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Your First Year — Determining Your Career Path Beauty Business Buzz Charlene Abretske

So there you are, after years of dreaming about making the world a more beautiful place and a career in the beauty industry; you finally have your license. All of your dreams of being creative and sharing your talent with the world are about to be lived out, now that you are allowed to make a living at it. Of course, you want to succeed in this industry, as well as be happy living your dream. Take a cue from Ben Franklin, who said, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” Even though you have been in school for what seems like forever, more training is always necessary; in fact this is an industry where life-long learning is not only important but essential to attain any measure of success. I remember attending a student beauty show a few years back and attempting to match potential employers with recent graduates. I was struck by the amount of passion I saw from students. I spoke with hundreds of recent graduates that weekend and found they generally fell into three distinct categories:

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Category 1: I Need a Job These students wanted to be working in a place A.S.A.P. They did not care where they went to work, they just knew they had bills to pay and were looking for benefits and an hourly paycheck. This group concerned me because, in their hurry to find that steady paycheck, they may end up missing an opportunity to explore their creativity and artistry. On the other hand, they will have the opportunity to hone their skills with cutting in a timely manner, and get their bills paid in the process. Category 2: Get Out of My Way This group was interested in jumping right in with both feet, intending to be commissioned stylists or booth renters from day one. They were getting their licenses, and felt the world would greet their newfound skills with a lot of cash and respect. This group had admirable confidence, but was lacking a realistic view of what was coming next. Getting your license does not make you an equal to the top names in the industry, or even equal to the top skill level in your local area. I feared these students were setting themselves up for failure quickly. Category 3: Assistant at Your Service This group knew for sure they needed more education and development of their skills before hoping to make a career out of the beauty industry. This was the group that

will probably not only do okay, but also thrive. They had an idea of what it was they did not yet know, and they valued the learning process. This group was also clearly aware of where top-notch skills come from, and that is; from salons that are willing to invest their time and money in an assistant training program. If you are newly licensed, you should begin by figuring out what you want from your career. You must also consider what your financial needs and responsibilities are. You may fit into the “I Need a Job” group, and know you need to go right to work for an hourly rate, plus tips and benefits. If so, choose a salon chain that can provide you regular business and technical training, and truly use what they offer you. One of the biggest regrets many stylists have is not developing good habits from the beginning of their careers. It is much easier to learn, than to unlearn and re-learn. By following the practices you have been taught, you will allow yourself to advance in a corporate environment, and your job will quickly transition into a career. If you feel you fall into the “Get Out of My Way” group, please slow down. You risk being taken advantage of by people who do not understand business at all. Rome was not built in a day and it takes years of professional development to create a great stylist. Getting into

booth rental right after school has caused many a stylist to run screaming from the industry; do not be one of them. You may have been the superstar of your school, and your confidence may be inspiring and infectious, but even the best stylists have humility, and know there are still some things they need extra help with. If you are in the “Assistant at Your Service” group ask the following: • How long is the training program? Six months to two years is a good estimate, depending on the time you spend working one on one. • Will I be able to see clients when I am in the program? The answer should be a resounding, yes. As you master each part of the program, you should be allowed to see clients for those services on certain days and times. • Once the program is over; is there a clear system for pricing, and are there clear goals set to help you progress to each new level? The answer should again be yes. This demonstrates to you that the salon owner wants you to build a career with them, and this will allow to you to continue to increase your paycheck. Congratulations on your new career. By channeling your excitement and taking the time to determine your career path, you can create a long lasting career. Charlene Abretske is an independent business advisor. To reach her email or call (760)453-1882.

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In this issue... Navigate Toward Success in the Beauty Industry 3 Beauty Business Buzz

Even though you have been in school for what seems like forever, more training is always necessary; in fact this is an industry where life-long learning is not only important but essential to attain any measure of success.

8 The Nail Extension

Whether just starting your salon or reinventing a salon business, one of the most important decisions is how to structure and price your services.

11 Retail Matters

Retail plays an important role in your salon’s success and understanding that role is critical. In order to be a successful stylist and progress to new heights in the industry, you must be able to use, recommend, and sell professional products to clients.

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On the cover... Cover Photo by Sheila Barco of Salon Rootz in Medina, Ohio Hair/Makeup: Sheila Barco Photo : Photos to Cherish Model: Courtney DiBello


By Charlie Price, Twice NAHA Winner, Hairstylist of the Year

It seems like only yesterday I graduated from beauty school, yet it has been over 20 years! YIKES! That makes me feel older than RuPaul, Cher, and Joan Rivers combined.

Trade shows are the window into the world of the professional beauty industry, or as I prefer to look at it, they are an intoxicating rabbit hole, swirled with fashion, music, and lights. I never tire of jumping, head first, into the action. It is an opportunity to break out of your salon environment and see what others are doing and to draw from the experience.

Question: Why should I enter the Trade shows are the winNorth American Hairstyling Awards dow into the world of the (NAHA)? I started entering NAHA competitions professional beauty induswhen my friend and mentor, Van Country, or as I prefer to look at cil, won the North American it, they are an intoxicating rabbit hole, Hairstylist of the Year in 1993. I entered every year, in mulswirled with fashion, music, and lights. tiple categories, until I won the title myself in 2002. It was the first year I was fortunate The nice part is that I can provide a little enough to receive a nomination and it helped guidance to budding “beautistas” on how to to bring all the effort I had put into my career navigate toward success in the beauty industry. full-circle. Here’s the answers to the two questions Since then, I won the title again in 2008 I am asked most frequently and why I urge and garnered 14 other nominations. For other stylists, those just starting out and those me, the best part is being embraced by my that have been practicing for 20 years, to peers, and being recognized for the skill I get involved with the industry, attend trade have developed in my craft. In my opinion, shows, and enter competitions. nothing is more gratifying. Each year, when putting together my entries, I am forced to Question: Why should I go to hair shows? stretch my creativity and to redevelop my My involvement with hair shows began eye for clothing, makeup and overall fashion when I attended and participated in every way trends. Then, I get to watch my vision come I could at all the major shows upon obtaining to life. No other honor or accomplishment my Colorado cosmetology license in 1988. in our industry holds the same cache as a Now, many years later and after many NAHA nomination or award. Literally, it can sleepless nights, I am at the same shows but change one’s career overnight. It also helps as a headlining platform artist. To date, I have that the ceremony is fun to attend, each time appeared on stages at the International Salon completely living up to its un-official title of & Spa Expo (ISSE) Long Beach (and hope“The Academy Awards of Hair.” fully the new ISSE Midwest show soon), the The aspect of our industry that I am most International Beauty Show in NYC, the Preattracted to is the variety. I do not have one miere Beauty Show in Orlando, America’s career — I have many — and I am never Beauty Show in Chicago, as well as internabored. Engage in these opportunities and, as tional shows all over the globe. it has for me, twenty years can go by in the I loved all the shows then, and I love loveliest blink of an eye. I have loved every them now, because they reveal the soul of minute of it. our industry and provide all the education, inspiration and perspective one could ask for. Career skills, ranging from learning the latest techniques to how to market yourself, are gained at the shows. It is ripe for the picking, all under one roof, lined up in row after row of booths -- the good, the bad, and the frizzy (and in some cases the loud, crazy and barely clothed). Who could ask for anything better?

Charlie Price is an internationally renowned hairstylist and is one of only two hairstylists with the honor of winning the NAHA -- Hairstylist of the Year honor more than once. Price currently owns Click Salon in Denver, Colorado and attends many industry events. The 2011 NAHA Awards Ceremony will be held Sunday, July 31, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Mandalay Bay Resort. To learn more about the NAHA and other industry events, visit

Ohio Stylist & Salon

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How to Build up Your Book By Debbie Doerrlamm I went from zero clients to 70 in nine months and you can too. It is all in your client referral. My method was to attach myself to one of the more popular local high school girls. I adored this young lady, she adored her nails, so I made a deal with her; for every warm body you send me, you get a free fill-in. I then made a deal with all the friends she sent my way, but for them it was a little different: For every warm body you send me I will give you $5 off your next fill-in. Within nine months my book was solid. I had to hire a girl to pick up the over flow and she was booked within three months. Within two years, these high school girls started to leave for college, BUT, they also started to refer me to their mom’s, aunts, boyfriends mothers, boyfriends sisters etc. I made a swing to mostly adults over the next two years, to a little more reliable client base, but I was generally very lucky with the high school girls I did. As a matter of fact, I am still doing one of them today. Kerry is now my bookkeeper. A program of this type obviously cannot go on forever. You have to be strong and wise enough to know when to stop the referral discount. Post a sign at least one

month before the decided upon discontinuation date. Another thing I did when I first started out which worked very well for me, was get a stand at a craft fair and do nail art. Keep in mind this was almost 20 years ago, no one ever saw decals on nails or even wispies. That was all I did, apply decals, wispies, and some dot flowers on nails for free. So many of the technicians today are doing colored acrylic, glitter fades, stunning pink and white, UV Gel Polish, however you could still do some hand painting or decals just to stir up the interest level. If electricity is available, consider bringing your UV Lamp and do one UV Gel Polish nail. You need to pack very few supplies, your appointment book and a stack of business cards. That is exactly how I got cozy with my popular high school girl. The big outlay for the fairs I attended as a vendor doing nail art and booking appointments was $20 or $25 a day, and I got much more than that in repeat clients from each fair. Somewhere in my files, I still have a “family tree” that I made at some point. It is amazing to see who referred whom. For more information, please contact: or call Debbie Doerrlamm at 631-981-1273.


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We’re Not in Kansas Anymore Blue Highways Jerry Tyler

Recently, while spending two days at the International Salon and Spa Expo, I realized how many opportunities there are for our newly licensed industry partners to consider. Couple all these potential options with the added anticipation and expectation that the first year in their new career brings, and you have a very exciting, almost overwhelming situation. This first year has the potential to make or break these new graduates. Will they become our future success stories? California alone licenses 30,000 in our field each year. When you add in all the licensees nationwide, the numbers become truly staggering. As I walked the show floor, it was apparent to me that leaving beauty school behind and venturing out into the great unknown can be compared to the movie The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy leaves her “black and white” Kansas of security and familiarity, and through means beyond her control, ends up over the rainbow. Much like the Land of Oz in Technicolor, our future professionals are presented with a new reality as they leave school. Judy Garland summed it up as she gazed for the first time at her surroundings and said, “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more.” The same awe that filled Dorothy fills our new professionals. However, they can also experience anxiety, stemming from not quite knowing how to adapt to their new surroundings to not quite knowing how to take that first step towards their desired career goal. You can almost hear a collective whisper that says, “I’m here, I’m ready, now what?” I always tell the people I mentor to have their end destination in mind before beginning their journey. Having a clear idea of what you want to get out of the journey will help you decide which route to take. Sadly, many times I hear of new professionals that left the journey early because they ran out of gas or got lost along the way. That is not to say that we will remain on the same route throughout our journey. In the course of developing our career path, we may decide to take an alternative path towards the desired end goal. One of the great things about our craft is that we can change job descriptions at our own will. That being said, once we claim it, we need to own it. Knowing who we are and how we want to be perceived will define our success. In the end, the definition of true success in this industry comes down to how well we build

a demand for our individual brand. How we are perceived is how we will be received. We have to have clear vision of our target market or audience; we must know who they are and what their expectation is. Then, in order to assure future success, we must deliver a value beyond their expectations. In this equation, perception is reality. Having a solid fix on your desired market will also tell you what you need in order to meet the expectations of your client. It will tell which skills are needed to acquire to assure maximum success. Being constantly aware of new shifts and changes in the market helps determine our positioning in order to meet those new needs and desires. Each week I drive on the coast road in Palos Verdes to pick up my son from school. There is a stretch of road where the ground shifts 10- 18 inches per year. This forces us to make adjustments on our route, as well as makes us aware that this road’s path will never be the same again. You cannot follow old maps in a changed landscape. Just like that road, our industry is constantly shifting and evolving, so in order to stay ahead of the flow, make sure you are not stuck in the same gear, ending up stalled at the side of life’s highway. We must maintain our integrity in all areas, especially as it concerns who we are as a brand and what we offer to our waiting market. In other words, there must be alignment between what we say we are and what we provide in our delivery. All true “built to last” brands and businesses are aligned in this regard. We have to be what we want the client to see. The true high performers in life and business always exceed their perceived value. This assures their clients’ expectation is always below the service or product they deliver. They are always seeking ways to extend themselves beyond what is expected, consistently adding value to their brand identity. Continual and constant attention to detail is a hallmark of both successful people and businesses, and assures their continual and constant growth. Remember, the first days in your new career are critical, and with perseverance and determination, you can create a firm foundation from which to build your career and reap your well deserved rewards in the future. Jerry Tyler’s column Blue Highways is his “Road Less Traveled” perspective on the solutions and challenges facing the beauty industry. Jerry Tyler has been a stylist since 1975 serving as the former artistic director for Vidal Sassoon Academy and currently as Director of Industry Relations for Carlton Hair salons. He is also a licensed cosmetology instructor and has served as President of the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. READ IT! SAVE IT! PRINT IT! NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE!

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Building/Keeping Your Clientele by Jayne Morehouse I am a frequent contributor to The Stylist newspapers, and I have been delighted to call the professional beauty industry “home” for the past 25 years. However, I am not a stylist -I am a former editor and a brand communications specialist who visits her hair salon every three weeks for at least a color re-touch, glaze and brow shaping / coloring. Every few months, when my stylist recommends it, I add on highlights / lowlights and a haircut. I treat my feet to a spa pedicure every three weeks and a manicure when time allows. I frequently give my friends beauty gift cards for services that I love. I shop for beauty products from makeup and nail polish to skincare and hair care every week. Okay, I might be sounding a little high maintenance here, but I need that beauty backup in order to maintain a professional image, and you want to be my primary source, don’t you? If you invite clients like me into your salon, day spa or chair and give us a reason to stay, we are not only extremely loyal, but we are willing to buy just about any service or product you recommend. We will also go above and beyond to recommend you to our friends and business colleagues -- once you have gained our trust. You can read plenty of business articles that suggest you hand out your cards wherever you go and offer clients an incentive -- a free service or product -- in return for referring their friends. These are all great techniques for building your clientèle. But that is not the intent of this article. This is about inspiring an army of clients to spend as many of their beauty dollars as possible with you, and getting them to rave about you to their friends in order to grow your business. What is the first step? Earn my trust. Up front, let’s agree that great skills are wonderful, but today you need more. Share at every visit what you have seen that is a new, growing trend or something that you think I would like. It can be as simple as a new nail polish or lipstick color that works with my hair color, or a new color application technique you recently learned. Perhaps my favorite products are now available in travel sizes -- let me know and offer to hold a set for me. Tell me what you have learned in the classes you take. Communicate with me between visits — and make it easy for me to share your expertise. Find out how I want to receive information from you, whether via phone, email or Facebook -- then send it to me every week or two. The more personal the communication the better, but I do not mind a newsletter or group email, as long as it contains information that is relevant to me. I want to know about your new and / or featured services and products, what you learned at a recent class,

or if you are participating in a charity or community event. The most lethal line a hairdresser can say is, “What are we doing today -- same as last time?” This question immediately transfers credibility from you to the client. When I am in your chair, ask me what I have in mind, but always add a recommendation or two of your own. That does not mean you need to suggest a total makeover -- let me stay in my comfort zone, while still trying a little something new. Your guidance in making these subtle changes helps me begin to trust you. Turn me on to like-minded beauty experts. If you find an article, newsletter or website that shares beauty information that you think I would like, recommend it to me. It does not detract from your credibility, in fact, it enhances it because you are willing to share, and you are confident enough that I will continue to rely on you as my primary beauty resource. Invite me to try something new. During my last visit to the salon, my colorist was running late, so she treated me to a conditioning treatment at the backbar. Her assistant applied a customized potion and then did a delightful scalp massage. The experience enhanced my colorist’s credibility because she recommended it. Not only did I love how my hair felt, but it also gave the new assistant the opportunity to establish a relationship with me. Every time someone else in your salon builds a bond with me, the more invested I am in remaining your client. When my friends notice how shiny my hair looks, I will rave about the treatment, and of course, I will purchase it in the future if my hair is feeling dry, or when I just want to enjoy the relaxing scalp massage. Please show me how to do my own hair. When I can replicate the gorgeous look you created, that is when you have truly won me over. I promise I will use the products and tools you recommend -- make the recommendation, please -- but if you let me leave without showing me how to use my iron or round brush, I will think you gave me a bad cut. The bottom line is that consumers today have the opportunity to shop for beauty products and services on almost every block. Even my suburban neighborhood mall has five salons, several retail stores, as well as two grocery stores with beefed up beauty sections, all within a couple of blocks. These companies are spending millions of dollars per year to draw me in and steal your business. You probably cannot compete on price, convenience or selection, but that should not matter, because once you have earned my trust, your credibility, expertise and our relationship trump them all.


Beautiful HAIR.



Jayne Morehouse is president of Jayne & company, a brand communications agency specializing in beauty and health, and she is a frequent shopper at salons, stores and beauty supply retailers. Reach her at OHIO STYLIST & SALON | MARCH 2011 | 7

ISSE Midwest Comes to Chicago The International Salon & Spa Expo, or ISSE, is the largest, professional cash-and-carry show on the West coast and will debut in the Chicago area March 26 - 28, 2011. ISSE Midwest, as it will be known, will feature many of the biggest names in beauty such as Conair/RUSK, OPI, CND, Joico, Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy, and Columbia Cosmetics along with many “indie” beauty brands. Internationally renowned hairstylists such as Beth Minardi, Faatemah Ampey, Karg + Blackwell, Martin Parsons, Renee Antonio, Damien Carney, along with many others, will also present amazing educationally focused shows on the latest hair trends. Financial guru, Suze Orman, will also be at ISSE Midwest on Sunday, March 27 presenting The Style of Money - Making It Work for You! If all this isn’t reason enough to attend, ISSE Midwest will feature a nail competition sponsored by Nailpro Magazine in addition to the all-new EstheticsAmerica & Wellness pavilion, which is dedicated to skin care products, services, and education. The Legends & Icon gala, honoring Yosh Toya and Beth Minardi, will also take place on Sunday, March 27 and will benefit the NCA Cares fund. ISSE Midwest will be held at the industry favorite Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Il. For information and tickets,


Competitive Pricing for Success The Nail Extension Jaime Schrabeck

“Nowadays, people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” – Oscar Wilde When a person first comes into a salon, their first question is usually, “How much is a (insert name of service here)?” Like most nail professionals, you instinctively answer with the price, but no matter the number, the answer will be wrong. Why is this? It is because without context, a mere number is meaningless. It assumes that all services are created and delivered equally from salon to salon, and it cannot possibly capture the nature and quality of your service. Clients cannot appreciate the value of your work when they do not understand what they are paying for. It is your responsibility to communicate that value. Whether just starting your salon business or reinventing one, you will need to make decisions, and this may seem overwhelming at times. One of the most important decisions is how to structure and price your services. Overpricing will discourage potential clients initially; while under pricing will discourage you eventually. The only thing more frustrating than clients taking advantage is the realization that it is your fault. Ideally, your service prices will strike just the right balance between being competitive (attractive to potential clients) and providing adequate compensation (enabling you to earn a living doing what you love . . . nails). Important decisions related to service pricing require doing your research, but not the kind that you might expect. How many times has someone advised you to contact other salons and inquire about their pricing in order to determine your own? That is just as useless as when a potential client asks the same question. If you want to make the common and misguided mistake of competing on price, then contact other salons. However, there is not any point to this unless you also find out what their salon’s costs are? Few salon owners would be willing to share that information, even if they knew. Doing research means accounting for your own costs. Here is a list to give you a start: • Lease • Equipment and supplies • Utilities (telephone, water, gas, electric, etc.) • Outside / professional services (payroll, accounting, laundry, etc.) • Licenses (business and professional) • Insurance • Taxes (payroll, sales, property, etc.) • Marketing / advertising

• Education • Professional memberships • Payroll or your time if your independent These costs vary so widely from salon to salon that it is imperative that you do this for yourself, and make every effort to reduce these costs whenever possible. Even with this information, you are not prepared to make good decisions. Considering that income generated from nail services depends on the active participation of service providers, you must determine the amount of time involved for each service before you can establish pricing. It is imperative to minimize the time required to complete the service to avoid wasting your time or your client’s. To maximize time (your greatest resource), your services need to be structured deliberately to achieve the desired results: the procedures organized systematically and the products and tools selected for each step. Every procedure, product and tool should be evaluated for its safety, effectiveness and cost-efficiency. For every service, you need to calculate the product cost, including both disposables (files, gloves, nail wipes, etc.) and consumables (polish, lotion, acetone, gel, etc.). Once calculated, that number, along with the time required to complete the service can be used in the following formula: • Product Cost + $1 / min. = Service Price (Round up to the nearest $5 increment) • Product Cost / Service Price = Product Cost Percentage For example, our pedicure costs $3 in product and takes 45 minutes. Our service price is $3 + $45 = $48, but rounded up to $50. The product cost percentage is $3 / $50 = six percent. Ideally, the product cost should be lower than ten percent; otherwise, that service may not be worth offering. Before you question the feasibility of earning at least one dollar per minute, let’s discuss. For nail professionals who believe that clients in their particular area will not pay a dollar per minute, ask yourself what the standard hourly rate is for massage. Given your diverse skills and significant investment in education, equipment and supplies, your work should be worth at least the equivalent of that of a massage therapist. Nail professionals who do not think they can charge $90 for a pink and white backfill just because it takes 90 minutes are right. What is taking so long? Every service offered should be doable in an hour or less. Developing your skills and becoming more efficient will reduce the time required and move you closer to that $1 / minute minimum. Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D. owns Precision Nails, an exclusive nails-only salon in Carmel, California. She can be reached at READ IT! SAVE IT! PRINT IT! NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE!

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Continuing Education Classes… All licensees are required to obtain eight (8) hours of continuing education (CE) per license, during each two (2) year renewal period. All CE hour requirements must be fulfilled by January 31st of the odd numbered year. CE classes taken must meet the scope of practice requirement for each specific license held. It is the responsibility of the licensee to obtain CE hours that have been pre-approved by the Board. Also, all licensees must sign-in to any class using their name and Board identification number. This also includes online and/or correspondence classes. Licensees must retain their certificate of completion for proof of attendance. All CE class providers are required to submit information to the Board on appropriate forms for pre-approval of class curriculum. Once a class is approved, the Provider receives an approval letter that contains a specific number assigned only to that class. This number must also be provided to the licensee on a certificate of completion upon conclusion of any class. All class providers must make available a sign-in sheet to be completed by class attendees. The provider must submit all sign-in sheet information

to the Board within fifteen days of any class completion. The CE audit will begin once the Board is through with the license renewal period. Licensees selected in the audit are chosen by a computerized random selection process. This process will involve a percentage of all licensees of the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology. Once the list has been comprised a letter will go out to each licensee indicating they have been selected in the CE audit. At that time the licensee(s) will be required to submit certificates of completion and/or documentation as proof of their CE hour’s requirement being fulfilled. All licensees must respond by the deadline stated on the letter. Once the CE class proof of completion is received by the Board it will be confirmed by the signature of the licensee on the sign-in sheet submitted by the Provider. If all areas of the audit correspond, the licensee will receive a letter of a passed audit. However, if the proof of completion is not received and/ or cannot be validated, the licensee will be given a “Notice of Violation”. The penalty for failing the CE audit is a monetary fine and/or suspension of license.

Ohio State Board of Cosmetology CE Requirements 2011-2013 CE HOURS REQUIREMENT:

Cosmetology/Managing Cosmetology Esthetician/Managing Esthetician Hair Designer/Managing Hair Designer Manicurist/Managing Manicurist Natural Hair Stylist/Managing Natural Hair Stylist Independent Contractor (IC) Instructor

8 Hair, Nails, Skin Care–Relaxation Massage/Business 8 Skin Care – Relaxation Massage / Business 8 Hair Care / Business 8 Nail Care / Business 8 Braiding, Extensions (no chemicals or cutting)/ Business 0 N/A 8 Teaching – See List Below

Instructor ONLY CE Courses – OAC 4713-21-03 (B)

Any course that is designated for Instructor CE must meet the following guidelines: • Course must be designed for instructor CE only, cannot be in combination with other scope of practice material. • Curriculum for instructor only classes must be comprised of topics from the list promulgated by the “Board” to include one or more of the following: Instructional Methods Lesson Plan Development Direct Instructional Activity Dealing with Difficult Personalities How-to-Instructional Course How to Teach Hands-on-Learning Developing Course Curriculums State Laws & Rules Speech Courses Career Technical Teachers may submit a transcript from a college or university as proof of post graduate work. Transcript/proof of completion and/or questions should be emailed to the CE administrator.

First Time Licensee

If this is your first Ohio license, you are not required to take continuing education (CE) for this renewal cycle. However, it is required that the renewal fee be paid to keep a license active.

Continuing Education exemption for licensees aged sixty-five (65) or older.

Licensees age sixty-five or older before January 31, 2013 are exempt from the requirement to obtain continuing education hours for the renewal of their active license. However, it is required that the renewal fee be paid to keep a license active.


Licensees with an escrowed license must continue to pay the renewal fee each period.

Failure to pay renewal fee will result in license going into a lapsed status. At the time a licensee wishes to remove a license from escrow, proof of the appropriate number of continuing education hours must be provided. Please contact the Board directly for more information.


If a renewal fee has not been received for two (2) consecutive renewal periods that license will go into a lapsed status. Once a license is lapsed it is required that the licensee pay all back fees and obtain up to twenty-four (24) hours of CE to return a license to an ACTIVE state. Please contact the Amnesty Department of the Board directly for more information.

Making a Big Splash in Beauty Retail Matters Steve Sleeper

So, you have finished school and have set out to make your mark on the world. Landing that first job behind the chair is really only the first step in getting your feet wet. The beauty industry offers a vast sea of opportunities for salon professionals to make a big splash with salon owners, professional peers and potential clients. A common mistake many young professionals make is assuming they know all there is to know about the beauty business right out of school. Talk to any of the big names in the industry and they will all tell you the same thing: Like life, you will only get out of your career what you put into it. By nature, the beauty profession is all about open lines of communication. Without the ability to communicate effectively with clients, you would not be able to give them the look they are so eagerly looking for when they sit down in your chair. The same goes when you are progressing through the various stages of your career. Members of the Professional Beauty Association often state that one of the biggest benefits of belonging to the association is the strong network of industry peers they have created through their membership. We believe strongly in creating opportunities for professionals to come together with industry peers to network, learn and share ideas. Attending industry events is a great way to create strong networks of like-minded colleagues who can help when you have questions, as well as give you advice as you progress through the various stages in your career. There will be many career milestones for you to navigate through, and these colleagues can lend an ear or offer advice along the way. To spark up a conversation more locally, look in your community for networking groups or start your own group with other stylists in your salon. Networking and sharing ideas aloud will hone your active communication skills. It is true that your technical savvy and profound understanding of helping your clients discover their inner style is essential to being a successful stylist. However, many young professionals just starting out do not have a true understanding of the real profit center driving the success of the salon. It may be surprising to learn that retail actually makes up an astonishing one third of the professional salon industry, bringing in nearly $2.5 billion annually. Retail plays an important role in your salon’s success and understanding that role is critical. In order to be a successful stylist

and progress to new heights in the industry, you must be able to use, recommend, and sell professional products to clients. Here are just a few tips to help you set your retailing skills apart: • Learn every detail about each product your salon carries and know what is new on the market. • Do not just sell products; educate your clients on how to use the right products for their hair. • Recommend at least one product to each client every time they visit. • Be confident. Clients are looking to you, the expert, for advice on the right products for them. This process must be included with every service, every time. Without it, their salon experience just is not complete. • Be a Lifelong Student. The most successful people in any industry know that to be truly successful, you must be a lifelong student. In an industry where trends and innovations are constantly changing and evolving, this is especially true for beauty professionals. Seeking out and attending continuing education not only fulfills a necessity to progress as a licensed stylist, it offers salon pros both the inspiration of those that have lived the beauty dream and the insights of the most successful minds in the industry to help you reach your career goals. Look to industry events for hands-on education on the newest techniques and trends. Beauty organizations offer a distinguished line-up of industry events dedicated to offering salon professionals at all career levels focused, relevant education to help them and the entire industry strive in today’s marketplace and prepare for tomorrow’s innovations. Besides the many beauty events happening year-round, web-based education has become a favorite among professionals from all beauty segments. Many industry organizations offer online education, including major manufacturers and associations, like PBA’s new BeautyU learning platform. This growing trend often offers professionals 24/7 access to education, such as marketing and business classes, and some of the biggest beauty icons from across the globe often lead sessions. Most importantly, never lose your footing as you set your sights on your beauty adventure. Stay committed to your career goals. Set new goals. Award yourself often for achieving those goals. Then set your sails, hang on and enjoy the ride.

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visit OHIO STYLIST & SALON | MARCH 2011 | 13

Leadership Levels of a Stylist Off The Top Kimberly Johnson

Strong leadership can do so many positive things for an organization, and can often turn mediocre teams into great teams. Studying and utilizing tools to help managers expand into higher levels of leadership is important. When one hears the word leadership, one tends to think of those leaders who carry the typical titles of manager, key holder, director, etc. However, I believe as stylists you must learn the levels of leadership and learn how to “lead” your customers in order to build your business. I have taken the five levels of leadership in management and transferred the concept into Five Leadership Levels of a Stylist. Level One -- Position (Because I Am a Stylist) The stylist starts their career with position leadership due to certification: “I am a Certified Cosmetologist; therefore, I know all about hair.” This is the basic, entry-level stage of leadership. The only influence you have as a stylist comes with this first title. For example, a parent tells a child to do something that the child does not want to do. The child asks the parent, “Why?” and the parent replies, “Because I am the parent, that’s why.” Of course, this entry-level leadership works only to a certain extent. If you stay at this level, your success will be finite — you will not develop yourself or build your business. Level Two -- Relationship (Let’s be Friends) The next level of leadership is attained through interpersonal relationships. Many friendships bloom in this leadership stage. This is where customers say, “I will support you because I like you and you seem to care about me.” This stage has many feel-good qualities, but if a stylist is stuck here, their leadership becomes based more on relationships than the services provided. Hence, this can lead their customer into boredom, uninspired hair, and ultimately leaving your service to find another.

Level Three -- Production (Only I Can Do this for You) The third level of leadership happens when the stylist leads by delivering superior technical results. The stylist has “done it” and can “walk the walk” (or in the styling world, “cut the cut”). A stylist may feel unstoppable and strong with their technical ability, but they must enjoy this level of leadership and success without becoming trapped. If a stylist stops here, they might begin to lose their focus on guest service. They may inadvertently “expect” the guest to be satisfied due to their consistent technical results. Level Four -- Consultation (Hear and Provide a Solution) The fourth level of leadership is one to celebrate. The stylist is so comfortable with their technical and customer service skills that they are now able to hear a client’s need and provide a solution to meet the client’s short and long-term goals. Selfless recommendations are dominant during this stage and given with great intent. The stylist has evolved to merge technical skill, customer service, and their ability to influence a customer for a winwin solution every time. Level Five -- Iconic This is the final stage of leadership and one that, unfortunately many do not reach. A stylist at this level is able to lead by expertise in their knowledge, their craft, and their inspiration. This person is sought after because of the difference they make in peoples lives, whether as masters in education, global artists, creative directors, etc. People follow these leaders because of who they are and what they represent. Only the few leaders who have spent years growing themselves make it to this step, and those who do are bigger than life. I hope you have enjoyed the Five Leadership Levels of a Stylist. Please feel free to write me with your thoughts on these topics, as I look forward to delving into each level in more detail throughout the year. Kimberly Johnson is a successful Cosmetology School owner in Portland, Oregon.  In addition, she serves as Director of Business Development, overseeing a local 12 million dollar salon spa operation with 250 employees with four locations.  To reach Kimberly email her at

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR LOCAL BEAUTY NEWS? NEW! Regional News Only Available Online • Local Salon Profiles and Events • Beauty School Happenings • Educational Events • Distributor News • and more... 14 | MARCH 2011 | OHIO STYLIST & SALON

MARCH 2011 PP 6: 3rd Annual Reign of Style Hair Competition and Show at The Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, Seattle, WA PP 6: 2011 Silicon Valley Battle of the Bay Student Hair, Nail & Makeup Competition, Santa Clara, CA (925)822-8983 PP 6-7: Empire and ARROJO present Masters of Beauty Skills Certification Program, Nashville, TN PP 6-7: Prof. Beauty London, PP 6-8: IBS New York, Jacob Javits Center PP 6-8: International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference IECSC New York, PP 7: Neil Ducoff’s No Compromise Leadership Workshop hosted by Shohba, New York City, NY 1-800-417-4848 PP 12-14: America’s Beauty Show, Chicago, IL 1-800-883-7808 PP 13: American Board of Certified Haircolorist Exam, Chicago, IL PP 13: CCA & CCA Central District Symposium Day of Education & Competition, Santa Nella, CA PP 13: Salon Services presents Kevin Murphy: Rock the Runway, Renton, WA PP 13-14: ABA Canada, Montreal, Quebec PP 13-14: The Intl. Congress of Esthetics and Spa, Arlington, Texas 1-800-471-0229 PP 18-20: Beauty International’s Worldwide Leading Trade Fair for Professional Cosmetics, Nail, Foot and Wellness Professionals, Düsseldorf, Germany (312)781-5180 PP 18-21: Cosmoprof Bologna, Italy PP 20: Sorme Treatment Cosmetics Makeup Workshop at the Maxwell Hotel, Seattle, WA PP 20: Milagros SalonSpa & Lisa Vann & Friends present Celebrity Stylist Derrick Scurry Hands On Workshop & Show, Seattle, WA (206)441-5511 PP 20-21: Spectrum International Beauty Expo, Los Angeles, CA (310)680-7367 PP 21: Neil Ducoff’s No Compromise Leadership Workshop hosted by Bellevue Club, Bellevue, WA 1-800-417-4848 PP 26: Neil Ducoff’s No Compromise Leadership Workshop, Newport News, VA 1-800-417-4848 PP 26-28: Midwest International Salon & Spa Expo, Rosemont, IL PP 27: Neil Ducoff’s No Compromise Leadership Workshop, Frederick, MD 1-800-417-4848 PP 27-28: ABA Canada, Toronto, Ontario

APRIL 2011 PP 2-4: ProKnowledge Workshop by Day Spa Association, Nashville, TN 1-877-851-8998

PP 3-4: The Intl Congress of Esthetics and Spa, Miami Beach,

Florida 1-800-471-0229

MARCH 2011

26: Cli230

PP CEU Classes at Lorain County JVS ~ or call for details (440)774-1051 ext. 2254 PP 20: Clipper Cutting (4 CEU’s) or Professional Stone Massage (8 CEU’s) presented by Joyce Provens, Columbus, OH (614)353-5091 PP 21: Brazilian Keratin Straightener Certification (4 CEU’S), Cincinnati, OH or call 513-533-0109 PP 21: Review for Successful Salon management testing (8 CEU’s); How Money Works or Show Me the Money(4 CEU’s) presented by Joyce Provens, Columbus, OH (614)353-5091 PP 27: NovaLash Eyelash Extension Class (8 CEU’s), Cincinnati, OH (513)520-3929 or (513)871-7394 PP 27: Professional Stone Massage (8 CEU’s) presented by Joyce Provens, Columbus, OH (614)353-5091 PP 27: Songs of the Sidhe Day Spa presents Massage Certification, Kent, OH (330)592-0874 PP 28: Review for Successful Salon management testing (8 CEU’s); How Money Works or Show Me the Money(4 CEU’s) presented by Joyce Provens, Columbus, OH (614)353-5091

APRIL 2011 PP 3: Introduction to Swedish Relaxation Massage , Middleburg

Heights, OH (330)273-3707

PP 9-10: Peel’s Spring Show, Council Bluffs, IA PP 10: American Board of Certified Haircolorist Exam, Denver, CO PP 10: Neil Ducoff’s No Compromise Leadership Workshop, Vancouver, BC 1-800-417-4848 PP 10: The Wax Show by Smooth Skin Supply, Sacramento, CA PP 10-11: BSG Barnum presents Evolve. The Art of Hair, Sandusky, OH 1-800-362-3186 PP 10-11: Cosmoprof’s 64th Annual Spring Style Show, San Jose, CA PP 10-11: High Road to Education, Buffalo, NY PP 10-11: ABA Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba PP 11: Beauty School Forum, Barristar Productions, Phoenix, AZ 800 SHOW-432 PP 17-18: BSG Cosmoprof Beauty presents Seattle Fashion Focus, Seattle, WA PP 17-18: Intercoiffure Symposium, Miami, FL PP 17-18: ABA Canada, Vancouver, BC PP 24: Sorme Treatment Cosmetics Makeup Workshop at the Holiday Inn: Soho, New York City, NY PP 29-5/2: Electrologists’ Ass. of California State Symposium aboard Carnival Cruise Ship 860-678-1972 Email:

MAY 2011 PP 1-2: ABA Canada, Edmonton, Alberta PP 8-9: Beauty School Forum, Barristar Productions, Anaheim, CA 800 SHOW-432 PP 15: California Cosmetology Ass. COSMO EXPO SHOW with Student Competition, Winn River Casino, Redding,CA PP 15-16: Galveston Fashion Focus, TX PP 15-16: The Makeup Show NYC, PP 16: Neil Ducoff’s No Compromise Leadership Workshop, Cleveland, OH 1-800-417-4848 PP 22: Beauty School Forum, Barristar Productions, Minneapolis, MN 800 SHOW-432 PP 22: Sorme Treatment Cosmetics Makeup Workshop at the Riverwalk Plaza, San Antonio, TX

JUNE 2011 PP 5-6: Premiere Orlando International Beauty Event & Premiere

DAYSPA conference, Orlando, FL PP 12-13: Texas Intl Hair Show, Dallas, TX PP 12-13: The Makeup Show Chicago PP 16-18: BeautyEurasia by Cosmoprof Worldwide, Istanbul, Turkey, PP 17: Neil Ducoff’s No Compromise Leadership Workshop, Sacramento, CA 1-800-417-4848 PP 18-20: International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference IECSC Las Vegas, NV PP 18-20: IBS Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

PP 3: Clipper Cutting (4 CEU’s) or Professional Stone Massage (8 CEU’s) presented by Joyce Provens, Columbus, OH (614)353-5091 PP 4: Brazilian Keratin Straightener Certification (4 CEU’S), Cincinnati, OH or call 513-533-0109 PP 4: Review for Successful Salon management testing (8 CEU’s); How Money Works or Show Me the Money(4 CEU’s) presented by Joyce Provens, Columbus, OH (614)353-5091 PP 10: Professional Stone Massage (8 CEU’s) presented by Joyce Provens, Columbus, OH (614)353-5091 PP 10: Songs of the Sidhe Day Spa presents Massage Certification, Kent, OH (330)592-0874 PP 11: Paul Mitchell Ohio presents Cut & Color Collection- Brighten up Brunettes, Findlay, OH 1-800-251-8427 PP 11: Review for Successful Salon management testing (8 CEU’s); How Money Works or Show Me the Money(4 CEU’s) presented by Joyce Provens, Columbus, OH (614)353-5091 PP 12: Oregon City Schools presents Updo Styling & Finishing for Short, Medium & Long Hair, Oregon, OH (419)693-0668 or PP 17: The Makeup Institute presents The Art of Makeup ~ www. or call (216) 374-9087 to register PP 17: Clipper Cutting (4 CEU’s) or Professional Stone Massage (8 CEU’s) presented by Joyce Provens, Columbus, OH (614)353-5091 PP 18: Brazilian Keratin Straightener Certification (4 CEU’S), Cincinnati, OH or call 513-533-0109

Educational events are listed free as space allows. To have your event listed, please email to or mail to Stylist Newspapers, 1750 SW Skyline Blvd. #24, Portland, OR 97221. For more information call (503) 297-7010 x204.

WHAT’S NEW IN THE MARKET 1. 100% Vegan Healthy Smoothing Option


Zerran International, the vegan hair care innovator, marks 25 years in the pro beauty and salon industry with its launch of RealLisse™, the world’s first 100 percent vegan semi-permanent hair smoothing system. Patent protected, this salon-only product contains no keratin, absolutely no “hydes” by any name, or any substance that produces formaldehyde gas upon heating with a flatiron. No masks or scalp balms. No special venting required. No fumes. No harsh chemicals. The pH balanced, heat activated formula introduces vegan proteins to the hair shaft, eliminating frizz, reducing unwanted curl and unruly volume. Hair will have natural body, movement and be responsive to thermal curling. Treatment effects last two to four months, depending upon client variables. Trial and standard kits, backbar products and a full suite of client aftercare products are available. To view a step-by-step video or get more info, go to or call 1-800- 626-1921.



2. Wake Me Up and Keep Me Awake With low pH, no sulfates and no parabens, Wake Me Up Shampoo and Keep Me Awake Conditioner, from JKS International, leaves the hair and skin feeling soft and smooth and is safe for color-treated hair. Containing three exotic herbs and selective scents to completely relax the body, Wake Me Up Shampoo and Keep Me Awake Conditioner can also be used as a sensual body wash and body conditioner. The effect is a warm, full-body relaxation that gradually builds which just might leave you infatuated with the product line. For more information visit or call 1-877-557-8722.


3. Milano Collection Premium Quality Wigs Until recently, wigs were worn mainly by entertainers, medical patients and women with thinning hair. Today, however, wigs are becoming more mainstream, and one company is ready to meet the increased consumer demand. Milano Collection Wigs, a Los Angeles based manufacturer of premium quality European hair wigs, knows wigs are a popular option for diversifying hair styles and or color without expensive extensions and weaves. They are also an ideal solution for thinning hair, alopecia and chemotherapy patients. “I discovered Milano Wigs when responding to my clients.” said Katherine Shaffer, a Los Angeles stylist. “Several of my clients vented to me about needing a better solution for their hair. Some for medical reasons and others simply because they couldn’t get the look they wanted from their own hair”. Shaffer is part of a growing trend of salons that offer high end wigs to their clients. “Salons are fast becoming a destination point for customers seeking premium quality wigs” says Founder, Yitzy Geisinsky. “Customers love it because they have a trusted source, and salons love it because wigs represent an added revenue source,” he adds. The company recently introduced the “Freedom Cap” design (patent-pending) that enables their wigs to be worn without clips, combs or messy glues. The Freedom Cap is constructed from a unique fiber that fastens securely to hair or scalp, a godsend for any wig wearer. Milano Collection’s products are available online at or by calling (323) 657-WIGS.


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4. A Curiously Addictive, Habit-Forming Hair Fix Crack by ProLocks, is a unique multi-tasking leave-in treatment and styling aid in one, that instantly and effectively transforms keratin-depleted, stressed, frizzy hair to a sleek, smooth and shiny dimension. Highly sophisticated micro proteins and power peptides, found in Hydrolized Wheat Protein, instantly infuse deep into the hair cuticle and encase the hair follicle to promote healing. By blocking the effects of humidity, Crack can eliminate up to 95% frizz and curl, leaving hair smooth, shiny and luxurious. Instantly penetrating deep into the hair cortex, Crack will strengthen, repair and protect stressed, dry and mature hair from the inside out. Crack also provides a barrier from heat and thermal styling while adding shine and slip without making hair greasy. For more information visit or call 1-800-645-1616.

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5. Two New Collections from Color Club Color Club, by Forsyth Cosmetic Group, introduces two new collections. Alter Ego, their latest collection of diverse, long-lasting lacquers, lets you create high-fashion looks for every identity. Go incognito with opaque shades or rendezvous in full view with our sheers. Sparkle with Starry Temptress, an otherworldly collection of star-making shades that brings bold color and glitter detail together. Brush on Color Club’s Starry Temptress Topcoat for mega-shine and twinkle! Forsythe is not only renowned for its exceptionally safe products made with the best raw materials but also for its long list of industry firsts including fast drying nail polish, the nail polish corrector pen, UV top coat and spray Silica nail dryers, to name a just few. Today, Forsythe continues to produce such highperformance brands such as Color Club and Art Club, two of the fasting growing brands in the industry. Forsythe is also a leader in Private Label cosmetics. For more information visit or call 1-800-221-8080. Have your product considered for the Stylist & Salon’s What’s New section. Send press releases with a photo to Managing Editor Lisa Kind at or mail to Stylist & Salon Newspapers, 1750 SW Skyline Blvd., Suite 24, Portland, OR 97221.

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Ohio Stylist - March 2011 - Your First Year  

Ohio state trade newspaper for the beauty industry focusing on the business of the beauty industry including hair, skin and nails.

Ohio Stylist - March 2011 - Your First Year  

Ohio state trade newspaper for the beauty industry focusing on the business of the beauty industry including hair, skin and nails.