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July 29, 2010

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Fall Valentino Yes, we know it’s 90 degrees outside, but we just couldn’t resist a sneak peak at Valentino’s gorgeous chocolate suede pumps. Love the oversize chiffon bloom! Called the Rosette Slingback Sandal, it has an almot 5” heel. Very, very sexy. Made in Italy. $795. Nordstrom, Aventura or online at

MARINE NETWORKS by Ines Hegedus-Garcia - - How many times have you been stuck with an open drawbridge in Miami when you're in a hurry? Our perspective from a car is so different than when actually using the canal infrastructure (from the water side). You get to appreciate complexity of each one of these bridges and gain a new found respect for their function. This is one of the Venetian Islands' drawbridges on the East side of the causeway - one of the ones that has a very busy schedule.

Sign Obama’s B-Day Card Obama fans can get their name on the official birthday card for the president. Every year, the Obama family tries to come up with a fun way to wish Barack a happy birthday. And this August 4th, when he turns 49, they will present him with a birthday card signed by millions of people. In an email that went out to Obama supporters, his wife, Michelle is inviting the general public to sign the official birthday card. Interested in being part of history? Then sign your name online at this website. Page 4 • Thursday, July 29, 2010 • SunPost Weekly •

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Broken Boundaries By Dr. Sonjia Kenya


WHAT ARE THE RULES FOR BREAKING UP? Do you stay buddies on facebook? Do you keep in touch with your ex’s friends? Do you go to places or parties where they might be? Do you show up alone or with a date? Do you have sex with them until you find someone new? Do you ever get back together? Quite a few of my favorite couples have broken up recently. Technically, the relationships are over and all parties are moving on independently. In reality, an obvious connection remains between the ex-lovers and rarely do I speak to one without the former partner’s name coming up. Some of the ex-couples still talk frequently and some do activities together, both of which create challenges to establishing new relationships. Instead of breaking up, many have become buddies. My friends perfectly illustrate this concept of break-up buddies. Exploiting their love life may cause them to never speak to me again, but since most don’t read my column, I’m probably safe. My all time favorite couple broke up last month, moved into separate apartments, and shared brunch followed by a nice stroll in Key Biscayne last weekend. Another couple also broke up last month and though they never lived together, he just helped her move, fixed her air conditioner, and continues to help her orgasm regularly. One friend separated from her man a few months back, moved out of town, and came back three weeks ago to throw a baby shower for her ex-man’s best friend’s wife. An extra special couple was divorced several years ago, yet they continue to work together, throw birthday parties for one another, and attend happy hour with each other every Friday. I swear I have seen the ex-wife borrow a sweater from the new girlfriend. I am confused. Are they breaking up or bonding? We all know it hurts like hell when a lover reveals, through actions or words, that they don’t want to be in the relationship anymore. Research shows the emotional response to a romantic breakup resembles reactions to more traumatic losses, such as the death of a loved one or receiving a life-threatening diagnosis. This level of emotional stress confuses your thoughts and may lead you right back to your ex-lover. Some breakups feel like death and cause the same emotional rupture. If a close friend died shortly after a romantic split, you would call your ex for support. When a relationship dies, the natural reaction is pretty similar. You want to lean on the person closest to your heart. Just like people in mourning deny death of a loved one, newly single people also experience denial, finding it impossible to accept the relationship is over.

How could someone you loved and trusted so much leave you? Asking these unanswerable questions causes grief, despair, and sadness, which are also pretty normal after a breakup. Certain times, such as morning, night, and the hours in between, may foster an especially intense desire to contact your ex. Some of this grief is caused by fear because it’s hard to imagine ever finding love again. Although irrational, fear of being alone forever is totally normal following a breakup. Once you stop being scared, you get angry at your ex because they caused lots of pain, have acted like a total jerk, and made you suffer. But just before exploding with anger, you start feeling vulnerable again and begin blaming yourself for the breakup. You obsess over every little detail that wasn’t perfect during your relationship and attempt to bargain with your ex so they’ll give you another shot. If you’re the ‘dumper’, you feel lots of guilt for causing your ex pain and lots of remorse for throwing yourself into the single life. Just as guilt begins to subside, an unusually strong jealous streak emerges and you freak out thinking about your ex with someone else. This leads to many informal therapy sessions with unqualified friends who love you enough to convince you that you’re very cute but very confused. After consecutive shots of tequila, these friends persuade you to believe the break up was the best thing that ever happened and start chanting “single to mingle.” You have survived all the grief, fear, anger, and guilt and are finally rewarded with an unexpected sense of relief. Finally, the relationship drama is over, the sadness is gone, your sexiness is back and you feel relieved (or hungover). After a breakup, the key to feeling relief as quickly as possible is to refrain from becoming breakup buddies. Anything that disrupts the letting go process, such as running into your ex at his favorite bar, staying in touch with her friends, or checking his facebook page, may rekindle feelings and create false hopes for getting back together. Keeping in touch with your ex also causes low self-esteem. Why stay close to the person who can’t be with you anymore? You’ve already let knife cut deep and you’ll bleed to death unless you remove the dagger and let time heal the wound. Besides, how are you going to date someone new when your ex is still in the picture? What type of potential lover is going to feel good when you hang out with your ex or your ex’s friends? If you’re waiting for a chance to get back with your ex, being a breakup buddy won’t do the trick. This just allows the relationship to die slowly, more painfully, and limits your ability to move

Page 6 • Thursday, July 29, 2010 • SunPost Weekly •

forward. I know a few Miamians that have rekindled love affairs and each couple claims that time apart, minimal contact, and lots of space helped them realize the significance of their relationship. Perhaps distance does make the heart grow fonder? When these couples decided to get back together, they had to find their former lover, learn the new person their ex-partner had become, and get over the reasons they broke up in the first place. Moving on is hard after a breakup and the boundaries are unclear. You may never be satisfied with the reason(s) the relationship ended but you still have to accept it if you want a chance at happiness in a new romance. Feeling a little shaky about new relationships? Well, life has evolved since your breakup and scientists have found a way to test whether a new relationship will last. Can you imagine having the skills to predict whether the object of your affection will break your heart? A new study published in Psychological Science claims to predict whether a romantic relationship is going to fall apart. Researchers created a scientific method of word association that focuses on whether people in relationships have more positive or negative feelings about their partner. Many are unwilling to admit negative feelings about their partner so this test was modeled after techniques use to assess bias or racism, also qualities people have a hard time accepting in themselves. The study instructed people in relationships to press a space bar whenever they saw partner related words. Positive and negative words were shown and those that had more positive feelings about their relationships associated their partner with positive words. The same went for those who felt negatively. Researchers followed the couples to see who stayed together and who broke up. This obviously isn’t rocket science, but as it turns out, the study significantly predicted who would breakup within a year. This word association test may become a pretty useful, inexpensive way to figure out potential relationships before they get serious. Or it may be a good tool to find out how you really feel about your ex. I’m betting that most breakup buddies would score high on the negative side and realize it’s time to move on for good. Now, if only they would sell it at Walgreens.

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Can He Say That? COLUMN

CRUUUNCH! Mayor Wrecks His – Er, Our – New BMW By Charles Branham-Bailey Was it something I wrote, Mayor? You don’t think, do ya, that Carlos Alvarez might have had my column about him from a few weeks ago on his mind when he plowed into a pregnant driver and her Jeep in the Gables one morning last week? Or might it have been that he was distracted by all the public corruption investigations swirling around top cop pals of his at the Miami-Dade Police Department? Or perhaps it was his popularity rating among the local citizenry, which is at Dick Cheney levels? No one was injured. Alvarez the Arrogant at least admitted his fault. Kept his cool. Was issued a $179 ticket. His wallet will also be short a thousand for the lady’s Jeep, plus another 10,000 for the front-end damage he sustained. Or will it even be from out of his wallet? The vehicle in question – a 2010 550i Gran Turismo BMW. Remember that one from my July 8 column? That’s the one you and I paid for. He’s had it only since June. We also paid for two other cars, Chevy Suburbans (Geez, how many taxpayer-subsidized wheels does this guy need?). And throw in two drivers. Why the hell does he need two drivers? Is he ever in two vehicles at the same time? Wonder if he’d have been a wee bit more careful with his expensive four-wheeled toy if he’d been the one who paid for it, not us. Hmmm. The week before the mayor’s fender-bender, the Big Apple’s Michael Bloomberg – who often gets to work by taking his city’s subway trains (Hey, Carlos: Ever heard of the Metrorail? Try it sometime.) – unveiled the first electric Smart car recharging station, the first of 100 planned for that area. As for his own mayoral SUV, Bloomberg says he still uses it only because the NYPD hasn’t yet found for him an electric vehicle reliable enough to replace it. But he makes sure he doesn’t waste gas. “I used to go out in the summer and get into the car that the city nicely provides me and it was nice and cool,” hizzoner told the New York Post. “Now I get in and it’s stifling hot. So I know that the detectives are doing what we ask them to do: Don’t idle.” With that, Bloomberg took the E train back to City Hall. You think Carlos has ever ordered his driver not to idle his car – whichever of the three he happens to be using at the time? Washington, D.C., Mayor Adrian Fenty already uses a Smart car. A 2008 convertible model. And he drives it himself. He says that he made the switch for the same reasons that are driving many Americans to rethink what

they drive, and because he wanted to lead by example. Lead by example. Hmmm. Carlos, any thoughts? Berkeley, Calif., Mayor Tom Bates sold his beloved Volvo sedan a year ago and has gone car-free. That’s right. Car-free. He’s now trying to encourage other city residents to follow his lead to some extent, reducing their carbon footprints, even if it just means reducing their car usage. He recently promoted a one-week campaign to convince Californians to get out of their cars and try other forms of transportation for one week. Since ditching his car, Bates estimates he has walked almost 10 million steps (about 5,000 miles), lost 20 pounds, and, in his blog, reports having “become a better mayor in the process.” Gee, Carlos, maybe you, too, could do likewise and convince South Floridians to use their cars less and public transit more. But that might require you to lead by example. Nah. Won’t work. When local officials get to reward themselves, at public expense, with fancy, spiffy cars the likes of which most of us don’t own, and to sweeten the perks with stuff like car allowances and drivers, the opportunity for privilege abuse becomes inviting. The kids have as much as taken over the candy store. One of those candy stores, the Stephen P. Clark Government Center, is in dire need of a grand-scale sweeping out, beginning with the pompous potentate whose throne is on the 29th floor and whose royal carriage now sits in some local auto repair shop.

NECROMANCING THE BONES Just when you thought there was absolutely, conceivably nothing crazy left for that crackpotty cretin in Caracas to craftily and crassly create, comes – sorpresa! – something that sounds so Hugo Chavez, so like something he’d do. And did. Venezuela’s Dictator Demento exhumed the bones of his revolutionary hero, Simon Bolivar, on the presumption – his theory – that Bolivar was arsenic-poisoned in 1830 and did not really die from TB. It doesn’t end there, folks. Two weeks earlier, Ecuador’s visiting prez came calling, toting with him a box containing the remains of Manuela Saenz, Bolivar’s one-time lover. And thus, the excuse for a perfect photo op of Loco Hugo ceremoniously “reuniting” the lovers as her remains were reburied with Simon’s. Everybody say “ahhh.” What’s to account for this latest spurt of wackiness, even wackier than what the world is accustomed to ex-

Page 8 • Thursday, July 29, 2010 • SunPost Weekly •



pecting from this wacko? Critics and observers note that the bolivar is dropping in value, inflation is at 31%, and the masses are growing restless with Presidente Cuckoo Bird’s unfulfilled promises of economic revitalization. Oh, and there’s elections coming up in September. So whenever his image starts to tarnish, Señor Nutcase just trots out an attention diversion. Like calling George W. Bush the devil in a U.N. speech in 2006. Or threatening to turn off his oil spigot to the U.S. Or digging up the South American version of George Washington. And that’s what Venezuelans were treated to on all their TV networks on the evening of July 16. The video can be found at Youtube. As the national anthem played in the background, a group of white-frocked scientists rolled back a black cloth, revealing a skeleton on the table below. At this point – knowing Hugo – it would not have been out of character of him had he chosen this very moment to jump into the box and start embracing the bones. Petting them. Kissing them. Even humping them. It would have been one necrophiliac moment for the history books. I’m surprised he didn’t ask for attendants to fetch a pillow and blanket for him in order that he might spend the night with the bones. Chavez said on his Twitter page that he cried when he first saw the bones. “It’s not a skeleton,” he Tweeted. “It’s the Great Bolivar, who has returned.” (Linus: “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. It has returned!”) What a lost opportunity that those present at the exhumation didn’t tip Hugo into the box, quickly nail the lid shut, then swear in the saintly bones of Bolivar as the new president of the republic. It would have been a worthy switch. Darn. How soon, pray tell, can Presidente Fruit Loop be put into a box of his own? Will someone please treat him to a heaping helping of arsenic? But why’d you all have to put Simon back in the box so fast, Hugo? He’s been rotting in it for the last 180 years. For Pedro’s sake, why not let the 227-yearold guy out for a night or two on the town? He hadn’t had a drink in – what – two centuries? Chavez could have really drawn some extra mileage out of it by making an extended national celebration of this macabre event. He might have convened a formal state dinner at Miraflores Palace that very night – with

the bones occupying the guest of honor’s chair at the head table, right next to Hugo. And what about a military parade in the bones’ honor? The bones could have taken center stage on the reviewing stand. They could have propped the bones up in the back seat of an open-air limousine and conducted it down the capital’s Avenida Bolivar, throngs of cheering crowds turning out to line the procession route. Seeing how Venezuelans revere their beauty pageants as if a national religion (they’ve produced more total Miss Worlds and Miss Universes – 11 in all – than any other country) they could have made the bones an honorary judge for the next Miss Venezuela pageant. Perhaps the bones could have served as honorary captain of the nation’s next World Cup soccer team in 2014. Or have been named a roving goodwill ambassador throughout the continent! The world! When’s the last time the masses saw the great Bolivar? And when might they ever in their lifetimes get to see him again? If this becomes a routine and Hugo decides to take Simon out of the box, say, every national independence day, they might yet get a chance to glimpse the bones if they missed out this time. Charge admission for an in-person viewing! Reduce the national deficit! I’ll bet Hugo will want to be laid to rest somewhere near the bones when his own time comes (oh, let it be soon!). He’s probably already left instructions in his will that he be laid in the box with Simon. Two men. One coffin. Yet – some might contend – two different destinations: Simon to heaven and Hugo...well, not. The Crazy One takes offense with the suggestion that his obsession with Bolivar is excessive. He recently accused opponents of spreading false rumors that he occasionally leaves an empty chair for Bolivar’s “spirit” during meetings or when he dines with family. “What’s the objective?” Presidente Insane-in-theMembrane asked in a televised speech. He answered his own question: “To label Chavez as crazy.” Well, sir, you’re kinda giving us fodder to. Plenty of fodder. As for what Simon himself thought about all this attention, graffiti appeared on walls throughout Caracas: “Let me rest in peace. Bolivar.” Hugo’s next big exhumation purportedly will be that of his missing sanity. Good luck on that one. Nobody knows where to even begin to look for where that’s buried.


Politics COLUMN

The Commissar’s In Town <uh-oh!> By Jeffrey Bradley Unions have served well during good-faith collective bargaining with business and industry, but less so when taking a stonewalling or avaricious approach. And while we appreciate city administrators cashing in outrageously at taxpayer expense when leaving office or retiring not at all, we’d like union apparatchiks overseeing City hall even less. Case in point. The latest bit of union slipperiness—that glossy “petition” flyer bemoaning the “golden parachutes” afforded City administrators and elected officials only because they’re nonunion—falls under the Democratic-Marxist rubric “Workers of the World Unionize!” Where’s Engels when we need him? A tiskit, a taskit—the bundle goes in the basket… Like the pope of old who sat down with Spain and Portugal to divvy-up the world, Miami Beach negotiators and Communications Workers of America leadership continued trying to carve up a new three-year deal worth millions like a Christmas turkey. Moving with the speed of Dutch Elm disease, they’d almost hammered out a contract by Friday, tho’ nothing actually got signed. No done deal, this; it appears the other unions—police and firefighters—have already agreed to terms that help keep their perks and emollients in check. And well they might, considering the fate of Vallejo, California that recently went bankrupt after “negotiating” municipal unions took it to the cleaners. The town’s in receivership, we hear. Anybody who knows something about anything understands that when a union boss or labor negotiator uses codespeak like “tentative dialogue”, “lingering issues” and “working on language”, we’re in for rough sledding. According to Joseph Fisher, vice president of the Communication Workers of America, an agreement with the City seemed possible—and good thing!, as CWA’s the last union holdout. See, Miami Beach wants the unions to help make up a $32 million shortfall in next year’s budget because of, mostly, downward-spiraling property values and upward-spiraling pension costs. Administrators hope to realize that amount through a taxrate hike and union concessions. Now, wait—the City’s asking the unions to help it save $32 million? Better tell the City to bring in its things of night. These same unionistas are behind some of those political boilerplate hit-jobs that stuff your mailbox at election time; you know, that slime opponents maliciously and bear no name beyond a fine print dropbox dead-letter address on the back of the flyer? Well, these are those guys. And they’re at it again. That flyer we mentioned seems to make sense, because, who wouldn’t want to cap pensions at $110,000 for city employees and reduce payouts across the board? But while it proposes stopping golden parachutes for highly-paid administrators what it doesn’t say is they want those same plum benefits for the unions! The flyer, both bogus and brazen, shows exactly how stupid these unions take us for. Do they seriously think we’re going to put a petition on the ballot to unionize City Hall? This reckless and feckless behavior is straight out of the Jimmy Hoffa school of labor relations. It has no place on the Beach. And it’s boundless effrontery. Fisher disingenuously proposed the same terms for union members, knowing it won’t fly. But he did allow that the effort will continue to gather signatures, even

with the union unlikely to garner signatures enough to place the question on the November ballot. Why? Is there a plot afoot to later wield those results like a billyclub? In the man’s own words, “Maybe with [the mayor’s] support we can get the rest of the commissioners to get this on the ballot without signatures.” Yes, that would be the fast track. So far, elected officials haven’t caved. The unions want here what they want everywhere, and they’ll push the agenda. Take the Card Check Act, for instance. If passed, this Orwellian nonsense would chuck an employer’s right to require a secret ballot, if employees want union representation, right out the window. Instead, a union could be certified if 50 percent plus one employee wants it. The powerful Service Employees International Union (SEIU) maintains that it’s simply a way to keep employers from intimidating workers, when it actually guarantees the loss of the secret ballot and lets labor organizers force coworkers into joining… whether they want to or not! The term, we believe, is coercion. If you were a powerful union boss, which would you want? There are hardly more fundamental rights than the secret ballot. Any American should be able to vote for a president, a mayor—or a unionized workplace—without worrying about retaliation. We’d rather see more services privatized than unionized. Remember those howls of protest when the City considered taking away parking enforcement from the unions? Good Ford! Richard McKinnon, head of Local 3178 representing Beach parking enforcement agents, invited us to imagine “if we unleashed a profitdriven company onto our citizens,” towing would rage out of control and create a nuisance. And to consider the dire consequences of opening the door to corruption, replete with backroom deals struck with towing companies. Now, that grotesque scenario differs from the one we have now (where towing rages out of control and creates a nuisance, and backroom deals are being struck with the towing companies) exactly how? Talk about your entrenched interests! Almost makes you want to run down to the local Local and renew your union card, doesn’t it? .At the time, Mr. McKinnon was so committed to fiscal responsibility that he even referred to the salaries of those “higher paid management” types, Saul Francis and Chuck Adams. Besides making us wonder what Mr K himself is paid, it conjured up a City Hall run something along the lines of our nascent Health Care system or Government, er, General Motors. Say, here’s an idea. Why don’t we tell these union commissars with their dreams of loot and lucre to find their prey elsewhere and, while they’re about it, take city administrators who don’t know the difference between commonwealth and personal wealth with them?



A Special Moment in Time

The Suburbs – Part Four By Seth H. Bramson ( There is something almost magical about the Indian Creek Village story. Imagine, if you will, a group of people who at the height of the great Florida boom of the mid-1920s, after building islands in Biscayne Bay and connecting them with a series of bridges called “Venetian Causeway” (built on the site of the first crossing between Miami and what was then called “Ocean Beach,” same known as the Collins Bridge) moved farther north into unincorporated Dade County with even more grandiose plans. Once past the Miami city limits they organized the Shoreland Company, which, struggling through the years following the four terrible events of 1926, which have been commemorated several times on these pages, would enter bankruptcy in 1932 and which, in turn, would allow the Village of Miami Shores to come into existence. Included in the plans of the Shoreland Company, the principals of which were Ellen Spears Harris and her cousin from Tennessee, Hugh Anderson, were several projects which, even today, boggle the mind and stretch the imagination: Spears Harris and Anderson, as part of the Miami Shores project, planned to build a mid-bay causeway to head north from one of the newly built Venetian Islands (its legacy is the posts that jut out into Biscayne Bay which can be seen from the eastbound lanes of the Julia Tuttle Causeway if the vegetation is not too overbearing) and thread its way through a series of islands (which they planned to build as the causeway went north in the middle of the bay) and terminate on a 600 acre island which was to be called “Miami Shores Island.” That island, incidentally, was going to be larger than all of the other man-made islands in Biscayne Bay at the time. Once the mid-bay causeway reached Miami Shores Island the plan was to have it connect with a grand concourse which would cross the Bay and enter the mainland somewhere between today’s 118th and 125th Streets. Additionally, there was to be a short bridge over Indian Creek to connect the island with the Miami Beach side of the bay. Not surprisingly—and many today say “happily” and “fortuitously” the grandiose scheme never came to pass. Well, most of it never came to pass, but what did come into existence would, on May 19, 1939, became the incorporated municipality of Indian Creek Village. But that gets ahead of the story, for, indeed, the Shoreland Company had built bulkheads and filled approximately 300 acres in the middle of the bay, adjacent to what would become 91st Street in Surfside and about a half a mile south of what, in the somewhat distant future, would become the Town of Bay Harbor Islands. Eventually, the island was connected to Surfside by a two lane bridge and it is that island that is the direct lineal descendant of the great and grand plans of the Shoreland Company. Unfortunately, while Spears Harris, Anderson and the Company are remembered for many things, Miami Shores Island is not one of them. “Stay tuned,” though, for next week this column will discuss and divulge how a magnificent island of exclusive private homes and a member-only golf club on that island would come into existence. • SunPost Weekly • Thursday, July 29, 2010 • Page 9




Can MiMo Save Miami’s First Main Street? Written by John Hood • Photography by Stuart Davidson

link three times and you might miss it. A 27-block stretch of cityscape that’s as vivid as it is historic. But if you pull around a corner, get outta the car, blink three times and make a wish, you might just see it for what it is – and for what it can be: the next great piece of Miami’s magic puzzle.


es, we mean the MiMo District along Biscayne Boulevard, otherwise known as Miami’s first main street, where dreams have come to be born again, and some of our town’s most fervent visionaries are hard at working to recreate a legend. MiMo, of couse, stands for Miami Modern, which is short for Miami Modernist Architecture. According to the every-helpful Wiki (how did we ever live without it?), MiMo “was a popular response to the various modernist and post -World War II architectural movements that were taking place in other parts of the world, adding glamour, fun, and material excess to otherwise stark, minimalist, and efficient styles.” The Bacardi Building on Biscayne is MiMo; so is The Miami Herald building, the Pepsi-Cola Bottling Pavilion (off the Palmetto), and Morris Lapidus’s beloved Lincoln Road. In fact, basically all of Lapidus’s hotels are considered MiMo, including the Fontainebleau, the Eden Roc, the Deauville, and the Di Lido (now The Standard). Here though we’re concentrating on the largest concentration of MiMo not on the Beach, and that’s the stretch of Biscayne Boulevard that runs from 50th to 77th, (though the Biscayne Plaza Shopping Center at 79th is considered MiMo too), and “is bounded by the Little River to the north, Bay Point Estates to the south, the Florida East Coast Railway to the west, and Biscayne Bay to the east.” That is to say MiMo on BiBo, which for the past four years has been known as the bona fide Biscayne Boulevard Historic District. According to, as of 2008 the district skews a little younger (29.8 years of age, to the city’s average of 37.7), a little less married (29.4% vs 36.6%), a little more native (27.7% vs 26.6%), and a little more flush (with an average median household income of $39,543 as opposed to Miami’s $28,333). In other words, it contains all the right ingredients to make for a great changeover. Perhaps the single most fervent proponent of Miami’s next great leap forward through the past is Fran Rollason, president (and cofounder) of the MiMo Biscayne Boulevard Association. Rollason, who’s been battling everyone from F-DOT to Congress in order to get folks to slow down and see the super scenery, was part of the cadre behind the 2008 and 2009 Cinco de MiMo festivals, as well as 2010’s MiMo Madness, which was held in a much more temperate March. She and the MiMo BBA also happen to be behind the vivid repositioning of the iconic Coppertone sign which now hangs on the side of 7300 Biscayne. “Talk about a story,” says Rollason. “We tracked down the sign to the Concord Building on Flagler, where it had been languishing since Hurricane Andrew. Coppertone had paid to have it restored; then Wilma came along and left it derelict again. When a building was slated to rise



next to the Concord, Jerry Bengis, whose father’s company built the original, went to work, and lobbied long and hard to save it. Then in 2007 the Dade Heritage Trust deeded it to us, and we couldn’t have been happier.” The deeding of the sign though wasn’t the last hurdle Rollason and Bengis had to leap. “Coppertone initially only wanted to fund another restoration if the sign went back to the Beach,” recalls Rollason. “But we convinced them otherwise. And 90 thousand dollars later, with the expert efforts of Tropical Signs, she’s as beautiful as ever.” In fact, with a complete new set of L.E.D.s, that Coppertone Girl is also more environmentally friendly. And, as many have said, including

Page 12 • Thursday, July 29, 2010 • SunPost Weekly •

the Herald just this week, she now serves as a sort of “angel” to watch over the district. Another couple who are seeing the strip for what it can be is Shirley and Walter Figeuroa, owners and operators of The New Yorker Boutique Hotel, a choice piece of MiMo designed by Norman Giller back in 1953. In 1980, Shirley’s father bought the property, which had been renamed the Davis Hotel, and for almost the next three decades it pretty much opened its doors to anyone with a few bucks. A year or so ago,

though, the Figueroa’s took the project by the proverbial horns, and now 20 of the hotel’s 50 rooms have been completely refurbished to their original splendor, and the rest are due to be done by Christmas. Rollason says what the Figueroa’s have managed to accomplish is nothing short of “amazing.” And Ashwin Kamlani, who’s Hotel Internet Help is handling the online and marketing components, agrees. “They’re a great couple,” he told SunPost Weekly. “And their renovation of the New Yorker is a hands-on labor of love.” Kamlani, who believes the stores and the hotels and the other Boulevard businesses need to present a “unified front” if the strip is truly to succeed, also handles the hype for the Motel Bianco, a slightly more affordable boutique spot further down toward the foot of the Biscayne Corridor. “Between the New Yorker and the Bianco,” says Kamlani, “we’re seeing a lot of Latin Americans, and even a smattering of Europeans, who want a more unique Miami experience. And with the Figueroa’s now starting a shuttle service to South Beach and beyond, folks can stay on Biscayne and still be connected to the rest of the city.” It was Kamlani who came up with the idea to include local eateries ABOVE: THE LOBBY OF THE NEWLY RENOVATED MOTEL BIANCO. LEFT: MOTEL BLUE. FAR LEFT: THE GOURMET STATION.

in the New Yorker’s stunning retransformation, and now with the simple showing of a room key, visitors can get deep dish discounts at Balans, Kingdom, Luna Corner Pizza, Starbucks, Metro Organic Bistro, Moonchine, De Vita’s, Michy’s and Jimmy’s East Side Diner. And that’s just another way of his proving the effectiveness of a unified front. “There’s a huge potential here [on the Biscayne],” said Kamlani. “Cool stores, cool restaurants, cooler and cooler residents. And it won’t be long before everyone catches on.” Want another concurrence? Just ask Rene Estevez, who, with his partner Tom Hutchison, has been running the delightful Glo Miami since 2004. Filled with the kinds of mid 20th century furnishings that originally outfitted MiMo buildings to begin with, Glo Miami staked a place on the Boulevard and stayed there, even after many of their contemporaries moved up by MOCA. “This is the perfect market for us,” says Estevez. “And though we went through some suffering with the remaking of Biscayne; we survived. And now this stretch is beautiful.” It is these kinds of small steps that will enable this stretch of Biscayne to reclaim its rightful place in our cosmos, and these kinds of visionaries who will see it through. After all, Miami was built by just such efforts, so there’s no reason at all it can’t be rebuilt in just the same way. Now, about that parking… • SunPost Weekly • Thursday, July 29, 2010 • Page 13



Page 14 • Thursday, July 29, 2010 • SunPost Weekly •


July 29 COMEDY Have-Nots Comedy Fest Hit Uva this Thursday for the comedic revue, the Have-Nots Stand Up Comedy Showcase. Dominic Perenzin, Jay Mays, Scot Lenter, and Raul Salazar will take on the Have Nots, while Ivan Arredondo, Danny Gomez, Jessica Gross, Drew Spears, Johnny Trabs, and Eddie Denigres lampoon the Haves. No cover. 8:30pm. Uva Restaurant and lounge, 2626 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables. For info:

July 29 FILM Perrier French Film Fest Take a journey to France, when the 9th Annual Perrier French Film Festival glides into town this weekend. 14 films will be featured over the five-day fest featuring an eclectic array of dramas, adventures, and comedies. Slated to open the festival is Paris Express 7:30pm. Opening party at 6:30pm. $25. Cinema Paradiso, 503 SE 6th St; Fort Lauderdale. For info:



July 30 ART Purvis Young Miami Art Museum will open a new exhibition of works by the late Purvis Young. Focus Gallery: Purvis Young features a selection of Young’s paintings from the museum’s permanent collection that span the career of the celebrated, self-taught Miami painter who passed away in April of this year at the age of 67. Although he was never formally trained, Purvis Young was socially and artistically aware. Through November 7. $8. Miami Art Museum, 101 W. Flagler St., Miami. For info:

July 30 COMEDY Kyle Cease Catch funny man Kyle Cease when he plays the Improv for a weekend of hilarity. He is currently one of the most in demand comics, selling out over 200 shows last year from coast to coast. 8:30pm. $17. Miami Improv, 3390 Mary St, #182; Coconut Grove. For info:

July 31 ART Amor y Muerte Fabulously hip, Kill Your Idol on Espanola Way keeps the surprises coming. This month is a cool installation by artist Taylor Kienholz. For the show, he has used the bar’s walls as his canvas for an homage to Day of the Dead, complete with skulls, skateboards and graffitti. The result is amazing and worth a trip to sip on a cerveza and dig the art. Through August 5. Free. Kill Your Idol, 222 Española Way; Miami Beach.

July 31 MUSIC Rihanna Tickets are still available to see pop princess Rihanna when she hits town this weekend. The multi-platinum and Grammy award winning superstar, who recently broke a Billboard record with her number one single Rude Boy, becoming the only female artist to have six #1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, will be joined by rising star Ke$ha, rapper Nicki Minaj and Travis McCoy. $22.75$102.75. 7:30pm. 601 Biscayne Blvd; Miami. For info:

July 31 MUSIC Sunset Music Festival The biggest electronic music festival hits Miami again this year in a new location, the awesome Soho Studios in Wynwood. This year they will be taking advantage of the massive space by having 5 stages of over 60 DJ’s. Headlining the event is Miami’s own celebrity DJ, George Acosta. Also playing are Ralph Falcon, Drager, Cato K, Nikolas, Mark Ivan, Monique, Dj Xta-C, David Solano, Dj Elmo, Dj Nyxe, Double Pentration, Rob Bello, Mad-hatter, Lucho, Special K, Systemattic, Sal Zivalli to name just a few. $25-$80. 4pm. SOHO Studios, 2136 NW 1st Ave., Miami. For info:

July 31 FOOD Miami Spice Kickoff Party This year, Miami Spice 2010 will be kicked off in style with the 1st Annual Miami Spice Kickoff Event & Fundraiser, featuring tastings from participating Miami Spice restaurants and celebrity chefs. Participants include Chef Allen’s, China Grill South Beach, Blue Door at Delano, A Fish Called Avalon, Sra. Martinez and Ocean Prime. Proceeds will benefit Share Our Strength and Madison’s Wish. 7-10pm. $50. Saturday July 31. Miami Beach Convention Center, 1901 Convention Center Drive. For info: 305-539-3000 or LEFT: PURVIS YOUNG, UNTITLED. FAR LEFT: JAPANESE POCKY SNACKS. • SunPost Weekly • Thursday, July 29, 2010 • Page 15



July 31

Enrique Enriquez is a tarot reader who explores the connections between medieval draftsmanship and current cognitive science. His interest focuses on the dynamics of meaning-making and on our ontological need for fictions to map our reality. He will be at Books & Books this Sunday imparting his wisdom in a meet and greet. 6pm. Free. Books & Books, 265 Aragon Ave., Coral Gables. For info:

MUSIC Natacha Atlas An evening of entrancing middle eastern music by singer and bellydancer Natacha Atlas. Atlas leaves behind the electronica hybrid sounds that brought her to fame, to delve into her musical heritage from Morocco, Egypt and the Middle East. 8pm. $38. Colony Theater, 1040 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach. For info:

August 4 GAMES Flamingo Bingo

July 31

Indulge the wild hostesses of The Local as they MC their way through fun and unpredictable “Flamingo Bingo” game-night complete with prizes and drink specials. Not your grandmother’s Bingo! 8-10pm. The Local Panini & Flat Bar, Flamingo South Tower, 1500 Bay Road, Miami Beach. For info: 305.397.8307 or

MUSIC Suenalo Catch a live concert of local funk group, Suenalo. Often described as the essence and sound of Miami, Suenalo mixes a wide variety of styles that can be described as Latin Funk. HipHop, rock, R&B, afrobeat, cumbia, reggae, soca, salsa, and drum ‘n’ bass. Transit Lounge, 729 SW 1st Ave, Miami. For info: 305-377-4628 or

August 1 BOOKS Romero Britto Pop artist Romero Britto brings the alphabet to life in a bold and beautiful newpuzzle board book called My Alphabet Playbook. As children read the book they can guess which object is hiding under each press-out letter. One by one, with the help of the enclosed stands, little ones can stack the letters to make their own vibrant sculptures! Meet Britto at 2pm. Books & Books, 265 Aragon Ave., Coral Gables. For info:

August 1 FOOD Japanese Snack Tasting This sounds fun. The Summertime Japanese Snack Tasting Event at Tate Comics. Try a bunch of unusual snack food from Japan like Pocky and Walky Walky sticks. Mmmm...good! Free. 2-4pm. Tate Comics, 4566 North University Drive; Fort Lauderdale. For info:

August 1 BOOKS Enrique Enriquez Page 16 • Thursday, July 29, 2010 • SunPost Weekly •



Miami Shores Shops of

NE 2nd Avenue between 96 & 98 Street


EXPERT ALTERATIONS $5.00 off Back to School in alterations or Dry Cleaning with $20 purchase

exp: Oct 30/2010


9835 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami Shores 305.757.8386 Mon-Fri: 8am - 6pm â&#x20AC;˘ Sat: 8am - 4pm



Enemy Territory By Ruben Rosario ( Calling the conflict in Afghanistan the Forgotten War is so 2004. Media pundits have been working overtime reporting on the classified documents the website has recently made public which paint a bleak picture of the U.S. military’s involvement in the Islamic country. Expect a lot of finger pointing from all sides of the political spectrum in the weeks to come. This is why the release of the absorbing flyon-the-wall documentary Restrepo could not have come at a better time. Filmed over the course of a year by The Perfect Storm author Sebastian Junger and war photographer Tim Hetherington, this National Geographic production eschews the voiceover narration and historical background information one comes to expect from the genre. It also takes the politics out of the picture, a choice that proves to be both liberating and limiting. The film’s title comes from the 15-man outpost located in northeastern Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley where the soldiers of Second Platoon, Battle Company, 173rd Airborne Brigade were stationed from May 2007 to July 2008. Dubbed “the deadliest place on Earth” by Captain Dan Kearney, the site was named after medic – and Pembroke Pines resident – Juan Restrepo, the company’s first casualty. Hetherington and Junger hunker down with these men, and their day-to-day travails, an unsettling mix of tedium and intense moments of warfare, lend Restrepo an air of hard-earned you-are-there immediacy. “I felt like I was a fish in a barrel,” says Kearney, the gap-toothed officer whose leadership brings the troop, and the movie, muchneeded cohesion. The most memorable soldier, though, is baby-faced Sergeant Misha C. Pemble-Belkin. When he’s not busy sketching the surrounding landscape in his journal, he opens up about his childhood, which, thanks to his hippie mom, was devoid of violent movies and toy guns. It’s a priceless – and all too brief – anecdote. Restrepo is filled with haunting sights, like the way gunsmoke hangs over the mountaintops, or a soldier’s harrowing meltdown at the foot of a fallen brother-in-arms. What keeps the film from resonating even more strongly is not its apolitical stance, but a lack of

curiosity about the lives of its subjects outside their deployment. It’s a vivid, briskly paced portrait of American combat overseas, but even reallife heroes need a backstory, and this is where Hetherington and Junger’s unfiltered approach comes up short. A different kind of war is being fought in The City of Your Final Destination, the first Merchant Ivory release since the 2005 death of esteemed producer Ismail Merchant. Based on Peter Cameron’s 2002 novel, the film, which screens this weekend at the Bill Cosford Cinema, tells the story of Omar Razaghi (Rendition’s Omar Metwally), a mild-mannered college professor of Iranian descent who has won a grant to write a biography about the late author Jules Gund. There’s only one obstacle: the writer’s family send Razaghi a letter denying him permission to take on the endeavor. At the behest of his strong-willed girlfriend (Alexandra Maria Lara), also an academic, the young scholar takes off for Ocho Ríos, the Uruguay estate where Gund’s widow, mistress, and older brother still live, in order to make them reconsider their decision. I was a little apprehensive as to what a Merchant Ivory film would be like without Merchant’s input, but easing into director James Ivory’s stately rhythms made me feel as if I were coming home. (Full disclosure: Howards End is my favorite movie of the nineties.) Working for the 23rd time with screenwriter Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, the Oscar-nominated filmmaker isn’t really going for narrative momentum here. Once Razaghi arrives in South America, the film becomes a series of vignettes in which he becomes acquainted with the residents of Ocho Ríos. There’s Caroline, Gund’s widow (Laura Linney, a prickly delight), who treats Razaghi as a minor nuisance and never misses an opportunity to let him know he will never change her

Page 18 • Thursday, July 29, 2010 • SunPost Weekly •


mind. There’s also Adam, the author’s opportunistic gay older brother (Anthony Hopkins, pleasingly understated) who lives with a Japanese lover several decades his junior in the guest house. Finally, there’s Arden (the lovely Charlotte Gainsbourg), the young missionary Jules brought home with a bump in her belly (her precocious daughter rounds out the dysfunctional clan). Razaghi finds in Arden a kindred spirit, and if there’s something conventional and hokey about the way their budding romance plays out, Ivory never lets that relationship overshadow the rest of the film’s cast of eccentrics. I kept seeing echoes of other Merchant Ivory films throughout The City of Your Final Destination. Razaghi’s journey reminded me of the one taken by fellow traveler Lucy Honeychurch, the character Helena Bonham Carter played in A Room with a View. And the unusual family dynamics are uncannily reminiscent of A Soldier’s Daughter Never Cries, Ivory’s overlooked adaptation of Kaylie Jones’s novel, which in turn was inspired by her father, From Here to Eternity author James Jones. “Only connect,” implored E.M. Forster in Howards End. In dramatizing the battle over an author’s legacy with an unhurried command of his craft, it’s gratifying to see Ivory still striving to achieve that goal after all these years. Restrepo is now playing exclusively at AMC Theaters Aventura 24. For more information go to The City of Your Final Destination screens this weekend only at the Bill Cosford Cinema. For showtimes go to



Mystic Visage Last few days to take in the outstanding exhibit at World Class Boxing, the Miami-based exhibition space of the Debra and Dennis Scholl Collection. Mystic Visage is an exhibition of masks and the faces behind them. Curated by Desiree Cronk. Includes work from the Scholl Collection, including photography, sculpture, and drawing; with works by Fergus Greer, Adam Helms, Pepe Mar, Lee Materazzi, William J. O’Brien, Gabriel Orozco, Cindy Sherman, Josh Smith, and Jack Strange. Ends July 31. World Class Boxing, 170 NW 23rd St., Miami. For info: 305-438-9908 or






A Stained Radiance James Lee Burke is Back in the Thick of it All By John Hood Last week I had the great good pleasure of slipping into The Big Easy for a couple days courtesy of Cointreau, who’d flown me up to that storied city in order to interview Dita Von Teese. While I was there I made a point of strolling the French Quarter at daybreak so that I might get a whiff of some of those ghosts James Lee Burke is forever mentioning in his works. And the man is right: the spirits are palpable, all over town. But particularly in the Quarter, which has seen some of the heaviest history in the last two centuries. “The Quarter in the early hours is really nice – right at dawn,” The 2009 Mystery Writers of America Grand Master told me by phone earlier this week. “There are two different cultures down there, really. You go down there in the morning, when the artists are setting up their easels on Jackson Square, and you can smell the coffee and beignets, and the fruit stands on the sidewalks. Then you come down there at 11 o’clock at night… (laughs)” Burke’s referring, of course, to New Orleans’ nightly bacchanal, which consists of everything from Dixieland Jazz bands blowing their brass up and down Decatur Street to soda pop top capped kids tapping out shuffles over on Bourbon. There are the artists, and the tarot card readers, and the endless array of gin joints, most devoted to the constant swarm of tourists, but some, like the Chart Room, which cater to a more local clientele. Yes, wherever you are in the Quarter, the liquor is flowing non-stop. And the ghosts of parties past lurk on every corner. It is just those ghosts that hover all over Burke’s many novels, including his latest, The Glass Rainbow (Simon & Schuster $25.99). And while the 18th Dave Robicheaux chronicle pretty much stays over in New Iberia, on the other side of the southern Louisiana, the echo – and the ghosts – of New Orleans is ever present. After all, that was where Robicheaux and his road dog Clete Purcel were homicide detectives way back when. And that was where the two formed the unbreakable bond that ties together every one of the Robicheaux stories. And it is that city’s spirit – and spiritedness – which continues to hold sway. “Well, I think it’s just a matter of realizing what’s there,” Burke continues. “I think of it this way, the spiritual world is there or it isn’t. It’s like being dead or not dead, or pregnant or not pregnant. There’s no gray area. And there are people who subscribe to the belief that beyond the physical world there are unseen entities. And that’s my belief. Others have a different perspective.” Purcel, in fact, doesn’t seem too keen on the spirits (unless they come in a bottle), and when Robicheaux sees a 19th century steamer paddling through his neck of the Bayou, he’s hesitant to tell his pal. Not that Purcel would hold it against him, mind you; hell, if anything, the hard-charging gumshoe would probably go over and try and kick those spirits in the ass. But there’s a decided difference in how the two brace the world, and Robicheaux seems content to keep his visions to himself. Nevertheless, Purcel can tell something’s up. Like I said, these men share a vast past, and they know each other perhaps even better then they know themselves. So when the two get hot on the trail of the network responsible for seven dead girls, no spirit in the world will stop them from achieving their objective. Like each installment in the continuing adventures Burke’s been steadily unleashing lo these twentythree years now, The Glass Rainbow has all the hallmarks of a twisted whodunit. There are the bad men – ex-cons with faraway stares; then there are the really bad men – those who’ve cloaked their evil in genteel respectability. There are cops who become complicit, and cops who wouldn’t comply if their life depended on it. Mostly though there’s Robicheaux, who won’t let go of a notion until he makes an example of it, and Purcel, who’ll pile up a stack of wrongs just to get at an ultimate right. As ever I shan’t spoil the story by exposing the narrative. If you’ve read any of the previous Robicheaux novels you probably already have this by your bedside. If you haven’t you can begin here and work your way back without losing your place. Because though all the books do contain a continuing thread; each also works as a standalone. Or, as Burke says, echoing Nietzsche’s Theory of Eternal Return: “I believe the story of the Dave Robicheaux novels is of course circular, but I believe the human story is circular as well. We always go back to our origins in one fashion or another.” In The Glass Rainbow the circular is at once dizzying and necessary, a mad dash ‘round the bases in this game called life. Sure it’s murder story. And yes, it’s laden with mystery. But you could say that’s just the backdrop for the thinking, feeling, bleeding, pumping pulse of it all. Another expert instance of story revealing the heart of how and why we come to be.

Music Robert Plant – Very Much in the Present By Alan Sculley Any Robert Plant interview these days almost has to include an inquiry about his interest in a Led Zeppelin reunion. But one really doesn’t need his words to know Plant’s thinking about the issue. His musical projects over the past three years – the period since Led Zeppelin reunited for a one-off concert as part of a memorial event for the late head of Atlantic Records, Ahmet Ertegun -- pretty much make Plant’s intentions clear. First came the 2008 CD, Raising Sand, which paired the former Zeppelin frontman with Alison Krauss performing a mostly low-key collection of rootsy bluegrass/country influenced covers. The CD went on to win the 2009 Grammy award for album of the year. Now Plant is set to release a new CD, Band Of Joy, Sept. 14, and is already playing its music on a short run of dates in the United States. This time, Plant is taking his exploration of American roots music in new directions, with the help of such stellar band members as guitarist Buddy Miller, mandolin player/multi-instrumentalist Darrell Scott and singer Patty Griffin. “I’m doing an interview with you because I am very proud of what I’m doing now in the present tense,” Plant said, once again shooting down any prospect of a Zeppelin reunion. “That really is my entire raison d’etre …I’m on a journey here.” To Plant, he thought it was understood that the 2007 reunion show would be a one-off event. “I don’t think we’ve ever thought of it going any farther, to be honest,” Plant said. “I think the great thing about it was that we could do it, and we did it really well with dignity and with excitement. The idea of traveling around the sports facilities of the world is something that would have to be thought about really, really carefully.” There have been plenty of rumors that Plant’s former bandmates, guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist/keyboardist John Paul Jones, are both interested in a reunion tour, and even rehearsed for an aborted reunion with drummer Jason Bonham (son of the late Zeppelin drummer John Bonham) in 2008. The three band members reportedly were considering other singers to replace Plant. Plant, though, has moved on, first with the highly successful Raising Sand. And while the Band Of Joy CD will not be a part two of Raising Sand by any means, Plant sees it as a next step in his musical journey into American roots music.

“Obviously there’s a continuum because I went back to Buddy (Miller) and back to Nashville, where I knew I could get all of the jobs done in one place, and I knew there was a fund of people and a great understanding of music,” Plant said. “It’s a great learning curve for me, but it (the music on Band Of Joy) is a lot tougher and it’s much more tricky than Raising Sand,” he said. “It really does growl and clunk and it comes out of the church. It’s Sunday morning and definitely Saturday night.” The album project (which is named after Plant’s pre-Led Zeppelin group, Band Of Joy) began with Plant recruiting Miller, a key band member on the Raising Sand tour, to produce, choose songs, recruit musicians and coordinate recording sessions for the new CD. Plant said the CD started out sounding “beautiful” and “pastoral,” but adding Griffin to the project “Patty’s got just the right voice to bring the edge onto the record, to create a bit more of a cutting edge,” Plant said. “And also, (there was) a change of material, with a lot more kind of spook, so the second session became much tougher and much more psychedelic, if you like.” The entire core lineup of Band Of Joy is on tour with Plant now – Miller, Scott, Griffin, drummer Marco Giovino and bassist Byron House – and the singer expects the new material to evolved further as the group performs its concerts. With Plant, Griffin, Scott, Miller and House all being accomplished singers, Plant said the shows have become a “massive vocal experience.” The musical format and musicians involved are also allowing Plant to reinterpret some songs from the Zeppelin catalog, with Griffin playing a key role. He noted she takes the song “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” down a notably different path. “I can’t tell you how impressed I am with Patty,” Plant said. “The way that she connects with me on stage is both humorous and incredibly, the voices together, because when we both let rip, when we let it go, man, with a couple of raised eyebrows, we take things up a notch. I’ve never seen Patty play live (as a solo artist), so I don’t know how different this is, but I would imagine because of the material she’s singing, she’s singing Tall Cool One (a Plant song from his solo album “Now And Zen”) as a duet and (Led Zeppelin’s) ‘Misty Mountain Hop’ as a duet, and it really is, it’s great because she’s really wailing.” Plant will be in Miami on July 31 at Bayfront Park Amphitheater, 301 N Biscayne Blvd, Miami. Tickets are $38.50-$68.50. 8pm. For info: • SunPost Weekly • Thursday, July 29, 2010 • Page 19

The 411

Kellan Lutz enjoying Bustelo

Sonia Vera Swim at funkshion

a model with designer Sonia Vera at funkshion at setai

Rebecca Romijn, Jerry O'Connell, at the Life ball


More Swim Fun! By Maryanne Salvat and Mary Jo Almeida-Shore Photos by Mary Jo Almeida-Shore


Elaine Lancaster, Dr. Julio Gallo, and Patti LaBelle at the Life ball

Kendra Wilkinson signs her book at the Lifestyle Retreat Lounge at Swim Week 2011

There’s no better complement to all the Swim week fun than a Beach Ball festival complete with unlimited Seven Tiki Spiced Rum cocktails, a Crunch Gym pre-game warm up and all the friendly beach ball competition you’ve come to love-from 40 teams comprised of over 600 players. The festival took place at the Gansevoort Hotel’s Beach Club once again this year, with Jerry’s Deli (team “Jerry’s Deli”) winning first place and taking home a Tiki Beach boat cruise provided by Tiki Beach: Joe’s Stone Crab (team “Joe’s Killer Claws”) coming at close second winning a year-long gym membership to Crunch for team members; and Ted’s Hideaway (team “Last Call”) taking home the bronze and a muscle milk summer gift pack. Bleau Bar dominated the mixology contest with their first place, award-winning cocktail worthy of, if not one, then all seven Tiki Gods. The secret ingredient: Seven Tiki Spiced Rum, of course. For participants and hundreds of guests who needed some refueling after all the Swim Week antics, Red Bull provided the tunes and created a consistently upbeat atmosphere, while Epicurean and Muscle Milk kept guests and players hydrated and active throughout the afternoon. Other sponsors included Laser Cosmetica and Phukit (pronounce it any way you’d like) which provided the various teams with their player t-shirts and hats.


Chef Allen Susser holds a cooking class at Whole Foods to support Share Our Strength, the national organization fighting to wipe out childhood hunger.

There’s Funkshion, Funkshionably Loud and now: Funkswim! Coinciding with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim, and keeping the fashion-obsessed schlepping between the Raleigh and Setai, Funkswim presented a line-up of bikini shows that knocked our socks off! O.K.,who wears socks at bikini shows? But, seriously, these shows were not to be missed, and included Sonia Vera, the Cosmopolitan en Español show, Paula Herbert, Inca, and Just Cavalli. The production was so good that the “little rain” (read: monsoon) looked like it was part of the show, giving guests a music video type of feel,

Page 20 • Thursday, July 29, 2010 • SunPost Weekly •

according to organizers. Cosmopolitan en Español kicked-off Funkswim with its fourth annual ‘Cosmo Summer Splash’ hosted by Telemundo’s Azucena Cierco along with Quique Usales. The runway show was styled by Natalija Dedic, and onsors Sears and Kmart showcased by Front Management. In a grand and much anticipated finale, Charlie by Matthew Zink made a splash with its signature black and gold pieces. Sky-high heels from Sergio Rossi Bal Harbor and sophisticated time-pieces by Hublot Watches along with heat- and humidity-friendly hair and make up provided by presenting sponsors Pantene and CoverGirl, completed each look. Special scents provided by Eva by Eva Longoria perfume kept the smell of summer in the air. Other great looks by sponsors Sears and Kmart (no, your eyes do not deceive you) were also presented.

LOUNGES, RETREATS, SALONS, OH MY! Salon Allure’s opening night party and tradeshow were signature events during Swim Week. Over 550 people attended the opening night party presented by Diesel and 944 poolside at the W South Beach. A high energy runway show over the pool featuring 19 brands including Diesel, Tori Praver, Red Carter, Marysia Swimwear, Ivana Sert Beach Fashion, Koral, Jessica Simpson, Belusso and Martha Rey provided a sneak preview of the stunning 2011 collections. Salon Allure featured designers and brands from all over the US and around the world including Turkey, Colombia, France, Italy, and other countries to showcase their creations during the tradeshow. Over 450 guests attended the event making its inaugural year an overall success.

MOD MEDIA MOD MEDIA hosted the official MOD Lounge and Gifting Suite during MOD Swim Week for a select group of press, VIPs and celebrities, such as Perrey Reeves (HBO’s Entourage), Mya (Dancing

Paula Herbert Swim at funkshion

Cosmo Summer Splash

Sonia Vera swim at funkshion

Jilian Sanz's birthday party at Wall

Michael Shore & Lance Bass at Jilian Sanz's birthday at Wall

with the Stars), Devorah Rose (CW’s High Society), Cindy Taylor (Supermodel/Actress: Wedding Crashers, Wild on E!), Anchal Joseph (America’s Next Top Model, French Vogue) and top press attendees, including, and Emmy Award-winning Belkys Nerey of WSVN-TV News, who enjoyed complimentary swag from designers Designer Skin, Kirsti Grinna, Azure Swim, Keva by Keva J, House of Jackie Brown, Hermosa Jewelry, Betsy Moss, Plasti-chic and more. Guests received swank gift bags, and had VIP access to mingle and participate in meet-and-greets with all of the designers. The roster included noteworthy 2011collections from Azure Swimwear,

CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS: World Cup Soccer players, Luis Fabiano (Brazil) and Diego Forlan (Uruguay), were spotted, on different occasions, at Village of Merrick Park this weekend. Lenny Kravitz enjoyed dinner at Philippe, while Chicago Bulls legend and NBA hall-of-famer Scottie Pippen was seen dining at another table. Kellan Lutz, Twilight’s hunky vampire, was seen sipping a Bustelo Cool at Wired Café during Comic-Con in San Diego. We wonder if he got hooked on the delicious stuff at our own Bustelo café at the Gansevoort. Miami philanthropists and socialites, Elaine Lancaster and Dr. Julio Gallo jetted over to Vienna to co-host Europe’s Largest HIV/AIDS fundraiser, The Life Ball. Lancaster and Gallo rubbed elbows and exchanged personal stories told by living legends, Pattie LaBelle and Whoopi Goldberg, fellow Life Ball supporters. This year’s ball raised over a “whooping” (typo intended) $2 million dollars.

Summer Groove Basketball Clinic

Luli Fama show-Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim 2011

Jilian Sanz and friend at Jilian's birthday party at Wall

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim 2011 True Religion

Mod Lounge at the W

Summer Groove Basketball Clinic

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Seven Tiki Beach Ball Festival

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Summer Causes By Maryanne Salvat

ANTHONY’S COAL FIRE PIZZA Starting this Wednesday, July 28, Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza introduces Coal Fired & Cocktails, a Wednesday night Happy Hour promotion at its newest restaurant in Kendall. Starting at 5 p.m. guests will enjoy complimentary samples of Anthony’s famous coal-fired Italian favorites and $5 specialty vodka drinks, including martinis such as the F.O.A. (Friends of Anthony) and the PizzaTini. Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza is located at 12502 West Kendall Drive, one-half mile west of the Turnpike. For more information, call 305-273-8020 or visit

EAT UP FOR A GREAT CAUSE For those of us that enjoy the experience of a culinary adventure, Share Our Strength’s 2010 Taste of the Nation Miami (2010 TOTN), is a foodie’s dream for a great cause. Slated for Thursday, July 29 at Fairmont Turnberry Isle, longtime sponsor Whole Foods Market (WFM), announces a roster of top chef participants who will be conducting complimentary cooking demonstrations at their Aventura and Coral Gables stores every Tuesday in July from 7 to 8 p.m. Each live cooking demo is free of charge and will last approximately one hour, including cooking and time for Q&A. This is a unique “sneak peak” of the astounding talent that TOTN Miami brings together to raise critical funds needed to help end childhood hunger. Making the demos even more exciting, all attendees will have a chance to win VIP entrance to 2010 TOTN Miami. Two gift certificates for VIP entrance for two will be selected from a drawing of all attendees at the final demo at both stores on July 27. Winners need not be present at drawing. To purchase tickets to this year’s Taste of the Nation event on July 29 at the Fairmont Turnberry Isle, call 1.877.26.TASTE or visit General admission is $95 per ticket; VIP tickets are $195 each.

GROW, RESTORE, AND NURTURE AND EXHALE Look and feel your best courtesy of Exhale, the mind body spa located at EPIC Hotel. This summer, guests can take advantage of the Summer Nails package – a G.R.N. (Grow, Restore, Nuture) manicure and pedicure package for only $60 (an $83 value). Grow. Restore. Nurture (G.R.N.) by exhale is an eco-conscious, paraben-free skin care line mindfully designed to heal and transform the skin from the inside out. This offer is valid until August 31 for nail services booked Monday through Friday. Exhale at EPIC is located on the 16th floor of EPIC Hotel, 270 Biscayne Boulevard Way, Miami, FL 33131. For more information call 305.423.3900 or visit

ARM CANDY AND LUSCIOUS LEGS AT EQUINOX Just in time for summer, Equinox unveils two new classes, Arm Candy and Luscious Legs: a high enegy, low impact – more fun and less time – intensive approach to rapid toning for members who want to target their sunshine areas. Arm Candy is a 30-minute, no impact class designed to get the arms, upper body and torso in the perfect shape for the today’s hottest strapless, spaghetti string and cap-sleeve tops and bathing suits. Luscious Legs is 30 minutes of multi-impact, shape shifting movement combining athletic drills and dance conditioning alongside Pilates and Yoga techniques. Go ahead, show more skin this summer and enjoy the perks of a leaner, sleek (and sweet) physique! Equinox South Beach is located on 520 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, for more information call 305.673.1124.

SUSHI 101 Miami Beach’s favorite multi-cultural restaurant, SUSHISAMBA dromo, is offering Floridians and visitors alike an opportunity to sample sake and learn special culinary techniques from the sushi and sake experts of SUSHISAMBA dromo. The class will be offered bi-monthly and will be conducted under the leadership of SUSHISAMBA dromo’s beverage director, Mackenzie Parks. Sushi & Sake classes will be held on Wednesday evenings at 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. The two-hour class offers an educational experience, which includes five flights of sake and a sushi sampler platter for the reasonable price of $75 per person (tax and gratuity not included). Classes will begin August 11, 2010. To reserve a space for one of the upcoming classes or to learn more, call SUSHISAMBA dromo at 305.673.5337.

CIRCUS, CIRCUS AT LA FEE VERTE On Thursday, July 29 at 11 p.m., La Fee Verte, along with local entertainment production company Rainbow Circus present a Sexy Circus Slideshow – a one night only event extravaganza! Everyone in attendance will witness erotic numbers and be entertained by sexy freaks as well as the club’s tantalizing Madames du Mischief. The first show will begin promptly at midnight and feature human oddities, aerialists, hootchie-kootchie acts, and death defying deeds. Guests will also be treated to ear candy courtesy of DJ Sante and are encouraged to taste the club’s signature absinthebased cocktails such as the Moulin Rouge or Devil’s Punch to enhance their experience. To attend this event, guests must to RSVP to

HAPPY HOUR AT THE WEBSTER On Friday, July 30, The Webster will be launching happy hour on the Rooftop. The blissful hours are from 6 to 10 p.m. Drink specials include 2 for 1 house wine, beer, and call drinks. Complimentary hors d’oeuvres will be served until 8 p.m. Guests will be treated to music spun by DJ Ethics. The Webster is located at 1220 Collins Avenue in Miami Beach.

RIK RAK’S ANNUAL SALEABRATION EVENT It’s that time of year, Rik Rak’s Annual SALEabration event, where Miami’s favorite salon will present their luxury take on a street fair. On Friday, July 30 and Saturday, July 31, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., locals can enjoy up to 50 70% off clothing, accessories, shoes, make up, jewelry, sunglasses, and handbags from Roberto Cavalli and Vogue sunglasses to Pelle and Signature Report shoes, this SALEabration is NOT to be missed. For more information go to

KICK-OFF PARTY FOR MIAMI SPICE The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau announces the first Miami Spice Kickoff Event & Fundraiser, to be held at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Hall D, on Saturday, July 31, from 7 to 10 p.m. which will showcase a sampling of delicious culinary specialties from Miami Spice participating restaurants, including: Michy’s, SRA. Martinez, BLT Steak, D. Rodriguez Cuba, Red -The Steakhouse, and Ocean Prime. A VIP reception, hosted by presenting sponsor American Express, and official sponsors Moët Hennessy USA and Stella Artois, will take place from 6 to 7 p.m. and will include an open bar and complimentary valet service. Advance tickets, available now for purchase via TicketMaster are priced at $35 for general admission; $75 for the VIP reception. Tickets available at the door, will be priced at $50 for general admission; $100 for the VIP reception. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Share Our Strength and Madison’s Wish. For more information, contact: . • SunPost Weekly • Thursday, July 29, 2010 • Page 23

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Ask The Expert: Secrets to Healthy Sun Drenched Skin By Jennifer Fragoso ( Denise Gorant has nearly fifteen years of experience working in the skin care field. At 23 she bought her first eye cream and has been researching ingredients, testing products and touting the benefits of proper skin care to friends ever since then. She is currently a National Trainer for Orlane Paris and has a bevy of information to share with those of you who are heading outdoors to enjoy the rest of the summer. Read on to glean the knowledge of this industry insider and all around beauty guru. You’re packing for a beach getaway, what would you bring? I would bring my bikini, whether I look good in it or not and sun care products. With Orlane, all you need is a cleanser, toner, eye cream and our sun line. Pur Soin Anti-Aging Sun Care is a full treatment line for skin as well as protection from the damaging rays of the sun. Often summer getaways require air travel. How important is skin care when you are flying? Should we be carrying anything in particular in addition to our favorite travel pillow? Humidity in an airplane cabin is generally pretty low. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 10% so keeping your skin hydrated can be a challenge. Drinking water is great but I like to boost the process along but using our Super Moisturizing Serum, Absolute Recovery Eye Contour, Extreme Line Reducing Lip Care and Hand and Nail Cream while in flight to fight dehydration in the face, eyes, lips and hands as well puffiness around the eyes. Does your skin type determine the type of sun protection you need? No and neither does your skin color. All skin types require sun protection, which includes both UVA and UVB protection with an SPF 30. The key is reapplication. SPF 30 with UVA and UVB protection will protect your skin from 97% of damaging rays. SPF 45 will give you 98% protection. Anything above that has no additional benefits just a lot more chemicals. What is the difference between UVA and UVB protection? UVA = Ultra Violet Aging UVB = Ultra Violet Burning SPF = Sun Protection Factor. There are a lot of questions about UVA and UVB protection and Europe has recently put new guidelines in place where UVA protection needs to be 4 times the UVB protection in any sun care product. This is broad-spectrum protection. As a result Orlane’s sun products went through a recent packaging change to reflect these new guidelines. We met the requirements for our SPF 30 Face and Body sun care so that remains the same but our SPF 15 for Face and our SPF12 for Body did not meet the requirements so rather than reformulate what we feel is a great product, we met the guidelines by changing the SPF rating to 10 on both. This way you still get the same great product with no changes to the formula just the rating. How important is application of sunscreen? It is extremely important. Using simple math, unprotected skin will begin to burn/damage in about 10 minutes in the sun and SPF of 30 will allow you to be in the sun 30 times longer before damage begins or rather 300 minutes. How often should you re-apply? Good question. With the 10 x 30 equation being what it is, you should still reapply sun care every 90 minutes and after swimming or sweating. Even waPage 26 • Thursday, July 29, 2010 • SunPost Weekly •

terproof and sweatproof varieties need reapplication regardless of the SPF number. Remember, nothing above an SPF 45 has been determined to be more effective. Good sun protection is really all about reapplication and getting to all those hard to reach spots. Will sun protection reduce my tan? You know I am still surprised by how many people who think that SPF will prevent the skin from tanning. On the contrary, SPF prevents damage and sunburn not a tan. Don’t worry YOU WILL STILL TAN. Getting burnt first and having it turn to tan is not the right way to go about tanning yourself. Burn damage is cumulative, meaning, it builds up and can become skin cancer, as well as those brown spots that you’re all going to be asking me how to get rid of later. Can you explain the benefits of using Orlane Pur Soin? Orlane Pur Soin Sun Care is an anti-aging sun line that protects the skin in 4 ways: 1. By fighting sun damage with as many as 5 different UVA and UVB filters. 2. By defending against free radicals, inflammation, aging and wrinkles with Jasmine extract and Bioprotectyl® a patented complex. 3. By defending against dehydration with Vitamin B3. Regulating blood flow and improving cell nutrition favoring re-hydration. 4. By protecting against Vasodilatation: Vitamin B3 regulates blood flow and protects surface microcirculation fighting capillary dilation and nutrition loss in the cells. In other words, fights the causes of the leathery look over-tanned skin gets. (i.e. Magda in “There’s Something About Mary”) Do you have any advice for younger women who are curious about skincare but are overwhelmed by all of the options out there? Where should they begin? Start immediately. Like everything else you hear about, prevention is the key. We eat right, take vitamins and work out all to keep our bodies healthy and young. The same should apply for your skin. As your largest organ, and often the most neglected, beginning a skin care routine in your 20’s is imperative. Changes in your skin begin at around 25, cell regeneration slows down and growth hormone production slows as well. In the meantime invisible aging is happening all under the surface of the skin. Women always think that they turned 40 and it all fell apart. Not true, the process started 15 years earlier but didn’t show up until later. Our Anagenese 25+ line is especially engineered for skin that is 25 (your skin’s age not your chronological age) to 40 that isn’t ready for anti-aging products but needs preventative action to keep everything just the way it is, for as long as possible. What is your skincare must? All of it! I don’t think I could pick an area that isn’t important to pay attention to. I will say I was 23 when I bought my first eye cream but head to toe is a must for me. What is the product you simply cannot stop talking about? I can’t stop talking about our Neck & Décolleté Serum. It is a firming and moisturizing serum for the neck and chest (décolleté). Which can show a woman’s age instantly. For French women this area is apart of the face. Just think about it, if you have a low cut shirt on you’re facing the world with that as well as you “face” so it needs to be cared for too. There are women who think the face ends at the chin and those that think the face ends at the neck and you can see the difference accordingly in the appearance of their skin. What can we expect from Orlane next? We are spending a lot of time studying what the skin does overnight while we’re sleeping. This is when cell regeneration happens and skin defense systems replenish and repair themselves. We’re launching an entire program dedicated to nighttime. Extreme Anti-Aging Regenerating Night program, that is a serum, face cream and eye cream created to reduce and prevent lines and wrinkles, fight dehydration and puffiness in the skin and promote healthy cell division by setting off alarms in cells when there is damage to the DNA and helping it to repair itself as well as activate the all important cellular youth protein, Sirtuin. This is all really fascinating stuff that will result in ingenious practical application. Now that you are armed with this information have fun on your next sunny vacation and remember to do the math and reapply on time. You’ll be saving yourself from a burn not fending off your tan. Orlane Paris products can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s. Log on to, or for more information or store locations. Want more skincare advice? Read the full article online at


Classifieds HELP WANTED

MIAMI BEACH Miami Beach City Hall Miss Yip Davids Cafe Books & Books Score Panfiore SB Finest Carwash Uncle Sam’s Music Manolo Normandy Gym Majestic Properties Georges

MIAMI Andiamo Balans Magnum Bagels & Co Ascot Outoor Furniture A&A Village Treasures Design District Post Office Miami Shores Library North Miami Post Office Stembridge Furniture Majestic Properties

VACANCIES A Leading Company in the manufacturing of arts & galleries components requires suitably qualified candidates GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: Computer Proficiency in relevant software AGE: 18 years and above EXPERIENCE: Not less than a year in a similar position EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION: Some Colledge / BSC in a related discipline Marketing Manager: In addition to general requirements, candidates must be a holder of an MBA. Have ability to work on a spread sheets Production & Operations Manager: In addition to general requirements, minimum of 2 years experience in an art and galleries firm Admin / Account officer: See general requirement Marketing Executive: See general requirement Stores Officer: See general requirement Secretary/Personal Assistant to CEO: See general requirement. Some accounting and admin background with ability to create spread sheet is a requirement Applicant should within 2 weeks of this publication, forward application letters and resume indicating post applied for to :



FOR HIRE PRIVATE SUMMER TUTORING in Spanish Language Babies to Teens Daily + Weekends in Your Home

786-768-3125 PAULA QUINCENO REFERENCES AVAILABLE privatespanishlessonforkids@


COMPANY TRANSPORT DRIVER: AmeriGas/Propane Transport. CDL-A 3 yrs T/T & 1 yr tanker req. 250K miles over the road, no more than 1 ticket in 2 years, No felonies/must pass screenings. Ken: 866-364-4361


CALL 786-318-7749 (DAY ONLY LIVE-OUT)

HELP WANTED WE ARE SEEKING PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS TO SHOP AND GET PAID. You will be paid for what you love doing at [should be during] your leisure hours. MYSTERY SHOPPING is a well established industry used by thousands of top retail and food service companies. Virtually every top retailer in the nation uses shoppers like YOU to help them test out. Interested applicant should contact the hiring manager via email:



FOR SALE Sony WEGA FD Trinitron 34” HDTV includes manual, remote and HDMI cable in great condition. $129 obo Call 305 600-1164



Bellini Nursery Set Annie Crib, Jessica 3 - draw Dresser Dutalier Rocking Chair Natural finish. Great condition. $600 obo Call 786-955-8074

REDUCED OCEANFRONT/OCEAN ACCESS 2/2 CONDO ON MILLIONAIRES ROW. RENOVATED CORNER UNIT WITH 1296 SQ.FT. IN RENOVATED PRIVATE BUILDING. 5775 COLLINS AVE. APT # 905, $335,000 Josephine Pampanas, P.A., GRI Miami Beach Broker-Associate Office 305.674.4051 • Cell 305.343.0517 • Fax 305.672.1499 • SunPost Weekly • Thursday, July 29, 2010 • Page 27

Sick of the Gym? Get a refreshing workout in the water with the gear the navy seals use* THE EVOLUTION OF FITNESS



PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINING IN YOUR POOL * We do not use any foam buoyancy equipment


Vol. XXV No. 30 July 29th, 2010 "BORN AGAIN BLVD"

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