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Princess Josie by Lisa Paragary Engelken, El Dorado Hills Enjoy reading this unique and funny bedtime story to yo u r c h i l d re n a s Josie leads readers through her fanciful, imaginary world w h e re s h e i s t h e p r i n ce ss a n d h e r family is the royal family. Available at and

Get More Dates Than Your Skinny Friends: A Curvy Girls Guide to Conquering Men and the Competition by Kat Bacon, Folsom

Cowpoke Clyde and Dirty Dawg by Lori Mortensen, Cameron Park What’s Cowpoke Clyde to do with Dawg, covered in mud and not smelling sweet? Pop him in the tub, of course! But Dawg will have none of it, setting off a commotion that has all the critters on the ranch dashing every which way to stay out of range. Rollicking verses with page-turning surprises make this uproarious tall tale a rootin’ tootin’ read-aloud. Available at, Barnes and Noble and Face in a Book in El Dorado Hills

My Favorite Wisdom: Notes to my Grandchildren About Life and Living by R. Wayne Morgan, El Dorado Hills Engagingly written in the form of personal letters and short essays, this book conveys the honesty, humor and care of a grandfather who wants to guide his grandchildren to a happier and more satisfying life. Blending scientific understanding with spiritual and philosophical wisdom, it’s the ultimate instruction manual. Available at, Barnes and Noble and

In this comprehensive dating guide for plus-size women, Kat Bacon touches on the general dos and don’ts of dating while reflecting on personal experiences. Get More Dates offers helpful advice and real-life examples that cut to the core of what it means to date while curvy. Available at amazon. com and Barnes and Noble

Steel Coffin by Richard Tipton, Cameron Park Mike Steel has the lead role on an HBO television series and lives aboard his yacht in Marina del Rey, spending his nights with one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women. His lifestyle is suddenly disrupted, however, when a serial killer wants to make Mike his next celebrity victim. Available at Amazon, Kindle and most major bookstores

Three Cousins by Natalie Jayne, Shingle Springs This overview of dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD fully acknowledges the struggles each bring, while also affirming that people with these disorders have incredible talents that must be recognized and fostered. Sometimes, what seems like a curse can turn out to be the greatest gift. Available at Brainy Zoo Toys in Rancho Cordova, Two Square Books in Shingle Springs (online and in store) or by calling 530-748-7756

The Warrior’s Bride by Amanda Scott, Folsom Robert MacAulay, heir to the powerful Baron of Ardincaple, will risk everything to help his father and his clan, but a legal tempest—stirred by the irresistibly maddening Lady Muriella MacFarlan—threatens Rob’s mission before it begins. With their destinies entwined, Rob and Muriella may discover love is one truth that can’t be denied. Available at and Barnes and Noble

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Style Folsom/El Dorado Hills - August 2014  

Style-Folsom El Dorado Hills was SMG’s first magazine launch in the region. Because the magazine promised to tap into a market with staggeri...

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