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A. oratorins, Fab.—In swamps: Reydon, Ashfield Parva, Kessingland and bred from Noctua at Benacre. A. castaneopygus, Ste.—Rarely seen : swept from reeds in Tuddenham Fen, August, 1902 A. uniguttatus, Gr.—Certainly uncommon : taken near Bury by Wrattislaw (Beaumont). Hepiopelmus leucostigmus, Gr.—Taken at Tostock in October, 1902 (Tuck). Anisobas hostilis, Gr.—One caught Aying at Cransford on 13 June 1918. Probolus alticola, Gr.—Not frequent with us : both sexes taken near Bury (Tuck). Tricholabus strigatorius, Gr.—Both sexes bred at Sudbury from Euclidia mi in May, 1920 (Harwood). Eurylabus tristis, Gr.—Several at Hepworth in 1933 (Kirkby) and ' Easton Bavents in July, 1922. Platylabus rufus, Wsm.—Rarely seen: Reydon, beaten from alder in September, 1910. P. pedatorius, Fab.—Common at times : Bramford, Tuddenham, Ashfield Parva, Monks Soham. P. phaleratus, Hai.—Tuddenham Fen in 1902-6 on Salix cinerea : extremely local. P. tenuicornis, Gr.—Once found in the I pswich district. P. albinus, Gr.—Rarely seen : Tuddenham Fen in the middle of June. P. orbitalis, Gr.—Bred from Anticlea sinuata near Timworth in 1912 (Nurse). P. decipiens, Wsm.—On flowers in Tuddenham Fen during August 1928. P. nigricollis, Wsm—Taken in Bentley Woods at the end of May. P. pactor, Wsm.—Bred from Drepana lacertula pupa at Dunwich. Stenodontus marginellus, Gr.—Found on Vicia sativa there at the end of June. Herpestomus brunneicornis, Gr.—Common: Tostock (Tuck), Bentley Woods, etc. H. nasutus, Wsm.—Beaten from poplar on Lowestoft denes in August 1908. H. arridens, Gr.—Swept in Barnby Broad during the smae month. Ph. ceogenes argutus, Wsm.—Common during hibernation: grass-roots in Bentley Woods. P. stipator, Wsm.—Bred from larva of Orthoteelia sparganella at Bamham in 1909 (Nurse); Ispwich. P. semivulpinus, Gr.—Common : Tostock (Tuck), etc. P. melanogonus, Gm.—Not infrequent in Bentley Woods. P. ophthalmicus, Wsm.—Abundant: Bury (Tuck), Barnby, Farnham, Tuddenham, etc. P. fiiscicornis, Wsm.—Hardly rarer than the last. P. infimus, Wsm.—First found in Britain in the Bentley Woods, commonly.

The Hymenoptera of Suffolk: Part ii