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Species which were recorded as usual during the year are listed at the end of these notes. Numbers refer to the B.O.U. Check List (1952). 1. Black-throated Diver.—One Minsmere, Jan. 9th : one Havergate, Feb. 4th and 7th (RSPB). One Havergate, Nov. 4th (RSPB). 4. Red-throated Diver.—Records from many observers on coast and estuaries up to April 27th, and again from Sept. 15th, numbers small, most being c. 10 Minsmere, Oct. 15th (DJP). Inland—one at Needham Market, Feb. 9th - 20th (EFC). 5. Great Crested Crebe.—Breeding records from Holbrook, Livermere, Bures, Glemsford, Needham Market, and bred in average numbers at usual localities in Lowestoft area (ALB, EFC, ACCH, LFC, WHP, DW). R. Stour—numbers increased to 26 in March - April ; up to 17 from Sept. onwards (JMW). R. Orwell—26, Feb. - March (FKC), increasing to c. 50 in late March (CGC) ; in autumn a gradual increase to 30 + on Dec. 25th (FKC). Very few winter records from other estuaries and the coast. 6. Red-necked Grebe.—Single birds at Southwold, Jan. llth (BAC), R. Deben, Feb. 27th (AEC, FKC), R. Orwell, March 13th (CGC, FKC, JMC, ADR). Three (one adult) Southwold, Sept. 7th (RVAM), and the following records possibly refer to the same birds :—one Southwold, Sept. 8th and lOth, one Covehithe, Sept. lOth, two on 15th, three on 16th and one on 23rd (GBGB, BAC, FKC, RMG, GJJ, RVAM). One Havergate, Nov. Ist, 14th and Dec. 2nd (RSPB). 7.

Slavonian Grebe.—One R. Orwell, Feb. 13th (FKC). One Havergate, Oct. lOth, 24th, 26th and Dec. 15th (RSPB).


Black-necked Grebe.—Two Benacre Pits, Jan. 9th (DW).

One Havergate, July 21st (RSPB) ; one R. Orwell, Nov. 20th (FKC) ; one Benacre Broad, Dec. 4th (DW) ; one R. Stour, Dec. 26th (FKC). 26. Fulmar.—Two Lowestoft, April 15th ( L F C ) ; one Minsmere, April 19th (RSPB) ; one Benacre, May 5th (FKC) ; one Covehithe, May 14th (FKC) ; two Pakefield, June 8th (LFC) ; one Southwold and Minsmere, June 9th (TF, RSPB).

Suffolk Bird Report for 1955  
Suffolk Bird Report for 1955