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An Unbeatable Combination

For over fifty years, Exotic Kitchens has been successfully bridging the gap between design, innovation, and expertise in KZN, to produce impactful pieces for your home. From concept design to drawing and execution they transform kitchens, bedrooms, dining and living rooms, bars, common areas, appliances, finishes, textures and colours.

Through the years, the Exotic Kitchens team has been able to design, build and produce spaces that are fresh and fabulous, pushing boundaries to produce and deliver elements that are quite unique to suit each individual or home. They offer endless opportunities in design and craftsmanship through their countless years of experience.

Exotic Kitchens has been in Springfield Park for the past 24 years and have now expanded to a newly designed and built Ballito showroom on Moffat Drive. Here they have teamed up with Jossi Design established by top Interior Design specialist, Jocelyn Jones.

Jossi Interior Design opened its doors in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal (KZN) in 2006, established by founder and director, Jocelyn Jones. Not wanting to simply create beautiful interiors, her interest goes much deeper as she poses the question: “what is interior design”? For Jocelyn, creating an understanding of the differences between interior design and decorating is a topic she is passionate about. Decorating focuses on making a home look beautiful.

Interior Design is more concerned with the technical elements of an interior and places emphasis on spatial planning, plumbing, electrical and lighting, floor and wall coverings, bespoke furniture design as well as all fixtures including sanitary ware, built in cupboards, kitchens, and bathroom vanities.

Good Interior Design brings an idea to reality through precise design, and accurate specifications that considers human movements and living requirements. In short interior design is more than an art… it’s a science.

Many of these elements are not considered when building a home, which leads to added costs and project delays. It could be described as the architecture of the inside of a building, and then making it picture perfect through decorating.

The ongoing property development on the Dolphin Coast, North of Durban has created the need for more interior options. It was therefore a no brainer for Jocelyn to team up with Exotic Kitchens and open a second showroom in Ballito. Together the two companies offer experience, knowledge and bespoke design through collaboration.

Beyond this, the showroom provides a collaborative design space and aims to showcase the works of many of the artisans within our area. This presents a new, fresh approach to an ever-expanding landscape.



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