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CREATING CHARACTERS Join the inspiring Hans Boodt world and view our brand new magazine.

5th issue, Magazine Hans Boodt Mannequins Spring/Summer 2013.



WELCOME. “Creating Characters” is Hans Boodt’s credo. Hans Boodt Mannequins has carved a special place in the world of vision, ambiance, style, feel and design by the sheer uniqueness of its mannequins. We travel the world, we get inspired, we learn, we create and we love to share those experiences with you. Right in front of you is a follow-up (the next issue) of our newsletter, which by now has grown into a must-have magazine! We hope, while reading and flipping through the pages, you will enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed creating it. Now you see… creating does not only concern creating fibre glass mannequins or making a newsletter. We hope we can create a smile of cheerfulness on your face as well!




6. THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY Casual Friday collection by Hans Boodt Mannequins.

10. FIND YOUR HOME TO MOOOI Hans Boodt in cooperation with moooi during Salone del Mobile.

12. CREATING CHARACTERS The creating characters process of a mannequin step by step.


Our Super Future winner with an exclusive interview.

22. WHEN HE MET HER A romantic night in Rotterdam.

26. SPRING / SUMMER 2013 View Hans Boodt’s lookbook.

30. MOOOI AT ISALONI DEL MOBILE On occasion of the 52nd edition of the Salone del Mobile.

36. LONDON CALLING A windowshop trip to this inspiring city.

44. A NIGHT AT THE CLUB The latest make up trends.


The new finish by Hans Boodt Mannequins.


Casual Friday composition at Hans Boodt Mannequins showroom in Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands.


LET’S START THE WEEKEND CASUAL FRIDAY MALES AND FEMALES The weekend is here! Our Casual Collection needed a weekend edition, so we added poses which gives you an indication it is time for chillaxing. These are the last 2 hours at work before taking off. Ready to rumble after a full & busy working week. These male & female know exactly when to turn off their diligent work-ethics and slide into the weekend to let their hair down, Fridaying it Up, move those Friday Feet, put on their Friday Finest and Spent the weekend at Bernie’s. Casual sitting positions on office chairs to present your products in an edgy way. Experimental with heights… BOOM! There is your store’s marvel !! This new and astonishing collection is only available per prepack set of 3 including the chairs. A pack of 3 will give you building opportunities in numerous heights to play with on your weekend. Every additional pose (+ chair) can be added to the pack of 3. THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY.





M 3901

M 3902

M 3903

F 3902

F 3903


F 3901

Available in special MP matt grey including the chair in matching color. Any other color is available on order.

More info: www.hansboodt.com, info@hansboodt.com or call +31 (0)78 623 11 00.


HANS BOODT IN COOPERATION WITH MOOOI DURING SALONE DEL MOBILE. On occasion of the 52nd edition of the Salone del Mobile, Moooi has prepared an entire collection of refreshing new designs and surprising experiences that will be revealed at an unexpected location, this in cooperation with Hans Boodt Mannequins. Moooi’s biggest gift to the public was to reveal how a wide empty space can be magically transformed into several iconic, rich and colourfully dressed living quarters at Via Savona. This assortment of interior environments were decorated with an inspiring variety of patterns and colours to embrace any kind of space and make people of different ages, cultures and personalities fall in love with their homes. The living quarters were furnished with items from the current collection & many new, exciting creations by Marcel Wanders, Studio Job, Joost van Bleiswijk, Edward van Vliet, Neri & Hu, Nika Zupanc, Moooi Works/Bart Schilder, Bertjan Pot, Raimond Puts, Lorenza Bozzoli and ZMIK. This unexpected home vision brought to life a whole world of new ideas and inspiring settings to brighten up daily life with a touch of magic. It represents a place where visions converge and where every traveller can stop to admire the perfect eclectic mix of culture & experiences that make a home environment more beautiful and unique. To take a virtual visit go to the Moooi website:www.moooi.com

Next Event:

HANS BOODT WILL BE THE PRESENTING SPONSOR DURING THE IRDC (Retail design conference) FROM SPETEMBER 17-19 VANCOUVER. For more info go to :irdonline.com


Moooi’s presentation at Salone del Mobile.


CREATING CHARACTERS. Creating a mannequin is to bring something “into life”. A lot of work has already been done before the first mannequin rolls of the production line. We would like to give you a bit of insight into the process flow of creating a character, so you can visualize how big a project just 1 model actually is. Creating starts out with a concept, a sense, an idea…



“ together with his expertise and knowledge of materials and Hans Boodt’s vision ”



After weeks and sometimes months of preparation, market research, the resources of our imagination and careful focusing in on the end result, Hans Boodt captures this creation process into words, images, mood boards and technical specifications to form a briefing for Hans Boodt Studios.



The sculptor will start our design and together with his expertise and knowledge of materials and Hans Boodt’s vision, we will create a new model. During this process slight changes will still be possible to enhance the pose or to smoothen anatomical features.




When the end result of the clay model is confirmed by Hans Boodt’s design department, the studio will create a prototype from clay model. The first mold will be made by the sculptor, to be send to our factories. Production molds will be made from the Mastermold so quantities in production can be made. Every few hundred items a new production mold is made from the master mold to ensure the same quality.



Lamination is the process of applying several layers of glass fibre into different parts of the production. After this process and all the fittings have been concluded the mannequin will be put together.




After the different parts of the mannequin have been put together, the production continues by sanding the mannequin. All the separate parts need to be exactly right so that they will have a smooth “fit�. The surface needs to be immaculate before the final treatment can commence.



Now the time has come to give the mannequin its final color, fabric, finish or make up. The goods need to dry completely before they are ready to be packed securely.




While the mannequins are drying in a dust free environment our Hans Boodt Quality Control takes place. Quality Control checks throughout the whole production process, but the essential control is the one at the end of the process; does the final product meet all Hans Boodt’s standards in all respects, does it answer clients special requirements etc.?



The goods need to be securely packed in cartons, Because they are in for a long voyage at sea to any one destination somewhere on this globe. We make sure that when the mannequins are unpacked at their final destination they still look stunning!

Scan the QR code to see the complete movie.

“ Quality Control checks throughout the whole production process, but the essential control is the one at the end of the process. ” 17

SUPER FUTURE CONTEST Remember our super future contest last year?

In cooperation with Super Future, Hans Boodt Mannequins held a contest in April 2012. The question; “Ever wanted to immortalize yourself?” was answered by a great many readers of Super Future’s Web and all of Hans Boodt’s FB followers. All of whom sent photos of themselves.


WINNER ANGELO After some deliberation the jury decided on the photo of Angelo. The process of the clay model could be followed on Hans Boodt’s FB fanpage and finally we have a life size mannequin bearing the name Angelo. The fun part; He lent us his jacket, shirt & bracelet, from the original picture he sent in to join the contest, so we could do a photoshoot of the endresult! Not all famous celebrities have bad attitudes, they can be friendly and helpful too;)


Super Future winner Angelo with his “mate”.


AN INTERVIEW WITH OUR WINNER ANGELO FROM THE SUPER FUTURE CONTEST You had to take a very creative picture of yourself, how did you to choose this particular pose? Actually it came to me right away, I didn’t really have to think too long about it. The next step was finding some cool clothes and then I just took the photos straight away. I took them in my parents’ garden. It was as simple as that. The pose I used, has been used by a lot of celebrities. Pretty uncomplicated, but I thought it was a pretty neat idea for a mannequin, I had certainly never seen it before!

“ The pose I used, has been used by a lot of celebrities. Pretty uncomplicated, but I thought it was a pretty neat idea for a mannequin ” The clothes you’re wearing are very colorful, how would you describe your clothing style? I’d say the clothes I wear are pretty much “out of the box”. You can find me wearing a dress shirt with Clarks one day and the next day I’ll be wearing a classic Air max or Nike Air Jordan with a nice Tee or something. This is exactly what I am! When somebody looks at me I want that somebody to think that I am a mix of different clothing styles, a bit of a hipster, a bit of a skater, a bit urban. I really think that a lot of guys are too involved in a certain hype (they may do this consciously or not), but by doing so they completely lose their own individuality. It is so much nicer to create your own unique style. What does fashion mean to you? Fashion is a big part of my life, I spend a lot of time keeping up with the latest trends. On the other hand I just choose the kind of clothes I really like. Especially shoes, I love all different kinds. I have been collecting sneakers (especially Nikes and Jordan’s) for the last 5 to 6 years. When people hate a shoe and think it is really ugly, that’s when I say: “I want that one, just because it is so ugly”. I think that’s fantastic. You won’t see a lot of people wearing those shoes, that’s for sure. I hope to have my own web shop pretty soon, geared to the “Sneaker scene”. What was your first reaction when you heard that you’d won? Absolutely fantastic! I was flabbergasted! I just loved the exciting way

in which the results were announced. Let me tell you a secret… I am really very proud that Hans Boodt has made a mannequin of me, me being a Dutch guy. This is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I am just so lucky to have this happening to me. It’s totally bizarre! And I can definitely use the prize money to start the web shop I’ve been dreaming of. I’m going to sell secondhand sneakers in my web shop. So I’m totally thrilled!

You had the opportunity to follow the complete process of making a mannequin, starting from clayup to the final product. How did you like that? It was pretty strange to see myself being reborn! I had absolutely no clue how all this would be done. It was really cool to see it happen first hand. Now I have a twin brother for all eternity! You are now completely immortalized! How do you like the end result? It’s actually kind of scary! He looks exactly like me. You guys did an amazing job. To think that so many people were busy creating a mannequin which is my mirror imagine, it’s just too bizarre for words.

“ It’s actually kind of scary! He looks exactly like me ”

What does it feel like to have a twin brother and to have a photo taken of the two of you? I never really wanted to have a twin brother, kind of weird, the same thoughts, the same clothing style and things like that. But this, of course, is totally different. It’s all cool as long as he doesn’t move and isn’t too pigheaded, ha ha ! It feels really strange to be standing next to my “twin brother”. I’m sure this is something not too many people will ever experience. It’s first-class! If you could choose any place in the world, which shop window would be your absolute favorite? Really, I don’t care. I think it’s just so fantastic to be in a shop window anywhere in the world. I would be very hard pressed if I had to make a choice. It would be great to be in a window and have people think: “that mannequin perfectly suits that brand in that store”, making me totally fit in the complete picture of the store. Thinking about seeing myself in a shop window just gives me goose bumps. It is just too cool!




“ . . t e m e w w o “H A romantic love story in Rotterdam. Last night is WHEN we met, lightening struck, that’s HOW we met. We know that in this ever-changing world experiences can be short or long lasting, deeply touching or just plain fun, here today and gone tomorrow or growing into wonderful bliss. But we don’t care about what happened yesterday or what will happen in the future, we care about the present cause we both have our whole lives ahead of us and the world at our feet.

We have the same taste in music, we share the same passion; fashion, art & literature. We love to visit stylish events, but we know our way at Wasteland as well. And we definitely loved our last night conversation, our future is bright our options are endless. So let’s make this moment worthwhile and get some human interaction along with the thunder and lightning we both felt when we looked into each other’s eyes!

Hans Boodt presents the Kissing couple. Available in realistic and abstract version, only as a set of two. CREATED BY HANS BOODT DESIGN DEPARTMENT

^ 24


Female changing faces.


Male changing faces.

NEW BY HANS BOODT DESIGN DEPARTMENT Want to change the facial expression of a mannequin? Here the solution. Hans Boodt created a unique system; a mannequin with two different face shields. These heads, available in male and female version can be placed on every position on request. For more info contact Hans Boodt Mannequins. info@hansboodt.com or call +31(0)78 623 1100.






A SOURCE OF INSPIRATION! April is our favorite month! Not only because spring really starts blossoming, but even more because of the yearly interior design fair in Milan. During the week of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile Milan is dedicated to interior design, design and innovation. People come to Italy from all over the world to be inspired by the latest trends in living and lifestyle. Dutch Design is strongly represented as always and it’s pure enjoyment to visit the beautiful and interesting stands of Design Academy, Moooi, Aldo Bakker, Phillips and many more. However, the real place to be are the outdoor locations. For the last ten years Zona Tortona has been known for being the creative solution for the saloni, but this year, for the second time in a row, the “absolute place tobe” has to be district Ventura. The exposition of Karl Lagerfeld “The little black jacket”, Droog and Moooi were real eye catchers with a lot of international attention.

Droog design

Ventura at work


Spazio Rossana Orlandi





The little black jacket Karl Lagerfeld


Droog design


LONDON CALLING Just like Milan, UK’s capitol is one of the leading capitols in the world of fashion. London Fashion Week took place right after New York Fashion Week in February 2013.

As in the past, London has always been a very important city inspired by the latest trend in fashion and design. Hans Boodt Mannequins is, of course, interested in what is shown on the catwalk, but what really provides us with the best ideas and stirs our imagination, are the streets & its people, the shopwindows, the decoration used, the settings created, the indoor


atmosphere, the prevalent colors in shop fitting, new gadgets or new innovative ways to present merchandise, the use of in- and out- door signing and what music is being played in the stores to attract their target group? So, once again, we created a collection of impressions for you from our last London visit in February 2013.

Forerver 21, London.


TOP SHOP. Oxford street




BEN SHERMAN. East London

HACKETT. Regent street

ZARA. Oxford street



Hans Boodt Mannequins for Top Shop, London.





East London

East London



A NIGHT AT THE CLUB. How to make the ultimate statement if you already posess the best fashion has on offer, if you already cut, pasted, colored, weaved & styled your hair according to the latest trend ? Well, take out your color box and start creating some art on your eyelids, eyebrows and lashes!! Bright colors to attract attention, overdo to accentuate, and completely break with the constraints of limited space. Go out and explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, boldly go where no man has gone before. That’s how you make a statement in today’s world! Special make up created by Hans Boodt Mannequins design department.




Hans Boodt proudly presents a new and unique finish which has been specially developed for their products.


Innovation has always been a top priority of Hans Boodt design department. The new patented MP finish which has been developed proves this once again. This unique finish is available in a variety of colors and ensures the Hans Boodt mannequins have an even more natural look.

The patented MP finish has been developed with great care and extreme precision, ensuring the high quality of the mannequins. The MP finish is available in a variety of colors and each MP delivery comes with a special MP quality label with additional information. It’s an important innovation which doesn’t only provide the Hans Boodt mannequins with better and richer appearance, but even more important, it provides an everlasting beauty!

The MP finish is matt, 100% anti scratch and feels stretchable giving the mannequins a soft touch and providing them with a richer look.

For more info go to www.hansboodt.com or contact info@hansboodt.com.




HEAD OFFICE HANS BOODT MANNEQUINS Merwedeweg 6 3336 LG Zwijndrecht The Netherlands +31 (0) 78 623 1100 info@hansboodt.com


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