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the wild life issue:

Animal encounters i l l u s t r at e d plus: Pa l m b o m e n i n t r e e s s u m m e r m ov i e s f r e e f e s t i va l t i c k e t s

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Times new viking

After the lights go out By Daniëlle van Ark Photographer Daniëlle van Ark takes photos of musicians right after they’ve come off stage. Every month we publish one of her photos.

Beth Murphy - Keyboards/Vocals 12-04-2010. OCCII, Amsterdam

THIS MONTH Summer’s here! And so is the Wild Life. The ants, the wasps and the mosquitoes; that bloody jellyfish; the monkeys you see on your fancy holiday jungle hike; that special bird on Terschelling; the dolphins you swim with at Malibu Beach; and the flies in the garbage bag besides your tent in the south of France. And don’t leave out the humans... Humans will be living out their wild lives as they always do in summer. But hey, you’re wearing shorts and you wanna be stupid. So bless you and the Wild Life. Enjoy! Before you know it you’ll be shovelling snow.

on the cover Untitled. Illustration by Zansky



The wild life ISSUE

Arrrrrr.... Unleash the beast within and swerve through summer like a mad monkey. you wild life living the wild life you.

WIld life illustrated

Palmbomen in trees

Artist/Animal encounters page 23

By Elza Jo van Reenen page 26



Cooking for Ariel Pink page 47

This month’s must sees page 43


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This month in Subbacultcha! magazine Yes, we are all about unruly, independent, relentless, alternative, loud, beautiful, silent, disturbing, soothing and uncompromising music. ...but we all love the wild life, right?

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Top 5

Concert: Washed Out at Trouw One of the best shows we’ve seen this year! More Glo-Fi Summer Pop at Trouw on July 14.

Last month at our office These are five things that thrilled, chilled and excited us last month.


Website: Every day the same boring dillemma. ‘What the fuck should I make for dinner?!’ Well, ponder no more. Just type in that ridiculously long url. Sorted! Music: Viva Playlist #49 Every week we publish a one-hour radio show on the great Of course (!) the quality is always high. But show #49 was of such exceptional quality that it made it straight into this top 5. Hehe.

3 4

Song: Spilt Milk - ‘One By One’ Spilt Milk is a nice, warm, geeky and charming band. But when we heard our very own 99 Problems Bitch (page 46) sing on one of their recordings... well, heaven opened up right in our office. Turns out she’s not such a bitch after all. Listen on our website.


Entertainment: Bingo We were in Milan to play some music at the Milan Fashion Week (what?!) and after some nice italian food and (more than) some nice Italian drinks we ended up at Bingo Washington on Piazza Napoli at 3:00 AM, playing Bingo with the locals while lurking on Gin Tonic... and you thought we were hipsters.



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Almost every band in the magazine suck. (only the tallest man rocked)


I never go to the free party’s. I costs me money, while i can get it for free

I like the bitch thing answering everyone’s questions Free stuff page is nice, but how can i ever subscribe for that. The art in the magazine is hella tight! Where is my free t-shirt? Sorry.. So cancel my membership please. Where is my free T-shirt? Later, Ruben Lekkerkerker

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Toro Y Moi

The Moi Non Plus + Space Siren + Those Foreign Kids

02 July - De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam Starts 20.00 | €6 Let’s get the bad news out of the way first: Arch M were scheduled for tonight but had to cancel. The Moi Non Plus are no shit 2nd prize, however. Loaded up on new ma10

terial and fresh from the catwalk at Milan’s Fashion Week (seriously!), the duo is itching to terrorise with a new set of wiry-guitar angst. Rumours that they’ll be performing nursery rhymes in a Liars style aren’t technically true - that concept is still locked in their dreams. There’s also great shoegaze fuzz pop from newcomers Space Siren, who’ve just put out their first EP, plus fresh young things Those Foreign Kids.

subbacultcha! membership pages become a Subbacultcha! member for €6 a month and get free access to all these shows GLO-FI SUMMER POP NIGHT

FT. TORO Y MOI, MEMORYHOUSE, PALMBOMEN & DJ’s Sandeman and bear 14 July – Trouw, Amsterdam Starts 20.30 | €10

The debut Glo-Fi Summer Pop Night back in June was such a fun, trippy and cool dance party that we immediately decided to recreate the experience, maybe even making it better. After the disappointment of his previous Subbacultcha! postponement, we’re delighted that South Carolina electronic pop guru Toro y Moi will finally make it over to headline this transatlantic voyage through the chillwave movement. He may have received some seriously good media exposure in recent months, but we’ve been waiting for his show for pretty much a year already. Along with the American will be the lush, dreamscape sounds of Canada’s Memoryhouse. If the Jon Brion Eternal Sunshine-sampled ‘Lately’ from their debut EP is any indication, we can expect equally great things from the Ontario duo. Keeping home fires burning, Palmbomen will be celebrating the release of a new EP, while DJ Sandeman sets the mood through till the early hours.


16 July – Tivoli, Utrecht Starts 21.00 | €15 If you like challenging, almost unpronounceable band names, Scandinavian music should be among your favourites. If you also love intense beats, synthesised

sounds and supremely catchy vocal hooks, Slagsmålsklubben (it translates pretty much as ‘Fight Club’) will be a summer highlight. The surrealist Chuck Palahniuk and David Fincher-inspired Swedish electro band bring their decade-spanning beats to Utrecht for what’s sure to be a weird, dance-filled extravaganza.


15 August – Melkweg, Amsterdam Starts 19.00 | €13 Doing away with the East Coast/West Coast feuds of yore, Brooklyn psych-poppers Bear In Heaven team up with Californian psych-rockers Sleepy Sun. All we can guarantee is that the sometimes eerie, occasionally visceral, and often beautiful psychedelia of Sleepy Sun, combined with the textured electro pop of Bear in Heaven, should make for an incredibly engaging show. Especially when you consider that both have released no-less than fantastic albums already this year. More shows will be announced. check the website Coming up

8 Sep

WOMEN Studio 80, Amsterdam 17 Sep Cold pumas & the fair ohs De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam 28 Sep FUTURE ISLANDS Club Up, Amsterdam end 11

subbacultcha! membership pages we saw you: spotted at subbacultcha What’s your favourite album and artist at the moment? Fifth Column by U.N.P.O.C. What’s your favourite album and artist ever? The Lady Sings the Blues, Billie Holiday Favourite song at the moment? Maxence Cyrin covering the Pixies’ ‘Where is My Mind?’ Best record store? The internet What was the first record that you bought? Krezip Guilty pleasures? I did like ‘Halo’ by Beyoncé Which album is still on your ‘to buy’ list? The records of Wingy Manone Best movie soundtrack? Ghost World by Jaan Pehechaan Ho Which famous artist did you fancy when you were young? I fancied Scott from the boy-band Five Which famous artist do you fancy right now? Awkward I Best concert ever? Patrick Watson at Paradiso. He was singing a few songs while he was standing next to me in the crowd Worst concert ever? Any concert given in HMH. Too big, you won’t see me there again Which music makes you puke? Trijntje Oosterhuis, I hate her singing voice Which music makes you fall asleep? Sígur Rós and Canto Ostinato by Simeon ten Holt; both in a positive way What do you listen to when you are on your bike? At the moment, Cmon&Kypski’s new album Which music makes you cry? ‘Jojo’ by Jacques Brel and ‘The Thrill is Gone’ by Chet Baker 12

What makes you dance? I like to dance to songs like ‘Mas que nada’ by Sergio Mendez and ‘La Tortura’ by Shakira and Alejandro Sanz What do you listen to when you are doing the dishes? Online jazz radio, Billie Holiday and sometimes I sing myself And when you have sex? I guess nothing What’s your favourite album cover? All of Björk’s covers Which record do you regret buying? Zita Swoon. I only liked the first track, the rest was crap Which music do you say you like (for hipsters sake), but actually, you don’t? Hard-to-listen-to modern jazz What’s your first ever song related memory? I saw a gypsy jazz band when I was young. After that I also wanted to become a violinist. Wasn’t really successful though What’s your favourite summer (hit) song? ‘Louis Louis’ by Teitur. I saw him at Roskilde Festival in Denmark. That was a great week What music do you play on a beautiful Sunday morning? A French online radio channel called Fip. The French have great taste when it comes to music What kind of music did your parents listen to? Radio 4 (classical music), The Beatles and Creedence Clearwater Revival Which record/album should not have been recorded? I think all bad albums deserve to be recorded, as long as I don’t have to listen to them

Text and photo by Mila van de Wall

“I think all bad albums deserve to be recorded, as long as I don’t have to listen to them”

Name & age: Hanna Hermans, 23 Daytime job/study: Illustrator Other interests: Drawing, making my own clothes, cooking, riding my horse and drinking coffee Place of Birth: Zetten Spotted at: Subbacultcha! party at De Nieuwe Anita with Holloys, 29 May end 13

off the record: phosphorescent

Every month, we take our cameras out on the streets and shoot a band or artist we think is worth filling a spread of this magazine with. This month it is Phosphorescent, shot at a wonderfully summery acoustic session on our wonderfully summery rooftop terrace. Watch it on our website. 14

By Eline Prins

end 15

NEW MUSIC We make it our job to endlessly roam the beautiful internet and find the stuff that really matters. Behold the needles from the haystack. By Leon Caren You can find all this marvelous new music in the weekly playlist, posted on our website every week, or on our weekly radio show on the great viva-radio. com

POSTCARDS FROM BEACHY HEAD . If this was a postcard and you were my exgirlfriend, I guess you’d be embarrassed. You know, with this being a publication and all. You’d probably give me a call and be all offended. But I would only talk about Beachy Head and Richy Edwards, and my thing for purple coloured vinyl. You’d ask me about the music playing in the background. And I’d tell you it was gothic doo-wop witch house. And you’d be sort of surprised. You’d never heard of that before.

Idiot Glee (USA)

Idiot Glee is James Friley from Lexington, Kentucky. He’s got the same kind of nerdy charm as Dent May (you remember him? Yeah, the guy with the ukulele) and plays ’50s-style doo-wop songs, armed with a Korg synth and a whole bunch of effects and gadgets. After a bunch of tape releases on labels like Mirror Universe and Impose, he’s now being chased by Moshi Moshi and Dead Oceans.

wonderful collection of electronic soundscapes, repetitive beats, delay-drenched synths and the occasional ‘funky sample’. Download it for free on his Bandcamp website. Trust us, it’s worth the mouse-click. catch-pool-ep

Coasting (USA)

Teams (USA)


Giving away free EPs seems to be the new deal these days. And what a sweet deal it is. Take Sean Bowie’s solo project Teams, who recently put out an EP called Catch Pool. It’s a

Imaginary postcard #1 Dear Subbacultcha! We’re two girls from Brooklyn

who recently started this band called Coasting (me on guitar, Fiona on drums). We made a 7” that just came out on M’Lady’s Records. The first 100 copies were pressed on purple coloured vinyl, but they are sold out now. Also, my friend Alice made a video for our song ‘Kids’ that you can watch online. Anyway, we thought it would be really cool if you could write about us in your awesome magazine. Hope you’re doing well. xMadison

Tennis (USA)

Imaginary Postcard # 2 Dear Subbacultcha!, Me and my husband Patrick are from Denver, Colorado. We started a band called Tennis and we’re about to put out a 7” on Underwater Peoples, a great independent label from New Jersey. Besides playing in the band, we also love sailing and we have this blog where you can read all about our little trips. Like the last one, where we sailed all the way to Baltimore. We wrote this song called ‘Marathon’ about one of our sailing trips, and some people say it’s the best song we’ve written so far. Well anyway, we hope you’re doing well. Here’s a link to some of our songs. We sincerely hope you like it. Feel free to let us know what you think xAlaina

Spilt Milk (NL)


Amsterdam based Spilt Milk play stripped-down ’60s folk rock songs, drawing influence from the likes of Lou Reed, Dylan and The Mountain Goats. The recent addition of Brenda Bosma on vocals has caused quite the stir here at the Subbacultcha! office, with the song ‘One By One’ making it straight to our top 5. Download their new tape in a nonmagnetic format for free on their website.

Veronica Falls (UK)

You’ve heard of Beachy Head right? This high cliff near Brighton? Popular suicide spot? The place where they found Manic Street Preachers’ Richey Edwards’ car on the day he went missing? Well anyway, Veronica Falls wrote this cheerful pop song about it and they also sing passionately about finding love in the graveyard. Needless to say they don’t sound like a bunch of

end 17


happy campers. But they do write catchy noise pop songs with lofi garage topping. You know, the kind of stuff we eat for breakfast.

Modern Witch (UK)

of EPs in 2009. In merging ambient soundscapes with groovy dubstep beats and samples, they sound like a dance version of Forest Swords. Their debut fulllength Crooks & Lovers is coming out on Hotflush in July. The rumour is that they’re playing a ‘very big festival in Holland’ on August 22. Wonder which one it could be...

Blondes (USA)

Dispersed between the Old and New Continent, Modern Witch is more of an art collective than a band, performing in various configurations, wearing costumes, making art installations and videos... the whole shebang. Clan Destine Records are releasing their DVD EP full of tasty drones of gothicky witch house. (by Zofia Ciechowska)

Mount Kimbie (UK)


London-based duo Mount Kimbie have built up quite the following by releasing a whole bunch

Brooklyn-based duo Blondes make atmospheric electronic dance music based upon jamming over a looped foundation. An aesthetically ‘honest’ approach on the one hand, perhaps never to be recreated in a live setting on the other. They recently put out an EP called Touched on Merok, a lovely and cohesive snapshot worth admiring on repeat. (By Carly Blair)

the wild life issue

ANIMAL ENCOUNTERS Haven’t we all had them? Those beautiful, scary, moving and special encounters with animals. Like sheltering from the rain together with a kangaroo or beating a bat out of the air straight into the cleavage of an italian bella. So, We asked some of your favourite artists to tell their stories. Here they are, beautifully illustrated by SCRMN By Brenda Bosma and Bas Morsch. Illustrations by SCRMN

continue 19

Animal encounters. continued

Menomena (danny Seim)


ust about a month ago me and my girlfriend went to the Rocky mountains in Colorado, The next morning we discovered these big footprints, which is not odd, because there are supposed to be wildcats in these areas, but none the less scary. So I unzipped my pants immediately. I’d heard if you’d urinate onto animal tracks, it would keep the animals away. So I urinated and I urinated. Later that day this couple came down to the canyon with three dogs at their side. Of course the dogs smelled the urine and stepped in it. When they saw us, they jumped my girlfriend to welcome her. So I failed to mislead the wild animals, but ended up getting my own urine on my sweet girlfriend.

caribou (dan snaith)


hen I was a kid I was bitten by a rattle snake hiding in our barn. I had to be rushed three hours to the nearest hospital and nearly died. Good for nothing snake.

Love is all (josephine olausson)


here was this one time, when we were driving through a big park in North Dakota, when all these buffaloes came right over next to the car. Suddenly we were surrounded by dozens, maybe even hundreds, of large buffalo staring very impassively. They probably could’ve pushed the car over. So yeah, that was pretty exciting.

20 end

continue 21

Animal encounters. continued

these are powers (pat noecker)


grew up on a farm in Nebraska, and the winter time was hazardous for some animals due to the ice that would form in the yards. I remember this brown cow falling on the ice and she hurt her back so bad she couldn’t get up. We moved her out of the yard near the house so we could care for her. So for months she was sitting, paralyzed, near us, eating hey and drinking water from a trough that me and my bro’s and sisters would fill daily. The spring came around and my brother Ron was home from college. He has a remarkable spirit and he is a healer. For a month and a half he gave the cow extra special TLC, talking to it, encouraging it and loving it. So one afternoon I was in my family’s kitchen looking out the window of the house, staring at the cow. Suddenly it’s body began rocking back and forth as if it were going into an epileptic seizure. It’s fits rolled on for about a minute and I realized, it was trying to stand. The cow kept trying and she pushed herself up from the ground, its legs wobbling and weak in the knees. It was a miracle. From paralysis to mobility. She did it! She was standing again. I walked out of the house and slowly up to the cow to pet it. She seemed really happy. Almost as happy as I was for her.


end 23

The wild

trees tees and palmbomen 24

life issue

Palmbomen is the new sunshine kid in town. The chilled, cheeky and ultimately sticky tunes of his recently released EP really get the Subbacultcha! office movin’ and shakin’ these days. With a name like that and an apparent touch of wild attitude in sound and vision, Kai and his homies are the perfect catch for an animalicious photoshoot. Photos by Elza Jo van Reenen continue 25

tees, trees and palmbomen. continued


end 27












Name Zansky Age 多? City of residence S達o Paulo, Brazil Where will you be ten years from now? I will be playing pinball at the swimming pool with Krivel, the unbearded prophet. Can you please draw us a self-portrait in 1 minute Of course! Website and

ART Featured artist Every month we select an artist we think is worth your while This month it is illustrator Zansky

continue 29

featured artist: zansky. continued


continue 31

JULI DO 1 VR 9 DI 13 WO 14




Best Coast

Crazy For You (Mexican Summer)

Over the past year, Best Coast’s Bethany Cosantino has been releasing all kinds of cassettes and 7” singles to maintain a nice internet buzz leading up to the release of her first full-length, Crazy For You. With all the good press she’s been getting, the message of the record seems to be: ‘if you guys all like my 1960s girl group love songs, then I’ll just sit down and write some more.’ Sure, the vocal melodies in songs like ‘Crazy For You’ and ‘Our Deal’ are truly outstanding, but on the whole Bethany could have come up with something a bit more challenging. Still the record works well, driving down to the beach with your friends on a lazy summer afternoon. (Leon Caren)

MUSIC new releases These are the new releases that you can’t afford to miss By Carly Blair

Active Child Curtis Lane EP (Filter)

The first proper release from Pat Grossi, AKA Active Child. Grossi makes the kind of music one might expect from a ginger ex-choirboy harpist that lives by the ocean and was weaned on gangsta rap (hindsight is 20/20, you know): yip, a multi-tracked, Justin Vernon-esque soaring falsetto paired with judicious use of harp embellishments, moody and occasionally danceable synths, and lovelorn lyrics. Grossi has said, ‘Give me a three-part harmony, a harp, drum machine and crisp synth, and all is well with the world.’ Based on this I have to enthusiastically concur.


Moon Children EP (NON Records)

On his debut release, Amsterdam’s Kai Hugo purveys an appropriately tropical brand of analogue electronic pop music wherein processed live vocals emerge from a jungle of synths, smoke and flashing lights. The more uptempo moments evoke video game soundtracks (albeit awesome ones), but Hugo’s most impressive when the tempo slows down to the kind of stroll that might carry you from the ocean back towards Miami and all its vices.

continue 35

moderne en traditionele muziek & dans uit IndonesiĂŤ

International gamelan festival amsterdam Do 2 tm Zo 5 sept 2010 opera Java wereldpremière opera voor de 21e eeuw

Do 9 sept 2010

Gamel an now!

steve reich en nieuwe composities i.s.m. Gaudeamus muziekweek

Vr 10 sept 2010 Gamelan Bali Dynamisch top-orkest

Za 11 sept 2010 Gamelan Java Vrolijke mix uit west-Java IGFa | tIckets & InFo: 020 5688500

Mountain Man

Made the Harbor (Bella Union / Partisan)

This Vermont-based all-girl folk trio harmonise about nature and romance over sparse acoustic guitar accompaniment. Simple, immediate and undeniably pretty, these O Brother, Where Art Thou?-style siren songs are sure to entrance many an odyssean mountain man.

MUSIC new releases


Mines (City Slang / Barsuk)

This loop-loving Portland trio of perfectionist multi-instrumentalists is back with their longdelayed fourth release, the first since 2007’s beloved Friend and Foe. Rest assured, listeners will strike gold in the mineral-rich soil of Mines, for the songs are as unconventional, intricate, and yet accessible as ever.

Washed Out

Life of Leisure EP (Mexican Summer)

Debut 12” from South Carolina’s Ernest Greene, a pioneer of the now-ubiquitous chillwave trend. Much like those of his peers, these blissed out songs wiggle their way into your ears like the aural equivalent of a mirage. What sets them apart is their danceability; bouncing along with a sweat-soaked Greene to gems like ‘New Theory’ and ‘Feel it All Around’ at the Glo-Fi Summer Pop Night at Trouw couldn’t have felt more apropos.


Lydll / Tellet EP (Lowin)

Eklin, a Groningen-area electronoise group risen out of the ashes of the explosive Adept, is reborn once again with the addition of singer Leontien Herkelman and drummer Johan Kooi. Mastermind Michiel Klein remains as ever the brooding core, but the newest configuration is guiding Eklin in a more song-based and accessible direction. The band is ever-evolving and never boring, and here the new line-up sounds at its most cohesive yet.

end 37

FILM 20 reasons why.... By Marie Claire Melzer Behold a sweet Subbacultcha! selection of the massive movie mash out there.

Ingrid Bergman

6 reasons why you can’t miss…

Pluk de nacht film festival 5-15 August, at Het Stenen Hoofd, Amsterdam

The best open air film festival in Europe! Cool previously unreleased indie pics and docs Yummy pizzas and cozy bonfires Nice nowhereland location Great atmosphere Criminal but true: entrance is free 7 reasons why you can’t miss…

Ingrid Bergman – Queen of two cinema worlds

1 July – 1 September, at EYE Film Instituut, Amsterdam


Ingrid Bergman is one of the greatest actresses ever The Swedish-born actress played alongside Humphrey Bogart, Carey Grant and Gary Cooper And before and after Hollywood, made classic films in Sweden, Germany and Italy In 1949 Bergman left her husband for Italian director Roberto Rossellini Causing such a scandal that Hollywood banned her for seven years


Le Refuge

She went on making films in Europe, before succesfully returning to Tinseltown So boy, did she know what she was acting about in them passionate pics 3 reasons why you can’t miss…

Je l’aimais

(Zabou Breitman, 2010) Released 1 July, in various cinemas

A man tells his recently divorced daughter-in-law about his secret love Ah, a romantic drama as only the French can make ’em: Smart, sensitive, and without moralising 4 reason why you can’t miss

Le refuge

(François Ozon, 2009) Released 15 August, in various cinemas

Ozon did it again; He made another masterpiece A tender film about heroin, love, birth and death Yes, and they all connect perfectly

continue 39

FILM dvds to see Door Gert Verbeek

Instant Swamp Satoshi Miki, 2009 (Third Window Films, R2)

Personages in de Japanse komedie Instant Swamp moeten letterlijk graven om hun geluk te (her)vinden. Zo vindt damesbladredactrice Haname (Kumiko Aso) via een brievenbus die na dertig jaar uit een vijver wordt opgedregd, het adres van haar verdwenen vader. Hij blijkt een oude hippie die een winkel runt in gevonden voorwerpen, samen met een jonge punker. Ge誰nspireerd door hun hereniging, en de wonderlijke winkelklanten, gaat Haname op zoek naar de gelukstalisman die ze op achtjarige leeftijd in een drasland had gegooid. Wat ze opgraaft lijkt ontsnapt uit de doos van Pandora. Onvertaalbare verbale humor en breed acteerwerk worden gecompenseerd door grappige visuele vondsten. Soms flauw, wanneer woordgrappen letterlijk verbeeld worden, soms duizelingwekkend zoals in de stormachtige proloogmontage.

Valhalla Rising Nicolas Winding Refn, 2009 (Momentum, R2)


De stomme, sterke, eenogige Vikingslaaf One-Eye (Mads Mikkelsen) ontdoet zich van zijn ketens en gaat als heiden met een handjevol Christelijke soldaten mee op kruistocht. De wind blaast het reisgezelschap naar de verkeerde kant van de oceaan. The Holy Land blijkt The New World. Geen melk en honing, maar vlees en bloed. One-Eye gaat de desperate soldaten voor richting een lotsbestemming die al in zijn dromen is voorspeld. De kale, spitse, onherbergzame Schotse hoogvlakten en de ongerepte monding van het nieuwe land is een territorium waar Werner Herzog zich thuis zou voelen. De in Nederland schandelijk onderschatte Deense regisseur Refn is Teutoons in zijn beeldvoering. Hij wisselt spirituele introspectie af met uitgerukte ingewanden, ondersteund door een overweldigende soundtrack die klinkt als tegen elkaar schuivende aardplaten.

FILM context/ ontekst

“Je t’aime” —“Moi non plus”


Iedere maand staat hier n.a.v. een actuele bioscoop release of film gebeurtenis een leuke—of minder leuke—lijst.

et zou zomaar kunnen dat het de komende maanden een dagje regent. Hierbij drie films om dan toch die zinderende zomerstemming vast te houden.


he Endless Summer (Bruce Brown, 1964) Regisseur Bruce Brown volgt zijn surfmaatjes Robert and Mike terwijl ze het zomerseizoen achterna jagen, op zoek naar de perfecte golf. Ze vertonen hun behendigheid aan de stranden van Dakar, Accra, Lagos, Kaapstad, Durban, Perth, Auckland, Tahiti en Hawaï, sturend langs koraalriffen en zelfs surfend over woestijnduinen.


lein soleil (René Clément, 1960) Vergeet Anthony Minghella’s The Talented Mr. Ripley, deze Franse verfilming van Patricia Highsmith’s roman is vele malen boeiender, want subtiel en gelaagd. Alain Delon maakt van oplichter Ripley een charmant en soms gevoelig roofdier. En Greenleaf (Maurice Ronet) is behalve slachtoffer, ook een ijdele wreedaard die Ripley urenlang op een bootje in de brandende zon laat dobberen, voor de grap. Geen wonder dat Greenleaf’s verloofde (Marie Laforêt) uiteindelijk voor Ripley valt. Ook met een prachtig, droevig liedje van Laforêt.


a piscine (Jacques Deray, 1969) Alweer met Alain Delon, maar hij is dan ook de ultieme zomeracteur. In het echt waren ze allang uit elkaar, maar op het witte doek spat de passie er nog steeds vanaf tussen Delon en Romy Schneider.

end 41

Strange Fashion: EPISODE five

Featured photographer: Bram Spaan. Featured designer: Daisy Kroon. 42

A fashion tale in ten episodes brought to you by Strange Boutique. The Strange Fashion series is centred around a few ground rules that our featured photographers have to follow. The rules: - No models - Use an existing interior (preferably in a living room) - Use a plant - No Photoshop - The shoot has to take place between noon and 6pm and has to make use of natural light sources whenever possible - The shoot has to feature the work of a Dutch designer, chosen by yours truly - No fur because no animal will be harmed during the making of this series. The result: 10 versions of the same photo.

end 43

WHAT’s COOKING? we are cooking for.... ariel pink Text and Illustration by Zofia Ciechowska Every month our very own Nigella Awesome cooks for a band that plays Subbacultcha!. We simply suggest... DO try this at home. It is worth it.


A real pie cooking pie for ariel pink


ummer poses many cooking dilemmas. On the one hand, you can’t be arsed to stand and sweat over the stove. On the other, you yearn for large plates heaped with the season’s finest grub. Well this pie is hassle-free and will give you hours of Ariel Pink gastric ecstasy. Sorted! Serves: Don’t share. Ingredients: 70ml olive oil 1 large onion, peeled and diced 1kg fresh spinach, washed and shredded 150g celery, thinly sliced 50g spring onion, chopped 50g rocket leaves 30g parsley, chopped 30g basil, chopped 30g mint, chopped 120g ricotta cheese 100g sharp, grated cheese (e.g. cheddar or anything that melts well) 60g feta, crumbled Grated zest of 1 lemon 2 free-range eggs 1/3 tsp salt 1/2 tsp coarsely ground black pepper 1/2 tsp caster sugar 250g filo pastry (dig around in the frozen food section) - Drop everything and heat the oven to 180C. - Heat some olive oil in a deep frying pan and cook the onion for eight minutes without browning. Add the fresh spinach leaves and stir well until wilted. Add the spring onion, rocket and herbs, cook for another 2-3 minutes and set aside in a dish to cool. - Once your veggie concoction is cool, squeeze out as much liquid as you can, transfer to a large bowl and mix in the cheeses, zest, eggs, salt, pepper and sugar.

“Well this pie here is hassle-free and will give you hours of Ariel Pink gastric ecstasy. Sorted!”

- Now it’s time to assemble this baby! Lay out a sheet of filo and brush it with olive oil. Cover with another sheet and repeat until you have five layers of filo brushed with oil. The area of your pastry should be able to line a 22cm pie dish, with some extra slack pieces of filo to hang from the edges. Line your dish with filo, fill with your veggie-herb mix and fold the excess pastry over the edges of the filling, trimming to create a 2cm border. - Make another five-layer filo piece as before and place on top. - Scrunch up the pastry a little to create a wavy, uneven top you could surf on and trim the edges so it just covers the filling. Brush with more oil and bake for 40 minutes, until the filo turns golden brown. - Serve warm or cold with a lovely tomato and spring onion salad. And cold beer.

WHAT’s COOKING? we are cooking for.... ariel pink

end 45

99 problems and the bitch... ...knows the answer

Door Brenda Bosma. Illustratie Martyn F Overweel Send your problems to 99 problems@



este Bitch, Mijn hobby is schilderen, en ik doe dat lang niet onaardig al zeg ik het zelf. Ook niet onwijs goed of zo, en ik hou ook meer van conceptuele kunst eigenlijk, maar ik dwaal af. Het probleem is dat mijn bergbeekjes binnenkort tentoongesteld gaan worden bij ons op de poëzievoorleesclub, en ik niet weet hoeveel ik voor zo’n schilderijtje moet vragen. Ze hebben best wel veel sentimentele waarde, maar met geld heb ik ook een sterke emotionele binding. Ze zijn ongeveer 20 bij 30 cm met de kleuren blauw, groen en Van Dyckbruin. Groetjes, J. te A. / R. te N. / M. te N. Beste J. te A. / R. te N. / M. te N. Als het in de categorie ‘broodrooster’ valt, zou ik de vrije marktwerking er op los laten. Mocht het echter meer tegen de categorie ‘Rothko’ aan schurken, met in het achterhoofd dat de ‘maar is het kunst?’-grens tegenwoordig nogal diffuus is geraakt, mag je van mij zo gek doen als je wilt. Ik bedoel: ben je een kunstenaar met de K van dikke K-noeten of niet? Mag ik er trouwens 1 voor K-ratis? Kusjes B. Beste Bitch, Ik zou graag een Partij voor de Makaken oprichten. Ze

zijn namelijk zacht, en lief voor kinderen. Een probleem: ik heb helemaal geen politieke vaardigheden. Laat staan de retoriek van een Geert Wilders. What to do? Groetjes, F. te G. Beste F., Maar, ben je trots op de makaken? Dat is eigenlijk de enige vraag die je - met luide instemming - moet kunnen beantwoorden. De retoriek heb je dan verder helemaal niet nodig. Ik zou je betoog gewoon kracht bijzetten door steeds een makaak op je schouder mee te dragen. Dat leidt ook de aandacht af van moeilijke discussiepunten als hypotheekrenteaftrek en de invloed van peroxide op je hersens. Trouwens, is een broodje makaak niet ook gewoon veel smeuïger dan die retoricagrapjes van, ik noem maar iemand, Aristoteles? Succes. B. Beste Bitch, Ben jij ook zo moe? Groet, T. Beste T., God, hoe raad je het zo? Mijn blik is beyond dromerig. En dat komt niet alleen door de slapeloosheid die me de laatste maanden parten speelt. Gelukkig is er redding in de vorm van de Gosa Hassel. Dat is een hoofdkussen van een niet nader te noemen Zweedse corpo-

99 problems and the bitch... ...knows the answer Stuur al je vragen, problemen en prangende kwesties naar 99problems@ als jouw vraag een antwoord verdient verdien jij een good goodie. Send your problems to 99 problems@

ratie. Telkens als ik nu de geur van dampende meatballs ruik, word ik slaperig. Als ik wakker word, heb ik Ace of Base in m’n hoofd. “(...) It’s a beautiful life, oh oh ooo / It’s a beautiful life, oh oh ooo / It’s a beautiful

life, oh oh ooo / I just wanna be here beside you / And stay until the break of dawn (...).” Fijn joh! Maar hoe zit dat dan met jou? Weltrustengroetje, B.

end 47

spekkie big


Door Marc van der Holst

AGENDA spend your summer in style

Health plays Festival De Affaire in Nijmegen and Noorderzon Festival in Groningen.

Highlights in the summer Noorderzon Festival, Festival de Affaire, Pavement, Dour Festival and Pluk de Nacht Win tickets to Artis, The Strange Boys, Errors, Wavves and more

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#Earlybirds Iedereen <30j. voor â&#x201A;Ź10 naar @muziekgebouw please RT! 1 minuut geleden verzonden via Twitter

Alle concerten â&#x201A;Ź 10 vanaf 5/9 Concerttips:

3x2 Tickets + 3 DVDs

Anvil + film Anvil! The Story of Anvil 13 July – Melkweg, Amsterdam The feel-good film of the year, complete with authentic ’80s metal soundtrack. Remember spandex clad suburban boys, their spotty faces hidden by curly, flowing locks swishing to and fro at the front of the stage? No? Well now’s your chance to re-live the metal hey-day and help these rock ’n’ roll ‘shoulda’-beens’ put a little green in the bank. 3 Converse Jackets

Summer lovin’ had me a blast, summer lovin’ happened so fast, I met a girl crazy for me, I met a boy, cute as can be… Yes, Yes. We give away 3 Converse retro Jackets. Sweet as can be. 5x2 Tickets

The Strange Boys 03 July – Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam Leaving the ’50s for the ’60s, it’s The Strange Boys. It’s dirty, it’s sloppy, it’s jangly, it’s retro-futro-psycha-nugget-alicious. And it’s under the stars at the Tolhuistuin.

fr ee stFree uff STUFF Free tickets and goodies for you from us Every month we give away loads of tickets and good goodies. Don’t you just love us for that? To win, subscribe to the mailinglist at To become a full Subbacultcha! member, go to and click join.

3x2 Tickets

Errors 19 July – Paradiso, Amsterdam Glaswegian ‘post-electro’ groovers bring us their deep bass-y acid sounds in support of their new release Come Down With Me (Rock Action). 3x2 Tickets

Wavves 25 July – Paradiso, Amsterdam Truly inspired noise-pop from this Californian trio is what’s on offer. Frenzied, sometimes shambolic live shows are what’re delivered. 3x2 Passepartouts

Gogbot Festival 09-12 Sept – Enschede The 2010 theme of this four-day ‘multimedia, technology, art and music festival’ is ‘The Singularity is Near - Resistance is Futile!’. Expect a full programme with insect-robot building workshops, electric fish, live music and more. 5x2 Tickets

Artis ZOOmeravond Saturdays, July-August – Artis, Amsterdam Enjoy Saturday sunsets at the zoo. There’s child-focussed activities, picnics, poetry, singer-songwriters and, of course, the wildlife. check for more info.

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agenda FOCUS


agenda FOCUS Summer festivals


h, festival season is upon us. Queuing to piss in a trough, a drunk bloke collapsing on your tent in the middle of the night, food poisoning from a bad burger... if it weren’t for a few fantastic bands that have to be experienced at a few fantastic festivals, we’d be on a campsite in France already. Metropolis Festival 04 July - Zuiderpark, Rotterdam Putting ‘new music first’ for more than 20 years already, this great free festival reshapes and reinvigorates itself every year. Subbacultcha!-friendly picks include Japandroids, Chrome Hoof, Here We Go Magic and The Strange Boys. See Festival de-Affaire 17-23 July - Valkhofpark, Nijmegen Yet another fixture of the Dutch festival scene that never fails to impress with its independently-minded line-ups. Health, Dum Dum Girls, King Khan & the Shrines, The Morning Benders, Pantha du Prince, These Are Powers, Errors, Gold Panda, Monotonix and Toro Y Moi are just some of the names likely to excite you across the seven days. See Noorderzon Festival 19-29 Aug - Various locations, Groningen The 20th anniversary of this contemporary arts festival in Groningen. There’s a particular focus on theatre and dance, with offshoots in art and

film too, but music isn’t forgotten. In fact, you can find great bands like Caribou, Health, Surfer Blood, Sleepy Sun, Monotonix and Megafaun. See Gogbot Festival 09-12 Sep – Various locations, Enschede Dedicated to the cohesion of technology and art, Gogbot showcases over 250 visual and sound artists at venues across Enschede. More than a music festival, Gogbot is about media interaction and collision, which should provide some mind-boggling shows. See www. Incubate 12-19 Sep - Various locations, Tilburg A festival after our own hearts, Incubate is a full-on celebration of independent art and culture, touching on contemporary dance, film, the visual arts, and, of course, music. Artists making music for our ears include: The Ex, Black Mountain, Horse Feathers, The Chap and Lucky Dragons. See

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agenda FOCUS Summer festivals

Dour Festival 15-18 July - Dour, Belgium Forget about Lowlands, cause if there’s a happening four-day festival in the Lowlands, it’s actually Dour. Now in its 22nd year, it’s a pretty big affair, but still suitably intimate and impassioned, which is why it turns us on so. Alongside commercial names you get a high dosage of independent acts of all styles. It’s not even that far away: just aim yourself at Brussels, then head south-east till almost at the French border. Below you can check out some highlights of the programme that set our pulses racing. For the complete deal see Dum Dum Girls (US) Blissed-out buzz-saw girly guitar pop with sunny Californian harmonies. Buraka Som Sistema (Portugal) Electro dance pop with rhythmic African twists. Spoon (US) The mature and composed melodic Austin art rockers. The Very Best (UK/Malawi) The perfect mid-summer soundtrack from the authentic African groove project. Owen Pallett (Can) Violin looping and earnest songwriting from the talented composer, who’s finally given up his Final Fantasy moniker. Chromehoof (UK) Holy Fuck meets Fuck Buttons meets Grace Jones meets a symphony orchestra. AKA a terrific noisy pop headfuck. Os Mutantes (Brazil) Classic psych pop from weird and wonderful Brazilian legends who

originally mastered this stuff back in the early ‘70s. Errors (UK) Synth-heavy post electro from Glasgow, renowned for their frenetic live shows. Daedelus (US) A pioneer of live glitchpop. dan le sac vs Scroobius Pip (UK) Swift electro hiphop beats aligned with socially conscious performance poetry. Chris Cunningham (UK) Audio-visual treats from the acclaimed music video director and artist. Rainbow Arabia (US) Californian electronic duo who get their groove on to electro pop served with African, Arabian and tropical rhythms and melodies. Black Mountain (Can) Vancouver’s riff-heavy psych rockers. The Raveonettes (Den) Danish duo blending dark indie noise with garage soul pop.

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zomer in Artis

agenda Subbacultcha shows in september

poëzie · avondrondleidingen · singer-songwriters · verhalenvertellers · de leukste picknickplekken van Amsterdam elke zaterdag geopend tot zonsondergang kijk voor het volledige programma op

met speciale gasten o.a.

Huub van der Lubbe Stije Hallema Wende Snijders Awkward I Jenny Lane Tim Knol

bbacultcha_94-67.indd 1



01/07 05/07 08/07 18/08 21/08 25/08 01/09




illustratie: Bert Scholten

agenda shows in july/august

Buster Keaton: Sherlock Jr.. Sunsets @ Filmmuseum

The Strange Boys 01 July - Vera, Groningen 03 July - Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam 04 July - Metropolis Festival, Rotterdam 07 July - Doornroosje, Nijmegen Free Tickets. See page 51

Raw ’60s-inspired guitar pop and garage rock from the Texan outfit. They’re spending some time in the Netherlands this month in promotion of their recent Rough Trade album Be Brave. Midlake / Beach House 04 July - Openluchttheater Caprera, Bloemendaal We’re loving the visionary programming of this one. Yip, Patronaat really have booked Beach House to play, well, a beach house. Musically you should know what to expect by now: hazy dream pop, with Victoria Legrand’s sweet voice shining through the fuzz more and more. Pretty soon we’ll be able to forget all about Mazzy Star. Oh yeah, we mainly had. The druid prog folk of Midlake has already seen these Texans stop off for a handful of sold out shows earlier this year, but this outdoor summer setting should excite the hippier sections of their fandom. Japandroids 04 July - Metropolis festival, Rotterdam 05 July - Vera, Groningen Raw and raucous garage rockin’

from this Vancouver duo. Last year they put out Post-Nothing on Polyvinyl and it proved to be something of an infectious gem despite its ‘rough around the edges’ vibe; kinda like The Thermals at their No Culture Icons rawest. The Morning Benders 06 July - Paradiso, Amsterdam 21 July - Festival de-Affaire, Nijmegen Lulling indie pop and folk from yet another American outfit to make a reasonable breakthrough in 2010. Connections to Broken Bells, Grizzly Bear and Death Cab For Cutie tell you all you need know about the mature melodies and structures that permeate the Californian crew’s take on pop music. Pavement / zZz 06 July - Doornroosje, Nijmegen Any doubts that Malkmus and his old buddies were simply going through the motions on this much-talked about reunion tour were quashed when they rolled into Paradiso back in May. Sure it was a hit-packed set for the masses, not a geek-out on b-sides or out-takes, but it was also tremendous fun. In the month since, they’ve been around Europe, mixing up festivals with headline shows. Hopefully it’s made them all the more tighter and not just bored. Amsterdam organ grinders zZz play warm-up.

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agenda shows in july/august

The National 06 July - Paradiso, Amsterdam 07 July - Tivoli, Utrecht No hype necessary, The National are magnificent. The semi-mainstream success of last album Boxer has set them up for big things, meaning both of these shows sold out before High Violet had even been heard anywhere (legally). These down-to-earth guys deserve the acclaim and the growing following. The only downside is that they find themselves trawling across Europe on the festival circuit, when really their understated, intimate soundtracks are most perfect for a chilly autumnal evening. Let’s hope they make it back this way around then, but without upgrading to arenas. Captain Ahab 09 July - OCCII, Amsterdam Dirty-sounding DIY electro pop from the underground LA duo. Their most recent album is titled The End of Irony, which alone gives a sense of what to expect from the live show. Bizarre, humorous, erotic, twisted... it’s just all a bit different. Footsbarn Travelling Theatre 09–24 July – Carré, Amsterdam Renowned travelling theatre group Footsbarn will be leaving their UK stomping grounds and performing a two-week residence in Amsterdam this summer. It’s all about their absurdist funeral meets animal-filled gypsy party spectacle: ‘Sorry! That’s Life’. How many more elements could you want?


Filmmuseum Sunsets mid-July-September - Amsterdam There’s nothing quite like settling into Vondelpark on a lovely summer evening to watch a film. From silent classics like Buster Keaton’s Sherlock Jr (16 July) to experimental short films, there’s typically some-

thing for everyone. Come September, film lovers can switch their attention to a shorter burst of movies at Overhoeks, the location of the future Filmmuseum. Os Mutantes 16 July - Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam The masters of Brazilian psych pop and rock. Originally in their prime in the late ’60s and early ’70s, this bonkers bunch reformed back in 2006. Last year they also released their first album in 35 years: Haih Or Amortecedor. Ketelhuis Openluchtvoorstellingen 17 July-28 August - Amsterdam If Vondelpark proves too touristic, there’s always the Saturday evening screenings at Westergasfabriek, hosted by Ketelhuis. Seven interesting slices of indie cinema will be shown, including Mark de Cloe’s new film Shocking Blue (7 Aug). Health 18 July - Festival de-Affaire, Nijmegen 25 Aug - Vera, Groningen (Noorderzon Festival) Ah, Health, our number one LA indie-noise-metal-electro-core musical crush. Almost a year has passed since the release of Get Color, so there’s no excuse for not knowing all those elaborate rhythmic shifts and headbanging in all right places. Keeping things fresh, they’ve also just released their second remix album, but for these live shows, expect nothing short of sharp and crushing. Errors 19 July - Paradiso, Amsterdam 20 July - Festival de-Affaire, Nijmegen Free Tickets. See page 51

Falling in an awkward hole between Squarepusher and Daft Punk, Errors specialise in ‘post electro’ dance

grooves. And unlike many of their peers who rely on sequencers to control their sets, Errors built their reputation on killer live shows, setting them high in the Glasgow heap long before they ever recorded an album. There’s less of the complex rhythm maths on new disc Come Down With Me, at least in comparison with their debut, resulting in a successfully refined formula. Monotonix 20 July - Festival de-Affaire, Nijmegen 29 Aug - Noorderzon festival, Groningen Scrape the wax off your earplugs as you’ll certainly require them at these festivals. Tel Aviv garage rock trio Monotonix are no strangers to Dutch audiences and are headed back once more for further sessions of raw rock riffs and plaintive but powerful drumming. Get a feel for the grooves on their album Where Were You When It Happened?, but it’s the live shows where they shine brightest. Wavves 25 July - Paradiso, Amsterdam Free Tickets. See page 51

Lo-fi noise punk trio Wavves have been splitting opinions since their very public meltdown at Primavera in 2009. We certainly don’t hold it against them. After all, they got caught in the hype machine and soared in awareness in a pretty short space of time. Nathan Williams has since had time to regroup and reaffirm the noisy but supremely melodic formula, and come August they’ll release their second album, King of the Beach. Portugal. The Man 05 Aug - Paradiso, Amsterdam Frustrating punctuation from a publishing perspective, but great tunes from a modern, melodic, progressive pop angle. These Alaskan natives

(but Portland residents) are so prolific they’ve averaged an album per year since 2006; the newest being American Ghetto. They’re a captivating live act, too.

agenda shows in july/august

Pluk de Nacht 05-15 Aug - Het Stenen Hoofd, Amsterdam Cult feature films, documentaries, shorts and animations yet to receive a Dutch release. Throw in art, installations, debates and workshops, then you have a killer film festival. See Surfer Blood 18 Aug - Rotown, Rotterdam 19 Aug - Noorderzon Festival, Groningen Beach-friendly lo-fi indie guitar pop from scruffy Florida kids. Eels 19 Aug - Tivoli, Utrecht 30 Aug - Paradiso, Amsterdam 31 Aug - Paradiso, Amsterdam Quirky and a touch mad, E is a prolific songwriter who’ll knock out garage rock or sarcastic pop or fauxfunk if the mood takes him. As quiet and restrained as he is off-stage, when he steps in front of an audience he transforms into a true entertainer (with a fucked-up take on love). Megafaun 26 Aug - Noorderzon Festival, Groningen 27 Aug - Zomerparkfeest, Venlo 28 Aug - Ekko, Utrecht Free Tickets. See page 51

Imagine if Pavement had focussed their slacker prowess on sunny bluegrass folk. Well, it may have sounded something like North Carolina’s Megafaun, who have the finger-pluckin’ acoustic progressions and perfect campfire harmonies, but relaxed to the point that it sounds like they’re melting in the afternoon sun.

end 59


rk 1 3, am se q ci u ne e sterda pt m en m a o w f ey or tw efi ld o lm s . pa

ju ly el – nd




That’s life n terug! Footsbar in Carré ef si u cl Ex

vr 9 t/m za 24 juli 2010 Carrélijn 0900 25 25 255

(€ 1,30 p/g)


Send photos to aftermidnight@ Feel very free to involve romance, stupidity, sex, beauty, banality, poetry and debauchery... or heck! you can even get arty. As long as the photos are shot after midnight. This months photo was submitted by Nona Limmen Thanks to everybody who sent in their photos. We cannot publish them all. Go to our blog to see all the photos that were sent in.

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colophon Who we are and what we do

Subbacultcha! Magazine is lovingly and swiftly made at our office in Amsterdam. Da Costakade 150, 1053 XC Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We are

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A-lister: Steven McCarron

We thank Melkweg, Ekko and Tivoli

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Subbacultcha! shows in July and august THE MOI NON PLUS, THOSE FOREIGN KIDS, SPACE SIREN 02 July - De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam

agenda Overview of all subbacultcha! shows

GLO-FI SUMMER POP NIGHT: FT. TORO Y MOI, MEMORYHOUSE and PALMBOMEN and dj’s sandeman and Bear 14 July – Trouw, Amsterdam Slagsmålsklubben 16 July – Tivoli, Utrecht SLEEPY SUN / BEAR IN HEAVEN 15 August – Melkweg, Amsterdam Subbacultcha! Party 21 August - De Nieuwe Anita , Amsterdam More shows will be confirmed. Check the website for up-to-date programme info.

Coming up Women, Cold Pumas, The Fair Ohs, Future Islands

Subbacultcha members get into all these shows for free. Plus: join now and get two tickets to dour festival Yip, the first 15 new Subbacultcha! subscribers this month will receive a pair of festival passes (including camping) to the amazing Dour Festival in Belgium. See page 55 and the backpage for more info on the line up.

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The Wild Life Issue of Subbacultcha Magazine. Summery swell with animal encounters illustrated. Palmbomen. Summer Festivals and lots more

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