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Transmission Joe Wilde

Cornwall’s vast landscape once dominated with working engine houses, now competes with wires, towering masts and the National Grid. This book follows the evolution of telecommunication across Cornwall, starting with Marconi’s hub in Porthcurno, which played a huge role in the history of telecommunications. The images travel across the whole of Cornwall documenting well known destinations including, Goonhilly Earth Station and Four Lanes Mast which can be seen for miles around pinpointing one of the highest points in the county.

Porthcurno SW 38665 22336

Porthcurno SW 38661 22348

Porthcurno SW 38816 22342

Porthcurno SW 38665 22336

Porthtowan SW 69521 47884

Porthtowan SW 69537 47921

Four Lanes SW 69094 39366

Piece SW 68579 40077

Four Lanes SW 69057 30412

Four Lanes SW 69302 39476

Carn Brea SW 68846 40952

Portreath SW 65884 45538

Portreath SW 65867 45529

Penhallow SW 76255 48875

Penhallow SW 76331 48830

Perranporth SW 75126 53701

Perranporth SW 75827 53322

Mitchell SW 85284 54147

Fraddon SW 91260 57040

Fraddon SW 91182 57148

Caradon Hill Bodmin SX 26480 71430

Caradon Hill Bodmin SX 27316 70368

Caradon Hill Bodmin SX 27298 70702

Goonhilly Downs SW 73171 19729

Goonhilly (Arther) SW 72736 21315

Goonhilly (Arther) SW 72702 21310

Goonhilly (Arther) SW 72555 21309

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A book which follows the evolution of telecommunication and power aross Cornwall and what effect the metal structures has had on the landsca...

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