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Going abroad to study is becoming easier and you gain unique experiences. International experience is also very valuable for your career prospects and boosts your CV. It shows that you can deal with unknown situations in a flexible manner and are open to other cultures. In addition, it is a great opportunity to develop yourself further and to make new friends from all over the world. Furthermore, studying abroad increases your chance of working in an international company after graduation. The courses offered Down Under are known worldwide and the quality is high. In short, you work on a successful future during your stay abroad! •

Unique experience

High quality education and modern facilities

Improved CV through an international study experience

Better chances for an international career

Explore new cultures and countries

A whole world waiting for you...

Why Student Down Under? •

Student Down Under is the specialist for studying in Australia and New Zealand and invites you to

explore the study options Down Under. Studying in Australia or New Zealand is “HOT”. Modern cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch attract many students from all over the world to these amazing countries. As a result, many international students work on creating a successful future by studying in Australia or New Zealand. Our offices are located in the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand. Therefore, we are always close by to support you, no matter whether you are still in Europe or already Down Under. In short, organising your study abroad through us provides you with the following advantages: •

Free information & support service

Personal service that fits your needs and requirements

Offices on location

Great contact with a broad range of educational institutions

Many free extra services such as visa assistance, housing mediation, quotes for insurances and flight tickets and much more!

Vocationals Study options Australia and New Zealand offer you a lot including plenty of study options. You can obtain a diploma or certificate in most subjects, for example graphic design, hospitality or photography. Through our free service, you can follow the study career of your dreams.

Certificate or Diploma The first choice you face is between a short specialisation or a longer study career. Should you prefer the first option, then a course leading to an official certificate is perfect for you! Should you prefer the second option, you can obtain a diploma on a vocational training level. After studying at least one year, you graduate with an official diploma in your chosen area. .

Study Fields Our service assists you in finding the best selection of educational institutions and courses in Australia and New Zealand according to your needs and requirements. You profit not only from the best quality but also from a wide offer of interesting study fields. For example, you can gain skills in: Media Studies | Drama | Music | Dance | Web Design | Photography | Animation | Tourism | Hospitality

Check out our website for more information:

Bachelors & Masters

Studying has never been this great!

Study Options Six months, twelve months or even three years studying in one of the most beautiful countries in the world? It is possible! You decide how your academic career is going to look like. The possibilities are endless. You are welcome to have a look below for the most common options. For most options, you are required to possess suitable university entry qualifications like A-levels. Our study specialists are happy to assess your qualification in regards to your desired course in Australia and New Zealand.

Study Abroad Would you like to add something special to your bachelor or master course at home? Then chose the Study Abroad option. You can study one or two semesters at a university in Australia or New Zealand while choosing the papers you like. If your home university agrees, you may even be able to take courses that allow a transfer of the credits you earned Down Under towards your degree at home.

Bachelor You finished high school and consider studying? Then apply for a bachelor degree course in Australia or New Zealand. In this case, you choose to spend a longer period abroad as a bachelor degree takes three to four years to complete. This leaves you plenty of time to learn a lot, get to know other (international) students and explore the country and its culture.

Master You obtained your bachelor degree and would like to complete a master? Then it is a great idea to follow a master degree course abroad, for example in Australia or New Zealand, which builds your CV even stronger than a master at home through the added international experience and cultural knowledge you will gain. In addition, there are many master opportunities in Australia and New Zealand that take only one year to complete.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Have you worked for a few years and would like to gain more knowledge about your specialisation? Then considering a MBA is definitely worth your time and effort. You will gain profound knowledge of current management techniques and learn how to apply them innovatively. With this title, you can improve your chances on the employment market significantly, especially if you obtained it in an international environment.

(Post) Graduate Certificate / Diploma Would you like to extend your knowledge based on your bachelor but you are not interested in following a master? Then consider following one (or more) certificate or diploma courses. In Australia and New Zealand, there are many suitable opportunities available.

Studierichtingen Student Down Under cooperates with the biggest and most renown universities and colleges Down Under. This allows us to present you with a wide variety of interesting courses to choose from. For example: Art & Design | Business | Engineering | Health | Hospitality | Language | Law | Media | Natural Science | Performing | Social Science | Humanities | Generals at college | Sports

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Study Options Spend (half of) your school year in one of the most beautiful countries on earth! Student Down Under assists you with finding the right school and with your preparations for this unforgettable stay. Should you have any questions, you can always contact us and we provide you with the information you need

Large choice of subjects You can follow a huge variety of subjects in Australia or New Zealand. For example, think of journalism, classical studies, English, art & design, and even dancing!

Costs The mediation and information service of Student Down Under is completely free, you do not have to pay us a cent for our service. However, it is likely that the university, college or school of your choice will charge tuition fees. You transfer any fees directly to your chosen institution. The concrete amount depends on the institution Bachelor & Master

On average, you need to calculate between € 2500,- and € 5000,- per semester

Engelse taalcursus

Costs range between € 120,- per 20 hours per week in a group to € 40,- per hour for one-to-one lessons


On average, you need to calculate between € 2000,- and € 4000,- per semester

(MBO) Diploma’s

On average, you need to calculate between € 2000,- and € 4000,- per semester

Other Costs Next to tuition fees, you need to pay your living expenses such as rent. These costs are highly individual and as a result, the amount varies from student to student. According to our experience, you need on average € 1000,- per month to cover all your expenses. We recommend planning about € 400,- for rent, about € 250,- for food and drinks and you are likely to spend the remaining amount on transportation, clothes, mobile phone, going out and travelling. In addition, you need to pay for a good health and travel insurance, your visa and your flight ticket. We provide you with information on those costs as well as advantageous offers.

Just contact us and explore our website:

Courses Bond University | Gold Coast | Australia Bond University is a renowned private university on the east coast of Australia. It offers the best facilities, for example high-tech lecture halls and the best library of Australia. At Bond University, you study in small classes which guarantees you personal attention and support.

Courses belong to one of the following five faculties: • Humanities and Social Sciences • Business • Health Sciences and Medicine • Law • Institute of Sustainable Development and Architecture

road? b a y d u t s o t e Would you www.stu

Bond University divides its school year into three semesters. This is why you can start your course in September, January or May and you can complete your Bachelor or Master in less time.

Sydney English Language Centre | Sydney | Australia The Sydney English Language Centre (SELC) is a officially recognized language school at which people from over 30 different countries perfect their English. The SELC was founded in 1985 and is located between the city centre and Bondi Beach. A new study period starts every four weeks and you can start your courses every week. Upon arrival, you complete a placement test to determine your English level. This makes sure you are placed in a class that matches your level best.

You can follow classes in: • General English • Academic English • IELTS preparation • Business English • Certificate IV in TESOL • Cambridge test preparation • Customer Service English • General English Electives

The NSW Technical and Further Education Commission (TAFE NSW) | Sydney / New South Wales | Australia TAFE NSW is the largest educational institution in Australia. The ten institutes forming the TAFE NSW offer your courses in the following study fields: • English Language • Accounting and Business • Beauty Services • Children’s Service • Information Technology • Nursing • Hairdressing • Hospitality and Commercial Cookery

International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) | Sydney | Australia The ICMS is a business school and won the 2010 Australian Business Award for Marketing Excellence and the 2010 Premier’s NSW Export Award for Education. This school offers the best business studies preparing you for a career in the following areas: • Event management • Hospitality management • International tourism • Strategic property management • Retail services management • Sport management The theoretical classes combined with practical experience make sure you have the best learning experience in a vibrant city such as Sydney.

University of Otago | Dunedin | New Zealand The University of Otago is the oldest university in New Zealand. Currently, about 20 000 students study there including 2600 international ones. The University of Otago has a strong international character and partner universities all over the world. As a university focusing on research, you can obtain a degree in the following areas: • Biomedical Sciences • Clinical Medicine • Earth Sciences • Economics • Education • English Language and Literature • History and Classics • Law • Philosophy • Public Health • Religious Studies and Theology • Sports Recreation and Exercise Science

Massey University | Auckland, Wellington, Palmerston North | New Zealand On average, 4000 international students study at Massey University per year. Together with about 32 000 students from New Zealand, they are study at one of the three large campuses spread over the whole North Island of New Zealand. Massey University combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills which prepares you very well for your career.

Massey University specializes in the following areas: • Sciences • Design • Social Sciences • Education • Business In addition, Massey University has over 50 research centres furthering the economical, cultural and social development of New Zealand.

Language Studies International (LSI New Zealand) | Auckland, Christchurch | New Zealand LSI offers various courses allowing you to study English at exactly the level you desire. You can choose to study in Auckland or Christchurch or combine both locations within one course. In this way, you can see more of the country while perfecting your English.

LSI offers the following courses: • Parttime General English • Fulltime General English in combination with an elective • International School Year Course (fulltime English course of 24, 30, 36 or even 48 weeks) • One-to-one Lessons • Cambridge Courses • English for Business • Exam Preparations

Rangitoto College | Auckland | New Zealand Rangitoto College is based in Auckland and is one of the largest high schools in New Zealand. You profit from highly qualified teachers, an international environment and a focus on sport.

Subjects include: • Art

• Fabrics

• Dance

• Food Technology

• Drama

• Nutrition Technology

• Economics

• Graphics

• Electronics

• Health • Music Performance • Materials Technology

s e c i v r e Extra s

Personal assistance We assist you with your preparations because we know that it is quite a large task to complete this extensive to-do list before your departure.

Insurance Usually, your insurance cover from home is not sufficient abroad. To make it as easy and convenient as possible to find a great, advantageous deal, we cooperate with CareMed. As a result, you can rest assured that you are not encountering any surprising costs should anything happen during your


stay abroad.

You can choose to live with a local family, get a room on campus or you can rent a room independently. Of course,


Student Down Under assists you with all of those and we

When staying in Australia or New Zealand for a

can look for the best option matching your requirements.

longer period of time, you need a visa. Student Down Under or your chosen educational insti-


tution informs you on the visa you need for your

Are you looking for an internship abroad as well? Then,

purpose as well as when and how you can apply

Student Down Under can help you too! We find you a

for it.

suitable internship placement and next to providing full support, we help you with all the organisational matters

Flight Ticket

as well. For more information on internships in Australia or

Through Student Down Under, it is easy to book

New Zealand, have a look at www.internshipsdownun-

an advantageous flight ticket to Australia or New

Zealand. We cooperate with well-known and trusted airlines to offer you great deals for flying Down Under.

Au Pair You can also choose to work as an au pair in Australia or New Zealand for six months. You are motivated, flexible, trustworthy, responsible and you have a positive attitude? Then this is something for you! Being an au pair means living with a local family, caring for their children and helping in the house. You are integrated into the family as an equal member and you help with everyday chores such as taking the children to school or assisting them with homework. In your free time, you can travel, meet new people and enjoy your life Down Under! On our website, you can find information on our various au pair programmes including their respective requirements. Should you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!

Down Under New Zealand New Zealand is not only the safest country in the world but also one of the most beautiful ones. The beautia black one), visit a volcano or stroll through a lush, green subtropical rainforest. This makes New Zealand unique!

Outdoor Sports Next to the rich Maori culture, New Zealand is famous for the Kiwi: the national bird of New Zealand who lend its name not only to the fruit but also to the people. Like the bird, New Zealanders love being outside close to nature. It is not for nothing that many (extreme) outdoor sports have been invented in New Zealand!

Studying Studying or perfecting one’s English in New Zealand is very popular. Every hear, thousands of young people from Europe come to New Zealand to study and to have the experience of their lifetimes. New Zealand is a good choice as the educational level is high and matches the European study paths very well. In addition to the western culture, you study together with people from every corner of the world which gives you the opportunity to make many international friends while working on your professional career. Reasons enough to choose New Zealand as your place to study!

New Zealand

ful nature is overwhelming and extremely varied. Within one day, you can relax on a white, sandy beach (or

r e v e n s a h g in y d u t S been this great! Australia


Stunning beaches, unique cities and the endless outback - which other country triggers our imagination more than Australia? According to many, this is the most beautiful country in the world, and this can indeed be true!

Hospitable Next to kangaroos and koalas, Australia is well known for its relaxed culture. The motto of the average Australian is not for nothing: “no worries, mate!�. Furthermore, Australians are very welcoming and open. Before you know it, you will be invited to a barbecue or a sport competition.

Studiyng Studying or perfecting your English in Australia is very popular. Many international students already went there for their education. The course level is high, the universities are widely recognized and reputable and the course choice is huge. The quality of an Australian education is very good and international students are supported very well. No wonder that there are so many international students choosing Australia for their education!



“I still look back every day to this time in this beautiful country!”

I studied together with a friend at the ‘Billy Blue College’ in Sydney. I did the course ‘Design Fundamentals’. Think of papers such as Photoshop, Illustrator and indesign. I chose for this course because I wanted to develop my creative side through mastering these computer programmes. I lived with about 50 students in a student house in Sydney and I had a fantastic time there. Every evening was convivial. I enjoyed a great view over Sydney to the Harbour Bridge and the famous Bondi Beach just a 15 min. walk away. It couldn’t have been better. Student Down Under informed us very well regarding the costs involved, the trip to Australia and the local way of living. Next to this, they had good contacts to various schools and this is why we came to the Billy Blue College. This whole trip was a great experience! You get to know yourself and we could explore a lot of the country. Next to studying, we travelled along the East coast in one month. Highlights were skydiving in Cairns, the Whitsundays, Fraser Island, rafting in Tully, the Great Ocean Road near Melbourne and much more. Not to forget celebrating New Year at the Harbour Bridge!! Every day was a new day to fully enjoy! Today, I still look back every day to this time in this beautiful country between the Koala’s Aborigines, Kangaroos, barbecues, strand, sun and that wonderful ‘no worries’ mentality.

Machiel Two times, I didn’t get a place to study medicine. Many Dutch students in a similar situation try to obtain a place in Belgium. Not me, then after I heard of the service offered by Student Down Under, I chose to study in New Zealand. The combination of international students and the friendly Kiwi’s (New Zealanders) makes Auckland a great city to study in. It was a very cool experience. I can only recommend it to everyone; the staff at Student Down Under assist you for free and give you access to a whole lot of very valuable information. Follow Student Down Under online via:

Nieuwstraat 36, 4811 WV Breda, Tel: +31 (0)76 76 60 118 Please take a look at our website for more information,

European Office Nieuwstraat 36 4811 WV | BREDA The Netherlands +31 (0)76 76 60 118 info@studentdownund www.studentdownund

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