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Week 3 DQ 2

Chapter 11 in our text is about solving problems we encounter in our personal, professional or vocational lives. Most of us can call up a problem that can be worked on from either of these domains, fairly easy. Practice in problem-solving is also a major goal of this course. Select one problem that is current or as recent as possible for you in one of these areas (or if you cannot come up with one, select one problem covered in Chapter 11), and in a post of 200 to 250 words, respond to the following questions:

State the problem concisely, using enough detail as you feel is needed, but changing names or places if necessary to keep confidences.

Apply the three major problem solving steps covered in this chapter, aiming to propose a solution to you problem, that logically follows the steps used.

How would you evaluate the effectiveness of the solution you are proposing?


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Phl 458 week 3 dq 2  
Phl 458 week 3 dq 2