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Oh, how many torments lie in the small circle of a wedding ring!

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South Carolina Wedding Dresses


The Seven Truths For Your Wedding Day


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Wedding Insurance: Better Safe Than Sorry


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Wedding Etiquette: Ten Tips To Ensure Your Guest Have As Much Fun As You Do


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From The Editor Supporting Local Wedding Businesses in South Carolina

Promoting local business is as simple as having other company’s business cards or brochures posted on a board in your store. We are doing our part, so please join us, and promote your local merchants, and everyone will benefit!

Top Ten reasons to Think Local Buy Local - Be Local – Help Local Businesses

1. Buy Local: Support yourself and South Carolina. Many studies

have revealed when you buy from an independent, locally owned business in the your own area, rather than a nationally owned businesses, considerably more of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses. Local businesses continue to strengthen the economic base of the local community. These include case studies showing that local local owned businesses generate a premium in enhanced economic impact to the community and our tax base.

2.Support Local Area Community Groups:

Non-profit organizations receive an average 250% more support from smaller area business owners than they do from large companies.

3. Keep Your Area Unique: Where we shop, where we eat

and have fun -- all of it makes our community home. Our one-of-a-kind local businesses are an integral part of the distinctive character. Local tourism businesses also benefit. “When people go on vacation they generally seek out destinations that offer them the sense of being someplace, not just anyplace.” ~ Richard Moe, President, National Historic Preservation Trust.

4. Reduce Environmental Impact: Locally owned

businesses in your area can make more local purchases requiring less transportation. This generally means contributing less to sprawl, congestion, habitat loss and pollution.

5. Create Additional Jobs: Small local businesses are the largest employer nationally and in the community, provide the most jobs to local residents. 6. Receive Better Service: Local businesses often hire

people with a better understanding of the products and services they offer, and take more time to get to know customers.

7.Invest in Your Community: Local businesses are owned by people who live in this community, and they are less likely to leave, and are more invested in the community’s future. Online Magazine | 2010 5

8. Put your Taxes to Good Use: Local businesses require a relatively

little infrastructure investment and make more efficient use of public services as compared to nationally owned stores entering your area.

9. Buy What you Want, Not What Big Advertising Budgets Want you to Buy: A

South Carolina marketplace comprised of tens of thousands of small businesses is the best way to ensure innovation and low prices over the long-term. A multitude of small businesses, each selecting products and services based not on a national sales plan but on their own interests and the needs of their local customers, promises a much broader range of product choices.

10. Promote Local Prosperity: An escalating body of

economic research shows that in an increasingly homogenized world, entrepreneurs and skilled workers are more likely to invest and settle in communities that preserve their one-of-a-kind businesses and distinctive character. Carl Carolina, Editor in Chief Online Magazine | 2010 6


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Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end.

South Carolina Wedding Dresses

Looking and feeling fabulous on your South Carolina wedding day is easy if you follow these simple wedding gown tips. By embracing your gorgeous figure and enjoying every moment of this special occasion, it’s easy to have fun and love the way you look.

Simple or Extravagant? Think about the how you have always wanted to look on your wedding day – will it be a low key intimate ceremony or an extensive Cinderella-type ball? Traditionally, South Carolina brides like to have their dress match the setting of the surroundings on the wedding day. If you are having a simple and classic wedding, your wedding gown typically would be the same. However, more recently some brides have been doing the opposite. For example, if a bride is having a simple and intimate ceremony, she would go for the more extravagant wedding dress as the sort of “centerpiece” of the wedding. South Carolina brides who have spent a lot of money on decorating and arranging the wedding, will choose a more simple and basic wedding dress so as not to seem too lavish.

Color Of Your Wedding Dress A South Carolina bride should not feel that she needs to keep with to the traditional bridal gown colors of white or cream. Be bold and go for something unique – beiges, chocolates, and even reds are very popular. Choose a color that compliments the skin color or hair color – but if the color of the wedding dress is very bold, keep the dress details basic.

Your Wedding Dress Details Decide upon the detail of the wedding dress – a simple gown with the perfect accessories can have more impact than a gown full of bead work, sequins and lace. Choosing a dress for your South Carolina wedding with detail in certain areas will draw attention to that part of the body, so if you are top heavy it would be best to have detail on the bottom of the dress.

Highlight the Best Part Of Your Body Make sure to show off the sexiest part of your body – if you have great legs then show them off a little by choosing a shorter style gown or if you have killer arms choose a strapless gown with a touch of glitter body lotion so your arms and shoulders glow.

A short guide for what style suits your body’s shape: For Large Bust: Basque style and full skirt dresses work best, but do ensure your bodice area is simple and avoid low necklines. Any detail is best placed at the bottom of the skirt. For Big Hips: On the bottom half of your body create a small triangle - princess or ball gown styles are perfect. Make sure that your dress is not too tight across your hips and stay clear of anything tiered, a bustle or peplum style. For A Large Tummy: A-line style dresses are best. Ensure the seam is under the bust line and then just flows down so the dress will not cling to your body but will flow around it. If you decide to go for sleeves, pick long and narrow, not too tight. For Large Legs and Thighs: Longer dresses work well, try a sheath style and add height with heels. For Wide Shoulders: V-neckline styles will work best, it is perfectly fine to show some skin, but no puffed sleeves, please. For Chubby Arms: Long simple sleeves will suit you best, but do not choose skin tight sleeves if at all possible. For short arms: Avoid sleeveless dresses, but choose three quarter length sleeves.

The highest happiness on earth is marriage.

The Seven Truths For Your South Carolina Wedding Day Since you were a child you dreamed of being a bride and your South Carolina Wedding Day. The wedding day will be special and magical. The sun will shine, music will play, wedding guests will laugh, dance and sing. The wedding guest will be talk for years of how a good time they had. The wedding of your dreams can all happen, but it takes planning, discipline, and patience. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of the Schedule of the Day. TRUTH #1: Time is the enemy. Work backwards from the time the bride and groom should arrive at the wedding reception. Remember the schedule at the reception is fairly fixed and will usually follow a script set out by the caterer. Remember that if a bride and groom have booked a five hour reception that begins at noon and is set to end at 5:00 PM, they can usually assume that at 5:00 the lights will come on and the caterer will begin to turn over the hall for the 6:30 reception coming in after them. If a bride and groom are a half hour late getting to the hall, either the dinner will begin to get cold, or other activities may be rushed. TRUTH #2: Travel eats up time. Many brides and grooms forget to include travel into their estimates when planning their South Carolina wedding. A bride and groom may spend as much as an hour or more in the limo during course of the day. TRUTH #3: Good photography takes time. The FORMAL PORTRAITS (not a dirty word) are an important historical record and as such, some time should be set aside to creating them. A bride and groom will appreciate them more as they pass them on to their children and even grandchildren. A bride and groom should allow about a half hour for the portraits and they are best done right after the ceremony. All the important family and friends are there already, assembled and freshly attired. The worst place to try to get the portraits done is

at the reception where trying to get people off the dance floor does nothing but eat up time. Receptions are for informal and candid photos. TRUTH #4: Receiving lines waste time. After all the bride and groom will be seeing each of these guests at the reception hall anyway, right? Why throw away as much as 20 minutes that you could spend at the cocktail hour. TRUTH #5: Start the day early. A bride should plan to leave for her hair appointment early. If a bride plans to meet her bridesmaids at her house beforehand and go together, give them an earlier time as well. TRUTH #6: Nutrition is power. When you don’t eat you loose energy and a bride and groom can’t have any FUN if they are tired and hungry. Plan a good breakfast, even if you think you can’t eat anything, at least drink a diet shake. Have one of the

bridesmaids compile a snack basket for everyone to pick at throughout the day. Soft pretzels work great…no mess and they soak up alcohol. Alcohol early in the day is usually a BAD idea. Hangover at the reception…not FUN. TRUTH #7: The photographer is the cruise director of a bride and groom’s South Carolina wedding. The photographer will be with the bride and groom from the beginning of the wedding day until the cake is cut. Work with your photographer to plan a schedule, so he will keep the bride and groom on track and maximize their FUN.

rtiti Cae  inda From Simple to simply elegant artistic Cakes by linda will design that perfect wedding cake for you. It will be an unforgettable addition to your wedding experience! Linda Blackwell, the Artistic owner, a 1992 Pillsbury Bake-Off finalist, produces picturesque confections to your exact specifications. With more than 25 years of experience, Linda is well known for her hand-painted white chocolate seashells. her seashell wedding cakes, sitting in a bed of edible “sand” are a perfect addition for a Charleston Beach Wedding. But she has a portfolio of many designs to fit your wedding theme or she can design a one of a kind just for you! artistic Cakes by linda is located in goose Creek, South Carolina but delivers her delectable weddings cakes all across the lowcountry and throughout the state. She occasionally delivers to georgia and north Carolina. Having many original recipes, Linda has a reputation for scrumptious mouth watering cakes! She has proven that a wedding cake isn’t just beautiful to look at, you will want to have your cake and eat it too! Call today for your complimentary designing appointment (843)797-0192. visit her website at e-mail

South Carolina Wedding at Home Do you have a small guest list? Have you thought about having a wedding at home? When it comes to choosing a location for a wedding, you may not have to look any farther than your own backyard.

South Carolina Weddings At Home At home weddings are popular in South Carolina, especially with brides and grooms who want to add a personal touch to their wedding. Many brides and grooms may choose to get married at the home of a family member or friend. For many couples, an at home wedding means having a small guest list. Most at home wedding guest lists are limited to only immediate family members and a few close friends to keep the wedding day intimate and cozy.

The Cons Of Having a South Carolina Wedding At Home Although at home weddings can be charming, they are not for everyone. Depending on how elaborate the wedding is, at-home weddings can sometimes be more costly and stressful than a wedding at a traditional venue. If a bride and groom are having a wedding at their home, the couple will need to rent a tent, as well as tables, chairs, and linens. The large number of rentals for at home weddings can really eat into a budget. Even if the bride and groom are having the wedding indoors, there is a possibility they won’t have enough tables and chairs to accommodate all of the family and friends. Unless a bride and groom are making dinner themselves, they will also have to hire an outside caterer. There’s also the stress of getting the home ready for the big wedding day. To reduce workload and stress, enlist friends and family to help get the house ready for the wedding. Have family and friends help decorate for the wedding to reduce the total costs. Make sure the bathroom facilities can handle the wear and tear of frequent guest use. If not, consider renting portable restrooms. The last thing a bride and groom need on their wedding day is an overflowing toilet.

Wedding Insurance Better Safe than Sorry

You’ve spent months planning your wedding day; and probably spent thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, all of your careful planning cannot protect you from unforeseen disasters. Today, many South Carolina brides and grooms are considering wedding insurance to protect their investment and give them peace of mind. In basic terms, wedding insurance – or event insurance – covers problems that are beyond your control. Most coverage includes things like: • Severe weather • Vendor no-show • Lost or damaged wedding bands • Wedding attire • Rescheduling due to military deployment • Illness of family members • Stolen Gifts.

Cold feet, unfortunately, would not be covered. Most wedding insurance covers ceremonies and receptions being held in the continental US, Canada, Puerto Rico or cruise ships departing from ports in those locations. For an additional fee, coverage can be extended to include lost or damaged photography, honeymoon cancellation, personal liability coverage, host-liquor liability or weddings being held outside the continental US. Personal liability coverage is something to consider carefully. For example, if a wedding guest twists their ankle while doing the Hokey Pokey, they could sue you for medical expenses. Some South Carolina venues offer liability protection and some homeowner’s policies do as well.

Before your event, make sure you are properly covered. Host-liquor coverage protects you from accidents resulting from the liquor being served at your event. Again, check with your venue and existing insurance company to make sure you are adequately covered. Most wedding insurance is reasonably priced, depending on the amount of coverage you want. Most plans will run you a one time premium between $150 - $550. Most liability coverage costs only dollars more and protects you up to $1 million dollars. Major home and auto insurance companies are starting to offer event insurance and you may enjoy a lower premium if you go with your existing insurance carrier. If not, there are companies online that offer one-time event insurance protection.

You’ve spent a lot of time and effort planning every detail of your wedding day – but don’t leave anything to chance. Wedding insurance is affordable and can offer you peace of mind. If something does come up to disrupt your nuptials and you aren’t covered – you could end up sending twice as much as you originally planned. To learn about Companies offering wedding insurance in South Carolina, visit

South Carolina Wedding Hair and Makeup On her wedding day, a South Carolina bride doesn’t want to be worrying about flyaways or dark circles under her eyes. South Carolina’s stylist have the techniques to make a bride elegant on her wedding day. Finding the right hair and makeup professionals can be tricky. Consult the bridal party or your wedding planner. If a bride is having a destination wedding in South Carolina, the location may have a salon or day spa on-site.

Wedding Hair and Makeup Stylist In South Carolina

Begin looking for a South Carolina stylist at least three months before the wedding day. Many Hairstylists and makeup artists are in high demand. A good stylist will ask about the neckline of the wedding dress and the lighting at the ceremony. Bring your veil and hair ornaments to the consultation so the stylist know what he or she will be working with. Bring pictures. Magazine clippings of the sort of styles you like can give the stylist an idea of what you have in mind.

Checking You South Carolina Wedding Stylist’s Credentials

Look at your hair stylist’s portfolio to get an idea of the typical looks she can create. Have the makeup artist test foundation shades to find the one that is appropriate for the bride’s skin tone. Some stylists offer a discount if the bridal party is having hair and makeup done. For more information about wedding hairstyles and makeup, consult your local beauty expert listed on

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Join the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce! As the unified voice of business, the South Carolina Chamber is working to grow wealth for South Carolinians and businesses in order to improve economic development and quality of life.

We help your business and you by: • Getting your voice heard by our state legislators through our Grassroots Network • Working to pass business-friendly legislation • Keeping you informed on issues and providing solutions for growing your business through our monthly magazine, South Carolina Business • Providing networking opportunities with legislators and other business owners • Training your employees on human resources, quality and management issues • Publishing a legal reference series

Join the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce!

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South Carolina

Maid Of Honor Speech

You have been chosen as maid of honor for a South Carolina wedding. Your maid of honor wedding speech is one of the most important moments of the wedding. The maid of honor speech at the wedding reception conveys the importance of the day. The maid of honor wedding speech may seem overwhelming, but with a bit of early preparation and creativity, your speech can easily become one of the highlights of the bride and groom’s wedding day.

Tips For Putting Together Your Maid of Honor Speech Don’t forget the basics! Remember to introduce yourself. Many of the wedding guests may not know you. Thank the bride and groom for allowing you to be a part of their South Carolina wedding day. By acknowledging this in your speech, it shows the bride and groom that you appreciate being chosen as maid of honor. Whether you have known the bride since childhood, or for only a few months, sharing a special memory between the two of you shows the significance of your relationship. By including your memories of the bride, you can highlight your special bond. Remember to be careful not to embarrass the bride with overly personal stories.

Use humor. Adding a funny one liner to the maid of honor speech can break the ice and loosen up the crowd, however use caution as to not go too far. Don’t be afraid to use a quote. There are many wedding appropriate quotes out there. Choose a quote that is fitting for the bride and groom. Get creative! If you don’t want to go the typical route, consider doing something a little different to honor the bride and groom. Maybe a song or poem could add a new dimension to the usual maid of honor wedding speech. If you opt to add a creative touch, choose something that is in line with the bride and groom’s taste. Always end on a positive note. Wish the newlyweds a long and happy life together. Prepare your speech well in advance of the South Carolina wedding day and practice to avoid stammers. Don’t be afraid to take note cards to help you stay on track.

We have the greatest pre-nuptial agreement in the world. It’s called love.

Your South Carolina Wedding Cake The two essentials for your wedding cake are it must look fantastic and taste wonderfully. Your wedding cake is the edible centerpiece of the wedding reception.

Tasting Your Wedding Cake

When picking out a wedding cake in South Carolina, there are so many things to consider. Will the wedding cake have flowers, or a cake topper? What flavor will the cake be? Will the wedding cake have rolled fondant ribbons or actual ribbons on top? Is marzipan really necessary? Explore the joy of wedding cake taste testing. Invite the bridal party and groomsmen to come along and taste the wedding cakes as well. Most caterers will happily provide samples of their special treats in order to help the bride and groom find the right cake for the wedding.

Designing Your Wedding Cake

Your wedding cakes can be tall or short. The bride can choose many options for her wedding cake. Should you consider having different cake flavors for each layer, or even different fillings between each layer? When the wedding cake includes lots of variety then it is bound to fit all of the wedding guests’ palates.

the Perfect Wedding Cake

Sample your bakers wedding cake flavors to narrow down what you would like to serve at your reception. Choose the style of wedding cake. Would the bride prefer stacked or tiered? Select your wedding cake icing. Choose the shape for your wedding cake. Round, square, or another shape? Select the pattern for the icing on your wedding. Basketweave, lace, and pin-dots are all popular choices. Once the bride has picked out the wedding cake, she may want to serve samples of the cake at her wedding shower or parties. Many bridal shower host have begun using an illustration of the couple’s wedding cake on the front of the invitations to the bridal showers.

Destination Weddings South Carolina

Destination Weddings in South Carolina can be harder to plan than a traditional wedding, due to the long distance preparation that is needed. Two factors may influence your decision to have a South Carolina destination wedding: budget and the ability for family and friends to attend. This situation has commonly been resolved by holding a wedding reception in your home town after the wedding, for all friends and family who could not make it to the destination wedding.

Location Of Your South Carolina Destination Wedding Where are the bride and groom going to have the wedding? With thousands of excellent ceremony sites available, it is hard to choose just one. You could head to any of the beaches in the Grand

Strand, or to the paradise of the lowcountry. The mountain views in the upstate of South Carolina are an attractive bonus to having a wedding in the upstate. Many of the historic plantations in the lowcountry offer a beautiful backdrop to any wedding event.

Wedding Coordinators &Your Destination Wedding The wedding can be coordinated by working with a South Carolina based wedding planner. When the wedding is being held at a resort or hotel, there might be an on-site wedding coordinator to help with the wedding details. Unlike the honeymoon, when the bride and groom have only themselves to please, a destination weddings must appeal to and

be affordable for the wedding guest. A wedding planner will be able to locate the place where the wedding will happen. In South Carolina there are wedding consultants whose main goal as a business is working with destination weddings.

Finding a Destination Wedding Coordinator Using a destination wedding planner may be the safest way to plan a long-distance wedding, but can make the wedding more expensive. The wedding coordinator may offer a flat fee, or a surcharge on top of the cost of all services that are contracted on the wedding couples’ behalf. When a using wedding coordinator to plan your South Carolina destination wedding, checking references is a must. The bride and groom should talk to former clients, as well as verify their good business practices through a local organization, such as a local Better Business Bureau office.

One Stop Destination Wedding Another option is to find a hotel or bed & breakfast in South Carolina that offers wedding planning services for guests who stay there. Many hotels have hosted weddings before, and have a wedding planner who helps the bride and groom plan, often offering a place for both the ceremony and wedding reception right on site. Another option is to search for a South Carolina wedding chapel. Chapels often offer packages with photographs, flowers, music, officiant, even license included. The wedding couple’s work is limited to simply showing up. This is the easiest, and perhaps the least expensive option. However, the wedding couple doesn’t have control over many of the details, and might be put off by the relatively impersonal nature of the wedding.

Possibilities With Your Destination Wedding

The Details Of A South Carolina Destination Wedding

A destination wedding in South Carolina opens up the possibility to be creative. By having a destination wedding, the bride and groom have abandoned the conventional. Wedding guest expectations have been changed, and the wedding couple might be less likely to feel bound to a traditional wedding atmosphere. If the setting is particularly unique, the wedding couple may be able to keep other aspects of the wedding simple. For example, a wedding in a lavish historic inn may need no additional decoration. For weddings set in rural areas where the seasonal flowers and outdoor setting are naturally beautiful, just having the bride and groom, officiant, and wedding party looks perfect, and may completely dispel the cost of flowers and rental of a venue for the wedding reception.

Complete as many tasks as possible before leaving home. The packing should be carefully planned well in advance. A lot of luggage can be generated when traveling to a destination wedding. When traveling in South Carolina by airplane plan to carry on as much as possible. Many destination wedding parties have discovered that “less is more� when planning special activities at the wedding site. Many South Carolina destination wedding parties have chosen to ship many items (such as the wedding dress, unity candle)directly to the wedding site, to avoid the possibility of them being lost by an airline. Also keep in mind federal airline carry on restrictions, choosing to carry on wedding items. Remember that you will not be allowed to carry many items on to the plane, such as your cake knife and wine. Work out arrangements for shipment of important items with your wedding planner or hotel.

Love one another

and you will be happy.

It’s as simple and as difficult as that.

Getting In Shape for Your Wedding He popped the question. Your head is flooded by questions. How is my dress going to fit? Am I going to have to wear a black dress now in an attempt to look thinner? Fear not, here are some tips to help the bride-to-be look wedding day perfect.

Tips For Losing Pre-Wedding Weight Every bride feels they are fat (or at least a little chubby). Here are five important tips to help a bride lose weight and be more fit for her walk down the aisle. Create a plan - Figure out a REAL schedule. A genuine -I will workout Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:30 pm” schedule. Figure out where you will be working out. At home? A gym? A friend’s house? Don’t put it off because you think doilies under the centerpieces really matter, they don’t. Set Goals, Not fantasies. Make Goals Specific - “Not, I want to lose weight for my wedding”, but “I will lose 15 pounds or 3 inches in my waist for before my first wedding dress fitting.” Remember that once you have started having fittings for you wedding dress you want to maintain what ever weight you are at. No bride wants her wedding dress to

be too large for her. Set Big Goals And Realistic Deadlines - If a bride thinks she can “lose 30 pounds in 30 days” she is wrong. 1-2 pounds a week is a great goal. Write It Down - Keeping a journal of what you eat and how much you work out is the best way to keep yourself accountable. Exercise 3 Hours A Week- Working out can be broken up into three days for 1 hour per day, or 6 days for 30 minutes. A workout routine that incorporates both resistance training and aerobic exercise will create a symmetrical look for the body. Don’t just work on what you consider your trouble spots. You will end up looking out of balance due to overcompensation. Understanding these simple principles will not only help get a bride-to-be in shape for her South Carolina wedding day, but keep her fit for the rest of her life. For more information, check out www.Exercise.SC

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Charleston’s Office Of Cultural Affairs


as thier new arts Web Site From: Charleston Currents The City of Charleston’s Office of Cultural Affairs has launched, a companion Web site to the OCA’s primary page at the city’s official site. will be updated daily with information and features, including an arts calendar that users can search by date, artist, presenting group or venue; social networking widgets; and a directory of local arts and cultural organizations and venues.

“We are hopeful that will be a major benefit to local artists and arts organizations by disseminating information about their events with the most up-to-date information to a broader public,” said Ellen Dressler Moryl, director of the Office of Cultural Affairs. Other options for users at include the following: • Arts organizations can download forms from the Office of Cultural Affairs, submit events, update contact information and compare performance dates with other area organizations. • The Tools for Professional section of the Web site features job listings for arts professionals, including full time and part time work as well as internships and volunteer opportunities with arts and cultural organizations in the tri-county area. • Updated grant opportunities for arts organizations, with detailed information, including deadlines, application and contact information. • Call for Submissions and Call for Auditions pages with details about the location, deadlines, fees and additional requirements. The new Web site also hosts connecting pages for general information on the Office of Cultural Affairs and its projects: the Charleston Farmers Market, the City Gallery at Waterfront Park, Holiday Magic, Happy New Year Charleston!, the Holiday Parade of Boats, the Lowcountry Quarterly Arts Grant Program, Piccolo Spoleto and the MOJA Arts Festival. The Web Site was developed and is being hosted by Carolina Media Services ( .

South Carolina Wedding Officiants Finding a South Carolina wedding officiant should not be a problem. From traditional officiants, such as ministers, rabbis, and priests, to the more contemporary trends of New Age priestesses or even having an ordained friend or notery perform the ceremony. It is easy to find an officiant to take care of your wedding ceremonial concerns. Check with your local church or religious organization for recommendations on wedding officiants. If you do not want to have a religious wedding ceremony, you can always find a judge or notary to preside over a more casual ceremony. Many brides and grooms prefer to have an ordained friend or family member perform the ceremony, to add a personal touch to the wedding. The bride and groom should meet with the wedding officiant before the wedding to ask questions to personalize the ceremony. Wedding officiants can help create the wedding ceremony of your dreams, by providing a ceremony fine-tuned to your needs, and by serving as a resource to help you create your own personalize ceremony. Wedding officiants can incorporate your beliefs into the wedding ceremony, and guide you in wedding traditions of your faith. A wedding officiant can do many thing to help the wedding day go smoothly. Most officiants make themselves available for the wedding rehearsals. Wedding officiants help guide a bride and groom through the wedding ceremony, in a caring and eloquent way, and can help alleviate any wedding day anxiety. Many help couples with the legal matters invovled in a wedding, such has completing marriage license papers and help file post ceremony paperwork.

I dreamed of a

wedding of elaborate elegance,

A church filled with family and friends.

I asked him what kind of a wedding he wished for, He said one that would make me his wife.

Wedding Etiquette

Ten Tips to Ensure Your Guests Have As Much Fun as You Do

1. The wedding invitation sets the tone for your wedding. Guests will often take the cue from the invite as to how formal they should dress so it is important to take care in choosing the design. It can also serve as an important reminder of your event, so you’ll want to be sure to put as much thought into the invitation as possible.

2. Set up a wedding website. Many couples set up

website chronicling their relationship with specific emphasis on where they met, their first date and when they were engaged. Including the website URL on a wedding invitation can provide guests with additional information that you may not want to incorporate into the invite itself like gift registry information or directions to the wedding site. It is considered inappropriate to include any information relating to gifts directly on the invitation, but having this information on a website allows guests to view it at their discretion.

3.Couples should take great care in addressing envelopes. Be sure to spell each guests name

correctly and follow etiquette rules when using courtesy titles for your guests. Out of town guests deserve special attention. At the very least, provide maps and ideas for places to visit and things to do in the area as a courtesy. Some couples have been

known to provide accommodations for out of town guests, especially when the reception venue is held at a hotel, dependent upon wedding budget and the guests travel distance.

4. A cash bar in the wedding etiquette world is considered a major faux pas. If you’re unable to offer a complimentary bar due to financial constraints, you’ll want to make that information known to your guests prior to the wedding, preferably on your website rather than the invitation itself. To keep expenses down, couples will often offer beer and wine as well as soft drinks instead of hard liquor. Hire a professional bartender to serve drinks and maintain a level of safety at your wedding.

5. Take the weather and venue into consideration. No bride wants rain on her

wedding day of course, but your guests don’t want to be exposed to the elements either. Provide shelter if possible from the rain or intense heat with canopies. If you’re getting married in a park or garden be considerate of elderly or handicapped guests and provide proper pathways or alternatives to bumpy terrain.

6. Ensure your table setting promotes ease of conversation. Brides will often choose towering elaborate flower arrangements or tall pillar candleholders only to realize later that guests have moved them to the floor to allow them to talk to people across the table. You’ll want to choose a table setting that incorporates your sense of style but one that is also comfortable for your guests. If children are present you may want to reconsider lit candles and opt for battery powered candles.

7. At the Reception make it easy for guests to find their seats quickly. Try to seat attendants as close to their dates as possible. You

may also want to seat older guests not likely to be dancing farther away from the dance floor and speakers and provide a specific table for parents of both the bride and groom. Because not everyone enjoys the Electric Slide or the Chicken Dance, make sure the music is kept at a reasonable level so the reception can be enjoyed by those wanting to dance and those that prefer socializing.

8. Your guests want to see a happy loving couple enjoying their day so think about what memories you want them to take away from your wedding. If you’re comfortable with the ‘cake in the face’ part

of the wedding and it suits your personality then it is up to you whether you wish to incorporate that into the day. Many couples have recently begun incorporating their personalities into their first dance by doing something different, like taking ballroom dancing classes or learning choreographed routine to impress their guests. 9. The wedding receiving line is another tradition that has been slowly losing popularity. Couples now will stop and visit with each table during the reception, generally once the music has begun and people have relaxed. One of the worst feelings for a guest is to wonder where the bride and groom are so be sure to make yourselves available. Try to limit the after wedding photography session by taking pre-ceremony photos so that you can spend more time enjoying your reception.

10. Make a point to thank the people who helped make your wedding special. Pay particular attention to those

that helped you get ready, assisted with decorations and helped with planning. A quick thank you over the DJs sound system will make those people feel appreciated. Finally, couples are encouraged to write thank you notes as soon as possible after the wedding. Your guests will be reminded of the wonderful time they had at your ceremony and will appreciate your attentiveness and graciousness.

After all there is something about a wedding-gown prettier than in any other gown in the world.

Necklace Lengths For

Bridal Jewelry

The lengths for necklaces include the choker, the collar, princess, matinee, and opera lengths. Fallow these guidelines in selecting the proper necklace length to flatter the wedding gowns’ neckline:

The Choker

One to three strands worn close around the neck of the bride is the classic version and works well with a jewel or bateau neckline. If too much skin is showing, the choker may get lost.

The Collar

Made up of three or more strands that fit securely around the middle of the bride’s neck. A Victorian style, the collar looks lovely with a plunging or strapless neckline.

The Princess

Perfect for a strapless gown, the length falls below the hollow of the bride’s neck in front -- perfect support for a pendant. The princess length is most often 16”

and looks great with almost every bridal gown neckline, except for a high neckline.

The Matinee

The style hits the top of the bride’s bust and looks great with a bateau, jewel, or a lower neckline with sheer fabric canvasing the décolletage area. The necklace shouldn’t hit the top of the dress because then the necklace and the dress are fighting for attention.

The Opera

This long, single strand falls below the bride’s bust and looks classic with a high neckline. Usually not a good choice for bridal gowns or bridesmaid dresses.

Necklace Tips Keep the earrings simple if the necklace is prominate. Bracelets compliment sleeveless, short-sleeve, and three-quarter sleeve wedding gowns. It is stunning to wear a dramatic bracelet over tight-fitted gloves, but this is not comfortable for some brides. Most watches are not appropriate wedding jewelry for the bride or the bridesmaids to wear.

When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.

Wedding Favors

South Carolina

For your South Carolina wedding favors to be truly unique, take the time to develop creative ideas and make the favors your own. It has become extremely popular for brides to create their own wedding favors. You will save money to help you stay within your wedding budget. It shows that you have an interest in the wedding guests who came to share in your special wedding day. Making the wedding favors is an opportunity for the bridal party to become actively involved in the planning of the wedding.

Finding Wedding Favors Search through wedding magazines and websites to get an idea of the different types of wedding favors you can create. You do not have to duplicate a wedding favor you find in a wedding magazine. Just use the magazines and websites get an idea of what you would like for your wedding day. Local party

and wedding supply stores are also great places to get ideas. Employees at the wedding shops will work with a bride to help you create the best wedding favor. Make the wedding favor as basic as possible, so that they are easy to put together at the last minute.

Wedding Favors and Wedding Themes Don’t forget to choose a wedding favor that matches the theme of the wedding. Whatever wedding favor you choose, your wedding guests will love that it was hand-picked by the bride for them. There are a variety of affordable wedding favors that you can enhance by making a decorative label. The label may include the names and the date of your wedding and can be attached to the wedding favors. Favors that can be used with almost any wedding theme are: • Candy tins or gift bags filled with Jordan almonds, candy mints or chocolate kisses. • Chocolate shaped as a long stemmed red rose. • Votive candles and holders. • Personalized scrolls that have your name and wedding date with a beautiful poem relating to the bride and future groom.

Affordable Wedding Favors There are various wedding favors that can be purchased with a minimal budget. Shop around and you will find that the possibilities are endless. Many internet sites and discount stores offer a variety of wedding items for reduced prices. If you only need a few wedding favors, there is also the possibility of finding closeout items at a greatly discounted price.

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South Carolina Wedding Flowers In South Carolina, wedding flowers add as much to the wedding as the bride’s wedding dress. Flowers have been used at weddings for hundreds of years. No matter what wedding theme, there is a flower that will be perfect. Flowers come in all colors, shapes, sizes and fragrance. Whatever your taste, you can have beautiful floral designs at your wedding. Some brides have a favoriteflower, while others haven’t ever given their flowers much thought. Either way, South Carolina has many talented florists who would be happy to give you some guidance. As you are making your floral choices consider the following: Color- Once you have decided on the color scheme for your South Carolina wedding, you must decide what part the flowers will play in the whole picture. Will the flowers be an accent color or the main focal point for the color scheme? Will you go with all the same color flowers or use a variety of coordinating shades? Also, don’t forget to consider the surroundings for the church or ceremony and reception site. No bride wants her flowers to clash with the background. Shape- For the bridal bouquet and the rest of the wedding party, there are a variety of options including hand-tied, cascade, or even round. In regard to the ceremony and reception, there is much more to choose from. Consider either a low centerpiece or a tall one for tables, as this makes

your guests’ conversation easier if they don’t have to lean around in order to talk to one another. Quantity- Figure your how many of each type of arrangement you’ll need for your South Carolina wedding. Consider the number of groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower girl, ring bearer, mothers and so on. Decide on how many centerpieces and accent arrangements are needed for the ceremony site and at the reception location. Budget- You and your florist need to understand how much you’ve allotted for the flowers so you can determine the best designs for your wedding. Your florist can give you ideas on how to best cut any corners, if needed. Once you have made decisions about color, arrangements, and your floral budget, you are ready to start interviewing florists. Ask your friends or family if they have a florist they’ve worked with and can recommend to you. Many florists have examples of their work online. It is important that your florist is able to create to the designs you envision for your wedding. Make an appointment to sit down with the florist for a consultation. You’ll want to ask the florist some questions about her experience and background, her artistic approach to flowers and general operation for an event like yours. Also, ask to see her portfolio. Once you have a sense of which florist is right for you, then you can begin creating the vision you have for your wedding. Your florist will be able to make recommendations for types of flowers that would be a good fit for your wedding. Flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding are often the best choice. Your florist can provide you with a list of which flowers are in season during the time of year you are getting married. Flowers that are not in season will have to be imported or specially ordered –which means a higher price. Whatever your vision for your wedding, simple or extravagant, your flowers will set the stage. A South Carolina florist can help you create a picture perfect setting for your wedding. For more information on flowers and South Carolina florist check out

Preserving Your South Carolina Wedding Flowers

Tradition dictates that brides toss their bouquets to the single women at the wedding, in order to “predict” the next bride-to-be. However, many brides wish to keep the original bouquet from the ceremony. With this in mind, many brides have started using a different tossing bouquet to throw to the wedding guests. There are many methods of floral preservation. Pressing and freeze-drying are very popular ways for a bride to preserve her bouquet. The preservation of flowers dates all the way back to Egyptian times in which wedding guests would use sand as a preservative for the flowers, with the Victorian era bringing about the pressing method that is still extremely popular today in South Carolina.

South Carolina Flower Preservation Professionals

Don’t trust the preservation of your irreplaceable wedding flowers to just anyone. Leave your wedding flowers in the hands of professionals. Business that can accurately preserve most flowers that are commonly though out South Carolina. Making the color of your wedding flowers last is very important, so make sure the bride chooses a South Carolina flower preservation company that specializes in minimizing the color fading.

Plan Ahead To Preserve Your Wedding Flowers

Make early arrangements to have the wedding flowers preserved. Most florists advise to have the flowers delivered for preservation within a few days after the wedding. Strictly follow any instructions given by the preservation service of your choice to ensure lasting vitality. Mother’s corsages, table arrangements, and other floral items from your bridal party

or groomsmen may be preserved and tucked into “thank you” notes for all of the wedding gifts.

Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction.

Booking Wedding Guest Hotel Rooms South Carolina weddings are big occasions, not only for the bride and groom, but also for wedding guests. It is a great chance for friends and family who don’t see each other often to reconnect.

The Right Location For Your Wedding Guests For out of town guests, spending quality time together at the hotel is a great opportunity to visit with each other. Include hotel information along with the wedding invitation, so it will be easier for wedding guests to find a place to stay. It’s also a great way to let those attending the wedding know where other wedding guests will be staying over. Many hotels will give a group discount on rooms, so brides and grooms can ensure that their wedding guests get the best rate.

Reserving Guest Rooms At South Carolina Hotels Out of town friends and family will appreciate hotel suggestions that keep their needs in mind.

The hotel(s) should be located near the site of the wedding ceremony and reception venue. This means once wedding guests are at the hotel, they should have an easy time finding their way to the event. Keep guests’ financial concerns in mind. Transportation, hotel and dining expenses certainly add up quickly. Also, there’s the wedding gift. Choose a hotel that offers free amenities, such as a complimentary hot breakfast and free Internet access for guests. Give wedding guests a place to relax. Visiting is great, but sometimes people need some time to themselves. A calm hotel room to go back to is a great refuge from all the wedding activities. Make sure the kids are entertained. Look for a hotel that has a pool for the children. They can swim while the adults mingle. The adults will enjoy a fitness area, whirlpool and sauna.

My whole heart for my whole life

Planning Your South Carolina Honeymoon It is a feeling like nothing a bride and groom have ever experienced before. The couple has survived the hustle and chaos of having a South Carolina wedding. The bride and groom feel closer than ever before and are anxious to get to their honeymoon destination. The honeymoon should be a peaceful time to begin building a new life together. The bride and grooms’ options are unlimited and planning ahead is key!

Your South Carolina Honeymoon

Local Or Long-Distance? Whether the bride and groom are headed to Myrtle Beach for a stay at a sandy resort or touring the historical districts of downtown Charleston, be sure

to choose a location you both would enjoy. Talk to close friends and family about where they have been to get ideas.

Imagine Your South Carolina Honeymoon Imagine being on your perfect honeymoon. Where are you? What are your surroundings? Sit down together and talk about what each of the bride and groom have in mind. Make a list of various places that fit what you are imagining together as a couple.

Plan Ahead For Your Honeymoon Discuss the various honeymoon destinations as soon as possible. Some places in South Carolina are

booked up months in advance. By reserving early, the bride and groom will have a better chance of getting the right accommodations and travel arrangements at a better price. Check online travel sites for any discount honeymoon packages they may offer.

Make Sure Your Honeymoon Fits The Budget Figure out how much money you have to spend and how long you would like to be away for. Longer is not always better in South Carolina, so if the choice is between seven days at a budget resort versus five days at a really unique hideaway, go for quality and fun, not quantity of nights. A honeymoon is a one of a kind trip, and it needs to be special.

Remember you will be making memories that will last a lifetime.

Travel Agents For Your Honeymoon Many South Carolina travel agents specialize in honeymoon planning. Do your research to find an experienced agent who can provide first-hand knowledge that can make decision-making easier. For more information about your South Carolina honeymoon, check out www.Travel.SC for hotel rates and room availability in South Carolina

Choosing Your Unique South Carolina Wedding Invitations Wedding invitations are traditionally professionally printed on fine paper. These wedding invitations are pretty, but sometimes a bride and groom want to show off their personalities to their wedding guest. A bride and groom can get creative and make their own unique South Carolina wedding invitations. With some imagination, you can build an invitation that expresses creativity to your invited guests. Don’t forget to consult the Weddings.SC Guest List Planner, to keep tract of the invitations you have sent.

South Carolina Beach Wedding Invitations

shapes of palm trees or other beach items to make the invitations sparkle. Stylized fonts may be used to convey the feel you want to have at your wedding – relaxed, formal, or laid back. Personalize your envelopes so that they match the theme you have for your wedding. This is a great way to make the wedding original for your friends and family that have been invited to your special wedding day. There are many online sources for fonts ( DaFont and Urban Fonts are just two of the great font websites) and graphics ( IStock is just one of the many stock photo sites) to match your wedding theme.

South Carolina Picture Wedding Invitations South Carolina beach wedding invitations are the perfect choice for a bride and groom getting married on the coast of South Carolina. If you are creating your own invitations, a wide range of options are out there; such as choosing colors, styles, fonts, and envelope inserts that are available to represent a beach theme. Include confetti in the

Another way to make the invitations special is to use picture wedding invitations. These invitations can incorporate pictures of the engaged couple or scenes that are special to the bride and groom. Use various pictures for each invitation, or have one single shot taken and copied so that all the

invitations are uniform. Using picture wedding invitations is a great way to create a special invitation that will stand out. If you have a scanner you can add the photo yourself, or go to your local photo processing center and they will be happy to make a cd with your chosen photo on it.

Die-Cut Wedding Invitations For Your South Carolina Wedding Your South Carolina wedding invitations should reflect the wedding theme. One great way to create a special invitation is by having invitations cut into unique shapes. Traditional invitations are rectangular or square, but there’s no rule saying to stick to this tradition. Have your invitations cut into

various shapes depending on what you would like for them to look like. Having invitations cut into unique shapes is a fun way to show your individuality with your invited friends and family. Die Cutting can be expensive, but if you are good with an X-acto knife you can cut them yourself. For more information on wedding invitations, check out Chapter 11 of Emily Post’s Etiquette in Society, in Business, in Politics, and at Home.

I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach.

of a mortgage, and you have an incredibly cheap way to build wealth, but you better act now.

Time to Refinance or Buy !?

Right now, mortgage rates are at their lowest level since 1971. Think about that. Twenty-five years ago, homeowners were paying as much as 18% on a 30-year fixed. Today it’s just a little over 5%.Combine that rate with the tax advantages

Real estate guru Barbara Corcoran has already seen a tremendous surge in refinance applications – more than triple the average – and the number of people getting approved is astronomically higher as well, she says. But that doesn’t mean the low rates are a panacea for the ills of the housing market. It is only once home prices start to go up that we will finally see a light at the end of tunnel, Corcoran says. Until that happens, we are still going to have to crawl out of this mess.

“[Low interest rates are] not a lifesaver,” Corcoran says. “This is just a helping hand.”

David Kittle, chairman of the Mortgage Bankers Association, has this advice to homeowners looking to refinance: Do it. Don’t get greedy searching for another quarter-point. Lock in rates now. He is seeing applications soar over 125% just since Thanksgiving due to the low rates. Of course, you should only refinance if it saves you at least 3/8 on the rate and if you plan on staying in your home for at least four years, Kittle says. Along with good credit, proof of income and money by means of a down payment or equity in the home, there are certain things every homeowner needs regardless of interest rate levels.

South Carolina is a world famous wedding destination. Your wedding guest will be sure to have no shortage of things to do during their vist to the Palmetto State. Here are a few things your guest will enjoy: • Sunny, Wide Beaches • Crystalline Lakes, State Parks and Campgrounds • Historic Towns, Monuments and Tributes to Heritage • Scenic Mountains, Rustic Cabins and Roadside Stands A South Carolina Destination Wedding is a travel adventure that will make memories for a lifetime. People keep coming back to Vacation with in South Carolina. Once your wedding guest visit, they will fall in love South Carolina.

Myrtle Beach Beaches & Attractioins Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is known worldwide for the Sun Fun Festival! A Myrtle Beach Vacation is known for F-U-N. The Grand Strand is full of wide sandy beaches, world class golf, unique gift shops and outlet stores and beyond fantastic Carolina cuisine. Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand offer so many wholesome Family Attractions and Amusements, it is difficult to narrow down what you want to do first when you vacation there.

SW outh C arolina Wedding Activities P K C B V S C Y A Y hy




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Consider Visiting Charleston

Enjoy Southern Hospitality At Its Finest Charleston Weddings offer a romantic blend of European high culture, fine dining, history, carriage rides, cobblestone streets and genuine Southern Hospitality. This historic “must-see” combines the best of history and sophistication with down home, finger lickin’ Seafood Fests and beaches you never want to leave. One of the glories of Charleston is the magnificent Resort Islands. You can soak up the relaxed energy of Caribbean influences on Hilton Head, and the many other Lowcountry Resort Islands. From world-class Beach and Golf Resorts to Affordable Pet-Friendly Hotels, you’ll find outstanding people and unique places to stay in South Carolina...wherever you go.

Visit Historic Sites When you go to a wedding in South Carolina you escape into history. From Revolutionary and Civil War sites to historic Plantation Homes and museums, it’s easy to step back in time in the Palmetto State.

Pencil in time to tour cherished Historic Sites like: • Fort Sumpter • Middleton Place Plantation Homes and Gardens • Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site • Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site • Redcliffe Plantation State Historic Site See firsthand our Cultural and Artistic Treasures, take a Gullah Tour to learn about the Gullah people, language, traditions, and tourism events. Gullah is the language spoken by the Lowcountry’s first black inhabitants. The language and culture still thrive today in and around the Lowcountry, especially the areas of Charleston and Beaufort, South Carolina.

Discover Cultural Treasures & the Natural Wonders of The Outdoors Of course, while on Vacation you might want to visit our award-winning museums, the SC Aquarium and make time for fantastic souvenir shopping. Don’t forget to get see some out of the way places full of charm. Take a drive through beautiful historic cities on scenic back roads that lead to South Carolina’s charming small towns. You can visit our Amish Township and

enjoy handmade Quilting Crafts and the daily fresh baked bread. Outdoors in South Carolina is like nothing else you’ll ever experience. Our SC Summer Activities feature great Family Fun State Parks, Championship Golf Courses, Clear and Saltwater Fishing, Hiking and Biking, white water rafting, boating, tubing, kayaking and scuba diving with alligators - and that’s just a start! People from all over pack up and move to South Carolina exclusively to live at “the Lake”. South Carolina boasts year-round fishing and World Class Fishing Tournaments. While visiting South Carolina on Vacation it’s good to know that the SC State Parks alongside major bodies of water all have boat ramps and other access points for your water recreation. So bring your boat or other watercraft and prepare to have fun on South Carolina’s Waterways via our SC State Parks. If you don’t have your own boat, that’s okay, too! You can rent jon boats, canoes and kayaks at several State Parks with Lakes and Ponds. You cannot come to South Carolina on Vacation and NOT have fun! It is a great place to play. Plan your next trip to South Carolina and see why South Carolina is rated “one of the best Vacation Destinations in the US.”

Discover New Ways to Play South Carolina’s State Park Golf Courses are a great place to enjoy our natural beauty and of course - a great game of golf. If you love the game of Golf, why not take a Golf Course Tour and “play through” the State? Consider a golf course tour of Cheraw State Park and Hickory Knob State Resort Park. You’ll find hole-by-hole video pro tips for the Tom Jackson designed courses. Do you love to try new Restaurants when you travel? Are you looking for discount Coupons For Dining Out, Local Events and Attractions? Or do you crave

the great places to eat that only the locals know about? You are invited to visit our sister websites to take a virtual tour of the pleasures that await you. Now is the time to plan ahead for you fun filled Visit to South Carolina. Check out the Beach Rental Property, Hotels and Resorts, Cabins and Lodges or whatever suits your hearts desire. South Carolina has it all.

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