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SHMEAR CAMPAIGN S1.25 Million Emergency Marketing Budget Approved to Proclaim Miami Oil Free and Tourist Friendly SEE PAGE 10


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ADAMS VETERINARY CLINIC: 672 NE 79 ST, MIAMI • 305.757.7309 Page 2 • Thursday, July 1, 2010 • SunPost Weekly •

Covering Miami Beach, North Bay Village, Surfside, Bay Harbor Islands, Bal Harbour, Sunny Isles Beach, North Miami, North Miami Beach and Aventura, Coconut Grove, Brickell Avenue, Downtown, Design District, Wynwood, Upper Eastside, and Miami Shores.


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Miami through my iphone

Stunning Sandals From Givenchy are these totally stunning, lace sandals in a delicious antique-rose color. Patent leather strips lead to an open toe. These rock a 4.5” heel and back zip for easy fit. The perfect accent to your soft summer look. $850. From Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour or

RED, WHITE & BLUE by Ines Hegedus-Garcia - - So many fireworks, where do you go? You can't say there are not enough places to watch fireworks in Miami on 4th of July! This one was taken on our boat looking South towards the Bayside Marketplace fireworks display - I still can't believe it's an iPhone Photo....the colors are perfect for our Independence Day Celebration, no matter where you are. Stay Safe!

Stiletto Mafia at La Fee Verte We have been dreaming about a place like this for years. A cross between a speakeasy and a chi-chi, Parisian boudoir club from the twenties, La Fee Verte, is a newly opened tease burlesque and absinthe club. Dark, red glowing rooms, seductive art, gilded furniture and a very sensual vibe create a fabulous atmosphere. This Friday, July 2 is the launch of their new monthly soiree, Stiletto Mafia. Owners and hosts, Navid and Antoine Verglas along with nightlife impresario Jose Ortiz will kick off the evening by celebrating four of Miami’s favorite fashionistas; Jessica Bosch, Lisa Pliner, Evelyn Lozada and Jillian Sanz. Complimentary cocktails from 11 to midnight and music via DJ duo Ess & Emm. La Fee Verte’s eye candy is served at midnight with tease burlesque shows and contortionists every 20 minutes until 3am. The club serves 16 different types of absinthe and is membership based. 912 71st Street, North Beach. For info: 305.865.5955 and to RSVP: Page 4 • Thursday, July 1, 2010 • SunPost Weekly •

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WIDE SELECTION OF USED PARTS & SERVICE 8880 Biscayne Blvd., Miami • 305.754.7551 • SunPost Weekly • Thursday, July 1, 2010 • Page 5



Chris Russo Fitness Guru Compiled By Kim Steiner Who are you? I am a transplanted New Yorker who came to Florida with expectations of great weather and a fun environment. What do you do in real life? For better or worse, MPower Project is my real life. When you own a mom and pop business, especially in the current economic environment, you don’t have the luxury of a lot of free time. But in real life I have always been in to ways of staying healthy and feeling good about myself. What is your personal fitness philosophy? Of course, the proverbial diet and exercise. Lately I have learned more and more to appreciate strength training as I have sustained an injury that has kept me out of action for three months and promises to keep me out of action, except for cardio, for months to come. Guess I need a Personal Trainer! What sets MPower Fitness apart from other gyms? We have always prided ourselves in creating a friendly environment that makes clients feel at ease and they are part of a family. MPower is not your typical “meat market” or cold corporate paradigm that does not value client loyalty. In return we are loyal to our clients. MPower Project is your Neighborhood Gym!

Why focus on fitness? Fitness is an avenue to a better quality of life. It’s proven that a focus on being fit makes you not only feel physically fit but also more importantly allows for better mental health and how we view ourselves. I like sharing that philosophy. Why should we care? If we value ourselves, our families and our friends, I think it’s our obligation to them as well as ourselves to look and feel good. No one likes to see anyone they care about abuse themselves by being self indulgent in a way that harms their body and mind.

What do you do when you are not working? Hang with friends mostly at their homes or mine. I can count my real friends one hand and they can count on me. Something new that you have just discovered about yourself? As I mentioned above I think the appreciation of being physically able to perform the basic things in life. Gratefully my injury will be repaired I will be able to get my self back to being able to do what I like best: work out! One luxury that you cannot live without? Friends, good friends are a luxury.

What kind of community response have you had? We have a wonderful community in Miami Shores, El Portal and surrounding areas. This includes, not only the residents, but other business owners as well. We enjoy supporting our local businesses as well as each other What one person that you have met in your life has made the biggest impression on you? I would have to say my former video music business partner and best friend Tom. He taught me the value of creating something special and if you could make a few bucks at it - WOW!

Page 6 • Thursday, July 1, 2010 • SunPost Weekly •

Three Words to describe you? Progressive, Determined, Aware So what's next for you? Haven’t given it much thought. But after two years of building this new location I would love a month off!


the consignment bar Tues -Thurs: 11am - 6pm Friday & Saturday: 11am - 7pm Sun & Mon: by appt only CHANGING THE WAY YOU THINK ABOUT CONSIGNMENT

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Full gallery of contemporary, traditional and antique reproduction furniture from the top manufacturers of Europe, the Americas and the World • SunPost Weekly • Thursday, July 1, 2010 • Page 7

Can He Say That? COLUMN

Unhappy with 2010? Blame the Damn Volcano! By Charles Branham-Bailey What a year – I mean, half year. Can you believe it? 2010 is already half gone: Earthquakes in Haiti and Chile. Health care reform becomes law. Tiger Woods goes from hero to heel. The Saints win their first Super Bowl. Crist becomes an independent. Massive oil spill in the Gulf. An unpronounceable volcano in Iceland shuts down air traffic. Shall we spit-shine my crystal ball and have a go at a little prognosticating what the rest of 2010 may look like? JULY: • The July 22 issue of the Miami New Times features (once AGAIN, for you can NEVER tire of his face, or find another that will SO boost distribution) El Commandante in the Green Fatigues. This time, Fidel’s in green fatigue-colored Speedos, lounging on an inflatable tire, in a pool, and sipping lemonade from a sippy cup. • Teaming up with local parking departments, beleaguered Jackson Memorial Hospital announces new austerity measures designed to stanch the red-ink bleeding which the public health system suffers. From now on, all JMH patients will have to feed coins, round-the-clock, into deposit meters hooked up to their IV drips. For those who run out of quarters – hey, that’s life. Or – grimly – death.

to recognize what party she’s running for governor for, or to recognize that there’s even a state Democratic Party anymore. • BP’s CEO Tony Hayward is FINALLY fired after declaring in an interview: “The way we’d like to make it up to the residents of the Gulf Coast is if you’ve got the buckets and pails to haul it out with you, you can have all the free petrol you want.” Provided, of course, you’ve got your own backyard refinery to process it. SEPTEMBER: Saturday Night Live‘s season premiere features Mickey Rooney as the guest host. The show’s producers have pretty much decided to let the viewers pick the guest hosts, so in the spirit of the Facebook campaign that launched Betty White’s turn, campaigns have sprouted all over the net, pushing, among others, oldies Cloris Leachman, Abe Vigoda, Ernest Borgnine, and Don Rickles. A bid to promote one comedian draws 20,000 fans – until someone has the temerity to pipe up and remind folks that Rodney Dangerfield isn’t up to hosting SNL. On account he died in 2004. • Larry King’s 25th anniversary season on CNN threat-

Hearts skip a beat in the nation’s capital and beyond, Wall Street stocks plummet, and TV networks prepare to interrupt regular programming when the above wire service report goes out, initially minus its entire text. Reuters quickly realizes its mistake, then re-sends the story: The White House has announced that the President and Mrs. Obama will split up during their upcoming visit to New Zealand, and while he holds meetings with leaders, she will visit a school. Amid a nation still reeling from the Al and Tipper Gore shocker, White House correspondents suddenly learn the need to be more careful when submitting stories with the term split up in them. Reuters blames their faulty transmission on electromagnetic interference from that Icelandic volcano, Eyjayackity-schmackity. OCTOBER: • Laura Bush (whose memoirs are already finished and published) gets called into her husband’s study for the umpteenth time in as many weeks to admonish Dubya (who’s still working on the manuscript of his) not to use white-out on the computer screen whenever he makes a mistake. • Bill McCollum, who still hasn’t retreated one inch on his adamant opposition to permitting Florida gay couples to adopt, does concede during a gubernatorial debate that he would gladly reconsider the matter if “the clouds were to open up and some heavenly apparition, symbol, or sign were to issue forth and pronounce this in no uncertain terms to be the will of the Lord.” Two days later, during a campaign stop in Palatka, the clouds open up and a lightning bolt strikes Bill McCollum on his noggin. Thus, Alex Sink becomes Florida’s next guv by default. (It’s both funny and sad, but – as political pundits later point out – a lightning strike was about the only way she had any chance of winning.) • The incredibly, ever-shrinking Miami Herald opts to save money by closing its Tallahassee bureau and syndicating the reports of a ten-year-old writer for the Weekly Reader.

pledge to kick the Haitians out, confiscate the Miccosukee tribal lands, tear down all abortion clinics, re-segregate the public schools, reinstate child labor and the 14-hour workday, banish labor unions, impose mandatory school prayer; drop out of the U.N., the World Bank, the World Cup, and every other international organization with a global-sounding name; make everyone swear a loyalty oath, oh, and fly the flag from their front porch and wear a flag lapel pin. Rubio pisses the Partiers off when he suggests the flag idea is going a wee bit too far. • Reality show star-sisters Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian unveil a less-glamorous, less-social-butterfly sibling that no one even knew they had: Konnie. On her debut episode, Konnie makes the cardinal sin of suggesting the trio head to the Miami International Book Fair one night for a lecture and book-signing by guest author Edna Buchanan. Konnie never appears on the show again. • O. J. Simpson, rotting away in a Nevada prison cell, decides to hawk a new book idea: If I Broke Out of Prison (Not That I Would, But Here’s How I Would Do It). • Sarah Ferguson, in yet another half-cocked scheme to make cold, quick cash, is caught (again) on videotape trying to drum up interest from a tabloid reporter in the royals. This time it’s a “Royals Gone Wild” series of videos. One of the highlights Fergie promises: The queen in her skivvies. • Retired White House reporter Helen Thomas, in a teary-eyed TV confessional to fellow octogenarian journalist Barbara Walters, blames her “the Jews should all go home” comment on breathing in too much dust from that Icelandic volcano, Eyja-yickity-yak-don’t-talk-back. • President Obama sends two aides scurrying to the floor – and scares another one enough to cause him to wet his pants – when, in a rare burst of emotion, his calm, cool, and collected demeanor cracks and he FINALLY displays some temper: “I wanna know who neglected to inform me that Paula Abdul left American Idol?”

DECEMBER: • The Nobel Peace Prize, on Dec. 10, is awarded to Heidi Montag. Nah. I just felt like throwing that one in there. Bet it’s the only time you’ll ever see Nobel and Heidi Montag mentioned in the same sentence. • Dec. 16’s issue of the Miami New Times sports El Tirano Cubano in a Santa Claus suit. • Lady Gaga announces that she’s dropping the Lady and will now be known as simply Gaga.

AUGUST: • A Palm Beach Post article reveals that half of Alex Sink’s time on the campaign trail is spent just trying to get people who have no clue who she is to recognize her (“I’m Alex’ve heard of me, right? ALEX SINK?”), or to recognize what office she currently holds, or to recognize that she’s even running for governor, or

ens to come to an abrupt end when hot studio lights temporarily K-O the King and he keels over on-set. His suspenders, however, remain in their upright position. Larry later blames noxious fumes from that Icelandic volcano, Eyja-whatchamacallit. • The White House has announced that the President and Mrs. Obama will split up

Page 8 • Thursday, July 1, 2010 • SunPost Weekly •

But he’s no average ten-year-old, the Herald offers up. He’s a savant! NOVEMBER: • Charlie Crist is elected to the Senate. Lots of grumpy, angry, discombobulated Tea Party wingnuts opt to stay home by the droves and not turn out to vote for their favorite son, Marco “Why, isn’t he cute?” Rubio – after Rubio commits the tactical faux pas of refusing to

• In a bit of one upsmanship, the Icelandic volcano announces that instead of Eyjafjallajökull, it now prefers to be called ‘Kull. • The year-end issue of the Miami New Times boasts their perennial favorite cover model blowing a New Year’s party favor horn under the banner, WILL THIS BE THE YEAR I FINALLY CROAK? Of course, privately, the editors hope not – they figure they can squeeze more covers out of him in 2011 with the ones they’ve got on the drawing board.

Politics COLUMN

Battle Royale By Jeffrey Bradley

“We believe that the public space needs to adequately accommodate pedestrians, bicyclists and autos — in that order of priority!” —Flamingo Park Neighborhood Association

sidewalk is simply the biggest imposture since Genghis Khan. They should be sharing it about as much as a shark should be sharing your pool. Euclid is an unsafe, ugly avenue. Those double-

Here’s how: parking. That’s the real enemy, and Euclid has 18 feet of it, almost half the roadway. Bike lanes would account for less than a quarter of the road, with parking. Here’s the crux—wider sidewalks and more green space are surely desirable… but add that from the parking, not take it away from a bike lane. Strange that a neighborhood that takes so much pride in its commitment to walking and bicycling should create this kind of stir over so easy a call. Misplaced effort like this can lead to project delay, or even derailment. And the underground work must be completed by end of year to claim the federal reimbursement. BTW, do you know who “wins” the most with bicycle lanes in the roadway? Motorists! That’s because the more people riding bicycles means the less people driving cars. So for those who keep driving, traf-


MIAMI BEACH Miami Beach City Hall Miss Yip Davids Cafe Books & Books Score Panfiore SB Finest Carwash Uncle Sam’s Music Manolo Normandy Gym


Back in the day when we lived there, we waged war in concert with these FPNA “Fighting Flamingos” to move causes like the 63rd Street Flyover and Baylink forward. And all of it done in bringing forth the New Urbanism of preservation, streetscaping and streetcars to enhance the pedestrian paradigm. So imagine our surprise when we found them closing ranks over putting down bicycle lanes on Euclid Avenue! Apparently afraid that adding a 5ft bicycle lane will create a streetscape that more closely resembles 16th Street than models Meridian, FPNA “favor[s] a bicycle route with bikes and autos sharing the roadway.” So, if we’re all agreed on a plan that “creates a better, cleaner, greener, safer, more pedestrian-oriented Euclid Avenue”, then where’s the beef? In the fine print, Gertrude: bikes and autos sharing the roadway. That means if you’re a Rring-rring, I am the Merry Mailman-type bicycle rider who doesn’t mind occasionally using the sidewalk then everything’s better than houses, but if you’re actually getting around on one—call it alternative transportation—than it’s bicycle lanes you want, because calling a street a “Bike Route” means nothing. Instead, it’s lanes, visible lanes that proclaim, ‘This is where I ride.’ And any flapdoodle about bikes “sharing” the

wide travel lanes—17ft each—absent the bike lanes make it a speedway rivaling Alton. From 5th Street to Lincoln Road it’s a straight shot that you can launch a car down like a JDAM missile. Residential, with few signals or trees, it’s the ultimate autocentric wet dream, shimmering like Alabama blacktop, beckoning speed. Actually, Euclid is par excellence for trafficcalming in the form of a bike lane, and so designated by the publicly-vetted Master Plan approved by the City Commission a lustrum ago (hardly some “lastminute” deal). With stimulus funding, improvements are suddenly available for the stormwater system under the street—and everything above it, too. Unfortunately, neighbors not wanting to reconstruct a 70ft roadway with dedicated bicycle lanes (as called for in that Master Plan) display terminal NIMBYism by making the bike lane the enemy. How is it that advocates who fought tooth and nail to better their lot through historic preservation and consider themselves, rightly, as urban apostles suddenly balk at bicycle lanes?

fic flows better. Oddly enough! “We believe that the public space needs to adequately accommodate pedestrians, bicyclists and autos — in that order of priority!” The best way to “accommodate” them is by helping to put bicycle lanes down all over the City that don’t suddenly end in traffic or worse. It assuredly is not by putting up Bike Route signs, then wishing them Good Luck! while they’re out there “sharing the road”. Snafus like these could be kept to a minimum if the administration would restore the Bicycle Coordinator position to the upcoming year’s budget. Cut several years ago, the position needs to be expanded to include pedestrian concerns and public transit— three mobility areas of particular need, especially as millions of dollars of unspent grant money are at risk because no one person is coordinating the City’s efforts to promote active and public transportation.

Andiamo Balans Magnum Bagels & Co Ascot Outoor Furniture A&A village treasures Design District Post Office Miami Shores Library Nroth Miami Post Office Stembridge Furniture


SHMEAR CAMPAIGN S1.25 Million Emergency Marketing Budget Approved to Proclaim Miami Oil Free and Tourist Friendly Written by John Hood

Photograph by Alissa Christine

Thank the Franklin Eddy. In 10, 20, even 100 years there a good chance that folks in South Florida will look back on the devastating tragedy that was the BP Oil Spill and find that the Franklin Eddy was the one thing that kept hope alive. See it is the Franklin Eddy that has thus far prevented the millions upon millions of gallons of crude that’s been bubbling up outta Deepwater Canyon from making its way down through the Keys and around to the Atlantic. In other words, it’s the only thing between us and a tar-ball beach. Let me explain: According to the experts, there’s a massive loop current in the Gulf that travels through the Florida Straits south of the Dry Tortugas, below the rest of the Florida Keys and then snakes north up the Atlantic Coast and becomes the Gulf Stream. A couple weeks ago the loop grew so large that a bend broke off and formed the Franklin Eddy. Named after Benjamin Franklin himself, this atypical event has cut off the flow of crude and is in effect acting as a sort of natural barrier. It’s almost as if the earth has responded to the carnage and is doing everything in its power to contain the destruction. A North Carolina expert named Rick Luettich, who is director of UNC’s Institute for Marine Sciences in Morehead City and UNC’s Center for the Study of Natural Hazards and Disasters in Chapel Hill, was almost giddy with glee when he was questioned by Drew C. Wilson of the Jacksonville (NC) Daily News. “You couldn’t ask for a better situation from the perspective of the East Coast,” he said, “because were the eddy not sitting there, there would be oil coming around Florida by now.” Luettich also said “this current situation could last for a few months or perhaps a few years.” “To some extent our fate is tied up with the fate of this eddy,” he added. “The longer it sits there in place and blocks the oil, the better off we are.” Seconding Luettich’s glee is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), who, due to the decreased threat to the Florida Keys, have just suspended production of the Transocean/BP offshore oil spill trajectory maps. Furthermore, says a report posted on The Monroe County Tourist Development Council’s website, “there are no advisories recommending against travel to the Florida Keys or any other precautions advising visitors and residents not to engage in fishing, diving, swimming or other water sports, according to the Monroe County Health Department. Seafood from immediate Florida Keys waters is safe to eat, officials said.” “NOAA has closed a significant portion of the Gulf of Mexico to recreational and commercial fishing. [But] the closest point of the closure to the Keys remains about 200 miles to the west of Key West.” Unfortunately not everyone is the world is getting that message about the Keys, and there’s been a significant drop in tourism since the April 20th blowout. And while the losses are nowhere near as catastrophic as those suffered in the Panhandle, they’re enough to have officials in Miami worried about the world’s perception of our sacred stretch of sand as well. To that end the Greater Miami Convention and Visitor’s Bureau has just been awarded $1.25 million in emergency marketing funds from Governor Charlie Crist and the State Division of Emergency Management “to assist the destination in correcting misperceptions among po-


tential visitors about the effects of the Gulf oil spill.” “Dispelling these perceptions is critical,” reads the announcement, released earlier this week, “since tourism is Miami-Dade’s number one industry.” Perhaps the GMCVB is taking a page from New Orleans, who has

launched its own $5 million campaign to dispel any rumors that crude is making its way to the Big Easy. Unlike Miami however, New Orleans is using BP money. And if the additional $75 million our Crescent City friends are seeking from the company is any indication, they’ve just gotten started making BP pay. And rightfully so. Texas Congressman Joe Barton’s comments to the contrary, the $20 billion Obama made BP put in escrow is not some kinda “Chicago shakedown;” it’s just good common sense. And with any luck it’ll be but a down payment on recompense to come. As everyone knows, Louisiana – and New Orleans in particular – has had it tough since Katrina. And the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe is a terrible blow to region just when it’s getting back on its feet. Louisianans are understandably up in arms, as are folks from Texas, Mississippi and the Panhandle. But Gulf States residents aren’t the only ones fed-up with America’s continuing reliance on fossil fuels, and last Saturday there was a massive show of solidarity that reached right around the country and indicated that maybe, just maybe, there’s something other than Deepwater on our horizon. Yes, we mean, Hands Across the Sand, the nationwide call to action spearheaded by the Surfrider Foundaton. The idea came from Dave Rauschkolb, a Northwest Florida Surfrider member who was miffed by “efforts by the Florida Legislature and the US Congress to lift the ban on oil drilling in the near and off shores of Florida.” In response Rauschkolb founded

“I literally screamed when I first saw all those people down there joining hands,” said Christine, “It was one of the most touching moments I’ve ever experienced.”

Page 12 • Thursday, July 1, 2010 • SunPost Weekly •

Hands Across the Sand, and back on Saturday, February 13, his plan went into action. “Thousands of Floridians representing 60 towns and cities and over 90 beaches joined hands to protest the efforts” ran the on-site statement. “[And] Florida’s Hands Across The Sand event was the largest gathering in the history of Florida united against oil drilling. Thousands joined hands from Jacksonville to Miami Beach and Key West to Pensacola Beach, each against oil drilling in Florida’s waters.” This of course was months before BP blew its Deepwater top. But once they had, Rauschkolb and his fellow Surfriders, in conjunction with the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, ECOMB, 1Sky, the Urban Paradise Guild and Environment Florida, decided to go national. The results surpassed even that. According to reports “events took place in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and 30 other countries.” And Mike Gibaldi, chairman of the Surfrider Foundation’s Miami chapter, says he’s knows personally that Americans weren’t the only ones showing solidarity last Saturday. “I received clips from people everywhere from India to New Zealand before I even started getting things in gear on Miami Beach,” Gibaldi told SunPost Weekly, “So there was a definite international component to this.” Miami lensgirl Alissa Christine was in the air over the Hands and she was ecstatic over what she witnessed. “I literally screamed when I first saw all those people down there joining hands,” she told us, a trace of awe still in her voice four days after the fact. “It was one of the most touching moments I’ve ever experienced.” Even a cursory visit to the Hands Across the Sand site will show a unanimous concurrence from everyone in attendance, no matter where they drew their line in the sand. What’s less clear is if anyone from BP was anywhere near any one of the thousands upon thousands of folks who turned out to protest the behemoth’s bad actions. And if they did show up, whether or not they got the message as intended: BP, clean up your mess and go home.

About the Cover Atlanta-based artist Greg Mike, whose “Popstars and Cokeheads” is currently showing at Wynwood’s Butter Gallery, was in the studio a couple weeks back talking about boycotting BP. “A friend of mine said a boycott wouldn’t do anything to affect the company,” said Mike, “so I decided to speak out in the best way I knew how – with my art.” The result: “Thanks BP!” An oil-slicked version of his trademark Loud Mouth image giving the finger to bad guys. After plastering the poster (above) all over the ATL, Mike posted it on his site for all to freely download and plaster all over their town as well. For your copy go to • SunPost Weekly • Thursday, July 1, 2010 • Page 13



Page 14 • Thursday, July 1, 2010 • SunPost Weekly •


July 1


DANCE Tap Dogs Having performed in 330 cities worldwide, Tap Dogs dances its way into Miami for a ten-day run. Tap Dogs is a fast and fabulous theater-dance spectacle that combines the strength and power of hunky workmen with the precision and speed of the world’s most thrilling tap dancers. $40-50. Ziff Ballet Opera House, 1300 Biscayne Blvd., Miami. For info:

July 1

ART It’s not a Doll, It’s an Action Figure It’s Not a Doll, It’s an Action Figure features artwork and photography inspired by, or using, action figures. Not to be confused with dolls, the subjects of Bear and Bird Gallery’s latest exhibit are on display doing what they do best: saving, destroying and living lives of high adventure. Guest curator Anna Pants assembled a diverse group of 14 international artists to participate in the show. Featuring the artwork of: Allan Innman; A.Pants; Charles Howell; Dave MacDowell; JJ Harrison; Lora Zombie; Mike Stimpson; N! Satterfield; Nate Wragg; Oscar E. Alonso; Ruel Brown; Timmy K. Kramp; Vesa Lehtimäki; Vince Dudzinski and more. Bear and Bird Gallery, 4566 N University Dr; Fort Lauderdale. For info:

July 2

FILM Yno’ Nite


Consistently ranked among the greatest films ever made, Buster Keaton’s The General is so brilliantly conceived and executed that it continues to inspire awe and laughter with every viewing. Rejected by the Confederate army as unfit and taken for a coward by his beloved Annabelle Lee, young Johnnie Gray sets out to single-handedly win the war with the help of his cherished locomotive. What follows is, without exaggeration, probably the most cleverly choreographed comedy ever recorded on celluloid. 7pm. Free. Wolfsonian Museum, 1001 Washington Ave., Miami Beach. For Info: or 305.535.2680.


July 2

July 2

MUSIC Nobody’s Daughter When Courtney Love took the newest configuration of her band Hole to SXSW, she received pretty mixed reviews. But now, the group has been getting a chance to win over skeptics by playing a series of dates behind its latest album, Nobody’s Daughter. (That might just be possible, given how the album is actually… not bad.) Hole will playing on South Beach for a one- night-only live show. 9pm. Fillmore Miami Beach, 1700 Washington Ave Miami Beach. For info:

July 2

MUSIC Konrad Black Get set for an evening of crazy dancing to some electro-techno-hip-house when Dj’s Konrad Black and Rich Medina take over the Electric Pickle. Sounds fun! House DJ Tomas starts the fun. 10pm. 2826 N Miami Avenue, Wynwood Arts District, Miami. For info: 305-456-561 or RIGHT & BELOW: THE ARTWORK OF GREG MIKE

MUSIC Tangoman Jorge Heilpern, Emmy award winning singer-songwriter and guitarist and violinist Allison Irvine will play a crossover of tango, jazz, milonga, rumba, bolero, reggae an world beat at Moonchine Asian Bistro. 9pm. No cover. Moonchine Asian Bistro, 7100 Biscayne Blvd., miami. For info: 305-759-3999.

July 3

THEATRE Lucie Arnaz A walk down memory lane with Lucie Arnaz as she celebrates her father’s extraordinary musical legacy and the major role he played in planting the first seeds of the Latin music explosion in this country. She is the creator, producer and director of Babalu, a new musical tribute to Desi Arnaz. She will tell us how she came to create Babalu and share stories of her extraordinary family and their impact on popular American culture. Books & Books Coral Gables, 265 Aragon Ave., Coral Gables. For info:

July 3

ART Popstars and Cokeheads This is a must see! The fabulously graphic artwork of Atlanta artist Greg Mike is featured in a one-man show at Butter gallery. Mike uses soda cans to graphically paint everything from pop cultural icons to freaks and drug addicts. His work is vibrant, funky and very, very cool. Through July 31. Butter Gallery, 2303 NW 2nd Ave; Miami. For info: • SunPost Weekly • Thursday, July 1, 2010 • Page 15



July 3

July 7

Celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Florida and it’s first inhabitants, the Miccosukee Indians. This festival is packed with fun like gator wrestling, airboat rides, a fashion show, amazing crafts and jewelry as well as music and dancing. Just to shake things up a bit, KC and the Sunshine Band and El Gran Combo will perform. Heat dancers, Dolphin Cheerleaders, Dolphin players, Lousaka Polite and Vontae Davis will make appearances. Or, you could just gamble. Miccosukee Resort, 500 SW 177th Ave; West Dade. For info:

Kicking off Out of the Tropics performing arts festival is a lecture or better yet a panel discussion focusing on stepping beyond stereotypes. Performance artist Taylor Mac, Teatro El Público founder Carlos Diaz, festival director Robert Rosenberg and writer Sara Felder will all be heard. This should be lively and fun! 7pm. Free. Shore Club, 1901 Collins Ave; Miami Beach. For info:

FESTIVAL Miccosukee Freedom Festival

LECTURE Queer Culture, Global Culture

July 8

FILM Flickin’ Summer

July 6

The Flickin’ Summer movie series features four classic dance movies followed by an onstage dance party with DJ Pauer spinning retro classics. This year’s Flickin’ Summer lineup opens with Dirty Dancing starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray. 7pm. Happy hour starts at 6pm. features reduced drink prices. Dance party follows immediately following each flick. $10. For info 305372-0925 or

MUSIC Aventura Catch a concert or two with Dominican Kings of Bachata, Aventura when they croon their way through a medley of songs from their latest album, The Last. $75-$150. 8pm. Hard Rock Live, 1 Seminole Way; Hollywood. For info:

July 7

BOOKS Without a Paddle As far as Warren Richey knew, his life was on course. A reporter with a wife and son. Then his marriage falls apart and the divorce leaves Richey questioning everything, while struggling to find a way forward. To get his bearings, he enters the first Ultimate Florida Challenge, an all-out twelve-hundred-mile kayak race around Florida. That sets a grueling, twenty-four-hour-a-day pace through shark-, alligator-, and even python-infested waters. Meet the author. 8pm. Free. Books & Books, 265 Aragon Ave., Coral Gables. For info:

July 7

FILM Reassemblage


Presented in conjunction with the exhibition Claire Fontaine: Economies is a screening of the film, Reassemblage. Directed by Trinh T. Minh-ha, the film focuses on rural Senegalese women and their everyday life. This is the second film in a series of three films from Fontaine’s moving-image toolbox. 7pm. Free wth museum admission of $10. Museum of Contemporary Art, 770 NE 125th St; North Miami. For info:

July 7

MUSIC Sarazino Catch a little world music when Sarazino comes to Bardot for a wild sound fest that only Lamine Fellah and his band mates can produce. 11pm. Free. Bardot, 3456 N Miami Ave; Miami. For info: Page 16 • Thursday, July 1, 2010 • SunPost Weekly •



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Miami Shores

NE 2nd Avenue between 96 & 98 Street

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Community Building By Ruben Rosario ( ing to give merchants of death a taste of their own Like minded people seek each other out. medicine just doesn’t have the same urgency. Whether we’re talking about political leanings or Micmacs features a few inspired sight gags a common hobby, the way a shared worldview and a clever sound mix, but in emphasizing techbrings people together creates an irresistible nique over substance, the film recalls the Coen hook for two of this week’s new releases. brothers at their most artificial. File this mildly Take the junkyard dealers in Micmacs, the diverting war-game silliness under Storyboard latest from Amélie auteur Jean Pierre Jeunet. Led Overkill. by the big-hearted Mama Chow (played with inGreg Letiecq is not an arms dealer, but his candescent glee by Yolande Moreau, who, in rhetoric sure acts like a weapon. The president Séraphine, gave the best performance I saw in of the Virginia-based advocacy group Help Save 2009), these high-spirited scavengers have creManassas is the most fascinating figure in Annabel ated a living environment in which they flaunt the Park and Eric Byler’s absorbing documentary talents that have marginalized them from society 9500 Liberty, which chronicles the 2007 resoluat large. There’s a lot of comedic potential in the tion passed by Prince Williams County’s Board of hijinks of characters like Buster (Jeunet regular Supervisors that predated Arizona’s “show me Dominique Pinon), a human cannonball; Elastic your papers” law in requiring police officers to Girl (Julie Ferrier), whose ability to twist her body stop anyone they suspect of being an undoculike a pretzel comes in handy; and Tiny Pete mented immigrant. “We own this county. We’re (Michel Crémadès), an artist who gives anthrogoing to take it back,” Letiecq asserts. The rightpomorphic life to pieces of scrap metal. wing blogger fuels the residents’ fear with false Sadly, under Jeunet’s airless, headache-inclaims, like, for instance, when he says the town ducing direction, this motley crew remains an asis being invaded by Zapatistas. Must be all those sortment of types. They’re bit players in the story Che Guevara posters hanging from the windows. of Bazil (Joyeux Noël’s Dany Boon), a hapless The film’s title refers to the address of Riman-child who lost his father to a land mine in cardo Juarez, a Mexican American construction the Moroccan desert and who, in a freak accident, worker who put up lengthy messages on a billwas shot in the head outside the video store where board outside his home, at one time even quoting he worked. Trying to make ends meet as a street Martin Luther King, to counter the hostility tomime, he meets Placard (Jean-Pierre Marielle), wards the county’s Latino population. Park, a Koan ex-con guillotine survivor (!) who takes him rean-born immigrant, and Byler, a Chinese in and makes him part of the gang. Oliver Twist American filmmaker (as well as Park’s this ain’t. boyfriend), began this project by uploading clips Rather than focus on the interaction between of events they filmed on You Tube as they were these characters, Jeunet limits his focus to Bazil’s happening, and part of the finished product exquest to get back at the two weapons manufacplores the role they played in raising awareness turers behind his misfortunes. (As contrived twists about this myopic piece of legislation. The filmof fate would have it, their heavily guarded headquarters face each other.) What follows is a series of elaborate set MICMACS pieces, as Bazil enlists his offbeat cronies to turn the arms dealers against each other. Some of these sequences are well crafted, but unlike Jeunet’s previous films, I got the feeling there’s not much at stake here. There’s little of Amélie Poulain’s wide-eyed attempts to bring happiness to others, or of Mathilde’s obsessive search for her missing boyfriend during World War I in A Very Long Engagement. TryPage 18 • Thursday, July 1, 2010 • SunPost Weekly •


makers are also effective at showing how the blogosphere helped turn the cities of Manassas and Manassas Park into ground zero for the debate on immigration reform. 9500 Liberty is at its strongest when it shows the residents’ affecting town hall testimony from both sides of the issue. (One of the bill’s supporters has the temerity to blame illegal aliens for 9/11; one of the opponents alleges her husband was pulled over by police twice in less than three months.) Park and Byler’s reliance on look-atour-children imagery takes the movie into agitprop territory at certain moments, but, even though we know where they stand, a compelling portrait of a community divided ultimately emerges. The economic downturn the county experienced after the bill passed (it had the highest mortgage foreclosure rate in the region) was partly due, the movie suggests, to the implementation of the resolution, which went into effect in March 2008 but was later repealed. 9500 Liberty flows like a tightly structured news exposé. In depicting the emotional wreckage caused by this “immigration resolution,” it captures the mood of a nation, one whose identity is in a constant state of flux. Micmacs is now playing at the Regal South Beach Cinemas; for showtimes go to 9500 Liberty screens this weekend at the Bill Cosford Cinema; for showtimes go to It’s a documentary weekend at the Bill Cosford Cinema: Joan Rivers – A Piece of Work, the fabulous documentary I reviewed in last week’s column, will also screen.

And the Jaguar Rocks On By Marguerite Gil ( You’re a budding artist. You want to record the things around you but it’s only about 650 AD (give or take 1000 years) and art supplies are limited. So being resourceful, you use whatever you can find in your neighborhood, which in this case happens to be the mountains and the rainforest. No problem, there’s plenty of clay under your feet and oxides are readily available if you like to grind minerals up. Mesoamerica clearly demonstrated their presence in the pre-Columbian world, with their extensive ceramic wares, sacred glyphs, art and architectural styles throughout ancient cities. Pyramids from the regions of central and southern Mexico to Guatemala, Honduras and even further south, exhibit characteristic elements that can be seen in the present exhibition at the Lowe Art Museum entitled: Jaguar’s Spots: Ancient Mesoamerican Art. The Lowe’s summer show is any archeologist’s, (as well as most of the rest of us), dream vacation place. This comprehensive exhibition includes a selection of 175 objects from the permanent collection, many of which have never been displayed before. The show covers ancient cultures with pieces from the Olmec, Maya, and Aztec areas spanning a period of over 2000 years. The jaguar is a powerful solitary feline predator found in the New World tropics. They are nocturnal, and were often used as muses for many civilizations through Central America and South America. Today they are considered the large-spotted, elusive cats that are endangered, poorly understood and understudied, but for ancient cultures of the area they were an important part of the folklore. Jaguars were venerated and depicted in many of their artistic creations. The Olmec and Maya people produced striking images of this fierce and beautiful creature on their clay works as well as on their stone pyramids. The admiration for Jaguars was most likely not inspired by fear based on actual attacks, but rather on a mutual respect that scientists think characterizes the interactions of humans and jaguars throughout the region. Artists have long been inspired by these amazing animals, which are apparent on many of the finely decorated pottery pieces that are on display at the museum until October 31, 2010. Lowe Art Museum, 1301 Stanford Drive, CG. For info:





Solitary Men Lee Child, David Levien and the Phenomenon of the Walk Alone By John Hood Blame Michael Connelly. For it is certainly he who first made a modern day cottage industry out of the phenomenon of the walk alone. No, he didn’t do it first (that’s a whole ‘nother essay). But he did do it bigger and badder and stronger. In fact, since 1992’s The Black Echo Connelly’s Harry Bosch has come to epitomize the type – so much so that it can now be considered an archetype. And his strong, stoic and, for all intents and purposes, solitary man has paved the way for a new cast of hero, one who need rely on no one but himself. Two of the most vivid in this unbreakable mold are Lee Child’s Jack Reacher and David Levien’s Frank Behr. It’s not that either are Bosch-like replicas, mind you – far from it. But each consists of many of the same characteristics that make Connelly’s creation so deliciously indelible. Both have physical strength approaching the superhuman, especially when riled. Both are fluent if somewhat reluctant fighters. Both have the innate instincts of the hunter. And both are decidedly men apart from their chosen professions – Reacher from an elite branch of the military, and Behr from the Indianapolis PD. Most importantly both go it alone, come what may; and it is there where they become the singular men that they are – uncompromising and uncompromised. Of the two, Lee Child’s Jack Reacher has been around the longest. Reacher made his debut in Child’s first book, Killing Floor (1997). And over the past 13 years he’s led the way in a total of 14 different novels, each of which has pushed him beyond mere mortal limits and taken him all over this crime-ridden country of ours. Reacher’s latest drive-by is called 61 Hours (Delacorte $28), and it finds our solitary man stranded in by far the bleakest landscape yet; namely Bolton, South Dakota, a speck on the map where the temperature averages in the mid-double-digits below zero all winter long and fun involves avoiding the 100+ member biker clan that lives on a retired air force base just outside of town. Like many 21st century American backwaters that have fallen on hard times, Bolton’s sold its soul to the criminal-industrial complex, and now counts not one but three prisons in its grip. As many meager metropolises have come to learn however, institutions aren’t quite the gift horses they first appear to be, and the Bolton PD has had to make some very ugly compromises in order to secure a questionable largesse. Compromises, of course, are meant to be exploited. And when one of the head bikers gets pinched for the meth everyone knows the gang is peddling but has thus far been unable to prove, the diminutive head of the entire enterprise – a Mexican maniac named Plato – institutes a series of ass-covering moves that fully exploits everything and everyone in sight. As always I won’t spoil the story, but I will say that the face-

off between the pint-sized sociopath Plato and the 6’5” 220+ lbs Reacher is one of pulp fiction’s finer moments, and a most entertainingly lethal tete-a-tete . That Child – like Connelly – has managed to keep his honor-bound character so compelling after all of these tall tales only makes the accomplishment that much more distinct. One need not begin at the beginning to get Reacher. But since it’s there: why not go in for the whole she-bang? Ditto with David Levien’s Frank Behr, who in only his second appearance has already proven himself to be something of a contender to the walk alone throne. This take is titled Where the Dead Lay (Anchor $7.99), and like its predecessor, City of the Sun, it finds our noble hero dredging the depths of an Indianapolis no tourist bureau would ever want mentioned, let alone explored in such gruesome detail. Not that Indianapolis ever really had much to worry about, tourist-wise. And if even a fraction of the bad guys in this book are running around in this town, they may as well kiss goodbye the whole idea. But for the crime-minded reader, Levien is just the kinda ticket you want in hand; if, that is, you’re idea of a city visit revolves around bloody back alleys and body-filled marshes. Levien, who’s written the scripts for everything from Rounders and Knockaround Guys to Oceans 13, has most recently co-directed (with Brian Koppelman) Solitary Man, so it seems he’s ditching the ensemble piece and is now dead set on putting his mind and his talent to the phenomenon of the walk alone. Like Bosch, and Reacher, Behr is a big, bruising and brooding soul, who possesses an unwavering sense of right and wrong, and is unafraid to do whatever it takes to realize his objective. And like both of the aforementioned, Behr carries the burden of the story on his broad shoulders alone. Is it a heavy burden? You betcha. It’s also bloody and unbowed. And none of these solitary men would want it any other way.


A Special Moment in Time

Brown’s May Not Be the First Inn By Seth H. Bramson ( The “conventional wisdom” dealing with Miami Beach’s history has, for almost the entire history of the city, held that the first hotel on Miami Beach was Brown’s, on south Ocean Drive. The only problem with that “c w” may be that the U. S. Lifesaving Service’s Biscayne House of Refuge, located at approximately today’s 72nd Street and Collins Avenue, and which first opened in 1876 as one of several entities placed approximately 20 to 25 miles apart along the lower Florida east coast for the purpose or rescuing shipwrecked sailors, may have been, beginning with the arrival of Captain William Fulford as its keeper in 1890, the first building to serve as an inn or hospitality venue on Miami Beach. Fulford, who had captained vessels operating along Florida’s coast beginning in the late 1880s, was intrigued with the area that would someday become Miami and as he traveled the sea lanes he eventually picked a site where he would establish his homestead, a place that would be known first as Fulford and, later, as North Miami Beach, but that part of the story will be saved for another telling. The captain, with his wife, took over a ramshackle, run down building in 1890 and little by little began rehabbing it, buying new furniture, replacing rotting wood, repairing stairs and fixtures and generally making it a comfortable spot for visitors, the story being told in its entirety in From Farms and Fields to the Future: The Incredible History of North Miami Beach. While the Biscayne House of Refuge was first established, as noted above, in 1876 to help shipwrecked sailors and castaways, it became progressively less important in fulfilling that function as ships and navigational devices improved. According to one account, the Fulfords, gracious and genial as they were, and always warmly welcoming visitors eventually had so many patrons at the House that it must be concluded that at least some of them paid for the privilege of being the Fulford’s guests. That same account goes on to state that, with three rooms and a kitchen on the main floor and a huge dormitory-type room under the upstairs sloping ceiling, there were a surprisingly large number of applications for room and board for short-term visitors, some of whom were turned away due to lack of space. Utilizing fresh fruits and vegetables on their dining table (which were gathered from their farm, which was located on the mainland side and was part of the requisite for property improvement necessary to prove the homestead claim that the captain had made on the tract which he planned to purchase from the government in what is today’s North Miami Beach) the House of Refuge developed a reputation for fine and high quality board to go with its sometimes-available rooms. With the revelation of these facts, it might be reasonable and justifiably argued that, in addition to being the Lifesaving Service’s outpost on the lower east coast of Florida, the Biscayne House of Refuge was, even before the now-famous-in-Miami Beach-history Brown’s Hotel was built, that hotel’s predecessor as the first hostelry on what would eventually become one of the world’s most renowned winter resorts. Today, the site of the House of Refuge is memorialized by and with a large bronze marker which is between 72nd and 73rd Streets on the east side of Collins Avenue. The Lifesaving Service became part of the Coast Guard while the property, now known as North Shore Park, extending from the ocean to the canal just west of Dickens Avenue between 72nd and 73rd Streets was traded by the Coast Guard to the City of Miami Beach, the city giving the Guard the then-underwater property which was developed by that branch of the service to become today’s Miami Beach Coast Guard station, located on the south side of the east end of the MacArthur Causeway. • SunPost Weekly • Thursday, July 1, 2010 • Page 19

The 411

Michael Shore and Estelle



Stars Shine Bright This Summer By Mary Jo Almeida-Shore Rande Gerber & Cindy Crawford at W Ft. Lauderdale anniversary party

Photos by Mary Jo Almeida-Shore

Summer’s been anything but slow this year, thanks to bashes such as the ING Amigos For Kids Celebrity Domino tournament, the W Fort Lauderdale one year anniversary party and DJ Irie’s starstudded weekend to benefit Big Brothers and Big Sisters, which had local and national VIPs and celebs enduring the sweltering weather and schlepping all over town and across county lines. More hot fun in the summertime is coming our way courtesy of Alonzo Mourning and Dwyane Wade, who are hosting their annual Summer Groove in the coming weeks and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, in mid July, which gets bigger every year. Giving folks an added reason to wake up early, skip the gym and stay indoors is the FIFA World Cup, providing much needed business to local restaurants and bars. For a whole line-up of FIFA party places, check out this month’s Go! columns at Cindy Taylor and John Yanopoulos at W Ft. Lauderdale anniversary party

ESTELLE HEADLINES W HOTEL’S ANNIVERSARY BASH W Fort Lauderdale celebrated its one year anniversary on Wednesday with a private bash hosted by W Fort Lauderdale developer and CEO of DYL Group John Yanopoulos, super model Cindy Crawford and her dashing husband, nightlife impresario Rande Gerber. The party was sponsored by Grey Goose vodka. Lucky guests were treated to a musical performance by Grammy Award-winning recording artist Estelle, made famous by her charttopping collaboration with rapper Kanye West, titled American Boy. Estelle showed off her charismatic personality, inviting the audience to sing along for most of the performance of the all-too-

Mary Jo Shore and Jackie Nespral at W Ft. Lauderdale

Page 20 • Thursday, July 1, 2010 • SunPost Weekly •

familiar song in the hotel’s swank Living Room. She also sang One Love, which worked everyone into a frenzy. Before Estelle took the stage, Yonopoulos welcomed guests and gave a champagne toast alongside model, Cindy Taylor. Up-and-coming R&B/Hip-Hop artist Casely got the crowd dancing by singing several songs, before Estelle took over. After the concerts, Dennis Rodman, seemingly inspired by the musical acts (or tequila) took to the stage to sing along to the music being played by the DJ. He was particularly effusive during the dance mix of Be Somebody by Kings of Leon. To view Estelle’s concert in its entirety, visit:

DJ IRIE! Miami’s own DJ Irie hosted an action- packed weekend, starting Friday with an exclusive cocktail reception in The Crown Royal Black Lounge at Plunge at the Gansevoort South, hosted by Victoria’s Secret model, Selita Ebanks, and kick-off event at LIV nightclub followed by a celebrity golf tournament that took place on Saturday afternoon at the Miami Beach Golf Course. Proceeds raised throughout the weekend benefited Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Greater Miami. Famous attendees over the weekend included: Luke Wilson, Joey Fatone, Wesley Jonathan, Luther Campbell, Jason Taylor, Chris Bosh, Udonis Haslem, Mike SimsWalker, James Posey, Jonathan Vilma, Sam Madison, John Denney, Lawrence Timmons, Steven Tulloch, Keith Askins, Bill Lindsay, Mike James, Akin Ayodele, and Larry English.

DJ Irie

Joey Fatone and Jeremy Spund golfing at Irie Weekend

Luke Wilson at Irie Weekend

Udonis Haslem with Max and Rocco Shore

DOMINOS, CELEBS, DANCING Nearly 2, 000 guests stormed Jungle Island last Saturday for the ING Miami Celebrity Domino Night- the only domino tournament we know of where dancing takes precedence over the actual dominos, with attendees taking breaks from the tourney to dance to favorite songs performed by Miami’s most popular high-energy Latin fusion band, Kukaramakara. The evening featured celebrity domino players, local flavors and dinner-by-the-bite provided by a slew of prominent restaurants- giving guests all the more reason to hit the dance floor to work off the billion extra calories. This year’s fundraiser was another astounding success for Amigos For Kids, marking ING’s sixth year as the event’s title sponsor, and featuring Barcadi USA as a first-time presenting sponsor. Performances by R&B funk group, The Valerie Tyson Band, added to the musical stylings of the event’s headliner, Kukaramakara, making this party the most Latin fun this side of the Ricky Ricardo’s Tropicana.

DJ Irie with Big Brothers and Big Sisters kids

DJ Irie with Stephen Gamson

CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS: Last Thursday, Marysol Patton from Bravo’s yet-to-be-named, Miami-based reality show and Real Housewife of OC star, Gretchen Rossi with boyfriend serial housewife dater, Slade Smiley, were seen having dinner at Zuma. On Saturday, Grammy award winning Producer Emilio Estefan, Grammy award winner Natalia Jimenez from the group La Quinta Estacion and Lili Estefan also dined at Zuma. Also at the restaurant that night: Dancing With The Stars winner Helio Castroneves and artist Romero Britto. Argentinean model and Telemundo and E! Latinoamérica star Candela Ferro and longtime beau Mexican actor Khotan Fernández were spotted at newly opened La Fee Verte, a tease, burlesque and absinthe club in North Beach. The couple and friends were seen enjoying the club’s burlesque shows while sipping on cocktails. Ferro and Khotan remained mostly below the radar throughout the entire evening and did not leave the VIP area. Celebrities in attendance included: Barbara Bermudo, Ana Maria Canseco, Candela Ferro, Julian Gil, Pamela Silva-Conde, Marisa Del Portillo and many others. Marysol Patton, Slade Smiley, Gretchen Rossi • SunPost Weekly • Thursday, July 1, 2010 • Page 21


Carlucho and Enrique Santos at Amigos For Kids Domino Night

Amigos for Kids Board at their Domino event at Jungle Island

Pamela Silva-Conde, Jorge Plasencia and Luly Valls

Dancers at Jungle Island

Jorge Plasencia, Luis Abarca, Rosa Maria Plasencia

Melissa Marty and Cynthia Olavarias

Page 22 • Thursday, July 1, 2010 • SunPost Weekly •

Christian Karavias and Aloma Marquez

Michael Calabrese and Carlos Navarro

John Whitehead and Mary Gamarra


Fun on the Fourth

4 to 8 pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 am to 6 pm. The new “Chef Bites” section of the happy hour menu includes mini versions of a number of the restaurant’s signature dinner items including the Colorado Lamb Chop, Braised Short Rib and the Peppered Filet Medallion. The Grill on the Alley has also introduced several new handcrafted cocktails to its happy hour menu for only $9. Highlights include the Raspberri Tart, Frozen Summer Peach and The Grill 75. The Grill is located at 19501 Biscayne Boulevard, with an entrance on the south side of Aventura Mall. For more information, call 305.466.7195 or visit

A SWANK FOURTH By Mary Jo Almeida-Shore

VINYL & KAI IS “FENOM-ENAL” To continue the World Cup frenzy well into mid July, Fenom Modern Absinthe has teamed up with Miami local hotspot Vinyl & Kai for awesome drink specials during every game and complimentary samplings during select games. Fenom Modern Absinthe shots cost $5 and specialty cocktails cost $8. They will be serving the Fenom Fizz, which is a mix of Fenom Modern Absinthe, lemon juice, simple syrup and Perrier. On Friday, July 2, Vinyl and Kai , along with the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, will be hosting Coffee with the President. Coffee talk is scheduled from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. so make sure to arrive early. For all you Facebookies, Vinyl and Kai is also offering 50% off their entire menu all day for fans who RSVP on their Facebook “First Fridays” event page. For more information go to

CHILLING AND GRILLING ON THE ALLEY The Grill on the Alley has revamped its already spectacular happy hour just in time for the summer season with new menu items and cocktails. Happy Hour at The Grill is available Monday – Friday from

InterContinental Miami hosts an Independence Day to remember! Gather the family and celebrate the 4th of July with an All-American BBQ equipped with all of the delicious holiday classics: hamburgers, hotdogs, corn on the cob, barbeque chicken and even warm apple pie. Guests will also enjoy refreshing hand-crafted cocktails while watching fireworks amid the panoramic views of Biscayne Bay. The 4th of July festivities will begin at 6 pm and continue into the evening’s fireworks display. InterContinental Miami is located at 100 Chopin Plaza. The fun costs $28 for adults, $14 for kids (12 and under). Call to reserve your space: 305.372.4431.

PUTTING THE RED, IN RED, WHITE AND BLUE... Join Red The Steakhouse for a lavish rooftop BBQ, celebrating the 4th in style. Make your reservations now for a prime spot on South Beach to indulge in the patriotic festivities. Sample the menu of beef kabobs, baby back ribs, grilled skewers of citrus-chile marinated gulf shrimp and more. Satiate your thirst with fresh sangria and specialty cocktails and feel All-American with classic sides like grilled corn on the cob and Yukon gold potato salad. End the night with a bang with jaw dropping views of the firework displays all up and down Miami - a view you can’t get anywhere other than Red’s rooftop. For more information or reservations call 305.534.3688 or visit

Watch the World Cup Game from 7am onwards at these well-known, popular spots around Miami. • SunPost Weekly • Thursday, July 1, 2010 • Page 23





The Color of Love

Being Me Smoke-Free

By Dr. Sonjia Kenya

ARE YOU FREE TO LOVE ANYONE YOU WANT? Our country celebrates 234 years of freedom and independence this weekend, but are Americans really free to love whomever they desire, regardless of race, religion, culture, and gender? This wasn’t the case on the first Independence Day in 1776 when interracial marriage was illegal and gay marriage was inconceivable. Back in the day, anti-miscegenation laws banned Whites from living with, marrying, or having sex with non-Whites, including Blacks, Native Americans, and Asians. To make sure the minorities didn’t mingle too much, Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Louisiana created extra laws to prohibit Blacks from hooking up with anyone unless they were directly from Africa. Quite an ironic, brainless concept considering that humans of all colors originated in Africa. (Yes, George Bush, it’s true.) Not too long ago, it was still a felony to get caught with someone who wasn’t the same race! In fact, I was born to my White mother and Black father just 6 years after interracial marriage was legalized. As Mom recalls, my father was detained by authorities when they were returning to the U.S. from their honeymoon in Mexico. They were separated and questioned while officers searched for unrelated reasons to arrest my father. That was over 30 years ago but not much has changed in some parts of the U.S. In 2009, Keith Bardwell, a justice of the peace in Louisiana refused to officiate a marriage between an interracial couple. And we all know about the struggle same-sex couples are experiencing trying to gain the legal right to marry. To determine whether Miamians will be celebrating their freedom to love this fourth of July, I queried locals with experience in interracial relationships. “I think you’re free to be with whoever you want,” said the 34 year old female half of an interracial couple. She continued, “In Miami no one cares, and if they do, we don’t feel it. If anything, it’s harder dealing with your family, not society. I’m sure our families would’ve been happier if we would’ve brought

home someone of the same race. No one said anything directly to us, but you get the feeling and you just know.” “Well there’s different types of freedom – social and legal” professed a 61 year-old mother of an interracial child. You can feel comfortable being with whomever you want in certain places. The social environment in San Francisco accepts everyone and certain parts of Miami do as well. But when something is not legally endorsed, it gives people the opportunity to demonize it and those radical conservatives try to distort the law to do just that. They take one little shred of outdated law and twist it to limit others’ freedom, forcing their critical, close-minded perspective on society.” Tell us how you really feel. At a backyard BBQ in the Shores, a 43 year-old Black attorney formerly engaged to a German woman also discussed how the law influences social freedom. “Unless the law clearly states that something is legal, certain people in society will refuse to accept specific relationships, such as same-sex marriage. Those against it will refer to the law, saying something like, ‘The people have spoken and you are less than us. Therefore you are not allowed to marry.’ Therefore the law must be in place to ensure everyone has the freedom to love whom they choose.” In reality, interracial marriage was occurring in different States throughout the country years before federal law intervened and the same trend is happening with samesex marriage. While the Feds haven’t outright accepted Gay marriage yet, same-sex couples can get legally hitched in five States across the U.S., including Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. The latter four states are part of the original 13 colonies, birthplace of this great country and home to our founding fathers who drafted the constitution. If same-sex marriage is already legal in these states, you only have to reflect on our recent history to understand that federal law will follow suit within our lifetime to protect the marital rights of gay couples. The military, our largest federal organization, is already en route to abolish the ‘don’t

Page 24 • Thursday, July 1, 2010 • SunPost Weekly •

By Jennifer Fragoso (

ask-don’t tell’ policy. Before you know it, same-sex soldiers from Iraq will be featured in the wedding section of the NY Times. We’re almost there, but not yet. The Pew Research Center conducted a study that found almost 15% of newlyweds in 2008 married outside their race which is more than double the rate since the 1980’s. About half of all Jewish people marry nonJews. Gay marriage is no different and will continue to grow as more states recognize the union. Despite all the growth of interracial marriage, most Americans still choose to marry a partner of the same race. According to the 2000 Census, more that 90% of Whites married Whites and more than 90% of Blacks married Blacks. Over 80% of Spanish married with their own race and about 90% of Asian men married Asian women. Interestingly, just 78% of Asian women married Asian men and almost 20% married White men. Native Americans are just as likely to marry a White person as they are another Native American. About one-quarter of Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders marry Whites but more than half of the population still marries someone of the same race. What does all this mean? Love doesn’t understand laws. It’s like a firecracker and explodes sometimes, without regard to who’s watching or approving. Pheromones light up like fire from chemical attraction, resembling fireworks on the Fourth of July. Love sparkles in every color, glitters like gold, and dazzles your soul like stars lifting you to the sky. Laws are straight forward rules intended to guide society’s normal behavior but love is an exception to rationale rules. Love is emotion –bright and free. It is not obedient to any law because when it comes to love, nothing is black and white.

Name: Jennifer Fragoso Age: 38 Years smoking: 23 SMOKE FREE: 17 Weeks

WEEK 18: NOW IT IS ALL ABOUT RESOLVE Re·solve v - 1. vti to come to or cause somebody to come to a firm decision about something. Over eighteen weeks ago I made a decision to quit smoking. I knew it would be hard crossing the treacherous terrain of addiction and yet here I stand in the land of sobriety. Little old me and my friend resolve have come a long way together. From the depths of despair to the comfort of our convictions we stand together as one in defiance of our long time foe. Wearing our badge of courage over our battle scarred body at parties, on the streets and at our favorite watering holes. Breathing in second hand smoke in disgust and wishing others would hear the call to arms we once heard. They say it takes a village to raise a child. If that is so then it will take more effort on the part of state and local government to bring Florida into the fold of the nonsmoker. In the interim my resolve and I will stand at the forefront of this battle in solidarity. Wavering to no one until we are truly heard. Definition provided by Encarta® World English Dictionary © 1999 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.

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