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A Pillar of Educational Success

If your dream is to see your child provided with the best possible education, then look no further! Curro Mount Richmore prides itself on being a pillar of educational success, which is why space for 2022 and 2023 is filling up rapidly.

Situated in Salt Rock, the school offers something for everyone with impressive sport and academic curriculums which develop learners into well-rounded individuals, creating international competitors. The school has experienced incredible growth in recent years, catering for children from 3 months old up to Grade 12. The Sports and Cultural offering are well supported by state of the art facilities. The school has recently broken ground with its AstroTurf Hockey Field and looks forward to sharing this facility with the community.

Moving from field to classroom, creative ideas, mental connections, and fun learning environments make it easier to teach complex subjects like Mathematics. The school uses the Brombacher method of teaching Mathematics - a method founded in 2003 by Aarnout Brombacher, a mathematics teacher and leader in South African mathematics education.

Curro Mount Richmore has a wide variety of subjects to choose from, complemented by a team of passionate staff who are invested in your child and their future. They have STEMD classrooms which is an integration of subject and technology offered through IT and Robotics programming, 3D printers, virtual headsets, and E-sports.

With a collection of value add’s, your child will benefit from academic support classes, Mathematics and Science Academy, Curro Create, Siyavula, Robotics, Ladies and Gentlemen’s Society, Elevate Educate study skills, and an in-house psychologist to mention but a few.

A learner-centred approach provides learners the opportunity to explore and investigate themes and topics on their own, to come up with their own solutions, teaching them to be independent and well-round individuals who will make a positive contribution to society.

The Curro campus has classrooms filled with wonder and fun, beautiful jungle gyms, obstacle courses, Learn2Swim, and Phys Ed classes for children from 3 months old, starting at Curro Castle, right through to learners benefiting from Curro’s unique offerings up to Matric.

Don’t miss out on providing the best possible education for your child - enrol them at Curro Mount Richmore today and see what they mean by ‘your family, is our family’.



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