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M. testaceus, Fab.—Rarely noticed in Tuddenham Fen in August (Elliott). M. ruficorrtis, Gr.—Abundant in all marshes : Thorndon, etc. M. attenuatus, Bdg.—A couple of males in Bentley Woods in May, 1900-3. M. cingulatus, Gr.—Tostock (Tuck), Bramford, Tuddenham, Monks Soham, etc. M. prosoleucus, Gr.—Rare : a female at Brandon staunch, 28 September, 1907. M. macrodactylus, Hlg.—A beautiful male at Tostock, 20 July, 1900 (Tuck). Perispudus sulphuratus, Gr.—Oulton (Bedwell), Blythburgh, Thorndon, Mildenhall. Catoglyptus fuscicornis, Gm.—Common in all our woods during spring. Euryproctus nemoralis, Frc.—Scarce: Ipswich, Barton Mills, Thorndon, Kenton. E. geniculosus, Gr.—Marshes: Oulton (Bedwell), Lowestoft, Baylham, Henstead. E. defectivus, Gr.—Very rare : Judes Bridge in Mildenhai], 20 June 1915. E. atomator, Mull.—Letheringham (Elliott), Finbro (Tuck), Parham, Monks Soham. E. lateralis, Gr.—Not rare : Mildenhall, Barton Mills, Southwold. F.. notatus, Gr.—Abundant on flowers everywhere: Tostock (Tuck), Monks Soham, etc. Perilissus filicornis, Gr.—Abundant: Bentley, Southwold, Tuddenham, etc. P. rufoiiiger, Gr.—Common in all our woods in spring. P. pallidus, Gr.—Parham Wood in 1921, and rarely at light at Monks Soham. P. spilonotus, Ste.—Tostock (Tuck), Brandon, and common on Monks Soham windows. P. orbitalis, Gr.—Rarely seen at Brandon and in Tuddenham Fen. P. triangulatus, Bdg.—One at Tostock on 13 June 1900 (Tuck). P. ncevius, Gm.—Uncommon in gardens at Tuddenham and Monks Soham. P. buccinator, Hlg.—Rarely seen : a male in Barton Mills woods. P. luteolator, Gr.—Bred in Tangham Forest (Trans, i, p. 179.) Eclytus fontinalis, Hlg.—On sallow in Walberswick marshes, September 1910. Ctenopelma nigra, Hlg.—A female on birch in Bentley Woods, 29 May 1902. Prionopoda stictica, Fab.—Henstead, Bentley ; and often at light at Monks Soham, to 1928. P- glabra, Bdg.—Commonly on flowers throughout the County.

The Hymenoptera of Suffolk: Part ii  
The Hymenoptera of Suffolk: Part ii