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What Makes Wave City Center Noida So Impressive?

The Wave City Centre is a perfect example of something grand and huge. It is the largest private commercial project in India. Every that is encompassed is so big and huge that people would remember it for years. From residential projects to commercial spaces and Studio apartments to the mall all the things are majestic and magnificent. This township is located across an area of 152 acres and is like a small city within Noida itself. Its land value is 6750crore approximately. This mega township is located in Sector 32 and sector 25A. It is being constructed with an aim to offer the perfect equilibrium of living to its residents. This township is divided into the following categories:

1: Residential Apartments: There are a number of residential projects in the development stage in the Wave City Center. These ultra luxurious apartments carries along with itself the hope of hundreds of people those who aim to own a shelter of their own in this city. The apartments have modular kitchen and balcony. All the apartments are energy efficient and built in accordance to the LEED standards. The high tech security in these apartments makes it safe for your kids to play outside the house and enjoy also.

2: Office spaces and commercial property: The large area of the Wave city centre also comprises of office spaces in an area of 9million Square feet. This is the best place to nurture and grow your business dream. Having an office in the Wave City Centre is something that you can boast about. 3: High Street Shop Condominium: It has a number of HSC points which helps you to directly reach to your shopping destination. These HSCs would provide the experience of high street shopping without the drawbacks such areas usually have.

4: 4 and 5 star hotels: A number of 4 and 5 stars hotels are being in a development stage. The aim is to offer luxurious accommodations for the guests who wish to stay in this beautiful township. Combining all the hotel rooms the number would be approximately 3000 which are enough to encompass a large chunk of the guests. 5: Mall: At the Wave city centre you would find all the things in your hand. This area would also encompass a shopping mall which is being constructed in an area of 2.5 million square feet. The mall would provide you access to a number of international brands. 6: Convention Centre: It has a convention center, which is being built in an area of about 2 million square feet. So whether a trade show has to be organized or a music concert, this center is the best place. It can easily accommodate thousands of people very easily.

7: Parking: Due to the grandeur of the project and keeping in mind the high traffic the township would manage, it has a very elaborate parking. It has the capacity for parking of around 43000 cars. These are some of the basic things which are being designed in the enormous Wave City Centre Noida for its residents.


Wave City Center Master layout

Wave City Center Price List

What makes wave city center noida so impressive  

The large area of the Wave city centre also comprises of office spaces in an area of 9million Square feet. This is the best place to nurture...

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