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Individual Project

Individual Project

Conceptualized an interactive system encouraging people to prioritize their mental health.

A set of illustrations chronicling the recklessness of everyday life



Individual Project

Individual Project

A UX project to redesign whatsapp group chat

Landscape paintings with ink and watercolour

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Individual Project

Individual Project

An application to make neighbourhood interaction more smooth and active

Ceramic atrifacts produced by Coiling and Wheel. Experimented with photography of produced artifacts.



Group Project - responsible for user research, application design, backend development.

Individual Project

A system to explore alternate sleep cycles personalized as per the user’s schedule


Bubble Therapy

An interactive system, encouraging people to care for their mental health Our mental health has a huge impact on our lives and ignoring it is just as serious as ignoring our physical health. But this is a realization that our society has been unsuccessful in acknowledging and accepting.

The Problem

4 Instead of acknowledging a mental health problem, we tend to stereotype people who are mentally unfit and also run away from self acceptance

Why people disregard their mental well being Denial


Fear of being judged

Mental health care can be initiated only when people are open to acknowledging their mental unfitness. How might we encourage and enable acceptance of mental health problems

Analysing the current modes of encouraging self-acceptance

SCREENING TESTS People feel repulsed Lack motivation to try them Lack the time and patience

SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS Feel impersonal Generic Sense of unreliablity towards social media


Project goals Identify if someone has a problem

Normalise the issue in their mind

Make them feel secure

Brainstorming People spend a lot of their time in WAITING AREAS. The waiting period is usually an unoccupied time. People are always looking for ways to distract themselves

Not make them feel repulsed by the tool

Leverage the boredom experienced in waiting rooms and utilize the time to engage people in an activity that would make them more aware about their mental health

A diagnostic test - disguised as an interesting game, installed in waiting rooms as a kiosk aimed at diagnosing mental fitness and further encouraging self care through a set of questions.

Making the game appealing

6 Screen displaying questions for the game

POPPING BUBBLES from bubble wraps serves as a great way to pass time for people of all age groups. Silicone BUTTONS shaped in the form of BUBBLES for answering questions

Taking inspiration from silicone bubble squashing keychains,

Attracting people to the game by the idea of popping bubbles. The button pad(used for answering) will be in the form of a silicone bubble pad.

The Kiosk


1.Attract user

2.Start Game


Begins game by popping the glowing Red bubble

The screen displays a series of questions to understand factors like - Behaviour patterns, mood and feelings

Person bored at a waiting area, intrigued by the idea of popping bubbles approaches the game

* Answers are given by bursting bubbles

4.Generates Score

5.Conclude Display a list of helpline Numbers Encourage to talk to a friend Display statistics to show how normal it is



A WhatsApp groupchat redesign concept A project to identify problems and redesign a digital mode of communication. I chose to redesign the whatsapp group chats. A mode of communication used excessively in our daily lives

Link to the- detailed case study -

The Problem The Process Pain Points

9 Whatsapp group chats have become cumbersome due to continous influx of messages in the group. This often leads to group members missing out on important messages. While Whatsapp group in itself has it’s own uses, there is a need to ensure that important messages are communicated well EMPATHIZE




were understood by user interviews, taking my observations and frustrations as kickstarters

PAIN POINT #1 Important messages get missed or are difficult to find

PAIN POINT #2 Difficult to keep track of responses to messages


10 How might we make it possible for users to quickly read only important messages and later catch up on the rest of the chat, if interested.

The Final Idea

Explorations IDEA #1


Introducing Group Bulletins to group chats, a space where Admins can post significant information and messages for group members WHY BULLETIN


Taking inspiration from real life bulletin boards, a tool that people can use to communicate messages of general interest.

Tap on the bulletin cards to view the entire message

GROUP BULLETIN Important messages, to be brought to everyone’s notice can be posted here

REGULAR CHAT While regular chat could also be continued without interruption

PRESET REPLIES Allowing the poster to keep a clean track of replies

CUSTOM REPLY Enabling additional reply feature along


Though important messages are now easily traceable, but when you open the group chat you still have to face the visual clutter of 100+ messages that causes appreciable amount of cognitive load.

Further validating the idea iOS

ACCESS TO BULLETIN MESSAGES WITHOUT OPENING THE CHAT An indication for new unread bulletin messages around the group image, similar to whatsapp status or instagram stories, for quicker access.

I explored the existing interactions and functionalities on the whatsapp home screen to facilitate quick access to bulletin messages.



Existing Interaction Currently, tapping on the group icon, gives options to view the profile image and view group information

Proposed interaction Instead of introducing a new interaction, I modified the existing one.


While, viewing a group photo is not as important as getting crucial information, I adjusted the options available on the pop up screen.





An application to connect Neighbours An application to help bridge disconnect between neighbours and make neighbourhood interaction more active and healthy



15 Our Neighourhoods and societes have immense potential of evolving into strong communities. Living in close vicinity we can provide a lot of support to each other. Due to lack of time and need for personal space we don’t get a chance to put in effort to interact with our Neighbours, hence losing the opportunity of making the most of our Neighbourhoods

Problem Space


Neighbours can be a huge asset in our lives. But reaching out to them is not convenient, despite living in the same society.

An online social platform allowing people to connect with their Neighbours conveniently and freely.

Goals Get support from Neighbourhood. Foster a sense of community and belonging Not violate someone’s personal space. Avoid indulgence in badmouthing and negativity.

Insights from user research “I usually ask my next door Neighbours to collect my courier, but when they are not there I feel hesitant in asking someone else to do the same” - Rashmi Wilson “I am not looking for a strong friendship, but I wish I could find company to play badminton, atleast on weekends” - Ashsish Tripathi


Competitive Analysis myGate


Majorly concerns with personal home main-

It is a Q&A based app allowing users get information

tainance and security.

about their society. Supports 8 Indian languages.

Has a “Community� section but only involves

Difficult to filter information or find an already

planning events and starting discussions

discussed topic

Why people interacted with Neighbours

Affinity Mapping I further examined the data to understand which of them were similar and could be grouped. This helped me narrow down to the following required features


Information Architecture


Get Started

Assistance from Neighbours

Enter City

Enter Society

Onboarding and personalization

- Recommendations for nearbuy shops, schools - Borrow items from Neighbours - Help with moving and shifting Homepage

Events and Activities - Organize Festivals

Get help from Neighours

Get Recommendations

Borrow Items

Moving and Shifting

- Play dates for kids - Plan sports activities

Home-run Business

Post about your homerun business

Find Services

Events and Activity

Plan an event

Search event by type

Filter services by category

- Plan Lunches Search event by date

Homerun Businesses - Lunch Delivery Services - Tuition Classes - Home Bakeries - Home Clinics

Reach out to society office

Plan an event

Register a complaint

RSVP to an event

Wireframes I tested the wireframes on users by asking them to perform a set of actions. Based on the response, I iterated on the designs and the language used in the application.


To emphasize the sense of a two way relation between neighbours, the homepage was split in two main sections. Offer support to neighbours in need Utilize the benefits of your community Prioritised upfront visibilty of actions that residents usually look for Feed is made visible on scrolling down Queries by neighbours are made visible on homepage, as a query distinctly visible on homepage is more likely to get answered than one buried in navigation hierarchy. We normally wouldn’t voluntarily put in effort to answer queries

High fidelity mockups


The entire feed is shown on the home page on scrolling down

Post dispalyed as invites to make them more welcoming

A description about the poster to establish a sense of trust

Paying extra attention to details of most importance i.e the purpose of the post


Sleep Intelligent

A system to explore alternative sleep cycles personalized as per user’s schedule


The Problem

Swamped up with coursework, lecture and co-curricular activities, a lot of students at our college were facing trouble with their sleep cycle, which left them feeling tired and sleepy throughout the day.

Twice a day

More than twice

6-8 hrs

User Research 4-5 hrs

Once a day

Lot of students do not get adequate sleep due to inefficient time management.

Being conditioned to complete the entire sleep cycle in the night time, very few utilized the midday time to catch up on sleep.

What sleep cycle do you follow ?

How many hours do you sleep in a day

As most of the students face difficulty in catching up on sleep by following the monophasic cycle, we conducted Academic Research on various alternate sleep cycles and their effectivenes. Biphasic, Triphasic, Everyman sleep, Uberman’s sleep

Key takeaways Sleep is completed in intervals over the period of 24 hours Could be suitable for people who find it difficult to get sleep in one go at night.

We decided to try out the


Why Biphasic ?

BIPHASIC CYCLE(Sleeping in 2

Known to reduce

As it involves only 2

A hugely tested meth-

periods over 24hrs) on certain

stress and improve

cycles, it is easily adjustable

od before the industrial

subjects to understand its

mental clarity

to existing routine


effectiveness. Based on people’s schedule,

Using a motion sensor to

recommend them sleep

detect sleep stage(deep or

timings split in 2 phases. A

light), wake up the user in

core night sleep of 4-5 hrs

light sleep so that get up

and a midday sleep of 20-90

feeling refreshed despite less


sleeping hours.

Sleep hours


Sleep hours


Day 1

1:30-8:30 AM 5-6:30 PM

Not too relaxed

Day 4

1:30-8:30 AM 3-4 PM

Day 2

1:30-8:30 AM 2-4:00 PM

Trouble waking up in the afternoon

Day 5

2-9:30 AM 2-4 PM

Feeling good with the new cycle

Day 3

2-8:30 AM 2-4 PM

Day 6

1:30-8:30 AM 5-6:30 PM

Feeling good with the new cycle

Trouble falling asleep

Felt good in the morning

Motion sensor based sleep cycle detector Detects phases of deep and light sleep Works with PIR motion sensor connected to Arduino. Triggers an alarm at the light sleep phase close to the scheduled wake up time

The tracking device is placed on the bedside table

Sleep intelligent Mobile application Suggests and allocates biphasic sleep timings, based on people’s schedule Date picker format inspired by Apple’s Health app

Making the allocated interval easy to recognize by mentioning the task closest to the interval

Personalized sleep schedule

Add sleep schedule

Editable midday schedule - as there are various 20-90 mins break in the schedule. Users can edit as per their convenience.

We realized that adding a schedule is a very tedious and boring task. Most college students have similar schedules on a particular weekday, so we provided options to reuse previously set schedules



Add Schedule

View Schedule and edit schedule

Sleep log A space to record your post sleep thoughts and analysis of sleep quality. This can further be used to evaulate the success of biphasic cycle


25 Illustrations chronicling the recklessness of everyday life




Tranquil Watercolour and ink


Kumhaar Pottery and Photography






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