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Loyola High School of Los Angeles

For an d With

Oth e rs The years between 14 and 18 are among the most profound periods in life, when adolescents confront remarkable mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual changes. As the oldest continuously run educational institution in Southern California, Loyola High School remains committed to providing a rigorous college preparatory education in order to help our boys navigate the complex road towards becoming Men for and with Others. Founded in 1865, Loyola became a Jesuit institution in 1911, and the Jesuit philosophy of educating the whole person permeates

the school today. Our student body of 1,200 young men represents an unusually strong diversity in ethnicity, socioeconomic background and geography. Ninety-nine percent of Loyola graduates go on to colleges or universities, while 96 percent enroll in four-year colleges throughout California and across the nation. You will discover that Loyola is a community in every sense of the word. These are the years that you will grow from a boy into a man. The question is—What kind of man will you become? Rev. Gregory M. Goethals, S.J. ’73 President




Loyola High School of Los Angeles

I will be a Man of

r pos e

Max Schridde ’12


Loyola opened my mind to the knowle dg e of certain i njustices in the world, then

“I actually was scared of Loyola at first, funny enough,” says Max Schridde. “But the moment I stepped onto campus, it just snagged me.”

Based on his passion for community service, Max was selected to participate in Bank of America’s highly selective Student Leaders Program. This summer, he interned at Chrysalis, where he assisted homeless in their job searches.

Max found that the trick to getting the most out of Loyola was to become involved in all aspects, including art and water polo. None, “I spent time listening to their story and however, have lit a fire in him more than creating bonds that enabled trust and a community service. friendship. I will never forget it.” “Loyola is probably the most diverse place I have ever been and has opened my mind to what is really out there in the world.”

Max now encourages his little brother, cousins, and friends all to attend Loyola. “It was the best decision I have ever made.”

offered me the chance to go out there and make a difference in people’s lives.

Loyola High School of Los Angeles

Loyola High School is a distinctly Jesuit institution. Our Catholic and Ignatian principles lead us to educate the whole person—body, mind and spirit—through academic, cocurricular activities and spiritual development. This permeates the entire Loyola experience and differentiates us from other

leading college-preparatory programs. It is not just our mission—it is our calling.

our graduates for lives of meaning as Men for and with Others.

St. Ignatius believed that one could learn to recognize God in all things. While many schools help students acquire knowledge, we teach them to apply it to service and social justice. This sets Loyola apart and prepares

Dynamic and interdependent ~ the Ministry Department aims to accompany all members of the Loyola community toward fully engaged lives of action and prayer.




Loyola’s Community Service Program was featured by NBC News with Brian Williams. To watch, scan QR code or go to

Our ministries include

Campus Ministry

Justice and Peace Coalition

Community Service

Sensitive to the religious and moral development of students of all faiths, Loyola’s campus ministry provides opportunities for personal and spiritual growth to help students deepen their understanding and experience of themselves as human beings through the spiritual aspects of their lives.

The service of faith also includes the promotion of justice. This ministry invites students to learn about, discuss and investigate local and global injustices. The LHS Coalition focuses on works of education and advocacy in the promotion of a more just world.

Service with the needy who are the poor, marginalized and disenfranchised of the community is an essential part of the Loyola experience, rooted in our 450-year Ignatian, Catholic tradition.

Hours of Community Service

135 1.2

per student over his four years at Loyola

million total over the past two decades


Loyola High School of Los Angeles




Loyola High School of Los Angeles

I wi ll be a Man of

qu i ry

John Breen ’13


Th e te ac h e r s h e r e e x pe ct a g r e at de a l from you,

John first heard about Loyola from his teachers here expect a great deal from you, brother, Tom. “He told me about the amaz- and give you the tools to succeed” he says. ing teachers and the Jesuit philosophy Ask John what he loves most about Loyola, at the school’s heart. I was curious and and the first thing he will mention to you wanted to know more.” is the community. “Whatever subject or “John made an immediate impression on activity you want to explore—you will find me,” says chemistry teacher Brian Kwan, friends and faculty to encourage you. This who has seen John grow in the classroom. is a special place.” “He truly seeks to understand ideas and Next year, John intends to study chemiconcepts at their most fundamental level.” cal engineering. He credits Mr. Kwan for Loyola’s rigorous and challenging courses helping him to uncover his passion, and have fired John’s curiosity and propelled thanks his brother (who this year took him to near the top of his class. “The vows to join the Jesuit order) for setting him on a path for life.

a n d g i v e you th e tools to suc c e e d.

Loyola High School of Los Angeles

Loyola High School of Los Angeles is a Catholic college preparatory school for young men who represent the racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic diversity of greater Los Angeles.

Drawing upon the Jesuit tradition, Loyola is committed to the development of the whole person, through a challenging educational experience of academic, cocurricular, and religious opportunities.

By teaching as Jesus taught, Loyola is dedicated to inspiring its students to develop as conscientious leaders and agents of change who are intellectually distinguished, morally courageous, and compassionate in service to others.

Academics at Loyola



Loyola High School of Los Angeles

The basic program required of all students includes

semester of Fine Arts

semesters of laboratory Science

semesters of Theology

semesters of Foreign Language

6 6 4 1

semesters of Mathematics

semesters of Social Studies

semesters of English

8 8 6

Honors Level




AP Music Theory


Hon. Spanish 1 Hon. Geometry* Hon. Algebra 2* Hon. Pre-Calculus*

AP Biology

AP Art History

AP Physics B

AP Chemistry

AP Biology

AP Physics Mechanics

AP English 3

AP Calculus AB / BC

AP Psychology

AP Environmental Sci.

AP Computer Science

AP Spanish Language 4

AP U.S. History

AP English 4

AP Spanish Literature 4

Available to Class of 2012


Hon. Algebra 2

AP Environmental Sci.

AP Statistics

Hon. English 2

Hon. French 3

AP European History

AP Studio Art 2D

Hon. Chemistry

Hon. Latin 3

AP French 4

AP US Government

Hon. Geometry

Hon. Spanish 3

AP Latin 4

Hon. Pre-Calculus

Hon. Spanish 2

AP Macroeconomics

AP World History

AP Microeconomics

View our full course catalogue at

*dependent upon testing




Loyola High School of Los Angeles

100% of Loyola’s 96 faculty members have professional degrees.



64 Masters


have taught at the school for 25 years or more.

To make your son sharp, we keep ourselves sharp.

Ask any graduate of Loyola High School what made the biggest impact on his time here. Most likely he will say it was a teacher. The talented men and women who comprise Loyola’s faculty are among the most accomplished teachers in the nation. All of our faculty members and administrative staff hold professional degrees: four faculty members at the doctoral level and sixty-four at the master’s level. Our teachers go above and beyond to ensure that students succeed academically, socially, spiritually and professionally. They

serve as mentors, role models, advisors and coaches dedicated to educating the whole person. This enthusiasm ignites student interest in learning and inspires young men to achieve.

ing climate change in the Galapagos Islands, to conduct excavations of historic sites in Israel, or to produce creative projects with nationally recognized artists.

Loyola believes in a culture of lifelong learning. Funded professional-development opportunities give Loyola High School’s faculty the time and resources to dig more deeply into their subject matter. When not teaching, a number of our instructors are using these opportunities to do things such as to join scientific research teams study-

What they learn out there, our faculty bring directly back to the classroom to benefit your son. Accreditation and Memberships Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Western Catholic Educational Association, Jesuit Secondary Education Association, National Catholic Education Association, The College Board, The Cum Laude Society, NACAC, WACAC.

Outstanding Faculty




1256 Number of students

Students of Color

students to four-year colleges





students involved in cocurricular activities

SAT Averages in 2010 Critical Reading







Loyola High School of Los Angeles









1865 The year Loyola was originally founded




Average Private Catholic High School

LOYOLA $14,500

Loyola is the oldest continuously operated secondary educational institution in Southern California.

Number of AP Exams

Teacher/Student Ratio

1 : 14

1400 1200 1000

Students come from across Los Angeles and Southern California.

800 600

financial aid

$2.5 million


tuition subsidies

$6 million


total tuition assistance

$8.5 million



tuition assistance


zip codes

average financial-aid award










Loyola’s renowned Hannon Theatre Company produces two productions a year, in addition to hosting music recitals and concerts.

Part of the largest expansion in Loyola’s history, Ardolf Hall houses six classrooms, a lecture hall that can seat 140, and the counseling, student activities and adult spirituality offices.

The oldest building on campus and a landmark of Los Angeles, Loyola Hall’s architecture has inspired excellence in education for nearly a century.

Loyola Hall

1 Ardolf Academic Hall

Hannon Theatre


Loyola High School of Los Angeles



The spiritual center of our campus is Ruppert Hall— completed in 1926 and the second oldest facility on campus. Home of the Jesuit community and beautiful Clougherty Chapel, the building is a place of worship and fellowship, as well as a symbol of our longstanding commitment to Ignatian ideals.

Opened in 2007, Loyola’s newest building boasts eight state-of-the-art science laboratories that facilitate advanced experimentation.

Loyola’s athletic facilities provide the training ground for Loyola’s nationally ranked athletic program.

Athletic Facilities


4 William H. Hannon Science Hall

Ruppert Hall

Facilities include: The William J. McMorrow and Thomas J. Barrack, Jr. Athletic Complex, Bob Smith and Hernandez Athletic Fields, Leavey Gymnasium, Conn Pool, and Pernecky Weight Room


7 Berendo Complex


Students can push their artistic creativity in the performing arts in seven acoustically engineered studio classrooms, a black-box theatre and digital photography and film studios.


Loyola High School of Los Angeles




Loyola High School of Los Angeles

I wi ll be a Man of

c t ion

Kodi Whitfield ’12


Loyola is rigorous physically and mentally. It gave me the competitive

Kodi takes his work very seriously, both in Mr. Martin credits Kodi, the classroom and on the athletic field. So now in AP Calculus, for when his family looked for the right school, his strong work ethic, “He Loyola was the top choice. has learned how to tackle any difficult challenge: “Kodi is a force on the field,” says head with humility, determination and hard work. football Coach Michael Christensen. “As That’s what we teach at Loyola.” defensive back, he is relentless at pushing back our opponents, then takes the ball Others have taken notice. Next year, Kodi will back into their end zone.” attend Stanford, where he intends to study communications and continue in football. Kodi brings the same energy and discipline to his studies, citing his pre-Calculus teacher “I highly recommend this experience,” Kodi Allen Martin as his favorite. “Teaching is says. “No other school can mold you into his passion, not just his job. I think he could a man better than Loyola. What more inspire any student to learn any math skill.” could you want?”

edge that I will take with me next year to Stanford.

Loyola High School of Los Angeles

The athletic philosophy at Loyola is rooted in the concepts of fair play and sportsmanship that require forethought, maturity, respect, generosity and integrity. By actively promoting these values, Loyola athletes learn to take them beyond the athletic field and into their everyday lives.

The Loyola athlete matures and learns to take responsibility for his growth as a person by developing loyalty, pride, integrity and commitment. Seeking the challenges of competition, even at the risk of failure, our athletes learn that success demands the development and integration of physical skill and intellectual preparedness.

This philosophy extends to our entire athletic community, which includes parents, coaches, athletes and fans. Together, we adopt these standards and utilize them in the process of forming men for and with others. Although winning may certainly be a by-product, it is not our primary goal.



2003, 2004, 2009, 2010, 2011

Five-Time Winner of the CIF Southern Section Commissioner’s Cup


2010, 2011

Ranked top all-boys athletic program in the nation by ESPN Rise (#13 overall)

27 Loyola High School of Los Angeles



Cross Country

Water Polo


Varsity Junior Varsity Freshman

Varsity Junior Varsity

Varsity Junior Varsity Freshman

Varsity Junior Varsity Freshman

CIF Champions

’84, ’85,’02, ’04, ’07

CIF Semi-Finalists

CIF Div. Champions

CIF State Champions

’96, ’00, ’09, ’10, ’11

’53, ’02, ’03, ’11

’62, ’63, ’75, ’90, ’03, ’05

CIF Champions

’02, ’04, ’07, ’08, ’10



Track & Field


Varsity Junior Varsity Freshman

Varsity Junior Varsity

Varsity Junior Varsity

Varsity Junior Varsity Freshman

CIF Champions

CIF Champions

CIF Champions

CIF Champions

’98, ’07

’82, ’84, ’86

’84, ’00, ’03, ’04, ’08, ’09, ’10, ’11

’54, ’07





Varsity Junior Varsity Freshman

Varsity Junior Varsity

Varsity Junior Varsity Freshman

Varsity Junior Varsity Freshman

CIF Champions

CIF Champions

CIF Champions

CIF Champions

’ 54, ’00, ’01, ’03, ’07

’54, 82, ’84, ’86, ’07

’84, ’94, ’96, ’97, ’11

’83, ’85, ’86, ’87, ’88, ’95, ’03, ’04, ’05, ’09, ’10


Loyola High School of Los Angeles




Loyola High School of Los Angeles

I will be a Man of

s s ion

Nathan Wong ’14


The wide variety of teachers and experiences

Nathan has been playing the violin since he was five years old. Having studied at Colburn School of Performing Arts, Nathan came to Loyola with nearly a decade of classical music training under his belt. Loyola opened the doors to a broader world of discovery. “Mr. Celenza introduced me to jazz, and Mr. Speciale’s electronic music is cutting edge.”

His classes in other subjects have pushed Nathan in new directions. “The teachers at Loyola really care about all aspects of my development. They want me to be good at more than just one thing. I know that will make me a better man.” And to his delight, Nathan finds that it is already making him a stronger artist.

here are making me a better artist.


Loyola High School of Los Angeles


Loyola High School of Los Angeles

Since the time they launched their first school in 1548, the Jesuits have understood that the fine and performing arts, joined with all the other branches of knowledge, are a powerful means to develop imagination, feelings, conscience and intellect. Loyola’s fine and performing arts program develops the skills, techniques, and knowledge needed for the student

to be able to reveal himself and his perceptions of his world through creativity. Our courses are designed to familiarize students with advanced and innovative materials, methods, and processes in order for them to develop a meaningful body of work. Students with advanced skills can take part in productions in the renowned Hannon Theatre, perform in concert with the music department, or

build a portfolio of exceptional visual work to be submitted to the AP board of review. Students diligently work in the media that best shows their creative spirit and artistic sentiments. Fun, fast-paced and intense, Loyola’s arts program readies students for the rigors of a college-level art environment.

Fine & Performing arts





Loyola High School of Los Angeles

I wi ll be a Man of




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Loyola runs deep in Jonathon’s family. His father went here. So did his grandfather. And his great grandfather.

Living in Riverside, though, the commute isn’t easy. Jonathon travels more than 60 miles each way every day. “It’s a commitment,” he laughs. “But Loyola has molded me in the same way it molded those who came before me. I am proud to be a part of that legacy.”

91301 01 1


Jonathon Heinen ’12

Jonathon and his brother, Geoffrey, knew the profound impact Loyola had on their family, so when the time came— they knew where they wanted to go.

91377 377


I travel 123 miles each day round trip to attend Loyola.

91384 91355 91355


91351 91387

91350 91381

Loyola’s student body is unique. Year in, year out, talented young men from more than 220 zip codes and 170 feeder schools throughout southern California commute a combined 36,000 miles to the Loyola campus every school day.


91342 93063

91344 4





91040 4

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91325 32

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91306 91335 9130 91303 3

91406 40

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Loyola High School of Los Angeles

Our students do not just learn from faculty; they also learn from each other. Diverse geographically, ethnically and socioeconomically, they forge lasting relationships with friends whom they

might otherwise never meet in such a large metropolis. They will tell you that this rich mixture makes for a dynamic and vibrant community—and is one of their favorite aspects of Loyola.

Student Life at Loyola



Loyola High School of Los Angeles

Whatever your interest, there is something here for you at Loyola.

Assoc. of African American Students

CSF (California Scholarship Federation)

Math Club

Scandinavian Club

Aviation Club

Current Events Club

Math Day at the Beach

Science Club


Cycling Club

Mighty Roar

Short Film Club

Big Brothers

Dance Club

Mock Trial

Skateboard Club

Blue Pride

History Club

Model U.N. Club

Spanish Club


Hollywood vs. History

Modern-day Poets & Composers

Speech and Debate Club

CCC (Curious Catholic Club)

Ignatian Indie Music Club

Monogram Club

Student Government Club

Chess Club

Ignatian Metal Society

Navy Club

The Pride


Intramural Sports

Outdoor Adventure Club

The Stage Crew

Classic Film Club

iPhone Developer Club

Peace and Justice Coalition

Top Chef Loyola

CLC (Christian Life Communities)

Jazz Band

Photography Club


Club Japan

JCL (Junior Classical League)

Piano Club

Young Republicans

Comedy Sportz

Junior Ground Crew

Pinoy Club

Community Service Leadership Team

Korean Club

Pre-Med Club

Computer Club

L.C.C. (Loyola Car Club)

Pro-Earth Club

Country Music Club

Liturgy Committee

Right-to-Life Club

Crossword Club

Loyalist Newspaper

Robotics Team

Fall dance

Loyalist Newspaper

Robotics Team

Clubs & Activities


Adams remembers his team rallying around him, “The boys were there for me in ways that I can’t describe. Miles surprised me by how much he reached out.” Jackson-Cartwright opened himself more to his team, “I realized that this was a family that meant a great deal to me.” He helped to lead the Cubs to win the Mission League title in 2008 and 2009 and nearly take the CIF and state championship his senior year.

Four-time Ivy League Rookie of the Week Miles Jackson-Cartwright ’10 knows something about confidence. Having always been talented at “The incredible thing was that by finding himself basketball, he arrived at Loyola determined to as a young man, Miles became a better basketmake the varsity team his freshman year. When ball player,” Adams says. “That’s what Loyola he didn’t make the cut, it was a rude awakening. is really all about.” “There’s no question that he was talented, but he Jackson-Cartwright agrees, “I learned more had a lot to learn,” says Coach Jamal Adams ’90. than just basketball at Loyola. I also gained my “So did I, when I was his age. Truthfully, I saw closest advocate, mentor and friend in Coach a lot of myself in him.” Adams.” Now, he enthusiastically recommends Over the following years, Jackson-Cartwright Loyola to others, “I would tell every eighth admits that he could be a particularly outspoken grader to come here. Don’t pass it up.” player. “You could say I was cocky,” JacksonHis younger brother, Parker, now follows closely Cartwright jokes. “I just wanted to win so badly, in Jackson-Cartwright’s footsteps, last year it was all I focused on.” playing on the Cubs’ CIF championship team. Things changed in 2008, when Coach Adams’ And Miles? He now plays for the University of brother passed away from a rare form of cancer. Pennsylvania—where he was the only freshman “I think it affected all of us, to see our coach go to play in all 28 games. through something so powerful.”

Miles Jackson-Cartwright ’10


I learned more than just basketball at Loyola. I also gained my closest advocate, mentor and friend in Coach Adams.

Loyola High School of Los Angeles


of Loyola students go on to four-year colleges. Our Counseling Department has created a comprehensive program to assist the personal growth and development of students as they move through their high school experience. We consider the whole person in order to guide mature, realistic decision-making.

Once they arrive at college, our students discover that their Loyola education has well equipped them for the challenges and rigors of higher education, setting our young men on a path of continued success.

Top Schools for Grads Boston College

Loyola, Chicago

UC Riverside

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Santa Clara

UC San Diego

CSU, Northridge


UC Santa Barbara


UC Berkeley

Univ. of Arizona


UC Davis

Univ. of Notre Dame


UC Irvine

Univ. of San Diego

Loyola Marymount

UC Los Angeles

Univ. of Southern Cal.

Life after Loyola



The greatest experience of my early life was Loyola High School. The consistency of a Jesuit core, learning how to serve others and how to gain power by giving up power, remains the most important tool in the arsenal that I carry with me today.

Tom Barrack Jr. ’65 Chair, Colony Capital

Loyola High School of Los Angeles

Loyola students have boundless potential. Our graduates go on to found businesses, create artistic and scientific advances, foster cultural and civic engagement, and serve God in all things. As the oldest continuously operated school in Southern California, Loyola has grown and evolved side by side with Los Angeles, producing the leaders who have shaped this region and helped it flourish.

Loyola High School has one of the strongest alumni networks in the nation. Regardless of where you go beyond 1901 Venice Blvd. or what you choose to do, you have become a part of a greater family. You will discover that one of your greatest resources will be your fellow Cubs.

Dynamic Alumni




Loyola High School of Los Angeles

What man will

you be? president:


profile photographer:


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