engaging driving experience expected of a Jaguar sports car. Every response, from the steering to the gear-change, throttle, brakes and the all-round double wishbone suspension, has been finely honed to be accurate, involving and immediate. The F-TYPE R Coupé is fitted with Jaguar’s Adaptive Dynamics system that actively controls vertical body

movement, roll and pitch rates. The system continuously monitors driver inputs and the attitude of the car on the road, adjusting damper rates accordingly up to 500 times a second to optimise stability. For the F-TYPE R, the Adaptive Dynamics controlling software has a bespoke tune, working in tandem with revised spring rates all-round to deliver consistent, progressive and exploitable handling. Spring rates are increased by 4.3% at the front and 3.7% at the rear (compared to F-TYPE V8 S Convertible). Engaging Dynamic mode delivers an even more focused driving experience thanks to enhanced body control through firmer damping rates, increased steering weighting, faster gear changes and sharper throttle response. In the F-TYPE R Coupé, Dynamic mode is configurable as standard via the central 8in touchscreen, allowing the driver to select and save settings according to their preference. In addition to the fundamental suspension tune changes, the F-TYPE R Coupé features a new second-generation Electronic Active Differential which, for the first time on a Jaguar, works in conjunction with Torque Vectoring by braking. Together, the two systems ensure agility at all speeds and exploitable on-the-limit handling.

Super Performance Braking System The F-TYPE R Coupé uses Jaguar’s Super Performance braking system as standard. This system features 380mm front and 376mm rear discs - with red or black painted calipers. Brake cooling is optimised via under-body channelling of air, the air-flow being derived through the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis. The R Coupé is also available with optional Carbon Ceramic Matrix (CCM) brakes (see boxout**) which offer consistent performance and excellent fade resistance even during extreme performance driving conditions, while retaining the precise pedal feel of the standard system and extending disc life in everyday driving use. The F-TYPE’s eight-speed ‘Quickshift’ transmission has been recalibrated to make the best use of the F-TYPE R Coupé’s 550PS engine. Its eight, closely-stacked, sporting ratios help to fully exploit the engine’s rev range and ensure that it remains within its optimal power band with every gear-change. Manual control is available to the driver at any time, using either the steering wheel-mounted paddles or the central SportShift selector.

Electronic Active Differential The F-TYPE R Coupé’s Electronic Active Differential (EAD) builds on the progressive handling advantages of a mechanical limitedslip differential by intelligently controlling the amount of driveline torque fed to each wheel. The EAD utilises an electric motor which operates a multiplate clutch; by rapidly and continuously analysing a range of electronic inputs it is able to immediately vary torque transfer to each driven wheel to maximise traction in any condition. The EAD system fitted to the F-TYPE R Coupé features a highly sophisticated second-generation controller. It continuously estimates surface friction, comparing that to the driver’s torque demand and delivering accurate locking toque as a result. A new handling controller also means the EAD has the ability to match the car’s response more accurately with the driver’s inputs during both on-power understeer or off-power oversteer conditions. Working in parallel with the Torque Vectoring by braking system, the controller is capable of reacting to the ECU’s torque request ranging from open to full locking torque - in under 200 milliseconds. Torque Vectoring by braking - a standard feature on F-TYPE R Coupé - applies finely metered braking torque individually to the inner wheels as necessary, helping to turn the car into corners more precisely. Using the F-TYPE R Coupé’s array of electronic sensors, the Torque Vectoring system determines when corner entry speed may induce understeer. It then calculates the level of brake force needed to correct the car’s direction and, via the ABS system, applies that precise braking force to individual inner wheels as necessary. Torque Vectoring by braking works at a subtle level, both correctively and predictively, finely adjusting the trajectory of the F-TYPE R Coupé for optimal handling. The F-TYPE R’s EAD and Torque Vectoring by braking systems - which work together with the car’s Dynamic Stability Control system - complement each other to optimise traction, cornering ability and, most importantly, to maximise steering feel and agility. Torque Vectoring by braking works to fine-tune trajectory around a corner, and as the car is pushed further to its limits, there is a natural, seamless transition to EAD. As a result, the use of available grip is always optimised, enabling the F-TYPE R Coupé to carry more speed both into through and out of corners, while delivering precision handling during highspeed manoeuvres.

Switchable Active Sports Exhaust System The F-TYPE R Coupé’s switchable Active Sports Exhaust system - with its signature quad, outboard-mounted tailpipes - takes the aural excitement delivered by the 550PS engine to new levels. It offers an authentic, rich sound, developing to a howling crescendo as the upper limits of the rev range are reached. The system uses electronically controlled bypass valves in the rear section of the exhaust which are mapped to open according to a range of parameters, effectively altering the exhaust gas routing into a free-flowing straight-through arrangement to both reduce back pressure and enhance sound quality. Selecting Dynamic mode also opens the bypass valves, an optional override button enabling further driver control of the system.

High Performance Bodywork The F-TYPE R Coupé’s aerodynamic bodywork - gloss black front vanes beneath the shark gills and flat side sill extensions - aid its stability at the very high speeds of which it is capable. As standard the R Coupé’s window finishes are highlighted in bright anodised aluminium along the frames of the side glass, with the grille surround and side air vents in bright chrome, while the optional Black Pack adds gloss black window finishers, gloss black side power air vents and a gloss black grille surround. The front splitter, side power vents, door mirrors casings, bonnet power vents and engine cover are also available in carbon fibre. 20in ‘Gyrodyne’ wheels in silver finish are standard on the F-TYPE R Coupé, while a dark grey and diamond-turned version is optional. As on any F-TYPE specified with 20in wheels, the F-TYPE R Coupé is available with optional ultra-high performance tyres which, with a unique tread pattern, offer additional steering precision, and increased levels of grip for the enthusiast driver.

Interior Like all models in the F-TYPE range, the R Coupé’s driver-focused cabin clearly conveys the car’s pedigree and sporting prowess, through a combination of taut, technical styling, involving interfaces and premium materials and textures. The F-TYPE R Coupé’s Performance seats have inflatable side-bolstering and prominent wings for support during high-speed cornering. The seats are finished in premium leather, with the ‘R’ logo embossed on the headrest. A pure ‘Jet’ interior colourway is offered with three options of contrast stitching - Ivory, Red or Firesand - on the instrument panels, door casings, grab-handle highlight and cubby box. There are a further three sporting options on the Jet seats - Ivory, Camel or Red duo-tones, each with similarly-matched contrast stitching. The F-TYPE R Coupé’s premium trim also includes leather on the instrument panel and binnacle, armrests, door inserts and the centre console. Leather or Suedecloth headlinings are optional. The driver-focused cockpit conveys its sporting intentions with a small-diameter, flat-bottomed steering wheel wrapped in Jet leather with the R logo. A round wheel is a no-cost option. A new, full leather and Suedecloth Jet interior (with Cirrus contrast stitch) is also optional on all derivatives. Suedecloth is used on the seat facings, door casings, instrument binnacle pods and headlining - and can also be combined with a Suedecloth steering wheel.

Prices for the standard FType R Coupe start at £85,000 / €102,285.00







FULL THROTTLE CHEVROLRT 2014 CORVETTE STIINGRAY FINAL CHEVROLET 2014 CORVETTE STINGRAY FINAL PROTOTYPE This DLC adds the 2014 Corvette Stingray Final Prototype to Gran Turismo 5. In January 2013, the coveted 2014 Corvette was unveiled on the eve of the Detroit International Motor Show. From behind the camouflage that had sports car fans around the world guessing, comes a revolutionary exterior that adds a new page to Corvette history. However this is still not the production spec model, being the final prototype before it goes into production. The production of the new Corvette will start in the latter half of 2014. Until then we can enjoy this prototype, sharing in on the excitement of engineers working diligently to fine tune the car



and veneers that adorn the interior, the expertise of Bentley’s craftsmen is evident throughout the new Flying Spur. Every seam in the A-Grade leather is individually sewn.

Not simply because of the incredible speeds it can reach. Designed for those who demand unrestrained luxury alongside uncompromising performance, it delivers the ultimate motoring experience, for driver and passengers alike.

Every layer of veneer is lacquered and polished by hand. The entire cabin, from the wood and the leather to the architecture that supports the car’s digital technology has been fitted by hand.

From the sharp lines of its super-formed aluminium exterior to the hand-crafted hides

While the 6 litre W12 engine can propel the new Flying Spur from 0-60 mph in 4.3 seconds

and on to a top speed of 200 mph, the environment inside remains one of absolute calm – not least because of the speciallydesigned soundproofing installed in the floor and the doors. Offering serene limousine comfort, in combination with phenomenal performance, the new Flying Spur is born of the belief that nothing is impossible; that the twin objectives of power and luxury can, if relentlessly pursued, be achieved.


So, Porsche has finally revealed what we all knew was coming — the 2014 911 Targa — at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show . In years past, we have seen the Targa top undergo some changes on the 911 , including the original manual top to the polarizing sliding top in the 1990s and 2000s.

the top up and top down. Under the convertible top is a sound-insulating panel that helps keep road noise to a minimum. This insulator also has a thermal effect to also keep the cabin better insulated from the elements.

Here we raise some questions about the details of the new roof.

So, when the “polar vortex” hits us again, you don’t have to worry about heat escaping from the top. With the top down, there is a manual wind deflector that can help keep top-down noise to a minimum.



This was really our biggest question: “What is the targa top made of?” The published videos and images made the top almost look as if it were made from a cheap plastic or canvas, so this was a huge concern for a car that costs more than $100k. Well, we can all sleep easily, as Porsche let us know that this is made from “high-quality fabric” that is stretched over a magnesium frame.

A big issue with convertible tops is the safety of them, and Porsche went to great lengths to keep the 911 Targa as safe as possible. Under the targa bar is rollover protection to keep you safe in case you flip your 911.

HOW QUIET IS IT INSIDE? A common issue with convertible tops, particularly fabric tops, is the noise level with

Also keeping things safe is the laminated safety glass on the expansive rear window. Finally, Porsche installed a fine heating element on the nearly the entire rear window to afford the driver great rearward visibility in snowy and icy conditions.







“Tell me what you eat, I’ll tell you who you are”


ine dining



A bottle of house wine per table (minimum spend â&#x201A;Ź20 per person) for VIP cardholders


he Perla Restaurant is located in Marbella, on the beach with stunning views of the Mediterranean, Africa and Gibraltar. We offer a variety of fish, seafood, meat and high quality rice dishes. For over 35 years we have dedicated ourselves to offering the best food made with natural ingredients and traditional recipes, which has given us an international reputation. We are open everyday providing a high class service and succulent cuisine.

Ctra. de Cadiz, Km 192 C/ Agata, s/n Urb. White Pearl Beach 29604 Elviria Marbella

+34 952 83 59 14

EAT YOUR WAY SOUTH There’s no debate that good food can be found in the Côte d’Azur via the Michelin guide; it is a tried and tested method. As the stars go up, so does the quality of service, ambiance and of course food. Inevitably, so does the price. But it’s important to remember what the stars mean. That is, your palate might be satisfied with one star but it might not be in the grandest of surroundings. And it’s worth noting that everything is measured against the benchmark of a rather formal fine dining experience. Then again, it is merely a guide and you are the discerning navigator. Since the majority of the Michelin-starred restaurant do offer menus of varying prices, it’s easy to pick one that suits you. Yes, much less freedom is offered by lunch and set menus but if you’re receiving the same quality of food and service for a snip of the price then all the better for it.




ALAIN DUCASSE III Place du Casino , 9800 Monte-Carlo, Monaco T: +377 98 06 88 64 | |

In Monte-Carlo, the Louis XV-Alain Ducasse is dedicated to good taste and fantasy. Since its opening, within the Hotel de Paris more than 25 years ago, authenticity and culinary elegance have always been delicately combined. In an elegant room set in light and gold, reminiscent of Versailles Grand Siècle, all the hands on the clocks are stopped on 12 as a reminder that inside this Palace of Pleasure, time is of no consequence. The menu, a Mediterranean and seasonal symphony of a style that Alain Ducasse qualifies in one word as “essential”, suggests a wide pallet of exquisite dishes. The wine cellar, filled with 400 000 bottles, is a wine aficionados’ dream. But above all, the chef has ensured that every detail reveals the magic of this incomparable place. A timeless enchantment. Discover the specialties that have contributed to the renown of the Louis XV: Mediterranean sea bass studded with marjoram and cooked flat, roasted spiny artichokes, anchovy fritters; Pyrenean baby lamb seasoned with Espelette pepper and roasted in the fireplace, radicchio, fennel and offal “alla romana”; Rum baba with your choice of rum and whipped cream.




Anse de Maldormé, Corniche JF Kennedy, 13007 Marseille T: + 33 (0)4 91 59 25 92 | contact@ |

To love Marseille means to love the Mediterranean, inseparable from the city, just like Gérald Passédat’s cuisine. This restaurant has a remarkable setting, sitting above a series of rocks not far from Marseilles harbour (le Vieux Port), looking out to the Mediterranean. Picture windows allow the sunlight and the sea breeze through to the dining room, while below you can see waves breaking on rocks used by a few adventurous sunbathers. This certainly has one of the most spectacular views of any restaurant in the world. The dining room itself is simple, with wooden floors and white tablecloths; no fancy distraction is needed with a view like this. As for the menu; first come sea anemones, bonito, sea urchins, crabs and shellfish. Then fish occupies the heart of his cuisine. Fished locally, always freshly caught that morning, he serves more than 65 varieties over the year such as tub gurnard, rascasse, red porgy, comber fish, common dentex. These little-known fish give you the delicious impression of being immersed in a sea of blue. The cult dish of course is ‘Bouille Abaisse’, light, iodized and zephyr-like, and also the famous Lucie Passédat sea bass and Tante Nia sea bream. As for the sea, it is everywhere… with superb views from the terrace and from the restaurant.


Résidence de la Pinède Plage de la Bouillabaisse St. Tropez 83990 T: (33) 04 94 55 91 00 | | www.

Located within the luxurious five star Hotel of Residence de la Pinede, La Vague D’or Restaurant offers diners exceptional cuisine in a truly beautiful setting. The restaurant first opened its doors in 1954 and gained its first Michelin star in 1990, its second in 2011 and its third in 2013. Critically acclaimed chef Arnaud Donckele trained at Gourmand-Prunier in Paris before working with the great Michel Guérard at Eugénie-les-Bains in 1998. He took over as head chef at La Vague D’or in 2005, working with his chef de cuisine Guillaume Gaudin. With picturesque views of the gulf of St Tropez, chef Arnaud Donckele orchestrates an a la carte and prix fixe tasting menu of culinary fanfare beginning with seasonal and locally inspired dishes. A French style ceviche with fish and crabmeat marinated in local mandarin oranges, lobster serviced four ways including a gelee and pearl caviar or Zitone pasta with black truffle or foie gras. Further courses yield Dover sole with summer truffle, langoustine in rosemary butter or rack of lamb with Sicilian eggplant and tomato puree. Arnaud Donckele weaves an inventive magic with the best Mediterranean ingredients. And the service is both correct and welcoming.


JACQUES & LAURENT POURCEL II 11, Avenue Saint-Lazare - 34000 Montpellier T: +33 (0)4 99 58 38 38 |

Jacques & Laurent Pourcel, twin sons of a local wine grower, grew up by the Mediterranean sea. Back in 1988, along with their associate Olivier Ch창teau, they created Le Jardin des Sens in Montpellier, a Michelin starred gastronomic restaurant known for its Mediterranean creative, contemporary and refined cuisine. Their gastronomic footprint is found in Paris, Shanghai, Bangkok, Tokyo, Marrakesh, Algiers, Beirut and many other places in the world. In Paris, with their Maison Blanche restaurant, and in Cannes with SeaSens. They designed an ethnical, evolutionary cuisine. In 2000, working from their Montpellier restaurant, the two brothers embarked on an international expansion which places them amongst the most active chefs in the world. They are famous for their Southern inspired cuisine, which pushes back the culinary frontiers while remaining faithful to traditions. In their eye, everything is food for thought: thanks to their career, they enjoy total creativity freedom. Based in Montpellier, in the Languedoc, in the space of just a few years the Pourcel brothers have become two of the very best ambassadors of French fine food. In 2010, they were indeed selected to represent the French gastronomy (which now appears on the Unesco World Intangible Heritage list) in the French Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo, with their 6Sens restaurant. A restaurant concept that met great success.,,,,,



Black Pearl CAVIAR

Celebrate in Style Find out more about our world class caviars 162




A Marbella Tradition

For reservations: Tel: +(34) 952 77 17 99 Fax: +(34) 952 82 47 72 Carretera N-340, Km. 178.5 (Next to Marbella Club) SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


Carefree Charity The wine flowed, the music played and laughter rang out. On the 24th November Sandro Morelli, owner of Villa Tiberio, held one of his many charity evenings and auctions for Cudeca Cancer Care Hospice and as always he played the consummate host to ensure that everyone was in the mood for giving. The evening was a spectacular affair with over 100 friends and guests all in attendance dressed up to the nines in their finest dresses and suits all in the aid of giving. Mel Williams began the nightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s entertainment by introducing several acts getting everyone in the mood to party. The staff excelled themselves dashing around ensuring everyone was looked after and served an outstanding meal of tasty prawns & mushrooms, succulent lamb and a chocolate creation which tasted divine! And while the drinks flowed and the champagne corks popped Talk Radioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hostess began the auctioneer. 164


The very persuasive young lady got everyone bidding and flashing their credit cards and cash and the generosity of both the bidders and those who had donated the superb auction items was truly awe inspiring. There was also a raffle with wonderful prizes kindly donated by local businesses and individuals and party games which set the tone for the rest of the evening’s mood – FUN! With the excitement of the auction over and the table cleared it was time for the guests to get up and show some fancy footwork on the dance floor. Sandro led the way, never one to be shy he swung his hips and sashed around the dance floor like a young Tom Jones! The sensational Ricky Lavazza & Mel Williams showed just how much talent we really have here on the Cost del Sol and packed the dance floor with both young & old. With the live entertainment over it was then up to the DJ to continue the party vibe which he did most successfully – As most guests were still dancing away until the wee early hours. With all the evenings fun and frivolity you could be forgiven for forgetting what this event was about but as the night wound down it was heart-warming to discover that an amazing sum of €30’000 euros had been raised surpassing Sandro’s target of the previous sum raised of €25’274.00. I for one am looking forward to the next event, it may not be good for my credit card bill but it’s certainly good for the soul! For more information about forthcoming events or to reserve a table at this beautiful restaurant please call the restaurant on: 952 771 799 or visit their website.

The whole of nature, as has been said, is a conjugation of the verb to eat, in the active and in the passive.




Established 1986

Traditional food that makes the good times memorable. Specialising in serving succulent Steaks, tasty Beef, Pork & Lamb, Chicken, Fish and Vegetarian dishes.

Opening Hours: Mon - Sat 17:00 - 24:00 Urb. El Paraiso, Ctra. de Cadiz, Km 167, Estepona T. +34 952 886 828 SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE





Indulge your sweet or savoury side with a visit to the For just over 5 years Cafeteria & Panaderia La Heredia or the “Dutch Bakery” as people loving refer to it, has been making a bakery lover’s fantasy come true. Located only 3 minutes from the motorway up the mountain between San Pedro and Ronda within the beautiful village enclave of La Heredia, this wonderful bakery has set the benchmark for bakeries across the Costa del Sol and is a delight to the senses and a testament to its continued success. Owned and run by the charming Yvonne Van Kleef and her husband Jose, this delightful bakery offers everything from baked breads, imported cheeses from Holland, home-made chutneys, chicken coronation, sausage rolls, wines and a great assortment of cakes and tarts. When you enter Cafeteria & Panaderia, you are greeted by the welcoming aroma of fresh baked breads and pastries which will set your senses alight. For those who enjoy starting the day with something special, Cafeteria & Panaderia offers natural juices freshly squeezed, freshly made smoothies or coffee. The tasty breakfast, lunch and snack menus offer everything you would



expect from a wonderful variety of sandwiches, soups, salads, their famous home-made meat balls (which are enormous!) carpaccio, pastrami, pasta, paella, schnitzels with home-made French fries, hamburgers with homemade French fries or Steak PLUS a large selection of quiches. The Bakery has a large welcoming newly refurbished terrace where people can sit relax and savor the aromas from within, and I dare anyone to smell these delicious aromas and not be tempted! For those on the run, take the bakery home with you! Cafeteria & Panaderia’s deli counter offers a take away service so you can enjoy the nutritious homemade goodness of their breads & snacks without the fuss of cooking plus they also offer catering for barbeques & small parties. Cafeteria & Panaderia La Heredia is focused on, in addition to it’s delicious breads and pastries, optimum service and Jose & Yvonne, together with their sons Sebastian and Daniel, offer a warm and welcoming service and will do everything within there power to provide you with a memorable experience.

Dutch Bakery • Cheese • Deli • Gourmet • Wine Open: Monday – Sunday 9am – 5pm Ctra. de Ronda km 43, Benahavis 29679 t: 952 927 081 • e: Cafeteria y Panaderia La Heredia SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


Rancho Grill ● Tiffany Room for private parties and celebrations ● Live music every Saturday ● Team of multi-lingual staff ● Our experienced sommelier is here to help you choose the correct wine to complement your meal ● For al fresco dining, we offer a covered and heated winter terrace ● Menu del dia €18.50 + IVA Urbanización Carib Playa, 11 Exit Las Chapas, Marbella 29604 E: T: +34 952 831 922

Two of the finest grill restaurants on the coast specialising in charcoal grill, stone grill and Chateaubriand Delicious homemade food and Belgian specialities in beautiful location Most extensive wine list on the coast Open from 12.30 ‘til late

Grill del Puerto ● We get copied for a reason come and taste why! ● Menu del dia €19.50 + IVA ● Advanced bookings recommended

First Line, Puerto Banus, Marbella 29660 E: T: +34 952 811 686

“Good food, good wine, good friends, good times”



Bringing sexy back with

Aphrodisiacs Foodies who want to get into the mood for Valentine’s Day know that aphrodisiacs can help spice things up between friends and lovers. As documented throughout history, foods such as chocolate, honey, oysters, and figs have all been said to ignite and sustain desire, passion, energy, and love. So get the heartbeat, racing with these recipes and help make your Valentine’s Day hot and steamy—and we’re not just talking about in the kitchen. (think 9½ weeks!)


CHOCOLATE GLAZED CHOCOLATE TART Falling in love is good for the heart, and so is dark chocolate. Full of antioxidants, this sweet treat is healthy in small amounts. A triple layer of crumbly crust, a truffle-like interior, and an almost patent-leather-shiny glaze make this tart the chicest take on chocolate we’ve come across in a long time. INGREDIENTS For crust:

9 (5- by 2 1/4-inch) chocolate graham crackers (not chocolate-covered), finely ground (1 cup) 5 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted 1/4 cup sugar For filling: 1 1/4 cups heavy cream 9 ounces bittersweet chocolate (not more than 65% cacao if marked), chopped 2 large eggs 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract 1/4 teaspoon salt For glaze: 2 tablespoon heavy cream 1 3/4 ounces bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped 1 teaspoon light corn syrup 1 tablespoon warm water Equipment: a 9-inch round fluted tart pan (1 inch deep)

OYSTERS WITH CHAMPAGNEVINEGAR MIGNONETTE Casanova, one of the world’s most famous womanizers, is said to have indulged in 50 oysters daily—and that was just for breakfast! Rich in zinc, they can help boost testosterone levels and libido. But lest you think eating oysters only works for men, it benefits women, too. In this elegant introduction to dinner, oysters are paired with Champagne grapes, whose sweet juice balances the sharpness of the vinegar in the mignonnette. INGREDIENTS For mignonnette 2 teaspoons Champagne vinegar 1 1/2 teaspoons finely chopped shallot Pinch of coarsely ground black pepper Pinch of sugar 1 teaspoon finely chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley For oysters 1 1/2 cups kosher or other coarse salt 1/2 dozen small oysters, such as Kumamoto or Prince Edward Island, shells scrubbed well and oysters left on the half shell, their liquor reserved and oysters picked over for shell fragments 1/2 tablespoon unsalted butter, cut into 6 pieces 1 small cluster Champagne table grapes or 2 finely diced seedless red grapes

PREPARATION To make the crust: Preheat oven to 350°F with rack in middle. Stir together all ingredients and press evenly onto bottom and 3/4 inch up side of tart pan. Bake until firm, about 10 minutes. Cool on a rack 15 to 20 minutes To make the filling: Bring cream to a boil, then pour over chocolate in a bowl and let stand 5 minutes. Gently stir until smooth. Whisk together eggs, vanilla, and salt in another bowl, then stir into melted chocolate. Pour filling into cooled crust. Bake until filling is set about 3 inches from edge but center is still wobbly, 20 to 25 minutes. (Center will continue to set as tart cools.) Cool completely in pan on rack, about 1 hour. To make the glaze: Bring cream to a boil and remove from heat. Stir in chocolate until smooth. Stir in corn syrup, then warm water Pour glaze onto tart, then tilt and rotate tart so glaze coats top evenly. Let stand until glaze is set, about 1 hour.


PREPARATION Make mignonnette: Stir together vinegar, shallot, pepper, and sugar and let stand 30 minutes. Prepare oysters: Preheat broiler. Spread 3/4 cup salt in an 8- to 10-inch flameproof shallow baking dish or pan. Arrange oysters on their shells in salt, then top each with a piece of butter. Broil 4 to 6 inches from heat until butter is melted and sizzling and edges of oysters are beginning to curl, 1 to 2 minutes. Stir parsley into mignonnette. Divide remaining 3/4 cup salt between 2 plates and arrange 3 oysters on each. Spoon 1/4 teaspoon mignonnette over each oyster and sprinkle oysters with grapes. Serve warm.

HONEY LAVENDER ICE CREAM Lavender has a storied past: The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans used the aromatic herb not only medicinally but for cosmetic and beauty purposes. In ancient Rome, women kept sprays of lavender next to their beds as a way to arouse their mate’s senses. INGREDIENTS


2 cups heavy cream 1 cup half-and-half 2/3 cup mild honey 2 tablespoons dried edible lavender flowers* 2 large eggs 1/8 teaspoon salt Special equipment: a candy or instant-read thermometer; an ice cream maker PREPARATION Bring cream, half-and-half, honey, and lavender just to a boil in a 2-quart heavy saucepan over moderate heat, stirring occasionally, then remove pan from heat. Let steep, covered, 30 mins. Pour cream mixture through a fine-mesh sieve into a bowl and discard lavender. Return mixture to cleaned saucepan and heat over moderate heat until hot. Whisk together eggs and salt in a large bowl, then add 1 cup hot cream mixture in a slow stream, whisking. Pour into remaining hot cream mixture in saucepan and cook over moderately low heat, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon, until thick enough to coat back of spoon and registers 170 to 175°F on thermometer, about 5 minutes (do not let boil).


Pour custard through sieve into cleaned bowl and cool completely, stirring occasionally. Chill, covered, until cold, at least 3 hours. Freeze custard in ice cream maker. Transfer ice cream to an airtight container and put in freezer to harden.

FIG SALAD WITH GOAT’S MILK YOGURT AND PEPPER CRESS Visually, the fig’s status as eye candy is questionable: Does it represent the male or the female? But one bite into a ripe fig and there’s no question that this fruit is nature’s own candy. Watercress, black pepper, and plain yogurt, which are easier to find, can be substituted here. INGREDIENTS 1/2 cup goat’s milk yogurt 1/2 cup soft fresh goat cheese, crumbled 2 teaspoons honey 1/2 teaspoon (scant) vanilla extract 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 24 ripe black Mission figs, halved lengthwise 1 cup (loosely packed) small mint leaves Extra-virgin olive oil 2 bunches pepper cress or watercress, thick stems trimmed (about 4 cups) Fleur de sel* 1 dried Indonesian long pepper** PREPARATION

Whisk together first 5 ingredients in medium bowl. Season with salt and reserve. Sprinkle figs with fleur de sel; set in center of plate. Drizzle dressing on figs; scatter pepper cress and mint over. Season with olive oil and Indonesian pepper.

CLEMENTINES IN GINGER SYRUP This knotty rhizome increases blood flow and warms up the whole body—plus, it adds a touch of spice to foods both savory and sweet. Like cinnamon in this country, cardamom plays a starring role in Algerian sweets. Paired with star anise in a gingery syrup, it gives clementine slices an irresistible aroma, but the syrup would be just as wonderful over any kind of sliced fruit.


INGREDIENTS 1 1/2 cups water 1/4 cup thinly sliced peeled ginger 3 whole star anise 1/2 cup pomegranate seeds (optional)

1 cup sugar 4 green cardamom pods 6 clementines or mandarin oranges

PREPARATION Bring water, sugar, ginger, cardamom, and star anise to a boil in a small saucepan over mediumhigh heat, stirring until sugar has dissolved, then simmer, uncovered, stirring occasionally, 10 minutes. Remove from heat and let steep, covered, 15 minutes. Strain syrup through a sieve into a bowl, discarding solids. Chill, covered, until cold, at least 2 hours. Cut peel from clementines, including all white pith, with a sharp knife, then cut fruit into 1/4-inch-thick rounds and put in a serving bowl. Add syrup and chill, covered, at least 1 hour. Just before serving, sprinkle with pomegranate seeds (if using).




2 courses for just 16€ Join us for dinner between 20.00 and 22.00 on any night of the week and you can choose a starter and main or a main and dessert for just 16€* Passion Café’s menu of snacks, sandwiches and main meals including wraps, fajitas, burgers, salads and steaks are all made with tasty fresh ingredients and our desserts are just delicious. With friends, family or going solo … we’re here for a drink and a chat, a quick snack, main meals and even private parties! *Rib eye steak is included in the offer with a surcharge of 4.00€ Sea Bass and Fajitas are included in the offer with a surcharge of 2.00€

Serving Traditional roast every Sunday 1pm - 6pm reserve your table now

B REAKFAST / LUNCH / DINNER 09.00 - 23.00

La Fiorentina


Ladies Lunch

Every Wednesday from 14:00 to 16:00

Come enjoy a delicious lunch and experience the La Fiorentina fantastic atmosphere.

Why not treat yourself to a manicure or discover what the future has in store for you with a tarot reading. A great afternoon for the ladies to all get together.

Set Menu for just 17.00€ a’ la carte menu available

Manicure from 20.00€ €



MONDAYS - SATURDAY Elvis Presley Rolling Stones Rod Stewart Dean Martin Marilyn Monroe Joe Cocker Amy Winehouse and many more!

S U N D AY Open everyday 13:00 - 16:00 for lunch 19:00 - 24:00 for dinner (Reservations are recommended) Urb. El Pilar, Estepona (entry from Benavista side) T. 952 885 765 M. 609 516 526

Italian Opera

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”





Romantic drinks for dinner beyond

& T

his February embrace your romantic side and sweeten up your sweetheart with these romantic fruity cocktails. Planning a meal? Then great drinks can complement your meal and give you a chance to impress. Champagne makes an appearance in many of these drinks, as do many of the â&#x20AC;&#x153;loveâ&#x20AC;? foods like chocolate and strawberry. Why not have fun with the cocktails you create with embellishments that fit the mood. Carve fruit into the heart shapes or garnish with chocolate covered strawberries or heart shaped cinnamon hearts.



The Cherubs Cup

1 part St. Germain elderflower liqueur 2 parts vodka, citrus vodka, or Hendricks Gin 3/4 part fresh lemon juice 1/4 shot simple syrup 1 part muddled strawberry top with Brut Rosé Sparkling Wine strawberry for garnish The Cherub’s Cup is truly a cocktail of angelic proportion and can very easily become a new favourite for just about anyone. This drink is both sweet and dry, with a tinge of flavours that are both intriguing and refreshing and it is ideal for any romantic celebration. The use of St. Germain is a must in the drink, and while the options for the other spirit are nice to plant the seed of customization, I would have to suggest going with Hendrick’s Gin. The cucumber and rose of this particular gin is oh-so delightful with the elderflower and strawberry and an ideal match for the dry sparkling wine.

The Red Lotus


1 1/2 ounces vodka 1 1/2 ounces lychee liqueur 1 ounce cranberry juice

1/4 oz creme de cassis 2 1/4 oz dry white wine If you like berry flavoured cocktails this classic is a great choice. The Kir became popular in French cafes in the middle of the 19th century and was further popularized by Felix Kir after World War II. The then mayor of Dijon in Burgundy, France, served the drink often to promote his region’s fine products (wine and creme de cassis). The name Kir has been associated with the drink ever since.

The distinct flavour of the lychee fruit is the star of the Red Lotus cocktail. Here, a sweet lychee liqueur is used to accent the cranberry. It’s an interesting play of flavours that is both intensely sweet and delicately refreshing. This is also a very simple mixed drink that you may quickly become a new favourite.

1 oz Maker’s Mark Bourbon 1/2 oz DeKuyper Crème de Frambois Champagne Raspberries for garnish

There are also many variations of this wine cocktail, each unique but carrying on the Kir tradition.

The Sweetest Thing

A sweet thing it is. The Sweetest Thing is a fantastic Valentine’s Day cocktail that mixes bourbon with the raspberry-flavoured liqueur, crème de frambois. It gets better, as that mix is then topped with Champagne and a few raspberries are dropped into the glass. The result is an elegant, beautiful cocktail to share with your Valentine

The G Spot 1 1/2 oz G’Vine Floraison Gin 1/2 oz Chambord 1/4 oz Simple Syrup 1/4 oz fresh lime juice 3/4 oz lemon juice This cocktail is a must for gin drinkers as it incorporates G’Vine Gin. A gin which has such a unique taste that mixes best with fruits and this drink matches it perfectly with the great black raspberry of Chambord. To balance everything out, lemon and lime bring in the sour element.

Amarula & Eva 1 1/2 oz Amarula Cream 1/2 oz Citrus vodka 2 1/2 oz Lychee juice 3/4 oz ruby red Grapefruit juice

Fruity and creamy, the Amarula & Eve is a delicious cocktail that can serve as a dessert or an appealing, mood-setting drink for those romantic occasions. The nice part about the Amarula & Eve is that it is not overly creamy and the Amarula itself is nicely balanced against the fruit flavours, especially the lychee. If you cannot find lychee juice, you can substitute one of the lychee liqueurs for it, but note the drink will be just a touch sweeter.,,,,,




is a happening place, somewhere to really live the moment!

Opening hours: 12:00 pm â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 3:00 am

tanino is one of the most welcoming open air venue on the Costa del Sol which has made it one of the most popular restaurants in Estepona, situated only five minutes from Puerto Banus.

of dishes from home-made pasta, char-grilled steaks, fusion dishes such as stir fryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and our new concept of Indian cuisine plus home-made deserts including our delicious cheese cake and Tiramisu.

Not only is it a surprising and special place for any first time visitor but it also offers fantastic value for Money. Our International cuisine offers a wide range

With this tantalising variety of dishes tanino offers a fresh gastronomic concept, influenced by its two sister restaurants in Madrid.

Ctra. de Cadiz Km 168, Estepona by Hotel Crowne Plaza - Reservations 952 883 259

tanino is the perfect place to enjoy dining under the Inside we offer comfortable seating and relaxed dining stars or a fresh summer fruit caipirinha cocktail with experience with free wifi. live music on our chill out terrace with friends or tanino was created to invite people to experience family. our relaxed rhythm, style and design, to share any We also have an exquisite selection of cocktails and day, any timeâ&#x20AC;Ś specially prepared Gin and Tonics for the more discerning.

Bangkok Thai & Asian Restaurant

situated at the foothills of Nueva Andalucía offers many specialities from Bangkok. The location of the restaurant means it is easily accessible for one to enjoy either a quiet lunch, evening meal or celebration with loved ones, business associates or friends and family. The restaurant which has been newly renovated offers a fabulously spacious open air terrace where one can enjoy al fresco dining, the colour scheme in hues of peach and cream give the restaurant a feeling of warmth and calm. The extensive menu offers a wide range of Chinese and Thai dishes which are authentically spiced resulting in a selection of mouth-watering starters of spring rolls, spare

ribs, prawn toast & chicken or lamb satay. The main dishes offer everything from shrimp, pork, chicken, beef or duck, fish and rice. Sara Chou, the owner is keen to explain that she is always on the look out for new concepts that will ensure her customers return time and time again and she is delighted to inform us that her á la carte menu currently contains close to 100 tantalizing dishes, as not to be overwhelmed for the uninitiated the menus display a photo of the dish so choosing your dish is made lightly easier! During the winter months Bangkok Asian Restaurant has chosen to offer its customers that little bit more and has launched two fabulous value for money “all you can eat” buffet menus.

For adults there is the €18.95 all you can eat menu which allows customers to savour as many dishes as they like, “the portions are slightly smaller then that of the a’ la carte menu” says Sara “this is so diners can try a variety of as many dishes as they like, sometimes customers become stuck with a familiar dish and far to often miss out of other mouth-watering dishes our all you can eat buffet allows customers the chance to try new things” the second buffet option is priced at €24.95 and this includes drinks (beer, wine, soft drinks, water, coffee & tea). Children’s menus are also available. Bangkok Thai and Asian Restaurant is a culinary delight to the senses and is a true dining experience that should not be missed.

Plaza de las Orquideas, next to Casino Nueva Andalucia, Marbella


Thai & Chinese

Present this voucher to recieve 10% discount


Thai & Chinese Freshly prepared from our menu.

Menu a’la carte

All You Can Eat! €18.95 or


All you can Eat & Drink €24.95 soft drinks,draft beer, house wine, “tinto de verano”, coffee & tea

All included UNLIMITED!! Prices are per person (Dessert not included) Each table must choose the same menu as the €18.95 and €24.95 menus can not be mixed at the same table.

Visit us on

or our website

Opening Hours: Lunch 13:00 to 16:00 Dinner 18.30 to 24:00 For reservations: +34 952 81 36 03 Live Music every Weekends

We also have a take away menu! Home Delivery Area Nueva Andalucia, Puerto Banus & San Pedro only SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


ABSOLUT VODKA has extended its offering with the launch of a new vodka;

ABSOLUT ELYX Under the scrutiny of its master distiller, ABSOLUT has been patiently perfecting a new luxury vodka. Now it’s ready, and it’s called ABSOLUT ELYX. Crafted from single estate wheat and manually distilled in an authentic 1921 copper still, ABSOLUT ELYX is defined by its excep¬tional purity and silky texture. It’s the finest expression of ABSOLUT Elyx is fresh, elegant and silky with aromas of sweet grain followed by spice, vanilla and sweet fruit on the creamy palate. Drink neat, on ice or in a vodka martini.

Do you absolutely adore caviar? Do you often reminisce about those wonderful social occasions that always started with champagne and caviar canapés? You’ll only need a pinch of Riofrio’s Essencia de Caviar for your palate to be treated to a whole new exciting range of subtle sensations... the perfect seasoning for a hard-boiled egg or scrambled eggs.

Up until now, only a select few have had the opportunity to taste the exquisite and sublime chocolate that is Peccadillo. The Peccadillo story begins in 2011 in the heart of Europe, namely in the picturesque, idyllic Swiss town of Schaffhausen. A new kind of praline, it contains at least two to three different flavours made with 100% Swiss Quality manufacturing. This handmade delicacy is an absolute treat – So indulge yourself! For more information and to place an order, visit

Don Perignon by Jeff Koons

The latest high-profile fashion collaboration from Dom Perignon sees the legendary Champagne house pair up with one of America’s most celebrated and flamboyant artists – Jeff Koons. Following his renowned work with the likes of Lady Gaga and BMW, Koons was asked to create an amazing balloon sculpture, especially for Dom Perignon named “Balloon Venus”. This latest piece of work is shown on the packaging of this limited edition release of only 100. Highly collectable – and available for a short time only – this latest offering displays all of the balance and refinement that marks the 2004 harvest as being one of the best of recent times for Dom Perignon. For more information visit

Chocolate Heaven For the past thirty years, La Maison du Chocolat has linked passion, expertise and savoir-faire to create new chocolate collections. The great Parisian artisan has become an international luxury chocolatier where excellence is its trademark. Each product and component is very carefully selected by the La Maison du Chocolat master chocolatier to offer a unique tasting experience.

The Definitive Tea Experience JING defines the modern tea ceremony, anexperience that absorbs the senses and refreshes and inspires the body and mind. Launched in 2004, JING is enjoyed by customers in 75 countries around the world, and in exceptional restaurants and luxury hotels.There range of loose teasand whole leaf teabags includes authentic examples of Asia’s greatest teas, from China, Taiwan, Japan, India and Sri Lanka. Our hand-blown glass teapots and cups make JING teas a simple luxury. Why not introduce friends and family to the qualities of loose leaf tea drinking, with stunning Jing Tea Gift Sets. From stunning flowering teas and elegant whole leaf tea tins to an extensive range of loose leaf sets, their tea sets suit all tastes, occasions and budgets.

La Maison du Chocolat opened its London flagship boutique on Piccadilly in October 2003 and a concession in Harrods in August 2004. The Piccadilly store is a temple to the art of fine chocolate offering a World renowned collection of hand-made chocolates as well as plain and champagne truffles lightly dusted with cocoa powder that are packaged into bespoke chocolate boxes. La Maison du Chocolat has 17 boutiques worldwide including Cannes, Paris, London, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Looking for that Valentine’s Day chocolate box? Just take a look at the beautiful chocolate gift hampers of La Maison du Chocolat, filled with delicious truffles to dark chocolate ganache: there is a boxed chocolate gift for every chocoholic. Visit


he Robin Hood Inn is newly refurbished and is the number one place to be on the new Golden Mile. We offer the highest quality cusine made with fresh daily produce. There is a large terrace at the rear with bar, chillout area and restaurant which in the summer is open air and from October is fully enclosed to give all year round dining. Live sporting events show on our 3 large screen TVs and the games room is a popular attraction. Live music 6 nights a week. Table reservations are recommended, especially for Sunday lunch.



Opening Hours: 12 noon till late Urb. Benamara, Avda Dos Hermanas s/n, CN 340 km 168, 29680 Estepona, Spain Reservations - Tel: 951272288



Mr Gourmet Burger… fun & informal dining for the whole family

Eat in or Take away Avenida Luis Braille nº 20, San Pedro de Alcántara / Tel: 952 785 257 196


y a d y r e v e n Ope 00 . 3 2 o t 0 0 . 3 from 1

If you like mouthwatering food in a friendly laid-back atmosphere, you’ll love Mr Gourmet Burger’s unique range of speciality burgers served in relaxed funky surroundings. Forget traditional fast food, we’re talking - beef, chicken, lamb, fish and vegetarian burgers. Toppings include gorgonzola cream, smoked mozzarella, avocado, pickled ginger, foie gras and much more. Starters nachos, wings, crudites. Homemade desserts too.

Fill out this voucher and bring it with you to claim a complimentary cup of coffee with your next meal at Mr Gourmet Burger. Name: E-mail: De acuerdo con lo establecido por la Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de 13 de diciembre de protección de datos de carácter personal, Ud. da su consentimiento para que sus datos sean incluidos en los ficheros de Kool Kafe SL y puedan ser utilizados para enviarle información sobre nuestro establecimiento. Declara estar informado sobre los derechos de acceso, rectificación, cancelación y podrá ejercer sus derechos ante Kool Kafe SL bien a través del correo electrónico ó bien a través de carta dirigida a la atención del responsable de seguridad de datos en: Avda. Luis Braille 20, San Pedro de Alcántara, Marbella. Así mismo de conformidad con la Ley 34/2002 de 11 de julio, de servicios de la sociedad de la información y de comercio electrónico, da su consentimiento para los siguientes medios electrónicos: dirección de correo electrónico. Igualmente, podrá comunicar su deseo de no recibir más información a través de estos medios electrónicos mediante solicitud dirigida a Kool Kafé SL.






Alexanders´Collection Spain Luxur y Home

Opening hours: Monday - Saturday 11:00 - 20:00 Ctra. n-340, Km 176, Edif OASIS Business Center, Local 1. 29600 Marbella (Malaga), España T. +34 952 82 34 40

rt A Helidon Xhixha

This world is but a canvas to our imagination. SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health. Consume with moderation

Ruinart Brut Rose Champagne with interpretationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Gift Box

Art Dubai 2014 • Contemporary: 313 Art Project, Seoul • Agial Art Gallery, Beirut • Sabrina Amrani Gallery, Madrid • Art Factum Gallery, Beirut • Athr Gallery, Jeddah • Ayyam Gallery, Dubai/London/Beirut/ Jeddah/Damascus • Baró Galeria, São Paulo • Bischoff/Weiss, London • Bolsa de Arte, Porto Alegre • The Breeder, Athens/Monaco • Laura Bulian Gallery, Milan • Carbon 12, Dubai • Carroll / Fletcher, London • Galleria Continua, San Gimignano/Beijing/Le Moulin • Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris • D Gallerie, Jakarta • Experimenter, Kolkata • Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde, Dubai • Galerie Imane Farès, Paris • Selma Feriani, London/Tunis • Galleria Marie-Laure Fleisch, Rome • GAG Projects, Adelaide/Berlin • Galerist, Istanbul • Giacomo Guidi Arte Contemporanea, Rome • Gladstone Gallery, New York/Brussels • Marian Goodman Gallery, New York/Paris • Alexander Gray Associates, New York • Green Art Gallery, Dubai • Grey Noise, Dubai • Hales Gallery, London • Leila Heller Gallery, New York • Kashya Hildebrand Gallery, London/Zurich • Galerie Hussenot, Paris • In Situ / Fabienne Leclerc, Paris • Rose Issa Projects, London • Galerie Jaeger Bucher, Paris • Galerie Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels • Kalfayan Galleries, Athens • Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna • Lombard Freid Gallery, New York • Lumen Travo, Amsterdam • Galerie El Marsa, Tunis • Galerie Greta Meert, Brussels • Victoria Miro, London • Marisa Newman Projects, New York • Galleria Franco Noero, Torino • Gallery Wendi Norris, San Francisco • Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris/Brussels • Omenka Gallery, Lagos • Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo • Paradise Row, London • Pi Artworks, Istanbul/London • Pilar Corrias, London • Galerie Polaris, Paris • Tyler Rollins Fine Art, New York • Schleicher/Lange, Berlin • Sfeir-Semler Gallery, Hamburg • Gallery Ske, Bangalore • Tashkeel, Dubai • Tasveer, Bangalore • Galerie Daniel Templon, Paris/Brussels • The Third Line, Dubai • Galerie Tanja Wagner, Berlin • Yavuz Fine Art, Singapore • Modern: Agial Art Gallery, Beirut • Aicon Gallery, New York/London • Albareh Art Gallery, Adliya • Artchowk, Karachi • Karim Francis, Cairo • Grosvenor Gallery, London • Jhaveri Contemporary, Mumbai • Lawrie Shabibi, Dubai • Janine Rubeiz, Beirut • Shirin Gallery, Tehran • Marker: ArtEast, Bishkek • Asia Art, Almaty • North Caucasus Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Art (NCCA), Vladikavkaz • Popiashvili Gvaberidze Window Project, Tbilisi • Yarat Contemporary Art Space, Baku.

ART DUBAI The United Arab Emirates in general, and Dubai in particular, is now one of the cultural and artistic centres of the Middle East, and its thriving gallery scene is a vital showcase for artists from throughout the region. Dubai’s newfound cultural status is exemplified by Art Dubai, an art fair which celebrates the best that the Emirati has to offer, and highlights the work of the contemporary art galleries.

Gallery : Tashkeel Title : Ajyal Artist : Maitha Demithan Date : 2012 Courtesy : Courtesy of Tashkeel

Over the last seven years, Art Dubai, the leading international art fair in the MENASA (Middle East/North Africa/South Asia), has become a cornerstone of the region’s booming contemporary art community. Recognised as one of the most globalised meeting points in the art world today, Art Dubai places an emphasis on maintaining its intimate, human scale while foregrounding quality and diversity. 204


Art Dubai is part of Art Week, an umbrella initiative that highlights the plethora of exhibitions, projects and events that now coincide with the fair each March, the most dynamic time in the UAE’s cultural calendar. Special events include Design Days Dubai, the only fair in Asia dedicated to product and furniture design; Sikka, the fair run by Dubai

Culture and Arts Authority dedicated to new work by UAE-based artists; Galleries Nights, featuring 40 new exhibitions across Al Quoz and the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC); plus other projects, museum shows and major events throughout the Emirates, Qatar and the Gulf.

Art Dubai is held under the Patronage of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE, Ruler of Dubai

Gallery : Green Art Gallery Title : Untitled (Angelus Novus) Artist : Kamrooz Aram Date : 2013 Courtesy : Courtesy of the artist & Green Art Gallery, Dubai

The fairs programme features more than 80 galleries from across 36 countries and is split into three categories: Art Dubai Contemporary Halls: A diverse selection of galleries from the world showcasing the most established to dynamic young artspaces. Art Dubai Marker: A curated programme of galleries and artspaces, which focuses each year on a particular theme or geography. This section aims to exemplify the fair’s role as a site of discovery and cross-cultural exchange, and is a feature of Art Dubai’s extensive notfor-profit programming. In 2014, Marker focuses on Central Asia and the Caucasus and is curated by the artists Slaves and Tatars. This year Art Dubai has launched a new programme devoted to modern art from the Middle East and South Asia. Art Dubai Modern which will include eleven galleries, each presenting a solo or two-person show by modern masters. Besides the gallery halls, the fair’s extensive programme includes commissioned projects and performances, artists’ and curators’ residencies, radio and film, an exhibition of new works by winners of the annual The Abraaj Group Art Prize and the critically acclaimed Global Art Forum. Last year’s event welcomed 25,000 visitors– including 75 international museums groups– and hosted 75 galleries from 30 countries. Gallery : Marian Goodman Title : La foglie delle radici Artist : Giuseppe Penone Date : 2011 Courtesy : Courtesy of Marian Goodman Gallery

Art Dubai takes place March 19th– 22th, 2014, at Madinat Jumeirah. For more information visit:

To trick the art world is the greatest Han van Meegeren sold $60 million worth of fake Vermeers Wrong signature. Dubious provenance. Fake. These are the words an auction house or collector dreads to hear. Art forgery has been around since, well, art itself. The ancient Romans crafted thousands of copies of Greek sculptures; ancient China is noted for its wide variety of forgeries; and modern art has seen more than its fair share of falsified work. Some forgeries are innocent enough, usually created by students copying a master, but others are created with the sole purpose of tricking an unsuspecting public into thinking they are the real deal. Some forgers are so good at what they do that it’s virtually impossible to tell the difference between the original and the copy leading to many museums, investors and galleries putting millions into complete fake’s experts suggest that as much as half the art on the international market could be fake. It seems like bigger and stranger art scams are revealed each and every year, from the man who sold more than 200 fake Alberto Giacometti statues out of his car in Germany to the Los Angeles art dealer who commissioned a fake Picasso and sold it for $2 million. There have been thousands of documented cases of fraudulent works of art over the centuries. But here are some of the examples that involve the most notable art forgeries of late. Whether you consider the perpetrators to be schemers, geniuses, or a little of both, their stories are fascinating. Dutch artist Han van Meegeren is a candidate for the greatest forger ever. He didn’t start out as a forger. He simply wanted to be recognized as a legitimate artist. In fact, he wanted the title so badly that he created his own works replicating Johannes Vermeer’s style and allowed them to be sold to unknowing buyers who thought them to be genuine.

For a while he got away with selling the detailed forgeries for astounding prices, the masterpieces Christ and the Disciples at Emmaus and The Last Supper are today still a hailed as true genuine artefacts by some leading critics. His sales for the six fake Vermeer’s reached the equivalent of $60 million on the Dutch market, according to The Telegraph. But when one of van Meegeren’s paintings ended up in the collection of high-ranking Nazi

officer Hermann Göring, (Hitler’s deputy) van Meegeren was arrested for treason for refusing to name the original owner of the masterpiece. Facing a possible death penalty, he confessed that he was a forger but the Dutch authorities didn’t believe him so to prove he was no traitor, he was asked to paint a copy.

Van Meegeren wanted status but he also wanted to prove that a famous signature on a painting hugely influences how beautiful we think it is. “A famous artist’s signature gives us the romantic notion that their paintings are sacred artefacts that were touched by the hand of a genius”, when in some cases they are not!

“A copy,” Van Meegeren is reported to have exclaimed, “I’ll do better than that. Give me the materials and I will paint another Vermeer before witnesses.”

Van Meegeren’s works have since come to be appreciated in its own right.

con of all...

John Myatt’s forgeries were sold by the world’s greatest auction houses He was a former art teacher who played a part in what Scotland Yard called “the biggest art fraud of the 20th Century”. John Myatt a British artist forged 200 works in the style of masters such as Matisse, Alberto Giacometti, Roger Bissiere and Nicholas De Stael which were later sold at esteemed auction houses including Philips, Sothebys, and Christie’s.

His fraud was not initially premeditated having to raise his two young children alone, he turned to producing “genuine fakes” that he would advertise in the back of Private Eye. When one of his customers, sold his copy of a work by the cubist artist Albert Gleizes through Christie’s for £25,000, giving him half, Myatt became hooked. Over the next few years, the pair produced and sold around 200 works.

He was arrested by Scotland Yards in 1995 and later estimated that his forgeries of artists such as Matisse, Giocometti, Braque, Picasso, Giacometti, Le Corbusier, Monet, and Renoir earned him only around $165,000 over the years. Upon his release from prison, Myatt had decided he would never paint again, but the police officer who arrested him commissioned him to paint a portrait of his family and within six months, Myatt was making a legitimate living from

his art and has sold works for as much as $45,000. He has also starred on a TV series called Mastering the Art, on which he shared some of his secrets on copying other people’s artwork. George Clooney is reportedly interested in turning Myatt’s life story into a film.



Sculptures in a suitcase German scamster Lothar Senke sold over 200 fake Alberto Giacometti sculptures, some out of the back of his car… Well at least it was a Rolls Royce! Giacometti’s ‘L’Homme qui marche I sold for a record breaking $104 million last year It was the largest scam to ever shake the German art market: a selfproclaimed count in Germany sold hundreds of fake Alberto Giacometti statues to unsuspecting collectors until he was nabbed by undercover cops in 2009. The scamster, Lothar Senke, who called himself the Count of Waldstein, was sentenced to nine years in jail by a district court in Stuttgart. How Senke and several accomplices managed to sell over 200 fake sculptures some of them terrible out of the trunk of his car is a mystery. Investigators still haven’t figured out where the faux Giacomettis came from. Along with his wife and accomplice Herbert Schulte, the self-named“Count of Waldstein” scammed more than €8 million before being arrested in a sting operation in 2009. The maker of the fakes -- which were all “originals,” and not copied from existing works -- has not been found. Senke and Schulte spent seven years falsifying their expertise on Giacometti, an artist who is presumably easy to fake as he lacks a catalog raisonné. The pair forged certificates of authenticity and Schulte authored a book -- print run: 300 -- on Giacometti’s younger brother and assistant (it was published under Senke’s name). Apparently the collectors thought nothing of buying the sculptures out of a trunk.

Some forgers have become more famous than the artists they copied....

Art dealer Tatiana Khan sold a fake Picasso she had commissioned for $2 million. In 2010 Tatiana Khan, an L.A. based art dealer who owns Chateau Allegre gallery, owner and on La Cienega Boulevard was sued last year after reportedly telling an artist friend Maria Apelo Cruz . that the Picasso’s “La Femme Au Chapeau Bleu” (The Woman in the Blue Hat) had been stolen from one of her clients and as part of a sting to capture the thief she offered her $1,000 to recreate the work. Kahn then sold the duplicated piece for an astounding $2 million to a naive buyer.

So great is their ability to draw & deceive...

Eric Hebborn A graduate of London’s Royal Academy of Art, Hebborn began making forgeries after a famous London art dealer bought a real drawing from him, then sold it for many times more. Hebborn claimed to have produced approximately 1,000 forgeries of drawings by Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens, Raphael, Anthony van Dyck, Nicolas Poussin, and 18th-century painter Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Tiepolo, among many others. These were sold by noted auction houses to numerous prestigious collections most famously his Forger of a lithograph by Giovanni Battista Piranesi was sold to an American art dealer who then went on to sell it to Kobberstiksamlingen at Statens Museum for Kunst (the National Museum of Denmark) in 1969 for £ 14.000 (280.000 Danish Crowns) He wrote two memoirs of his career, including one that explained his tricks for aspiring forgers “ The art forgers Handbook”. In 1996, he was murdered. SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


Modern and Contemporary Art WHY COLLECT ?

There are different reasons why someone feels the exigency to collect art: it can be for cultural reasons, for economical and investment reasons, or simply for esthetical ones but all have in common a deep sensibility, a great spiritual depth and a strong love for beauty.

HoA is mainly engaged in contemporary art, but in case of advice for the establishment of private collections or simply to find a work coveted by a collector who has addressed to us, we can, through our international contacts, to assess and achieve even modern art.

Collecting contemporary art and is one of the most exciting ways to interpret the world right now, like living in a live show, through a process that ties together the most diverse aspects of aesthetic and conceptuality linked and guided by the collector’s personality.

One of our collectors says: “I started to buy works of art several years ago, but I think I have become a collector only recently, meaning as collector one who is buying without thinking about where to place it, and sees collecting as a reflection of his own personality.

Collecting art is a path of personal growth. We have just to remember that a collection is not a body of work, but the portrait of taste, passion and culture of the owner. As it is said by Nicholas Serota, director of the Tate Modern Museum in London: “If you can afford it, the best way to deal with art is buy it, live it with passion and take care of it”.



When you buy works of art, the first reason is your personal taste and the pleasure of sharing

Marbella Club Hotel Blv. Pr. Alfonso von Hohenlohe, 29600 Marbella T. +34 952 857 196

and showcasing the work at your own home, then you tend to make more organic choices, to include works by artists who at the first instance do not totally reflect your taste, but that trace a path in the art scene. Gallery Houses of Art, works to promote high quality contemporary and modern art. We represent international artists with a solid important background who feature in international collections and museums as well as emerging and mid career international artists. At the same time we support a select group of young artists by exhibiting their works from an early stage to take them to a level of international exposure, collaborating for this purpose with other international galleries. We assist collectors at all levels in the primary and secondary market and provide a detailed provenance of all works of art exhibited.

HoA A Direct Message to Society JAVIER MARTIN

Javier Martín began very early in the world of art, going to class oil therapy at age 7 years. It was his only training. A year later, he won the Caja Madrid Award for young artists. Self-taught since then started experimenting with everything around him and as was discovered techniques and materials creating their own learning systems. “Everything is within yourself, you just have to find the tools to get it out.”

discovery of materials that fit together better with the message you want to convey.

Blindness, earth and shotguns Always very personal, in their series Blindness eyes to cover the figures with the intention of looking back into people as opposed to the current hegemony of appearance. An example of evolution: the collage becomes neon to accentuate the lines.

In his work combines traditional techniques with new technologies, which considers expanding their possibilities and help you get the viewer more directly. “The connection with the work becomes more current.”

The element Earth also plays a key role in his work. Aware of the double-edged sword sometimes representing progress, some of his works are a clear reflection on the problems associated evolve at the expense of the exploitation of natural resources.

Prints or digital printing with natural dyes, oil or neon lights, give a two-dimensional to their first collections to move to conquer space with sculptures and installations in the most recent character. Natural process influenced by the

As far as fashion is concerned, also has space in its creation. “I love fashion, I use it to send a very direct message to society.” And the Spanish artist makes by making sample bags Louis Vuitton in shotguns. “People today

barely flinch when they see the image of a boy with a gun, as if it were a movie, but most are shocked when someone takes a bag of thousand dollars.” After his presentation in the United States by Art Basel Miami and the good response from collectors, began a new phase as emerging artist . Currently working on new exhibits to expand its work in the U.S. and in the most important centers of contemporary art. His intention: to continue coming to the public and make them stop and think, even for one second, the importance of art in society. Tourism is a major source of inspiration for him and find ancient artifacts and bring them to life, transforming fashion into art, surround yourself with romanticism, each time creating a ‘polaroid “.

You can find Javier Martin at: HoA


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Book Reviews sponsored by

pi ) ng

Long Walk To Freedom Autobiography of Nelson Mandela


elson Mandela is one of the great moral and political leaders of our time: an international hero whose lifelong dedication to the fight against racial oppression in South Africa won him the Nobel Peace Prize and the presidency of his country. Since his triumphant release in 1990 from more than a quarter-century of imprisonment, Mandela has been at the center of the most compelling and inspiring political drama in the world. As president of the African National Congress and head of South Africaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s antiapartheid movement, he was instrumental in moving the nation toward multiracial government and majority rule. He is revered everywhere as a vital force in the fight for human rights and racial equality. LONG WALK TO FREEDOM is his moving and exhilarating autobiography, destined to take its place among the finest memoirs of historyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s greatest figures. Here for the first time, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela tells the extraordinary story of his life--an epic of struggle, setback, renewed hope, and ultimate triumph.


p 0 0 hip 2. s £1 e &

s Po +(


in g)

Alex Ferguson My Autobiography


ir Alex announced his retirement as manager of Manchester United after 27 years in the role. He has gone out in a blaze of glory, with United winning the Premier League for the 13th time, and he is widely considered to be the greatest manager in the history of British football. Over the last quarter of a century there have been seismic changes at Manchester United. The only constant element has been the quality of the manager’s leaguewinning squad and United’s run of success, which included winning the Champions League for a second time in 2008. Sir Alex created a purposeful, but welcoming, and much envied culture at the club which has lasted the test of time. Sir Alex saw Manchester United change from a conventional football club to what is now a major business enterprise, and he never failed to move with the times. It was directly due to his vision, energy and ability that he was able to build teams both on and off the pitch. He was a man-manager of phenomenal skill, and increasingly he had to deal with global stars. His relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo, for instance, was excellent and David Beckham has described Sir Alex as a father figure. Over the past four years, Sir Alex has been reflecting on and jotting down the highlights of his extraordinary career and in his new book he will reveal his amazing story as it unfolded, from his very early days in the tough shipyard areas of Govan.




p 9 9 ip 6. s h ÂŁ1 e &

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in g)

Essential Wine Tasting By Michael Schuster


ssential Winetastingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s step-by-step approach teaches you everything you need to know to taste wine like a professional - from how to look at and smell a wine to how to taste and assess it. The book begins with a clear outline of how to taste. This is followed by a detailed but accessible account of how wine is made and an exploration of every major grape variety and of how its wines differ around the world. Finally comes the real joy of this book - a series of nine practical tastings which illustrate the key differences in wine styles, flavours and quality. Every stage of tasting is illustrated with specially commissioned photography and there are maps of every key wine region.


9 ip .1 sh £7 e &


pi ) ng

Crime of the Century

s Po +(

The Great Train Robbery: By Nick Russell Pavier


n the early hours of Thursday 8th August 1963 at rural Cheddington in Buckinghamshire, £2.6 million (£50 million today) in unmarked £5, £1 and 10-shilling notes was stolen from the Glasgow to London nightmail train in a daring and brilliantly executed operation lasting just 46 minutes. Quickly dubbed the crime of the century, it has captured the imagination of the public and the world’s media for 50 years, taking its place in British folklore and giving birth to the myths of The Great Train Robbery. Ronnie Biggs, Buster Edwards and Bruce Reynolds became household names. But what really happened? This is the story of four talented villains who took the criminal world by storm, of the ‘perfect crime’. It is also the story of ruthless policemen, determined to hunt the robbers down and to make sure nobody slipped through the net, not even the innocent. It is the story of an Establishment under siege, and of one mistake which cost the robbers 307 years in prison. Fifty years later, here is the story set out in full for the first time, a true-life crime thriller, and also a vivid slice of British social history.



Coming soon

FILM NEWS Pompeii Director: Jaume Collet-Serra Cast: Jared Harris | Kiefer Sutherland | Carrie-Anne Moss

Director: McG Cast:

Kevin Costner Ethan Runner Amber Heard Hailee Steinfeld Connie Nielsen

Storyline Secret Service Agent Ethan Runner discovers he’s dying and decides to retire in order to reconnect with his estranged family. But when the Secret Service offers him access to an experimental drug that could save his life in exchange for one last assignment, he soon finds himself trying to juggle his family, his mission, and the drug’s hallucinatory side-effects.

Rise of an Empire Director: Noam Murro Cast:

Eva Green | Jamie Blackley | Rodrigo Santoro

Storyline: Explores the story of 300 from the battle at sea between Themistocles and Xerxes’ Naval Commander, Artemesia. This new chapter of the epic saga takes the action to a fresh battlefield—on the sea—as Greek general Themistokles (Sullivan Stapleton) attempts to unite all of Greece by leading the charge that will change the course of the war. 300: Rise of an Empire pits Themistokles against the massive invading Persian forces led by mortal-turned-god Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro), and Artemesia (Eva Green), vengeful commander of the Persian navy. 216


Storyline Set in 79 A.D., Pompeii tells the epic story of Milo, a slave turned invincible gladiator who finds himself in a race against time to save his true love Cassia, the beautiful daughter of a wealthy merchant who has been unwillingly betrothed to a corrupt Roman Senator. As Mount Vesuvius erupts in a torrent of blazing lava, Milo must fight his way out of the arena in order to save his beloved as the once magnificent Pompeii crumbles around him.

Grand Budapest Hotel Director: Wes Anderson Cast: Bill Murray Ralph Fiennes Jude Law Jeff Glodblum Storyline Recounts the adventures of Gustave H, a legendary concierge at a famous European hotel between the wars, and Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy who becomes his most trusted friend. The story involves the theft and recovery of a priceless Renaissance painting and the battle for an enormous family fortune -- all against the back-drop of a suddenly and dramatically changing Continent.

Repentance Director: Philippe Caland Cast:

Anthony Mackie | Forest Whitaker | Mike Epps Sanaa Lathan | Nicole Ari Parker

Storyline Years after a drunken car crash that almost took his life, Thomas Carter (Anthony Mackie) has reinvented himself as a therapist/spiritual advisor who advocates a synthesis of world religions and positivity. Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s parlayed this vocation into a successful book release that draws the attention of Angel Sanchez (Forest Whitaker), a profoundly troubled man fixated on the untimely death of his mother. When Carter takes on Sanchez as a personal client in an effort to raise funds for his indebted brother Ben (Mike Epps), things quickly take a turn for the worse. Angel needs much more than a simple life coach. Single actions in the past comprise tidal waves of reactions in the present.

FEBRUARY 2014 Aries - the ram 21.Mar/20.Apr It may have been pretty tough lately for smooth sailing in your relationship, but the stars help you to either commit to or leave a relationship that you’ve been wondering about.

Gemini - the twins 21.May/20.Jun Watch for tempers and try to not let irritations get the best of you. Communicate clearly what you feel and focus your energy on improvements you’ve been wanting to make to your home or vehicle.

If you’ve been scared to leave, you will have the ability to take action. If you need to re-bond together, this is a lovely time to take short vacations with the one you love so take that The stars encourage your growth and expansion and support you to scenic drive for a fun outing together. open your heart to a new level of insight and romance.

Taurus - the bull 21.Apr/20.May

Cancer - the crab 21.Jun/20.Jul

Times to grab your dancing shoes and go out to meet someone new.

Mid-year Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, will be blessing your romantic life as he enters your sign.

This can be one of the best times in your relationship so make the most of your time together. Count your blessings and enjoy the intensity of your love.



You can also find yourself expanding spiritually as you feel the effects settle in to your psyche. Take advantage of the opportunity to grow as the stars combine to help you reach your goals by giving you greater courage. Be fearless in tackling your relationship issues that have been weighing you down but remember to use your heart not your head.

Leo - the lion 23.Jul/22.Aug

Sagittarius - the archer 23.Nov/22.Dec

Watch for harsh speech as the stars prompt irritation and impatience.

The stars are shining on you so if you’re single go out and meet new people. This is the time to connect with new partners and make romantic connections.

Use this as an opportunity to learn more about how you need to express yourself early on when conflict arises and make the most of your communication efforts. You will gain extra support from friends so don’t forget that your significant other is your best friend too. Keep your love life nurtured by making an extra effort to use sweet speech with your partner.

Virgo - the virgin 23.Aug/22.Sep This is a good year to tackle any bad habits you are hoping to remove from your life so make the most of your decision to improve your health – this will give you the extra boost you need to show up with the best of yourself in your relationships. The stars are making you feel a bit restless so channel your energy into plenty of exercise so that you don’t take your frustrations out on those whom you love.

If married you will find that your partner is feeling supported and uplifted – share in their positive energy and deepen your relationship. Celebrate the happiness you can share together now.

Capricorn - the goat 23.Dec/20.Jan You may be feeling that work is requiring more of your focus so be sure to remember your partner as you keep up with demands. You may be cultivating a new relationship with a mentor or teacher, so this can be a good time for personal and spiritual growth. Any expansion you make internally will help you blossom in your love life too.

Libra - the scales 23.Sep/22.Oct

Aquarius - the water-bearer 21.Jan/19.Feb

Saturn is in your sign until the end of the year so this can be intense. Take steps to connect with your inner self more fully so that you truly know yourself.

Romance can be in the air for you so enjoy the feeling of togetherness.

This will help you to chose the right partnership when it comes along. For those of you in a happy relationship, this can be when you get married or formalize your commitment – congratulations!.

Take a vacation together since this is an excellent time for travel. You may find that exposing yourself to another culture helps you to grow together to a new level.

Scorpio - the scorpion 23.Oct/22.Nov

Pisces - the fish 20.Feb/20.Mar

Your partner will be by your side giving you encouragement as you gain an influx of energy to tackle your dreams and goals. Be sure to keep them included in your process so that they don’t feel left behind as you focus on other areas demanding your attention.

This is a great time to upgrade your love nest together so take the time to beautify your surroundings. Explore Feng Shui, the art of placement, for helping to improve the energy of your home – especially your kitchen and bedroom.

Try not to let the irritations of friends get in the way of your success. If you are not currently in a relationship, this can be a trying time for finding that dream partner so keep working on self-improvement and make the most of your single time.

Be sure to ask for the support that you need from your partner and guard against petty arguments. If single, don’t get trapped in overinvesting in someone and avoid getting involved in a relationship too quickly. Take your time in getting to know someone new no matter how amazing they seem at first. Good discernment will go a long way here.


CLASSIFIEDS Sunsearch Magazine’s comprehensive listings of local restaurants, hotels, golf clubs and other useful numbers

RESTAURANTS AMERICAN HARD ROCK CAFE Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner C/ Ramón Areces, esq. Marina Banús, Puerto Banús. T: 952 908 024 JACKS Open: Everyday - noon ‘til late. Puerto Banús. T: 952 813 625. Puerto Marina, Benalmádena. T: 952 563 673 MR. GOURMET BURGER Open: Everyday - 18:00 ‘til late. Avda. Luis Braile 20, San Pedro de Alcantara. T: 952 785 257 YANX Open: Monday to Saturday - from 09:00 - Sunday from 11:00. Centro Plaza, Nueva Andalucía. T: 952 818 861 ARGENTINIAN BUENOS AIRES SOUTH Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner. C/ Virgen de Pilar, 6, Marbella. T: 952 779 297 CLERICÓ Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Avda Antonio Belón, 22, Marbella. T: 952 765 683 TANGO Open: Everyday (except Tuesdays) - for dinner Puerto Banús (opp. the car park). T: 952 812 358 FRENCH CASA MONO Open: Monday to Saturday - 13:00 to 23:00. C/ Calderón Estébanez 19, Marbella. T: 952 774 578 CHATUEA MONA LISA Open: Everyday - lunch and dinner. Muelle Ribera, 8, Puerto Banús. T: 952 908 808

RENDEZ VOUS Open: Monday to Saturday - 09:00 to 18:00 (to 14:00 on Sundays) - closed Tuesday. Avda. de Prado, Aloha Gardens, Nueva Andalucía.T: 952 813 912

PIRATAS FLAME GRILL Open: Monday to Saturday - for dinner. Puerto Deportivo de Marbella, Locales 37-40, Marbella. T: 952 865 940

VALDERRAMA RESTAURANT Open: Tuesday to Saturday for dinner Sunday for Buffet Lunch. Apartado 1, Crta. De Cadiz, km 132.2 Sotogrande, Cadiz. T: 956 791 200

RESTAURANTE RANCHO Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Ctra. Cadiz, exit Las Chapas. T: 952 831 922

GREEK RED PEPPER Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Muelle Ribera, Puerto Banús. T: 952 812 148 GRILLS ASADOR CRIOLLO GRILL Open: Everyday - for dinner. CN340-A7, km. 166, Cancelada, El Saladillo. T: 952 784 463 ASADOR GUADALMINA Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner. Urb. Guadalmina Alta, C.C. Guadalmina, Local 3, San Pedro de Alcantara. T: 952 883 003 EL CARNICERO Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Pueblo Viejo Cancelada. Between San Pedro and Estepona. T: 952 886 307 EL CARNICERO 2 Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Ctra de Cadiz, km. 176, Marbella. T: 952 867 599 EL GAUCHO Open: Everyday - from 19:30. Galerias Paniagua, Sotogrande. T: 956 795 528

THE GRILL HOUSE RESTAURANT Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner. C.C. Cristamar, Local 32, Puerto Banús. T: 951 319 842 INDIAN CHOWKA Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Avda Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe, s/n, Marbella. T: 952 900 380 JAIPUR PALACE Open: Wednesday to Sunday - for dinner. CN340, km194, next to Camping Cabopino, Marbella. T: 952 310 004 JAIPUR PURPLE Open: Everyday - for dinner. Urbanización “Bel-Air” CN340 km, 166, Estepona. T: 952 888 353 LITTLE INDIA Open: Everyday - from 19:00. Conj. Buenavista, L 21-22, Avda. De España, Calahonda. T: 952 931 829 MASSALA Open: Everyday - for dinner. 57 Duquesa de Arcos, Sabinillas seafront. T: 952 897 358

EL RANCHO DEL PUERTO Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Muelle Benabola 4, Puerto Banús. T: 952 816 252

MR. INDIA Open: Everyday - from 18:00. Milla de Oro (next to da Bruno a Casa), Marbella. T: 952 867 868

GRILL DEL PUERTO Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Muelle Ribera 47H, Puerto Banús. T: 952 811 686

MUMTAZ Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Casa No. 7, Puerto Banús. T: 952 812 090

MARBELLA CLUB GRILL Open: Everyday - for dinner. Marbella Club Hotel, Blvd. Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe, s/n, Marbella. T: 952 822 211

SAFFRON Open: Everyday - from 19:00. Parque de Elviria, local 7-9, Las Chapas (2nd exit, after Hotel Don Carlos T: 952 830 146 INTERNATIONAL ALBERT & SIMON Open: Monday to Friday - for lunch & dinner - Saturday dinner only. Urb. Nueva Alcantara. Edif. Mirador, Bloque 4-B, San Pedro de Alcantara. T: 952 783 714 ALBERTS Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Puerto Cabopino. T: 952 836 886

ALUMBRE Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. C/ Strachan 11, Malaga. T: 951 500 022 AMANHAVIS Open: Monday to Saturday - from 20:00. Calle del Pilar 3, Benahavis. T: 952 856 026 AMIGOS Open: Monday to Saturday - for dinner. C/ Malaga 3, Benahavis. 952 855 175 AROMA Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. C/ Moncayo 23, Fuengirola. T: 952 665 502 ARTE CAFE Open: Everyday - breakfast, lunch & dinner Centro Commercial Los Pinares de Elviria, Marbella. T: 952838868 BABOO LOUNGE & RESTAURANT Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner - Sunday, Monday and Tuesday closes 20:00h. Catr. Arroyo de la miel s/n, Benalmádena. T: 902 102 675 BAR D'O RESTAURANT & LOUNGE Open: Everyday - 11:00 to 02:00 (03:00 at weekends). Avda. Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe, Edif. Milla de Oro, Local 567, Marbella. T: 952 821 229 BEACH HOUSE Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Urb. Coto de los Doles, Carril del Relojero, Elviria, Marbella. T: 952 839 458 BECKITTS Open: Everyday - for dinner. C/ Camilo José Cela, 4, Marbella. T: 952 868 898 BOULEVARD Open: Everyday - from 20:00. Avda. La Fontanilla, esquina Paseo Maritimo,Marbella. T: 952 860 583 BRUNINGS Open: Monday to Saturday - from 19:00. Las Palmeras 19, San Pedro. T: 952 786 156 CAFÉ DE RONDA Open: Everyday - breakfast, lunch & dinner. Avda. Ramon Gomez de la Serna 23, Marbella. T: 952 862 149 CAFETERIA KE Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Puerto Deportivo de Sotogrande, s/n T: 956 790 333 CAMURÍ Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. CN340, km. 176, Marbella. T: 952 765 553

CAPITÁN Open: Everyday except Wednesday - lunch & dinner. C/ Avila, Bloque 5, Local 1, San Pedro de Alcantara. T: 952 799 635

FINCA BESAYA Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Urb. Rio Verde Alto, s/n, Marbella. T: 952 861 382

CASANIS Open: Monday to Saturday - from 18:00. C/ Ancha, 8, Marbella. T: 952 900 450

FINCA EL FORJADOR Open: Wednesday to Sunday - 13:00 to 16:00. Ctra. De Casares, km. 10. T: 952 895 120

CELIMA Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Hotel Hermitage, Ctra. De Casares, Casares. T: 952 895 639 CORTIJO FAIN Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner.Ctra. de Algar, km. 3, Arcos de la Frontera, Cadiz. T: 956 704 131 COSY Open: Everyday - from 19:00. Paseo de las Palmeras 25, San Pedro de Alcantara. T: 951 087 899

FINCA LAS BRASAS Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Ctra. Fuengirola-Mijas, between CN340 and highway. T: 952 580 513 GALERIA SAN PEDRO Open: Monday to Saturday - 11:00 24:00. Avda. Las Palmeras 15, San Pedro de Alcantara. T: 952 780 927

DON LEONE Open: Everyday - for dinner. Puerto Banús, Marbella. T: 952 811 716

GD GOURMET DELI MARBELLA Open: Monday to Friday - 09:30 to 21:00 - Saturday - 12:00 to 18:00. Blvd. Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe 7, Marbella. T: 952 774 049

DYNAMIC CAFÉ Open: Everyday - for lunch. Ctra. De Istan, km. 0.9, C.C. Le Village, Marbella. T: 952 775 021

GIRASOL Open: Everyday - from 18:30. Avda. Del Prado, Nueva Andalucía, Marbella. T: 952 813 859

EL BOLERO Open: Everyday - from 20:00 to 23:00. The San Roque Club, CN340, km. 127, Cadiz. T: 956 613 030

HERMOSA Open: Tuesday to Sunday - from 19:00. Local 1A, Puerto de Cabopino. T: 952 837 483

AL CAMPANARIO Open: Everyday - for lunch - Friday & Saturday for dinner. CN340, km. 168, Estepona. T: 952 800 126

HERRERO DEL PUERTO Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner. Casas de Campos, 1, Malaga. T: 952 122 075

EL CORZO Open: Everyday - for dinner. Hotel Los Monteros, Ctra. CN230, km. 187. T: 952 771 700

HOTEL MARBELLA CLUB BUFFET Open: Everyday - for lunch. Blvd. Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe s/n, Marbella. T: 952 822 211

AL JINETE Open: Saturday to Thursday - for dinner. Ctra. La Cala Golf, km. 45, La Cala de Mijas. T: 952 119 170 EL LAGO Open: Tuesday to Sunday - for dinner. Urb. Elviria Hills. Avda. Las Cumbres s/n, Marbella. T: 952 832 371 EL MIRADOR Open: Everyday - for breakfast. Kempinski Hotel Bahia Resort. CN340, km. 159, Estepona. T: 952 809 500 EL OCEANO HOTEL Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. CN340, km. 199, Miraflores Playa, Mijas Costa. T: 952 587 550 EL OLIVO Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner - Sunday- lunch only. Marbella Golf & Country Club, CN340, km. 188, Marbella. T: 952 830 500 EL RESTAURANT DEL CASINO Open: Everyday - 20:00 TO 04:00. Hotel Andalucía Plaza s/n, Marbella. T: 952 814 000 FABIOLA Open: Tuesday to Saturday - lunch & dinner - Sunday - lunch only. Cortijo los Cabos, Pueblo Nuevo de Duadiaro, CN230, km. 132, Sotogrande, Cadiz. T: 956 695 114 / 619 694 484

KARMA Open: Everyday - 10:00 ‘til late. C/ Las Violetas 7, Conjunto Andalucía Garden Club, Nueva Andalucía. T: 952 815 736 KHALA Open: Monday to Saturday - for dinner. NH Alanda Hotel, Marbella. T: 952 899 600 LA BIZNAGA Open: Tuesday to Saturday - lunch & dinner - Sunday - lunch only. Ctra. Ronda, km. 46, Urb. Las Medranas, local 4, San Pedro de Alcantara. T: 951 275 750

LA LOGGIA Open: Everyday - for breakfast, lunch & afternoon snacks. Hotel Villa Padierna & Flamingos Golf Club, Ctra. De Cadiz, km. 166 (Cancelada exit), Estepona. T: 952 889 150 LA MENORAH Open: Tuesday to Sunday - lunch & dinner. Arena Beach, CN340 km. 151.2, Estepona. T: 952 792 734 LA TERRAZA Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Golf Hotel Guadalmina, Marbella. T: 952 882 211 LA TERRAZA Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. La Cala Resort, La Cala de Mijas. T: 952 669 000 LA VERANDA Open: Tuesday to Sunday - for dinner. Hotel Villa Padierna, Urb. Flamingos s/n. T: 952 889 150 LA VERANDA LOBBY BAR Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Kempinski Hotel Bahia, CN340 km. 159, Estepona. T: 952 809 500 LA VERANDAH Open: Week days (except Tuesday) - from 19:30 - Weekends - lunch & dinner. Ctra. De Cadiz, km. 136, Playa Guadiaro, Torreguadiaro, Cadiz. T: 956 615 998 LOS ARCOS Open: Everyday - for dinner. Hotel Melia la Quinta, Urb. La Quinta Golf s/n, Marbella. T: 952 762 000 LOS BANDIDOS Open: Everyday - for dinner. Muelle Ribera, Puerto Banús. T: 952 815 915 MC CAFÉ Open: Everyday - breakfast, lunch & dinner. Marbella Club Hotel, Blvd. Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe s/n, Marbella. T: 952 822 211 MESSINA Open: Monday to Saturday - for dinner. Avda. Severo Ochoa, 12, Marbella. T: 952 864 895 MIRAFLORES GOLF RESTAURANT Open: Everyday - breakfast, lunch & dinner. Ctra de Cadiz, km. 199, Urb. Riviera del Golf. T: 952 931 941 NUEVA CAMPANA Open: Wednesday to Monday - lunch & dinner. La Campana, Nueva Andalucía. T: 952 814 041

NUEVA KASKADA Open: Wednesday to Sunday - lunch & dinner. Urb. La Montua. C/ Chorreadero 39, Marbella. Tel: 952 864 478 OCEAN CLUB Open: Everyday - for lunch. Avda. Lola Flores s/n, Puerto Banús. T: 952 908 137 OCHO Open: Tuesday to Sunday - lunch & dinner. C/ Moncayo 12, Fuengirola. T: 952 460 232 / 648 502 822 PASSION CAFÉ Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. C.C. La Colonia, San Pedro de Alcantara. T: 952 781 583 POCO LOCO BEACH Open: Everyday - breakfast, lunch & dinner. Playa Hermosa, CN340, km. 189, Marbella. T: 952 836 170 POLYNESIANS Open: Everyday - 17:00 to 02:00. Urb. La Alcazaba, CN340, km. 175. T: 952 816 100 PUENTE ROMANO BEACH CLUB Open: Everyday - for lunch. Blvd. Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe s/n, Marbella. T: 952 820 900 PURO BEACH Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Laguna Villaga, Playa el Padron, CN340, km. 159,. T: 952 800 015 ROJO Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner. C/ Granada, 44, Malaga. T: 952 227 486 SCHILO Open: Thursday to Saturday - for dinner. Hotel Finca Cortesin, Ctra, Casares s/n, Casares, Malaga. T: 952 937 800 SEA GRILL Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Puente Romano Beach Club, CN340, km. 187. T: 952 820 900 SHANTI SOM - AMRITA Open: Monday to Thursday - 13:30 to 16:30. Friday & Saturday - 13:30 to 16:30 & 20:00 to 22:30. Ctra. De Ojen, km 22, A355, Marbella-Monda. T: 952 864 455 SHIRAZ Open: Tuesday to Sunday - lunch & dinner. Puerto Deportivo, Local 15, Marbella. T: 952 778 334

LA BRISA Open: Thursday to Monday - from 19:00. Kempinski Hotel Bahia, CN340 km. 159, Estepona. T: 952 809 500 LA CABAÑA DEL MAR Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner. Kempinski Hotel Bahia, Playa el Padron, CN340 km. 159, Estepona. T: 952 809 500 LA CANTINA DEL GOLF Open: Everyday - for breakfast & lunch until 20:00. Flamingo Golf Club, Cancelada, Benahavis. T: 952 318 815 LA ESENCIA Open: Tuesday to Sunday - for dinner. Hotel Incosol, Urb. Golf Rio Real s/n, Marbella. T: 952 831 303 SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


SKINA Open: Monday to Saturday - for dinner. C/ Aduar 12, Old Town Marbella. T: 952 765 277

VENTA GARCIA Open: Tuesday to Sunday - lunch & dinner. Ctra. De Casares, km 7. T: 952 894 191

LA PAPPARDELLA SUL MARE Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. C.C. Laguna Village, Estepona. T: 952 807 354

SMALL WORLD CAFÉ Open: Everyday - breakfast, lunch & dinner. Ctra. Istan, km. 1, C.C. Le Village 15, Marbella. T: 952 771 046

ZOZOI Open: Monday to Saturday - 19:30 to 24:00 - Plaza Altamirano 1, Marbella. T: 952 858 868

LEONARDO DA VINCI Open: Everyday - for dinner. Urb. Dona Lola, Local 21-22, Calahonda, Mijas Costa. T: 952 934 667

SUAVE Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Pasaeo Maratímo Rey de Espana 93, Fuengirola. T: 952 866 627


SUITE Open: Thursday to Saturday - for dinner. Hotel Puente Romano, Ctra. De Cadiz, km.177, Marbella. T: 952 820 900 SWING Open: Thursday to Tuesday - 12:00 to 16:00 & 19:30 to 24:00. Arena Beach, Ctra de Cadiz, km 151 Estepona. T: 952 796 320 TANINO Open: Everyday - breakfast, lunch & dinner. CN340, km. 168, Benamara, Estepona. T: 952 883 259 TERRA SANA Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner. Nueva Andalucía (next to the Casino). T: 952 906 205. Marina Banús, Puerto Banús. T: 952 817 977. C.C. Laguna Village. T: 951 901 050. C/ Camillo José Cela s/n, Marbella. T: 952 772 686 THE CLUBHOUSE BAR & BRASSERIE Open: Tuesday to Sunday - breakfast, lunch & dinner. Urb. Los Naranjos de Marbella, Nueva Andalucía. T: 952 908 844 THE MEETING ROOM Open: Monday to Saturday - 09:00 to 23:00. Avda. Ricardo Soriano 1, Local 1, (Edif. Portillo), Marbella. T: 952 772 577 THE ORANGE TREE Open: Everyday - 18:30 to 23:00. Plaza General Chinchilla 1, Plaza de los Naranjos, Marbella. T: 952 924 613. TIKITANO Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Urb. Guadalmansa, CN340, km 164, Estepoms. Tel: 952 798 449 TROCADERO ARENA Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Torre Real Beach, Marbella. T: 952 865 579 TROCADERO BEACH Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Playa de la Carolina, Marbella. T: 610 704 144

AL DENTE Open: Tuesday to Sunday - for dinner. Urb. Jardines de Puerto, Local 12, Puerto Banús. T: 952 906 181 AMORE E FANTASIA Open: Everyday - from 19:00. Muelle Benabola, Casa 5A, Puerto Banús. T: 952 813 464 ARETUSA Open: Everyday - for dinner. Frontline Puerto Banús. T: 952 812 898 CARPACCIO Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Frontline Puerto Banús. T: 952 813 357 CARUSO Open: Monday to Saturday - 19:00 to 24:00. Avda. De la Constitucion, corner of C/ Andalucía. San Pedro de alcantara. T: 952 782 293 DA BRUNO

Open: All day. Pasta Da Bruno, Avda. Ricardo Soriano, 27, Marbella. T: 952 860 438 (closed Sunday). Da Bruno Cabopino, CN340, km. 194.7. T: 952 831 918. Da Bruno a Casa, Marbella Mar, Local 1, Marbella. T: 952 857 521 (closed Sunday). Da Bruno a San Pedro, Avda. Del Mar, Local 1E, Sa Pedro de Alcantara. T: 952 786 860 (closed Monday). Da Bruno Sul Mare, Edif. Skol, Paseo Maratímo, Marbella. T: 952 903 318/19. Da Bruno Mijas Costa, Ctra. De Mijas, km. 36, Mijas. T: 952 460 724

LOMBARDO’S Open: Everyday - from 19:00. Galerias Paniagua, Sotogrande, Cadiz. T: 956 795 924 LUNNA ROSSA Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner. Paseo Maratímo Benabola, Local 12, Puerto Banús. T: 952 810 543 MADE IN SARDINIA Open: Everyday - fordinner. C.C. Cristamar, Avda. Julio Iglesias, Puerto Banús. T: 952 906 608 METRO Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Puerto Marina, Benalmádena. T: 952 446 460 NUNOS Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Caleta Hotel, Catalan Bay, Gibraltar. T: 00350 200 76501 O MAMMA MIA Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner. El Corte Ingles Food Hall. Puerto Banús. T: 952 909 990 PORTOFINO LAGUNA VILLAGE Open: Everyday - breakfast, lunch & dinner. C.C. Laguna Village, Estepona. T: 952 808 035 RISTORANTE REGINA

Open: Everydar - for dinner plus lunch on Sunday. Edif. La Ruleta, Nueva Andalucía. T: 952 814 529



Open: Evereyday - lunch & dinner. Muelle Ribera, Casa G-H, Local 43, Puerto Banús. T: 952 460 724

Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. C.C. Pino Golf, Local 34 (near OpenCor) Elviria, Marbella. T: 952 850 148



Open: Monday to Saturday - for dinner. Urb. El Pilar, C.C. Benapilar, Estepona. T: 952 884 687

Open: Monday to Saturday - for dinner. Avda. del Prado, Via 1, local 2, Aloha Golf, Nueva Andalucía. Tel: 952 925 250



Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Plaza de los Naranjos s/n, Sotogrande. T: 952 790 392 GOLD RESTAURANT

Open: Everyday - 10:00 to 24:00. Complejo Benabola 13, Beach Side, Puerto Banús. T: 952 929 055 LA PAPPARDELLA DI ESTEPONA

Open: Everyday - 13:00 to 24:00. Puerto Deportivo de Estepona. T: 952 802 144

Open: Wednesday to Monday - for dinner. Avda. Salamanca. Edif. Sab Pedro del Mar, Local 14, San Pedro de Alcantara. T: 952 785 943 VILLA TIBERIO

Open: Monday to Saturday - for dinner. Ctra. De Cadiz, km. 178, Marbella. T: 952 771 799 MEDITERRANEAN SALA MIRADOR

DRAGON DE ORO Open: Everyday - 12:30 to 16:00 & 19:00 to 24:00 (closed Monday lunch). Ctra. De Cadiz, km. 141, Urb. Hacienda Guadalupe, Manilva. T: 952 890 956 GOLDEN WOK Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Urb. Marbellamar, Marbella. T: 952 866 840 KABUKI RAW Open: Tuesday to Saturday - for dinner. Finca Cortesin Hotel, Ctra. Casares s/n, Casares. T: 952 937 800 KAIDEN SUSHI Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. C.C. Guadalmina Alta, Guadalmina 4, Local 2, llower floor, San Pedro de Alcantara. T: 952 896 508 KAMA KURA Open: Tuesday to Saturday - 20:00 to 23:00. The San Roque Club. Ctra. De Cadiz, km. 127, San Roque, Cadiz. T: 956 613 030 MECA Open: Everyday - luinch & dinner. C.C. Pino Golf, Don Carlos, Local 1, Elviria, Marbella. Tel: 052 830 365 / 658 646 829 NAMAZAKE

Open: Tuesday to Saturday - for dinner. Hotel Puente Romano, Ctra. De Cadiz, km.177, Marbella. T: 952 820 900 OSAKA

Open: Everyday - 13:30 to 16:00 and 19:30 to 24:00. CN340, km. 166 (Benavista), C.C. Costa del Sol. Tel: 952 885 751 RESTAURANTE ASIATICO BANGKOK

Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. P. de las Orquideas, C/Iris, 11B, Edif. Excelsior no 1, Nueva Andalucía. T: 952 813 603 SAKURA

Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Avda. Jardines del Puerto, L5, Puerto Banús. T: 952 817 536 SAPPORO

Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. C.C. Costa del Sol, upper level, CN340, km. 166, Estepona. T: 952 888 710 SUKHO THAI

Open: Monday to Saturday - for dinner. C.C. Marbellamar, Marbella. T: 952 770 550 SUSHI DES ARTISTES

Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. CN340, km. 178.5, Marbella. T: 952 857 403 SUSHI KATSURA




Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. C.C. Pinares de Elviria, Marbella. T: 952 850 060 SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE

Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner (closed Tuesday lunch). C/ Lirios s/n. Nueva Andalucía. T: 952 817 691

Open: Everyday - breakfast, lunch & dinner. Monte Paraiso Golf, Casa Club, Camino de Camojan s/n, Marbella. T: 952 861 457 Open - Everyday - for dinner. C/ Tetuan 9, Old Town, Marbella. T: 952 857 933



Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner (except Saturday lunch). C/ Ramon Gomez de la Serna, 5, Marbella. T: 952 863 193 Open: Everyday - for dinner. Hotel Puente Romano, Ctra. De Cadiz, km.177, Marbella. T: 952 777 893 THAI GALLERY

Open Everyday - from 20:00. CN340, km. 175, Edif. Rimesa, Bajos, Nueva Andalucía. T: 952 818 392


Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Urb. Puerto Deportivo 13, Edif. Poniente, Estepona. T: 951 318 445 TSE YANG DIMSUM CLUB Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner. El Corte Ingles Food Hall. Puerto Banús. T: 952 909 990


Open: Everyday - for dinner. Hotel Don Carlos, Avda. Zurita s/n, Marbella. T: 952 768 800 BEACH CLUB RESTAURANTE GRILL

WASABI Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. C.C. Puerto Banús. T: 952 908 577

Open: Everyday - for lunch. Hotel Fuerte, Castillo de San Luis s/n and Hotel Fuerte Miramar Spa, Plaze José Luque Manzano s/n, Marbella. T: 902 343 410

WOK AWAY Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Avda. Julio Iglesias. Puerto Banús. T: 952 907 304


WOK BUFFET Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Urb. El Pilar, 22, Estepona. T: 952 887 092


WOK WANG Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. C/ Camilo José Cela, C.C. Plaza del Mar, Planta 0, Local 1, Marbella. T: 952 925 478 YUAN Open: Everyday - for dinner. Hotel Torrequebrada, Benalmádena. T: 952 441 414 YUMMY TEPPANYAKI Centro Comercial Elviria, Elviria T: 952830283 SCANDINAVIAN SKANDIES Open: Tuesday to Sunday - 19:00 to 23:00. Avda. Antonio Belon, 26 (behind the lighthouse), Marbella. Tel: 952 776 323 THE LITTLE MERMAID Open: Monday to Saturday - 09:30 to 17:00. C.C. Centro Plaza, Puerto Banús. T: 952 929 181 SEAFOOD CERVERCERÍA OSTRERÍA SANTIAGO

Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Avda. Del Marzo, Marbella. T: 052 770 078 EL BARLOVENTO

Open: Tuesday to Saturday - 11:00 to 16:00 & 19:30 to 23:00. Puerto Deportivo de Sotogrande, Cadiz. T: 956 790 370 RESTAURANTE LA MARINA

Open: Everyday - 13:00 to 16:30 & 20:00 to 24:00. Paseo Maritimo s/n, La Atunara, La Linea de la Concepcion, Campo de Gibraltar. T: 956 171 531 LA TORRE

Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Muelle de Honor, Club de Mar, Puerto Banús. T: 952 811 561 MARISQUERIA LA PESQUERA

Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Plaza de la Victoria, Old Town Marbella. T: 952 765 170 RESTAURANTE EL BOTE

Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Paseo Maritimo Rey de Espana, Fuengirola. T: 952 660 084 SANTIAGO

Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Paseo Maritimo, 5, Marbella. T: 952 770 078

Open: Everyday - for dinner. Ctra. De Ojen, km. 0.5, Marbella. T: 952 770 625 Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner. Avda. Del Mediterraneo s/n, San Pedro del Alcantara. T: 952 853 344 CHIRINGUITO LOS TONYS

Avd. Naviero, bajada Hotel Don Carlos, 29604 Marbella, Spain T: 952 11 31 42 EL PORTALÓN

Open: Monday to Saturday - 13:00 to 16:00 and 20:00 to 24:00. Ctra. de Cadiz, km. 178, Marbella T: 052 827 880 HACIENDA

Open: Tuesday to Saturday - 13:00 to 16:30 & 19:30 - 23:00. Urb. La Alcaidesa, La Linea de la Concepcion. Tel: 956 582 700 LA MÁQUINA

Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner. El Corte Ingles Food Hall, Puerto Banús. T: 952 909 990 LA MERIDIANA DEL ALABARDERO

Open: Tuesday to Sunday - lunch & dinner. Camino de la Cruz, Marbella. T: 952 776 190 LA TABERNA DE ALABARDERO

Open: Tuesday to Sunday - lunch & dinner. San Pedro Playa, Urb. Castiglone, T: 952 785 138. Ctra. de Ronda, km 167, San Pedro. T: 952 786 265 MESÓN EL ADOBE

Open: Wednesday to Monday - lunch & dinner. Edif. Balmoral , Bajo 3, Marbella. T: 600 003 144 MI TABERNA

Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner. CB340, km. 178, Marbella. T: 952 827 880 TRAGABUCHES

Open: Tuesday to Sunday - lunch & dinner. C/ José Aparacio 1, Ronda (pedestrian street between bullring and Parador). T: 952 190 291 SARATOGA

Open: Sunday to Friday - lunch & dinner. Parque Elviria, S/N, 29600 Marbella. T: 952 833 642 VEGETARIAN LOVING HUT

Open - Everyday - 10:30 - 23:00. Avda. Miguel Cano 11, Marbella. T: 951 245 889 SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE






CN340, km. 194. T: 952 902 537 Avda. Almenara s/n, Sotogrande. T: 956 582 200


CN340, km. 168.5, Estepona. T: 952 889 000 BARCELLO MARBELLA ****

C/ de Granadillas s/n, Yrg. Guadalmina Alta, Marbella. T: 952 889 099


CN340, km. 207, Fuengirola. T: 952 922 000


Benabola, Puerto Banús. T: 952 815 000 BLUE BAY Banús HOTEL ****

CN340, km. 173, Nueva Andalucía. T: 952 811 517 CORAL BEACH ****

Golden Mile, Marbella. T: 952 824 500 CROWNE PLAZA *****

CN340, km. 168, Estepona. T: 902 875 730 DON CARLOS *****

CN340, kn. 192, Marbella. T: 952 899 700 EL OCEANO BEACH HOTEL ****

Miraflores Playa, Torrenueva, Marbella. T: 952 587 550 FINCA CORTESIN *****

Ctra. Casares, Casares. T: 952 937 800 GOLF HOTEL GUADALMINA ****

Guadalmina Baja, Marbella. T: 952 882 211


Huerta de Rufino, Benahavis. T: 902 504 862


Arroyo El Rodeo, Nuevo Andalucía. T: 952 899 700


José Melia s/n, Marbella. T: 952 770 300 H10 ANDALUCÍA PLAZA ****

CN340, km. 174, Nueva Andalucía. T: 952 812 000 H10 ESTEPONA PALACE ****

Avda. del Carmen 99, Playa de Guadalbon, Estepona. T: 952 790 040 HM GRAN HOTEL COSTA DEL SOL ****

La Cala de Mijas, Mijas Costa T: 952 587 710 224



Avda. el Fuerte s/n, Marbella. T: 952 861 500

Pl/ José Luque Manzano, Marbella. T: 952 786 400


CN340, km. 175, Puerto Banús. T: 952 810 500






18 holes par 71 - T: 956 791 040

CN340, km. 187, Marbella. T: 952 771 700

18 holes par 72 - T: 952 595 970


27 holes par 72 - T: 956 582 027

CN340, km. 127, Benalmádena Costa. T: 952 442 840 HOTEL PRINCESS PLAYA ****

Paseo Maratímo, Marbella. T: 952 820 944 HOTEL PUENTE ROMANO *****



18 holes par 72 - T: 952 907 085




T: 952 762 000 HOTEL TORREQUEBRADA *****

Avd. del Sol s/n, Benalmádena Costa. T: 952 446 000 HOTEL TRITON *****

Avda. Antonio Machado, 29, Benalmádena Costa. Tel: 952 443 240 HOTEL VILLA PADIERNA *****

CN340, km. 166, Estepona. T: 952 889 150


CN340, km. 159, Estepona. T: 952 809 500 LA CALA RESORT *****

La Cala de Mijas. T: 952 669 000 MARBELLA CLUB HOTEL *****

CN340, km. 180, Marbella. T: 952 822 211

18 holes par 70 - T: 952 850 282

18 holes par 71 - T: 951 703 355


18 holes par 71 - T: 956 794 100


18 holes par 71 - T: 952 883 835


18 holes par 72 - T: 952 937 605


18 holes par 72 - T: 952 937 883


18 holes par 71 - T: 952 889 157 GOLF RIO REAL

18 holes par 72 - T: 952 756 733 GOLF TORREQUEBRADA

18 holes par 72 - T: 952 442 742


18 holes par 72 - T: 952 883 375 NH SAN PEDRO ****

C/ Jerez 1, San Pedro de Alcantara. T: 952 853 040 SISU BOUTIQUE HOTEL ****

CN340, km. 173, Puerto Banús. T: 952 906 105


CN340, km. 190.5, Marbella. T: 951 053 970

27 holes par 72 - T: 952 412 767 LOS NARANJOS GOLF CLUB

18 holes par 72 - T: 952 815 206 MARBELLA CLUB GOLF RESORT

18 holes par 73 - T: 952 113 239

18 holes par 72 - T: 952 882 812

CN340, km. 179, Marbella. T: 952 820 900

Urb. La Quinta Golf, Marbella.

27 holes par 72 - T: 952 762 390


54 holes pars 71, 72 & 73 T: 952 699 033


18 holes par 72 - T: 952 830 500 MIJAS GOLF

36 holes par 70 - T: 952 476 843 MIRAFLORES GOLF

18 holes par 71 - T: 952 931 960


27 holes par 72 - T: 952 381 225

REAL CLUB DE GOLF LAS BRISAS www.realclubdegolflasbrisas. com

18 holes par 72 - T: 952 810 875


18 holes par 72 - T: 956 785 014


18 holes par 72 - T: 956 613 030

SANTA CLARA GOLF www.santaclaragolfmarbella. com

18 holes par 71 - T: 952 850 111

SANTA MARIA GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB www.santamariagolfclub. com

18 holes par 72 - T: 956 831 036



9 holes par 70 - T: 952 818 150

18 holes par 72 - T: 956 785 012



18 holes par 72 - T: 952 890 425

18 holes par 72 - T: 956 791 200



952 855 500 952 442 494 952 802 002 952 467 625 956 774 950 952 822 818 952 213 445 / 952 216 061 952 485 900 952 871 272 952 875 252 956 680 993 952 381 578

Cristo De La Agonia 5 CALAHONDA C.C. El Zoco FUENGIROLA Pl. losChinorros ESTEPONA C/ Malaga 82-84 MARBELLA Jac. Benavente, 144 NUEVE ANDALUCÍA C/ Jasmines PUERTO BANÚS El Corte Ingles SAN PEDRO DE ALCANTARA Pizarro 41 TORREMOLINOS Av Palma de Mallorca, 25 ALHAURIN EL GRANDE

952 491 096 952 932 175 952 592 599 952 800 537 952 772 898 952 810 887 952 909 900 952 780 393 952 377 740


Arts & Crafts - Village Square - 20:00h Fairground - 09:00 to 14:30h


Fairground - 09:00 to 14:30h C/ los Huertos - 08:00 to 14:30h C/ Chaparil - 09:00 to 13:00h


Arts & Crafts - Village Square - 20:00h Second hand - Fairground - 10:00 to 14:00h Calypso - 09:00 to 14:00h Avda. Juan Carlos II - 09:00 to 14:30h 09:00 to 14:00h 09:00 to 13:00h


Opposite Guardia Civil offices - 09:00 to 13:00h Divina Pastora district - 09:00 to 14:00h Avda. Europe - 09:00 to 13:00h El Cavario - 09:00 to 13:00h Opposite Guardia Civil offices - 09:00 to 13:00h




09:00 to 13:30h Calypso - 09:00 to 14:00h La Vibora - 09:00 to 14:00h Plaza de la Iglesias - 09:00 to 13:00h


C/ Urbano Pineda - 09:00 to 13:00h Fairground - 09:00 to 13:00h 09:00 to 13:00h Las Lagunas - 09:00 to 14:00h Next to bullring - 09:00 to 13:00h


Arts & Crafts - La Ermita Park - 10:00h 09:00 to 13:00h Fairground - 09:00 to 14:30h Next to Rosaleda Stadium - 09:00 to 14:00h 09:00 to 13:00h






by Stephanie Billey

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by Stephanie Billey

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producers of Exclusive Magazine, will help you find a new property, whether you are looking for a luxurious, purpose-built designer villa, a holiday home in Marriotts Vacation Club, a turnkey holiday apartment or a villa on the Costa del Sol


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Sunsearch Telecom (powered by LocalCall) is your telecoms connection, bringing you a quick and easy way to make cheap calls across the globe. We are a communication technology company focused on innovating and changing the way we communicate today!




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Have your own local phone number from a foreign country connected to your phone here in Spain. Your friends and family can call you on your local number at no extra charge, just like you never moved! Talk for hours to friends and family at normal local costs, or even for free! Use our free app to call and receive calls over Wi-Fi or 3G with your smartphone, or use it to call International without Internet, the app calls our local access number which connects you automatically with the number you selected in your address book.


Your friends and family call you on your local phone number, at no cost to you Choose a phone number from 1 of 50 countries worldwide Call mobile numbers in Europe from 5,8 cents per minute Call landlines in Europe from 1,6 cents per minute Live, Spanish based, English spoken support Why not take advantage of our free trial period How about no connection fee?? And no contracts on a strictly pre-paid basis

COUNTRY Calls to Europe

(cents per minute)

MOVISTAR Landline Mobile 15



ORANGE Landline Mobile 7


JAZZTELL Landline Mobile 7





Sign up before 31/12/2013 and receive a FREE DID Nº for 6 months (with a choice of between 50 countries)

STANDARD FEES Set up fee €15.00 (one off payment) Monthly fee €10.00 To receive this fabulous offer call us now on:

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AGENTS REQUIRED IN ALL AREAS Linksys SPA 942 Normal Price Sunsearch Price

€160.00 €110.00 (ex demo-model)

Price includes: Telephone Terminal, Programming & Setup

Siemens Gigaset C610ip Normal Price Sunsearch Price

€160.00 €140.00

Price includes: Telephone Terminal, Programming & Setup




MOVISTAR Landline Mobile

Russia Belgium Germany Sweden Spain Norway UK/Ireland

15 15 15 15 15 15 15



44 44 44 44 44 44 44 25 cents

● ● ● ● ● ●

ORANGE Landline Mobile 7 7 7 7 7 7 7

JAZZTEL Landline Mobile

42 42 42 42 42 42 42 30 cents

7 7 7 7 7 7 7

32 32 32 32 32 32 32 15 cents

LOCALCALL Landline Mobile 1.6 1.6 1.6 1.6 1.6 1.6 1.6

No connection fee

Specialist in high quality phone systems Call centre, multi office company set-ups Withheld IP Local geographic number in over 50 countries No connection fee Per second billing

Sunsearch Telecom Edif. Altair, Office 209, Urb. El Sabadillo 150, A7, Km 166, 29688 Estepona, Malaga

7 5.8 7 7 7 7 7




+34 902 848 444 / 644 032 620

Terms and conditions apply on all offers. All prices exclude 21% VAT Copyright © 2012 Local Call Telecom. All rights reserved

To benefit from these great savings, quote Ref: SUN LC 1001 when you contact us

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Sunsearch magazine 9  

Sunsearch Magazine the glossy lifestyle magazine dedicated to the world of luxury

Sunsearch magazine 9  

Sunsearch Magazine the glossy lifestyle magazine dedicated to the world of luxury