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Styling NO 11- 2013

Capturing the beauty within

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Styling is a reflection of our personality – our tastes, our power of observation, our own cultural upbringing and our talent for originality. Creativity is a fundamental human compulsion to invent or to compose. Take time each week to create your own ideas, however humble you may think they are. Look closely at the details in everything and notice the colours, the shapes and the deep inner feelings you have when you are attracted to something. Creative expression comes from the many objects we have around us in our lives, a bowl of flowers, a favourite teapot on a lovely table, a painting or a garden on a misty day. Creativity is inspired by the wonders of our universe. When you are in the right state of heart and soul, just like magic you can tap into the endless flow of universal creative energy and resources and inspiration comes straight to you. - Coty Farquhar

Styling Capturing the beauty within

Weddings & Events November 2013

Styling Magazine November 2013

In this Issue

Stylist - Margaret Young Whitford Home, garden and wedding

Home - Drew Lindsay Part II Wedding Treasures - Vintage gowns Weddings Meagan Leece and Charles Schlecht Anita Roelevink and Craig Lapinskie Laura King and Matt Lessing

Wedding advice - Suzie Anderson Perfect Pink - Milton Park Fluffing feathers - Summerlees

Inspiration for this issue came from the exhibition - Wedded Perfection curated by Cynthia AmnĂŠus- curator of fashion arts and textiles at the Cincinnati Art MuseumUnited States, Wedding Dress, 1887 (detail) Gift of Mrs. Frances Lamson Eaton, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. Lamson, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Whitney Lamson, Jr., 1971.320, Cincinnati Art Museum.

This month Styling magazine celebrates the celebration. A wedding, an event, a dinner for two or ten. We look at the gowns, the brides, the flowers, the table settings and the fine details and we honor the people behind the scenes. Styling magazine was inspired this month by this incredible detailed pearl gown. The soft colour, the shape the style... It can be just one thing that inspires you and the rest of the design and planning follows. Special events are simply that, events that bring out the special things, the best of service, the best of food, the best of what can be found or made. It doesn’t need to be expensive, but it does involve planning. Be it an event that holds tradition or creating something brand new. It is important to communicate what you feel inside when creating the decorations for an event. Months before the plans begin, the sketch pad comes out and the mind starts ticking with ideas. We are not going to tell you what to do, but we hope to inspire you with some of the stories we hold here. A collaborative process begins, advice comes from everywhere, decisions are made, details are designed and the installation begins the week before the event. From paper to real life, the event evolves and you hope that everything that looks good on paper works in real life and that your dreams and desires open with effortless ease. Remember our souls sing together when families and friends unite Coty Farquhar, Styling Magazine.

Rare handcrafts must be nur tured a n d p r e s e r v e d , d e l i c a t e l a c e, f i n e fabrics and detailed designs are s a c r e d . S t y l i n g m a g a z i n e we n t o n s e a r c h t o f i n d v i n t a g e we d d i n g g ow n s . S a i n t V i n c e n t d e P a u l , L i f e l i n e a n d t h e S a l v a t i o n A r my hold racks of beautiful dresses, o f t e n o n l y wo r n o n c e a n d t h e n g i v e n aw ay. We t r e a s u r e t h e m , l i k e m a n y h u n t e r s a r o u n d t h e wo r l d we g o i n s e a r c h o f t h e r a r e g ow n , t h e one that was designed and made i n t h e 5 0 ’s w h e n s e w i n g w a s a n a r t . We f o u n d q u i t e a f e w b e a u t i e s , i f n o t t o we a r, t o b e i n s p i r e d by. S o m e o f t h e g ow n s we f o u n d we r e s o o l d t h a t t h e y almost tore in our hands. They s t i l l h o l d t h e e n e r g y o f t h e b r i d e, t h e y we r e wo r n w i t h l ov e a n d we r e v i e we d by t h e i r l ove d o n e s . Some still in their or ig inal boxes and a few with hand made labels attached. O v e r t h e n e x t p a g e s we l o o k a t the designs, the shapes and the s t y l e s. B l e n d i n g s o m e o l d g ow n s w i t h t h e n e w o n e s . We e v e n m i x e d t h r e e g ow n s t o g e t h e r t o c r e a t e o n e, we t h i n k a n y t h i n g i s p o s s i b l e w h e n y o u h ave t i m e .

T h e G o w n

Seeking B e au t y M a r g a r e t Yo u n g W h i t f o r d

Just like a dream you never want to wake up from, the beautiful creations of Margaret Young Whitford bring fantasy to life with a symphony of exquisite feminine details. Her inspiration comes from within. Margaret carries the gene of Mother Earth, her manicured plants and flowers are her children...she has nurtured them from seedlings. Styling magazine shares her home and garden, her annual market day and after twenty years of creating beautiful weddings she shares her final wedding creation at Hopewood in Bowral, Australia.

Margaret called the property Belvedere - a beautiful sight/turret from which to view the countryside. I can see the whole world from my garden, the memories‌. the plants and trees are like my children, I have nurtured them from little seeds. The garden room flowers are for my internal rooms, red roses for the guest room, apricot for my bedroom, pink roses for my blueroom and vegetables from the kitchen.

When I first saw one of Margaret’s weddings many years ago, I think it was the quality of her work, the whimsical little bird’s nest designs, the styling and the blending of it all together with the environment that made it different to anything I’d seen before. Her work can make you dream, it can take you somewhere else and it is unforgettable. - Coty Farquhar

It’s interesting having to think back through your life to find the seed and when it was planted that was to subsequently send me on the wonderful journey to discover and appreciate beauty. I am driven by beauty and the power it has had over the centuries to shape people and civilization. A childhood in New Guinea seemed the perfect start, of a mother that embraced our very isolated and primitive existence there. A plaited palm house, no windows, kerosene lamps and tea chests full of books. The provisions were extremely basic. I can remember a plane flying low every month and dropping a flour bag full of grey frozen meat, tinned peas, tins of bully beef! To disguise the less than e x c i t i n g i n g re d i e n t s , my mother turned to spices and curries and to distract us further, she always made an effort to set the table  with s i l ve r, n a p k i n s , placemats and always flowers. Every move from station to station brought with it the energy and the passion to create a new home and garden for her family. I was, and still am quite shy, is its interesting to ponder the journey I’ve taken that exposes me to so many people.

The first wedding I did was sweet, but very basic. From that first step, I gradually evolved, the events became larger and more detailed and I felt the need to have more to do with creating  a scene, rather than just a table setting. I am not a trained florist, but have very strong organizational skills and the ability to troubleshoot when those last minute hiccoughs appeared. The events became larger and more details and I mostly did them alone. The final three or four days were always grueling with very little sleep and always anxiety about delivering the “scene”.  The van was always packed to overflowing and off we’d set to our venue, some times making several trips! My final wedding was in April 2012. Meagan Leece walked into my life and for six months we planned and worked on the most beautiful and amazing wedding I have ever done, it felt right to end this way.  Her calm grace and wisdom beyond her years made her an absolute pleasure to create this dream with.  I know we will remain friends for the rest of our lives. This is the power that beauty has over certain people.

The last twenty years have gone by so quickly and looking back I can remember all of the weddings and the lovely brides. It was always very important to try to tell their story and express them in the setting and flowers. Taking on this responsibility didn’t come lightly, I would have an initial meeting to try and gather as much information as possible then start piecing together the scene. I’d liken this process to working on a tapestry, and would start with the background and  slowly start working one’s way to the detailed elements. The candlelight, the poetry, the music, the accessories are all so very important.  I can spend hours on the tiniest details and I do this for the handfull of people that would notice. Another wonderful door opened for me when I met Suzie Anderson. Her stunning pavilion and style provided an over sized space to work in, we could fit trees in the pavilion! How exciting! Her friendship and enormous energy are amazing and she is always so generous with her support and trust - another person that understands beauty!

The market day is a culmination of a dream I’ve had for many years - to gather clever, non commercial people together and to give them an opportunity to make and create beautiful and unique things. I hope to inspire them to develop their products and presentation to a very high and unique standard. Lifestyle classes - I’d like to share all the knowledge and experience I have gathered over the years and to show people that they can do anything, it’s just a case of taking the first step! I would also like to help people to want to create beautiful things and scenes for their families and home and life. I have had a most wonderful life and at this time I find myself surrounded by gentle creative, “like-minded” souls. There still isn’t time to sit and reflect or slow down as there is so much more I’d like to do and achieve and time is running out. I consider myself now to be the sum of all these amazing people I know and I feel very humble and blessed for all they have done to make me the person I am today. Life is indeed beautiful.

Margaret has created the most amazing garden at Belvedere, a home owned by her sister Rosemary and her husband, I am always so grateful that they allow me to live here and create, says Margaret. My inspiration for the garden design came from my trips to England, France and Italy and I have divided the space into six rooms - the English, the Italian, the terrace, the potager, the parterre and the copper garden. All designed to be rooms for entertaining. Whilst sitting with Margaret in the Italian pavilion, a friend arrived with a beautiful basket of Birch logs. The excitement we both felt as these pretty little gifts of nature shows her true connection with Mother Earth. Her friend Julie knows her all too well, and wouldn’t let her husband burn them...they are for Margaret and her creations.

A beautiful setting in Margaret’s garden room, gardenias, oak leaves, silver, candles and little quail eggs.

Margaret Young Whitford shares with Styling magazine her final wedding at Hopewood. The ceremony of Meagan Leece and Charles Schlecht

Suzie Anderson of Hopewood says, she is truly a one off. An original. She doesn't follow fads and trends, she works intuitively and her attention to detail blows me away every time I work with her.  The fact that she is so humble and low key just adds to my admiration of her.  Margaret is an extraordinarily generous person too...always giving way more than expected. 

In the garden at Hopewood - Meagan Schlecht Bridal Photography by McBride Studio

I tired of doing the same arrangements for each table and started to design different themes for each table so each one could be unique and interesting for the guests. Our family have always been collectors so I started using my collections to create these tablescapes. The first time I did this was for my beautiful niece Claire's wedding which was in the wheat sheep area of country Victoria. For her tables I had the cakes decorated in a theme that matched the centrepiece, and Claire and Matt went to each table to cut the cake and catch up with their guests. This design worked very well, says Margaret.

Margaret styled twenty one individual settings on the long timber tables, they were just like you were looking through into a little French shop window.

I chose Hopewood because it is such a stylish place to get married and I also love the Highlands, I went to school there, says Meagan. In memory of my Grandfather we placed his vintage cameras amongst the settings. The vision that I had for my wedding setting was to be just like my own living room. I hired the timber tables, crystal glasses and chair covers from The Style Salon in Sydney. Many of fine details I did myself, including all the invitations says Meagan.

The 1st meeting with a bride, I am very strict with myself at the first interview, this being the opportunity to gather as much information as I can about the bride and her fiance, says Margaret. I would then set about putting together a design. For the second meeting I would set this design and the flowers up in a "mock" setting in my shed, we could sit, discuss, modify the designs so that we all feel comfortable about what is expected on the day. I also like to be given the freedom to change elements closer to the time, as I have found when you are exhausted and running on adrenaline, the most inspirational ideas appear. These cannot be ignored and add great depth to the ultimate design outcome. To make   these wedding unique I would gather foliage and flowers from the roadside and private gardens, often using 2 or 3 different leaf bases which add wonderful texture and depth.

It was everything and more! I loved it! says Meagan. Margaret had autumn leaves all the way down the isle at the church and a beautiful little monogramed mat for us to stand on, she added so many extra details to the wedding that we didn’t know about, she went the extra mile!

Overseeing and co-ordinating hundreds of celebrations at Hopewood, Suzie Anderson shares with Styling magazine her advice on what makes a wedding day special. Remember the reason for the entire day. The marriage ceremony between you and your partner is more important than anything. Everything else, every embellishment, morsel of food, champagne selection is secondary.   Think of your vows, your commitment, where you want this special occasion to take place.  The other things will flow from there.   Photog raphed in the histor ic gardens at Hopewood, Bowral

What is important? After the ceremony, the venue where you want to celebrate this special occasion. The venue should reflect the couple's personality...do they feel more comfortable with a small dinner for close friends, a huge celebration with all their friends and family?  More familiar with formal dining or a picnic with garden games in a beautiful garden?  If the Bride & Groom are at ease so will their guests be.   As a venue owner, it really helps to get a vision of what the couple see for their day.   A plan of what they desire, what can be fit into the time allocated, how to budget so they achieve the most important things to them.   Why spend all their money on an expensive venue and then have little money left for music or reputable photog rapher? Why select bonbonniere that are overlooked and left behind or an overflowing lolly bar when the wine is undrinkable!! Some of the most beautiful weddings I have observed were the simplest.  Gorgeous loving couple, supportive and celebratory guests, great food, wine, candles and music. Sometimes Brides (and some grooms) were so focussed on all the gimmicks they had planned for the day that they couldn't relax and enjoy the most important day of their lives!

What makes the day a special one? I could say beautiful flowers, a sunny day, but overall I would say being organised.   Have an achievable run sheet.  Ideally select a venue where a lot of the setting up can be done the day before.  That allows the Bride & Groom time to savour their Wedding day from waking up, enjoying the ritual of getting dressed and then first seeing their partners and making their commitment to each other in front of their closest family and friends. Sometimes what I may think are a really relaxed couple at the outset turn into the most panicked on the day of the wedding as they hadn't given much thought to who was doing what, who was delivering what etc.  Relaxed really meant disorganised!  A simple run sheet with all contacts given to Venue host & Caterer will ensure all runs smoothly.  Also, as much as we don't like to think about it, plan for the possibilities outside your control.  What will you do in case of wet weather?   Picture it, plan for it, get comfortable with it so you are happy and joyful in either situation!

Love the process together. Work out a list of what needs to be done and share the load.   Both being involved and responsible makes the whole experience more enjoyable, personal and actually is one of the first big projects to work on together at the start of this committed relationship.   You can learn a lot about compromise when planning a wedding! Making sure you both feel comfortable with the choices made.   Are you both relaxed and at ease with the Celebrant, are you both happy with the choice of venue, music, food, wine, decor, guest list etc? Enjoy every minute of the day/ night and remember that any of the little mishaps along the way make for great dinner party stories later on!!

I truly loved my wedding day. I had two incredible bridesmaids and a relaxed start to the day at my family home.  I felt totally at ease with the Minister, a 70 year old surfy from Bronte who loved life, the venue was elegant, but relaxed and intimate, the band had us all up dancing but only for a short period of time as my Dad's speech went for nearly an hour which really cut into the dancing time!! It was so funny though, it was worth it!  He's still getting flack for that all these years later, which is a great laugh for our famly. Oh, maybe thinking about transport at the end of the Wedding for my husband and I.  We ended up hitching a ride in a friend's 4WD to our hotel as we'd not thought of that part of the evening! www.suzieandersonhome.com

A spring garden wedding Gorgeous is the only appropriate word to describe the garden wedding of Anita Roelevink and Craig Lapinskie. Both the ceremony and the reception were held at Summerlees in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

P h o t o g r a p h y


M i n t

P h o t o g r a p h y

ROMANTIC WEDDING SETTINGS ARE WHAT WE ARE RENOWNED FOR. Your Event Solution | YES has worked with hundreds of couples over the years creating beautiful weddings that don’t compromise. Our reputation for excellence is built on a foundation of exceptional service, artistic flair and attention to detail. We offer a full planning, set-up and pull-down service, in addition to providing a wide range of silk-lined marquees, clear pavilions, chairs, tables, furniture, crockery, cutlery, glassware, dÊcor, lighting and audio visual equipment for hire.

Your event solution

Southern Highlands 02 4862 3166 South Coast 02 4421 6155 14-16 Loftus St, Bowral NSW 2576 e: bowral@yesbowral.com.au

{ venue: Summerlees ~ images: Mint Photography }


A fragrant message for a heavenly scented wedding event Christiane de Bièvre

When planning my wedding day with my mother, she asked me which perfume I would like to wear – I told her that I loved the perfume she wore whenever she dressed to attend a very special event. She mentioned three perfumes she loved to wear depending on the season. Her three choices were: Miss Dior by Christian Dior, Chanel No. 5 by Chanel and Bal de Versailles by Jean Desprez. As my wedding day took place in June in Belgium I chose Chanel No. 5 by Chanel. I later learned that Chanel No. 5 uses 250 ingredients but the ones that dominate are rose and jasmine. The base contains ylang ylang, jonquil, Florentine iris, orange blossom, Lily of the Valley, mimosa, tonka bean, musk, patchouli, vetyver and sandalwood, amber and civet and aldehydes. I am still convinced that the perfume you wear on your wedding day will vividly recall your wedding for years. It is therefore very important to choose one with a fragrance you particularly love. Money spent on your favourite perfume for that special occasion is money wisely invested in vivid memories of that big day.

The big problem you may be confronted with is, of course, which scent to choose. I asked Dimitri Weber, perfume expert to give me a quote for a creation of the perfect love scent to be worn by both the bride and bridegroom on their wedding day. I gave him a list of flowers that would be available in Australia year-round. In Dimitri’s view the perfume worn by the bride – and groom – must be in harmony with the fragrance in the air. These fragrances can be sprayed gently on the wedding invitation cards and again some of essences can be used t o c re at e d e l i c at e p e r f u m e d wedding meal menus, special drinks and fragrant table decorations as well as bridal bouquets and head wreaths. The fragrances can also be used in the miniature perfume bottles given to the guests to take home in memory of the day. As top notes Dimitri choose a carnation which symbolises religion and expresses love; orange blossom which is traditionally associated with good fortune and has been popular in bridal bouquets and head wreaths for weddings. Since time immemorial the Chinese have used orange flower s in weddings, regarded as omens of purity, innocence, moral vir tue and

fertility. In Europe orange flowers have been used as embellishment on weddings since the time of the Crusades. As heart notes Dimitri would love the creation of holly blended with rose, tuberose, and mimosa which is a plant native to Australia and which was cultivated in France around 1820. The plant and twig ends are harvested in very early Spring. The extract from the flower radiates a delicate waxy-sweet under tone. Mimosa adds smoothness to a fragrance and its fixative value is outstanding. The mimosa flower symbolises security. I believe that flowers and a floral wedding perfume plays a strong role in the psyche of the couple throughout their married life. The chosen wedding perfume could be wor n on every wedding anniversary. As base note Cedar wood symbolises power and majesty and has a woody and tenacious undertone It can also symbolise life-long wedding vows. It could therefore be part of the table centre piece decoration. The bridal bouquet could consist of white car nations and orange blossoms.

FA R Q U H A R ’ S F U R N I T U R E

Styling magazine designed and created this field of flowers wedding by bringing the garden, the grass and the all flowers inside. Held at Milton Park in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

Inspired by this an old fashioned painting of roses, the bridal bouquets, the flower girl’s circlets and the table settings had freshly picked garden flowers, David Austin roses and Lisianthus, Sweet pea from the flower markets. All massed together to create a field of flowers.

Have you Ever seen anything so beautiful? Our choice of wedding flowers

Fleur s TrĂŠmolo Ranunculus Vigor Pink

Fleur s TrĂŠmolo Ranunculus Morvan

Fleur s TrĂŠmolo Ranunculus Maritim

Fleur s TrĂŠmolo Rose Splash Sensation

Fleur s TrĂŠmolo B o x - f l o we r, r o s e , p e o n y, h y d r a n g e a

Fleur s TrĂŠmolo Ranunculus Pontoise

Fleur s TrĂŠmolo White rose - Shiranami (white-crested waves)

Fleur s TrĂŠmolo Ranunculus Beige Pink


Fluffing Feather s

Before the bride, groom and guests arrive... the fluffing starts, the tables are set, the chairs are straightened, the fires are lit, the flowers are fluffed, the room is warmed, the lights are dimmed, the candles are lit, the parking is organized, the photographer is poised, the caterers are cooking, the waiters are dressed, and the wedding is ready.

The wedding reception of Laura King and Matt Lessing at Summerlees, Sutton Forest, Saturday November 9th, 2013

Fluffing is a term that stylists refer to as the last minute details, the things that can only be done just before the photograph is taken or the event starts. A film director will call in the “fluffer� to fix the dress of a star before the camera starts rolling. Often, it is the event manager waiting in the wings who quietly checks over everything. Patty Maouhtouris invited Styling magazine to her historic country home and wedding venue, Summerlees, to walk through the last minutes of the day before the bride arrived.

I light the fires outside about an hour before, the more delicate flowers are brought out from the cool room and placed on the tables. The floors are given one last sweep, the candles are lit on every table. Little things make a big difference. Patty directs the way the cars are parked, they must be in a line and face the same way. When cars arrive in an open county paddock, well, you can just imagine the crazy way people will park.

Patty welcomes the caterers, the photographers and the waiters. It is quiet, everyone is still at the church, so we get ourselves organized. Stylists and florists usually leave at this point with their vans full of props, flower boxes and left over foliage. They collect all their bits and pieces and back out of the room. They are usually exhausted as they have been decorating all day, the church in the morning and the venue in the afternoon. It is precision timing.

We start to prepare the canapĂŠs on trays, pour the champagne, open the doors and look down the hill to the front gate to watch as the cars of the bridal party arrive.

Par t II - Home & Garden of Drew Lindsay The Southern Highlands of NSW

Entertaining with pleasure Drew Lindsay’s home is welcoming and warm, the light filled rooms, both inside and out are poised ready for entertaining. Slide open the doors, both at the front and the back and the space is doubled in size. The courtyard becomes part of the interior, and the interior opens up to the garden. All together graceful and easy entertaining throughout the seasons.

A full mirrored wall makes the dining room twice the size, the light comes from every direction and the glass bi-fold doors open onto an enclosed courtyard. My table is set for a ten tonight, but we have parties in this room for over a hundred, says Drew. It’s a great room for entertaining!

Drew Lindsay Real Estate

I’m getting married in the morning... ding dong the bells are going to chime For those that have already married, if you were to relive your wedding day all over again, what would you change and what would you do differently? That’s of course if you would change anything at all. Styling magazine asked a group of woman from around the world for their advice, their thoughts and their honest answers.

If I got married again (to the same man, of course) it would not be the big affair. I'd have, at most, 60 people. Intimate and very personal. Close friends and those I love. I would get married in a tiny chapel at  Christmas time. It would have old dark wooden benches and a brick floor. It would feel cozy and intimate and sacred! The windows would be frosted on the outside from the cold. Boxwood wreaths hanging from red satin ribbons would grace each window. I would  have a late evening wedding, all candlelit with the aroma of pine floating through the air! A stand of heavily lit Christmas trees would encircle the alter. I would walk down an isle flanked with white birches, also lit. They would make a magical arch above. A string quartet would play beautiful classical and holy Christmas music from the tiny balcony above, as they did when I was married in 1983. I would wear a white raw satin wedding gown. With a  V in the front and a deep V in the back. The sleeves would be long and fitted, and they would start almost off my shoulders.  My gown would have an empire waist heavily encrusted with pearls, sparkles and the tiniest lacy flowers.  It would be full and hang naturally around me with a hint-of-a-train.  Hidden side pockets would be a practical addition... where I would tuck a piece of paper with my vows written on them in

one and a monogrammed handkerchief, for happy tears, in the other! I'd also have a dramatic, yet lady-like, white hooded cape, in white raw silk trimmed with white fur and lined in a shimmery champagne color. I just might have a fur muff too! My jewelry would be rather simple. Small pearl and diamond drop earrings. A necklace of demure pearls and diamonds  all clustered together and on  chain so thin it could hardly be seen. I'd carry a small white bible, as I did before, but on top of it would be a snowy profusion of lilies of the valley caught up with a white ribbon, so thin that it would cascade off the bible and almost float in the air.  I'd wear white satin ballet slippers, as I did before (no bride wants to have sore feet at her wedding). My hair would be full and   drawn back in a soft messy low bun. I would wear my own veil... a Circlet of handmade white flowers, pearls and sparkles with a cathedral train dusted all over with pearls. Of course, I would have a full length blusher to match!   My makeup would give me an ivory, dewy look... except for red stained lips! My sister would be my only bridesmaid, as she was 30 years ago! She would wear a champagne gown, also of raw silk.  My husband would wear a classic black tux. He looks fabulous in a classic tux... take my breath away fabulous. When our eyes would meet for the first time, he would fight back tears and whisper to me in a breathy soft voice, "You are so beautiful". As he did once before. Hopefully it would have snowed a day or two before to make the scene perfect. It would be frosty and white and ethereal and quiet and holy and perfect...with a forever love hanging heavily in the air! Yvonne Pratt, Stone Gable, U S A

My Vineyard Wedding- Tina - The Enchanted Home Groom- same man, my darling husband Setting- Napa Valley Venue- A private vineyard complete with a beautiful luxurious main residence and several small charming cottages outfitted with every luxury for my out of my town guests (reserved exclusively for us the entire weekend) Game plan - Everyone arrives on a Friday afternoon, after settling into their cottages, we all dress for cocktails and have a beautiful sunset dinner set up right in the vineyard, an intimate affair for 75 of our family and closest friends. There is a 12 course farm to table dinner complete with a full wine tasting. Several expert sommaliers are on hand to answer and educate. We have a small band that plays our favourite jazz music to set off the perfect evening...we all talk, drink eat and dance until the wee hours. Sat - There are a number of amazing excursions to choose from, from a day at the spa, hot air ballooning, a picnic and bike ride, winery visits, cooking classes, truly something for everyone. Everyone scatters and does their thing while I stay back and luxuriate in a loooooong bubble bath with my own glass of bubbly by my side:) Right before sunset I hear the 16 piece orchestra revving up their engines as the bright hot sun starts to fade, I start getting ready for my big day. Hair and makeup done, I slip into my beautiful lacy custom gown which is a perfect shade of creamy white against my glistening

golden skin. Before long, I am walking down the aisle in the most magical setting, something out of a fairytale that has been set up smack in the middle of the vineyard. A beautiful reception with the backdrop of the blazing sunset could not be more perfect....before long everyone is escorted via adorable golf carts to two majestic towering tents, which are dazzling in a sea of white, white orchids, hydrangeas, white ballroom chairs, and thousands of white candles twinkle against the darkening sky. The music courtesy of a 16 pieces band is in full swing, champagne is served freely, all kinds of delectable foods are being whisked out of the kitchen, the atmosphere is alive with the most beautiful energy and its nothing but love and joy under this tent! Several hours later the last of the guests at 4am decide that all good things really do have to end. We are on a cloud and just cannot believe how perfect it all turned out. We kick off our shoes and share one last dance all alone in the tent as the staff is starting to clean and deconstruct the magical evening, we are caught up in our own little world determined to let the magic linger just a bit longer..........

Oh, the things we do when our mothers get involved! I was a 30-something bride of diminutive stature, with a taste for the witty and elegant, but with a Bohemian twist. I wanted a sleek, simple, and unfussy gown with a classic fit and a luscious fabric. My mother had other ideas. I wound up decked out in lace, poof, and a massive bouquet! Traditional and not very me, alas. Were I to do it again? I'd stick to my guns, and I know precisely the type of dress that suits my petite frame and womanly curves. Ivory would be my color, and flirty, feisty, and fun would be my preferred experience for everyone involved! D A Wolf D a i ly P l a t e o f Crazy

I actually had 2 weddings, first married at my mother in Law 's beautiful 17th century grand house.We had an intimate wedding ceremony with parents and witnesses only, followed by a large reception in the gardens, I was surrounded by more than 300 people who kept asking the same questions. I ran to one of the bedrooms and locked myself in as I could not deal with the pressure. My girlfriend and husband eventually came to find me…. As to our french wedding, I was not allowed to be married in our house as my family was terribly upset that I would leave for the States. I found a ruined chateau and organized an intimate wedding in my 12th century church followed by candlelit dinner in the chateau. I have planned weddings for my friends, done all flower arrangements, held 2 weddings in my house for my close friends… I have 2 sons and my advice …ELOPE…. I found the perfect spot for my son if he decides to get married (living with his girlfriend)…it is in Zimbabwe over looking the Falls, with bails of hay in lieu of seats……or on a deserted island in Mozambique.. I would be so happy to get the flight tickets and set up only for the few people that really count in their life…and then on a splendid honeymoon…I had a two month honeymoon through Asia and I hope that my children can enjoy the same. Francine Gardner Interieurs, New York

If I were to jump in a time machine, pressing the lever to the year 1990 and to the process of planning my wedding amongst my uni exams (which I did) I doubt I would change a single thing. We were married in the gardens of a National Trust property in Adelaide (Ayers House), with a string quartet playing baroque pearls amongst the fern fronds. The reception was a Champagne Afternoon Tea, held in the ballroom of the gorgeous house, but as a mingling event…because we didn't want the formality of seated tables. Glamour, not formality, if that makes sense! The ladies were asked to wear hats and gloves, which they dutifully did. The bridesmaids wore knee length cream silk suits, with black-ribboned huge straw hats, black elbow length gloves and sky high black pumps… très elegant! While the boys all wore black tie. It was all very graceful and rather fun. But if I were to have a wedding now, I would simply run off to a dessert island somewhere and have a quite ceremony with just myself and the groom, I think, with a huge cocktail party on our return. Weddings have gotten out of control somewhat…where some of them seem to be more about competition than about love, which I find very sad. So much money for such a short time! But I do absolutely adore the current direction of "home made" and simple weddings: the backflip reaction to the over-styled events, which seem to be popping up on the radar. Virginia Blue  Glamour Drops

I've had two wedding days, so this is more difficult. They were both wonderful and I wouldn't change anything about either of them. I was married in the church for my 1st wedding, very formal, very stately, six br idemaids. My 2nd wedding was in a dear dear friend's home at her request.  She and I were like sisters.  The wedding was more like a lovely party. Yes I would invite the same people and no I wouldn't go off and not tell anyone.  That was then.  Now, I would not have any type of party or ceremony, just me & him (that is, if King Arthur is available). I wouldn’t style anything differently,  they were perfect. But if I do it again with King Arthur perhaps he will agree that we can marry in Sorrento, Italy, my favorite place on Earth. Just the two of us, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Marsha Harris, Splenderosa, U S A

Actually, I am not married but have a PACS with my honey, Remi. The PACS stands for Pacte Civile de SolidaritÊ and yes, is a solidarity agreement, quite like a marriage but without any religious context and it is available to same sex couples as well. So there was no ceremony at all, just a rather laborious signing session at the notary office. And afterwards, we didn't even have time to open a bottle of champagne as we had to rush home to pack for an assignment in Tibet that we were leaving for the next morning! I did wear a white Margiela coat but it was more as a joke than anything...I actually had "the ring" first, given to me as a surprise on another assignment in Bora Bora. It is a gorgeous pearl but still, at times I look at that finger and wonder what it would look like with a band across it. If we ever do decide to get married, I don't think that either of us would be up for much of a hullabaloo. We have talked about running off to Bali for a ceremony on the beach but I could just as easily see us standing hand in hand on one of my favorite hills here over-looking the Provençal countryside...But time will tell, won't it? Heather Robinson Lost in Arles, France

The Long Lunch Food, fun and a fund raiser like no other. Styling magazine was proud to sponsor, style and decorate the inaugural Bowral Long Lunch. A table set for 240 people held down the middle of the main street of town.

May this year, Styling magazine was approached by the Long Lunch committee to see if we could help them with the design and styling of this new event. The brief... do what ever you like Coty, we trust you. The first three dinners were held in a very small room with little space for decorations except for on the tables. Whimsical food paintings by chef Marceil Cosyn inspired my designs and planning. It must be fun, it must be quick and it must not cost much. We created a series of food ladies, dresses for the markets with bright colored clothes, baskets of fruit and cherry necklaces. We hand made over six hundred pink flowers, weather proof of course! Just in case it rained. Granny Smith apples and a chinoiserie green organza runner ran the entire 100 metre length of the table, hot pink flowers were everywhere, on every chair, on the umbrellas and on the catering tents. We were thrilled to be a sponsor of this wonderful event and we especially loved working side by side with the people from this caring and giving community.

BDCU Children’s Foundation was formed in 2005 as a Business Community Partnership between Berrima District Credit Union (BDCU) and Wingecarribee residents to support the needs of the Children’s Ward at Bowral Hospital that was in urgent need of refurbishment. By late 2009 the new children's ward had been completely remodeled. The Foundation has financially supported a pediatric outreach nurse for the past two years. This year the focus has been on child and adolescent mental health. Joining forces with Berrima District Rotary Club an ambitious task was set to raise enough funds to employ a full time outreach child and adolescent mental health nurse based at Bowral Hospital. The fund raising was based around a series of “cook off ” competitions where local amateur cooks were mentored by six well known local chefs to compete for the Highlands Cook of the Year 2013. The six finalists also assisted in preparing the food for the Bowral Long Lunch which was held down Bong Bong Street Bowral. The inaugural Bowral Long Lunch was an overwhelming success. More than two hundred and forty people enjoyed perfect sunshine, delicious food, wonderful wines, entertainment and the hospitality the Highlands is renowned for. Guests enjoyed food prepared by the regions most respected chefs from Biota Dining, Josh's, Centennial Vineyards Restaurant, Coffee Culture and Eschalot restaurant. So many people gave their time, their skills, their goods and their services over the five months to help us achieve such an outstanding outcome. The new Outreach position should be active in our community early in 2014. Meanwhile, planning has commenced for the next Bowral Long Lunch in 2014 www.bowrallonglunch.com.au

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