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IJstrodromus nycthemerus, Gr.—Rare: on Monks Soham windows, when first and second broods of Lyccena argiolns emerge. Hoplismenus albifrons, Gr.—Sparingly on fiowers at Walberswick and Brandon. Automalus albogutiatus, Gr.—Taken near Bury by Wrattislaw (in coli. Beaumont) and at Lowestoft (Rcv. lehn, IV, 79). Tragus lutorius, Fab.—Bred at Aldeburgh from Deilephila galii, manv veats ago. T. exaltatoi ins, P z — T a k e n near Bury by Wrattislaw (in coli. Beaumont). Protichneumon fuseipennis, Wsm — Captured with the last species. P. laminatorius, Fab.—As last; bred at Aldeburgh from Deilephila galii; and at Sproughton, Bramford, Sudbury, not rarely from Chcerocampa elpenor. Coelichneumon lineator, Fab.—Rarely captured in Bentley Woods. C lioenemis, Thoms.—Monks Soham windows ; and bred from Noctua at Brantham. C. impressor, Zett.—Not rarely bred from Gortyna ochracea from Beccles at Gorleston. C. castaneiventris, Gr.—Ispwich and Assington Thicks in spring. Stenichneumon culpator, Seh—Apparently rare. [St. Ives and Wicken, in Cambs.] S. pistorius. Gr.—Equally rarely seen. [Horning Ferry, NortolkJ. S. trilineatus, Gm.—Common parasite of Current M o t h : Ipswich, Clopton, Martlesham, Monks Soham, etc. S. ochropis, Gm.—Flying in Blythburgh Wood in September, 1929. pictus, Gr.—Bred from Thera obeliscata at Dunwich in 1933. Cratichneumon rufieeps, Gr.—Sure to occur with us. [Kings Lynn, several, Norfolk.] C. rufifrons, Cr.—Abundant in all woods in spring: Monks Soham garden, etc. C. nigritarius, Gr.—Covehithe (Curtis), Bentley, Assington. C. dissimilis, Gr.—Martlesham in August, 1926. C. fabricator, Fab.—Very common in woods everywhere. C. annulator, Fab.—More frequent in woods than the last: Monks Soham windows. . C. fugitivus, Gr.—Ipswich, Tuddenham Fen, etc. : occasional. C. coruscator, L — R a r e about Ipswich in August. C. Gravenhorsti, Fnsc.—Taken near Bury by Wrattislaw (in coli. Beaumont). C. albilarvatus, Gr.—Abundantly beaten from oak in woods. C. lanius, Gr.—As common on oak in woods as the last. C. variipes, Gr.—Occasionallv beaten from birch at Bentley Woods in spring.

The Hymenoptera of Suffolk: Part ii