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E. Britanniens, Morley.—Type from Tuddenham (Morley); Bungay (Tuck). E. prosopius, Gr.—Common : Bury (Tuck), Assington, Brandon, Barnby Broad, etc. E. nigripalpis, Th.—Rarely seen : Easton Broad and the Beccles marshes. E. flavomarginatus, Hlg.—Common : Bury (Tuck), Assington, Brandon, Barnby, etc. E. tibialis, Hlg.—Monks Soham (Elliott), Tostock (Tuck), Tuddenham Fen. E. Fletcheri, Bdg.—Marshes: Reydon and Walherswick, in September 1910. E. parvispina, Th.—Rarely seen: Bramford and Tuddenham Fen in autumn. E. notatus, Hlg.—One at Monks Soham on 8 Julv, 1928. E. albicinctus, Hlg.—Rare : on the coast at Felixstow in June. Orihocentrus stigmaticus, Hlg.—Elveden during May, and Monks Soham in autumn. O. marginatus, Hlg.—Dodnash woods in August, 1899 and Monks Soham in August, 1925. O. monilicornis, Th.—Tostock in 1900 (Tuck); common in Monks Soham garden. O. attenuatus, Hlg.—On house windows at Monks Soham. O. fulvipes, Gr.—Occasionally at Monks Soham and Tuddenham. O. protuberans, Hlg.—Doubtless common: Elveden in early May, 1907. Stenomacrus flavieeps, Gr.—A male on pine at West Stow, 2 May, 1936. S. caudatus, Hlg.—Males on long grass at Mildenhall. S. curvicaudatus, Brsh.—Rarely seen: Brandon marshes and Tuddenham Fen. S. concinnus, Hlg.—Doubtless common : Monks Soham garden in late May 1908. S. deletus, Th. —Males on lime-leaves in Monks Soham garden in late May. S. laricis, Hai—Common everywhere : Barton Mills in 1916, etc. S. ridibundus, Gr.—Rarely noted: Henstead in marshes, August, 1898 S. ventralis, Hlg.—Females beaten from pine-trees in Bentlev Woods, April, 1899. S. confinis, Hlg.—Monks Soham : common in marshes of Breck and along coast. S. intermedius, Hlg.—Probably common : Barton Mills, Oulton Broad and Southwold. S- cognatus, Hlg.—Brandon ; common in both house and garden at Monks Soham. S. pusillus, Zett.—Apparentlv rare : Bentley Woods and Southwold salt-marshes.

The Hymenoptera of Suffolk: Part ii  
The Hymenoptera of Suffolk: Part ii