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Summer 2012


A Steadfast Philanthropist PM#40787580


Hartley Richardson gives to help Winnipeg shine


• Get Your Motors Running • Let Them Be Your Guide

EAGLE NEST LODGE Boat-in or y Fl

Onl y

THREE NIGHT CORPORATE RETREAT Your 3 night package includes:

• Pickup at boat or float plane base 3pm - return 3pm/day 4 • All meals and private accommodations included • Personalized welcome banner, drinks and appetizers upon arrival • Large private meeting room facility available • Guide service – 2 ½ days (one guide per 2 guests) • 18’ deluxe boat with swivel seats, 40 hp. 4 stroke motor & gas • Bait, fish processing, packaging and motor insurance

COMPLETE PACKAGE Boat in: $1290 ea. Fly in: $1490 (minimum 4 people to fly) *taxes extra - $105*

Also suitable for families or avid fishing outings Additional guide service ($195) for 2 people per day - available on request $75 a night – separate bedroom request (if available)

Call or email: Jessica Pedruchny 1-800-665-0232 or 1-204-884-2301 Website:

Deposit: $300.00 per person confirms your enjoyment at… EAGLE NEST!!



rying to keep up with Brian Beveridge, Partner in MNP’s Technology Consulting group, is a challenge at work or at play. Passionate about his profession, Brian is focused on maintaining a healthy work-life balance. In his spare time he dedicates himself to the sport of kiteboarding and has been a part of using the sport as a platform to raise money for cancer, a cause close to his heart. He is also working to help bring it international recognition as a demonstration sport in the 2016 Olympics. Both in work and in his personal life, Brian is inspired by the excitement of being surrounded by constant innovation and change. For nearly 30 years he has watched the evolution and rapid adoption of technology in his work. “It’s never boring; there’s always something new,” he says. He feels the same kind of excitement when thinking about kiteboarding—which can take place both on open water and over snow and ice. When Brian first started kiteboarding, it was still a fairly new sport and not many people near Winnipeg were doing it. “When we first started going out on the lakes, there would be about a half a dozen people out there,” he says. “Now

we go out and there are 40 people on the water. I’ve seen it evolve from the early days to today, and now I get to see the next step, which is it being recognized as a legitimate sport in the Olympics.” For more than a year Brian has served as Prairies Representative on the board of the Canadian Kiteboarding Association, the official governing body for kiteboarding in Canada. “We’re more than 90 per cent sure that it’s going to be a demonstration sport in 2016 as a part of the sailing discipline,” he says. Kiteboarding has also become a way for Brian to help raise money for cancer, a disease which has touched his life deeply as both of his parents have struggled with it. Working with the Canadian Cancer Society, Brian was part of Kiteboarding 4 Cancer fundraising events in Regina and Winnipeg in both 2009 and 2010, which raised around $50,000 for the cause. Insurance issues have delayed the next event but he is working with the Society to find a solution. With everything on Brian’s plate, he admits that finding balance can be a challenge. “They call it a ‘balance’ for a reason,” he says, explaining that he can’t always give each of his commitments equal attention. For him, the key is working on projects you are passionate about and being part of a team who shares the same core values. “The biggest thing for me at MNP is having other partners who are of a similar bend. These people are pretty intense; they are leaders in their practice areas and they work hard. But they are also very involved with their families, the community and charity work, or are into a sport of their own. And everyone finds a way to make it work. It’s a culture where everyone respects the work/play/live balance and we support each other to make it possible.” To learn more about MNP, visit

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10 20 A Steadfast Philanthropist: Hartley Richardson gives to help Winnipeg shine


14 Get Outdoors Let Them Be Your Guide: Three options for a summer fishing adventure

16 Revved Up Get Your Motors Running: Sunday Night Cruise Night


8 City Essentials Toys for Big Boys: Buying Your First Boat? What you need to know

20 Men’s Fashion FORE! New looks to have you looking sharp on the fairways

24 In the Kitchen Recipes to impress from Chef Darryl Crumb

25 Men About Town The latest events and info on Winnipeg Men Magazine and our advertisers

26 What’s In Your Bag? Mike Coghill, Assistant Professional/ Pro Shop Manager, Niakwa Country Club

29 The Last Word With Tom McGouran and Joe Aiello

SUMMER 2012 |



Winnipeg Summer 2012

The guide for living local


Photo by Ian McCausland

Summer 2012: Volume 8, Issue 2


he world can always use a little more hard work and kindness. The kind rooted in those people that care and devote themselves to creating a better world for those

around them, even the ones that are strangers. This issue’s cover story focuses on a Winnipeg man with that kind of steadfast dedication ingrained in his spirit – Hartley Richardson. A hard-working businessman, family man and philanthropist, he’s always thinking of how he can help make this a better Winnipeg. Further in the issue you’ll find ways to entertain guests over our hot summer months. From food to drink, we’ll tell you what’s hot enough to match our temperatures. If you want to know where to find the hottest rides in town, be sure to read our feature on Sunday Night Cruise night. You’ll also find information on our annual Pursuit Test Drive event – just another part of the summer excitement at Winnipeg Men magazine. Summer in Winnipeg – it doesn’t get any better.


hen I think about summer, mouth-watering barbeque, football training camp and kicking back at the lake are just a few of the things that come to mind.

The weekends are made for those things, and through the pages of this issue we’ll tell you how to do each of them right. Whether you need a cool look for hitting the links, want to find the perfect boat for water-skiing, to impress guests with a new barbeque recipe, or to find a new get-away for a weekend fishing trip, we’ve got it all. You want summer? You’ve got it.

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COVER CREDITS Photography by Ian McCausland

6 | SPRING 2012

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city essentials

TOYS FOR by Kelly Parker

Buying Your First Boat? What you need to know.



t’s a nearly irresistible icon of freedom on a hot Friday afternoon as you sit stifled in traffic: another vehicle edges past towing a boat on a trailer. You just know that it’s not likely to be more than a couple of hours in any direction before that boat is out on the open water, thoughts of the city left far behind for its occupants. The two situations couldn’t be more different. With so much prime boating to be had within city limits on the Red, and on a lake within a couple of hours in any direction, boat ownership seems like it should be a birthright. So, if you’re ready to pull the trigger, we’ve done some homework for you. The first thing you need to know is that you don’t need to do much research at all. “If you don’t do any homework, that’s ok. It’s part of our job to help you to make the appropriate choice for your needs,” says Jeff Snowdon, General Sales Manager at Rond’s Marine, dealer of brands like Crestliner, Bayliner and Crownline in Winnipeg.

8 | SUMMER 2012

Snowdon says that before you start shopping, you should answer a few key questions, the most important of which is, what you are going to be doing with the boat? Are you a couple in your 60s who are just going fishing once in awhile, or do you have a young family and want to take your kids and have some fun, or both? How many people will be in the boat on most occasions? That will help determine the size you need. Do you have a cottage, or a regular campsite, or are you planning to trailer it from home every weekend? Where are you going to be using your boat? If it’s on a small lake, you shouldn’t be looking into getting a boat that requires some space to operate safely. “These are all questions we’re going to be asking you to help you determine the right set-up. A lot of times people will come in and tell us exactly the boat that they want,” says Snowdon, “and after qualifying them that way, they find out that it’s not even the boat they should be looking at, so we have to kind of point them in the right direction.”

Keep in mind that once you’ve selected your boat, you need to make sure you’re set up with the necessary on-board kit required by the Canadian Coast Guard, namely things like tow ropes, paddles, personal floatation devices (life jackets) and the like, all of which Rond’s will sell you as a kit. The manufacturers have done a good job of outfitting their boats with all of the accessories you’ll need for whatever you plan to do with the boat, but Snowdon also recommends getting GPS with mapping so that you don’t remove the bottom of your new boat on some underwater obstacle, like the earth, for example. Other things to be considered include issues as simple as where you plan to keep the boat in the off-season. “People need to think about winterizing costs and storage,� says Snowdon, “are they going to shrink-wrap it or just cover it themselves, do they have a garage to keep it in over the winter? People sometimes don’t consider costs like insurance (which by the way, is only mandatory for the trailer, but is a generally smart idea, no?) that go along with owning a boat.�

Speaking of trailers, keep in mind that once you’ve picked out your yacht and its trailer, you have to have a vehicle that is the appropriate size and power to be able to safely tow it to the water, even if that happens just once a year to the cottage or a permanent campsite. As Snowdon explains, “If you get a certain sized boat in Manitoba, there is going to be a requirement to have brakes on the trailer. If you buy a big pontoon boat, you can’t be planning on towing it behind a light SUV, because out on the road, the boat is going to tell that vehicle where it’s going.� Presuming it’s you in control behind the wheel and not the boat you’re towing, Rond’s Marine will ask all the right questions to make sure you drive out of the lot with the right combination of equipment to get out of that traffic and out on the water after a long week at the cube farm. One last thing: try to resist the temptation to smirk at the driver in the car beside you, drooling at your new toy. Bad form. m

The Operator Card Properly called the Pleasure Craft Operator Competency program, but commonly known as the “Operator Card,� Transport Canada regulations require all operators of pleasure craft fitted with any type of motor and used for recreational purposes to carry proof of competency (POC) on board. POC indicates the boater has a basic level of boating safety knowledge required for safe recreational boating. In the past, anyone of any age could operate a recreational boat without any minimum boating safety knowledge, experience or training. These requirements were introduced in 1999 in response to boating deaths and injuries, with the goal of improving safety on Canadian waterways.






SUMMER 2012 |



Hartley Richardson gives to help Winnipeg shine

10 | SUMMER 2012

A Steadfast Philanthropist By Holli Moncrieff

“For everyone to whom much is given, of him shall much be required.” -- Luke 12:48


t an age when most children are learning the alphabet, Hartley Richardson was already being taught the importance of giving back to his community. “I was brought up to believe in this. I had wonderful role models in my parents and grandparents,” he says. “It’s important to give back to the community, not just financially, but with time and energy.”

19 years, what many people may not know is the extent of his impact on the city. When famous sculptor Leo Mol first approached the city about donating his collection, he was turned down. It was Richardson who contacted then-mayor Bill Norrie and told him he thought the city had made a mistake. The result is the

Overture, and thought ‘why can’t we have one of these in Winnipeg?’” Richardson recalls. A number of years ago, he was an integral part of the group that partnered with Mark Chipman and the Chipman family to build the MTS Centre. “We needed a new arena if we ever hoped to secure an NHL team and now, thanks to Mark’s persistence, we have the Jets back. Bringing the NHL back has had a far greater impact than anyone could have imagined, especially on our youth. Young people are proud to be a part of the community that brought back this team. It was an important part of putting Winnipeg back on the map where it properly belongs.” Richardson declared. “Our city’s inferiority complex is hopefully a thing of the past. Winnipeggers have a habit of being far too hard on themselves.”

And give back he has. In addition to being Chair of Assiniboine Park Conservancy, Richardson gives his time to many other charitable organizations and boards, including the TransCanada Trail Foundation, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Charter for Business, and the Western Canada Aviation Museum. He is past Board member of Manitoba Opera and served as Campaign Chair of the 2004 United Way of Winnipeg campaign. He currently serves as Chair Hartley and other dignitaries at the ribbon-cutting of the Though Richardson has dediof the Canadian Council Richardson Centre for Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals cated substantial financial aid of Chief Executives, is and time to many charitable a member of the World causes, perhaps one of his Economic Forum Global scenic Leo Mol Sculpture Garden, one of greatest gifts to the city is his unwavering Leaders of Tomorrow, and is a National the most beloved attractions at Assinioptimism about Winnipeg’s potential. Advisor for Free The Children. boine Park. “A lot of people have said you have to be “I have to do a better job of saying no,” The park’s Lyric Theatre was inspired by a in Calgary, Vancouver, or Toronto to run a he laughs. trip Richardson took to London, England. successful business, and obviously that’s not true. Everything about the city—the While Richardson is well known as being “I was sitting on the grass at an outdoor arts, culture, proximity to the lakes, the the president of the family business, James concert, listening to the William Tell feeling in this city—makes it different from Richardson & Sons, Limited, for the past

SUMMER 2012 |


Hartley with Margaret Redmond at the Nature Playground at Assiniboine Park

A recent commitment from the City of Winnipeg of

50 million dollars has propelled the Assiniboine Park project halfway toward its 200 million dollar goal.

12 | SUMMER 2012

any other place. Winnipeg has always been home,” he says. “Things have changed. Young professionals who had previously moved away have come back. They didn’t really want to leave, but they felt they had no choice. Now they feel they have opportunity here.” He refuses to back down from any challenges, instead viewing them as opportunities. “The Assiniboine Park project was full of challenges. When I saw that the swings in the playground were the same ones from when I was a child, I knew it was time to raise the bar,” says Richardson. “We quickly realized there was so much that needed to be done, it was hard to know where to start. There were people who didn’t understand the vision and the opportunity in the redevelopment of the park, and the challenge was to change those attitudes and not be deterred by the negativity. Each of us faces challenges of varying degrees on a daily basis. I try to attack them with a positive attitude.” A recent commitment from the City of Winnipeg of 50 million dollars has propelled the Assiniboine Park project halfway toward its 200 million dollar goal. “I’ve always been interested in the park. It’s a place I used to go to with my grandparents and my parents, and my wife, Heather and I often took our children there as they were growing up—the park holds a special place within our family.

The park is the backyard for so many people, from right across the city.” While many associate him with the glass and steel of the towering Richardson Building, he is drawn to heights of another kind. Two years ago, at the age of 55, Richardson climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa, reaching the summit of 19,341 feet. “When you reach the top, and look out across a continent, it’s one of those ah-hah moments— it was absolutely stunning,” he says. “If you have the opportunity to travel, it gives you an understanding of how other people live. It enriches your life, and opens your eyes to so many things we don’t get to see at home.” He and nine friends used the climb to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to support children’s charities and specifically the work being done by Free The Children and its co-founders Craig and Marc Kielburger. His association with the Kielburgers led to him spearheading a community initiative to bring We Day to Winnipeg last November. Now the world’s largest youth empowerment organization, the opportunity to have 16,000 young change-makers from across Manitoba fill the MTS Centre and experience We Day was compelling. “It was an amazing day, and we are already planning for We Day 2012,” shared Richardson. He has spent time living in Switzerland and Australia, but he always returned to

the city where he was raised. However, as a member of one of Winnipeg’s wellknown families, having a private life can be challenging. “I appreciate that there is a level of expectation that comes with being a member of this family,” he says. “I try to keep a low profile, which isn’t always possible, but you just deal with it. There is a deep sense of appreciation for what we’ve been able to accomplish that makes living here very enjoyable. You keep your head down and keep doing your best—it’s all you can do.”

Hartley receiving the Order of Canada

Richardson has been married for 28 years, and has three children. His eldest son Aidan is a geological engineer in Calgary, while Thor is studying law in Cambridge, England. His daughter Celine is still in high school. “Above all else, I am most proud of our children. They’re all becoming wonderful young adults who are doing interesting things with their lives and who are very grounded. If I have any regrets, it’s that I wish I’d worked a little less and spent more time doing interesting things, traveling and climbing more mountains,” he says. “My goal is to achieve that balance now. But I try to look forward instead of spending too much time thinking of the past. Life can only be understood looking backward, but you have to live it looking forward.” In his limited spare time, Richardson enjoys downhill skiing, tennis, spending time at the lake with his family, and says he is striving to get better at golf. But after a really stressful day, there’s only one thing to do that’s guaranteed to make it better: take his two Golden Retrievers for a long walk.

“I just enjoy nature and their company,” he says. And then Richardson says something else that almost every parent will relate to. “One dog belongs to my son, one belongs to my daughter, but guess who gets to walk them most of the time?” m

James Richardson & Sons, Limited, was founded in 1857. The company has interests in the agriculture and food processing, financial services, real estate and energy sectors.

SUMMER 2012 |


Get Outdoors

e B m e h T t e L e d i u G Your

By Shel Zolkewich

Looking to test the waters somewhere new this summer? Read on for some of the great guided fishing trips Manitoba has to offer. Alpine Country Outfitters (204) 281-2454 Specializing in: Stillwater fly fishing for trout Location: Duck Mountains About: If fly fishing were a spectator sport, Ryan Suffron would be as popular as David Beckham. But fly fishing is done is the wilderness where it’s tough to build bleachers. Suffron doesn’t need to show you his pile of trophies; all he needs to do is throw one loop and you’ll quickly see his skills. He also happens to be an excellent teacher; I can vouch for this personally. In three foot waves, Suffron coached me into landing a 38 inch northern pike on the fly rod. I still get goose bumps when I think about what it felt like to have that fighter on my line. What are we fishing for: Rainbow, brown, brook, tiger, lake and splake trout. There are 12 lakes within a one hour radius of home base, with the majority holding multiple species. What’s included: Suffron will pick you up at a predetermined spot. You’ll want to overnight at a nearby motel or camping spot to get an early start. You’ll spend a full day fly fishing for trout. And if you need to start off with a lesson or a refresher, that’s no problem. Fly rods, reels and flies are included along with a

14 | SUMMER 2012

gourmet lakeside lunch, water, soft drinks and snacks. There’ll be a guide with you at all times. I’ve never done this kind of fishing before. Am I going to be able to catch something? “Many of our customers are new to fly fishing and it’s in our best interest to make sure they have a great day. We wouldn’t have it any other way,” said Suffron. “This allows us to add a personal touch and take the necessary time to ensure that they not only learn the basic concepts of fly fishing but are also successful on the water. No one goes away without the opportunity to land their first fish on the fly.” Cost: Based on double occupancy, day trips start at $195 per day/per person. Multi-day trips start at $270 per day/per person. The Take Away: Give fly fishing a try. Give the Duck Mountains a try. Both are beautiful. 

City Cats

Operated by Todd Longley (204) 955-2744 Specializing in: Channel catfish and walleye Location: Red River About: Todd Longley wears his hair long. His highlighted locks will likely get you

thinking about Leif Garrett and the 80s. Longley loves to tell the tales, so mixed in with ‘keep your tip up’ and ‘let him run if he wants to’, you’ll also hear about the time a client’s rod went pop, flip out of the boat and into the Red River when a catfish hit. Without a second thought, Todd plunged overboard, grabbed the rod, set the hook while still in the drink, and handed it back to the angler who proceeded to land the fish. Todd says it had nothing to do with providing a fulfilling customer experience. “It was a purely financial move. My rod and reel sets are worth $400 each!” What are we fishing for: Fish for huge channel catfish in spring, summer and fall. The fall also brings the run of walleye on the Red River. What’s included: Boat, guide, rods, reels, bait and a tour of the Red River. I’ve never done this kind of fishing before. Am I going to be able to catch something? In a word, yes. Although it would be unwise to make promises about any fishing excursion, getting skunked while catfishing from a boat on the Red is a rare occurrence. Cost: A half-day for up to four anglers is $350. A full eight hours in the boat for up to four anglers is $450. The Take Away: As Longley says, “Channel catting is a HUGE rush. You will talk about this trip for years!” And he’s right.

Three options for a summer fishing adventure

Webbers Lodges’ North Knife Lake Wilderness Lodge 1-888-WEBBERS northknife/ Specializing in: Guided fishing trips into central Manitoba Location: North Knife Lake

About: Fishing trips to Manitoba’s swanky lodges have long been the domain of our American visitors. They seem to have gotten the memo that one of these allinclusive excursions is about much more than catching big fish. It’s time for locals to make this discovery. Since these are all-inclusive, there is no planning daily outings or going to your wallet for each meal. Breakfast is ready and waiting. Your boat and guide are ready and waiting. Lunch gets prepared right before your eyes. Someone will even start a fire in your cabin if there’s a chill in the morning. Heck, you don’t even have to touch a fish if you don’t want to.

What are we fishing for: Northern pike, lake trout, Arctic grayling, brook trout and walleye. What’s included: Transportation to and from Winnipeg, meals, guides, boats and accommodations. You’ll have to pay for alcohol and if you so choose, tip your guide. I’ve never done this kind of fishing before. Am I going to be able to catch something? Because North Knife, like many of Manitoba’s northern waterways, is catch and release, the fishery gets a little stronger each year. If you can hold on to a fishing rod, you’ll catch a fish. Maybe 100 fish. Cost: $4,795 for a four-night, all-inclusive trip. The Take Away: If you strung together the following words, you’d sum up an experience at North Knife: ultimate, secluded, luxury, fishing lodge. m

The 2012 Cypress Cay Cancun 250 Series 27ft top-of-the-line luxury pontoon boat at Guertin Equipment. The exclusive dealer of Cypress Cay pontoon boats in Manitoba. Come visit our showroom or give us a call.

35 Melnick Road 255-0260 Toll Free: 800-619-0614

SUMMER 2012 |


revved up


By Kelly Parker

Sunday Night Cruise Night

16 | SUMMER 2012


merican Graffiti: the ultimate cruising film, and director George Lucas’ homage to the Saturday nights of his own youth in small town California. Cars and cruising the main drag began in Southern California, and soon became the tradition in every town across North America, so it’s nothing new – and has largely faded away as a collective pastime. But Winnipeg – as with so many of its other little nuances and traditions – has made Sunday Night Cruise Nights another of its famous “things.” Today’s tradition grew out of a resurgence that may have its roots in the Ginakes family of Pony Corral notoriety, and the regular summertime car shows that have migrated from the restaurant’s former Fort Richmond location, to the downtown location, to the present day gatherings at the chain’s Grant Park lot. They began 24 years ago when owner Peter Ginakes – always a car guy himself;

“cars are my addiction”, he laughs – was approached by the Manitoba Street Rod Association to organize a gathering, which became an annual Victoria Day weekend event dubbed The City Light Cruise. “We started with a swap meet at Polo Park,” he explains, “and then began the

parade – with a police escort – to our Fort Richmond location.” That “loosely formal” event begat the next, before taking its present-day form and location. “All of it, though, goes back to how I got into it,” emphasizes Ginakes,

“You make friends with people over the hoods of these cars,” he says,“and so when you’re out cruising,you look for certain cars because you know the people who own them.” Glen Sytnyk, Winnipeg realtor, car buff

SUMMER 2012 |


“which was really through my father Jimmy, who started in the business over 50 years ago with the Thunderbird DriveInns (the original of which is still run by Jimmy’s brother John at McPhillips and Jefferson) that had the car hop service, which as a kid, I always found exciting, and we both loved cars. When we did our very first show we were doing Western Days, and the street rodders showed up, so that was the start.” The more formal Sunday night events still attract large gatherings at Ginakes’ establishment, with many participants dispersing to cruise Portage Avenue afterward. Countless other car buffs forgo the formalities and just find their way to Portage Avenue between June and lateSeptember for what is described on one cruise night-dedicated website as, “an unscheduled social event.” The unofficial “official” circuit runs between Portage and Main and Wall St., with traffic heaviest from about 8 to 11 p.m. The cars are only one ingredient of the mix, with car fans lining the street, sitting on their vehicles or on folding chairs – sometimes all at the same time in the beds of pickups along the route – and businesses along the way catering to the crowds of spectators who gather to gawk at the hot rides that park in their lots.

Peter Ginakes, owner, Pony Corral Restaurants Like so many other hobbies, if you have to explain it to someone, they probably won’t understand why it is that it blows your hair back like a Sunday night convertible ride. For some, like Winnipeg realtor and car buff Glen Sytnyk, it’s about nostalgia for the cars they pined for in their youth. “I grew up on a farm in rural Manitoba and a lot of kids had these cars – my parents

wouldn’t let me – but I probably couldn’t afford one of these cars,” explains Sytnyk, “so a lot of us would dream that we might be able to get to the level someday to own one (and now we can).” Sytnyk also cites the people side of cruising as a draw, especially for those who frequent the Pony Corral events. “You make friends with people over the hoods of these cars,” he says, “and so when you’re out cruising, you look for certain cars because you know the people who own them.” Maybe that particular ingredient is the reason it has touched such a nerve in the home of The Manitoba Social. Asked again what it is about the experience of driving slowly down the street –something that virtually all drivers, including cruisers, would actively avoid on the other six nights of the week – that makes it something that cruisers pine for through every long Winnipeg winter, and Sytnyk struggles to describe something that defies description. “I find that all of these cars – especially the old character cars – hit all of the senses,” he says. “You smell them, you hear them, you see them, you feel them; it’s just such a neat feeling to be out in them. People put their hearts and souls into these cars, and some are worth 200 or 250-thousand dollars. They’re pieces of art.” m

Friday, June 22 11:00 - 5:00 1377 NIAKWA ROAD EAST AT LAGIMODIERE & FERMOR 204.254.3974

18 | SUMMER 2012

Winnipeg Men Magazine’s 2012

7 th AN




Ladies & Gentlemen Start the engines once again. Each year, Winnipeg Men magazine hosts a group of our readers for a weekend of driving amazing vehicles and helping us to create summer reading for those who did not get to come along. This year, we have a very special event planned for this weekend, so you will not want to miss it. * You need to be available from Saturday, August 25 to 26. Have a valid driver’s licence and be an all-around great couple to spend time with.

Visit click on the pursuit link and get us your entry.



! E R FO Or rather, four new looks to have you looking sharp on the fairways.

Photography by chronic creative Clothing from Niakwa Country Club Pro Shop Clothes modeled by Mike Coghill and Terry Reilly

Shirt (Adidas) Tailored Block Polo – $69.95 Bottoms ( Hugo Boss) ultimate pro golf trouser $244.95 Hat (Levelwear) Club Crested Cap $24.95 Shoes (FootJoy) Sport $159.99 Sunglasses (Kaenon) Hard Kore $223.95 Putter ( Scotty Cameron ) California $349.95

20 | SUMMER 2012


Under Shirt(Loft 8) Compression Shirt $49.99 Shirt (Sligo) Scotty $74.95 Pants (Sligo) Plaid $94.99 Shoes (FootJoy) Sport $159.99 Hat (Levelwear) Club Crested Cap $24.95 Golf Cart (Ez-Go)

RIGHT: Shirt (Ian Poulter) Lineback $99.95 Vest (Ian Poulter) Player Mens Vest $109.95 Pant (Ian Poulter( Performance Men Slack $174.95 Shoe (Ecco) Street $189.99 Sunglasses (Kaenon) Burnett 238.95

SUMMER 2012 |


Shirt (Hugo Boss) Pacco Polo $164.95 Sweater (Hugo Boss) Zaymer Knitted Pull Over $344.95 Short (Hugo Boss) Hitch $144.95 Shoes ( FootJoy) Icons $299.99 Glove (FootJoy) Pure Touch $29.99 Club (TaylorMade) CB Iron

22 | SUMMER 2012

BROOKLYNN’S BISTRO Brooklynn’s Bistro Classically Italian infused with worldly influences. Sophisticated and elegant, your dining experience will delight you with fresh local produce, high quality Manitoba meat & freshwater fish. You will love our new menu offering everything your heart could desire. Find your favorite from pan seared crab cakes, drunken lamb shank and even a forbidden pasta. Make your next business meeting a success by mixing business with pleasure. Book our Private Dining Room or just escape your office to ours.


Reservations recommended.





Recipes to impress from Chef Darryl Crumb


veryone loves a man that can grill. Barbeques are a dime a dozen during the hot Manitoba summers, so if you’re thinking of throwing some beef or pork on the barbie, try this mouth-watering marinade to impress the ladies and gentlemen alike.

Mouth-Watering Marinade 3 parts soya sauce 1 part balsamic vinegar 1 part olive oil 1 part brown sugar Garlic minced as wanted 1 sliced onion Cracked black pepper Marinate for a minimum of one hour, but the longer the meat marinates, the more flavourful the taste.

about the chef Chef Darryl Crumb is the executive chef at Brooklynn’s Bistro, located in the heart of the Exchange. His food has been characterized as deceptively simple with great attention to detail. He has appeared on Canada Food Network’s Top Chef Canada. Chef Crumb has worked for super Chef Alain Ducasse in Paris, France, and has returned home to share his passion for food.

24 | SUMMER 2012

Photo by Bob Tinker.

Mike Grandmaison’s Prairie and Beyond (Turnstone Press) If everyone could see the Canadian Prairies the way Mike Grandmaison does through his viewfinder, the jokes about boring wheat fields would surely cease. Grandmaison’s photography has been published worldwide in magazines, calendars and books. He has published four collections of his natural landscape photography, and recently opened The Canadian Gallery in Winnipeg. In 2007 he was awarded second prize in the Northern Lights Awards Canada competition for Excellence in Travel Journalism. His love for the flatlands unfolds page by page in Mike Grandmaison’s Prairie and Beyond. More information can be found at

Bringing Music to the Community The Winnipeg Folk Festival will take place this year from July 4 – 8. On hand at the Capital Campaign announcement for the Winnipeg Folk Festival: Glenn and Lisa Tinley; Kerri Irvin-Ross – NDP, MLA for Fort Richmond; Jim Cuddy, Blue Rodeo; and Doug Stephen, WOW Hospitality.

Fly or Boat-In, But Get There!

Eagle Nest Lodge is a world-class, remote fishing destination located on the upper reaches of the pristine Winnipeg River. At no more than three hours from Winnipeg, fishing for trophy walleye, smallmouth bass or northern pike are only a cast away. Offering a variety of packages suitable for weekend trips, corporate getaways, or avid fishing outings, Eagle Nest Lodge will give you an unforgettable experience. To book your getaway, call 1-800-665-0232, or find them online at

SUMMER 2012 |


What’s in your BAG

With Mike Coghill, Assistant Professional/ Pro Shop Manager, Niakwa Country Club

Photo by chronic creative

Rocketballz 3 Wood – Let’s face it, who doesn’t want 17 yards more?!

Ping i20 Driver – I love the new matte black finish, it gives me a sense of confidence standing over the ball.

Ping 4 Series carry bag – I’ve used a Ping bag since college. It’s the most durable bag around and is extremely lightweight.

Club Glove towel – I love that it soaks the water up and keeps wet during the entire round. It does absolutely everything I want a towel to do.

Golf Buddy GPS – One of the newest GPS to the market allows me to be on top of yardages by the push of a button.

Nuun water bottle – Great size for my carry bag and allows me to keep hydrated during the hot humid days on the golf course, without all the sugar that other energy drinks contain.

Ball Alignment and Sharpie – I use these for two different reasons. It helps me line up my putts, and I write my three kids’ initials on the line to remind me of what’s really important while I play.

26 | SUMMER 2012

Pure Touch Glove – I love the sensational, pure feel of this glove. Its consistent precision feel provides me with the ultimate grip performance that I demand.


2 choices of Eco- Boost engines, available Front or All Wheel Drive, available SYNC with MyFord Touch, Convenient Hands-Free Liftgate, Advance safety like Blind Spot Information system, Active Park Assist, New Panoramic VistaRoof, Rain sensing wipers, premium Sony sound system and more. Arriving Soon.


LANDAU FORD LINCOLN SALES 555 Empress St (204) 772-2411

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One Less Worry. WHAT DOES EVERY Custom House Currency Exchange WHAT DOES EVERY TRAVELLER NEED? – A Western Union Company, NEED?exchange, offers fastTRAVELLER and convenient currency One Less Worry. as well as other helpful One Less Western UnionWorry. services

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Buy-back guarantee Western Union Money Transfer Buy-back guarantee Online Services for non-cash transactions and Payment Services Western Union Moneytransactions Transfer Online Services for non-cash and Payment Services Western Union Money Transfer Visit our and Winnipeg Branch today! Payment Services

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A Western Company A WesternUnion Union Company

moneywhere where you it.™it.™ money youneed need SEE OUR NEW LOOK AND EXPERIENCE.

OUR SAME GREAT SERVICE. VISIT THE BRANCH TODAY! • Foreign Currency: 100+ currencies generally within a 48-hour period • Major Foreign Currency: Typically 15+ seasonal on-hand • USA and Canadian money orders • 24/7 Online International Currency transfers Winnipeg Cash Branch 243 Portage Avenue Phone: 204.987.6000 | Toll Free: 1.800.667.6004

28 | SUMMER 2012

with Tom McGouran and Joe Aiello

the last word Photography by Chronic Creative

Tom says... When I asked Lisa, the editor of this magazine, what the theme of the issue would be, I was told it was simply the summer issue, that would include articles on boating, classic car cruising and golf, among others. I always strive to present a unique personal slant on the theme, but now I was hesitant, at least for a moment. Here are the reasons: 1) I don’t swim, so I don’t like being on a boat, even with two life jackets on, and 2) It’s difficult to enjoy yourself when you’re constantly thinking of dying. I don’t know anything about cars. I can admire a nice looking classic car, but certainly am not qualified to comment on them. I drive a frickin’ ’98 Civic just because it won’t die, and even though I’ve owned it for 14 years, I still wouldn’t even know how to change the oil. I love golf for the comaraderie, but my idea of a good golf game is nine holes with my hockey buddies every Friday, followed by several hours of beer and wings, just like we do after playing hockey in the winter. I certainly wouldn’t impress you with any of my golf stories, but I could pass along a few of the great laughs we have enjoyed afterward during the beer and wings marathon if I could remember any of the details, which I can’t.

I will tell you about one of my favorite summer pasttimes that you may want to try out. Stacy and I call it the Beer and Bike Tour. It’s very simple. Hop on our bikes on a nice summer evening or weekend day and start pedaling. When you see a patio that serves alcohol, pull up, get off your bike and sit down and order a beer or two. Hop back on your bike, and ride to the next patio. This type of activity can be adapted to any time frame. If you only have a couple of hours, you still can achieve the benefits of what we refer to as a balanced lifestyle. Exercise and beer drinking. The added bonus is that no one is driving. I was told that you can be ticketed for riding a bike while under the influence, but I’m taking my chances. We have become quite good at this after having enjoyed it for a couple of years now, to the extent that we now plan out our routes to incorporate a decent ride with as many stops as possible. If you want to plan a similar trip, let a veteran like myself give you some advice up front. It may seem logical when you read it, but believe me, logical thoughts sometimes disappear on these journeys. Always start by riding as far as you are going to go on the entire trip. In other words, get

to the maximum distance from home on the initial ride before stopping for your first beer. This accomplishes a couple of things. You want to feel that you got some exercise. After all, that is one of the selling points that make it a unique experience over just sitting on a patio all day drinking beer. (By the way, I applaud that activity as well.) Once you have arrived at your first stop, you can now enjoy the journey, as you weave your way back in the direction of home, stopping at several patios without ever worrying about being too far from home once you hit the final patio. Ok, I have to admit, there may be one more ‘final’ final patio, and ‘weave’ is a relative term. In this age of eveyone shoving ‘doing healthy things’ down your throats, I think we have come up with the ultimate compromise. Trust me, you’ll find lots of friends who are ‘fitnessed’ to death that want to come along for the ride as soon as they hear what you’re up to. And, if your passion is boating, classic cars or golf, I still hope you have a great summer. I’m sure we’ll see you on a patio at some point. We’ll be the ones with the bike helmets on and a knowing grin on our face. m

Joe says... You can’t help but love a Manitoba summer! Even visitors from outside the province are envious of our sunny and blue skies. Plus, everyone seems to be smiling and you find out why this place is called “friendly Manitoba.” It must be true because it’s written right on our license plates. Even the special edition plates for our Winnipeg Jets and Winnipeg Blue Bombers! Thousands of us take part in summer sports and recreational activities and if that’s your thing, you have a variety of options. I like to break it down into two simple categories… DO and/or VIEW. DO – Playing your favorite outdoor activity like golf, slo-pitch, football, fishing, etc. is

good for you both physically and mentally, but nothing tops the bonding that happens with your friends and family. VIEW – If sweating doesn’t do it for you, unless it is caused by stress from cheering on your favorite team, take a chance and check out a Goldeyes or Bomber game. Another option is watching Euro 2012 or the Summer Olympics in the air-conditioned comfort of your favorite establishment.

get the idea. Like they say, sometimes the best things are right under our noses, well, unless you suffer from allergies! Anyway, this year I am planning on a “stay-cation” and looking forward to rediscovering parts of our great province. Where should I start? So many things to go see and experience! Beautiful! Ahhh geez… it’s raining!

Remember, for both categories… cold beverages sold separately!

Well there’s always tomorrow! Oh wait… better check the mosquito count!

Never mind that we have beautiful and scenic parks, hundreds of campgrounds, beaches, lakes, the Zoo, fun festivals, patios… you

Have a great summer!


SUMMER 2012 |


Summer 2012

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