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Greetings readers, As Spring starts to bid us farewell, let us take another look at another version of Spring fashion. This edition brings about the fusion of Spring and animal-inspired fashion. We’ve also included guest stylists who won this edition’s styling challenge. It is wonderful to have these talent (some fresh faces) for Vol 7. I would like to thank the management team, photographers, models who were part of Vol 7 and most importantly our readers who have consistently read vol after vol of Style Kingdom and left encouraging IMs. Without you readers, there won’t be any magazine.Thank you once again for your support. Please look out for us as we’ll have a special edition for Summers Vol 8!

Best regards,

Dougie Boxen CEO & Founder Style Kingdom Magazine



A sia Rae

laetitia vella Outfit : Faster Pussycat PINUP Halter Dress Jungle Fever • Hair: Truth Harley • Shoes: BSD Design Studio Model Muse Gold Tropical • Skin: League Erin • Hands: SLink AvEnhance hands • Jewelry: Yummy Accessories Featherweight Earring – Parrot; Silvery K. Gem Stone Lady Bracelet (Ammolite); Plastik Slink Nail polish Mara • Makeup: MOCK Smoothie LipColor Tuscany; Filthy LipGloss; MOCK Pantone Spring Collection eShadow Linen; [XCW] Dawn Eyeliner - Light Gold; Mon Cheri "Falsies" Eyelashes • Accessories: HANDverk Stud Clutch.pear

rhiannaLynn lane Mimikri: Emily Dress • coldLogic: Brook Capri • Leverocci: SS12 Field Hat Synthetic Tweed Sweet • Belgravia: Totem Bag • Truth: Coral • Essenz: Geneva • Mandala: Anuttra Ring • MG: Tarentella Gypsy

yashi audion Outfit : Isset by Ladies who lunch • Shirt: Miany in Mango by , MichaMi • Skirt: Pesca:tea-length by :pesca: • Hat: Flamingo Knit Hat by Ladies who lunch • Ears: TAPER_EARS by [MANDALA] • Hair: Sharp - Earth by Epoque • Shoes: rose.sandal pink by ieQED • Jewelry: Pearl Stone ring by Zenith • Makeup: +Nuuna + Zion 2 white - Nuuna+ Flux Yellow by Nuuna

yrwin naglo Oufit: mesh Mell Short Overall Folhas; cardigan Zara Cardigan pink Bird; TuTy's - FREE Mesh Pet Carrier • Hair: MESHE [LeLutka]-VIBRATO hair/Naturals • Shoes: WCI Wedged Sneaker Chains- Glitter • Jewelry: FINESMITH shikati • Makeup: 3D .::WoW::. Diva Lashes

Models who did not provde style cards are not listed

redtess60 MakeUp: Madrid Solo Honey West Eyeliner & Beauty Mark; **NaCrS** - Dream On - eyelashes; Glamorize:. Glitter & Glow Eye Pink makeup Pink Acid; Camille Lips V4 -No teeth - Pink • Hair:""D!va"" Hair "Flora" Type B-Garnet • Nails: ULTRA MESH RIGGED FINGERNAILS V5 BY JAMMAN • Clothing: Caress Custom Couture P!nk Cheetah teadress • Shoes: [Gos] Boutique - Grace Sandals - Black Patent • Jewelry: Chop Zuey Candy Kisses Bracelet, Earrings & Necklace

Models who did not provde style cards are not listed

leezahKaddour Blouse: Tee*fy Polly Tucked Blouse Pink • Collar: Tee*fy Detachable Peter Pan Collar Beige • Pants: Kaithleen's Wide Leg Trousers with Belt - Cream • Hair: [LeLutka]-VIBRATO hair - Bournville • Shoes: {{BSD Design studio}}Modern chic Geometry-zebra • Skin: Kyxe Walnut ToneJewelry: .:TS:. Zebra Bangles • Headband: RO - Meowjesty Headband - Wild Pink • Makeup: Kyxe Blushed Berry Matte lipstick; Kyxe Electra Copper Eyeshadow • Bag: Swallow - Rockstud Bag Zebra • Nails: Nailed It - Animal Print - Natural Set HUD (Zebra)

jamee sandalwood Gizza: Loose Cardigan in Leopard Blue • Gizza: Mandy Pants in Lines Tones - Blue • Evale: Tank Top - edited • Izzie's : Thigh High Knitt Socks Beige • Lapoint & Bastchild: Simone Ankle Boots in Espresso • Star Fashion: Disco Leopard necklace and Bracelet • {MUA} : Lipstick Winter 2 • (O&N): Fedora Buckle Safari • Exile: Slow Burn Light Blondes Hair • Wow Skins: Eyeshadow Blue • Miam Miam Jewelry: Drop Hoop Earrings • Blacklace Beauty: SLINK Safari Nail Hud Snow Leopard

Er i c a H Haa st in gs gs an interview with


nterview by Saleena Hax - Builders. We all know them and gasp at the amazing work they do, be it simple or extravagant and we always wonder "How did they…?" but recently, I got to sit down with builder and artist Erica Hastings and got to ask her 10 questions, so let's get into it! Saleena Hax: Tell me about E'lan and what makes it really stand out? Erica Hastings: E' my love for zest for is buoyancy, springiness; brightness, cheerfulness, effervescence, friskiness, pizzazz, sparkle, spirit, verve, vivaciousness, vivacity; eagerness, ebullience, enthusiasm, keenness, spiritedness; impishness, pertness, playfulness…

All the above describes not only me but my work. It is in everything I create. Everything I do. This is why I chose to name my store E’lan. All this I share through my work. The store is full of everything and almost anything anyone could is for those with discriminating taste. Furniture is what I started with and there are pieces from the elegant to the more casual. I offer accessories, plants, flower arrangements, homes, landscaping, sim design, and custom builds....basically I create atmosphere...a mood, an escape, and I make your Second Life® home a place to immerse yourself in...So if someone's SL home is not quite what they want it need it to be....I breathe some life into their world ...I try to make it what the dream it to be......I work closely with my clients. I aim to please. I want to make the SL experience

as real as I can. I strive to make my clients’ dreams come true. What makes E'lan stand out? That is's uniqueness… Its's's fresh...I am passionate about my work and work hard...I put my heart into every piece. Anyone can easily see I love what I do.

Jazz...the other rock and roll....they are stunning as well as the Country Club (well I have been told they are stunning)....when the first word issued is WOW... You know you have something good...I am very proud of both.

SH: Do you do custom homes as well? EH: Yes, I do you can see them if you go to my profile, Flickr which is on my profile, or go to my picks or main store. There are homes sitting around everywhere...

SH: What is the one build you wish you had done before anyone else? EH: Mmm...I don't know...really....I really strive to be this thought does not trouble me...

SH: What got you started on building and terraforming? EH: Hmmm...long story...short story is...I had a friend who was interested in possibly doing a business in here...he asked me to check it out...he sent a link etc...I had never heard of curiosity and doing a friend a favor pressed me on... I kinda walked around a know the newbie thing. I told him what I saw from the newbie side...he dropped the didn't catch my that was it for me...sometime later I noticed the icon...I had forgotten about SL...Again in my curiosity I clicked on it...this time I took my time…found it was full of artists of all this caught my attention. So I bought a small parcel...a house. Because of textures and scale the way it was put together...I really wasn't all that happy so I did a makeover...loved it...then I didn't care for most of the furniture same I started building my own...long story short I was hooked...I loved the creating so much I quickly filled up my little parcel and kept asking for more prims...The landlord called me the “primcess”....I was addicted to creating...I ended up with a whole sim full of my creations...I played with terra forming creating beautiful landscapes....I built houses...people started to ask if they could live there and telling me I should do a store and sell my creations...I never even thought to do this...I had so many request...that I finally decided to jump...I did a little store...and everything just blossomed from there...I was asked to do special pieces...then to do landscaping people wanted to buy my homes...wanted custom homes...people seemed to love my who would have I am today...

SH: Who are your major influences? EH: Oh well Patch...Eliza...Max...Maxwell Graff all amazing artists...

SH: What build are you most proud of that you have done? EH: Oh this is hard...I supposed the latest ones....thru all the practice I have builds are getting much better...I guess you could say the Seychelles Sims I am the creator...Irish gent...discovered me I guess you could say...asked me if I would build an empire for how could I say no to that…It is my show place...then there is Camstasia... I have several projects going now....One the BOSL Country Club and wedding venue...also the new clubs at the Seychelles...Foxy is the is Blues and

SH: What irritates you the most about building? EH: Oh that is easy...SL having frustrating! SH: What inspires you? EH: Beauty, Nature, Serenity, Zen, Music, Love and Life. I love Life.....and of course my passion. SH: Is there any new build for us to look forward to, c oming from you? EH: Yes, several on the table some in progress....a few already mentioned.... SH: Plans for the future? EH: Plans? Just to be the best I can make SL beautiful parcel by parcel...everything is moving forward...and it really looks so promising. I still have to pinch myself. It is my plan to work long hard hours, to help people realize their fantasies and dreams in here. I hope to be known for my work just by site and for its beauty and is my plan to be one of the best. It is my plan to make dreams come true. Thank you so much, Erica, for your time and talent. We all cannot wait to see what you bring to SL in the future! Also, a HUGE congratulations on being Builder of the Month from all of us at Style Kingdom.



Ivoni Miles

zaara123 Winner: Animal Inspired Spring Fashion Challenge

vain redrose Winner: Animal Inspired Spring Fashion Challenge

crista wellens Winner: Animal Inspired Spring Fashion Challenge

hamara galtier Winner: Animal Inspired Spring Fashion Challenge

rehana seljan Winner: Animal Inspired Spring Fashion Challenge

ava jhamin Winner: Animal Inspired Spring Fashion Challenge


Fashion Agency in Second Life®

A space of partial illumination, as in an eclipse. It is something that covers, surrounds, or obscures. Article by Prisilla S. Avro - PENUMBRA is one of the latest fashion agencies in Second Life® and is led by the talented Zzoie Zee, owner and creator of Zanze. Zzoie arrived on the grid in 2011. “It’s kind of funny because my RL job as an educational technology and literacy specialist brought me to a tech convention a few years back and every workshop I went to would ask for my Facebook, Twitter, and SL name. I was like, ‘SL name? What is that, and why am I the only person here who doesn’t have an account?’ So I went home to check it out thinking it was some

kind of educational tool, quickly realizing it was anything but; however, by that time it was too late-I was hooked.” Many have had moments where they wonder what keeps them coming back to SL. Zzoie was no different. “As for what keeps me here, that is a great question because sometimes I find myself asking the same thing. In all seriousness, I love what I do in SL. Both designing clothes for the stores and running what I like to refer to as a fashion community (what was once zenshi and now PENUMBRA).”

As Zzoie reflected on the creation of Penumbra she shared a bit of her past. “Since the first day I joined SL, I wanted to create a community that completely revolved around fashion. Where people could actually dress up in great clothes, from great designers and be seen while socializing with friends - so that the only place you saw a cute outfit was not on someone else’s blog. Zenshi (now PENUMBRA), a shopping community consisted of over 40 of the biggest name designers in SL and what started out as 4 sims grew to over 10 at one point. I suppose it sounds kind of crazy that one day I just closed down. But again, there were a lot of things that went on behind the scenes, pushing me to that decision. Ultimately, I think I made the right one. PENUMBRA is also going to be a fashion community sans the residential component; however, it will be one that places more of a focus on stores and designers that create content that can be appreciated not only by the fashion community but by residents from all walks of Second Life®. Our focus is more on brand promotion and marketing our tenants based on their individual needs and goals. So when you rent a store at PENUMBRA, you will receive a long list of services that come with your store. Not only from PENUMBRA, but our amazing partner, Style Kingdom, who really go above and beyond to promote PENUMBRA clients.” The name PENUMBRA is a bit of a clue as to what is coming. Its meaning began this article and Zzoie commented “I thought this symbolism was appropriate for what we are creating. You will have a better understanding of this when the final build is complete. I don’t want to reveal too much!”

“That being said, PENUMBRA is also a place for models. Because we have such frequent shows, it is a great place for models to find consistent work. And finally… PENUMBRA is a place for designers. Our goal is to assist designers on the road to success by providing the most innovative and cost effective brand management available in Second Life®.” “Currently, PENUMBRA is the most active agency on the grid. We have produced a fashion show every other week, since we have opened our runways. However, I think the greatest accomplishment is the amazing team that works at PENUMBRA from our COO Fuzz Lennie to our show producers, retail managers, and so on. Without a hardworking, committed TEAM none of this would be possible. And I stress the word team because that is really what we fact we often tell each other…There is no ‘I’ in PENUMBRA.”

Zzoie has defined PENUBMRA as a fashion community that exists to serve residents who love fashion with three main goals.

In closing, Zzoie had this to share, “Please be patient, until all of PENUMBRA’s services are completed… we have teamed up with some amazing companies such as Style Kingdom, Fashioncentric, SeraphimSL, SL Radio Live and several others to bring Second Life® the best fashion experience yet to be seen on the grid. So… be sure to check back soon!!!!”

PENUMBRA will provide:


1. A social venue where you can be seen 0two/199/46/2502

2. A wide variety of shops to enhance and expand your inventory 3. A place to be the first to see the latest designs by a vast array of creators at one of the many fashion shows that will be created by the PENUMBRA Agency





honey bender Top: Mimikri - Billie Ostrich Feather Top black • SKIRT: ISON - slit pencil skirt (yellow) • CATSUIT: The basic bodystocking in charcoal by Faster Pussycat • BOOTS: BowChicka - Unicorn Boots - recoloured • ACCESSORIES: Earrings: LaGyo "Frizz"; Pug from Birdy (The Arcade gacha) • BAG: Oh la la! ::Cat Bag:: F (Chapter Four gacha)

prisilla s. avro Hat: *LODE* Hat - TIFOLI [browntexture] • hair > [LeLutka]-BOUFFANT base - Bournville • lipstick > Madrid Solo- Romance Couture- Ava Gold- Lips Only • eyeshadow > ::Dulce Secrets:: Something Wild w/ Gold Eyeliner Makeup by AnneAlyce Maertens • necklace > Glam Affair Chainedlink Necklace Black/Gold • jacket > *COCO*_BomberJacket (White) • bracelts > BANGLE LEATHER CC GOLD by Ryca • top > Marshmallows::Roar Tank Top - Alpha • pants > ::Marshmallows::70s Elegant-Beige • shoes > tulip. Peep-Toe Booties (Black) • pet/prop > [Manticore] Orange Siber v2

zionp Outfit: Dress : Revanche V- Neck Retro Dress; Coat : COCO Bomber Jacket in Burgundy • Hair: Ison Amber • Shoes: Boots : Leverocci Leopard Booties in Albino • Skin: Elysium Lena in Creme w/ Freckles • Jewelry: Zibska Georgina Earrings • Makeup: Eyeliner Mons so cute in pink; Lipstick Modish Mattifier Lips

eleseren brianna Lace Shirt - Baroque Fiori - Gizza • Marion Skirt - Sweetness - e! • Caterina Top - Les Petits Details • Precious Bow Choker - Marshmallow (edited) - *BOOM* • Rabbitty Hair Band - Bliss Couture • Bunny Earrings - .llama. • Bunny Ring - baby white - Candy Crunchers • Milky Way / Milky Way2 Bracelets - polly white - [MANDALA} • Oxana Sling Pumps - ColorSet01 - Kitties Lair • CUTE Bunny (with hold animation) - [ MUSCHI ] • Slink Hands - Gesture • Hair - Alyssa Anniversary Edition Hair .:{Rumina}:. • Makeup - [Buzz], League, Blacklace Beauty

beatrice serendipity Sweater: Gizza - Cardigan (Spring) • Pants: Gizza - High Waist Pants • Hair: LeLutka - Marie • Hair flowers Lode -: Bugambilia • Skin: Glam Affair - Amberly - American • Necklace and Earrings: Virtual Impressions - Flower Casade • Bracelet: Mandala - Pearl Rain • Ring: SyDS - Blue Bird • Bag and Dog: TuTy's - Pet Carrier - Chiwawa • Eye Shadow: CCD - Soft Shadow • Eye/Lip: Mock - Iron Oxide Cotton Candy

sazzy oh Sweater: Gizza - Cardigan (Spring) • Pants: Gizza - High Waist Pants • Hair: LeLutka - Marie • Hair flowers Lode -: Bugambilia • Skin: Glam Affair - Amberly - American • Necklace and Earrings: Virtual Impressions - Flower Casade • Bracelet: Mandala - Pearl Rain • Ring: SyDS - Blue Bird • Bag and Dog: TuTy's - Pet Carrier - Chiwawa • Eye Shadow: CCD - Soft Shadow • Eye/Lip: Mock - Iron Oxide Cotton Candy

sera (gig1) Outfit: Maylee Oh - The Secret Store - Sarah Dress Coat - Nude • Hair: Truth Hawks - Truth Hair - Tyr - Light Blondes; Sabina Gully - Magika Hair - Neko ears and tail • Shoes: Onyx LaShelle - Maitreya - Couture Mesh Leggings • Skin: Sanya Bilavio - Vive Nine • Jewelry: kikunosuke Eel - Mandala - OSENBEI necklaace - gold • blackLiquid Tokyoska blackLiquid - ombre slink nails, pink poison matte lipstick; Stacey Olier - Pink Acid - Photo Studio Blush; Julie Hastings White Widow - Planete Pink Face Tattoo; Anara Aeon - Anara's - Neko Whiskers

tyra eiren Outfit: Tiger Inspiration - Mutresse Bra & Semi-open Leggings + *Solidea Folies* Tiger Skirt • Hair: Tuty´s Young Hairstyle • Jewelry: EMO-tions *VARI* Earrings & Necklace • Accessories: FINESMITH GEULA Nose Ring; EMO-tions *NIANI* Bracelets; EMO-tions *EVERLASTING* Forehead Jewelry piece; *Solidea Folies* Headpiece Vers.5 in White • Makeup: *Miamai* Eyeshadow Yuki 07 & *Nuuna* Kati Eyeliner 3 & *Glam Affair* Leah Lipstick 22; Chest Tattoo - GizzA - Bosl Le Rouge Outfit • Shoes: *Medusa Originals* Dorotea Shoes

Rayne Morgan Female Blogger Of The Month By Prisilla S. Avro - Rayne Morgan was born into Second Life® as Vanilajoy in late 2011. When reflecting on her start in SL she remarked “My best RL friend convinced me to join SL. I actually joined it 2 times, because I was so noob the first time that I couldn't figure it out how to play this game.” That is certainly not the truth anymore. Not only can Rayne play the game, she has had many jobs including dancer, model, blogger, photographer, and designer. Her passion for photography is what keeps her coming back for more. “I joined SL mostly for fun. I love video games generally, so I came here from IMVU, and I decided to remain because here you can do much more things. What also keeps me here is because I can do what I always liked, pictures.” Rayne began blogging in July 2012, her drive to express herself via photography being the driving force. When asked about her inspiration she commented “I think I was inspired by the other great bloggers. I liked what they do, what they could do, their talent in photography and styling, so I wanted to try too... But my old PC wasn't that good so I think I was a fail initially.” If she was, that is most definitely a distant memory. Her images on Flickr are quite often highly “starred” and her websites showcase her fashion photography beautifully.

“Always keep your blog clean, well-ordered and updated!” She elaborated on what matters to her as a blogger. “The readers. Without followers and page views you can only blog for yourself. But this is the beginning of everyone. And also the sponsors.” Rayne expressed her enjoyment of blogging. “I like the fun, the feeling and because I can do pictures, the reason I became a blogger and photographer.” She did consider the downside of blogging as well. “Sometimes blogging can be stressful. When you have so many things to blog and you don't know where to start. You have other things to do as well and you feel lost but you need to keep calm and blog new things all the time. So to be a blogger is not as simple as some people think.” Her parting words to our readers were amusing “I hate the lag and love mesh heads.” Rayne is clearly a blogger with a sense of humor and a great deal of passion for her work. Do have a look at her sites and see for yourselves. Blogs: & Flickr:

When asked how she would describe herself and her blogging style she replied “I would describe myself like a playful kid but also as a mysterious female. About my blogging style, I don't even know, at first I added text in all my blog posts, now I add mostly only credits after pictures, but it happens sometimes that I have something to say. I don't add text in every blog post anymore because I don't always have something important to say. So instead of writing unimportant things I rather put only credits. Plus it happens sometimes that I post twice a day. I always put a title to my posts inspired from my pictures or other things, sometimes they may be considered messages for some people, depends if you find yourself there. I generally blog fashion (things I like and suit me), sometimes places, Photoshop tutorials or SL photography.” On the topic of blogging advice, Rayne had this to share.

Parker Droverson

Male Blogger Of The Month

nterview by Saleena Hax - Hello Stylers, Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down and interviewing Style Kingdom's Male Blogger of the Month, Parker Droverson. The conversation was both charming, fun and informative so read on and enjoy! Saleena Hax: What prompted you to start blogging? Parker Droverson: I have always had fun playing with style in Second Life®. Starting my own blog had always been a thought. With some prodding from friends I gave it a shot. The first few posts I was so nervous. No idea what I was doing. Trying to figure WordPress out. Thankfully I had a few friends blogging already that were able to help me out. I've been hooked ever since.

SH: If you could blog for any brand, what would it be? PD: I'd enjoy blogging for Pumpkin. I love the texturing and fit of his clothing is perfect. I find myself popping into Pumpkin just in case I missed something. SH: What is the one thing you wish you had blogged before anyone else? PD: I won't lie. I have been shopping and seen something that inspires me. Then I check blogs right away. Wanting to be the first. Or even worse to find out it’s been out for months and I'm just now spotting it. Which is fine if I like it, no matter what, I will blog it when I can. There have been so many items I wish I could have been first to blog. Most of the shoes from Flite fit into that category, sadly I usually miss out on them.

SH: When you style, do you think ahead to the final picture and try to create a mood around the clothing or do you just let things flow? PD: I'm always thinking of the full final picture. I enjoy being in the setting. If the full picture isn't coming to me I usually slow down or change directions completely. Plus thinking about the full picture lets me play with my other SL passions. Decorating and Landscaping.

SH: Who influences you? PD: In SL so many do. It's great to be out looking around and see someone do something you had never thought of before. We have so many creative people hanging out here. I'm really just trying to show everyone with my blog what inspires me.

SH: What other blogs are you a part of? PD: Right now it’s only Parkers Laundry Basket. Sometimes I feel like I could do more. Other times I don't know how I'm keeping afloat with one.

Thank you Parker! Again, congratulations on being Male Blogger of the Month!! I hope that we may speak again soon and you know we all wish you the very best in the future!

SH: What are some of your favorite blogs and why? PD: because every time I see a post from AJ I feel inspired to blog myself. His styles and sets are great. In, Oakley's posing and angles help me to think outside the box. I just hope it shows time to time. When I see posts from posts on I just think OK, can I use that set when you’re done with it.

SH: Want to do a duo blog post with me sometime? PD: Lets do it!

Parker Droverson's Blog:



Pam Astonia

astralia Skirt.: ryvolter :. Sonja Pencil Skirt - Mustard • Top: .: ryvolter :. Liu Leather Crop Top - Cobalt • Hair: [sYs] BIRDY Hair - Peacock • Shoes: ESQ. + Zareena Sandals / HIGH / Cobalt • Skin: Jahaira by Swallow • Jewelry: FINESMITH BUTTERFLY blue neckpiece • Makeup: +Nuuna+ Ninja makeup (F) • Make up 2: +Nuuna+ Zion 2 makeups (F) • Bag: ESQ. + Manila Clutch / Sweden 02

nickle sparrowtree Outfit: Bowtique - Juliana Dress - Pink - Lace • Hair: TRUTH HAIR Lolita • Shoes:Bowtique - Rabbit Flat • Skin: DeeTaleZ-Skin Cheryl A dark Nordic • Jewelry: EarthStones Diamond Bangles ,EarthStones Love Always Earring,EarthStones Love Always Necklace ,Paint - Easter2013 Bunneh Ears White,Black Bunneh Tail • Makeup:+Half-Deer+ Heart Tattoo on Nose,M I N D B U R Y - Glamour Eyeliners 2, DeeTaleZ-Lip 1

kathleen (katieMichelle) Outfit: Pink leopard cropped jacket /SAFARI; Le petite BodySuit/REVENGE FASHION; Maroon high waisted pants/NYU - DEBUT • Hair:Boys & Girls 47 Dark Brown/DURA • Shoes: Safara -Giraffe- (Carbon)/RULE 83: • Skin: Anais - October 2013/Glance • Jewelry:Kaiya Earrings & Necklace Earth/EARTHSTONES • Makeup: Makeup set Leopard- Grey all/::KK:: Bodyshop • Eyelashes - Wild Full Thick /Maxi Gossamer product. • Lipstick Anais - October - Matted 04/GLANCE • Other accessories: Big Bad Kitty Ears/Faeline Kitty; Club Kitty leopard tail/Pretty Kitties; Leopard Sunglasses/NA

veronicaLynn parx Outfit: [sYs] HANOI shirt (F) - pastel green & Silken Moon Springy Pants Sky • Hair: [kik]mode-atmos D(black) • Shoes: [L.Warwick] Europa -Slingback Platform Wedges- Orange • Skin: [PXL] JADE SK PetalPink MEB C2 • Jewelry: (Kunglers Extra) Gaia - Copper ring Maxi Gossamer- Giselle Opal Set - TANGERINE Earrings & Necklace • Makeup: Madrid Solo- Eye Designs- Shimmer & Madrid Solo- Fantasy Designs- Lillith Fair- Upper Only KOSH- GLOSSY LIPS mango- & Izzie's - Glossy Lip Highlights 3D • Accessory Wings: Fancy Fairy- Kira Green Wings

belladonna wexhome Outfit: Jacket - Dresha in Cream for Gypset Gold - PurpleMoon Creations; Pants - Mahvi Pants in Rose - Miamai • Hair: Lily V2 Hair in Black - Catwa • Eyebrows - Baiastice Wide Eyebrows in Black Mod 2 • Shoes: Grace Sandals in Mirror - Gos Boutique • Skin: n/a • Jewelry: Spring Pastels Set - Lazuri, Monroe Piercing - A.S.S. • Makeup: Eyeshadow - Drama Black - Glamorize • Lipstick - Allure Lipstick in Faded Wine - FIshy Strawberry

payton heron Outfit: *Living Imagination* Going Happy - In the Meadow • Hair: >TRUTH< Eloise - crow • Shoes: .*Courtisane*. Marie Lu Violet • Skin: DeeTaleZ Skin - Skin Elly red lips black smokeyes CARAMEL • Jewelry: je suis...voyante necklace long *plain*; *Chez Geo* chunky bangle (color match) • Makeup: ** BEAUTIFUL DELUXE** SIGNATURE PEARL LIPSTICK 14; ; ** BEAUTIFUL DELUXE** Silk Eye Shadow (Rose); Miamai_Catwalk Lashes_Toxic_Black • Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual

Glam Dreams

Interview with Sandytpr Lysette

Interview by Paradox Messmer - Glam Dreams successfully sells a variety of design styles from cocktail dresses, gowns, to pant suits under the store policy of "Affordable fine casuals and glamorous styles at their most exquisite fashion expressions. "For Glam Dreams designer Sandytpr Lysette, making people happy and giving back to the fashion community is also a big part of her policy. Recently I sat down to talk to Sandy about her blossoming business. Paradox Messmer: I'm pleased to talk to a truly talented lady in the virtual fashion world, Miss Sandytpr Lysette, owner of the clothing store Glam Dreams. Can you tell us how you got your start in the SL fashion world? Sandytpr Lysette: It is truly a pleasure for me to be interviewed by a great Style Kingdom reporter as you are. Well, I used to be a model in Second Life速 when I decided to take some time for

myself to enjoy simple things SL had to offer. Soon I met another designer who asked me to help him with his store. I started working as his store manager, designing assistant, marketing coordinator, and advertising manager. He saw my designing potential and he encouraged me to pursue a designing career. I started designing in a small store next to his. Then moved to my own place with great success. PM: What a great story that is surely inspiring to many aspiring designers in SL! It also gives people a good idea of how to have an advantage when getting started. How have you maximized exposure for your brand? Any fashion fairs, events, and such? SL: With just two weeks in the fashion Industry, Glam Dreams was making a big fashion industry entrance with a successful participation in the Fashion for Life 2013 Fair at the amazing Hanging Gardens of Babylon Sim, that gave my designs a

wonderful exposure and recognition. Soon after, a series of runway fashion shows started with many modeling agencies who started to invite me as their show's designer. PM: Wow, it seems like you were a sensational success right from the start! It's not hard to see why. What kind of range of designs do you offer? SL: Thank you, I appreciate it. I like to design from lovely fine casuals to the glamorous dress. Always design thinking of what the SL lady will need to go to certain activity or venue. My designs are for that lovely cute lady wishing to look great, to the models needing some outfit for a casting. I design affordable clothes, based in editorials from the great designers' daily collections. PM: Wonderful. I'm sure the models thank you for helping them. Speaking of helping people, I heard that Glam Dreams has been involved in some charity organizations and events in SL. Can you tell us a bit about that? SL: "A beautiful woman uses her lips for Truth, her voice for Kindness, her ears for Compassion, her hands for Charity and her heart for Love. For those who do not like her, she uses Prayer." That quote leads my work on SL. We are here to be happy, but happiness doesn't come if we don't share, and help others to be happy too. That’s why I had decided to help everyone coming to me with a good cause looking for any exclusive to help their cause. From the Ronald Mc Donald Charity, to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and the American Cancer Association. PM: That is movingly said and it's always a special gift when creative people use their talents to help charities and good causes, and that I’m sure is a great part of why you're the success you are. Does your store offer special sales events, group gifts, and other acts of customer appreciation? SL: Glam Dreams offers special sales events weekly. The finest group gifts and discounts to our Glam Dreams Group Members as preferred customers, and an amazing exclusives offers in each of our locations grid wide. Glam Dreams subscribers also receive many discount benefits weekly and events, fairs, hunts and any other activity we are participating at that moment. PM: That's great! Sure to keep the customers coming back for more. What are your plans in the near future for Glam Dreams and designing, if I may ask? SL: Glam Dreams’ monthly agenda is full of events. I was much honored to be invited as designer at the prestigious "Passing the Torch" Charity Fashion Event Relay for Life, which will take place in May 2014. That same month, Glam Dreams will join a Wedding Expo, as well as the Miss Mundo Virtual 2015 as sponsor, Several KV Agency Sim events, and in the month of June, the "Wanderlust Fashion for Life Fair" to benefit the American Cancer Association. My goal is to reach more people,

helping them to be happy with an affordable design, and help them to be happy raising money for their charities. PM: Well I certainly think with your charity efforts and your affordable pricing, you will continue to make a lot more people happy in their virtual lives. Thank you for doing all the great things you do for the SL fashion world, Miss Lysette, and for talking with me today. Do you have any advice you'd like to give new designers before we conclude? SL: Yes, I have a great advise: everybody can become a designer. What will really take your brand name far, is what you use your designs for. Always be honest, always help others, never compete, always make friends in the industry and educate yourself in the SL fashion industry. PM: Nicely said and top advice! Thank you again, we look forward to seeing more exciting things from you to come this year!

Glam Dreams: Marketplace: Flickr: & Blog: &



Tempest Rosca

anouk lefavre Shirt: *Fishy Strawberry* New York Deep V Shirt - Beige • Bodysuit: MOLiCHiNO Jourdan Bodysuit - Cream • Skirt: :: PM :: Diana Skirt in Leopard Taupe • Hair: [LeLutka]-KATE hair • Shoes: ELEGANZA by Steffen Garcia, Chocolate • Jewelry: (Yummy) Work Pearls Necklace - White • Accessories: GizzA - Ruffle Bag [Brown] • Skin: *League* Isla Pale Feline

falbala fairey Jacket: ** DIRAM ** BLAKE Blazer in Gold • Top: ** DIRAM ** AMANDA Dress in Nude • Skirt: **Sugar & Cyanide** Freedom in Nature • Gloves: :Adam&Eve: Appliers forSLINK Hands Opera Gloves in white • Nails: ((Crystal Line)) - Fingernails Applier Slink in Nude pointy nails Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Evie Hair • Shoes: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female & BowChicka - Purismo - Heels for Slink High & Medium Feet • Skin: Clef de Peau - Jemma in Pearl-Make up 4 • Eye Makeup: Madrid Solo- Seductress - Silver Eye Cosmetic • Neck & Chin Makeup: +Nuuna+ - Meta in White • Teeths: [label mode] - Hamby teeth • Whiskers: **Hybrid** Whiskers in Rodent White • Ears: ::AD:: Neko Ears in White • Tail: {Lemon Tea} Neko Tail in White

stregavento nguya Outfit: *GIZZA - Wild Seduction, . SHI - Black Leather Jacket, CELOE - mery gloves • Hair: LELUTKA EMELI hair • Shoes: HUCCI - Tottori boots • Skin: [theSkinnery] - Sasha honey • Jewelry: GIZZA - Wild Seduction - earwear • Makeup: MONS- eyeshadow punk black, *MC* - Falsies eyelash, Pink Acid Mascara On My Lashes Top; T spot, LAQ - Freckles 03

diamondGem destiny Top - Silk Blouse in Nude by .:ryvolter:. • Pants - Long Mesh Gaucho Pants in Putty by shine by [ZD] • Hair: Laura Mesh Hair in Lemon Tea by Wasabi Pills • Shoes: Leighton Pumps in Nude by Nineteen Ninety-Two • Skin: Mokatana Jamaica 04 B by Glam Affair • Jewelry: Venus Wild Clasp Ring by Maxi Gossamer • Makeup: Black Eyeliner Series 4 by MONS / Makeups , Dark Eyeshadow in Black by cheLLe and Sylvia Lipstick (Jamaica) 03 B by Glam Affair • Head Accessory - Spring Blossom Antlers in Cream by +Half-Deer+ • Ears - Spring Blossom Deer Ears in Cream by +Half-Deer+ • Hand Accessory - Puggly {Racoon} by .Birdy.

Models who did not provde style cards are not listed

Models who did not provde style cards are not listed

rea quar Top - Ladies Who Lunch : Egg Halter Sunset Red - Mesh • Pant : New Boho Pants sand - Mesh • Shoes: Erratic Clarice mesh sandals pinks • Hair: Amacci Hairs Blond Sphynx • Jewels: In the Sea By Sad; La Menagerie by Chop Zuey

winter zhukovsky Hair: Guinevere in Red by Truth Hair • Makeup: 1. Cat Liner by cStar Limited • Jewelry: 1. Pheasant Feather Earrings by Yasyn's Odds and Ends; 2. Takara Zebra Fur Bangles by Mandala • Shirt/Top: Soft Silky Cropped Blouse in Zebra Glacier by Vive Nine Outfitters • Pants: Grey Mahvi Pants by Miamai • Handbag: Zebra handbag by Laville • Shoes: Alexandra Heels by Pure Poison • Other: Hands/Feet by Slink; Manicure: Les Vernis Classics color by Ma Vie

zoomy bluebird Outifit: Oxford Bag Pants (HUD) - Baby Monkey; Keiko Silk Top (Teal) - 22769 • Hair: Briton College (Soil) - Vanity Hair • Shoes: Walk on Flowers (Mint; Slink addon) - HopScotch • Jewelry: Hoop Mesh Bracelets (Pink) - Bens Beauty; DR Glasses - Death row Designs

teyara mayo Hair @ *ARGRACE* HARUKA - Black • Headset@ LPM + LET The Jasmyne Chapeau - 6 • Lipstick@ Pink Acid Elegant Lipstick - Blood Red • Necklaces@ AZOURY - Essentiel - Necklace (Black) • Jacket@ ***ArisAris AA13 Pointedly Outfit - Top • Pants@ Kaithleen's Wide Leg Trousers with Belt - Red • Bag @ GizzA - Ruffle Bag [Red] Left Hand Bag with Full Accessorie • Prop Eagle@ Flying Bald Eagle - Mesh

MUA Yo u r M a k e U p A d d i c t i o n

Article by Shanty Bookmite, creator and founder I came to Second LifeÂŽ in August 2008, and immediately burst into my passion of fashion, becoming a model and graduating from multiple academies. I entered the Miss Virtual World 2014 competition in 2013 as Miss V Ireland. In February 1, 2013 I decided to establish "{MUA} your MakeUp Addiction" to give free rein to my creativity in RL and SL. Being fond of makeup, I decided to bring my greatest passion (after the fashion) to my SL by sharing my creations with the community. Response has been very positive with customers showing appreciation for my creations through their purchases and their requests for customized products. In October 2013 {MUA} received the certification by Slocca as 100% original products which guarantees that the products you buy are completely original, hand-made and not using existing templates. This means that the products you will find in the main store and at the events in which {MUA} participates are original and found nowhere else. There are many events where you can find {MUA} products. {MUA} has been a part of the Winter Cosmetic Fair Cosmetic and the recent Skin Fair. Where ever you encounter {MUA} you'll find lipsticks, makeup complete sets and nail polish for Slink hands and feet. If you want to give a gift to a friend, {MUA} makes gift cards available in various values which are sure to please. It is also possible to increase the available balance reloading the gift cards through the terminals available in the main store. (The cards can only be used in the main store)The nail polish and the makeups are available in all styles possible so as to satisfy all the needs of customers, from the avant garde to the softer and nude style. {MUA} is able to provide the best makeup style that your outfit

requires giving an added value to your outfit and style at its best, even on the catwalk. This is achieved thanks to a deep and continuous study of the trends of the moment. Furthermore {MUA} provides everything you need to make your festivities unique and special with makeups and nails polish created specifically for every festivity world: Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick's, Thanksgiving, etc. {MUA} is Creativity, Color, Passion, Imagination, Originality and Uniqueness. To stay up to date you can join the inworld group for free through which you can take advantage of discounts and monthly gifts available. Subscribe to the Updater, or follow on Facebook, Flickr or blogs so you do not miss the colorful novelties. If you want to stand out and highlight your style with an unusual and particular makeup {MUA} is perfect for you! You cannot miss! MAINSTORE - FACEBOOK - BLOG - FLICKR -

Wicca’s Wardrobe Article By Wicca Merlin, creator and founder - The opening of my own store was the result of an exciting and interesting journey in my Second Life®. It was something new and I felt like I was jumping into ice cold water wearing leaden shoes. I have had many experiences as a model, there are many designers I know and love – and who encouraged me to get my own things done. Blogging or running shows with the creations of others is so different than showing your own things. I would never want to give one up for the other. Creating my own brand and presenting it to the masses is l ike stripping to less than naked. I have loved fashion for as long as I can remember. The fashion scene of SL has been thrilling me for years. First I started to make my own poses – mainly for my blog posts and some runway shows I did. Friends always asked me why I didn't sell them. My first thought was “Because they are mine.” It took me some time to let go and gather up the courage and pack a few of them up and put them for sale in my own first little store.I cannot describe the feelings when someone buys something that I have made. Every little hunt gift, group gift, design or pose someone’s purchase puts a smile on her face. Dahriel and Malicia encouraged me to build a little pose shop by their shops and I was literally biting her nails, but it seems it worked. Dahriel and I formed the Crazy Connection some time ago and with Malicia the trio was completed. We just moved to a larger place, because all of us needed bigger shops. I found my way more and more into textures and texturing. Making my own textures and trying them on my own creations and ideas, more and more pushed her into a new direction. Finally I got around to making what I had wanted to try for a long time – making clothes. The first

“outing” were my popular “Claw Boots” and I was speechless to see what a huge success they turned out to be. It really makes me happy that my vision of fashion finds acceptance like this, that people love my creations. I am always thrilled like a kid when I see one of my items worn, blogged, in a magazine, or on Flickr. For the future I hope to improve as a designer and to spread my vision of style even more. I still will keep up my blogging, modeling andteaching. My eyes shine when I say how happy I am to have friends who share my vision, each in their own way. Wicca’s Wardrobe: Flickr: Blog: Marketplace:




pierre Hat and Hair: -Entente- Le Soliel Hat & Hair • Brown Sweater: ISON MAN embossed sweatshirt (salmon) • Pants: ::K:: Roll Up Trousers • Bag: / XIAJ / Eenie Leather Bags • Glasses: Ariskea// G a m e r glasses mesh

kamelia Shoes : =Zenith=Dolly Pumps • Coat : The Secret Store - Sarah Dress Coat • Bag : ::{u.f.o}:: rhea saffiano bag • Headband : =Zenith=Headband Ribbon(Snow) •Hair : Tram D207 • Bouquet : VCO Romantic Bouquet

kamelia Shoes : Baiastice_Stefany hair - Brown • Hat : [M*G*S] Bowler Straw hat *Normal*(nose) • Shoes : ::HH:: Hucci Lavan Wedge • Skirt: B.C.C Petite baby Skirts •Shirt: Tee*fy Basic Knot T-Shirt • Bag : =Zenith=#1Rattan Beach Bag • Headwear : =Zenith=Tulips bloom Corolla • Bracelet : ASO! Leather Bracelet-cross(whitexsilver), ASO! Moroccan Bracelet (town-multi) silver, Spicy Hemp by ASO!(bracelet)• Necklace : : {Sleepy Eddy} Pocket Watch Necklace (Gold)

citta Hair : [LeLutka]-FERAH hair • Headpiece: Noodles - Lotus Crown White • Blouse: :pesca:lawn blouse • Skirt: *evergreen*Retoro OP • Necklace: (Yummy) Miss Havisham's Broken Heart • Shoes: ieQED gerda.flat • Bag: +9 picnic set

citta Headpiece: . Liquence . - Flower Crown • Hair: *ARGRACE* HARUKA - Light Browns • Dress: {mon tissu} Lacey Dress ~ Tea Time • Necklace: MG - Necklace - Nima's Fall Leaf Necklace - Long • Shoes: ieQED gerda.flat

pierre Hair: *ARGRACE* Noah - Dark Brown • Shirts: .:villena:. - Button Down in White • Pants: .:villena:. - Chinos in Creme • Shoes: -ATTIC- Sneaky Boots




Models who did not provde style cards are not listed



Rabia Baxton

nariko okawa Outfit : V-Neck White T-Shirt by GizzA; Bubble Bomber by ISON; City Pants by Drift; Cozy Fur Collar by Drift • Hair: Low Hair by Tableau Vivant • Shoes: Escarpin Couture UltraV. by ChicZafari • Skin and Makeup: Skin and Make-up by Glam Affair • Jewelry and Accessories: Fabric-Flower Ring by Shakeup!; Eternum Vintage Antlers by Half-Deer; Papillon Set Eye Accessories by GizzA; The Birkin Bag by Ricielli ; Glasses (exclusive for Model) by B&W; Rare Bolo Bull Tie by ISON; Butterflies and Bird: Nariko's Own~

flidais etchegaray Shirt : Overhigh "Tiger Top" in Blue; {amiable} "Tutu Maxiskirt" in Pink • Purse: Loovus Dzevavor "Nyong'o Hobo Tote" in Placid • Hair: Boon "HYA209 Hair" & Cornrows hairbase in Chocolate • Shoes: CandyDoll "Oxygen II in Brown" • Skin: Deesses Skins "Amanda" in Cappucino • Jewelry: Purple Moon "Noble Earrings" in Wood Mix • Glasses: Yummy "Diane Frames" in Tortoise • Makeup: Deesses Skins

paradox messmer Hair: Aria by MADesigns • Hairbase: This Way by MADesigns • Makeup: Feather Makeup by Vogue • Ears: Steking ver2 by MANDALA • Jacket: Dandy Jacket Peacock by 22769 • Shirt: Oxford by Schadenfreude • Pants: Maya Leggings Peacock by Sn@tch • Necklace: Jewelled Peacock by Maxi Gossamer • Nails: La Griffe- Peacock by Mad' • Ring: Boho Ring by Yummy • Boots: Claw Boots Black Leather by Wicca's Wardrobe • Tail Feather: Peacock Tail by Shar's

jj26 ragu Props:{ Severed Garden} Umbrella- , Birdy/Alchemy- spring babes- ducky • Hair- Tableau Vivant- Low hair (ladies)-blonde • Eyelashes: Del's mesh, FTL • Makeup MONS/makeup-eyeshadow mystery in soft, Lips R.icielli-lipstick 01/04 • Jewelry: Chop Zuey- Take my heart pk/GrnDiam necklace and ring • Sweater dress: [WOLF&I] Isla fisherman sweater-Rain • Leggings- by me jj26 ragu in pastel yellow • Shoes: { Severed Garden} DEMY- aqua

zivaah darling Shirt : * faun Indira Croptop –Ivory; - MOLiCHiNO *MESH* Kay Pants – White; - Faster Pussycat Dementia Dress - canary sculpted top • Hair: - [BURLEY]_Bella_Blacks • Shoes: _CandyDoll_ Gossa Banana • Accessories: - *LODE* Head Accessory - Orchkakis [yellow]; - *LODE* Headwear - Boohoo [plum]; - Glam Affair- Studded Clutch in Noire; - .Birdy. Puggly {Bumble Bee} • Jewelry: - [ glow ] studio - Indian necklace; Baiastice_Spike Studs Leather Cuff-yellow • Makeup: blackLiquid MAKEUP - CHEN GOLDEN •

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