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Meet the OLALA INTERIORS Team with the philosophy of designing, curating and manufacturing approachable, elegant spaces with easy & luxuriously contented living areas. Established 28 years ago by Schanè Anderson, OLALA INTERIORS has cemented itself as an award winning, multi-disciplinary decor and design studio throughout Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

With a collaborative approach to clients (large and small), the team delivers a fabulous experience with the very best interior design concepts on every project. OLALA INTERI- ORS know the importance of authenticity & treat every project uniquely to develop its own personality & signature.

In 2018 OLALA INTERIORS entered the International Property Awards for the first time with their PROJECT CLIFTON, competing against the best property professionals across the African region and were ultimately awarded with the highest scoring 5 STAR AWARD and recognised as the BEST in the INTERIOR DESIGN - PRIVATE RESIDENCE category South Africa. OLALA INTERIORS also received an award as NOMINEE for BEST IN AFRICA.

Project Waterfall, a luxuriously designed residence situated in Midrand, was submitted for the 2019 International Property Awards and OLALA INTERIORS was once again presented with the award. Later in 2019, OLALA INTERIORS was short-listed in The International Design & Architecture Awards for ‘Luxury Residence Global – Project Clifton’ and ‘Kitchen Design Global – Eagles Wings’. OLALA INTERIORS Designer Kyle du Preez, who co-designed the kitchen for the Eagles Wings submission had this to say: “Although not winning overall, being selected and short listed for an international award was a fantastic experience”.

2020 brought further wins where OLALA INTERIORS once again scooped not one but two, much coveted 5*Star Best in South Africa and subsequently being awarded BEST IN AFRICA awards of the 2020/21 International Property Awards. OLALA INTERIORS was recognised as the BEST in both the ‘INTERIOR DESIGN - PRIVATE RESIDENCE’ and the ‘KITCHEN DESIGN’ categories. The project submitted for both categories was a home situated in the beautiful Zimbali Coastal Estate in KwaZulu Natal - Project YNE. The Interiors designed by Schané delivered a luxurious escape for the entire residence, while Designer Britta McMeekin ensured that the kitchen captured the innate generosity of a socially engaging family winning her the BEST KITCHEN DESIGN AFRICA Award. OLALA INTERIORS’ award winning kitchens and cabinetry are manufactured and installed by their own factory under the steady leadership of Riaan Grobbelaar and his dedicated team of Master Craftsmen.

“These awards are a testament to our fabulous clients and our talented team. We are really grateful for all the opportunities we have to travel and bring home the very best of international design concepts.”


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