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Collisheen Estate.

Collisheen Estate has set the trend for Drive-in weddings in SA. Amidst the uncertainty, they managed to come up with a way you to proceed with your wedding day, whilst still sharing it with your close family and friends. The concept arose just before lockdown when a family-friend joked about the possibility of ‘drive-in weddings’, but once the seed was planted, and the decision was made, it flourished into the most breathtaking ceremony.

Your special day been put on hold because of the current pandemic? Brides and Grooms have had some heart-wrenching decisions to make regarding their special day - do we cancel or do we postpone and hope for the best?There are so many aspects that need to come together, and all of them play a vital role in assuring that condition is maintained.

“It exceeded all of our expectations”, said Wayne Hulett, the owner of Collisheen Estate. “We have had a number of cancellations and just knew that we had to get creative”.

Our very experienced venue coordinators liaise between you and your service providers to ensure a perfect day. Our Executive head chef and her team prepare delicious canapés, which we serve directly to your guests’ cars. The ceremony consists of a minister, Bride and Groom and two witnesses for the wedding party. Family and friends park in an oval shape surrounding the aisle and gazebo, tuning in on their car radio to listen in. After saying their vows the newlyweds can cut the cake and enjoy their first dance in the middle of the oval. The onlookers hoot and flash their lights to celebrate the occasion, allowing them to share their excitement at the nuptials. Estate adheres strictly to all the health and safety protocols as mandated under the current status quo.