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JANUARY 30, 2011





Actress Veena Malik makes revelations about her career


Newly appointed Governor Punjab Sardar Latif Khosa shares his political vision


Get close and personal with popular singer Jawad Ahmed



Spears becomes second artist in the 22 Britney Billboard Hot 100’s 52-year history to debut multiple songs at No. 1


Gyllenhaal talks about the appeal of 24 Jake appearing in Love & Other Drugs







of Sufism by four talented 42 Impressions artistes


read book ‘History of invasions of 46 Athemust Indus Valley and their aftermath’


54 Weekly astrological forecasts

Checks are back on the run26 Flashback. ways and all over the fashion circuit. watchable superhero satire – The 30 AGreen Hornet Saman Arif presents her label 32 Designer Nayna’s timeless classics


38 Explore the powerhouse of vitamin C




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56 Meet style icon Nabila

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Another interesting issue of Sunday Plus is in your hands. There is no let up in exciting new stories and interviews. Newly appointed Governor Punjab Sardar Latif Khan Khosa in an exclusive interview shares his political vision and how he intends to bury the politics of hatred. Actress Veena Malik reveals the true story behind her Big Boss adventure. Get close and personal with popular artiste Jawad Ahmed. Meet striking Nabila who gave makeovers to all the celebrities in our showbiz. Designer Saman Arif presents her label Nayna’s timeless classics on our style pages. Style geeks get in for a fashion flashback. Explore the return of checks on the fashion scene. And don’t forget to see our section ‘Picks of the week’ for best buys ranging from the trendiest brands to the most delicious palate to a la mode popular gateways. Awaiting your feedback. Stay with us every week to enjoy the all new look Sunday Plus.

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By Emanuel Sarfraz

People in Pakistan watched reality show for the first time. They thought it was real. It was just an entertainment show. Parts of it were scripted and there were tasks assigned to us in the show. There was 24-hour surveillance and only one hour edited for viewers was shown to keep the television’s rating points (TRP) high. There was nothing more to it. My conscious is clear. I have done nothing wrong.


Actress Veena Malik stated this in an exclusive interview with Sunday Plus at her residence in DHA, Lahore. Veena’s participation in the Indian reality show ‘Big Boss’ created a storm back home. She was highly criticised for her casual and indecent actions. A section of people called her way of dressing and her intimate relationship with Ashmit Patel particularly as offensive for a Pakistani lady. She returned quietly to her home in Islamabad but her critics have stormed her with severe criti-

10 SUNDAY PLUS January 30, 2011

January 30, 2011 SUNDAY PLUS 20


cisms. Even some of her colleagues of the Pakistan film industry turned against her calling her blight on the country. Veena said when she signed the 24-page contract of participating in the show she knew about the format that she would be under surveillance 24 hours. “My father is an army man. My brother, sisters and mom all knew what I was going into. They supported me and are still standing along with me when these allegations of indecency have come up.” “I have earned a huge amount by participating in the show. First you get the contract money and then you get the

and would again like to go for the show. “I am an entertainer and work in showbiz. Culture is not just shalwar kameez. I have been wearing all kinds of dresses in the show including shalwar kameez. How do I dress up here? I acted natural in the reality show. Everybody talked in Hindi. I talked in Urdu and never attempted to speak Hindi. You get a beep if you act badly and that shot cannot go on air. I never got a beep,” she said. About her relationship with Ashmit the actress said he was just a friend. “I have not concealed anything. He is a thalasemia patient and I for years have been working

I have earned a huge amount by participating in the show. First you get the contract money and then you get the weekly payments as long as you stay in the house.” weekly payments as long as you stay in the house. Every week you stay on you get 10 percent increase in payment. I have earned in three months as much as what I earned here in a year,” she revealed. She did not reveal the exact amount that she earned. Rumours are that she earned Rs 20 million as contract money and Rs 500,000 per week with 10 percent increase every week. She said the contract carried a number of conditions that she could not reveal as per trust. On a query she said she was an actress 12 SUNDAY PLUS January 30, 2011

for the welfare of thalasaemia patients. This fact was the base of our friendship. “About the scenes with Ashmit people must understand that all is not natural. Many things were in script. Big Boss house is in Lonavala. It is just like Murree. What were we doing outdoors when it was cold. It was scripted. The cultural and religious values were not included in the show. If I prayed that was not included in the clippings shown because of the policy,” Veena said. About Syed Noor’s allegations that

what she did was immoral, Veena said he should first put his own house in order. “I hate these kinds of men who have double standards. He is a vulture and should mind his own business. What culture has he shown in his films? If he was a sincere and concerned person he should have called me and talked to me first. He came in a talk show seeking limelight at my expense,” Veena was of the view. On Meera’s outburst against her she said she had no issues with her. “I believe someone asked her to give statement against me,” she said. On a query about how she was able to stay so long in the Big Boss show when another Pakistani Ali Saleem could not manage to do so she said they were together nominated but she won the hearts of other participants by taking care of them. “I am a good cook and for three months I did brilliant cooking,” she said. About her future plans she said her performance in ‘Big Boss’ had won her fame and money. “I am not the same person that I was five years ago when I was even acting in low budget Punjabi films. I had four offers of films that I have refused. I will select the next project very carefully. Film is my passion but I would not rush in for something that may flop,” Veena maintained. Veena has faced controversies many times in the past. She is resolute that positive change is around the corner.


By Ashraf Mumtaz & Mubashir Hassan



Sardar Latif Khan Khosa has been appointed as Punjab Governor as a successor to Salman Taseer, who was killed on January 4 by his own security guard.

He has been consistently reviled by his critics. Recently, The Sunday Plus magazine of The Nation interviewed him at the Governor’s House. While we were waiting for him in the drawing room, Khosa appeared from his residential compartment, dressed in a tracksuit and a cap in a very casual style. Media Adviser Chaudhry Munawar Anjum was also present. The following are the excerpts: Q: You met President Zardari in Karachi and some TV channels reported quoting your son, Khurram, that you are being appointed as Punjab governor. But the notification was delayed for quite some

time because of the reservations expressed by the PML-N leadership. Will you like to share the secret now as to whether the PML-N was really opposed to your appointment as the constitutional head of the country’s biggest province? A. Absolutely wrong. Nobody expressed any reservations. In fact, all political parties welcomed my appointment. When the president called me to Karachi for a meeting, he had already indicated that I would be given the job. When the leadership takes a decision, they have their own timing to make it public. In the case of the governor’s appointment, the prime minister has to January 30, 2011 SUNDAY PLUS 13


He has been consistently reviled by his critics. Recently, The Sunday Plus magazine of The Nation interviewed him at the Governor’s House. While we were waiting for him in the drawing room, Khosa appeared from his residential compartment, dressed in a tracksuit and a cap in a very casual style. Media Adviser Chaudhry Munawar Anjum was also present. The following are the excerpts:

14 SUNDAY PLUS January 30, 2011

give his advice and then the president takes a decision. The decision is also supposed to be political to some extent as the president is also the co-chairperson of the PPP. He had had to consult the party and examine the suitability of the man. There is also no truth in reports that the prime minister was opposed to my appointment for this post. We have good family ties with the prime minister, so there is no question of any reservations being expressed by him. Q: You recently visited Raiwind and met the Sharifs. Now the president is reported to have directed you to improve ties with the PML-N leadership. What has made the PPP to change their policy towards the Sharifs? Also, shed some light on why did your predecessor Salman Taseer adopt a different approach? A: Mohtarama Benazir Bhutto had signed the Charter of Democracy with the PML-N. The purpose was to bury the politics of hatred for good, to say goodbye to victimisation and vendetta. Both the parties had also apologized to the nation for their past mistakes. In fact, it was a fresh beginning by Benazir Bhutto with those who had kept her in prison. The late PPP leader was convinced that the country could not afford to continue to pursue negative politics. The decision of the PPP to set up coalitions with other parties was motivated by its desire to promote the politics of conciliation. The exchange of hot words between Salman Taseer and the PML-N leaders was the result of some misunderstandings. No one should forget that it takes two to make a quarrel. Salman Taseer had faced some problems during the previous tenure of the PML-N. My situation is quite different. I do not have any grudges with anyone. Maybe, this is reason that I have been welcomed by all. I have been living in the neighbourhood of the Sharifs in H-Block of the Model Town, Lahore, for a long time. We know each other quite well. I also have a long association with the PPP. All this gives me hope that my tenure will be absolutely tension-free. Q: Should we assume that now the PPP and PML-N will stay together in the coalition in Punjab assembly? A: Let me share it with you that I was

very warmly received at Raiwind when I visited the Sharifs. Mian Nawaz Sharif repeatedly said during the talks that (Chief Minister) Shahbaz Sharif will come to see me as many times as I ask him too. Shahbaz Sharif was to take a dinner with me, but he has not been able to do that because he is indisposed. He will make a courtesy call on me. I have told him just today (Tuesday) that I have returned to Lahore and he can come to see me at any time of his convenience. I am also inviting the cabinet to the Governor’s House. I want to make it clear that the present setup will complete its constitutional term. Relations between the coalition partners will be quite cordial and the province and the country will witness tremendous progress. Q: In such an atmosphere of cordiality, will it be right to conclude that now the chapter of the PPP trying to form a coalition in Punjab with PML(Q) stands closed? A: Nothing is closed. If you remember I had recently met PML-Q president Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi. They had also sent a party delegation for participation in the appointing ceremony. I have very good ties with them. I am also scheduled to visit Mansoora on Thursday to hold talks with the Jamaat-i-Islami leadership. Q: Will your good ties with the PML-Q and the MQM leadership affect your ties with the PML-N? A: No. All parties want the democratic system, supremacy of the rule of law. No one wants the third or fourth force to intervene and derail the democratic process. Q: Senior Minister Raja Riaz has said time and again that the PPP ministers in the Punjab cabinet are powerless and have no role in decision-making. Will you take some initiative to change the situation? A: I had raised the issue when I met with the Sharifs at Raiwind. We’ll settle this problem through mutual talks. But let me tell you very frankly that not only PPP ministers, I have also heard that the PML-N ministers also have the same feeling of powerlessness. Q: What’s the possibility of the PML-N rejoining the federal cabinet


in the changed situation? A. The President and the Prime Minister have repeatedly asked the PML-N to rejoin the federal cabinet. They have also made similar offers to the MQM and the JUI (F). But now it is for them to take a decision. Talks between the PPP and the PML-N are going on. Ties between them are very good, and it was because of their good ties that the 18th and the 19th amendments were approved. Q: Although this is rather your personal matter, will you like to say something why various people have levelled corruption charges against you? A: My job as a lawyer is like worship. And then when I was attorney general and then minister, I took it like worship. I pray for guidance to all my rivals. I’ll not say anything against them. Q: What was the background of your statement that you made as IT minister that Rs 50 billion of the ministry are being embezzled every year? A: In fact I had written a confidential

letter to the prime minister, informing him that because of the remnants of Gen Musharraf in bureaucracy, Rs 50 expenditures made by the ministry had not been audited. Since nothing remains secret from the free media nowadays, the letter somehow came to light. I don’t like to level baseless accusations. For me, it’s a major sin. I still hold that the expenditures I had referred to should have been audited, and their report submitted to the National Assembly. I also noticed that some people who had served out their terms were still holding offices. They were charging up to Rs two million a month in salaries at a time when the country is passing through very difficult times. Q: Did the prime minister take any notice of your letter? A: I don’t know, because shortly after that I had left the ministry. Q: You said recently that there is no harm in creating new provinces on administrative grounds. Punjab is bigger than all other provinces, what do you think into how many adminis-


January 30, 2011 SUNDAY PLUS 15


trative units it should be divided into? A: This is my considered opinion that there is no harm in carving out new provinces – but this should be done in accordance with the law and the constitution. You must keep in mind that it’s not an easy task. First the provincial assembly has to pass a resolution on the subject with two-third majority and then both houses of parliament have to go for a constitutional amendment. Once this is done, another constitutional amendment is necessitated because the new province has also to be allotted seats in the Senate. In my opinion if somebody calls for new provinces, he should not be tagged as a traitor. After all, Punjab is a very big province. Other federating units have many complaints against it. If new units are created out of Punjab, there is no harm. But everything should be done according to the constitution. Q: People of South Punjab demand a Seraiki province. Since you also come from the same region, how do you see the demand? A: South Punjab is a backward region. It needs development in all areas, education and infrastructure, for example. As I said earlier, there is nothing wrong 16 SUNDAY PLUS January 30, 2011

MY JOB AS LAWYER IS LIKE WORSHIP. in creating new provinces provided everything is done according to the Constitution. Q: The country is facing energy shortages. Some people are of the view that Kalabagh Dam can steer the country out of this precarious situation. What’s your opinion of the project? A: True the country is facing electricity shortages, but solo flight by any province is not the solution. The project can be set up provided there is consensus among all provinces. Q: Is any effort being made at any level to evolve consensus? A: An attempt was made in the past when the chief ministers and revenue ministers sat together. Technical experts

also exchanged notes. However, no headway was made. I am all for new dams. I support DiamerBhasha. We’ll continue wasting our water unless we set up new dams. Q: In Punjab Assembly, as you know very well, there is a forward bloc of the PML-Q. Since you are a constitutional expert, will you like to offer your opinion on this bloc’s eligibility to vote on any issue against the policy of their parent party? A: Article 93 (D) of the Constitution deals with this issue. It prohibits defections. When somebody is elected on the ticket of a particular party on the basis of a particular manifesto, there is no justification for the legislator to go against the mandate of the electorate. A legislator should stand by his parent party. Still, if somebody has a difference of opinion with it, he should resign and get re-elected on some other party’s ticket or as an independent. The change of loyalty is unfair. The law should not be bypassed in any case. Having said that, I will also like to add that courts know better about the legality and constitutionality of such a step.


Emanuel Sarfraz

Popular singer Jawad Ahmed first captured Pakistan’s attention as a person who called attention to the transcendental existence of God through the song ‘Allah meray dil kay andar’ which most say showed a way to inner peace.

The lyrical expression that he has used to portray his inclination towards Sufism bears traces of Ghalib and Faiz who are known to have emphasised on the same values so as to eradicate all barriers that hinder the establishment of a connection with God and differentiate amongst human beings by placing them into groupings of race and class. He has many albums to his credit and when the chaotic earthquake struck in 2005 he sang at many fundraisers and supported the rebuilding process. His albums ‘Bol tujhay kya chahiye’, ‘Ucchayan majajan waali’ and ‘Jind jan sohnian’. Jawad travels the world frequently to perform his musical talents. He has also produced and composed music for a 2009 Punjabi film: Virsa. He is also accredited with the music direction of the movie ‘Moosa Khan’, which was produced and directed by Shaan. He made song ‘Deewanay’ for Kashif Mahmood’s TV drama serial. In line with this, another hit song, ‘Mehndi’ was

18 SUNDAY PLUS January 30, 2011

composed and sung by him for the drama serial ‘Mehndi’ produced by Evernew Entertainment. It gained immense popularity due to its melodious depiction of emotions using folk beat. The popularity of the song was further heightened by its video directed by Ahsan Rahim and Amna Khan, two of the country’s most talented video directors. He has been appointed by the US-Aid and the UNICEF as the ambassador of Pakistan for the eradication of polio. Another turf is a programme against illiteracy. He is currently running ten schools in the most backward and underdeveloped areas of Pakistan under the Taaleem for all Trust. Acknowledging the services of Jawad in the field of music and bringing good name to the country and impressive community services, Government of Pakistan has awarded Tamgha-i-Imtiaz.


DATE OF BIRTH: 29th September. PLACE OF BIRTH: Both my paternal and maternal families are from Lahore for many generations. FAMILY MEMBERS: My parents, Prof. Tauqeer Ahmad and Prof. Mrs. Anis Tauqeer (Late). We are three brothers and one sister. SCHOOL: Joan Macdonald School and Cathedral School. UNIVERSITY : University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore.

January 30, 2011 SUNDAY PLUS 19


T… PROJEC G IN M UPCO bum. My 4th A MS… LBU NEXT A n. … 4th, soo LLABORATION O C L NA ERNATIO ure. LF… ANY INT Yes, in near fut YOURSE T U O B ACT A NOWN F really. K N U N L AND A Not E (LOCA T IS T R EA AVOURIT TIONAL)… . The YOUR F A N ink Floyd ve P INTER d n a r re Kuma ach. I ha an, Kisho sked for 1 from e uota. s s a H i d Meh my q ce u a g but sin d 3 so exhausted n lo is … t s li entione OSITION already m OURITE COMP FAV AL Many. T MUSIC S E IN F YOUR S BEEN ION? A H T A al self. WH CREAT ery mort v y m m lly fro e, hopefu m o c o t t Ye

I was happiest when... With family or friends in ideology. My greatest fear is... None. The lowest point in my life was... When my mother died. My earliest memory is... Standing in the kitchen with my mother and the same day, playing cricket with my father and siblings in the small veranda of our house. The living person I most admire is... None. My most embarrassing experience was... Whenever I thought I could not sacrifice for others as much as I should have. 20 SUNDAY PLUS January 30, 2011

The thing I treasure most from my wardrobe is... None. My favourite designer… None. I actually am not into fashion at all. Any jeans and shirt/t shirt which fits well enough is my usual attire. The last book I read was... Reason in revolt. My fancy dress costume of choice would be... Have told u already with a possible addition of a coat. The worst thing anyone’s every said to me... Whenever somebody is ill-mannered. I would love to have dinner with... My family as I dont get enough time usually to do that.

My biggest disappointment was... None. The system all over the world is so unjust and corrupt that disappointment should be replaced with the revolutionary zeal and spirit. The closest I’ve ever come to death was... Always, as u never know. I would like to be remembered by... all, if it is possible. I would like to be remembered as... a revolutionary. The most important thing life has taught me... Equality. If they made a film of my life the actor playing me would be... Al Pacino. And the actor playing my partner would be... Dont really know. If I were prime minister I would... bring equality not only in the rights to opportunity but in the rights to benefits too. If I need to chill out I... eat, sleep or talk to close ones. The one place I want to visit before I die is... None. I love… humanity. I hate… Inequality. One thing I would change about myself would be Not getting angry. Am working on it. My favourite place to hang out is… Many places in Lahore and other parts of Pakistan and the world. The best thing about being Pakistani… U can become a revolutionary sooner than in most of the other places. One thing I would change about Pakistan is… Eradicate and eliminate inequality. In the last election I voted for… Would choose not to answer. In the next election I will vote for... Would choose not to answer. I believe in ‘real’ democracy which does not exist in this world so far.

20 SUNDAY PLUS January 30, 2011




Britney Spears becomes just the second artist in the Billboard Hot 100’s 52-year history to debut multiple songs at No. 1, as “Hold It Against Me” blasts in at the summit. She joins Mariah Carey as the only acts to arrive at No. 1 more than once. “Hold It Against Me” is the 18th song to debut at No. 1 and the first since Ke$ha’s “We R Who We R” the week of Nov. 13, 2010. Directly below “Hold It Against Me” on the Hot 100, three titles dip one notch each: Bruno Mars’ “Grenade” , Katy Perry’s “Firework” and Rihanna’s “What’s My Name?,” featuring Drake .Bruno Mars won his second solo U.K. No. 1 single on Sunday with “Grenade”, recording the highest sales total for a January release in the market for 15 years. Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” lifts 7-5, jumping Enrique Iglesias’ “Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You),” featuring Ludacris & DJ Frank E, while “We R Who We R” slides 4-7. Pink descends 5-8 with “Raise Your Glass” but claims dual Greatest Gainer/Digital and Airplay honors with Perfect”. The Black Eyed Peas’ “The Time (Dirty Bit)” and Mars’ “Just the Way You Are” round out the Hot 100 top 10, each dropping a rung to Nos. 9 and 10, respectively.



Navirah Zafar









January 30, 2011 SUNDAY PLUS 23


January 30, 2011 SUNDAY PLUS 20




Jake Gyllenhaal talks about the appeal of appearing in Love & Other Drugs, both in terms of the character he was playing and getting the chance to work with Edward Zwick.

Q: What was the main attraction of Love & Other Drugs for you? Jake Gyllenhaal: I just think there comes a time in people’s lives when they say: “Do I have real love? Do I want real love? What is real love?” When I read the script, I happened to be in a period of time where that seemed to be sort of a pertinent question, and for obvious reasons I’ve always loved movies like Jerry Maguire and Jim Brooks’ films. I feel like they’re closest to some kind of life that I’ve lived. When I read the script, I just jumped. I very rarely have a moment where I get excited and I go: “Somebody wrote this for me and they don’t know it.” But I felt that way when I read this for the first time. I was loving the character at first and then crying at the end. When he says “Sometimes your life doesn’t go the way you expect it to, and usually it doesn’t and if you follow life and not what you think it should be, then it’ll all work out in the end” somehow that just moved me to the core and I couldn’t not do it. And then also, just knowing Ed [Zwick] was at the helm was essentially the biggest thing because I have wanted to work with him over and over again. We’ve brushed paths every once in a while, and I’ve tried to get into his movies and auditioned for him many times, so it was just a lot of different things lining up. I’ve also always wanted to get naked in a movie with Anne [Hathaway] again, and I felt like this was an opportunity to help her [laughs]. Q: One of the key scenes in the movie is where Maggie asks Jamie to list four things he likes about himself. Could you do that about yourself or one another? Jake Gyllenhaal: I think it’s a testament to how much Anne and I legitimately care about each other that we could probably name four good things about each other. And 24 SUNDAY PLUS January 30, 2011

we have, because we’ve been asked that question a few times. And I actually enjoy it, because I enjoy thinking about how much I admire her and talking about it, because it’s nice and because it’s rare. We could do that, but it’s hard to say four good things. But I think both of us recognise the flaws and things that frustrate us about each other and the things we love about each other and can be honest about them. And Ed is honest with us, too. He was in there with us with everything we do. And so, it’s sort of the three of us - and he brought that out in us with each other, too. Q: Where do the film’s Jamie Randall end and the real-life Jamie begin? I know he was on set some of the time, so did you ever feel like you were playing the real person? Jake Gyllenhaal: There are so many things that are woven in from Jamie. I spent hours with Jamie - recording him, picking up his rhythms, picking up his stories and stealing from repetition in his conversation. There’s a lot of Jamie in there, and that was where I found the character. I would say there was a character that was written and his personality was pretty clear - but then when I started talking to Jamie, I would bring things to Ed and we would bring them to the two-week rehearsal before shooting started. Jamie always goes: “Really.... really?” He always told these stories and he would always grab somebody... I’d be at restaurants with him and we’d be talking and he would grab a waitress and ask her where she was from or something. I’d come back from the restroom and he’d have found out her whole life story. It’s crazy! How he does it I don’t know, but a lot of the character is from him. But there are fictional elements, too. Anne’s character, for instance, is not in the book. Q: But he proved invaluable to have around? Jake Gyllenhaal: I couldn’t get into the pharmaceutical world. I had a very tough time getting into that world and getting information from active pharmaceutical reps. My doctors recommended reps to talk to, but it was hard to get the truth out of them about what happens and what did happen during 1996 and so on. So, Jamie was really an essential part of it. A lot of people would sneak information to me on set, saying: “My brother is a drug rep and he just wanted me to give you this, but don’t tell anybody you got it from me!”


January 30, 2011 SUNDAY PLUS 25



Edward Furlong

Jay Chou

Sophia Bush


Michael Gondry

A MIX OF SLAPSTICK AND ACTION Director Michel Gondry delivers a watchable superhero satire in The Green Hornet which draws inspiration from a plethora of superhero films. This film is not good enough to spawn a franchise but is still decent enough if you go to theatres without any over-ambitious expectations. Seth Rogen co-wrote and stars in this big screen adaptation of the popular TV series and radio show that centres on a millionaire who tries to clean up the crime-filled streets. The film has few of Michel Gondry’s visual signatures. For more on the film, check out the review…

30 SUNDAY PLUS January 30, 2011


Sara Rue

Garcelle Beauvais

Edward James Olmos

Apatow with daughters Maude

Tom Green & friend

THE PLAYERS: Genre: Action comedy Director: Michel Gondry Screenwriters: Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg The Cast: Seth Rogen, Jay Chou, Christoph Waltz, Cameron Diaz, Tom Wilkinson, Edward James Olmos, David Harbour Cinematography By: John Schwartzman Original Music By: James Newton Howard

THE PLOT: The Green Hornet centres on a Britt Reid (Rogen), a party boy and heir to a publishing empire. After the sudden death of his father, he along with his new companion Kato bond over a desire to rebel and end up becoming vigilante heroes. With the help of the newspaper and Reid’s secretary Lenore (Diaz) they work their way up the crime ladder until they reach the top dog, Chudnofsky (Waltz).

THE GOOD: The Homage: There were several homages to The Green Hornet TV series in this film. I won’t tell you what or where they are because their impact would be ruined. Just take comfort in knowing that there’s more than one wink to the source material, and fans of the original will notice. Is The Green Hornet The Next Daredevil? When Daredevil opened in February of 2003, it had been fending off months of bad buzz ranging from the choice of Ben Affleck, to middling reviews to picking a director who had never helmed a big budget action comedy based on a semi known comic book property before. Sound like the case of The Green Hornet? Just like The Green Hornet, Daredevil was able to fight back against bad

buzz, open to a solid number one opening, go on to gross nearly $200M worldwide and even spawn a spin off based on Jennifer Garner’s character, Elektra. Like Daredevil, The Green Hornet was an early-mid winter action comedy based on a semi known comic book property that went on to have a somewhat solid first weekend opening.

THE SO-SO: The 3D: This 3D film was postconverted, but the process took a lot longer than most. You would assume that with that extra time, the effect would be near perfect right? Wrong. The beginning scenes start off strong and clear, but after 30 minutes in, you can notice excessive blurriness in the background and the depth of field isn’t as sharp. The Action: It’s no secret that Kato dominates all the fight scenes but the choreography used was nothing to write home about. It was standard. He doesn’t do anything that blows you away. There’s a lot of build up but never a huge pay off.

THE BAD: James Reid: Is he supposed to be loved or hated? James is Britt’s father and to be frank he is even referred to a “douche” multiple times. Who is this guy?

Britt/Lenore/Kato Triangle: The relationship between Kato and Britt goes from 0-60 in a matter of 10 minutes. If that’s not strange enough, they throw in Diaz’s character Lenore who’s sort of a love interest but not really. Their dynamic is strange, forced, and unnatural. The Casting: Everyone is wrong! Besides the obviousness of Rogen, Diaz was an odd choice to play the female sidekick, Olmos sulks the entire time he’s on screen, Wilkinson is wasted, and Waltz is completely unrecognizable as the Oscar winner he is. A lot of talent is underused.

OVERALL: The Green Hornet is a standard action comedy that has a buddy cop feel to it. At the end of the day, this adaptation wasn’t needed. It does nothing to improve upon the original. It’s just here.

RATING: 6/10

January 30, 2011 SUNDAY PLUS 31



head over heels

32 SUNDAY PLUS January 30, 2011



green preen

January 30, 2011 SUNDAY PLUS 33


FEATURE style Navirah Zafar

mauve delight

34 SUNDAY PLUS January 30, 2011



fuschia frenzy

January 30, 2011 SUNDAY PLUS 35

black swan

36 SUNDAY PLUS January 30, 2011



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HALWA: THE SWEET TREAT There are numerous types of halwas and all of them are delicious, sweet and out of this world!

Badam Halwa INGREDIENTS ● 11 cup - almonds ● 2 ½ cups - sugar ● 2 cups - ghee ● 1 pinch - kesar (saffron) METHOD 1. Soak almonds in a bowl with boiling water. 2. Remove the skins of almonds and make fine paste by grinding them in a grinder. 3. Boil sugar with one cup of water in a pan. 4. Boil till it turns into syrup. 5. Add almond paste to the boiling syrup and mix it well. 6. Make a solution of kesar powder in little water and add to the syrup. 7. Instantly mix one cup ghee. 8. As the above mixture turns paste-like, pour the remaining ghee gradually. 9. A batter like mixture will be formed after sometime. 10. Now remove it from the flame. 11. Badam halwa is ready to serve.

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Juicy, sweet and renowned for its concentration of vitamin C, they make the perfect snack and add a special tang to healthy life

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range is one of the most common and popular fruit. It is well-liked because of its easy availability all year round, dense nutrition, and it tastes good. Oranges are round citrus fruits ranging in diameter from about 2 to 3 inches, with finely texturised skins that are orange in colour. Its pulp is also orange in colour and very succulent, surrounded by its skin which can vary in thickness depending on its variety. There are oranges that are sweet, bitter and sour, so you will need to know the variety you’re buying. The sweet variety is usually more fragrant. They include Valencia, Navel and Jaffa oranges which are ideal for making juices. NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS: Oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C and flavonoids. One orange (130 grams) supplies nearly 100 percent of the recommended daily dietary intake of vitamin C. When you eat a whole orange, it provides good dietary fiber. Leave in the albedo (the white matter under the peel) as much as possible as the albedo contains the highest amount of valuable bioflavonoids and other anti-cancer agents. In addition, oranges are a good source of vitamin A, the B vitamins, amino acids, beta-carotene, pectin, potassium, folic acid, calcium, iodine, phosphorus, sodium, zinc, manganese, chlorine and iron. HEALTH BENEFITS: An orange packs over 170 different phytonutrients and more than 60 flavonoids, many of which have been shown to have anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour and blood clot inhibiting properties, as well as strong anti-oxidant effects. The combination of the high amount of anti-oxidant (vitamin C) and flavonoids in oranges makes it one of the best fruits in helping to promote optimal health. ARTERIOSCLEROSIS: Regularly consuming vitamin C retards the development of hardening of the arteries.

CANCER PREVENTION: A compound in oranges called liminoid, has been foun.d to help fight cancers of the mouth, skin, lung, breast, stomach and colon. CHOLESTEROL: The alkaloid synephrine found under the orange peel can reduce the liver’s production of cholesterol. CONSTIPATION: Even though the orange ‘tastes acidic,’ it actually has an alkaline effect in the digestive system and helps stimulate the digestive juices, relieving constipation. HEART DISEASE: A high intake of flavonoids and vitamin C has been known to halve the risk of heart diseases. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: Studies have shown that a flavonoid called hesperidin in oranges can lower high blood pressure. IMMUNE SYSTEM: The strong content of vitamin C stimulates white cells to fight infection, naturally building a good immune system. KIDNEY STONES, PREVENT: Drinking orange juice daily can significantly drop the risk of formation of calcium oxalate stones in the kidney. SKIN: The anti-oxidant in orange help protect the skin from free radical damage known to cause signs of aging. STOMACH ULCER: Consuming vitamin C rich foods helps to lower the incidence of peptic ulcers and in turn, reduce the risk of stomach cancer.

VIRAL INFECTIONS, PROTECTION AGAINST: The abundance of polyphenols have, been shown to provide protection against viral infections.


CONSUMPTION TIPS Choose oranges that are firm and heavy for their size. This indicates that they are full of juice. Lighter fruit has more skin and drier pulp indicating less juice. Oranges make good snack just peel and enjoy, especially the loose skin varieties. To extract most juice from oranges, always juice them when they are at room temperature. Vitamin C gets destroyed fast when exposed to the air, so eat up an orange quickly once cut up. Oranges can be stored at room temperature for up to two weeks or stored loosely in the refrigerator. CAUTION: Always remember to eat in moderation. Excessive consumption of any citrus juices can leach calcium from the body system, causing decay of the bones and teeth. Although we often don’t eat orange peel in significant quantity, it is good to know that citrus peels contain some oils that may interfere with the effects of vitamin A. If drinking juice caused excessive mucus build-up in your throat, you could be allergic to oranges.

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ahoris have always prided themselves in being food connoisseurs and now they have another tantalizing offering with the launch of The Forest Café, in a secluded lane off of M.M. Alam Road. The Forest Cafe is set in a tropical forest atmosphere replete with tropical animals such as giant anacondas, gorillas, crocodiles and chimpanzee’s moving about in life-like movements. The atmosphere is so real with and the soothing sound of the waterfall and crickets humming about, added to the sense of being in a tropical forest. I almost felt as if a muscular Tarzan would come flying through the foliage any minute. Once you settle into this strangely comforting atmosphere you are treated to a plethora of tastes to soothe and please any pallete. There are dishes for the discerning taste of Lahoris, that only the best can please. Behind the scenes they have ensured that the best chefs, who have had work experience at some of the best restaurants in Pakistan, are on hand to create magic on plates for you. There is a separate shisha lounge for hanging out with friends over some cappuccino and an apple-mint shisha. There is something for all tastes, adults and children alike. The best pizzas, burgers, Thai and Chinese cuisine for the well travelled clientele that has started frequenting Forest Cafe since its launch.

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By Madiha Syedain



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he canvas of a painter speaks volume of his thoughts and impressions on many subjects. Sometimes they reflect the harmony of life while in some cases depict the conflicts of a lifetime which have made our lives unbearable and intolerable. These ideas provide the viewer an opportunity to ‘think’ and ‘understand’ the realities of life which somehow get ignored in the mundane of daily activities. Such were the impressions which were gathered at a group show of paintings which was held at Minhas Art Gallery, Government College Lahore. The exhibition included the works of four talented painters Kiran Riaz, Nazish Altaf, Maria Ahsan and Marina Aftab. The theme of the paintings revolved around the concepts of Nature and Sufism. One of the most important works of this group exhibition was of Kiran Riaz. She has used water-

colours to show her love and bonding with Nature. She has taken inspiration from (The Black Stone) Hajaru-i-Aswad, stomach of a honey bee, zebra stripes etc to symbolise the circle of life. While talking to Sunday Plus Kiran Riaz stated, “Nature always creates sensation in me. I have tried to recreate that sensation into textures. As an artist, I am obsessed with my paintings which actually cause my image to prevail across the smooth texture of the ‘Vasli.’ I talk through colours and textures. My imagination helps me to blend various textures into harmonised one.” Her paintings revealed a connection between Nature and Sufism and their price ranged between Rs 20,000 to Rs 25000. Nazish Altaf’s theme revolved around, ‘medley’ done in print making. Her ‘nests’ show security, peace and identity. An art graduate from


Punjab University has used particular printing technique to show that every living being has a particular root/identity and he is incomplete and useless without his family. She stated, “I have symbolised family as ‘nest’ and different materials used to built nest, represent the individual life circle of the family member, despite of this individuality, the bond of relationship find its way to reach their roots, so as to retain identity. Thus Medley of different materials/ members results in the creation of nest/home. The costs of her painting were Rs 8000. In Latin, the word, ‘fetus’ (fetal) refers to, bringing fourth or hatching of young one. Maria Ahsan has used it as a symbol to reflect the fact that there is a beauty in depression and every individual has a will to stand and face the odds. Her water colour strokes in miniature bring ‘fetus,’ come to life and portray a positive outlook of life. According to Maria, “fetal form is the symbol of depression. I just used this form with sperms, Dandelion flowers, stem cell and pollens and anthers of a flower. I portray my country as a potentially prosper even we owe the problems, sufferings and such circum-

stances which can be considered as the worst for a nation but instead of it we remain happy and contented.” The cost of miniature (fetal) paintings was Rs 20,000. Marina Aftab’s work is very much inspired by Sufism, she has presented a series of paintings, each telling a story of Peer-eKamil (PBUH) described by Umera Ahmed in her novel. There are illustrations of moods meditating and struggling to understand God and His universe. Marina Aftab is a graduate of Punjab University and her works depict her spiritual growth as a person and as an artist. She has also participated in ‘Young Artist’ and ‘Art for life’ exhibitions held at Alhamra Art Council. “Sufism has always been a mystery for me. I always found myself deeply involved when it comes to mystical dimension of Islam. To understand and illustrate ‘Peer-e-Kamil (PBUH)’ is one of my major steps, towards it. I’ve created special mood in each illustration which is a blend of writing and my thoughts,” commented, Marina Aftab. The cost of her paintings was Rs 10,000. The exhibition was inaugurated by of Art

and Design Principal Dr Rahat Naveed Masud who appreciated the works of talent artists at Arts Department GCU. It was attended by students, teachers and art lovers from various strata of society. According to Erfan Ullah Babar, Chairman Department of Fine Arts GC, “the aim of the exhibition was to encourage the love of art among students, Minhas Art Gallery at GC have always tried to promote the new and old artists and today’s exhibition is one such example. The paintings of all the four artists are unique as they have used various mediums like graphic, watercolour, miniature to express their feelings about life and universe as a whole.” The work of Marina Aftab on Sufism remained the centre of attraction at the exhibition. Madiha Zulfiqar and Rana Ahsan students at GC University also pointed out that bold, strokes of Marina Aftab are clearly defined and expressed. The group exhibition included 31 art pieces and would remain open for two weeks.

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n exhibition of photographs was held under the aegis of Photojournalists Association, Lahore, at the Lahore Press Club. Forty seven photojournalists working in different newspapers participated in the exhibition.

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By Madiha Syedain

HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE OF INDUS VALLEY Title: History of Invasions of the Indus Valley and their Aftermath Author: Suleman Zubair Pages: 427, Price: Rs 500 Genre: History


he world has witnessed many civilizations that continue to thrive on river basins and are famous for their culture, traditions and customs. One such example of civilization is of Indus Valley which thrives on Indus River Basin and holds a nucleus of traditions in its lap. Indus civilization has a momentous place in the annals of history, radiating from its nucleus, in Mehrgarh, Mohenjodaro, Harrapa and its core Indus Basin, its expanse reached Badkhshan in the North and Khatiwar in the South. Evidence has proved that the first ever invasion took place around 8000BC, having its umbilical link with the pre-historic Mesopotamian civilization. Thus the book, ‘History of Invasions of the Indus Valley and their Aftermath’ by ‘Suleman Zubair’ provides an in depth knowledge about the innumerable invasions and incursions which took place in this prosperous land and left long lasting impacts on its people leading to the foundation of Two Nation Theory and later the establishment of Pakistan. The book also presents some interesting myths and fables which assert the dominance of certain races in specific territories and periods. The book is divided into several chapters beginning from the definition of ‘History’ meaning stories told on a grand scale covering the formulation and the destinies of communities, societies, nations and civilizations. “The first great pre-historic invasion of the Indus Valley was of Mehargarh and Moehnjodaro civilizations which, were unearthed in the 20th century AD., gave a deeper insight into the historical panorama as it then existed. Furthermore, these facts furnish a far reaching and a far ranging view of the time and space these civilizations spanned. These findings have overturned and upset many a that, was historised about the history of the Indus Valley earlier.” Moehnjodaro or the City the dead, came

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to be historised as late as the year 1921 A.D. The work on this location was started by the famous archeologist Sir John Marshal, Director General of Archaeology, British India, amongst his prominent, colleagues were Dr M.Nazim, the historian and archaeologist who later on became the first Director General of Archaeology , Government of Pakistan. History shows that it was a well planned city, houses had their own wells, drainage system was very elaborate, public swimming pool was also found in the city, pottery used by the Indus people was wheel thrown, painted red and black and people lead a simple life. The decline started when, “the Indus people were mercilessly massacred by the new Aryan invader, because they were ill armed and unprepared for an invasion. They were in fact killed to the point of being decrimated in the valley.” The second great pre-historic invasion of the Indus Valley was of Aryan people, as they are called ‘mighty and strong race,’ being one of the best stocks of human kind. This invasion began around 1700 BC and came in

conflict with Dasis (People of the Walled City) who were Samerian and had lived in the Valley for about 7000 years ago. Aryans replaced a society that was divided into various classes. “According to the Hindu historians this system came into vogue by the year 1000 B.C but within 500 years, i.e around B.C, the Zorastarian Aryans crossed over from Persia and conquered the Indus Valley. While internally through a religious upheaval, also around 500 B.C. Buddhism ousted Hinduism for a long time.” The first historical European Invasion was of Alexander the Great, who happened to be the first monarch who entered the Indus Valley when the first rays of chronicled history started diffusing the darkness in which the valley and the country beyond was enveloped. After Aryans, the Persians, and then Greeks too had their eyes set on the richness of Indus Valley. When Alexander left, Greek, Philosophy, Art and Literature were the dominant cultures of that period. The book also highlights the development of development and ascendancy of Buddhism in the Indus Valley which came into existence about 1000 BC or more. “With the second Great Aryan invasion was from Iran, Hinduism as a religion had been replaced by Zoroastrianism in the Indus basin up to the banks of Jammna during 500 B.C and remained in place as it is major religion for a period of over 200 years in the valley.” Buddhism discarded the caste system with the result that a vast majority of persons in the Indus Valley adopted this religion as it spread from Afghanistan to Central Asia, China and then up to Japan. Alexander’s sudden death led to the crumbling of his empire and became divided among his generals. The second historical Greek Invasion was destined to be ruled by his General Seleucius and his progeny. It spanned from Greece to Central


Asia. The third Western invasion was of Scythians and Parthians Persian (Iranian) Aryans. However, “the dominant religions of the Indus Valley continued to Buddhism and Zoraoastrianism.” The fourth Western Invasion began from the rule of Yuechi Kushan Persian Aryans. At the turn of fifth century AD, great changes were taking place in Europe and Asia and at that time the big powers of the time left deep impact in Indus Valley through the cycle of emergence, rise, affluence, decline and were now heading towards their fall. Arab conquest began in 712 AD with, the arrival of General Muhammad Bin Qasim. “The decisive battle for the southern Indus Valley had yet to be fought, which would for ever change the socio, economic and political scenario of the Indus Valley and even beyond into the land of Brahmavitra.” “….Muhammad Bin Qasim, the founder of Muslim rule in the Indus Valley changed its culture, history, art and architecture and above all religion was called back. Despite his young age, Qasim proved to be an excellent general and a successful administrator, he placed the lower Indus Valley i.e the regions of Sind, Baluchistan and Multan under direct rule of the Arab Caliphate in Damascus.” The first invasion of Turks (Ghaznavid) took place in 977 AD. “With historians of repute like Gibbon record that Sultan Mahmood was undoubtedly one of the greatest kings of the world. He was one of the greatest tacticians of military strategy. He had cool demeanour. He was bold, imaginative and a military genius who in a span of some thirty years expanded a small principality into a huge empire.” The second Turk invasion was of Delhi Turks (Mohammad Shahbuddin Ghori) of the Indus Valley followed by Mongol invasion in 1303 AD, Syed Dynasty in (1414-1451), Moughal invasion (1451-1712) AD. “After his death (Emperor Aurangzeb’s), the Moughal Empire perceptibly remained an imposing establishment until around the early 19th century after which it started crumbling, also mainly due to invasions against a Muslim Empire by Muslim invaders, by the virus of autonomy among the Muslim Governors and the absence of an independent civil service loyal to the Empire and not the Emperor.” The book offers details in chronological order and deals with every era in a clear manner. It offers information about Sikh religion and politics, Great Uprising of 1857, Muslim struggle beginning from Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Formation of All India Muslim League, prominent role of Quaid Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and his unified efforts to build Pakistan. The book ‘History of Invasions of the Indus Valley and their Aftermath’ is a must read for

KASAB: THE FACE OF 26/11 Author: Ron Insana Pages: 299 Price: Rs 595 Genre: Current Affairs



n 26th November 2008 ten heavily armed terrorists entered Mumbai. They headed for the city’s iconic landmarks and the mayhem they unleashed lasted nearly 60 hours. The audacious terror attacks jolted Mumbai like never before. Even as they mourned, the residents of Maximum City demanded answers. But the information they got in return—accounts of the investigation, government rhetoric, newspaper reports, television features, books and even a film—was sketchy at best. Meanwhile, the courts continued with their prosecution of Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab, the lone surviving 26/11 gunman. The broad picture available to the public is of the Pakistanbased terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba and its ringleaders such as Hafiz Muhammad Saeed and Zaki-urRehman Lakhvi training, arming and dispatching ten young men in a boat to attack India’s commercial capital. The Face of 26/11 breaks new ground by painstakingly piecing together Kasab’s terror trail. ★★★

A MODERN HISTORY OF THE ISMAILIS Author: Farhad Daftary Pages: 300 Price: Rs 3,250 Genre: History



n 26th November 2008 ten heavily armed terrorists entered Mumbai. They headed for the city’s iconic landmarks and the mayhem they unleashed lasted nearly 60 hours. The audacious terror attacks jolted Mumbai like never before. Even as they mourned, the residents of Maximum City demanded answers. But the information they got in return—accounts of the investigation, government rhetoric, newspaper reports, television features, books and even a film—was sketchy at best. Meanwhile, the courts continued with their prosecution of Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab, the lone surviving 26/11 gunman. The broad picture available to the public is of the Pakistanbased terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba and its ringleaders such as Hafiz Muhammad Saeed and Zaki-urRehman Lakhvi training, arming and dispatching ten young men in a boat to attack India’s commercial capital. The Face of 26/11 breaks new ground by painstakingly piecing together Kasab’s terror trail. ★★★

students, scholars and historians. However, it is felt that it lacked pictures and vibrancy of colours which plays an important role in attracting the readers. Secondly, it is poorly edited but still a valuable addition to a library. About the Author: Suleman Zubair is a

prominent writer who has served the Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation and headed the administrative departments of a number of large development project. He has been writing for various newspapers also.

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Tired of the ever increasing bulge! Are you trying to lose some weight without starving yourself? Then turn on your wheels to Sukh Chan wellness club for the Hour of Power that is a true full-body fitness experience. This is one of those fitness regimes that help you to tone your body with the help of personalised African trainers. Based upon a revolutionary approach to exercise, the Hour of Power class challenges your mind and body from beginning to end, helping you to develop your cardiovascular fitness in a more complete way than ever before. Rs.5000 for 12 classes



Today apart from diamonds, shoes are girls best friend and what better time than now to indulge into the retail therapy. The END OF SEASON on all bags, shoes and accessories at the nearest Charles and Keith sale has begun. The eponymous label with unique blend of innovative marketing and product concept has put Charles & Keith at the forefront of the footwear and accessories retail industry. So c’mon girls grab a pair of Charles and Keith ASAP! The sale on


We at Sunday Plus have brought a smart wish-list for all our readers that are the best buys which range from the trendiest brands to the most delicious palate to à la mode popular gateways. So get ready as we present our picks for the week. There’s something for everyone.

All you beauty aficionados, Oriflame’s Renewing Hand Scrub is an innovative deep cleansing formula that exfoliates to remove dead akin cells and conditions hands with almond shell powder and sweet almond oil simultaneously. Exfoliating your hands with a gentle scrub can help them look younger and healthier. So just use this hand scrub for a soft subtle touch. Available @ Oriflame Cosmetics, Main Boulevard, Gulberg-III @ Rs. 398/ 75ml

Charcoal is a men’s store that is situated nationwide and offers a varied range of menswear at the best prices. This classic stripped silk suit is aptly made for the modern man of today. It really is not a revolution, but rather an evolution that this suit has undergone for your perfect evening out. So all you guys look dapper in this well-fitted Charcoal suit. Available @ all Charcoal stores. January 30, 2011 SUNDAY PLUS 49


By Bishakha Khadka Kunwar

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HAIRDRESSER. ITALWAYSWILL Most of the people hide their age, but Nabila, even at 45, seems to boldly flaunt it. It is as if this style icon knows she is giving passing years a run for their money and, in a race that is cruel to many; she’s winning hands-down. Sprightly, svelte and striking, Nabila is bathed in a natural and healthy glow with the infectious enthusiasm.

The acclaimed hair expert and the path breaking stylist is known for her uncanny ability to work her pair of scissors like magic wand with a creative mind that can transform your looks completely. Her no nonsense, no fuss attitude is never in-yourface but is subtle and stylish. From giving makeovers to Babra Sharif to Wasim Akram, Nabila has an artistic eye and she means business. She has worked with top most photographers, leading fashion magazine and is the persona behind creating many eclectic looks on the runways. With a distinguished track of records and a history of creating unforgettable trends, she has been one of the pioneer hair stylists of Pakistan. Today she is a name to reckon with and is one of “the designers for the future and a “Made in Pakistan” for the world as stated by Jean Clauteaux,” Deputy Zone Director, L’Oreal Professionnel. In a candid chat with the icon, who upped the style quotient of Pakistani women, Sunday Plus discovers more than one reason why she is a true style icon and deservedly so. January 30, 2011 SUNDAY PLUS 51


Your book launch by L’Oréal Professionnel was a huge success, a lot of celebrities showed up at the event. Do you think that in the present times there is more cohesion amongst the different members of the fashion indu stry? How do you feel about all this support from the industry? Feel very touched to get such positive support and energy from a so called “catty industry”. Just goes to prove we have the sense to support the right thing! In a nutshell, how would you define your journey of 25 years (has it been easy, tough or an eventful one? I have gone against the tide most of the time but things come around if you have “conviction”. Which chapter of the book is the closest to your heart and why? “I” is my favourite because it tells my story! My work is the extension of how I feel. It is an unusual thing for stylists in Pakistan to author a book. How do you feel about this? Do you think this is the beginning of a new trend i.e. more professionals would like to account their journey to success? I hope I can inspire not just the stylists but many more to live and write a magical story. One can engage the brain and make our experience a cerebral one. 52 SUNDAY PLUS January 30, 2011

Business Unit Manager Professional Products Division L’Oréal, Sadia Shah and Nabila What are the lessons you have learnt on the way? Focus! Who is the real Nabila? What makes you go? I don’t know yet, do you? Who are your friends who have stayed by your side throughout this time? Myself. Who are your foes who have tried to pull the ladder from under you whenever possible? No one has that power. Who are your favourite models and why? None/ all. You started the salon boutique concept by introducing your swanky salon at Park Towers. How did it feel when others caught on to this trend? Imitation is flattery.

Let’s talk a bit about love now. Are you a romantic at heart? No! I am just practical. When did you realize he was your soul mate? When he made my heart smile :) If not a stylist what would it have been for you? Only Nabila. Your most dreaded make-up assignment/ personality? None! I love challenges. Your dream assignment/personality? None! I like challenges. Words of advice for our readers… THINK! What are your future plans? THINK BIG!



NABILA CHANGES The iconic journey of Nabila’s illustrious career of 25 years was recently presented in her first book, “Nabila Changes” - a literary and visual celebration of 25 years of Nabila’s journey within the Pakistani fashion and entertainment industry in collaboration with L’Oréal Professionnel Pakistan. The book is an account of Nabila’s life reflecting her pioneering spirit, her innovative nature, her ability to discover new platforms and redefine existing boundaries merging hair, fashion and beauty through her lifestyle brand, ‘Nabila’. “Nabila Changes” is segmented into seven personalized chapters which depict narrative and pictorial representation of her journey through the past 25 years of her career. Delve into the pages of her book, one sees Babra Sharif at her enigmatic best as Marilyn Monroe for “Babra-

cadabra”. This iconic posture of Babra looking straight into the camera with defiance was one of the defining moments of Nabila’s career. Her credentials come from known people all over the country coming from various fields such as entertainment, sports, fashion etc. There are many other snapshots that offer the rare glimpses into the inner worlds of many other famous personalities such as Shaan, Reema, Wasim Akram,. Hadiqa, Mahnoor, Meera, Ali Zafar to name a few. The book starts with a chapter “I” (also her favourite) showcases Nabila’s personal progression as a stylist who started with the monthly grooming at the Parsi Colony in 1980s to being one of the most luxurious stylists of the rich and the famous. This initial chapter presents Nabila with hair cropped short (the bob), minimal makeup and glowing skin. Her later photographs show long hair that reflected the lack of control she had on her finances, weight, relationships and children. Through all her emotional course, her hair as she explains was “her silent partner”. She explains that her relationships with her children, Zair, Zakir, and husband, Emu, are woven into hers and that the relationship is cyclical. Brand Ambassador of L’Oreal, she’s a reservoir of energy. Adventurous, open-minded and experimental, that’s how Nabila is. Individualism

always reflects in her styling and now it reflects in her book. From the book we come to know that success did not come overnight for her and she had her own share of ups and downs. Today, as the spokesperson of L’Oreal, she one of the key players in the fashion industry. Speaking at the launch of “Nabila Changes”, managing director L’Oréal Pakistan Musharaf Hai said, “When I think of Nabila’s professional milestones, they reflect an eye for detail, daring concepts, a penchant for risk, passion for differentiation, a supreme belief in herself… and why not! Her craft has evolved over time. Her expertise is evident from her interpretations of L’Oréal collections where she celebrates the richness of Pakistani culture. Nabila’s journey is infinite as is her quest for perfection.” Business Unit Manager Professional Products Division L’Oréal, Sadia Shah said, “We are committed to providing hairdressers in Pakistan with the best in art, technique and technology with the mission to dream, excel and succeed together. The idea to partner with cutting edge stylist Nabila and to sponsor her book presented an opportunity for L’Oréal Professionnel to project innovation and inspire fresh talent in the industry. We are proud to project Pakistani talent on the world map.”

January 30, 2011 SUNDAY PLUS 53


Dr. Zaibun Nisa








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54 SUNDAY PLUS January 30, 2011



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January 30, 2011 SUNDAY PLUS 55


By Street Walker

Visiting Lahore Radio Station may have been a pleasant, informative and educative experience for many during the past glorious days but this, unfortunately, is not the case now.


LAHORE RADIO STATION The country has several radio stations spread all over but Lahore was second after Peshawar to start broadcasting on December 16, 1937 from the YMCA Hall. From there, it had moved to a rented bungalow behind the Governor’s House which was owned by Mian Afzal Hussain. Lahore Radio Station is now 73 years old.

56 SUNDAY PLUS January 30, 2011

Lahore Radio Station is a Prohibited Area says the board which was put on the main gate many years ago as it has faded a great deal. Furthermore, prevailing circumstances have resulted in strict security for the visitors. An ordinary person, who is not a musician, singer, broadcaster or employee, cannot enter the premises

just for interest sake as to what is it all about. You have to be thoroughly searched before being allowed inside the main gate. Gone are the days when one could come across a number of familiar faces and popular ďŹ gures of writers, poets, broadcasters, musicians, singers and qawwals. It was one of


the celebrated places with coming and going and chatting somewhere on some interesting current subjects. You do not see Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Tabussum, Ashfaq Ahmad, Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi, Malik –e-Ghazal Farida Khanum, Malika-eMauseequi Roshan Ara Begum, Mustafa Ali Hamdani, Ikhlaq Ahmad Dehalvi, Azizur Rahman, Mohni Hameed, Sultan Khosat and host of others. Most of them since expired and some still breathing do not visit the Radio Station any more. For years together, Lahore Radio Station was the hub of socio-cultural and literary activities and one could see a number of well known personalities from different walks of life engaged in some broadcasting of programmes, scripting and discussions. Quite unfortunately, it is a pity that over the years Radio Pakistan has declined to such an extent, due to various reasons and factors, that no known names are associated with Lahore Radio Station like it was in the past when many popular programmes were synonymous with known personalities from different walks of life. There were times when Radio Drama used to be very popular. But now it is not even when any drama is being broadcast now. However, names of many of these could be found in the Yaad Bagh, which is located at the back of main studios building in between the Station Director’s office and the main Engineering Control Room. A visit there turns out to be quite disappointed due to lack of maintenance, state of cleanliness and lack of some sitting facilities to sit there for a while and indulge in nostalgic journey into the past when Lahore Radio Station was humming with their presence, there were many popular faces and programmes, most important one being the radio drama. All these have now become a thing of the past. This scribe remembers very well there was a good time many years back when people would switch on Lahore Radio Station in the evening on a particular week day to listen to the Radio Drama in Urdu, Punjabi languages with many familiar artists playing different assigned characters giving the listeners something to relish on. Coming back to the Yaad Bagh which is just there because it has to be there and none has bothered to improve and revamp it by putting in some more names and putting

some chairs there. The Yaad Bagh was the brain child of Station Director Syed Salim Gilani who later rose to the height to become the Director General of Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (Radio Pakistan). He has expired couple of years back and was also a known poet. Imagine the galaxy of eminent people from different walks of life who had gathered there on September 7, 1976 at the invitation of Syed Salim Gilani to plant a sapling there and interact with each other for a while. Those were surely some golden moments in the history of Lahore Radio Station which has expanded a bit more than what it was when its new double storey building was inaugurated in August 1965 by Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan. In the Yaad Bagh itself, one could see the names of greats like Ustad Fateh Ali Khan, Khwaja Khurshid Anwar, Abul Asar Hafeez Jullundhry, Baba G.A. Chishti, Munawwar Sultana, Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Tabussum, Mohni Hameed, Ikhlaq Ahmad Dehalvi, Malika-e-Ghazal Farida Khanum, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Mehdi Hassan, Ashfaq Ahmad, Muhammad Azam Chishti, Ustad Ghulam Ali Khan, Mirza Sultan Baig and Abdul Latif (popular characters of Nizam Din and Chaudhri Sahib of Punjabi programme broadcast live every evening), Inayat Hussain Bhatti, Saeen Akhtar Hussain, Master Ali Bakhsh, Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi, melody queen Nur Jehan, Ustad Salamat Ali Khan, Maleka-e-Mauseequi Roshan Ara Begum, Qari Ghulam Rassol, Ustad Talib Hussain, Ustad Shaukat Hussain, Ustad Sadiq Ali Mando, Ustad Nabi Bakhsh, Master Muhammad Sadiq Ustad Muhammad Bilawal Belgium and host Syed Salim Gilani. Saplings planted by these dignitaries from different walks of life have grown into young trees in 34 years and demand better care and attention. Names of trees are not given which could give the seldom visitor an idea about who had planted a particular sapling on that occasion. If no new names could be added there, because not many such dignitaries are alive now, then at least the outlook and appearance of the Yaad Bagh could be improved through better management and maintenance. This may add some colours to the Lahore Radio Pakistan which is fast losing its charms and attractions though it still has many tales to be told some other time.

For years together, Lahore Radio Station was the hub of sociocultural and literary activities and one could see a number of well known personalities from different walks of life engaged in some broadcasting of programmes, scripting and discussions.

January 30, 2011 SUNDAY PLUS 57




KARACHI: Bushra Aftab recently showcased fine diamond jewellery and Kundan Polki. Paying the ultimate tribute to the golden period of our history, Bushra presented an exquisite Kundan Polki collection, captivating the essence of the Mughal era, and delicate Fine Diamond jewellery, which truly expresses her own aesthetic sense of style. The event was handled by savvy PR & events.







1 Bushra Aftab 2 Mehreen Syed 3 cut & Neelo Zaki 4 Aadil & Naiel 6 Fauzia Aman 58 SUNDAY PLUS January 30, 2011

7 Faryal Jumani & Aamir Mazhar

8 Amal Ismail

5 Neelo & Jimmy Engineer & Nirma


cut & Yousaf Bashir Qureshi & cut & cut

cut & Annie Shahzad

Mehnaz Bashir

Imran Kureishi & friends

Cyra & Neshmia

Zeba & Noddy

cut & Aliya, Nargis & Nida Tapal

Asim January 30, 2011 SUNDAY PLUS 59








Marium Saqib and Kamran Sheikh hosted the New Year bash at Veranda bistro.




1 Faisal, Kashif & friend

2 Rutaba with friends 5 Guests

60 SUNDAY PLUS January 30, 2011

3 Hussna

6 Ammar Belal

4 Sundas, Imtisal with a guest

7 Carmella



Shoaib Shaffi, Shahzad Raza & Faraz Manan

Sabina, Hamza & Salma



Aleena & Raza

Mehreen with friends

Khalid & Turab

Asim with guests


Marium Saqib & Kamran Sheikh

Pat & Grace

Amber & Mishal

Mr & Mrs Shahid Nazir January 30, 2011 SUNDAY PLUS 61




ISLAMABAD: The cellular mobile Industry of Pakistan achieved 100 million subscription mark in year 2010. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority organised 100 million cellular subscription celebration event at Pakistan National Council of Arts. Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, Federal Minister Sardar Aseff Ahmed, IT & telecom industry experts and CEOs of telecom companies attended the event.







1 Syed Yousf Raza Gillani, PM of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Dr. M. Yaseen Chairman PTA 2 Hadiqa Kiyani 3 Dr. M. Saleem DG (CA) PTA with his Family 4 Mr. Aseef Ahmed Ali Federal Minster for IT & Telecom & Syed Yousf Raza gillani PM of Islamic republic of Pakistan 5 Hadiqa, Nabiha & Naveeqa 6 Mr. Walid Arshad Chairman PTCL 7 Ms. Nabiha Dr. (CPD) PTA 8 Mrs. Summera Yaseen & Mrs, Yawar Yaseen 62 SUNDAY PLUS January 30, 2011










9 From Left Dr. M. Yaseen, Nargis Sethi Secretary Cabinet, Aseef Ahmed Ali Federal Minster(IT & Telecom), Syed Yousf Raza Gillani 10 Rahat Fathe Ali 11 Frieha Altaf 12 Mr. & Mrs. Dr. Mohammad Yaseen 13 Syed Yousf Raza Gillani, Dr. M. Yaseen Chairman PTA, Abdul Rauf Chadhury Secretary Establish 14 Murtaza 15 Naveeqa & Nabiha 16 Zafar Usmani CEO Zong, Muneer Farooqi CEO Warid, John Eddy Abdullah CEO Telenor, Abdul Aziz CEO Ufone 17 Natasha, Mikal, Frieha, Shazia & her Husband 64 SUNDAY PLUS January 30, 2011

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