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Introduction and what to expect from this boozy bible


ey there SuiteLifer's, My

name's Kerry. I'm a modern, hip London gal living in and exploring the sexy whispers of BCN. I love spotting trends and am a connoisseur of live music, DJ's, fashion, and the art of a great cocktail.

"I've been on the eternal hunt to find the best cocktails in Barcelona...“ Barcelona cocktail bars are really a dime a dozen. So many hundreds to choose from, but who has time to comb over all the many duds in order to find the true jewels....? SuiteLife to the rescue! The Barcelona cocktail scene is alive, eclectic, vibrant, and tasty! BUT, you'll need the insider knowledge of exactly where to go.

It's been over 20 years since we first saw Tom Cruise flipping bottles around a busy Caribbean bar, and ever since I've been on the eternal hunt for the best cocktails I can find.


n Barcelona the reality is that for every decent cocktail bar, there are probably 3 dozen other places serving up some absolute junk. Through this new ebook I'll take you on a spiritual journey through the windy, dark streets of the Raval, the wide plush avenues of the Eixample, BCN's trendiest neighbourhood the Borne, and everywhere in between, with just one thing in mind: making you a Barcelona cocktails expert, just like me!

“It’s taken many late nights and even more sore heads to bring you this information.” Without further adieu, here is our Top Ten List of Barcelona cocktail bars:

Boadas Bar We begin our Cocktail journey in a fast paced, modern and busy part of the City. C/Tallers, 1 Barcelona

Boadas We begin our Cocktail journey in a fastpaced, modern and lively part of the City. Boadas is located just off the La Rambla but this classic bar is a million miles away from the over enthusiastic tourists and the year 2011. Noted as one of Barcelona´s oldest of Cocktail Bars, walking in to this small, dim lit space gives you a sense of stepping back in time, to a golden age when the art of making a cocktail required skill and expertise.

Boadas has an air of quality and a modest pride is

set fast in the face of each white-coated bartender. They pour there drinks with a faultless technique that has took years to perfect and they’re originality and character gives you an all round cocktail experience. There are no menus and if you hit them with an order full of new, fancy cocktail titles you’re likely to receive in return a very blank expression. This place has managed to withstand all the elements of time so go back to the roots of where cocktails began, get yourself familiar again with the classic Margarita or Black Russian and treat your-self to a traditional, non-fussy, exquisite drink.

Carrer de la Riera Alta 4

Facing the sea and slightly to the right of Boadas you´ll find the more popular drinkery, Marmalade. It´s fast becoming one of Barcelona’s biggest hot spots, especially among cocktail lovers. Originally an old furniture shop this large sexy space has been transformed. Comfy stylish sofa´s, copper clad walls and an antique billiard table gives this casual yet flamboyant joint a unique personality. Marmalade has an art deco meets vintage 1950’s New York feel which works perfectly.

IIf I was to tell you that whilst mixing up a cocktail they´re re also serving up burgers and brunch, then you´ll probably understand the confident, cool vibe this place gives off. A perfect place to relax, get comfy and sip that colourful cocktail potion.

It’s not an old classic and likes to play around with its cocktail list making it sexy and fun. It’s definitely the place to experiment and get inventive with your cocktail request. After all with the “Bling Bling” and “Porn Star Martini” on the menu how could you resist?

One "Porn Star Martini" Please! Carrer de la Riera Alta 4

Milano. “Loved by locals”

Cloaked with a classic style decor of an era gone by Milano has a 1950´s Hollywood movie feel without trying too hard. Loved by locals and uncommonly free from the nearby swarm of weekenders, this old style haunt breathes class, sophistication and style. Fitting with the magical time this bar recreates it’s decked out with curvy soft seating and a grand bar turning out timeless, chic drinks.

It radiates with cocktail experience and every cocktail delight will be served to you with an expert hand. There cocktail list is extensive but it’s the Campari and Martini cocktails that this bar is renowned for doing exceptionally well. In truth, the cocktails are so good that hardly anyone around you will be sipping anything else. A real favourite among cocktail connoisseurs and easy to see why. Ronda Universidad, 35 08007 Barcelona

"Believe it or not they're worth every last expensive cent." Passeig de Gracia is brimming with hundreds of stylish slick, clean cut places, from clothing stores to restaurants and this case Cocktail Bars. The Omm Bar is set just off the famous high-street inside the OMM Hotel and has exactly the same feel as its polished, sharp neighbours.

From the inside and out, this place is coated with modern cutting edge design. Walking in to Omm is much like walking into an over-priced jewellery shop, all the staff have that certain fake smile, the place is immaculate, and whilst you can´t take away from the quality of the product, there´s almost no character.

The place is as slick as the hair of an Action Man figure doll. It´s stylish, avant-garde and houses large bamboo and steel sculptures. The crowd is as you would expect, tidy, neat and without being rude, maybe a tad over pretentious.

"The crowd is... tidy, neat, and... a tad pretentious." So why go? Well, for the quality of course because when it comes to a cocktail I´m afraid to say the perfection of such a place works brilliantly. It’s the best venue for that classy champagne cocktail and you’ll find that here they’re poured to perfection. The staff know what they´re doing and you are guaranteed a very tasty, very good drink. Believe it or not they´re worth every last expensive cent.

C/ Rosselló, 265, 08008 Barcelona‎‎

Ideal Cocktail Bar

Ideal cocktail bar, a whisky lovers heaven and a cocktail dream. Created back in 1931 when cocktail bars in Barcelona were still few and far between this old bar has still managed to preserve as much old English style and charm as a perfectly kept first addition of a classic Jane Austen novel. The Bartenders are knowledgeable and proud, pouring every drop of alcohol and shaking every cocktail with a finesse that only comes from years of experience, hard work and most importantly, a passion for their trade. The barmen are also often enthusiastic to share with you their impressive knowledge of the alcoholic beverages on offer, that stretches far beyond their years and is equally as impressive as the liquor. itself.


o, if you´re looking for a History lesson as well as a satisfied palette, then Ideal cocktail bar is the place for you. During an average evening Ideal will be full of whisky fanatics taking advantage of one of the finest whisky collections in Europe along with cocktail experts sampling the vast array of whisky cocktails on offer. However, you´re far from limited and you´ll always find a few new inventions added to their traditional cocktail list, which at the moment includes quite possibly the best lychee cocktail in town. Ideal Cocktail bar really is an altogether fabulous cocktail experience.

Aribau, 89
08036 Barcelona

“It’s a keeper.” Once you stumble upon this cocktail bar I can more or less guarantee you’ll be back, it draws in visitors like a moth to a flame.

The story goes that it was established in 2003 after the owners instantly fell in love with the vaulted ceilings and stone walls of this enchanting space.

With its Gothic charm, La Fianna has a captivating, cozy spirit that would suit even the most queer of folk. The large cushioned platforms and dim lighting give it a funky Moroccan feel and chilled out vibe.

When it comes to the drinks you should leave behind that tasty yet boring Tom Collins and mix things up with a Strawberry Mojito, they’re fresh, tasty and they’re extremely generous with the portions.

La Fianna provides the perfect environment for sipping on great cocktails and watching the time tick by. Effortlessly chic and unpretentious, enough said.

Banys Vells 15, Barcelona



reated in 1980, long before the time of the Barcelona Olympics and influx of eager tourists, Gimlet has managed to stay in the game and still holds the title as one of Barcelona´s most famous cocktail establishments. Quite petite but with an enormous character, this little bustling bar in the Born area of Barcelona reeks of sophistication.


he skilled Bar Staff know their craft and have all the classic cocktail recipes etched in to the forefront of their memory. There´s no fluff and no pretence, they keep the process simple and efficient. You won´t be smothered with frills, umbrellas and fancy new recipes so if that is your thing then stay away. Step in to the cocktail world of Gimlet, go for a, Cosmopolitan or another classic and you’re guaranteed to receive a dam good drink.

Carrer del Rec, 24, Barcelona


Someone once suggested that what

defines Tandem is its ¨expertise and cocktails¨ and they were right. What this small alluring cocktail bar does wonderfully is pure simplicity. It concentrates on what´s important, the drinks, and produces some great cocktails as a result. The place has a somewhat old vintage feel with an immaculate varnished wooden bar running along one side. There´s an impressive number of bottles stacked carefully one after another behind it, carefully guarded by the bartender who is very finely suited and booted in a simple yet classic black and white suit.

The bar sits peacefully and confidently behind a small door, doing what it always has done which is serving classic cocktails to people who appreciate the art of cocktail making. Locals love this place and on any day of the week you´ll find regulars taking time-out from their busy schedules to get lost in another time with their favourite drink. The bartenders mix the cocktails accurately and you won´t be disappointed with their level of skill and ability. Their subtle brilliance in producing excellent drinks is simply brilliant.

There’s‎no‎cocktail‎list‎so‎you‎need‎to‎ know what you want before you enter, or ask the barman for a recommendation. The best drinks are the classics, go for a Margarita, Daiquiri or Old-fashioned, do what the bar does best and keep your order simple. A perfectly simple cocktail hideaway,‎don’t‎miss‎it.

Aribau, 86. 08036 Barcelona

“One of Barcelona´s most popular cocktail bars, Dry Martini.”


his bar is classic yet modern. It manages to capture the sharp style, flair and superb skill that goes in to concocting a great cocktail and mixes it with a relaxed yet sophisticated environment, a combination that´s uncommon for a cocktail bar as successful as this.

"They have revolutionised the cocktail as we know it."


t´s instantly apparent that the bartenders are experts in the art of cocktail making, they´re gracious and extremely proud of what they´re able to concoct with just a few simple ingredients. Using their superb knowledge Dry Martini not only produces a huge range of outstanding time-honoured cocktails but they have now revolutionised the cocktail as we know it, bringing it bang up to date by creating modern variations of old classics.


Mojito but what defines them is their intriguing range of Martini Cocktails, Dry Martinis with a twist. After carefully infusing the spirit with unusual hey´ve played around with a few famous drinks, one being the

flavours such as truffle, wasabi and pepper, they cool it to an almost freezable state before serving. The time and effort they put in to producing fabulous cocktails is clear and whatever you´re tipple when you walk in to Dry Martini

C/ ARIBAU, 162
08036 Barcelona



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The Barcelona Bible - TOP 10 Cocktail Bars in Barcelona  

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