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Styling NO 5 - 2013

Capturing the beauty within

Celebrating the month of May, Mother’s Day & Mother Earth The flowers, the trees, the birds & the bees

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Coty farquhar

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Styling Magazine May 2013 Exploring the most interesting and creative things in the Universe

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Styling is a reflection of our personality – our tastes, our power of observation, our own cultural upbringing and our talent for originality. Creativity is a fundamental human compulsion to invent or to compose. Take time each week to create your own ideas, however humble you may think they are. Look closely at the details in everything and notice the colours, the shapes and the deep inner feelings you have when you are attracted to something. Creative expression comes from the many objects we have around us in our lives, a bowl of flowers, a favourite teapot on a lovely table, a painting or a garden on a misty day. Creativity is inspired by the wonders of our universe. When you are in the right state of heart and soul, just like magic you can tap into the endless flow of universal creative energy and resources and inspiration comes straight to you. - Coty Farquhar


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Styling Magazine April 2013


Christiane de Bièvre

Belgian born, Australian has had a diversified career in public relations, marketing communications and special events with a great interest in incorporating all forms of art in her unique way of creating her concepts.

S h a r o n

S a n t o n i

English author of blog, MY FRENCH COUNTRY HOME. Daily creativity is absolutely vital in Sharon’s life and she has found an outlet for that through writing and taking pictures whilst living on her farm and taking guests out and around the countryside of France antique shopping and brocante hunting. - A reflection of the way we like to live.

L i s a

Po r t e r

American author of the most stylish blog, The Lisa Porter Collection, showcasing the best of the best for both indoors and out, gardens and homes, fashion and fabulous wares., inspiration and ideas - Inviting style indoors and out.

Francisco Gallego Salicio

Spanish-Australian writer, author of two books, The Stranger and Meaningful Reflections - A Life Changing Journey. Francisco has traveled the world as a professional travel writer, he now lives in the Southern Highlands of NSW and writes regularly for his blog. Francisco firmly believes, “knowledge makes you learned but only reflection makes you wise”

Dearest Readers, Do you feel sometimes that you have just walked through an energy of something wonderful? Maybe when you enter a home of a friend or along a pathway that someone has just walked, have you somehow just gone through their thoughts? It’s something very subtle that attracts your attention. Nearly all of the stories that I have in this issue have come from this subtle energy, I was drawn in some way to the homes and the people in these stories, I was lead to a page on the internet that talked to me in subtle whisper, as if to say, look at me!. Do we all see the same thing as everyone else? Somethings just stand out in our day. I call this the ‘shiny things of life’, I often ask when interviewing someone, what shines bright in your day? Often their reply might be, a smile from a stranger, something special that someone did for them and of course, we are only human, something that we find attractive, something that we want to own or at least aspire to. This issue of Styling has a number of themes running through it. Firstly it’s Mother’s day , it is important to think of our own Mother on this special day, but, for me I also think of Mother Earth, she gives all of us the most nourishment of all. Most of the pages in this issue all link to Mother Earth, actually I can’t think of one single thing that doesn’t link to Mother Earth. I have designed and themed this issue around the colour gold. We are celebrating Autumn right now here in Australia and it has so much influence on my thoughts and my daily work. Rich golden colours are showing off right now, especially here in the Southern Highlands. We love the changing colours of the seasons and the golden colours of our fruit. In this issue we honour fruit and the beautiful little creatures that love fruit too, bugs, beetles and butterflies. I have gathered a wonderful collection of botanical prints and paintings along with some of my favourite still life settings. Why are we so naturally drawn to fruit? Why do artists paint fruit? The mix of colours, the shapes and the bowls that we use all tell a story. I can tell a lot about a person and their bowl of fruit, I know that sound ridiculous, but it’s true. Do you buy fruit to eat or to use to decorate, I do both! I will be truthful! Sometimes I buy a box of seasonal pears, apples or pineapples just because they look so good and I find it really frustrating when someone eats my decoration. The nice thing about fruit is that we get to bring a little bit of our earth to the inside of our homes. I hope this issue brings joy to you. Thank you for being here right now. May we all live each day with an open heart that feels and sees the rich beauty around us. Coty Farquhar Styling Magazine

Styling Capturing the beauty within


Nineteenth Century French gilt bronze and pietra dura panelled jewellery box SHEPPARDS

OLDEN Sourcing decorative objects through on-line auctions.

Gilt Bronze and carved Ivory figure of Standing girl with hula hoop, on a gilt bronze base. A.B. LEVY’S

A French pendant brooch in Neorenaissance style. From the late 19th century. BALCLIS

Styling Magazine - These pages are purely for inspiration and to share companies that sell on-line, the on-line auctions may be over, but there are always new items arriving for auction weekly-. Keep an eye on the auctions for finding wonderful treasures.

A Nineteenth Century ormolu figural appliquĂŠs. SHEPPARDS An oval gold and coral ring. BALCLIS



George III period brass Log box SHEPPARDS

French 18th Century Golden cases BALCLIS

Gilt and carved ivory little Dutch girl mounted on onyx.. A.B. LEVY’S

Antique French Palais Royal White Opaline Scent bottle with Doer Bronze Mounts. HEIDELBERG FINE ANTIQUES

Nineteenth Century gilt A citrine and diamond ring Circa 1940.

bronze console table.


A gilt bronze Chamberlain’s keys LEMPERTZ

A selection of Antique Russian Icons CHATEAU ANTIQUE

Antique French French Ruby red glass & doer

18th Century Irish carved


giltwood console table SHEPPARDS

Mid 20th Century Bohemian crystal BALCLIS

French 20th Century Crystalware, with gilt and enamelled crystal BALCLIS

An 18th Century Byzantine medal. Late 19th Century

Italian “Morello” clip by Nardi,

Russian Icon - Mary and baby Jesus INTER-ART BUDAPEST AUCTIONS

with gilt and enamelled crystal INTER-ART BUDAPEST AUCTIONS

Filigree gold and seed pearls. BALCLIS

A pair of 19th Century French Louis XV?XVI style carved console tables, Details of carving right. A.B. LEVY’S

A pair of Louis XVI style gilt wood lyre back chairs SHEPPARDS

19th Century Napoleon III gilt-bronze Jardiniere. BALCLIS

Details of A pair of French Louis XV?XVI style carved console tables (Left) A.B. LEVY’S

A pair of decorative gilded garlands With ribbons and flowers OSENAT PARIS

niloca: now with complimentary

compliments, received daily.

eyewear designed & made in australia check online for stockists www.niloca.com antwerp






Shopping at brocantes while enjoying the beauty of this lovely part of France. We offer buying trips for professionals and flea market tours, both private and as part of a group. Come and find your own treasure just drop me a line. Sharon Santoni, My French Country Home

“ Stay in our guest cottage and discover the fun of antique and brocante hunting in Normandy”

My French Country Home -



Country Guest House



My French Country Home -



Country Guest House

A mother’s scrap book

A Mother’s Day scrap book, photog raphed and created by Styling Magazine to show just how easy it is to collage your loved ones and your favorite things together.. Inspired by local Souther n Highland’s mother, Kathy McDougall who commissioned Coty Farquhar to photog raph her daughters when they were young. Brianna and Caitlin share with us this month their thoughts about their mother. We wished we could have asked everyone to write a message, but we know their words express a similar feeling that we all have about our own mothers.

The Botanical Library of a Continental Gentleman

The Botanical Library of a Continental Gentleman

“Growing up, I have always been aware of how incredibly fortunate I am to have two amazing parents and a beautiful sister. However for me, it was not until I moved out of home that I realised how truly special my parents are. In the spirit of Mother’s Day, I think it is an a p p r o p r i at e t i m e t o reflect on my amazing Mum! My Mum has taught me how to unconditionally love the people that surround you, to treasure every moment with family and friends, and to look for the positives in every situation, because life is short.” - Bri

“My Mum is the best ‘listener’ that I’ve ever met. She enthusiastically listens to everything I tell her. She has taught me to believe in myself, to ‘treat those how you would like to be treated’ and that everyone has a valued opinion. My Mum has taught me more than I could ever be educated about at High School or University - she has taught me about what and who really matters. To the most amazing Mum - thank you for everything!” - Bri

“Her smile warms my heart while her cuddles are tight but tender and have a way of expressing thousands of unspoken words that make me feel safe a n d h a p p y. H e r bountiful creativity and childlike inquisition show me that you don’t have to let go of your youth as you grow wise.” - Caity

“No stone should be left unturned in this life and no dark cor ner should ever go unexplored. She has taught me that if you have a gift you should share it with humility. Yet if someone else should be so talented you should revel in his or her joy. I know these things because I have grown up seeing her flourish with dignity in every situation around her.She has done nothing that could not have made her beloved Mum as proud as she has made me. I hope that, I too, can do the same for her. Her actions deliberate or subconscious show that love is pure, selfless and endless. It is for these reasons that I know that she does and will always love me around the moon and back one million times, as I do her.� - Caity

The flowers, the trees, the birds & the bees

Wallace Chan

Wallace Chan

Rene Lalique Cartier

Wallace Chan

Bugs and Bees Natural Treasures Beautifully crafted and detailed prints, pins and brooches. A selection of some of the most amazing insect designs by Cartier, Wallace Chan, Frederic Boucheron and a few fabulous finds.



The printers Collector - Antique Orange Tree

Still life by J.D Adams, from Gorringes Action UK

The printers Collector - Antique Orange Tree


Rue Starina Antique Plum botanical - Meyers

The printers Collector - Antique Orange Tree

Edouard Vuillard - Still life with cherry plums DOYLE NEW YORK

Styling magazine Artist - May 2013

Slavica Zivkovic A Sense of Other

Artist Slavica Zivkovic has been a p a r t o f my d a u g h t e r Rebecca’s life for many years as her art teacher. Her gentle way, her presence and the clear energy that surrounds her and her home is angelic and serene. I have be touched by both her work and her awareness of all the things in this world that we just can’t explain. Slavica shares her life, her home and her studio with Styling Magazine. She writes about her mother, her travels and where her inspiration comes from. A recent ‘sell out’ exhibition ‘ A Sense of Other’ was held at the Sturt Gallery in the Souther n Highlands and we wait with an excited heart for her next one, only God knows at this stage when it will be.

“Slavica treasures her memories, her ideas, her most meaningful possessions, her travels and those that touch her life in some way. This sense of care for everything that she has shapes her world and her creative self, as she is true to herself and most importantly her heart. Her home and studio is her sanctuary where all that inspires and connects to her has it’s place and role in the creative life she lives. Learning from Slavica from a young age through to my teenage hood, there is one thing that I will always remember. She encouraged me and I’m sure everyone else to follow the natural flow of our heart, hand and imagination when it came to drawing what we saw in front of us. Be it from a clipping, book or from nature, never to copy, because an original is always worth more than a copy.

Never to see

with our eyes, but to see with our heart. Don’t let your mind, ego or others get in the way of your own unique artistic style. Slavica is a visionary and an inspiration in my life.” - Rebecca Farquhar

Slavica Zivkovic Travel and the mapping of jour neys have always been important to me. They are gestures t o w a r d s broadening my view of the world and are also a deep mirroring of my own journey towards them. I am informed of my sense of self and that of the others I meet In Silence - All I Am Dobell entry along the way. Over the many years and distant lands I retain a continual lingering of thoughts and reflections from wonderful encounters that have come my way. The external journey outwardly mirrors in the unison a strengthening of journey; inwardly the two are never separated. From these meetings and observations a dialogue of openness and awareness emerges. Beyond borders of immediate location and identity,

a sense of other enters. A personal view that we claim as our own is asked to be altered. The images in this exhibition are small vignettes and whispers that have emerged from many meetings with self and others. Sometimes these come as great gifts and other times like small tremors that shake my own identity and place in the world. A trip to Ethiopia a few years ago heightened all of this for me. This ancient culture created a well of meetings that left a lasting effect. Words of resilience, compassion and faith greeted me and beyond the many difficulties that surrounded its people, hope remarkably shone clearer. The works in this exhibition are in part a conversation, simple words and emotions, thoughts and still moments that try to grasp the simplicity of a meeting and the wonder of exchange. These reflections can hold a moment and emphasize an expression of spirit that calls for further understanding, together building a bridge that forms the creation of possibilities and potential for each individual. Each intimate and fragile story we hear, echoes a moment when a sense other than us has entered into our own view. These words are longing to be heard and to be shared and if In Silence - All I Am

Dobell entry

we listen carefully with these meetings and through the stillness of conversation and breath we are slowly gathered towards an arrival point; a place where our own reality and its surroundings change and that which once was familiar, dissolves into further recognition. A greater awareness beyond one’s self is located somewhere with the embrace of humanity and for all of it. WEBSITE Slavica Zivkovic

About your Mother? “I never really knew my mother, she died when I was only five years old” The abscense of my mother has been a huge presence in my life. You search for connections when you don’t know someone. I think what come to mind about mother is that what a mother gives - that of  nurturance, compassion and love. I believe and    know all these elements  are so vital in not only recognizing our own unique capabilities; but to also  know we can  give this unconditionally to all we meet .  “Empathy  compassion and love  have the ability  to   makes us aware of the interconnectedness that exists in all humanity and  any simple gestures that flow forth  and create acts in their honour  can ignite greatness.  They allow all of us to   grow  and create a world that is linked through heart and not fear. And of my own sense of mother  within loss-  perhaps these few words come to mind.   "It is the image in the mind that links us to our lost treasures, but it is the loss that  shapes the image, gathers the flowers, and weaves the garland”.

“As for my travels they are always great leaps of faith in following the intuitive voice of sprit that yearns to rise and push all of us out of our comfort zones. They allow me to find parts of self that I have yet not fully recognised nor thought they could even exist; such  is the search to strive to reach ones full potential”. - Slavica Zivkovic

All eyes at Styling magazine this month have been on Ken Leach, internationally recognized perfume bottle specialist and author of Perfume Presentation -100 years of Artistry as he presented his 22nd Perfume Bottle Auction in Las Vegas. An event where buyers expect unique and seldom seen, often undocumented perfume bottles from around the world.We chose just a few, or should we say quite a few of our favorites, especially the bottles touched with gold. Oh ... the stories these beautiful perfume bottles could tell!

Baccarat, Rene Lalique,vintage Czechoslovakian, D’Heraud, Andrew Jollivet, Julian Viand. A few of the Silversmiths, glass artists, model makers and painters who have created perfume bottles. Box makers and upholsterers, paper & tissue designers, jewellers and metalworkers all contribute to the beauty of these containers that hold this special liquid.

When a bottle is first designed and created, the shape, the style and the colours are inspired by the flowers, the character, the fashions and the essence of each perfume.


Branded discretely, makers marks and date marks etched and stamped into the designs. Exquisite embellished perfume labels. Hand cut crystal bottles with frosted stoppers, enameled decoration, beautiful shaped boxes lined with silk. Accessorized with jewels, ribbons and tassels. All part of the intricate design of a perfume bottle.

The Perfume Bottle Auction

The homes of stylist, Bee Smith Gilbert over the years have always been filled with family and friends, and friends of friends. Whether it was her one bedroom unit in Sydney or her country home in the Southern Highlands. The conversations in her busy kitchen are about life and living. The energy is loving and it’s just the way she likes it!

Story & photography - Coty Farquhar

The wonderful part of being a stylist is meeting other stylists, likes attract they say! Since opening my studio many stylists have dropped into say hello and it’s true, we have so much in common. Late one Saturday afternoon a couple of years ago, I met Bee (Barbara) Smith Gilbert when she came to my studio with her sister Wendy. I was completing a job at the time and of course I was running really late, so I hesitated in opening the door so not to be loosing time, introductions were made and they said, “Don’t worry Coty, we won’t take up your time, we just wanted to say hello”. Nearly two hours later and what was a non stop incredible conversation, I felt as if I had known Bee forever. Bee Smith Gilbert, well, how do I describe her? She is a woman who puts everything into one big bag, no matter the weight and carries it through life. She is a collector, a stylist, a cook, a Mother, a wife, a sister to five, a daughter and a caring friend to many. I’m not sure which order they come, but it doesn’t really matter as Bee manages to juggle everything and more all in her day, she is a busy Bee!

As she stirs the pot of boiling fruit in her kitchen with the mobile phone balancing on her shoulder, she has already delivered her early morning baking to her antique stall, tendered her vegetable patch, walked their dog Gypsy and spoken to her sisters and it’s only 10am. Born and raised in North East England she is one of six and placed right in the middle of the children. “We lived in a three bedroom house and for as long as I can remember we always had someone extra at our table most nights” says Bee. “Our house was like a magnet” there was always someone visiting. My mother who also came from a very big family, I remember my Mother would send my sister to collect an old lady from nearby to come for a meal. It’s just the way it was and it is still today. My house is the same, my husband Ralph was a little overwhelmed at first with so many people visiting, but now he loves it. My mother said, before she

passed away, that she was the luckiest person in the world to have so many people visiting her, “some people just don’t have anyone,” she said. My mother was always busy with six children and she didn’t have time for cuddles through the day, so we kids just cuddled each other and every single baby and little child that we could find in the district. We were so excited to hear the news of a new born, and we, my sisters and I would fight over who could push the pram up and down the street. It’s completely different nowadays as everyone is so nervous about letting anyone take their baby away, but for us, at that time it was the most natural thing to do, we were just attracted to babies! What I do for work is what I have always naturally done all my life, baking was something I learnt from my Mother who each day would bake bread, pies and tarts. My Great Grandmother, Sarah, who was a Gypsy, and

from my father’s side of the family was collecting and buying antiques from deceased estates in England many years ago. I’m sure that’s where I get my love of collecting from, says Bee. For me putting home made jam into a lovely old glass dish and cakes on pre-loved silver dishes found at markets is just the natural thing to do. Fixing something beautiful that is broken or needing mending is only natural, why throw it away when it be repaired. I love to collect and I do use everything. Bee came to Australia in 1986 with her five year old son Sam to visit her sister Gloria for a couple of months, she loved it so much, she decided to stay. I started working at first cooking meals for friends, huge lasagnas, cakes and jams. I had to do something that I could do from home whilst looking after my son. So I cooked! I

then started working casually for Yves Saint Laurent and Avon as a makeup stylist and from there I started to gather styling jobs with clients such as Sheridan Sheets and some food styling. “I just pretended to know what I was doing in the beginning when I got my first food styling job” laughs Bee. It was a lot harder to do than I thought. I started some cooking classes with Elise Pascoe, well know Australian author and foodie in the country kitchen at Jamberoo, not far from the Southern Highlands. Elise asked me to work for her in her kitchen and this is where I learnt the importance of discipline and organization. I then started my own business called ‘Bee Bon Belle’ and I sold my jams and tarts at the markets and through our little antique store at Dirty Janes Emporium in Bowral, a store that she shared with friend, Belinda Seper, owner of the ‘Belinda’ boutiques

in Australia. Both Belinda and I were selling our own things, we didn’t buy to fill the stand, we just sold what we no longer needed to keep. Bee and Belinda are still working together today in their shop in Sydney called “The Frock Exchange”. A store that offers high end fashion, end-of-season merchandise and pre-loved designer pieces. Bee has lived in some beautiful established properties in the Southern Highlands, and moving three times. Her connection with her family is still very strong and she spends most weeks with her sisters. When Bee first came to the Southern Highlands, their first two homes, Greyleaves and Munro Park had adjoining homes on the property and this is where her sister lived with their young family. It was just perfect said Bee! We got to spend all day together just like when we were little, and now with our own children. We are just lucky! When I first moved to the Southern Highlands I was taken away by the trees, says Bee. My sister Wendy and I planted 1000’s of daffodils at the front gates of Munro Park in Sutton Forrest about six years ago when we lived there, they will be up in a couple of months and I know they will be there now forever in the Highlands for everyone passing to enjoy. I miss the Southern Highlands very much and I miss my friends, says Bee as she now commutes weekly to run the store in Sydney. We miss her too! Styling magazine photographed Bee’s home and outdoor table setting which was set under the most magnificent autumn Chinese Elm tree at her home ‘Trelm’ an historic property in Moss Vale. Trelm is filled with natural light and the view across the patio and garden looking out to the countryside is simply breathtaking.

We spend most of the time in the sitting room and the kitchen, the sitting rooms are all linked to the outdoors with large arched windows and French doors, it is a lovely warm room through the colder seasons and cool in Summer. Before the shoot, Bee and I spent the morning picking quinces from a local property and gathering autumn berries and leaves from her home, we created a colourful centerpiece for the table and learnt a few styling trick from each other. The Chinese elm leaves were rich, the food was rich … and everything was delicious. Bee’s cakes, meringues and dishes kept coming out of the kitchen, whipped cream for the scones, amazing jams and more. The table is filled, full of food, full of china and full of her favourite things. It is a gathering, it a special time, and in my life, any excuse to sit and be with family and friends is special and we all love to eat sweet things here. Bon Appetite … Beautiful Bee Bon. It was a special brunch!

Sharon Santoni from My French Country Home visits local antique dealer and restorer, Laurent Escoulin’s workshop to learn the process of restoring and gilding a selection of beautiful antique carved frames. Photography Sharon Santoni M y Fre n ch C o u n t r y H o m e

In today’s busy world, watching a true craftsman take his time to restore and renovate antique furniture is a privilege.

Antique dealer and restoration expert, Laurent Escoulin, kindly let me and my camera into his workshop where he was restoring a pair of 18th century mirrors.  One of the mirrors had lost its ornate ‘fronton’;  Laurent had painstakingly taken a molding of the surviving decorative element and reproduced it in plaster.

The Plaster of Paris form would be painted with a red clay base paint, polished with an Agatha stone, and sized ready to receive the wafer thin gold leaf. The tools and equipment surrounding the process are almost as beautiful as the items in restoration. The gold leaf is carefully lifted with a wide brush onto a suede padded cushion for cutting.  Around the cushion stands a fold-out screen, designed to protect the fragile gold leaf from air currents and dust. This is only a very small piece of work, but Laurent specializes in outsize picture frames and even furniture.

An expert like Laurent does not see old furniture in the same way as us other mere mortals! Where most people would walk past a broken frame in a fair, Laurent can see the former beauty, assess the damage and decide whether restoration is worthwhile.

“Just because ...” Inspiration from Botanical Prints All on Flickr.com - Bio DivLibrary’s Photostream

Bio DivLibrary’s Photostream

“Just because...” The hidden insides and backs of clocks and watches, Inspiration for many things here ... The stamps, maker’s marks the cogs and details, embossing and engraving. All too beautiful to be hidden!

H a r r i s o n

H o w a r d

Note: Also available in Australia from Rosemary Reed Interiors

Andrew Farquhar - Traditional Furniture Maker & Restorer Styling Magazine - Furniture

F A R Q U H A R ’ S


Andrew Farquhar - Traditional Furniture Maker & Restorer Bowral N.S.W Australia WEBSITE

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Profile for Styling Magazine by Coty Farquhar


Coty Farquhar is a professional creative director, visual artist and photographic stylist whose career began and grew within the Australian...


Coty Farquhar is a professional creative director, visual artist and photographic stylist whose career began and grew within the Australian...