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Styling NO 3 - 2013

Capturing the beauty within

Celebrating the colour green and living each day with an open heart au s t r a l i a



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Styling is a reflection of our personality – our tastes, our power of observation, our own cultural upbringing and our talent for originality. Creativity is a fundamental human compulsion to invent or to compose. Take time each week to create your own ideas, however humble you may think they are. Look closely at the details in everything and notice the colours, the shapes and the deep inner feelings you have when you are attracted to something. Creative expression comes from the many objects we have around us in our lives, a bowl of flowers, a favourite teapot on a lovely table, a painting or a garden on a misty day. Creativity is inspired by the wonders of our universe. When you are in the right state of heart and soul, just like magic you can tap into the endless flow of universal creative energy and resources and inspiration comes straight to you. - Coty Farquhar

A U S T R A L I A m a r c h

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I n s p i r a t i o n f o r y o u r s o u l


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The travel issue - Australia - France - Mexico - U.S.A. Belgium - Spain Argentina - India I have done a lot of traveling in this issue. Five years ago when I started blogging I was amazed day after day by the emails that I received from both women and men around the world.  Complete strangers, who opened their hearts to me and shared their inner most thoughts.  Thousands of visitors have come and gone over that time, but a few stay close by.  These friends often just leave one word in the comment box, with a x (kiss) or a small encouraging comment,  they’re just letting me know they’re there.  The world has opened so much to us through the internet. Our hearts have opened as well in a new way as we connect with each other on-line. With an e-magazine we can celebrate all the seasons at once on line …  as we step into Autumn others a rejoicing in their gardens blooming in Spring.  While assembling this e-magazine, I can shoot to France, via  Sweden, fly back to Mexico over the USA and all before morning tea time when we start the production meeting for the day. I love to create a theme or choose a colour to work with when I first start to design each new issue.  This issue was definitely moving into the wonderful colour of green at a very early stage. We  have travelled far and wide in this issue - well, at-least  through the internet.  Styling magazine has invited a couple of contributors from around the world to share their lives with us.  Lisa Porter from The Lisa Porter Collection in the USA and English born Sharon Santoni from My French Country Home in France. I have had such pleasure working (via Skype and email) with both these very talented, passionate and creative women over the last month, I know you will enjoy their stories and love their homes.  This issue, we honour the work of Argentinian award winning film director, writer and artist, Diego Pernia. Much of the visually beautiful work  that we share over 16 pages was filmed in Mexico.  We also have an interview with French-American Author and webTV host. I have been watching Lilou's interviews for many years, often in the wee hours of the morning with my headphones on.     Lilou Macé travels around globe interviewing authors and spiritual teachers for the Juicy Living Tour.   Styling magazine contributor, Belgium born Christiane de Bievre and her Spanish husband, writer and author Francisco Gallego have given me such wonderful support this month working on the promotion of the magazine, editing and also translating Spanish.  Styling magazine’s guest stylist is Jennifer Turner, who lives not far from my home here in Bowral.  A woman who brings many of the treasures and creations from the world to our little sleepy town here in the Southern Highlands.  I photographed in both Jennifer’s shops and her very colourful home.  Both are inspiring, both unique, and and filled to the brim with treasure that she loves ...  You may find it very hard to tell the shop from her home.  Our environment reflect who we are and we all want a little bit of Jennifer's essence.  We also have a special treat, Jennifer's sister, Roslyn Firth has just recently finished one of her handmade creations, little dolls adorned with found objects.    Australian-Indian, spiritual teacher, healer and writer Ayisha Zaman of Diamond Body shares with us her inner thoughts through mediation on the colour green. I talked with Ayisha about all the different meanings of the colour green and a couple of days later she sent me a poem that she wrote whilst meditating. A poem that has opened many new doors for me around this colour.  Green is the colour of the heart and the heart is where we store love …   how perfectly matched to this issue it is, with everyone from around the world sharing their hearts with us. I do hope you enjoy this issue of Styling magazine, please share the love that we celebrate here.     May we all live each day with an open heart!  X Coty Farquhar

Specimen de Phyllie (Malaise)

“ Stay in our guest cottage and discover the fun of antique and brocante hunting in Normandy”



Shopping at brocantes while enjoying the beauty of this lovely part of France. We offer buying trips for professionals and flea market tours, both private and as part of a group. Come and find your own treasure just drop me a line.

My French Country Home -



Country Guest House

Styling Magazine March 2013


We grow a little more with each issue, and with your input we can grow stronger If you like what we have done so far – let us know. If you have your own ideas, or suggestions of some interesting stories on living a creative life, styling & events or you may know an artist that you think should be included – please tell us. If you would like to advertise with us, or let us create an advertorial for your work and products, please email us for the rates - Styling Magazine has started plans for a wedding issue, if you have a story you think we might like, please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you. - Styling Magazine- Australia

Christiane de Bièvre

Belgian born, Australian has had a diversified career in public relations, marketing communications and special events with a great interest in incorporating all forms of art in her unique way of creating her concepts.

Ay i s h a

Z a m a n

Designer of Diamond Body Healing and Founder and Director of Diamond Body She is a teacher

in the field of spirituality and consciousness. She has walked between worlds, marrying profound inner mystical teachings and spiritual principles into outer life, from a very young age. Successful across fields — as an athlete, economist, medical doctor, humanitarian, and spiritual healer and teacher — Ayisha holds deep experiential understanding of the body, mind and intellect, as well as the heart, soul and spirit.

L i s a

Po r t e r

American author of the most stylish blog, The Lisa Porter Collection, showcasing the best of the best for both indoors and out, gardens and homes, fashion and fabulous wares., inspiration and ideas - Inviting style indoors and out.

S h a r o n

S a n t o n i

English author of blog, MY FRENCH COUNTRY HOME. Daily creativity is absolutely vital in Sharon’s life and she has found an outlet for that through writing and taking pictures whilst living on her farm and taking guests out and around the countryside of France antique shopping and brocante hunting. - A reflection of the way we like to live.

Capturing the beauty within ... Four words that I have worked by for many years.  We need to look within to find true beauty.  We can easily see what a person’s soul is like by what they love. I try to capture the true essence of a person through my photography. We have everything we need right within our heart.  We often look up to the heavens and talk to the universe, but ... it is all inside our heart and soul.  Close your eyes, activate your imagination and imagine you are seeing the colour green. Our heart represents love, and our heart chakra is represented by the colour green. This means that we are surrounded by love everywhere and everyday on this planet.  Let your heart open and just be.  Nature carries the energy of green and the abundance   of the colours that we  treasure flow from green.. Green stems hold the colour of every different flower. Green feeds us and it is the natural home to many animals on the planet.  Have faith in the universal energies that surround us.    Styling magazine celebrates the sacred colour of green in this issue, the only colour that carries us from season to season.  - Coty Farquhar

The Green bride

Styling magazine Artist - March 2013

The breathtaking work of Argentinian film director

Diego Pe r n i a

The first time I saw the inspirational work of Diego Pernia my heart jumped a beat, who is this brilliant artist I asked. The expression, his connection and sensitivity to energy, working with beautiful animals and the unique understanding of the rhythm of our planet and all with an eye for beauty beyond our wildest imagination. The advertisements that he designed and created with his team of professionals for Televisa for the Bicentennial celebration in Mexico in 2010 were quite simply breathtaking, each and every one of them ... and there were ten all together. The design was to reflect the natural beauty and culture of Mexico and to share all this beauty with the world. Styling magazine honours the work of Diego Pernia and we have picked just a few examples of his creations to share with you over the next fourteen pages. We honestly could have filled an entire magazine with his amazing work. Who is this man behind such powerful imagery and presentations.

My goal is to interpret the essence and the interests of all involved, collaborating, providing and executing it with passion, love, knowledge and commitment to achieve the maximum of what each idea presented. -- Diego Pernia

Diego Pernia

Diego Pernia studied film directing in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He then went on to continue his studies in Miami, L.A., Madrid and Berlin, combining it with Art Direction and Philosophy. Diego studied among others under Eiko Ishioka, acclaimed set and wardrobe designer from Japan whose work includes The Cell and Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula and Cinematographic script under Robert McKee, teacher of many of the great scriptwriters of our times. In addition to that he also has gained experience in stage directing. I believe wholeheartedly in the constant, in the attempt of understanding mutual energy (synergy between humans), in the discipline of computer, and input sensitivity of each artist in the creation of a film crew. In listening, learning, study, develop and discover daily. In

u n d e r s t a n d i n g a n d t u r n o n t h e l i g h t o f t h e o t h e r, s t r e n g t h e n i n g i t . From the knowledge, study and experience (empirical knowledge) create the space, the situation, the time to manifest what should happen. For advertising and commissioned work, my goal is to realize an original idea, interpreting the essence and the interests of all involved, collaborating, providing and executing it with passion, love, knowledge, and the commitment to achieve the maximum of what each idea presented. Diego Pernia’s work includes, Nissan (including Tokyo Nissan commercial, filmed in Japan, and the multi the "5th element" for Nissan Altima), SKY, General Motors, Mexico Tourism, Fundación Televisa, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Televisa (where he led the celebrated and historic campaign "Bicentennial Stars", composed of ten three minute commercials that were filmed over a year.

Diego Pernia

Diego writes ... The best thing I own - Love

Diego Pernia

The deep meanings that come through Diego’s work is the result of a rigorous research and study to which he devotes the utmost respect and the utmost humility to honor what is this magical land that is Mexico. He spoke with historians, poets, shamans, village people, leaders of different ethnicities And he looked into the legends, the poetry and the cultures lost in Mexico before he started filming.

Diego Pernia’s favorite quotes, If you cannot see God in All, You cannot see God at all - Yogi Bhajan

Diego Pernia

Diego Pernia

Estrellas Bicentenario

Three Wise monkeys Artist, stylist, collector and mother of four, Jennifer Turner shares her home and her shop with us. Both colourful, both inspiring and both filled with treasured memories of her life. Her daughter Dana shares, what it was like growing up with her mother and why she loves her so.

Jennifer Turner, mother of four children, Benjamin, Dana, James and Angus has lived in the same house in Bowral for thirty three years.  When I first saw this house which was built in 1890, I ran away crying, Jennifer said, it was in the worst state, completely run down and I had a baby to care for.  As fate has it, this now beautiful home, hidden behind high hedges and aged trees in the Southern Highlands of NSW has been the

closest friend to Jennifer over all these years. It is filled to the brim with artwork created by her children and friends, treasured toys, found objects, and much loved and colourful possessions that live perfectly together side by side. In fact she still has every single thing that her children ever made.   Jennifer says, the hardest thing I need to work out is what am I going to do with all these treasures, my children don't want them and I can't throw them away. All four children have left home now and Jennifer now lives with her partner, photographer William Bullock (whose favourite colour by the way is green)  Their dream is to one day travel together around Australia in an 'Airstream" caravan, a sleek, chrome "drop dead gorgeous" retro style caravan.  Yes, I can see Jennifer arriving in those old country towns as sun sets on a hot Australian day,  they will certainly draw a crowd.  What a wonderful story and photo shoot that

will make. Jennifer and her daughter Dana (who recently gave birth to her first child, a baby girl named Esther) have worked together in the two stores that they run in Bowral. Three Wise Monkeys and Sidetracked.   Jennifer is one of three sisters and she named 'Three wise monkeys' after the three of them,  Roslyn (whose work is featured in the following pages) Jennifer and Libby.  See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil.   All sisters have lived in Bowral for thirty plus years, and their families have grown up together.   Jennifer's children and Roslyn's children would literally run across the road to each others homes as little ones.   Dinner in one house, lunch in the other and playing in the garden in the middle, the old wooden swing still hangs from an old tree as you drive up to Jennifer's home.  

I love colour and tribal jewellery, Jennifer admits, Three Wise Monkeys is filled with both, as well as a myriad of hand crafted items sourced from around the world, especially India.   Some people find it overwhelming when they walk into Monkeys (as it is nicknamed by the locals).  Most are inspired when they walk in and many travellers to the area add their shop to their 'must visit' list while in the Southern Highlands.   Mother Monkey, as Jennifer is known by her staff finds that the hardest thing for her is to actually be in the shop! I'm very shy, and I find it hard just talking with people. She is certainly not shy with her style and presentation, Jennifer is always beautifully dressed (usually in black) in outfits that are more at home in New York than Bowral. 

Dana shared with me (whilst feeding baby Esther) her feelings towards her mother. "She is the most wonderful person I have ever known" says Dana, actually she didn't even tell me that this story was about her, as always, one to put others before herself.   My mother is courageous, generous, selfless, optimistic, consistent, extravagant, stoic and a visionary.   Mum introduced us to colour, beauty and the meaning of quality.  To always take the time to do things properly,  writing, colouring in, and dressing.  She never got bogged down in mess and shared all that she had.  As an art student as a young women, Jennifer instilled into her children,  those scissors are for paper only and those Derwent pencils are to be saved for special occasions.     You must always wash your hands before you look at that book… and our possessions were to be treasured and were to last a lifetime.  Presents, treats and clothing were all bought with love above money. Dana confesses, I didn't 'do' my debutante ball, (a ritual in the Southern Highlands at local school where the girls can only wear white ball gowns) instead mum convinced me to wear an aubergine velvet number with embroidery and velvet. She made me a skirt to match. I think that was my own version of my own debutante.  It taught me that you can like what you like simply because you do.    It doesn't matter what the others are doing, said my mother.   (I am always amazed and pleased when I see Dana in town, she wears (what others wouldn't) with confidence,   full circle indian embroidered skirts with little bells ringing softly, tribal wear as accessories and massed jewels as she

walks into a cafe to get her coffee. Her customers confess, I want what she is wearing!   My mother said, it doesn't matter what the others are doing,   for a teenager growing up in bowral that is a hard lesson to learn. She has taught me to trust my judgement and my intuitions.  Dana and her husband David were married right in the centre of town in their Sidetracked store, it was completely stripped of everything and redressed for the wedding.  Crowds of well wishers lined the street as she arrived on what was one of the wettest days ever.  I still shiver with goosebumps when, we (those that just felt terrible about the weather on her special wedding day couldn't help but worry) noticed that the very minute Dana arrived in her wedding car, the skies cleared and not one … but two rainbows appeared in the sky.  She also carried a bouquet of a perfect little Cos lettuce, absolutely exquisite! Dana and her brothers were taught by Jennifer that easter egg wrappers, bottle tops, the dead bird on the side of the road, the wind, tickles, gardenias… were all to be treasured. "She has taught us humour and grace and that the only person you need to answer to is yourself. That it doesn't hurt to smile, to be kind, and to compliment others." Dana says.    Dana concludes, Mum gave me three beautiful brothers (even though I always wanted a sister) who I adore. I know my own daughter will inherit some of these qualities thanks to the foundations laid by my mum - I love her. Three Wise Monkeys

Three Wise Monkeys - On Line

Inspiring and whimsical work of artist Roslyn Firth. Collecting, sourcing and organizing hundreds of different elements that then go into to create unique, one off pieces. This new work with nine little dolls, tea cups, china birds and trim has not yet left her home and when it does, when she is happy to let it go it will be quickly snapped up. .Roslyn’s work is only available exclusively through her sister’s store, Three Wise Monkeys in the Southern Highlands of NSW

Styling magazine’s contributor Lisa Porter shares her love of gardening with us.

In touch with her garden, her family and her home, Lisa Porter is a woman who will not settle for less than the best when it comes to her patch. Always sharing her latest tips on living through the seasons and stories that she creates on inspiring people on her beautiful blog ‘The Lisa Porter Collection”. Lisa has an eye for detail and a natural instinct for perfection, and to be on her who’s who list on her blog is something we all strive for. Styling Magazine invites Lisa to share with us her ‘style - inside and out’.

To appreciate the lifestyle here in Kentucky, you must first explore the countryside. The miles and miles of plank fence winding through the bluegrass where Thoroughbreds graze is a sight to behold. To appreciate the character of the gentry who call this fertile place home, you must take the time to get to know them. Their warm southern tone is welcoming and is a reflection of their lifestyle, their homes and gardens. Kentuckians call it “The Bluegrass” for a reason. When you take that drive out in the country where the grass grows to it’s natural height of two to three feet you’ll notice clusters of small blue flowers that blossom at the top of each blade. However, the true secret is in the soil where this grass grows. This is why Kentucky is home to the world’s finest burley, the birthplace of the best bourbon and the cradle of the Thoroughbred nursery to the world.

“Planting connects us to the land that we live on. Now they understand when I compare Leaf ~ Stem ~ Root to Mind ~ Body ~ Soul�

Thoroughbreds are what brought this family of four from Southern California to Lexington Kentucky almost eleven years ago. What a lifestyle change!The days became longer and oh so very full. While my husband focused on horses and my children focused on school, I finally had the time and place to plant my first garden.The days became longer and full and allowed me the time to plant my first garden. Greenhouses, trellis, grassy expanses and meandering pathways were what I had always dreamt of. A private paradise that manifests the beauty and wonders of nature ~ planted with my own two hands. I started planning and that first Winter I buried myself under the covers of every gardening book I could get my hands on. The first Spring was devoted mainly to fencing and stone. A fence to prepare for the children’s first dog and the stone to prepare for planting. I had become enthralled by the beautiful dry stone walls that line many of the country roads so we started collecting. Instead of walls we built raised beds and laid a patio with the rest. Gardens are thought of by many as places of respite and repose. My children would have told you differently. I would tell them ~ Be of good cheer, Spring is here. When the time is right, go to the garden, speak kindly, pray softly, prune back and plow ahead! Whether they liked it or not, there were life lessons being learned. Planting connects us to the land that we live on. Now they understand when I compare Leaf ~ Stem ~ Root to Mind ~ Body ~ Soul.

One of the most loved dogs In blog land, Gracie Porter

Above: Lisa’s son, Collier and daughter Taylor,

Back when our daughter was young, she wanted to learn more about horses. Her father encouraged her to learn from the ground up. I encouraged her to volunteer and learn a bit more. This is how we came upon a beautiful old black barn that sits quietly on a bluff overlooking acres of green pasture where retired horses roam. This is where we found Central Kentucky Riding For Hope, a non-profit program that uses horses to build self-confidence in children and adults who have special needs. On her last day as a summer volunteer she walked down to one of the pastures, turned back around, and snapped this photo. If you ask her what she learned about horses that summer, she’ll tell you that there is nothing better than hearing a rider speak their first words while on horseback. I write more about this magical place in  The Quiet Side at The Lisa Porter Collection.

Before Summer was over, we had invested in a mower, edger, weed-whacker, tiller, wheelbarrow, wagon, a variety of rakes, shovels, saws, trimmers, clippers, pruners, and gloves and we were just getting started. We mowed and mulched and everything was beautiful just as I had imagined it. That was the best summer ever ~ and then Old Man Winter arrived ~ again. The absence of color and life was devastating. I thought everything had died and there was not a thing I could do about it. I was powerless against the elements. It’s taken years for me to let go of the garden during this time. I try to remember that without winter, there would be no end and no beginning and that as the season’s change, my perennial friends will once again return from their retreat. These rhythms remind us of the cycles of life, of the rightness of change, loss, and rebirth. Gardens pass through our fingers and yet they also hold on to our past. They allow memories to unfold beneath our feet. When you dig in the dirt you can’t help but touch things that have become a part of you. The smell of fresh-cut grass and Gardenias take me back to the time when I met the love of my life.

Gardens also keep secrets. Many wordless conversations have taken place in mine. My boxwoods have heard it all and still remain loyal and unwavering. My roses know everything, thorns and all. With tears in my eyes I’ve been known to rather aggressively prune while cussing a word or two. Sometimes the gloves even come off since I find both satisfaction and contentment in grabbing a bare-handed fist of soil. In return I am calmed by their sweet old-fashioned scent, and on warm summer nights, with just the right breeze, it makes it’s way to where I lay my head to rest. That’s what I call a perennial friend. Now I’m looking forward to summer when the light is soft and slanted low. Long hot days lead to evenings nearly as long but cooler. Dusk brings much satisfaction to this gardener. I step out of a cool shower, slip into a cotton shift, and with a cocktail in hand, enjoy a barefoot stroll across the lawn only to stoop down to pull a weed. It never really ends does it?

T h e

L i s a

P o r t e r

C o l l e c t i o n

L i t t l e wo m e n in the gardens Of the Southern Highlands

Styling magazine’s contributor Sharon Santoni

Life through the Seasons in a Beautiful Fre n ch Country Home

About an hour’s drive from Paris towards Normandy one discovers a beautiful French country town, in the Vallée de l'Eure . Home to Sharon Santoni, her husband, their four teenage children, a few dogs and their beautiful horses. Sharon grew up in England, and met her husband Eric when she was a student in the South of France. Sharon shares her life with many of us through her beautiful blog, My French Country Home, and Styling magazine has asked Sharon to share just a little bit more with us each month . Sharon started her blog because her children were all into and through their teenage years . “I was feeling a little redundant and definitely needing to reinvent myself” says Sharon. Daily creativity is absolutely vital, and I found an outlet for that through writing and taking pictures. When I spoke to Sharon she said told us that she is about to go into the busiest time of the year with her popular Brocante tours. We said, great! We love busy people with creative lives, and we want to follow you both around your beautiful home and when you head out to the country side. Sharon now has clients and guests from round the world that stay with her in their guest cottage and she takes them out sourcing for treasures. Styling Magazine asked Sharon to share her thoughts and feelings about the colour green and living in the country throughout the seasons.

It is the spring that brings those magical moments. I rise early, drink a quick cup of tea, whistle for the dogs and off we go.

At this time of year, here in Normandy, after several months of grey skies and such low temperatures, our longing for green is pathological. We need the spring to arrive; we need to see the buds on trees to hear the birds sing their spring songs and the forest turn quite magically from silver grey to bright acid green. Nowhere do I notice the change of seasons more dramatically than on the path I walk each day to feed the horses and walk the dogs. As I climb the hill, I am rewarded with a far reaching view as the valley unfolds behind me, and the forest looms larger and larger ahead.

This is the moment when the dogs take off at incredible speed, hoping against hope that I am not going to call them back, but that once I’ve left the buckets of food for the horses and checked their water, they’ll hear me say “OK boys, let’s go up to the forest”.

www.Christiane de Bièvre .com

In the winter it is more tiring to walk up to the tree line, the path is muddy and slippery and the wind blows around my ears, I hurry to the cover of the trees and invariably think “it was good to make the effort”. But in spring no forcing is required, the tree line acts like a magnet and I walk on briskly, not even feeling the pull on my legs as I climb the slope. When the children were little, and my days seemed even fuller than they do today, the best time for me to feed the horses was while the family was having breakfast. In the winter this meant donning not only woolen scarf, gloves, heavy coat and boots but also grabbing a flashlight. When I got to the dark field, it was of course impossible to see the horses, but I’d just call out and shake their buckets of food and sure enough they’d appear from nowhere. But it is the spring that brings those magical moments. I rise early, drink a quick cup of tea, whistle for the dogs and off we go. The air is clear, the sky wide and open and skylarks are sing ing loudly overhead, shouting to everyone what a great day it is going to be.

The different shades of green all around me are sensual and comforting at once. They bring peace and stimulation to the mind, new energy and hope. If the day is too full I gaze longingly at ‘my’ forest then walk back down to the house, but if I can spare enough time then the green of the trees is irresistible and I hurry up there, quickly disappearing from view under the cover of the spring canopy, only to emerge an hour or two later, smiling and determined, ready to affront the day’s tasks. That is the effect of green, and that is why I have to live in the countryside.

Photography - Sharon Santoni

Sharon Santoni shares Just a little bit more with with us ...

It's not where you live but how you live it. Walking in the rain in a good hat, coat and boots is delicious. I am difficult to live with. I am horribly disorganized. I wish I could have been a better horse woman. People are my best entertainment. The dumbing down of society is terrifying. Jealousy is too destructive, I never go there. Parents do a tough job.

Every day something beautiful brings me great joy. I spent hours with my children but know I could have done more. There are more important things than a tidy house. Good craftsmanship makes me happy. I wish I could sing well. Spoiling my children does me more good than them. I   do   NOT   like   video   games. My blog has taught me that I like to write. A simple life is sufficient * Sharon Santoni My French Country Home

Working with an open heart

Lilou Macé French-American author, web TV host and loved world wide, Lilou Macé’s mission is to create and host an international communication network to “inspire, motivate, and empower millions of people to pursue their dreams” and to “help spread joy, freedom, and personal awakening.”

Lilou talks with Coty

Farquhar about when her heart is open, and she shares her tips on creativity and where she gets her strength from to keep going.

Lilou MacĂŠ is a French-American a u t h o r, we b T V host


international Internet video blogger since 2005 with over 24million video views and the co-founder of an global Internet c o m m u n i t y, T h e 1 0 0 - D ay R e a l i t y C h a l l e n g e www.CoCreatingOurReality.com. Lilou is now travelling around the world interviewing people to offer online e v e r y d a y i n s p i r a t i o n o n t h e J u i c y L i v i n g To u r . www.JuicyLivingTour.com. Lilou's work is supported via donations In April 2009 she self-published 'I Lost My Job and I Liked It: 30-Day Law-of-Attraction Diary of a Dream Job Seeker' after loosing her job on the 16th of February 2009, as Internet Marketing Director, in London, England. Lilou’s Youtube videos (over 2,000 videos) document her participation in life, on her 12-month around the world Juicy Living Tour and the 100-Day Reality Challenge, as well as features world f amous author s, speaker s, ar tists, entrepreneurs that Lilou qualifies as 'Juicy'. These guests presents their thoughts and message in a fun, educational and inspiring format.

Her international guests includes Dr Wayne Dyer, Neal Donald Walsch, Gary Zukav, D o n M i g u e l R u i z , D r Jo e Dispenza, Dr Carl Calleman, James Redfield, Caroline Myss, Barbara Marx Hubbard, John Gray, Sonia Choquette, Mooji, P r B i l l T i l l e r, D r Jo a n Borysenko, Dr John Demartini, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Drunvalo Melchiezedek, Gay H e n d r i c k s , A m m a , Pa n a c h e Desai, Don Miguel Ruiz, Debbie Ford and many many more.



How does

your soul talk to you when heart is open? Who are you? What are the feelings? The inspiration?  Lilou Macé- When my heart is open my soul feels free to be. It feels like anything is possible, that we are all interconnected and that love it present ever ywhere in everything. It s quite magic. It is the same feeling when I see a little puppy dog play or a young baby with his big eyes looking at me. These moments are precious and expansive. It make me see beyond my body all the way to the infinite of life. When the heart opens it feels like my soul is present, free to be and love. Then we become an expression of Love. A Unique expression of the unconditional love that we all are. It is a feeling of freedom. All I want to do is express this love, creativity, joy one way of another. It doesn’t matter what it is then, as long as it is an expression of this Big Love. For me one expression of it would be video blogs and interviewing people in their environment 

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Lilou Macé STYLING MAGAZINE - Do you know what questions you are going to ask before each inter view or do the questions just come naturally as you start the interview. Lilou Macé - I do prepare my questions before the interviews. I search and read about my guests. However once the camera is on and the interview starts I do not use the paper. I leave it on the side as otherwise I focus on the questions and forget about the present moment. I ask my guest not to have any notes either and I tell them that the most important is for us to have a good time and be with each other. When I have doubts and fear about not finding the question I will ask, I get back into gratitude. I am grateful for the moment I am spending with them. Once I get there, usually the question will come.

STYLING MAGAZINE Creativity comes in many forms - Art, film, people, interiors, cooking and the way we live our lives - Can you give us your tips on how to create something or start something new? and most importantly …. finish the job that you start. Most people give up half way along, but  you just keep going.  Where do you get your strength? Lilou Macé - Starting something new takes courage. For me it is about stepping in the unknown and allowing the natural flow of creativity manifest through us. We have to have the courage to say yes to something that is not manifested but that feels like. I am guided by the feeling of it. It draws me towards it and it feels good while creating it. Most of the time I do not know why I am


Lilou MacĂŠ in a particular place at that par ticular time, interviewing this par ticular per son, and then once I hear them speak and I connect with them, I understand. It was as if life wants to connect us, show us. But in order to answer this calling and express this creativity we h ave t o b e w i l l i n g t o discover something new. We have to be open to the life and beyond that to m i r a c l e s . T h ey h ap p e n eve r y d ay i n s o m a ny forms. I think it is a juicy life. Hence I have created t h e Ju i c y L i v i n g To u r around the world!

STYLING MAGAZINE - With energy and vibration, you often talk about Hawaii in your interviews having a wonderful high energy. Do you think it is the country that has this energy or the person you are with? or both? Lilou Mace - I love Hawaii. I resonate with its beauty, rawness, sun and water. I feel aligned with who I am. My hearts open up and it feels great. When i speak of Hawaii most of the time I mean Kauai which is the northern island of Hawaii. It is the oldest part and also the greenest.

This is where they filmed

Jurasic Park. It is green and magnificent. I also love swimming with the wild dolphins. This is one of the most delicious things on the planet. These beings are so playful, fun and loving. It is a true blessing to be swimming with them. It is a divine experience. The people that I met in Hawaii are in tune with their soul. They have chosen to live there. They are grateful and free to be who they are. Of course like anywhere, for some people Hawaii is hell. It is what we make of it. isn't it? ******* Lilou Macé resides “on the road,” as she is currently travelling and interviewing authors and spiritual teachers for the Juicy Living Tour. To learn more about the tour, and to check out interviews with some of the world's most inspir ing people, go to www.JuicyLivingTour.com. For Lilou’s latest updates, visit her website (www.liloumace.com) or log on to Facebook and catch up with her there (www.Facebook.com/LiloumacewebTV). All Photographs - Lilou Mace

Green is the colour of Mother Nature She who holds us deep in her bosom Protecting, nourishing, loving

A Meditation on Green by Ayisha Zaman

Green is the colour of fertility Of abundance and a flourishing world Green is the colour of the leaves and the hills

Green is the colour of the rainforest Teeming with spirit, tranquil Green is the colour of rebirth, and restoration

Green is the colour of the operating theatre Of the sterile field of healing dreams Green is the gown of the Servant of God

Green was the cloak of Prophet Mohammed Green the colour of the Holy Garden Green the colour for growth in Christ

Green was the colour of the palm fronds and foliage Adorning the feast of the tabernacle Green is the colour of royalty and eternal life

Green is the colour of balance and harmony Amoghasiddhi, the Buddha of the colour green Green is the colour of life-giving hope

Green is the colour of the Serpent The Unrefined Ego Poised for the alchemy of transformation

Green is the colour of the Lion The raw energy of the Sun And the chlorophyll of the living, breathing Earth

Withdrawal going within

Green is the colour of the Emerald Tablet A single crystal that holds the mysteries and the majesties Of the interwoven path of Spirit and Matter, Consciousness and Form

Green is the colour of the Heart Gateway to the Crown Gateway to the Soul

Green is the colour of the grass Perfectly crafted from the Divine Substance Blade by blade

Just because ... Whether you believe in space ships and little green men from mars or not ...

These crop circles are so amazing, so creative, so clever and so inspiring.

What do you think?

Patterns are everywhere Look outside the square Inspiration from

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