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Styling NO 6 - 2013

Capturing the beauty within

Flowers from the heart

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The inspiration for this issue started from this beautiful old PIERRE FREY fabric and also my never ending love of flowers.

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Styling is a reflection of our personality – our tastes, our power of observation, our own cultural upbringing and our talent for originality. Creativity is a fundamental human compulsion to invent or to compose. Take time each week to create your own ideas, however humble you may think they are. Look closely at the details in everything and notice the colours, the shapes and the deep inner feelings you have when you are attracted to something. Creative expression comes from the many objects we have around us in our lives, a bowl of flowers, a favourite teapot on a lovely table, a painting or a garden on a misty day. Creativity is inspired by the wonders of our universe. When you are in the right state of heart and soul, just like magic you can tap into the endless flow of universal creative energy and resources and inspiration comes straight to you. - Coty Farquhar

A U S T R A L I A j u n e

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N 0 . 6


I n s p i r a t i o n f o r y o u r s o u l

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Dearest Readers, Welcome to the June issue of Styling magazine, an issue dedicated to flowers and filled with stories on people that emerse themselves into the heart of the flower. We travel to the home and workplace of Dimitri Weber, perfume expert & designer and good friend of Christiane de Bièvre, then on to Sharon Santoni’s friend, Madame de Romilly’s Château de Miserey in Normandy. A garden filled with roses inspired by hell, purgatory and heaven. I know I would like to sit in the heaven part, it’s just beautiful. The heart of the magazine is filled with flowers, all sorts, all varieties, real and fake, all for you and from my heart. Lisa Porter shares her feelings about gardening and her links to a special hand picked group of garden gurus. I visit the country home of a good friend and have tea with her and hundreds of dolls. The rest of the magazine we have filled with inspiration. I thank everyone who has contributed and helped me put this together. I am always amazed at the generosity and the grace that comes through for each issue. I found this poem on-line recently, (author unknown) I can’t stop reading it. It’s powerful and it has helped me through a difficult month. I want to share it with all of you and I hope it brings you happiness too.

“Let your thoughts of peace guide you, enter the realm of your inner soul, find the things that make you happy, and bring them all here, listen to yourself, let go, fall through the clouds of peace, soar in the open winds, allow serenity and peace to fill your mind, see the things you want, feel it, and it’s already yours, this is your inherent birth right, flow with the rivers, flow with the wind, emerge yourself in the beauty that is you, and the Universe will follow.” Anything you put your energy and intention towards, you will achieve, no matter how impossible it may seem. May we all live each day with an open heart that sees and feels the rich beauty around us. Xx Coty

Styling Magazine June 2013


Christiane de Bièvre

Belgian born, Australian has had a diversified career in public relations, marketing communications and special events with a great interest in incorporating all forms of art in her unique way of creating her concepts.

S h a r o n

S a n t o n i

English author of blog, MY FRENCH COUNTRY HOME. Daily creativity is absolutely vital in Sharon’s life and she has found an outlet for that through writing and taking pictures whilst living on her farm and taking guests out and around the countryside of France antique shopping and brocante hunting. - A reflection of the way we like to live.

L i s a

Po r t e r

American author of the most stylish blog, The Lisa Porter Collection, showcasing the best of the best for both indoors and out, gardens and homes, fashion and fabulous wares., inspiration and ideas - Inviting style indoors and out.

“Let your thoughts of peace guide you, enter the realm of your inner soul, find the things that make you happy, and bring them all here, listen to yourself, let go, fall through the clouds of peace, soar in the open winds, allow serenity and peace to fill your mind, see the things you want, feel it, and it’s already yours, this is your inherent birth right, flow with the rivers, flow with the wind, emerge yourself in the beauty that is you, and the Universe will follow.”

The following pages and throughout this issue... is a visual tribute to flowers, the never ending inspiration they give to us and the beauty they bring to our lives.

J a n We e k s

I N s p i r i n g a n d m a g n i f i c e n t

The softest of Colours

D e l i c at e & b e au t i f u l


I t ’ s a l l i n t h e d e ta i l




p o s y


d ay. . .

F l ow e r s f o r yo u r h a i r

The finest of embroidered buds & flowers

Flowers universal language

DIMITRI WEBER Christiane de Bièvre met perfume expert & designer, DimitriWeber, in 2003 when they worked at the Belgian headquarters of Yves Saint Laurent in Brussels. She soon became convinced that this young man would become famous in the not-toodistant future.

I first discovered the special qualities of French linen sheets when, as a young bride, I opened the armoire in my husband's old family summer home and pulled out a tall pile of the heaviest sheets I had ever seen! Their particular colour, feel and texture was unfamiliar to me, but I was drawn to them instinctively. That discovery started a passion for antique Above: la Monnaie", Brussels, linens that has filled my shelves and "Theatre armoiresRoyal everdesince. Belgium Linen sheets are cool to the touch in organized the summer, and Dinner keep you warm Dimitri a Scented for law firm in the winter. Pure linen will rarelyWhite be bright & Case.white, but a gentle creamy colour that gradually lightens over the years. It is a strong and resistant fabric, YSL good BeautÊ..Brussels - Dimitri Weber and sheets woven in the 1800's are still to use today. Christiane de Bièvre The reason why there are so many different textures of linen is that so much of it was home spun and the fibre differed from one house to the next. The

What he particularly enjoys is sharing his knowledge and culture with journalists, buyers, sellers & consumers from faraway lands interested in the art and history of French perfumery. “They have such a thirst for culture and information that it is a true pleasure to communicate with them.�

I first met Dimitri Weber in 2003 when we both worked at the YSL BEAUTE, Yves Saint Laurent headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. I soon became convinced that this young man would become famous in a not-too-distant future. His sense of smell was quite special. His audiences in the field of perfumes loved his delicate and poetic approach. He was also delightfully in command of the historic and cultural aspect of the origin and evolution of the creation of perfumes. Participants as well as the members of the press from all over Europe loved to follow him wherever he appeared either with a new concept or launching new perfumes created by the famous perfume houses from Europe and the United States. Dimitri was born in 1975 from a Flemish mother and French father. He spent his childhood between the rumbling French waterways and the Belgian fresh rivers aboard his parents’ barge transporting all sorts of materials to and from France and Germany to Belgium.

A l re a dy awa re o f h i s m o t h e r ’s c h o i c e o f perfume, he star ted collecting, from his twelfth birthday, perfume flasks and very soon fragrances took an important place in his life and in that of his close friends. Passionate about the beauty of olfactory creations and “obsessed” by odour, after getting his degree in Plastic Arts, he decided to under take a career in selective perfumery. In fact the first thought of becoming sculptor which by the way, became very useful in his career when designing new packaging for Belgian and International corporate companies. We soon realised that we had a lot in common and h a d m a ny d i s c u s s i o n s regarding natural scents and the creation of perfumes, as well as the fact that the perfume industry was born some three thousand years ago, had evolved a lot in the last hundred years.

Dimitri at home, hosts guests with a "Perfumed Geranium Cocktail"

Having French and Belgian roots, Dimitri Weber draws on the best of both worlds. The love for beauty and refinement, along with a predilection for the century of lights and the 1930s, and that something special that is creative and surrealist, which characterizes Belgian artists, but if Belgian designers are favored today by great fashion houses, this is perhaps because they have a sense of reality and resourcefulness. Head in the stars and feet on the ground . . . with humility and discretion too.

Ever since childhood, Dimitri has had a taste for travel firstly charmed by the water’s innocent scent and now as an adult, Dimitri is used to long distance flights, he nourishes himself on meeting people, the mix of all the different cultures, with a predilection for the Middle-East and China. He loves to let himself be intoxicated by the exquisite qualities of the wood, the incense, the beans, and the balms in the local souks. His suitcase is always packed‌

I, myself, had a very exciting career as Special Events director, concept designer and producer for companies such as Hermès Paris, Sony World, Gucci Group and the famous laboratory of Doctor Jean Valnet who died in 1995 and who became the Founder of Contemporary Aromatherapy creating medicinal essential oils. After having launched renown products in Brussels, Paris, London, Frankfurt and Sydney, I decided to settle in the Southern Highlands in 2007. Surrounded by nature 100 km from Sydney I decided to take on the “World of Natural Fragrances and kept regularly in contact with Dimitri Weber who within a very short time had began to be referred to in the European press as the man with a “Fragrance State of Mind”.

More than 17 years in the perfumer y field for med Dimitri’s taste and olfactory sense. Even if he is not “a n o s e � , h e i s c a p abl e o f envisioning a perfume and realizing it. Rather than concentrate on a chemical formula, he loves designing a project from a to z.

He travels constantly the world to search for the finest of raw materials with which to create his unique scented products, using fragrances which have been known and loved since Biblical times to the present day to enrich all manner of occasions, including special events, for small, medium or large corporations as well as for the private sector. - CdB _________

Dimitri Weber organised exclusive visits to the Palais de Versailles in search for the soul and the perfume of the last Queen of France, Marie-Antoinette and the story of her perfumer JeanLouis Fargeon. Dimitri Weber will in future organise other scented visits to France and Italy when the time is right for him.

- D I M I T R I W E B E R we b s i t e


Journey of discovery - After his studies in the Plastic Arts, Dimitri consecrated his body and soul to the universe of perfumery. A passion he devotes to fragrances and odors since his childhood ‌ rather than locking himself in a lab, he loves to breathe in the spirit of the times. discovering consumers, he lends them an ear so as to understand their real aspirations.

"When Haute Perfumery meets Haute Cuisine, it creates a gastronomic delight" Dimitri has been a trendsetter with organising perfumed foods workshops and gastronomic events.

“ I love dreams. I love reality. I love the mix of the two.” Dimitri Weber

Blossom Babies Vintage Millinery Flowers Delicate little hand made flowers often inspired by the first blossoms & flowers of Spring have long been a favourite trim for hat makers, designers and Stylists. Three sisters - Millie, Georgie and Annabel.

Photography Sharon Santoni

Roses in Normandy There is no better month than June for roses in Normandy, and no better place to admire them than at Ch창teau de Miserey. Sharon Santoni, author of the blog, My French Country Home, shares with Styling magazine the beautiful home of Madame de Romilly & her famous rose garden.

Built in the 18th century, the chateau has been in the de Romilly family for the past 80 years. For a long time the lawns were used to graze the family horses, and the greenhouse for late night concerts and parties, but little by little centres of interest changed and the gardens were created. Walls were

restored using old materials to blend in to the brick and stone architecture of the chateau and flower beds rediscovered. A rose collection started to take shape, but it really took off the day that Madame de Romilly decided to create a garden on the theme of hell, purgatory, and heaven. A field was laid out in the form of a crucifix. The horizontal bar to the cross being planted with 12 yews to represent the 12 apostles, and a central alley of Virginia Tulip tree forming the vertical bar. Anything planted below the 12 apostles is said to be in Hell. The colours are red, orange, bright yellow, and the plants bear long thorns and prickles. The gap between the horizontal rows of Yew represents Purgatory and once across, the visitor enters Paradise; full of pale pastel colours and thornless roses. The garden quickly gained a solid reputation, not least because of the tireless and ever-smiling owners who greet each and every visitor with a smile.

The rose collection has long since spread beyond the original theme of the cross, and it is wonderful to walk around the grounds, admiring the views onto the chateau, and outbuildings, in particular when the rambling roses are climbing their way across the walls of the 18th century greenhouse.

Today the grounds of the chateau are open to the public every Sunday afternoon between April and November. It is definitely worth the detour. Garden open information click here.

Shopping at brocantes while enjoying the beauty of this lovely part of France. We offer buying trips for professionals and flea market tours, both private and as part of a group. Come and find your own treasure just drop me a line. Sharon Santoni, My French Country Home

“ Stay in our guest cottage and discover the fun of antique and brocante hunting in Normandy”

My French Country Home -



Country Guest House



My French Country Home -



Country Guest House

A Soft To u c h Fabric flowers, paper flowers, painted flowers, embroidered flowers ... All beautiful in their own way.

On a country property in the Southern Highlands of NSW are hundreds of dolls and teddy bears dressed and ready to play. Lindsay Genero has always loved and treasured her dolls all her life, she still has her first doll. They hold so many happy memories.

A collection of happy memories

Hidden away on a private property in the country side of the Southern Highlands is a building which is home to a collection of hundreds and hundreds of beautiful old dolls, teddy bears and collectibles. Lindsay Genero and her husband each have their own sheds, "his and hers" probably one of the coolest arrangements that I have ever seen. His of course is a little bigger than Lindsays, but he does have bigger things to store. Lindsay's shed is set up just like a home, except that everywhere you look, and I mean everywhere there are pretty little dolls eyes looking back at you. There are dolls sitting on the laps of other dolls, big dolls holding baby dolls, dolls in stollers and prams, in doll beds and in beautiful old fashioned cots. All carefully styled and displayed in groups. All the baby

I still have my teddy "Honey" (pictured with Lindsay above) who is now a little hairless, but still treasured.

dolls are together, the barbies are together and the even the plastic 1960's dolls are huddle together. I would love to see what it's like in the middle of the night, I'm sure the Barbies are up partying with the 60's girls while the mother dolls are trying to get their babies to sleep. It is so inspiring to see all these different dolls created through the years, so many that were once popular that have been forgotten over time that thankfully Lindsay has collected. I first met Lindsay on my early morning hunting stops in search of props for my photography shoots. As I had filled baskets full of bric a brac, Lindsay's baskets were full of dolls. Most of which she held very tight to her body cradling them as if they were asleep as she continued browsing and chatting with everyone. I think there is something very special about a person holding a doll, everyone wanted to stop and talk with her, not just because of the dolls, she's so friendly, always cheerful and full of fun. I can see how much she loves her collection and especially the special space where she houses them. She smiles and says, one day I will

have to pass them on, but right now there is always room for another doll here with me. I know if I gave my collection of dolls to Lindsay, they would be the happiest and well looked after dolls in the world. "For as long as I can remember, I have loved dolls" says Lindsay. My first doll was a Pedigree plastic mamma doll, that I named Patsy, I treasured that doll and was always very careful to look after her. I still have my teddy "honey" (pictured with Lindsay) who is now a little hairless, but still treasured. I also have a small old Swiss doll in national costume, my great

aunt brought her back with her after an overseas visit. I guess I treasured my dolls and teddy because I knew growing up how hard it was for my parents to be able to buy these things for us. On Christmas day when I was twelve, our lovely next door neighbour gave my sisters and I a doll each. My dark haired plastic doll was call Ann, and is still one I have today. Twenty years ago, once my four children grew up, I started collecting a variety of dolls, mainly from second hand shops and well before it became trendy to look in these places for treasures and bargains. I have collected mainly dolls in national costume, plastic dolls and dolls with cloth bodies. Anything that appeals to me I will buy, but there is also a lot I reject. My doll collection became so large that to do it justice, I purpose built a shed to house my collection. Beside more teddy bears and dolls, I also love collecting old furniture and kitchen memorabilia. Lindsay says, maybe my thinking behind collecting is to preserve items from my past, that bring back happy memories.

Automaton beauties

Styling Magazine - These pages are purely for inspiration and to share companies that sell on-line, the on-line auctions may be over, but there are always new items arriving for auction weekly-. Keep an eye on the auctions for finding wonderful treasures.

Little wind up musical toys. Their bodies gently move as they dance and play their instruments. The little farm girl even pats her cow. A rare collection auctioned recently at Interencheres Auctions,France. Too beautiful to not share!

VINTAGE VASES Chapeau fleurs A gorgeous collection of vases auctioned recently at Apple Tree Auctions, USA. Flowers for you hair, hat and table ...

- Styling Gardens -

Garden Accoutrements “When you open the door to a small garden cottage, you’ ll find more than wheelbarrows, weathervanes, letterboxes and latticework you’ ll also find knowledge and inspiration that manifests the beauty and wonders of nature in the hands of the gardener” The master & weekend gardener will discover this and so much more at Evergreen - the garden page at The Lisa Porter Collection

“A beautifully woven basket used for harvesting & gathering also makes a daily task easier & a bit more enjoyable while adding to the character of where we work and where we play�

"You don't have to have 50 acres or large plots of dirt to experience the simple pleasures of taming the wild. Some of the most intimate and personal gardens are little more than cultivated postage stamps. Sometimes, the most important place in a garden is right outside your door ~ it's the first and last thing you see and the closest at hand."

On the following pages, lifestyle author & avid gardener Lisa Porter shares with us a selection of her favourite garden sources at The Lisa Porter Collection


G a r d e n Va r i e t y D e s i g n

AJF Design

F lowers by Bor nay

Ladew Gardens

Accents of France

Grace Design Associates

Pe n n o ye r N e w m a n

Jon Carloftis


Paul Gervais John Derain company

Campo de' Fiori

“Gardening takes you in. It has a wonderful way of getting your attention, heightening your senses and soothing your soul.� Lisa Porter

James Farmer Terrain

Va l e r i e R i c e

“Do you find yourself wandering down pea gravel paths yearning for velvety green boxwoods or the scent of sweet magnolias? Do you prefer clipped boxwoods outlining your parterre or open fields of wildflowers? If you’re like me, I want it all! This is how Evergreen came to be. You can find Evergreen continuing to grow at The Lisa Porter Collection.”

C H C FA R M Chalkhill Clematis

Ken Druse

Just because ... Christian Dior ... Inspiration from Flowers U L T I M A T E S T Y L I N G E X Q U I S I T E C R E A T I O N S

C h r i s t i a n

D i o r

C h r i s t i a n

D i o r

C h r i s t i a n

D i o r

C h r i s t i a n

D i o r

Images from Christian Dior C h r i s t i a n D i o r

H a r r i s o n

H o w a r d

Note: Also available in Australia from Rosemary Reed Interiors

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Styling magazine by Coty Farquhar, Flowers from the Heart. The Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia


Styling magazine by Coty Farquhar, Flowers from the Heart. The Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia