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Styling NO 23 - 2015

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20 15 - C reat e fro m t he H e ar t Inspiration for this issue: Chinoiserie drawings and paintings of John-Baptiste Pillement 1728 - 1808 Lyon France

Styling Coty Farquhar

The Power of the Flower Dearest Readers, Well, it’s happened again! I have managed to completely fill another issue of Styling Magazine with flowers. Flowers just seem to follow me everywhere I go, everyone I meet is either a flower person or a flower lover and the more I investigate the world of ‘creative beings’ I have realized that everyone is influenced in some way or another by flowers. I simply just cannot get enough of them and I don’t ever want to think of a world without them. This issue started off as a tribute to gardens, and as we are right in the middle of Spring here in Australia, I though it would be fitting to fill this one with all the beautiful gardens that I explore. But as fate has it, I met and discovered many wonderful and creative people along the way and their stories seemed to override everything that I was planned. So the garden issue has been shelved for another day and a flower issue it is! I have also realized lately that my job as a stylist has been put out to pasture, and my new role is to share the incredible creative work of others that come into my life through this magazine and the directory. It is simply the best job in the world and I am honored to do it. I literally stop in my tracks most days, either on foot, or online. I see so much beauty everywhere and we are all surrounded by incredibly talented people. I’m sure the universe shows all of us different things at different times in our lives. We may walk past something many times, and never notice its beauty, until one day, you do notice it, and that’s it...that’s just it, it’s a gift! It is such a joy to tell you that Sonali Ghosh has joined Styling Magazine as a regular food styling contributor. You can see her story and her beautiful work in our March/April issue. Sonali and her family recently visited me in the Southern Highlands and we went off exploring the blossoms. I think she secretly might be planning to move here one day, which would be just perfect! Sonali has created a selection of incredible recipes using edible flowers for this issue. I know you will be inspired! I have blended Sonali’s work with the paintings and artwork of Italian artist Giuseppe ‘Pino’

Dangelico, who is the artist of this issue. Pino lived in the United States for most of his life and he was well known for wonderful illustrations of book covers, his work takes you to a time when romance was just a way of life! There are so many gifted and talented women in this issue: Susan Beech from the UK with her incredible paper flowers. Shellie Pomeroy from New York with her beautiful hand-dyed ribbons. And, local ‘Southern Highlands’ flower artist... Sarah Johanson who has been working with flowers from the age of 12 ...just to name a few. And there’s more, pages and pages of magnolias, a table setting with apple blossom, Meissen and their incredible porcelain pieces and as always, inspirational pages from on-line, Pinterest and a little bit of shopping! Thank you for visiting Styling magazine, and I really hope you enjoy reading this special issue. Xx Coty Farquhar

“If it’s a Sticky Date Pudding it has to be sticky!” Sonali Ghosh From working in a bank in India to now a food stylist in Australia, Sonali Ghosh, editor of the blog “Sugar et Al” career in cooking has taken off. She’s discovered the wonderful world of styling and she is a natural! Mother of twin boys, Sonali squeezes her cooking and styling into the precious hours whilst they’re at school. She’s followed by Nigella Lawson & Lindt Chocolate on Instagram, just to name a few. She writes recipes & creates cakes for CSR, Sweet dreams, and contributes to food magazines around the world! We are so pleased to introduce you to our newest contributor, Sonali Ghosh. www.sugaretal.com

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Styling Magazine September - October 2015

In this issue

The Power of the Flower Artist Giuseppe "Pino" Dangelico

Edible Flowers Sonali Ghosh - Recipes & Styling Paintings of Giuseppe "Pino" Dangelico Susan Beech A Petal Unfolds

Shellie Pomeroy - Silk & Willow A Pot of Many Colours Flower Flower - Southern Highland Sarah Johanson Meissen pieces by Chris Antemann Table settings with Apple Blossoms From the garden to the table Magnificent Magnolias Handbags for breakfast- Hill & Friends Shopping and on-line Auction Hunting “Just because they’re so beautiful” pages New Books we Love Why we do what we do... Because there is so much beauty and creativity in the world.

Styling Magazine Artist

Giuseppe ‘Pino’ Dangelico 1939 - 1910




Artist and illustrator ‘Pino’ created exquisite works of art, that were often from memories of his childhood living in Italy with his family in the 1940‘s. His mastery of the brush, his exceptional mix of paint colours and the soft and romantic characters that he painted caught the eye of book publishers in New York...and ours! We salute him, and thank him for bringing a romance & passion into the lives of many around the world.

Giuseppe "Pino" Dangelico (1939-2010) was born in Bari, Italy. Trained at The Art Institute of Bari and later at Milan’s Academy of Brea, he perfected his skills painting nudes





heavily influenced by the PreRaphaelites and Macchiaioli. After establishing himself as a successful artist in his native land, Pino decided to immigrate to the United States in search of further artistic freedom and opportunity. He was soon d i s c o v e re d by the distinguished

B o rg h i

Gallery, which held several prestigious exhibitions of his work in Boston.

New York and Pino’s early

paintings, featuring soft and romantic characters, caught the attention of major book publishers Dell and Zebra Books.

Pino w w w. p i n o a r t . c o m

In 1980 Zebra commissioned him to do his first book cover. His popularity soon grew within the literary community, and he became the artist-in-demand for Zebra, Bantam, Simon and Schuster, Harlequin, Penguin USA and Dell. Over the ensuing decades Pino illustrated the covers of over 3,000 books, with his unique style dominating the market. While working as the industry’s top illustrator, on the side Pino painted fine art oils; this body of work has become his trademark.


unmistakable canvases elicit feelings of warmth, nostalgia, love and family.


delicately conveyed moments in time are the vision of his alter ego, a young boy s u r ro u n d e d


beautiful women – with his sisters, aunts



serving as inspiration. His paintings are often set on picturesque beaches on the Mediterranean where he g re w


P i n o ’s

exceptional ability to capture the movements, expressions and deep contemplation of his subjects has brought his artwork a worldwide following and many commissions


private portraits. His rich and vibrant work closely mirrored his personality.


technique – founded by warm and exciting colors and a subtle approach to his subjects



hallmark and demonstrates why his original oils, limited edition giclées and serigraphs are sought after by collectors throughout the art world. ‘Pino’ Paintings and prints can be purchased on-line through...

w w w. p i n o a r t . c o m

A Creative & Colorful Mix We have created a special story especially for this issue on ‘Edible Flowers’ blending two of our favourite artist’s work together. ‘Pino’ (this month’s artist) and Styling Magazine’s food stylist, Sonali Ghosh. ‘Pino’ well known for his soft and romantic paintings of women at home...and Sonali, who has the skill to mix colours like no-one else that I know...just both seem to go together perfectly. As you will see over the following pages, and I’m sure you will agree with me, it is almost like they were both together in the same room at the same time in Italy back in the 1940’s, working with the same beautiful flowers.

The Art of Giuseppe ‘Pino’ Dangelico & The Art of Food Stylist, Sonali Ghosh

‘First Glance’ P i n o

A r t

A Medley of Edible Flowers Sonali Ghosh

Watermelon and Rosewater Popsicles Sonali Ghosh

‘Dream Catcher’ P i n o

A r t

‘Evening Thoughts’ P i n o

A r t

Chocolate and Lavender Mini Cakes Sonali Ghosh

Vanilla Cake with Earl Grey Buttercream Sonali Ghosh

‘A Yellow Shawl’ P i n o

A r t

P i n o

A r t

Bocconcini with Red Cabbage Pesto Sonali Ghosh

P i n o

A r t

Pea Falafes wth Baby Pita and Beet Tzatziki Sonali Ghosh

‘In the Glow’ P i n o A r t

Coconut Cake Sonali Ghosh

Chocolate and Lavender Mini Cakes Sonali Ghosh

‘Alice’ P i n o

A r t

P i n o

A r t

Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Buttercream Sonali Ghosh

Dark Chocolate and Orange Pots de creme Sonali Ghosh

P i n o

A r t

P i n o

A r t

Strawberry Meringue Kisses Sonali Ghosh

P i n o

A r t

White Chocolate Cake Sonali Ghosh

Brown Sugar Pavlova with Lychees & Candied Rose Petals Sonali Ghosh

P i n o

A r t

‘After Dinner’

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A petal unfolds Susan beech Beautiful by name and beautiful by nature. ‘A Petal Unfolds� created by Susan Beech, is literally a blossoming business! Creating gorgeous bespoke paper blooms...and now, offering workshops in the art of flower making. With a degree in Fine Art Printmaking and a photographer by trade, Susan knows well how to capture & style the delicate petals and flower arrangement that she creates by hand.

A Petal Unfolds

Susan Beech has the hands of an angel, she is the creator behind ‘A Petal Unfolds’ a small business creating delicate paper flowers by hand. I spoke to Susan about her flowers, her life and her wonderfully styled images...I asked Susan to tell me where it all began? --Two years ago I came across an article in a craft magazine on paper flowers. I had never seen anything like them before and I thought they were so beautiful, I was instantly drawn to them. I felt the need to start making art with my hands, rather than digitally. At first I took an online class, then I found a vintage flower book on Ebay and I taught myself more of the techniques. So, I then just started making all the templates and then I created my own flowers. I love working with crepe paper and how you can manipulate it into sculptural shapes. It is so satisfying to take a flat piece of crepe and transform it into a petal for a flower. ➥

Continued from previous page... I also learnt how difficult it is find good quality crepe paper in the UK. I now order all my papers from Cartotecnica Rossi, in Italy, and I am looking forward to making larger scale flowers with beautiful 180gsm ombre paper one day soon. At the moment my favourite papers are the 60gsm papers; they are a great weight for making Cosmos flowers and Daisies. I’m or iginally from Staffordshire in the UK, where I grew up on my parents family farm living close to nature. Now I live in Brighton, a brilliant, creative city on the South Coast. I spend most of my time creating from my home studio and running flower making workshops in London where I have recently partnered with QuillLondon, a contemporary stationary business. My first workshops sold out very quickly and I was thrilled with the reaction people had on Instagram when I announced them. ➼

The flower making workshops so far have been dedicated to the making of Peonies, and I hope to bring these workshop eventually to Brighton. I now spend more time on my photography and the styling of all the flower arrangements. I am influenced by ‘Romanticism and the Sublime’ and I think this is coming through my work now! I love fashion and would love to one day work with a fashion house and I also hope to get my own book on paper flowers published! And,Susan...your favourite flowers? Dahlias, ranunculus and peonies, they’re all so rich with such complex colours. Susan’s paper flowers will be featured in a book called Paper Craft published by Dorling Kindersley this month and she shows nine paper tutorials, step by step flower making. Certainly one to get!

A Petal Unfolds

A Petal Unfolds

Crepe papers used for all these flowers by Susan Beech are from the Cartotecnica Rossi paper factory in Italy. Trading paper since 1878

A Pot of many colours Silk & Willow Shellie Pomeroy

Shellie Pomeroy, founder and creator of Silk & Willow is followed by thousands online for many reasons...her deliciously dyed ribbons, her gorgeous table linens and her superbly styled images that bring all of her works of art to life. I’m sure it is the mix of the ingredients in her dying pot that makes these ribbons so popular! They’re made with 100% pure passion, sprinkles of creative know-how and a dusting of beautiful energy that must rub off Shellie’s hands as she dyes all the fabrics in her home in Hudson Valley, New York. It obvious that Shellie Pomeroy has her roots grounded very deep into Mother earth. She has a strong understanding of traditional skills and an enthusiasm for sourcing natural materials. Look at the way she ties her bows and wraps loosely tied knots around flowers and her products. This can only be created by someone that has an good understanding of the flow of fabrics and the way they drape and fall. The colours and different shades of dyes that she creates are simply breathtaking and she styles all her products beautifully with organic and earthy props. I have chosen just a few of my favourite images of Shellie’s work to share with you. No words are needed for these images, as they’re beautiful!

Silk & Willow

Silk & Willow




Silk & Willow

Flower Flower

A truly good floral artist is composed of many different layers of style...classic, romantic, rustic and more. With an intimate understanding of thousands of flowers and how to work with them in a myriad of ways, is this month’s guest floral artist, Sarah Johanson. She is the principle artist for a brand new flower shop that has just opened in the Southern Highland by Carol Cawsey. This pretty shop sits in the middle of an vintage store which certainly adds to the charm. Sarah may be new to the area, but she’s not new to the flower world, as she started her apprenticeship in floristry at the young age of 12 years old in




weddings well and she knows her trade! Flower...Flower has only been open for less than a month and their flowers are already in great demand.

Flower Flower - Southern Highlands

“Every flower has it’s own personality” Sarah Johanson

Crown Chakra - Thought, Universal identity, oriented to selfknowledge This is the chakra that relates to consciousness as pure awareness. It is our connection to the greater world beyond, to a timeless, spaceless place of allknowing. When developed, this chakra brings us knowledge, wisdom, understanding, spiritual connection, and bliss.

“Every flower is a living thing, we are so blessed to have such a selection in Australia to take home and put into a vase and appreciate them longer� Sarah Johansen

“Beautiful white stock, you're beautiful yes you are!” Sarah Johansen

“I cannot wait to get here in the morning, I love it! I have the best job in the world! I'm so grateful� Sarah Johanson


Five years ago, MEISSEN invited American artist, Chris Antemann to the porcelain manufactory to explore the possibilities and develop a project to build in collaboration with the experienced and highly skilled colleagues at the MEISSEN. Styling Magazine takes a peek into this very large body of work of Chris’s called ‘Dream Collection’ These one-off-designs are very intricate & often quite cheeky, and it took the factory many months to create. With names like ‘Secluded Kiss’, ‘Pursuit of Love’ ‘Love Letter’ and ‘ A strong Passion’ it will certainly be a highly collectable design and one that we will find hard to forget! Meissen Couture - Home Deco

Plate by plate, porcelain replaced the gilded dining wear of the 18th C. b o u rge o i s a n d t h e collection of porcelain began its meteoric rise toward obsession. Porcelain’s dominance was evidenced by Europe’s flourishing factories; perhaps more important, however, was the replacement of the beloved sugar figurine with the porcelain figurine. Much like fashion houses, porcelain factories created their own forms, designs, patterns and ornaments, and the bourgeoisie also used the dining wares with specificity by placing, or patterning, their dinners and gatherings.Though the outlets continually change, all of these interpersonal dramas, the fashion and the fuss continue today and it makes its way into my work. My primary focus is liberating the figurine from its roots in mass-production by creating one-of-a-kind autobiographical narratives. As ornaments, collectible objects of wealth, and artifacts of the domestic realm,

d e c o ra t i ve f i g u r i n e s conceal secrets about individual lives. Inspired by these hidden stories, I transform the base figure by l aye r i n g i m age s, ornament, and playing with forms to construct my own tales and reveal my own observations. Currently I am expanding upon my previous parodies of decorative figurines by delving into the darker side of relationships and domestic rites: twisted tales of master and servant, the innocence of the floral-clad maid, the dominance of patriarchal desire. Tricked out in frilly camouflage, these characters disregard tradition, exposing society's cistern of unmentionables - Chris Antemann Meissen Couture - Home Deco

Meissen Couture - Home Deco

Styling Ta ble s e t tin gs

F ro m the Ga rd e n t o t he Ta bl e. .. Spring is the most abundant time of year to gather decorations straight from the garden. To create a rich and inviting table setting for your guests, just pluck, pick and gather as many blossoms as you can, twigs and all. It always works beautifully, nature always do es!

Mixing a combination of interesting things together on a dining table always works well when styling. Especially when you love what you’re working with. Pick blossom twigs at the very last minute, and just lay the branch straight on your guests place setting.

I’m very lucky to have a number of Fruit trees in my garden that come out with blossoms one-by-one.They start to flower early September and continue right through to the middle of October. As one tree finishes, another starts to bloom. I must thank the Lady that planted this little garden one day, I’m sure she must have known what was going to happen when she originally chose the different trees.

I have mixed some of my real little blossoms heads into an faux floral arrangement. They easily nestle into the arrangement between the artifical flowers and I think, just add that delicate little final touch!


Styling Enquiries - Email Styling by Coty Farquhar


Magn Styling Gardens

Photography - Coty Farquhar


Biodiversity Heritage Library

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Plant Illustration - Missouri Botanical Garden

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Biodiversity Heritage Library

To o b e a u t i f u l t o n o t s h a r e . . .

Handbags for Breakfast Hill & Friends Claridge Hotel, London

On September 20th, 2015, the ballroom of the Claridge Hotel, London was exquisitely styled for the launch of the new label of handbags “Hill & Friends” created by Emma Hill and Georgia Fendley. The breakfast table featured a full length display of ‘pink’ fruits, foliage, muffins, cakes and apples wrapped beautifully in pink tissue. The models, dressed as hotel bellboys, carried silver trays into the room featuring the new designer handbags. Everything was perfectly styled and perfectly presented, including two miniature ponies named Hobo and Tramp, who paraded through the ballroom with their matching pink bridles, rope leads and winning ribbons. I’m sure it was a hidden sign...this new brand will be a winner! Hill & Friends

Photography - Hill & Friends

Hill & Friends

Window Display & Presentation

The Power of the Flower P r o m o t i o n - A p p l e Wa t c h Selfridges London

To o b e a u t i f u l t o n o t s h a r e . . .

I N S P I R AT I O N F o r S t y l i n g & D i s p l ay V I N TAG E J A PA N E S E T OY I L L U S T R AT I O N S

The Ninny-Do Bunko database in Japan has more than 100 albums of late 19th/early 20th century watercolor sketches of fabulous toy designs. We love the whimsical designs, the wonderful mix of colours and the cheeky faces painted on the animals by an unknown artist. They are fabulous designs for styling, decorating and display and so inspiring that we just had to share our favorite ones with you! Source - BiblioOdyssey

Food styling at its best... I N S P I R AT I O N S t y l i n g & D i s p l ay C a k e s & Tr e a t s Claridge Hotel, London

Beautiful New Books...

SWAROVSKI HISTORY OF COLLABORATIONS - Celebrating a History of Collaborations in Fashion, Jewelry, Performance, and Design is a gorgeous coffee table book highlighting Swarovski’s extraordinary contribution to the creative industries. For over 120 years, Swarovski crystals have been used as a creative ingredient by coveted brands around the world. The extraordinary objects documented in this English-language book range from Michael Jackson’s crystallized glove to elaborate pieces for fashion houses and large-scale installations by top designers and architects. - RIZZOLI

Beautiful New Books... THE GARDEN AT STONEFIELDS - PAU L B A N G AY - T h i s i s celebrated landscape designer Paul Bangay's inspirational story of c r e a t i n g S t o n e f i e l d s, o n e o f Australia's most beautiful country gardens. The Garden at Stonefields reveals the triumphs and trials of designing and building this extraordinary house and garden, Paul's most challenging and personal project yet. Photographed by Paul's l o n g - t i m e c o l l ab o r at o r S i m o n Griffiths, the stunning photos reveal

the evolution of the site from conception to completion, and capture the unique beauty of each area of the garden. The book also features extracts from Paul's personal diary, an intimate and compelling account of dealing with drought, bushfires and the threat of mining in contemporary rural Australia. LANTERN

Beautiful New Books...

ROOMS FOR LIVING - A STYLE FOR TODAY WITH THINGS FROM THE PAST - SUZANNE RHEINSTEIN - PHOTOGRAPY - PIETER ESTERSOHN Celebrated interior designer Suzanne Rheinstein focuses on the use of rooms—from entries to outdoor spaces—that reflect her relaxed, elegant style, in which beauty and comfort are paramount. Suzanne Rheinstein is a master at translating traditional style into something fresh and elegant. In Rooms for Living, she shows how to achieve a calm and livable environment in casual or more formal settings. Rheinstein presents welcoming rooms to share with others, as well as private, cozy spaces for relaxing or sleeping. RIZZOLI

RAJASTHAN STYLE - “To travel to Rajasthan is to leave behind the world of commotion and confusion, of gloomy gray concrete, and forget the sometimes callous modern customs of the West. In Rajasthan one encounters marvel after marvel; one is surprised by beauty in all its forms—real or imaginary—and enchantment at ever y tur n.” These words of introduction by Laure Vernière perfectly illustr ate the spirit of this volume, and the photography of Anne Garde reveals the author’s vision of Rajasthan, the “Land of Kings” she has cherished for years. A travel journal composed by four hands, this photographic opus expresses the sublime beauty of the people, nature, and places of this legendary region of India. From palaces to singular creative interiors, this promenade through the myriad colors and traditional handicrafts of Rajasthan captures the idealized We s t e r n d r e a m o f t h e O r i e n t ASSOULINE

Beautiful New Books... JEWELS OF THE RENAISSANCE The fascination of jewels is rooted not only in their ability to please the eye but also in their power to express the range of human emotions and ambitions—love, f r i e n d s h i p, r e l i gi ou s d evoti on , superstition, dynastic pride. Renaissance jewels are among the most alluring manifestations of an age that experienced the widening of old-established horizons, from the Old World to the New. Dr. Yvonne Hackenbroch’s seminal and comprehensive work, Renaissance Jewellery, originally published in 1979, established her reputation as the world’s foremost expert in the f i e l d . H a c ke n b r o c h brings to the subject not only her specialized knowledge and historical discipline but also a storyteller’s passion for the jewels’ beauty and power. With the kind p e r m i s s i o n o f D r. Hackenbroch’s estate, Assouline has abridged Dr. Hackenbroch’s original text to produce this spectacular volume, brimming with luxurious imagery expressing the overflowing creativity and boundless spirit of the Age of the Renaissance. ASSOULINE

WENDY WHITELY AND THE SECRET GARDEN - BY JANET HAWLEY For more than twenty years Wendy Whiteley has worked to create a public garden at the foot of her harbourside home in Sydney's Lavender Bay. This is the extraordinary story of how a determined, passionate and deeply c r e at i v e w o m a n h a s s l o w ly transfor med an overg rown wasteland into a beautiful sanctuary for everyone to enjoy - and in the process, transformed herself. We n d y W h i t e l e y w a s B r e t t Whiteley's wife, muse and model. An artist herself, with a finely honed aesthetic sense, she also created the interiors at the heart of Brett's iconic paintings of their Lavender Bay home. When Brett died, followed by the death nine years later of their daughter Arkie, Wendy threw her g rief and creativity into making an enchanting hidden oasis out of derelict land owned by the New South Wales Government. This glorious guer rilla garden is Wendy's living artwork, designed with daubs of colour, sinuous shapes and shafts of light. This is Wendy's story but it's also the story of the countless people who cherish the Secret Garden. LANTERN

LOUIS VUITTON WINDOWS - Any passerby has seen them: The windows of Louis Vuitton’s storefronts are magnetic. They draw crowds of adults and children alike, eyes wide in wonder at such spectacles as a colossal roller coaster, gleaming golden dinosaur, panoply of brightly colored hot-air balloons, or a universe of polka dots. With an oeuvre of over thirty-five displays, creators Faye McLeod and Ansel Thompson bring the windows of one of the world’s leading luxury brands to life with their unparalleled magic. Featuring an introduction by The New York Times fashion director and critic Vanessa Friedman, these celebrated vitrines are presented as works of art in this hand-bound oversize Ultimate Collection edition, capturing the inspired world that is Louis Vuitton. ASSOULINE

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Read all the past issues of Styling Magazine

Read all the past issues of Styling Magazine

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Styling is a reflection of our personality – our tastes, our power of observation, our own cultural upbringing and our talent for originality. Creativity is a fundamental human compulsion to invent or to compose. Take time each week to create your own ideas, however humble you may think they are. Look closely at the details in everything and notice the colours, the shapes and the deep inner feelings you have when you are attracted to something. Creative expression comes from the many objects we have around us in our lives, a bowl of flowers, a favourite teapot on a lovely table, a painting or a garden on a misty day. Creativity is inspired by the wonders of our universe. When you are in the right state of heart and soul, just like magic you can tap into the endless flow of universal creative energy and resources and inspiration comes straight to you. - Coty Farquhar

Styling Magazine Coty Farquhar Founder & editor in chief of Styling magazine Coty Farquhar is a professional creative d i re c t o r, v i s u a l d e c o r at o r, bl o g g e r a n d photographic stylist whose career began and grew within the Australian Vogue Stable of Magazines, Vogue Living, Vogue Enter taining Guide and Vogue Children, her magazine career culminating as Fashion & Beauty Editor of New Woman Magazine. With a passion for the visual ar ts, par ticularly photography, Coty carries with her more than 30 years experience in journalism, styling, designing & creating events. Coty has the rare and unique combination of jour nalistic experience, media, visual ar t and marketing in the fashion, food & wine, interiors, theatre and event industries. Coty has styled and photographed for many books, magazines, websites & adver tising campaigns. Coty has lived in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia for 21 years with her husband, cabinetmaker & restorer Andrew Farquhar of Farquhar’s Fur niture whose extraordinary work is housed in many famous Australian buildings & private homes.

Styling Contact Styling Magazine email www.cotyfarquhar.com

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