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Photography: Edu Garcia Stylist: Gerard Sole Make-up and Hair: Egon Criviller Photographer’s Assistant : Carles Oliva Model: Magdalena @ Seeds Models

Marita Hutson Biki John Adjoa Gharban Laurel Waldron Christabel Khasiani Laura Walls Kelly Dolan Danny Roberts Jacklyn Laryea Pip Mcmanus Jessica Wong Khoi Le Trisha Sakhlecha Hana Zámečníčková

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1 Three Trends To Wear Now Get up to speed in the style stakes with our top picks! 2 Sneak Peek: Jane Aldridge We catch up with the shoe lover and superstar blogger for a good old girlie chat.

14 Make-up Mavericks Laurel Waldron catches up with the beauty bloggers making their mark on the industry. 15 Off the Beaten Path – It’s official “Lions, Tigers and Fashion On My” is our latest blog crush. Kelly Oliphant fills us in on how it all began.

3 Fashion Karma – Marita Hutson discovers that when it comes to the style rollercoaster what goes around comes around

16 Puddles – Photographed by Reno Ranger

4 Model Style – Arlenis Sosa

17 Fabulously Altered- Christabel Khasiani takes a look at fashion’s most notorious alter egos.

5 Two minute Interviews – Garance Dore, Julia Restoin Roitfeld, Alexa Chung and Jimmy Choo 6 We Want Her Wardrobe: Olivia Palermo 7 Oxide – Photographed by Cameron James Wilson 8 Glossy Meets… The Sartorialist 9 Androgyny v Femininity – The polar opposites battle it out in the name of fashion supremacy. 10 Pop Culture Bites – We catch up with PR maven and reality TV star Kelly Cutrone. 11 Behind The Label: Felder The talented designers give us a glimpse into their world. 12 Blog Loving: 4th and Bleeker Australian model Alexandra Spencer tells us about her obsessions, beauty must haves and more! 13 City Wanderer – Photographed by Edu Garcia 14 The Chic Fix – Chictopia cofounder Helen Zhu talks personal style and future plans for the site.

18 One To Watch: Katie Eary – This London based designer has got the fash pack eagerly awaiting her next move 19 Style Stars – Our gorgeous stylistas reveal their secret style tips 20 Schizophrenic – Photographed by Reno Ranger 21 Glossy Peeps: Illustration special – Meet the super talented illustrators whose work we cannot stop gushing over! (Danny Roberts, Jacklyn Laryea, Pip McManus, Jessica Wong, Khoi Le, Hana Zámečníčková) 22 Behind The Lens – We shine our spotlight on photographer Julia Kennedy. 23 Charity Shop Chic Laura Walls braves the crowded rails and stuffy changing rooms for this special report. 24 Jewel – Photographed by Cameron James Wilson 25 Beauty Updates – This season, beauty has come over all iconic and high drama Kelly Dolan has the scoop. 26 Glossy ♥ BODYAMR

over l e o h s h t t up wi h g u dridge l a c A ” e y n s s a o J l “G blogger r a eck out t s h r C e . p r u e s t t d a an girlie n d l iew. o v r d e t o o n i g e a v i for r exclus u o f o e n part o What made you want to start up your blog “Sea of Shoes” ? I was very bored one summer; it started out as a weekend project...none of my friends at the time were interested in fashion so it was a great way for me to meet people who shared my interests. There are so many fashion blogs out there but yours really stands out why do you think that is? I think the biggest reason my blog is as popular as it is is because I started it at a time when there weren’t as many personal style blogs around. What does fashion mean to you ? Making life a little less ugly.

Who are your style icons? Tina Chow, and my mother. Who are your favourite designers/ stores and why? My favorite designers are Martin Margiela, Hussein Chalayan, Rick Owens, Jun Takahashi, Junya Watanabe, and Rei Kawakubo. I like these designers because their designs are timeless and in a league all their own. What does a day in your life consist of? Emails, picture taking, classes, movies, shows, depends what’s going on. Very uneventful. >>

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Julia Restoin Roitfeld


midst the hustle and bustle of London Fashion Week we caught up with some of our favourite fashion insiders for the rushed between shows.

Garance Dore

What are your favourite fashion blogs apart from yours which is amazing? I read Fashionologie every day and one of my favourites is The Selby. I really love that one! What do you like about London and London fashion? It’s very exciting it’s new it’s young. People are excited to be here. It’s very creative and original I really like it. And, what can we expect from your collaboration with Vogue Paris? A lot of behind the scenes and good stories. I’m going to focus a lot on the magazine and try to show what’s happening there.

How would you describe your style? You seem to have a very rock n roll edgy look. It’s rock but its still quite classic a little bit like French bourgeois I guess. Which designers do you really love? I dress in Topshop a lot. I also love Miu Miu and Marc by Marc and I love Alex Wang. You’re in the new Jil Sander campaign. What can we expect from you next in terms of fashion collaborations? This is already a lot for me (smiles) but we’ll see what comes next. How does your mum (French Vogue editor) Carine influence your personal style? She’s a very good advisor that’s for sure. She’s going to be very honest in saying whether something looks good on you or it doesn’t. We just advise each other really. Because you know who can you trust more than your daughter or your mum. Which Fashion blogs or magazines do you like to read? Well I love French Vogue of course and I look at “The Sartorialist” a lot for inspiration and to see how people are dressed but apart from that I’m not a big blog person I tend to look more at other people’s looks for inspiration.

Jimmy Choo

s e t u Min .. . h t i W


How do you feel about supporting new designers? I work with the British Fashion Council in 109 countries so I’ve been endorsing and promoting UK designers around the world – telling them the best fashion is in the UK and all the talented designers are from the UK. What advice would you give to someone who wants to emulate your success? I think you have to be sincere, honest and you need to learn to take criticism, and more importantly you have to be calm. If you cannot be calm you cannot learn anything. There is a Chinese saying “whatever you do you also have to be calm” but also it doesn’t matter how good you are sometimes you have to be a little bit lucky as well. For me if it wasn’t for Kate Phelan at Vogue magazine I wouldn’t be here. Of course my late [business] partner Mr Tom Yeardye was very important as well. As was my father who was a shoe designer, everyone helped me towards my success. It was a whole team effort without the whole team I wouldn’t be here. Who’s your favourite model? I am very close friends with Naomi Campbell she’s very down to earth. She does a lot of charity work especially for children. So although she’s so big every time she sees me she says “Hi Jimmy darling” you know. So I like Naomi she’s my good pal.

Alexa Chung What did you make of the PPQ spring/ summer 2010 collection? I thought it was great really lovely. I liked the colours and I particularly liked the black and white dress that had the black and white bow on the back. We love your show “It’s on With Alexa Chung” and sneak a peek at it on Youtube whenever we can. But how are you finding living in New York as you’re known for being a London girl? It’s really fun! There are lots of good places to eat and shop, which are my main things I find exciting so yeah it’s good. What are your favourite stores in New York? Opening ceremony and just places near Williamsburg where I live - vintage stores and stuff like that. Do you read any fashion blogs? Garance Dore that’s all. Do you think you’ll be moving back to London anytime soon ? It depends with the job at the moment they want me to do another season so I’m staying put.

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Alex, how long have you been modelling for and how did you get into it? About six months ago someone over at Vogue Australia asked if I’d be in a summer shoot for them, Now to clarify I didn’t know anyone at Vogue so it was probably the most exciting thing ever that they asked for me- come to think of it I actually think it was my unbrushed hair that was requested! Regardless- I spent all day wearing Chanel in an old Mercedes and thought I couldn’t possibly go back to working where I was. There was no Chanel there! So a few days later I had a meeting with CHIC and I’ve been there ever since. What inspired you to start your blog “4th and Bleeker” ? It was definitely inspired by my homegirl Kristen of BLEACHBLACK. She and her husband came out to stay with me and she had just started her’s and was super horny for all things blog and I thought it looked like a rad thing to be a part of. A couple of weeks after they left I was totally bored and my boyfriend said I should either start a blog, or practice Origami. Having done the latter in Japanese class I decided to get my blog on.

What’s the most amazing shoot you’ve ever done? Wrangler was pretty amazing, And crazy! I was about to go on holiday for six weeks when the night before I was booked for a Wrangler campaign. I had said yes before they even asked me pretty much as anyone who’s seen my blog knows I’ve got a thing for tiny denim shorts!! So I was about to leave the next morning to go to Thailand to hang out with my parents but was due back in 52 hours to shoot. Normal people would have postponed but it wasn’t an option seeing as I hadn’t seen them in something like three months as they live in London. SO the plan was that I would fly in and fly out and then fly back again - not because I like aeroplane food but because it was the only way to pull it off without anyone being seriously pissed at me! So my booker Mimi (who was also going on holiday the next day) got to work in trying to find a flight that would get me back in time as the shoot was way out west and had a stern call time of 8 am. We finally found one that left us no room for delays or sleep and after one day of being in Koh Samui I left again on a red eye back to Sydney. I had exactly one and a half hours to get there and I had promised myself over the soggy aeroplane eggs that I would make it there on time. As soon as the plane landed I ran out of there so fast and didn’t stop until I found myself face first on the Travelator - tres embarrasing! I just got back up and kept running. I made it out of the airport in 13 minutes which is one of the top three most impressive things I’ve ever done. After something like 13 hours of travelling, I made it to the shoot before anyone else.

Mom’s vintage leather jacket, F21 Pink Shirt, Zana Di Jeans, Steve Madden Boots

e e m i A A

s Coco Chanel once famously said “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous” and our latest batch of style stars certainly measure up to Mademoiselle Coco’s high standards. Whether they’re doing daytime chic in a leather jacket or going for full on night time glamour in dresses teamed with cute accessories we simply can’t get enough of them. Aimee, Camille, Filippa, Sanna and Stephanie Glossy salutes you!

s t r e b o R Danny

When did you first realise you had a talent for drawing? When I was taking my first Fashion Illustration class. How did you go about pursuing illustration as a full time career ? At first, I started contacting different companies. Later, I started a blog, and from there different companies contacted me. Do you experiment with other artistic mediums apart from illustration? Yes, definitely. I experiment with photography, short film, and I also like to write music and make animations. Basically, I love learning and experimenting, and so I will try any new art form I learn about.

Where do you get your inspiration from? I have an image archive of old images and fashion editorials, my favorite artists’ paintings, and photography. I usually try to mix old images with new, and mostly try to draw from the world I want to live in. I’m inspired by almost everything for one reason or another. New experiences and people inspire me a lot.I would say natural beauty and women inspire me more than anything. That’s why the majority of my art revolves around women. I also find genuine innocence very moving.  I would say romance is a real driving force in my work, so when I see or feel anything like it, my mind goes wild with inspiration. Lastly the 19101950’s era with its “Leave It to Beaver” innocence, and the stern looks on people’s faces due to the hard times; there is something about it that inspires me. >>  

n o i t a r Illust l a i c e p S


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