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Thursday 16 January 2014


West Australian, Dale Stanton, won the 25km kite surfing marathon on the final day of the 2014 Lancelin Ocean Classic. Stanton negotiated a 15-18 knot breeze from Ledge Point to be first on the beach at Lancelin in a time of 24 minutes 39 seconds, more than a minute quicker than his closest rival, Trevor Mirsky.

The scoring was so close the judges were forced to extend the final by five minutes before crowning Gordon ahead of Ryland Blakeney and Andre Carter with Andy Cooksey rounding out the top four. Conditions were less than ideal with 25 knot winds and head high sets.

Dale Stanton said: “I’m just stoked to cross that line first, it’s a hard event but it’s so much fun. It’s run really well and the whole community gets right behind it which always makes it a great event to compete at.”

Teresa Gordon, wife of Jake, made it a family affair by taking out the female event while Shannon Ducker finished runner up. The junior division was won by 13-year-old Billy Hampton from Margaret River.

Mirsky was second across the line recording a time of 25 minutes 56 seconds, while Johnno Keys rounded out the top three in 26 minutes 33 seconds.

Two times world wave champion, Philip Koster, pulled off a remarkable double forward loop to secure victory in the final of the elite Wave competition at the Lancelin Ocean Classic on the first day of competition.

Jake Gordon won the Lancelin Ocean Classic’s inaugural kite surfing wave contest. Gordon prevailed in a tight contest made up of four West Australians at Lancelin's Back Beach.

Runner up, WA’s Glenn Alexander, actually scored higher in the wave-riding component but was overcome by the 19-year-old

German's aerial brilliance that included a gutsy one-footed back loop. England’s Graham Wood took third place ousting Aussie Ben Severne in their final. Mother nature delivered some of the best conditions the tournament has seen for this year’s opening event. A 20-knot breeze combined with four to six foot waves had spectators licking their lips. The early heats saw a couple of shock results with local hero, Jaeger Stone, and another preevent favourite, Scott McKercher, both failing to progress passed the second round. The Lancelin Ocean Classic first started in 1986, the event now attracts close to 5000 visitors to Lancelin including competitors from around the world who see this events as a ‘must attend’ competition.

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The Sun City News understands the State Member for Wanneroo, Paul Miles, has made a submission to the Department of Mines and Petroleum regarding a sandstone mining venture being operated by City of Wanneroo councillor, Robert ‘Bob’ Smithson.

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We are the only locally owned and operated independent newspaper in Yanchep. We are dedicated to the belief that a strong community newspaper is essential for a strong growing community. We exist to serve residents, local community groups and businesses, and ask for their support in return.

Surely, the residents and ratepayers in the City of Wanneroo are entitled to an explanation.

The Sun City News is published every second Thursday, and live 24/7 online.

Additionally, the Sun City News understands that ‘royalty payments’ on this sandstone venture remain outstanding. It is unknown if Department of Mines and Petroleum has recommended to the Minister for Mines to impose a fine or seek forfeit of the tenement.

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Fr o m t h e e d i t o r ’ s d e s k I gave up on making ‘new year resolutions’ many years ago They are usually broken within a week or so. What I have done this year, is set some goals I’d like to achieve with the growth of the Sun City News - I would like to see the newspaper grow by at least four more pages in each issue. Ideally, I would hope to have achieved an extra eight pages per issue. In setting goals within any business, it is necessary to work out how you can achieve your desired objective.

I see two areas for the growth of the Sun City News - One is getting more local news, more local community groups contributing to the news and more local photos. To achieve this, I am asking you, your club or group to email any local news or details about your next meeting. I have started a section ‘Your Club Corner’ - This new feature allows your club or association to be listed every issue detailing your clubs meeting details, location and contact details. This feature will only work with your involvement.

To expand the Sun City News, naturally it is necessary to expand the advertiser base - I have reviewed all advertising costs and developed a number of affordable ‘Advertising Packages’ to encourage local businesses to be involved.

Additionally, the Sun City News is looking for a couple of local community projects to get involved with. If you or your group has an idea, please feel free to contact me to discuss your suggestion.

For me to achieve my 2014 goals, I need to attract more contributors balanced with additional advertisers without diminishing the quality and standard we have at the Sun City News.

Looking at 2014, I see many challenges, but I also see many opportunities. I am very proud and honoured that the community has voted the Sun City News as ‘The region’s most popular local newspaper’ for five years in a row.

For instance, we won’t increase the number of ads per page, like some newspaper do.

I hope to continue providing the local community the best local newspaper.

Council submits oval agreement At a special meeting convened by the City of Wanneroo, one week before Christmas, the council finally agreed to a Deed of Agreement for the construction of earthworks for two ovals on Lot 602’s northern portion of the eastern side of Marmion Avenue by Yanchep Beach Joint Venture (YBJV).

After emails from the developer, YBJV, and John Quigley, Member for Butler, to elected members, Cr Brett Treby proposed amendments The councillors made a number of amendments to the administration’s recommendations - The council agreed to abandon the requirement to build a Tjunction. The council also

agreed to repay interest at bank rates. Cr Treby said two issues seemed to be the last ‘road block’ to the project. “The community needs that infrastructure now,” he said. According to the council report it states the deed would be sent to YBJV on or before 20 December 2013.

It is understood that if YBJV agree to signing the deed, work would not start on the project until the Minister for Planning, John Day, has gazetted a planning policy amendment relating to the City of Wanneroo’s Developer Contribution Plan for the funding of community facilities. If it is not signed and

gazetted within 12 months of the signing of the deed, the City of Wanneroo have stated they will start looking at other options, and the agreement would lapse. According to the agenda report oval groundworks and the Marmion Avenue extension should be completed 20 weeks after gazzettal.

The agenda report also raised concerns that there was a financial risk for the City of Wanneroo because they can only claim costs directly related to the ovals from the Developer Contribution Plan, and not for any roadworks. The amended resolution was supported unanimously by all councillors.

Council changes decision on quarry In another report considered at the City of Wanneroo’s special council meeting on 17 December, the council reconsidered a development application for an extractive industry at Lot 52 Nowergup Road, Nowergup, in light of additional information received from the applicant. Lime Industries Pty Ltd’s application was originally lodged on 24 August 2011, it was not until 3 September 2012, that the applicant provided City of Wanneroo administration with the plans and reports, sufficient for advertising. Following public consultation and review of all submissions received, administration pursued additional information from the applicant on 30 January 2013.

Rather than respond to council's queries, the applicant deemed the application refused and on 19 March 2013, exercised their Appeal rights to the State Administrative Tribunal. As a result of those proceedings, SAT invited the City of Wanneroo to consider the proposal on a 'without prejudice' basis at its meeting of 23 July 2013. At that meeting, council administration recommended conditional approval of the application - The council refused the application. The applicant was aggrieved by council's refusal decision and subsequently sought to have the matter determined by SAT. As part of the proceedings, this matter was set down for

a four day full hearing, scheduled to commence on 9 December 2013. In preparing for the full hearing, the City of Wanneroo appointed solicitors and independent expert witnesses. However, in out-of-session discussions between the applicant and the City of Wanneroo’s solicitors, the applicant indicated an openness to adjourn the full hearing for council to consider a revised proposal at its December 2013 meeting. Council considered the application at its meeting on 10 December 2013, and resolved to defer consideration to a special council meeting on 17 December 2013.

To date, the City of Wanneroo has spent around $90,000 in respect of this SAT matter. Should the matter proceeded to a four day hearing, a further $120,000 in legal and expert fees was expected. After considerable decision, the council, voted 10 to three to reverse their refusal decision and approve the limestone quarry. Mayor Roberts, Crs Aitken, Cvitan, Driver, Guise, Hewer, Parker, Smithson, Truong, and Zappa voted for the approval. Crs Hayden, Newton and Treby voted against the approval. Photo: Site plan submitted to the City of Wanneroo of consideration.

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Mailbox Recently I went into my bank to make a deposit. I was both surprised and disgusted when told a charge of 50 cents per money bag was now in place.

Corner blocks seem to the preferred locations because the worm seems to try to do a 90 degree slide around the corner on the lawn area, thus doing more damage by causing ruts to appear.

As I had 14 bags, I was charged $7 to deposit my money into my bank account.

The damage done can take weeks to repair and can be quite costly.

No wonder the banks are making huge profits at our expense. Every transaction now has a fee.

What I normally do when a worm or bug like pest damages my lawn is spray with a suitable chemical at the appropriate time, thereby exterminating the pest.

Bank charges

What’s next a fee for having a bank account. I shall make sure this does not happen again. Brenda Douglas, Woodridge.

New pest discovered We would all be aware of the damage done to the well kept lawn areas in the Reef Estate. This has no doubt been caused by a new species of worm or elongated slimy lawn grub. I have recently been a victim of this same pest as has my neighbour and others in the vicinity. This worm strikes in the early hours of the morning, normally Saturday at around 4-5am. It is propelled across your lawn by spinning wheels and leaves burn marks and tyre tracks in a well kept lawn. The propulsion method used by this particular worm is a man made four wheeled vehicle.

4 n Sun City News n Thursday 16 January 2014

Unfortunately, there are only certain worms or bugs that we are permitted to rid ourselves of in this manner. I have searched the web and can find no real answer to this modern pest problem. The only answer the web gave was, nearest search result, ‘brainless object’. If you see this worm in action I ask that you note down the number on its rear end and report to the police ‘worm hooning squad’. A photo or CCTV image would be better. Senseless damage by a brainless worm is not what we need in the area. Allan Hutcheson, Two Rocks.

Endangered species In a recent edition of another community paper it was reported that the Satterley Property Group spent

$40,000 stringing lights over six Norfolk Island trees in Eden Beach Estate. No doubt this news, most likely sent out as a cheery press release to better the public image of this developer, is meant to show the northern suburbs that the festive season is upon us, it's time to celebrate right? Wrong. They make millions of dollars by destroying natural habitats and the irreplaceable breeding grounds of several endangered species. $40 grand is pocket change to them. Let's not be overawed and overly grateful for a poor lighting display on transplanted trees that were never endemic to this area and serve little use to our local species that are so rapidly declining in population. Let this letter serve us a reminder to those who have forgotten how absolutely precious our local area is, that not only do we live somewhere absolutely unique but that we are surrounded by an unique ecosystem. According to the Conservation Council of WA, we are facing the most significant extinction periods ever to be experienced. One of the named threats to our natural biodiversity? Direct habitat loss due to vegetation clearing. We need a moratorium on land clearing, we need further research by impartial environmental professionals conducted

into our threatened local species and we need to know more about sand dune migration and the risk of building so close to the ocean (take a drive down to Quinns Beach). Satterley would be better off donating that 40 grand directly to an environmental group that helps rehabilitate our endangered and vulnerable local species. Hope you and yours had a lovely Christmas and a safe New Year. Brooke Olive, Two Rocks.

Many, many thanks. I would like to take the time to thank the great staff at Two Rocks IGA. It was great to be able to dash in for those ‘panic’ buys on Christmas Day. The staff were all smiles and spreading the Christmas cheer with happiness and laughter. Oh, and no I did not need that extra chook but extremely glad that I could buy one on Christmas Day. I hope that all the staff eventually got to enjoy their Christmas Day, as we did. My thanks also to everyone else who provided a service to the community in what ever field, working on Christmas Day. Shirley Brightwell, Two Rocks.

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World tour for Tully Local artist, Angie Beck, created ‘TRYCAN Tully, the Travelling Toy’ a sock doll, at an Artist in Residence activity held by Wendy Lugg, at Capricorn House last year.

After a three year closure, the boardwalk in Guilderton was officially reopened on Christmas Eve in time for the busy summer holiday period.

Tully has acquired a passport and is off on a world tour, with visits to Hong Kong, Slovakia, Holland, Canada, USA, Germany, Spain and Siberia already booked. No doubt the tour will take in many more locations.

The boardwalk, originally constructed to convey visitors from the Guilderton estuary foreshore to the beach, was closed in November 2010 after a chunk of cliff broke and fell onto a section of the walkway. The Shire of Gingin made the decision to revisit its previous risk assessment given there had been no further rock falls, and to implement mitigation strategies to assist in reducing any exposure and to provide safe access for the community to the beach. These included the erection of 25 metres of fencing on the cliff top and several ‘Beware of Rock Fall’ signs along the length of the boardwalk.

You can follow Tully’s tour at Photo: (from left) Nishiko, Whistling Willy, Tully and Tuoedisni, in front is little Rubic. If you have a great local news article, email the news and photo to; don’t forget to include your contact details.

For the residents of Guilderton the reopening of the boardwalk was welcome news.

New premises for men’s shed Members of Gingin Men’s Shed received wonderful news in the mail on Christmas Eve - Lotterywest approved an application for funding to assist in building and fitting out a new shed and patio at Horan Street, Gingin. The site, the old St John Ambulance Centre, has been generously, jointly leased to Gingin Men’s Shed and the Chittering-Gingin Lions Club by the Shire Of Gingin.

Lotterywest approved funding of $118,000 towards the project, while the GinginLancelin Bendigo Community Banks, have approved funding up to $55,000. The Shire of Gingin has agreed to carryout the site works and preparation. With generous funding from various organisations, it ensures construction and fitout of a wonderful new shed, to the value of $185,000

Boardwalk reopens

which will allow the Gingin Men’s Shed members to move to their new premise. Since inception, the Gingin Men’s Shed have been very fortunate in being granted the use of the old Golf Club building as their headquarters. The very strong link shall remain between the Gingin Golf Club and Gingin Men’s Shed. Men's sheds are now established as part of the

Largest Australia Day ceremony

health infrastructure that supports programs to improve men's health and well being.

The City of Wanneroo will host Western Australia's largest citizenship ceremony on Australia Day, with almost 700 people from around the world becoming citizens.

Men’s Sheds started in 2006, as an organisation to support the early initiatives to establish sheds.

The new citizens, from 60 different countries, will be treated to an array of Australian entertainment and celebrations at the Wanneroo Showgrounds, starting the day with a BBQ breakfast. This year’s event will feature guest speaker Premier Colin Barnett who will also join Mayor Tracey Roberts to present the City of Wanneroo Australia Day Awards.

Men’s Sheds Australia facilitated the formation of new sheds through collating information and providing information to men’s sheds.

For details on the Yanchep Two Rocks Australia Day breakfast - See page 15.

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Mailbox Devastated

Broken promises

While my husband and I were away over the Christmas break we were broken into. We think it may have been the Friday 27 December.

Prior to the state election, Linda Aitken, as the Liberal Candidate, claimed to support the ‘Save Lake Nowergup Group’, Lake Nowergup as a precious community asset.

Among other things my husband’s guitars were stolen. Because they broke a window, one of them has cut themselves and hopefully forensics can get good DNA from this. So, if you hear of anyone trying to get rid of a variety of electric and acoustic guitars please contact the Yanchep police . We are devastated and naturally feeling very upset about this. Sharon Fiorentino, Yanchep.

Wonderful community Early Christmas morning I crashed my wife's car into a bollard in the car park of the IGA supermarket at Two Rocks. I was rendered such caring assistance that I find it difficult to adequately express my gratitude. At the time it was thought that the car was on fire and I was pulled and pushed out of the wreckage by a lovely lady from out of town and a young guy. He rang my wife on his own phone so I could assure her that I was okay. I would like to thank all the lovely people who gathered to assist and to give advise and care. I would also like to thank the lady from IGA who stayed with me at the scene from start to finish, even providing a cold drink. Thank you so very much. People can be so very, very lovely and I was fortunate enough to be attended by a wonderful group of them. Once again, thank you. Barry Clements, Yanchep.

6 n Sun City News n Thursday 16 January 2014

Now that she has been elected to Wanneroo council she has completely betrayed our local area by seconding a motion to permit limestone quarrying in the Nowergup Valley and entirely deserves the nickname ‘Limestone Linda’. Lake Nowergup is a precious regional resource which will provide recreational activities for the thousands of people moving into Butler, Alkimos and Yanchep. We all know that the Yanchep lakes are drying up and Lake Nowergup is our last freshwater lake supporting natural habitats for many animals. By failing to support her constituents ‘Limestone Linda’ has shown her Liberal colours in putting the mining industry above our community and the ecological concerns. Name and address supplied.

Frustrated I share the local community's frustration about the unfortunate timing of the closure of the Two Rocks Boat ramp. Having this much used Boat ramp closed from October through to January for maintenance is surely not just bad timing, but appears to be bad planning. The impact on the local boating and business community is significant. The Yanchep/Two Rocks area is in urgent need of more infrastructure, and so closing key assets in the peak holiday recreation and tourism season is disappointing. For some, who are opposed to the State Government's latest shark culling policy by setting

shark baits close to shore, it might be just as well. No local ramp to launch a boat to check on the drum lines! But then this policy to protect communities from shark attacks didn't extend north of Quinns Rocks anyway. One could conclude that there aren't any sharks that visit the 32km of coastline that fall within the City of Wanneroo. Given the three months closure of the boat ramp in Summer, it would appear we don't have boats either. Sabine Winton, Nowergup.

Get facts right A number of ‘letters to the editor’ received over the past couple of weeks for inclusion in the Sun City News had to be referred to our solicitors before being considered for publication. The Sun City News will not publish any letters that are defamatory, blatant missinformation or classified as being inappropriate. The Sun City News has always encouraged readers to express their opinion and views, but there is a big difference between ‘genuine letters’ and dangerously slanderous comments which could result in the writer as well as the Sun City News defending a defamation case in the Supreme Court. The Sun City News has set an easy web submission page for Readers to submit their letters: Readers’ letters will be published in each issue, as well as online. Keep your letter to about 150 words, or it could be edited to accommodate the available space. Terry Loftus, editor.

Meet Australia's future Prime Minister In the last week of Federal Parliament before Christmas, Christian Porter, the newly elected Member for Pearce, delivered his maiden speech.

reveal great fiscal imbalance, a major problem that is in dire need of reform … the [GST] system is too extreme, highly inequitable and propagates enormous inefficiency.''

Renowned Sydney Morning Herald columnist, Paul Sheehan, said: “I will be surprised if he does not become prime minister one day.” Sheenan went on to say: “As Porter delivered his maiden speech the press gallery was empty apart from myself and the duty AAP reporter. In 2009, I had attended the Perth Writers Festival and been impressed by the young attorney-general who opened the festival and had the audience laughing. “Anyone who reads his maiden speech will find the quality of the opening never flags as it moves from the personal - ''unfortunately, I inherited little of the athletic ability of my father and 100 per cent of the chicken legs'' to the political: ''The Asian convergence … is the single greatest economic event since the industrial revolution … That 60 per cent of the world's population will in our lifetime converge rapidly towards our own standard of living will have deep

implications for the entire world … Australia faces the economic opportunity of its life … ''As with all times of opportunity … too many poor decisions and our opportunities will be lost, and Australia will face a not-toogradual decline. The one certainty will be that some gentle, happy equilibrium of our national prospects will not be the order of the day …'' He is alarmed by the drift towards structural debt and deficit: ''The swift return to robust surplus is an absolutely critical, but not sufficient, condition to growing our economy … If we

are to exist and thrive with Asian tigers, we would be well advised to remain a formidable economic creature in our own right. ''One area ripe for economic reform is the federal system … The federal government is the complicated child of five state parents; it is not the product of immaculate conception, although sometimes it has thought itself infallible … It now accounts for just over half of all government expenditure, with 80 per cent of the revenue base. The states roughly account for the rest, but with only 15 per cent of the direct revenue base. These figures

By now his allotted time was coming to an end. He looked up to the public gallery, to his wife, and his voice quavered: ''Jennifer, if I were told that it were within my power to go back to the 1970s to watch Dennis Lillee bowl again at the WACA, that I could take all my friends, that Sir Isaiah Berlin and Han Solo would be special guests, and that James Reyne would do an acoustic set during the lunch break, but that … you could not attend with me, then I would not bother … Jennifer, all the good things are nothing special without you.'' With that Porter ended his speech. His wife was crying. Later, at dinner, she presented him with an inscribed compass, to help steer him home, now that he has arrived on the big stage, far from the west. A link to Christian Porter’s maiden speech can be found on the Sun City News web site -

Councillor's post labelled racist City of Wanneroo North Ward councillor, Norm Hewer, has been accused of racism after an offensive Australia Day Facebook posting was made from his personal account. The post, which depicts a picture of an Australian flag, contains the caption: "On Jan 26, my countrymen and I will be flying our natioal (sic) flag with pride. If you feel this is going to offend you please feel free to pack up your s**t and F*** OFF." The message was posted on the Carramar and Tapping Residents Association Facebook page from Councillor Norman Hewer's account, which he shares with wife, Pam. Pam Hewer later posted that the message was hers, writing "sorry, couldn't resist it". Members of the public were not convinced though, lashing out at the community representative for the ‘inappropriate’ and ‘racist’ comment. “Very inappropriate for a community page from a councillor's private page. No matter your personal view, not the nicest way to express it," one person commented. "It's also ignorant, immature and offensive . . . Wrong association for the flag, this community and Australia Day," another user said. Many users asked for the post to be taken down from the website and others encouraged residents to write to Mr Hewer's personal email account to express their disapproval. Mr Hewer was elected to council in 2009 to represent the residents of the north ward, which includes Carramar, Banksia Grove, Neerabup, Nowergup, Carabooda, Alkimos, Eglinton, Yanchep and Two Rocks. Mr Hewer could not be contacted for comment.

Thursday 16 January 2014 n Sun City News n 7

Local police kept busy over holidays Yanchep police have been kept very busy with a variety of traffic offences, local crime and several domestic violence incidents in Yanchep and Two Rocks. On Christmas Day and Boxing Day, Yanchep police attended six drunken domestic incidents; a burglary in Sandbar Street, Yanchep and a car crash at Two Rocks shopping centre. Yanchep Officer-in-charge, Sgt Jason Macander said: “It's the festive season, not the fight season.” A couple of days before Christmas day a vehicle caught fire on Two Rocks Road, police are investigating. In the first week in January, a vehicle was deliberately set-alight in the Yanchep Lagoon car park. Yanchep Police are investigating this fire. The vehicle suffered a flat battery and was left at that location unattended on Tuesday night (7th January). Department of Fire and Emergency Services attended about 11.30pm that night and located the blue Holden Commodore sedan well alight. Should anyone have information regarding the circumstances surrounding the vehicle being ignited, please contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000. Late last week, Yanchep police released a photo of a person of interest in relation to a stolen wallet offence at Yanchep Central Shopping Centre.

8 n Sun City News n Thursday 16 January 2014

Last Wednesday night, a fire sparked by an unattended candle destroyed a home in Yanchep. Firefighters were called to Brazier Road about 10.30pm, where a house was engulfed in flames. It took about 12 firefighters from Osborne Park, Yanchep, Joondalup and Butler three hours to extinguish the blaze. A Department of Fire and Emergency Services spokesman said the fire caused $150,000 damage. No one was home at the time but an ambulance was called after a woman in a nearby house complained of breathing difficulties. The woman, aged in her 40s, was treated for smoke inhalation. The Sun City News received several reports of forensic police attending a number of properties in Yanchep and Two Rocks, full details have not been released, but drugs and drug labs are suspected to be the cause of police attention. Between Friday 20 December, and Sunday 5 January, more than 18,000 West Australians were caught speeding over the festive season 4935 speeding infringement notices; 389 people were done for drink driving; 53 people were charged with drug driving; more than 400 cars were also seized and 744 people were caught not wearing seatbelts.

WA Police Commander, Alf Fordham, said it was the equivalent of checking every licenced driver in WA more than twice. “You may not have seen us, but we saw you,” he said. The operation was also an opportunity for police to use officers on unmarked motorcycles to catch people using their phones while driving. Those figures will be released at the end of the month, but Commander Fordham said the number of people putting their phone in their lap to send text messages was ‘surprisingly high’. "It is dangerous stuff and these unmarked motorbikes are proving to be a very valuable tool for us to catch them, bring the bad habit to their attention and prosecute them for it,'' he told the 6PR morning show. Those caught using their phone while driving will lose three points and be fined $250. In WA, it is also illegal to text while stationary at traffic lights. Photos - Top: Brazier Road property fire. Centre: Car fire Two Rocks Road, photo courtesy of Trevor Daley. Bottom: Photos released by WA police. Note: The Sun City News’ Facebook page regularly provides updates from Yanchep Police and the North West Metro Police District office. Join the Sun City News Facebook page to be kept informed.

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10 n Sun City News n Thursday 16 January 2014



your dreams come true

This huge family home offers not only ocean views and stunning and romantic marina views, but also an opportunity to develop an income. The home is currently used as a B&B. The owners say that they also have the ability for guests and longer term rental situation. With three bathrooms and five bedrooms plus 2 seperate living areas and a big family kitchen dining room area there is an ability for the new owner to develop a dream situation in a dream location. A long verandah looks out towards the marina and captures the cool sea breeze. Further around and towards the back of the property is the sparkling pool and outdoor entertaining area with water feature and spa.

The home is much larger than it looks from the front and people inspecting it have been pleasantly surprised. Please call Rosemarie on 0408 858 807 to book a private inspection or join us for our home open this Sunday (19 January) between 3.00pm and 4.00pm. Address: 31 Sovereign Drive, Two Rocks. Asking price: From $749,000. Agent: Ray White North Quays Shop 8, Seacrest Shopping Centre 15 Harman Road, Sorrento. Home open: Sunday 19 January, from 3.00pm and 4.00pm

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12 n Sun City News n Thursday 16 January 2014

Local Dining & Entertainment

Poker tournament filling quickly at Shop 14, Two Rocks Shopping Centre, behind the IGA Store; or call Terry on 9561 2500 or 0414 425 858. Each ticket costs $125. With a capacity field of 80 players, the prize pool will be $8000, with the top ten per cent collecting cash.

The world’s first underground Texas Hold’em Poker tournament will be played in the Yanchep Cave on Sunday 23 February. Organisers, WA Poker League, Yanchep Inn and Sun City News have

designed a world first by setting up the inaugural Yanchep Cave tournament. Tickets are being pre-sold for the event with a limit of 80 players, on a first in, gets the tickets. Tickets are available from the Sun City News office

$20 out of each ticket goes to Poker For Charity as required under WA gaming laws. The final $5.00 covers your entry fee into the Yanchep National Park to get to the tournament venue. Currently, just under 50 per cent of the tickets are already sold, the event is expected to reach the 80 player capacity, so be quick to get your tickets.

Join the tournament a be part of a world first, play a poker tournament underground. Many people play poker online, this is a unique opportunity to play a ‘live’ tournament in Yanchep. Players from the WA Poker League and the Australian Poker League have already nominated for the tournament. Yanchep Inn will be providing food and refreshments during the tournament and at the break after the first two hours of play. The Yanchep Inn has a number of accommodation packages if you would like to take the family out for the weekend. Call 9561 1001.

Celebrate Australia Day Races’ celebration - All the fun kicks off about 11.30 am with a community lunch. the afternoon entertainment includes ‘The Wannamal Cup’ and ‘Fashions on the Fields’.

Australia Day means attending ‘breakfast’ somewhere in the community. At the Phil Renkin Centre on Lisford Ave, Two Rocks, the Yanchep Two Rocks Recreation Association’s Australia Day is one of the region’s biggest events - You get a great breakfast, enjoy free entertainment and celebrate the newest members of the community to be honoured with Australia Day Awards. The breakfast starts at 8.00am with the entertain-

ment and award ceremony concluding about 12noon. At the Neergabby Grounds, the Shire of Gingin and Neergabby Community Association provide a great ‘country breakfast’ followed

by pony rides, face painting and craft activities. The morning is rounded off with the presentation of local Australia Day awards. At the Wannamal Community Centre, there is a ‘Bush

Don’t forget to send in your Australia Day celebration photos to the Sun City News with a short note about your activity. Email your photos and information to oz@suncitynews., we hope to publish a great variety of Australia Day fun and celebrations.

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Local NewsBITS Win tickets to THE MAZE

About 600 local residents attended the movie night held in Kalbarri Park, Jindowie just prior to the Christmas break. More photo online at

Join a playgroup On Thursday 13 February at Yanchep Community Centre, 7 Lagoon Drive, Yanchep, there will be a free community event and the opportunity for you to find out how you can join a playgroup. Bring the kids along for a fun filled morning of entertainment and activities, chat with playgroup leaders. This free community event starts at 9.30am to 11.30am.

Bush Races On Australia Day there is ‘Bush Races @ Wannamal’, all the fun starts at 11.30am. There will be plenty of entertainment, ‘The Wannamal Cup’ and ‘Fashions on the Fields’.

14 n Sun City News n Thursday 16 January 2014

Boat ramp The Sun City News has been advised the Two Rocks Marina boat ramp will be reopened on Monday 20 January. No further details were available at the time the Sun City News went to press.

The Sun City News has a couple of family passes to giveaway for a fun day at The Maze, Bullsbrook. For a chance to win, send a standard size envelope to Sun City News Giveaways,

PO Box 1, Two Rocks 6037, or email your name, address and phone number to: Entries close 28 January. Winners will be notified before 31 January 2014.

Diamond anniversary celebration

Capricorn Festival Pony rides, face-painting, carnival rides and more will be part of the free family fun at the Capricorn Festival on Saturday 1 February. Festival organiser, Catherine Sanders, said this year’s event was sure to be the biggest and best yet in the event’s eight-year history. Free activities include carnival rides, reptile display, pony rides, climbing wall, petting zoo and face painting. People will also be able to enjoy community and market stalls, providing a range of gifts, fresh food, local arts and crafts and produce, food vendors and on-stage entertainment. More info next issue.

Dot and John Jones celebrated their Diamond Anniversary on the 26 December, at their home in Woodridge with family and friends. A wonderful day had by all. They received congratulation letters from from the Queen, Governer-General Quentin Bryce and Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Dot and John were married in Hazelwell, Birmingham, UK, on the 26 December 1953. They migrated to Australia in 1965 with their two daughters, Mandy and Anne. Celebrating an anniversary, contact the Sun City News on 9561 2500.

Today’s women

Health, Beauty & Wellbeing

Today’s women

Health and fitness trends for 2014 The key thing about these devices is the way they are designed to link up with your mobile phone via apps.

Bodyweight training A few years ago, people turned to hi-tech gym equipment to get the most out of their workouts but this year we will be shedding prop-heavy fitness in favour of simple, effective exercise.

These apps make measuring progress easier and means people will be able to share their achievements, or failures, with friends on social media.

Your body was designed to run, jump, swim and squat, so you can keep it in perfectly good condition doing all those things.

Microsoft’s next-gen gaming console, the Xbox One, is another revolutionary way to help you break a sweat. ‘The console has made great strides in virtual technology. Studies have shown that games such as Kinect Sports Boxing can boost heart rates by 194 per cent compared to traditional, controller-held games, and the game can increase energy expenditure by 263 per cent on resting values, comparable to light cycling.

People have been using their own body weight for years as a form of resistance training and in 2014, there will be a move away from complicated classes and gimmicky equipment. It’s about working with your natural range of movement so your body can excel at doing the things it is designed to do. Most people wrongly think of bodyweight training as being limited to push-ups and pullups - It’s things like burpees, lunges, squats, crunches. Your body is your own portable home gym, so you can do it anywhere, any time.

Flexitarianism Many of us will go ‘flexitarian’ this year, according many dietician experts. Someone who follows a flexitarian diet tends to follow a vegetarian diet for most of the time but will eat meat on occasion.

These types of technology are accessible to everyone. A flexitarian might only eat meat only once a year at Christmas or they might have it a couple of times a month: there is no set rule. Maintaining nutrient levels is key, however. There is a misunderstanding that if you cut out meat, or you eat less meat, then you are healthy. If you are cutting it out, you need to make sure you replace it with other protein foods such as eggs.


Energy fuels

The health and fitness sectors will find new ways to get people engaged with exercise this year. This includes wearable technology, mobile phone apps and video games.

There has been a surge in people opting for healthy green juices last year, but in 2014, market research shows there will be a big move towards ‘functional green vegetable juices’ over caffeinated energy drinks.

For those looking to measure all facets of their lifestyle, from their calorie intake to their sleep patterns, wristbands can measure your habits and point out where you’re going wrong.

There will be a new wave of competition from natural and vegetable drinks.

Appointments call Donna on

9561 6336 or 0403 768 933 4 Foreshore Vista,Yanchep

Health & Beauty AD SPECIALS To advertise your business or services in the Health & Beauty section

Call the Sun City News on 9561 2500 for the 2014 ad specials.

Thursday 16 January 2014 n Sun City News n 15

Crossword & Diary COMMUNITY DIARY

Tuesday 21 January Shire of Gingin Council meeting, 3pm in the Council Chambers, 7 Brockman St, Gingin. All residents and ratepayers welcome.

Tuesday 21 January Crown Casino bus Phil Renkin Centre at 5.15pm, Yanchep Sports Club at 5.25pm. $15pp. Bookings 9561 5321 or 0407 992 384.

Sunday 26 January Australia Day Breakfast at Two Rocks and Neergabby - See ads in newspaper.

Sunday 26 January 6th Annual Sand Castle Competition at Ledge Point swimming beach. Starts at 9.30am. Judging at 11.15am. Presentation of prizes 12.30pm.

Sunday 26 January Bush races @ Wannamal. 11.30am until 4.00pm.

Tuesday 28 January City of Wanneroo briefing session, 6.00pm at Council Chambers, Dundebar Rd, Wanneroo. All residents and ratepayers welcome.

Tuesday 28 January Ladies Darts - Free Fun Night at Yanchep Sports Club from 7.00pm.

Saturday 1 February Capricorn Festival at Old Nursery Park, Yanchep. 1.00pm to 5.00pm.

Monday 3 February Yanchep Two Rocks Recreation monthly meeting. 7.30pm at Phil Renkin Centre. All residents welcome, come along and help develop local events for the wider community.

Tuesday 4 February City of Wanneroo council meeting, 7.00pm at Council Chambers, Dundebar Rd, Wanneroo. All residents and ratepayers welcome.

Monday 10 February First meeting for 2014 of the Yanchep Two Rocks RSL at Yanchep Sports Club, starting at 11.00am. New members made very welcome. 9561 1672.

DEADLINE for NEXT ISSUE All Community Diary, Sports Results, News Articles and Photos are required by 12noon, Saturday 25 January. Email to

SPORTS RESULTS GOLF Guilderton Sat 14 Dec - S/ford: R Prince 22, P Flavell 19, R Wheeler 18, J Bresland & G Robson 17. NTP: R Prince 3rd & 8th, P Flavell 4th. Longest drive: P Flavell 1st, M Wetherly 5th. Wed 18 Dec - S/ford: B Hicks 22, J Bresland ocb P Flavell 18, B Hardeman 17. NTP: R Wheeler 12th, R Prince 13th. Longest putt: B Johnson 17th, B Hicks 18th. Sat 21 Dec - S/ford: P Flavell 20, B Gault ocb B Wegner 19. NTP: B Hardeman 12th, B Hicks 13th. NTP in 3: P Flavell 10th, B Gault 16th. Longest putt: B Watson 11th. Sat 28 Dec - S/ford (Mulligans): T Button 25, B Gault ocb P Flavell 23, B

R YOU ub Cl rner Co 16 n Sun City News n Thursday 16 January 2014

Hardeman 21, P Fennel, B Johnson & J Bresland 20. NTP: B Gault 3rd. NTP in 2: I Street 6th. Longest drive: B Gault 1st. Longest putt: T Button 9th. Wed 8 Jan - S/ford: P Flavell 23, R Clancy 22, B Wegner, T Button & B Hardeman 20. NTP: P Flavell 3rd & 8th, J Bresland 4th. NTP in 3: T Keene 1st. Longest putt: R Clancy 9th.

SCCC Fri 13 Dec - Ladies S/ford: P Haynes 37, L NewhouseMaiden, B Tierney 31, M Glover 30. Men S/ford: R Flannery 48, D Denison, G Tait, B Bland 39m, E Morris,R Forrester, G Stevens 36. Sun City Ladies Christmas Cup - S/ford: J Lecointe 37, M Crow 36, S Comber, B Tierney 33, L Finlay, M

Glover, M Budiselik 31. Tues 17 Dec - Ladies Casino S/ford: N Ford & L Bracken 68, S Morris & M Crow 66, P Haynes & L NewhouseMaiden 63. NTP: S Comber 3rd, M Glover 8th, S Harding 13th, L Brown 16th. Fri 20 Dec - Ladies S/ford: A Mann 33, S Morris, M Budiselik, M Dickerson 29. Men S/ford: B Stoner 47, G Mc Master 42, D Sexton, A Langridge, K Staples 40, J Turner, J Handy, R Ross K Chetti 39, C Wells 38. Fri 27 Dec - Ladies S/ford: L Symons 37, L Wells 36, M Wetherly 35, P Haynes 33. Mens S/ford: J Turner, K Chetti 42, H Kerr 41, D Robinson 39, G McMaster, B McNarey, A Lamb, G Dawson, J Bryan, T Brereton, M Williams 38, R Cronwell 37.

Fri 3 Jan - Ladies S/ford: L Williams 39, L NewhouseMaiden 36, M Dickerson 34, S Morris 33, Mens S/ford: J Stevens 43, S Kerins 41, Phillip McCoy 40, O Daw 39, G Brennan 38, K Staples, G Dawson, Paul McCoy 37. Tues 7 Jan - Ladies S/ford: P Haynes 39, B Tierney 37, L Brown, L Wells 35, V Wraight 34. Fri 10 Jan - Ladies S/ford: L Wells 36, L NewhouseMaiden, A Mann 35, M Dickerson, L Bracken 31, Mens S/ford: Paul McCoy 42, P Greenacker 41, D Ryan, O Tudor 40, Phil McCoy 38, P Hodgson, G Stevens 37. ---------------------------------------

Email your sports score to ---------------------------------------

SIGN UP NOW - IT’S FREE Club Corner is strictly for not-for-profit clubs and organisations. Maximum of 40 words per entry. Entries may be altered or not accepted if entry exceeds 40 words. Contact Terry on 9561 2500, during office hours or email


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from $2750 per fortnight

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 Trip switch Fans protection TV points   TV antennas Surge protection  Hard wired  Power point smoke alarms  Lights Call Neal 9561 2237  

Tax returns & Financial Statements prepared

Individual & small - med business specialist

Suite 12/10 Reid Prom Joondalup

Tel: 9301 1520



0419 915 991
















FLASHPOINT Cooling Services Installations




Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Split systems installed & supplied 20 years experience Local Resident John 9561

5355 - 0417 176 978




Your Local Small Builder - 35 Years Exp.

Render  Internal Plastering  Dry Lining  New Ceilings  Cornice  Window Replacement  Pre Sale Makeovers 

Bath Reno’s Kitchen Reno’s  Walls Removed  FREE Quotes  FREE Advice  

Done for the right


Phone John 0424 615 059





EXPRESS HOME & OFFICE CLEANING Your Local Home & Office Cleaners  Weekly, Fortightly, Monthly or a Spring Clean  Catered to Your Needs Call Bradley & Melissa 0467 318 785

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MY Plumbing & Gas  Installation & Servicing of L.P.G. & Natural Gas Appliances  Septic & Leach Drains Installed & Unblocked  Renovations & New Housing PENSIONER DISCOUNTS

Phone/Fax: Mark (08) 9561 1080


PL 5868 GSL 007123



Professional Resumé Preparation Interview advice Career Guidance Counselling Tap the Hidden Job Market We come to you or you come to us Prompt Delivery of Pick-up


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Ceramic floor and wall tiles layed

No job to big or small Free quotes Phone Rex or Judy

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Domestic and Commercial Plumbing and Gas Installations and Servicing  Over 20 years local experience

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SAVE nearly $200 on your Double Trades & Service colour ad Conditions


18 n Sun City News n Thursday 16 January 2014



1. This offer applies to new advertisers only and can not be combined with any other offers. 2. This offer is valid until Friday 28 February 2014. 3. Placing misleading ads is an offence against the Competition and Consumer Act and the State Fair Trading Acts and all advertisements are subject to the publisher’s approval.


Sun City News Classifieds PUBLIC NOTICE



APPLICATION FOR RETROSPECTIVE PLANNING APPROVAL - EXTRACTIVE INDUSTRY (SAND & LIMESTONE) ON LOT M801 GUILDERTON ROAD, CARABAN Council is considering an Application for Retrospective Planning Approval for a proposed Extractive Industry (Sand and Limestone) on Lot M801 Guilderton Road, Caraban.


Site Plans of the proposal can be viewed on the Shire’s website – The Plan is also available for viewing at Council’s Administration Centre, 7 Brockman Street, Gingin and the Lancelin Agency Office, 255 Vins Way, Lancelin during normal Office Hours. Submissions in relation to this Proposal should be made in writing and directed to the Chief Executive Officer by 4.00pm on 6 February 2014. JEREMY EDWARDS CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Ph: (08) 9575 2211 Fax: (08) 9575 2121 Email:

Air hockey table with elec o/head score board, twin blower motor. VGC $600ono. 0409 290 315. ---------------------------------Candles - Soy, Assorted colours and sizes. $2, $4, and $5ea. Large quantities avail. Can deliver. 0429 088 016. ---------------------------------Instyler hair styling. Brand new used once. Instruction book and video $100ono. 9655 3012. ---------------------------------Samsung 7.5kg front load washing machine, 2 yrs old, exc cond. $350ono. 0408 612 620. ---------------------------------Stag horn plant - v/large. $400ono. 0408 612 620. ---------------------------------Free furniture 1 grey/velvet 3 piece lounge suite. Pine kitchen table, fair cond. 9561 1310.

FOUND Very tame parrot found just before Christmas. 0403 300 903.

ACCOMMODATION Room with own bathroom. Singles only, no pets. Quiet house. share kitchen and lounge. No extras. Two Rocks. $250pw. 0414 702 726.


GARAGE SALE Huge garage sale - 24, 25, 26 & 27 Jan. 8-6pm. Lots to sell. 66 Wandoo Rise, Redfield Park.



IRONING - Do you need your clothes ironed? Give me a call 0409 474 393.



WANTED Good, Reliable, Hard Worker for night shift situated in Gingin. Must be punctual and have good work ethic. Reliable vehicle is a must. Please forward copy of resume or contact:- (08) 9575 2166 during office hours of 6am – 2pm.


NEWSPAPER DISTRIBUTORS The Sun City News is looking for a motivated person to letterbox distribute our fortnightly publication in Two Rocks ever second Thursday. For more information, please call Carolyn on 9561 2500.

ANNUAL AGM Yanchep/Two Rocks Senior Citizens Phil Renkin Centre, Lisford Ave, Two Rocks Monday 10 February 2014 starting at 1.00pm.

Expression of Interest The Sun City News is asking for expressions of interest from local artists to express their talent for a unique work of art. If you are intrigued and would like to know more, contact Carolyn at the Sun City News office on 9561 2500.


for FREE NOTE: Applicable to Private ads only. One ad per person. This special offer closes 31 January 2014.

Sometimes, some articles and photos are carried over to the next issue due to production or space limitations. The Sun City News apologises for this occasional delay, we attempt to publish all articles and photos submitted as soon as possible.


City of Wanneroo's Annual Photography Competition


at Yanchep Sports Club Tuesday 28 January, starting at 7pm.

This competition will feature two categories that encapsulate the spirit of Wanneroo; beaches and maritime and heritage and nature.

The next issue of the Sun City News will be published on Thursday 30 January, 2014.

Photographs will be judged on their ability to capture the unique characteristics of the area, composition, focus, use of light, and creativity. Help promote Wanneroo and your work may even be featured in our 2015 calendar.

All Community Notices, Classifieds and General News articles are required by 12noon, Saturday 25 January.

Light supper provided. Yanchep Ladies Darts Club plays every Tuesday night - Come along and join in the fun. For more info, contact Jackie on 9561 1680, Carol on 0438 952 870, Raye on 0418 936 600 or Ros on 9561 1050.

Suncity Artists’ Association located in the Downstairs Gallery in Two Rock’s Shopping Centre wish to advise that the winners of the People’s Choice Awards at their recent Art Exhibition. 1st Corinne Scott - ‘Aussie Creations’ 2nd Beth Davis - ‘Relaxing’ 3rd Corinne Scott - ‘Yanchep Lagoon’

The competition is open to all visitors and residents with both youth and adult age groups, you could win some great cash prizes up to $250. Competition closes Friday, 28 February, for full information and conditions please see the City's website

Yanchep Wellness Expo Sunday 19th January 10am to 4pm Capricorn Community House.

Notices and articles received after the cut-off time will be held over to the following issue.

Most COMMUNITY NOTICES are published FREE and various categories in the CLASSIFIEDS are provided FREE too To confirm if your community group or Classified ad qualifies, call Terry on 9561 2500 during office hours. If you holding a Community function or activity, contact the Sun City News about FREE promotion (Conditions apply). Thursday 16 January 2014 n Sun City News n 19

20 n Sun City News n Thursday 16 January 2014

Sun City News - 16 January 2014  

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